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St. Francis Xavier, Jan. 1548: “When I was at Malacca I established the custom that at the beginning of night the souls in Purgatory, and the souls of the living who are in a state of worldly sin, should be recommended to the prayers of the pious in all the streets.  This practice not only encouraged the good, but threw terror into the wicked.  The city appointed a man for the purpose… with a lantern in one hand and a bell in the other, and calling out from time to time in a loud voice… ‘Pray for the souls of the faithful Christians who are suffering in Purgatory’; and then, ‘Pray also for those who, lying under the burden of mortal sin, take no pains to be delivered from it.’”


“The division [of the Bible] into chapters so familiar to us in our modern Bibles was the invention either of Cardinal Hugo, a Dominican, in 1248, or more probably Stephen Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury, d. 1227.” (Where We Got the Bible, Our Debt to the Catholic Church, p. 58)

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