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November 2021

Used To Be A Protestant; Omicron Nonsense

November 30, 2021

Used to Be a Protestant

Thank you for telling the harsh truth that people need to hear.  I used to be a Protestant until I heard of your work and did my research.  Now I see Protestantism is just a heresy...

Matthew Sauer

Omicron Nonsense

This "new variant" is for the utmost stupid/moronic Branch Covidian cultists. Sorry, but at this point of the worldwide scam I just don't have any nice words for those who still buy into this utter nonsense…

V. from Croatia

The false claims the 'Orthodox' make about Maximus

November 30, 2021

EO Lies

Hello, I have been watching your videos for quite a long time, and I am certain Palamas is in severe error and heresy. However, I have heard hundreds of times that St. John Damascene and Cyril of Alexandria believed in EED, and this was maintained by Eastern Catholics for centuries. Is this correct? God bless.



No, it's not.  They misunderstand and misuse texts, and in many cases they just don't know what they are talking about.  It's similar to how Protestants claim that St. Paul taught faith alone in Romans.  The 'Orthodox' make similar (false) claims about Maximus.  Some also claim that all the Eastern fathers agreed with Palamas on the light of the Transfiguration, but our recent video/article refutes that.  They are deceivers.

Catholic vs. “Orthodox” On The Transfiguration Light (Leo, Maximus)

This video/article also illustrates how novel, heretical, and anti-Christian Palamism is, if you haven't seen it:

God's Eternity & Immutability - Denied By Eastern "Orthodox" Speakers

After watching MHFM video: “It was incredibly convicting!”

November 29, 2021

Have Come To Believe

I’ve been learning a lot about the Catholic faith, and I have now come to believe it to be the one true faith and Church of God. I’ve also come to realize we are in the Apocalypse… I watched your… video last night. It was incredibly convicting!... I believe God does want me to be a traditional Catholic. I sense it greatly, and it has me in fear and trembling!...




I have become convinced of your material and sedevacantism… I live in… Virginia. 



"Media outlets" now "admit" the "vaccinated" are just as likely to "spread the virus" as unvaccinated

Their narrative mutates as rapidly as their imaginary virus, but the vax-obsessed are still blind and ceaselessly pushing the jabs and mandates. My brother told my family that he wouldn't visit unless I (the sole unjabbed person in the household) were "vaccinated". How ridiculous must things get before people of bad will start to notice that we've been lied to?


Parallels between Nazi Germany and modern-day countries

November 28, 2021

Water Baptism

Was St. Emerentiana Baptized? Unbaptized Martyrs?

For anyone that watches this video, there should be absolutely no doubt that without water baptism you cannot get into heaven. Thank you for explaining this fact so eloquently...

Pug Mom4life


"Media outlets" now "admit" the "vaccinated" are just as likely to "spread the virus" as unvaccinated

.. The people running this hoax are laughing in the faces of the gullible. And the sheep who continue to fall for these lies refuse to wake up.


Germany and Australia

Dear Brothers,

I’ve noticed some amazing parallels between Nazi Germany and Australia (and other countries). During the Nazi Regime, Zionists were pulling off a hoax, called the “Holocaust.” They fabricated many things about this hoax. The biggest lie was the number of Jews “exterminated” by the Nazi. The goal of their hoax was to gain sympathy for Jews and justification for the State of Israel. Today in Australia, and throughout almost the entire world, (I use Australia as the prime example because the situation is the worst there), the hoax being perpetrated is the Covid-19 hoax. Just as the Zionists lied about the number of Jews “exterminated” by the Nazis, the globalists, which includes Zionists, are lying about the number of covid cases. The goal of the covid hoax is to justify the use of their fake vaccines just like the Holocaust hoax was used to justify the State of Israel. The Nazis sent Jews (and others) off to concentration camps. Today in Australia citizens are put quarantine camps, which essentially are like concentration camps, or they simply are not allowed to leave their homes, which is like being in prison. It’s getting worse and more countries are following in the footsteps of Australia. God knows how bad it will get. We see history repeating itself except on a more global scale.


Europe, Souls, Guadalupe

The Amazing And Miraculous Image Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe

It is so encouraging to hear that during a time of loss of so many souls in Europe to the protestant reformation, so many more souls… were brought to Christ's Church. The souls of the Elect have come from so many different backgrounds across the world, as implied by the colorings of the features of Blessed Mary in the miraculous work of art.

Carl Ferguson

Do Popes wear a ‘Jewish’ skullcap? No. It’s a zucchetto.

November 26, 2021

Mother Teresa

Why Mother Teresa Was Not A Saint

… Many have been deceived by antipope John Paul II, [many] believe that he is holy and also Mother Teresa of Calcutta. I'm an Indian but surely I know Mother Teresa cannot be saint. I started 15 decades of holy rosary so thank you.


Obelisk in Vatican, Zucchetto

… Why does the Vatican keep an Egyptian obelisk in St Peter's square and why does the Pope and other people below him wear a Jewish skullcap? Thx.



Pope Sixtus V moved the obelisk and placed a cross on top of it as a symbol of the Church's triumph over paganism.  You can learn more about that here: Why Did A Pope Put An Obelisk In St Peter's Square In The Vatican? - 42 second video Also, the skullcap traditionally worn by a valid pope, cardinals, bishops and even priests is not 'Jewish'.  It's called a zucchetto.  Different types of clerics would wear a different color.  But Francis is not a valid pope, as our material explains.


Biden "nominee" is "having a hard time acknowledging that higher gas prices are bad for America" - video

So, I was looking for a new energy supplier yesterday...nine of the small energy companies I looked into have all either gone bust, or taken over by one of the bigger ones. (Some just this week)...only one out of the nine is still operating. (Another reason why prices have risen) The reason why these companies have been penalized by governing body offgem is because they would not implement smart meters... Just thought I'd share.


Man shares “terrific” MHFM video with Protestants

November 25, 2021


Why So Many Can't Believe

This is a terrific video. I've forwarded it to both Protestant and Novus Ordo... friends... The desire and the need to be approved by others carries over to every area of life.  It's one of the primary reasons why so many people have fallen for the virus hoax.  They want the approval of "authority" figures.  They're terrified of being called a "conspiracy theorist."


“I am baffled at the utter insanity that is going on in the world”

November 25, 2021


A Family Denied Entry [To Australia] Because Their 3y/o Isn't an "Essential Worker"

I am baffled at the utter insanity that is going on in the world. We live in such dark times.


Article Posted

MHFM: We have posted the article for the video: Catholic vs. “Orthodox” On The Transfiguration Light (Leo, Maximus). To find the article, go to the aforementioned page for the video on and beneath the video click ‘show more.’ The content of this video/article debunks Eastern ‘Orthodox’ theology by refuting one of its primary claims, including with important quotes from Eastern father Maximus the Confessor.

Just how

The Antichrist’s Distinguishing Mark

As I listen to this video it is making me see just how perverted and sick JPII and his theology was. I wonder when this perversion took hold in his life. It's craziness is what it is. Disordered. I never liked him - I perceived him as being a very cold person.



Protests against "Covid health mandates" took place in 25 countries all within one week - video

Jens Spahn is a Sodomite, a liar... and under the influence of Satan. Part of Merkels "Christian Democrats", "Christian" by name only. Soon he will have to stand before the highest Judge, because we all will.

Dominik Geis