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March 2006

What if a job requires one to work on Sunday?

March 7, 2006

Thank you for your e-mail.  If keeping or holding a job requires one to work on Sunday, then it is permitted to do so.  If one can, one should request to have Sundays off; but if that isn’t possible – and working on Sunday is a necessity to keep the job – then it is permissible.

Mel Gibson says his non-Catholic wife is a “saint”

March 6, 2006

First of all, he calls his non-Catholic wife a saint, something one could never say about a non-Catholic.  It’s very common that those who deny the dogma sometimes affirm it, as even Msgr. Fenton says (below).  The unfortunate fact is that Mel Gibson clearly denied the dogma in his interview with Diane Sawyer: From Mel Gibson’s interview with Diane Sawyer on PrimeTime:

DIANE SAWYER:    (Voice Over) So when we talked with Gibson and his actors, we wondered, does his traditionalist view bar the door to Heaven for Jews, Protestants, Muslims? MEL GIBSON: That’s not the case at all.  Absolutely not.  It is possible for people who are not even Christian to get into the Kingdom of Heaven. It’s just easier for –and I have to say that because that’s what I believe. DIANE SAWYER: (Off Camera) You have the nonstop ticket? MEL GIBSON: Well, yeah, I’m saying it’s an easier ride where I am because it’s like –I have to believe that. Msgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton, The Catholic Church and Salvation, 1958, pp. 122-123: “These were the people who reduced the necessity of the Church for the attainment of salvation to a mere empty formula.  Of course, they had to use a formula, and they usually employed either the Latin expression ‘Extra ecclesiam nulla salus,’ or its English equivalent, ‘No salvation outside the Church.’  Since there is hardly another dogma which has been so constantly reasserted by the Church’s magisterium, no Catholic writer could possibly get around the fact that the truth expressed in this formula was an integral part of Catholic teaching.  Most of the men who wrote imperfectly on this subject were at least logical enough not to want to deny some statement which had been set forth by the official teachers of the Church.  Hence they adopted the expedient of holding the formula itself, and then explaining this formula in such a way as to make it appear to mean quite the opposite of what it says.  In their hands the expression ‘Extra ecclesiam nulla salus’ became a mere empty or vain formula, since they presented this statement as signifying, in effect, that there really is salvation outside the Church.”

An objection to quoting from Origen

March 5, 2006

You say that it seems imprudent to quote from Origen. 

Pope Leo XIII, Aeterni Patris (#12), Aug. 4, 1879: “After him came Origen, who graced the chair of the school of Alexandria, and was most learned in the teachings of Greeks and Orientals.  He published many volumes, involving great labor, which were wonderfully adapted to explain the divine writings and illustrate the sacred dogmas; which, though, as they now stand, not altogether free from error, contain nevertheless a wealth of knowledge tending to the growth and advance of natural truths.” Pope Leo XIII, Providentissimus Deus (#7), Nov. 18, 1893: “In the Eastern Church, the greatest name of all is Origen – a man remarkable alike for penetration of genius and for persevering labor; from whose numerous works and his great Hexapla almost all have drawn that came after him.”
As we can see, your objection is unfounded.  Early Church fathers, such as Tertullian and Origen, even though they drifted into heresies later on in their lives, hold such a prominent place in the writings of the early Church fathers that they are often quoted by Catholic authorities.  If their teaching conflicts with a Catholic teaching, then it should not be promoted or quoted in a positive fashion.  But their other statements are often quoted because they represent a witness to the early Tradition for a particular point or belief For instance, Origen (185-254) provides us with one of the best early quotes that we’ve seen proving the apostolic tradition of sacramental confession to a priest.
Origen (A.D. 185-254): “There were also evil thoughts in men, that were revealed for this purpose, that He might destroy them Who dies for us.  As long as they were hidden it was impossible wholly to destroy them.  Hence, we also, if we have sinned, must say: My injustice I have not concealed (Ps. Xxxi. 5).  For if we have made known our sins, not alone to God, but those who can heal our wounds and sins, our sins shall be wiped out.” (quoted in Sunday Sermons of the Great Fathers, Vol. 1, p. 166.)
Furthermore, if you object to quoting from anyone who errs in other parts of his writings, then you shouldn’t even reference St. Thomas, as you do; for St. Thomas also made errors.

“What about Bishop McKenna’s independent chapel?”

March 4, 2006

You definitely shouldn’t go to Bishop McKenna’s Mass, because he refuses to the sacraments to those who don’t accept “three baptisms.”  The fact is that, despite his claims, Bishop McKenna doesn’t even believe in “baptism of desire,” since he believes that Jews who reject Christ and Baptism can be saved, as we have documented on our website.  Bishop McKenna is a very wicked and faithless heretic.  By the way, we’ve also been informed that Fr. Giardina of Alabama now refuses the sacraments to those who don’t believe in “baptism of desire.”  Giardina told a friend of ours that he wasn’t welcome on his property if he rejected baptism of desire.  Since Fr. Giardina is therefore an imposing heretic, who binds his false position on those attending his Mass, no one should attend his Mass or receive the sacraments from him at all.  Just like Bishop McKenna, Fr. Giardina also believes that Jews who reject Christ can be saved, as he told one of us on the telephone. Related: Where To Receive Sacraments

“Just read the article on the Consecration of Russia. WOW.”

March 3, 2006

We don't have any printed copies of that article at this time.  It will be included in a book we will have available in a few months.  [Update: Book now available here] But in the meantime people will have to get it from the website. Related: The Whole Truth about the Consecration and Conversion of Russia and the impostor Sr. Lucy

It’s not just about sedevacantism

March 2, 2006

There are quite a few of people out there who are enthusiastic about the sedevacantist issue and totally reject the Vatican II religion, but could care less about and/or don’t believe in the dogma Outside the Church There is No Salvation.  And when we refer to really “believing” in the dogma, we mean a person who truly believes that all the pagans, Jews, Muslims, heretics and schismatics out there – including his neighbors and family members, if they fall into these categories – must absolutely become baptized Catholics to be saved.  Such a true believer therefore lives his life and looks at the world with this supernatural outlook.  He thus endeavors to bring such non-Catholic individuals whom God puts on his path into the Catholic Faith.

To illustrate the point, someone here received a call a few days ago from a woman who attends Bishop Sanborn’s chapel.  Speaking of Arab Protestants, this woman told a person here that these Arab Protestants were fine for salvation because they are baptized!  No matter that they aren’t Catholic and reject the Catholic Faith; she believes that they are going to heaven. She doesn’t believe in the dogma that all heretics, etc. will not be saved.  She doesn’t possess a real, interior belief in the truths of the Catholic Faith.  This is a woman who attends a “staunchly” sedevacantist chapel; but she’s not even Catholic, even though she thinks she’s a staunch traditional Catholic and a sedevacantist.  She doesn’t have the Catholic Faith, and will not save her soul as she is.  Sadly, this is the case with many others in the traditional movement.  It’s just a reminder that it’s not just about sedevacantism; if one doesn’t truly accept and really believe in the salvation dogma, one is not a true believer in Jesus Christ and His Church.  People such as this woman have a “faith” that is corrupt to the core, yet this corruption won’t show up on Sunday when they are seen “devoutly” assisting at the Traditional Mass.

Mother Angelica had great admiration for Antipope John XXIII

March 1, 2006

Yes, what was mentioned in the article about Mother Angelica was just the tip of the iceberg as far as her apostasy goes.  That’s why those who are just a little bit familiar with it can see what an outrageous lie is being pushed in this new book on EWTN, that she was “counter-modernist.”  Mother Angelica was a major false prophet for the devil, whose network has been very important in neutralizing “conservative” members of the Novus Ordo to accept the Vatican II religion, which rejects Jesus Christ.  It’s interesting to note that Mother Angelica claimed visions along the way of establishing her network; no doubt these were more of the false signs and wonders spoken of in Scripture to deceive those who receive not the love of the truth. Related: EWTN Exposed: EWTN and the Charismatic Movement