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“… a Spaniard well known in the town was leaving Cartegena with a loose woman.  Claver’s words, ‘I am sorry to see you travelling with the Devil,’ checked him like an arrow to the heart.  He got no farther than Turbaco.  That night he was knocking at Claver’s door.  He fell on his knees and told the story of his disordered life.” (Fr. Angel Valtierra, Peter Claver – Saint of the Slaves, 1960, pp. 210-211.)


Pope Leo XII, Quod hoc ineunte (# 8), May 24, 1824: “We address all of you who are still removed from the true Church and the road to salvation.  In this universal rejoicing, one thing is lacking: that having been called by the inspiration of the Heavenly Spirit and having broken every decisive snare, you might sincerely agree with the mother Church, outside of whose teachings there is no salvation.”

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