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Comments by MHFM

The Kings of France refuse to honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus and 100 years later the French Revolution begins

June 19, 2006

Many Catholics are aware that on June 17, 1689, Our Lord revealed to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque that He wanted the King of France, Louis XIV, to consecrate France to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  The Kings of France delayed, and did not obey.  100 years later to the day, on June 17, 1789, King Louis XVI was stripped of his legislative authority by the upstart Third Estate, and four years later the soldiers of the French Revolution executed the King of France (Louis XVI) as if he were a criminal.


Exciting Truth about Earth and the Biblical Flood

June 9, 2006

As our order form indicates, we’re selling a book entitled In the Beginning – Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood by Dr. Walt Brown.  This book refutes the theory of evolution from all aspects of science and scientifically shows how the Biblical Flood occurred.  To give our readers a taste of what this book covers, here’s a link to a picture of the bulge in the earth that is formed by the Mid-Oceanic ridge.


John Lane Exposed

June 3, 2006

Some have sent us e-mails about a new sedevacantist blog.  We want to make it very clear to our readers that the people who run this blog are adamantly in favor of “baptism of desire” and groups which believe that souls can be saved false religions, such as the SSPV and CMRI.  It’s a pro salvation-for-non-Catholics blog, whether they want to admit it or not.  So while the organizers may allow a few comments from individuals who don’t believe in baptism of desire, the blog is dominated by individuals who won’t even look at the arguments against baptism of desire, and aren’t bothered by the fact that the priests they consider Catholic believe that Jews and Muslims can be united to the Church while in false religions. 


May 13: Our Lady of Fatima and St. Robert Bellarmine

May 14, 2006

Saturday was May 13; it was the anniversary of Our Lady’s first appearance at Fatima to Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia on May 13, 1917.  May 13 is also the feast day of St. Robert Bellarmine, the Doctor of the Church who is most famous among traditionalists for his teaching that a manifest heretic would cease to be the Pope.   

St. Robert Bellarmine (1610), Doctor of the Church: "A pope who is a manifest heretic automatically (per se) ceases to be pope and head, just as he ceases automatically to be a Christian and a member of the Church.  Wherefore, he can be judged and punished by the Church. This is the teaching of all the ancient Fathers who teach that manifest heretics immediately lose all jurisdiction." (De Romano Pontifice, II, 30.)

Although St. Robert wasn’t canonized until 1930 by Pope Pius XI, heaven obviously knew that St. Robert’s feast day would eventually occupy the day which would mark the anniversary of Our Lady’s first appearance at Fatima.  Why did heaven choose the feast of St. Robert Bellarmine to mark the beginning of Fatima?  Almost all “traditionalists” who have commented on the probable contents of the third secret of Fatima agree that it deals with apostasy from the Church, and apostasy among those who purport to hold high positions in the Catholic hierarchy.  Isn’t it interesting that for the first day of the message of Fatima – a message that, according to almost all traditionalist commentators, is intertwined with a warning about apostasy from the Faith among those who purport to hold high positions in the Catholic hierarchy – heaven chose it to be the feast of the saint who is most famous among traditionalists for his teaching that the occupant of the highest position of all, the Pope, would lose his office if he became a manifest heretic?!  Perhaps this should give the non-sedevacantists pause – pause to consider what heaven is perhaps telling them by this alone, namely, that the teaching of St. Robert on this point must be heeded, since it is true and rooted in defined dogma. 


Gruner’s statement in 2005 about the death of John Paul II

April 18, 2006

We just stumbled upon the statement of “Fr.” Nicholas Gruner’s “Fatima Center” following the death of John Paul II in 2005.  In summary of John Paul II’s life – remember, John Paul II was the biggest and most radical proponent of false ecumenism and false/demonic religions from allegedly inside the “Catholic Church” that the world has ever seen – the statement: 1) offers prayers for the repose of this manifest heretic’s soul; 2) praises him for his visits to Fatima; 3) praises him for his “beatification” of Jacinta and Francisco; 4) praises him for his stand against Communism, his defense of the aged and unborn, and his consecration of the world; and 5) “notes reluctantly” that John Paul II didn’t fulfill the command of Our Lady completely and precisely.  The statement offers no criticism whatsoever of John Paul II’s heretical teachings, his numerous scandalous and notorious acts of false ecumenism, such as Assisi, kissing the Koran, etc., etc., etc.  It doesn’t even offer a pathetically weak statement, such as: “though the Fatima Center did not agree with John Paul II’s promotion of ecumenism, such as the Assisi event, which contradicts Tradition.”  No… nothing at all!  Does anyone fail to see how evil this is?  Does anyone fail to see that this man is a total Christ-denier?  We bring this up to show our readers again how evil Nicholas Gruner is, for we were just recently contacted by another person who was resisting sedevacantism because he was “following Gruner’s line.”  It’s not an understatement to say that he is totally evil.  He has sold his soul out, and sold Christ out.  He’s an apostate.


A close examination of the eyes of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe

April 2, 2006

Many are familiar with the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  This miraculous image appeared on the tilma of Juan Diego shortly after he saw Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico in 1531.  When the image of Our Lady was miraculously imprinted on the cloth it became a large reason for the conversion of more than 5 million to the Catholic Faith.  When the people heard about and saw the image, “the whole city was shaken by the event and so the Lord Bishop transferred the beloved Image of the Girl from heaven to the main church.  She [the image] was taken from his private chapel to where everyone could see and wonder at her beloved figure.  People came to acknowledge the divine [miraculous/supernatural] character of the ayate [the tilma].” (Francis Anson, Guadalupe – What Her Eyes Say, p. 53)


It’s not just about sedevacantism

March 2, 2006

There are quite a few of people out there who are enthusiastic about the sedevacantist issue and totally reject the Vatican II religion, but could care less about and/or don’t believe in the dogma Outside the Church There is No Salvation.  And when we refer to really “believing” in the dogma, we mean a person who truly believes that all the pagans, Jews, Muslims, heretics and schismatics out there – including his neighbors and family members, if they fall into these categories – must absolutely become baptized Catholics to be saved.  Such a true believer therefore lives his life and looks at the world with this supernatural outlook.  He thus endeavors to bring such non-Catholic individuals whom God puts on his path into the Catholic Faith.

To illustrate the point, someone here received a call a few days ago from a woman who attends Bishop Sanborn’s chapel.  Speaking of Arab Protestants, this woman told a person here that these Arab Protestants were fine for salvation because they are baptized!  No matter that they aren’t Catholic and reject the Catholic Faith; she believes that they are going to heaven. She doesn’t believe in the dogma that all heretics, etc. will not be saved.  She doesn’t possess a real, interior belief in the truths of the Catholic Faith.  This is a woman who attends a “staunchly” sedevacantist chapel; but she’s not even Catholic, even though she thinks she’s a staunch traditional Catholic and a sedevacantist.  She doesn’t have the Catholic Faith, and will not save her soul as she is.  Sadly, this is the case with many others in the traditional movement.  It’s just a reminder that it’s not just about sedevacantism; if one doesn’t truly accept and really believe in the salvation dogma, one is not a true believer in Jesus Christ and His Church.  People such as this woman have a “faith” that is corrupt to the core, yet this corruption won’t show up on Sunday when they are seen “devoutly” assisting at the Traditional Mass.

The Satanic Aztec Culture

February 22, 2006

Did you know that the Aztec culture in Mexico in the 15th and 16th centuries, which the Catholic conquistadors physically overthrew – and which the appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe spiritually crushed – was arguably the wickedest culture in human history?

The satanic Aztec culture (more…)

The amazing way that God created water

February 19, 2006

Unlike most liquids, water freezes from the top down.  If it did not act in this unusual way, all life on earth would eventually die:

Streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans freeze from the top down, because water reaches its maximum density at 39°F—seven degrees above its normal freezing point. As cold air further lowers the water’s temperature, water defies the behavior of most liquids and expands. This less dense water “floats” on top of the denser water. Eventually, it freezes into ice, which is even less dense.

We are fortunate that water behaves in this unusual way. If water continued to contract as it became colder and froze, as most substances do, ice would sink. Bodies of water would freeze from the bottom up. Surface water would quickly freeze, then sink. During the summer, the overlying liquid water would insulate the ice and delay its melting. Each winter more ice would collect at the bottom. This would first occur at polar latitudes, but over the years would spread toward the equator as surface ice reflected more of the Sun’s rays back into space, cooling the earth. Sea life would eventually cease. Evaporation and rain would diminish, turning the land into a cold, lifeless desert.” (Walt Brown, Ph.D., In the Beginning – Compelling evidence for Creation and the Flood, p. 186, note 124.)

The stupidity of evolution

February 13, 2006

In this section of our website, from time to time we will be posting quotes or comments on topics that we feel our readers may find interesting or beneficial.  We particularly like the topic of Creationism, so here is an interesting quote about how Altruism destroys evolution:

“11. Altruism- Many animals, including humans, will endanger or even sacrifice their lives to save another – sometimes the life of another species.  Natural selection, which evolutionists say explains all individual characteristics, should rapidly eliminate altruistic ‘individuals.’  How could risky behavior that benefits only another ever be inherited, because its possession tends to prevent the altruistic ‘individual’ from passing on its genes for altruism?  If evolution were correct, selfish behavior should have completely eliminated unselfish behavior.  Furthermore, cheating and aggressiveness should have ‘weeded out’ cooperation.  Altruism contradicts evolution.” (Walt Brown, Ph.D., In the Beginning – Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood, p. 7.)

Opining on the SSPX’s possible “reconciliation” with the Vatican II sect

January 28, 2006

After viewing the activities of Bishop Fellay of the SSPX, it is our considered opinion that, in addition to the fact that the man has no real Faith, a major force driving him into full reconciliation with the Vatican II sect is his vanityWe believe that he wants to go down in history as the one who “ended the schism,” and we believe this is why he is really pushing for this reconciliation.  Fellay’s tenure as Superior General of the SSPX comes to an end this year, so his only chance of getting the lion’s share of the credit for “ending the schism” will most certainly be gone by the end of the year. 

That is why he seems to be pushing for this reconciliation at all costs.  In fact, Fellay even seems to be weakening on his insistence that the Traditional Mass be made available to all:

Bishop Fellay, a recent article:” we don’t want to be a catholic group aside. We don’t ask for the old mass just for us, but for all. But maybe we have to go through this transitory status.” 

Notice, he now seems to be saying that he wants the Traditional Mass available to all, but that they may “have to go through this transitory status” anyway, as if he would reconcile even without the full permission for every priest to celebrate the Traditional Mass.


Francisco’s vision of a demon

December 15, 2005

Our readers may find it interesting to know that Francisco had a vision of a demon on top of a rock – one separate from the July 13, 1917 vision.  Here is Lucy’s account:

 “One day we were looking for a place called the Pedreira, and as the sheep passed by, we climbed from one rock to another, trying to make our voice echo from the bottom of these great ravines.  Francisco, as usual, retired to the hollow of a rock.  After a long pause, we heard him crying, calling on Our Lady and invoking her

     “We were very disturbed, thinking something had happened to him.  We began to look for him, saying: ‘Where are you?’  ‘Here!  Here!’  But it still took us a little while to reach where he was.  We found him, finally, trembling with fear, still on his knees, very much shaken and incapable of getting up.  ‘What’s the matter with you?  What happened?’  In a voice half suffocated with fear, he told us: ‘One of those great big beasts from hell was just here, breathing fire.’” (quoted in The Whole Truth About Fatima, Vol. 2, pp. 41-42)

Some comments on Msgr. Fenton’s book, The Catholic Church and Salvation

December 7, 2005

As noted in some of our recent e-exchanges, some of our readers were interested in comments on Msgr. Fenton’s 1958 book The Catholic Church and Salvation.  One baptism of desire defender who wrote to us called it a “masterful” treatment of the dogma.  Well, we just got our hands on a copy of this book.  I’ve only had a chance to read a few pages so far, but here is what Fenton (in truth, a pernicious heretic who corrupted and denied the dogma) says in the introduction to his book:


More on Ferrara and the Ecumenism of the Return

September 5, 2005

Another website which linked to our article concerning: Benedict XVI rejects the “ecumenism of the return” – and Chris Ferrara omits to mention it, has issued a retraction of sorts stating that Chris Ferrara may not have deliberately omitted this astounding heresy from his article.  To avoid any confusion, we want to make it very clear that WE ISSUE NO RETRACTION WHATSOEVER, since no retraction is necessary. 


The apostasy of Vatican II confirmed at the local level – an interesting article from a “Benedictine” Nun

August 14, 2005

Many people argue that the teachings of Vatican II don’t contradict Catholic dogma in any way.  They strenuously assert that the Vatican II religion is in perfect continuity with the unchanging Catholic religion.  Some people call these individuals (who defend everything in Vatican II and the post-conciliar apostasy) neo-Catholics; we call them neo-apostates, since they attempt to explain away everything from kissing the Koran to allowing idol-worshippers to take over and pray to false gods at Assisi.  But one of the most interesting and clear ways of proving that the Vatican II sect is not the Catholic Church is simply by looking at what its members believe at the local level.  The amount of stories from individuals who have actually been discouraged from becoming Catholic by members of the Novus Ordo Church, including Bishops, Vatican officials and RCIA teachers, seem almost endless; but if you ever want to be stirred to a holy indignation against the Vatican II apostasy, or if you ever want proof of what an abominable outrage the Vatican II sect is, or if you ever want to be convinced that it is a matter of heaven or hell to completely reject this false, non-Catholic sect falsely posing as the Catholic Church, then just call some Novus Ordo churches and ask them: “Do you accept the dogma Outside the Church There is No Salvation?  Is Islam a false religion?  Is Judaism a false religion?” 


Dr. Drolesky and the Apostasy of the Vatican II sect

June 18, 2004

In a May 8 article called “The Consecration Has Been Done?,” Dr. Thomas Drolesky discusses the recent statement by the Executive Secretary of the Russian Conference of Catholic Bishops Igor Kovalevsky.  Kovalevsky, as documented in our Heresy of the Week Achive for 5/14/04, stated that the “Holy See” has officially instructed that the Orthodox are not to be converted to Catholicism.  Dr. Drolesky, who writes for Catholic Family News and The Remnant, admits that this is apostasy.