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June 2020

Prayed For The Truth And Then Immediately Found MHFM's Videos

June 10, 2020

Dear Most Holy Family Monastery,

First, thank you for all you have done and are continuing to do!  Back in March during the covid hoax shutdown - I was doing my Rosary and for the 1st time in my 48 years of life I prayed for the Truth and also that I not be deceived by the devil.  Well, within an hour of finishing my Rosary I somehow came across your site on Youtube - the Our Lady of La Salette video.  Then that lead me to the Apocalypse video showing the info about JPII. To say I was stunned is an understatement.  I was in so much emotional pain I truly thought I could die... Realizing what all had transpired I contacted the parish I belonged to... I explained to the office about what I found and gave him your site name. The parish secretary asked if I would be willing to meet the "pastor" - I said yes, cause I figured either he was blind like me, or he was part of it. Within 2 minutes I received a  call from the parish "priest".  As soon as I heard his voice you could tell the gig was up....long story short.... he admitted that yes Our Lady said the Vatican would become the seat of the Anti-Christ.  He then said "are you saying I'm not a priest?" - he knew all about your information.  Then he tried to tell me I didn't see what I saw, that you guys manipulated the videos, then he tried to say that Antipope Francis just needed better writers and that God condemns no-one.  When everything he tried I rebutted - he laughed hysterically at me; a most evil laugh.  I told him I would pray for him and hung up on him.

Since then I have renounced publicly Vatican II and Satan and all his pomps and works.  I have shared your material on facebook, texts messages and in person with everyone I possibly can.  Of course as expected, I have lost a lot of "friends" - but I am not concerned with any of that... All that matters is saving my soul and trying to snatch as many souls from Satan that I possibly can.  By the Grace of God, my husband and I are on the same page. We do the Rosary everyday and were able to go to confession to a priest your monastery recommended after doing a conditional baptism to be safe and recited the Council of Trent Profession of Faith...

God Bless you all,

Stephanie and Dan Apone