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Get the book: The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church (click here to order or to read more about the book)

The Real History Of “Orthodoxy” (video)

The Trinity & The Filioque: Catholicism Refutes Eastern “Orthodoxy” (video)

Eastern “Orthodoxy” Exposed: Their Heretical Doctrine Of God (video)

Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie (video)

Mary’s Sinlessness: A Biblical Documentary (video)

This is a must-see new video.  It covers many things people have not heard before.  Among numerous other things, this video shows, with an extremely important new argument, how Mary’s sinlessness is actually proven by an epistle of St. Paul and the admissions of Protestants.  Among the many issues covered are: Luke 1:28; Ephesians 1:6; the use, meaning and significance of kecharitomene [κεχαριτωμένη], echaritosen [ἐχαρίτωσεν], charito [χαριτῶ]; ‘full of grace’;amomous [ἀμώμους]; preservation from sin; Redemption; grace; the meaning and effects of original sin; concupiscence (the ‘fomes peccati’); Old Testament justification; Adam and Eve; regeneration; the teaching of Trent; Mary as the New Eve; Mary as ‘the woman’ of Genesis 3:15; Mary as the New Ark; episkiazo [ἐπισκιάζω]; Mary’s name; the vocative case; the ‘seed of the woman’; ploutos [πλοῦτος]; and much more.  This video also contains sections that refute the objections most commonly advanced against Mary’s Immaculate Conception and sinlessness: e.g. from 1 John 1:8 and Romans.  This video is a must-see for anyone interested in Christianity, the Catholic faith, Catholic apologetics, salvation, the Bible, the teaching of the New Testament, and the truth.

What Millions Of Fake Christians Get Wrong About Ephesians (video)

Did St. Paul Really Rebuke St. Peter In Galatians 2?

Stunning: Acts 15 Proves the Papacy (video)

This is a must-see video. Among other things, it covers a new biblical proof of the Papacy that is of great significance.

Ravi Zacharias Sex Scandal Shocks Protestant World (Catholic Analysis) (video)

“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary  (video)

This video, although it focuses primarily on one man, covers many extremely important topics that are relevant to multitudes. Thus we strongly encourage people to watch all of it.

Mary: Mother Of God & Ark Of The New Covenant – Absolute Proof

Jay Dyer Exposed & Palamism Refuted

This video contains many important facts and arguments that refute Eastern ‘Orthodox’ theology on the doctrine of God, among other things.

‘Born Again’ Refutes ‘Faith Alone’ & The Demonic Possession of James White

The first part of this video covers what is probably the best argument that has been made against the Reformed Protestant position of justification by faith alone.  This argument was originally released and contained in our documentary on justification (which also dealt with many other related matters).  However, this new video delves into and examines more angles of the argument.  It further demonstrates that there is no way around it, and explains why it’s so powerful.  It also examines an attempted response that was made to one aspect of this argument.  It shows how that response failed miserably.  After covering these very important points, which are relevant to what’s covered later in the video, the video moves into a shocking spiritual exposé of Dr. James White (a prominent Reformed Protestant apologist and speaker who is very anti-Catholic).

Justification by faith alone and eternal security completely refuted by the Bible [link to section]

This section contains a unique array of overwhelming and devastating proof from the Bible that justification by faith alone and eternal security are completely contrary to the teaching of Scripture. It contains an article and videos. The Best Bible Passage to Refute Once Saved Always Saved and Faith Alone (5 min. video)

The King James Translation And John 3:36 (article)

The Key to John 3:16 – An important Video Refuting the Protestant Position on Justification – video
Can a Christian Lose Salvation? – 1 Corinthians – video
Justification Debate with a Reformed Protestant (Calvinist)  – video

This is an extremely important and interesting debate.  It covers a great deal of vital information.  It completely refutes the Reformed Protestant view of justification by faith alone and eternal security. It also covers water baptism and many other topics.

Protestants Err on “The Golden Chain of Redemption”  – video This video completely refutes one of Reformed Protestants’ favorite arguments.

The Bible teaches Mary’s Immaculate Conception, Perpetual Virginity, Bodily Assumption and more [PDF] See the stunning biblical proof and basis for the Catholic Church’s dogmas on the Mary and the importance of praying to her. This is from our book, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church.
The Bible teaches that Jesus made St. Peter the first pope [link to section] – also contains audios on the primacy of the Bishop of Rome in the early Church.  This section contains clear and in-depth proof from the Bible that Jesus made St. Peter the first pope. See the proof from Matthew 16, John 21, Luke 22, Isaias 22, the Acts of the Apostles and much more. Hear biblical proof which you have probably never considered before. This section shows that Peter was the rock upon which the Church was built. It also contains numerous audio files which cover in detail the proof that the early Church recognized the primacy of the Bishop of Rome as successor of St. Peter. These audios deal with refuting the claims of the Eastern “Orthodox” and false ideas such as: “Peter was never in Rome.”

The Bible teaches that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist [link to section] This section contains irrefutable, short and quick proof from the Bible that the Catholic teaching (that the Lord Jesus Christ, true God and true man, is truly, really, and substantially contained in the Eucharist) is the teaching of the Bible. See the clear evidence from John 6, from the specific Greek words given in John 6, from the contextual indications and the reactions of Jesus’ listeners, from Old Testament typology (the Passover lamb, the manna in the desert, the institution of the Old Covenant), 1 Cor. 10 and 11, and more. This also quickly covers how the fathers of the Church unanimously believed that the Eucharist is the actual body and blood of Christ.

The Amazing and Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe (2nd edition) (video)

Protestants and non-Catholics really need to see this video.

Is the King James Bible Infallible? (video) This is a very important video.  It could also be called, King James Onlyism Exposed.  It covers the group of Protestants who believe that the 1611 ‘Authorized Version’ of the King James Bible was perfect and infallible.  It proves that their position is illogical, unhistorical and cult-like.  The points covered in this video also have great relevance to refuting the Protestant doctrine of sola scriptura.
The Bible teaches Confession to a priest [23 min. audio] A sincere person cannot deny the facts.

Are Catholic Statues Idolatrous? [post]
The Bible Teaches Purgatory [PDF] – Article Irrefutable evidence that the Bible teaches Purgatory. Audio on how the Bible teaches Purgatory [25 min. audio]

The Bible teaches Baptismal Regeneration and that Baptism is necessary for salvation [article]

Audio on the Bible teaches Baptismal Regeneration [New 33 min. audio] Even though they practice baptism, most Protestants do not believe that baptism spiritually regenerates… They hold that it’s a sign of a conversion or a spiritual rebirth that already happened when one accepted Jesus as the Savior… This audio shows how they contradict the clear teaching of Jesus and the Bible on baptism and what it means to be born again… The biblical proof for baptismal regeneration is one of the easiest ways of demonstrating that Protestantism is not biblical Christianity… This audio covers many verses; it addresses objections (such as from Ephesians 2:8-9); it covers a well-known Protestant’s pathetic attempt to respond to the proof for baptismal regeneration in Acts 2:37-38, and much more

Infant Baptism proved by the Bible [New 11 min. audio] This audio shows that the Bible teaches that infants should be baptized and that baptism can be done either by immersion or by effusion (i.e. pouring)

How the Bible refutes the Protestant rejection of the Catholic teaching on celibacy Where does the Bible teach that Jesus is God?
Catholic Inquisition Myths Busted [link to section]

Is Saturday or Sunday the Holy Day according to the Bible? This article refutes the view of Seventh-Day Adventists and Seventh-Day Baptists who believe that the day specifically dedicated to God, rest and worship is Saturday not Sunday.

Does Ephesians 2:8 say “saved through faith” or “saved through THE FAITH”? (article)

Sola Scriptura vs. Ancient Literacy Rates (video) This video shows how the Protestant doctrine of sola scriptura is disproven by, among other things, the literacy rates in the first 1500 years of Christian history.

The First Use of ‘The Bible’ (video) This video shows how the term ‘the Bible’ comes from a Catholic saint and bishop.  It also exposes a number of very interesting facts about how Martin Luther rejected numerous books of the New Testament.  It also discusses numerous problems with the false Protestant doctrine of sola scriptura.

Proof for Catholicism in St. Justin Martyr’s First Apology (video) Quick Refutation of Jehovah’s Witnesses (video)

Get the book: The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church (click here to order or to read more about the book)

[Prices in U.S.- 1 copy is $5.00, 25 copies for $12.00, 40 copies for $15.00, 75 copies for $20.00, 135 copies for $30.00, 270 copies for $60.00. Prices include shipping. Foreign prices: 1 for $10.00. For bulk prices to foreign countries, please e-mail or call us and we can arrange a price.] This book is a must-read for all interested in the true teaching of the Bible or the spread of the Catholic faith. This book contains all the information necessary to prove, from the Bible itself, that the Catholic Church is the one true Christian Church. This book contains very detailed proofs, arguments, and responses to objections on the most important topics. At the same time, however, it is deliberately as brief as possible so as to avoid unnecessarily long discussions. The combination of essential details and brevity make this book especially conducive for mass-distribution and interest to the general reader. The book also contains sub-headings throughout so that the casual reader (or those with less interest) can the find topics and sections that might interest them, no matter where they happen to flip in the book. We feel very strongly about this book, and we encourage all readers of our website to obtain it. The book is 125 pages. Bible Proves Catholic Church Protestantism is unbiblical, and it is not true Christianity. Protestantism rejects the clear truth of the Bible on the Papacy (Mt. 16:18-20; John 21-15-17), on the Eucharist (John 6), on Confession (Jn. 20:23), on the necessity of Baptism (John 3:5) and much more.  In order to make room for their man-made religion, the Protestants also kicked seven books they didn’t like out of the Christian Bible – books which had been accepted by the Christian Church for over a millennium. Jesus Christ only founded one Church, and that was the Catholic Church. It’s necessary to hear that Church for salvation (Mt. 18:17). Hence, the Catholic Church has taught since the beginning that Outside the Church There is No Salvation. The Eastern Orthodox reject the Papacy, the last 13 councils of the Catholic Church, and allow divorce and remarriage, among other things. *This section of our website will be greatly expanded as time goes along.