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June 2015

Pagan Europe: Demonic Lady Gaga Sings Blasphemous 'Imagine' Song To Open European Games

June 12, 2015

The anti-God agenda of the European Union movement has found another confirmation when today Lady Gaga sang the opening song to the new "European Games".

She sang "Imagine" by John Lennon, one of the most blasphemous songs ever written.  She sang "imagine there is no heaven," "imagine there is no hell," and when she sang "imagine there is no religion" she laughed. What does this God-mocking song have to do with sports?

The symbolism is stunning.

You can see it here: [short version] or here: [long version]

The European games are organized by the European Olympic Committees, which have their headquarters in Rome...

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Update On Opening Ceremony Of The European Games: It Also Featured A Woman Riding On A Beast

Prophecy indeed corresponds to reality.

Of course, the Opening of the New European Games also featured a woman riding on a beast:

The full "woman on a beast" performance is here after 1:33:00:



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