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December 2021

The best example for the children is the lives of their parents

December 31, 2021


Pope Leo XIII: “The best and most efficacious example for the children is the lives of their parents.  Parents must realize that they can provide for their [children’s] education properly and well only by exercising great vigilance... they must avoid [schools]… where errors concerning religion are deliberately interspersed with the teaching, or where impiety reigns…” (Caritatis #5, March 19, 1894)


Jude 1:7 -“As Sodom and Gomorrha, and the neighbouring cities, in like manner, having given themselves to fornication, and going after strange flesh, were made an example, suffering the punishment of eternal fire.”

Is Cupich a valid priest or a valid cardinal? No.

December 31, 2021


“Cardinal” Cupich & The Counter Church In Chicago

Shame on Cardinal Blase Cupich who allowed outlandish liturgical innovations while simultaneously imposing strident restrictions on reverent Traditional Latin Masses. “If the Bishop really cares about his faithful,” one commenter on YouTube wrote, “he’d put a stop to this abomination, not the Latin Mass.”

David R. Stone


It's also important to recognize that he's not a valid priest or a valid cardinal. (He was ‘ordained’ in the invalid New Rite of Ordination.) He has no office in the Church because he's not Catholic and he preaches heresy notoriously. The YouTube commenter to whom you made reference obviously doesn't hold the true position. He fails to realize that Cupich doesn't have any faithful. You should see these videos and the information on our site. They cover the true positions.

More lockdowns on the horizon in Ireland

December 30, 2021

Counter Church

“Cardinal” Tobin & The Counter Church In Newark, New Jersey

The sad part about it is that I marched in that cathedral for high school graduation 21 years ago.

Anna B


Defendant's race "causes hung jury" in murder trial where woman was stabbed 24 times - video

This woman is despicable, having no godly or moral sense in the value of human life.. or justice.



Dear Brothers,

Ireland is in... lockdown again and the people are complying for the most part. The evil government has pulled another trick directly from hell! During this holy season of Christmas, schools will be closed for “education”, but will open up for “vaccinations”…

Mary Wrenne


Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie

A year after I became Protestant as a teenager, I couldn't read the Bible without feeling so many supposed contradictions. But now as a traditional Catholic it all fits together in such harmony.

Carl Ferguson

Donald Sanborn, Big Pharma

December 29, 2021

MHFM: False traditionalist (and completely independent) Bishop Donald Sanborn, who heretically believes that souls can be saved in false religions, also thinks that you can trust Big Pharma on vaccines! In light of available facts, his position exposes his PROFOUND BLINDNESS and bad judgment.

No gift of God is greater than to receive by His grace the Catholic faith

December 28, 2021


St. Gregory Nazianzen, Oration 7.22: “O you sons of men... how long will you be hard-hearted and gross in mind?  Why do ye love vanity... supposing life here to be a great thing and these few days many, and shrinking from this separation, welcome and pleasant as it is, as if it were really grievous and awful?”


Pope Leo XIII: “… no gift of God either to individuals or to nations is greater than to receive by His grace the Catholic faith, and having received it, to keep it with perseverance.  This gift contains an abundance of other gifts…” (Quod Multum #2, Aug. 22, 1886)

“You really can't make this stuff up”

December 27, 2021

One Day

49-Year-Old NY Times editor dies of heart attack one day after getting "Covid booster shot" - video

Catholicism, Friend

Hello my name is Ivan. I want to convert to Catholicism. A friend recommended me to your website… thank you.


The Last Inca Emperor – Converted To Christianity

This is a very inspiring video. Thank you brothers. God bless.

Joe L

Evil woman

Woman slaps old man on flight for not wearing a mask - video

She's yelling at the man because she's that paranoid about the supposed virus transmission. Meanwhile, her own mask is down, she fails to keep distance, makes physical contact with him and spits at him.... You really can't make this stuff up.

Also, the man was apparently eating so he wasn't even in violation of the airline's (ridiculous) mask rules.


John Paul I

“Francis to beatify ‘smiling pope’ John Paul I in September 2022”

What an apocalyptic moment! Once he "canonizes" John Paul I, all the dead Roman kings would be officially "deified."


MHFM: Related: Apocalypse Now In The Vatican

False Traditionalist: Bergoglio “holds the office of the papacy” but “is not a pope”

December 26, 2021

False Traditionalist Chris Ferrara

MHFM: In response to Antipope Francis’ latest anti-Catholic actions, false traditionalist commentator Chris Ferrara (who has been rejecting the truth for decades) stated: “… while Bergoglio holds the office of the papacy, he is not a pope, but a destroyer.”  That is of course heretical nonsense. False traditionalists such as Ferrara would rather embrace such foolishness than accept the truth. Titus 3:10-11 describes them and their obstinacy.

Titus 3:10-11- “A man that is a heretic, after the first and second admonition, avoid: Knowing that he, that is such a one, is subverted, and sins, being condemned by his own judgment.”

This video is also relevant to refuting their false position: False Traditionalism & The Church In The End Times