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Questions and Answers

When is a penance unfruitful?

November 12, 2022

Hostile Takeover

Viganò Says Francis Is A “Non-Catholic Pope” (Analysis)

Not only is The Chair of Peter vacant… [T]he statement by Mueller that the synodal process is a hostile takeover actually applies to Vatican II…

Michael N

Rosary, Happiness

I have taken your advice of praying the 15 mysteries of the Holy Rosary, and it is indeed powerful... Together with the preparation for consecrating oneself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as prescribed by St. Louis de Montfort (now on day 16th) I feel like I've walked a long way. Yet I feel no tiredness, but only refreshment. With the genuine wish to continue walking not because of fear, but because of love. It gives me actual enjoyment, as I get true happiness from praying the Holy Rosary. Because true happiness in this world comes only from God, and therefore once we awake in the Glory of Our Lord, only this happiness will continue, and the rest, as we read from Moses: "shall be erased from under the heavens" (Exodus 17:14). I feel particularly content with the continual use of the Rosary…


True Penance

Pope St. Gregory VII, Nov. 25, 1079: “For we call a penance unfruitful when it is so received that a man should persist in the same fault or else in a similar one that is worse or a little less.”


Kanye shares trainer texts allegedly threatening him to apologize to Jewish people or be forcibly institutionalized

This is terrifying...


“Do you know where the real Church is?”

October 15, 2022

New Video Posted

Trent Horn Refuted By Bro. Peter Dimond On The Catholic Church

Was asleep

Hello Brothers

I have just become a traditional Catholic and have a few questions… I don’t accept Vatican 2 and I believe the V2 popes are antipopes. Thank you for all of the work that you do It opened my eyes I was asleep and fooled.



I live in Quito, Ecuador… I fully believe in the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, founded by Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and in all of her dogmas and decrees. I fully believe in the holy faith as presented faithfully in your website… Thank you for your support and carry on with the good fight for Christ's truth…


Church in Germany

Hello… these are greetings from Germany, which are filled with best wishes & blessings from God! I am a man from Germany & I watched your channel for years... I agree with the "things" you transmit… I want to ask, if you can tell me a church-group which is located here in Germany..?

I was raised catholic but the true-Church is no longer visible in our land..! Do you know, if there is in Germany a place, where the real Church is still around..?

Thank you



The Church is still visible, even though it has been reduced to a remnant.  There are options for confession, but few for receiving Communion.  Once you are convinced on all the issues, we can help you with them.  We also recommend that Catholics, if they can, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.


What Is The Source Of Unbelief?

September 17, 2022


St. Thomas Aquinas (A.D. 1274): “Unbelief… arises from pride, through which man is unwilling to subject his intellect to the rules of faith…” (Summa Theologiae Pt. II-II, Q. 10, A. 1, Reply 3)


Pope St. Gregory VII: “He who does not speak up against wicked men in consideration of his office consents to them; and he who does not do away with things that should be cut out commits them.”

Another example of how the common opinion of theologians is often wrong

July 19, 2022

Do Not Bother

"HHS Sec" Xavier Becerra: Expect A Virus "Resurgence" In "The Fall And Winter" - 19 second video 

These fiends do not even bother offering an actual scientific explanation; all they have to say is "most experts" or "the experts agree" or "the scientific consensus is" and the misguided sheep will cave in and do their bidding. I grew up listening to secular "intellectuals" like Richard Dawkins and Neil DeGrasse Tyson argue for producing scientifically literate citizens only to find out... that most "medical professionals" will not even bother reading the methodology section of a paper in a medical journal.


Another example

MHFM: This is another example from the period of the Great Western Schism of how the common opinion of theologians is often wrong.  Theologians of the University of Paris thought that a council was superior to a pope and could depose him.  That is of course contrary to true Catholic teaching.

Clinton Locke, The Age of the Great Western Schism: “The opinion of the University of Paris was also read to the council [at Constance], and such an opinion at that time carried great weight.  This opinion concluded that the Pope could not dissolve the council, for to do so would involve him in the sin of schism; that the whole church is more than the Pope and superior to him; that the Pope holds his power through the church and as its representative, and that a council, if necessary, might depose him…”


$50 billion in aid to "Ukraine" and "American leaders" admit we don't know what the aid is being spent on

Perhaps the most in your face money laundering scheme ever devised...


The ‘Orthodox’ sects (and there are many different ones) are outside the Body of Christ

July 9, 2022

‘Orthodox’ Sects

Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof)

If the orthodox church is outside the body of Christ, even though it is identical in belief and practice to the catholic church minus the pope, then the catholic church is outside the body of Christ. The catholic church in reality is the church of itself, as it clearly worships itself.

John G.


The ‘Orthodox’ sects (and there are many different ones) are outside the Body of Christ. They are not identical in belief and practice to the Catholic Church, even if you prescind from the truth of the Papacy. They reject the Filioque and the true doctrine of God's simplicity, among other things. See this: The Papacy is a truth revealed by God. To reject it is to reject Christ's revelation. You will find videos that thoroughly refute Eastern 'Orthodox' theology here:

What happens when a pope is explicitly a heretic?

June 26, 2022


Jacinta: “If they hurt us, we are going to heaven.  But those that hurt us, poor people, are going to hell.” (Oct. 13, 1917, regarding those who might hurt them on their way to the apparition site – Our Lady of Fatima, p. 144)


St. Francis De Sales (1602): “Thus we do not say that the Pope cannot err in his private opinions, as did John XXII; or be altogether a heretic, as perhaps Honorius was.  Now when he (the Pope) is explicitly a heretic, he falls ipso facto from his dignity and out of the Church…”

The Catholic Church is being led by an Apostate? Actually, no. Francis is an antipope.

June 6, 2022

Yes, but

The Truth About The SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups

Yes but unfortunately, today, the Catholic Church is being led by an Apostate, one who gives the eucharist to non-Catholics, practicing homosexuals, and those who have and supports abortions.

Jerome Taylor


Francis is an antipope. He doesn't lead the Catholic Church, as our material explains. Heretics cannot be valid popes. The Vatican II Sect is not the Catholic Church but the prophesied, end-times Counter Church, as our material explains.


Pelosi Banned From “Communion” – The Truth You Won’t Hear Elsewhere

Very thought-provoking video…

Bert Rodgers

What does baptism “in the name of Jesus Christ” mean?

May 19, 2022

Baptism “in the name of Jesus Christ”

Awesome stuff… ! I appreciate your videos. One question According to the book of acts, every water baptism was performed in the “Name of Jesus Christ” and not “Father, Son, Holy Spirit”. Can you explain why the Catholic Church doesn’t baptize in Jesus Name ? Thanks



“Baptism in the name of Jesus Christ” does not mean that it's not according to the Trinitarian form. “Baptism in the name of Jesus” refers to the baptism instituted by Jesus Christ, which is performed in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. This is indicated in Acts 19, as the video below covers.

Acts 19:2-5- “And they said, ‘No, we have not even heard that there is a Holy Spirit.’ And he said, ‘Into what then were you baptized?’ And Paul said, ‘John baptized with the baptism of repentance, telling the people to believe in the one who was to come after him, that is, Jesus.’ On hearing this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.”

This passage indicates that the baptism “in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ” was according to the Trinitarian form, which mentioned the Holy Spirit (as well as the Father and the Son). By being baptized in the name “of the Son” and according to the Trinitarian baptismal form, one is baptized in the name of Jesus Christ (for He is the Son). This is the act that people must receive to be justified, as we cover in this video/article:

Cornelius, The Gift Of Languages & The Necessity Of Baptism

Food Shortages, Philippines

Bank of England Gov says “apocalyptic” food shortages around the world are on the way - video

Our Department of Agriculture reported the same here in the Philippines. They urged people to do urban gardening.


Divided Sect

Beware of Francis’ Divided “Church”

A very good video! ... how wicked and faithless false traditionalists are... they defend a disunited sect where one is able to hold every anti-Catholic position imaginable...


St. Peter Canisius Catechism “General Rule” Objection Refuted

May 12, 2022

Post-Trent Catechism By St. Peter Canisius Contradicts “Baptism Of Desire”

St. Peter Canisius, Summa Doctrinae Christianae, 16th century, De Baptismi Sacramento:

What is Baptism, and is it necessary to all? This is the first sacrament of the New Law and the most necessary, consisting in the external washing of the body and the legitimate enunciation of the words in accordance with Christ’s institution. It is a sacrament, I say, that is necessary not only for adults but also for little ones, and is no less efficacious for them in obtaining eternal salvation. All are born children of wrath; therefore even the little ones need cleansing from sin, for they cannot be cleansed and be regenerated as children of God without this sacrament. For as a general rule our Lawmaker declared, ‘unless a man is born again of water and the Holy Spirit he cannot enter the Kingdom of God.’”

Why does St. Peter Canisius use the phrase “For as a general rule”? That suggests there are some cases where one can be saved without reception of water baptism.



No, it doesn’t suggest that at all. He uses the word “generatim”, and you have to consider the context. St. Peter was writing in Latin, not in English. In context he’s speaking about two CLASSES of people: adults and infants. He teaches that baptism is necessary for both groups, and he emphasizes/concludes this point by stating that the Lawmaker declared “as a general rule… unless a man is born again of water and the Holy Spirit…” [Nam et generatim legislator edixit], using “generatim” to teach that the words of Jesus apply to all classes of people, not just specifically to infants or specifically to adults. They apply to the entire humanum genus (human race). It could also be translated “as a universal rule”. In his speech against the governor Verres, Cicero treats the terms “generatim” and “universe” as virtually synonymous: “... singillatim potius quam generatim atque universe loquar.” Further, as the video showed, St. Peter elsewhere in his catechism teaches that only those with faith and baptism can receive the remission of sins.

St. Peter Canisius, Summa Doctrinae Christianae, 16th century, Concerning faith and the symbol of the faith, #19: “The remission of sins, without which none can be justified and saved. This truly rich treasure did Christ obtain for us by a bitter death and His own precious blood, in order that the whole world might be freed from its sins and their perpetual punishments. Of this said treasure only those are made partakers through the grace of Christ who join themselves to Christ’s Church through faith and baptism, and persist in her unity and obedience.”

As the video also covers, when teaching that baptism is most necessary for salvation, he also gives footnotes to passages from Church fathers that specifically contradicted the idea that unbaptized catechumens can be forgiven or saved. In fact, the third passage he cites on this matter, which we did not discuss in detail in the video, comes from a letter believed at one time to have been written by Pope Clement. It is no longer considered authentic. However, that passage cited by St. Peter Canisius taught that “it is impossible” for someone to be saved without water baptism. That gives us another indication of what St. Peter was teaching in his catechism: no one is saved without water baptism based specifically on Trent, etc

Romans 2 does not teach that unbelievers can be saved without the Christian faith

May 8, 2022


The Antichrist’s Distinguishing Mark

I don't know how you have the patience to read through so many of John Paul's writings. But I'm glad you did because I and many others would never have known these things otherwise. I will show this video to my parents later.


Romans 2

Bishop Daniel Dolan Dies Suddenly – Six Months After He Said This

When Gentiles who have not the law do by nature what the law requires, they are a law to themselves, even though they do not have the law. They show that what the law requires is written on their hearts, while their conscience also bears witness and their conflicting thoughts accuse or perhaps excuse them on that day when, according to my gospel, God judges the secrets of men by Christ Jesus. (Rom 2:14-16)



That passage does not teach that unbelievers can be saved without the Christian faith.  Rather, as St. Robert Bellarmine correctly explains, it teaches that unbelievers who die without the full law of God will be excused of certain things on the day of judgment (because they do some things in accord with the natural law); but they cannot observe the whole moral law, which is necessary to be saved.  As Bellarmine also notes, the same epistle to the Romans clearly establishes that no one is justified without faith in Christ.  We cover that in this video: Invincible Ignorance? – St. Robert Bellarmine (Powerful New Quotes)


Amazing Evidence For God

Excellent video…

Mitch Goldberg


Bishop Daniel Dolan Dies Suddenly – Six Months After He Said This

Bishop Daniel Dolan Sedevacantist Is Dead

Contra Protestantism

Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie

Thank you for everything you… do for Christianity…


Grace, Good Works, Ephesians 2

May 6, 2022

Our good works can never satisfy in any way or in any way merit anything. Christ death on the cross satisfied once and for all our sin debt. This does not give us a license to sin, but it is He and He alone who is worthy.

Eph 2:8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Eph 2:9 Not of works, lest any man should boast. Eph 2:10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.

We are saved to do good works, not saved by good works.

Celtic C


You are mistaken. Works cannot merit the grace itself of justification (i.e. the transfer from the state of sin to the state of grace). But they can merit an increase in grace and eternal life for those in the state of grace who obey God. That's Catholic dogma. To deny that is heresy.

Council of Trent, Decree On Justification, Chap. 16: "... we must believe that nothing further is wanting to those justified to prevent them from being considered to have, by those very works which have been done in God, fully satisfied the divine law according to the state of this life and to have truly merited eternal life."

Council of Trent, Canon 32 on Justification: "If anyone says that the good works of the one justified are in such manner the gifts of God that they are not also the good merits of him justified; or that the one justified by the good works that he performs by the grace of God and the merit of Jesus Christ, whose living member he is, does not truly merit an increase of grace, eternal life, and in case he dies in grace, the attainment of eternal life itself and also an increase of glory, let him be anathema."

With regard to Ephesians 2, you should watch this video:

Canonical vs. Fraternal Corrections

Taylor Marshall’s Errors, Contradictions, And Deception

You say nobody without canonical stays or authority can war pope Francis. Ridiculous. You do not need authority to warn someone. You need authority to judge them. Your smart enough to know there is a debate among credible theologians on whether a pope can be judged or not. But a pope certainly can be warned or corrected.

Vinny Francone


No, you didn’t listen carefully and you don’t understand the point.  We said that if he were the pope (he’s not, but for the sake of argument, suppose he were), no one would have the authority to give him a CANONICAL warning (i.e. a warning that, if unheeded, would result in specific or additional canonical penalties against the pope).  That’s because no one has authority over the pope.  But we never said that no one could give him rebukes, admonitions or warnings by pointing him to the divine law or to the Catholic teaching which he is contradicting.  But those would be merely fraternal (not canonical) corrections, and the fraternal correction of a cardinal or a bishop would be no more canonically authoritative vis-à-vis a pope than one given by a layman on the street.  That's because no one has any jurisdiction over a pope.  Got it?  Well, Francis has received many such fraternal corrections/warnings, and he has even acknowledged them.  He has also ignored/rejected them.  He’s also pertinacious against known Catholic teaching.  He’s a notorious heretic.

What Does Performing Any Work While In Mortal Sin Mean?

May 4, 2022


St. John Eudes (17th century): “If you [while in mortal sin] perform any good works, they merit no recompense in Heaven; for those whom mortal sin deprives of sanctifying grace, can merit nothing for Heaven, so long as they remain in that state.  Their labors and sufferings, which might satisfy for the pain due to their past sins, and acquire for them, at the same time, new degrees of grace and merit, cannot produce these happy effects, because they lose their rewards through sin.” 


St. Jerome had such “love for the Bible that he decided – like the man in the Gospel who found a treasure – to spurn ‘any emoluments that the world could provide,’ and devote himself wholly to such studies… He left home, parents, sister, and relatives; he denied himself the more delicate food he had been accustomed to, and went to the East so that he might gather from studious reading of the Bible the fuller riches of Christ and true knowledge of his Savior.” (Pope Benedict XV, Spiritus Paraclitus #2, Sept. 15, 1920)

“Can anyone help me understand why... NFP (natural family planning) is sinful?”

May 2, 2022


Bishop Daniel Dolan Dies Suddenly – Six Months After He Said This

Can anyone help me understand why this channel believes NFP (natural family planning) is sinful?

Dave Cook


Natural Family Planning is sinful because it’s a scheme that deliberately subordinates the primary purpose of the marriage act (the procreation of children) to other things. That’s forbidden.

Pope Pius XI, Casti Connubii (# 59), Dec. 31, 1930: “For in matrimony as well as in the use of the matrimonial right there are also secondary ends, such as mutual aid, the cultivating of mutual love, and the quieting of concupiscence which husband and wife are not forbidden to consider SO LONG AS THEY ARE SUBORDINATED TO THE PRIMARY END and so long as the intrinsic nature of the act is preserved.”

NFP is a calculated attempt to have marital relations while taking positive steps to AVOID the primary purpose. Besides the fact that it contradicts Church teaching, people who use NFP know it’s wrong. It’s a sinful birth control practice. We have a video about this matter:

Concerning joining the true Catholic Church

April 29, 2022


I am a person watching and reading your material from the Philippines. I am currently an unbaptized believer. I believe in the sacraments, and the absolute necessity of baptism to be saved. According to your material, in order to join the Catholic church, I must get baptized in a pre-vatican II church, but there is no pre-vatican II church here. I can save up money and travel to another country…



We’re glad you want to convert. You don't need to travel to be baptized.  Anyone can baptize you, provided that person observes basic matter, form, etc.  Preferably, however, a person who claims to be Catholic should do it when you are ready.  What you need to do is follow the steps to convert. The steps to convert to true Catholicism are here.  This is a catechism: catechism.  This is also an important file to read: Glossary.  It's also important that you pray the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  That will give you powerful graces to see the truth and do God's will.

Focus on what is the true teaching of God and His Church


Good afternoon

I have been consuming a lot of your content via YouTube and your website. I feel very conflicted with all of the information I have received from the Novus Ordo Church (including Novus Ordo theologians and podcasters), TLM podcasters and radical TLM folks, like yourself. I do consider myself very conservative…

Thanks for the help.

Jason B.


We’re glad you are looking at the material.  Those Novus Ordo and false traditionalist voices you are listening to are wrong.  A primary reason that people don't receive the grace of a firm and true faith is that they seek approval from others rather than from God alone.  We encourage you to listen to this:

You need to embrace the facts and ignore what the world and other people say.  Focus on what is the true teaching of God and His Church. That's what we defend and promote.  It's also important that you pray the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  That will give you powerful graces to see the truth and do God's will.  We recommend that Catholics, if they can, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.

Drunkenness Is A Mortal Sin

April 19, 2022


St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, I-II, Q. 88, A. 5, Reply 1: “With regard to drunkenness we reply that it is a mortal sin by reason of its genus; for, that a man, without necessity, and through the mere lust of wine, makes himself unable to use his reason, whereby he is directed to God and avoids committing many sins, is expressly contrary to virtue.”


Pope Benedict XIV, Ex Quo Primum (# 61), March 1, 1756: “The first consideration is that the ceremonies of the Mosaic Law were abrogated by the coming of Christ and that they can no longer be observed without sin after the promulgation of the Gospel.”

On John Paul II’s 1995 Central Park “Papal Mass”; On Conditional Baptism of Converts

April 10, 2022

John Paul II “Papal Mass”

The Antichrist’s Distinguishing Mark

I saw a video on the 1995 Central Park "papal mass". At the Consecration, John Paul II said: "all" not "many". So is it correct then, that all who came forward for communion were not given the Body and Blood of Christ, but mere bread.



Yes, that was definitely invalid.

Conditional Baptism of Converts

First, I want to tell you how much I enjoy your videos and all the information your monastery has provided to the public.

Out of curiosity, I wondered if a person who was born in a Protestant sect and was, consequently, baptized in that sect, would they have to be re-baptized if they later converted to Catholicism?

I ask this because I thought Baptism could only be administered once. I heard that even an atheist can validly baptize someone.  If this is correct, why couldn't a Protestant perform a valid baptism? Looking forward to your response to clear up this question for me.

Thank you,

Christine Nogaj


We're glad you are looking at the information.  A person can only be baptized one time.  A Protestant or another heretic could validly baptize, provided basic matter, form, and intention are observed.  However, when there is a doubt about how a baptism was performed, a conditional one should be done when a person is ready to convert.  

“I am of no particular type of Christianity but I am drawn towards Catholicism”

April 7, 2022

FSSP Statue of John Paul II

“Saint” John Paul II’s Heresies

My local FSSP has a statue of this "Pope St."

Adam K


That's very interesting.  If you could take a picture or video of it, we'd be interested to see it.  However, no one should attend that church.


I have watched many of your videos and I have gained great insight. I have struggled with faith, I am of no particular type of Christianity but I am drawn towards Catholicism, even more now than before. Please could you recommend one source or video to show why someone should be catholic, ‘this is why Catholicism is the true religion’ per se.

This would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,



We’re glad that you are watching the videos. You will find biblical proof for Catholicism here:

God definitely wants you to become a traditional Catholic. Also, if you begin to pray the Hail Mary frequently you will receive powerful graces to see the truth and do God’s will.

Sin, University of Notre Dame

America's "premier Catholic University" to host "LGBT" awards - "trans" activists will be "honored"

The stench of sin from these kind is... unbelievable and unbearable. Dirty filthy and foul to the very core. Sickening and downright evil. Apostates Heretics.



That is sad. Where I live in the US, I still see a steady handful of "sheeple" who continue to wear useless and harmful face masks indoors, outdoors, while driving in their car alone, etc...


Whore of Babylon

“Saint” Paul VI’s Heresies

May God bless you with all His blessings… you showed me the truth about Vatican II whore of babylon.



How To Avoid Sin (Overcome Yourself)

I find this video full of truth and strength. Both are in short supply today…


Should a Catholic pray with Protestants about simple things? No.

April 5, 2022


Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof)

Would be me praying with my best friend (who is a protestant) about simple things like thanks giving before eating or for the salvation of certain people be heretic?



You should not pray with him.  We also assume that you've shared information with him and tried to convert him.

The five required mysteries mentioned in a Catholic catechism

March 16, 2022

Five Mysteries

Post-Trent Catechism By St. Peter Canisius Contradicts “Baptism Of Desire”

What are the five required mysteries mentioned in the third catechism?



It lists the five as: 1) That there is one God; 2) the Trinity; 3) the Incarnation; 4) the Crucifixion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ; and 5) that God rewards good and punishes evil.  Many false traditionalist priests (who hold that souls can be saved in false religions, as the video mentions) only believe that people must know and believe #1 and #5.  They call that a ‘supernatural faith’ (although one cannot have a supernatural and justifying faith if one does not have the Catholic faith).  They heretically deny the defined dogma that the Christian/Catholic faith is necessary and that there is no other name under Heaven by which people must be saved (Acts 4:12).  The truth of Acts 4:12 (which they reject) has also been dogmatically taught by the Church.  It was proclaimed by many popes and the Council of Trent.

Pope St. Leo the Great, Letter 129: “… the Egyptians had from the beginning learned from the teaching of the most blessed Apostle Peter through his blessed disciple Mark, that which it is agreed the Romans have believed, that beside the Lord Jesus Christ ‘there is no other name given to men under heaven, in which they must be saved.’”

People who deny this truth (as the aforementioned priests and groups do) sever their relationship with God at the root.  They do not have a divine faith, but only a human ‘faith’.  That taints their entire spirituality, their worship of God, etc., as we’ve mentioned elsewhere.  When they believe in that way, although they might have many traditional externals, rituals, etc., they cannot please God.  That’s why these issues are so important.


Post-Trent Catechism By St. Peter Canisius Contradicts “Baptism Of Desire”

Thank you for this excellent presentation of the true teaching of the Church.

Rand Miller

True charity/love cannot exist without the true faith

February 18, 2022



True charity/love cannot exist without the true faith.

Pope Pius XI, Mortalium Animos (#9), Jan. 6, 1928: “Everyone knows that John himself, the Apostle of love, who seems to reveal in his Gospel the secrets of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and who never ceased to impress on the memories of his followers the new commandment ‘Love one another,’ altogether forbade any intercourse with those who professed a mutilated and corrupt version of Christ's teaching: ‘If any man come to you and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into the house nor say to him: God speed you.’ For which reason, since charity is based on a complete and sincere faith, the disciples of Christ must be united principally by the bond of one faith.”


Dear Brothers…

Thank you for sharing your faith with me along with the world and showing me through our Lord Jesus Christ the way to salvation…

Bruno Gilson

Did Saint Peter and Saint Paul also had disagreements? No.

Peter and Paul

Eastern “Orthodoxy” Debunked On St. Peter’s Authority By St. John Of Damascus

Saint Peter and Saint Paul also had disagreements. Disagreement and discussion is biblical.



First, one is not permitted to disagree with a dogma revealed by Christ and taught by the Church (Mt. 18:17; Mt. 28:19-20).  The Papacy was instituted and revealed by Christ.  Thus, disagreeing with it is illicit, condemned and anti-Christian.  Second, you refer to the alleged disagreement between St. Peter and St. Paul that some believe is recorded in Galatians 2.  However, the evidence is overwhelming that the person St. Paul rebuked (as recorded in Gal. 2) was not St. Peter but a different person.  We have a video that covers the issue in great detail:  It also contains more biblical proof for the Papacy.

Where would someone go after death if they never heard of Catholicism?

February 1, 2022

Where would?

Dead Atheists May Not Go To Hell – Heresy

Where would someone who was never even given the opportunity to join Catholicism or never heard about due to the circumstances of their life go after death?

Timothy P.


People above the age of reason who die unbaptized or ignorant of the essential mysteries of the Catholic faith cannot be saved.  They were left in ignorance on account of their sins/bad will.  There is no salvation outside the Church or without the Catholic faith.  There is no other name under Heaven by which men must be saved than the name of Jesus (Acts 4:12).  You can learn more about that teaching of the Church here (as well as in our book, videos, etc.):

Pope Paul III, Sublimus Dei, May 29, 1537: “… man, according to the testimony of the sacred scriptures, has been created to enjoy eternal life and happiness, which none may obtain save through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ

Royal Power

Pope St. Gregory VII: “… at last you may know that you hold royal power duly, if you bow down the height of your dominion to Christ the king of kings to bring about the restoration and defense of His own churches…” (Dec. 7, 1074)

“Why do you consider Vatican I legit?”

January 26, 2022

Vatican I vs. Vatican II

“Pints With Aquinas”: Dead Atheists May Not Go To Hell – Heresy

Why do you consider Vatican I legit??

Esteban Moreno


Because it was a true ecumenical council called and confirmed by a true pope.  Vatican II, however, was a false council filled with heresy that was called and confirmed by notoriously heretical antipopes.


Gonzaga suspends John Stockton's basketball tickets for failure to follow "Covid-19" mask mandate - video

Utter insanity...


Does a validly baptized heretic remain in the Body of Christ? No.

January 17, 2022

Blind Fool

Patrick Madrid’s Jaw-Dropping Heresy

James White is crass and narcissistic but presumably received a valid baptism, because he is trinitarian. That makes him a member of Our Lord’s body. The only jaw dropping thing about this video is you don’t know that. If he realized the Catholic Church is the Church built by Jesus and went to the local parish to join, he would not be re-baptized. Baptism makes you a member of the Body. I suspect this is a rad trad community, so before closing, I just want to say schism is objectively sinful…

Mike Lopez


You are truly ignorant and blind.  You don't know what you are talking about at all.  The Catholic Church teaches that you must profess the true faith to be in the Body of Christ, even if you are validly baptized.  It teaches that heretics (who by definition are baptized) are OUTSIDE THE BODY.  It teaches that people who reject the Papacy (or any dogma) are OUTSIDE THE BODY OF CHRIST.  Here's some proof for you, blind fool:

Pope Eugene IV, Council of Florence, Bull "Cantate Domino," 1441, ex cathedra: “It [the Holy Roman Church] condemns, rejects and anathematizes all thinking opposed and contrary things, and declares them to be aliens from the Body of Christ, which is the Church.”

Pope Pius XI, Mortalium Animos (# 11), Jan. 6, 1928: “Furthermore, in this one Church of Christ no man can be or remain who does not accept, recognize and obey the authority and supremacy of Peter and his legitimate successors.”

Pope Leo XIII, Satis Cognitum (# 9), June 29, 1896: “So, with every reason for doubting removed, can it be lawful for anyone to reject any of those truths without thereby sending himself headlong into open heresy? without thereby separating himself from the Church and in one sweeping act repudiating the entirety of Christian doctrine?... he who dissents in even one point from divinely received truths has most truly cast off the faith completely, since he refuses to revere God as the supreme truth and proper motive of faith.”

Pope Pius XII, Mystici Corporis Christi (# 23), June 29, 1943: “For not every offense, although it may be a grave evil, is such as by its very own nature to sever a man from the Body of the Church, as does schism or heresy or apostasy.”

Like Madrid, you are not Catholic.  You are in the Vatican II Sect.

Why is the Whore of Babylon clothed in Purple and Scarlet?

January 15, 2022

Purple and Scarlet, Whore

Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof)

In your video, you state in the photo that the Vatican II sect is the whole of babylon, referring to the colors of scarlet and purple. Yet, the cardinals were granted the privilege of wearing the red hat by Innocent IV (1243–54) in 1244 or 1245; it has since become their symbol. Also. besides the cardinals wearing scarlet in the 1200's, the bishops wore purple before Vatican II was implemented.

Brian Scheidler


You are failing to see the point.  Yes, true cardinals wore scarlet and bishops wore purple before Vatican II.  The Whore of Babylon is clothed in the colors of the TRUE Church but is actually a fraud, a counterfeit.  It has some of the Church's EXTERNALS but preaches a false religion.  Also, see this video for the overwhelming evidence that the Vatican II Sect fulfills prophecy about the Whore of Babylon and the end-times Beast: Apocalypse Now In The Vatican.


The Bible Proves The Papacy

This is irrefutable proof for papacy.  Thanks MHFM.

Larry Graysmith


49-year-old paralyzed after jab - she and her husband still believe people should be "vaccinated" - video

These people are in denial.


Was there a female pope known as Joan? No.

January 10, 2022


Thank you for presenting the truth of the situation we find ourselves in today. Out of all the Traditional Catholic organizations I believe you are the only one presenting the God honest facts.

Jesse Scott


Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof)

Your work on this piece is excellent, not just for the content…


‘Pope Joan’ Myth

… can u explain about how can the Church keep female pope known as Joan?...

Lissy Joseph


There wasn't a 'Pope Joan'.  It's a myth.  You need to be a traditional Catholic, as our material explains.

Can a heretic perform a valid baptism?

January 8, 2022

New Religion

Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof)

Yes… Vatican II IS without the shadow of a doubt a new religion… Very important quotations and analysis in this latest video. Thanks.


Wants to convert

Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof)

I have seen your videos and wish to convert, but according to what I've seen the baptism of most "priests" would be invalid. What should I do?



We're glad to hear about the interest. The steps to convert are here.  It's also important to understand that even heretics can perform a valid baptism, provided they observe matter, form, etc. But if there is a doubt about how a baptism was performed, a conditional baptism should be done. That's explained in our material. It's also important that you pray the Hail Mary frequently and the Rosary each day. That will give you important graces to do God's will and complete your conversion. (We recommend that Catholics, if they can, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.)

“I'm a Classical Dispensationalist... what bible do you use?”

January 7, 2022

King James

Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof)

… I'm a Classical Dispensationalist. What system of understanding the whole bible does the Roman Catholic Church use? And what bible do you use. I'm a KJV Onlyist. As is many of the Dispensationalists.

Jacob Crittendon


Hello.  Protestantism is false. You will find a refutation of it (and biblical proof for Catholicism) here: Also, this is a video/article that refutes King James Onlyism: It's crucial that you look over this material and become a traditional Catholic.


Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof)

Excellent video…