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Quote of the Day

Pope St. Gregory the Great (c. 600): “If therefore holy men, when they do mighty things, think themselves worthless, what must be said of those who, without fruit of virtue, are yet swollen with pride?  But any works, although they be good, are as nothing unless seasoned with humility.”


Pope Clement V 1311-1312: “We entertain in our heart a deep longing that the Catholic faith prosper in our time and that the perverseness of heresy be rooted out of Christian soil.  We have therefore heard with great displeasure that an abominable sect of wicked men, commonly called Beghards, and of faithless women, commonly called Beguines, has sprung up in the realm of Germany.  This sect, planted by the sower of evil deeds, holds and asserts in its sacrilegious and perverse doctrine the following errors…” (Decree # 28, Council of Vienne)

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