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Comments by MHFM

A major reason God has allowed America to fall

November 16, 2022

The Senate, Gay ‘Marriage’

MHFM: 12 Republican senators just voted with the Democrats to advance legislation that would require the recognition of same-sex ‘marriages’ nationwide.  This is an abomination and an attack on God’s law and Christianity.  If this is passed into ‘law’, it will be used in an attempt to eradicate opposition to gay ‘marriage’ among private businesses and perhaps religious institutions across the country.  The repudiation of basic morality, which this legislation reflects, is a major reason that God has allowed America to fall.

America’s Fall To Communism – Documentary

Vote & Prayers For The Upcoming Election

November 7, 2022

Vote & Prayers For The Upcoming Election

MHFM: Although there has been widespread vote rigging in the past, we do think that traditional Catholics should try to vote.

Some recommended prayers for the upcoming election:

Jesus, please help our country. Jesus, please help our state.

Jesus, please stop vote fraud/theft, sodomy, pornography, adultery, cohabitation, ‘transgenderism’, etc. Jesus, please remove the communists.

Cowards and John 3:5 Mockers

MHFM: We recently wrote to two aggressive “anti-Feeneyite” priests and mentioned a debate. We were immediately blocked. They are cowards who deny the necessity of the Catholic faith and spread lies to a duped audience. Their claims wouldn’t hold up in a debate. They are John 3:5 mockers.

But this important information only comes out via a leaked e-mail

Explosion of Stillbirths

Leaked Hospital Email Reveals Explosion Of Stillbirths Following "Covid Vaccine" Rollout - 1 min video

MHFM: But this important information only comes out via a leaked e-mail, which again exposes the agenda to suppress the truth.

John 3:20: "For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his works should be exposed."

Six Items

Mother Teresa, Indifferentism

Why Mother Teresa Was Not A Saint

A modernist, who believed the lie of religious indifference.

Rodney Ford

Bible, Papacy

Did The Bible Predict 70 Years Without A Pope?

Thank you for making this video.

Nolan Henden

Two important passages from Pope Pius IX

November 4, 2022

Two important passages from Pius IX

MHFM: As covered in our video/article on Pius IX (Pope Pius IX Did Not Teach Salvation Outside The Church), the following two passages are valuable weapons to use when refuting salvation heretics.

Pope Pius IX, Quanto Conficiamur, Aug. 10, 1863: “Again it is necessary to recall and censure a most grave error, in which some Catholics miserably dwell, who suppose that men living in error and as aliens from the true faith and from Catholic unity are able to attain eternal life.  Which indeed is particularly opposed to Catholic doctrine.”

This first passage proves (again) that it’s contrary to Catholic teaching to believe (as many people and false traditionalist priests in our day do) that the unbaptized or certain Jews, Muslims, etc. can be saved without the Catholic faith. The unbaptized and those who belong to false religions are obviously separated from the Church’s unity and therefore cannot be saved (unless they convert). The Church is a unity of faith and sacraments: one Lord, one faith, one baptism.

Pope Pius IX, Allocution Singulari Quadam, Dec. 9, 1854: “… let us hold most firmly that, in accordance with Catholic teaching, there is ‘one God, one faith, one baptism’ [Eph. 4:5]; it is unlawful to proceed further in inquiry.” 

The second passage proves that Catholics are forbidden to profess anything besides the one baptism of divine revelation, which is of course the Sacrament of Baptism (Council of Vienne, etc.) According to Pius IX, to hold anything beyond that is nefas – which means criminal or against the divine law. There aren’t ‘three baptisms’, and ‘baptism of desire’ is not the teaching of the Catholic Church.  

Leave Protestant ‘churches’

Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie

This is incredible and I am desperate to explain this to my family so they may be convinced of it and leave their protestant "churches".

S Warben

When Denmark had a Catholic king

October 30, 2022

When Denmark had a Catholic king

MHFM: This is what Pope St. Gregory VII told the King of Denmark, when that country had a Catholic king.

Pope St. Gregory VII to King Harold Hein of Denmark, Oct. 15, 1079: “… we congratulate you that, although placed at the furthest ends of the earth, you nevertheless vigilantly seek to find out the things that are known to belong to the observance of the Christian religion, and, because recognizing the holy Roman church to be your mother and that of all men, you desire for yourself and ask for her instructions… For your excellency ought to bear in mind that the more he stands out above and rules over the many, the more he is able by his example either to turn his subjects (which heaven forbid!) towards what is worse, or even to provoke the slothful to wise counsel. It is also needful for your prudence to reflect how perishable and how fleeting are the joys of earthly life, which, even if life is thought to last long, cannot, however, remain secure when often many misfortunes arise unexpectedly. Hence it is right above all to take heed that you should constantly direct your footsteps and set the desire of your mind toward the things that know no passing away and cannot fail those who possess them.”

He promoted boosters

Tim Gough, 55-year-old radio host, suddenly dies from heart attack on air during show - 48 second video

Tim tweeted last year encouraging people to take their booster shots…



Hello… I first want to thank you for all of the time you put into your videos…

Rich Gonzalez

All were under the cloud and all passed through the water

October 28, 2022

All were under the cloud and all passed through the water

MHFM: In 1 Cor. 10 St. Paul states that all were under the cloud and all passed through the sea, a reference to the crossing of the Red Sea (Exodus 14).

1 Cor. 10:1-2- “For I do not want you to be unaware, brothers, that our fathers were all under the cloud, and all passed through the sea, and all were baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea…”

The crossing of the Red Sea was of course a real and miraculous event which prefigured the crossing from spiritual bondage and death to spiritual life and salvation through the Sacrament of Baptism. Note that both aspects (i.e. water and the Spirit) were present in the prefigurement (the Red Sea crossing), just as they are absolutely necessary for New Testament justification. The miraculous pillar of cloud represented the Holy Spirit. The crossing through the water represented the water of baptism.

John 3:5: “Amen, amen, I say to you: unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the Kingdom of God.”

John 3:5 Defined As A Dogma At Trent, Theologian Admits

Scales falling

Why Mother Teresa Was Not A Saint

… The scales are finally falling from my eyes!

F Obaro

Have Accepted

I have accepted the Sedevacantist position… Your channel and website have enlightened me to a great degree… Thank you for all you do!


What Francis Specifically Said To The Institute For Foreign Missions

October 27, 2022

Francis to Institute For Foreign Missions

Trent Horn & Michael Lofton Debunked On Francis & Proselytism

MHFM: It's also interesting that Francis' statement at 11:42 ("This is not seeking new members for this ‘Catholic society’, no") was made specifically to members of the Institute For Foreign Missions. Well, the very purpose of missions is of course to bring new people into the Catholic society. But the heretic Antipope Francis, in just one of his many rejections of true evangelization and trying to convince others of the faith (which he calls proselytism), says no.

New Video Posted

Trent Horn & Michael Lofton Debunked On Francis & Proselytism


MSNBC hoped voters would parrot Jan 6 Deep State propaganda but it fails spectacularly - must-see video

Wow! That was incredibly refreshing to watch (and quite humorous to see the propagandist fail so hard). People are waking up!

Catholic Engineer

Few Supported The Cause Of Truth

October 19, 2022

MHFM: This is an interesting quote from Pope St. Gregory VII on how few supported the cause of truth in his dispute with King Henry IV (the Holy Roman Emperor) in the Investiture Controversy. Many thought that the pope was too “harsh”.

Pope St. Gregory VII, Oct. 1, 1079: “It has come to us that certain of you are having doubt about me, as though in the present pressing necessity I had employed worldly fickleness. Certainly in this cause none of you, apart from exposure to warfare, both undergoes greater tribulations and suffers greater injuries than me. For as many Latins as there are, all except a tiny few praise and defend the cause of Henry [IV], and accuse me of excessive harshness and merciless towards him. Thanks be to God, we have hitherto so resisted them all that we still according to our understanding are inclining to neither side except according to righteousness and equity.”


Police warn public not to "misgender" convicted pedophile who assaulted 30 children - video

We are truly living in an upside-down world...


Defenders of the Vatican II Sect have been trying to do damage control

October 5, 2022

Damage Control

MHFM: Since the recent debate on sedevacantism demonstrated that the Vatican II claimants to the Papacy are not true popes, some defenders of the Vatican II Sect have been trying to do damage control after the debate occurred. They don’t refute anything. But stay tuned for some interesting responses from us.

Pope Innocent IV on the Talmud

October 2, 2022

MHFM: The Talmud is the central text of Rabbinic Judaism.  This is what Pope Innocent IV said about it:

Pope Innocent IV, 1244: “‘Why is it that you yourselves violate the commandment of God with your traditions?’ [Mt. 15:3]. It is traditions of this stripe – in Hebrew they call them ‘Thalamuth’ [the Talmud], and an immense book it is, exceeding the text of the Bible in size, and in it are blasphemies against God and His Christ, and against the blessed Virgin, fables that are manifestly beyond all explanation, erroneous abuses, and unheard-of stupidities – yet this is what they teach and feed their children… and render them totally alien to the teaching of the Law and the Prophets, fearing lest the Truth, which is understood in the same Law and Prophets, bearing patent testimony to the only-begotten Son of God, who was to come in the flesh, they be converted to the faith, and return humbly to their Redeemer.”

Opposition to Nostra Aetate during Vatican II

September 28, 2022

MHFM: This is an interesting quote about how some groups recognized, during Vatican II, that its teaching on the Jews in Nostra Aetate was revolutionary and heretical.

Giuseppe Alberigo, History of Vatican II, Volume 5, pp. 214-215: “… the attacks still being made during these days in numerous pamphlets distributed in the hall. One of the most typical was the document, signed by twenty-eight traditionalist associations, that circulated among the fathers during the days just before the vote [about Nostra Aetate]… In it, the bishops prepared to vote in favor of the declaration were described as heretics, and the Council was said to lack any authority to change the… attitude of the Church’s Magisterium.”

“Baptism of desire” supporters brainwashed by misinformation

Encyclicals on Baptism

MHFM: So many supporters of “baptism of desire” (brainwashed by misinformation) wrongly think that the papal encyclicals teach/support “baptism of desire”, when they actually contradict it by affirming that no one can be in the Church or be saved without water baptism.

Pope Pius XI, Quas Primas (#15), Dec. 11, 1925, addressed to the universal Church, concerning entrance into the Kingdom of God: “Which Kingdom indeed is set forth in the Gospels as one into which men prepare to enter by doing penance but are unable to enter except through faith and baptism, which, although it is an external rite, nevertheless signifies and effects an interior regeneration.”

Pope Pius XII, Mystici Corporis Christi (# 22), June 29, 1943, addressed to the universal Church: “Actually only those are to be included as members of the Church who have received the laver of regeneration and profess the true faith…”

Pope Pius XII, Mediator Dei (#43), Nov. 20, 1947, addressed to the universal Church, referring to the Sacrament of Baptism: “… the washing of baptism distinguishes and separates all Christians [christianos omnes] from the rest whom this stream of atonement has not washed and who are not members of Christ…”

Biden’s Recent Speech

September 3, 2022

Tucker Carlson: "Biden declared that anyone who disagrees with him is a threat to the country" - video

MHFM: Biden's recent speech is another striking example of what we covered in our video America’s Fall To Communism – Documentary. Washington, D.C. has been taken over by communists, and the communists are trying to implement the revolution across the country. But there are pockets of resistance which they are trying to extirpate.

Battle for the Soul

Fake news network CNN changes communist blood red background color behind Biden to pink - video

This is very revealing. In CNN's own words, they call this speech "Battle for the soul of the nation," while fake president Biden stands before what looks like a portal to hell. Consider also that Francis calls Biden "a good Catholic"...


Ecumenical Service During Vatican II

September 1, 2022

Ecumenical Service During Vatican II

MHFM: On Dec. 4, 1965, just before the close of Vatican II, Antipope Paul VI held an ecumenical Liturgy of the Word service.  Antipope Paul VI presided over the service at St. Paul’s Outside The Walls.  During the service, members of non-Catholic sects actively participated.  This confirmed that Vatican II was a revolutionary false council with a false ecclesiology, and it was a bold step into heretical false ecumenism.

New Video Posted

John 3:5 Defined As A Dogma At Trent, Theologian Admits

MHFM: Among other things, this video covers an interesting and important admission made by a pre-Vatican II theologian concerning the Church's dogmatic teaching on baptism. This is another example of how we can prove our position not only from the dogmatic texts, encyclicals, etc., but also from admissions and statements by pre-Vatican II theologians.

Jews, Israel

Jews Are Not Israel Or The Chosen People


Dennis Maher

“This is what the Whore of Babylon looks like”

August 30, 2022

Apocalypse Now In The Vatican – Portuguese

MHFM: Our video Apocalypse Now In The Vatican has been published in Portuguese:

Apocalipse Agora No Vaticano

Other Languages – Francis’ Apostasy

MHFM: Our video Francis Participates In Prayer To Evil Spirits has been published in French, Spanish, Italian and Indonesian. This is a link to the French version:

François participe à la prière aux mauvais esprits

We have also recently published new videos in other languages as well.

Archaeologists, St. Peter

Archaeologists In Galilee Unearth Ancient Discovery Linked To Apostle Peter

This is fantastic, what a great find!


Doctrine, Counter Church

Francis names 20 “cardinals” including McElroy who gives “Communion” to abortion supporters

At the end of the clip, the reporter in Rome states that antipope Francis's actions have led to more diversity and inclusion and the future of the counter church will be less "doctrinaire". So here it is on national television that Catholic dogma will be ignored and instead the focus of the Vatican 2 sect will be to embrace LGBT and pro-abortion individuals and consequently their demonic ideologies. This is what the Whore of Babylon looks like.



Francis names 20 “cardinals” including McElroy who gives “Communion” to abortion supporters

That McElroy guy is one sick demented wretch. The Vatican II sect is continuing full speed ahead to its destruction...

Kieran S.


Sharyl Attkisson Shares Shocking Story Of FBI Targeting Her Family - 42 second must-see video

It’s pretty scary the power these demons hold. To try and ruin someone’s life it’s unbelievable the lengths they will go.


A Catholic Saint Speaks On A Young Earth

August 14, 2022

Bellarmine on a Young Earth

St. Robert Bellarmine, De Romano Pontifice, Book 3, Chap. 3, 16th century: “… according to the true chronology more or less than 5600 years have elapsed since the foundation of the world.”

Anti-Baptism Heretics

MHFM: If anti-baptism heretics (i.e. militant supporters of ‘BOD’) spent half the time trying to convert people to Catholicism as they do trying to argue against the John 3:5 dogma (that no one is saved without water baptism), then they might receive from God the grace to see that they are wrong on the issue.  But they are anti-Christ heretics.  That’s why they hate Jesus Christ’s truth about baptism.

Council of Trent, Sess. 5 on Original Sin: “Unless a man is born again of water and the Holy Ghost he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.”


Did The Bible Predict 70 Years Without A Pope?

… Amazing and important.

Horse Sense

The Eastern Schismatics Returned To Their Vomit And Were Punished

August 13, 2022

St. Robert Bellarmine, De Romano Pontifice, Book 3, Chap. 1: “… we know that in the General Council of the Lateran under Innocent III, at Lyons under Gregory X, and at Florence under Eugene IV, the Greeks, having been convicted of error, returned to the faith of the Latins; and afterwards they always turned back to their vomit. For that reason they were most gravely punished by God.”

For more on this, see this video: The Real History Of “Orthodoxy”

Shocked at Paul VI

“Saint” Paul VI’s Heresies

I am really in shock.

Caesar Arevalo

Blatant Heresies in John Paul II’s 1995 encyclical Ut Unum Sint

August 12, 2022

Blatant Heresies in Ut Unum Sint

MHFM: John Paul II’s 1995 encyclical Ut Unum Sint is filled with false doctrine, including the heresies that non-Catholic sects have “martyrs” and “holiness”. He also explicitly teaches that all such sects have “saints” and that the sects themselves unlocked entrance into the communion of salvation. This is of course a clear rejection of the Church’s dogma that there is no salvation outside the Church.

John Paul II, Ut Unum Sint (#84), May 25, 1995: “These saints belong to all churches and ecclesiastical communities, which unlocked for them entrance into the communion of salvation.”

Latin: “Sancti hi ad omnes Ecclesias ecclesialesque Communitates pertinent, quae eis aditum ad salutis communionem reseraverunt.”

Vatican II Document vs. Catholic Bull Unam Sanctam

August 11, 2022

Vatican II vs. Unam Sanctam

MHFM: Vatican II directly teaches that many practices of non-Catholic sects certainly can engender the life of grace and grant salvation.  That is a direct contradiction of the Church’s dogmatic teaching that there is no salvation nor remission of sin outside the Church.

Vatican II, Unitatis Redintegratio #3: “Also, not a few sacred actions of the Christian religion are carried out among our separated brethren which (in various ways according to the diverse condition of each church and community) can doubtless truly engender a life of grace, and [which] should be spoken of as a suitable means of extending access to the community of salvation.”

Latin: “Non paucae etiam christianae religionis actiones sacrae apud fratres a nobis seiunctos peraguntur, quae variis modis secundum diversam condicionem uniuscuiusque Ecclesiae vel Communitatis procul dubio vitam gratiae reapse generare possunt atque aptae dicendae sunt quae ingressum in salutis communionem pandant.”

Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam, Nov. 18, 1302: “With Faith urging us we are forced to believe and to hold the one, holy, Catholic Church and that, apostolic, and we firmly believe and simply confess this Church outside of which there is no salvation nor remission of sin, the Spouse in the Canticle proclaiming: ‘One is my dove, my perfect one.’”

After Vatican II, Catholic nations changed their Catholic constitutions to secular ones

August 10, 2022

Vatican II, Religious Liberty, Spain

MHFM: Vatican II’s heretical teaching on religious liberty is the reason that, following Vatican II, a number of Catholic nations changed their Catholic constitutions to secular ones. The Catholic constitutions of Spain and Colombia were actually suppressed at the express direction of the Vatican, and the laws of those countries changed to permit the public practice of non-Catholic religions. Spain went from a Catholic nation to godless one (which now gives legal protection to divorce, sodomy, pornography and contraception), as a result of Vatican II.

The Vatican II Sect denies that the Catholic Church is visible

Denying Visibility

MHFM: Among its many other heresies, the Vatican II Sect also denies that the Catholic Church is visible. In the quotation below, Antipope John Paul II not only endorses sinful common worship with non-Catholics; but he also teaches, based on Vatican II, that the one visible Church of God does not yet exist.

John Paul II, Homily, Dec. 5, 1996, speaking of prayer with non-Catholics: “When we pray together, we do so with the longing ‘that there may be one visible Church of God, a Church truly universal and sent forth to the whole world that the world may be converted to the Gospel and so be saved, to the glory of God’ (Unitatis Redintegratio, 1.).”

1/3 of the "20 Mysteries" presented by John Paul II equals 6.66

August 8, 2022

Raid of Mar-a-Lago

MHFM: The raid of Mar-a-Lago is another example of what we covered in this video.

America's Fall To Communism

What is really going on

Apocalypse Now In The Vatican

Great assessment and presentation of what is REALLY going on…

Jody Carrithers


Francis Participates In Prayer To Evil Spirits

Evil vile man!

Bruce Chuff

Abolish the FBI

MHFM: Abolish the corrupt FBI.

“20 Mysteries”

How to Pray the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary

... something I found interesting years ago is that if you take 1/3 of the 15 Mysteries given by Our Lady to St. Dominic it comes out as 5. However, if you take 1/3 of the "20 Mysteries" presented by Anti Pope JP2, it equals 6.66.

Michael S

Francis Participates In Idolatrous Ceremony

July 28, 2022

Antipope Francis & "Bishops" actively participate in pagan religious ritual invoking a "sacred circle of spirits"

MHFM: This is another clear act of apostasy by Francis. It’s the kind of active participation in false worship that’s discussed in this video: Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof)

Another example of how the common opinion of theologians is often wrong

July 19, 2022

Do Not Bother

"HHS Sec" Xavier Becerra: Expect A Virus "Resurgence" In "The Fall And Winter" - 19 second video 

These fiends do not even bother offering an actual scientific explanation; all they have to say is "most experts" or "the experts agree" or "the scientific consensus is" and the misguided sheep will cave in and do their bidding. I grew up listening to secular "intellectuals" like Richard Dawkins and Neil DeGrasse Tyson argue for producing scientifically literate citizens only to find out... that most "medical professionals" will not even bother reading the methodology section of a paper in a medical journal.


Another example

MHFM: This is another example from the period of the Great Western Schism of how the common opinion of theologians is often wrong.  Theologians of the University of Paris thought that a council was superior to a pope and could depose him.  That is of course contrary to true Catholic teaching.

Clinton Locke, The Age of the Great Western Schism: “The opinion of the University of Paris was also read to the council [at Constance], and such an opinion at that time carried great weight.  This opinion concluded that the Pope could not dissolve the council, for to do so would involve him in the sin of schism; that the whole church is more than the Pope and superior to him; that the Pope holds his power through the church and as its representative, and that a council, if necessary, might depose him…”


$50 billion in aid to "Ukraine" and "American leaders" admit we don't know what the aid is being spent on

Perhaps the most in your face money laundering scheme ever devised...


Antipope Benedict XVI was such a heretical snake

July 9, 2022

Benedict XVI, Heretical Snake

MHFM: Antipope Benedict XVI was such a heretical snake. Here he is stating that the Eastern schismatic sects “remained a true Church” without subjection to the Papacy, which is the opposite of Catholic teaching. It’s just one of his countless contradictions of Catholic teaching. See our section and video on him for more:

More than 30 Astounding and Amazing Heresies of Benedict XVI from his 1982 book “Principles of Catholic Theology”

“Cardinal” Ratzinger, Principles of Catholic Theology (1982), p. 259: “Even Luther looked to the Greek Church, which had remained a true church without being subject to the popeand he, too, concluded that what was important was not the concrete, structured communion but the community behind the institutional one.”

Pope Clement VI, Super quibusdam, Sept. 20, 1351: “…We ask: In the first place whether you and the Church of the Armenians which is obedient to you, believe that all those who in baptism have received the same Catholic faith, and afterwards have withdrawn and will withdraw in the future from the communion of this same Roman Church, which one alone is Catholic, are schismatic and heretical, if they remain obstinately separated from the faith of this Roman Church. In the second place, we ask whether you and the Armenians obedient to you believe that no man of the wayfarers outside the faith of this Church, and outside the obedience of the Pope of Rome, can finally be saved.” (Denz. 570b)

Pro-abort Pelosi receives “Communion” during Antipope Francis’ “mass”

June 30, 2022

Pelosi and Francis

MHFM: “U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met with Pope Francis on Wednesday and received Communion during a papal Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, witnesses said, despite her position in support of abortion rights.” (America Magazine)

This is another clear proof that the Vatican II Sect lacks the Church’s mark of unity.  It also shows that Francis endorses abortion.

Our recent video on the topic:

Pelosi Banned From “Communion” – The Truth You Won’t Hear Elsewhere

St. Robert Bellarmine On Protestant Nonsense On Justification

June 11, 2022

MHFM: Concerning the various Protestant heresies on justification, which held (for instance) that a truly justified believer can never lose faith or justification or would necessarily recover faith and be saved before death, St. Robert Bellarmine says:

St. Robert Bellarmine, De Iustificatione, Book 3, Chap. 14: “… the testimonies of Scripture are so numerous and so clear [in contradicting this], that it’s astounding an error of this kind was able to fall into the minds of men.”

Wake Up To The Fake Shooting Hoaxes

June 5, 2022

MHFM: A long time ago we said that unless people wake up to the fake shooting hoaxes, they will just run more and more drills to accomplish their nefarious agenda. At this point someone has to be blind to not recognize that almost all of the alleged “mass shootings” are fake and that the conspirators are constantly running such operations/drills to deceive the public and remove gun rights.  It’s another form of the darkness that God has allowed to descend upon America because the country has for the most part rejected the light of Christ.

John 8:12- “Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, ‘I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.’”

Francis names apostate McElroy of San Diego a “Cardinal”

May 29, 2022

MHFM: Antipope Francis has named “Bishop” Robert McElroy of San Diego a “cardinal”. This video exposes the astounding heresies of the very pro-“LGBT” apostate McElroy. Francis’ decision is more proof that the Vatican II Sect is the Whore of Babylon (the end-times Counter Church).

“Bishop” McElroy & The Counter Church In San Diego

St. Gregory Nazianzen contra “BOD” & Eastern “Orthodoxy”

May 9, 2022

MHFM: Today is the feast day of St. Gregory Nazianzen, important early Church father, doctor and theologian. St. Gregory explicitly rejected the idea of “baptism of desire” in about five different ways in his Oration On Holy Baptism, as we show in this article: St. Gregory Nazianzen Rejected "Baptism of Desire"

For example, here are some of the things St. Gregory explicitly rejects:

• that God will take the “desire of baptism instead of baptism” – ST. GREGORY REJECTS IT

• that one who is “unenlightened” (i.e. unbaptized) can be “enlightened in His sight” – ST. GREGORY REJECTS IT

• that “he is within the Kingdom of Heaven who merely desires to attain it” – ST. GREGORY REJECTS IT

• that an “unsealed” (i.e. unbaptized) person can be “glorified” or “honored” –ST. GREGORY REJECTS IT

• that one can “reckon as baptized him who desired baptism apart from the reception of baptism” – ST. GREGORY REJECTS IT

• that “desire… has equal power with actual baptism” – ST. GREGORY REJECTS IT

St. Gregory also says: “Others are not in a position to receive it [baptism], perhaps on account of infancy, or some perfectly involuntary circumstance through which they are prevented from receiving it, even if they wish.” Concerning those people who are prevented from receiving it “even if they wish”, he says that they will not be glorified. He could not have rejected the idea of “baptism of desire” more clearly. St. Gregory was also given the special title of “the theologian” by the 5th ecumenical council. This is particularly relevant to refuting and debunking arguments people attempt to make for “baptism of desire” by appealing to theologians. This father and doctor who is given the special title of “theologian” by the Church explicitly rejected the idea. St. Gregory also presided, for a period of time, over the First Council of Constantinople in 381, which declared that there is “one baptism for the remission of sins”. His homily rejecting “baptism of desire” was given in the very same year (381).

In this video we also show that St. Gregory the Theologian refutes Eastern “Orthodoxy” on the Papacy. He teaches that Rome has the presidency over all other churches.  

St. Gregory Nazianzen Refutes “Orthodoxy” On The Papacy

Our video also shows that St. Gregory taught that St. Peter was the unbreakable rock, to whom was allotted the Key.”