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August 2022

“This is what the Whore of Babylon looks like”

August 30, 2022

Apocalypse Now In The Vatican – Portuguese

MHFM: Our video Apocalypse Now In The Vatican has been published in Portuguese:

Apocalipse Agora No Vaticano

Other Languages – Francis’ Apostasy

MHFM: Our video Francis Participates In Prayer To Evil Spirits has been published in French, Spanish, Italian and Indonesian. This is a link to the French version:

François participe à la prière aux mauvais esprits

We have also recently published new videos in other languages as well.

Archaeologists, St. Peter

Archaeologists In Galilee Unearth Ancient Discovery Linked To Apostle Peter

This is fantastic, what a great find!


Doctrine, Counter Church

Francis names 20 “cardinals” including McElroy who gives “Communion” to abortion supporters

At the end of the clip, the reporter in Rome states that antipope Francis's actions have led to more diversity and inclusion and the future of the counter church will be less "doctrinaire". So here it is on national television that Catholic dogma will be ignored and instead the focus of the Vatican 2 sect will be to embrace LGBT and pro-abortion individuals and consequently their demonic ideologies. This is what the Whore of Babylon looks like.



Francis names 20 “cardinals” including McElroy who gives “Communion” to abortion supporters

That McElroy guy is one sick demented wretch. The Vatican II sect is continuing full speed ahead to its destruction...

Kieran S.


Sharyl Attkisson Shares Shocking Story Of FBI Targeting Her Family - 42 second must-see video

It’s pretty scary the power these demons hold. To try and ruin someone’s life it’s unbelievable the lengths they will go.


The Catholic Church Cannot Bring Harm

August 29, 2022


"Bishop" McElroy reportedly approved "Catholic charities" partnering with gay adoption agency

Based on the revelations that MHFM made about "Bishop" McElroy's support of sexual abominations, it is ironic that he appears as a spokesperson in a training video for prospective hires named "Protecting God's Children" that is used by the "Archdiocese" of Detroit.


Catholic Church cannot bring harm

Pope Leo XIII, Caritatis (#10), March 19, 1894: “… the Catholic Church is so constituted as never to bring forth anything at all harmful to peoples and to states, but only benefits, even in temporal matters.”


Can one make this statement about the Vatican II Sect? No.

Pope Leo XIII on Reason and Freedom

August 29, 2022

Reason and Freedom

Pope Leo XIII, Libertas (#6), June 20, 1888: “… man is by nature rational. When, therefore, he acts according to reason, he acts of himself and according to his free will; and this is liberty.  Whereas, when he sins, he acts in opposition to reason, is moved by another, and is the victim of foreign misapprehensions. Therefore, `Whosoever commits sin is the slave of sin’ (John 8:34).  Even the heathen philosophers clearly recognized this truth, especially they who held that the wise man alone is free; and by the term ‘wise man’ was meant, as is well known, the man trained to live in accordance with his nature, that is, in justice and virtue.”

Leaving Dispensational Theology

John 3:5 Defined As A Dogma At Trent, Theologian Admits

I just ordered a catholic bible for the first time after being KJV only. I am leaving dispensational theology which is Zionist… After prayer I have finally been given the truth, The Holy Catholic Church is the one true apostolic Church, and True Christians (Catholics) are the chosen people and Israel of God. Blessings and Salutations MHFM… your videos are wonderful and packed with loads of information.


Pope Leo XIII on Religious Liberty as Freemasonic

August 27, 2022

Video converted him

The Amazing And Miraculous Image Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe

It was this video that converted me to catholicism actually.


Francis, Paganism

Francis Participates In Prayer To Evil Spirits

How many Catholics were martyred because they wouldn’t offer a pinch of incense to the Ancient Greek and Roman pagan gods?

Robert Weidner


Novak Djokovic Withdraws From U.S. Open After "Vaccine Rules" Keep Him Out Of America

... I came across a social media post with a picture of one of the tennis courts at the US "Open," in which you can see Moderna promoted as one of the event sponsors.


Leo XIII on Religious Liberty as Freemasonic

Pope Leo XIII, Humanum Genus (#22-24), April 20, 1884: “It is held also that the State should be without God; that in the various forms of religion there is no reason why one should have precedence of another; and that they are all to occupy the same place. That these doctrines are equally acceptable to the Freemasons, and that they would wish to constitute States according to this example and model, is too well known to require proof… Their chief dogmas are so greatly and manifestly at variance with reason that nothing can be more perverse.”


Creation and Miracles – Condensed Version


Caleb Kaverman

Leo XIII on the Wicked Media/Press

August 26, 2022

Pope Leo XIII, D’all’alto (#9), Oct. 15, 1890: “… the chief instrument employed by our enemies [i.e. Freemasons, etc.] is the press, which in great part receives from them its inspiration and support, it is important that Catholics should oppose the evil press by a press that is good, for the defence of truth, out of love for religion, and to uphold the rights of the Church.”

"You have no idea how much this has helped me"

August 25, 2022

Vatican II vs. EENS

MHFM: So many of the heresies in Vatican II amount to a rejection the dogma Outside The Church There Is No Salvation. The rejection of that truth was the key to the Great Apostasy.


… Thank you for all your efforts to spread and defend the Faith


Eye-Opening, Mother Angelica

The Deception of Mother Angelica & EWTN

This is really eye opening…

Moobler Thomson

Transfiguration, Helped

Catholic vs. “Orthodox” On The Transfiguration Light (Leo, Maximus)

I really didn’t know the whole of this. You have no idea how much this has helped me. Y’all are in my prayers and thank you so much from the depths of my heart.


Vatican II, Jews

Vatican II’s Jewish Heresy

As always you take it to a new and higher level of knowledge. We are blessed for being able to witness the TRUTH of our faith, not the deceit of Vatican II. THANK YOU!

Chuck Langworthy

“The ‘Music’ Industry... seeks to distract people from God”

August 24, 2022


"Priest in fraud charges spent thousands on porn websites"

Elvis sold his soul too... Even the main singer of Led Zeppelin owned the house of Allister Crowley.


Rotten Fruits

"Priest in fraud charges spent thousands on porn websites"

Though not surprising that this happens in the Vatican II sect, it still is saddening. This "priest" is one of the many rotten fruits of modern... society in general.

In our days, you wouldn't be able to tell a lot of female college students from prostitutes, because most of them dress alike...



"Walmart Is Expanding Abortion Access For Its Employees" - 47 second video

This is the result of the SCOTUS decision to push the abortion ruling to the States. I was in a local CVS drugstore recently and I noticed a huge increase of advertisements for "birth control" pills at the pharmacy desk.


Music Industry

Evidence indicates Robert Johnson (considered the father of Rock and Roll) sold his soul to the devil - video

The 'Music' Industry, under the leadership of satan, seeks to distract people from God, the Blessed Virgin, Prayer etc. and keep them enslaved to pop, rock, rap etc.


The Trinity

The Trinity & The Filioque

Never before did I understand the concept of trinity to this extent!!! Thank you!