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Comments by MHFM

“Hey there! I’m a recent convert back to Catholicism from Protestantism. I have been watching your videos”

January 18, 2022


Apocalypse Now In The Vatican

I watched your video about apocalypse in the Catholic Church and I am convinced but I don't know what to do. How can I confess… or be baptized when the priests are invalid? Even if there are valid priests somewhere I know that here in Albania there aren't any. What can I do then? I am 14 years old and very worried about my salvation. Please respond to my question. Thank you!



[We responded.]

Been Watching

Hey there! I’m a recent convert back to Catholicism from Protestantism. I have been watching your videos and learning more about traditional Latin mass. There are no traditional Latin masses near me, I don’t know what to do! I want to be saved and to be with God more than anything else! Please help, I don’t know what to do, I have been praying the rosary daily…


Michigan State

Staged Hoax?

Those who “resist the truth” are held captive at the Devil’s will

January 11, 2022

FBI, Truly Appalling


What Millions Of Fake Christians Get Wrong About Ephesians

I lived too blindly for too long.



Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof)

… Truly shocking!

Cindy Machado

John Paul II, False Apparitions

Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof)

If Pope John Paul was so bad, why did our Holy Mother appear with Pope John Paul at her side to a seer?

Lyn Brown


Those were false apparitions. They were some of the false signs and wonders mentioned in 2 Thess. 2 that accompany the coming of the Antichrist. We explain that here:  Also, John Paul II was not a valid pope but an apostate antipope.

Italy, Workplaces

"Italy Considering Completely Banning Unvaccinated From Workplaces"

“ expansion of the pass would nudge more people towards vaccination.”

It's not a "nudge" it is extortion.


Held Captive By The Devil

MHFM: 2 Timothy 2 tells us that those who “resist the truth” are held captive at the Devil’s will.

2 Timothy 2:25-26- “With modesty admonishing them that resist the truth: if peradventure God may give them repentance to know the truth, and they may recover themselves from the snares of the devil, by whom they are held captive at his will.”


Prenatal testing for fetal disability is wrong 85% - almost 70% of down syndrome babies in U.S. are killed

This is just sad…


SSPX Makes No Sense

The Truth About The SSPX

It makes absolutely no sense for the Society of St. Pius X to tell those in their group that the Vatican II Church is in error and not to attend its services yet maintain that those they consider heretics are still within the true Catholic Church. If they had any common sense and ethics, they would leave the Vatican II Church...

Harriet Harlow


Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof)

Thank you so much for this video…

Anastasius Rostami

Donald Sanborn, Big Pharma

December 29, 2021

MHFM: False traditionalist (and completely independent) Bishop Donald Sanborn, who heretically believes that souls can be saved in false religions, also thinks that you can trust Big Pharma on vaccines! In light of available facts, his position exposes his PROFOUND BLINDNESS and bad judgment.

False Traditionalist: Bergoglio “holds the office of the papacy” but “is not a pope”

December 26, 2021

False Traditionalist Chris Ferrara

MHFM: In response to Antipope Francis’ latest anti-Catholic actions, false traditionalist commentator Chris Ferrara (who has been rejecting the truth for decades) stated: “… while Bergoglio holds the office of the papacy, he is not a pope, but a destroyer.”  That is of course heretical nonsense. False traditionalists such as Ferrara would rather embrace such foolishness than accept the truth. Titus 3:10-11 describes them and their obstinacy.

Titus 3:10-11- “A man that is a heretic, after the first and second admonition, avoid: Knowing that he, that is such a one, is subverted, and sins, being condemned by his own judgment.”

This video is also relevant to refuting their false position: False Traditionalism & The Church In The End Times

Francis Makes More Big Moves Against Traditional Rites

December 18, 2021


MHFM: As a further implementation of Antipope Francis’ recent crackdown on the Latin Mass and traditional rites, his ‘Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments’ issued new directives on Dec. 18, 2021. These new measures actually ban all ‘confirmations’ and ‘ordinations’ in the traditional rite and force ‘priests’ in the Vatican II Sect to concelebrate a Novus Ordo ‘Mass’. This is sending further shockwaves across the false traditionalist groups that operate under the Vatican II Sect (a.k.a. the Whore of Babylon). However, this action is just another confirmation of what we’ve been saying about Antipope Francis and the Vatican II Sect (the prophesied end-times Counter Church). For our recent video on what all of this means and signifies, see this:

Francis Attacks The Latin Mass – The Big Picture

On the globalist frauds who run the National Football League

MHFM: The globalist frauds who run the National Football League changed their ‘Covid’ testing policy so that ‘vaccinated’ NFL players will not be tested if they are not experiencing symptoms. However, the league will continue to test the ‘unvaccinated’ and those who feel sick. This is of course an obvious scam. The NFL changed the rules because many ‘vaccinated’ players with no symptoms whatsoever were ‘testing positive’ for the utterly fake ‘Covid test’. The obviously false results exposed the entire thing as a sham. Instead of accepting the truth, they have re-written the rules so that now mainly only the ‘unvaccinated’ will be subjected to the fake tests and thus can be blamed for ‘new cases’. What an outrage.

Theophilus of Antioch, 180, Water Baptism

December 15, 2021

MHFM: This is a good quote from early Church father Theophilus, Bishop of Antioch, in the year 180. In it he teaches baptismal regeneration and that all who are saved receive water baptism.

St. Theophilus of Antioch (AD 180): “Moreover, the things that come from the waters [Genesis 1] were blessed by God, in order that this might be a sign that people were going to receive repentance and forgiveness of sins through water and the ‘bath of regeneration’ [παλιγγενεσἰας] [Titus 3:5], namely all those who come to the truth and are born again [ἀναγεννωμένoυς] and receive a blessing from God.” (To Autolycus 2.16)

The corruption of the world is drawing to an end

December 13, 2021

Francis, Notorious Heresy, ‘LGBT’

Francis calls men "girls" and endorses "ministry" that promotes sodomy & "transgenderism" - video

MHFM: This covers more actions of Antipope Francis in which he endorses the abominable ‘LGBT’ movement.  Actions such as these constitute notorious heresy.

Drawing to an End

Dear Brothers,

The corruption of the world is almost palpable…  

Commenting on Chapter 24 of the Prophet Isaias (in which Isaias foretold of the global apostasy that would exist at the first coming of the Messias),  Dom Guéranger wrote the following over 150 years ago in The Liturgical Year (Vol. I, 191-192).  His final remark here is what caught my eye; it expresses the real horror of apostasy:

“Thus was the earth in desolation when the Messias came to deliver and save it.  So diminished, so decayed, were truths among the children of men that the human race was bordering on its ruin.  The knowledge of the true God was becoming rarer as the world got older; idolatry had made everything in creation an object of its adulterous worship. The practical result of a religion which was but gross materialism, was frightful immorality.  Man was forever at war with man, and the only safeguards of what social order still existed in the world were the execrable laws of slavery and extermination.  Among the countless inhabitants of the globe, a mere handful could be found who were seeking God; they were [as Isaias had foretold] as rare as the olives that remain after careful plucking, or as grape bunches after the vintage is ended….”  

Guéranger continues:

“Now all this will happen again when the time draws near of the second Coming of the Messias.  The earth will once more be filled with desolation, and mankind will be again a slave of its self-degradation.  The ways of men will again grow corrupt; and this time the malice of their evil will be the greater, because they will have received Him who is the Light of the world, the Word of Life.  A profound sadness will sit heavy on all nations, and every effort for their well-being will seem paralyzed.  They, and the earth they live on, will be conscious of decrepitude.  And yet, it will never once strike them that the world is drawing to an end..."

Lee Ann

“I was interested in what a Catholic person would have to say against an ‘orthodox’”

December 12, 2021

Guadalupe, History

MHFM: Dec. 12 is the anniversary of the miracle of Our Lady of Guadalupe. These videos are relevant to the miracle and the history:

The Amazing And Miraculous Image Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe

Cortes’ Amazing Conquest Of The Aztec Empire

Our Lady Of Guadalupe Overcomes The Mexican Serpent


Dear Brothers of the MHFM,

My name is Nastase Andrei Costel and I live in Bucharest, Romania. In 2020… I watched the video ["Jay Dyer Exposed & Palamism Refuted"], for I was interested in what a Catholic person would have to say against an "orthodox". In the course of more than a year (sep2020/dec2021) I watched most of the content from your channel, to familiarize myself with the Catholic dogma and the Catholic institution as a hole. I have read The Catechism… from your website and other material like The Rosary, Glossary of terms, Catholic Baptism. I've accepted the Catholic Dogma and started to pray The Rosary, now I want to become a Catholic… Thank you for showing me the uncompromising Faith of Catholic Church and for all the guidance provided.

I wish you a Merry Christmas!
Sincerely, Andrei.

During The Days

Mary’s Sinlessness: A Biblical Documentary

Albeit the horrible things that have been happening in the US, during the days around the Feast of the Immaculate Conception in 2021, it looks like Our Lady is giving some extra graces to America: the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict (11/19), the sodomite Smollett verdict (12/09), the arrest of that abominable Waukesha murderer (possibly 11/22), the admission by Facebook that its "fact-checkers' fact checks" are merely opinion (12/10), the withdrawal of that commie Omarova (12/07), the firing of Cuomo from CNN (12/04), the repeal of the federal "vaccine" mandate by the Senate (12/08)... Things to be grateful about, at least for the moment. Hopefully she will also aid with the G. Maxwell trial.

"Alleluia, tota pulchra es Maria, et macula originalis non est in te."



… I’ve been following MHFM’s work for over 10 years and It has been life changing…

Kind regards,



Hello, Brothers… I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, through His Blessed Mother Mary everyday, for the work you Brothers have done, your material with Church Doctrine from the Holy Fathers, Popes and Saints that you have investigated, and prepared. I completely renounce the Vatican 2 counter church… I was alone in my Traditional Catholic faith… but I wanted to thank you personally for what you have presented in your material! Have a Blessed Advent, and Merry Christmas this year, God Bless You Brothers and keep up the great service you are doing! my name is Dan Kloepfer.


Apocalypse Now In The Vatican

Thank you for such a thorough presentation of the evidence…

Denise Dube

Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all charges

November 19, 2021

Kyle Rittenhouse

MHFM: Thank God Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all charges. It would have been a travesty of justice if he had not. Prayers were said for the jurors and for the outcome of the case. It’s a victory for justice in an increasingly lawless world.

On this feast of All Saints, remember Pope Benedict XII’s dogmatic declaration on water baptism

November 1, 2021

All Saints

MHFM: On this feast of All Saints, it’s good to remember that Pope Benedict XII dogmatically defined that all the saints in Heaven from the New Covenant period (including all the martyrs, confessors, etc.) received “sacred baptism” (a term used by the Church for the Sacrament of Baptism). He also declared that it was the “same baptism” received by children, which is of course water baptism. No exceptions whatsoever were mentioned, although they could have been mentioned if they existed (but they don’t). Thus, it’s another dogmatic statement which proves that no one gets to Heaven without water baptism.

Pope Benedict XII's Dogmatic Definition On Heaven And Baptism


Biden Says Francis Told Him He’s “A Good Catholic” (Analysis)

Thank you… God bless you for enlightening us to the true Faith.

Dr. Geraldine Sanjay


Biden Says Francis Told Him He’s “A Good Catholic” (Analysis)

Dear Brothers,

Thank you for exposing the fake "Catholic" shepherds of these last days who are leading so many souls to Hell.  They do this not only by their promotion of the Whore of Babylon as the Catholic Church, but also (and perhaps especially) by their continuous attacks on… sedevacantism, and all true Catholic positions.  The true popes have considered heresy the worst sin… Since their robes and externals -  like old Halloween costumes - have worn so thin that they're disappearing, the hour must certainly be very late…

In your video and article on King James Onlyism, you pointed out that while Erasmus may or may not have been a true Catholic, he apparently was able to see the face of heresy very clearly in the earlier days of the Protestant revolt (which was the forerunner of the Great Apostasy).  Erasmus said:  "I have never entered their churches, but I have seen them return from hearing the sermon, as if inspired by an evil spirit, the faces of all showing a curious wrath and ferocity..."  Yes, indeed; externals notwithstanding, the face of Satan is always revealed whenever a heretic comes face-to-face with a truth he doesn't like.  And today, thanks to the apostasy and apostate men, we are seeing Satan's face everywhere.  

Lee Ann

False Trads

Biden Says Francis Told Him He’s “A Good Catholic” (Analysis)

Excellent video… these false trads make me sicker than Francis. God bless for exposing them.

Marie Anne


Biden Says Francis Told Him He’s “A Good Catholic” (Analysis)

Another excellent video…


The ‘Orthodox’ are rebels who don’t want the truth

October 26, 2021


MHFM: When you refute the ‘Orthodox’ on Peter’s primacy among the Apostles, they say: but it doesn’t apply to a pope. When you show that popes had a primacy as successors of Peter, they say: it was just of honor. When you show that it included authority, they say: it was just one of hearing appeals. Then you refute that and they make more excuses. They are rebels who don’t want the truth and constantly move the goalposts.

St. John of Damascus

Subject: St. John of Damascus vs. the Eastern Schismatics

Dear Brothers,

While reading “On the Orthodox Faith,” by St. John Damascene, one is exposed to the dishonesty of the eastern heretics. They claim him and his writing for their own and use them inappropriately. He was absolutely a Catholic teaching the faith of the fathers. Some statements may be misunderstood by some, similar to the writings of St. Paul. (2 Peter 3:15-16 “If our Lord stays his hand, count it part of his mercy. Our beloved brother Paul, with the wisdom God has granted him, has written you a letter, in which, as in all his letters, he talks of this. Though indeed, there are passages in them difficult to understand, and these, like the rest of scripture, are twisted into a wrong sense by ignorant and restless minds, to their own undoing.”) Although some statements may be confusing, it doesn’t give any excuse to teach anything contrary to the faith. Hence why we have the papacy and its indefectibility from Christ. 

To avoid the pitfalls of any heresy, one needs to be simple like a child. Read the bible like a child, humble. Then you will find all the Truths the Catholic Church teaches. The Papacy, confession, the Eucharist, etc. You don’t need a degree in philosophy; you just need a simple heart.

Here are a few quotes from “On the Orthodox Faith.”

-“God is without beginning and without end, everlasting and eternal, uncreated, unchangeable, inalterable, simple, uncompounded, incorporeal, invisible, impalpable, uncircumscribed, unlimited, incomprehensible, uncontained, unfathomable, good, just, the maker of all created things, all-powerful, all-ruling, all-seeing, the provider, the sovereign, and the judge of all.” (Note: he states this multiple times in his book)

-“The Divinity being everywhere and beyond all at the same time acts in different places by one simple operation.”

-“Then there is the fact that the divine irradiation and operation is one, simple, and undivided; and that, while it is apparently diversely manifested in divisible things, dispensing to all of them the components of their proper nature, it remains simple.”

-“It is only the Uncreated which is unchangeable.”

-“The Son is the image of the Father, and the image of the Son is the Spirit.”

-“He is joined with the Father through the Son. He is called Spirit of God, Spirit of Christ, Mind of Christ, Spirit of the Lord.”

Thank you for your recent work on exposing eastern “orthodoxy.”

Colin Tuss

Why did Jesus only take three disciples for the Transfiguration?

October 24, 2021

Trinity, Fewness of Saved

MHFM: This is (another) good quote from St. Thomas Aquinas on the necessity of faith in the Trinity for salvation and the fact that few are saved.

St. Thomas Aquinas, Commentary on Mt. 17 and the Transfiguration: “He taketh unto him Peter and James, and John [for the Transfiguration]. Why did He not take them all? It was to signify that not all who are called reach the kingdom of God; hence, it is said: ‘Many are called but few chosen’. And why did He take only three disciples? It was to signify that no one can reach God’s kingdom except in the faith of the Trinity. ‘He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved’ (Mk. 16, 16).”


Pfizer already has control over many nations of the world? - shocking must-see video

MHFM: The arrogance of the people who run Pfizer is remarkable. They act like they are the kings of the world and that the masses are clamoring for the poison.

John 9:15 - The Healing Of The Man Who Had Been Born Blind

October 20, 2021

MHFM: In John 9 we read about how Our Lord healed the man who had been born blind. When explaining what happened, the man who had been blind said: “I washed, and I see” (John 9:15). This also signifies that it is through the washing of water baptism that one receives spiritual sight. Hence baptism was called “illumination”.

John 9:15- “So the Pharisees again asked him how he had received his sight. And he said to them, ‘He put mud on my eyes, and I washed, and I see.’”

No Baptism, No Salvation – Pope St. Leo The Great

NBA player “one thousand percent” sure the "Covid vaccine" caused season-ending blood clots - video

October 19, 2021

This player is convinced (and we believe with good reason) that the “vaccine” harmed him.  So, some might ask, why aren’t many other NBA players, famous athletes, and famous media personalities getting harmed from the vaccine, since thousands of regular people have been harmed or killed?   We believe the answer is that prominent athletes and media personalities are almost certainly getting a placebo and not the actual “vaccine”.  The conspirators don’t want high profile persons dropping dead or getting injured right after announcing their reception of the “vaccine”.  Hence, those people almost certainly do not receive the real thing.  But many regular people do.  Furthermore, on occasion certain less prominent players, such as this individual, might get the “vaccine” at a different location (like a drug store) and consequently receive the actual “vaccine” and not the placebo.  That’s probably what happened to him.

With all the reported injuries that people have suffered from the “vaccines”, it’s possible that the conspiracy is now giving many people the placebo.  If too many people hear about injuries or deaths from the “Covid vaccine”, it will cause much more "vaccine hesitancy", hurt "vaccine" sales, stock prices, and stop people from joining their Orwellian economic system.  Since people are also required to get the "booster shots" to be considered "fully vaccinated", the conspirators can always give deadly "booster vaccine shots" in the future.  The main thing the conspiracy wants (right now) is for people to enter into their new world order system.  But countless injuries and deaths from the “vaccines” have already been documented.

Why those with great power in the world are so evil?

October 15, 2021

The kingdoms of the world

Luke 4:5-6- “And the devil took him up and showed him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time, and said to him, ‘To you I will give all this authority and their glory, for it has been delivered to me, and I give it to whom I will.’”

MHFM: This passage sheds light on why those with great power in the world are so evil. The kingdoms ultimately belong to God, of course, but due to the sins of men Satan has been given great sway and control over the world.  Consequently, those who serve him receive from Satan (with God's ultimate permission) power in many cases.  At this time basically every major ruler is under Satan's control.


The Deception Of Mother Angelica And EWTN

I love Mother Angelica. I don’t watch movies that people make trying to slander Saints. Evil creatures all around trying too. We saw her heart. She was Holy.

Coleen Ann


Your comment shows that you don't care about the truth or Catholicism.  The video proves that she was a heretic.  You are not Catholic.

‘Catholic’ Hospital

"Catholic" hospital is offering "sex change surgeries" for "transgenders" - 29 second video

That is by no means a Catholic hospital, shame on them for calling themselves by the... title of Catholic.


The ruse to enable Big Pharma to create a kill shot

October 7, 2021



Project Veritas records (on hidden camera) Pfizer scientists making shocking admissions - video

What gets my ire about all of this is that people on both sides talk and act as if the "covid" virus actually exists, when in reality it is a ruse to enable Big Pharma to create a kill shot that would cause worldwide death and disability…


The Covid hoax policies have nothing to do with health

September 13, 2021



"White House" confirms "vaccine" a "requirement" for Americans to work but not for illegal immigrants - video

MHFM: This by itself shows that the mandates, lockdowns, and the Covid hoax policies have nothing to do with health. They are part of a conspiracy to destroy the country and implement the plans of globalists.

The theology of Gregory Palamas is a train wreck

September 6, 2021


MHFM: The more one studies the theology of Gregory Palamas (the chief theologian about God in Eastern ‘Orthodoxy’), the more clearly one sees just how bad it is. His theology is a train wreck: filled with heresies, self-absorption, and even idolatry – all concocted to justify false mysticism. It’s remarkable that so many Eastern schismatics think he was wise and saintly. It’s another example of their bad will and how they are inclined to what is false.

Greek "Orthodox" Gregory Palamas Is Not A Saint & He Was Condemned Before Vatican II

They really think that people are stupid

September 5, 2021

MHFM: Communist liar and fraud Anthony Fauci is now talking about the ‘Covid Mu variant’, supposedly coming after ‘Delta’. You wonder if these people go into a room and start laughing at people – i.e. about how they are making fools out of the masses and manipulating the world. They really think that people are stupid.

New Must-See Video on ‘Covid’

September 2, 2021

Doctors Explain Why “Covid-19” And The “Delta Variant” Don’t Exist – Must-See Video

MHFM: This MUST-SEE video is a striking vindication of what we stated about ‘Covid’ before perhaps any other organization. Lab scientist and noted natural health proponent Mike Adams has (to his credit) changed his position on ‘Covid’. He originally believed it was a real disease based on a real virus but now, after trying to order certified materials for it, he realizes that it’s a hoax and that the ‘virus’ doesn’t exist and has never been isolated. Adams interviews two doctors who cover the truth about this massive ‘Covid’ hoax. People need to understand these facts. Those who tell you that ‘Covid’ exists or that people ‘have it’ are spreading propaganda and contradicting a true scientific analysis.

“Your content brought me away from Non Denominational”

August 25, 2021

New Mandates

“New York Governor Kathy Hochul says she'll institute a mask mandate for students and require school staff to be vaccinated against Covid or tested.” (Bloomberg)

MHFM: As we thought might be the case, it looks like the leftist media simultaneously ganged up on Cuomo to pressure him out because (as horrible as he is) the conspirators wanted someone even more aggressive in implementing the Covid Hoax tyranny! Now that’s a scary thought.


I am 17 and discovered your content in 2019. Your content brought me away from Non Denominational and has been my Main source of Knowledge for the Truth… I consistently rewatch your content to refresh myself and often watch ''Death and Journey into hell'' when I go to sleep to remind myself of what’s at stake.

Aden Hickman


Doctor shows how the “COVID-19 vaccine” damages vital organs in the body – see the shocking evidence

Absolutely wonderful presentation!!! Thank you! I’m 90! I refuse all their “shots!!!”…


They didn't build a single cemetery in 2020!

August 24, 2021


The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic Hoax

MHFM: Among other things covered in this important video, she mentions that they didn't build a single cemetery in 2020. They also spent less money on burial in 2020 than in 2019. Why? The answer is that "Covid" is a hoax, but vaccine injuries and deaths are very real.


Viganò Says Francis Is A “Non-Catholic Pope” (Analysis)

Thank you for this Truth Bomb.



Hello, I am currently looking into sedevacantism…

Thank you brothers. May God bless you.



Amazing Evidence For God

Great documentary!

Flavio Gomez

Wicked with the Wicked

August 13, 2021

Immaculate Conception

Mary’s Sinlessness: A Biblical Documentary

Incredible video. There is absolutely no doubt about it, Mary was immaculately conceived…

Darren O’Neill

Wicked with the Wicked

St. Gregory Nazianzen: “… the wicked are very quick to gang up with the wicked… The proof is this: my closest friends who had recently shown me respect, now scorned me.”

The Covid hoax lies are back at even a higher level...

August 10, 2021

Covid Hoax

MHFM: The Covid hoax lies are back at even a higher level, entrapping only the gullible/ignorant at this point. Again they claim that almost anyone who is sick has ‘Covid’ (even though they never isolated the 'virus'). Horrible lies, but there are many real injuries and deaths from the vaccines.


Francis Attacks The Latin Mass – The Big Picture

Just discovered the channel. Very good. Godspeed

Cooper Chauvin


The Antichrist’s Distinguishing Mark

Excellent Video.

Ivan Steven Mewenkang

“This video brought me back to Christianity”

July 29, 2021

Covid Hoax

MHFM: The conspirators are all in on their plan to enslave humanity by means of the Covid hoax. When we called it a hoax from the start, many (wrongly) called us fools.  Now anyone with a brain and a small level of honesty can see we were right: it’s a massive scam as part of a global conspiracy.


Amazing Evidence For God

This video brought me back to Christianity thank you so much it’s been almost a year since I have started walking with the lord again and he has cured my anxiety and depression and changed me and my life

Ethan Gallegos


We're glad you viewed it.  To be a true Christian and be saved, you need to be a traditional Catholic. You will find biblical proof for Catholicism here and on our site: Our material also explains what's happening in Rome now and how to convert to the true faith.

On John 3:5 | Vaccines In Switzerland | Eastern ”Orthodox” Are Unbelievers

July 25, 2021


MHFM: Another dogmatic statement affirming Jesus’ words in John 3:5 as they are written, without exception, is found in Sess. 5 of Trent on original sin.

Council of Trent, Sess. 5 on Original Sin: “Unless a man is born again of water and the Holy Ghost he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.”

Pope Leo The Great On The Necessity Of Baptism For Salvation


… I hope that the vaccine doesn't become mandatory, my grandparents both had a stroke after they took the vaccine, one a week after the injection and the other 2 weeks after the injection but they survived. And the mother in law of my coworker died last Thursday, 2 weeks after the vaccination...

Nicolas (from Switzerland)


So the Orthodox are now unbelievers? Is that the official Catholic position? I thought the official position was that they were schismatics, not heretics.

Neil Dias


Of course they are heretics.  They deny Vatican I, the Filioque and the papal primacy of jurisdiction, among other things.  Those are dogmas that must be believed under pain of heresy.  As our videos show, they also deny God's immutability and eternity (if they are Palamites).

The Eastern “Orthodox” Sects Are Not The Universal Church

July 20, 2021


Actually, when we say that the orthodox church is decentralized, we are saying there isn’t a monarchial bishop who rules over the Church. The unity in diversity of the Orthodox Church actually expresses The word Catholic in the fullest meaning of the word. The Church is not only Incarnational, but also trinitarian. Distinct hypostases, each possessing the fullness of the divine nature, and yet all together also possessing one full divine nature. Same as in the Church, distinct with each jurisdiction possessing the fullness of the Catholic Church as St ignatius of Antioch taught, and also United as one Catholic Church through the one bread, one lord, one faith, and one baptism as St. Paul teaches. Since the church is decentralized, it’s next to impossible to subvert. While in Rome, you only need to subvert the head and the whole body collapses.

Diego Barragan


Your response fails completely and actually serves to prove our point.  If the Church is universal (and it is), then it necessarily has a universal authority over all the members.  However, by your own admission, your sects lack one.  You then try to compare the Eastern ‘Orthodox’ situation to the Trinity.  However, your analogy fails because each Person of the Trinity has the fullness of the divine nature/power.  Thus, each distinct Person of the Trinity has COMPLETE power.  But each Eastern ‘Orthodox’ bishop, by your own admission, only has a limited ‘power’.  So there is no comparison to the Trinity.  Since you cannot identify where the universal authority is located, that proves that your sects are not the universal Church.


“Being is the ontologically first concept, because it is the most transcendent of all concepts.  Hence it is found in all other concepts; and all other concepts are resolved into being, because they are derived from addition to being.” (Henri Grenier, Thomistic Philosophy, Vol. 2, pp. 18-19)

How dumb

MHFM: How dumb are the Palamite Eastern ‘Orthodox’?  They actually think they’re wise and spiritual Christians as they profess that certain ‘uncreated’ things ‘begin to exist’ (an idea condemned by all the fathers and councils).  Blind fools headed for Gehenna.

God's Eternity & Immutability: Denied By Eastern "Orthodox" Speakers

Not Universal

MHFM: When the Eastern ‘Orthodox’ say that their ‘Church’ is decentralized, that’s just their euphemistic way of admitting that their ‘Church’ is not in fact UNIVERSAL (and therefore cannot be the one Church of Christ).  It is, rather, a collection of sects.

The Real History Of "Orthodoxy"

In Italy

Here in Italy the "covid-vaccines" are already mandatory for healthcare-workers since May. They are literally trying everything to harass and force people to get vaxxed.


MHFM: Ask an adherent of Eastern ‘Orthodoxy’ which 'See' or individual possesses the superior authority to settle the Moscow/Constantinople schism.  By his answers (or non-answers) the person will reveal the stupidity and falsity of their self-refuting and made-up ecclesiology.

Antipope Francis once again confirmed that the SSPX is in schism

July 18, 2021

SSPX schism

MHFM: In the letter that accompanies his new Motu Proprio Traditionis Custodes, which severely restricts the Latin Mass in the Vatican II Sect, Antipope Francis once again confirmed that the SSPX (the Lefebvrist group) is in schism.  He refers to “the schism with the movement of Mons. Lefebvre”.  He also makes it clear that Vatican II is binding on their sect.  So no, the SSPX is not the alternative to the obviously non-Catholic and anti-traditional Vatican II Sect.  The sedevacantist position is the true position.

The Truth About The SSPX And Similar Groups


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