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E-Exchanges on various issues


*This section of our website (which is updated daily) contains some less formal – and short – e-mail exchanges that we’ve had which we feel may be of value to our readers.  We will include those portions of the exchanges we deem relevant and valuable.  We often add bolding and underlining which are not necessarily that of the other party.  This section also frequently includes, not only e-exchanges we have, but also our notes, updates and comments.  Section containing some important recent posts.*


Jeremiah & The Vatican II Sect


Did The Bible Predict 70 Years Without A Pope?


… this video is amazingly made…




Clear And Thorough Explanation


Was St. Emerentiana Baptized? Unbaptized Martyrs?


Really clear, thorough and soundly reasoned explanation. Must be because watertight and unsinkable truth is what you get when the dedicated time and trouble are taken to piece together the pure, unchanging, infallible teaching from the Barque of Peter! Thank you.




Weight Being Lifted


Traditional Catholic Rosary


I wish I saw this a week ago. I just bought the first rosary I've used in 25 years thanks to your videos and documents. I've been praying the 15 decade rosary any day that I can (I'm still getting into the flow) and already I feel a weight being lifted off my burdened spirit. Thank you for your work.




Not Wanting God To Rule Over Them


Dear Brothers,


People need to watch your videos not only to understand the true faith, but even to understand history and the times we're living in.  In your video America's Fall To Communism, you demonstrate that the Constitution and the Country died where it was born -- in Philadelphia, PA.  That happened in 2020.  Just some 55 years earlier, the demonic "Catholic Charismatic Movement" also started in Pennsylvania (this time, Pittsburgh) as another of your recent videos shows.  And, finally, the entire Protestant Pentecostal movement itself (from which the "Catholic charismatic movement' was spawned) also started in America in the early 1900s.  Many demonic things happened in this country over the past 100-150 years because the heretical citizens of this country, not wanting God to rule over them, would not heed the teachings and warnings of the true popes.  God is not blessing America.


And so, while the heretics and other enemies of Christ infiltrated the Church in Rome to destroy it and replace it with their demonic counter-church, heretics in the US were pleased to call the evil spirit "the holy spirit" - and thus were used by Satan to give life to the Beast.  The Old Testament makes it clear that the long-awaited King was to establish one Kingdom, and that would be His Apostolic Church. That's a historical and Biblical fact.  Protestants and other heretics can't see this, because they reject the Bible - despite their pretensions to the contrary.  Nor can they see that Satan's game plan throughout history was always to prevent or get rid of Christ's one true Church.  Satan knows there is no salvation outside of the Catholic Church. It is the true Catholic Church, and only the Catholic Church, that can deprive Satan of the souls that once were his.   So, first, Satan tried to prevent the Church from arising by opposing Jesus Christ and His Apostles, and then His disciples.  When that didn't work, Satan inspired men to leave Christ's Catholic Church and create their own "Orthodox" churches and Protestant "denominations."  But in these last days, thanks to the bad will of man, Satan will have achieved his greatest catch ever via his Counter-Church, with so many millions imagining (and being told by false shepherds) that they are inside the Church of Christ, when in fact they are not.   


Every now and then, one fake Christian or another will attempt to raise the alarm and warn that a demonic, one-world religion is coming!  Such persons do not know that, by rejecting Christ's true Catholic Church, they make themselves members of Satan's kingdom.  Nor do they realize that protesting God's truth is the greatest work of iniquity.  Thank you, MHFM, for all of your outstanding videos and other works which all the world needs so desperately to see.


Lee Ann  


EWTN & Divine Mercy Sunday


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


… The Divine Mercy movement has relegated Easter Sunday to a second class Feast - its adherents are too busy looking forward with slavish devotion to the following Sunday - the Feast of the Divine Mercy - and EWTN gives hours of television coverage to this observance.


Scott Garber


St. Maximus: God Is His Attributes


MHFM: Eastern father St. Maximus the Confessor taught that God is identical to His attributes.  That manifested his belief in Absolute Divine Simplicity, which is denied by many Eastern ‘Orthodox’.


St. Maximus the Confessor, Ambiguum 7: “… He is Wisdom and Righteousness and Sanctification itself, and not in some limited sense, as is the case with human beings, as for example in the expression a ‘wise man’ or a ‘just man’.”


New Video On The Church Of Christ


The Catholic Church – Trent Horn Misleads Calvinist “Redeemed Zoomer”


Excellent.  It's easy to understand and very interesting.  




Dogmatic Definition


The Catholic Church – Trent Horn Misleads Calvinist “Redeemed Zoomer”


Great video! This dogmatic definition from Pope Pius XII also further shows just how wrong the notion is, that there have only been two ex cathedra-statements in Church history.






The Catholic Church – Trent Horn Misleads Calvinist “Redeemed Zoomer”


… Excellent refutation!






The Catholic Church – Trent Horn Misleads Calvinist “Redeemed Zoomer”


… Thank you so much for this illuminating and educational video!






The Catholic Church – Trent Horn Misleads Calvinist “Redeemed Zoomer”


Wow. Another great video…




David’s Sinful Census & Angels Acting On Earth


David’s Sinful Census & Angels Acting On Earth


Deepened My Faith


Grace from God and peace from our Lord Jesus be with you who read this. So happy to have come across your content, it has helped me deepen my faith in the true faith of Catholicism… I am an Australian, from the east coast in a city called Brisbane.


Thank you all for the work that your ministry does…




The Anti-Papacy Of Benedict XVI


Antipope Francis Again Personally Confirms James Martin's "LGBTQ Ministry"


The use of Francis' "slur" as some sort of confirmation of his supposed conservatism reminds me of the sort of stuff you were pointing out during the antipapacy of Benedict XVI. He would engage of all sorts of apostasy but would make the occasional conservative statement which the "traditionalists" would hold up as proof of his orthodoxy.


J Knight


Promotion Of Perversion


Francis Comes Out In Support Of “Pride Month” Defender


Thank you brothers for hammering in that this wicked sect is not the Universal Church of Jesus Christ. I've had my rounds with what I call Bergoglians… They also like to confuse the VatII sect's promotion of perversion as "mercy."…




“Preach Out” Weekends


The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed


Fr. Scanlan used to have "preach out" weekends at Franciscan where he would invite local protestant ministers to preach to the Catholic students.


Jeff Harris


Clown World


Francis Comes Out In Support Of “Pride Month” Defender


At 3:55, it seems they took a picture in front of a bust of Pope Leo XIII, outrageously mocking the teachings of the Catholic Church against heresy and heretics. At this point, the Vatican II sect defenders have the number one spot in Clown World, and behind them are the people who puts "faith" in politicians and the "government". Great video.


Joao Gabriel


Glowing Punishment


Francis Comes Out In Support Of “Pride Month” Defender


MHFM's videos are so important to watch more than once -- a consolation in the midst of blasphemy characterizing modern pop culture. As shown at the end, just as Francis offered a "glowing" review of that impious work, likewise, the people who endorse Francis will be given a "glowing" punishment. It is revealed that they will be like transparent glowing embers, with "flames that issue from within themselves" (2nd Secret of Fatima)…


J. Balderston




Francis Comes Out In Support Of “Pride Month” Defender


Wow. Another one. Again and again this wolf proves himself to be an antipope. And supporting “Father” Martin is despicable beyond belief. Thank you MHFM for all the work you do for true Catholics in these end times…




The Rainbow To Insult God’s Mercy


Francis Comes Out In Support Of “Pride Month” Defender


They wear the rainbow to directly insult God's mercy, just astounding.




June, Sacred Heart


Francis Comes Out In Support Of “Pride Month” Defender


June is supposed to be the Month of the Sacred Heart not a month of pride or degeneracy.


S Hernandez


Path To Virtue


How To Avoid Sin


This video has helped direct me on a path towards a virtuous life. Many thanks.


Ethan Brown


The Gate Will Be Opened To Those Who Sincerely Ask


MHFM: In Matthew 7:7, Jesus says: “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”  Multitudes today lack faith or struggle to believe.  If they sincerely prayed for the true faith in humility (without seeking the approval of others), God would give them the grace to move toward traditional Catholicism and recognize that it’s true.  Further, note that this verse indicates that everyone who sincerely desires baptism will receive it.  Jesus says: “Knock, and it will be opened.”  What opens?  Doors and gates open.  The Church teaches that baptism is the door or gateway (ianua) of the spiritual life.  It’s how one enters the faith of Christ.  That door will be opened (and not remain shut) to those who sincerely seek it.


Pope Eugene IV, The Council of Florence, “Exultate Deo,” Nov. 22, 1439: “Holy baptism, which is the gateway to the spiritual life (vitae spiritualis ianua), holds the first place among all the sacraments; through it we are made members of Christ and of the body of the Church.  And since death entered the universe through the first man, ‘unless we are born again of water and the Spirit, we cannot,’ as the Truth says, ‘enter into the kingdom of heaven’ [John 3:5].  The matter of this sacrament is real and natural water.”


Interested In Becoming Catholic


Hi, I am really interested in becoming Catholic. I have been a baptized protestant for about 40 years. I am unfilled and I'm worried about now… so I started listening to your videos. And I had no idea about Vatican II…


Shayne B


Great Awakening


The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed


Thank you for this video. Great awakening. Hope and pray for all who joined this charismatic group will return to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church of Jesus.




Assisi False Peace


The Antichrist Revealed: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned


Fantastic video…


S Hern


Jeremiah Thrown Into A Dungeon


MHFM: When the prophet Jeremiah told King Zedekiah and the people of Judah that the Chaldeans would capture Jerusalem and burn it with fire (as a result of their sins), they would not listen.  Instead of hearkening to the true message, they beat him, accused him of defecting to the enemy, and threw him into a dungeon.  That’s another example of how throughout history people generally resisted God’s word and those who preached it.


Jeremiah 37:8-17- “They shall capture it and burn it with fire.  Thus says the LORD, do not deceive yourselves, saying, ‘The Chaldeans will surely go away from us,’ for they will not go away…  When he was at the Benjamin Gate, a sentry there named Irijah the son of Shelemiah, son of Hananiah, seized Jeremiah the prophet, saying, ‘You are deserting to the Chaldeans.’  And Jeremiah said, ‘It is a lie; I am not deserting to the Chaldeans.’  But Irijah would not listen to him, and seized Jeremiah and brought him to the officials.  And the officials were enraged at Jeremiah, and they beat him and imprisoned him in the house of Jonathan the secretary, for it had been made a prison.  When Jeremiah had come to the dungeon cells and remained there many days, King Zedekiah sent for him and received him.”


This video covers striking parallels between the current Vatican II apostasy and what happened to the People of God and the holy city in the Old Testament.


Did The Bible Predict 70 Years Without A Pope?


Portuguese Catholics Against Buddhism


Buddhist Prayer With Francis In Ancient Catholic Church Fulfills Prophecy


In the 16th century a pagan relic venerated as a tooth of Buddha came into the possession of the Portuguese. One eastern king who had a devotion to this relic offered an absurd amount of money to the Portuguese in exchange for the said relic. The Portuguese secular authorities were in favor of the exchange but the catholic clergy were against it. The vice king of India Constantine of Bragança sided with the clergy and handed the tooth to the archbishop of India Gaspar de Leão. The archbishop publicly pounded the tooth to smithereens with a mortar and pestle, then he threw the powder into a fire. Then when the fire burned out, he threw the ashes into a river. He did this chanting prayers of exorcism. This shows what the true Catholics think of Buddhism.




Eyes Opened


The Antichrist's Distinguishing Mark


Ok. It has been painful to have my eyes opened. May God continue to bless & protect you as you enlighten humanity.


Mary Chavez




Buddhist Prayer With Francis In Ancient Catholic Church Fulfills Prophecy


This powerful, short video concentrates so much essential truth, clearly with no words wasted and backed up with infallible dogma.




Kundalini & The Charismatics


Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


The link to between slain in the spirit and kundalini energy is an outstanding effort! Thank you, this is such a great evangelistic tool. I hope this reaches many people before they open themselves up to demonic possession.


Jade Hulley


Could Not Possibly


Buddhist Prayer With Francis In Ancient Catholic Church Fulfills Prophecy


God sent us a grace by permitting an anti-pope so evil that only the blindest of the blind would not see that he could not possibly be the pope.


Sandra Elam




Buddhist Prayer With Francis In Ancient Catholic Church Fulfills Prophecy


Great video as usual! God bless you and your work.


Fred Caillou


Insightful Video


Anathema – Jimmy Akin Gets It Wrong In Debate With James White


Incredibly outrageous that Akin found it appropriate to celebrate the Vatican II antichurch’s statements regarding how all Protestants aren’t actually anathematized! This also goes back to how God doesn’t give graces to those that seek approval from other men rather than God alone, as Akin shamelessly did. Thanks for another insightful video, Brothers!


Servus A


Another Protestant Sect


Anathema – Jimmy Akin Gets It Wrong In Debate With James White


Jimmy Akin thinks that he converted to Catholicism from Protestantism. He doesn't know he has joined another protestant sect which is the Vatican 2 counter church. He never was a Catholic.




Preaching, But Not Believing - Heresy


St. Jerome: You Cannot Be Saved Without Water Baptism


The Church cannot preach any other way to salvation than baptism and the sacraments. But God can save whomever he wills in whichever way he wills.




MHFM: What you have expressed is a condemned Modernist error.  You are arguing that dogmas are preceptive norms for acting, but not norms for believing.  That’s condemned.


Pope Pius X, Lamentabile, The Errors of the Modernists, July 3, 1907, #26: “The dogmas of faith are to be held only according to a practical sense, that is, as preceptive norms for action, but not as norms for believing.”- Condemned


Since it’s impossible for God to lie (Heb. 6:18), He will only save people in the manner in which He has said people must be saved. Well, God has revealed that people must be saved with the Catholic faith and by an act in the name of Jesus Christ (Acts 4:12) – i.e. water baptism.




New Video Posted


Buddhist Prayer With Francis In Ancient Catholic Church Fulfills Prophecy


In The Process Of Converting


Hello MHFM:

I am very impressed with your website and am in the process of converting to the Traditional Catholic faith as outlined and recommended by you…


Thank you and God Bless.


Todd T


New Video Posted


Anathema – Jimmy Akin Gets It Wrong In Debate With James White


St. Jerome: You Cannot Be Saved Without Water Baptism


St. Jerome, Homily On Psalm 84: “The priest made you see your sins and your leprosy, and led you back into God’s assembly through blood and water: through blood, the Passion of Christ; through water, by baptism.  After you have contracted the leprosy of corruption, you cannot be healed save through the Blood of Christ and through baptismas long as you do not come to blood and water, you cannot be saved.”


Pure Liars


Pope Pius IX Did Not Teach Salvation Outside The Church


… Sanborn didn't say "they will be sabe by ignorance and grace" he said "If" so didn't affirm that so you should take that down.


Robert Rocha


[The above comment from a John 3:5 mocker is another example of how they are pure liars who reject the truth that’s right in front of them.]


MHFM: You are denying the truth that’s right in front of you. In fact, you sin by trying to defend heresy and justify lies. Here’s what Sanborn said:


Donald Sanborn, Feb. 17, 2008: “And if someone is saved who is in those false religions, it has nothing to do with that false religion. It has to do with the grace of God and their ignorance.”


His statement is heretical because it’s certain that no one is saved in a false religion. Thus, it’s heretical to teach that it’s possible for someone to be saved in a false religion, as Sanborn says. It’s like if someone said: “If Jesus is not God”, he would teach heresy. It would be contrary to the dogmatic truth that Jesus is certainly God. Sanborn also told someone we know that a person who doesn’t believe in Jesus can be saved. He’s a heretic. Sanborn has made other heretical statements on the same matter. He’s also a fake sedevacantist who professes that Bergoglio is not a manifest heretic but rather a ‘Catholic cardinal’. We refute his position on that matter here: https://endtimes.video/pope-martin-v-sedevacantism-bishop-sanborn-john-salza/


Sanborn is also heretical because he condemns Catholic teaching on baptism. See this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGVSKByrYzssJHrA8L1PjrxWW-S15pnEQ  He’s not Catholic, and it’s a grave sin to defend or support him.


Francis Immediately Apologizes For “Faggotry” Comment


Francis Apologizes For Offending Homosexuals


St. Optatus & Early Evidence For the Papacy


MHFM: Early Church father St. Optatus of Milevis was an opponent of Donatism in 4th-century Africa prior to St. Augustine.  He acknowledges that St. Peter received the keys of the Kingdom in a unique way, and that the Bishops of Rome inherited this unique authority.  This is more evidence for the Papacy in the ancient Church.


St. Optatus of Milevis, Against the Donatists, Book 7, Chap. 3, AD 384: “… blessed Peter (for whom it would have been enough if after his denial he had obtained pardon only) both deserved to be placed over all the Apostles, and alone received the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, which he was to communicate to the rest.”


St. Optatus of Milevis, Against the Donatists, Book 1, Chap. 10, AD 384: “Therefore none of the heretics possess either the Keys, which Peter alone received, or the Ring, with which we read that the Fountain has been sealed; nor is any heretic one of those to whom that Garden belongs in which God plants His young trees.”


St. Optatus of Milevis, Against the Donatists, Book 2, Chaps. 2-3, AD 384: “You cannot then deny that you do know that upon Peter first in the City of Rome was bestowed the Episcopal Chair, on which sat Peter, the Head of all the Apostles… that, in this one Chairunity should be preserved by all, lest the other Apostles might claim----each for himself----separate Chairsso that he who should set up a second Chair against the unique Chair  would already be a schismatic and a sinner.  To Peter succeeded Linus, to Linus succeeded Clement…”


St. Optatus of Milevis, Against the Donatists, Book 2, Chap. 4, AD 384: “… we read that Peter received the saving Keys – Peter, that is to say, the first of our line, to whom it was said by Christ: 'To thee will I give the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven,' and these keys 'the gates of Hell shall not overcome.'  How is it, then, that you strive to usurp for yourselves the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, you who, with your arguments, and audacious sacrilege, war against the Chair of Peter?”


More Fervor


I have been watching your YouTube videos for a few months now after a close friend, a traditional Catholic, gifted me copies of your material available for purchase. I… and was raised in the Vatican II sect, but after a conversation with my friend, reading some of the material, and watching some of your videos, I have begun to pursue the life of a true Catholic layman with more fervor…




Into Perspective


The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for this outstanding video; it puts everything into perspective.  I never really understood the true scope/significance/purpose of this demonic movement until now, nor was I aware of how the movement had insinuated itself into the Church's structures until it basically took over.  I guess I never paid them sufficient attention, being more focused on the abominations of the men called priests and popes.  One thing I recall as I look back: I could never warm up to or consider these ostensibly conservative people 'friends' -- but I never knew why.  Now I do.  And this whole charismatic phenomenon now makes sense to me.  If Satan (ape of God) was to have a new "Church' -- a Counterfeit Catholic Church -- it would need a new 'Pentecost' and, of course, a means of giving 'life to the beast' -- as MHFM has so often explained.   


Recently, you posted a quote from Pope St. Gregory I which helped me to understand how the pride of heretics operates, and why all heretics despise the Church of Jesus Christ…. St. Gregory said:  "For a man is made similar to the apostate angel when he disdains to be similar to men."  The problem, from the heretic's point of view, is that Christ's true Church (as He has willed it) simply does not give the heretic his due!  Puffed up with pride like their father Satan, heretics prefer a different Church -- one that they think would give them greater glory and that admiration of others which their 'superiority' deserves.  So, what God wills will have to be tweaked, and He will just have to accept their more appropriate version of His Church.  


Lucifer did not think God's Church (which he was shown in vision) would give him the glory he thought he deserved.  The Pharisees despised the idea of a Church into which all the converted Gentiles of the world would enter on equal footing; weren't the Jews the "chosen" ones?  The Protestants/"Orthodox" also considered themselves to be above the rules and laws of God's Church; why would God place a papacy over them when they were more capable of making the laws themselves?   And in these last days, fake Catholics ecumenists and charismatics (also superior and magnanimous in their own sight) profess not just a new false gospel but a new 'Church', imagining that they have been called to be new saints and apostles, new priests and new theologians.  They even brag that their influence can be felt everywhere, totally oblivious to the fact that heresy is the wrecking ball which has destroyed Rome, just as it destroyed Jerusalem 2,000 years ago.  Thank God for MHFM -- and for giving us the humility to hear the Catholic truth you so beautifully and tirelessly teach. 


Lee Ann


New Video Posted


The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed


Novus Ordo Is Not Catholic


The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed


The main priest and many parishioners (not me) from the Novus Ordo church that I used to go to went to Israel last summer. I saw pictures... of the parishioners holding their hands out in prayer like they do in the charismatic movement. Scary! I'm so glad that I don't go to that church anymore, or any Novus Ordo church. Novus Ordo definitely is not Catholic. The fact that Novus Ordo means new order is another red flag. Thank you so much for making this video. It is so obvious that the Novus Ordo is not Catholic, and that the Novus Ordo is even demonic.




Shocked By This Video


The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed


I am shocked by this video…




Heretics Always Abuse Scripture


St. Cyril of Alexandria, To John Of Antioch, April 433: “… people of every heresy collect the starting points for their own error from the inspired scriptures, corrupting by their own evil notions what has been rightly uttered by the Holy Spirit, and pouring over their own heads the unquenchable flame.”




The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed


Wow!! Eye opening for sure!!!...




Appreciate It


The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed


Recently I saw your video on Charismatic Renewal. And I appreciate it.  I wanted to say, that since childhood I grew up attending them though I was a catholic only for namesake…


I'm Patrick Alphonsus Gomes from West Bengal, Kolkata India.


Feel The Need


Greetings! I'd like to start by saying I'm a (long time) lapsed Catholic. I have recently discovered your videos… I feel I need to get right with God…


Attended Three Conferences


The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed


I've been waiting for this video from MHFM - what a magnificent expose of the demonic "Catholic" charismatic movement! More than 10 years ago, I attended 3 summer conferences at Franciscan University in Steubenville for the classes. It was impossible to avoid the nearly continuous pep rally with loud, rock music that was straight out of a Protestant megachurch, complete with overhead lyrics. I guess I dodged a bullet by never attending a "charismatic prayer service" (I was never a "hand waver"). I cringe to remember how deceived I was during those years in the Vatican II sect (in 2019, I became a real Catholic aka sedevacantist). The Vatican II heresies are obvious to me now, largely due to the education I've received from watching MHFM's excellent videos. Thanks be to God for the Benedictine Dimond brothers! You are saving souls every day as you proclaim the true Catholic faith, year in and year out. I believe you are fulfilling the prophesy that the Benedictine order will render great service to the Catholic Church at the end of the world.


Sandra Elam


St. Maximus Of Turin On John 3:5 & Catechumens


MHFM: St. Maximus of Turin was an early Church father who lived in the 5th century.  In 1784, by the order of Pope Pius VI, his sermons were published.  He took part in a number of important early councils, including a Roman Synod in 465 where his signature appears after the pope’s signature.  This is an interesting quote from St. Maximus, expressing the faith of the Church, on how unbaptized catechumens are not inside the Church and cannot be saved without the Sacrament of Baptism.


St. Maximus of Turin, Sermon 65, c. AD 423: “For before a catechumen is baptized, he lies like water, cold and pallid, but a member of the faithful is vigorous and ruddy like wine.  A catechumen, I say, is like water that has no taste, no smell, and no value; which avails not for use, delights not for refreshment, and passes not to be kept.  For just as water, when kept too long, turns interiorly worse, rots and stinks, so too the catechumen, when he remains a catechumen for too long, turns interiorly worse, becomes worthless and is lost.  For the Lord said, ‘Unless one is born again of water and the Holy Spirit, he will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.’ (Jn 3:5)  But he who does not enter the Kingdom necessarily remains in Hell.”


Mockery Of The True Faith


The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed


It's extremely sad that so many people have been tricked into taking part in this total mockery of the true Catholic faith. They don't even know what they are missing out on or the spiritual danger they are in. It is truly evil.






The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed


Wow this is superb. I’m at a loss for words…






The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed


They talk in tongues yet no one can understand them. This isn't what happened at pentecost with the apostles when they were understood in each others language.


Marilyn Young


I Don’t Know How Anyone Could Watch This And Still Think Vatican II Is Okay


The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed


I watched this because it was pinned in other videos. I did not know what to expect. I am shocked at what I have seen. I feel like I have been so deceived. This renewal movement has been a pack of lies. So many people who seemed so solid are not at all. This charismatic movement truly is from the devil. Thank you for taking the time to put this video together. I don't know how anyone could watch it and still think V2 is ok.


Little Thimble


Single-Handedly Pushed Me To Reject The Novus Ordo Sect


The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed


This is by far one of the best videos you guys have released. It has single handedly pushed me to reject the Vatican 2 "Novus Ordo" sect. I cannot watch these clips without feeling disgusted at what the devil has done…




I Wish I Had Seen This As A Teenager


The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed


Thank you so much for exposing all this, and in such a thorough and well presented way. I wish I'd been shown this video as a teenager in the eighties! It would have saved me so much confusion as I had been poorly catechised. A friend at college apostatised and persuaded me to go along to a few of her protestant charismatic meetings. I had no idea it was mortal sin. It never worked when they tried praying over me, I thank God now. The apparent Church had stopped teaching the faith, the clear dogmas, thus many were led astray by this charismatic evil. It was taking over the parishes in England too. Priests like my old Irish one didn't like it but, in obedience to the bishop, went along with lay people bringing it in. My parents were very against it all. I remember my father refusing to join in the clapping at the end of Masses when people were being thanked for things...charismatics took over by increments such as that.


Carrie Jones


Amazing Video


The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed


Thank you for the amazing video and in-depth research.






The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed


Thank you for this masterpiece brother.




It Goes Much Deeper


The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed


All I can say is that the evil goes much deeper than I thought!...


Vincent Perratore




The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed


Another great video. Many thanks!


River Boat


Great Exposure


The “Catholic” Charismatic Movement Exposed


A great exposure of this wickedness. Thank you.


Barry Spurr




Cortes’ Amazing Conquest Of The Aztec Empire


Excellent video!!!


John Pyrke




Apocalypse Now In The Vatican


The best video in the world with a strikingly accurate interpretation of End Times & Apocalypse Now!


Amer. I




TN bans chemtrails and the sky is now completely different - video


Wow, shocking.




Not By Chance


Chameleon's eyes provide 360 degree vision due to unique eye anatomy - video


Not by chance. Our Lord creates such beautiful and brilliantly designed animals.




Pope Stephen III: Don’t Divorce Your Wives


Pope Stephen III, To Charles and Carloman (Codex Epistolaris Carolinus 45), 769: “… we ourselves… implore you most solemnly – through the living and true God, who is the judge of the living and the dead, and by the ineffable power of His divine majesty and the dread day of future judgment, when all of us, princes and potentates of the whole human race will attend in terror, and also by all the divine mysteries and the most holy body of the blessed Peter – that neither of you brothers presume in any way to take in marriage the daughter of King Desiderius of the Lombards, and again that your most noble sister the lovable Gisela be not given to Desiderius’ son, and that you do not dare to divorce your wives in any manner whatsoever.”


No Respect For The Sons Of Darkness


Pope St. Leo the Great, Letter 109, Nov. 25, 452: “But the sons of light ought not to be so afraid of the sons of darkness, as to acquiesce in the ideas of madmen or to think that any respect should be shown to men of this kind; for, if they would rather perish than recover their senses, provision must be made lest their escape from punishment should do wider harm, and long toleration of them should lead to the destruction of many.”


Pope Vigilius On How Heretics Typically Contradict Themselves


MHFM: This is another interesting quote from a pope about how heretics typically contradict themselves and use ambiguity.


Pope Vigilius, Second Constitutum, Feb. 23, 554: “… it is the custom of heretics to hide their poisons with counterfeit speech and to utter words that have a semblance of agreeing with orthodox professions, and through being tolerated to maintain that malign access through which the pestilence of their error can infiltrate, as the prophet testifies about them: ‘They made their speeches smooth above oil, and they are darts [Ps. 54:22]…


Much Needed Shock


Dear Brothers,


… Thank you for the vast amount of information available for many Catholics born after Vatican II.  It has been a well needed shock to my soul, thank you… God Bless you and everyone at the Most Holy Family Monastery.








The “Strongest” Argument Against The Papacy (Pope Vigilius) – Refuted


These are the best videos on the internet...


J Knight


Constantinople II Refutes Francis’ Defenders On Automatic Separation From the Church


MHFM: In our recent video on Pope Vigilius (The “Strongest” Argument Against The Papacy (Pope Vigilius) – Refuted), we cited this passage from Sess. 3 of the Second Council of Constantinople in 553.


Second Council Of Constantinople, Sess. 3, AD 553: “… the holy, catholic and apostolic church of God, if anyone separates himself from its communion by holding contrary opinions, such a person, since he alienates himself from the orthodox faith and numbers himself with the heretics, is justly condemned and anathematized by the holy Church of God.”


The Council clearly teaches that people are separated from the Church “by holding contrary opinions”.  The same was taught by the Council of Florence, Leo XIII, etc.  This passage from Constantinople II refutes the defenders of the Vatican II Sect who claim that merely holding beliefs contrary to Catholic teaching doesn’t separate one from the Church, but that a further declaration from a Church authority is required.  They are once again contradicted by the Church’s teaching.


The Three Chapters


MHFM: The facts covered in the recent video on Pope Vigilius also refute the false understanding of the Magisterium held by John 3:5 mockers and some others.  These facts further confirm that our understanding of the Magisterium and papal infallibility is correct.  Without properly distinguishing between solemn declarations of a pope and what a pope might have taught outside of a solemn declaration, one cannot defend the Papacy or papal infallibility in this instance.  


The “Strongest” Argument Against The Papacy (Pope Vigilius) – Refuted


The Three Chapters


The “Strongest” Argument Against The Papacy (Pope Vigilius) – Refuted


This was a brilliant, scholarly video thoroughly refuting anti-papacy arguments regarding the "Three Chapters" controversy, and it contains a wealth of information and provides powerful quotes to confirm papal supremacy in the early Church. One thing I also found interesting is how the Catholic principle, rooted in Galatians 1, that manifest heretics automatically lose Church office and membership, sheds light on why the attendees of the Constantinople II assembly decided to break communion with Pope Vigilius and declare him outside the Church, while simultaneously claim to still have communion with the Roman see: they used the Galatians 1 principle to conclude that Vigilius no longer occupied the Roman See due to manifest heresy. True, they misapplied the principle, but they recognized it. It explains their thinking and actions on this point. Vatican II sect people who claim to be Catholic but deny the Catholic principle that manifest heretics ipso facto lose office, or that the early Church recognized this principle, could not adequately assess and explain what happened. This shows how true Catholics who embrace and utilize the full truth, are better equipped to defend true doctrines than some heretics who attempt to defend those same true doctrines.




New Video Posted


The “Strongest” Argument Against The Papacy (Pope Vigilius) – Refuted


Powerful Video


The “Strongest” Argument Against The Papacy (Pope Vigilius) – Refuted


Powerful video.






The “Strongest” Argument Against The Papacy (Pope Vigilius) – Refuted


Another stellar video defending the one true faith. May God bless MHFM for your critical work.




The Papacy


The “Strongest” Argument Against The Papacy (Pope Vigilius) – Refuted


Outstanding video.






The “Strongest” Argument Against The Papacy (Pope Vigilius) – Refuted


Very well documented with footnotes and citations…


David Rodriguez


Ended When He Was Praying


Las Vegas teen who said he saw a UFO and nonhuman says he believes it was a demon - video


Wow! He said it ended when he closed his eyes and he was praying!


Antonio Eligius


Abomination Of Desolation


No Catholic Believes What Francis Just “Approved”


Abomination that causes desolation is the new order mass.




Las Vegas


Las Vegas teen who said he saw a UFO and nonhuman says he believes it was a demon - video


Given the substantial presence of magicians in Las Vegas, it is to be expected that numerous 'UFO' sightings of a præternatural, dæmonic, devilish, hellish nature would occur in and round the city.




St. Polycarp On Young Men


St. Polycarp, Letter To The Philippians, Chap. 5, AD 110: “Similarly, the younger men must be blameless in all things; they should be concerned about purity above all, reining themselves away from all evil.  For it is good to be cut off from sinful desires in the world…”




Taylor Marshall’s Publicity Stunts & False Theology – Exposed


Thank you so much for this. Once again, MHFM concisely cuts through obfuscation and outright lies to clearly present the irrefutable Truth of Catholic Teaching and Doctrine.


Judi S


Degradation Of Society


Dear Brothers,


As many have noted, we witness daily the degradation and destruction of every aspect of a rightly-ordered society.  Though sad, for us it's not surprising -- because we know that this has all been brought to us by heresy, fake Christianity and apostasy.  What is interesting, though, is how all the world seems to be Gnostic (boldly daring to harmonize opposites, especially evil and good).  Fake Christians complain about communism, but then openly support Zionism; the antipope tells 'priests' to give God's 'blessing' to that which God condemns and abominates; men think they can be women, and women, men.  In whatever direction we look, we see a total inversion of truth and right reason.  No doubt, this is Satanism at its 'best' and perhaps an intimation of the arrogant pride (and fall) of Lucifer when he attempted to set his throne above God... Maybe, too, it is why God allowed Satan to visit Padre Pio in the confessional (while pretending to be a man) - and attempt to skillfully justify the most hideous of sins (pg. 38 of your Padre Pio book).  It seems that God was giving Padre Pio (and us) a preview of just how dark the hour of darkness would be.  


Lee Ann


God Knows The Secrets Of The Heart


St. Polycarp, Letter To The Philippians, Chap. 4, AD 110: “… all sacrifices are carefully inspected and nothing escapes [God], whether thoughts or intentions or secrets of the heart.  Knowing, therefore, that God is not mocked, we ought to live in a manner that is worthy of His commandment and glory.”


Interesting Story


MHFM: This is interesting.


Las Vegas teen who said he saw a UFO and nonhuman says he believes it was a demon - video


St. Polycarp: Leave The Crowd Behind


St. Polycarp, Letter To The Philippians, Chap. 2, AD 110: “Therefore prepare for action and serve God in fear and truth, leaving behind the empty and meaningless talk and the error of the crowd...”


Won’t Be Cheering


Fake Gov. Hobbs "signs abortion ban repeal" - demonic supporters cheer that more babies will be murdered


They won't be clapping and cheering at their judgement.




Avoiding Bad Companions


St. Polycarp, Letter To The Philippians, AD 110: “Let us be eager with regard to what is good, and let us avoid those who tempt others to sin, and false brothers, and those who bear the name of the Lord hypocritically, who lead foolish people astray.”


1 Cor. 15:33- “Do not be deceived: ‘Bad company corrupts good morals.’”


Fog Lifted


Hello Brothers. 


My name is Matthew Larson. I live in Minnesota and recently stumbled across your website. Thank God I did, for you have lifted a fog from my eyes…


The Methodist Church & Sodomy


“The United Methodist Church, one of the largest Protestant denominations in the U.S., has voted to repeal its ban on LGBTQ clergy as well as prohibitions on its ministers from officiating at same-sex weddings.” (NPR, May 1, 2024)


Promises To St. Benedict’s Order


What is a source for the promises made to the Order of St. Benedict?


MHFM: Another source for the promises about the Order of St. Benedict is the book: The Very Reverend Paul Of Moll, A Flemish Benedictine, Second Edition, Benedictine Convent, 1914, Imprimatur 1910, p. 338.  


Promise 1 (as recorded in the book) is: “His order will continue to exist to the end of the world.” 

Promise 2 is: “It will, at the end of the world in the final battle, render great services to the holy Church and confirm many in the faith.” 


The Rapid Fall Of America


America Is Turning Into A Total Surveillance Society - video


This taking-down of America reminds me of watching the falling buildings of the first two towers, the ones hit by planes (supposedly); the falling of America is as a slow-motion film at the beginning and then finalizing in rapid speed. Also, I am reminded of the thorough presentation MHFM did on the Fall of America just not long ago!  https://endtimes.video/america-fall-to-communism/




As A Child


Bart Sibrel (award-winning filmmaker) proves the Moon Landing was a hoax - must-see video


I remember scurrying home to watch the "moon landing" as a child. The whole lunar hoax was a big con on kids in my generation, so much so that my brother had a model diorama of the supposed "Lunar Excursion Module," complete with gold-colored foil and with a 12x15 inch plastic "lunar" surface. "It is good to confide in the Lord, rather than to have confidence in man. It is good to trust in the Lord, rather than to trust in princes." Psalm 117: 8-9






Man Shot & Saw Hell – Shocking Must-See Video


Just watching this right now makes me so grateful to be still alive.




Important Verses


… I completely understand John 5:44, Galatians 1:10 and James 4:4. Which are cited on your videos and how one should not care about anybody thinks, which I must admit before watching your videos I was very concerned about…


Why So Many Can't Believe

How To Avoid Sin


Bringing Truth




My life as a "Catholic" has been in the post Vatican 2 church… Only recently, in my late years,  have I realized… things that didn't make sense in post V2, but my family shrugs it off as "wounded people in charge"…


Thank you for all you do in bringing the Truth to the world.


God bless,



Inquiry Into Catholicism


How can I be a traditional pre-vatican ll catholic? Please point me in the right direction…




Francis Condemning Condemnations


Francis, My Story Through History: Francis's Inspiring Biography Through History (p. 220): “I believe it is essential today that we abandon the rigidity of the past, and distance ourselves from a Church that points the finger in condemnation.”


MHFM: In his heretical autobiography, Antipope Francis says that people must distance themselves from a Church that condemns.  That is to condemn the Catholic Church itself, for condemnation of heretics and heresies is part of the Church’s professions of faith.


Pope Innocent III, Fourth Lateran Council, 1215, Constitution 3, On Heretics: “We excommunicate and anathematize every heresy raising itself up against this holy, orthodox and Catholic faith which we have expounded above. We condemn all heretics, whatever names they may go underThey have different faces indeed but their tails are tied together in as much as they are alike in their pride.”


Pope Pelagius II, epistle (1) Quod ad dilectionem, 585: “If anyone, however, either suggests or believes or presumes to teach contrary to this faith, let him know that he is condemned and also anathematized according to the opinion of the same Fathers.”


Thomas Merton


Was the Catholic monk Thomas Merton in error by seeking truths in other religions whilst remaining faithful to the Catholic religion?.. 


Jeff K


MHFM: He was not a true Catholic.  He was, rather, a promoter of false ecumenism and religious indifferentism.  That is incompatible with the Catholic faith.  For why, see these videos (among others):






Born Into Pagan Family But…


Dear Dimond Brothers,


Thank you for your consistent work in propagating the Traditional Catholic faith. I am not a Catholic. I was born into a pagan family but my grandparents are Catholic (post V2). I am planning to convert to Catholicism due to your content. I refuse to worship pagan gods since my plan to convert. My parents are angry at me due to my behavior. Funnily enough, my grandma defended my parents and said that Catholicism is not against pagan worship. Please pray for me as well as for my family.


Best Regards,



MHFM: It's great to hear that you want to convert.  It's crucial that you make it a priority to do so.  We recommend that you pray the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  That will give you important graces.  We recommend that Catholics, if they can, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  This is an important spiritual video: https://endtimes.video/how-to-avoid-sin/


From Ireland, Interested In Converting


To whom it may concern,


My name is Ruairí and I'm a 21 year old from Ireland. I have been watching your video content recently and I'm interested in converting to true traditional Catholicism…


God bless,




Wants To Convert


Hello MHFM,

I'm convinced on all the issues mentioned in your videos.  What are the next steps that I need to take to convert?





MHFM: That’s great to hear.  The steps to convert are here: https://vaticancatholic.com/catholic-baptism-steps-to-convert/  We also recommend that Catholics, if they can, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.


Sozomen On Pope Julius


MHFM: This is an interesting quote from Church historian Sozomen concerning the jurisdictional authority exercised by Pope Julius (who became pope in 337) over Eastern bishops during the time of St. Athanasius.


Sozomen, Ecclesiastical History, Book 3, Chap. 8, 5th Century: “The Roman bishop, on learning the accusation against each individual, and on finding that they held the same sentiments about the Nicaean dogmas, admitted them to communion as of like orthodoxy; and as the care for all was fitting to the dignity of his see, he restored them all to their own churches. He wrote to the bishops of the East, and rebuked them for having judged these bishops unjustly, and for harassing the Churches by abandoning the Nicaean doctrines.”


Exchange on 1 John 5:1


They Misrepresent The Fathers


Every one who has believed on Jesus the Christ is born of God. And he who loves Him who begot also loves Him who is begotten of Him. (1 John 5:1)




MHFM: Actually, the Greek of 1 John 5:1 uses γεγέννηται, a perfect tense verb meaning “has been born”, signifying an action completed in the past.


1 John 5:1- “Everyone believing [Πς πιστεύων present participle] that Jesus is the Christ has been born [γεγέννηται perfect tense verb] of God…” This indicates that every true believer in Christ (who possesses saving faith) has already been born of God in water baptism. We discuss this in our article and video on Cornelius: https://vaticancatholic.com/speaking-in-tongues-baptism-holy-spirit/


You can’t believe with the result that you are reborn. It’s just the opposite: you must be reborn in baptism in order to possess saving faith.


As the Council of Trent declared: Council of Trent, Sess. 6, Chap. 7 on Justification: “This faith, conformably to Apostolic tradition, catechumens beg of the Church before the sacrament of baptism, when they ask for the faith that gives eternal life, which without hope and charity faith cannot give.”


As St. John and the Council of Trent teach, a person does not have saving faith until he or she is born of God in the Sacrament of Baptism. That’s why the Church has always taught that only the baptized are ‘the faithful’. Pope Innocent III also solemnly declared that there is absolutely no salvation outside the Church of the faithful.


Pope Innocent III, Fourth Lateran Council, 1215: “There is indeed one universal Church of the faithful outside of which no one at all is saved…”


“Una vero est fidelium universalis ecclesia, extra quam nullus omnino salvatur…”


Acts Of Nicaea II Against The Desire To Please Men


MHFM: We have often emphasized (e.g. see the videos below) that a primary reason God withholds true faith from people is that they seek to please men rather than God (John 5:44).  This is an interesting quote from the Acts of the Second Council of Nicaea in that regard.


The Acts of the Second Council of Nicaea (AD 787), Sess. 6: “… the writer of Proverbs said: ‘There are paths that seem to a man to be straight but their ends lead to the pit of Hades’ – this they too have suffered because they were overcome with the desire to please men and spoke from their own bellies.  They thought their paths were straight, but they lead those who follow them into the pit of Hades.” (Richard Price, p. 462)


Why So Many Can't Believe

How To Avoid Sin


Different Path


Man Shot & Saw Hell – Shocking Must-See Video


We need to share this with the people we love. This video has put me in a different path…






No Catholic Believes What Francis Just “Approved”


He is not the Pope.


Jane Peinado


Started To See Things


Dear MHFM,

After investigating some of your videos, I started to see things for how they truly are... I've started digging into the traditional catholic faith, I stumbled across your videos… God willing, I will become a true catholic soon. May the Almighty God bless Your apostolate.  





Benedict XVI: Was He A Real Pope?


Your content is bone chilling. I left the R&R for sede vacantism over a year ago. Now I am able to re-see your content and understand it better. Please pray for us! Ave Maria! Christus Vincit!






No Catholic Believes What Francis Just “Approved”


Excellent, concise video…




Very Clear


… Vatican ll and the Novus Ordo Mass is Counterfeit Catholicism. It is very clear Especially what is going on currently. Rome Has Lost The Faith.






Iran says if any Israeli weapons hit any of their nuclear sites it will prompt a pursuit of nuclear weapons


Every time—only the U.S. "vetoes". Outrageous situation. Unconscionable.




Unbelievable Apostasy


No Catholic Believes What Francis Just “Approved”


Incredible work. Over ten years of heresy from Francis, yet people are still arrogant to the truth. The gall that Vatican II sectarians have when they claim sedevacantists believe the gates of Hell prevailed against the Church. No. In fact, to believe that the Vatican II antipopes are true popes — when they’re not — is to believe the gates of Hell prevailed. Glory be to God my family and I were saved from the unbelievable apostasy of the Vatican II antichurch.


Sanctus 3




No Catholic Believes What Francis Just “Approved”


Excellent work again brothers!!!


Louis Stravinsky


Francis’ References


No Catholic Believes What Francis Just “Approved”


I noticed Francis quotes Francis a lot (as usual) in Dignitas Infinita. Almost all the other references are Vatican 2 documents or post-Vatican 2 "popes"…


David Wilson




No Catholic Believes What Francis Just “Approved”


Another great video…


Tomo Taimu


He’s Also Against


No Catholic Believes What Francis Just “Approved”


If I’m not mistaken, Francis is also against life imprisonment, calling it a “secret death penalty” in Fratelli Tutti… Meaning, someone can murder an entire family (including children), and according to Francis it would be immoral to either execute them or sentence them to life in prison. Wow, how diabolical. It’s almost as bad as the Once Saved Always Saved heresy.




U.S. Bridges


Multiple barges break loose and float down Ohio River causing bridge closures - video


MHFM: More strange things happening to bridges in the U.S…


So Clear & Obvious


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


Thanks! Your video makes the deception so clear and obvious. To me it looks like she was trying to take the place of Mary and the rosary.




Steered Me Away From “Orthodoxy”


The Trinity & The Filioque: Catholicism Refutes Eastern “Orthodoxy”


In my searching id considered the orthodox church… this video has helped me in confirming (to myself) the Holy Catholic Church as our Lord's Church. Thank you.


Tyler Minix


Leo The Great’s Important Teaching


MHFM: Today is the feast of Pope St. Leo the Great, one of the greatest popes in Christian history.  We quote him quite a bit in our material.  Among many other things, Leo the Great’s official teaching proves that no one at all is saved without the Sacrament of Baptism: Pope Leo The Great On The Necessity Of Baptism For Salvation


His teaching also refutes the false doctrines of the Eastern ‘Orthodox’, such as their rejection of the Papacy, their rejection of the Filioque, and their false doctrine of Palamism.  As an example, see:

Catholic vs. “Orthodox” On The Transfiguration Light (Leo, Maximus)


Became A True Catholic




Firstly, I want to thank you for your work. Thanks to you, and the community you helped to create, I became a true Catholic at last...


God bless you,


Braden A. Schaeffer




Francis Calls Same-Sex Acts A “Gift” In New Autobiography


I’m on a journey to find the true church and I got to say you’ve impressed me a lot with your videos and your presentation style. I always manage to grasp what you’re saying no matter how complicated the subject; which I can’t say the same for a lot of other people I have seen…




MHFM: We're glad that you are looking at the material.  God wants you to become a traditional Catholic.  The steps to convert are on our website.  We also recommend that you pray the Hail Mary frequently and the Rosary each day.  That’s very important.  It will give you important graces to see the truth and do God’s will.  We recommend that Catholics, if they can, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently. This is also an important spiritual video: https://endtimes.video/how-to-avoid-sin/


Life-Changing Video


Man Shot & Saw Hell – Shocking Must-See Video


Dear Brothers, 


Thank you for this spectacular video which shows us the hand of God at work in this breathtaking illustration of Divine Justice -- and Divine Mercy.  The first part of God's Mercy has been to allow Dominic to experience -- and also to be able to recall and describe in detail -- the true nature of hell.  But the second and even greater part of God's Mercy (towards him and towards all of us) is to be shown by MHFM how those truths of hell are Catholic and Biblical, and that what Dominic describes is either ignored or denied by all fake "Christian" religions (including the Vatican II Sect).  It was striking to me to see how precise, detailed and comprehensive Dominic's recollections and descriptions are, and I don't think that's a coincidence.  We pray for his conversion and for the conversion of others because, as Dominic correctly says, God wills it.  Interesting, too, were Dominic's remark on the hatred of the devils toward souls, and the absence in hell of hope and all good things - all of which are gifts of God that ungrateful men abuse and take for granted.  Thank you, MHFM, for another powerful and life-changing video.


Lee Ann




“Fr.” Mark Goring Is In A Diabolical Fog


This man is not a true priest. He is vain, worldly and heretical. Thanks be to God for exposing the truth!




New Video Posted


Francis Calls Same-Sex Acts A “Gift” In New Autobiography!


St. Cyril On The Devil Always Fighting Against the Church


St. Cyril of Alexandria, Epistle 67: “The dragon, the apostate, the truly all-grievous wild beast, fighting against God, has not rested nor ever ceased from the perversity within him; but harboring in himself inexhaustible ill-will towards the holy churches, he has had the effrontery to raise up against the doctrines of the truth the intemperate tongues of unholy and profane men who have a cauterised conscience.”


Demonic Guile


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


Thank you for this excellent video clearly uncovering what deception and demonic guile this devotion is. I notice that the Sunday chosen for the promulgation of this heresy of mercy without repentance is the Sunday on which, in both the true Latin traditional rite and the fake novus ordo rite, we have the Gospel reading in which Our Lord bestows upon His apostles, the first priests, the exclusive power to forgive and to retain sins. This devotion is at odds with the very Gospel passage of Low Sunday…


Carrie Jones


Such Injustice


4 More Pro-Lifers Who Sat Outside Abortion Clinic Praying Found Guilty – Face Up To 11 Years In Prison


How abominable, such godless "law" and "lawmen", on the road to Gehenna.




New Video Posted


No Catholic Believes What Francis Just “Approved”


Not Remotely Catholic


“Bishop” of the diocese of Superior, WI, has pagan ritual performed inside “his cathedral” - video


... Beating on drums and chanting, women in headbands waving feathers . . . It looked like some kind of Indian rain dance. Why are so many mush-brained people sitting in the pews, watching and thinking this is even remotely Catholic?




Elderly Priest


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


An elderly priest told us that that is no longer the teaching of the church and that the proclamation that salvation only exists within the RC church is longer professed.


Celtic M


MHFM: That elderly priest is a heretic.  It’s a dogma that no one is saved outside the Catholic Church.  Also, the New Mass must be avoided, as our material explains.


Pope Gregory XVI (1832): “Finally some of these misguided people attempt to persuade themselves and others that men are not saved only in the Catholic religion, but that even heretics may attain eternal life…  You know how zealously Our predecessors taught that article of faith which these dare to deny, namely the necessity of the Catholic faith and of unity for salvation… Omitting other appropriate passages which are almost numberless in the writings of the Fathers, We shall praise St. Gregory the Great who expressly testifies that THIS IS INDEED THE TEACHING OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.  He says: ‘The holy universal Church teaches that it is not possible to worship God truly except in her and asserts that all who are outside of her will not be saved.’  Official acts of the Church proclaim the same dogma.  Thus, in the decree on faith which Innocent III published with the synod of Lateran IV, these things are written: ‘There is one universal Church of all the faithful outside of which no one is saved.’” (Summo Iugiter Studio)




Dear MHFM, I apologize for unreasonably criticizing your sedevacantism earlier. I humbly admit that I had opposed your position in bad will by appealing to emotions rather than considering the objective evidence/truth. I now fully agree with your position that heads John XXIII - Francis were/is antipope(s) and the seat of St. Peter has been vacant since the 2nd V.C. Thank you and God for delivering me from false position and dishonest will.




False Charity


St. Robert Bellarmine vs. Antipopes Francis And Benedict XVI On Judas’ Fate


An act of false charity by those antipopes. Using the mask of “kindness” and being “non judgmental” they lure people into believing that even judas who betrayed Our Lord and killed himself was possibly saved and by so doing convince them that damnation is near impossible. How many people will be damned because of [them]…




Mother Teresa: True Face Of Modernism


Why Mother Teresa Was Not A Saint


Thank you for this job to reveal the true face of modernism with its false church, false doctrine, false pope, false liturgy, false moral and false saint! Blessed be to God!






This is one of the best if not the best christian channel on youtube i am amazed.




Website & Videos


… I'm so grateful you reached out to me and that you have worked so hard to create such amazing websites and videos!  Thank God for you!  I pray the rosary daily and have gotten my parents to stop praying the Divine Mercy and have received many blessings from your ministry…


God bless you,


Jeff Tormey


St. Bernard Against Phony Annulments


MHFM: This is a quote from St. Bernard against bishops in his day who unjustifiably granted an annulment.  The pope at the time, Innocent II, supported him and excommunicated the bishops.  That's quite a contrast to the Vatican II Sect, which hands out invalid annulments like hot cakes: The Annulment Fiasco – The Vatican II Sect’s De Facto acceptance of Divorce and Remarriage


St. Bernard, Letter 294 To Pope Innocent II, 1142: “It is written: ‘What God has joined together let no man put asunder.’  But shameless men have arisen who, despite the law of God, have not scrupled to separate what God has joined together.  They have gone further and added one sin to another by uniting what should not be united.  The sacred rites of the Church have been violated and the robes of Christ have been torn, and to make matters worse this has been done by those very persons whose business it ought to be to mend them.’”


German Wants To Convert


I watched some very well made videos... and I want to join the Catholic faith in Germany… I… left my church 25 years ago as agnostic…


May God Bless You.


Kind regards

Robert Benthien


Constantinople II: Separated For Contrary Opinions


MHFM: This passage from the Second Council of Constantinople in 553 is another example of the Church’s teaching that people who hold opinions contrary to the Church’s official teaching are separated from the Church’s communion by that fact itself, before any declaration. 


Second Council of Constantinople, Sess. 3, AD 553: “… the holy, catholic and apostolic church of God, if anyone separates himself from its communion by holding contrary opinions, such a person, since he alienates himself from the orthodox faith and numbers himself with the heretics, is justly condemned and anathematized by the holy Church of God.”




Pilate’s Fault


Pilate is the clearest example of the evil of "lukewarmness". The failure to take a hard line stance on important issues can be as devastating as anything.


Justin Knight


Logical Conclusion


St. Robert Bellarmine vs. Antipopes Francis And Benedict XVI On Judas’ Fate


The denial of this obvious truth perfectly illustrates the logical conclusion of the rejection of the dogma "outside the Church there is no salvation." If Judas was saved, literally anyone can be (according to the demonic Vatican II sect).


Justin Knight


St. Thomas On Luke 23:34


“Father, Forgive Them” (Luke 23:34) - Did Christ Pray For All Who Crucified Him?


Bellarmine vs. The Antipopes On Judas


St. Robert Bellarmine vs. Antipopes Francis And Benedict XVI On Judas’ Fate


A Prophet Rises From Galilee


MHFM: In John 7:52, we read that the Pharisees tried to undermine the credibility of Our Lord and His miracles by claiming that no prophet rises from Galilee. 


John 7:52- “They replied, ‘Are you from Galilee too?  Search and see that no prophet arises from Galilee.’” 


Not only were they wrong about Jesus, of course, but their claim is refuted by the example of the Old Testament prophet Jonah.  In 2 Kings 14:25 (4 Kings 14:25 in the Douay-Rheims), the prophet Jonah is described as from Gath-hepher, which was a town of Zebulun in Lower Galilee.


Squatters & The Planned Destruction Of America


How The "Law" Protects Squatters - Deep State strategy to kick Americans out of their homes - video


MHFM: This is truly insane.  It’s connected to the planned destruction/collapse/transformation of America.


Pope Leo XIII, Rerum Novarum (#4), May 15, 1891: “… the socialists… are striving to do away with private property, and contend that individual possessions should become the common property of all, to be administered by the State or by municipal bodies.”


Pope Leo XIII, Rerum Novarum (#38), May 15, 1891: “… there is the duty of safeguarding private property by legal enactment and protection. Most of all it is essential, where the passion of greed is so strong, to keep the populace within the line of duty; for, if all may justly strive to better their condition, neither justice nor the common good allows any individual to seize upon that which belongs to another, or, under the futile and shallow pretext of equality, to lay violent hands on other people's possessions.”  


A Giraffe’s Heart Refutes Evolution


The Bombardier Beetle and the Giraffe disprove the theory of evolution - video


MHFM: Belief in the stupidity and myth of evolution is one of the big problems in the Vatican II Counter Church.


Wake Up Call


Man Shot & Saw Hell – Shocking Must-See Video


… this is a much needed wake up call…


Tony Guillen


Ezekiel 8: Miraculous Transportation & Bilocation


MHFM: Ezekiel chapter 8 records that the prophet experienced a miraculous transportation, similar to what happened to various Catholic saints.  He was taken by his hair and brought from Babylon into Jerusalem in order to miraculously see the abominations committed there.


Ezekiel 8:2-3- “Then I looked, and behold, a form that had the appearance of a man.  Below what appeared to be his waist was fire, and above his waist was something like the appearance of brightness, like gleaming metal.  He put out the form of a hand and took me by a lock of my head, and the Spirit lifted me up between earth and heaven and brought me in visions of God to Jerusalem, to the entrance of the gateway of the inner court that faces north, where was the seat of the image of jealousy, which provokes to jealousy. 


‘Divine Mercy’ Painter Suicide


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


The man who painted the image took his life by hanging.


Brendan Ryan


New Mass Is Unholy


The New Mass Lacks The “Mystery Of Faith” (Novus Ordo Modernists Refuted)


The new mass is sacrilegious. Faithful Catholics know better and will by faith keep away from this unholy blasphemous mass of which spiritual beasts are abundant in the sanctuary.




Pope Leo XIII Contra Hinduism


MHFM: Vatican II’s praise for the false religion of Hinduism is contradicted by Pope Leo XIII:


Pope Leo XIII, Ad Extremas (#1), June 24, 1893: “Our thoughts turn first of all to the blessed Apostle Thomas who is rightly called the founder of preaching the Gospel to the Hindus.  Then, there is Francis Xavier… Through his extraordinary perseverance, he converted hundreds of thousands of Hindus from the myths and vile superstitions of the Brahmans to the true religion.  In the footsteps of this holy man followed numerous priests… they are continuing these noble efforts; nevertheless, in the vast reaches of the Earth, many are still deprived of the truth, miserably imprisoned in the darkness of superstition.”


Marvels Of Nature Destroy Evolution


"Evolution Can't Explain This Sea Creature" - video


Dear Brothers,


It's a pleasure to watch how the breathtaking marvels of nature refute the lie of evolution.  But whenever I do, the same question always occurs to me: How is it that an individual who recognizes that Creation required a 'Master Designer' is unwilling to apply that same reasoning to Divine Revelation and to the true Christian Church?  The 'Master Designer' of the Catholic Church, the Christian Church, was and always will be Almighty God.  


However, the position of heretics is that "Christianity" (unlike all the rest of Creation, and for some reason they never explain) was not designed by God in any great detail, implying that spiritual details are far less important to Him than material details.  But the truth is the exact opposite!  The true faith is the most important thing on earth.  No one can alter it, and no one can gain eternal life without it.  Our Lord said that Heaven and earth will pass away, but His words shall not pass away.  And He commanded all nations to hear the Church.  


Heretics are totally unaware that the primary reason the lie of evolution gained currency in the first place, was because it was able to ride piggy-back on the great apostasy from Christ and the true Catholic faith.


Lee Ann


Candace Owens Fired From The Zionist Daily Wire


Candace Owens Fired From The Zionist Daily Wire


Pope Vigilius On “In The Name”


Pope Vigilius, Dum In Sanctae Euphemiae, Jan. 28, 552: “‘… baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.’  He said ‘in the name’, not ‘in the names’, so that in those who have one power, one authority, one Godhead, one eternity, one glory, one omnipotence, one blessedness, one activity and one nature there should also be found the wholeness of a single name.  Nothing indeed in the Godhead is divided, since it is only the individual property of the persons that is marked out by a clear distinction; accordingly everything that the Trinity is remains consubstantial and undivided Godhead.”


Stupid Hoax


"Evolution Can't Explain This Sea Creature" - video


Evolution is a devilishly deceptive, stupid hoax, hypothesized by deluded idiots who hate God, our Creator…




Sad Situation


Spokesperson says offensive in Rafah would be "apocalyptic" - children starving to death - video


MHFM: This is a sad situation.  Israel is preventing the aid from coming into the area.


Biblical & Logical


Second Council of Constantinople On Automatic Anathema


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for posting the quote from the 2nd Council of Constantinople.  How often have we heard the mouthpieces of the V2 Sect falsely claim that their anti-popes must be accepted as popes, since they have not been formally condemned by 'the Church' -- when the only thing 'their Church' condemns is true Catholicism!... the effort by the false conservatives/false trads to deny automatic anathema -- in order to discredit MHFM and the true positions -- is just another illustration that these mouthpieces of the Vatican II Sect are liars and hypocrites. These false teachers know that the idea of an automatic anathema is biblical and logical.  When the Church condemned Martin Luther (and other heresiarchs), She didn't have to also condemn, by name, each of their followers.  But this explicit quote from the Council demonstrates, yet again, that these "trads" are double-talking traducers who despise Catholic truth and those who teach it.  They make themselves enemies of Christ and His Church and, thus, subject to the same dreadful anathema that they work so hard to deny.


Lee Ann


The Horrors


Man Shot & Saw Hell – Shocking Must-See Video


Dear Brothers,

Thank you very much for sharing this video. I don’t remember where I first read it, but I remember as a child reading the words, Think of death, and you will not sin. The video is a powerful reminder not only of the gravity of sin, but also of the horrors of Hell awaiting those who persist in mortal sin. It causes one to think about the most terrifying part of all - the eternal separation from God…



Second Council of Constantinople On Automatic Anathema


Second Council of Constantinople, Sess. 8, AD 553: “… ‘Even if we ourselves or an angel from Heaven were to preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be anathema’ [Gal. 1:8]… When the Lord says ‘he has been judged already’ [John 3:18] and the apostle anathematizes even angels if they were to teach ‘contrary to what we have preached’ [Gal. 1:8], how can they, who have the effrontery for everything, have the presumption to assert that these things were said only about the living?  Or do they not know, or rather do they pretend not to know when in fact they do, that a judgment of anathema is nothing other than separation from God, that the impious person, even if he has not received it verbally from another, yet in reality brings anathema on himself when through his impiety he separates himself from the true Life?”


Informative On Guadalupe


The Amazing And Miraculous Image Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe


Thank you for this very detailed informative commentary on Our Lady's image. Best I've ever heard.


Ann Hughes




Francis Calls Same-Sex Acts A “Gift” In New Autobiography!


That is so horrible…. He is [leading] the souls to hell with that teaching.




Mocking The Sacrifices


Francis & “Cardinal” Dolan Endorse Ramadan


Think of all the Christians who shed their blood fighting the infidel Muslims in the Crusades, the Reconquista, or the Battle of Lepanto, Battle of Tours/Poitiers in defense of Christendom. According to Francis they all died for absolutely nothing. His sect mocks the blood of the saints & martyrs!


Deus Vult




Francis Calls Same-Sex Acts A “Gift” In New Autobiography!


Another truth nuke from MHFM, thank you!


A Sanctus




Francis Calls Same-Sex Acts A “Gift” In New Autobiography!


Thank you… you have made an excellent summary of many arguments…




St. Patrick’s Day


Francis Calls Same-Sex Acts A “Gift” In New Autobiography!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day.




MHFM: St. Patrick is a great saint. This post contains an interesting quote from a letter of St. Patrick. In the passage St. Patrick indicates that no adult is saved without baptism when speaking about the newly-baptized converts who had been slain by the soldiers of Coroticus. He teaches that his labors to make sure these people left the world baptized were not in vain (but necessary): https://vaticancatholic.com/st-patrick-on-one-baptism/


The End (Or Purpose) Is A Cause – Final Cause


St. Thomas Aquinas, Commentary On Metaphysics, Book 5, L. 2, Definition of Cause: “For to ask why or for what reason is to ask about a cause, because when we are asked why or for what reason someone walks, we reply properly by answering that he does so in order to be healthy.  And when we answer in this way we are stating a cause.  Hence it is evident that the end [or purpose] is a cause.”


Needs To See


Man Shot & Saw Hell – Shocking Must-See Video


The entire world needs to see this.






How To Avoid Sin


Incredible. Thank you for your work. Ave María.




Shocked Into Action


How To Avoid Sin


That was truly frightening.


John Jeevan


Shocked Into Action


Man Shot & Saw Hell – Shocking Must-See Video


This video has helped shock me into action. Thank you.




Francis & “Cardinal” Dolan Endorse Ramadan


MHFM: Antipope Francis and “Cardinal” Dolan both recently endorsed Muslims in their observance of Ramadan.  That is an expression of apostasy, and it is typical of the Vatican II Sect’s religious indifferentism.  Here’s what a true pope said about Islamic practices:


Pope Clement V, Council of Vienne, 1311-1312: “It is an insult to the holy name and a disgrace to the Christian faith that in certain parts of the world subject to Christian princes where Saracens [i.e., the followers of Islam, also called Muslims] live, sometimes apart, sometimes intermingled with Christians, the Saracen priests, commonly called Zabazala, in their temples or mosques, in which the Saracens meet to adore the infidel Mahomet, loudly invoke and extol his name each day at certain hours from a high place… There is a place, moreover, where once was buried a certain Saracen whom other Saracens venerate as a saint.  This brings disrepute on our faith and gives great scandal to the faithful.  These practices cannot be tolerated without displeasing the divine majesty.  We therefore, with the sacred council’s approval, strictly forbid such practices henceforth in Christian lands.  We enjoin on Catholic princes, one and all… They are to remove this offense together from their territories and take care that their subjects remove it, so that they may thereby attain the reward of eternal happiness.  They are to forbid expressly the public invocation of the sacrilegious name of Mahomet… Those who presume to act otherwise are to be so chastised by the princes for their irreverence, that others may be deterred from such boldness.”


Discovered The Truth


Dear MHFM,


As an ex-believer of what I now realize as the false and heretical Vatican II sect, I have recently discovered the truth in Sedevacantism and the Tradition Catholic viewpoint as the one and only path to salvation and in this realization have begun the conversion process to true Catholicism…


Thank you MHFM for your great work professing true religion under God.




Jaxon V.


Scariest Thing


Man Shot & Saw Hell – Shocking Must-See Video


This is the scariest thing I’ve ever heard. I’m going to confession TODAY!


Jessica Frieboes


MHFM: Hello.  You can't just go to any alleged 'priest' today for confession, since the new rite of ordination is invalid (and for other reasons), as our material explains.  Before making a valid confession, one must also agree on all the issues of faith.  If you contact us, we can help you with a valid option (assuming you're in agreement on all the issues of faith).  We also recommend that Catholics, if they can, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.


Lot’s Virtue While Living In Sodom


St. John Chrysostom, Homily 43 On Genesis, On Lot Living In The Corrupt City Of Sodom: “The extraordinary degree of this good man’s virtue is really remarkable in that, though living in the midst of such villains, he not only had grown more indifferent but even gave evidence of much greater virtue; while all had tumbled into the abyss, so to say, he alone in all that multitude was treading the straight and narrow.”




Man Shot & Saw Hell – Shocking Must-See Video




Thank you for making the shocking new video, Man Shot & Saw Hell. This is a big wake up call for all the false traditionalists and other heretics out there who refuse to accept sedevacantism or the absolute necessity of the sacrament of baptism for salvation. God will severely punish their dishonesty and bad will… the experience of the man in your video matches the Catholic faith and the experiences of many Saints. The details he described should inspire the fear of God in anyone. How important it is to pray the Rosary everyday and to have true devotion to Mary…


God Bless,


Chris White


Renewed Urgency


Man Shot & Saw Hell – Shocking Must-See Video


Thank you for your new video about the man that was shot and saw Hell. It has given me a renewed urgency to work for the conversion of sinners…




Devils Laughing In Hell?


Man Shot & Saw Hell – Shocking Must-See Video


How can devils laugh in Hell when there is no pleasure there?


MHFM: The Vision of Drytheim and the experience of the man covered in our recent video report that demons laugh in Hell as they attack and torture people.  Their laughing in Hell, however, is not a manifestation of actual pleasure (which they completely lack) but rather of utter hatred, mockery and disdain.  In an analogous way, many people in this life laugh at good people, sound advice, and sound teaching out of mockery and contempt, even though they are actually miserable, insecure and unhappy.


St. Thomas On Heresy


MHFM: In this passage St. Thomas teaches that people become heretics for defending that which is contrary to the faith.  Thus, heresy is found in a contradiction of a particular truth of faith, and not merely in rejecting the Church completely as the rule of faith, as various false traditionalists inaccurately claim.


St. Thomas Aquinas, Commentary On The Sentences, D. 25, A. 2, Reply 2 “The simple are not condemned as heretics because they do not know the articles, but because they stubbornly defend the things that are contrary to the articles.  This they would not do unless they were to have a faith corrupted by heresy.”


New Video Posted


Man Shot & Saw Hell – Shocking Must-See Video




Man Shot & Saw Hell – Shocking Must-See Video


Deo Gratias and God bless you. This is one of your best videos. Very powerful.




Needed This


Man Shot & Saw Hell – Shocking Must-See Video


This is actually incredible. Thank you so much for the video. I needed this.






Man Shot & Saw Hell – Shocking Must-See Video


I was conflicted this Lenten season, how do I change my ways?! I have heard this testimony just in time to save my soul, I believe…






Man Shot & Saw Hell – Shocking Must-See Video


Absolutely terrifying revealing story. Watched this once by myself gave me chills. Watched a second time with my parents…


Brian Shaughnessy


On The Demons Torturing Lost Souls


MHFM: Abbot Marmion (an Irish Benedictine Abbot who died in 1923) wrote the following about demons torturing lost souls in Hell:


“Here is another terrifying aspect of the pains of hell: the lost soul is given over to the power of the demons. The nature of these spirits, which is absolutely simple, has been irrevocably deformed. They are entirely evil; their only occupation is to hate and to injure.  Although, here on earth, their power is restricted, Holy Scripture describes them none the less as beings to be feared ‘like lions seeking whom they may devour’ (1 Pet 5:8). But, in hell, where the damned, abandoned by God, are given entirely into their power, into this exterior darkness, in hell the devils have free play. They cast themselves upon their prey to plague them without respite, to inflict upon them indescribable evils.” (Christ, The Ideal Of The Priest, p. 111)




Man Shot & Saw Hell – Shocking Must-See Video


Thank you for sharing, Brothers... this has been truly impactful.




Important Video


Man Shot & Saw Hell – Shocking Must-See Video


This is one of the most important videos you've made….




Absolutely Bone Chilling


Man Shot & Saw Hell – Shocking Must-See Video


Absolutely bone chilling…




Very Powerful


Man Shot & Saw Hell – Shocking Must-See Video


Wow very powerful!






Man Shot & Saw Hell – Shocking Must-See Video


This video frightened me to the point I can't even begin to explain. It confirmed (even more) that I must always increase my efforts to gain eternal life.




Opening His Eyes


Man Shot & Saw Hell – Shocking Must-See Video


Thank you for opening my eyes.


Ryan Franca


Bible Verses & Quotes


Man Shot & Saw Hell – Shocking Must-See Video


ABSOLUTELY AMAZING VIDEO! Thank you so much for showing bible verses and quotes from the church fathers that back up what he said. Not only do these quotes give credence to his story, but they show that the church fathers and the tradition we traditional Catholics follow is the one and only truth of our Lord Jesus Christ!


Sandy Kathawa




Man Shot & Saw Hell – Shocking Must-See Video






The People Were Rebellious & Obstinate During Ezekiel’s Time


Ezekiel 2:3-4: “And saying: Son of man, I send you to the children of Israel, to a rebellious people, which has revolted from me, they, and their fathers, have transgressed my covenant even unto this day.  And they to whom I send you are children of a hard face, and of an obstinate heart…”


Ezekiel Teaches That Justification Can Be Lost


MHFM: The absurd Protestant heresy of “once justified always justified” is also refuted in the Old Testament Book of Ezekiel.


Ezekiel 3:19-20: “… if you give warning to the wicked, and he be not converted from his wickedness, and from his evil way: he indeed shall die in his iniquity, but you have delivered your soul.  Moreover if the just man shall turn away from his justice, and shall commit iniquity: I will lay a stumblingblock before him, he shall die, because you have not given him warning: he shall die in his sin, and his justices which he hath done, shall not be remembered: but I will require his blood at you hand.”


Pilate’s Fault


Pope St. Leo the Great, Sermon 59: “Pilate’s fault is indeed, less than the Jews’ crime; for it was they who terrified him with Caesar’s name, chided him with hateful words, and drove him to perpetrate his wickedness.  But he also did not escape incrimination for playing into the hands of those that made the uproar, for abandoning his own judgment, and for acquiescing in the charges of others.”


Job & God’s Permission


MHFM: The Book of Job reveals that Satan can only do what God allows him to do.


Job 2:3-7: “And the Lord said to Satan, ‘Have you considered my servant Job, that there is none like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, who fears God and turns away from evil? He still holds fast his integrity, although you incited me against him to destroy him without reason.’  Then Satan answered the Lord and said, ‘Skin for skin!  All that a man has he will give for his life.  But stretch out your hand and touch his bone and his flesh, and he will curse you to your face.’  And the Lord said to Satan, ‘Behold, he is in your hand; only spare his life.  So Satan went out from the presence of the Lord and struck Job with loathsome sores from the sole of his foot to the crown of his head.”


Thrilled To Discover


Apocalypse Now In The Vatican


I had no idea that JPII was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I was at convent school when the two John Pauls made their entrances. It makes me sad, that so much damage was knowingly done to the faith, while we just accepted it all; but I am thrilled to be able to discover proper Catholicism, like my father loved so dearly.


Ms Dormy


Open To Joining Church But What About Galatians 2?


Brothers I have an extremely important question. I am 100% open to joining the Church I just have one question about the Holy See of Rome. Peter himself was rebuked by Paul during the council of acts. Paul showed Peter the error in his belief that the gentiles must be circumcised. This is covered in Galatians 2. If the pope (Peter) was incorrect in doctrine how does this lead to the belief of papal infallibility. The lesser bishop Paul rebuked the Pope, Peter in this passage. How do I reconcile this?




MHFM: Actually, the evidence is overwhelming that the 'Cephas' rebuked by St. Paul in Galatians 2 was not St. Peter.  We have an in-depth video on this matter: Did St. Paul Really Rebuke St. Peter In Galatians 2?  We encourage you to view it.  God wants you to become a traditional Catholic.  Our material explains how to do that.


Pope Pius IX Against The Enormous Crime Of Blasphemy


Pope Pius IX, Gravibus Ecclesiae (#13), Dec. 24, 1874: “See that your people may come to detest the enormous crime of blasphemy, which violates everything these days.”


Mother Teresa’s Apostasy


Why Mother Teresa Was Not A Saint


Thank you for this insightful video…




John 3:5 Mockers Refuted


John 3:5 Mockers Stumped (1917 Code, Delayed Ensoulment, “Baptism Of Desire”)


This video is a masterpiece, John 3:5 mockers refuted at every turn.




New Video Posted


The New Mass Lacks The “Mystery Of Faith” (Novus Ordo Modernists Refuted)


“Orthodoxy’s” Problem With Councils


Eastern “Orthodoxy’s” Fatal Flaw On Bishops & Ecumenical Councils


Very very helpful, thank you! I was discerning Eastern Orthodoxy but the inability of the Eastern Orthodox to define or convene an ecumenical council is a big problem that made me stick with Rome.




MHFM: It’s also crucial to be a traditional Catholic, as our material explains.


Pope St. Leo IX Against Heresies And Schisms


Pope St. Leo IX, Epistle To Michael Of Constantinople, AD 1054: “Therefore let heresies and schisms cease, and soon there will be no scandal to those loving the law of God, but much peace.  Let whoever glories in the Christian name cease to curse and wound the Holy Roman and Apostolic Church; for whoever dishonors the wife [i.e. the Church] honors the father of the house in vain.”


Evidence For God


Amazing Evidence For God – Scientific Evidence For God


That was such an amazing video.


Jen S


Charismatic Movement


Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Very good…




Refutation Of Eastern Heterodoxy


“Orthodoxy” Devastated, Catholicism Vindicated, By The 7th Council (Nicaea II)


This was a great refutation of Eastern Heterodoxy, thank you for exposing their lies and deception Despite the Eastern Heterodox basing their entire theology of "Theosis" on 2 Peter 1:4, and the idea of "essence vs energy" distinction (the teaching that we cannot partake of the Essence of God and but only partake in his Energies) I was actually shocked to learn that Palamas admitted that the energies that he is teaching are not the divine nature of God as stated in 2 Peter 1:4!...




Out Of The Vatican II Sect


The New Mass Lacks The “Mystery Of Faith” (Novus Ordo Modernists Refuted)


If you can’t hear the truth in this video., and do not get out of Vatican II, you are under the grip of Satan…




Bad Intention


The New Mass Lacks The “Mystery Of Faith” (Novus Ordo Modernists Refuted)


… the intention is clear why those words were moved out of the consecration into some other place. Probably to appease the unbelief in transubstantiation of those Protestants who helped form the new mass.




Jewish Man Converts


The New Mass Lacks The “Mystery Of Faith” (Novus Ordo Modernists Refuted)


… Thank you so much for your monumental efforts!... God Bless you... and those who help to make this apostolate amazing...! Just so you know, I recently meet a Jewish man on a social media site, who converted to Catholicism (N.O.), but found your site and is now a traditionalist due to your work... Again... thank you for your unwavering dedication to true Catholicism!




Bellarmine On How Heretics Are Dominated By Demons


MHFM: This is an interesting quote from St. Robert Bellarmine concerning how heretics are dominated by demons and how the Devil uses them for his own purposes, even when they appear to oppose each other.


St. Robert Bellarmine, De ChristoBook 1, PrefaceDe duplici genere hostium Divinitatis Christi: “When therefore he of Geneva [Valentinus], under the impulse of that mad spirit of his, was busy renewing Arianism, Calvin meanwhile is driven by another spirit to oppose Valentinus, the demons in this manner playing a game amongst themselves!”


Must Be Signified By The Form


The New Mass Lacks The “Mystery Of Faith” (Novus Ordo Modernists Refuted)


What you failed to quote from Florence is when the council said: “There should not be offered in the chalice of the Lord either wine only or water only but both mixed together, because both blood and water are said to have flowed from Christ's side'; also because it is fitting to signify the effect of this sacrament, which is the union of the Christian people with Christ. For, water signifies the people according to those words of the Apocalypse: many waters, many peoples.” So the union of the faithful is signified when wine and water are mixed together, which is fine is the Mass of St. Paul VI. So your argument about form is therefore invalid.




MHFM: You are quite wrong. What you have referenced pertains to the matter, not to the form. You fail to understand that the grace effected by the sacrament must be signified by the form (see the quote from Pope Leo XIII below), and it was not with the ‘for all’ mistranslation. (The deliberate removal of ‘mysterium fidei’ is a separate problem, as the video explains).


Pope Leo XIII, Apostolicae Curae, Sept 13, 1896: “All know that the Sacraments of the New Law, as sensible and efficient signs of invisible grace, ought both to signify the grace which they effect, and effect the grace which they signify. Although the signification ought to be found in the whole essential rite, that is to say, in the ‘matter and form’, IT STILL PERTAINS CHIEFLY TO THE ‘FORM’; since the ‘matter’ is the part which is not determined by itself, but which is determined by the ‘form’… That ‘form’ consequently cannot be considered apt or sufficient for the Sacrament which omits what it ought essentially to signify.”


So, as we can see, your argument is invalid, just like the invalid New Mass. Moreover, the fact that you think Antipope Paul VI, a notorious heretic and religious indifferentist, was a saint just reveals (in charity) how uninformed you are about the current situation. See our video about him: “Saint” Paul VI’s Heresies.


Scales Fell


The New Mass Lacks The “Mystery Of Faith” (Novus Ordo Modernists Refuted)


I was a blind catechist in the Vatican II Sect and MHFM's work caused the scales to fall from my eyes. I am now, blessedly, aware of the historic, magisterial, traditional dogmas of the real Catholic Church. God bless this ministry.


Joseph Boyat




The New Mass Lacks The “Mystery Of Faith” (Novus Ordo Modernists Refuted)


Outstanding.... May God bless you Brothers.






The New Mass Lacks The “Mystery Of Faith” (Novus Ordo Modernists Refuted)


Great research…




Extra Details


The New Mass Lacks The “Mystery Of Faith” (Novus Ordo Modernists Refuted)


Thank you for this video with extra details on why the Novus Ordo Mass is invalid…


Carrie Jones


They Did All Things Contrary


MHFM: This, sadly, describes the vast majority of humanity from the beginning to our own day.


“And the Lord raised up judges, to deliver them from the hands of those that oppressed them: but they would not hearken to them, committing fornication with strange gods, and adoring them.  They quickly forsook the way in which their fathers had walked: and hearing the commandments of the Lord, they did all things contrary.” (Judges 2:16-17)


Had No Idea


John 3:5 Mockers Stumped (1917 Code, Delayed Ensoulment, “Baptism Of Desire”)


Wow! I had no idea that the idea of delayed ensoulment had been so rampant and widespread in fallible documents over the last 500+ years. It really drives home the point about being careful about non-infallible documents. Thank you for this video.




Eye-Opening Indeed


Did The Bible Predict 70 Years Without A Pope?


Eye-opening indeed!




Papacy In The East


Eastern “Orthodoxy” Debunked On St. Peter’s Authority By St. John Of Damascus


Very good video.


Daniel Allerborn


Pope Stephen III On Firmness Of Mind


Pope Stephen III, To Charles and Carloman (Codex Epistolaris Carolinus 45), 769: “When we remember the eminent lives and meritorious conduct of all God’s elect, we certainly find that no change in their condition can move them from their state of mind and pristine constancy of commitment.  Therefore, despite being besieged by the various promptings and allurements of the ancient enemy, they have maintained unalterably their firmness of mind, and as a result have deservedly attained with triumphant victory the joys they hoped for.  It is to be noted in particular that, if anyone is seduced and overcome by any prompting, he deviates at once from the right path that leads to eternal life, and so descends on a steep incline and falls into headlong ruin.”


Adhering To Dogma


My name is Diego and I am a Catholic… I thank you for the dedication of the Most Holy Family Monastery in spreading truth of the Catholic Faith and adhering to dogma. God bless you guys… With Charity,


Diego Witkowski




John 3:5 Mockers Stumped (1917 Code, Delayed Ensoulment, “Baptism Of Desire”)


… Outstanding work.


Sebastian Moncada


Grace Of Regeneration Began With His Resurrection


John 3:5 Mockers Stumped (1917 Code, Delayed Ensoulment, “Baptism Of Desire”)


If the old testament saints are in heaven now, that would mean they were born again before going to heaven, so if they can received the Sacrament of baptism even though they are dead, without physical going to the baptism, why can't God do the same for people who died before wanting to be baptized?




MHFM: The Old Testament righteous were not born again without baptism.  As Leo the Great teaches, "the grace of regeneration began with His resurrection" (citation below).  Further, in this video we present the evidence that they were all baptized (even though they died before the Law of Baptism was promulgated): Jesus’ Descent Into Hell & The Baptism Of The Good Thief


Pope St. Leo the Great, Letter 16, Oct 21, 447: “... after He rose from the dead, handed on both the form and power of baptizing to His disciples, in whose person all the chiefs of the churches received their instructions with these words, "Go ye and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost."  On which of course He might have instructed them even before His passion, had He not especially wished it to be understood that the grace of regeneration began with His resurrection.”


God has declared, and the Church infallibly teaches, that all need baptism for salvation.  Further, no one who dies outside the Church in the New Testament period can be saved, and only the baptized are in the Church.


New Video Posted


John 3:5 Mockers Stumped (1917 Code, Delayed Ensoulment, “Baptism Of Desire”)


2 Cor. 4:17 Shows That Works Are Necessary For salvation


St. Robert Bellarmine, De Iustificatione, Book 4, Chap. 7: “‘For the momentary lightness of our tribulation works for us above measure exceedingly an eternal weight of glory.’ (2 Cor. 4:17)  How could it be said more plainly?  If patience in tribulation works an eternal weight of glory, who can deny that there is some relation between patience and salvation?”




A Big Problem For "Orthodoxy": St. Gregory Of Nyssa & The Filioque


These videos are so great and irrefutable.


Billy H


Vindication Of Authentic Catholic Teaching


John 3:5 Mockers Stumped (1917 Code, Delayed Ensoulment, “Baptism Of Desire”)


Another Striking Vindication of Authentic Catholic Teaching.


Deus Vult


Decretals Of Gregory IX


John 3:5 Mockers Stumped (1917 Code, Delayed Ensoulment, “Baptism Of Desire”)


This is an excellent video!... It also addresses the Decretals of Gregory IX… Thank you for yet another amazing and scholarly video in defense of the true position on Baptism.






John 3:5 Mockers Stumped (1917 Code, Delayed Ensoulment, “Baptism Of Desire”)


What a masterpiece. Wonderfully made and contains tactful, easy-to-understand arguments. This is a great response to the “refutations” of John 3:5 mockers. Incredible job brothers. Another great video by mhfm.




Providence & Baptism


John 3:5 Mockers Stumped (1917 Code, Delayed Ensoulment, “Baptism Of Desire”)


Where does the Church teach that God would NOT take a person’s life before baptism while they are being catechized?  It would be a cruel god that would damn a person while they desired to be in the Church but still needed to be taught for baptism.




MHFM: To your first question, the Church teaches that everyone in Heaven from the New Testament period receives baptism (Pope Benedict XII, Benedictus Deus) and that no one can be saved without water baptism (Trent, Sess. 5, Original Sin, etc.).  Further, Pope St. Leo the Great and Pope St. Siricius both teach that for unbaptized catechumens in any situation (including accidents, persecutions, etc.), the only way for them to be saved is to actually receive water baptism.  They taught that in two of the most important papal decretals in the early Church:





Ergo, God in His providence will keep all of His elect alive so that they can receive the Sacrament.  St. Augustine expressed it well in his final work Against Julian.


St. Augustine, Against Julian, Book 5, Chap. 4: “Of the number of the elect and predestined, even those who have led the very worst kind of life are led to repentance through the goodness of God… Not one of them perishes, regardless of his age at death; never be it said that a man predestined to life would be permitted to end his life without the sacrament of the Mediator [Baptism].  Because of these men, our Lord says: ‘This is the will of him who sent me, the Father, that I should lose nothing of what he has given me.’”


We also see examples of this in the case of missionaries such as St. Isaac Jogues.  Here are just two quotes from his life:


The Life of St. Isaac Jogues, p. 92: “Then, most of all [the heathens concluded], the Blackrobes caused people to die by pouring water on their heads; practically everyone they baptized died soon after.”


The Life of St. Isaac Jogues, p. 225: “Two of the Hurons, Jogues learned, were to be burned to death that night at Tionontoguen.  He stayed with them on the platform and concentrated his appeals on them. Finally they consented.  About that moment, the Mohawks threw the prisoners some raw corn that had been freshly plucked.  The sheaths [of the corn] were wet from the recent rains. Father Jogues carefully gathered the precious drops of water on a leaf and poured them over the heads of the two neophytes [new converts], baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  The Mohawks understood that his [Jogues’] act meant to bring happiness to these hated victims.  They raged at his audacity and beat him down, threatening to slaughter him with the Hurons… That night the two Hurons [whom he had baptized] were burned over the fire.”


Other examples can be found in these files:






John 3:5 Mockers Stumped (1917 Code, Delayed Ensoulment, “Baptism Of Desire”)


Great video. Thanks !!!


Arturo Rico




John 3:5 Mockers Stumped (1917 Code, Delayed Ensoulment, “Baptism Of Desire”)


Excellent and Concise! Thank you for your good ministry!






John 3:5 Mockers Stumped (1917 Code, Delayed Ensoulment, “Baptism Of Desire”)


The contrast in precision between your works and those of your many detractors is glaringly stark. I notice that yours are painstakingly exact, while theirs are only as specific as need be to suit their commonly foul purposes.




New Video


John 3:5 Mockers Stumped (1917 Code, Delayed Ensoulment, “Baptism Of Desire”)


Brothers, you knocked it out the park once again! God bless you all.






Jesus’ Descent Into Hell & The Baptism Of The Good Thief


I am in agreement with all the gracious and wise compliments given to this most excellent video and to MHFM!... It brought me very much joy. I don’t have the words to adequately express my thanks for sharing all of this and how it brought me so close to Jesus…


The Jet


Blown Away


God's Eternity & Immutability - Denied By Eastern "Orthodox" Speakers


My mind is blown away. It’s taken me some time to really wrap my head around this. Thank God !!! I have been able to see this serious heresy. They don’t even try to address it properly.


Don Robertoni


Fulton Sheen’s Support For Vatican II


I'm stunned by his [Sheen’s] support of V2... I'm horrified. He didn't have, or lost, the faith…


Tragic, Dave


Much Needed Clarification


A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


Thanks for providing this much needed clarification and for all the referenced supporting material.




Exchanges On The Stupidity Of Sanborn’s Position


Sanborn And Others Are Totally Wrong On Manifest Heresy – New Evidence From Pope Martin V


Brothers, I disagree with the CT [Cassiciacum Thesis], but I don't believe… Sanborn believes Bergoglio is Catholic anything. Where are you getting that he thinks he is a "true Catholic cardinal"?




MHFM: You are incorrect.  Their position that the V2 Sect's 'cardinals' are true cardinals is a key aspect of 'the Thesis'.  They don't like to mention it that much because they are dishonest deceivers who like to gain followers and supporters from actual sedevacantists.  It's covered and documented, from their own words, around 7:10 and following of this video: Sanborn And Others Are Totally Wrong On Manifest Heresy – New Evidence From Pope Martin V).


Since they regard the apostate Bergoglio to be a true cardinal, they necessarily hold him to be a Catholic and a member of the Church (which is preposterous nonsense).  Their position is also schismatic because they reject communion with the man (Bergoglio) who is recognized as the pope by all of their 'Catholic cardinals', and they refuse to say that he's a public heretic.  In truth, they are (with some variation) basically a more hardline version of the SSPX (also adhering to the same blatant heresy against EENS).  They have lots of externals but not the Catholic faith.  They also have no permission to do what they are doing, and they do not represent the Catholic Church in any way.


They believe cardinals are just pope electors and don't need valid holy orders or ordinary jurisdiction in practice. They say Francis is Catholic before the church but not Catholic before God.




MHFM: Your attempted summary of their false position just further illustrates its incoherence and striking inconsistency.  When they say that Francis is Catholic "before the Church" (coram ecclesia), that means that he's not a manifest heretic (since manifest heretics have no union coram ecclesia or coram Deo).  The idea that Francis is not a manifest heretic is nonsense and contrary to Catholic teaching.  Moreover, if they say that he's a heretic before God (coram Deo), they could only make that determination based on what he displays "before the Church" (coram ecclesia - in the external forum and publicly); but that would require them to say that he's a heretic in the sight of the Church.  They also say that he publicly imposes a false religion "on the whole Church", yet that he's Catholic "before the Church".  That, of course, makes no sense whatsoever; for someone who publicly imposes a false religion "on the whole Church" (as they say) is of course a public adherent of a false religion and therefore a manifest heretic.  If you cannot see that their position is contradictory, then you have a big problem.  Further, a cardinal by definition is a member of the Church. So, when they say that Bergoglio is a true Catholic cardinal, they are acknowledging him to be publicly Catholic (which is blasphemy).  You should stop defending heretics (like Sanborn's non-Catholic group) and embrace the truth.


Dawkins Illustrates Bad Will


Richard Dawkins admits he lied about Jesus - video


Dear Brothers,


Great illustration of bad will, and how (when a lie is exposed) a person is confronted with a 'moment of truth'.  For a man of good will, this is another golden opportunity for his conversion.  But when the obstinate bad-willed individual gets caught, he'll pretend the matter at hand was inconsequential (or he'll come up with other lies to justify the first one)… When I was in the Vatican 2 Sect, I didn't know what 'bad will' was - never heard of it, never thought about it.  (And I never heard it discussed by the SSPX either.)  But I guess that makes sense, since bad will is the reason for fake Christianity in the first place, just as it is the reason for all fake 'religions' of the world - including atheism.  Once a person truly understands bad will, he gets the picture: it's God or Satan.  Game over.


I wonder if this is (not exactly but something like) the test God gave to the angels -- a kind of "moment of truth" in which the individual sees clearly the truth -- and what he might lose by accepting it (intellectual pride, the good opinion of others, fame, false assurances, love of externals, justification for sins, laziness, popularity, position, financial rewards, etc.).  If a man chooses the truth, God floods him with light and greater understanding, like fireworks.  If the man loves the lie and obstinately refuses the truth, it's lights out (at least for now) because he himself has shut the door to grace.  God always shows people the truth and does so in a way that each one can understand, because God created man to know Him.  People who deny the dogmas of the Catholic Church have a false god.  And that's why the Vatican II Sect, the so-called "Orthodox", the Protestants, the Jews and the pagans of the world could all celebrate together with the Antichrist at Assisi.  They're all one big blob of bad will, and their god is Satan.


But, whatever its reason, that lie willingly accepted is why (despite the evidence that abounds) people cannot recognize the truth and necessity of holding the traditional Catholic faith.  It's why so many continue to accept the Counterfeit Church.  And it's why so many are unable to view the world from a supernatural perspective.  I think in the future when I come across someone who is not receptive to the truth, I may try asking them what they think it will "cost" them to accept the truth -- and if they think that "cost" or effort is greater than the possibility of eternal life.  Thank you, MHFM, for all that you've taught us.


Lee Ann


Clearly Not The Same Woman


The Third Secret Of Fatima


Clearly, that is not the same woman! even without the vast handwriting difference! Amazing, just amazing.




Extraordinary Video


Francis Allows Fake Eucharist To Defile Basilica During “Ecumenical” Week


This is extraordinary video, very clear, very to the point…






A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


Thank you brothers. When you add some of the other Bergoglio infamous quotes, IE: "we (Catholics) worry too much about abortion," to this "couples blessing" and his recent Latin Mass "no-no," it's clear who this Jesuit guy really is. Further, meeting with and blessing all of the other non-Catholic religions he's been involved in and the horrible "Snake/Serpent" new Vatican building are just a few of Bergoglio's exposing himself as an anti-pope guilty… The Vatican II happenings are all cursed, starting with the fake Sister Lucy and the failure of John 23rd to read the third secret of Fatima. You brothers have exposed this and much more in your lifelong pursuit...


Extra Mile


Convinced Of The Catholic Faith


Lutherans "Officially" Allowed To Receive The "Eucharist" In The Vatican II Sect - video


How anyone can consider the Vatican II church as the true Catholic Church is beyond me.


Daniel Frenkel


Yes, Magicians Publicly Perform Spiritual Feats With Demonic Assistance


St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, Pt. I, Q. 110, A. 4, Reply to Obj. 2: “So when the demons do anything of their own natural power, these things are called miracles not in an absolute sense, but in reference to ourselves.  In this way the magicians work miracles through the demons; and these are said to be done by private contracts…”


St. John Eudes, Man's Contract With God In Baptism, 17th century: “… those who hold communication with him [i.e. the Devil]; such as sorcerers, magicians, or those who cure diseases, extinguish fires, and do other similar acts by his operation.”


MHFM: Our two-hour documentary on magicians provides abundant evidence that many top magicians do things that are preternatural and require the assistance of evil spirits.  Of course, as our video acknowledged, that’s not to say that every alleged ‘magic trick’ is spiritual.  There are obviously tricks performed by deception and sleight-of-hand.  But the top magicians regularly do MANY things (i.e. thousands of things) that require the assistance of evil spirits.  Many people can recognize this obvious fact when they see the evidence.  However, some people (including some who claim to be Catholic) simply cannot accept this, and they aggressively attack the idea.  That’s because they have no supernatural faith whatsoever, and they cannot believe that such a thing could actually be happening in public in front of people.  Yes, it is.  Many of those people think they are wise and clever, and that those who claim magicians are doing anything with the assistance of evil spirits are fools.  It’s just the opposite.  Those people are utterly blind fools who cannot perceive basic reality and are duped by the stupid, non-explanations that a few people post online (which attempt to explain how certain things are performed naturally but actually don’t explain it when you carefully scrutinize the supposed explanations).  What those people also ignore or don’t know is that saints throughout history recognized that demonic magicians perform such feats with the assistance of spirits.  This video shares a few quotes on that matter: Catholic Saints Against Magicians.  The fact that magicians can do this is also of course mentioned in the Book of Exodus.  Why wouldn’t it be happening today, when the Devil is more active than in any other period of history?


Convinced Of The Catholic Faith


Thank you! I really have learned a lot from your youtube videos and you’ve helped convince me of the Catholic faith. 


Ulfat Azad


Hell Is A Place


St. Alphonsus (1750): “… a group of heretics, known as the Ubiquitists, maintained that hell is not restricted to any determined place, but is to be found everywhere, since God has not destined any special place for the damned.  This opinion, however, is evidently false, and contrary to the common belief of the Catholic Church which teaches us that God has established a definite place for the demons and the damned…” (What Will Hell Be Like?)


This sounds like how modern heretics say Hell isn’t an actual place. It’s simply of state of being or something.




MHFM: Antipope John Paul II was one of those heretics.


Bellarmine On The Early Preaching Of The Gospel


St. Robert Bellarmine, De Verbo Dei, Book 2, Chap. 15: “… the Apostles preached the Gospel throughout the whole world and established churches, as is clear from St. Paul to the Romans (10:18) and to the Colossians (1:6), and from the Gospel of Mark (16:15).  Likewise it’s clear from Irenaeus, Book 1, Chap. 3, who, although he was nearest to apostolic times, nevertheless said that in his own time churches were already established in the East, in Libya, Egypt, Spain, Germany, and regions in between, that is, Italy and Gaul.”


Mocking English Martyrs


Francis Allows Fake Eucharist To Defile Basilica During “Ecumenical” Week


Think of the Catholic martyrs who were killed for remaining loyal to the Catholic Faith after England broke off from Rome. According to Francis they all died for absolutely nothing if Anglicans services are being allowed on Vatican grounds.


Deus Vult




Francis Allows Fake Eucharist To Defile Basilica During “Ecumenical” Week


… Thank you So much for your videos . Keep up the great work & God Bless You!






The Council Of Trent Did Not Teach "Baptism Of Desire"


A man… quoting Trent [was] falsely interpreting the use of the word "or". Your profound research, with inclusion of the explanation of word usage in book by R E Jennings, refutes the sophofist stand. It is terrific to have this particular video to send to befogged BOD heretics. With much gratitude may God's continual blessing and protection stay with MHFM.




Pius IX Excommunicated Those Who Commanded Notorious Heretics To Be Given Church Burial


MHFM: In his Apostolic Constitution Apostolicae Sedis Moderationi, Pope Pius IX issued a latae sententiae excommunication against those who command or compel notorious heretics to be given Church burial. 


Pope Pius IX, Apostolic Constitution, Apostolicae Sedis Moderationi, March 12, 1869: “Those who command or compel notorious heretics, or those excommunicated or interdicted by name, to be entrusted to ecclesiastical burial.” - Excommunicated


Pope Clement XIII: Entering The Church Through Baptism


Pope Clement XIII, Epistle: Opinionem, March 11, 1767: “Therefore you must order the magistrate Mutinenses to send back to the house of the catechumens, without any delay, those two little girls and that grown-up Jew – the girls, that they may be joined to the Christian Church through the sacred laver of regeneration in that place…”


Charismatic Documentary


Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Dear Brothers, 


… As always, MHFM rips off every mask worn by the devil and his stooges. Most people didn't realize how evil and malicious this charismatic movement really is, just as almost no one understood what (or who) is responsible for the 'power' of magicians.  But, as your video demonstrates, these charismatics are even more dangerous than magicians -- masquerading (as they do) as "Christians."  It takes one's breath away to hear them wailing like souls in hell, and to see Satan using these people to express his own seething hatred of God and his disdain for mankind.  Thank you for this excellent video.  It is chilling to the bone and won't be easily forgotten.  


Lee Ann  


Pope Paul I, To King Pippin


Pope Paul I, To King Pippin, 760: “… what is done for the praise of the Lord our God and Redeemer, of His most sacred Church and of the blessed Peter prince of the apostles, is still less reduced to oblivion by either the passing of time or the variety of circumstances, but always abides to give glory to the Godhead and be a pious example for His faithful.”


Outrageous Injustice


Glenn Beck on new Jan 6 footage: “This is our government setting Americans citizens up” - video


MHFM: This is an outrageous injustice.




Francis Allows Fake Eucharist To Defile Basilica During “Ecumenical” Week


Scores of martyrs, over the centuries, did not spill their blood for Francis' odious distortion of Catholicism.






Francis Allows Fake Eucharist To Defile Basilica During “Ecumenical” Week


Great video!...


Tommaso Giri


Learned A Lot


“Orthodoxy” Devastated, Catholicism Vindicated, By The 7th Council (Nicaea II)


I have learned a lot here... Thank you.




Converted From Protestantism


Francis Allows Fake Eucharist To Defile Basilica During “Ecumenical” Week


Dear Brothers of MHFM,


May the Lord bless you and your apostolate because without it I may have remained a Protestant my whole life... I was very anti-Catholic - I studied the faith in order to attack it...






Francis Allows Fake Eucharist To Defile Basilica During “Ecumenical” Week


Another fantastic video. It’s time for Vatican II supporters and Protestants who assume the Vatican II sect is the Catholic Church to wake up. God has mercifully given them plenty of chances to see the obvious.






Francis Allows Fake Eucharist To Defile Basilica During “Ecumenical” Week


People need to stop being ostriches and sticking their head in the sand when it comes to Francis. He’s not a Catholic, therefore he is not the pope... Thank you mhfm for all the work you do in exposing him and the Vatican II Sect.




Vatican II Sect


Francis Allows Fake Eucharist To Defile Basilica During “Ecumenical” Week


… Claiming to be catholic while adhering to cultus and teaching of the Vatican II sect is total self-deception.




Stumbled Across


Greetings MHFM,


I'm a… Catholic who has noticed all the craziness going on with the church and the world over the years. Through various online commentators I've gotten a sense of the bigger picture.  After years of giving Bergolio a chance I eventually had no choice but to admit that he's just another commie. Anyways, long story short I stumbled across Brother Peter's debate with Cassman, needless to say I was blown away.


From there I went to your youtube channel and website. I binge watched your crucial videos playlist and read some of your material.  I never knew anything about the sede point of view because my father warned me away from learning about it over a decade ago. I can see why.  All you have are facts, logic and reason. All the naysayers have are crying, whining and moaning.


I've practically been a sede all this time without realizing it. Your explanations and information on the past antipopes has truly illuminated why things in the church and the world are the way they are…


God Bless you in your endeavours and God Keep you,


Joshua D'Esposito


St. Emerentiana, Jan. 23


MHFM: Today is the feast of St. Emerentiana.  Many who don't believe in the necessity of baptism for salvation falsely claim that St. Emerentiana was not baptized.  However, the truth is that Pope Benedict XII dogmatically defined that all the martyrs in Heaven from the New Testament period received baptism.  Further, the Church has never taught that St. Emerentiana or any other martyr got to Heaven without the Sacrament of Baptism.  This video covers the matter.  We also have an article on the same topic.


Was St. Emerentiana Baptized? Unbaptized Martyrs?


All University Professors And Prelates


Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Thank you so much for sharing this very important video. Truly appreciated.


Christine Lang


All University Professors And Prelates


MHFM: Pope Paul IV issued the Council of Trent’s profession of faith.  He required all university professors and all prelates to swear to it.  This profession teaches that the sacraments of the New Law are necessary for salvation, although all are not necessary for each individual.  Thus, at least one sacrament is required to be saved (i.e. baptism).  The same truth is upheld in all of the Church’s professions of faith on the matter.  This profession contradicts ‘baptism of desire’, for ‘baptism of desire’ is not a sacrament (as its proponents even admit).  A similar profession was issued in connection with the First Vatican Council.


Pope Paul IV, Professio fidei Tridentina, Iniunctum nobis, Nov. 13, 1565:


Latin: “Profiteor quoque septem esse vere et proprie Sacramenta novae legis a Iesu Christo Domino nostro instituta, atque ad salutem humani generis, licet non omnia singulis, necessaria…”


“I also profess that there are truly and properly Seven Sacraments of the New Law, instituted by Jesus Christ our Lord, and necessary for the salvation of mankind, although not all are necessary for everyone…”


New Video Posted


“Orthodoxy” Devastated, Catholicism Vindicated, By The 7th Council (Nicaea II)




65,464,760 Babies Have Been Killed In Abortions Since Roe v. Wade In 1973


This is approaching the level of evil of the Canaanites. In terms of sheer number, this has probably already far exceeded the evil of the Canaanites.




Pope St. Gregory VII On Loyalty To God Over Men


Pope St. Gregory VII, To The Clergy And People Of The Church of Thérouanne, 1082: “For we had this reason for showing the greater love towards you, that we knew you to be in many ways a lover of the Christian religion… you will be well aware that fealty [loyalty] to an earthly lord is not rightly observed when we manifestly offend the grace of the heavenly Lord and Creator, and that if we owe faith and devotion in respect of the body and to mortal men we owe them much more in respect of the soul and to the eternal God.”


Francis Openly Denies


Antipope Francis Says He Hopes That Hell Is Empty


… shortly before that, the apostate interviewer said: "it is difficult to imagine that a father (meaning God) condemns (someone) for all eternity" and Francis responds "YES IT IS DIFFICULT TO IMAGINE". Francis openly denies (over and over again) the most basic truths of the Christian faith and most people who claim to be Catholic still fail to recognize it. Just incredible.



Videos Against “Orthodoxy”


“Orthodoxy” Devastated, Catholicism Vindicated, By The 7th Council (Nicaea II)


… your videos on Eastern Orthodoxy are absolutely top notch…


Emanuel Fr




“Orthodoxy” Devastated, Catholicism Vindicated, By The 7th Council (Nicaea II)


Outstanding video. God bless and prosper Most Holy Family Monastery as you continue to speak the truth.




To Spread


“Orthodoxy” Devastated, Catholicism Vindicated, By The 7th Council (Nicaea II)


Thank you Brothers, another video full of wisdom to spread everywhere! God bless you for your hard work.


Unam Sanctam


Outstanding Video


“Orthodoxy” Devastated, Catholicism Vindicated, By The 7th Council (Nicaea II)


Outstanding video again by MHFM. Refuting Eastern “orthodox”, Vatican II Sect members, Protestants, and defending the Salvation Dogma and the necessity of water baptism. Simply impressive and a blessing to have.




Their Contradiction


“Orthodoxy” Devastated, Catholicism Vindicated, By The 7th Council (Nicaea II)


Their contradiction is hidden in plain sight. They claim Nicea II is valid and authoritative because it gives them apostolic credentials yet they blaspheming its dogmatic teaching on the Trinity by embracing Palamism. I always thought Orthodox were the least of two evils but now I understand they are the same evil than Protestantism. Thank you for revealing this.


S Polaris


Much Needed


“Orthodoxy” Devastated, Catholicism Vindicated, By The 7th Council (Nicaea II)


Much needed video. Thank you!






“Orthodoxy” Devastated, Catholicism Vindicated, By The 7th Council (Nicaea II)


The “Orthodox” are built on a foundation of straw! Great video…




Need To Know


A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


Greatest gratitude to those who made this informative video, which all Catholics need to know. May God bless you with choicest blessings.


Hung Pham


Hell Is Actually Filled


Antipope Francis Says He Hopes That Hell Is Empty


Hell is quite the opposite of empty, it’s actually filled with people like Francis and those following him there if they don’t repent and convert.


S Hernandez


What Popes Have Said


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for your excellent video on Francis' same-sex "blessings" and for sharing the clip of him expressing his thoughts on hell… sickening to me are those who continue to accept him and the Counterfeit Church as "Catholic" -- including those who claim to oppose this latest and most grievous abomination… those who remain in the V2 Sect (like all fake Christians) are in fact not interested in what the true Popes have said over the last two thousand years. This has been proven (again and again) by the fact that when papal teachings are brought to their attention, these people do not accept such teachings.  Instead, these workers of iniquity make every effort to cast aspersions on the writings of the true Popes, to dismiss them as out of date, or to insist that the Popes' words don't mean what they actually say…


Lee Ann


Indifferentism At A V2 Sect Monastery


A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


I stayed on religious retreat at a Catholic monastery last Month and mhfm I was very disappointed they preached indifferentism including quoting Paul VI that what unites us as Christians is greater than what divides us! I feel so demoralized, where is the real Catholic Church?




MHFM: It’s crucial to recognize that the organizations and institutions of the Vatican II Sect are not truly Catholic.  That’s why you heard indifferentism there.  You have written to members of the true Catholic Church.  Our material explains what’s happening and what to do.


New Video Posted


A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”




Hello! I am 19 years old… I checked out your site and have watched at least 75 hours of your content. I am thoroughly impressed with the amount of time and research and thought that goes into every video, and they've got me an inch away from converting to sedevacantist Catholic… Thank you brothers. Love your work






The following is from the book Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley about what the English found in India during the 18th and 19th centuries. It reflects the evil of Hinduism and of Paganism in general: 


"The diversity of social groups and beliefs was naturally reflected in an extraordinarily wide range of social behavior from the most degraded and bestial activities based on crude superstitions... Although the British refrained from interfering with religious practices, in the course of the nineteenth century they abolished or greatly reduced the practice of thuggism (in which a secret caste strangled strangers in honor of the goddess Kali), suttee (in which the widow of a deceased Hindu was expected to destroy herself on his funeral pyre), infanticide, temple prostitution, and child marriages."



Rafael Centeio




A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


Very insightful…




Thorough Explanation


A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


… Thank you for the thorough explanation, especially citing Pope Gregory VII and the Book of Malachi.




Pope St. Gregory VII: Jews, Muslims & Pagans Don’t Have Salvation


MHFM: This is an interesting quote from Pope St. Gregory VII, in which he teaches that there’s no salvation for Jews, Saracens [Muslims], and pagans.


Pope St. Gregory VII, To All The Faithful, July to Nov., 1084: “Once its age-old complexion was altered, it [the true faith] fell not only under the derision of the devil, but also of the Jews, the Saracens and the pagans.  For it is their own laws (insofar as they place faith in them) that they observe, even though they are useless at this time for the salvation of souls, and are irradiated and corroborated by no miracles, as our own law is by the frequent testimony of the Eternal King.”




Mary’s Sinlessness: A Biblical Documentary


I just listened to your YouTube documentary on Mary's Sinlessness.  This production is an absolute treasure… I live in Trinidad, West Indies… I have listened to several of your videos, which I find very enlightening and instructive, providing a clear understanding of various matters/issues in the Church.  May the Lord continue to bless you in your apostolate.


Yours sincerely,

Barbara Cockburn




Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Excellent documentary! Thanks!




Satan’s Preachers


Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


This is amazing look at… Satan's preachers in their false churches… Hell is real and it's forever…


Ron Johnson


Blasphemous Abomination


A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


It's kind of puzzling to see all those Vatican II defenders who try to talk away the blasphemous abomination of this diabolical document. But they do it all the time with all kinds of heretical documents.




Had Been Waking Up To Say “The Divine Mercy” Devotion


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


Wow… this is really. As I've been waking up at 3am to say chaplet of divine mercy. All along it's a false and charismatic thing. Thanks for your information we really appreciate.




Powerful Stuff


A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


Powerful stuff.




Shook Me


Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


This shook me to my core!


Jonathan Golden




Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


A really good exposure of the wolves in sheep’s clothing, or just plain wolves !




Seismic Announcement


A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


Thank you for such an excellent video on the seismic and Apocalyptic announcement by Antipope Francis allowing same sex blessings.  Your research which brings to light the prophet Malachi and also the prophetic comments by Pope St Gregory VII provides a clear and insightful guide to the now very late stage of the Great Apostasy. Your video rightly observes the importance of what has just happened and how this is a huge provocation to Divine Judgement. The contradiction by Francis of Sacred Scripture on irregular unions and homosexuality, is so contrary to the Faith that it must be seen by all that he is a manifest heretic. By this late stage anyone calling him the Pope and even worse defending and passing his latest heresy as being orthodox, have been deceived or are instruments of Satan in misleading many souls away from the Faith and at risk of damnation. Either way their spiritual blindness caused by refusing to accept the Truth, for whatever reason, about the Counter Church and the false popes, is causing them to fail to see how close we are to Judgement. Even worse are those who dismiss the notion we are in the End Times and at a late stage of the Great Apostasy and believe that this is just some crisis, like many previous in Church history, and that is not that important as we are a long way off from any Apocalypse. The scale of the heresy and mockery coming from Francis has speeded up to a terrifying crescendo…


God bless you




Truth About Blessings


A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


… Thank you for exposing the truth and for exposing the wolves in sheep's clothing who are gaslighting multitudes…


G. P.


Research Proves


Scientist Dr. Rancourt says research proves "Covid" was a hoax - Most were killed after the "vaccine" rollout


Thank you, MHFM, for publishing this talk, a very important one. I remember this doctor/scientist publishing a paper on the truth of the harms and utter ineffectiveness of wearing masks; this was very early in the "pandemic" starting in2020. This report was also very important, and that time scandalous to the Medical Establishment (tho' obviously they were able to control the evil 'narrative')…




Novus Ordo Professors


A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


When I was in college three of my professors were Novus Ordo who supported homosexuality and went out of their way to show support for this abomination in one way or another. One of them wanted me to socialize at a Novus Ordo club in the town. I passively showed up and they were talking about what things they were giving up for Lent and I said I would reduce my internet and YouTube time to which the leader responded with something like "Yeah, there are a lot of schismatic videos". He was clearly falsely labeling traditional Catholicism as "schismatic" for that clown would not refer to actual schismatics like the schismatic Eastern "Orthodox" as such.


Martin Francis




A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


Great video.


Tom Thomas




A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


… great work as usual…






A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


Very powerful!


Unam Sanctam




A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


I truly appreciate your explanation facts… along with your shared wisdom and knowledge with your viewers and subscribers...and happy to be a subscriber.


Joe Barzo




A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


… thanks for the truth and clarity…


Charles Crockett


It’s A New Religion


Episcopal See Existed Despite (Physical) Possession By False Bishops


My parish continues to pray for the "holy" intentions of Bergoglio. As of today, I will no longer attend the N(W)O mass. The new "blessings" of same sex couples finally did it for me and I started watching once again Vatican Catholic videos and it finally became clear... This IS a new religion. It IS NOT the true Catholic Faith.  I'm finally convinced. Thank you for leading the way to the truth that this is a false religion! So many are completely duped and will not open their eyes to see. I kept going back even after watching your videos because I would not believe our Lord would abandon us. But like you say in one of your videos, [many] are not deserving of the true holy Catholic faith. I see it now. A light has popped on. Thank you for showing us time and time again that the N. O. Church is the whore of Babylon. God bless you MHFM.




The Sad Fall Of Ireland


During the sixth and seventh centuries, the Church of Ireland stood in the full beauty of its bloom.  The spirit of the Gospel operated amongst the people with a vigorous and vivifying power; troops of holy men, from the highest to the lowest ranks of society, obeyed the counsel of Christ, and forsook all things, that they might follow Him.  There was no country in the world, during this period, which could boast of pious foundations or of religious communities equal to those that adorned this far-distant land.” (Laux, Church History, p. 182)


Dear Brothers,


Your Spirituality quote today regarding ”the Church of Ireland” has sadly somehow come to refer to the Protestant Church in Ireland, or just one branch of Protestantism anyway, with whom the V2 Sect in Ireland have no problem engaging with for interfaith events of every kind.  The Angelus bells used to ring out every day at 12 noon and 6pm from every Catholic Church in the country, and at 6pm on the National Television Broadcaster RTE, but alas no longer, for fear of offending those of other “faiths”.  It is so sad to witness it all. 


Under the Government’s direction, no dedicated Catholic Schools remain, they have become Multi Faith schools for all and any “faiths” etc, with only a general spirituality class instead of dedication to Catholic Catechism and Catholic prayers; except of course Protestant Schools that continue under singular denomination. No other are faiths allowed in there.  Out of a population of circa 5 million people, there are truly very very few true Catholics, Catholics “who keep the Commandments, and have THE faith OF Jesus” [Apocalypse (Revelation) 14:12]. Those who still claim to be Catholic keep whatever Commandments they think fit according to their own conscience and have at best their own version of a faith in Jesus.


Thank You Brothers for everything you have done and continue to do. May God keep you forever in His care.


Niall Walshe


Pope Gregory IX Calls Eastern Schismatics The “Synagogue of Satan”


Pope Gregory IX, Considerantes Olim, March 17, 1238: “… we fear, with prescient deliberations, lest the aforesaid Greeks, whom the flood of schism swept from the Church of God into the synagogue of Satan, overwhelmed by its raging fury, will be hurled into the abyss of heretical depravity.”


So Diabolical


The Antichrist's Distinguishing Mark


He was much worse than Francis, wasn't he? I want to scream when I read his words, so diabolical... I was a kid back then, born in 1984, I was alive when the anti-christ reigned, and I never knew... I saw on TV he was loved by the world.. Like I said: I want to scream. Lord have mercy. I did not know such evil man could even exist.. I'm so sorry.




Church Is The New Israel


Jews Are Not Israel Or The Chosen People


The Church that Jesus founded on Peter is the new Israel.




MHFM: Yes, this is taught in Scripture and by the Church: The Catholic Church Is The Spiritual Jerusalem (Acts Of Nicaea II).


In Depth


A Big Problem For "Orthodoxy": St. Gregory Of Nyssa & The Filioque


So in depth.


Josh Eaton


Pope Stephen II: Salvation Comes Through The Church


Pope Stephen II, To Pippin (Codex Epistolaris Carolinus 9), AD 755: “Indeed, a ‘good name’ consists in keeping the faith that everyone has promised with a clean heart and a pure conscience, and in fulfilling it with works; for a ‘good name’ consists in striving with all one’s strength to uphold God’s holy Church, through which comes the salvation of Christians.  Furthermore, our Redeemer, the pitying and much merciful Lord, stands as a propitiator to those whom He knows to be completely faithful in their whole mind and who are defenders of His holy Church.”


An Immense Fog


And an immense fog has surrounded those in novus ordo, ignoring true dogma and believing the lies of the ape, the serpent seen in the Paul VI Hall… It took me years to see it. Thank you for staying with it, for your faithful, diligent teaching. May God bless all with eyes to see.




Learning So Much


The Real History Of “Orthodoxy”


Wow. I am learning so much from your channel. Thank you and God bless you.






Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


… I am… stunned…


C Weaver


St. Thomas On A Tongue Not Known To Men


… I got into an argument with some Protestant heretics and we ended up talking about the “gift of tongues” and one Protestant showed me 1 Cor 14:2.  I didn’t know how to answer it…


MHFM: Hello.  We agree with St. Thomas’ explanation of the verse.  In 1 Cor. 14:1 and following, St. Paul is teaching the Corinthians that they should not be desirous of the gift of tongues or languages just for the sake of speaking in that way, but rather insofar as it will edify others.  Hence, he says in 1 Cor. 14:2: “For one who speaks in a tongue speaks not to men but to God; for no one understands him, but he utters mysteries in the Spirit.”  The tongue or language mentioned there, which is spoken not to men but to God, is not an unintelligible babble language.  Rather, it refers to an actual human language that’s not understood by those in the audience (but only by God, who of course knows all languages).  As St. Thomas says, it’s like “when one might speak German to a Frenchman without an interpreter.”  St. Paul’s point is that speaking in tongues for its own sake is not beneficial.  It should be understood by others and edify them.  


This is also why St. Paul says:


1 Corinithians 14:10-13- “There are doubtless many different languages in the world, and none is without meaning, but if I do not know the meaning of the language, I will be a foreigner to the speaker and the speaker a foreigner to me.  So with yourselves, since you are eager for manifestations of the Spirit, strive to excel in building up the church.  Therefore, one who speaks in a tongue should pray that he may interpret.”


St. Thomas Aquinas, Commentary on 1 Cor. 14:1-4- “In regard to the second it should be noted that because there were few in the early Church assigned to preaching faith of Christ throughout the world, the Lord enabled them to proclaim the word to more people by giving them the gift of tongues, by which they could all preach to all. Not that they spoke in one language and were understood by all, as some say, but that they spoke the languages of different nations and, indeed, of all. Hence the Apostle says: ‘I thank God that I speak in the languages of all of you,’ and in Acts (2:4) it says: ‘They began to speak in other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.’ Furthermore, many received this gift from God in the early church. But the Corinthians, being inquisitive, were more desirous of this gift than the gift of prophecy. Therefore, when the Apostle mentions here about speaking in a tongue, he means an unknown language not interpreted; as when one might speak German to a Frenchman without an interpreter, he is speaking in a tongue. Hence, all speech not understood or explained, no matter what it is, is properly called speaking in a tongue.


“Discretionary Judgment” False Argument


MHFM: Defenders of Antipope Francis distort things, make many mistakes, and promote false arguments.  Some of those false arguments involve misrepresentations of the teaching of St. Robert Bellarmine and the Church on the matter of manifest heretics being unable to hold office in the Church.  For example, they twist and misuse a statement St. Robert Bellarmine made about a “discretionary judgment” and what it means.  We cover the matter (and refute their gross misrepresentation) in the Bellarmine section of this video: Taylor Marshall’s Publicity Stunts & False Theology – Exposed


New Video Posted


“Church Militant” Scandal/Michael Voris Resignation – Analysis


Extreme Dishonesty


The level of dishonesty that the Vatican II's antipope-splainers have is just nauseating. Now you can even see a bunch of them trying to explain how this "blessing" is good, instead of just recognizing the simple fact that Francis is a manifest heretic. Just imagine trying to defend sodomites blessing! But that's a simple conclusion of their obstinately considering Francis as a pope. Truly, heresy begets heresy.




Episcopal See Existed Despite (Physical) Possession By A False Bishop


MHFM: This is an interesting quote from Pope St. Gregory VII about how the See and local church of Orleans continued to exist, despite being illicitly occupied by a false bishop.  In the same way, the Chair of St. Peter continues to exist today, even though it is legally and spiritually vacant but physically usurped by an antipope. 


Pope St. Gregory VII, To Archbishops Richerius of Sens and Richard of Bourges, Oct. 6, 1077: “… we have already striven by many summonses and by many letters that the church of Orleans should be recalled to the original condition of its renown.  But, as we believe the sins of the people thus deserving, its possession by false bishops has so prevailed that to this day we have been unable totally to eradicate the thorns of disorder.  For with what great disobedience Rainerius, their so-called bishop, has armed himself against the authority of the Apostolic See and into what great disorder and into what great harm he has brought this church although we do not doubt that you know...”


Would Have Left


Honestly, I would have left the Catholic Church by now if it weren't for your astute and relevant explanations. I have left what you aptly named the Vatican II sect.  Francis is a Protestant! He tries to make up his own interpretations of the Bible and Doctrine. I'd laugh if it weren't for the fact that he's merrily leading people to hell.  God bless you and your apostolate.


Ann Eloise




Couple banned from selling produce by city for not hosting same-sex "weddings" wins almost $1M in court


The idea that they just want to “marry” and be left alone is a total farce. They want to impose their degeneracy onto all of society through media, the education system and ultimately the force of law.




MHFM: What happened to them is astounding.  They were banned from a farmers’ market for refusing to host same-sex ‘weddings’!


Pope Gregory IX Calling Eastern Schismatics To Conversion


Pope Gregory IX, Considerantes Olim, March 17, 1238: “Some time ago the Church of the Greeks was severed from obedience to its mother, the Apostolic Seeno branch survives when it is detached from its root, nor can a member which is severed from the body retain life… there is no doubt that because it was founded upon blessed Peter, the prince of the apostles, any other church whatsoever which is organized outside this church or believes it is possible to be organized outside it, is certainly sundered from the life of the true faith and will fall into the death of heresy… And so for this very reason we have sent brothers Preachers and brothers Minor [Dominicans and Franciscans] fully trained in the divine law, to Vatatzes, the so-called Patriarch of Nicaea, urging the Greek clergy with paternal admonitions and entreaties, to rouse themselves from the sleep of death and, fleeing from the coming wrath, enlightened by the light of celestial splendor, reform themselves by rejoining the Catholic union.”




… I’ve learned so very much from your documentaries…






Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Excellent work!






What Millions Of Fake Christians Get Wrong About Ephesians


I appreciated these lessons and view them often so to be kept from deception.




Pope St. Gregory VII On Asking God For Things


Pope St. Gregory VII, To Abbot Anselm of Bec, 1079: ‘Knock’, he says, ‘and it shall be opened to you.  Ask and you shall receive.’ [Mt. 7:7]  Knock in simplicity, ask in simplicity… The door is simple; the giver is simple.  He desires to be asked for simple things and for things which may beseem Him.  In this way it shall be opened, in this way you shall receive, in this way the prayer of righteous men shall be heard.”


Mark Goring Endorses Blessing ‘Gay Couples’


“Fr.” Mark Goring Is In A Diabolical Fog


This video is absolutely fantastic l am so glad l saw this video today and l sighed up to your channel.. l came across this video after l saw what this priest said about the last vatican document where he said the discretion of blessing gay couple was a fantastic document and the Vatican did wonderful! Again he is the confusion the does not help the faithful and l wished very much he could go live in the woods like he always say he would like and leave the Catholic Church alone!! Unbelievable him, his gangue and this… Francis!!! They are absolutely evil to me!!




MHFM: Hello.  We're glad you came across the video.  Goring is a deceived heretic.  Also, he is not a valid priest.   These videos (among others) explain why the Vatican II Sect is not the Catholic Church and that Francis is not the pope.








We also recommend that Catholics, if they can, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  This is an important spiritual video: https://endtimes.video/how-to-avoid-sin/


People Who Support Evil


Pope Gregory IX Against Helping The Saracens (Muslims)


This is a great quote from Pope Gregory IX. You could make the argument that it also applies to anyone aiding and abetting Israel, the corrupt Democratic Party (and many members of the Republican Party), everyone who had a hand in pushing the virus hoax, and many more.




Pope Gregory IX Against Helping the Saracens (Muslims)


Pope Gregory IX, Rachel Suum Videns, Nov. 17, 1234: “… to be unwilling to confound malicious men is nothing other than to support them, nor does one who refrains from opposing a manifest evildoer lack the secret guilt of association… In addition, we renew the sentence of excommunication promulgated at the Fourth Lateran Council against those who deliver weapons, iron, and timber suitable for ships to the Saracens [Muslims], whoever fulfills the office of pilot in the piratical ships of Saracens [Muslims], or lends them any kind of counsel or aid in constructing war machines or anything else to the detriment of the Holy Land.”




“Church Militant” Scandal/Michael Voris Resignation – Analysis


An excellent production and expose' of the many, years-long deceptions and heretical presentations by this organization; along with these points, as with all your videos, there is a wealth of true Catholic teachings to be had!...






“Church Militant” Scandal/Michael Voris Resignation – Analysis


Thank you for this excellent analysis.






“Church Militant” Scandal/Michael Voris Resignation – Analysis


You were spot on about this guy…






“Church Militant” Scandal/Michael Voris Resignation – Analysis


Wow! You made so many correlations!




Against Vatican II


“Church Militant” Scandal/Michael Voris Resignation – Analysis


Great video highlighting divine proof against Vatican 2 once again.




Francis Formally Approves “Blessings” For Same-Sex “Couples”


MHFM: God willing, we will probably make some comments about Antipope Francis' latest bombshell heresy, in which he formally approves 'blessings' for same-sex 'couples'.  It's another striking vindication of what we've covered.  It further humiliates and exposes the dishonest defenders of the Vatican II Counter Church.  It's also very scandalous for the masses who wrongly think that the apostate Francis represents the Catholic Church when he does not.  Those who continue to say that he is the pope contribute to the scandal and the loss of souls.




Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Please keep sharing this amazing documentary from MHFM!...






Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed




Richard Carroll


Truth Revealed About Faustina


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


Wow, the truth revealed…




Menorah At The White House


Joe Biden: "It's About Time We Have A Permanent Menorah Here At The White House" - video


Can you imagine if a sitting president tried to erect a crucifix in the White House? Almost every public figure would cry out in antichrist protest. There would be "protests" (riots) in the streets. The malice of these people is almost unimaginable.


Justin Knight


St. Thomas On Thing, Being, And One


St. Thomas Aquinas, Commentary On Metaphysics, Book 4, Lecture 2: “… these three – ‘thing’ [res], ‘being’ [ens], and one [unum] – signify absolutely the same thing but according to different concepts.”


St. Gregory of Nyssa: All Means All


St. Gregory of Nyssa, Against Eunomius, Book 1, Chap. 35: “How, too, will it be true that all things were made by Him, if it is true that the Son Himself is one of the things made?  Either He must have made Himself, for that text to be true, and so this unreasonableness which they have devised to harm our Faith will recoil with all its force upon themselves; or else, if this is absurdly unnatural, that affirmation that the whole creation was made by Him will be proved to have no ground to stand on.  The withdrawal of one makes all a false statement.”


MHFM: Likewise, the Church’s teaching that all men must have the Catholic faith and be inside the Church to be saved means all.


True Light


Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for this masterpiece which presents the so-called 'charismatic movement' in its true light.  What an expose!  I knew the movement was bad, but I didn't realize how bad -- or that it is much more than a collection of Protestant sects.  If a good-willed person watches your video carefully, he will see the face of every heretical sect and religion (and, in fact, all the false religions of the world) in that movement.  And then he would know that (despite all their claptrap and other pretensions) each and every fake sect/religion is a snare for mankind, and another opportunity for Satan to manifest his hatred for God and His Christ.  There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church because those outside the Catholic Church belong to Satan, though very few people realize this…


In addition, the fact that this 'movement' started in the early 1900s (as you demonstrate) also proves that we are in the last days of the Apostasy, and the last days of the world.  It was in the early 1900s that the Antichrist himself would enter the world stage, and numerous antichrist movements (religious, political and social) were beginning.  Hopefully, many people will watch this video and realize that true Christianity was the New World Order established by Christ to correct that which had been disordered and degraded by Lucifer and sin -- and realize, too, that the disorder we are living through now (which, as prophesied, is even more degrading than before) is a punishment for the world's apostasy and a prelude to the Second Coming of Christ.  Thank you, MHFM, for another great video.


Lee Ann 


Last Days


Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Last days.




New Video Posted


Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


St. Thomas: Why God Does Not Move


St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, Pt. I, Q. 9, A. 1: “… everything which is moved [or changed] acquires something by its movement, and attains to what it had not attained previously.  But since God is infinite, comprehending in Himself all the plenitude of perfection and all being, He cannot acquire anything new, nor extend Himself to anything to which He was not extended previously.  Hence movement [or change] in no way belongs to God.”


Russia Compared To The Vatican II Sect


Russia is practically banning all "LGBT" activism - video


Who would’ve guessed that Russia—once the seat of the atheistic Soviet Union—is actually taking more action against LGBT confusion than America and the Vatican II Counter Church.






Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Truly a masterpiece. My deepest thanks and congratulations. I am also happy that you will address the similar movement that rages in the fake "Catholic" church. Unfortunately, I was part of it before my conversion and, albeit with a little less exaltation, there are many similarities. Thank Heaven, right from there I understood deeply that something was wrong, and I began to search for the Truth, providentially finding You. The final theological part is moving. Thank you for the immense work and love you put into it.


Tommaso Giri


Demonic Movement


Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Wow, thank you for exposing this demonic movement.




As A Child


Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Astonishing video! Thanks for exposing this evil movement. As a child I remember my family went to some protestant charismatic "church". People would shake their heads uncontrollably and fall on the ground. As a small child I could sense evil, and I immediately ran out of the building. Unforgettable. Later my parents told me that they prayed inwardly asking God if it was really Him, and if not to protect them while the preacher was "slaying in spirit". That heretic could not make my parents fall. We never went back.


Pax Sincera


Founder Of Heretical SSPV, Clarence Kelly, Dead


MHFM: Clarence Kelly, a John 3:5 mocker and founder of the heretical SSPV organization, died recently.  Kelly condemned the Church's teaching on baptism and accepted the heresy that souls can be saved in false religions.  He even refused sacraments to people who profess what the Church does: that no one is saved without water baptism.  Now he has to face Jesus Christ, whose declaration (in John 3:5) that no one is saved without water baptism he rejected, condemned and mocked.  Woe to him.  He also had no authority to function as a bishop, and his activities were illicit and sacrilegious.  He was an enemy of the Catholic faith.


No Latin Mass Or Prayers For Dead Non-Catholics – Papal Teaching




Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Great documentary.






Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


… The similarity to Kundalini with some of their practices is chilling... 




Israel’s Takeover


TV anchor Rich Sanchez says "Israeli loyalty oath law" has passed in over half of the states in America - video


MHFM: This is outrageous and disgusting.




Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Thank you for your continuous hard work, brothers. This documentary was incredible. Very sad to watch, but eye opening. God keep us.




NFP Deception


Thank you for your video on the NFP deception. I am shocked that… is being taught to young… couples as a rule…


Thank you,





Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Thank you for yet another masterpiece from MHFM. This needs to be seen far and wide. The deception and loss of souls through this movement is mind boggling.


Donna Capani




Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Another amazing documentary. Thank you appreciate your work…




Demonic Movement


Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


An excellent video exposing this demonic movement, which also happens in Brazil, not in the same proportions, but still heretical and diabolical. God bless you, MHFM.






Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed






The Catholic Church Is The Spiritual Jerusalem (Acts Of Nicaea II)


The Acts of the Second Council of Nicaea (AD 787), Sess. 6: “Those who make war on the spiritual Jerusalem, that is, the Catholic Church, are like those who made war on the earthly Jerusalem: they themselves endeavor to use the language of the fathers, just as Rabshakeh once used the Hebrew language against Israel [4 Kings 18:28].  For these heretics direct the teaching of the fathers and the voice of the Church against the fathers and the Catholic Church.”


The Acts of the Second Council of Nicaea (AD 787), Sess. 6: “… for if he who cursed the old Israel is himself accursed and he who blessed it blessed [Num. 24:9], how much more showered with curses is the one who curses the new Israel that has a mental perception of God, namely, God’s church.”


The Acts of the Second Council of Nicaea (AD 787), Sess. 6: “… they attempt to curse the sanctified Church of God, being themselves deserving of a curse.  For ‘those who bless her’, as divine scripture says, ‘are blessed and those who curse her are cursed’ [Num. 24:9].”


Jews Are Not Israel Or The Chosen People




Man arrested at event for RFK Jr was carrying a loaded pistol and wearing a U.S. Marshal badge?! - video


Very similar to the setup of JFK assassination with fake cops and Secret Service in Dealey Plaza.




Despicable People


"Brazil to mandate COVID shots for children as young as 6 months"


The hoax pushers are despicable people...




Saving Baptism Is One (Acts Of Nicaea II)


The Acts of the Second Council of Nicaea (AD 787), Sess. 4: “But we have the one God as the object of veneration, and our faith in Him is also one, and saving baptism is one [Eph. 4:5-6].”




Mary’s Sinlessness: A Biblical Documentary


This is a first class documentary.


J Knight


Mask Mandate


"Covid" was one big show - They are probably getting ready for part 2 in the near future - video


... In Santa Clara County, California because of their mask "mandate", I wasn't "allowed" to have my blood drawn or get my teeth cleaned even though I have a letter from my doctor stating I'm not able wear a face covering. The Santa Clara County website allows for exceptions such as mine, but this was completely ignored. Is Silicon Valley the "trial balloon" for what is to come?


Pax et Bonum


True Eastern Catholics Are Not Palamites


But aren’t Eastern Catholics Palamists? Are they heretics too?




MHFM: No, true Eastern Catholics are not Palamites.  You should see this video/article: Greek "Orthodox" Gregory Palamas Is Not A Saint & He Was Condemned Before Vatican II.


Awesome Miracle


The Amazing And Miraculous Image Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe


Truly awesome miracles about every aspect of this tilma. The resulting massive miracles of conversion are a testament to the Power and the Glory of God working through Our Blessed Lady the Queen of Heaven and Earth. Glory to God.


Paddy Early


New Video Posted


“Bishop” Strickland Removed By Francis – What You Need To Know




…I’ve started going to a church that has a “divine mercy” “theme” to it and I started my RCIA classes there. I am now fully Aware and willing to accept that this is a false teaching and it is the Devil clever substitute church. Should I completely drop my RCIA classes and find another church to go to or should Continue to go until the end of it. I’ve never been baptized…




MHFM: We’re glad that you came across the information.  Yes, you should drop RCIA (and avoid the New Mass) and convert through the steps on our website.  You should also start to pray the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  (We recommend that Catholics, if they can, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.)




Why Francis Must Not Be Considered The Pope


Thank you, sir, for clearly and succinctly explaining the peril in which we currently reside. It is imperative that all faithful awaken to this peril, and 'with fear and trembling work out your salvation. ' (Phil. 2:13)


Jason Hurd


Heretics Always Misuse Scripture


The Acts of the Second Council of Nicaea 787, Sess. 6: “When people try to pervert the correct doctrine according to their own fancy, let no one be surprised if they employ the words of Scripture, since all originators of heresy take the starting point of their error from inspired Scripture, falsifying the orthodox utterances of the Holy Spirit with their own wicked thoughts.”


Burke, French Revolution


Antipope punishes critic "Cardinal" Burke in second action against "conservative" American "prelates"


All this action of the antipope to remove or punish more conservative "prelates" reminds me a lot of the demonic French Revolution, where the ones who enabled and were allies of the revolution or even brought the revolution about in the first place were eventually punished themselves by the beast they helped create. These worldlings are praised and glorified one day, but the next are thrown under the bus when they become "too soft" or "too conservative" for the fast growing wickedness of the beast...




Creation Science – Dr. Walt Brown


Did God allow the devil to place conclusive evidence to the contrary inside the earth, or was that a result of the fall? How does one properly reconcile God’s truth and non-promotion of confusion with the observable facts around us? That all secular evidence precludes a young earth isnt disputable, so there’s got to be something missing to reconcile this.


Coffee Catastrophe


MHFM: Hello.  Science does not support evolution or an old Earth.  It destroys evolution and supports a young Earth.  On that matter, we recommend the book: In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood, by Dr. Walt Brown (a scientist with a Ph.D. from MIT): https://www.creationscience.com/onlinebook/IntheBeginningTOC.html We also recommend these videos:





Powerful Quote


The Earth Is Young (Acts Of Nicaea II)


Powerful quote…


Josip Gregoric


Benedict XVI, Luther


The Heresies Of Benedict XVI


Benedict XVI was even WORSE than Luther in some ways.


Ryan Autrey


The Earth Is Young (Acts Of Nicaea II)


MHFM: This is an interesting quote from the acts of the Second Council of Nicaea (the seventh ecumenical council, held in 787), expressing the view that the Earth is young.  Young Earth Creationism is the traditional view of the Church.  Indeed, one reason that so many who even claim to be Catholic lack a supernatural faith and a firm conviction in Catholic dogma is that they’ve imbibed the lies of evolution or theistic evolution.  Adherence to the lie of evolution in any form is an obstacle to the true faith.


The Acts of the Second Council of Nicaea 787, Sess. 6: “In the year 5501 Christ our God came to mankind and lived with us for thirty-three years and a little less than five months.”




Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


Very frightening... Thank you MHFM…






Antipope punishes critic "Cardinal" Burke in second action against "conservative" American "prelates"


If I’m not mistaken, the phony conservatives had pinned their biggest hopes on Burke and now it seems he’s on his way out the door. Time is running out for the false traditionalists.






St. Thomas On Friendship With An Evil Person


Thank you MHFM, ironically, I cut off a "friend" yesterday for being so willfully ignorant and against the faith. This quote gives me consolation. May Jesus Christ bless MHFM!




Muslim Ruler Departed Into Eternal Fire (Acts Of Nicaea II)


MHFM: At the fifth session of the Second Council of Nicea, John, a representative of the eastern patriarchs, read out a document that referred to an Arab (Muslim) counsellor or ruler named Ezid.  Persuaded by a Hebrew sorcerer, the Arab (Muslim) Ezid had ordered that images found in Christian churches were to be destroyed.  The document read at Nicea II about this incident says that Ezid died and departed into the eternal fire.  It’s another example of how, in the ages of faith, Catholics recognized that unbelievers and clearly wicked men are certainly on the path to Hell.


The Acts of the Second Council of Nicaea 787, Sess. 5: “He [Ezid] sent instructions for the destruction of the holy images and other likenesses in every province under him… After perpetrating this, the first counsellor Ezid, after no more than two and a half years of life, died and departed into the eternal fire, and the images were restored to their original position and honor.”




Navy medical officer reveals massive damage to U.S. military due to the deadly "Covid" shot - must-see video


Sobering numbers.




St. Thomas On Friendship With An Evil Person


St. Thomas Aquinas, Commentary On Nicomachean Ethics, Book 9, Chap. 3: “We have indicated that like makes friends with like; thus it is impossible to maintain friendship with an evil person without becoming somewhat like him in evil.”


What Darkness


What darkness the world must be in since it seems like nearly everyone is in mortal sin. Jesus takes our salvation very seriously and His death on the cross proved that, but the love of God persists in our lives everyday through things we take for granted, like the sunrise and sunset, and a beautiful blue sky or crisp mountain air that invigorates our minds and souls to look up to Him in thanks. He waits with strong patience for the world to convert to the Catholic Faith. It’s terribly sad to think of the losses Our dear Lord endures…




The Realities Behind Vatican II


An important letter on our apostolate and some of our plans for the near future


Dear Brothers,


I'm grateful for your ministry as it helped me… to understand the realities behind Vatican II and the counterfeit church. I spread links to your material everywhere I can and promote your ministry often… May God watch over and bless all of the devoted Brothers…


Joseph Boyat


Pope Hadrian I On The Gifts And Importance Of Baptism


Pope Hadrian I, To All The Bishops In Spain (Codex Epistolaris Carolinus 97), c. 785 or c. 787: “For [through baptism] they are not only free but also holy, not only holy but also justified, not only justified, but also sons, not only sons but also heirs, not only heirs but also brothers of Christ, not only brothers of Christ but also coheirs, not only coheirs but also members, not only members but also a temple, not only a temple but also instruments of the Spirit.  Blessed be God…!  Do you see what are the gifts of baptism?  Many suppose that the heavenly grace consists simply in the forgiveness of sins; but we have counted ten honors.  This is why we baptize infants… See, our most beloved, how the eastern fathers taught that adoption is a gift of charisms made to all of us who were born in sins and reborn in baptism…

     And later on in the same sermon [Pope St. Leo taught]: ‘We must follow the way which, as the Lord Himself testified, He Himself is [Jn. 14:6], who… counselled us with sacrament and example so that He might by the former [i.e. the Sacrament of Baptism] lead those called by adoption to salvation and by the latter train us for labor.’”


Since Learning


An important letter on our apostolate and some of our plans for the near future


I am happy to tell MHFM and all others that their material is the best regarding the defense and promulgation of the true Catholic faith. Since learning from their material as well as beginning to research myself of saints and popes alike, I've been converted and have a fervent zeal to bring others to this holy faith. Praise God. May our Blessed Mother and Father in Heaven inspire our hearts to seek the truth, and increase our faith, hope, and charity. God bless MHFM


Ethan Brown




Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


Thank you for explaining this. God bless you.


Nolan Henden




An important letter on our apostolate and some of our plans for the near future


Your work, and the information that you have provided for concerned Catholics, is invaluable. Thank you MHFM.


Ralph Curtis


An Important Letter


An important letter on our apostolate and some of our plans for the near future


Pagan vs. Christian Images (Nicea II)


The Acts of the Second Council of Nicea 787, Sess. 4: “For just as the Israelites in Babylon had musical instruments, lyres and the like, as the Babylonians also did – the former serving the glory of God and the latter the cult of the demons – let us view pagan and Christian images in the same way, because they use them for the worship of the devil and we for the glory and remembrance of God.”


This Situation Shows


This situation with Strickland also shows a total bankruptcy of [those] who say that "cardinals and bishops ought to convey a council to depose him", Francis, whom they wrongly consider their pope. Not only heretical and denying dogma that first see is judged by no one, but such attempts would be suppressed immediately by their "pope", and everyone removed in swift fashion like "Bp." Strickland. The only way is to say, he (Bergoglio) has left the Church, because he is a heretic, and therefore cannot rule in the Church: he is apostate antipope. The moment you "give him" the supreme authority, a heretic (such as Francis), he would of course suppress all opposition and "use" that "authority" against all dissentions. That is why it is absurd to imagine a heretic can rule in the Church, and wheel the supreme authority, and that you are obliged to be subject to him. Only sedevacantism makes sense and is correct, logical and dogmatic solution in current crisis. He as a heretic and is not holding keys of the Church.




Unfailing Faith


The Keys of St. Peter and his Unfailing Faith


Hello, Brothers. This was an excellent article, but I have one quick question.




The Catholic Encyclopedia, “Heresy,” 1914, Vol. 7, p. 261: “The pope himself, if notoriously guilty of heresy, would cease to be pope because he would cease to be a member of the Church.”


So is the Never Failing Faith simply referring to Papal Infallibility in the cases mentioned in the definition above?  Sorry if this question is wasting your time, just trying to clarify and make sure.  Thank you!




MHFM: Yes, that is correct.




"Pope Francis dines with transgender women for Vatican luncheon"


Contrast these disgraceful actions with the record of an actual Catholic, Pope St. Pius V, who was accused of trying to turn Rome into a monastery because he wouldn’t compromise Christian morality when he ordered that sexually immoral people be imprisoned or exiled from the city. That’s the difference between a holy & pious Catholic and a faithless & profane impostor.




On A Par


"Pope Francis dines with transgender women for Vatican luncheon"


This is on a par with Francis inviting the "artist" behind the Crucifix submerged in urine photograph to the Vatican and flashing him a thumbs up and a smile. He's obviously a wicked antipope, not remotely Catholic, who seems to delight in flaunting just how far he can go in thumbing his nose at the Church, while still being recognized by over a billion braindead people as a legitimate pope.




Needs To


Amazing Evidence For God – Scientific Evidence For God


… Anyone who’s not watched this yet needs to!




False Trads


“Bishop” Strickland Removed By Francis – What You Need To Know


False trads: "Yes, the wolf has bloody fangs for devouring sheep but go back to him for he is the shepherd. Do you not see that he stands at the gate and has the robes of the shepherd?" Excellent video.




Cannot Be Conservative


“Bishop” Strickland Removed By Francis – What You Need To Know


Frank Pavone, James Altman and now Joseph Strickland all prove that you cannot be even slightly conservative without upsetting the apostates in this “hierarchy”. Those in the novus ordo need to wake up before it’s too late!


Deus Vult


Sold Out


“Bishop” Strickland Removed By Francis – What You Need To Know


Most recognize and resisters have by know completely sold out to the Vatican II sect… the neo SSPX is now almost completely reconciled with the center right wing of the Vatican II sect… I wonder if one reason why many false traditionalists can't come to the conclusion that the new rite of ordination and episcopal consecration are invalid simply because that would mean that their favorite false heroes like Burke, Muller, Schneider and Strickland are not valid priests or bishops. I nevertheless hope that Strickland comes to the true positions, realizes that his ordination and consecration are invalid and he is not a successor of the Apostles... Almost every revolution has had its moderate and radical wing. The Vatican II sect has moderates like Burke, Sarah, Schneider, etc. and liberals like James Martin. The Russians had the moderate Menshevik and the radical Bolshevik faction. The French Revolution had the moderate Girondin and the radical Jacobin faction…






“Bishop” Strickland Removed By Francis – What You Need To Know


Thank you very much for producing this video… It was a fantastic refutation of false traditionalism. The falsely conservative members of the 'Vatican' II Counterchurch should take this video seriously because people's salvation depends upon these important matters of the Faith.






“Bishop” Strickland Removed By Francis – What You Need To Know


Great video!...


Robert Pina


No Concern


"Pope Francis dines with transgender women for Vatican luncheon"


So typical of this disgraceful, tragical sad clown Francis.  Ensuring that people have their bellies full. And nothing more. No concern whatsoever for the Salvation of Souls. No surprise at this point.  A most depraved distortion of "Feed my sheep." Among so many degenerates, Francis is, by far, the worst. His diabolical sect operates just like a transvestite. It can try to mimic, to dress like what it wishes to emulate, to modify its exterior appearance in order to deceive, but it can never truly alter its own core. Essence trumps appearances. Always! At the end of the day, nothing but a deplorable deception from Hell... it is no... coincidence, that so many of these individuals engage in prostitution. It was the moment when physical whoredom and deception met its spiritual counterpart.




Michael Voris Resigns


MHFM: Michael Voris, the heretical leader of ‘Church Militant’, was forced to resign from the organization he founded as a result of a breach in their morality clause.  We plan to have more comments on this matter, God willing.  This is a video we posted about him in 2016.  The analysis has proven to be correct.