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January 2015

Help Most Holy Family Monastery Reach More People

January 7, 2015

Billboard, Outreach

I really appreciate the new DVDs. If you buy them in bulk it is so easy to evangelize. You can just set them on people's doorstep and pretty soon many more people have been exposed to the information. It is important for people to hand out those DVDs.

Sincerely, William

… thank you for sending me a copy of the new DVD.  I'm sure it will accomplish much good and I hope to purchase more copies to give away in the future.  The amount of effort your monastery puts out to spread the True Faith puts all of the other 'traditionalist' groups out there to shame.  What you have managed to accomplish in the way of evangelizing is more than these others have done COMBINED!  That's a fact, and it says a lot when you consider the size of groups such as the SSPX and the amount of funds they receive from their supporters.  And yet your monastery, though small in comparison, has been consistent in running ads, erecting billboards, distributing large amounts of material practically for free, creating videos on YouTube, etc.  It shows that your priorities are definitely in the right place while the false traditionalists seem to really care less about their fellow man, just as long as they have chapels, vestments, etc.  Of course, that's not a bad thing in itself, but when we live in times of such spiritual desolation of countless millions from the traditional Catholic faith, our main priority should be trying to truly convert people to it.  All else is secondary.  God bless you, Brothers.


Thanks for the interest.  Some people were very excited about the billboard we recently put up last summer in California (picture and description).  Well, we were able to purchase that billboard for more than an entire month for only $3,500.  That’s a tremendous deal when one considers that it’s on one of the most congested spots of one of the busiest highways in the country (the 405), where an estimated 723,000 people see the billboard each week.  That deal (or one that’s essentially equivalent) might be available to us in the future as well.  There are unsold remnant billboard spots available all over the country that can be purchased.  It was the first time we ever ran a billboard.  However, almost all of our outreach has been in other areas.  Over the last around nine years we have run numerous national TV ads, national radio ads, internet ads, and direct mailings.  Many people have found the true faith as a result of these and similar efforts.  (In fact, many of the people reading this probably found our material as a result of one of those things.)  We have also offered our material for extremely low prices so that people can easily give out free copies to others.  For example, there are approximately 380,000 copies of the Padre Pio book in circulation.  We only have about 20,000 copies left.  We will need to do another large run of those books soon.  We only have 5,000 copies left of the book on UFOs.  That’s another book we will need to reprint.

We also want to thank those few true Catholics who have zeal to distribute our information and contribute in the most critical mission to help save souls.  We continue (on a daily basis) to reach people with internet ads.  In fact, millions have come to our website from our internet ads alone.  We would like to run more national TV and radio ads, as well as billboards.  Unfortunately, due to the amount of funding we receive (if something doesn't change this year), we will have to focus our advertising outreach only to certain areas.  Therefore, the number of those who will find out about the crucial information we make available will be limited.  Many people who have discovered our material are happy and satisfied that they have seen the truth.  They like the information, but unfortunately they lack the zeal and the true charity to evangelize their family members, friends, people they run into, etc.  Many of them don't distribute free DVDs (the 9 in 1 DVD is recommended for distribution to random individuals), give out the website or help us financially so that we could give others the opportunity to come to the knowledge of the truth.  In other words, they use the information themselves but don't really do much or anything to help the cause.  They are hearers of the word, not doers of the word (James 1:22).  That's a primary reason that very few are saved (Matthew 7:13): i.e. they don’t really care about other people, but mainly about themselves.  (Also, as we've mentioned numerous times in the past, if people are supporting any of the other groups which unfortunately embrace false positions or teach heresies - which is basically all of them - they will lose their souls.)  So, we don't ask people who are struggling or in debt to help us, but people who have the financial ability and stability to do so.  But if something doesn’t change dramatically in the very near future, we may be shutting down one of our 24 hour answering services.  That's the answering service we have been using for our national TV and radio ads.   If that happens, all possible future national TV and radio ads will end.  And if that happens, we will most likely not be running any more billboards either.

Bro. Michael Dimond

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Billboard we put up last summer in California

National TV AD we ran (which would be updated with a new 12-in-1 DVD we are working on if we ran it in the future)