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February 2023

The position of the SSPX and similar groups is just nonsense

February 27, 2023

Aztec Empire

Cortes’ Amazing Conquest Of The Aztec Empire

Fascinating video!


Apocalypse Now In The Vatican In Indonesian

MHFM: Our video Apocalypse Now In The Vatican has been published in Indonesian: Wahyu di Vatikan Sekarang.

The SSPX’s Position Is Nonsense

The Antichrist Conquers In This Sign

False traditionalists who obstinately regard antipopes John XXIII, Paul VI JPII as a "true Popes" and his successors are basically saying the gates of hell have prevailed against the Catholic Church. Ecumenical Councils are infallible and so are canonizations. The position of the SSPX and similar groups is just nonsense. They can't run around claiming to recognize the Pope but also... rejecting his authority in practice. That is schismatic. Only the sedevacantist position keeps both the unity and indefectibility of the Catholic Church unmoved. The Vatican II sect is the devil's mockery of the Catholic Church. The Vatican II sect is a counterfeit 'church' which vaguely resembles the True Church but is antithetical to Catholicism.



How To Avoid Sin (Overcome Yourself)

Incredible video. Thank you for sharing.



Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie

You make the best videos on Catholic doctrines… Thank you.

John Long

Gregory XVI Calls The Statement Of Lateran IV On The Faithful “Solemn”

February 26, 2023

It’s interesting that in his document Summo Iugiter Studio, Pope Gregory XVI refers to the statement of the Fourth Lateran Council (“There is indeed one universal Church of the faithful, outside of which no one at all is saved”) as a “solemn act” in which dogma was proclaimed (Extant praeterea solemnes ipsius Ecclesiae actus quibus dogma item annunciatum est).  Thus, the proclamation that there is no salvation at all outside the Church of the faithful is a solemn definition of the Church, according to Pope Gregory XVI.

Pope Gregory XVI, Summo Iugiter Studio (#5), May 27, 1832: “Moreover there are solemn acts [solemnes… actus] of the Church in which the same dogma has been proclaimed.  Thus, in the decree on faith which Innocent III published with the synod of Lateran IV, these things are written: ‘There is indeed one universal Church of the faithful, outside of which no one at all is saved.’”

Well, it’s the teaching and tradition of the Church, as shown by the testimony of the fathers, liturgies, and councils, that the unbaptized (including catechumens) are not part of “the faithful”.  St. Robert Bellarmine acknowledges this fact.

St. Robert Bellarmine, On Baptism, Chap. 8: “… Acts 2:41, it is said, ‘Those who received his word were baptized, and they were added on that day about three thousand souls.’  There, we said that to be baptized is nothing other than to enter the Church.  This is why the Fathers, by a common consensus, distinguish catechumens from the faithful, and teach that the former are not yet within the Church because they lack Baptism, nor can they be called faithful. See Nazianzen (Orat. in Sanctum Lavacrum), Chrysostom (Hom. 24 in Joan.), Cyril (On John 12, 50), Augustine (Tr. in Joan. 4), the Council of Florence in its Instruction to the Armenians.”

These facts constitute further proof that no one is saved without the Sacrament of Baptism – a position proven by “solemn acts” in which dogma has been proclaimed.

“Am very grateful for this sharing, very enriching”

February 26, 2023

In This Sign

The Antichrist Conquers In This Sign

Wow. Shocking video. You make a strong case.



The Trinity & The Filioque

Am very grateful for this sharing, very enriching. God bless! Love it.

Susan Gore


Was The East Palestine Train Disaster A Planned Event?

Absolutely a planned event.


New Video

Was The East Palestine Train Disaster A Planned Event?

She Was Brought Back To The Faith

February 24, 2023

Brought Back To The Faith

Can A Christian Lose Salvation? – 1 Corinthians

Thank God for you, because you have brought me back to the faith, because now I understand it better, thanks to your efforts. This is because you explain with the examples as you do, but also you just put it very plainly and logically, and it makes me realize it's the truth...

Wendy S

Inca Emperor

The Last Inca Emperor – Converted To Christianity

This is very educational and interesting…


Informative about Benedict XVI

Benedict XVI: Was He A Real Pope?

This is very informative…

Darrell W

So Evil

Francis Contradicts God And St. Pius V On Homosexuality Laws

This man is so evil…

Cecilia Tkach

Converted but family is against him

February 23, 2023

Converted but family is against him

Hello Brothers in Christ… First of all I just want to thank you for your efforts editing videos about the True Catholic Faith. I visited your website and those videos are just so amazing and interesting. I was converted to the True Catholic Faith 3 years ago. I was just 14 years old, When I was in 7th Grade (1st year) I had a Teacher who is a Sedevacantist who shared us about the True Catholic Faith that's why I tried to research also and observed what is really the true Church and faith that the Lord built? They shared so many things about the words of God. It was difficult because I'm just the one who is converted and all my family is against me, saying you stupid etc. It's so sad and it hurts that they don't see the True Catholic Faith. So I'm so grateful that I have a family not in blood but faith who help me and prayed me. But now I need prayers... Thank you so much Brothers… May God bless you always...


Can you baptize a person in a coma?

February 23, 2023

Exposing Lies

Bishop Sanborn And John Salza Are Totally Wrong On Manifest Heresy – New Evidence From Pope Martin V

This is a spiritual battle and it is very clear God is on your side. He allows these clueless and bad willed heretics to spit out their lies and heresies with such pride and arrogance, so that when their lies are exposed, they should be ashamed of themselves, be humble and repent, but they continue in their pride no matter what facts is put before them. Even though their position is so absurd and has been refuted already, it is not a coincidence that you came across this Papal Bull at the right moment. Clearly God is with you and directs you. While he conceals this information from these heretics on account of their pride and bad will, he reveals them to you on account of your faithfulness and truthfulness… Thank you so much…

Philip M

Can you baptize this person?

Can we give baptism for people on coma stage and people who lost their mental stability in their life, if they don't have a desire to become a Catholic?



No, unless they previously expressed the desire to become Catholic and be baptized.

Baptism Without True Faith

Many adults are receiving baptism without Catholic faith. I know some non catholics who received baptism only to marry a Catholic. What about them? Do they receive valid baptism?


Yes, if they want to receive it, but it does not justify.  They would receive only the baptismal character without any grace.  We cover that in some detail in this video:

“The Church supplies power for the salvation of souls, not for the damnation of souls”

February 22, 2023

False Cardinals

Bishop Sanborn And John Salza Are Totally Wrong On Manifest Heresy – New Evidence From Pope Martin V

I'm so glad you made this video. You mention how Sanborn believes that the Novus Ordo cardinals are true cardinals, which is insane! Sanborn and his group erroneously believe that the Church supplies jurisdiction and or power to appoint cardinals to individuals (Antipopes John XXIII - Francis I) who they recognize as not having the power of the papacy. Now why would God and the Church supply power to appoint heretical, apostate cardinals?! The Church supplies power for the salvation of souls, not for the damnation of souls, but these Novus Ordo/ Vatican II cardinals have been doing nothing but invalidly electing more and more brazen apostates. How is that good for the salvation of souls? Why and how could the true Church take part in such an abomination by supplying power to continue this madness?! Clearly Sanborn's position is an attack on both the nature of the papacy and the holiness of the Church.

Semper Te Amabo

Powerful Video

Bishop Sanborn And John Salza Are Totally Wrong On Manifest Heresy – New Evidence From Pope Martin V

Thank you for contributing to our understanding and salvation! May God bless all of us! Powerful video.

Igor Chissico


Bishop Sanborn And John Salza Are Totally Wrong On Manifest Heresy – New Evidence From Pope Martin V

Dear Brothers,

Thank you for your excellent video exposing the false traditionalist serpents, Salza, Sanborn and others.  Thanks also for the point you made (on your e-exchange page) that these heretics who deny that baptism and the true faith are necessary for salvation, are actually animated by a spirit of antichrist.  Yes, indeed, and their hypocrisy and lies prove it…

Lee Ann