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Quote of the Day

Padre Pio (1914): “… it afflicts my heart to see so many souls apostatizing from Jesus.  What freezes the blood close to my heart is the fact that many of these souls become estranged from God solely because they are deprived of the divine word.  The harvest is great but the laborers are few.  Who is then to reap the harvest in the fields of the Church when it is almost ripe?  Will it be scattered on the ground by reason of the scarcity of the workers?  Will it be reaped by Satan’s emissaries who are, unfortunately, both numerous and extremely active?” (Letter to Padre Agostino, 4/20/1914)


Pope Clement XIV, Cum Summi (#14), Dec. 12, 1769: “… We lament that the destruction of souls is propagated more widely each day.  Accordingly you must work all the harder and exercise diligence and authority to repel this audacity… Be confident that you will accomplish this by simplicity of sound doctrine and by the word of God…”


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