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May 2007

Some more reaction to Bro. Michael’s May 5 appearance on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell

May 9, 2007

Another Great Show, I sat up to 4am listening to the show with some people that are in the fake church and they were speechless...Im glad I recorded the show on audio tape.... Good Job


Marshall WI

I cannot remember when I have heard anyone in our Church that is so informed and prolific in the support of our beliefs. Br. Dimond is a gift from the Holy Spirit. Thank you for all you do.

Dear Brother Diamond:

Your apparence on the Art Bell Coast to Coast program and your answers to the call in participants was the greatest. This is why I had order your book.

Jim Vondras
Florissant, MO

I heard Brother Michael on Coast to Coast. Thank you so much. You were a
wonderful example of what St. Paul meant when he said "To every man an
answer,". I enjoyed every minute of it and I prayed for you through the
whole show.

May God Bless you and your work as he uses you to spread the Word.


Dear Brother:

What you are saying somehow rings true to me. I am a Catholic from birth, and am extremely knowledgeable regarding history and religion, and find your message quite interesting. I am very active in the Catholic community in Los Angeles, but live in horror as to what the local dioceses has done to the youths of our schools and churches… God bless you and keep you and give you strength to continue to spread your truth.

Francine V. Limon

Murrieta, California

Dear Brother Diamond: Last evening I listened to your discussion on Coast To Coast, with Art Bell. I was so impressed with your directness and courage, that I am compelled to send you this word of support. I agree totally with your position, and I intend to support you and your community as best as I can.


Brian Bastinelli

Your time on art bell was refreshing and stimulating.


Hello Brother Michael Dimond,

I heard you today on Coast to coast and was startled by your commentary. I went to your website and your video on various events such as the flood, was most clear and resonated with me…

Thank you.


Steve DeJoseph

I enjoyed Brother Dimond’s time on Coast to Coast.

Bobbie Luymes

Peers, AB


Dear Catholic Brothers and Sisters, I was very happy to have heard Br. Dimond last night on a late night talk show. I admired his ability to remain calm and forthright after the many questions and rudeness that he received from many callers.


Dear Brother Diamond,

I just finished listening to you on Coast-to-Coast AM and was very excited to hear you doing such a fantastic job of Catholic Apologetics to the callers in. I am proud to be Catholic when someone like you handled the callers’ objections and misconceptions of our Catholic faith very gracefully…

~Peter Vü