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August 2018

The Vatican II Apostasy In Indonesia

August 5, 2018


This was from last year, but still relevant.  Jakarta Cathedral (Seat of the "Archdiocese" of Indonesia's capital) canceled their morning "masses" just so that the Muslims right across the street can have some parking spaces when they pray at the mosque during their "holy" day.

"The Jakarta Cathedral canceled three morning masses to allow Muslims to perform Ied prayer at the Istiqlal Mosque, which is located just across the street.  The cathedral usually allocates its main yard as parking lot for those who pray at Istiqlal during Idul Fitri every year.

However, as this year’s celebration falls on a Sunday, the church decided to cancel three Sunday morning masses at 6 a.m., 7:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. to provide the parking spaces to Muslims.

'We understood that Muslims had to perform the prayer at the same time, whereas we can celebrate the mass several times on Sunday,' Jakarta Cathedral parish head Rudi Hartoko said on Sunday.

 '[This is] living side by side in harmony and in sincerity as fellow Indonesians, respecting each other and enjoying this holy day.'” (

On a side note I went to Jakarta this year to see my parents and my father brought me to the Cathedral.  It's one of the most prestigious churches over there, and on their fences I could see a huge banner saying that they wished the Muslims happy Ramadan & successful fasting.  It's really sad, and I also saw on the internet that the Cathedral itself allowed Muslims within the Church premises to celebrate the Muslims' fasting break together with the Novus Ordo "Catholics".  The media of course swooned over it saying how it "values diversity".

Here are pictures of the Muslims being allowed on the church's premises by its own "priest".  (Of course not to evangelize them).  This was recent, from June 2018.

I wanted to also share with you this article about the apostasy of the Novus Ordo high school that I went to.  The school's name is SMA Kanisius (taken from the 16th-century Dutch saint that fought Protestantism with such zeal!) in Indonesia.  This article was from 2016, but they basically sent some of the students to other schools as temporary students to observe "diversity".  One of the schools they were sent to was an Islamic school, and they were to "sit in" that school so that they'd understand that "we are all different but we live together" (I quote one of the Novus Ordo teachers in the article).  Do you know what happened there?

"According to Davin and Demos [the students], outside of the religion course, there has not been any difference that they felt when they were temporary students at SMA Lazuardi [the Islamic high school].  The only thing is that, they have to get used to the rituals of the students of SMA Lazuardi, that is to recite the prayer before the beginning of the courses every morning, and to go over short verses from Al-Quran [the Koran]."

Sending your kids, esp. coming from a so-called "Catholic" school, to an Islamic school where you know very well they'd be exposed to such activity is just plain apostasy.

[This was compiled by a reader who was raised in Indonesia.]