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April 2021

“If it were a real disease, and vaccines were safe, and actually worked... you wouldn’t need to bribe them.”

April 30, 2021


"West Virginia to give $100 savings bonds to residents under 35 who get vaccine"

I think that’s rather humorous that they are using a savings bond as an incentive with these younger people.....they want money now! How many of those kids have learned how to save anything in this instant gratification era. The doughnut company probably had more success than this pathetic attempt to get people poisoned.
     Of course if it were a real disease, and vaccines were safe, and actually wouldn’t need to bribe them.



The Real History Of "Orthodoxy"

Excellent and devastating presentation…


“Men so often accept evil because they are concerned about what others will think of them”

April 29, 2021


Dear Brothers:

MHFM has taught, again and again, that men so often accept evil because they are concerned about what others will think of them - and not what God will think of them.  I just heard a speaker… relate that government tests years ago proved that people accept propaganda - are willing to deny what their own eyes tell them - because they want to be accepted by the group and are concerned with what others will think of them.

The man speaking explained that the exercise consisted of this.  2 cards were placed on a table - one with one short line, and the other with 3 of lines of different lengths.  A number of people were instructed to get up, pick up and look at the cards, and pronounce that the lines on both cards were equivalent.  After they did so, other men (not told about the exercise) in turn got up and - denying what was right before their eyes - also pronounced the cards to be equivalent.  They were that concerned with being accepted by the other men.

Talk about the justice of God!  Men accept political propaganda today for the very same reason they accept false religions, the counterfeit church and all the other sins that are abominable in the sight of God.  They are unwilling to accept and speak the truth, because they are concerned only with what other people will think of them and they want to be accepted by their respective groups (families, friends, constituents, etc.)   They receive not the love of the truth necessary for salvation - and even for rightly-ordered life on earth.  MHFM was not only the first organization to proclaim the fake virus to be a hoax, it was (and continues to be) the only organization to explain why the hoax worked so well - not only here, but throughout the whole world.  Mike Lindell and the other people… (who accept false religion and the so-called "pandemic" while attempting to expose election propaganda) should consider this deeply.  

Lee Ann


18-year-old undergoes 3 brain surgeries from blood clots after J&J "vaccine" - 25 second video

For me, the evil is beyond words and so palpable for all to see, yet many of bad will will deny any connection between the "vaccine" injection to the destruction of an otherwise healthy young girl's life.


People who are extraordinarily blind and disgraceful

April 28, 2021



She could receive a special grace to see the truth, but we fully agree with your sentiment that such people are extraordinarily blind and disgraceful.



"French archdiocese gives money to build large mosque"

They’re doing so because their apostate leaders, the V2 antipopes, have no problem partaking in Islamic worship.


“Heretics running Vatican City... Catholics need to wake up!”

April 27, 2021


The Antichrist Conquers In This Sign

Very interesting, and deep. Thanks for sharing your work.

Carrie Gwynne


Death And The Journey Into Hell

Truly terrifying. Pray for me and my family that we may avoid this terrible fate.

Evan Gallion


"French archdiocese gives money to build large mosque"

Heretics running Vatican City... Catholics need to wake up!


“Please continue to pray for people like us and know that your prayers and work ARE efficacious!”

April 26, 2021


… I just wanted to thank you for the information you provide to people and for the insights you have offered me…

I have found your material challenging and compelling in almost equal measure and it has had a transformative effect on me. This has also extended to others including a dear friend who on receiving faith in God, was exposed to your material, (nothing more than the Church's Teaching honestly presented), and is now themselves, like me, availing themselves of the benefits of the One True Faith.

Certain members of my family are now reconsidering their position in the counter-church and a former work colleague is currently studying your material and reconsidering Christianity after years of apostasy.

I am aware of the value and rarity of the grace afforded me in being in receipt of the Faith and I work daily to better conform to it.  Please continue to pray for people like us and know that your prayers and work ARE efficacious!



The Real History Of "Orthodoxy"

Very informative!...

Huy Voke

“I am a former protestant minister... I have been inquiring into Catholicism”

April 25, 2021


Dear MHFM,

I have watched quite a few of your videos in the past, I am a former protestant minister and your productions are what partially led me to reject protestant teachings on salvation, the eucharist, etc. I have been inquiring into Catholicism… for quite some time, and was impressed in hearing how faithful you appear to be towards scripture, in both morals and views of creation which seem largely abandoned today…

A sinner seeking the Church



Woman says "WHO"-approved "COVID-19 vaccine" left her with "severe swelling and bubbling skin" - video

This is why they have to bribe people with free donuts and beer to get jabbed.


King Henry VIII plunged England into a perpetual state of Protestantism and heresy

April 24, 2021

Henry VIII

MHFM: Prior to plunging England into a perpetual state of Protestantism and heresy, King Henry VIII didn’t even have a doctrinal disagreement with the Catholic Church.  No, he did it just in an attempt to ‘justify’ his adultery.  It’s a striking example of how disastrous pride and lust can be.


Hello there, 

My name is Paula, I live in Ontario, Canada and I’ve been watching a lot of your content on YouTube. (Great channel btw)…would you please let me know who I should contact regarding sacraments and advice on how to become a traditional catholic? 
Thank you


… I'm so glad that I stumbled upon your channel on YouTube (I have checked out the website too). I just watched your video on JP II's heresies. Very eye-opening. I also saw your video on the third secret of Fatima, among others…

Frank Aceto


Hello Brothers-

Here in the city where the show trial concluded the novus ordo Archdiocese is busy telling "catholics" to pray for the recent "victims" of the police. They're having additional "masses" to offer prayers for BLM and related groups and individuals but there is no mention of including prayers for officer Chauvin, officer Potter, or other officers.

None of these 'victims' were in the Church. They have serious criminal records and were resisting arrest (itself a crime) at the time of death. The Archdiocese is clearly saying that those outside the Church, including those committing criminal acts and serious sin at the time of death should be prayed for…

Not only is their theology heretical but it's clear that they routinely side with lawlessness against law & order…