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Reader Comments

There have NOT only been two ex cathedra statements in Church history

June 17, 2024

Dogmatic Definition

The Catholic Church – Trent Horn Misleads Calvinist “Redeemed Zoomer”

Great video! This dogmatic definition from Pope Pius XII also further shows just how wrong the notion is, that there have only been two ex cathedra-statements in Church history.



The Catholic Church – Trent Horn Misleads Calvinist “Redeemed Zoomer”

… Excellent refutation!



The Catholic Church – Trent Horn Misleads Calvinist “Redeemed Zoomer”

… Thank you so much for this illuminating and educational video!



The Catholic Church – Trent Horn Misleads Calvinist “Redeemed Zoomer”

Wow. Another great video…


“MHFM has helped me deepen my faith in the true faith of Catholicism”

June 15, 2024

Deepened My Faith

Grace from God and peace from our Lord Jesus be with you who read this. So happy to have come across your content, it has helped me deepen my faith in the true faith of Catholicism… I am an Australian, from the east coast in a city called Brisbane.

Thank you all for the work that your ministry does…


The Anti-Papacy Of Benedict XVI; Bergoglians Promotion Of Perversion

June 14, 2024

The Anti-Papacy Of Benedict XVI

Antipope Francis Again Personally Confirms James Martin's "LGBTQ Ministry"

The use of Francis' "slur" as some sort of confirmation of his supposed conservatism reminds me of the sort of stuff you were pointing out during the antipapacy of Benedict XVI. He would engage of all sorts of apostasy but would make the occasional conservative statement which the "traditionalists" would hold up as proof of his orthodoxy.

J Knight

Promotion Of Perversion

Francis Comes Out In Support Of “Pride Month” Defender

Thank you brothers for hammering in that this wicked sect is not the Universal Church of Jesus Christ. I've had my rounds with what I call Bergoglians… They also like to confuse the VatII sect's promotion of perversion as "mercy."…


Video Posted

Francis Comes Out In Support Of “Pride Month” Defender

Clown World; Glowing Punishment

June 11, 2024

Clown World

Francis Comes Out In Support Of “Pride Month” Defender

At 3:55, it seems they took a picture in front of a bust of Pope Leo XIII, outrageously mocking the teachings of the Catholic Church against heresy and heretics. At this point, the Vatican II sect defenders have the number one spot in Clown World, and behind them are the people who put "faith" in politicians and the "government". Great video.

Joao Gabriel

Glowing Punishment

Francis Comes Out In Support Of “Pride Month” Defender

MHFM's videos are so important to watch more than once -- a consolation in the midst of blasphemy characterizing modern pop culture. As shown at the end, just as Francis offered a "glowing" review of that impious work, likewise, the people who endorse Francis will be given a "glowing" punishment. It is revealed that they will be like transparent glowing embers, with "flames that issue from within themselves" (2nd Secret of Fatima)…

J. Balderston

The Rainbow To Insult God’s Mercy; June, Sacred Heart; Path To Virtue

June 9, 2024


Francis Comes Out In Support Of “Pride Month” Defender

Wow. Another one. Again and again this wolf proves himself to be an antipope. And supporting “Father” Martin is despicable... Thank you MHFM for all the work you do for true Catholics in these end times…


The Rainbow To Insult God’s Mercy

Francis Comes Out In Support Of “Pride Month” Defender

They wear the rainbow to directly insult God's mercy, just astounding.


June, Sacred Heart

Francis Comes Out In Support Of “Pride Month” Defender

June is supposed to be the Month of the Sacred Heart not a month of pride or degeneracy.

S Hernandez

Path To Virtue

How To Avoid Sin

This video has helped direct me on a path towards a virtuous life. Many thanks.

Ethan Brown

Interested In Becoming Catholic; Great Awakening

June 7, 2024

Interested In Becoming Catholic

Hi, I am really interested in becoming Catholic. I have been a baptized protestant for about 40 years. I am unfilled and I'm worried about now… so I started listening to your videos. And I had no idea about Vatican II…

Shayne B

Great Awakening

The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed

Thank you for this video. Great awakening. Hope and pray for all who joined this charismatic group will return to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church of Jesus.


Assisi False Peace

The Antichrist Revealed: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned

Fantastic video…

S Hern

Portuguese Catholics Against Buddhism

June 4, 2024

Portuguese Catholics Against Buddhism

Buddhist Prayer With Francis In Ancient Catholic Church Fulfills Prophecy

In the 16th century a pagan relic venerated as a tooth of Buddha came into the possession of the Portuguese. One eastern king who had a devotion to this relic offered an absurd amount of money to the Portuguese in exchange for the said relic. The Portuguese secular authorities were in favor of the exchange but the catholic clergy were against it. The vice king of India Constantine of Bragança sided with the clergy and handed the tooth to the archbishop of India Gaspar de Leão. The archbishop publicly pounded the tooth to smithereens with a mortar and pestle, then he threw the powder into a fire. Then when the fire burned out, he threw the ashes into a river. He did this chanting prayers of exorcism. This shows what the true Catholics think of Buddhism.


Eyes Opened

The Antichrist's Distinguishing Mark

Ok. It has been painful to have my eyes opened. May God continue to bless & protect you as you enlighten humanity.

Mary Chavez


Buddhist Prayer With Francis In Ancient Catholic Church Fulfills Prophecy

This powerful, short video concentrates so much essential truth, clearly with no words wasted and backed up with infallible dogma.


Kundalini & The Charismatics

Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed

The link to between slain in the spirit and kundalini energy is an outstanding effort! Thank you, this is such a great evangelistic tool. I hope this reaches many people before they open themselves up to demonic possession.

Jade Hulley

Video Posted

Buddhist Prayer With Francis In Ancient Catholic Church Fulfills Prophecy

Only The Blindest Of The Blind

June 3, 2024

Could Not Possibly

Buddhist Prayer With Francis In Ancient Catholic Church Fulfills Prophecy

God sent us a grace by permitting an anti-pope so evil that only the blindest of the blind would not see that he could not possibly be the pope.

Sandra Elam


Buddhist Prayer With Francis In Ancient Catholic Church Fulfills Prophecy

Great video as usual! God bless you and your work.

Fred Caillou

Preaching, But Not Believing - Heresy

June 1, 2024

Preaching, But Not Believing - Heresy

St. Jerome: You Cannot Be Saved Without Water Baptism

The Church cannot preach any other way to salvation than baptism and the sacraments. But God can save whomever he wills in whichever way he wills.



What you have expressed is a condemned Modernist error. You are arguing that dogmas are preceptive norms for acting, but not norms for believing. That’s condemned.

Pope Pius X, Lamentabile, The Errors of the Modernists, July 3, 1907, #26: “The dogmas of faith are to be held only according to a practical sense, that is, as preceptive norms for action, but not as norms for believing.” - Condemned

Since it’s impossible for God to lie (Heb. 6:18), He will only save people in the manner in which He has said people must be saved. Well, God has revealed that people must be saved with the Catholic faith and by an act in the name of Jesus Christ (Acts 4:12) – i.e. water baptism.

Video Posted

Anathema - Jimmy Akin Gets It Wrong In Debate With James White

Insightful Video

Anathema – Jimmy Akin Gets It Wrong In Debate With James White

Incredibly outrageous that Akin found it appropriate to celebrate the Vatican II antichurch’s statements regarding how all Protestants aren’t actually anathematized! This also goes back to how God doesn’t give graces to those that seek approval from other men rather than God alone, as Akin shamelessly did. Thanks for another insightful video, Brothers!

Servus A

Another Protestant Sect

Anathema – Jimmy Akin Gets It Wrong In Debate With James White

Jimmy Akin thinks that he converted to Catholicism from Protestantism. He doesn't know he has joined another protestant sect which is the Vatican 2 counter church. He never was a Catholic.


“I have begun to pursue the life of a true Catholic layman with more fervor”

May 27, 2024

More Fervor

I have been watching your YouTube videos for a few months now after a close friend, a traditional Catholic, gifted me copies of your material available for purchase. I… and was raised in the Vatican II sect, but after a conversation with my friend, reading some of the material, and watching some of your videos, I have begun to pursue the life of a true Catholic layman with more fervor…


Into Perspective

The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed

Dear Brothers,

Thank you for this outstanding video; it puts everything into perspective.  I never really understood the true scope/significance/purpose of this demonic movement until now, nor was I aware of how the movement had insinuated itself into the Church's structures until it basically took over.  I guess I never paid them sufficient attention, being more focused on the abominations of the men called priests and popes.  One thing I recall as I look back: I could never warm up to or consider these ostensibly conservative people 'friends' -- but I never knew why.  Now I do.  And this whole charismatic phenomenon now makes sense to me.  If Satan (ape of God) was to have a new "Church' -- a Counterfeit Catholic Church -- it would need a new 'Pentecost' and, of course, a means of giving 'life to the beast' -- as MHFM has so often explained.   

Recently, you posted a quote from Pope St. Gregory I which helped me to understand how the pride of heretics operates, and why all heretics despise the Church of Jesus Christ…. St. Gregory said:  "For a man is made similar to the apostate angel when he disdains to be similar to men."  The problem, from the heretic's point of view, is that Christ's true Church (as He has willed it) simply does not give the heretic his due!  Puffed up with pride like their father Satan, heretics prefer a different Church -- one that they think would give them greater glory and that admiration of others which their 'superiority' deserves.  So, what God wills will have to be tweaked, and He will just have to accept their more appropriate version of His Church.  

Lucifer did not think God's Church (which he was shown in vision) would give him the glory he thought he deserved.  The Pharisees despised the idea of a Church into which all the converted Gentiles of the world would enter on equal footing; weren't the Jews the "chosen" ones?  The Protestants/"Orthodox" also considered themselves to be above the rules and laws of God's Church; why would God place a papacy over them when they were more capable of making the laws themselves?   And in these last days, fake Catholics ecumenists and charismatics (also superior and magnanimous in their own sight) profess not just a new false gospel but a new 'Church', imagining that they have been called to be new saints and apostles, new priests and new theologians.  They even brag that their influence can be felt everywhere, totally oblivious to the fact that heresy is the wrecking ball which has destroyed Rome, just as it destroyed Jerusalem 2,000 years ago....

Lee Ann

Novus Ordo Is Not Catholic; Shocked By This Video

Novus Ordo Is Not Catholic

The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed

The main priest and many parishioners (not me) from the Novus Ordo church that I used to go to went to Israel last summer. I saw pictures... of the parishioners holding their hands out in prayer like they do in the charismatic movement. Scary! I'm so glad that I don't go to that church anymore, or any Novus Ordo church. Novus Ordo definitely is not Catholic. The fact that Novus Ordo means new order is another red flag. Thank you so much for making this video. It is so obvious that the Novus Ordo is not Catholic, and that the Novus Ordo is even demonic.


Shocked By This Video

The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed

I am shocked by this video…


Eye-Opening; Feel The Need; Attended Three Conferences

May 25, 2024


The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed

Wow!! Eye opening for sure!!!...


Appreciate It

The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed

Recently I saw your video on Charismatic Renewal. And I appreciate it. I wanted to say, that since childhood I grew up attending them though I was a catholic only for namesake…

I'm Patrick Alphonsus Gomes from West Bengal, Kolkata India.

Feel The Need

Greetings! I'd like to start by saying I'm a (long time) lapsed Catholic. I have recently discovered your videos… I feel I need to get right with God…

Attended Three Conferences

The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed

I've been waiting for this video from MHFM - what a magnificent expose of the demonic "Catholic" charismatic movement! More than 10 years ago, I attended 3 summer conferences at Franciscan University in Steubenville for the classes. It was impossible to avoid the nearly continuous pep rally with loud, rock music that was straight out of a Protestant megachurch, complete with overhead lyrics. I guess I dodged a bullet by never attending a "charismatic prayer service" (I was never a "hand waver"). I cringe to remember how deceived I was during those years in the Vatican II sect (in 2019, I became a real Catholic aka sedevacantist). The Vatican II heresies are obvious to me now, largely due to the education I've received from watching MHFM's excellent videos. Thanks be to God for the Benedictine Dimond brothers! You are saving souls every day as you proclaim the true Catholic faith, year in and year out. I believe you are fulfilling the prophesy that the Benedictine order will render great service to the Catholic Church at the end of the world.

Sandra Elam

Mockery Of The True Faith; “Tongues”

May 24, 2024

Mockery Of The True Faith

The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed

It's extremely sad that so many people have been tricked into taking part in this total mockery of the true Catholic faith. They don't even know what they are missing out on or the spiritual danger they are in. It is truly evil.



The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed

Wow this is superb. I’m at a loss for words…



The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed

They talk in tongues yet no one can understand them. This isn't what happened at pentecost with the apostles when they were understood in each others language.

Marilyn Young

I Don’t Know How Anyone Could Watch This And Still Think Vatican II Is Okay

May 22, 2024

I Don’t Know How Anyone Could Watch This And Still Think Vatican II Is Okay

The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed

I watched this because it was pinned in other videos. I did not know what to expect. I am shocked at what I have seen. I feel like I have been so deceived. This renewal movement has been a pack of lies. So many people who seemed so solid are not at all. This charismatic movement truly is from the devil. Thank you for taking the time to put this video together. I don't know how anyone could watch it and still think V2 is ok.

Little Thimble

Single-Handedly Pushed Me To Reject The Novus Ordo Sect

Single-Handedly Pushed Me To Reject The Novus Ordo Sect

The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed

This is by far one of the best videos you guys have released. It has single handedly pushed me to reject the Vatican 2 "Novus Ordo" sect. I cannot watch these clips without feeling disgusted at what the devil has done…


“I Wish I Had Seen This As A Teenager”

The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed

Thank you so much for exposing all this, and in such a thorough and well presented way. I wish I'd been shown this video as a teenager in the eighties! It would have saved me so much confusion as I had been poorly catechised. A friend at college apostatised and persuaded me to go along to a few of her protestant charismatic meetings. I had no idea it was mortal sin. It never worked when they tried praying over me, I thank God now. The apparent Church had stopped teaching the faith, the clear dogmas, thus many were led astray by this charismatic evil. It was taking over the parishes in England too. Priests like my old Irish one didn't like it but, in obedience to the bishop, went along with lay people bringing it in. My parents were very against it all. I remember my father refusing to join in the clapping at the end of Masses when people were being thanked for things...charismatics took over by increments such as that.

Carrie Jones

“All I can say is that the evil goes much deeper than I thought!”

May 21, 2024

Amazing Video

The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed

Thank you for the amazing video and in-depth research.



The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed

Thank you for this masterpiece brother.


It Goes Much Deeper

The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed

All I can say is that the evil goes much deeper than I thought!...

Vincent Perratore


The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed

Another great video. Many thanks!

River Boat

Great Exposure

The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed

A great exposure of this wickedness. Thank you.

Barry Spurr

Aztecs; Apocalypse; Chemtrails; Not By Chance

May 20, 2024


Cortes’ Amazing Conquest Of The Aztec Empire

Excellent video!!!

John Pyrke


Apocalypse Now In The Vatican

The best video in the world with a strikingly accurate interpretation of End Times & Apocalypse Now!

Amer. I


TN bans chemtrails and the sky is now completely different - video

Wow, shocking.


Not By Chance

Chameleon's eyes provide 360 degree vision due to unique eye anatomy - video

Not by chance. Our Lord creates such beautiful and brilliantly designed animals.


“Thank you for the vast amount of information available for many Catholics born after Vatican II”

May 15, 2024

Much Needed Shock

Dear Brothers,

… Thank you for the vast amount of information available for many Catholics born after Vatican II.  It has been a well needed shock to my soul, thank you… God Bless you and everyone at the Most Holy Family Monastery.



The “Strongest” Argument Against The Papacy (Pope Vigilius) – Refuted

These are the best videos on the internet...

J Knight

“Another stellar video defending the one true faith.”

May 10, 2024

Video Posted

The “Strongest” Argument Against The Papacy (Pope Vigilius) – Refuted

MHFM: This video is a must-see for those interested in apologetics and defending the Papacy. It addresses and refutes the ‘strongest’ argument that many Eastern ‘Orthodox’ and Protestants think they have against Vatican I and the Catholic Church’s teaching on the Papacy.

Powerful Video

The “Strongest” Argument Against The Papacy (Pope Vigilius) – Refuted

Powerful video.



The “Strongest” Argument Against The Papacy (Pope Vigilius) – Refuted

Another stellar video defending the one true faith. May God bless MHFM for your critical work.


The Papacy

The “Strongest” Argument Against The Papacy (Pope Vigilius) – Refuted

Outstanding video.



The “Strongest” Argument Against The Papacy (Pope Vigilius) – Refuted

Very well documented with footnotes and citations…

David Rodriguez

Ended When He Was Praying; Abomination Of Desolation; Las Vegas

May 9, 2024

Ended When He Was Praying

Las Vegas teen who said he saw a UFO and nonhuman says he believes it was a demon - video

Wow! He said it ended when he closed his eyes and he was praying!

Antonio Eligius

Abomination Of Desolation

No Catholic Believes What Francis Just “Approved”

Abomination that causes desolation is the new order mass.


Las Vegas

Las Vegas teen who said he saw a UFO and nonhuman says he believes it was a demon - video

Given the substantial presence of magicians in Las Vegas, it is to be expected that numerous 'UFO' sightings of a præternatural, dæmonic, devilish, hellish nature would occur in and round the city.


The Rapid Fall Of America; As A Child; Grateful

May 2, 2024

The Rapid Fall Of America

America Is Turning Into A Total Surveillance Society - video

This taking-down of America reminds me of watching the falling buildings of the first two towers, the ones hit by planes (supposedly); the falling of America is as a slow-motion film at the beginning and then finalizing in rapid speed. Also, I am reminded of the thorough presentation MHFM did on the Fall of America just not long ago!


As A Child

Bart Sibrel (award-winning filmmaker) proves the Moon Landing was a hoax - must-see video

I remember scurrying home to watch the "moon landing" as a child. The whole lunar hoax was a big con on kids in my generation, so much so that my brother had a model diorama of the supposed "Lunar Excursion Module," complete with gold-colored foil and with a 12x15 inch plastic "lunar" surface. "It is good to confide in the Lord, rather than to have confidence in man. It is good to trust in the Lord, rather than to trust in princes." Psalm 117: 8-9



Man Shot & Saw Hell – Shocking Must-See Video

Just watching this right now makes me so grateful to be still alive.


Important Verses; Bringing Truth; Inquiry Into Catholicism

April 30, 2024

Important Verses

… I completely understand John 5:44, Galatians 1:10 and James 4:4. Which are cited on your videos and how one should not care about anybody thinks, which I must admit before watching your videos I was very concerned about…

Why So Many Can't Believe

How To Avoid Sin

Bringing Truth


My life as a "Catholic" has been in the post Vatican 2 church… Only recently, in my late years,  have I realized… things that didn't make sense in post V2, but my family shrugs it off as "wounded people in charge"…

Thank you for all you do in bringing the Truth to the world.

God bless,

Inquiry Into Catholicism

How can I be a traditional pre-vatican ll catholic? Please point me in the right direction…


Thomas Merton Was Not A True Catholic

April 27, 2024

Thomas Merton

Was the Catholic monk Thomas Merton in error by seeking truths in other religions whilst remaining faithful to the Catholic religion?.. 

Jeff K


He was not a true Catholic.  He was, rather, a promoter of false ecumenism and religious indifferentism.  That is incompatible with the Catholic faith.  For why, see these videos (among others):

Born Into Pagan Family But Wants To Convert

Dear Dimond Brothers,

Thank you for your consistent work in propagating the Traditional Catholic faith. I am not a Catholic. I was born into a pagan family but my grandparents are Catholic (post V2). I am planning to convert to Catholicism due to your content. I refuse to worship pagan gods since my plan to convert. My parents are angry at me due to my behavior. Funnily enough, my grandma defended my parents and said that Catholicism is not against pagan worship. Please pray for me as well as for my family.

Best Regards,


It's great to hear that you want to convert.  It's crucial that you make it a priority to do so. We recommend that you pray the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently. That will give you important graces. We recommend that Catholics, if they can, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently. This is an important spiritual video:

Exchange on 1 John 5:1

April 23, 2024

They Misrepresent The Fathers

Every one who has believed on Jesus the Christ is born of God. And he who loves Him who begot also loves Him who is begotten of Him. (1 John 5:1)



Actually, the Greek of 1 John 5:1 uses γεγέννηται, a perfect tense verb meaning “has been born”, signifying an action completed in the past.

1 John 5:1- “Everyone believing [Πᾶς ὁ πιστεύων – present participle] that Jesus is the Christ has been born [γεγέννηται – perfect tense verb] of God…”

This indicates that every true believer in Christ (who possesses saving faith) has already been born of God in water baptism. We discuss this in our article and video on Cornelius:

You can’t believe with the result that you are reborn. It’s just the opposite: you must be reborn in baptism in order to possess saving faith.

As the Council of Trent declared:

Council of Trent, Sess. 6, Chap. 7 on Justification: “This faith, conformably to Apostolic tradition, catechumens beg of the Church before the sacrament of baptism, when they ask for the faith that gives eternal life, which without hope and charity faith cannot give.”

As St. John and the Council of Trent teach, a person does not have saving faith until he or she is born of God in the Sacrament of Baptism. That’s why the Church has always taught that only the baptized are ‘the faithful’. Pope Innocent III also solemnly declared that there is absolutely no salvation outside the Church of the faithful.

Pope Innocent III, Fourth Lateran Council, 1215: “There is indeed one universal Church of the faithful outside of which no one at all is saved…”

“Una vero est fidelium universalis ecclesia, extra quam nullus omnino salvatur…”

Different Path; Started To See Things

April 21, 2024

Different Path

Man Shot & Saw Hell – Shocking Must-See Video

We need to share this with the people we love. This video has put me in a different path…



No Catholic Believes What Francis Just “Approved”

He is not the Pope.

Jane Peinado

Started To See Things

Dear MHFM,

After investigating some of your videos, I started to see things for how they truly are... I've started digging into the traditional catholic faith, I stumbled across your videos… God willing, I will become a true catholic soon. May the Almighty God bless Your apostolate.  


“Your content is bone chilling. I left the R&R for sedevacantism over a year ago”

April 19, 2024


Benedict XVI: Was He A Real Pope?

Your content is bone chilling. I left the R&R for sede vacantism over a year ago. Now I am able to re-see your content and understand it better. Please pray for us! Ave Maria! Christus Vincit!



No Catholic Believes What Francis Just “Approved”

Excellent, concise video…


Very Clear

… Vatican ll and the Novus Ordo Mass is Counterfeit Catholicism. It is very clear Especially what is going on currently. Rome Has Lost The Faith.



Iran says if any Israeli weapons hit any of their nuclear sites it will prompt a pursuit of nuclear weapons

Every time—only the U.S. "vetoes". Outrageous situation. Unconscionable.


Over ten years of heresy from Francis, yet people are still arrogant

April 18, 2024

Unbelievable Apostasy

No Catholic Believes What Francis Just “Approved”

Incredible work. Over ten years of heresy from Francis, yet people are still arrogant to the truth. The gall that Vatican II sectarians have when they claim sedevacantists believe the gates of Hell prevailed against the Church. No. In fact, to believe that the Vatican II antipopes are true popes — when they’re not — is to believe the gates of Hell prevailed. Glory be to God my family and I were saved from the unbelievable apostasy of the Vatican II antichurch.

Sanctus 3


No Catholic Believes What Francis Just “Approved”

Excellent work again brothers!!!

Louis Stravinsky

Francis’ References

No Catholic Believes What Francis Just “Approved”

I noticed Francis quotes Francis a lot (as usual) in Dignitas Infinita. Almost all the other references are Vatican 2 documents or post-Vatican 2 "popes"…

David Wilson


No Catholic Believes What Francis Just “Approved”

Another great video…

Tomo Taimu

He’s Also Against

No Catholic Believes What Francis Just “Approved”

If I’m not mistaken, Francis is also against life imprisonment, calling it a “secret death penalty” in Fratelli Tutti… Meaning, someone can murder an entire family (including children), and according to Francis it would be immoral to either execute them or sentence them to life in prison. Wow, how diabolical. It’s almost as bad as the Once Saved Always Saved heresy.


So Clear & Obvious; MHFM Steered Me Away From “Orthodoxy”

April 13, 2024

So Clear & Obvious

Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception

Thanks! Your video makes the deception so clear and obvious. To me it looks like she was trying to take the place of Mary and the rosary.


Steered Me Away From “Orthodoxy”

The Trinity & The Filioque: Catholicism Refutes Eastern “Orthodoxy”

In my searching id considered the orthodox church… this video has helped me in confirming (to myself) the Holy Catholic Church as our Lord's Church. Thank you.

Tyler Minix

Life-Changing Experience Of Hell

April 9, 2024


Francis Calls Same-Sex Acts A “Gift” In New Autobiography

I’m on a journey to find the true church and I got to say you’ve impressed me a lot with your videos and your presentation style. I always manage to grasp what you’re saying no matter how complicated the subject; which I can’t say the same for a lot of other people I have seen…



We're glad that you are looking at the material. God wants you to become a traditional Catholic. The steps to convert are on our website. We also recommend that you pray the Hail Mary frequently and the Rosary each day. That’s very important. It will give you important graces to see the truth and do God’s will. We recommend that Catholics, if they can, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently. This is also an important spiritual video:

Life-Changing Video

Man Shot & Saw Hell – Shocking Must-See Video

Dear Brothers, 

Thank you for this spectacular video which shows us the hand of God at work in this breathtaking illustration of Divine Justice -- and Divine Mercy.  The first part of God's Mercy has been to allow Dominic to experience -- and also to be able to recall and describe in detail -- the true nature of hell.  But the second and even greater part of God's Mercy (towards him and towards all of us) is to be shown by MHFM how those truths of hell are Catholic and Biblical, and that what Dominic describes is either ignored or denied by all fake "Christian" religions (including the Vatican II Sect).  It was striking to me to see how precise, detailed and comprehensive Dominic's recollections and descriptions are, and I don't think that's a coincidence.  We pray for his conversion and for the conversion of others because, as Dominic correctly says, God wills it.  Interesting, too, were Dominic's remark on the hatred of the devils toward souls, and the absence in hell of hope and all good things - all of which are gifts of God that ungrateful men abuse and take for granted.  Thank you, MHFM, for another powerful and life-changing video.

Lee Ann


“Fr.” Mark Goring Is In A Diabolical Fog

This man is not a true priest. He is vain, worldly and heretical. Thanks be to God for exposing the truth!