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August 2019

Mother Cabrini vs. Mother Teresa and Mother Angelica

August 9, 2019

Dear Brothers:

I'm reading a book which is a collection of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini's actual letters, often written while crossing oceans, and generally addressed to her religious daughters.  The Counterfeit Church tries to depict her as a social worker and hospital-builder, but she was first and foremost a true missionary and Catholic evangelist.  She was the exact opposite of the slimy heretic and apostate Mother Teresa.  In the introduction of this (2001) book, the translator makes the following comment, warning the reader that some of the things Mother Cabrini says might sound strange to the modern reader:

"Mother Cabrini's acquaintance with the Bible is demonstrated by the many scriptural passages she uses... Some of her religious thought, conditioned by the times during which she lived, may seem strange and outmoded.  Her desire to convert all Protestants and her disdain of Protestant ministers who proselytized to the extent that she called them devils, was influenced by the belief of that time that there was no salvation outside the Catholic Church."

Although Mother Cabrini is the first (and last) canonized citizen-saint of the US -- as well as the Patroness of Immigrants --  the Whore of Babylon (which hates God and all true saints) has made certain that Americans do not know the truth about her...

Lee Ann