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Quote of the Day

St. Louis De Montfort (1706): “It would hardly be possible for me to put into words how much Our Lady thinks of the Holy Rosary and of how she vastly prefers it to all other devotions.  Neither can I sufficiently express how highly she rewards those who work to preach the devotion, to establish it and spread it, nor on the other hand how firmly she punishes those who work against it.” (The Secret of the Rosary, p. 27)


Fourth Council of Constantinople (869-870), Sess. 8, The Roman Legates: “To all the heretics anathema!... To those who knowingly communicate with those who insult and dishonor the venerable images, anathema!  To those who say it was someone other than Christ our God who rescued us from idols, anathema!  To those who dare to say that the Catholic Church ever accepted idols, anathema!


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