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February 2022

“Russia did have a conversion from its communist warring ways”

February 27, 2022


19-Year-Old Loses His Legs After Eating Leftover Takeout Food - 1 minute video

This is a tragedy, for sure. But in addition to the young man's predicament there lies another issue.  I have observed that people in our break-neck speed society never stop long enough to thank God for what they have, especially when it comes to consuming food.



St. Thomas Aquinas (A.D. 1274): “Unbelief… arises from pride, through which man is unwilling to subject his intellect to the rules of faith…” (Summa Theologiae Pt. II-II, Q. 10, A. 1, Reply 3)

Makes so much sense…

Antonio Eligius

Fatima, Russia

Dear Brothers,

It seems to me communism is a type (and the most accurate type) of hell on earth.  There is nothing good about hell and there's nothing good about communism, because both are Godless.  There is no truth, no justice, no love - and no escape.  Communism is like the waiting room of hell. 

Today, Russia is the last world power to oppose the Godless despisers of Christ (and their fake Christian Judases).  But it has done so only by the help of God and Our Lady of Fatima who freed it from its chains with the fall of the Soviet Union.  Unfortunately, Russia did not embrace Fatima and the true faith (just like the rest of the apostate world).  But in these last events, we can see more clearly than ever that Russia did have a conversion from its communist warring ways - as MHFM has so often explained to the Grunerites, fake traditionalists and others.   The period of peace promised by Our Lady set world communism back by a century, and Russia became the only real obstacle that stood in the way of their "New World Order".   That is why they hate Russia so much. 

As the faithful know, the dream of the NWO isn't new.  It's as old as the fall of Lucifer (or perhaps, as old as the period just prior to it), and has been fueled by the revolts against Christ since the beginning.   For those who have eyes to see (while, by the grace of God, escape from Satan is still possible), the events of these last days prove the truths of the Catholic faith, of Scripture and of Prophecy.  

Lee Ann


The Third Secret Of Fatima And The Impostor Sr. Lucia

… it is an impostor!!!!...


“By God’s grace I have been gratefully led to your website”

February 26, 2022

South Africa, Conversion

Good day,

My name is Nebojsa. Im a 33 y/o, White male born and raised here in South Africa. And by God’s grace I have been gratefully led to your website. I came across the section of your website called, 'Outside The Church There Is No Salvation And Refuting Baptism Of Desire’, which I know God led me to in order to open my eyes to His true and only Church, the Holy Catholic Church, the Traditional Church, not the Modern heretical Church post Vatican II.

As a result, I then read through everything that is contained in ’Steps to Convert’ so that I can begin my journey... into God’s one true Church…

Nebojsa Kramarsic


Australia Enslaved And The Plan For The World

Absolutely unbelievable so well documented. I had no idea things were this bad in Australia.

Don Haueter

Baptismal Contract With God

February 26, 2022


St. John Eudes (17th century): “For how is it possible that Christians should fall into such disorders, or lead such scandalous lives as so many do, if they only bore in mind that they had made a contract with God, in which they had promised never to enter into sin, and to maintain inviolable fidelity to the Divine Majesty; if they only thought that in violating this promise they should lose the grace which God had given them in Baptism, and forfeit the right which they had acquired to the inheritance of eternal life, and become again the children and slaves of Satan.”

[qd txt="St. Peter of Alexandria (311): “Peter, the first chosen of the Apostles, having been apprehended often and thrown into prison and treated with ignominy, at last was crucified in Rome.”"]

“This pretended president of poor Ukraine is quite literally a Jewish clown”

February 25, 2022

Narrowly Avoid

Ukrainian Citizens Narrowly Avoid Being Hit With Missiles In Residential Areas - video

That was incredible. There is no doubt, that God protected these people.


‘President’ of Ukraine, Jewish

Some information about "President" of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy you may not have known

This pretended president of poor Ukraine is quite literally a Jewish clown.  A comedian! Who needs conversion for his poor soul.



Woman arrested at border for human trafficking shows clear signs of demonic possession - 57 sec vid

… Very compelling video about true demonic possession.


Latin America

Women in Colombia celebrate new "law" that allows babies to be killed up to 24 weeks - 34 second video

It's so sad to see Latin America devolve back into the barbarous paganism from which she had been freed. It's tragic to reflect on the many countries which had once been Catholic now under the dominion of the Devil.



BioNTech CEO Is Asked Why He Did Not Take The "Covid Vaccine" That He Produces - video

"It's not legal for me to take the jab". Yeah I wish it were illegal for me too. Too bad I'm ordered by the government to take them or have my movements restricted. Never gave in and never will. Hopefully, the Lord will put an end to this farce soon enough.


Denied By

God's Eternity & Immutability - Denied By Eastern "Orthodox" Speakers

Amazing work.


Speak up against wicked men

February 24, 2022

[qs txt="St. Alphonsus (c. 1745): “The deeper a soul has fallen into sin, the more it is bound down by the powers of Hell…”"]

[qd txt="Pope St. Gregory VII: “He who does not speak up against wicked men in consideration of his office consents to them; and he who does not do away with things that should be cut out commits them.” (July 25, 1076)"]

The worldly tyrants... are in for a surprise to learn hell is all about restrictions and confinements

February 23, 2022

Hell’s Confinements

Australia Enslaved And The Plan For The World

Your recent video warns of the tyranny taking place, that will eventually see its way to U.S. neighborhoods, if action isn't taken.  Hopefully, the video will draw multitudes of new interest to your website to learn the solution of repentance, conversion and prayer that are so desperately needed in these last days… Conspirator Gates cannot stop smiling, smirking nor laughing when asked about the future…

In a righteous world, it would seem quite easy to round up a few handful of conspirators and end the current madness.  Though as your material points out; there will never be another time in the world when the great apostasy could be reenacted. The worldly tyrants who place barriers and restrictions on the world's people, are in for a surprise to learn hell is all about restrictions and confinements... The vast punishments of hell, along with the sinful occupants that keep company there, should give people pause and consider their eternal fate in these last days.

God bless you and your works, 


Couldn’t care less

School Board member uses foul language in front of children because man didn't wear a mask as he spoke

The Marxists who have infiltrated the western education systems couldn't care less about the proper rearing of children, all they want is to brainwash the next generation.


Bad example causes thousands of souls to perish daily

February 22, 2022

[qs txt="St. John Eudes (17th cent.): “Bad example is the great stumbling block in the way of virtue.  It is the poison which infects the life-blood of society, and causes thousands of souls to perish daily.”"]


Pope Innocent III, Fourth Lateran Council, 1215: “And surely no one can accomplish this sacrament [the Eucharist] except a priest who has been rightly ordained…”