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September 2005

More on Ferrara and the Ecumenism of the Return

September 5, 2005

Another website which linked to our article concerning: Benedict XVI rejects the “ecumenism of the return” – and Chris Ferrara omits to mention it, has issued a retraction of sorts stating that Chris Ferrara may not have deliberately omitted this astounding heresy from his article.  To avoid any confusion, we want to make it very clear that WE ISSUE NO RETRACTION WHATSOEVER, since no retraction is necessary. 

Ferrara claims that he didn’t know about the rejection of the “ecumenism of the return” in Benedict XVI’s speech.  We find this very difficult to believe, as we will explain.  Nevertheless, in our article, it was made clear that this is a possibility:

Benedict XVI Rejects the Ecumenism of the Return – and Chris Ferrara omits to mention it: “Is it possible that the version from which Ferrara was working didn’t include Benedict XVI’s bold heresy?  It’s possible, but highly doubtful.  Benedict XVI’s paragraph (not included by Ferrara) was carried in the official Vatican newspaper and in an internet version of the speech that I read.  If he did know about it, then he is utterly dishonest for not including it.  In that case, he obviously didn’t include it because it is so devastating to his anti-sedevacantist arguments.  Regardless of whether he knew about it, the heresy utterly destroys any claim that Benedict XVI is a Catholic or a Pope.  Let them print this in The Remnant and explain how their Antipope is actually a “Catholic Pope” while he tells the Protestants that they “absolutely” do not have to be Catholic.” 

We pointed out that, regardless of whether Ferrara omitted it deliberately or not, it was still omitted in his article, while he somehow managed to quote the paragraphs just before and just after this in the speech.  As we pointed out, regardless of whether the omission was deliberate or not, the point is the same: this is a man who is telling the world that the Vatican II Antipopes haven’t taught heresy, while God allows him to quote a speech from Benedict XVI and somehow not discover that there is a gigantic heresy (in the very same speech) which utterly refutes his entire claim.  Perhaps we should call it spiritual blindness in action: God allowing him to be utterly refuted by the very speech from which he is quoting, while Ferrara himself remains oblivious to it.

Further, we personally find Ferrara’s claim that he didn’t deliberately omit this astounding heresy very hard to believe.  Here’s why: there is a text on the internet (the chiesa text) which carries the speech of Benedict XVI to which we are referring.  The other website referred to the chiesa text in its clarification, perhaps because Ferrara directed this website to the chiesa text in an attempt to justify himself.

The chiesa text: a transcript of Benedict XVI’s speech with the ecumenism of the return part, and other parts, underlined.

Well, even in the chiesa text we can see that the ecumenism of the return rejection is certainly there.  Benedict XVI’s rejection of the ecumenism of the return is underlined in the chiesa text because Benedict XVI (manifest heretic that he is) felt compelled to add this astounding heresy to his speech “off the cuff.” 

So, is the chiesa text the text from which Ferrara was working?  If so, it proves that Ferrara did know that Benedict XVI rejected the ecumenism of the return, and deliberately chose not to include it because Benedict XVI added it off the cuff – which would serve, in that case, as a convenient excuse for Ferrara hiding it from the people!  If it was not the chiesa text, which text was Ferrara working from?  Who added the ellipsis (…) that replaces the astounding heresy, as Ferrara presents the quote in his article?

Regardless of what text Ferrara was working from or whether he knew about this heresy or not, the fact remains that Ferrara has been proven completely wrong.  Benedict XVI has been proven to be a manifest heretic. 

A prospective convert writes in

September 3, 2005

That's great to hear.  Attached is a summary of the Catholic Catechism.  I would read it and become familiar with its contents.  Before you would be baptized, you would have to be convinced of all the Catholic dogmas, including Outside the Church There is No Salvation - which includes rejecting Protestantism. I would start praying the Rosary each day.  We can send you one if you don't have one, as well as a “How to Pray the Rosary” sheet.  I would also recommend that you order our 8 video/dvd special for $15.00 [Update Dec. 2015: 14 programs on 1 DVD and 3 books for only $10.00], which includes things which I think will really aid your understanding of what is happening. If you are convinced of all Catholic teachings and the traditional Faith, we can help you with getting baptized.  One is not a Christian until he or she is baptized.  We look forward to hearing from you, and we will keep you in our prayers.

A reader from India writes in

September 2, 2005

Thanks for the interest.