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E-Exchanges on various issues


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New Video Posted


Francis Got Angry That People Converted To Catholicism




“Exorcist Priest” Vincent Lampert – Demonic Activity And His Heretical Beliefs


This gave me chills.




Blew his mind


The Third Secret Of Fatima


Wow… this blew my mind…


Ryan A.


Faustina’s Farce


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


The more times I watch this video the more her writings are unbelievable. She was not right. If not for this video this would not have been exposed for the farce it obviously is.




Protestantism’s Lies


How Many Serious Sins Do Protestants Think A “True Believer” Can Commit?


Excellent video. Martin Luther, founded Protestantism upon several lies… Once saved always saved being one such lie.


Seamus Weber


Catholic Cathedral


U.S. WWII pilot says he was ordered "to strafe anything that moved" to demoralize the German population


Not surprised to see this. The entire bombing campaign, against both Germany and Japan, were about targeting civilians to "demoralize". The Brits had the honesty to call them "Terror Bombings", not that they were ashamed of it, just what they called it. When they dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima (the most Catholic city in Japan) they used the steeple of a Catholic cathedral as the targeted drop point.


Bill M


St. Irenaeus On Heretics Using Ambiguity and Catholic Terms


MHFM: This is another interesting quote from a saint concerning how heretics (in this case the Gnostics) employed ambiguity and Catholic terms when they insinuated and taught their heresies.


St. Irenaeus, Against Heresies, Book III, Chap. 17: “… not only do they hold opinions which are different, but absolutely contrary, and in all points full of blasphemies, by which they destroy those persons who, by reason of the resemblance of the words, imbibe a poison which disagrees with their constitution, just as if one, giving lime mixed with water for milk, should mislead by the similitude of the color; as a man superior to me has said, concerning all that in any way corrupt the things of God and adulterate the truth: ‘Lime is wickedly mixed with the milk of God.’”


His reference to heretics using a “resemblance of words” corresponds to how Francis, as mentioned in the recent video: Francis Got Angry That People Converted To Catholicism, sometimes speaks positively of “evangelism” or “preaching the Gospel” as he condemns the Church’s teaching on evangelism, converting others, convincing people, etc.


Junipero Serra


Charges dropped against vandals who tore down a statue of Junípero Serra - 34 second video


It's always Catholicism that is consistently and vehemently attacked by the world, and its the devil who rules the world (John 12:31).  The adversary of mankind is making it clear, Catholicism is the way!


Daniel Frenkel


Ted Cruz Condemns The Bible


"Christian" Ted Cruz says: "Any law criminalizing homosexuality is grotesque and an abomination"


MHFM: He's condemning the law God gave to Israel in the Old Testament as grotesque and an abomination.




How Many Serious Sins Do Protestants Think A “True Believer” Can Commit?


Insightful video…




What I Don’t Understand


Francis Got Angry That People Converted To Catholicism


What I don't understand… is why you still want to be catholic after knowing all of this.




MHFM: The answer is that the Catholic faith is certainly the one true faith, outside of which there is no salvation.  You will find biblical proof for Catholicism here: https://vaticancatholic.com/bible/  What’s happening in Rome now was specifically prophesied and parallels what happened to the holy city in the Old Testament when, as part of a punishment/chastisement, God left it desolate, allowed the people to be taken into captivity, and allowed the temple to be destroyed.  The Throne of David (which God promised would have a perpetual succession) was also left vacant for an extended period of time.  The fulfillment of prophecies in Rome in our day further proves that the Catholic Church is the one true Church.  See these videos, among others:






Converted From The Videos


Proof: DNA Refutes Evolution


Thank you… I'm a protestant who converted to Catholicism thanks to your videos.




Massive Heresy


Francis Got Angry That People Converted To Catholicism


That's massive, more people should wake up now.




Is Real


Francis Got Angry That People Converted To Catholicism


Apocalypse in the Vatican is real…


Summer Scents


Cannot Be The Pope


Francis Got Angry That People Converted To Catholicism


… these facts that show that Antipope Francis CANNOT be the pope. Thank you Brothers for continuing to publicly expose this wolf.




Contradicted By Scripture


How Many Serious Sins Do Protestants Think A “True Believer” Can Commit?


… it's actually amazing that anyone accepts Protestant teaching. Even if you adhere to a "Bible alone" methodology, their beliefs are constantly contradicted on almost every page of Scripture in one way or another. They are, without any doubt, false doctrines of Satan…


J. Knight


The Protestant Heresy


How Many Serious Sins Do Protestants Think A “True Believer” Can Commit?


Thank you for this video. It perfectly illustrates the faults of the Protestant heresy.






How Many Serious Sins Do Protestants Think A “True Believer” Can Commit?


Excellent video! Protestants love to accuse Catholics of not reading or knowing Sacred Scripture and yet they are the masters of misinterpreting it. They are deceived and take many souls with them to eternal damnation. I am the only Traditional Catholic in my entire family and I pray they convert before it’s too late. Lord, have mercy on us!


Brent Brandon


St. Augustine And Proverbs Against Praising The Ungodly


St. Augustine, Against Julian, Book 4, Chap. 3, AD 419-430: “If it pleases you so much to praise the ungodly that you say they abound in virtues – as though you did not hear Scripture saying: ‘They who say to the wicked man: you are just, shall be accursed by the people, and the tribes shall abhor them’ [Proverbs 24:24]…


St. Irenaeus On Eternal Fire


St. Irenaeus, Against Heresies, Book 2, Chap. 28, AD 180: “That eternal fire [for instance] is prepared for sinners, both the Lord has plainly declared, and the rest of the Scriptures demonstrate. And that God foreknew that this would happen, the Scriptures do in like manner demonstrate, since He prepared eternal fire from the beginning for those who were [afterwards] to transgress [His commandments].”




Mary’s Sinlessness: A Biblical Documentary


ABSOLUTELY ILLUMINATING, so many things connected! I was so ignorant for so long.


Jack Gallant


New Video Posted


How Many Serious Sins Do Protestants Think A “True Believer” Can Commit?




The Truth About The SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups


I always rejected the SSPX, and their obsession with Lefebvre is ridiculous…




Annihilation of Calvinism


Justification Debate


Total annihilation of the false crooked religion of Calvinism.






Dear Brothers,


Thank you for your tremendous body of work and your exceptional, thoroughly researched presentations…




Clare Burke


St. John De Brebeuf Miracle


He Would Not Remove The Cross


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for your gem of a video, 'He Would Not Remove the Cross' about the miracle that happened when the missionary priest St. John de Brebeuf, trusting in God, refused to take down the cross in the face of savage opposition, curses and arrows and how this response is exactly opposite to the Vatican II religion.


I have watched it three times now.  It contains the essence of all that you convey in your longer videos on all the various aspects of the great crisis in the Church. It sums up the crucial, testing issue ...to stay with the pure truth of God handed down by Christ and His holy apostles, or to murky it and blur it out with ambiguities, fuzzy reasoning and compromises with the world and its idols and false hopes and demonic practices and fleeting pomp and pleasures; to risk offending people, suffering and death, or to sell out by increments, too much listening to diabolical, seductive talk and sympathy, and friendliness not for the sake of God but for the sake of being liked, for vainglory and an easy life.  


The change from the true Catholic religion of the real Saint John de Brebeuf to the false Catholicism of antipope John Paul II is the reasoning in a nutshell behind all the world's problems and today's spiritual famine.  I definitely intend my teenagers to be watching this video this evening!


Thank you,


Carrie Jones 


Soundly Demonstrates The Falsity Of Protestantism


Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie


This video soundly and unanimously demonstrates the verifiable falsity of the Protestant doctrine of justification by faith alone. Let me explain further: As I watched this irrefutably argued video, my eyes, which were already opened, were permanently and irreversibly opened to the lie of the protestant doctrine of justification by faith alone—which itself is in complete contradiction to the Scripture in James 2:24. The mental gymnastics which protestant theologians must make to incorporate James 2:24 into their doctrine of justification by faith alone is utter insanity... Simultaneously, I became sick in my spirit while rejoicing in the Catholic truth: sick because as I studied for my BA (2003) and MA (2006) while I attended reformed protestant Churches like the Baptist and the Presbyterian, I was utterly deceived and believed a devilish lie for so long—a lie which was perpetrated by the very men in this video whom I loved, studied and admired for their seemingly sound scriptural wisdom; rejoicing because I had finally been set free from the protestant lie of justification by faith alone. I can now read James 2:24 et al. with comfort and ease without committing intellectual suicide or performing incomprehensible mental gymnastics. The damnable and pernicious lie of justification by faith alone must be stopped…


Let me end as I began: This video soundly and unanimously demonstrates the verifiable falsity of the Protestant doctrine of justification by faith alone.






The Third Secret Of Fatima


I've been reading your site and watching your videos for a while, slowly, at first not knowing your position (the first video I found was regarding covid-19…), and then I realized what I was reading and seeing. All of this information has been eye opening, and I thank God because He is allowing people to come to the Truth. God bless you!






"LA Dodgers decide not to honor group of ‘trans nuns’ that mocks Catholicism after backlash"


... look at the "Pride Night" logo... they had to make it in such a way as to resemble the Baphomet's head and/or the Masonic Compass.




Teaches The Opposite


Francis Gives Non-Catholics A Feast Day! – Blatant Heresy


More proof of how the Vatican II sect teaches the opposite of the Holy Catholic Church. The Bull of Pope Eugene IV "Unam Sanctum" is sufficient itself to refute most errors about salvation outside the Catholic Church. Anyone who rejects even one teaching of the Catholic Church is alien to Christ and his Church, and consequently the hope of salvation. How can truth ever be reconciled with falsehood? If the followers of the Vatican II sect really believed in the truth of the Catholic faith as they claim, they should also accept it's absolute necessity for salvation. It's ridiculous to believe that someone can reject any of Christ's teachings and still be a "Christian" only Catholics are Christians! Because only the Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ our Lord & Savior!




New Video Posted


Francis Gives Non-Catholics A Feast Day! – Blatant Heresy


Going Over


I have been going over your content for a while now and couldn't be more thankful to the MHFM and the… brothers for their dedication to speaking Truth.

Alice Salles Affonso Hankoff 


Can’t Avoid The Truth About John Paul II


The Antichrist’s Distinguishing Mark


This makes me so sad. My grandfather was Polish and loved JP II, but I can’t avoid the truth presented here. Thank you.


Tyler Blevins


Catholic position on Mary


Mary’s Sinlessness: A Biblical Documentary


Thanks a lot for this, I think I am starting to see that yet again the Catholic position is correct…


Bert Rodgers


Wants to convert to Catholicism


Hello my name is Ryan, I am 20 years old and I live in St. Louis, I saw your videos on your YouTube channel Vatican Catholic and I was would like to convert to Catholicism. I have been reading the Catechism and when I have learned it I was wondering if you know anyone in or near St. Louis that could Baptize me. Also just to clarify do Protestant, or to be more clear Pentecostal baptisms count as valid. I just want to make sure. I would also like to ask you to pray for me





P.S. I just want to say Bro. Peter Dimond did great in that debate against Jeff Cassman


‘Magician’ Teleports


"Magician" teleports on "Britain's Got Talent" - video


Pause at 0:48 and use . and , keys to navigate frame-by-frame. He literally just appears suddenly out of thin air on the right side.




The only death of the soul


St. Augustine, Letter 164: “… the only death which the soul can experience is sin…”


Overcame the fear of listening




Do you have tracts or small bits of information I could spread around?  I am so thankful the Lord led me to your site, and overcame my fear of listening to you.  Now I know you are under great persecution because of your stand for the TRUTH, so I have you all in my prayers.  You have filled in so much of my understanding so I actually KNOW what to believe.  Obviously God is blessing you mightily for your faithfulness to His Church and the Truth.  You are very gifted to be able to research all the material you have and then put it into such compelling videos to help people learn about the True Church.


Thanks be to God,




MHFM: We’re glad you are looking at the material.  Yes, we have flyers, DVDs, and books for extremely low prices: https://mhfm.store/


Shocking and Widespread


Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof)


Shocking. I had no idea this was so widespread and deep-seated!


Joseph Jarvis


The next fake Pandemic


Bill Gates announces the next fake pandemic date and fake outbreak location - video



I find it interesting that the new disease is called "SEERS". There is a top secret survival school in the U.S. Military called "SERE School" (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape). This school was originally designed for U.S. pilots, in the event their plane went down and they became P.O.W's. The survival schools in the military include different levels and SERE was eventually opened for U.S. Special Forces soldiers.




Became a true traditional Catholic


Dear Bros. of Most Holy Family Monastery,


… I… live in Ireland… Not accepting what the false traditionalists were saying, I searched for a defense of Fr. Feeney and this, obviously, led me to your website and to your book on salvation. I began praying the three Mysteries of the Rosary every day, going over all your material with a fine tooth comb. Just over a year ago I completely rejected the Vatican II sect and became a true traditional Catholic. Thank you for your excellent work…


Sincerely in Jesus and Mary,


Paul Browne


Greatest Mercy


Dear Brothers,


I was happy to learn that your video on Faustina was back on youTube.  In these last days of the Great Apostasy and the Counterfeit Catholic Church, the greatest divine mercy a person can receive is the grace to find the true Catholic faith!... Most people cannot see what has happened in the Church and in the world, precisely because they don't have the true faith.  Praying the Rosary is exactly what they need to do, and the devil surely knows that.  So Satan devised Faustina's "devotion" to make certain the Rosary would get forgotten.  He gets people to reject true devotion to Mary by accepting a fake devotion to Jesus.  (To Jesus through Faustina.)  And on top of that, Satan promotes this fake devotion through the Antichrist himself and, conversely, promotes acceptance of the Antichrist through the details of this fake devotion.  Wow!  No one could make this up.   


Thank you for this excellent video.  I hope many people view it.


Lee Ann


So many people listening to heresies


Francis Gives Non-Catholics A Feast Day! – Blatant Heresy


So sick at heart to hear these heresies.  So many of our people are listening to him and their entire faith is going to be changed… I live near Wilkes-Barre, PA…






Francis Gives Non-Catholics A Feast Day! – Blatant Heresy


The British people say this King is not my King. As a devoted Catholic, this Pope is not my Pope.

John Morelis 


MHFM: It’s both illogical and contrary to Catholic teaching to say that the “pope” is not your pope.  He is, rather, an antipope.


The Problem


Francis Gives Non-Catholics A Feast Day! – Blatant Heresy


This inclusion of schismatics in the Roman martyrology should be a totally convincing proof that the Vatican II religion and its antipope are NOT the Catholic Church. The problem is, as you brothers well know and have pointed out, almost all the people who call themselves Catholics… believe and teach the heresy that salvation can be obtained by devotees of false religions. This heresy is the charter of the ecumenical non-Catholic sect headed by the apostate Bergoglio.






Modernists use Anti-Feeney Pseudo-Holy Office Letter to ‘justify’ Francis’ latest heresy


The grand irony. Francis supports sects that reject the Papacy and modernists expect you to support Francis unconditionally. If you criticize Francis’ and his support for sects that reject the Papacy, modernists accuse you of rejecting the Papacy. LOL.


Luigi Hudal


Modernists use Anti-Feeney Pseudo-Holy Office Letter to ‘justify’ Francis’ latest heresy


Modernists use Anti-Feeney Pseudo-Holy Office Letter to ‘justify’ Francis’ latest heresy


Vatican II and Protestantism


Francis Gives Non-Catholics A Feast Day! – Blatant Heresy


The accusation that sedevacantism is Protestantism is so foolish. The Vatican II religion CONSTANTLY praises Protestantism! It is precisely because we, as real Catholics, absolutely repudiate Protestantism and other non-Catholic religions that we are sedevacantists.




Libertas and America


Tucker Carlson Out At Fox News – An Alarming Sign For America


The statement that follows Pope Leo XII’s quote from Libertas rings just as true: “The empire of God over man and civil society once repudiated, it follows that religion, as a public institution, can have no claim to exist, and that everything that belongs to religion will be treated with complete indifference.” That’s exactly what we see happening today.


Deus Vult


More and More


Francis Gives Non-Catholics A Feast Day! – Blatant Heresy


I've noticed more and more "traditional" Catholics starting to call him an invalid "pope". It's getting so bad even people that accept Vatican II. are embracing partial sedevacantism.


Mister Roc


MHFM: They should all be convinced.  The fact that so many still think he's the pope is an example of their 'belief' in buildings and robes (externals) and their lack of belief in Catholic teaching.


Narrow View


Francis Gives Non-Catholics A Feast Day! – Blatant Heresy


This is a very narrow view of salvation. As I understand it, we are daily working out our salvation. Salvation is not limited to being consummated with God in the new heaven and the new earth, in the afterlife, but also describes our current life with God, as we hope to live like The Christ.




MHFM: Jesus taught that the way to salvation is narrow (Mt. 7:13-14).


Pope Gregory III, A.D. 739: “… it is written that small is the gate and narrow is the road that leads on to life.”




How To Avoid Sin (Overcome Yourself)


This video is awesome.




Truly Shocking


Francis Gives Non-Catholics A Feast Day! – Blatant Heresy


Truly shocking…






Francis Gives Non-Catholics A Feast Day! – Blatant Heresy


Best "Catholic" channel!!...


Robert Pina


Important Dogma


The Roman Ritual, Pope Paul V, And The Necessity Of Baptism


Thank you… for this great video. Defending this dogma is of the greatest importance today.


Ignacio Lemmi




The Roman Ritual, Pope Paul V, And The Necessity Of Baptism


Excellent video, the proof for the necessity of water baptism is overwhelming…






Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


Excellent video and it was immediately relevant to me… Your arguments are very well supported.


Joseph Rotondo




The Trinity & The Filioque


… I have been learning a lot from you concerning Catholic Dogma and the Errors of the Eastern Orthodox…




New Video Posted


The Roman Ritual, Pope Paul V, And The Necessity Of Baptism


Back on YouTube


Our video, Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception, is back on YouTube


Canonist Says It’s Not Schismatic To Reject A Doubtful Papal Claimant


Argument: “Thinking the last 6 popes are antipopes is such a dangerous thought in the sense that if you are wrong in your assessment and believe it, that just makes you an heretic... it is such a big risk... may the Holy Ghost bless us with His wisdom and prudence!”




MHFM: No, not only is it certain that the Vatican II claimants are manifest heretics and antipopes, as our material shows, but even if they were valid popes (which is not the case) and you had good reasons to doubt their validity, you would not be a schismatic for refusing to recognize them as valid popes.


Canonist Franz Xavier Wernz, Ius Canonicum, edited by Pietro Vidal [Gregorian University, Rome, 1937], vol. 7, n. 398: “Finally, one cannot consider as schismatics those who refuse to obey the Roman Pontiff because they would hold his person suspect or, because of widespread rumors, doubtfully elected (as happened after the election of Urban VI) or who would resist him as a civil authority and not as pastor of the Church.”


Moreover, what’s truly dangerous is recognizing manifest heretics who officially teach false doctrines (such as false ecumenism and participation in non-Catholic worship, which the Church has always condemned as mortally sinful).  To recognize the Vatican II antipopes is to contradict Catholic teaching in many ways, including the Church's teaching on papal infallibility and indefectibility, as our material shows.


Bellarmine: Not All Are Sons of God


MHFM: This is an interesting quote from St. Robert Bellarmine about how grave sinners and unbelievers are not sons of God.


St. Robert Bellarmine, De Iustificatione, Book 3, Chap. 9: “For not only many sinners among Catholics, but also heretics, say to God: ‘Our Father who art in Heaven’.  Nevertheless, they are not truly sons of God.  And to the Jews saying [in John 8]: ‘We have one Father, God’, Christ said: ‘You are of your father, the Devil.’”


Sick Society


"Navy Confirms Using Drag Queen Influencer As A 'Digital Ambassador' To Attract Recruits"


Sick society.




Man Said He’s Antichrist


Man who says he's antichrist with the word Hell on his shirt


What a stupid way to die...


Lex orandi


Ireland’s Fall


“Ireland” seeking to punish those who hold anything which could be seen as hate against gender, religion


Of all the former Catholic nations, we are the absolute worst.




Protestant England’s Parallels To The Great Apostasy

Dear Brothers,


I stumbled across a tv show in which properties are shown by a realtor/host to prospective buyers in rural towns and counties of England; I've watched several episodes.  So many of these towns have a beautiful church built prior to the Protestant revolt.  These churches… were stolen from the Catholic Church by the heretics in England.  Frequently, we also see in these counties the magnificent remnants of Catholic monasteries which the host/realtor points out (with a tone of regret) were destroyed by Henry VIII.  The show hosts seem saddened by Henry's actions - not because of his crime against God and humanity - but because of the loss of these architectural masterpieces that were once everywhere in England.  Even what's left in ruins demonstrates that there was never anything else on earth like them, and only true Catholics could have built them.  One episode showed a rare monastery which was still architecturally intact and was maintained as a museum.  A spokeswoman mentioned that the monastery once housed 300 Benedictine nuns.


Many V2 'Catholics' will claim that a Counterfeit Church in Rome just couldn't happen, but their position is utterly disingenuous - and England proves it.  Practically overnight, once-Catholic people were willing to abandon the doctrinal teachings of the true popes over the ages, and accept a counterfeit "religion" in its place.  And, as Pius XI reminded the world, the seeds of heresy would grow from that point onward until the Great Apostasy…


Lee Ann   




Hi, Can you tell me what the implications are if some church teaching is in Denzinger?  Is it always infallible?  Can there be errors?


Thank you



MHFM: Just because something is contained in Denzinger does not mean that it was promulgated infallibly.  Denzinger is a collection of important historical and magisterial documents, some of which are infallible.  Others are not necessarily infallible.  The authority of each document must be considered individually.


Palamas, Pagan


Eastern "Orthodoxy" Refuted


Wow, this Palamas character was a polytheistic pagan, and now a "Sainted Doctor" of the false "Orthodox" religion.


Andy Slingblade




“Ireland” seeking to punish those who hold anything which could be seen as hate against gender, religion


Ireland has fallen into the abyss…




New Video Posted


Tucker Carlson Out At Fox News – An Alarming Sign For America


The Apostle John And Avoiding Heretics


MHFM: This is an interesting story about how the Apostle St. John is said to have acted, according to a tradition that came down to St. Irenaeus.  The attitude of the Church and the saints is obviously very different from the heretical false ecumenism of the Vatican II Counter Church: Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof).


St. Ireneaus, Against Heresies, Book 3, Chap. 3, c. AD 180: “There are those who heard from him [i.e. St. Polycarp] that John, the disciple of the Lord, going to bathe at Ephesus, and perceiving [the heretic] Cerinthus within, rushed out of the place without bathing, exclaiming: ‘Let us depart, lest even this place crash, because Cerinthus, the enemy of truth, is within.’  And when the heretic Marcion met Polycarp on one occasion and said, ‘Do you know me?’, Polycarp replied by saying: ‘I know you as the first-born of Satan.  Such was the horror which the Apostles and their disciples had against holding even verbal communication with any corrupters of the truth.  As Paul also says: ‘A man that is a heretic, after the first and second admonition, avoid, knowing that he is corrupted and that he sins, being condemned by himself.’”




Proof Of NASA Fakery? - video


Nasa / nasha is the Hebrew verb 'to deceive'.






“Exorcist Priest” Vincent Lampert – Demonic Activity And His Heretical Beliefs


Great Insight.


Tony Kirby


The Grace Of Baptism


Playlist Of Videos On The Salvation And Baptism Issues


Dear Brothers,


I just listened to your video "The Best Argument Against BOD," and agreed with it all… Thanks for your help.




Prayed To Guardian Angel


In December 2022, I asked my guardian angel to reveal to me any truth I needed for salvation. Not long afterwards, a MHFM video appeared in my YouTube feed. I don't think that was an accident! I vaguely remember seeing MHFM material ages ago, but I rejected it as too extreme. This time, I had a very different reaction. From the first video I watched, I knew you were speaking the absolute truth. I thought I was a traditional Catholic before, but there is so much I did not know about the anti-church and anti-popes. I have watched most of your videos more than once… You have changed my life for the better. In January 2023, I got conditionally baptized, made a general confession… You are saving souls by proclaiming the truth of the Catholic faith. Thank you and God bless your work.


Sandra Elam


Lefebvre and the SSPX Promote Heresy


SSPX, CMRI & Francis vs. Powerful Papal Teaching


My name is Rafael Silva, I'm a 21 year old from Portugal… Last week I started watching your videos with my bride (we'll receive the Sacrament of Matrimony on 13th May, if God wants it that way) and, naturally, we've reached some conclusions, one being that, very sadly, Msgr. Lefebvre and SSPX defend and promote heresy. To be honest, there were some things that us and another friend started finding weird, namely the acceptance of the new "code of canon law", and after we found out the dogma of "there's no salvation outside of the Church" we started shaking. Why? Because more than that, we also know that the Society accepts and celebrates Masses for deceased non-Catholics... Thank you for your time and dedication to the Church of Christ Jesus. We just want to follow Catholicism in its fullness…


Best regards,

Rafael Rodrigues da Silva


Globalism and Apostasy


Dear Brothers,


I was listening to a video in which the speaker succinctly summarized the exasperated bewilderment of apostate man.  She said: "How is this possible?  How can every single nation in the world - 196 nation states - how can every single one of them sign on to destroying their people?  To giving up their sovereignty?  To eliminating any kind of informed consent?  How can any country do that?  And how is it that every one is doing that"  


Today, many express these remarks as if they were simply rhetorical questions.  But they are not… faithful Catholics know the answer… From the time of their revolts, the Protestants and the Orthodox have rejected the authority of Christ (which He exercises through His one true Church) over both the individual and society.  And now, as predicted, the fake Catholics of the end-times have joined their ranks as they bellow their cries of 'Separation of Church and State' (and all the other Christ-rejecting heresies they profess and defend).  So, we take exception to the implication of the oft-repeated (but never answered) rhetorical question - because it does indeed have an answer.  But our question is: How is it possible that people (who claim to believe in Christ) still cannot recognize that worldwide communism - like every evil in the world - is the consequence of heresy, schism and apostasy from Christ?


Lee Ann


St. Irenaeus Contra Faith Alone


MHFM: St. Irenaeus, an important early Church father, wrote about AD 180.  His writings are filled with statements that contradict the false gospel of faith alone and once saved always saved.  Below is just one example.  After quoting Galatians 5 and 1 Corinthians 6, he states:


St. Irenaeus, Against Heresies, Book V, Chap. 10: “He [St. Paul] shows in the clearest manner through what things it is that man goes to destruction, if he has continued to live after the flesh…”


It’s astounding that so many people embrace the heresies of faith alone and Protestantism when those ideas are not only patently opposed to the clear teaching of Scripture but also the obvious witness of the early Christian fathers.




The Trinity & The Filioque


My mind is blown. I really respect your work…




No Conviction


Cameron Bertuzzi Proves Bro. Peter Dimond Correct


Yes, this proves you correct. There is no real fear of God in these people and also no strong conviction about the inerrancy of Scripture and the magisterial teaching of the Church. They need to go to your website and learn, learn, learn, and become Catholic As you say the root of the problem is the denial of the authentic salvation doctrine of the CHurch by almost all "traditionalists" and by those they continue to call their pope and hierarchy.




Baptism in the area of Ocala, FL


MHFM: If there is a traditional Catholic in the area of Ocala, Florida, who would be willing to help with a baptism, please e-mail.


The Pseudo-Holy Office Letter


… One thing I am struggling with is the whole baptism of desire problem. Intellectually, your arguments make sense to me. But what is making me hesitant to fully accept it is that I was seemingly condemned by the Holy Office pre V2. I don’t remember that being addressed in the video I watched, can you explain this to me?...




MHFM: This video/article covers the alleged Holy Office Letter: The Holy Office - Is It Infallible? (Geocentrism & Fr. Feeney)


In short, Holy Office acts/decisions that are approved in common form are not infallible.  That's explained in the aforementioned article/video.  Suprema Haec Sacra (the letter written against Feeney, dated Aug. 8, 1949) was not only a supposed 'common form' act (demonstrating that it was not infallibly promulgated), but it wasn't even officially promulgated.  It was never published in the Acts of the Apostolic See.  Therefore, it was actually a private, fallible, modernist document that served as a heretical basis for post-Vatican II heresies.  Yet it's erroneously treated by many people as a dogmatic proclamation that overrides the actual dogmatic definitions.  It's absurd.


This playlist of videos thoroughly covers the salvation and baptism issues: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGVSKByrYzssJHrA8L1PjrxWW-S15pnEQ


True Conversion


Cameron Bertuzzi Proves Bro. Peter Dimond Correct


Dear Brothers,


In addition to proving how utterly disgraceful the Vatican 2 Sect is, your important videos on Bertuzzi also reminds us…that the people who accept the Vatican 2 Sect and its anti-popes do not understand what a true conversion is.  Although it's the greatest of miracles, conversion is meaningless to them.  They do not know that when a person truly converts, he changes.  He becomes a new person, and the old man is left behind, as Sacred Scripture repeatedly warns us he must be.   A person's beliefs change; his understanding of the world, of himself and of others change.  Above all, his view of God changes, and he now clearly comprehends the importance of the true religion and the reality of the last things…


Lee Ann




Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for the great new video, Faustina and the Divine Mercy Deception. This video gives a critical insight into the dark and twisted heart of the Vatican II sect and the Antichrist. From the pride that the Devil nurtured in Faustina, to the substitution of devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Rosary, to the fake and horrifyingly dangerous 'indulgence' of 'Divine Mercy Sunday,' evil managed 'sneak in the back door' to deceive multitudes. This is a critical video…


God bless,

Chris White 


St. Peter Canisius’ Providential Catechism


Post-Trent Catechism By St. Peter Canisius Contradicts “Baptism Of Desire”


MHFM: Today is the feast of St. Peter Canisius, a doctor of the Church who attended the Council of Trent as a theologian.  We have a very important video/article on St. Peter Canisius’ catechism.  His catechism was published after key sessions of the Council of Trent.  This is a must-see video/article. https://endtimes.video/council-of-trent-catechism-st-peter-canisius/  This video/article is extremely significant because it constitutes further powerful support for our position on baptism and it debunks common arguments made by John 3:5 mockers.  John 3:5 mockers typically misrepresent the Church's teaching and the Tradition on the salvation and baptism issues.  St. Peter Canisius’ catechism was the first major catechism in Church history, and it was approved by various popes.  His catechism contradicts the idea of ‘baptism of desire’ by citing passages from early Church fathers which specifically taught that unbaptized catechumens (no matter how much progress they make) cannot be forgiven or saved without water baptism.  In the same section on baptism, he specifically cites key passages of Trent, including the passage that John 3:5 mockers misunderstand (i.e. Sess. 6, Chap. 4), to teach that no adult is saved without baptism!  His work was a providential defense and expression of the true faith. His catechism also contradicts the heresy that people who die ignorant of the faith or in false religions can be saved.


True Liberty


Tucker Carlson Out At Fox News – An Alarming Sign For America


Your other video, "Why America’s Freedoms Are Disappearing" (similar in topic to this video) has another beautiful commentary near the end of that video (9:06 - 10:00) which I believe many people in our day would benefit from hearing... "True liberty is not to do whatever you want. But to live in accord with right reason, your nature, and God's law. That's how one is truly free."


Andrew K.




Tucker Carlson Out At Fox News – An Alarming Sign For America


"But who, does not see and clearly perceive that human society, when set loose from the bonds of religion and true justice, can have, in truth, no other end than the purpose of obtaining and amassing wealth, and that (society under such circumstances) follows no other law in its actions, except the unchastened desire of ministering to its own pleasure and interests?" - Pope Pius IX, Quanta Cura




Tucker Carlson Out At Fox News – An Alarming Sign For America


Insightful commentary as always. Tucker was a huge moneymaker for Fox News, yet he was let go. We have to ask why. This was an agenda-driven dismissal. As Bro. Peter shared, all voices of reason are being canceled. When a corporation fires its leading moneymaker, we should ask who gave the order. I believe it came from higher up the globalist hierarchy than Rupert Murdoch.






“Divine Mercy” Video Temporarily Removed From YouTube


I watched your video on your website after I heard it was taken down. The video was extremely compelling…






The Real History Of “Orthodoxy”


Wonderful history I’ve long sought but no one could tell me! Thank you, brothers!




Been Watching


I have been watching your material and slowly making my way through your videos and your position resonates with me.  I live in New Zealand and was baptized a catholic as a baby… I am convinced of your case that the current leadership in Rome is in apostasy…


God Bless


Matthew Brook




Islamized UK: For The First Time, Streets Of London Are Decorated For Ramadan


Belgium isn't much better: "This Good Friday, Muslims celebrated the breaking of the Ramadan fast in the St Jozef Church in Gent, Belgium. The former Catholic neo-Gothic church was consecrated in 1883. It has been owned by the city since March 2019. The current mayor of Ghent is Mathias De Clercq who is a member of the Open VLD party, which promotes the oligarchic system, homosexualism, abortion, and mass-immigration." (EN News)


Dominik Geis




Cameron Bertuzzi Proves Bro. Peter Dimond Correct


A very important video to watch. Yes indeed, the word "disgrace" could hardly be a better description, not only of Bertuzzi's actions, but by his unwitting V2 collaborators who just drink it all up. After expressing an intent to join Catholicism, then receiving money from "Catholics" (and a collection basket very likely also contains widows' mites), Bertuzzi withholds due honor from God by refusing to actually "profess" the Catholic Faith. The gesture is outrageous, but outrage now characterizes everything transpiring within the V2 sect. Almost daily a new wonder, astonishment, or sacrilegious abomination rears its ugly head, but the masses are desensitized to such an extent that they continue to send contributions, despairing of any better option. Mercifully, it's not too late for them to return to the straight and narrow path, and exchange the string of disgraceful scandals for Sanctifying Grace. They should redirect donations to Most Holy Family Monastery, pray the Holy Rosary, and quickly read "Mortalium Animos" to rediscover the true meaning of Christian "unity."


J. Balderston


New Video Posted


Cameron Bertuzzi Proves Bro. Peter Dimond Correct




Dear Brothers,


I've just watched your video on Abraham: Faith, Providence and Prefigurement.... really, really excellent!  It is providence indeed that I should get to watch it too. It clarifies and puts into words what I was kind of beginning to think regarding the doctrine of absolutely no salvation outside the Church and the fewness of the saved, how hard it is to believe, and yet faith surely demands this of us in all humility and trusting obedience.


I'm so glad I have started to watch all your videos.  They make more and more sense to me and confirm the things I always deeply held, things my dad had passed on to me of the old faith, but which seemed to be ignored by everyone.  I'm glad I had the courage to stop my children and I attending Mass this Easter because I doubt the validity.  It was scary and sad, but now I feel like a weight of hypocrisy and confusion has been removed from my life.  In the rosary and the Angelus I stay close to Mother Mary each day and the Sacred Heart of Our Lord, and I ask St. Mary Magdalen to pray for me…


Thank you,


Carrie Jones in England 


Paganism Is Endorsed


Islamized UK: For The First Time, Streets Of London Are Decorated For Ramadan


Shocking how paganism is endorsed in the EU.


Lex Orandi Lex Credendi


Our “Divine Mercy” Video Has Been Temporarily Removed From YouTube


“Divine Mercy” Video Temporarily Removed From YouTube


MHFM: Our recent video, Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception, which had over 27,000 views in the first nine days and (by the grace of God) was having a big impact, was temporarily removed from YouTube due to a copyright claim by the ‘Marian Fathers’. You can still view the video on our website: https://endtimes.video/divine-mercy-faustina-deception/


The claim made by the ‘Marian Fathers’ is without merit, and we have filed a counter-notification. We hope to have the video restored to YouTube, but the process might take a few weeks or longer. The ‘Marian Fathers’ are upset that the irrefutable facts covered in OUR VIDEO expose the truth about Faustina and the Divine Mercy deception. We hope that we don’t need to go to court over this matter, but we will do so if that’s what’s necessary. Clearly, the Devil doesn’t want the truth about Faustina and the Divine Mercy Devotion known.




"New York AG Letitia James hosts 'Drag Story Hour' for children" - video


The Drag Queen Story Hour nonsense is diabolical child grooming…


Horse Sense


The Titanic


People that were against the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank were on the Titanic


Thomas Byles was an English Catholic Priest (among two others) on the Titanic. According to one survivor he would hear confessions... Our Lord, knowing the ship would sink, ensured Catholics in their last hour would have access to confession.  Our Lord is the good shepherd always.


Daniel Frenkel


St. Augustine on Pelagius’ Heretical Ambiguity


MHFM: We’ve often pointed out that heretics frequently contradict themselves.  The teaching of the Church is that when heretics teach heresies, but disguise those heresies in contradictions or ambiguity, the heretics must be held to their heretical meaning.  St. Augustine gives us another example of this when discussing Pelagius, whose writings taught the heresy that infants can be saved without baptism.  Yet, when Pelagius was in a certain setting (and under pressure) he condemned that idea with his words.


St. Augustine, Against Julian, Book 1, Chap. 5: “Pelagius, fearing to be condemned by them [i.e. Catholic judges], condemned those who think this [i.e. that ‘infants even if they are not baptized have eternal life’], and he is certainly to be condemned with those whom he condemned, because he held in his heart what he denied with his mouth.  For what is anathematized in his words is found in his writings.”




My name is elias el hachem, i live in lebanon, i am Maronite Catholic. I watched your videos at endtimes.video and they are so much informative and open our eyes to the truth…!... I pray the rosary… best regards and may our Lord Jesus Christ bless you.


Process of Converting


Hello, I’m… in process of converting to Catholicism, maybe I will convert to Sedevacantism. I used to be Protestant before, but since I watched the video vaticancatholic made, Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie, I started doubting Protestantism and later I thought that I should convert to Catholicism. I was against Catholicism when i was Protestant and i never thought that i will be in this process of converting to Catholicism and maybe to Sedevacantism. But here I am, and praise God for this…


God bless, I appreciate your help, and I appreciate vaticancatholic and vaticancatholic.com, videos and website where you put efforts, thanks for your help, peace and blessings.




MHFM: We’re glad you recognized that Protestantism is false.  To truly convert to Catholicism at this time, you need to embrace the sedevacantist position, as our material explains.


Leo the Great on the Gates of Hell


Hello MHFM,


Here's a quotation from St. Leo the Great that supports the position that heretics are the Gates of Hell:


Pope. St. Leo the Great, Sermon 3, 3: “The dispensation of Truth therefore abides, and the blessed Peter persevering in the strength of the Rock, which he has received, has not abandoned the helm of the Church, which he undertook. For he was ordained before the rest in such a way that from his being called the Rock, from his being pronounced the Foundation, from his being constituted the Doorkeeper of the kingdom of heaven...

This Faith conquers the devil, and breaks the bonds of his prisoners. It uproots us from this earth and plants us in heaven, and the gates of Hades [Hell] cannot prevail against it. For with such solidity is it endued by God that the depravity of heretics cannot mar it nor the unbelief of the heathen overcome it.”


As MHFM points out, to say that a heretic like Francis is the Pope is to say that the Gates of Hell have prevailed. Also interesting is the following: Pope St. Leo states that a true Pope is the “Doorkeeper of the kingdom of heaven” before writing about the “Gates of Hell.” One cannot be the doorkeeper of the Kingdom of Heaven and the doorkeeper of the Gates Hell at the same time. But that's the position of, for example, at least some in the SSPX, whether they admit it or not, when they say that the Vatican II «popes» have two magisteria, i.e., being leaders of the Catholic Church (Kingdom of Heaven) and of the heretical Counter Church (Gates of Hell)  at the same time.



Rafael Centeio




Dear MHFM,


I am a baptized Catholic in Hong Kong (of course, by a priest ordained in recent years). I have been so confused after reading many of your materials and websites continuously for few days. On the other hand, I still read arguments from some priests that don’t agree with Sede idea. I have gone through most of your materials but I still have some questions… Assuming your position on our faith is real (sorry because I am still discerning and continuously reading different information), when will the real church come back?...


Thank you and sorry for probably having some mistakes in my English. May God guide us to the truth.


God bless,


Henry Chan


MHFM: Henry, you need to embrace the truth.  The truth is presented in our material.  The Chair of Peter is definitely vacant. That’s the true Catholic position.  Those ‘priests’ who don’t agree with that position are totally wrong.  Your questions are answered in these videos (among other materials on our site).  The current situation in Rome was prophesied:








New Video Posted


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


Big Trouble


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


Your in big trouble if your wrong about this devotion


Eileen James


MHFM: First, we’re not wrong about it.  We are definitely correct.  Second, if you can see these facts (and others we present) and still think that Faustina’s messages were from God, then you are in big trouble.


How many had stopped


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception




Thank you so much Brother Michael for your excellent video exposing the massive spiritual deception of the Divine Mercy devotion.  It was a long time needed and very welcome as this devotion has spread throughout the Vatican II Counter Church and even some false Traditionalist groups. I learnt from this video some very disturbing facts about Sister Faustina and this evil Devotion she has received from the Devil.  I had noticed how many practitioners of this Devotion I knew had stopped saying the Holy Rosary and were saying this Devotion, and how it seemed to promote the idea of universal salvation and almost suggest an amnesty for unrepentant sinners who nonetheless said those "prayers". Brother Michael did an excellent job in providing crucial detail from Sister Faustina's insufferably self indulgent Diary, which exposes how self obsessed and lacking in humility this Sister Faustina was… Which brings me to the most disturbing aspect of this, which it appears there is no mention of Mary. Instead Our Lord is quoted by her as saying that she is the most important saint, or such like, something which Our Lord would never say and which completely ignores Our Lady who alone among all creatures was granted the unique privilege of being born without Original Sin and is the greatest of the Saints and who would hold the greatest of affection with Our Lord. I got the impression from some of the quotations from her diabolical Diary that she rather considered herself a replacement for Our Lady in her importance. This Devotion was clearly intended to undo and undermine the potency of a wider practise among Catholics of the Holy Rosary, by providing an alternative and pretending that it was a more effective remedy for sinners and to obtain salvation, both of which are false promises and lies straight from Satan. It is now time for the Divine Mercy Devotion to be called out for what it is, a false devotion inspired by Satan and brought to us by a self obsessed and narcissistic nun. The Holy Rosary and Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus need to be firmly placed back in their rightful place, and the Divine Mercy deception exposed and dumped as heretical and theological trash that actually can lead souls to Hell.


Yours In Christ






… I have watched some of your videos, and you have helped me to know what to do to receive salvation…


Thank you…






Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


Great exposé of Faustina Kowalska.


God bless MHFM.


V. from Croatia


A Substitute


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


MHFM: The deception surrounding Faustina and 'Divine Mercy' is massive.  It truly is the Devil's clever substitute for the Rosary, devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the uniqueness of Easter Sunday.




Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


Thank you Brothers for this critical video so necessary for these times!... fantastic information…


God bless you from Ireland.

Mary Wrenne


Have seen enough


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


Once again, MHFM has blown my mind with another video. We pray the DM every single day and try to do so at 3pm. I'm afraid I have seen enough to cease this devotional practice. Thank you for your due diligence!




Irrefutable Evidence


Dear Brothers,


… I am only a sedevacantist for around a year now and reject BoD since October. My friends have converted only a couple of months ago as well and they see that your doctrine is sound and supported by irrefutable evidence…


Your brother in Christ,



P.S. By the grace of God and with the help of your video Death and the Journey into Hell another sheep was added to Christ’s flock today…


Recent Videos


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for the excellent videos you recently posted.  The one on Powerful Papal Teaching illustrates the utter fraudulence of that which publicly passes for "Catholicism" or "Christianity" in our world today, and proves that we are at the end of the Great Apostasy.  It also shines a bright light on the liars of the SSPX, the CMRI, etc. who present themselves as "Catholic" spokesmen.  Likewise, the video on Faustina puts into sharp focus the tactics used by the devil (and JP2) to win all souls for Hell.  Who but the Antichrist could pull this off (along with all the other things he did in fulfillment of prophesy)?  Various "Christians" claim to be flabbergasted by the amount of lies and deceptions going on in the political arena - all the while ignoring the fact that the lies begin with them.


The clip of the actress Helen Hayes reminds us that the Great Apostasy itself started well before Vatican II.  Hayes was born around 1900, became an actress at an early age, and was still working in Hollywood as an old woman.  According to her biography (as well as her own words in the clip) she actually had little use for the true teachings of the Catholic Church.  Nevertheless, she loved to present herself as if she were a model "Catholic" and, as far as I am aware, was generally accepted by the "Catholic" world as such until her death in the 1990's.  Hollywood actor/fake Christian spokesman?  Same thing.


Lee Ann




Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


… after watching the part about the handling of the eucharist I was reminded of the story in the old testament about the man who tried to grab the ark of the covenant as it was falling and then he immediately died as he was not a priest. The ark is only that which contains God and is not God itself, the eucharist however is Jesus who is God, yet all these people think of themselves as worthy of touching him. Also when Jesus arose from the dead before he ascended to heaven he forbade Mary Magdalene from touching him, because he had yet ascended. the sanctity of Jesus' flesh is very much overlooked.






Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


First of all, the quality of the video is incredible, the presentation is very effective, I appreciate the effort you put to such an important subject. It is such a shame that many venerate the portrayal of the devilish emanation of the antichrist, without resistance. This outrageous image is so offputting even at first glance…


Marc Germaine


Makes so much sense


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


Wow needed to hear this. Thank you so much for this video I have always felt uncomfortable saying that chaplet at prayer groups & felt bad about myself - this makes so much sense to me.


Marina K




Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


I've been waiting for this video and it did not disappoint. Thank you MHFM, for blowing the diabolical Divine Mercy devotion out of the water with indisputable facts...


Sandra Elam




Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


Great video… Rather eye opening.


Jae Pierce


Vatican II Sect


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


Unbelievable…we have been deceived by the Vatican 2 sect.


Marie Therese


Roommate In Queens, NY


MHFM: There is a traditional Catholic man in Queens, NY, who is looking for a roommate.  If you are interested, please contact us.


Bringing Light


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


Wonderful video bringing light to the deceits and evilness within the "Divine Mercy devotion"!


Kaitlyn O


Great Video


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


Thank you for this great video.


Vladimir Dananić


Important Exposé


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


This is a well-made, powerful and important exposé of the false "Divine Mercy" devotion.






Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


This is shocking!!!!! We've been praying the divine mercy novena. Last year I did confessions on Feast of Divine mercy… Seems I got tricked.


Creatorem Terrae


Excellent Video


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


Another excellent video. It is quite clear to anyone of the truth that Sr. Faustina was massively deceived, that the "divine mercy" devotion is not of God, and that these falsehoods are tools of the false Vatican II religion.


J. Knight


Chrysostom: All In The Church Have Been Forgiven In Baptism


MHFM: This is another interesting quote from St. John Chrysostom, in which he again teaches the position that no one can be saved without baptism. He comments on Ephesians 4:4-7, where St. Paul declares that there is “one Lord, one faith, one baptism”. Based on this text, Chrysostom concludes that just as everyone in the Church has the same God, everyone in the Church has received the remission of sins in baptism. According to Chrysostom, to posit that someone who has not received the remission of sins in baptism can be in the unity of the Church is equivalent to asserting that some in the Church can confess “a greater God” while others in the Church confess “a lesser God” (which is of course unthinkable).


St. John Chrysostom, Homily 11 on Ephesians [4:4-7]: “There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism [Eph. 4:5].  Behold the hope of your calling.  One God and Father of all, who is over all, and through all, and in all [Eph. 4:6].  For can it be, that you are called by the name of a greater God, another, of a lesser God?  That you are saved by faith, and another by works?  That you have received remission in baptism, while another has not… The chief and principal points of all, he says — Baptism, the being saved by faith, the having God for our Father, our all partaking of the same Spirit, — these are common to all.” 


Our Phone Lines


MHFM: For some strange reason, from approximately Friday until Monday we were not able to receive or make long distance calls.  If you tried to call here during that period, you would have gotten a busy signal.  The problem has been fixed now.


Decided Against Eastern ‘Orthodoxy’ After Watching


Eastern 'Orthodoxy' Refuted


I decided against Eastern Orthodoxy after watching your videos. Thank you.  I want to be Catholic.




Chrysostom: The Shroud Was A Sign Of Christ’s Resurrection


St. John Chrysostom, Homily On John 20:”… they… draw near with great eagerness to the sepulcher, and see the linen clothes lying, which was a sign of the Resurrection.  For neither, if any persons had removed the body, would they before doing so have stripped it; nor if any had stolen it, would they have taken the trouble to remove the napkin, and roll it up, and lay it in a place by itself; but how?  They would have taken the body as it was.  On this account John tells us by anticipation that it was buried with much myrrh, which glues linen to the body not less firmly than lead; in order that when you hear that the napkins lay apart, you may not endure those who say that He was stolen.  For a thief would not have been so foolish as to spend so much trouble on a superfluous matter.  For why should he undo the clothes?  And how could he have escaped detection if he had done so?  Since he would probably have spent much time in so doing, and be found out by delaying and loitering.  But why do the clothes lie apart, while the napkin was wrapped together by itself?  That you may learn that it was not the action of men in confusion or haste, the placing some in one place, some in another, and the wrapping them together.  From this they believed in the Resurrection.”

This is a must-see video, for those who have not seen it: The Shroud of Turin - Proof of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ - video.


Wants to join the Catholic Church


I am a 32 year old man who is wanting to take the plunge and join the Catholic Church. I currently live in England… your videos inspired me… I will endeavour to pray the rosary daily…


Kind regards,


Mr Valdov


Jesus and the Good Thief


SSPX, CMRI & Francis vs. Powerful Papal Teaching


How can only baptized people enter heaven if Jesus told the Good Thief, who wasn’t baptized, that he would enter Paradise with Him?




MHFM: The Good Thief died before the law of baptism was promulgated (see Mt. 28:19-20).  Further, although he died before the law of baptism was promulgated, there's no proof that he went to Heaven without baptism.  We believe that he was baptized.  The 'paradise' to which Jesus refers in that passage is the Limbo of the Fathers, not Heaven.  No one went to Heaven until after the Resurrection.  Moreover, the Church teaches that at Jesus’ Resurrection the just were raised to life.  This raising to life of the just who died before the Resurrection is mentioned in Matthew 27:52 (and by various Church fathers): “The tombs also were opened, and the bodies of many saints who had fallen asleep were raised”.  The Good Thief and other Old Testament saints could have been baptized at that time (and we believe they were).  In fact, certain ancient texts, including the Shepherd of Hermas, teach that the just who died before the Resurrection were in fact baptized.  However, the dogmatic statements which declare that no one gets to Heaven without baptism concern the period after the Resurrection.  Also, Pope Benedict XII solemnly defined that everyone in Heaven from the New Testament period received baptism: https://vaticancatholic.com/pope-benedict-xii-baptism-heaven/  No one gets to Heaven without it.




SSPX, CMRI & Francis vs. Powerful Papal Teaching


Great thanks, brothers, for this inspired video. I wish I had been equipped with your quote of Pope Eugene IV at the Council of Florence (10:35 of the video) when I was an attendee of SSPX. Since the "Holy Roman Church firmly believes, professes, and teaches" that there is no salvation outside the Church, the SSPX in their current positions cannot claim to be Catholic… firm belief that there is "no salvation outside the Church" must correspond to the objective reality that there is, in fact, no salvation outside the Church. But in this case, the SSPX postulate that there both "is" and "isn't" salvation outside the Church. All people with common sense recognize that this is the language of nefarious intentions. A famous public official once marked concerning investigations of his improprieties, "It depends on what the definition of 'IS,' is."


J. Balderston


Saw the new video


SSPX, CMRI & Francis vs. Powerful Papal Teaching


Hello Brothers my name is Leif and I just saw the new video you guys published. It was awesome and thank you guys so much…


Not a saint


Why Mother Teresa Was Not A Saint


I never thought she was a saint… This video explains it all.




New Video Posted


SSPX, CMRI & Francis vs. Powerful Papal Teaching


MHFM: This video discusses powerful papal teaching and presents some more new quotes that, to our knowledge, have not been translated into English until now.  It also shows how the important Catholic teaching expressed in this document is denied by various groups that claim to be Catholic in our day.




SSPX, CMRI & Francis vs. Powerful Papal Teaching


A very beautiful explication of one of the dogmas of the Church we should hold dear. Thank you for this presentation, one which is clear and forthright, and to any who will "beg" (as was quoted from the Council of Trent) for the Sacrament of Baptism to receive the gift of Faith, as a loving God and Father delights to deign to answer us! By our Lord's work of redemption and continuing graces, beginning with Baptism, available to all (if we heartily beg), there is woven such a radiant, glorious spiritual raiment now and completed in Heaven. Such presentations of these powerful Papal teachings can well bring to our souls nourishment to aid us in presenting the truths of the Catholic Faith to others and to strengthen us along this vale of tears; as Christ said that He would be with us always even to the end of the age.






SSPX, CMRI & Francis vs. Powerful Papal Teaching


Very powerful! Thank you very much…






SSPX, CMRI & Francis vs. Powerful Papal Teaching


Thank you… for this wonderful video…




Acts 10 – Seeing The Truth



Cornelius, The Gift Of Languages & The Necessity Of Baptism


… Thank you for your article on Acts 10.  That article is a huge contribution to understanding and seeing the truth…



Suwanee GA




Hello, I recently discovered your videos and I have to admit it’s made me question a lot of things… Since coming out of paganism in 2019 I’ve considered myself a Catholic and have been suspicious of things such as V2, Novus Ordo etc… I am starting to wonder if the Sedevacantist position is correct, considering nobody seems to be able to refute it adequately. Your videos are very logical and convincing, but I’m scared to accept it and I’m having an internal conflict. I just want to do the right thing ultimately and follow the true faith…




MHFM: We're glad you are looking at the material.  The positions we take are the true Catholic positions.  The problem that some people have – i.e. the reason that they do not embrace the full truth – is that they are seeking the approval of others rather than the approval of God.  When you embrace the full truth, you will lose many friends and upset many people.  We believe that's applicable to the conflict you are experiencing.  On that matter, these videos are relevant:






We recommend that Catholics, if they can, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently. 


A Big Push

… Currently there is a big push to accept the transgender community into the Church, which is an absolute disgrace, but many people that want this believe it is Christian to be accepting of others. They do not have a concept of Sin and Salvation. It seems to me that the leftwing ideologies are pushing a narrative of anti-judgement (i.e., 'tolerance') towards the LGBTQI community, and in doing so they try to push Catholics into feeling guilt or shame for not being tolerant of them. Many people fail to understand the core teachings of the Bible when it comes to God's Judgement or the Seven Stages of Sin, instead falling for arguments of a loving and accepting everyone despite their choices. 


I personally take great offence to the idea that men are trying to destroy womanhood from us. These people hate women, and they hate the Virgin Mary. They want to nullify and destroy her any way they can. 


Thank you for all the work that you in exposing the lies.


Kind regards,



MHFM: It’s also important to recognize that the entity in which this is being promoted is the Vatican II Sect, not the Catholic Church. 




Hello MHFM,


… I am from Croatia… Thank you… for all you do for the Catholic faith with your YouTube channel and website.


With kind regards

Andrej Bešlić


Pope Sixtus V on the leader of the Turks (Muslims)


Pope Sixtus V, Etsi Nos, April 27, 1588: “… against the ship of the same prince of the Apostles new tempests are daily being agitated – and especially the tyrant of the Turks [i.e. the Muslims], that most atrocious enemy of the Christian name – by the most savage heretics and schismatics, who now no longer contend concerning faith or religion, but think day and night about the ruin and destruction of Catholics…”


Pope Paul IV on Usurpers


Pope Paul IV, Cum Secundum, Dec. 16, 1558: “Since, according to the Apostle, no man ought to assume honor for himself, but he who, as Aaron was, is called by God [Heb. 5:4], it can easily be recognized by all how gravely they overstep, sin, and err who presume to usurp both superior and inferior ecclesiastical dignities…”


This statement of Paul IV is applicable to countless independent heretics in our day, who presume to function as priests and even as bishops while they deny Catholic dogma (such as Outside The Church There Is No Salvation).  Such men have not been called by God to act as priests or bishops; and they are not permitted to function as priests or bishops, since they don't even believe in Catholic teaching. 


This playlist of videos covers the salvation and baptism issues in detail: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGVSKByrYzssJHrA8L1PjrxWW-S15pnEQ


Trump Indicted


MHFM: The recent indictment of Trump, while countless criminals are not charged, is more evidence of what we covered in America’s Fall To Communism – Documentary.


They are wrong


Francis Contradicts God And St. Pius V On Homosexuality Laws


Those fake traditionalists are also still whining about their "pope emeritus Benedict XVI" who according to them was the righteous pope and they are wrong about that as he was one of the biggest pushers of Vatican II alongside the Antichrist John Paul II who among many heresies is also responsible for the abominations of Assisi…


Anne Rosler




Francis Contradicts God And St. Pius V On Homosexuality Laws


St Francis de Sales: "The declared enemies of God and His church, heretics and schismatics, must be criticized as much as possible, as long as truth is not denied. It is a work of charity to shout: "Here is the wolf! when it enters the flock or anywhere else."


Evelyn McEwen


Short Message


[This is part of a short message to a person in the Novus Ordo sect, who has seen a few of our videos.  The person recognizes a lot of the truth in the material, but is definitely resisting the true conclusions and looking for ways to justify the antipopes – such as: “How do we know they don’t have a good intention?”.  The person is also considering Eastern ‘Orthodoxy’, which is the place that many rebels against God, who cannot stand against the world, go in our day.]


MHFM: It doesn't seem like you have seen many of our videos.  We have a collection of videos that refute Eastern 'Orthodoxy' (a false religion).  You will definitely go to Hell if you embrace that false religion.  The section refuting E. 'Orthodoxy' is here: https://vaticancatholic.com/eastern-orthodoxy/


The fact that you are saying that you are considering E. 'Orthodoxy' demonstrates that you don't have the Catholic faith.  You need to stop going to the New Mass, start to pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day, and start to seek the approval of God rather than men.  Do you pray the full rosary each day?  The current situation in Rome was prophesied.  You should also see this video: How To Avoid Sin (Overcome Yourself).  It's obvious that you are in some sort of spiritual crisis or crisis of faith.  God is giving you the opportunity to see the full truth and act upon it, but the Devil is also trying to get you to resist it, choose the world, and embrace heresy.  You need to follow the true and narrow Catholic path and stop resisting the truth.  Otherwise you will lose your soul.  You need to not be spiritually slothful.


With regard to intention, a person’s intention is known by his actions.  When men preach a false gospel, they are considered to have a heretical intention.


Pope St. Leo the Great, Sermon 36, 5th Century: “Men's hearts are shown by the character of their works, and the fashion of their minds is betrayed by the nature of their actions.”


St. Robert Bellarmine, De Romano Pontifice, II, 30: “… for men are not bound, or able to read hearts; BUT WHEN THEY SEE THAT SOMEONE IS A HERETIC BY HIS EXTERNAL WORKS, THEY JUDGE HIM TO BE A HERETIC PURE AND SIMPLE, AND CONDEMN HIM AS A HERETIC.”


Pope Leo XIII, Satis Cognitum (# 9), June 29, 1896: “The practice of the Church has always been the same, as is shown by the unanimous teaching of the Fathers, WHO WERE WONT TO HOLD AS OUTSIDE CATHOLIC COMMUNION, AND ALIEN TO THE CHURCH, WHOEVER WOULD RECEDE IN THE LEAST DEGREE FROM ANY POINT OF DOCTRINE PROPOSED BY HER AUTHORITATIVE MAGISTERIUM.”


Also, it's not possible to embrace false ecumenism and have a Catholic or good intention.


Gets It Now


… Having been a Lutheran, I believed EENS & submitted my intellect to it, but it bothered me. I kept praying the Rosary and listening to your videos and reading old Catholic books and I get it now. Thank you for holding the line…


God Bless,




Matt Walsh Is A Heretic


Matt Walsh On Homosexuality


I heard Matt Walsh refer to a "sedevacantist sect" with regards to Mel Gibson (not that Mel Gibson is a true Catholic but Walsh would obviously apply this language to true Catholic sedevacantists) and I also heard him in another video glorify "eastern Christians" that are being killed as "martyrs" (obviously referring to eastern schismatic "Orthodox"). That's a two-faced false religion. According to Walsh, one can reject the Papacy and be a Christian martyr but if you reject the Vatican II claimants to the Papacy as heretical Antipopes you are in a sect. In another video I heard him say that people who deny Jesus Christ can go to heaven if they, for example, had a "love" for their family members. That is totally heretical. While Walsh does say many conservative things, he is still a Novus Ordo heretic at his core.


Martin Francis


John Paul II Jewish?


I watched your ‘Apocalypse Now in the Vatican’ video, and I have a question regarding your claim that JP2 was the antichrist. As well put together and possibly convincing as your case may be, don’t the Church Fathers say that the AC will be a Jew? From my readings as well, the AC would ban all other religions other than his own.  What do you say about JP2 fulfilling those details?


Thanks. God Bless you,


Jayden Aplin


MHFM: The opinions or views of Church fathers are not binding unless they are unanimous on a point.  But there is evidence that John Paul II was of Jewish lineage: https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/local-news/the-pope-was-jewish-says-historian-1067739 


With regard to the view that the Antichrist will ban all other religions, we believe that's wrong.  We believe that's a misunderstanding of 2 Thess. 2, which we believe was fulfilled with Assisi, etc., as covered here: https://endtimes.video/the-antichrist-identified/  Further, someone who would ban all other religions would not be deceptive at all.  The prophecies about the Beast and the Whore of Babylon deal with a spiritual deception – i.e. pagan Rome returning under the guise or deceptive appearance of the Church (by means of a Counter Church).  That’s covered in Apocalypse Now In The Vatican.


New Video Posted


No Latin Mass Or Prayers For Dead Non-Catholics – Papal Teaching


MHFM: This is a must-see video for those who care about authentic Catholic teaching. Among other things, it covers important new quotes from Pope Gregory XVI which (to our knowledge) have never been translated into English until now. It also exposes how the Vatican II Sect and many high profile ‘Catholics’ contradict Catholic teaching on this topic.


Eagle Vision


Just How Good Is Eagle Vision? - video


Thank you, MHFM. God's creations will never seize to amaze me.




Evil Alliance


ADL Leader Jonathan Greenblatt: "The FBI works directly with ADL every day" - 23 second video


What an evil alliance! And these two earnestly shake hands on it! Thank you for posting this, MHFM.




Showed My Children


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for your informative videos… I showed my children your amazing, thought provoking videos on the evidence for God and on creation and miracles. My son's comment at the end was, "It's true."  Thank you…


Carrie Jones 




“Exorcist Priest” Vincent Lampert – Demonic Activity And His Heretical Beliefs


Going through this video again, which I thank MHFM for such great work, I this time noticed the picture @42.31 with Francis and those of other denominations in the Colosseum! The very spot where countless martyrs gave their lives before denying the faith. My heart sank for all those true faithful who held firmly to the faith.




Increased Rapidly


Ireland: Teachers might be fired or taken to court if they don't back the state's "pro-trans agenda" - video


How terrible. The manifestation of sexual sins has increased rapidly, especially in the last fifty years.




Used To Be

“Extremely conservative bishop” Joseph Strickland is not Catholic


I agree 100%. I used to be a "alter server" in the Tyler Diocese and once served in a "latin mass" that Strickland preformed. I found your content and started asking the "priests" in the diocese if any were ordained in the latin rite, and not a single one said they were. All are novus ordo and used the logic that the sacraments are still valid. Strickland was ordained in the novus ordo too. They also said a "latin mass" in honor of Benedict XVI after he died. Also a "priest" in Tyler claims to have known Benedict XVI and to have known JP2!!! I even tried to spread flyers around the diocese promoting the truth of the Catholic Church and one "priest" threatened to have me arrested for "criminal trespassing." These people are not real catholics and are very deceived people. Thank you Most Holy Family Monastery and may God be with you.


Leif Keating


Thoughts On Vigano

“Extremely conservative bishop” Joseph Strickland is not Catholic


Brothers, what are your thoughts on archbishop vigano? He has had a conversion -to the tradtional Latin mass. Do you feel he is just a part of the Vatican 2 sect & a heretic?...


Marie Therese


MHFM: Hello. Vigano states many true things.  However, he is still part of the Vatican II Sect.  His position is, in fact, inconsistent and contrary to Catholic teaching.  For instance, he stated that Francis is a "non-Catholic pope"!  That's absurd and opposed to Catholic teaching, as we discuss in this video about Vigano: Viganò Says Francis Is A "Non-Catholic Pope" (Analysis).


Since Vigano states many true things but fails to come to the correct conclusions on core matters (and remains within the Vatican II Sect), he sadly functions as a deceiver who keeps people thinking that there's hope in the Vatican II Counter Church when there is not.  Simply put, he keeps people from the full truth and the proper conclusions.


According To


Jew in Israel admits he believes Christians should be killed because they are “idol worshippers”


Horrible, according to "BoD" apostates, this man has a chance to obtain salvation in this state. Just horrible...


Lex Orandi


Joseph Strickland On Benedict XVI


“Extremely conservative bishop” Joseph Strickland is not Catholic





“Bishop” Stowe And Francis Officially Endorse “LGBT” Activity!


… my friend introduced me to your studies a few years back and I must admit that your studies have changed my family's life. I'm very grateful for all the time you take to bring this information to the public.




17-Year-Old Is Considering


The Trinity & The Filioque


And here I'm a 17 year protestant considering either Catholicism or Orthodoxy. I'm also interested in refining my theology by reading the church fathers. This is a crucial channel but I can't seem to get over the fact that to whomever I go, I'd get biased information, hence, I'm now set out to look it up myself, starting from the Filioque. Pray for me that I may stop being on this fence soon.


Darshan Patel


MHFM: As this video shows, Catholicism is true and E. 'Orthodoxy' is definitely false.  You will find much more proof in these videos as well: https://vaticancatholic.com/eastern-orthodoxy/ What you need to do is put aside all considerations of what other people think and what others think of you and embrace the truth.  Many are not graced with faith because they seek the approval of others.  We cover that here: https://endtimes.video/how-to-believe/  This is also an important spiritual video: https://endtimes.video/how-to-avoid-sin/  God wants you to be a Catholic, but to be a true Catholic one must be a traditional Catholic, as our material explains.  You should also start to pray the Hail Mary frequently for the grace to see and believe the truth.


Inter Cunctas


Bishop Sanborn And John Salza Are Totally Wrong On Manifest Heresy – New Evidence From Pope Martin V


God with you, Brothers. I wish I'd known about Pope Martin V and his Inter Cunctas heretofore; it cuts the figurative legs off the arguments of those who promote [the non-sedevacantist] position and I've encountered them more than once. Don't… stop what you're doing.


Peter J. Raia




“Bishop” Stowe And Francis Officially Endorse “LGBT” Activity!




Mercy Rose




Miraculous survival of priests (who prayed the daily rosary) not killed by Hiroshima atomic bomb blast - video




Incredible providence in this terrible moment in history.  I'm thankful for you sharing this history of miracles of the Catholic faith.






Miraculous survival of priests (who prayed the daily rosary) not killed by Hiroshima atomic bomb blast - video


I always wondered whether or not this story was true! Wow, glad to know something this amazing happened. A true testament to the efficacious power of Our Lady's Holy Rosary.


Ian H




Miraculous survival of priests (who prayed the daily rosary) not killed by Hiroshima atomic bomb blast - video


As Our Lady made clear to Sister Lucia, the Holy Rosary is the only remedy in the final days.




Temples Taken


Pope Gregory XVI On Rebirth Of Water And The Spirit


What a beautiful comment. Sadly the temples have been taken from us.




Gregory XVI On Rebirth Of Water And the Spirit


MHFM: In this quote Pope Gregory XVI refers to the cathedral in which he was baptized.  He calls it a “temple”, and he says that having been reborn to God through water and the Spirit was the “greatest benefit of all”.


Pope Gregory XVI, Quo Grati, July 6, 1831: “For it is with an especially sweet and delightful remembrance that there comes before Our mind that most eminent temple in which, reborn to God through water and the Holy Spirit, We received the greatest benefit of all from divine liberality.”


Blind Supporters of Israel


"Pastors" Say "Christians" Must Vote For Politicians Who Stand For Israel - 1 minute video


They and their followers are all blind. Israeli lawmakers just introduced a bill that would criminalize saying the name Jesus, either verbal or in print, essentially outlawing the New Testament. Offenders would get jail time. Yet these fools believe we should support that.






I have been watching your videos and am intrigued. What must I do to be saved?...


James Williams


Feast of St. Benedict


Dear Brothers,


It still amazes me that the final judgment officially ending the major case against MHFM was issued in your overwhelming favor nine years ago on this day, the Feast of St. Benedict. The timing of this was not just a coincidence. And it gives me great pleasure in knowing that the Benedictine Order will exist until the end of the world, and all who love this Order will have a happy death.




Mary Ann Benedetto


Georgia Baptism


MHFM: If there is a Catholic in the area of Augusta, Georgia, who would be willing to help with a baptism, please e-mail us.




Hello I am emailing to see what could I do to help spread the information on your website. It has changed my life and I really want others to be real Catholics…






No Latin Mass Or Prayers For Dead Non-Catholics – Papal Teaching


These videos are truly insightful and informative thank you.


Richard McCarthy


Would Have Been An Atheist


No Latin Mass Or Prayers For Dead Non-Catholics – Papal Teaching


I would've still been a miserable and wretched atheist if it wasn't for your ministry. Thank you for introducing me to Our Lady and her Rosary…




Assisi And Active Participation


MHFM: In the following statement at the 1986 Assisi World Day Of Prayer For Peace, Antipope John Paul II repeatedly mentions that he invited the various religious leaders to come to Assisi in order to pray and worship.  To invite people to engage in idolatry (and to host the event) constitutes active participation in the idolatrous worship.  Thus, John Paul II was guilty of all the idolatry committed at Assisi.


John Paul II, Address To The Religious Leaders At Assisi, Oct. 27, 1986: “Let me begin by thanking you from the bottom of my heart, for the openness and good will with which you have accepted my invitation to pray at Assisi… The coming together of so many religious leaders to pray is in itself an invitation today to the world to become aware that there exists another dimension of peace and another way of promoting it which is not a result of negotiations, political compromises or economic bargainings.  It is the result of prayer, which, in the diversity of religions, expresses a relationship with a supreme power that surpasses our human capacities alone… I wish to express again my gratitude to you for having come to Assisi to pray… let us dispose our hearts for prayer in true internal silence.  Let us make this Day an anticipation of a peaceful world.


We discuss more about active participation in false worship here: Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof).  We discuss the apocalyptic significance of the Assisi event here: The Antichrist Conquers In This Sign.




Incredible material Brothers! While I have not completed my first order of materials, reading what I have I truly desire more. I am a Traditional Catholic, I believe in Apostolic Catholicism, primitive Christianity, and I can see myself rejecting the teachings of Vatican II.


God Bless You for making these materials affordable.

Ave Maria!



Would Banish


St. Patrick On One Baptism


Today’s false traditionalists would banish St. Patrick from their sacraments for professing this.


John Moore




No Latin Mass Or Prayers For Dead Non-Catholics – Papal Teaching


Thank you so much you speak from my heart. I was appalled that the semitrads… [had] requiem masses for Queen Elizabeth II…


Anne Rosler


St. Patrick and Water Baptism


St. Patrick On One Baptism


St Patrick believed in the necessity of water baptism for salvation. He also believed that there was no salvation outside the Catholic Church! He put his life on the line to convert the people of Ireland to the Catholic faith! He didn't believe in ecumenism. If he did, Ireland would probably not have been converted! It's sad now that Ireland has lost the true Catholic faith…


Anthony Petrozzelli




St. Patrick On One Baptism


I shudder to think of the abomination we Irish have made of his feast day. We deserve almost no pity at this stage.






St. Patrick On One Baptism


Extremely edifying. Thank you, Brothers.




St. Patrick on One Baptism


MHFM: There is a strong emphasis on baptism in the life of St. Patrick.  In this passage he indicates that no adult is saved without baptism when speaking about the newly-baptized converts who had been slain by the soldiers of Coroticus.  He teaches that his labors to make sure these people left the world baptized were not in vain (but necessary).


St. Patrick, Letter to the Soldiers of Coroticus, 5th century: “The day after the newly baptized, anointed with chrism, in white garments (had been slain) – the fragrance was still on their foreheads when they were butchered and slaughtered... I sent a letter... Perhaps they do not believe that we have received one and the same baptism, or have one and the same God as Father.  For them it is a disgrace that we are Irish.  Have ye not, as is written, one God?... I grieve for you, I grieve, my dearly beloved.  But again, I rejoice within myself.  I have not labored for nothing, and my journeying abroad has not been in vain.  And if this horrible, unspeakable crime did happen – thanks be to God, you have left the world and have gone to Paradise as baptized faithful.”


St. Patrick on Prayer


St. Patrick, Confession, 5th century: “And my spirit was moved so that in a single day I would say as many as a hundred prayers, and almost as many in the night, and even when I was staying in the woods and on the mountains; and I used to get up for prayer before daylight, through snow, through frost, through rain, and I felt no harm, and there was no sloth in me…”




Hi! I am from Romania. I just found your youtube channel and it made me wonder and think about so many things.  I was baptized as Greek Catholic…Thank you!




Europe’s Apostasy


Criminal charges filed against "priest" for article accused of being "homophobic" - 28 second video


So Poland is defending a notorious anti-pope, Switzerland has filed criminal charges against a "priest" who wrote an article criticizing homosexuality, and Ireland is celebrating St. Patrick's Day with drag shows and gay nightclubs. Europe is toast.




They Love A Lie

Dear Brothers in Christ,


Thank you for this newest video:  No Latin Mass Or Prayers For Dead Non-Catholics – Papal Teaching


Our Lord Jesus Christ is Truth and He left no room for “mysterious maybes”. Everyone that loves a lie, loves ambiguity. It’s the only way they can appear good before their fellow men while delighting in evil.  To obstinately prefer an illogical “mysterious maybe conversion” to the declared dogma of Christ’s Immaculate Church is most perverse.  This grotesque prideful act of deciding “God will recognize that I’m correct and that it’s more charitable to deny His dogma that Outside His Holy Apostolic Church there is no salvation than to uncharitably adhere to it. After all, what would people (my family, friends, coworkers, etc.)  think of me of I uncompromisingly and publicly walked the straight & narrow path- Christ’s Royal Way of Humility”? 


Worldly wisdom equates poisonous pride with dignity. Whereas the only dignity is to be found in humility. Humbly admitting (by all our thoughts, words, and deeds) that God knows better than us, and that He most lovingly gave us a foolproof lifestyle (the singular Holy Catholic Faith) fills us with great peace of mind in this life and a great hope for the next life.


TAN’s book (pg. 73): A Year with the Saints A Virtue for Every Month of the Year gave this beautiful example of a near death conversion that is anything but shrouded in ambiguity:


Philip, Count of Nemours, after leading a very bad life, experienced on his deathbed wonderful contrition, so that he begged his confessor to have his body carried to the public square and left there, saying, “I have lived like a dog, and like a dog I ought to die.”  This Count of Nemours though very sinful during his lifetime belonged to the Catholic Church, recognized his grotesque offenses against God, and begged (not “secretly wished in his heart unbeknownst to others”) but spoke up and begged to publicly make known his horrible error, and publicly denounce his lifetime of evil choices/actions by placing himself in the public square so others might be repulsed and seriously warned against infidelity towards Our Savior.


The fact that he was Catholic (not schismatic, protestant, Jewish, Muslim, atheist, etc.) and was blessed with the valid (preVatican II) sacrament of confession while yet living obtained for him this holy remorse of conscience and sincere urgent desire to publicly denounce himself BEFORE DEATH since after death there is only judgment.  It’s a wise investment to accuse ourselves in this life so that our accuser Satan will have no testimony to bare against us in the next life. By this lifestyle our very actions will stir others to the straight & narrow.  Thank you MHFM for your public testimony of the One True Catholic Faith outside of which no one at all can be saved.







No Latin Mass Or Prayers For Dead Non-Catholics – Papal Teaching


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for your recent video.  It's a stark reminder that a lot of us don't know anyone who believes that the Catholic faith is necessary for salvation, other than your Monastery and the individuals who follow you.  People imagining themselves to be "Catholic" are either totally indifferent to religion (as if it were a myth) or they are pleased to follow the mouthpieces of Satan's V2 Sect with its false faith, false hope and false charity.  If they had true charity, such persons would do everything in their power to convert people to Catholicism before they died.  But these false traditionalist/false conservative mouthpieces who belly up to the front of the pack and pass themselves off as teachers of Catholicism, are liars and deceivers who actually despise the Catholic faith and fight against those who teach it (as obstinate heretics and schismatics have always done)…


Lee Ann


Contradictions and Lies


"This video shatters the left’s narrative about January 6" - video


Police officers giving guided tours to non-violent demonstrators = "Deadly insurrection".  Riots which burned down cities, destroyed business and killed people = "Mostly peaceful protests".  Leftists truly are of their father- the Father of Lies. I can't even imagine being a leftist and having to live life harboring all those contradictions and double standards in my head. I'd go insane. Which they are, evidently.


Shu No Inori




No Latin Mass Or Prayers For Dead Non-Catholics – Papal Teaching


Irrefutable proof! Thank you for this wonderful video.


Julian J


Not Surprised


"MD Mayor and lobbyist for LGBTQ rights" charged with "16 counts of distribution of child porn" - video


Why am I not surprised?






"MD Mayor and lobbyist for LGBTQ rights" charged with "16 counts of distribution of child porn" - video


… Thank you for delivering this highly important information…






No Latin Mass Or Prayers For Dead Non-Catholics – Papal Teaching


Excellent video…






No Latin Mass Or Prayers For Dead Non-Catholics – Papal Teaching


Period. Case closed…


Jose R




No Latin Mass Or Prayers For Dead Non-Catholics – Papal Teaching


Truth is so fulfilling. Thank you so much for your apostolate, Brothers.




To Traditional Catholicism


No Latin Mass Or Prayers For Dead Non-Catholics – Papal Teaching


Thanks for these videos, they helped me a lot to come to Traditional Catholicism.


Lord of the Sabbath Appreciator


So Many Reject


No Latin Mass Or Prayers For Dead Non-Catholics – Papal Teaching


Excellent video. This dogma of the Holy Church, there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church, is almost completely ignored. Thanks for demonstrating the papal decree regarding this subject. It's amazing how many so-called traditional Catholics reject the dogma of no salvation outside the Catholic Church and water baptism only…


Anthony Petrozzelli


Came Across


… I've never been to a Catholic Church, only fake born again Christian churches that my sister took me to as a teenager… I had no clue until a couple yrs ago coming across your channel that Catholic and these other fake "churches" are totally different things…


Thank you kindly

Angela Rodden




No Latin Mass Or Prayers For Dead Non-Catholics – Papal Teaching


Fantastic and sound evidence…


Cal Nguyen


Martin V


Bishop Sanborn And John Salza Are Totally Wrong On Manifest Heresy – New Evidence From Pope Martin V


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for making the great the new video, Bishop Sanborn And John Salza Are Totally Wrong On Manifest Heresy – New Evidence From Pope Martin V. There are many valuable points in this video that help to both refute the Cassiciacum Thesis heretics, and to understand sedevacantism and its opponents. The intellectual pride of those who defend the 'Thesis' is shocking: in spite of all the evidence of the public and manifest heresies of the Vatican II Antipopes, they still believe such men are 'legally Catholic.' They continuously ignore the 'notoriety in fact' class of heretics and in doing so imply the most notorious apostates in the V-2 sect are Catholics. The quote from Pope Martin V also powerfully exposes and refutes their lies. Great work!


God bless,

Chris White


Important Subject


No Latin Mass Or Prayers For Dead Non-Catholics – Papal Teaching




Thank you for this excellent video which is so instructive and helpful in clarifying the true Catholic teaching on this important subject. It is a test of whether those who profess to believe in the dogma of No salvation outside the Church really believe it… But a very large number of so called Catholics will find that they in practise just reject Catholic teaching on this as unpalatable and not in keeping with their liberal values and religious indifferentism, because that is what their resistance to this teaching of the Church amounts to. 


I live in England and I was shocked by the extent of complete and unabashed and unapologetic prayers and adulation and Latin Masses offered for a Protestant Queen on her death last September.  Not just a Protestant queen but also head of the Church of England, so a public heresiarch and head of the same Church founded by the Anglican heresy of Henry VIII and the subsequent persecutions and murder of Catholics for many years after. Yet even the head of the false religion that has the blood of martyrs is prayed for, despite not one piece of evidence that Elizabeth II rejected the Anglican faith and wanted to be a Roman Catholic. The Brompton Oratory, the Latin Mass Society, the SSPX, and so many more traditionalist organisations to my dismay caused such scandal to the Faith by allowing Masses and prayers to be said for the dead Protestant queen.  It was shocking.  It was pure religious indifferentism and an example that no matter how a person lived or how much they rejected the Faith in their lives, they could still get full honours of a Catholic Mass after their death.


Many Traditionalists I have observed put their admiration or idolatry of monarchy, particularly in England, above the Faith so that a love of things elitist and the pomp of monarchy completely obscures the fact from them that it is a Protestant monarchy and only a Catholic monarchy can begin to have any merit before God.


Thank you for highlighting and explaining, using Papal teachings, the importance of not having Latin Masses or praying for dead non Catholics.


God bless you




Became Aware


Most Holy Family Monastery,

I recently wrote and sent out to many… commentators [an] Open Letter… Then I recently became aware of your amazing material, and realized I had made the mistake of thinking the Church is buildings and vestments… Now I see the errors of the 'traditional'… commentators, so I want to thank you for your clear thinking!

God bless,

Jeremy Luke Bate
Denmark Western Australia




Amazing Evidence For God


… it humbles me to GOD'S… wonders!...


Joseph Stransky




NFP: A Birth Control Deception


Thank you so much for this video Brothers. I saw this video for the first time around 2015. I am now married with 3 children, and it is wonderful accepting all the children God sends.




When Hus Was Burned At The Stake


MHFM: When John Hus (a terrible and pertinacious heretic) was burned at the stake during the Council of Constance, on July 6, 1415, he prayed for his enemies.  This is another good example of how apparent external acts of ‘piety’ mean nothing (and amount to insincere and phony acts) when they are separated from a commitment to the true faith and the revelation of God.  


Committed To Spiritual Fornication


"Bishop Wants Rome's Approval For Pagan Novus Ordo"


The Vatican II sect is committed to spiritual fornication and religious indifferentism... God willing, some will wake up in time to come out of the V2 sect in time.




Wycliffe’s Bones


MHFM: During the eighth session of the Council of Constance, on May 4, 1415, the writings of the heretic John Wycliffe were publicly condemned and ordered to be burned.  His bones were also dug up from consecrated ground and burned.


Worse Than Luther


“Saint” Paul VI’s Heresies


A heresiarch worse than Luther.




Significant Actions


Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof)


It's unbelievable! And most people either do not know or do not realize the significance of it, but once seeing it, how can you not?


Wendy S




… you have really well researched content…


Jordan Paron


New Video Posted


Bishop Sanborn And John Salza Are Totally Wrong On Manifest Heresy – New Evidence From Pope Martin V


Message To Eastern ‘Orthodox’ Apostate


This was a brief message we sent to an arrogant and obstinate Eastern ‘Orthodox’ heretic.


MHFM: You are, one must say in the interest of your salvation, an apostate fool.  Your religion is false.  You have no faith.  The only reason you have gravitated toward Eastern 'Orthodoxy' is that you are a rebel against God and you could not stand against the world.  You reject the known truth, and you are headed for Hell without any doubt.  Your Palamite false doctrine of God is so stupid and anti-Christian that it's about as bad as Calvinism (although in a very different way).  Uncreated things don't begin to exist.  Learn Christianity 101.  And yes, it was definitely Palamas' position that 'uncreated energies' have a beginning.  He even doubled down on that nonsense when he was corrected about it.  The material we have put out thoroughly refutes Eastern 'Orthodoxy' and proves Catholicism to anyone of good will.  The Papacy is also true, and you reject what Christ instituted on that matter.  Your bad will is profound.  You are following a mob of rebels to Hell.


Willfully Rejecting The Truth


Eastern “Orthodoxy” Debunked On St. Peter’s Authority By St. John Of Damascus


MHFM: This video totally refutes (by citing one of the most prominent Eastern fathers) the Eastern ‘Orthodox’ position on the authority St. Peter held in the Apostolic Church.  The fact that any supporter of Eastern ‘Orthodoxy’ could view this video and still think or claim that St. John of Damascus held the E. ‘Orthodox’ view of St. Peter’s authority in the Apostolic Church (and not the Catholic view) is an example of willfully rejecting the truth.


Austin, TX Degeneracy


"Austin, Texas Schools To Host ‘Pride Week’ Celebration"


I call Austin TX the "Portland of the South" on account of its radical leftist degeneracy.




Staggering Heresies


The Heresies Of Benedict XVI


The number of heresies is staggering. Heretics do sprinkle a few orthodox statements here and there to deceive those ignorant of the true Catholic faith in its totality as handed down over the centuries. Thank you for the clarity you bring to the subject by juxtaposing orthodox teachings with heresies.


Jose R


St. Gregory Nazianzen and Vatican I


St. Gregory Nazianzen Refutes “Orthodoxy” On The Papacy


President over all is different from what Pastor Aeternus says of Papal Supremacy. “Hence we teach and declare that, by the appointment of our Lord, the Roman Church possesses a superiority of ordinary power over all other Churches, and that this power of jurisdiction of the Roman Pontiff, which is truly episcopal, is immediate; to which all, of whatever rite and dignity, both pastors and faithful, both individually and collectively, are bound, by their duty of hierarchical subordination and true obedience, to submit, not only in matters which belong to faith and morals, but also in those that appertain to the discipline and government of the Church throughout the world, so that the Church of Christ may be one flock under one Supreme Pastor through the preservation of unity both of communion and of profession of the same faith with the Roman Pontiff. This is the teaching of Catholic truth, from which no one can deviate without loss of faith and of salvation” (PA ch 3). Is this what St Gregory had in mind?


Joe and Pam Bell


MHFM: No, you are wrong.  As the video covered, the term πρόεδρος (president) was used to describe a bishop's authority or jurisdiction over his flock within his respective territory.  Well, St. Gregory Nazianzen teaches that Rome is the πρόεδρος over all.  That logically means that the Bishop of Rome has authority over everyone in the Church, just like a bishop (as πρόεδρος of his diocese) had authority over everyone in his area.  Thus, St. Gregory Nazianzen teaches what Vatican I taught about a Bishop of Rome's universal jurisdiction.


Sedevacantist Unity



Bishop Sanborn And John Salza Are Totally Wrong On Manifest Heresy – New Evidence From Pope Martin V


Why is there no unity of faith among sedevacantist groups? Representatives from every group I've contacted call everyone else a heretic except themselves. Where is the spirit of truth there? These are not sarcastic questions.




MHFM: There is a strong unity among the sedevacantists who hold the necessity of baptism and the Catholic faith for salvation.  We represent the unity of the remnant Catholic Church in our day.  Those other sedevacantists, who believe that souls can be saved in false religions and mock the Church's teaching on baptism and John 3:5, are not in the unity of the Church.  Also, the fact is that we have the largest sedevacantist outreach in history and have convinced the most people (and it's really not close).  The true Church believes and preaches that there is no salvation outside the Church.  The Vatican II Sect, of course, does not do that.  The only entity that adheres to and preaches that truth in our day is the remnant Catholic Church (i.e. those who hold the sedevacantist position and the necessity of baptism).  That entity is the true Church.


False Bishop In Kentucky


“Bishop” Thomas Paprocki and Joint Worship with Lutherans


The apostate "Bishop" John Stowe of Kentucky last year visited Shepherdstown, West Virginia (only ten minutes from where I live), and partook in a false ecumenical dialogue with a female Lutheran "pastor" and a Methodist "pastor" for Ukraine. It's on... YouTube... I became a true Catholic 9 years ago when I saw your material.


Martin Francis


“Bishop” Thomas Paprocki and Joint Worship with Lutherans


MHFM: Certain conservative members of the Vatican II Sect are hailing “Bishop” Thomas Paprocki (of Springfield, Illinois) for stating that it’s possible for bishops and others to excommunicate themselves automatically for heresy.  Paprocki implied that “Cardinal” McElroy might have fallen into automatic condemnation because of his endorsement of the “LGBT” agenda and related heresies.  Well, the truth is that while Paprocki might be mildly criticizing some of the most radical heretics in the Vatican II Counter Church on moral issues, he fully accepts false ecumenism and the heresies of the Vatican II Sect.  He thus denies the Catholic faith.  For example, in 2017 Paprocki was a presider during an ecumenical prayer service that included Lutherans and “Catholics” in St. Agnes Church in Springfield, Illinois.  The heretical gathering was based on, among other things, the heretical joint declaration with the Lutherans on justification.


“A landmark ecumenical document issued by Catholics and Lutherans in 2015 highlighted a string of agreements between the two churches while urging deeper connections at local levels.  Sunday's prayer service at St. Agnes Catholic Church in Springfield, bringing together the leaders from the Springfield Catholic Diocese and the Evangelical Church in America's Central/Southern Illinois Synod, on the heels of the commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation, does just that.  ‘(The service) is a desire to recognize progress in Catholic-Lutheran relations,’ said ELCA Bishop S. John Roth, who will join Catholic Bishop Thomas John Paprocki in leading the service… The style of Sunday's service will have a pronounced ecumenical feel to it, including prayer, hymns and music in the Taize tradition, which is meditative and reflective. In the past, several local Catholic, Lutheran (ELCA), Presbyterian (USA) and United Methodist churches have held Taize services.” (Steven Spearie, “Prayer service to bring together Catholics, Lutherans”, The State Journal Register, Nov. 17, 2017)


Paprocki’s endorsement of (and participation in) false ecumenism demonstrates once again that even the “most conservative” leaders in the Vatican II Sect are not Catholic.  Our video Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof) shows why joint prayer services with non-Catholics are mortally sinful and an expression of heresy.  They have always been condemned by the Catholic Church.  We also have a video that documents the astounding apostasy of McElroy: “Cardinal” McElroy & The Counter Church In San Diego.


Have Become Convinced


Dear Brothers…


I have watched all your videos multiple times, read through your books, and have prayed the rosary. Thanks to you, as well as God, I have become convinced of the sedevacantist position, including rejection of “BOD” and NFP… Thank you for all the work you do. 





Aztec Empire


Cortes’ Amazing Conquest Of The Aztec Empire


Fascinating video!




Apocalypse Now In The Vatican In Indonesian


MHFM: Our video Apocalypse Now In The Vatican has been published in Indonesian: Wahyu di Vatikan Sekarang.


The SSPX’s Position Is Nonsense


The Antichrist Conquers In This Sign


False traditionalists who obstinately regard antipopes John XXIII, Paul VI JPII as a "true Popes" and his successors are basically saying the gates of hell have prevailed against the Catholic Church. Ecumenical Councils are infallible and so are canonizations. The position of the SSPX and similar groups is just nonsense. They can't run around claiming to recognize the Pope but also... rejecting his authority in practice. That is schismatic.  Only the sedevacantist position keeps both the unity and indefectibility of the Catholic Church unmoved. The Vatican II sect is the devil's mockery of the Catholic Church. The Vatican II sect is a counterfeit 'church' which vaguely resembles the True Church but is antithetical to Catholicism.






How To Avoid Sin (Overcome Yourself)


Incredible video. Thank you for sharing.






Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie


You make the best videos on Catholic doctrines… Thank you.


John Long


Gregory XVI Calls The Statement Of Lateran IV On The Faithful “Solemn”


MHFM: It’s interesting that in his document Summo Iugiter Studio, Pope Gregory XVI refers to the statement of the Fourth Lateran Council (“There is indeed one universal Church of the faithful, outside of which no one at all is saved”) as a “solemn act” in which dogma was proclaimed (Extant praeterea solemnes ipsius Ecclesiae actus quibus dogma item annunciatum est).  Thus, the proclamation that there is no salvation at all outside the Church of the faithful is a solemn definition of the Church, according to Pope Gregory XVI.


Pope Gregory XVI, Summo Iugiter Studio (#5), May 27, 2832: “Moreover there are solemn acts [solemnes… actus] of the Church in which the same dogma has been proclaimed.  Thus, in the decree on faith which Innocent III published with the synod of Lateran IV, these things are written: ‘There is indeed one universal Church of the faithful, outside of which no one at all is saved.’”


Well, it’s the teaching and tradition of the Church, as shown by the testimony of the fathers, liturgies, and councils, that the unbaptized (including catechumens) are not part of “the faithful”.  St. Robert Bellarmine acknowledges this fact.


St. Robert Bellarmine, On Baptism, Chap. 8: “… Acts 2:41, it is said, “Those who received his word were baptized, and they were added on that day about three thousand souls.” There, we said that to be baptized is nothing other than to enter the Church. This is why the Fathers, by a common consensus, distinguish Catechumens from the faithful, and teach that the former are not yet within the Church because they lack Baptism, nor can they be called faithful.  See Nazianzen (Orat. in Sanctum Lavacrum), Chrysostom (Hom. 24 in Joan.), Cyril (On John 12, 50), Augustine (Tr. in Joan. 4), the Council of Florence in its Instruction to the Armenians.”


These facts constitute further proof that no one is saved without the Sacrament of Baptism – a position proven by “solemn acts” in which dogma has been proclaimed.


In This Sign


The Antichrist Conquers In This Sign


Wow. Shocking video. You make a strong case.






The Trinity & The Filioque


Am very grateful for this sharing, very enriching. God bless! Love it.


Susan Gore




Was The East Palestine Train Disaster A Planned Event?


Absolutely a planned event.




East Palestine Train Disaster – New Video


Was The East Palestine Train Disaster A Planned Event? (video)


Brought Back To The Faith


Can A Christian Lose Salvation? – 1 Corinthians


Thank God for you, because you have brought me back to the faith, because now I understand it better, thanks to your efforts. This is because you explain with the examples as you do, but also you just put it very plainly and logically, and it makes me realize it's the truth...


Wendy S


Inca Emperor


The Last Inca Emperor – Converted To Christianity


This is very educational and interesting…




Informative about Benedict XVI


Benedict XVI: Was He A Real Pope?


This is very informative…


Darrell W


So Evil


Francis Contradicts God And St. Pius V On Homosexuality Laws


This man is so evil…


Cecilia Tkach


Converted but family is against him


Hello Brothers in Christ… First of all I just want to thank you for your efforts editing videos about the True Catholic Faith. I visited your website and those videos are just so amazing and interesting. I was converted to the True Catholic Faith 3 years ago. I was just 14 years old, When I was in 7th Grade (1st year) I had a Teacher who is a Sedevacantist who shared us about the True Catholic Faith that's why I tried to research also and observed what is really the true Church and faith that the Lord built? They shared so many things about the words of God. It was difficult because I'm just the one who is converted and all my family is against me, saying you stupid etc. It's so sad and it hurts that they don't see the True Catholic Faith. So I'm so grateful that I have a family not in blood but faith who help me and prayed me.  But now I need prayers... Thank you so much Brothers… May God bless you always...




Exposing Lies


Bishop Sanborn And John Salza Are Totally Wrong On Manifest Heresy – New Evidence From Pope Martin V


This is a spiritual battle and it is very clear God is on your side. He allows these clueless and bad willed heretics to spit out their lies and heresies with such pride and arrogance, so that when their lies are exposed, they should be ashamed of themselves, be humble and repent, but they continue in their pride no matter what facts is put before them. Even though their position is so absurd and has been refuted already, it is not a coincidence that you came across this Papal Bull at the right moment. Clearly God is with you and directs you. While he conceals this information from these heretics on account of their pride and bad will, he reveals them to you on account of your faithfulness and truthfulness… Thank you so much…

Philip M


Baptism Without True Faith


Many adults are receiving baptism without Catholic faith. I know some non catholics who received baptism only to marry a Catholic. What about them? Do they receive valid baptism?


MHFM: Yes, if they want to receive it, but it does not justify.  They would receive only the baptismal character without any grace.  We cover that in some detail in this video: https://endtimes.video/trent-horn-refuted-on-catholic-church/


Can you baptize this person?


Can we give baptism for people on coma stage and people who lost their mental stability in their life, if they don't have a desire to become a Catholic?




MHFM: No, unless they previously expressed the desire to become Catholic and be baptized.


False Cardinals


Bishop Sanborn And John Salza Are Totally Wrong On Manifest Heresy – New Evidence From Pope Martin V


I'm so glad you made this video. You mention how Sanborn believes that the Novus Ordo cardinals are true cardinals, which is insane! Sanborn and his group erroneously believe that the Church supplies jurisdiction and or power to appoint cardinals to individuals (Antipopes John XXIII - Francis I) who they recognize as not having the power of the papacy. Now why would God and the Church supply power to appoint heretical, apostate cardinals?! The Church supplies power for the salvation of souls, not for the damnation of souls, but these Novus Ordo/ Vatican II cardinals have been doing nothing but invalidly electing more and more brazen apostates. How is that good for the salvation of souls? Why and how could the true Church take part in such an abomination by supplying power to continue this madness?! Clearly Sanborn's position is an attack on both the nature of the papacy and the holiness of the Church.


Semper Te Amabo


Powerful Video


Bishop Sanborn And John Salza Are Totally Wrong On Manifest Heresy – New Evidence From Pope Martin V


Thank you for contributing to our understanding and salvation! May God bless all of us! Powerful video.


Igor Chissico




Bishop Sanborn And John Salza Are Totally Wrong On Manifest Heresy – New Evidence From Pope Martin V


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for your excellent video exposing the false traditionalist serpents, Salza, Sanborn and others.  Thanks also for the point you made (on your e-exchange page) that these heretics who deny that baptism and the true faith are necessary for salvation, are actually animated by a spirit of antichrist.  Yes, indeed, and their hypocrisy and lies prove it…


Lee Ann




Bishop Sanborn And John Salza Are Totally Wrong On Manifest Heresy – New Evidence From Pope Martin V


Thank you for your… efforts and depth of research… You've changed my life for the better. I'm forever grateful.


Sede Vacante Traditionalist




Bishop Sanborn And John Salza Are Totally Wrong On Manifest Heresy – New Evidence From Pope Martin V


Outstanding video Brothers. Thank you for this definitive explanation…


Unam Sanctam


They won’t escape


Bishop Sanborn And John Salza Are Totally Wrong On Manifest Heresy – New Evidence From Pope Martin V


By this insane logic, all the people that Sanborn and Salza deem as "Feeneyites" would have to be considered true Catholics because those people have not been declared a heretic in a canonical trial. But do they hold that view? No. They maintain that "Feeneyites" are not Catholics, by virtue of their "denial" of Baptism of Blood, desire and invincible ignorance. All of a sudden, they remember that people can be "heretics" by notoriety of fact. But when it comes to Francis publicly endorsing abortion, sodomy, praising false religions, worshiping idols, etc. they revert back to "you can only be a heretic if declared in law to be a heretic." This type of hypocritical judgment is why none of them shall escape damnation unless they repent of their errors and sins before the end of their lives.




MHFM: Yes, that’s exactly right.  They won’t escape (barring a conversion).  We actually considered getting into that aspect of their extremely contradictory and self-condemning position in the video, but it would enter into a slightly different topic.  For instance, the heretic Desposito (one of the individuals refuted in the video) has actually said that “Feeneyite” = heretic.  Yet, he considers Francis not to be a heretic, but a Catholic.  How will he flee from the judgment of Hell?  He (and those like him) won’t (barring a conversion).


Matthew 23:31-33- “Wherefore you are witnesses against yourselves… You serpents, generation of vipers, how will you flee from the judgment of hell?


By the way, this playlist of videos thoroughly covers the salvation and baptism issues and refutes the position of the aforementioned groups and individuals: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGVSKByrYzssJHrA8L1PjrxWW-S15pnEQ  Also, the reason that they have such hostility toward people who adhere to the Church’s teaching (which comes from Christ Himself) that all must be baptized for salvation is that they are actually animated by a spirit of anti-Christ.  Baptism is the necessary gateway to spiritual life in Christ (Council of Florence), by which Christ saves (1 Peter 3:21). Since they rebel against Christ’s teaching that He and the Catholic faith are necessary, they are moved to viciously attack all who adhere to Christ’s truth on baptism, while they accept various heresies on salvation, as the video shows.  The vicious “anti-Feeneyites” (who are actually John 3:5 mockers) are anti-Christs.  That’s the truth.


Important Video


Bishop Sanborn And John Salza Are Totally Wrong On Manifest Heresy – New Evidence From Pope Martin V


Great video… I believe this might be one of the most important videos you guys put out.




About The New Video


Bishop Sanborn And John Salza Are Totally Wrong On Manifest Heresy – New Evidence From Pope Martin V


MHFM: This new video contains a number of extremely important new quotes that are relevant to various issues of the faith. People should watch the entire video because there are significant facts throughout, and some of the key quotes are covered later in the video after important introductory information. Besides refuting various false teachers and highlighting the true position on the current crisis, the video also demonstrates that the group of Bishop Donald Sanborn, which has claimed to hold the sedevacantist position for years, actually does not. Their group holds the false Cassiciacum Thesis, which is discussed in the video among other things.




MHFM: We hope to post a new video tonight or tomorrow, God willing.


Pope St. Gregory VII On Christ's Kingship


MHFM: Vatican II’s heretical teaching on religious liberty was an attack on Christ’s kingship over peoples and nations. 


Pope Pius XI, Quas Primas (#19-20), Dec. 11, 1925: “When once men recognize, both in private and in public life, that Christ is King, society will at last receive the great blessings of real liberty, well-ordered discipline, peace and harmony… Oh, what happiness would be Ours if all men, individuals, families, and nations, would but let themselves be governed by Christ!


Here’s a quote from a true pope, St. Gregory VII, acknowledging the duty of kings to use their power in defense and support of the Church and the public reign of Christ as king.


Pope St. Gregory VII, To King Henry IV of Germany, Dec. 7, 1074: “… know that you hold royal power duly, if you bow down the height of your dominion to Christ the king of kings to bring about the restoration and the defense of His own churches, and if you think over with trembling words when He says, ‘I love those who love me’ [Proverbs 8:17], and, ‘To those who give honor to me I give honor, but those who despise me will be without a name’ [1 Sam. 2:30].”


Mary’s Holiness


Mary’s Sinlessness: A Biblical Documentary


This is so well done and has helped me a lot with coming to terms with Mary’s holiness...




Play The Part


"In first, Polish priest sentenced on charges of spreading antisemitic hate speech"


Jews like to play the part of a persecuted minority, but they have the power to censure people who criticise them.  Meanwhile many Jews make racist statements and spew utter blasphemy in public (i.e., Sarah Silverman) yet face no repercussions.


Shu no Inori


Polish Judge Is A Liar


"In first, Polish priest sentenced on charges of spreading antisemitic hate speech"


The Polish judge is a deceiver and a liar, because Judaism is not a "nationality", but a religion.




John Paul II Blasphemed God’s Words in Exodus 21:24


MHFM: In our material we’ve documented that Antipope John Paul II deliberately blasphemed God and the truths of the faith.  (See this video, for example: The Antichrist’s Distinguishing Mark).  There’s another subtle example of his blasphemous program in his encyclical Dives In Misericordia.  It concerns what God Himself legislated in Exodus 21.


Exodus 21:23-24: “But if there is harm, then you shall pay life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth…”


Concerning this law of God in Exodus 21:24, John Paul II states:


John Paul II, Dives In Misericordia (#12), Nov. 13, 1980: “Not in vain did Christ challenge His listeners, faithful to the doctrine of the Old Testament, for their attitude which was manifested in the words: ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’  [Ex. 21:24]  This was the form of distortion of justice at that time…”


John Paul II calls God’s word and His law (adhered to by those “faithful” to the Old Testament) a “distortion of justice at that time”!  That is a horrible blasphemy.  Even though Our Lord Jesus Christ elevated this precept in the New Testament, there was nothing unjust in what God commanded and legislated in the Old Testament.  As St. John Chrysostom states in his commentary on Matthew 5:


Matthew 5:38-39- “You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’  But I say to you, Do not resist the one who is evil. But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.” 


St. John Chrysostom, Commentary on Matthew, 5:38-39: “Do you see that it was not of an eye that He was speaking before, when He made the law to pluck out the offending eye, but of him who by his friendship is harming us, and casting us into the gulf of destruction? For He who in this place uses so great strength of expression, and who, not even when another is plucking out your eye, permits you to strike out his; how should He have made it a law to strike out one's own?  But if any one accuses the ancient law, because it commands such retaliation, he seems to me very unskillful in the wisdom that becomes a legislator, and ignorant of the virtue of opportunities, and the gain of condescension.  For if he considered who were the hearers of these sayings, and how they were disposed, and when they received this code of laws, he will thoroughly admit the wisdom of the Lawgiver, and will see that it is one and the same, who made both those laws and these, and who wrote each of them exceeding profitably, and in its due season. Yes, for if at the beginning He had introduced these high and most weighty commandments, men would not have received either these, or the others; but now ordaining them severally in their due time, He has by the two corrected the whole world.  And besides, He commanded this, not that we might strike out one another's eyes, but that we might keep our hands to ourselves.  For the threat of suffering has effectually restrained our inclination to be doing.”


Thus, John Paul II’s statement that Exodus 21:23-24 (which was given by God) was a “distortion of justice at that time” is another example of how he deliberately blasphemed God in his antichrist writings.


Converted To Traditional Catholicism


Dear MHFM,


I'm from New Zealand and I came across your material when I was 15 years old and that caused me to convert to Traditional Catholicism and also convinced me of the sedevacantist position… it's been about 3 years…





New Video Posted


“Fr.” Mark Goring Is In A Diabolical Fog



… I am deeply shocked and saddened to realize so much as I have realized from seeing your videos, which… convey understanding of that which leaves a lot of people in confusion… Thank you so much for all you do for the sake of God and the Church…




Exit From The Church Of Darkness


“Bishop” Stowe And Francis Officially Endorse “LGBT” Activity!


True Catholics who have eyes to see and ears to hear had better exit themselves from this church of darkness whose immoral and unnatural filth is being promoted as acceptance and tolerance. But Catholics are bound to hate iniquity which this new church of man is portraying as a good, and these people are involved in.


Albert Macdonald


Eye-Opener On Benedict XVI


Benedict XVI: Was He A Real Pope?


This is a real eye opener!  Thank you.


Greg Cooper


Loves The Apostasy


“Fr.” Mark Goring Is In A Diabolical Fog


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for this excellent video which conveys so much.  Goring is the unvarnished, apostate man.  He accepts, lives and promotes the apostasy whole-hog and seems to love every aspect of it.  False Traditionalists (you who deny truth and therefore deny reality) take note of Goring - and behold the "Church" that you defend and remain a part of!


Lee Ann


Inspired To Pray


“Fr.” Mark Goring Is In A Diabolical Fog


Thank you brothers. Now I knew that the Divine Mercy devotion is not of God. And from this time on I will not listen or play with my device before I sleep as my habit "The Way of the Cross by St Faustina on the Shrine of the Divine Mercy." Instead I will play "The Way of the Cross by St Francis of Assisi." Brothers thanks to all of you for you inspired me to recite 15 decades of the Most Holy Rosary each day. May God bless us.


Kalinya-Chris Ampere 


Not Scientific At All


This might change the mind of someone skeptical that Noah's Ark ever existed - video


The so-called "theory of evolution" is not a scientific theory at all. It is a pseudoscientific mumbo-jumbo concoction of some scientific terms without meaning and with numerous internal inconsistencies. True science is in accord with Bible accounts.


Vladimir Dananić


Blocks The Story


44-year-old "fitness enthusiast" in coma 23 days after getting 3rd "vaccine booster shot" - video


Facebook blocks this story.


Pewien B.


Captured By Lies


“Fr.” Mark Goring Is In A Diabolical Fog


People like him love lies. And those lies hold them captive. They are in spiritual and intellectual bondage. Satan captures with lies the mind and, as a result , the will of a person. People, who are afraid or unwilling to accept the TRUTH become, sooner or later, slaves of the lies. And we know very well who is " the Father of Lies"...






“Fr.” Mark Goring Is In A Diabolical Fog


Excellent video…!


Julian J


In These Times


“Fr.” Mark Goring Is In A Diabolical Fog


Great video! I'm sorry to see the fog over this man, but I see it every day in people I talk to… With all the madness going on in the world, your videos and articles give strength and hope to endure these awful times. Can't wait for the Faustina video.






“Fr.” Mark Goring Is In A Diabolical Fog


Br. Michael this was excellent. I did not know how deep in the fog this man was. Thank you brother for preaching the truth!!!




Out of the fog


“Fr.” Mark Goring Is In A Diabolical Fog


Thank you for understanding how immodest it is for a man to be in public with no shirt I have been saying this for years and felt all alone Thank you sharing the whole truth and helping me get out of the fog. Peace of the Lord be with you and now because of this channel I now can have more peace of the Lord too.


Helenia Lively




“Fr.” Mark Goring Is In A Diabolical Fog


Another well - done, exposè.  I appreciated the element of humour used to highlight the hypocrisy.  Thank you!


Sabrina Carter


Scare Me


“Fr.” Mark Goring Is In A Diabolical Fog


Thank You. Your videos at times scare me .... as I realize how lost and wrong I've been throughout my life, struggling to become a true Catholic.


Awaiting His Return


MHFM:  Hello.  Proverbs 9:10- “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom…”  You need to follow through and become a traditional Catholic.  Our material explains how to do that.  We recommend that you pray the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  That will give you important graces.  We recommend that Catholics, if they can, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  This is an important spiritual video: How To Avoid Sin (Overcome Yourself).


Product of the Vatican II Sect


“Fr.” Mark Goring Is In A Diabolical Fog


He is pretty much a typical product of the Vatican 2 sect, which basically believes that " our Kingdom is of THIS world". With that kind of attitude one wants to mainly please himself and possibly his fellow men. God's role is limited to making sure that it happens. There is something very hollow, shallow, dark, disturbing and vain about this man who claims that he is a Catholic priest, which he is not. He believes / lives in lies and they hold him captive.






“Fr.” Mark Goring Is In A Diabolical Fog


Great Job… Another great video.




Serious Red Flags


“Fr.” Mark Goring Is In A Diabolical Fog


My mother in law gave a copy of Sr. Faustina’s diary to my wife, and she asked me to read it to her and the kids on a road trip a few years ago. I got about 30 pages in and told her it was an evil book and we shouldn't read it. I was shocked at how popular it is considering it has pretty serious red flags.


Christopher Nault


John Paul II’s Incredible Statements


The Antichrist’s Distinguishing Mark


The blasphemous statements made by this man are enough to hold the attention of even the most distracted of us...! incredible.


Wendy S.


Chicago, Sickening


“Archdiocese Of Chicago” Approves Gay “Marriage”




Hans Hoerdemann


MHFM: It makes sense that Chicago is such a cesspool politically and culturally when one recognizes what has happened there spiritually.


Unless a man


Baptism (John 3:5) Vs. The Eucharist (John 6:53) In Regard To Necessity


Another superb video. I shared it.




Anglican Sect and Homosexuality


"Church of England" to debate same sex "marriage" motion - "blessing" of sodomite couples might happen


How fitting that heretical Anglicans are falling deeper in sin over the issue of marriage. It was the issue of marriage that caused the false church to be formed in the first place. King Henry VIII’s terrible betrayal of the Catholic Church...all so he could be free to divorce and remarry as he pleased. What a demonic cult!


Julian Szymoniak


Vatican II Sect and ‘Church of England’


Justin Welby's "Church of England" is considering gender-neutral terms - 46 second video


One can see the lines of distinction between the Vatican II sect and the "Church of England" being erased before our eyes.






Justin Welby's "Church of England" is considering gender-neutral terms - 46 second video


Ludicrous slaves of the devil…




Away From Protestantism And Into Catholicism


I first want to say, thank you for all your work. Your material brought me away from Protestantism and into Catholicism, I now pray the Rosary and my gaze increasingly is centered on God…




St. Thomas: Suicide Is Always A Mortal Sin


St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, Pt. II-II, Q. 64, A. 5: “… suicide is contrary to the inclination of nature, and to charity whereby every man should love himself.  Hence suicide is always a mortal sin, as being contrary to the natural law and to charity.”


Jeremiah 18:9 Contra ‘Eternal Security’


MHFM: This is another verse in the Old Testament that’s obviously contrary to the idea of eternal security or once saved always saved.  God’s blessing (and the salvation He offers) is conditioned upon obedience.


Jeremiah 18:9- “And if at any time I declare concerning a nation or a kingdom that I will build and plant it, and if it does evil in my sight, not listening to my voice, then I will relent of the good that I had intended to do to it.”


Visibility and Baptism


MHFM: It’s interesting to hear so many heretics raise objections to the true sedevacantist position based on ‘visibility’.  Those objections are false, and they have been refuted many times.  But it’s noteworthy that the first and most essential aspect of what makes the Church visible is that it’s a body and it has ‘members’.  Just like the members of a human body (e.g. a person’s arms) are visible, the Church is visible because those in it are ‘members’ of the mystical body.  As Leo XIII taught, the Church is visible precisely because it is a body.


Pope Leo XIII, Satis Cognitum (#3), June 29, 1896: “For this reason the Church is so often called in Holy Writ a body, and even the body of Christ – ‘Now you are the body of Christ’ (I Cor. xii., 27) – and precisely because it is a body is the Church visible…”


But you cannot become a member of the body of the Church (and thus you cannot become part of the visible Church) without having received the Sacrament of Baptism, as even those who deny the necessity of baptism typically admit. 


Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam, Nov. 18, 1302: “… the one mystical body …  And in this, ‘one Lord, one faith, one baptism (Eph. 4:5).  Certainly Noe had one ark at the time of the flood, prefiguring one Church… outside which we read that all living things on the earth were destroyed which body he called the ‘Only one’ namely, the Church, because of the unity of the spouse, the faiththe sacraments, and the charity of the Church.”


Pope Eugene IV, The Council of Florence, “Exultate Deo,” Nov. 22, 1439: Holy baptism, which is the gateway to the spiritual life, holds the first place among all the sacraments; through it we are made members of Christ and of the body of the Church.  And since death entered the universe through the first man, ‘unless we are born again of water and the Spirit, we cannot,’ as the Truth says, ‘enter into the kingdom of heaven’ [John 3:5].  The matter of this sacrament is real and natural water.”


Well, almost every person who rejects the sedevacantist position based on ‘visibility’ simultaneously holds that people can be in the visible Church without becoming a member of the Church through the Sacrament of Baptism.  They thus deny a fundamental aspect of Catholic teaching on visibility while making false arguments for the Counter Church based on visibility.  It’s another example of how their position and arguments are self-refuting and without merit.  This playlist of important videos covers the Church’s teaching on the necessity of baptism for salvation, and it refutes objections: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGVSKByrYzssJHrA8L1PjrxWW-S15pnEQ


Few Are Saved


The Bible Teaches That Few Are Saved


Sobering video to say the least.






Martin Luther vs. St. Paul in Romans 6


It doesn't get much clearer than that! Shows so clearly who Martin Luther was a slave to.


Peter Matthews


False Charity


Benedict XVI: Was He A Real Pope?

Dear Brothers, 


… The V2 Sect's entire counterfeit religion is based on a false notion of charity.  They think to be charitable means to be 'nice' - as in everybody should be made to feel good.  What a deadly deception… The false leaders of the V2 sect (and all promoters of a false gospel) are most uncharitable - and they are certainly not nice!  It's not nice to lead people to hell. 


While your recent video on B16 is excellent in its entirety (and an astounding amount of information in just 20 minutes), your statements on charity (beginning around 19:17) are worth memorizing…: "The foundation of charity, as Pope Pius XI teaches, is faith pure and undefiled.  You cannot understand or have true charity if you do not have the true faith.  God casts people into Hell forever who deny just one of His teachings.  That's His Law.  That's what He does."  And the greatest possible exercise of charity is to remind people of it.


Lee Ann


Francis and Luther


Martin Luther vs. St. Paul in Romans 6


Remember that when Francis claimed Luther had good intentions and that Lutherans & Catholics basically agree on justification.






The Real History Of “Orthodoxy”


This is an awesome and devastating critique.


Eremias Ranwolf


Francis Participates In Ecumenical Prayer Service In South Sudan


MHFM: On Feb. 4, 2023, Antipope Francis participated in an ecumenical prayer service in South Sudan.  The prayer service included the Anglican “Archbishop” of Canterbury, Justin Welby, as well as the Moderator of the Protestant “Church of Scotland”.  As we’ve documented, the Vatican II antipopes do this regularly.  It’s a public mortal sin and an expression of heresy, as we covered in detail in this video: Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof)


Francis not only participated in the prayer service, but (as he so often does) he endorsed non-Catholic worship and prayer with his words.  For example, in the context of the joint prayer service, he stated: “Prayer gives us the strength to go forward, to overcome our fears, to glimpse, even in the darkness, the salvation that God is even now preparing” (Vatican News, “Pope at Ecumenical Prayer in South Sudan: Those who unleash war betray God,” Feb. 4, 2023).  That is to endorse non-Catholic worship, and it’s a manifestation of heresy.  Besides all of his other heresies, Francis’ repeated participation in non-Catholic worship by itself proves that he’s not the pope.


The Opposite Of The Bible


Martin Luther vs. St. Paul in Romans 6


Protestants in many ways teach literally word-for-word the opposite of the Bible, so it's amazing how they've managed to delude themselves into thinking that their beliefs are biblical. They put so much emphasis on the authority of sacred scripture and many of them study it their entire lives but they fail to understand many of its basic and fundamental doctrines.






Amazing Evidence For God


Incredible, thank you.


Mr. Grmn


Martin Luther vs. St. Paul in Romans 6


MHFM: In 1521 Martin Luther made his notorious statement, “Be a sinner and sin boldly”, when writing to Philip Melanchthon about grace.  The statement was obviously diabolically inspired, but it’s noteworthy how specifically it contradicts St. Paul’s words in Romans 6.  Luther was truly preaching an anti-Gospel.


Martin Luther to Philip Melanchthon, Aug. 1, 1521: “If you are a preacher of grace, then preach a true and not a fictitious grace; if grace is true, you must bear a true and not a fictitious sin. God does not save people who are only fictitious sinners.  Be a sinner and sin boldly, but believe and rejoice in Christ even more boldly, for he is victorious over sin, death, and the world.  As long as we are in this world we have to sin.”


Romans 6:15-19- “What then?  Are we to sin because we are not under law but under grace?  By no means!  Do you not know that if you present yourselves to anyone as obedient slaves, you are slaves of the one whom you obey, either of sin, which leads to death, or of obedience, which leads to righteousness?... For just as you once presented your members as slaves to impurity and to lawlessness leading to more lawlessness, so now present your members as slaves to righteousness leading to sanctification.” 


Were they ashamed?


MHFM: This verse fittingly applies to the modern world’s celebration of homosexual abominations.


Jeremiah 6:15- “Were they ashamed when they committed abomination?  No, they were not at all ashamed; they did not know how to blush.  Therefore they shall fall among those who fall; at the time that I punish them, they shall be overthrown, says the Lord.”


Pope Julius On Detesting Heresy


Pope Julius I, To The Bishops Assembled At Antioch, AD 340: “… I think it right to remind you that, rather than give credence to such heresy [i.e. the Arian heresy], everyone should detest it as foreign to sound teaching.”


America’s Freedoms


Why America’s Freedoms Are Disappearing


Truth and wisdom in this video.




Francis Responds To James Martin


MHFM: Following Antipope Francis’ recent outrageous and heretical comments to the AP, in which he declared that laws against homosexuality are “unjust” and must be eliminated (Francis Contradicts God And St. Pius V On Homosexuality Laws), the pro-“LGBT” apostate “Fr.” James Martin sent Francis some questions.  Francis promptly responded to Martin, which is another example of where Francis’ priorities lie.  In the response Francis explicitly stated that with regard to whether homosexual activity is even a sin, “one must also consider the circumstances, which may decrease or eliminate fault.”  (Vatican News, “Pope sends letter to Fr. James Martin on homosexuality and sin”, Jan. 28, 2023)


So, according to the apostate Antipope Francis, some people can engage in homosexuality activity and have no fault or sin!  That’s of course blatantly heretical, for homosexual acts are intrinsically evil and always gravely sinful.


New Video Posted


Francis Contradicts God And St. Pius V On Homosexuality Laws




Do You Evangelize?


MHFM, your videos and articles have taught me so much over the past month and changed my life. I have been sharing your videos with family and friends.


Sandra Elam


McElroy, Demonic


"Cardinal" McElroy calls opposition to sodomy "demonic" - wants sexual sinners to receive "Communion"


No, homosexuality is demonic and so is "Cardinal" McElroy.






Because of your videos I pray the rosary in the morning, and before sleep.




Without Shame


Francis Contradicts God And St. Pius V On Homosexuality Laws


That apostate sect is not just clownish but also utterly immoral. Those apostates show their evilness without shame…




Learned A Lot


Hello, I would like to first say thank you for all of the material you guys produce.  I have learned a lot from it, and your debates are always so good… you all have done so much excellent research…




Acts 17 Contra Calvinism


MHFM: Acts 17 is another chapter that contradicts Calvinism (which denies free will).  We read that the Bereans were more eager to receive the word, and therefore that many of them believed.  It’s astounding that Calvinists can read so many passages which prove the existence of free will and still believe in their unbiblical heresies.


Acts 17:10-12- “The brothers immediately sent Paul and Silas away by night to Berea, and when they arrived they went into the Jewish synagogue.  Now these Judeans were more noble than those in Thessalonica; they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so.  Many of them therefore believed, with not a few Greek women of high standing as well as men.”


Have come to the true faith


Dear MHFM, I have come to the true faith accepting the true church and knowing Vatican II as the anti-church, and knowing only baptized may be saved… I live in Texas and the apostasy is so great… You have done great works… thank you for bringing to this world ruled by evil, the greater glory of God for those that seek it.








Report: mRNA vaccines are being injected into livestock


This is scary…


Horse Sense


Not A Christian


Benedict XVI: Was He A Real Pope?


According to his fruits, Benedict was no Christian, and the chair was empty during his time. You are right in pointing out the Vatican 2 sect, is not the Christian Church.


Dennis Gannon




Benedict XVI: Was He A Real Pope?


Another Catholic gem from MHFM. Thank you for your great research and… presentations.




Head of German ‘Bishops’


Pres of German "bishops conference" explicitly approves sodomy - Issues guide for "blessing" sodomy - video


I see the Hand of God at work in all of these revelations and exposures of the end-times counter-church, exhorting those who are still asleep to come out of the Whore of Babylon while there is still time. Give thanks to God, for His Mercy endures forever.




More Seriously


Steps To Convert


I am a Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic who recently began taking the faith more seriously after watching your videos…




Has led to


Francis Contradicts God And St. Pius V On Homosexuality Laws


Decriminalizing and de-stigmatizing sodomy has undoubtedly led to the infection and death of more homosexuals than any “homophobic” attack or law ever has. If people actually cared about their well-being they wouldn’t designate an entire month out of the year to celebrate their disordered desires.


S Hernandez




What Were The Crusades, And Were They Justified?


This is one of your best videos...




Orientals and the Filioque


Francis Contradicts God And St. Pius V On Homosexuality Laws


The Roman Catholic church proved itself false centuries ago when it accepted so called "Eastern Catholic" into communion with the Latin church, despite having views deemed heretical by many Roman Catholic councils, such as not accepting filoque, purgatory etc while still accepting the Papacy. This shows that only thing the Roman church has cared about is complete submission and loyalty to the pope. The Eastern Orthodox Church is only the true Church.




MHFM: You are totally wrong.  The Catholic Church never allowed anyone into the Church who denied the dogma of the Filioque. For instance:


Pope Benedict XIV, Allatae Sunt #6, 30, July 26, 1755: “That man too would betray his ignorance of ecclesiastical history who did not know that the union with the Orientals confirmed that they would accept the dogma of the procession of the Holy Spirit from the Father and the Son… the first question is whether the procession of the Holy Spirit from the Father and the Son is a dogma of the Faith. This question has always been firmly answered that there is no room for doubting that this procession is a dogma of the Faith and that every true Catholic accepts and professes this.”


The Catholic Church is the one true Church, but to be a true Catholic one must be a traditional Catholic (as our material explains).  Also, Eastern 'Orthodoxy' is false.  It's completely refuted in these videos: https://vaticancatholic.com/eastern-orthodoxy/  Unless you become a traditional Catholic you won't be saved, we say in charity.


Tacit Acceptance


Francis Contradicts God And St. Pius V On Homosexuality Laws


The implication of the masses in this abomination through tacit acceptance is an essential component of the diabolical roadmap set for humanity…


J. Balderston


After Watching


Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie


After watching your video on Protestant justification. I am no longer a Protestant. Also, after reading early church fathers about the unity of the church and it being the Catholic Church it's no longer deniable. I would have to be delusional to reject this truth...


Matthew Diotte




Francis Contradicts God And St. Pius V On Homosexuality Laws


God is providing anyone with eyes to see, or ears to hear, more than enough evidence to conclude that antipope Francis is not Catholic. While most are of bad will, many will be looking for answers. We all need to do our part in personally evangelizing confused people by directing them to Most Holy Family Monastery via their website and materials…


J. Knight




Francis Contradicts God And St. Pius V On Homosexuality Laws


Is the Warning coming soon ? What do you think ?


Jeanine Curran


MHFM: There isn’t going to be a warning. The Lord will come like a thief in the night.


1 Thess. 5:2 – “For you yourselves are fully aware that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.”


Prophecies about the Great Apostasy, the end-times Beast and the Whore of Babylon are being fulfilled all around us. But only those with the eyes of faith will recognize it.


Set on becoming Catholic


Hello… my name is Leif and I’m 18 years old. Recently I've been watching your videos on the current apostasy and they are very eye opening. I'm truly set on becoming a true Roman Catholic…


Covid Hoax


Good day Most Holy Family Monastery,


First, thank you for posting all the videos pertaining to the Covid hoax and helping save the temporal and eternal lives of me and my family…






Thank you for your magnificent book, “The Truth About What Really Happened To The Catholic Church After Vatican II.” This work is worth far more than the USD 20.00 I paid for it. Section#43 on Fatima and the consecration of Russia is worth the cost of the book alone. It crushes all the nonsense of the Fake Trad clown-shows regarding the whole topic…




Pope Alone Can Decree For The Universal Church


Pope Leo XIII, Sapientiae Christianae (#23), Jan. 10, 1890: "The faith of the whole Church should be one, according to the precept (1 Cor. 1:10): ‘Let all speak the same thing, and let there be no schisms among you’; and this cannot be observed save on condition that questions which arise touching faith should be determined by him who presides over the whole Church, whose sentence must consequently be accepted without wavering. And hence to the sole authority of the supreme Pontiff does it pertain to publish a new revision of the symbol, as also to decree all other matters that concern the universal Church.”


Sanctification And The Protestant View Of Forensic Justification


Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie


Sanctification is what changes the character after salvation, after we are justified by faith in Christ’s payment for our sins.


Anna Ferrara


MHFM: Did you watch the video?  What we show is that according to Scripture and even according to the admission of Protestants (who fail to see the implications of their admissions), the act of sanctification itself changes man’s status before God.  It saves the person (Titus 3:5); it forgives sins; it transfers him from the Kingdom of Satan to the Kingdom of God; it brings him into the family of God (John 3:5); etc.  Thus, the act of sanctification necessarily justifies (which is the Catholic position); for to be justified is to be initially saved, to have one’s sins forgiven, to have one’s status before God changed, to be transferred from the kingdom of Satan to the family of God, etc.  Yet, the Protestant position of forensic justification is that sanctification does not justify, even though it does the aforementioned things.  It’s illogical, unbiblical, false and self-refuting. 




Dear Brothers,


Thank you for your daily quotes - and the gems that you post in your videos and on your e-exchange page.  In addition to proving beyond doubt that the V2 Sect is a counterfeit church (and the last and most significant revolt against God), it is interesting to also consider papal quotes in contrast to the pronouncements of Protestants… Only bad will can make a person accept the lie that Protestantism is based on the Bible.  And since heretics despise the truth, it is no wonder that they cannot correctly comprehend the signs of the times or the prophesies that have foretold them.


Some "conservative" outlets assure their hapless listeners that the tide is changing, and that the new world order will be defeated.  They are totally unaware that the demonic new world order was and is the fruit of heresy, schism and apostasy in the first place, and that as long as a person refuses to convert to the true Catholic faith, he or she is an unwitting accomplice to the crime.  And how ironic to hear some of the 'warnings' these people now give - avoid public schools, demand parents' rights, etc.  They are blind to the verifiable fact that the true Popes (whom they reject and despise), have warned the world about every evil it would suffer if men did not obey God - and that Popes have been doing this ever since the Papacy was founded by Christ. 


Lee Ann


Pope Benedict XIV also approved the Synod of Zamość


MHFM: It’s also interesting to note that the 1720 Uniate Synod of Zamość or Zamoscia (which condemned Eastern ‘Orthodox’ Gregory Palamas) was also mentioned five times in a positive fashion by Pope Benedict XIV in his 1755 encyclical Allatae Sunt concerning the observance of the Greek Rites.  Here’s one such reference:


Pope Benedict XIV, Allatae Sunt (#29), July 26, 1755: “It was decreed at the Synod of Zamoscia, which was studied by the Congregation of the Council as well as by the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith…”


This is significant because segments of the Vatican II Sect consider the notorious heretic Gregory Palamas to be a saint.  We cover the issue here: Greek "Orthodox" Gregory Palamas Is Not A Saint & He Was Condemned Before Vatican II.


Leo XIII vs. Gaudium et Spes (Vatican II) on Man


Pope Leo XIII, Tametsi Futura Prospicientibus (#7), Nov. 23, 1900: “From this it may clearly be seen what consequences are to be expected from that false pride which, rejecting our Savior's Kingship, places man at the summit of all things and declares that human nature must rule supreme. And yet, this supreme rule can neither be attained nor even defined. The rule of Jesus Christ derives its form and its power from Divine Love: a holy and orderly charity is both its foundation and its crown. Its necessary consequences are the strict fulfilment of duty, respect of mutual rights, the estimation of the things of heaven above those of earth, the preference of the love of God to all things. But this supremacy of man, which openly rejects Christ, or at least ignores Him, is entirely founded upon selfishness, knowing neither charity nor self-devotion.”


Vatican II document, Gaudium et Spes # 12: “According to the almost unanimous opinion of believers and unbelievers alike, all things on earth should be related to man as their center and summit.”


Vatican II document, Gaudium et Spes # 26: “There is also increasing awareness of the exceptional dignity which belongs to the human person, who is superior to everything and whose rights and duties are universal and inviolable.”


New Video Posted


Benedict XVI: Was He A Real Pope?


MHFM: This is an important new video that covers many issues.  It also contains two interesting new quotes from a pope and saint that are relevant to a number of theological topics.  Please watch and share the video.


Pius IX: Those Who Seized Catholic Churches Are Lost


Pope Pius IX, Quod Nunquam (#7), Feb. 5, 1875, on the Church in Prussia: “We do not, however, want you to think that We consider these people justified who prefer to obey men out of fear rather than God.  The divine judge will condemn those unworthy men who, supported by the protection of civil authority alone, heedlessly occupy parish churches and have dared to seize the holy ministry in them.  Moreover, We declare them to be lost.  In the future, whoever intrudes into the government of the Church by a similar crime will incur excommunication according to the holy canons, and he will incur it ipso facto.  We advise the pious faithful not to approach the holy rites of such people nor to receive the sacraments from them.”


Angels Sang This Prayer


Pope Benedict XIV, Allatae Sunt (#28), July 26, 1755: “The trisagion: ‘Holy God, Holy Strong One, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us’ is a pious and oft-repeated prayer in the Greek liturgy… This prayer originated in a miracle which occurred in Constantinople in the middle of the fifth century.  Emperor Theodosius, Patriarch Proclus, and all the people were beseeching God on open ground for deliverance from the destruction which threatened them from violent earthquakes. They suddenly saw a boy snatched up to heaven; when he was returned to earth, he reported that he had heard the angels singing the trisagion.  At the bidding of the Patriarch Proclus, the whole people sang it with devotion and the terrifying earthquakes ceased, as is related by Nicephorus, bk. 14, chap. 46, and mentioned by Pope Felix III in his third letter to Peter the Fuller (Labbe, Collectionis, vol. 4). This same trisagion is sung in the western church in Greek and Latin on Friday of Holy Week.”


Eye-Opening Video


FEMA whistleblower says FEMA will run a "biological pandemic crisis action plan" in 2023 - video


Wow, what an eye-opening video! The devil is at the helm of this authoritarian rule. He wants sinners to die in their sins…


Julian Syzmoniak


Seat of Power


America Will "Soon" Have "Hate Speech Laws", EU Commission VP Tells World Economic Forum - video


This clearly proves that the EU is the seat of power of the NWO.




After resisting the material


Hello MHFM,


Firstly, I would like to thank you for your efforts to defend the true Catholic Faith in these times of unprecedented apostasy.  After initially resisting your material, I have through further endeavour of my own with the help of your information concluded that you do in fact hold the true positions and are essentially the last remaining Catholics in what one may call the public sphere. Now that the veil has been lifted from my eyes, I see the deception, confusion and faithlessness of especially those who hold that people may be saved in any religion whatsoever. They are blinded by their lack of faith and their reason is so impaired by it, that they fail to acknowledge basic logic and cannot add up one and one…


Thank you and sincerely,




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