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The following letters and testimonials serve as a small example of people who have been significantly impacted by the information from Most Holy Family Monastery.  These are just a few of the countless letters we have received over the past few years.  These testimonials show that there are many people who are still searching and willing to accept the true faith, which has been taken from so many millions in the wake of the Vatican II revolution.  These letters also show that the true faith is what changes lives and leads people to holiness; for without the true faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6).  Our apostolate provides people with the opportunity to learn the true faith, and the ability to know how they can increase and practice their faith through prayer and the reception of valid sacraments.

Over the past few years, we have been contacted by thousands who have been interested in the information they received from Most Holy Family Monastery.  Among these thousands, hundreds have definitely returned to  the practice of the true Faith; and this does not include others who, though not in direct contact with us, have returned to the Faith by the DVDs, books, etc. that were given to them by a friend or family member.  One cannot possibly estimate the number of people who have been influenced in this manner, especially when one considers the large number of copies of our DVDs, books and flyers in circulation.

But unfortunately, there are millions of other poor souls who have been deceived by the treachery of the Vatican II Church; and they have been given no explanation.  Our apostolate can provide these confused people with the Catholic explanation, as well as the information they need to save their souls.  We need your financial support to reach these souls.

John 12 on the bad will of men

November 25, 2022


Hello, it's in great part thanks to your videos that I realized with full certainty that the Second Vatican Council is invalid and that Francis definitely cannot be the pope, and I've been sharing some of your videos to convert other people as well…


John 12 on the bad will of men

John 12:37-40 “Although Jesus had performed so many signs in their presence, they still did not believe in Him. This was to fulfill the word of Isaiah the prophet: ‘Lord, who has believed our message? And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?’ For this reason they were unable to believe. For again, Isaiah says: He has blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts, so that they cannot see with their eyes, and understand with their hearts, and turn, and I would heal them.”


Babylon Has Fallen, Fallen


Marie Paukowitz


The Trinity & The Filioque

Great video!


Evil People Fight Against Those Who Tell The Truth

November 23, 2022


… I would like to say thank you for the work that you do. Your literature and videos have been very helpful and enlightening to me. I am in Louisiana…


Evil People Fight Against Those Who Tell The Truth

Pope St. Gregory VII, Synod, March 7, 1080: “And because you have ordered me to ascend upon a high mountain and to proclaim and announce to the people of God their offenses and to the sons of the Church their sins, the members of the devil have begun to rise up against me and have presumed to lay their hands upon me to the point of shedding blood.”


The Trinity & The Filioque

The most detailed and thorough treatment on the subject I have ever seen.


“I currently use The Secret of the Rosary as an accompaniment to my daily Rosary”

November 15, 2022

Powerful Video

Why The Left Rages Against Trump & For Lawlessness

Such a powerful video. Wow.

P Vitt


You might find this more recent video dealing with similar matters interesting as well: America’s Fall To Communism – Documentary.

Came Across

… I came across your YouTube video on Jay Dyer and Palamas, and from there continued to watch your other videos: all of the debates… many of the antipope videos, most of your recent content, and many of your highlighted videos, like the ones at the top of your website e.g. “Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists. I stopped attending "Mass" and instead started praying the full Rosary--excluding the Luminous mysteries, of course--nearly every day; and I am preparing for a general confession. I also started reading the Bible from the beginning and am about a third of the way through--I made sure to read the Gospels a few times--and I also have read a many of the books from your store. I currently use The Secret of the Rosary as an accompaniment to my daily Rosary. 



"I tried to share your DVD with a wicked woman"

November 8, 2022

New Article Posted

MHFM: Our first video that refuted Trent Horn on the baptism of heretics and on who is inside the Body of Christ has been posted in article/text form. You will find the article underneath the embedded video on the page: Trent Horn Refuted By Bro. Peter Dimond On The Catholic Church

This article/video contains a lot of important information, including on the Church’s teaching that heretics are not sanctified or united with Christ when they are validly baptized outside the Church; a refutation of the heresy taught by Vatican II and Trent Horn on the aforementioned matter and on who can be inside the Body of Christ; a refutation of Vatican II’s teaching on “partial communion”; and more.

Pope Pius IX

This is a wonderful video!



Vote & Prayers For The Upcoming Election

Dear Brothers in Christ,

Thank you for posting your helpful post on voting & praying. I was questioning whether or not to go, and now I’m very glad I have. I tried to share your DVD with a wicked woman that was handing out fliers to support evil. She went on a rant about separation of church and state before rattling off “what we say in Judaism: blah blah blah” Stopping her short, I assured her I wasn’t interested in learning Judaism. Just wanted to share critical free information with her but her devils had her all up in arms. Very sad, perhaps this was her only invitation to know Truth.

Thanks again!

“I knew you were speaking the truth and teaching like no one has before”

November 1, 2022

New Articles Posted

MHFM: We’ve posted in article/text form the information covered in these two important videos on the salvation and baptism issues:

Pope Pius IX Did Not Teach Salvation Outside The Church

How Is One Saved “By The Name Of Jesus Christ”? (Acts 4:12)

You will find each article below each embedded video on the end-times video page. This information is crucial because the denial of this dogma is rampant today and in many ways was the key to the Great Apostasy.

Kyrie Irving & the Jews

NBA Player Kyrie Irving: "I take responsibility' for post's impact on Jewish community."

Yahoo Sports: "Kyrie Irving acknowledges 'negative impact of my post' in a joint statement with Nets and ADL, pledging $500k to causes fighting hate."

MHFM: So, apparently you can't play in the NBA if you disagree with the Jews and/or aren't approved by the ADL.  Behold the disgusting extent of the Jewish domination of America. "... the doors being locked where the disciples were for fear of the Jews..." (John 20:19)

Lies and Hypocrisy

The Ever-Changing American “COVID” Guidelines Unmasked

A superb exposure of lies and hypocrisy ... blood on their hands...


Learned so much

Hello, In the short time that I have been watching/listening to all your videos I have learned so much. I was watching a lot of Taylor Marshall, lifesite news… and others and I found myself confused with all their opinions, views and their understanding. I felt as if I was never getting the truth. I found you on YouTube, watched one video and… I knew immediately, felt it in my soul with all my being that the Dimond Bro were the real deal, I knew you were speaking the truth and teaching like no one has before. I no longer have any confusion, I see and understand more clearly than I ever have and your videos have put so much in perspective for me. I can now look back and see why I was confused. Now I know exactly what it means to be Catholic. You catapulted my journey (past 5 years) back to the faith.

Your explanation on the end times videos absolutely makes so much sense… I think you have been given a gift… You don’t make videos just to make videos. I hope more people find their way to your channel. 

God Bless

“After years of watching MHFM videos...”

October 23, 2022


Trent Horn & Michael Lofton Debunked On Francis & Proselytism

Thank you for sharing explaining and exposing incorrect teachings and falsehoods of liars…



Trent Horn & Michael Lofton Debunked On Francis & Proselytism




Trent Horn & Michael Lofton Debunked On Francis & Proselytism

Fantastic presentation.

Jose Daniel Pena


Trent Horn & Michael Lofton Debunked On Francis & Proselytism

Horn and Lofton are snake heretics.

Keith Fuson


Trent Horn & Michael Lofton Debunked On Francis & Proselytism

After years of watching MHFM videos, I thought there weren't more people so grudgingly making videos trying to "refute" the irrefutable. But guess what? They still try to do that. Aside from the spiritual bad things they do to themselves, they just want visualizations, they just want to appear more important to the crowd who follow them as disciples, and they're not necessarily concerned with the truth, they're not wanting to be rejected for believing and professing the truth faith. In the end, on the Last Day, the multitudes who follow these false preachers will be shocked to see them condemned to eternal Hell fire if they do not convert before they die. Thanks, MHFM, from Brazil. Pray for us here. Brazil is about to be taken over by the socialist left. October 30th is the 2nd round of elections. God have mercy on us.

Alysson Gabriel

“I love your newly discovered website where I have learned so much about the Catholic faith”

October 18, 2022

Cut through the lies

Trent Horn Refuted By Bro. Peter Dimond On The Catholic Church

Great new video and important to cut through the lies being told by many who are just in panic mode from the debate with Cassman. They fear losing their audience since the truth is so clear to those of good will seeking it. Great work and may God continue to bless the Most Holy Family Monastery for promoting the true Catholic faith.  

Mary Jo Marceau-Hawthorne

Eyes Opened Wide

Hello, I love your newly discovered website where I have learned so much about the Catholic faith. I feel so very blessed to have been born into the Catholic faith.  My eyes have been opened wide and so much has been put into perspective.  I have watched many of your videos and still more to go and learn something with every video. I have a couple of questions that I am very confident you can answer. I believe I heard in your video that Medjugorje was false apparition? What about St. Faustina…?  Should the luminous mysteries be mediated on or just the three that our Blessed Mother gave us at Fatima? Did I also hear correctly (I don’t remember which video it was) that as a Catholic we should not pray for non-Catholics?  Please do not stop putting out videos as I have learned more from your videos than I have my whole life. Thank you!

K Car


Hello.  We’re glad to hear about the interest. This file answers those questions: False Apparitions (Divine Mercy, Bayside, Medjugorje). Also, Faustina is not a saint since she was 'canonized' by Antipope John Paul II. This is also an important spiritual video: How To Avoid Sin (Overcome Yourself). We also recommend that Catholics, if they can, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently. Catholics must not pray for deceased non-Catholics (since there is no salvation outside the Church).  But Catholics can of course pray for living non-Catholics.

“Do you know where the real Church is?”

October 15, 2022

New Video Posted

Trent Horn Refuted By Bro. Peter Dimond On The Catholic Church

Was asleep

Hello Brothers

I have just become a traditional Catholic and have a few questions… I don’t accept Vatican 2 and I believe the V2 popes are antipopes. Thank you for all of the work that you do It opened my eyes I was asleep and fooled.



I live in Quito, Ecuador… I fully believe in the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, founded by Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and in all of her dogmas and decrees. I fully believe in the holy faith as presented faithfully in your website… Thank you for your support and carry on with the good fight for Christ's truth…


Church in Germany

Hello… these are greetings from Germany, which are filled with best wishes & blessings from God! I am a man from Germany & I watched your channel for years... I agree with the "things" you transmit… I want to ask, if you can tell me a church-group which is located here in Germany..?

I was raised catholic but the true-Church is no longer visible in our land..! Do you know, if there is in Germany a place, where the real Church is still around..?

Thank you



The Church is still visible, even though it has been reduced to a remnant.  There are options for confession, but few for receiving Communion.  Once you are convinced on all the issues, we can help you with them.  We also recommend that Catholics, if they can, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.


“You really have opened my eyes to astounding hypocrisies”

October 12, 2022

Devastating Takedown

Trent Horn Refuted By Bro. Peter Dimond On The Catholic Church

Devastating takedown of Trent Horn, who has sadly become a Vatican II apologist and accommodationist. These Novus Ordos are whistling in the graveyard however, as Bro. Dimond's debate victory has roused a sleeping giant among Catholics unable previously to articulate their discomfort with Bergoglio's heresies and the circus he's [created]... (Pachamama etc.). I am confident the ranks of the sedevacantists will swell while those of Team Francis will continue to thin.

G.R. Ryecroft

Opened my eyes

You really have opened my eyes to astounding hypocrisies. The Vatican II apologists will bend over backwards to defend Protestants and their inclusion into Christ’s Body as well as their ability to be saved outside the Catholic Church. Yet as a Catholic if you disagree with their novel, heretical interpretations of dogma they call you a schismatic or heretic, etc…and act like you’re treading in extremely dangerous waters.

Vinny V

Vatican II Heresies

Trent Horn Refuted By Bro. Peter Dimond On The Catholic Church

A truly edifying lecture… thank you for your hard work and scholarship. It is excellent to see your clips from Popes, Saints, and Doctors of the Church that refute Vatican Council 2 heresies.

Maculus Carpeneli

Very Informative

Trent Horn Refuted By Bro. Peter Dimond On The Catholic Church

Very informative.

Thoska Brah


"Mother Teresa was exorcised" - 45 second video

Yes so many people in the Vatican 2 sect are venerating Theresa of Calcutta who was possessed by demons because of her idolatry and promotion of false religions. Many other apostates will sadly get possessed through the acceptance of these heresies and their devotion to this evil woman.

Catholic Evangelizer

It is by MHFM videos “that I have come to the true faith of Christ”

October 9, 2022


Trent Horn Refuted By Bro. Peter Dimond On The Catholic Church

Excellent Explanation and Evidence. Tyvm


Come to the true faith

Trent Horn Refuted By Bro. Peter Dimond On The Catholic Church

Thank you for making this video. When I first began to learn about Catholicism, I was ignorant of the true catholic faith, and I got sucked into the lies spouted by Trent Horn and others… Such horrible heresy flows from them all. And it is by your videos that I have come to the true faith of Christ. We must pray for their conversion to the true catholic faith.



Trent Horn Refuted By Bro. Peter Dimond On The Catholic Church

Thanks be to God for truth!



Trent Horn Refuted By Bro. Peter Dimond On The Catholic Church

Great video!



Trent Horn Refuted By Bro. Peter Dimond On The Catholic Church

Great video, and really valuable…

Catholic Kiwi


Trent Horn Refuted By Bro. Peter Dimond On The Catholic Church

This is a great video. Thanks to MHFM, I think we know how important the mark of unity of the Church is and how precious Satis Cognitum is in our days…


Been Watching

Trent Horn Refuted By Bro. Peter Dimond On The Catholic Church

I have been watching your work for years and am grateful and want to thank you…

Charles Hortley

This specific video was “particularly life-changing” for this man

October 6, 2022

No Doubt

     Congratulations… for demolishing the opposition in the recent online debate… your arguments were logical, correct, and irrefutable… I'm always impressed with the depth of your research… I believe our Lord made it clear how easy it would be to find the truth in the midst of confusion with the simple rules He had given to simple men like me.  What are his fruits?  Does he gather or scatter?  Does he go and teach all nations the truth which Christ taught us?  There is absolutely no doubt left that this is in fact the prophesied counter-church of the end-times.  I'm often left frustrated by 'indult Catholics' who fail to see this simple point and twist themselves into logical knots misapplying writings from hundreds of years ago to the modern crisis, failing to see the forest for the trees, and soothing their own cognitive dissonance.  I often ask myself, what will the counter-church and its anti-pope have to do to lose your support?  How clearly and publicly do they have to worship the devil for you to recognize that your support and legitimization of their anti-church makes you complicit?  How kindly do you think this will reflect on you at your last judgement that you failed to be decisive, to act, that you did not heed the warnings of the Lord, and that you knowingly supported what was foretold two thousand years ago?...

     I want to also briefly thank you for some of the amazing content you've published over the years.  "Death and the journey into Hell" is particularly life-changing.  I've watched and re-watched that video and find it a source of immense strength and comfort, and God will... reward you for the souls that found their way to Him and avoided eternal damnation because of your work.

A brother in Christ,
Joseph Szijarto

“Unwavering crusade for true Christianity and authentic and traditional Catholicism”

October 5, 2022

Only true religion

Dear Brothers: My name is Rogelio. I'm Cuban but I live in Mexico.

I was baptized as a baby but never practiced any religion. At 27 years of age, I converted to protestantism. After struggling a lot with questions about the primacy of Saint Peter, the visibility of the Church, the real presence of Christ, now... I came to realize that the Catholic faith is the only true religion instituted by the Lord Jesus Christ himself.

Also, I believe that the See of Peter is vacant and that outside the Church there is absolutely no salvation. I really want to convert… I hope you can help me with this. I follow your recommendations of praying the 15 decades of the Rosary every day.

God bless you,



“An Enormous Sin” To Deny Outside The Catholic Church There Is No Salvation



Authentic Traditional Catholicism

Greetings, MHFM.

First of all, I feel compelled to thank you, Bros. Peter and Michael Dimond, and the Most Holy Family Monastery, for your unwavering crusade for true Christianity and authentic and traditional Catholicism… I went through your sources… a conditional baptism…

Thank you for your time. God bless.

Pax Domini.


They switched to praying the 15 decade rosary everyday and this happened

October 1, 2022

Been Watching

Hello! I have been watching your videos for quite some time and am convinced of V2 being the end times counter church… How can one convert to the traditional Catholic faith...?




If it were not for the MHFM I'd still be attending the fake… church. Every evening I thank God for the MHFM for guiding me in the right direction…

Again, thank you.

Rick Svehla

When we switched

… When we switched to praying the 15 decade rosary everyday, we quickly converted to true Catholicism. We have both been V2sect “Catholics” our whole lives, 34 & 35 years - rejecting it entirely in autumn 2021…

God bless you,
Antoinette and Kristian


Did The Bible Predict 70 Years Without A Pope?

Fascinating analysis!...


Nation has tanked quickly

The GOP has accepted gay "marriage" - 39 second video

This nation has really tanked quickly: the wicked " fruits " of Vatican 2.

Veram Fidem

"I have this urge to wanting to live a true traditional Catholic lifestyle"

September 29, 2022

Traditional Catholic

Hello my name is Jordi, I came across your channel not too long ago due to the debate I watched w/ Br. Peter Dimond… & ever since then I have this urge to wanting to live a true traditional Catholic lifestyle. I want to seek salvation as well for others, please help me thank you.

Happy to see

Sedevacantism Debate: Are John XXIII Through Francis True Popes? – Bro. Peter Dimond vs Jeff Cassman

I was so happy to see this debate on a mainstream channel… You exposed the ridiculousness of his positions. Great job…!

Chris Davet


“I am convinced that it's the great apostasy”

September 27, 2022


Hey Most Holy Family Monastery!

I am convinced that it's the great apostasy and that the chair of Peter is vacant and has been since John 23.  I live near edmonton alberta…


Important Topic

Sedevacantism Debate: Are John XXIII Through Francis True Popes? – Bro. Peter Dimond vs Jeff Cassman

Excellent debate on an important topic…



Hello. I appreciate all of your informative videos, they have been a blessing to me. I understand your message on vatican II and post vatican II being heretical…


“I gotta hand it to MHFM... they saved me from getting the Vaxx”

September 16, 2022

New Video Posted

“Bishop” Stowe And Francis Officially Endorse “LGBT” Activity!


“Bishop” Stowe And Francis Officially Endorse “LGBT” Activity!

… They are deranged by Satan's lies. In the name of love and tolerance they preach doctrines of demons.


“Health Departments”

Various state "health" departments are purchasing pornographic materials for children - 31 sec video

Parents must realize that this is a fact occurring in the govt educational system and take their children out - "yesterday"! Where there is a will, God will give a way. These evil [people] are losing their own souls and are quite determined to take many with them to Hell. "But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea." (Matthew 18:6)


From getting

Doctors Explain Why “Covid-19” And The “Delta Variant” Don’t Exist

I gotta hand it to MHFM...they saved me from getting the Vaxx and inspired me to learn more about how COVID is a hoax and the jab is a scam.

Eagle Scout

“My Diocese”

“Bishop” Stowe And Francis Officially Endorse “LGBT” Activity!

This is my Diocese. Please pray for us.

Katie Lockwood


One must not go to the New Mass.  Also, it's crucial to recognize that he's not a legitimate bishop. He's a member of the Vatican II Sect.  The Vatican II Sect that Antipope Francis leads is NOT the Catholic Church.  It is the prophesied end-times Counter Church (the Whore of Babylon).  The current situation in Rome was predicted, as our material explains.  The true Catholic Church still exists.  People need to be traditional Catholics. Our material explains how to be a traditional Catholic.  We also recommend that Catholics, if they can, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.


“Bishop” Stowe And Francis Officially Endorse “LGBT” Activity!

… these are end times for sure.

Rafael Torres

“I’m interested in becoming Catholic... I’m from Georgia the country”

September 14, 2022

Interested in Becoming Catholic

Hello I’m interested in becoming catholic I was baptized as orthodox I’m from Georgia the country my family wasn’t religious so naturally I didn’t know faith but these past few years I became interested through internet…



Mary: Mother Of God & Ark Of The New Covenant – Absolute Proof!

Thanks…!!! You hit the nail on the head…

Chuck Langworthy

End Times

“Bishop” Stowe And Francis Officially Endorse “LGBT” Activity!

End times.


Not a Bishop

“Bishop” Stowe And Francis Officially Endorse “LGBT” Activity!

That is no bishop.

Jay Ess

"You have no idea how much this has helped me"

August 25, 2022

Vatican II vs. EENS

MHFM: So many of the heresies in Vatican II amount to a rejection the dogma Outside The Church There Is No Salvation. The rejection of that truth was the key to the Great Apostasy.


… Thank you for all your efforts to spread and defend the Faith


Eye-Opening, Mother Angelica

The Deception of Mother Angelica & EWTN

This is really eye opening…

Moobler Thomson

Transfiguration, Helped

Catholic vs. “Orthodox” On The Transfiguration Light (Leo, Maximus)

I really didn’t know the whole of this. You have no idea how much this has helped me. Y’all are in my prayers and thank you so much from the depths of my heart.


Vatican II, Jews

Vatican II’s Jewish Heresy

As always you take it to a new and higher level of knowledge. We are blessed for being able to witness the TRUTH of our faith, not the deceit of Vatican II. THANK YOU!

Chuck Langworthy

"I have felt the regenerative effects of grace after making a general confession to a valid priest for the first time in 15 yrs"

August 23, 2022

The Trinity

The Trinity & The Filioque

Never before did I understand the concept of trinity to this extent!!! Thank you!


Effects of Grace

Conversation With Assembly Of God “Minister” On Sola Scriptura, Justification

Thank you… for this video and for holding fast to the Truth. How to break it to someone that they’ve been deceived by people they thought loved them. You hit it right on the head… license to wallow in venial or even mortal sin. All is grace and they lack the sacraments to obtain them.

I have felt the regenerative effects of grace after making a general confession to a valid priest for the first time in 15 yrs. The devil has lost his grip and now perfection seems obtainable through vigilance on my part, but mostly by the Mantle of Our Blessed Mother and consecration to her Immaculate Heart. Jason (I believe that’s his name) laughed at the notion of perfection and I felt a sadness in my heart that he has abandoned himself to the Enemy and he has no idea what grace was able to accomplish in our Catholic Saints. For all this talk about grace, protestants really have no idea what it can accomplish in them.

For the conversion of sinners and in reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

Kristian P.

Smelled Flowers While Watching Fatima Video

August 20, 2022

Dear MHFM,

I was rereading through a few pages of a book on purgatory and I came to a chapter which tells the story of a Franciscan Nun living in Foligno, Italy, called Sr. Teresa Gesta.  On November 4, 1859, she died suddenly of a stroke of apoplexy and 12 days later her soul appeared to Sr. Anna Felicia in the sacristy of the Convent.  I quote from the book:

"Then the room was filled with a thick smoke, and the spirit of Sister Teresa appeared, moving towards the door and gliding along by the wall.  Having reached the door, she cried aloud, 'Behold a proof of the mercy of God.'  Saying these words, she struck the upper panel of the door and there left the print of her right hand, burnt in the wood as with a red-hot iron.  She, then, disappeared."

The Sisters of the community came to see what was happening after hearing Sr. Felicia calling for help and when they had gathered around her they were astonished to find a strong odor of burnt wood.

This story reminded me of the time I was staying with an old friend for a couple days at his apartment in the Bronx, NY.  I had come all the way down from Buffalo, NY to Newark Airport, NJ as I had a flight booked to travel back to Ireland for a while. It was during the time of the volcano eruption in Iceland when the huge thick cloud of ash covered Europe causing flight disruptions for months.  My flight kept getting cancelled so I decided to go stay with my friend until I was able to get rescheduled.  Some months earlier I came across Bro. Michael on YouTube and from there I started getting more familiar with MHFM's material before I became totally convinced that John Paul II and Benedict XVI etc. were Antipopes and that the post-Vatican II "Church" was actually the Counter Church; although, I still had a lot to learn.  It was around this time the new documentary came out, The Third Secret of Fatima, The Imposter Sister Lucia and The End of the World.  I remember watching this documentary in my apartment in Buffalo stunned and then thinking of my relatives back in Ireland saying to myself something like: 'this will definitely convince them about what's happening.  They will have to believe now.'  I could hardly wait to get the DVDs to them (I had already recommended your channel and information).  So I ordered a bunch and packed them in my suitcase to take with me on my trip.  

I landed at my friend's basement level studio apartment and after a while, if I remember correctly, I began telling him and the girl who was with him all about the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima, the vision of Hell and of all the new information I had recently come across on what happened to the Church since Vatican II.  They listened to me and so we decided to watch the new DVD on Fatima.  After a while we paused it and my friend and the girl went over to the kitchen area as we were all discussing what was happening in the documentary.  Suddenly they started smelling a strong, pleasant and sweet scent like flowers in the air.  They were saying things like, "what's that smell?", "where's that coming from?", "do you smell that?", "it smells like flowers!", "flowers!".  I said I couldn't smell anything of the sort.  I started walking around to see if I could smell what they were smelling and I could not.  Well they were adamant that they smelled a beautiful scent in the air.  They began opening drawers, doors, cabinets, searching for where the smell was coming from and couldn't find the source.  This went on for about five, maybe ten minutes and then the smell went away.  We were all amazed and couldn't figure out what just happened.  We sat back down and began playing the DVD again.  My friend eventually fell asleep but the girl watched all the way to the end and so did I.  I don't know what ever became of the girl for she moved back to Ireland not long after and never returned.  My old friend is still the same today and has never converted.  But what's interesting is that, a couple years ago, he fell through a roof in a construction site from a height of about thirty feet and got up and walked away with only a few cuts and bruises.  My cousin fell from a balcony in Spain from a height of only about fifteen feet and he was killed outright.

Well, I just wanted to share this story with you as it has always stayed with me and I do believe it's connected in some way to the work of Most Holy Family Monastery.

Kieran Stainsby


"Pfizer CEO, Who Claimed Vax Was '100% Effective In Preventing Covid,' Reveals He's Sick With Covid"

And it’s so obvious that there is no pandemic. Even with so many people ditching their masks there hasn’t been any increase in “cases.” Such people are of such incomprehensible bad will.



… the Apocalypse is telling us of the false Vatican II Church.

Janette Davis

“After viewing your videos, I understand...”

August 16, 2022

New Video Posted

Francis Participates In Prayer To Evil Spirits

After viewing

Good evening,

… After viewing your videos, I understand the differences between vatican II mass changes, prophecy fulfillment, etc…

Steven A.

Europe’s Drought

Europe faces worst drought in 500 years - video

End Times and God's punishment for the sins of men...


False Mystic Nohad el Chami

August 15, 2022


…  I have been listening to your videos and looking through your materials… I'm so stunned.  I am having so much to think about.  

I mainly want to thank you so much for all of the work you put into all of this…


False Mystic

I was reading the story of one whom until now I thought was a person who had revelation by God named Nohad el Chami… Was shocked to discover that this supposed mystic tried to kill her unborn child and tried twice to commit suicide. Reading along the story goes on to say that she was supposedly praised in her dreams by saints who congratulated her on her "great faith". This is dark stuff. The nail in the coffin was when she claimed to say that she had a revelation of Charbel Makhlouf telling her "Go meet the Pope (Jean Paul 2)". As time goes on i realise more and more that you were right all along… the book is written in Arabic...


Embraced the traditional Catholic faith “thanks to [MHFM’s] material”

August 5, 2022

Embraced the traditional Catholic faith

Good afternoon… I have, thanks to your material, ended up embracing the traditional Catholic faith and the true positions. I reject the Vatican II sect, its antipopes, the Vatican II robber council, the invalid New Mass, "Baptism of Desire", "Baptism of Blood", salvation for those in "Invicible Ignorance" of the Catholic faith and "Natural Family Planning". Thank you for all the great work and crucial information you put out…


Stew Peters

Alex Jones & Stew Peters Promote A False Gospel After Dr. Zelenko’s Death

Dear Brothers,

To celebrate the "success" of his platform, Stew Peters is using a technique similar to one Gruner employed to razzle-dazzle and deceive his listeners with.  To achieve his ends (as your videos point out) Gruner characterized all of his activities as being "Our Lady's" - thus giving them an aura of holiness, superiority and authority by implying that his apostolate was the work of heaven itself.  Now that you have called our attention to this, we can see other heretics using the same ploy.  I just noticed that as a kind of boilerplate introductory opening with which he begins his interview, Stew Peters now grandly announces:  "I get blown away every day by this platform.  But the glory does not belong to Stew Peters.  This is God's platform!"  When it comes to heretics spreading their heresies, one size fits all - because whether they are aware of it or not, they are all in the employ of Satan.  

Lee Ann

”Your channel has been instrumental to my conversion to the truth”

July 25, 2022


Did The Bible Predict 70 Years Without A Pope?

Excellent work MHFM. This video is a great resource for evangelizing…



Did The Bible Predict 70 Years Without A Pope?

… This is quite frightening…

Rafaelle Lauture


Did The Bible Predict 70 Years Without A Pope?

Awesome and outstanding video…



Did The Bible Predict 70 Years Without A Pope?

Great video!...

Rebecca Olinger


Did The Bible Predict 70 Years Without A Pope?

Amazing analysis…



Did The Bible Predict 70 Years Without A Pope?

Magnificent. This is clearly inspired by the Holy Ghost. MHFM is without a doubt St Benedict’s Monastery that was promised to last until the endtimes and convert many. This brought me to tears.



Did The Bible Predict 70 Years Without A Pope?

Thank you for this. Your channel has been instrumental to my conversion to the truth.


"God became man and gave us a Church to save us"

July 22, 2022

Externals without faith, FSSP

"Father" James Jackson a high-ranking member of "FSSP" arrested for violating his bond - 28 sec video

Apostasy has a huge and vast wardrobe. Nothing but Vatican II clothed in traditional clerical garbs…


Cornelius, Baptism

Cornelius, The Gift Of Languages & The Necessity Of Baptism

This is one of my favorite videos. God became man and gave us a Church to save us. Thank You God.



What Millions Of Fake Christians Get Wrong About Ephesians

Thank you for this explanation, you resolved a lot of my confusion…


“I am from Croatia… If I had not found your content, I would remain in the heresy of faith alone”

July 19, 2022

Croatia, Found The Videos

Dear, M.H.F.M., my name is Ivan and I am from Croatia… Thank you Brothers and MHFM for helping me so far with your videos. If I had not found your content, I would remain in the heresy of faith alone (which I started to believe from watching Kent Hovind and Steven Anderson, in which they had talks against the Vatican 2, which I at the time believed to be true Catholicism), and I would have tried to commit suicide (thankfully you said in your videos that people who take their lives go to hell). Thank you for all the good work you do…


Act Like

Alex Jones & Stew Peters Promote A False Gospel After Dr. Zelenko’s Death

Many of these conservative Novus Ordo act like supporting communism was the only heresy and abortion and gender ideology were the only sins. No wonder they believe "orthodox" Jews can "rest in peace".



Alex Jones & Stew Peters Promote A False Gospel After Dr. Zelenko’s Death

False-christianity often uses "judeo-christianity" as its label… Salvation by being a decent person - alone is very false salvation teaching. No amount of decency will substitute the Christ, His Church, His Baptism and His Commandments.


“Layer upon layer of confusion has been dissolved” through MHFM’s material

July 14, 2022

Confusion Dissolved

Greetings Brothers... I was baptized into what I thought was the Catholic Church... based on my understanding of who she was by the Church Fathers and the Saints of Old. I come from an atheist family that left space for us to be open to what we may come to believe. It wasn't long after my baptism before I became unsettled by the many things that were setting off alarms to what appeared to be paganism in the church… After the lockdowns I started attending FSSP Mass and for a time that felt like it was the answer to the Paganism I was witnessing. What was soon alarming me though was the apparent lack of awareness of our times, why was nothing being exposed and discussed from the pulpit?... I have been listening and reading to a lot more of your material… layer upon layer of confusion has been dissolved. Current Rome is not what I thought I was being baptized into…

Many thanks and blessings, Rebekah

Death Penalty

Francis Said What? (Death Penalty, Encyclical, Sedevacantism)

I am subscribed to your videos and really enjoy them. I think you offer great content…


“Some newcomers to the faith may not be aware that...”

July 12, 2022


Dear Brothers of the holy family monastery, I have heard the word of Christ and I have decided to convert to traditional Catholicism, but if the church in Rome is heretical and un-catholic, where should I get baptized? Thank you for spreading the truth of Christ through all your videos and God bless you.

Kind regards,


We’re glad you are looking at the material. It's crucial to distinguish between the true Church of Rome and the Counter Church occupying Rome now.  The steps to convert to true Catholicism are here:


Pope Pius IX Did Not Teach Salvation Outside The Church

Dear Brothers,

I don't have the words to describe the excellence of your video in its content, its presentation, and its impact. It made me stand back and think about where we are today. For some sixty years, there have been no true reigning popes. The world has been deceived by a demonic Counterfeit "Catholic" Church - with its Antichrist, its apostate antipopes and its fake magisterium removing the true Mass and denying every dogma of the true faith. What passes for "Christianity" (even in the minds of people believing themselves to be "Catholic") is an amalgamation of thousands of man-made heretical sects, all believing different things or nothing at all. I guess getting the world to accept the heresy that the Catholic faith is not necessary for salvation was (and still is) the easiest way to bring to damnation those who might otherwise be interested in eternal life. After all, it so effectively tricked the Protestants and the Orthodox - and still does.

To make matters worse, there's the multitude of eager beavers accepting heresies and promoting them - and, in fact, building their blogs, books and other deceptive enterprises upon them… But their lie, too, is exposed because - thanks to MHFM -… people can completely understand and appreciate the true Catholic faith…

Some newcomers to the faith may not be aware that in "The Life of St. Benedict" written by St. Gregory the Great (and reprinted today by Tan Publishers), we read that St. Benedict was told that "his Order will continue to the end of the world. And that it will, at the End of the World, in the final battle, render great services to the holy Church and confirm many in the Faith."…

Lee Ann


Salvatore Cordileone ("Archbishop of San Francisco") pushes for gun control - 25 second video

… I am thankful MHFM exposes these heretics and always finds the truth.



Cordileone is a very blind apostate.  Thus, it’s not a surprise that he would push the globalists’ agenda.  It’s obvious that he seeks the approval of men rather than God.  That was evident in his comments about how “respectful” Pelosi has been to him in public (covered in the video below).  That’s what he’s mainly concerned about: being considered a significant figure who has the “respect” of “important” people.  This video also exposes Cordileone's heresies and wickedness (such as his false ecumenism): Pro-Abortion Francis Receives Pelosi After Roe v. Wade Overturned

New Video Posted

Pope Pius IX Did Not Teach Salvation Outside The Church

“I have just discovered your mind-blowing videos”

July 7, 2022


Francis and the Vatican II Sect promote sodomy and "transgenderism" - video

Yes, they hijacked the rainbow. A deliberate move to mock Divine Retribution, no doubt…



I have just discovered your mind-blowing videos on antipope JP II as antichrist and on the Apocalypse.

Thank you for your work.  My mind is blown and I don't know what to do with this information because it is so very reasonable.

Marie McGrath

“It was the Novus Ordo that drove me out of the Catholic Church... [MHFM] helped me find the Traditional Catholic Church”

July 6, 2022

To Find

Pope Pius IX Did Not Teach Salvation Outside The Church

It was the Novus Ordo that drove me out of the Catholic Church, and into Protestantism, and it was MHFM that helped me find the Traditional Catholic Church, the Immaculate Bride of Christ. Thank you brothers and God bless.


Claims to be Catholic

"Devout Catholic" Lloyd Austin says he will work to "provide seamless access to reproductive health care"

He claims to be Catholic too? Like Biden and Pelosi? What a joke.



Pope Pius IX Did Not Teach Salvation Outside The Church

Excellent video! Thank you for bringing Catholic clarity

Anthony Petrozzelli