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October 2021

“How can I know that (Roman) Catholicism (Sedevacantism) is the true faith?”

October 30, 2021

New Fake Variant

Subject: New Fake Variant

I just heard the latest lie on the news about the vaccine hoax. They said there is a new variant detected in waste water in Central Florida, supposedly a mutation of the delta variant and mu variant. To me it’s not a coincidence they’re telling us this at a time when people are getting their booster shots and Pfizer approved of a “vaccine” for children. I predict in about a couple of months or so there will be a “surge” of new “covid” cases and they will blame it on the fake variant that doesn’t exist and on the unvaccinated, when in reality it will be the effect of people who took the phony vaccine booster.


Recently found

Hi there… brothers, I have recently found the true catholic faith. I was wondering if you knew… where I could receive sacraments… in Sydney Australia or even in the state of New South Wales.

Thank you brothers



John Paul II’s Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit & His Spiritual Victims

… "Mocking the Holy Spirit". JP2 did so blatantly amongst countless other heresies… the other antipopes, bishops, clergy etc, following Vatican II, they will be condemned... Blind souls… who oppose the truths asserted by MHFM need to pray to the Lord to open their hearts and minds to the truth, lest you follow the beast to your own destruction. In charity, God bless brothers… for teaching the True Faith.



The Antichrist Conquers In This Sign

Hello, I am a non-Catholic fundamentalist. How can I know that (Roman) Catholicism (Sedevacantism) is the true faith? How can I believe things such as the Marian dogmas and prayer/veneration of saints, which seem to contradict a plain reading of the scriptures?



You should look over more of our material. You will find biblical proof for Catholicism here:


Is the King James Bible Infallible?

Sam Gipp has developed quite a speaking circuit around KJV-Onlyism.

David West

"If Peter was the 'Pope' then why did Paul argue with him?"

October 28, 2021

Paul and Peter

Matthew 18 Also Proves That Peter Was The First Pope

If Peter was the "Pope" then why did Paul argue with him and win about circumcision? Not arguing, just asking.

S A Bear


The evidence is overwhelming that the person with whom Paul argued on that matter (as recorded in Galatians 2) was not St. Peter but a different person. We cover the issue in detail here: Did St. Paul Really Rebuke St. Peter In Galatians 2?


Matthew 18 Also Proves That Peter Was The First Pope

… I am forever grateful for all that your website has done to bring Catholics back to the true Church.

Thank you,


Matthew 18 Also Proves That Peter Was The First Pope

This is as clear and comprehensible as it is succinct and comprehensive - outstanding!


“There is NO proof Peter ever went to Rome!” - Actually, There IS...

October 26, 2021


Matthew 18 Also Proves That Peter Was The First Pope

Another very powerful video that proves that the Catholic Church is the one true Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ!...

Lucas Gabriel

Peter In Rome

Matthew 18 Also Proves That Peter Was The First Pope

The Pope and Catholic Church will twist whatever it can to push their false doctrine! There is NO proof Peter ever went to Rome!

Carl Hursh


You are promoting nonsense. It’s a historical fact that St. Peter went to Rome and died there as a martyr under Nero. This is proven by the overwhelming testimony of the Church fathers and ancient historical sources. Not one ancient source says the contrary. It is one of the most well attested events of the ancient Church. Here’s just one example. In Book 6, Chapter 25, early Church historian Eusebius quotes early Church father St. Irenaeus to state: “… Peter and Paul proclaimed the gospel and founded the Church at Rome.” Further, the precise and striking fulfillment of prophecies in modern day Rome also proves that: 1) Peter’s reference to Babylon in 1 Peter 5:13 was a reference to Rome, 2) Catholicism is the one true faith, and 3) the Vatican II Sect is not the Catholic Church. See this video, for example:

The ‘Orthodox’ are rebels who don’t want the truth

October 26, 2021


MHFM: When you refute the ‘Orthodox’ on Peter’s primacy among the Apostles, they say: but it doesn’t apply to a pope. When you show that popes had a primacy as successors of Peter, they say: it was just of honor. When you show that it included authority, they say: it was just one of hearing appeals. Then you refute that and they make more excuses. They are rebels who don’t want the truth and constantly move the goalposts.

St. John of Damascus

Subject: St. John of Damascus vs. the Eastern Schismatics

Dear Brothers,

While reading “On the Orthodox Faith,” by St. John Damascene, one is exposed to the dishonesty of the eastern heretics. They claim him and his writing for their own and use them inappropriately. He was absolutely a Catholic teaching the faith of the fathers. Some statements may be misunderstood by some, similar to the writings of St. Paul. (2 Peter 3:15-16 “If our Lord stays his hand, count it part of his mercy. Our beloved brother Paul, with the wisdom God has granted him, has written you a letter, in which, as in all his letters, he talks of this. Though indeed, there are passages in them difficult to understand, and these, like the rest of scripture, are twisted into a wrong sense by ignorant and restless minds, to their own undoing.”) Although some statements may be confusing, it doesn’t give any excuse to teach anything contrary to the faith. Hence why we have the papacy and its indefectibility from Christ. 

To avoid the pitfalls of any heresy, one needs to be simple like a child. Read the bible like a child, humble. Then you will find all the Truths the Catholic Church teaches. The Papacy, confession, the Eucharist, etc. You don’t need a degree in philosophy; you just need a simple heart.

Here are a few quotes from “On the Orthodox Faith.”

-“God is without beginning and without end, everlasting and eternal, uncreated, unchangeable, inalterable, simple, uncompounded, incorporeal, invisible, impalpable, uncircumscribed, unlimited, incomprehensible, uncontained, unfathomable, good, just, the maker of all created things, all-powerful, all-ruling, all-seeing, the provider, the sovereign, and the judge of all.” (Note: he states this multiple times in his book)

-“The Divinity being everywhere and beyond all at the same time acts in different places by one simple operation.”

-“Then there is the fact that the divine irradiation and operation is one, simple, and undivided; and that, while it is apparently diversely manifested in divisible things, dispensing to all of them the components of their proper nature, it remains simple.”

-“It is only the Uncreated which is unchangeable.”

-“The Son is the image of the Father, and the image of the Son is the Spirit.”

-“He is joined with the Father through the Son. He is called Spirit of God, Spirit of Christ, Mind of Christ, Spirit of the Lord.”

Thank you for your recent work on exposing eastern “orthodoxy.”

Colin Tuss

“Don’t be fooled by externals like incense and icons”

October 24, 2021


Why America's Freedoms Are Disappearing

… all you have to do is look around you and you will see the absolute truth of this video!...

Suzanna L


Catholic vs. “Orthodox” On The Transfiguration Light (Leo, Maximus)

… no true Catholic can embrace these heresies of Palamas. Sadly, many of today’s supposed “Eastern Catholics” embrace heresies— Palamism, as well as ecumenism, modernism, altar girls etc. Many of them also reject papal infallibility. Don’t be fooled by externals like incense and icons: If they’re in the Vatican II sect, they’re in the Whore, sadly.

David Phillips


Why America's Freedoms Are Disappearing

… powerful video.

Jose Rex Atinan

Why did Jesus only take three disciples for the Transfiguration?

October 24, 2021

Trinity, Fewness of Saved

MHFM: This is (another) good quote from St. Thomas Aquinas on the necessity of faith in the Trinity for salvation and the fact that few are saved.

St. Thomas Aquinas, Commentary on Mt. 17 and the Transfiguration: “He taketh unto him Peter and James, and John [for the Transfiguration]. Why did He not take them all? It was to signify that not all who are called reach the kingdom of God; hence, it is said: ‘Many are called but few chosen’. And why did He take only three disciples? It was to signify that no one can reach God’s kingdom except in the faith of the Trinity. ‘He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved’ (Mk. 16, 16).”


Pfizer already has control over many nations of the world? - shocking must-see video

MHFM: The arrogance of the people who run Pfizer is remarkable. They act like they are the kings of the world and that the masses are clamoring for the poison.

24-year-old man from Indonesia wants to convert

October 23, 2021


Hello brothers…

My name is Ian Hot Oloan Sitorus. I am a 24 year old man living in Central Java, Indonesia… I have read some articles on your website and also watched some videos on your youtube channel. I understand a little outline of what you are trying to convey like the catholic faith is the only true faith, St Peter's throne is empty, there is only one true baptism, family planning is a crime, etc. I fully believe what you say… I want to… convert to the true Catholic faith… Thank you very much.


Ian Sitorus


Why America's Freedoms Are Disappearing

This really puts things in perspective…



Pfizer already has control over many nations of the world? - shocking must-see video

I have read, in many different places, that they are building a gigantic factory here in Brazil. Very bold move.

And not one that a company would normally do, unless they are hoping to increase the sales of the products even further. Boosters shots will probably become a frequent thing.