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This section of our website (which is updated daily) contains some less formal – and short – e-mail exchanges that we’ve had which we feel may be of value to our readers.  We will include those portions of the exchanges we deem relevant and valuable.  We often add bolding and underlining which are not necessarily that of the other party.  This section also frequently includes, not only e-exchanges we have, but also our notes, updates and comments. Section containing some important recent posts.

Must-See New Video

How Is One Saved “By The Name Of Jesus Christ”? (Acts 4:12)

Ex-Charismatic Protestant, now Traditional Catholic

June 29, 2022

Ex-Charismatic Protestant, now Traditional Catholic

Ravi Zacharias Sex Scandal Shocks Protestant World (Catholic Analysis)

As an ex-charismatic protestant, now Traditional Catholic, I agree with everything said in this video. Ravi is also not the only one whom I've seen engage in these scandals within the evangelical false world. Even as a protestant, I felt very uncomfortable in these fake megachurches. It always seemed very hypocritical, worldly, and very carnal in regards to how they would conduct "church" service... And they get really defensive and obstinate when you call them out on their obvious deviation from True Gospel worship (aka, The Latin Mass). Thanks be to Christ and Mary, I'm now a REAL Christian. And to be a REAL Christian today means being a sedevacantist, since the novus ordo is NOT The Catholic Church, but just another false protestant "church".

Max Hiner

Opened His Eyes To Traditional Catholicism

June 28, 2022

Opened His Eyes To Traditional Catholicism

The Real History Of "Orthodoxy"

Extremely enlightening. I was considering joining the Orthodox church, but had reservations… this video has completely opened my eyes to traditional Catholicism… Thank you.

Derek Schultz


Proof: DNA Refutes Evolution

Great video my friend. I will be looking into your other content as well. I've been into Christian apologetics for over 6 years now and have a special passion for the science aspect of it. God bless you, brother - keep up the good work!



We're glad you liked the video. You should see these videos as well: They show that only traditional Catholicism is true Christianity. Our material also explains what's happening in Rome now. You might find this video interesting as well:


The Truth About The SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups

… I've always found SSPX position so illogical and incoherent…

James R

Deep State

The Catholic Faith Is The Right Path To Take

June 27, 2022

The Path To Take

Good Afternoon,

I have been watching your content for a while and it has been quite eye opening. I have recently been trying to learn more about the catholic faith and have decided that it is most likely the right path to take. I was brought up "Catholic" however was not properly catechized. I would not say my life and my actions are any different from "worldly people up to and including today. 

The information you have presented regarding Vatican ll was very informative as well as some of your other material on your website. I plan on looking deeper into the resources available. My question is are all sins able to be forgiven? even the ones that cry out to heaven? This has weighed heavily on my mind and would very much appreciate a response. Thank you for your time



We're glad you are looking at the material.  It’s crucial that you become convinced on all the issues.  The steps to convert to true Catholicism are here.  This is a catechism.  This is also an important file to read: Glossary of Terms and Principles.  When you are convinced on all the issues, we can help you further.  All of your sins can be forgiven, if you have the true faith and make a good confession.

These are also important videos for a foundational understanding of the Church's necessity for salvation: No Baptism, No Salvation - Leo the Great St. Robert Bellarmine On "Invincible Ignorance" How Is One Saved “By The Name Of Jesus Christ”? (Acts 4:12)

It's also important that you pray the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  That will give you powerful graces to see the truth and do God's will.  How to pray the Rosary is on our website.  (We recommend that Catholics, if they can, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.)


Mortician makes shocking discovery of rubber-band like objects inside the “vaccinated”

Wow... MSM has misled us—they’re not blood clots. They are fibrous tissues that block blood vessels...!

Rita E

Grave Sin

Young Americans Show How Little Common Knowledge They Have! - 1 minute video

When people are in grave sin they lose all grace and knowledge from God and become mindless idolaters of the flesh.


John Paul II admitted this about his mortally sinful acts of prayer/worship with heretics

June 26, 2022

Wants to Convert

Dear MHFM,

Thank you… for your Videos. I found you and your Website through Youtube and the Video Magicians Prove a Spiritual World. As a child, I was baptized in the Reformed Church where my father was a pastor. My life I do my best to follow God. The pursuit of truth is my greatest drive. After watching your videos, I feel a great need to join the Catholic Church and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ as an adult.

However, the Catholic Church in Switzerland, with the diocese of Basel, is part of the Vatican II sect. So I ask for your advice, and ask you for an answer to the following question: How can I join the Catholic Church…?

God Bless you

John Paul II Admits

MHFM: It’s noteworthy that in Ut Unum Sint, John Paul II admits that his mortally sinful acts of prayer/worship with heretics and schismatics are based directly on Vatican II.

Antipope John Paul II, Ut Unum Sint (#24), May 25, 1995: “It is a source of joy to see that the many ecumenical meetings almost always include and indeed culminate in prayer. The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, celebrated in January or, in some countries, around Pentecost, has become a widespread and well established tradition. But there are also many other occasions during the year when Christians are led to pray together. In this context, I wish to mention the special experience of the Pope's pilgrimages to the various Churches in the different continents and countries of the present-day oikoumene. I am very conscious that it was the Second Vatican Council which led the Pope to exercise his apostolic ministry in this particular way.”

Antipope John Paul II, Ut Unum Sint (#3), May 25, 1995: “At the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Church committed herself irrevocably to following the path of the ecumenical venture…”

This video explains why those ecumenical events (which are standard in the Vatican II Sect) are mortally sinful and heretical: Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof).

“Transexual” in Brazil is causing uproar for dressing up as Our Lady of Aparecida

June 25, 2022

Biden, Abortion

Biden says the Supreme Court ruling that there is no Constitutional right to kill unborn babies is a "sad day"

His speech is historically ridiculous. Abortion is not and never has been a Constitutional right. Even an atheist can see that this statement is invalid…

Horse Sense

In Argentina

"'Next Pope' Winks At Italy's First Gay Blessing"

Meanwhile, a transvestite/transexual in Brazil is causing uproar for dressing up as Our Lady of Aparecida... But... no strong wrong of reproach from the pseudo-clergy of apostates in the novus ordo vatican II sect.



"'Next Pope' Winks At Italy's First Gay Blessing"

The number and gravity of the abominations from this incident prove that the Vatican II sect is not the Catholic Church, but the prophesied end-times counter-church.


"The truth about original sin that almost no one thinks about"

June 24, 2022

Must be rescued

How Is One Saved “By The Name Of Jesus Christ”? (Acts 4:12)

Dear Brothers,

Thank you for your awesome new video and the truth about original sin that almost no one thinks about any more: that we are born children of wrath and must be rescued from that state by holy baptism.

Your video not only proves that baptism is irrefutably necessary for salvation.  It also head-lines the fact that the Vatican 2 Sect is not (and cannot be) the Catholic Church.  As everyone knows, the very mission Christ gave His One true Church was to teach all nations and to baptize them; that's why the Catholic Church had missionaries (and missionaries who were often martyred).  However, the anti-mission of the Counterfeit Church is to deceive all nations and ensure that as many people as possible remain in the clutches of Satan, rendering our Lord's Sacrifice meaningless.  It is striking to see the false conservatives and false traditionalists line up one after another like the stooges they are, striving to "prove" (in any and every manner possible) that baptism and the Catholic faith are not really necessary for salvation.  They are recommending that people should ignore what Scripture and the Catholic Church teach - including the words of our Lord Himself.  Christ worked for the salvation of souls; these anti-Christs oppose the salvation of souls and work to ensure their damnation.  Great video.

Lee Ann

Catholic Pope Gives Blessing Only Upon The Obedient

Blessing only upon the obedient

Pope St. Gregory VII, Nov. 25, 1078: “Gregory, bishop, servant of the servants of God, to Hubert and to the clerks and counts of the castle of Saint-Pol, Guy and Hugh, greeting and apostolic blessing, if they shall be obedient.”

Athanasius contra E. ‘Orthodox’

How Is One Saved “By The Name Of Jesus Christ”? (Acts 4:12)

Excellent video. The Athanasian Creed will be useful when debating orthodox who use St. Athanasius as a counterpoint for Catholic teachings. Thanks.



We're glad you liked the video. Some of the Eastern 'Orthodox' claim that St. Athanasius favored their positions, but their claim is utterly false. For example, these videos show that he taught, in substance, the doctrine of the Filioque:


How Is One Saved “By The Name Of Jesus Christ”? (Acts 4:12)

Awesome video! Clear, correct Catholic Dogma and doctrine.

Anthony Petrozelli

“I came out of the heresy of protestantism because of these videos”


How Is One Saved “By The Name Of Jesus Christ”? (Acts 4:12)

Simply Beautiful. I hope all heretics see this awesome video…

BB Martin

Came Out

How Is One Saved “By The Name Of Jesus Christ”? (Acts 4:12)

Great video! Your videos have helped me much in my walk with Christ. I came out of the heresy of protestantism because of these videos. Keep up the good work.

Cameron Christian


How Is One Saved “By The Name Of Jesus Christ”? (Acts 4:12)

Inspiring, and spot on.

Semyon B

Also Proves

How Is One Saved “By The Name Of Jesus Christ”? (Acts 4:12)

Great video. That also proves that Jesus Christ is God since Psalm 54:1 says: “Save me O God by thy name”.

Servus D

On Humility By Pope St. Gregory The Great

June 22, 2022

Humility, Pope St. Gregory the Great

Pope St. Gregory I: “For a man is made similar to the apostate angel when he disdains to be similar to men. Thus after possessing the merit of humility, Saul at the summit of power was inflated with the swelling of pride. He was indeed preferred through humility, but was indeed made reprobate through pride, as the Lord bears witness when he says: ‘Was it not when you were little in your own eyes that I set you as head of the tribes of Israel?’ And a little further below: ‘Now in a marvelous manner when he seemed little before himself he was great before the Lord, but indeed when he seemed great before himself he was little before the Lord.’” (quoted by Pope St. Gregory VII, March 15, 1081)


Self-admitted homosexual is "elected superior of a religious community" in the Vatican II Sect - 32 second video

What all these Vatican 2 Bishops are approving is leading to more people experimenting with these various abominations which will lead them to hell. That proves, to any clear-minded thinking person who uses logic, that the Vatican 2 abomination it's not the real Catholic Church. God says in the Bible that He is God and He changes not… people can't think clearly…



Federal judge orders Michigan GOP gov. candidate Ryan Kelley to turn in guns

Totally politically driven persecution.



How To Avoid Sin (Overcome Yourself)

Amazing. Praise the Lord. This is the only channel I've found teaching the real truth revealed by God.


“Thank you for bringing my attention to this… I had no idea”

June 21, 2022


Mortician makes shocking discovery of rubber-band like objects inside the “vaccinated”

As horrific as those creatures are, it makes you think how much more frightening and vile the demons in hell must be. Thank you for this hard dose of reality.



Mortician makes shocking discovery of rubber-band like objects inside the “vaccinated”

Thank you for keeping us informed… This just keeps getting worse than I could have imagined.



Mortician makes shocking discovery of rubber-band like objects inside the “vaccinated”

Thank you for bringing my attention to this… I had no idea. Glad I didn't get the shot. Unfortunately for most of the people I know, they did what they were told and got it.


Vienna, Counter Church

“Cardinal” Schönborn & The Counter Church In Vienna, Austria

… Great work.

Javier Palos

“I want to explain to my family how the priests are not validly ordained”

June 20, 2022

Warren H. Carroll

Why Historian Warren H. Carroll Was Not A Catholic

I remember watching your video “Why Historian Warren H. Carroll was not a Catholic” several years ago.

Today, I came across this YouTube video, where the speaker is honoring Carroll while standing over Carroll’s grave and examining Carroll’s tombstone. Although I perhaps should not be shocked, particularly in light of the things you revealed in your video, I am still surprised to learn that Carroll - a learned historian with nearly unmatched knowledge on events from every century in Church history - has a quote from the antichrist, antipope JP2, on his tombstone rather than a quote from one of the many saints he wrote about in his volumes on the Church’s 2,000 year history. Is this not mind-boggling?! 

Melvin Lewis

New Rite of Ordination

Pelosi Banned From “Communion” – The Truth You Won’t Hear Elsewhere

Thank you for making this video! Would you guys be able to make a video detailing all the ways the vatican II rite of "ordination" is invalid? I want to explain to my family how the priests are not validly ordained.



Hello. We do have videos and an article on that matter. It's a very important issue, and one that's often overlooked or not given enough attention. Below is a link to the article and the relevant videos:

Mortician - New Video

Mortician makes shocking discovery of rubber-band like objects inside the “vaccinated”

Abominations in LA and Rome

June 18, 2022

Sodom and Gomorrah

Proof of the location and destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah

Thank you MHFM for posting a link to this crucial and must-watch documentary during sodomite abomination month. The historical significance chronicled in the video should be a warning to everyone who lives, supports, or even is apathetic toward the unspeakable evil that embodies the "LGBTQ+" scourge of our time.



"Monsignor" caught hooking up with men hundreds of times on the sodomite site GRINDR gets "parish"

… the anchor… announces the pervert, fake monsignor is "being awarded a parish"… You would think that constantly reporting on heresy and sexual abominations going on from every level of the hierarchy in basically every "diocese" would wake these people up to the fact they're in the whore of Babylon where evil is awarded...

Catholic Evangelizer

Abominations in LA and Rome

"U.S Embassy to the Vatican" flies a "gay pride flag" - 1 minute video

Los Angeles where I live recently had their "Pride March." The most disgusting images of all were the mothers; mothers with… perversion dripping from their faces and forcing their toddler children against their will to watch the spectacle. The children look naturally repelled by such perversion, while their mothers laugh with glee.



The social media account of the “Holy See” also posted the image, demonstrating again that the Vatican II Sect endorses “LGBT” abominations.


Jay Dyer Exposed & Palamism Refuted

Wow, marvelous exposé. I literally can't believe the "Orthodox" follow this antichrist.



Taylor Marshall’s Errors, Contradictions, And Deception

What a great video.


The Fourth Council of Constantinople On Venerable Images

June 17, 2022

Images, Constantinople IV

Fourth Council of Constantinople (869-870), Sess. 8, The Roman Legates: “To all the heretics anathema!... To those who knowingly communicate with those who insult and dishonor the venerable images, anathema! To those who say it was someone other than Christ our God who rescued us from idols, anathema! To those who dare to say that the Catholic Church ever accepted idols, anathema!

New Video - Debate

Debate: Can Non-Catholics Be Saved? – Bro. Peter Dimond vs. Pinesap

Been Watching

My name is Mark and by the grace of God I've been thinking more rationally about my beliefs and positions as a Vatican II "Catholic."… I've been watching your videos… and sedevacantism is the only possible answer to the crisis in the Church...

Doctrine & Spirituality

Dear Holy Family Monastery,

Your Doctrine and Spirituality entries are something I look for nearly every day and for a long time I've wanted to email to thank you for such a boon to my day - never do they disappoint in the uplifting and edifying effect on my soul.

Beautiful St. Ansgar, always with the love for his flock, pray for us! The virtue-building Profession of Faith under Pope Paschal II stimulating us to hold fast to the truths which our Mother Church has provided us with during our sojourn, and warfare, on earth.


Eastern Father, Papacy

Eastern “Orthodoxy” Debunked On St. Peter’s Authority By St. John Of Damascus

… these videos are a blessing with true knowledge of the Catholic faith.

Ivan Vasquez


Pelosi Banned From “Communion” – The Truth You Won’t Hear Elsewhere

We are in the end times…

Matias Silva Quiroz

On The Transfer from Judaism and the Temple to the Church

June 16, 2022


“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists – The Last Version

Quality content! Thank you! I use these videos to teach my friends, family, and children. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your hard work…

James Greenier

On The Transfer from Judaism and the Temple to the Church

Pope St. Leo the Great, Sermon 59, 5th century: “For by this transference the propitiation of the spotless Lamb and the fulfilment of all mysteries passed from the circumcision to the uncircumcision, from the sons according to the flesh to the sons according to the spirit: since as the Apostle says, ‘Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us’, Who offering Himself to the Father a new and true sacrifice of reconciliation, was crucified not in the temple, whose worship was now at an end, and not within the confines of the city which for its sin was doomed to be destroyed, but outside, ‘without the camp’, that, on the cessation of the old symbolic victims, a new Victim might be placed on a new altar, and the cross of Christ might be the altar not of the temple but of the world.”


 Debate: Can Non-Catholics Be Saved?

Thanks for your videos. Your channel… has helped me understand better and return to the Catholic faith.

Michael Trevors

Hardly Any Good Bishops In Pope Gregory VII’s Time (11th Century)

June 15, 2022

Hardly Any Good Bishops In Gregory VII’s Time

Pope St. Gregory VII, Jan. 22, 1075: “Again, when with the mind’s eye I see the regions of the west or north or south, I scarcely find bishops who are lawful in respect to their succession and life, and who rule the Christian people from love of Christ and not from secular ambition.”

Obvious, Dogmatic Definition

Debate: Can Non-Catholics Be Saved? – Bro. Peter Dimond vs. Pinesap

All of Pinesap’s arguments were soundly refuted. But it is so obvious how dishonest these BOD heretics are. Especially when it came to cross-examination. Of particular note was how he flatly rejected the Eugen IVs infallible definition what "all those who are outside the Catholic Church, not only pagans" cannot be saved, unless they are joined to the Church before the end of their lives" and said that, they are saved despite that fact"! Yeah, despite the fact that this is an infallible definition they can be saved according to the heretic... 



Thank you Most Holy Family Monastery!

Always have courage and keep up the good fight. I look forward to sharing these books with my family. Your work is a light an almost impenetrable darkness.

God bless,

Without the true faith it is impossible to do anything that merits Heaven

June 14, 2022

Unity in Faith

St. John Eudes (17th century): “Heretics not only differ from the Church in faith, but they also differ among themselves, a proof that they have not the one true faith, which is one. The Holy Catholic Church has never suffered, and will never suffer, a difference in faith in regard to any article… You should be most desirous to preserve the faith in all its purity, since without it, it is impossible to do anything that merits Heaven.” (Man’s Contract With God In Baptism)


40-year-old father of six who is running for governor of Michigan arrested by the FBI - 33 sec video

Arrest your opponents. This is a textbook tactic of tyrannical despots…


Pope St. Gregory VII on the princes of his time

June 13, 2022

Pope St. Gregory VII on the princes of his time

Pope St. Gregory VII, Jan. 2, 1079: “… we grieve that there is scarcely any good prince to be found… as for princes who fear and love God, scarcely any are to be found in the entire West.”


“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists

Best channel on YouTube. Your videos are beyond amazing. Thank you…

Kyle S


Debate: Can Non-Catholics Be Saved? – Bro. Peter Dimond vs. Pinesap

Dear MHFM,

I listened to your debate with Pinesap. Anybody of good will can, with God's grace, clearly see where Catholic truth is. Pinesap's constant efforts to force his reading into vague texts while simultaneously attempting to circumvent very clear ones is highly reminiscent of the tactics of those of the modernists who still attempt to pretend that the Vatican II sect does not contradict the Magisterium of the true popes…


“In this debate, one cannot fail to see how dishonest these bod/invincible ignorant heretics are”

June 12, 2022

Colleges, Universities

College freshman nearly dies while pledging to fraternity that used a Masonic style of initiation - video

These colleges, universities, are anything but educational but only serve to destroy souls by a multitude of means; all wickedness running loose…


A Circus

"Catholics" beg apostate "Cardinal" Cupich to clean up the following "New Mass" abominations - video

Such buffoonery. Truly a mad circus. But the most pathetic part is the lay people asking the foxes and wolves to take good care of the chickens and lambs. They really deserve each other.



Debate: Can Non-Catholics Be Saved? – Bro. Peter Dimond vs. Pinesap

… Dimond is the clear winner here. On the matter of the ignorant having hope of salvation, it's clear, from the context, that it refers to a temporal hope (rather than hope in the eschaton). Further… Dimond clearly demonstrated that the various statements regarding the ignorant not being held culpable for their ignorance does not imply/mean that they will be saved because of/in spite their ignorance. Rather, they will be held accountable for the numerous/myriad of other mortal sins that they accumulate throughout their lives. Mortal sins that are not forgiven/cleared because atonement does not apply to them (due to their lack of faith in Christ).



Debate: Can Non-Catholics Be Saved? – Bro. Peter Dimond vs. Pinesap

In this debate, one cannot fail to see how dishonest these bod/invincible ignorant heretics are. So they can believe God can save an individual by implicit desire of baptism in a somewhat extraordinary way, yet refuse to acknowledge and believe that such extraordinary ways that God can save such people means he will bring them a preacher even by miraculous means. We see God doing this to Cornelius, and Philip was miraculously taken to the Ethiopian Eunuch. In both cases they received baptism shortly after that extraordinary encounter. Nothing can be clearer.

Philip Monday

St. Robert Bellarmine On Protestant Nonsense On Justification

June 11, 2022

MHFM: Concerning the various Protestant heresies on justification, which held (for instance) that a truly justified believer can never lose faith or justification or would necessarily recover faith and be saved before death, St. Robert Bellarmine says:

St. Robert Bellarmine, De Iustificatione, Book 3, Chap. 14: “… the testimonies of Scripture are so numerous and so clear [in contradicting this], that it’s astounding an error of this kind was able to fall into the minds of men.”

“Thank you for this… debate so necessary during these dark times”


Debate: Can Non-Catholics Be Saved? – Bro. Peter Dimond vs. Pinesap

Thank you for this… debate so necessary during these dark times…! As St. Leonard of Port Maurice stated clearly... Our Lord gives every possible means for a person to be saved...

You stated clearly what needed to be said.  God bless you!

In Jesus and Mary,
Elena DiMaria


Debate: Can Non-Catholics Be Saved? – Bro. Peter Dimond vs. Pinesap

Dear Brothers,

It's interesting how Pinesap complained about Brother Peter's commitment to precision and accuracy when examining the documents of the Church, especially her infallible and dogmatic statements.  What an astounding admission!   Pinesap not only wants to promote the lie of "invincible ignorance" - he thinks everyone should be as ignorant as possible.  Objective truth means nothing to him; what's important, he says, are 'nuances,'  No wonder he denies that Christ is the Light of the world.  Pinesap is what St. Paul warned of in 2 Cor. 11:3:  “But I fear lest, as the serpent seduced Eve by his subtlety, so your minds should be corrupted, and fall from the simplicity that is in Christ.”  Pinesap uses the same lie Satan used:  'No, Eve, God didn't mean what he said.  You've got to look for nuances."

In so many ways, this is a very useful debate for people to listen to. In addition to demonstrating the tactics heretics use to the detriment of themselves and others, it also illustrates why heretics are excluded from the Kingdom of God on earth and, unless they convert, from the Kingdom of God in heaven.  Heretics worship a false god.  As someone has pointed out, Pinesap denies Divine Providence.  Pinesap thinks God does not know who will love and obey Him, and who will not - and that God must wait until people live out their lives on earth to find out.  And then, Pinesap tells us, God will make it right by saving those persons just n the nick of time - at their death or even after their death - just prior to their falling into hell. I wonder if Pinesap thinks God might even apologize to such people for the mistake Pinesap is actually accusing God of having made: depriving these good people of the true faith while they lived on earth?  Imagining that he can make his disgusting heretical position more palatable, Pinesap assures us (repeatedly) that the number of those person is very, very small.  God doesn't miss that many.

Hope Pinesap has enough good will to realize that, through this debate, God has given him a golden opportunity to recognize the hideousness of his positions, repent of them, and convert to the true Catholic faith - while there is still time to do so.  

Lee Ann

The true Catholic position is the only one that is consistent and holds up to scrutiny

June 10, 2022

The true Catholic position

Debate: Can Non-Catholics Be Saved? – Bro. Peter Dimond vs. Pinesap


Thank you, Brother Peter, for exposing the contradictions, errors, and mistranslations from Magisterial documents involved in Pinesap’s heretical and indefensible position that non-Catholics can be saved. Debates of this kind really show the nonsensical and fragile basis of the baptism of desire position, because once its falsehoods are dismantled one by one, as is done here, the true Catholic position is the only one that makes sense and is consistent and holds up to scrutiny. In order to defend his position Pinesap had to fall back on vague and condemned arguments of heretics such as "nuances" or pretending to agree with the true position in some areas but then immediately contradicting it… the heretic Pinesap is exposed by his own admissions and floundering around to try to reconcile the many contradictions and flaws in his case.

God bless you



Debate: Can Non-Catholics Be Saved? – Bro. Peter Dimond vs. Pinesap

Bro. Peter asked a great question to ask people like Pinesap: Can someone be a Catholic/have the Catholic faith while practicing a false religion such as Judaism or Islam? Pinesap has to say yes if he wants to keep his position consistent. But he doesn't want to just say "yes" clearly and without obfuscation because it's so obviously absurd. This is what BOD leads to - believing someone can be Catholic "in their heart" while simultaneously sitting in a synagogue praying for the coming of the "messiah" and expressing belief in the Talmud which teaches that Jesus Christ is a false prophet boiling in excrement in sheol. It's absolutely absurd and Pinesap needs many prayers so he can convert to Catholicism.


Divine Providence

Debate: Can Non-Catholics Be Saved? – Bro. Peter Dimond vs. Pinesap

"Invincible ignorance" heretics don't believe in Divine Providence.

H Cong


Debate: Can Non-Catholics Be Saved? – Bro. Peter Dimond vs. Pinesap

At the end pinesap knew he was caught in a contradiction. Still he wouldn't accept the infallible dogmatic truth, that before Anyone dies they Must Become Catholic!

BB Martin

“I am a new sedevacantist. I became convinced after checking out [MHFM]”

New Sedevacantist

Hello from Iowa. I am a new sedevacantist. I became convinced after checking out the material on your website and reading the canons and catechism from the Council of Trent. And praying the 15 decade Rosary. (Most days)

Thank you for researching so extensively and presenting the facts with such clarity and not putting your own opinions or emotions into it. It was very helpful. I also recently put in an order for the “Outside the Church there is no salvation” and the Padre Pio book. You only charged me $10.00 for the two and you included extra dvds and pamphlets…

Havilah Pennington

No Faith

Debate: Can Non-Catholics Be Saved? – Bro. Peter Dimond vs. Pinesap

If Pinesap didn't "get taken out of his situation".....of being a heretic with no Faith....during this debate, it doesn't seem likely he ever will be... "yeah, you got it".... "gotcha".... And not getting "taken out of his situation" were repeated countless times and oddly Pinesap sounds like a crisis actor repeating lines he's trained to say while he's attempting to "confront" the one true Church. "Here's the problem" Pinesap: you're not a Catholic. God bless MHFM.


The Magisterium

Debate: Can Non-Catholics Be Saved? – Bro. Peter Dimond vs. Pinesap

Great work, Bro. Peter. You proved that these heretics don't have the Magisterium, tradition, or logic on their side. Pinesap should be embarrassed, but pride blinds.



Debate: Can Non-Catholics Be Saved? – Bro. Peter Dimond vs. Pinesap

Thank you for this presentation. Highly beneficial.



Debate: Can Non-Catholics Be Saved? – Bro. Peter Dimond vs. Pinesap

Pinesap's main arguments… were completely refuted. I hope he swallows his pride and becomes a Catholic.


Pope Nicholas on Perseverance in the Truth

June 7, 2022

Pope Nicholas on Perseverance in the Truth

Pope Nicholas I, To The Clergy Of Constantinople, 9th century: “… it was of no benefit for them to have started on the right path and then failed to persevere in it, ‘for it is the one who perseveres to the end who is saved’ [Mt. 10:22]. For what will it profit someone to give support to the truth at first and after a while to depart from the path of the truth as a result of malleability or fear or any other failing?”


… I want to thank you brothers for helping me through this difficult time in my life with the profound email advice you gave me, along with your website, books, and inspiring videos that you produce. They have brought much closer to Christ our Lord, and have changed my life for the better… Thank you dear brothers for helping me to find the Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ… God bless MHFM, defenders of the True Christian Faith.  


Full Control

"The Shifting Police Narrative Around The Uvalde Massacre" - It's Shifting Because The Whole Story Is A Lie

Once the elites take the guns away, they have full control on the population.

Aidan Fromann


Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie

I am impressed by the amount of scholarship evident in the vaticancatholic videos…

Richard Luczak

Firearms vs. “Vaccines” & An Age Of Lies

June 6, 2022

Firearms vs. “Vaccines” & An Age Of Lies

Dear Brothers,

According to 'official government data', 454 people were killed with rifles in the year 2020.  According to 'official govt. data', over 20,000 people were killed by the "vaccine" in 2021.  But 'the government' wants to outlaw firearms, while continuing to force people (including children) to take "vaccines" through government mandates.  And yet - with all the lies, all the contradictions, all the smiling coroners, all the evidence - people still can't figure out that they are being scammed.  What a punishment for a world that chooses to believe that God will save men who reject Him and His truth!  The revolt against God was prophesied, but such truth-despising persons cannot comprehend even the meaning of apostasy from God (much less its significance) because their unbiblical notions like 'once saved always saved', "invincible ignorance" and "God is all mercy"- in their heretical minds - render even the idea of apostasy impossible!  Thus, in this and in so many ways, they deny the words of Our Lord, the consistent teaching of His Church, and the teaching of Sacred Scripture.  The Age of Apostasy is the Age of Lies, and when all is said and done, the Counterfeit Vatican 2 Sect with its false religion will have been the greatest hoax of all.

The world has anti-governments, in league with one another and with Satan, for the same reason it has anti-popes and a counterfeit "Church."  The apostasy was the climax of history; world enslavement is the "denouement" or final outcome of events - just as heaven or hell for all eternity will be the consequences for those who, while on earth, were willing to hear and obey God - and those who weren't.  World communism is an image of hell.  I have to remind myself of this every time I glance at a "conservative" secular news site - because I always end up feeling very disgusted.  These half-truthers (usually fake Christians) reporting on world events are the equivalent of the false traditionalists reporting on the apostasy and filth of the Vatican 2 Sect.  None of them ever reach the correct conclusions. Today's quote by St. Athanasius says it all.  Thank you for posting it and for providing us with the full truth every step of the way.

Lee Ann


"And the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it."

Thank you for all of your work.  It makes my heart so glad every time a new person finds your website and is introduced to the truth.  Please continue to spread the Truth about Vatican II, false traditionalism, and modern heresies.

May the Holy Ghost continue to enlighten you and strengthen you this holy Pentecost.  And may Our Lady, the most Holy Mother of God, continue to protect you and pray for you.  Amen.

Mary T.

Uvalde Nonsense

"The Shifting Police Narrative Around The Uvalde Massacre" - It's Shifting Because The Whole Story Is A Lie

MHFM: The Uvalde story is such a load of nonsense that even MSNBC is calling out the blatant contradictions.  You know it's really bad if that's happening.  For example: “First officials said that multiple officers engaged with the gunman outside the school.  Then they couldn’t even confirm that there was a single officer there.”  And there's more.


How To Avoid Sin (Overcome Yourself)

… What a blessing this video is. Every Catholic needs to watch it… How easy it is to forget the Word of God and the wisdom of His saints when we are immersed in this busy modern world…

Pax V

The Catholic Church is being led by an Apostate? Actually, no. Francis is an antipope.

Yes, but

The Truth About The SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups

Yes but unfortunately, today, the Catholic Church is being led by an Apostate, one who gives the eucharist to non-Catholics, practicing homosexuals, and those who have and supports abortions.

Jerome Taylor


Francis is an antipope. He doesn't lead the Catholic Church, as our material explains. Heretics cannot be valid popes. The Vatican II Sect is not the Catholic Church but the prophesied, end-times Counter Church, as our material explains.


Pelosi Banned From “Communion” – The Truth You Won’t Hear Elsewhere

Very thought-provoking video…

Bert Rodgers

Wake Up To The Fake Shooting Hoaxes

June 5, 2022

MHFM: A long time ago we said that unless people wake up to the fake shooting hoaxes, they will just run more and more drills to accomplish their nefarious agenda. At this point someone has to be blind to not recognize that almost all of the alleged “mass shootings” are fake and that the conspirators are constantly running such operations/drills to deceive the public and remove gun rights.  It’s another form of the darkness that God has allowed to descend upon America because the country has for the most part rejected the light of Christ.

John 8:12- “Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, ‘I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.’”

“Confusion in the Anti-church currently occupying the Vatican is deliberate”

June 4, 2022

The Anti-Church

The “Temple Of God” In Prophecy Refers To A Catholic Structure

Confusion sourced in the Anti-church currently occupying the Vatican is deliberate. Again, and again they will lie that "the Old Covenant has never been revoked", and will call erroneously religious Jews "older brothers in Faith", and will claim that if they will continue in denial of the Christ Jesus till the end of their life - they shall not die in their sins, contrary to clear words of Jesus (John 8: 24) and reflecting lie of the Snake (Genesis 3: 4) contrary to clear word of God. This is why many members of the Anti-church still believe that the Temple of the God relates to a rebuilt Jewish temple in Jerusalem.


Vatican II

Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof)

Outstanding video brothers. Thank you.



The Best Argument Against "Baptism of Desire"

One of the most common objections I hear when I tell people the truth on the necessity of water baptism is "God isn't bound by the Sacraments, He can save whoever He wants." If this were true, then how do we know men don't become priests by their own desire? Or get married "by desire" without actually receiving the sacrament of Matrimony? Isn't that what people who are fornicating and shacking up say? "We're basically married, we just haven't gone through the ceremony yet. We're just as committed as anyone who has had the ceremony." Why doesn't their "commitment" and "desire for marriage" constitute real marriage? And if "God isn't bound by the Sacraments" and can do whatever He wants, how could we know that God wasn't making them married simply by their desire? Or making men priests by desire? It's such an absurd statement, and it shows that they don't believe that God has actually revealed who is saved and HOW they are saved. It's all just a big mystery for BOD advocates which allows them to affirm and deny anything they wish about Catholic teaching.


Pro-“LGBT” Sect

Pro-sodomite "Bishop" Robert McElroy promoted to "Cardinal" by Antipope Francis - 28 second video

The writing is on the wall. Just one more incident showcasing how unequivocally pro-lgbt this latest antipope really is.


The “Temple Of God” In Prophecy Refers To A Catholic Structure

June 3, 2022

Temple of God


The Fourth Council of Constantinople (the eighth ecumenical council - 869-870) was held in the church of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. It’s interesting that in the acts of the council the famous church in which the assembly gathered is called a “temple”. The word used in Greek is ναός. In Latin it is templum. This is just more evidence that when Scripture tells us (2 Thess. 2:4) that the man of sin sits in “the temple of God” (using the same Greek word ναός), that describes a prominent Catholic building/church that is taken over by the Antichrist during the Great Apostasy. It does not refer to a rebuilt Jewish temple, which would not be the temple of God at all. The prophecy actually refers to St. Peter’s Basilica (see the videos below) – the most prominent church in the world and in the fullest sense “the temple of God”. According to the Catholic Church’s usage, Christian churches are temples of God. During the Great Apostasy a Counter Church takes possession of the Church’s physical structures and reduces the true Catholic Church to a remnant. That is what the Vatican II apostasy represents.

For information about how the prophecies concerning the temple of God have been fulfilled during the Vatican II apostasy, see these videos:

The Temple Of God In Prophecy (2 Thess. 2:4) Is Not Jewish

Apocalypse Now In The Vatican

The Antichrist Identified!

The Antichrist’s Distinguishing Mark

John Paul II’s Heresies

“Saint” John Paul II’s Heresies

I listened to the "saint" John Paul II's Heresies… It is an impressive video. I can't even imagine the amount of work that went into its production… I am dismayed about how the recent Popes have mixed up the message of the catholic faith. How can so many people in the Church be in error?... I didn't care for mother Angelica all that much but how could she have not hammered these points, especially with a monastery of priests to support her?...

Rick Luczak Bay City, Michigan 


We’re glad that you are looking at the material. It’s important to recognize, as the video covers, that John Paul II and the other post-Vatican II claimants to the Papacy were not true popes but antipopes. Also, this video is about Mother Angelica:

The Whore of Babylon has at least 5 notoriously pro-“LGBT” American “cardinals”

June 2, 2022


Private investigator shows that the "Buffalo mass shooting" was a hoax - must-see video

The P.I. really did a critical analysis of this event (showing gaping holes in reality), one we will never see on any msm outlet ...thank you MHFM, for getting it out to us; we never know how long this kind of research will be around to view.


Video Posted

Pelosi Banned From “Communion” – The Truth You Won’t Hear Elsewhere

Pro-“LGBT” “Cardinals”

“Bishop” McElroy & The Counter Church In San Diego

He's now named a "cardinal". So now the Whore of Babylon has at least 5 notoriously pro-LGBT American "cardinals": Tobin (NJ), Dolan (NY), Gregory (WA), Cupich (IL), and McElroy (CA).



Private investigator shows that the "Buffalo mass shooting" was a hoax - must-see video

… Hollywood can do a much better job of faking it. No one can trust the lying media. There have been over 100 of these hoax shootings. God will judge these liars, eventually.

Dennis Gannon

Protestantism, Ephesians

What Millions Of Fake Christians Get Wrong About Ephesians

So glad I escaped Protestantism.

Taylor J

“I broke down and wept about half way through [MHFM] video”

May 31, 2022

Must-See Video

Private investigator shows that the "Buffalo mass shooting" was a hoax - must-see video

MHFM: This is a must-see video if you want to know what’s happening in the country.  It’s definitely worth the time.  It demonstrates the supposed “mass shooting” in Buffalo was a staged hoax.  The same is true of almost every other so-called mass shooting.

Broke Down

How To Avoid Sin (Overcome Yourself)

I broke down and wept about half way through the video as my mind was flooded with conviction for my sin and confusion about which church is the true church. I was raised Catholic, became agnostic, then, Protestant, and now am in a sort of Limbo of belief because everyone claims THEY know the truth and EVERYONE ELSE is a heretic and is going to hell. My greatest fear is Jesus telling me that He never knew me and being cast into hell. Please pray for my understanding and clarity. I want nothing more than to truly know God and worship Him the way that He intends and to also be used to reach my loved ones and save them with the truth of God as well.

Douglas D.


The true Church is the traditional Catholic Church. God wants you to embrace the traditional Catholic faith. Our material explains how to do that. You will find biblical proof for Catholicism here: Our material also explains what's happening in Rome now.

You should also start to pray the Hail Mary frequently. That will give you important graces to see the truth and do God's will. We recommend that Catholics, if they can, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.