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Reader Comments

A Catholic cathedral in Hiroshima was the targeted drop point for the atomic bomb

June 2, 2023

Catholic Cathedral

U.S. WWII pilot says he was ordered "to strafe anything that moved" to demoralize the German population

Not surprised to see this. The entire bombing campaign, against both Germany and Japan, were about targeting civilians to "demoralize". The Brits had the honesty to call them "Terror Bombings", not that they were ashamed of it, just what they called it. When they dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima (the most Catholic city in Japan) they used the steeple of a Catholic cathedral as the targeted drop point.

Bill M

“I'm a protestant who converted to Catholicism thanks to your videos”

May 30, 2023

What I Don’t Understand

Francis Got Angry That People Converted To Catholicism

What I don't understand… is why you still want to be catholic after knowing all of this.



The answer is that the Catholic faith is certainly the one true faith, outside of which there is no salvation. You will find biblical proof for Catholicism here: What’s happening in Rome now was specifically prophesied and parallels what happened to the holy city in the Old Testament when, as part of a punishment/chastisement, God left it desolate, allowed the people to be taken into captivity, and allowed the temple to be destroyed. The Throne of David (which God promised would have a perpetual succession) was also left vacant for an extended period of time. The fulfillment of prophecies in Rome in our day further proves that the Catholic Church is the one true Church. See these videos, among others:

Converted From The Videos

Proof: DNA Refutes Evolution

Thank you… I'm a protestant who converted to Catholicism thanks to your videos.


Massive Heresy

Francis Got Angry That People Converted To Catholicism

That's massive, more people should wake up now.


Is Real

Francis Got Angry That People Converted To Catholicism

Apocalypse in the Vatican is real…

Summer Scents

Cannot Be The Pope

Francis Got Angry That People Converted To Catholicism

… these facts that show that Antipope Francis CANNOT be the pope. Thank you Brothers for continuing to publicly expose this wolf.


Protestants are the masters of misinterpreting the Bible

May 28, 2023

Video Posted

How Many Serious Sins Do Protestants Think A “True Believer” Can Commit?

Contradicted By Scripture

How Many Serious Sins Do Protestants Think A “True Believer” Can Commit?

… it's actually amazing that anyone accepts Protestant teaching. Even if you adhere to a "Bible alone" methodology, their beliefs are constantly contradicted on almost every page of Scripture in one way or another. They are, without any doubt, false doctrines of Satan…

J. Knight

The Protestant Heresy

How Many Serious Sins Do Protestants Think A “True Believer” Can Commit?

Thank you for this video. It perfectly illustrates the faults of the Protestant heresy.



How Many Serious Sins Do Protestants Think A “True Believer” Can Commit?

Excellent video! Protestants love to accuse Catholics of not reading or knowing Sacred Scripture and yet they are the masters of misinterpreting it. They are deceived and take many souls with them to eternal damnation. I am the only Traditional Catholic in my entire family and I pray they convert before it’s too late. Lord, have mercy on us!

Brent Brandon

"Total annihilation of the false crooked religion of Calvinism"

May 24, 2023


Mary’s Sinlessness: A Biblical Documentary

ABSOLUTELY ILLUMINATING, so many things connected! I was so ignorant for so long.

Jack Gallant


The Truth About The SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups

I always rejected the SSPX, and their obsession with Lefebvre is ridiculous…


Annihilation of Calvinism

Justification Debate

Total annihilation of the false crooked religion of Calvinism.



Dear Brothers,

Thank you for your tremendous body of work and your exceptional, thoroughly researched presentations…

Clare Burke

This Video Soundly Demonstrates The Falsity Of Protestantism

May 23, 2023

Soundly Demonstrates The Falsity Of Protestantism

Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie

This video soundly and unanimously demonstrates the verifiable falsity of the Protestant doctrine of justification by faith alone. Let me explain further: As I watched this irrefutably argued video, my eyes, which were already opened, were permanently and irreversibly opened to the lie of the protestant doctrine of justification by faith alone—which itself is in complete contradiction to the Scripture in James 2:24. The mental gymnastics which protestant theologians must make to incorporate James 2:24 into their doctrine of justification by faith alone is utter insanity... Simultaneously, I became sick in my spirit while rejoicing in the Catholic truth: sick because as I studied for my BA (2003) and MA (2006) while I attended reformed protestant Churches like the Baptist and the Presbyterian, I was utterly deceived and believed a devilish lie for so long—a lie which was perpetrated by the very men in this video whom I loved, studied and admired for their seemingly sound scriptural wisdom; rejoicing because I had finally been set free from the protestant lie of justification by faith alone. I can now read James 2:24 et al. with comfort and ease without committing intellectual suicide or performing incomprehensible mental gymnastics. The damnable and pernicious lie of justification by faith alone must be stopped…

Let me end as I began: This video soundly and unanimously demonstrates the verifiable falsity of the Protestant doctrine of justification by faith alone.



The Third Secret Of Fatima

I've been reading your site and watching your videos for a while, slowly, at first not knowing your position (the first video I found was regarding covid-19…), and then I realized what I was reading and seeing. All of this information has been eye opening, and I thank God because He is allowing people to come to the Truth. God bless you!



"LA Dodgers decide not to honor group of ‘trans nuns’ that mocks Catholicism after backlash"

... look at the "Pride Night" logo... they had to make it in such a way as to resemble the Baphomet's head and/or the Masonic Compass.


Teaches The Opposite

Francis Gives Non-Catholics A Feast Day! – Blatant Heresy

More proof of how the Vatican II sect teaches the opposite of the Holy Catholic Church. The Bull of Pope Eugene IV "Unam Sanctum" is sufficient itself to refute most errors about salvation outside the Catholic Church. Anyone who rejects even one teaching of the Catholic Church is alien to Christ and his Church, and consequently the hope of salvation. How can truth ever be reconciled with falsehood? If the followers of the Vatican II sect really believed in the truth of the Catholic faith as they claim, they should also accept it's absolute necessity for salvation. It's ridiculous to believe that someone can reject any of Christ's teachings and still be a "Christian" only Catholics are Christians! Because only the Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ our Lord & Savior!


Going Over

I have been going over your content for a while now and couldn't be more thankful to the MHFM and the… brothers for their dedication to speaking Truth.

Alice Salles Affonso Hankoff 

The only death of the soul

May 19, 2023

‘Magician’ Teleports

"Magician" teleports on "Britain's Got Talent" - video

Pause at 0:48 and use . and , keys to navigate frame-by-frame. He literally just appears suddenly out of thin air on the right side.


The only death of the soul

St. Augustine, Letter 164: “… the only death which the soul can experience is sin…”

Irish convert rejects Vatican II Sect and becomes a Traditional Catholic

May 17, 2023

Shocking and Widespread

Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof)

Shocking. I had no idea this was so widespread and deep-seated!

Joseph Jarvis

The next fake Pandemic

Bill Gates announces the next fake pandemic date and fake outbreak location - video


I find it interesting that the new disease is called "SEERS". There is a top secret survival school in the U.S. Military called "SERE School" (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape). This school was originally designed for U.S. pilots, in the event their plane went down and they became P.O.W's. The survival schools in the military include different levels and SERE was eventually opened for U.S. Special Forces soldiers.


Became a true traditional Catholic

Dear Bros. of Most Holy Family Monastery,

… I… live in Ireland… Not accepting what the false traditionalists were saying, I searched for a defense of Fr. Feeney and this, obviously, led me to your website and to your book on salvation. I began praying the three Mysteries of the Rosary every day, going over all your material with a fine tooth comb. Just over a year ago I completely rejected the Vatican II sect and became a true traditional Catholic. Thank you for your excellent work…

Sincerely in Jesus and Mary,
Paul Browne

Greatest Mercy

Dear Brothers,

I was happy to learn that your video on Faustina was back on YouTube.  In these last days of the Great Apostasy and the Counterfeit Catholic Church, the greatest divine mercy a person can receive is the grace to find the true Catholic faith!... Most people cannot see what has happened in the Church and in the world, precisely because they don't have the true faith.  Praying the Rosary is exactly what they need to do, and the devil surely knows that.  So Satan devised Faustina's "devotion" to make certain the Rosary would get forgotten.  He gets people to reject true devotion to Mary by accepting a fake devotion to Jesus.  (To Jesus through Faustina.)  And on top of that, Satan promotes this fake devotion through the Antichrist himself and, conversely, promotes acceptance of the Antichrist through the details of this fake devotion.  Wow!  No one could make this up.   

Thank you for this excellent video.  I hope many people view it.

Lee Ann

So many people listening to heresies

Francis Gives Non-Catholics A Feast Day! – Blatant Heresy

So sick at heart to hear these heresies.  So many of our people are listening to him and their entire faith is going to be changed… I live near Wilkes-Barre, PA…



Francis Gives Non-Catholics A Feast Day! – Blatant Heresy

The British people say this King is not my King. As a devoted Catholic, this Pope is not my Pope.

John Morelis 


It’s both illogical and contrary to Catholic teaching to say that the “pope” is not your pope. He is, rather, an antipope.

"Francis supports sects that reject the Papacy"

May 16, 2023

The Problem

Francis Gives Non-Catholics A Feast Day! – Blatant Heresy

This inclusion of schismatics in the Roman martyrology should be a totally convincing proof that the Vatican II religion and its antipope are NOT the Catholic Church. The problem is, as you brothers well know and have pointed out, almost all the people who call themselves Catholics… believe and teach the heresy that salvation can be obtained by devotees of false religions. This heresy is the charter of the ecumenical non-Catholic sect headed by the apostate Bergoglio.



Modernists use Anti-Feeney Pseudo-Holy Office Letter to ‘justify’ Francis’ latest heresy

The grand irony. Francis supports sects that reject the Papacy and modernists expect you to support Francis unconditionally. If you criticize Francis and his support for sects that reject the Papacy, modernists accuse you of rejecting the Papacy. LOL.

Luigi Hudal

"The accusation that sedevacantism is Protestantism is so foolish"

May 13, 2023

Vatican II and Protestantism

Francis Gives Non-Catholics A Feast Day! – Blatant Heresy

The accusation that sedevacantism is Protestantism is so foolish. The Vatican II religion CONSTANTLY praises Protestantism! It is precisely because we, as real Catholics, absolutely repudiate Protestantism and other non-Catholic religions that we are sedevacantists.


Libertas and America

Tucker Carlson Out At Fox News – An Alarming Sign For America

The statement that follows Pope Leo XII’s quote from Libertas rings just as true: “The empire of God over man and civil society once repudiated, it follows that religion, as a public institution, can have no claim to exist, and that everything that belongs to religion will be treated with complete indifference.” That’s exactly what we see happening today.

Deus Vult

More and More

Francis Gives Non-Catholics A Feast Day! – Blatant Heresy

I've noticed more and more "traditional" Catholics starting to call him an invalid "pope". It's getting so bad even people that accept Vatican II. are embracing partial sedevacantism.

Mister Roc


They should all be convinced. The fact that so many still think he's the pope is an example of their 'belief' in buildings and robes (externals) and their lack of belief in Catholic teaching.

Narrow View

Francis Gives Non-Catholics A Feast Day! – Blatant Heresy

This is a very narrow view of salvation. As I understand it, we are daily working out our salvation. Salvation is not limited to being consummated with God in the new heaven and the new earth, in the afterlife, but also describes our current life with God, as we hope to live like The Christ.



Jesus taught that the way to salvation is narrow (Mt. 7:13-14).

Pope Gregory III, A.D. 739: “… it is written that small is the gate and narrow is the road that leads on to life.”


How To Avoid Sin (Overcome Yourself)

This video is awesome.


"Defending this dogma is of the greatest importance today"

May 12, 2023

Truly Shocking

Francis Gives Non-Catholics A Feast Day! – Blatant Heresy

Truly shocking…



Francis Gives Non-Catholics A Feast Day! – Blatant Heresy

Best "Catholic" channel!!...

Robert Pina

Important Dogma

The Roman Ritual, Pope Paul V, And The Necessity Of Baptism

Thank you… for this great video. Defending this dogma is of the greatest importance today.

Ignacio Lemmi


The Roman Ritual, Pope Paul V, And The Necessity Of Baptism

Excellent video, the proof for the necessity of water baptism is overwhelming…


“I have been learning a lot from [MHFM] concerning Catholic Dogma”

May 10, 2023

The Roman Ritual, Pope Paul V, And The Necessity Of Baptism


The Roman Ritual, Pope Paul V, And The Necessity Of Baptism

Excellent video, the proof for the necessity of water baptism is overwhelming…



Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception

Excellent video and it was immediately relevant to me… Your arguments are very well supported.

Joseph Rotondo


The Trinity & The Filioque

… I have been learning a lot from you concerning Catholic Dogma and the Errors of the Eastern Orthodox…


Bellarmine: Not All Are Sons of God

May 6, 2023

Bellarmine: Not All Are Sons of God

MHFM: This is an interesting quote from St. Robert Bellarmine about how grave sinners and unbelievers are not sons of God.

St. Robert Bellarmine, De Iustificatione, Book 3, Chap. 9: “For not only many sinners among Catholics, but also heretics, say to God: ‘Our Father who art in Heaven’. Nevertheless, they are not truly sons of God. And to the Jews saying [in John 8]: ‘We have one Father, God’, Christ said: ‘You are of your father, the Devil.’”

Sick Society

"Navy Confirms Using Drag Queen Influencer As A 'Digital Ambassador' To Attract Recruits"

Sick society.


Man Said He’s Antichrist

Man who says he's antichrist with the word Hell on his shirt

What a stupid way to die...

Lex orandi

Ireland’s Fall

“Ireland” seeking to punish those who hold anything which could be seen as hate against gender, religion

Of all the former Catholic nations, we are the absolute worst.


“Wow, this Palamas character was a polytheistic pagan”

May 4, 2023

Palamas, Pagan

Eastern "Orthodoxy" Refuted

Wow, this Palamas character was a polytheistic pagan, and now a "Sainted Doctor" of the false "Orthodox" religion.

Andy Slingblade


“Ireland” seeking to punish those who hold anything which could be seen as hate against gender, religion

Ireland has fallen into the abyss…


The Apostle John And Avoiding Heretics

May 3, 2023

The Apostle John And Avoiding Heretics

MHFM: This is an interesting story about how the Apostle St. John is said to have acted, according to a tradition that came down to St. Irenaeus. The attitude of the Church and the saints is obviously very different from the heretical false ecumenism of the Vatican II Counter Church: Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof).

St. Ireneaus, Against Heresies, Book 3, Chap. 3, c. AD 180: “There are those who heard from him [i.e. St. Polycarp] that John, the disciple of the Lord, going to bathe at Ephesus, and perceiving [the heretic] Cerinthus within, rushed out of the place without bathing, exclaiming: ‘Let us depart, lest even this place crash, because Cerinthus, the enemy of truth, is within.’ And when the heretic Marcion met Polycarp on one occasion and said, ‘Do you know me?’, Polycarp replied by saying: ‘I know you as the first-born of Satan.’ Such was the horror which the Apostles and their disciples had against holding even verbal communication with any corrupters of the truth. As Paul also says: ‘A man that is a heretic, after the first and second admonition, avoid, knowing that he is corrupted and that he sins, being condemned by himself.’”


Proof Of NASA Fakery? - video

Nasa / nasha is the Hebrew verb 'to deceive'.



“Exorcist Priest” Vincent Lampert – Demonic Activity And His Heretical Beliefs

Great Insight.

Tony Kirby

The Grace Of Baptism

Playlist Of Videos On The Salvation And Baptism Issues

Dear Brothers,

I just listened to your video "The Best Argument Against BOD," and agreed with it all… Thanks for your help.


She Prayed To Her Guardian Angel For The Truth

May 1, 2023

Prayed To Guardian Angel

In December 2022, I asked my guardian angel to reveal to me any truth I needed for salvation. Not long afterwards, a MHFM video appeared in my YouTube feed. I don't think that was an accident! I vaguely remember seeing MHFM material ages ago, but I rejected it as too extreme. This time, I had a very different reaction. From the first video I watched, I knew you were speaking the absolute truth. I thought I was a traditional Catholic before, but there is so much I did not know about the anti-church and anti-popes. I have watched most of your videos more than once… You have changed my life for the better. In January 2023, I got conditionally baptized, made a general confession… You are saving souls by proclaiming the truth of the Catholic faith. Thank you and God bless your work.

Sandra Elam

Lefebvre And The SSPX Promote Heresy

Lefebvre and the SSPX Promote Heresy

SSPX, CMRI & Francis vs. Powerful Papal Teaching

My name is Rafael Silva, I'm a 21 year old from Portugal… Last week I started watching your videos with my bride (we'll receive the Sacrament of Matrimony on 13th May, if God wants it that way) and, naturally, we've reached some conclusions, one being that, very sadly, Msgr. Lefebvre and SSPX defend and promote heresy. To be honest, there were some things that us and another friend started finding weird, namely the acceptance of the new "code of canon law", and after we found out the dogma of "there's no salvation outside of the Church" we started shaking. Why? Because more than that, we also know that the Society accepts and celebrates Masses for deceased non-Catholics... Thank you for your time and dedication to the Church of Christ Jesus. We just want to follow Catholicism in its fullness…

Best regards,
Rafael Rodrigues da Silva

Globalism and Apostasy

Dear Brothers,

I was listening to a video in which the speaker succinctly summarized the exasperated bewilderment of apostate man.  She said: "How is this possible?  How can every single nation in the world - 196 nation states - how can every single one of them sign on to destroying their people?  To giving up their sovereignty?  To eliminating any kind of informed consent?  How can any country do that?  And how is it that every one is doing that"  

Today, many express these remarks as if they were simply rhetorical questions.  But they are not… faithful Catholics know the answer… From the time of their revolts, the Protestants and the Orthodox have rejected the authority of Christ (which He exercises through His one true Church) over both the individual and society.  And now, as predicted, the fake Catholics of the end-times have joined their ranks as they bellow their cries of 'Separation of Church and State' (and all the other Christ-rejecting heresies they profess and defend).  So, we take exception to the implication of the oft-repeated (but never answered) rhetorical question - because it does indeed have an answer.  But our question is: How is it possible that people (who claim to believe in Christ) still cannot recognize that worldwide communism - like every evil in the world - is the consequence of heresy, schism and apostasy from Christ?

Lee Ann

2nd Century Christian Writer Contradicts Faith Alone

April 30, 2023

St. Irenaeus Contra Faith Alone

MHFM: St. Irenaeus, an important early Church father, wrote about AD 180. His writings are filled with statements that contradict the false gospel of faith alone and once saved always saved. Below is just one example. After quoting Galatians 5 and 1 Corinthians 6, he states:

St. Irenaeus, Against Heresies, Book V, Chap. 10: “He [St. Paul] shows in the clearest manner through what things it is that man goes to destruction, if he has continued to live after the flesh…”

It’s astounding that so many people embrace the heresies of faith alone and Protestantism when those ideas are not only patently opposed to the clear teaching of Scripture but also the obvious witness of the early Christian fathers.


The Trinity & The Filioque

My mind is blown. I really respect your work…


No Conviction

Cameron Bertuzzi Proves Bro. Peter Dimond Correct

Yes, this proves you correct. There is no real fear of God in these people and also no strong conviction about the inerrancy of Scripture and the magisterial teaching of the Church. They need to go to your website and learn, learn, learn, and become Catholic. As you say the root of the problem is the denial of the authentic salvation doctrine of the Church by almost all "traditionalists" and by those they continue to call their pope and hierarchy.


The Pseudo-Holy Office Letter

April 28, 2023

… One thing I am struggling with is the whole baptism of desire problem. Intellectually, your arguments make sense to me. But what is making me hesitant to fully accept it is that I was seemingly condemned by the Holy Office pre V2. I don’t remember that being addressed in the video I watched, can you explain this to me?...



This video/article covers the alleged Holy Office Letter: The Holy Office - Is It Infallible? (Geocentrism & Fr. Feeney)

In short, Holy Office acts/decisions that are approved in common form are not infallible.  That's explained in the aforementioned article/video.  Suprema Haec Sacra (the letter written against Feeney, dated Aug. 8, 1949) was not only a supposed 'common form' act (demonstrating that it was not infallibly promulgated), but it wasn't even officially promulgated.  It was never published in the Acts of the Apostolic See.  Therefore, it was actually a private, fallible, modernist document written by a 'cardinal' that served as a heretical basis for post-Vatican II heresies.  Yet it's erroneously treated by many people as a dogmatic proclamation that overrides the actual dogmatic definitions.  It's absurd.

This playlist of videos thoroughly covers the salvation and baptism issues:

True Conversion

Cameron Bertuzzi Proves Bro. Peter Dimond Correct

Dear Brothers,

In addition to proving how utterly disgraceful the Vatican 2 Sect is, your important videos on Bertuzzi also reminds us… that the people who accept the Vatican 2 Sect and its anti-popes do not understand what a true conversion is.  Although it's the greatest of miracles, conversion is meaningless to them.  They do not know that when a person truly converts, he changes.  He becomes a new person, and the old man is left behind, as Sacred Scripture repeatedly warns us he must be.   A person's beliefs change; his understanding of the world, of himself and of others change.  Above all, his view of God changes, and he now clearly comprehends the importance of the true religion and the reality of the last things…

Lee Ann


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception

Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the great new video, Faustina and the Divine Mercy Deception. This video gives a critical insight into the dark and twisted heart of the Vatican II sect and the Antichrist. From the pride that the Devil nurtured in Faustina, to the substitution of devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Rosary, to the fake and horrifyingly dangerous 'indulgence' of 'Divine Mercy Sunday,' evil managed 'sneak in the back door' to deceive multitudes. This is a critical video…

God bless,
Chris White 

“When a corporation fires its leading moneymaker, we should ask who gave the order”

April 26, 2023

True Liberty

Tucker Carlson Out At Fox News – An Alarming Sign For America

Your other video, "Why America’s Freedoms Are Disappearing" (similar in topic to this video) has another beautiful commentary near the end of that video (9:06 - 10:00) which I believe many people in our day would benefit from hearing... "True liberty is not to do whatever you want. But to live in accord with right reason, your nature, and God's law. That's how one is truly free."

Andrew K.


Tucker Carlson Out At Fox News – An Alarming Sign For America

"But who, does not see and clearly perceive that human society, when set loose from the bonds of religion and true justice, can have, in truth, no other end than the purpose of obtaining and amassing wealth, and that (society under such circumstances) follows no other law in its actions, except the unchastened desire of ministering to its own pleasure and interests?" - Pope Pius IX, Quanta Cura


Tucker Carlson Out At Fox News – An Alarming Sign For America

Insightful commentary as always. Tucker was a huge moneymaker for Fox News, yet he was let go. We have to ask why. This was an agenda-driven dismissal. As Bro. Peter shared, all voices of reason are being canceled. When a corporation fires its leading moneymaker, we should ask who gave the order. I believe it came from higher up the globalist hierarchy than Rupert Murdoch.



“Divine Mercy” Video Temporarily Removed From YouTube

I watched your video on your website after I heard it was taken down. The video was extremely compelling…


Paganism is endorsed in the EU

April 22, 2023


Islamized UK: For The First Time, Streets Of London Are Decorated For Ramadan

Belgium isn't much better: "This Good Friday, Muslims celebrated the breaking of the Ramadan fast in the St Jozef Church in Gent, Belgium. The former Catholic neo-Gothic church was consecrated in 1883. It has been owned by the city since March 2019. The current mayor of Ghent is Mathias De Clercq who is a member of the Open VLD party, which promotes the oligarchic system, homosexualism, abortion, and mass-immigration." (EN News)

Dominik Geis


Cameron Bertuzzi Proves Bro. Peter Dimond Correct

A very important video to watch. Yes indeed, the word "disgrace" could hardly be a better description, not only of Bertuzzi's actions, but by his unwitting V2 collaborators who just drink it all up. After expressing an intent to join Catholicism, then receiving money from "Catholics" (and a collection basket very likely also contains widows' mites), Bertuzzi withholds due honor from God by refusing to actually "profess" the Catholic Faith. The gesture is outrageous, but outrage now characterizes everything transpiring within the V2 sect. Almost daily a new wonder, astonishment, or sacrilegious abomination rears its ugly head, but the masses are desensitized to such an extent that they continue to send contributions, despairing of any better option. Mercifully, it's not too late for them to return to the straight and narrow path, and exchange the string of disgraceful scandals for Sanctifying Grace. They should redirect donations to Most Holy Family Monastery, pray the Holy Rosary, and quickly read "Mortalium Animos" to rediscover the true meaning of Christian "unity."

J. Balderston

New Video Posted

Cameron Bertuzzi Proves Bro. Peter Dimond Correct


Dear Brothers,

I've just watched your video on Abraham: Faith, Providence and Prefigurement.... really, really excellent! It is providence indeed that I should get to watch it too. It clarifies and puts into words what I was kind of beginning to think regarding the doctrine of absolutely no salvation outside the Church and the fewness of the saved, how hard it is to believe, and yet faith surely demands this of us in all humility and trusting obedience.

I'm so glad I have started to watch all your videos.  They make more and more sense to me and confirm the things I always deeply held, things my dad had passed on to me of the old faith, but which seemed to be ignored by everyone. I'm glad I had the courage to stop my children and I attending Mass this Easter because I doubt the validity.  It was scary and sad, but now I feel like a weight of hypocrisy and confusion has been removed from my life.  In the rosary and the Angelus I stay close to Mother Mary each day and the Sacred Heart of Our Lord, and I ask St. Mary Magdalen to pray for me…

Thank you,
Carrie Jones in England 

Paganism Is Endorsed

Islamized UK: For The First Time, Streets Of London Are Decorated For Ramadan

Shocking how paganism is endorsed in the EU.

Lex Orandi Lex Credendi

Thomas Byles was an English Catholic Priest on the Titanic

April 19, 2023


"New York AG Letitia James hosts 'Drag Story Hour' for children" - video

The Drag Queen Story Hour nonsense is diabolical child grooming…

Horse Sense

The Titanic

People that were against the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank were on the Titanic

Thomas Byles was an English Catholic Priest (among two others) on the Titanic. According to one survivor he would hear confessions... Our Lord, knowing the ship would sink, ensured Catholics in their last hour would have access to confession. Our Lord is the good shepherd always.

Daniel Frenkel

Pope Leo the Great on the Gates of Hell

April 17, 2023

Process of Converting

Hello, I’m… in process of converting to Catholicism, maybe I will convert to Sedevacantism. I used to be Protestant before, but since I watched the video vaticancatholic made, Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie, I started doubting Protestantism and later I thought that I should convert to Catholicism. I was against Catholicism when i was Protestant and i never thought that i will be in this process of converting to Catholicism and maybe to Sedevacantism. But here I am, and praise God for this…

God bless, I appreciate your help, and I appreciate vaticancatholic and, videos and website where you put efforts, thanks for your help, peace and blessings.



We’re glad you recognized that Protestantism is false. To truly convert to Catholicism at this time, you need to embrace the sedevacantist position, as our material explains.

Leo the Great on the Gates of Hell

Hello MHFM,

Here's a quotation from St. Leo the Great that supports the position that heretics are the Gates of Hell:

Pope. St. Leo the Great, Sermon 3, 3: “The dispensation of Truth therefore abides, and the blessed Peter persevering in the strength of the Rock, which he has received, has not abandoned the helm of the Church, which he undertook. For he was ordained before the rest in such a way that from his being called the Rock, from his being pronounced the Foundation, from his being constituted the Doorkeeper of the kingdom of heaven...
   This Faith conquers the devil, and breaks the bonds of his prisoners. It uproots us from this earth and plants us in heaven, and the gates of Hades [Hell] cannot prevail against it. For with such solidity is it endued by God that the depravity of heretics cannot mar it nor the unbelief of the heathen overcome it.”

As MHFM points out, to say that a heretic like Francis is the Pope is to say that the Gates of Hell have prevailed. Also interesting is the following: Pope St. Leo states that a true Pope is the “Doorkeeper of the kingdom of heaven” before writing about the “Gates of Hell.” One cannot be the doorkeeper of the Kingdom of Heaven and the doorkeeper of the Gates Hell at the same time. But that's the position of, for example, at least some in the SSPX, whether they admit it or not, when they say that the Vatican II «popes» have two magisteria, i.e., being leaders of the Catholic Church (Kingdom of Heaven) and of the heretical Counter Church (Gates of Hell) at the same time.

Rafael Centeio


Dear MHFM,

I am a baptized Catholic in Hong Kong (of course, by a priest ordained in recent years). I have been so confused after reading many of your materials and websites continuously for few days. On the other hand, I still read arguments from some priests that don’t agree with Sede idea. I have gone through most of your materials but I still have some questions… Assuming your position on our faith is real (sorry because I am still discerning and continuously reading different information), when will the real church come back?...

Thank you and sorry for probably having some mistakes in my English. May God guide us to the truth.

God bless,

Henry Chan


Henry, you need to embrace the truth. The truth is presented in our material. The Chair of Peter is definitely vacant. That’s the true Catholic position. Those ‘priests’ who don’t agree with that position are totally wrong. Your questions are answered in these videos (among other materials on our site). The current situation in Rome was prophesied:

Big Trouble

Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception

Your in big trouble if your wrong about this devotion

Eileen James


First, we’re not wrong about it. We are definitely correct. Second, if you can see these facts (and others we present) and still think that Faustina’s messages were from God, then you are in big trouble.

On how many practitioners of the "Divine Mercy Devotion" stopped saying the Holy Rosary

April 15, 2023

New Video Posted

Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception

How many had stopped

Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


Thank you so much Brother Michael for your excellent video exposing the massive spiritual deception of the Divine Mercy devotion.  It was a long time needed and very welcome as this devotion has spread throughout the Vatican II Counter Church and even some false Traditionalist groups. I learnt from this video some very disturbing facts about Sister Faustina and this evil Devotion she has received from the Devil.  I had noticed how many practitioners of this Devotion I knew had stopped saying the Holy Rosary and were saying this Devotion, and how it seemed to promote the idea of universal salvation and almost suggest an amnesty for unrepentant sinners who nonetheless said those "prayers". Brother Michael did an excellent job in providing crucial detail from Sister Faustina's insufferably self indulgent Diary, which exposes how self obsessed and lacking in humility this Sister Faustina was… Which brings me to the most disturbing aspect of this, which it appears there is no mention of Mary. Instead Our Lord is quoted by her as saying that she is the most important saint, or such like, something which Our Lord would never say and which completely ignores Our Lady who alone among all creatures was granted the unique privilege of being born without Original Sin and is the greatest of the Saints and who would hold the greatest of affection with Our Lord. I got the impression from some of the quotations from her diabolical Diary that she rather considered herself a replacement for Our Lady in her importance. This Devotion was clearly intended to undo and undermine the potency of a wider practise among Catholics of the Holy Rosary, by providing an alternative and pretending that it was a more effective remedy for sinners and to obtain salvation, both of which are false promises and lies straight from Satan. It is now time for the Divine Mercy Devotion to be called out for what it is, a false devotion inspired by Satan and brought to us by a self obsessed and narcissistic nun. The Holy Rosary and Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus need to be firmly placed back in their rightful place, and the Divine Mercy deception exposed and dumped as heretical and theological trash that actually can lead souls to Hell.

Yours In Christ



… I have watched some of your videos, and you have helped me to know what to do to receive salvation…

Thank you...


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception

Great exposé of Faustina Kowalska.

God bless MHFM.

V. from Croatia

A Substitute

Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception

MHFM: The deception surrounding Faustina and 'Divine Mercy' is massive. It truly is the Devil's clever substitute for the Rosary, devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the uniqueness of Easter Sunday.


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception

Thank you Brothers for this critical video so necessary for these times!... fantastic information…

God bless you from Ireland.
Mary Wrenne

"My friends have converted only a couple of months ago as well"

April 14, 2023

Have seen enough

Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception

Once again, MHFM has blown my mind with another video. We pray the DM every single day and try to do so at 3pm. I'm afraid I have seen enough to cease this devotional practice. Thank you for your due diligence!


Irrefutable Evidence

Dear Brothers,

… I am only a sedevacantist for around a year now and reject BoD since October. My friends have converted only a couple of months ago as well and they see that your doctrine is sound and supported by irrefutable evidence…

Your brother in Christ,

P.S. By the grace of God and with the help of your video Death and the Journey into Hell another sheep was added to Christ’s flock today…

Recent Videos

Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the excellent videos you recently posted.  The one on Powerful Papal Teaching illustrates the utter fraudulence of that which publicly passes for "Catholicism" or "Christianity" in our world today, and proves that we are at the end of the Great Apostasy.  It also shines a bright light on the liars of the SSPX, the CMRI, etc. who present themselves as "Catholic" spokesmen.  Likewise, the video on Faustina puts into sharp focus the tactics used by the devil (and JP2) to win all souls for Hell.  Who but the Antichrist could pull this off (along with all the other things he did in fulfillment of prophesy)?  Various "Christians" claim to be flabbergasted by the amount of lies and deceptions going on in the political arena - all the while ignoring the fact that the lies begin with them.

The clip of the actress Helen Hayes reminds us that the Great Apostasy itself started well before Vatican II.  Hayes was born around 1900, became an actress at an early age, and was still working in Hollywood as an old woman.  According to her biography (as well as her own words in the clip) she actually had little use for the true teachings of the Catholic Church.  Nevertheless, she loved to present herself as if she were a model "Catholic" and, as far as I am aware, was generally accepted by the "Catholic" world as such until her death in the 1990's.  Hollywood actor/fake Christian spokesman?  Same thing.

Lee Ann


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception

… after watching the part about the handling of the eucharist I was reminded of the story in the old testament about the man who tried to grab the ark of the covenant as it was falling and then he immediately died as he was not a priest. The ark is only that which contains God and is not God itself, the eucharist however is Jesus who is God, yet all these people think of themselves as worthy of touching him. Also when Jesus arose from the dead before he ascended to heaven he forbade Mary Magdalene from touching him, because he had yet ascended. the sanctity of Jesus' flesh is very much overlooked.


“I've been waiting for this video and it did not disappoint”

April 13, 2023


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception

First of all, the quality of the video is incredible, the presentation is very effective, I appreciate the effort you put to such an important subject. It is such a shame that many venerate the portrayal of the devilish emanation of the antichrist, without resistance. This outrageous image is so offputting even at first glance…

Marc Germaine

Makes so much sense

Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception

Wow needed to hear this. Thank you so much for this video I have always felt uncomfortable saying that chaplet at prayer groups & felt bad about myself - this makes so much sense to me.

Marina K


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception

I've been waiting for this video and it did not disappoint. Thank you MHFM, for blowing the diabolical Divine Mercy devotion out of the water with indisputable facts...

Sandra Elam


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception

Great video… Rather eye opening.

Jae Pierce

Vatican II Sect

Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception

Unbelievable…we have been deceived by the Vatican 2 sect.

Marie Therese

"A well-made, powerful and important exposé of the false 'Divine Mercy' devotion"

April 12, 2023

Bringing Light

Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception

Wonderful video bringing light to the deceits and evilness within the "Divine Mercy devotion"!

Kaitlyn O

Great Video

Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception

Thank you for this great video.

Vladimir Dananić

Important Exposé

Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception

This is a well-made, powerful and important exposé of the false "Divine Mercy" devotion.



Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception

This is shocking!!!!! We've been praying the divine mercy novena. Last year I did confessions on Feast of Divine mercy... Seems I got tricked.

Creatorem Terrae

Excellent Video

Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception

Another excellent video. It is quite clear to anyone of the truth that Sr. Faustina was massively deceived, that the "divine mercy" devotion is not of God, and that these falsehoods are tools of the false Vatican II religion.

J. Knight

Chrysostom: All In The Church Have Been Forgiven In Baptism

This is another interesting quote from St. John Chrysostom, in which he again teaches the position that no one can be saved without baptism. He comments on Ephesians 4:4-7, where St. Paul declares that there is “one Lord, one faith, one baptism”. Based on this text, Chrysostom concludes that just as everyone in the Church has the same God, everyone in the Church has received the remission of sins in baptism. According to Chrysostom, to posit that someone who has not received the remission of sins in baptism can be in the unity of the Church is equivalent to asserting that some people in the Church can confess “a greater God” while others in the Church confess “a lesser God” (which is of course unthinkable).

St. John Chrysostom, Homily 11 on Ephesians [4:4-7]: “There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism [Eph. 4:5].  Behold the hope of your calling. One God and Father of all, who is over all, and through all, and in all [Eph. 4:6].  For can it be, that you are called by the name of a greater God, another, of a lesser God? That you are saved by faith, and another by works? That you have received remission in baptism, while another has not… The chief and principal points of all, he says — Baptism, the being saved by faith, the having God for our Father, our all partaking of the same Spirit — these are common to all.” 

Our Phone Lines

MHFM: For some strange reason, from approximately Friday until Monday we were not able to receive or make long distance calls. If you tried to call here during that period, you would have gotten a busy signal. The problem has been fixed now.

Decided Against Eastern ‘Orthodoxy’ After Watching

Eastern 'Orthodoxy' Refuted

I decided against Eastern Orthodoxy after watching your videos. Thank you. I want to be Catholic.


Chrysostom: The Shroud Was A Sign Of Christ’s Resurrection

April 9, 2023

St. John Chrysostom, Homily On John 20:”… they… draw near with great eagerness to the sepulcher, and see the linen clothes lying, which was a sign of the Resurrection. For neither, if any persons had removed the body, would they before doing so have stripped it; nor if any had stolen it, would they have taken the trouble to remove the napkin, and roll it up, and lay it in a place by itself; but how? They would have taken the body as it was. On this account John tells us by anticipation that it was buried with much myrrh, which glues linen to the body not less firmly than lead; in order that when you hear that the napkins lay apart, you may not endure those who say that He was stolen. For a thief would not have been so foolish as to spend so much trouble on a superfluous matter. For why should he undo the clothes? And how could he have escaped detection if he had done so? Since he would probably have spent much time in so doing, and be found out by delaying and loitering. But why do the clothes lie apart, while the napkin was wrapped together by itself? That you may learn that it was not the action of men in confusion or haste, the placing some in one place, some in another, and the wrapping them together. From this they believed in the Resurrection.”

This is a must-see video, for those who have not seen it: The Shroud of Turin - Proof of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ - video.

Wants to join the Catholic Church

I am a 32 year old man who is wanting to take the plunge and join the Catholic Church. I currently live in England… your videos inspired me… I will endeavour to pray the rosary daily…

Kind regards,
Mr Valdov

“The SSPX postulate that there both ‘is’ and ‘isn’t’ salvation outside the Church”

April 7, 2023


SSPX, CMRI & Francis vs. Powerful Papal Teaching

Great thanks, brothers, for this inspired video. I wish I had been equipped with your quote of Pope Eugene IV at the Council of Florence (10:35 of the video) when I was an attendee of SSPX. Since the "Holy Roman Church firmly believes, professes, and teaches" that there is no salvation outside the Church, the SSPX in their current positions cannot claim to be Catholic… firm belief that there is "no salvation outside the Church" must correspond to the objective reality that there is, in fact, no salvation outside the Church. But in this case, the SSPX postulate that there both "is" and "isn't" salvation outside the Church. All people with common sense recognize that this is the language of nefarious intentions. A famous public official once marked concerning investigations of his improprieties, "It depends on what the definition of 'IS,' is."

J. Balderston

Saw the new video

SSPX, CMRI & Francis vs. Powerful Papal Teaching

Hello Brothers my name is Leif and I just saw the new video you guys published. It was awesome and thank you guys so much…

Not a saint

Why Mother Teresa Was Not A Saint

I never thought she was a saint… This video explains it all.


A Dogma We Should Hold Dear

April 6, 2023

New Video Posted

SSPX, CMRI & Francis vs. Powerful Papal Teaching

MHFM: This video discusses powerful papal teaching and presents some more new quotes that, to our knowledge, have not been translated into English until now. It also shows how the important Catholic teaching expressed in this document is denied by various groups that claim to be Catholic in our day.


SSPX, CMRI & Francis vs. Powerful Papal Teaching

A very beautiful explication of one of the dogmas of the Church we should hold dear. Thank you for this presentation, one which is clear and forthright, and to any who will "beg" (as was quoted from the Council of Trent) for the Sacrament of Baptism to receive the gift of Faith, as a loving God and Father delights to deign to answer us! By our Lord's work of redemption and continuing graces, beginning with Baptism, available to all (if we heartily beg), there is woven such a radiant, glorious spiritual raiment now and completed in Heaven. Such presentations of these powerful Papal teachings can well bring to our souls nourishment to aid us in presenting the truths of the Catholic Faith to others and to strengthen us along this vale of tears; as Christ said that He would be with us always even to the end of the age.



SSPX, CMRI & Francis vs. Powerful Papal Teaching

Very powerful! Thank you very much…



SSPX, CMRI & Francis vs. Powerful Papal Teaching

Thank you… for this wonderful video…