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The following letters and testimonials serve as a small example of people who have been significantly impacted by the information from Most Holy Family Monastery.  These are just a few of the countless letters we have received over the past few years.  These testimonials show that there are many people who are still searching and willing to accept the true faith, which has been taken from so many millions in the wake of the Vatican II revolution.  These letters also show that the true faith is what changes lives and leads people to holiness; for without the true faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6).  Our apostolate provides people with the opportunity to learn the true faith, and the ability to know how they can increase and practice their faith through prayer and the reception of valid sacraments.

Over the past few years, we have been contacted by thousands who have been interested in the information they received from Most Holy Family Monastery.  Among these thousands, hundreds have definitely returned to  the practice of the true Faith; and this does not include others who, though not in direct contact with us, have returned to the Faith by the DVDs, books, etc. that were given to them by a friend or family member.  One cannot possibly estimate the number of people who have been influenced in this manner, especially when one considers the large number of copies of our DVDs, books and flyers in circulation.

But unfortunately, there are millions of other poor souls who have been deceived by the treachery of the Vatican II Church; and they have been given no explanation.  Our apostolate can provide these confused people with the Catholic explanation, as well as the information they need to save their souls.  We need your financial support to reach these souls.

“By the Grace of God, I found MHFM” and “learned that Traditional Catholicism is True Christianity, and not Orthodoxy”

February 12, 2022


Eastern “Orthodoxy” Debunked On St. Peter’s Authority By St. John Of Damascus

Great video. Very helpful and clear cut to those discerning. Thank you!

Levi Bell

A Time

Eastern “Orthodoxy” Debunked On St. Peter’s Authority By St. John Of Damascus

There was a time when I considered becoming Orthodox, because I had become so discouraged by the Novus Ordo, but by the Grace of God, I found MHFM, and I learned that Traditional Catholicism is True Christianity, and not Orthodoxy. Thank you Merciful God in Heaven.

Joey B


Eastern “Orthodoxy” Debunked On St. Peter’s Authority By St. John Of Damascus

Very informative and important information!


Been following MHFM’s work since 2013: “It changed my life.”


… in the current situation with the Covid hoax, my mom and brother want to get vaccinated. They don’t listen to anything I say about the hoax. They believe what CNN tells them every day… It’s not easy for me dealing with them. There is no unity.



The Trinity & The Filioque: Catholicism Refutes Eastern "Orthodoxy"

… excellent material…



CDC incentivizes people to take 2nd dose of "CV-19 vaccine" - you get a 3 month exemption from quarantine

Wow: a 3 month reprieve from quarantine for those foolish enough to take a double dose of the poison... No matter how much the MSM tries to suppress the evidence that these injections are a killer cocktail, the truth will eventually come out. Instead of hoping for "herd immunity," people should unite for "herd rejection."



America’s Fall To Communism (2021) – Documentary

Wow, absolutely powerful commentary… I always knew there was a spiritual dimension to these events. And your video inspires me, even more, to… ask for God's mercy…

Joseph Boyat
Canyon Lake, TX


Brothers, good morning  

I have been following your work since 2013.  It changed my life.  As I found out about your website just after discovering about the events in Fátima, I always believed that Our Lady guided me to you…

Today I watched your video about the United States being dominated by communism… God bless you.  



America’s Fall To Communism (2021) – Documentary

Dear Brothers in Christ,

Thank you for this masterpiece of truth! … your work has been an incredible source of true knowledge, consolation, and truth. How merciful and generous of God to manifest His truth to those who aren’t busy gnashing their teeth and stopping their ears against it.

May God keep you always! Pax Christi! Ave Maria!



America’s Fall To Communism (2021) – Documentary

Dear MHFM,

Thank-you for the latest video on America's Fall to Communism.  A very truthful and sad story of events that have occurred over the recent years...

God Bless your work,

“I see the sinful errors in the Novus Ordo… I will be spreading your videos”

February 9, 2022


Hello Brothers… Thank you wouldn't be enough to express my gratitude. Yet for now I say thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening my eyes and heart to the truth… I see the sinful errors in the Novus Ordo… I will be spreading your videos… and praying for all at Most Holy Family Monastery…

Sincerely Kevin Hermiz

Global Deception

Australia Enslaved And The Plan For The World

Dear Bro. Michael Dimond & Bro. Jerome Torres,

Thank you so very much for posting the new video Australia Enslaved & The Plan For The World. I have been trying to catch up with the global deception behind COVID since August 2021 and this video is just what I needed!


“I’ve watched the whole” video on Australia

February 5, 2022


Australia Enslaved And The Plan For The World

… This is, to put it mildly, an incredible and unprecedented video which people definitely need to see…

David Phillips


Australia Enslaved And The Plan For The World

Dear Brothers in Christ,

Thank you for producing and freely sharing your newest masterpiece expose…



Australia Enslaved And The Plan For The World

Dear Brothers,

What a history of the apostate world in the last days!  There is nothing like this anywhere else.  It would certainly provide a total detox for imbibers of fake news.  But even more than that, it has a profound effect on anyone who watches it, because it conveys the breathtaking, unspeakable magnitude of evil.  And that is something that's very hard to do…  Another priceless gem from MHFM!  Thank you…

Lee Ann

John Paul II

“Saint” John Paul II’s Heresies

This is truth. I was big on JP2 until found True Catholic Faith! I reject V2 and Novus Ordo All its lies, Modernism, Ecumenism, Heresy.

Jason Burdette

The Plans

Australia Enslaved And The Plan For The World

This is truly a magnum opus regarding the end-times hoax through which the world's people are experiencing. Nowhere else other than in this documentary has all of the evidence been compiled in one place that exposes the diabolical plans of the globalist elite.  People of good will must watch and share this video...

While we are seeing promising signs of the common people awakening around the world, and while these are hopeful signs that the prayers of the just are being heard, we must continue to pray to our Blessed Mother to intercede on our behalf. As our Blessed Mother exhorted the seers of Fatima in 1917, people must pray the Holy Rosary every day...



Australia Enslaved And The Plan For The World

Watched earlier today. Excellent video. Very well put together.

Catholic Kiwi


Australia Enslaved And The Plan For The World

The full length video is excellent. It's very well detailed. Thank you brothers for getting the truth out. God bless.

Joey B


Australia Enslaved And The Plan For The World

It's insane what's happening in Australia…

Larry Graysmith


Australia Enslaved And The Plan For The World

I've watched the whole thing; it was beautifully pieced together and edited to show the whole picture step by step…

Antonio Eligius

“I knew after the first two weeks when I went to MHFM website”

February 1, 2022

Figure out

[A few in the] Modern Vatican 2 church are finally speaking out about the covid hoax and government… It only took about two years for most people to figure this stuff out whereas I knew after the first two weeks when I went to Most Holy Family Monastery website. But that being said there are still many people who don't have a clue…



The Council Of Trent Did Not Teach "Baptism Of Desire"

… The video you did on Trent not teaching baptism of desire was great…


”Priest” Falls Into

“Priest” Falls Into Grave While Leading Funeral

This is a powerful video…


Dutch woman converts from Eastern “Orthodoxy”

January 29, 2022

Convert from ‘Orthodoxy’, Netherlands

Dear MHFM,

First of all: thank you very much for all your work! I really appreciate all the information that is to be found on Youtube as well as your website. I have some questions for you, concerning my personal faith and what my next move should be.

As a child I was raised as a Roman Catholic; was baptized shortly after birth in 1975… I eventually went through the process of withdrawing from the Church… A few years back however, I came to believe in Jesus Christ again... and in 2018 got 'baptized' into protestantism, in a baptist 'church'. Then I started learning more about the Christian Faith, and decided that the truth was not to be found there. So I left for Eastern Orthodoxy, was a catechumen until just a few weeks ago, when I realized, thanks to the information you two brought about, that the sedevacantism position is the right one to take in this matter… I live in the Netherlands…

Thank you very much in advance! Hope to hear from you soon.

In Christ,
Nicole Hartog

Novus Ordo

Francis tells parents to not condemn their children for having "different sexual orientations"

The Novus Ordo seems to be following the Episcopalians.

Ian Gwynne


The Bible Proves The Papacy

Well done!… am so thankful for this video…

Meri Bikoto

MHFM videos “are eye opening and incredibly thorough”

January 25, 2022



I want to just say how extremely impressed I am with your videos. They are eye opening and incredibly thorough…


Finland, Bible

Woman faces up to 2 years in jail for linking to passage from the Bible that condemns sodomy - video

... The feeling while watching this is again, apocalyptic... the ungodly attacking God and His Word.


Had No Idea

Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof)

May God Bless you. I had no idea how deep this cancer went.


Preservation, Guadalupe

The Amazing And Miraculous Image Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe

This preservation reminds me of the incorruptible bodies of the Saints and the Assumption. It reflects the subject in this way.


Canadian Kids

Canadian kids on unvaccinated: "... cut everything from them until they submit and get vaccinated" - video

It's sad and sickening: such brutish, demonic indoctrination of children—by the blind, maniacal parent(s). Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis.



Biden Says Francis Told Him He’s “A Good Catholic” (Analysis)

When Francis came to US and gave a speech in front of congress he uttered not one word about abortion, and we are the world's biggest offender.


Must-See New Video

Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof)

MHFM: This is a new video. It exposes a heresy in Vatican II that is the most visible representation of the new Vatican II religion. This is a must-see video. It’s important for people to watch the entire video to understand the relevant principles and facts.

“Hey there! I’m a recent convert back to Catholicism from Protestantism. I have been watching your videos”

January 18, 2022


Apocalypse Now In The Vatican

I watched your video about apocalypse in the Catholic Church and I am convinced but I don't know what to do. How can I confess… or be baptized when the priests are invalid? Even if there are valid priests somewhere I know that here in Albania there aren't any. What can I do then? I am 14 years old and very worried about my salvation. Please respond to my question. Thank you!



[We responded.]

Been Watching

Hey there! I’m a recent convert back to Catholicism from Protestantism. I have been watching your videos and learning more about traditional Latin mass. There are no traditional Latin masses near me, I don’t know what to do! I want to be saved and to be with God more than anything else! Please help, I don’t know what to do, I have been praying the rosary daily…


Michigan State

Staged Hoax?

Man from Philippines: “Thank you for your work in defending and propagating the true Catholic faith”

January 8, 2022

Became Convinced

Dear MHFM,

Thank you for your work in defending and propagating the true Catholic faith.

I've watched the videos in the vaticancatholic channel and I became convinced of the absolute necessity of the Sacrament of Baptism for salvation together with the profession of true Catholic faith and living a righteous life.

… I live in Metro Manila, Philippines and the "churches" here believe in the antipopes and deny the salvation dogma…



Thanks for all the info you make easy to find and understand… 

Gregory Roy


Thank you for your outstanding work and scholarship!

Lourdes Cosio

MHFM “has really strengthened my Christian Faith”

January 4, 2022

Sheep without a Shepherd

Pope Pius XI, Ad Catholici Sacerdotii (#52), Dec. 20, 1935: “Our Lord saw the multitudes ‘lying like sheep that have no shepherd.’ Such multitudes are to be seen today not only in the far distant lands of the missions, but also, alas! in countries which have been Christian for centuries.”

Goats, Facemasks


Thank you brothers.  Your… monastery has really strengthened my Christian Faith, and I share your videos and articles whenever I can…


Public Heretics

Michael Matt, False Traditionalism & The Church In The End Times

I knew Matt was a sniveling man who appears to fly the Traditional flag but I did not know what a typical Novus Ordo heretic he actually is. Teresa of Calcutta and JPII were terrible, PUBLIC heretics who promoted not Jesus Christ, but their own perverse cults of personality…

Margaret Boyle

Trudeau, Tyrant

Fake Prime Minister and apostate Justin Trudeau says anti-vaxxers are unscientific and racists - video

Trudeau is using the textbook Communist response to its rejection: labeling the adversary in an attempt to divide the people against one another. What an evil tyrant he has become.


“I cannot thank God enough for having put you on my path”

January 3, 2022


Dear Brothers…

It has already been four years since my first encounter with your website and youtube channel and I cannot thank you enough for the help and confidence you have given me in the truth of our Catholic faith through your articles and videos. I cannot thank God enough for having put you on my path. I was baptized by an invalidly ordained "priest" in the Novus ordo Counter Church and raised in it until I was sixteen years old, when on youtube I came across your video entitled Satanic Illuminati Fashion Show Held In Anglican "Church" In 2017. I was so shocked by what I saw in that video, it completely demoralized me and I just cried the whole day. I never believed that Anglicans are true Christians and my reaction was not such because I doubted any blasphemy could ever occur in this schismatic "Church". I had that reaction because I believed nothing like that could ever happen in the Catholic Church! I guess I was distracted and did not pay full attention, because I had read the title wrong and thought that the blasphemous satanic show happened in a Catholic church.

I believe that God showed His mercy on me in that moment, because had I read the title correctly I would probably never have watched the video nor inquired further and discovered your website; I would probably still claim part in the Vatican II sect thinking it was the Catholic Church, not knowing how to properly pray the Rosary, not knowing what to be Catholic actually means and more - much more than in my ignorance I am able to understand, but firmly believe nonetheless.

That was the start of a journey of (re)discovering my faith… thanks to God's grace by praying and constantly exposing myself willfully to good catholic books (such as St. Alphonsus' Preparation for death, St. Louis de Montfort's True devotion to Mary and others), to your articles and videos, by accepting and firmly believing everything the Church teaches, I have committed to completely sever myself from any and all membership to the blasphemous Vatican II sect and never to attend their "new mass" again, to really know the Catholic faith and what I believe in to hopefully help others come to the faith… I hope you continue with your great work of evangelization: it is truly a blessing from God!

Irena Valerija

New Videos

I really enjoy your new videos and can't wait to distribute them…

John Bedarfas

‘Catholic University of America’

"Catholic" University of America displays painting of George Floyd as Jesus - video

This is the "CUA", that Pope Leo XIII hoped in his 1889 bull Magni Nobis to benefit "the propagation of sound doctrine and in the protection of Catholic piety", which now benefits the propagation of sodomy and the protection of Marxist blasphemy. Unbelievable.


Christmas ‘Mass’

A look at "Archbishop" Eamon Martin's Christmas Midnight "Mass" - 41 second video

Cupich's Chicago Christmas Eve "Mass" even worse: Looks Satanic. Priest sounds like a shouting Baptist and makes up his own liturgy...

Justice Veracity

20-year-old from Zimbabwe wants to convert to the true faith

December 26, 2021


Hello, My name is Fortune Sorofa. l am a Zimbabwean aged 20. l was attending both pentecostal and Catholic church last year but started noticing the differences in beliefs. l started taking my faith seriously this year and stopped going to the pentecostal church. l believe in the true Holy Catholic Apostolic Church now… l came across your channel on 21 December. l am still confused about Vatican 2 coz it was a new thing to me... l am looking forward to learning truth about the faith…


We're glad that you came across the material.  God definitely wants you to be a traditional Catholic.  It's important to recognize that the mainstream 'Catholic' churches are part of the Novus Ordo/Vatican II Sect.  One should not go there.  As you look over more of the material, what's happening will become clear to you. It's also important that you pray the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  That will give you powerful graces to see the truth and do God's will.  How to pray the Rosary is on our website.  (We recommend that Catholics, if they can, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.)


Good evening!

I want to write this email and thank you for your YouTube channel. I was raised evangelical/non denominational and became Lutheran 6 years ago. I became interested in Orthodoxy and in my search stumbled across Sedevacantism… Your videos are really helping me. If I may ask, please pray for me. I am becoming increasingly convinced of the truth of true Catholicism, but the spiritual battle is real and I find much resistance in pursuing this path…


“Saying thank you doesn't convey the deep felt appreciation I have for all you have done”

December 24, 2021

Protestant Theology

Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie

Wow. You just utterly destroyed all of the theology that's been given to me my entire life. Certain aspects always made me uneasy and these teachers would just hammer it over and over. Wow. I'm honestly terrified, but excited to press on towards the truth.



Happy Christmas to you all. Saying thank you doesn't convey the deep felt appreciation I have for all you have done. It is God who "worketh in you both to will and to accomplish". He willed it in me and accomplished it through MHFM. God bless you all.



Babylon Has Fallen, Fallen!!



Desperate to become part of God’s Church

December 23, 2021

Hi my name is James. I live near Buffalo, NY & I want to be baptized & confirmed Catholic. I am aware of the wickedness of Vatican II - I want no part of it & I seek traditional Catholic life. I am of a previously protestant background - a protestant gave me an invalid "baptism" in which I submerged myself into water. Now seeing the error of my ways, I clearly see the validity & significance of the one true church - the Roman Catholic Church, which was instituted by Christ through Peter when the keys to heaven were handed unto him. I seek repentance & valid baptism & the sacraments instituted by Jesus Christ for salvation… Please help me find salvation through the one and only Holy Catholic Church, as I do not believe there is salvation through the Vatican II rites of initiation. I am desperate to become part of God's church on earth. 

James K


… Your apostolate is a blessing from Christ our Lord.  Thank you brothers.  God bless.


LifeSiteNews Judaizing


Hello, I am a close follower of your website and youtube channel.  The information is truly edifying and helpful…


Lifesite, Judaizing

I would like to add to Margaret Boyle’s analysis of the fake-trad LifeSite News. It’s bad enough to see “Christian Zionism” among evangelicals/fundamentalists. You can often spot Israeli flags alongside American ones behind the desks and podiums of protestant preachers -- puppets and stooges. Even more alarming is to see one of “their” gentile toadies, or shabbos goyim, among supposedly traditional Catholic groups.

Below is the bio of the LifeSite News staffer, Jonathan Van Maren, lifted right off the LSN site. Awarded by B’nai Brith, no less -- the “Sons of the Covenant,” who along with Soviet operatives, were deeply involved with installing antipope John XXIII in 1958 -- thus helping to build the very foundations of the judeomasonic-marxist Vatican II/Novus Ordo sect, itself! And do you just happen to remember where and with whom  the Papal Tiara wound up after Montini (Paul VI) gave it away in 1964?  LifeSite News, another simpering fake trad clown show.


MHFM videos “have transformed our lives and that of our 5 children”

December 21, 2021


Hello Most Holy Family Monastery,

My husband and I cannot thank you enough for your videos; they have transformed our lives and that of our 5 children…

Thank you,


MHFM: YouTube age-restricted our video Kyle Rittenhouse & The Hand Of God. That’s a way that YouTube can selectively decrease views and limit visibility on certain videos. To watch the video without restriction, go to Kyle Rittenhouse & The Hand Of God


Jews Are Not Israel Or The Chosen People

This video helped me tremendously…


“Too long I steered clear of MHFM... Terrible mistake”

December 16, 2021


Too long (i.e., 12 years) I steered clear of MHFM [Most Holy Family Monastery] because of all the negative things I'd read and heard from pseudo trads. Terrible mistake. To date I've found no other Catholics who actually and accurately represent the Church Militant…

A. M.

“I’ve been following MHFM’s work for over 10 years and it has been life changing”

December 15, 2021


… I’ve been following MHFM’s work for over 10 years and it has been life changing…

Kind regards,



Hello, I found your YouTube channel and find it to be very educational… churches around me are aligned with the Vatican II sect. I live in Monroe, Louisiana…

Best Wishes,
Samuel Martin

In This World

44-year-old truck driver suffering uncontrollable convulsions, seizures after first Pfizer injection

Her suffering should be a warning. It is not easy watching this knowing that the drug companies (their CEOs, engineers, chemists, etc.) will never be successfully put on trial in this world. But they will answer before God about what they've done.



I recently found your webpage and I really connected with it…


“I recently discovered your website and am in need of guidance”

December 13, 2021

Recently Discovered

Hello. I recently discovered your website and am in need of guidance. I’m currently in the RCIA program at my local parish.

My family is Protestant, so I was raised in a somewhat anti-Catholic way, but married a Catholic and came to believe that they are the true Church.

I’ve learned that Vatican II taught many heresies… Many people say SSPX is the way to go, but I’ve learned now that even they teach heresy. What am I to do?...

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!



Marshall, we're glad you found the material.  No, you should not continue with RCIA. 

When you are convinced on all the issues, we can help you further.

These are also important videos for a foundational understanding of the Church's necessity for salvation:

We also have a book on the dogma Outside The Catholic Church There Is No Salvation.  It's also important that you pray the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  That will give you powerful graces to see the truth and do God's will.  How to pray the Rosary is on our website.  (We recommend that Catholics, if they can, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.)

“I was interested in what a Catholic person would have to say against an ‘orthodox’”

December 12, 2021

Guadalupe, History

MHFM: Dec. 12 is the anniversary of the miracle of Our Lady of Guadalupe. These videos are relevant to the miracle and the history:

The Amazing And Miraculous Image Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe

Cortes’ Amazing Conquest Of The Aztec Empire

Our Lady Of Guadalupe Overcomes The Mexican Serpent


Dear Brothers of the MHFM,

My name is Nastase Andrei Costel and I live in Bucharest, Romania. In 2020… I watched the video ["Jay Dyer Exposed & Palamism Refuted"], for I was interested in what a Catholic person would have to say against an "orthodox". In the course of more than a year (sep2020/dec2021) I watched most of the content from your channel, to familiarize myself with the Catholic dogma and the Catholic institution as a hole. I have read The Catechism… from your website and other material like The Rosary, Glossary of terms, Catholic Baptism. I've accepted the Catholic Dogma and started to pray The Rosary, now I want to become a Catholic… Thank you for showing me the uncompromising Faith of Catholic Church and for all the guidance provided.

I wish you a Merry Christmas!
Sincerely, Andrei.

During The Days

Mary’s Sinlessness: A Biblical Documentary

Albeit the horrible things that have been happening in the US, during the days around the Feast of the Immaculate Conception in 2021, it looks like Our Lady is giving some extra graces to America: the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict (11/19), the sodomite Smollett verdict (12/09), the arrest of that abominable Waukesha murderer (possibly 11/22), the admission by Facebook that its "fact-checkers' fact checks" are merely opinion (12/10), the withdrawal of that commie Omarova (12/07), the firing of Cuomo from CNN (12/04), the repeal of the federal "vaccine" mandate by the Senate (12/08)... Things to be grateful about, at least for the moment. Hopefully she will also aid with the G. Maxwell trial.

"Alleluia, tota pulchra es Maria, et macula originalis non est in te."



… I’ve been following MHFM’s work for over 10 years and It has been life changing…

Kind regards,



Hello, Brothers… I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, through His Blessed Mother Mary everyday, for the work you Brothers have done, your material with Church Doctrine from the Holy Fathers, Popes and Saints that you have investigated, and prepared. I completely renounce the Vatican 2 counter church… I was alone in my Traditional Catholic faith… but I wanted to thank you personally for what you have presented in your material! Have a Blessed Advent, and Merry Christmas this year, God Bless You Brothers and keep up the great service you are doing! my name is Dan Kloepfer.


Apocalypse Now In The Vatican

Thank you for such a thorough presentation of the evidence…

Denise Dube

“Your videos had brought so much clarity to some of my confusions”

December 7, 2021

Left New Church

Good afternoon… I recently left the New Church… Thank you and God Bless you


Maria Jimenez


Dear Most Holy Family Monastery,

May God bless you all for your courage and excellent work in bringing God and His teachings and light and love to us all, thank you.

… Have been baptised within the Church of England… Am most honoured to be drawn to the 'true Church' after asking our Lord for guidance . . . after realising that the CoE [Church of England] is no 'church' at all.

Thank you for your time today,

God Bless you,



The Trinity & The Filioque: Catholicism Refutes Eastern “Orthodoxy”

… your videos had brought so much clarity to some of my confusions between the differences in theology of the Catholic and Orthodox...

Danielle Sta Ana


"Germany" tells unjabbed that they're only allowed a maximum of two people inside their own homes

Everyone who plays a role in enforcing this hoax, including police officers, will surely face the wrath of Almighty God on Judgment Day.


Peter and Paul

Did St. Paul Really Rebuke St. Peter In Galatians 2?

This is truly a remarkable presentation.

John Gurzo

20-year-old is convinced of Sedevacantism through MHFM’s videos

November 20, 2021


Dear MHFM,

Thank you and God Bless you for the work you do, especially with your Youtube videos. A friend of mine showed me your videos about 6 months back, and over the course of the last two to three months I have been watching your videos. I became convinced of the sedevacantist position due to learning of the true Catholic Faith and Dogma through your videos.

Until I saw your videos, I was unaware of the heresy of baptism of desire and the ability to be saved outside of the church. I was also unaware how such a heresy is commonly held belief by "traditionalist" priests. I have always thought since I was young, I am 20 for reference, that even Vatican 2 priests believed water baptism was necessary and that there was no salvation outside the Church. Even though I was raised as a cradle Catholic in the false Novus Ordo sect, my dad always promoted the saints and their writings as references. Thus, I always thought that all priests believed in the True Faith and in actual Catholic Tradition. I have been explaining the things your youtube channel talks about to my dad, and even he was unaware of such blatant heresy by so-called traditionalists, such as Lefebvre. They all put the drop of poison in the cup of water so to speak.

Today I watched your four part mini series on the Great Western Schism, which officially convinced me of the sedevacantist position…



Was St. Emerentiana Baptized? Unbaptized Martyrs?

Another irrefutable video from MHFM! I am very excited to be baptized into the true faith soon, something which you are helping do directly… Thank you very much and God bless!

Bill R


Was St. Emerentiana Baptized? Unbaptized Martyrs?

Amen. Great video.

Joe Louis

“I am mocked by my friends and family for praying and holding true positions”

November 18, 2021

Franklin Graham

"Vaxx-Pushing Pastor Franklin Graham Developed Pericarditis After Getting Jabbed"

MHFM: Franklin Graham promotes a false gospel, and he is deceived on this matter as well.

Recently Discovered

Hello, I am 15 and recently discovered the traditional Catholic faith, I am close to accepting the Sedevacantist position and accepting all traditional teaching of the Catholic Church…


Why So Many Can't Believe


Thank you, this is really exactly what I needed to be reminded of right now.  I am mocked by my friends and family for praying and holding true positions.  The state of sin in the place that I am forced to go to every day is absolutely sickening...

“I'm from southern India… I'm watching all of your videos and I'm more convinced”

November 17, 2021


Does The Catholic Church Condemn All The Circumcised?

Can you make a video about biblical proof where celibacy was approved. The Protestants challenged me that where in the bible that celibacy was approved.



This article is relevant to your question: Refuting the Protestant rejection of the Catholic and biblical teaching on celibacy


The Bible Teaches Purgatory

… thank you for posting this excellent article on Purgatory. The time and effort that went into writing this excellent catechetical article is deeply appreciated…



Another "Catholic" university is forcing staff to get the jab refusing to allow for religious exemptions

... "Catholic" University of America... is part of the Vatican II sect.


Southern India

Hi, my name is Erickson and I'm from southern India… I'm watching all of your videos and I'm more convinced that this Vatican 2 is not true church founded by our lord I'm sure about this and the new mass rite and Sacraments as well. I don't know why we are in this mess right but it was prophesied in revelation and also in the Marian apparitions… when I showed the pictures of real sister lucia and imposter sister Lucia and my mother accepted that both are not same women… I'm going to pray 15 decades of holy rosary from today onwards or from Sunday… John Paul ii and... Benedict 16 because they lied to everyone. God bless you brothers…


We’re glad to hear about the interest.  With regard to why this happened: God allowed it because it was the just punishment for the sins and bad will of people in general.

“I am an American high school student who has been watching and reading your material”

November 15, 2021


Subject: Conversion…

Hello.  I am an American high school student who has been watching and reading your material.  I have a Protestant background, but am now convinced that traditional Catholicism is the true faith of Jesus Christ. I have read the section on your website about conversion, and will carry out the steps…



Catholic vs. “Orthodox” On The Transfiguration Light (Leo, Maximus)

Hello Brothers,

… I really appreciate your video on the Transfiguration light…

Thank you


King James Version

Is the King James Bible Infallible?




Doctor shows that when the Pfizer “vaccine” is added to blood – the blood loses oxygen and clots!

That was an excellent post thanks for sharing Brothers, it's so sad that it will likely be just further damning evidence that will be suppressed by the conspirators as they continue through lies and propaganda to widen the divide against the 'unvaxxed'. As far as I am aware all staff at the place I work in rural Australia have been 'vaccinated', my strong refusal of the 'vax' and warnings of concern has been humorous to them, interestingly most only took the 'vax' for the sake of 'freedom'…

Peter Matthews


The Council Of Trent Did Not Teach "Baptism Of Desire"

… Such a great analysis. Thank you for all you guys do.

Ian Gwynne

From Quebec, Canada: “Your work has been truly eye opening for my family”

November 12, 2021


Doctor shows that when the Pfizer “vaccine” is added to blood – the blood loses oxygen and clots!

These industries in cahoots with government bodies throughout the world are reaping untold death and destruction, and profiting mightily from it...


Never to have known

In Tametsi, Pope Leo XIII also says:

"The greatest of all misfortunes is never to have known Jesus Christ... 'For there is no other name under heaven given to men whereby we must be saved' (Acts IV, 12). What kind of life that is from which Jesus Christ, 'the power of God and the wisdom of God,' is excluded; what kind of morality and what manner of death are its consequences, can be clearly learnt from the example of nations deprived of the light of Christianity.”

And people dare say that those who never know the Gospel can be saved by "invincible ignorance".



Dear Brothers,

I’m… in Canada… Your work has been truly eye opening for my family and I. We realize a lot of things and we truly believe that we are in the end times.  It’s important for me to be in the true Catholic Church. 

I’m from the province of Quebec… Thank you for your videos… God bless you!


“Thank you for the help, you guys have changed my life”

November 8, 2021

To convert

Good evening, 

I am looking to convert to Catholicism and I have some questions and need some help. Firstly, I fall under the category of "those who aren't sure whether they've been baptized." For most of my life, I have been protestant and was baptized as one several years ago. However, I now realize I need to officially convert. I am good on steps 1-3 in your file, I just ordered the penny catechism and I am trying to learn as much about the faith as possible. I have also been putting more time into prayer, especially the rosary…

Thank you for the help, you guys have changed my life as I now see the modern “church” isn’t the one true church.


Eucharist, John 6

… I also have a quick question on salvation that hopefully, you can answer. John 6: 53-54 seems to imply that one must receive the Eucharist to go to heaven, is that correct?...


We recommend that you see this video/article, which addresses that very issue: Baptism (John 3:5) Vs. The Eucharist (John 6:53) In Regard To Necessity

RCIA is for initiation into the Vatican II Sect, which is not the Catholic Church

November 4, 2021


The Real History Of "Orthodoxy"

Welp, you've cured me of my desire to quit RCIA and join an Orthodox church.



We're glad you recognize that 'Orthodoxy' is false. You need to become a traditional Catholic. RCIA is for initiation into the Vatican II Sect, which is not the Catholic Church. Thus, one should not go through with that. Our material explains how to convert to the true Catholic faith. You should look over more of our material. This is also an important file to read: Glossary Of Terms.

Woke up

Single handedly you guys woke me up to the error of Vatican 2 and the demons lurking in our church buildings, may God protect you and defend you against all evil.



Catholic vs. “Orthodox” On The Transfiguration Light (Leo, Maximus)

Good work… Palamism doesn’t look… good based on this evidence.



Biden Says Francis Told Him He’s “A Good Catholic” (Analysis)

That was a very good analysis. Thank you... What a soother in these trying times.


24-year-old man from Indonesia wants to convert

October 23, 2021


Hello brothers…

My name is Ian Hot Oloan Sitorus. I am a 24 year old man living in Central Java, Indonesia… I have read some articles on your website and also watched some videos on your youtube channel. I understand a little outline of what you are trying to convey like the catholic faith is the only true faith, St Peter's throne is empty, there is only one true baptism, family planning is a crime, etc. I fully believe what you say… I want to… convert to the true Catholic faith… Thank you very much.


Ian Sitorus


Why America's Freedoms Are Disappearing

This really puts things in perspective…



Pfizer already has control over many nations of the world? - shocking must-see video

I have read, in many different places, that they are building a gigantic factory here in Brazil. Very bold move.

And not one that a company would normally do, unless they are hoping to increase the sales of the products even further. Boosters shots will probably become a frequent thing.


“It’s a dizzying and painful process to wake up to the truth.  But a necessary one.”

October 22, 2021

2nd Commandment

Why America's Freedoms Are Disappearing

Thank you for this great video, and for specifically mentioning taking God's name in vain (blasphemy). God forbids it in His 2nd commandment.

St. Alphonsus calls it the abomination of the Lord. Quoting St. Chrysostom, he says that no other human fault so embitters the Lord than the sin of blasphemy, because it is tended directly to outrage God. (Serm. LIII, Oeuvres Complètes de A.-M. De Liguori, 1835, p. 516)

St. Therese of Lisieux was afflicted that people committed this sin in her days (in the late 1800s). One of the lines in her famous poem says this:

Unto my heart, their blasphemy echoes
To wipe it out, I will say every day
"Oh Holy Name, I love Thee and I adore Thee" (Poésies, p. 3) ...

With the general godlessness nowadays, people take God's name in vain every day, and now in America, we're struck also by an evil regime that messes with the supply chain and thereby causing increase in food price.



Good Evening,

I recently ordered the $20 bundle from your website and am currently in the process of reviewing the material.  I came across your apostolate about a year ago after a friend sent me a video you had made regarding Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Your candor and evidence-based approach was, quite frankly stunning, but also very refreshing and intriguing.  I have since watched many of your videos and listened to many of your debates… I grew up in the post V2 "Church", but my exposure to pre-Vatican 2 traditions (albeit at an early age) left me uneasy during my "formation" but not knowing how to localize what made me feel that way.

I have been a member of what I have now realized is a V2 "Church".  Last week, the "Eucharistic Ministers" were walking about the altar, handling the Eucharist, and tidying up the altar table! I was shocked and told my family how irreverent their behavior was.

It's a dizzying and painful process to wake up to the truth.  But a necessary one.

Thank you,



[We responded to Eddie and mentioned that one must not go to the New Mass.]


Mary’s Sinlessness: A Biblical Documentary

I finished watching the entire video last night. It was very helpful and informative. I shared it with a protest-ant too…