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New Video Posted


John 3:5 Mockers Stumped (1917 Code, Delayed Ensoulment, “Baptism Of Desire”)


They Did All Things Contrary


MHFM: This, sadly, describes the vast majority of humanity from the beginning to our own day.


“And the Lord raised up judges, to deliver them from the hands of those that oppressed them: but they would not hearken to them, committing fornication with strange gods, and adoring them.  They quickly forsook the way in which their fathers had walked: and hearing the commandments of the Lord, they did all things contrary.” (Judges 2:16-17)


Had No Idea


John 3:5 Mockers Stumped (1917 Code, Delayed Ensoulment, “Baptism Of Desire”)


Wow! I had no idea that the idea of delayed ensoulment had been so rampant and widespread in fallible documents over the last 500+ years. It really drives home the point about being careful about non-infallible documents. Thank you for this video.




Eye-Opening Indeed


Did The Bible Predict 70 Years Without A Pope?


Eye-opening indeed!




Papacy In The East


Eastern “Orthodoxy” Debunked On St. Peter’s Authority By St. John Of Damascus


Very good video.


Daniel Allerborn


Pope Stephen III On Firmness Of Mind


Pope Stephen III, To Charles and Carloman (Codex Epistolaris Carolinus 45), 769: “When we remember the eminent lives and meritorious conduct of all God’s elect, we certainly find that no change in their condition can move them from their state of mind and pristine constancy of commitment.  Therefore, despite being besieged by the various promptings and allurements of the ancient enemy, they have maintained unalterably their firmness of mind, and as a result have deservedly attained with triumphant victory the joys they hoped for.  It is to be noted in particular that, if anyone is seduced and overcome by any prompting, he deviates at once from the right path that leads to eternal life, and so descends on a steep incline and falls into headlong ruin.”


Adhering To Dogma


My name is Diego and I am a Catholic… I thank you for the dedication of the Most Holy Family Monastery in spreading truth of the Catholic Faith and adhering to dogma. God bless you guys… With Charity,


Diego Witkowski




John 3:5 Mockers Stumped (1917 Code, Delayed Ensoulment, “Baptism Of Desire”)


… Outstanding work.


Sebastian Moncada


Grace Of Regeneration Began With His Resurrection


John 3:5 Mockers Stumped (1917 Code, Delayed Ensoulment, “Baptism Of Desire”)


If the old testament saints are in heaven now, that would mean they were born again before going to heaven, so if they can received the Sacrament of baptism even though they are dead, without physical going to the baptism, why can't God do the same for people who died before wanting to be baptized?




MHFM: The Old Testament righteous were not born again without baptism.  As Leo the Great teaches, "the grace of regeneration began with His resurrection" (citation below).  Further, in this video we present the evidence that they were all baptized (even though they died before the Law of Baptism was promulgated): Jesus’ Descent Into Hell & The Baptism Of The Good Thief


Pope St. Leo the Great, Letter 16, Oct 21, 447: “... after He rose from the dead, handed on both the form and power of baptizing to His disciples, in whose person all the chiefs of the churches received their instructions with these words, "Go ye and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost."  On which of course He might have instructed them even before His passion, had He not especially wished it to be understood that the grace of regeneration began with His resurrection.”


God has declared, and the Church infallibly teaches, that all need baptism for salvation.  Further, no one who dies outside the Church in the New Testament period can be saved, and only the baptized are in the Church.


2 Cor. 4:17 Shows That Works Are Necessary For salvation


St. Robert Bellarmine, De Iustificatione, Book 4, Chap. 7: “‘For the momentary lightness of our tribulation works for us above measure exceedingly an eternal weight of glory.’ (2 Cor. 4:17)  How could it be said more plainly?  If patience in tribulation works an eternal weight of glory, who can deny that there is some relation between patience and salvation?”




A Big Problem For "Orthodoxy": St. Gregory Of Nyssa & The Filioque


These videos are so great and irrefutable.


Billy H


Vindication Of Authentic Catholic Teaching


John 3:5 Mockers Stumped (1917 Code, Delayed Ensoulment, “Baptism Of Desire”)


Another Striking Vindication of Authentic Catholic Teaching.


Deus Vult


Decretals Of Gregory IX


John 3:5 Mockers Stumped (1917 Code, Delayed Ensoulment, “Baptism Of Desire”)


This is an excellent video!... It also addresses the Decretals of Gregory IX… Thank you for yet another amazing and scholarly video in defense of the true position on Baptism.






John 3:5 Mockers Stumped (1917 Code, Delayed Ensoulment, “Baptism Of Desire”)


What a masterpiece. Wonderfully made and contains tactful, easy-to-understand arguments. This is a great response to the “refutations” of John 3:5 mockers. Incredible job brothers. Another great video by mhfm.




Providence & Baptism


John 3:5 Mockers Stumped (1917 Code, Delayed Ensoulment, “Baptism Of Desire”)


Where does the Church teach that God would NOT take a person’s life before baptism while they are being catechized?  It would be a cruel god that would damn a person while they desired to be in the Church but still needed to be taught for baptism.




MHFM: To your first question, the Church teaches that everyone in Heaven from the New Testament period receives baptism (Pope Benedict XII, Benedictus Deus) and that no one can be saved without water baptism (Trent, Sess. 5, Original Sin, etc.).  Further, Pope St. Leo the Great and Pope St. Siricius both teach that for unbaptized catechumens in any situation (including accidents, persecutions, etc.), the only way for them to be saved is to actually receive water baptism.  They taught that in two of the most important papal decretals in the early Church:





Ergo, God in His providence will keep all of His elect alive so that they can receive the Sacrament.  St. Augustine expressed it well in his final work Against Julian.


St. Augustine, Against Julian, Book 5, Chap. 4: “Of the number of the elect and predestined, even those who have led the very worst kind of life are led to repentance through the goodness of God… Not one of them perishes, regardless of his age at death; never be it said that a man predestined to life would be permitted to end his life without the sacrament of the Mediator [Baptism].  Because of these men, our Lord says: ‘This is the will of him who sent me, the Father, that I should lose nothing of what he has given me.’”


We also see examples of this in the case of missionaries such as St. Isaac Jogues.  Here are just two quotes from his life:


The Life of St. Isaac Jogues, p. 92: “Then, most of all [the heathens concluded], the Blackrobes caused people to die by pouring water on their heads; practically everyone they baptized died soon after.”


The Life of St. Isaac Jogues, p. 225: “Two of the Hurons, Jogues learned, were to be burned to death that night at Tionontoguen.  He stayed with them on the platform and concentrated his appeals on them. Finally they consented.  About that moment, the Mohawks threw the prisoners some raw corn that had been freshly plucked.  The sheaths [of the corn] were wet from the recent rains. Father Jogues carefully gathered the precious drops of water on a leaf and poured them over the heads of the two neophytes [new converts], baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  The Mohawks understood that his [Jogues’] act meant to bring happiness to these hated victims.  They raged at his audacity and beat him down, threatening to slaughter him with the Hurons… That night the two Hurons [whom he had baptized] were burned over the fire.”


Other examples can be found in these files:






John 3:5 Mockers Stumped (1917 Code, Delayed Ensoulment, “Baptism Of Desire”)


Great video. Thanks !!!


Arturo Rico




John 3:5 Mockers Stumped (1917 Code, Delayed Ensoulment, “Baptism Of Desire”)


Excellent and Concise! Thank you for your good ministry!






John 3:5 Mockers Stumped (1917 Code, Delayed Ensoulment, “Baptism Of Desire”)


The contrast in precision between your works and those of your many detractors is glaringly stark. I notice that yours are painstakingly exact, while theirs are only as specific as need be to suit their commonly foul purposes.




New Video


John 3:5 Mockers Stumped (1917 Code, Delayed Ensoulment, “Baptism Of Desire”)


Brothers, you knocked it out the park once again! God bless you all.






Jesus’ Descent Into Hell & The Baptism Of The Good Thief


I am in agreement with all the gracious and wise compliments given to this most excellent video and to MHFM!... It brought me very much joy. I don’t have the words to adequately express my thanks for sharing all of this and how it brought me so close to Jesus…


The Jet


Blown Away


God's Eternity & Immutability - Denied By Eastern "Orthodox" Speakers


My mind is blown away. It’s taken me some time to really wrap my head around this. Thank God !!! I have been able to see this serious heresy. They don’t even try to address it properly.


Don Robertoni


Fulton Sheen’s Support For Vatican II


I'm stunned by his [Sheen’s] support of V2... I'm horrified. He didn't have, or lost, the faith…


Tragic, Dave


Much Needed Clarification


A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


Thanks for providing this much needed clarification and for all the referenced supporting material.




Exchanges On The Stupidity Of Sanborn’s Position


Sanborn And Others Are Totally Wrong On Manifest Heresy – New Evidence From Pope Martin V


Brothers, I disagree with the CT [Cassiciacum Thesis], but I don't believe… Sanborn believes Bergoglio is Catholic anything. Where are you getting that he thinks he is a "true Catholic cardinal"?




MHFM: You are incorrect.  Their position that the V2 Sect's 'cardinals' are true cardinals is a key aspect of 'the Thesis'.  They don't like to mention it that much because they are dishonest deceivers who like to gain followers and supporters from actual sedevacantists.  It's covered and documented, from their own words, around 7:10 and following of this video: Sanborn And Others Are Totally Wrong On Manifest Heresy – New Evidence From Pope Martin V).


Since they regard the apostate Bergoglio to be a true cardinal, they necessarily hold him to be a Catholic and a member of the Church (which is preposterous nonsense).  Their position is also schismatic because they reject communion with the man (Bergoglio) who is recognized as the pope by all of their 'Catholic cardinals', and they refuse to say that he's a public heretic.  In truth, they are (with some variation) basically a more hardline version of the SSPX (also adhering to the same blatant heresy against EENS).  They have lots of externals but not the Catholic faith.  They also have no permission to do what they are doing, and they do not represent the Catholic Church in any way.


They believe cardinals are just pope electors and don't need valid holy orders or ordinary jurisdiction in practice. They say Francis is Catholic before the church but not Catholic before God.




MHFM: Your attempted summary of their false position just further illustrates its incoherence and striking inconsistency.  When they say that Francis is Catholic "before the Church" (coram ecclesia), that means that he's not a manifest heretic (since manifest heretics have no union coram ecclesia or coram Deo).  The idea that Francis is not a manifest heretic is nonsense and contrary to Catholic teaching.  Moreover, if they say that he's a heretic before God (coram Deo), they could only make that determination based on what he displays "before the Church" (coram ecclesia - in the external forum and publicly); but that would require them to say that he's a heretic in the sight of the Church.  They also say that he publicly imposes a false religion "on the whole Church", yet that he's Catholic "before the Church".  That, of course, makes no sense whatsoever; for someone who publicly imposes a false religion "on the whole Church" (as they say) is of course a public adherent of a false religion and therefore a manifest heretic.  If you cannot see that their position is contradictory, then you have a big problem.  Further, a cardinal by definition is a member of the Church. So, when they say that Bergoglio is a true Catholic cardinal, they are acknowledging him to be publicly Catholic (which is blasphemy).  You should stop defending heretics (like Sanborn's non-Catholic group) and embrace the truth.


Dawkins Illustrates Bad Will


Richard Dawkins admits he lied about Jesus - video


Dear Brothers,


Great illustration of bad will, and how (when a lie is exposed) a person is confronted with a 'moment of truth'.  For a man of good will, this is another golden opportunity for his conversion.  But when the obstinate bad-willed individual gets caught, he'll pretend the matter at hand was inconsequential (or he'll come up with other lies to justify the first one)… When I was in the Vatican 2 Sect, I didn't know what 'bad will' was - never heard of it, never thought about it.  (And I never heard it discussed by the SSPX either.)  But I guess that makes sense, since bad will is the reason for fake Christianity in the first place, just as it is the reason for all fake 'religions' of the world - including atheism.  Once a person truly understands bad will, he gets the picture: it's God or Satan.  Game over.


I wonder if this is (not exactly but something like) the test God gave to the angels -- a kind of "moment of truth" in which the individual sees clearly the truth -- and what he might lose by accepting it (intellectual pride, the good opinion of others, fame, false assurances, love of externals, justification for sins, laziness, popularity, position, financial rewards, etc.).  If a man chooses the truth, God floods him with light and greater understanding, like fireworks.  If the man loves the lie and obstinately refuses the truth, it's lights out (at least for now) because he himself has shut the door to grace.  God always shows people the truth and does so in a way that each one can understand, because God created man to know Him.  People who deny the dogmas of the Catholic Church have a false god.  And that's why the Vatican II Sect, the so-called "Orthodox", the Protestants, the Jews and the pagans of the world could all celebrate together with the Antichrist at Assisi.  They're all one big blob of bad will, and their god is Satan.


But, whatever its reason, that lie willingly accepted is why (despite the evidence that abounds) people cannot recognize the truth and necessity of holding the traditional Catholic faith.  It's why so many continue to accept the Counterfeit Church.  And it's why so many are unable to view the world from a supernatural perspective.  I think in the future when I come across someone who is not receptive to the truth, I may try asking them what they think it will "cost" them to accept the truth -- and if they think that "cost" or effort is greater than the possibility of eternal life.  Thank you, MHFM, for all that you've taught us.


Lee Ann


Clearly Not The Same Woman


The Third Secret Of Fatima


Clearly, that is not the same woman! even without the vast handwriting difference! Amazing, just amazing.




Extraordinary Video


Francis Allows Fake Eucharist To Defile Basilica During “Ecumenical” Week


This is extraordinary video, very clear, very to the point…






A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


Thank you brothers. When you add some of the other Bergoglio infamous quotes, IE: "we (Catholics) worry too much about abortion," to this "couples blessing" and his recent Latin Mass "no-no," it's clear who this Jesuit guy really is. Further, meeting with and blessing all of the other non-Catholic religions he's been involved in and the horrible "Snake/Serpent" new Vatican building are just a few of Bergoglio's exposing himself as an anti-pope guilty… The Vatican II happenings are all cursed, starting with the fake Sister Lucy and the failure of John 23rd to read the third secret of Fatima. You brothers have exposed this and much more in your lifelong pursuit...


Extra Mile


Convinced Of The Catholic Faith


Lutherans "Officially" Allowed To Receive The "Eucharist" In The Vatican II Sect - video


How anyone can consider the Vatican II church as the true Catholic Church is beyond me.


Daniel Frenkel


Yes, Magicians Publicly Perform Spiritual Feats With Demonic Assistance


St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, Pt. I, Q. 110, A. 4, Reply to Obj. 2: “So when the demons do anything of their own natural power, these things are called miracles not in an absolute sense, but in reference to ourselves.  In this way the magicians work miracles through the demons; and these are said to be done by private contracts…”


St. John Eudes, Man's Contract With God In Baptism, 17th century: “… those who hold communication with him [i.e. the Devil]; such as sorcerers, magicians, or those who cure diseases, extinguish fires, and do other similar acts by his operation.”


MHFM: Our two-hour documentary on magicians provides abundant evidence that many top magicians do things that are preternatural and require the assistance of evil spirits.  Of course, as our video acknowledged, that’s not to say that every alleged ‘magic trick’ is spiritual.  There are obviously tricks performed by deception and sleight-of-hand.  But the top magicians regularly do MANY things (i.e. thousands of things) that require the assistance of evil spirits.  Many people can recognize this obvious fact when they see the evidence.  However, some people (including some who claim to be Catholic) simply cannot accept this, and they aggressively attack the idea.  That’s because they have no supernatural faith whatsoever, and they cannot believe that such a thing could actually be happening in public in front of people.  Yes, it is.  Many of those people think they are wise and clever, and that those who claim magicians are doing anything with the assistance of evil spirits are fools.  It’s just the opposite.  Those people are utterly blind fools who cannot perceive basic reality and are duped by the stupid, non-explanations that a few people post online (which attempt to explain how certain things are performed naturally but actually don’t explain it when you carefully scrutinize the supposed explanations).  What those people also ignore or don’t know is that saints throughout history recognized that demonic magicians perform such feats with the assistance of spirits.  This video shares a few quotes on that matter: Catholic Saints Against Magicians.  The fact that magicians can do this is also of course mentioned in the Book of Exodus.  Why wouldn’t it be happening today, when the Devil is more active than in any other period of history?


Convinced Of The Catholic Faith


Thank you! I really have learned a lot from your youtube videos and you’ve helped convince me of the Catholic faith. 


Ulfat Azad


Hell Is A Place


St. Alphonsus (1750): “… a group of heretics, known as the Ubiquitists, maintained that hell is not restricted to any determined place, but is to be found everywhere, since God has not destined any special place for the damned.  This opinion, however, is evidently false, and contrary to the common belief of the Catholic Church which teaches us that God has established a definite place for the demons and the damned…” (What Will Hell Be Like?)


This sounds like how modern heretics say Hell isn’t an actual place. It’s simply of state of being or something.




MHFM: Antipope John Paul II was one of those heretics.


Bellarmine On The Early Preaching Of The Gospel


St. Robert Bellarmine, De Verbo Dei, Book 2, Chap. 15: “… the Apostles preached the Gospel throughout the whole world and established churches, as is clear from St. Paul to the Romans (10:18) and to the Colossians (1:6), and from the Gospel of Mark (16:15).  Likewise it’s clear from Irenaeus, Book 1, Chap. 3, who, although he was nearest to apostolic times, nevertheless said that in his own time churches were already established in the East, in Libya, Egypt, Spain, Germany, and regions in between, that is, Italy and Gaul.”


Mocking English Martyrs


Francis Allows Fake Eucharist To Defile Basilica During “Ecumenical” Week


Think of the Catholic martyrs who were killed for remaining loyal to the Catholic Faith after England broke off from Rome. According to Francis they all died for absolutely nothing if Anglicans services are being allowed on Vatican grounds.


Deus Vult




Francis Allows Fake Eucharist To Defile Basilica During “Ecumenical” Week


… Thank you So much for your videos . Keep up the great work & God Bless You!






The Council Of Trent Did Not Teach "Baptism Of Desire"


A man… quoting Trent [was] falsely interpreting the use of the word "or". Your profound research, with inclusion of the explanation of word usage in book by R E Jennings, refutes the sophofist stand. It is terrific to have this particular video to send to befogged BOD heretics. With much gratitude may God's continual blessing and protection stay with MHFM.




Pius IX Excommunicated Those Who Commanded Notorious Heretics To Be Given Church Burial


MHFM: In his Apostolic Constitution Apostolicae Sedis Moderationi, Pope Pius IX issued a latae sententiae excommunication against those who command or compel notorious heretics to be given Church burial. 


Pope Pius IX, Apostolic Constitution, Apostolicae Sedis Moderationi, March 12, 1869: “Those who command or compel notorious heretics, or those excommunicated or interdicted by name, to be entrusted to ecclesiastical burial.” - Excommunicated


Pope Clement XIII: Entering The Church Through Baptism


Pope Clement XIII, Epistle: Opinionem, March 11, 1767: “Therefore you must order the magistrate Mutinenses to send back to the house of the catechumens, without any delay, those two little girls and that grown-up Jew – the girls, that they may be joined to the Christian Church through the sacred laver of regeneration in that place…”


Charismatic Documentary


Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Dear Brothers, 


… As always, MHFM rips off every mask worn by the devil and his stooges. Most people didn't realize how evil and malicious this charismatic movement really is, just as almost no one understood what (or who) is responsible for the 'power' of magicians.  But, as your video demonstrates, these charismatics are even more dangerous than magicians -- masquerading (as they do) as "Christians."  It takes one's breath away to hear them wailing like souls in hell, and to see Satan using these people to express his own seething hatred of God and his disdain for mankind.  Thank you for this excellent video.  It is chilling to the bone and won't be easily forgotten.  


Lee Ann  


Pope Paul I, To King Pippin


Pope Paul I, To King Pippin, 760: “… what is done for the praise of the Lord our God and Redeemer, of His most sacred Church and of the blessed Peter prince of the apostles, is still less reduced to oblivion by either the passing of time or the variety of circumstances, but always abides to give glory to the Godhead and be a pious example for His faithful.”


Outrageous Injustice


Glenn Beck on new Jan 6 footage: “This is our government setting Americans citizens up” - video


MHFM: This is an outrageous injustice.




Francis Allows Fake Eucharist To Defile Basilica During “Ecumenical” Week


Scores of martyrs, over the centuries, did not spill their blood for Francis' odious distortion of Catholicism.






Francis Allows Fake Eucharist To Defile Basilica During “Ecumenical” Week


Great video!...


Tommaso Giri


Learned A Lot


“Orthodoxy” Devastated, Catholicism Vindicated, By The 7th Council (Nicaea II)


I have learned a lot here... Thank you.




Converted From Protestantism


Francis Allows Fake Eucharist To Defile Basilica During “Ecumenical” Week


Dear Brothers of MHFM,


May the Lord bless you and your apostolate because without it I may have remained a Protestant my whole life... I was very anti-Catholic - I studied the faith in order to attack it...






Francis Allows Fake Eucharist To Defile Basilica During “Ecumenical” Week


Another fantastic video. It’s time for Vatican II supporters and Protestants who assume the Vatican II sect is the Catholic Church to wake up. God has mercifully given them plenty of chances to see the obvious.






Francis Allows Fake Eucharist To Defile Basilica During “Ecumenical” Week


People need to stop being ostriches and sticking their head in the sand when it comes to Francis. He’s not a Catholic, therefore he is not the pope... Thank you mhfm for all the work you do in exposing him and the Vatican II Sect.




Vatican II Sect


Francis Allows Fake Eucharist To Defile Basilica During “Ecumenical” Week


… Claiming to be catholic while adhering to cultus and teaching of the Vatican II sect is total self-deception.




Stumbled Across


Greetings MHFM,


I'm a… Catholic who has noticed all the craziness going on with the church and the world over the years. Through various online commentators I've gotten a sense of the bigger picture.  After years of giving Bergolio a chance I eventually had no choice but to admit that he's just another commie. Anyways, long story short I stumbled across Brother Peter's debate with Cassman, needless to say I was blown away.


From there I went to your youtube channel and website. I binge watched your crucial videos playlist and read some of your material.  I never knew anything about the sede point of view because my father warned me away from learning about it over a decade ago. I can see why.  All you have are facts, logic and reason. All the naysayers have are crying, whining and moaning.


I've practically been a sede all this time without realizing it. Your explanations and information on the past antipopes has truly illuminated why things in the church and the world are the way they are…


God Bless you in your endeavours and God Keep you,


Joshua D'Esposito


St. Emerentiana, Jan. 23


MHFM: Today is the feast of St. Emerentiana.  Many who don't believe in the necessity of baptism for salvation falsely claim that St. Emerentiana was not baptized.  However, the truth is that Pope Benedict XII dogmatically defined that all the martyrs in Heaven from the New Testament period received baptism.  Further, the Church has never taught that St. Emerentiana or any other martyr got to Heaven without the Sacrament of Baptism.  This video covers the matter.  We also have an article on the same topic.


Was St. Emerentiana Baptized? Unbaptized Martyrs?


All University Professors And Prelates


Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Thank you so much for sharing this very important video. Truly appreciated.


Christine Lang


All University Professors And Prelates


MHFM: Pope Paul IV issued the Council of Trent’s profession of faith.  He required all university professors and all prelates to swear to it.  This profession teaches that the sacraments of the New Law are necessary for salvation, although all are not necessary for each individual.  Thus, at least one sacrament is required to be saved (i.e. baptism).  The same truth is upheld in all of the Church’s professions of faith on the matter.  This profession contradicts ‘baptism of desire’, for ‘baptism of desire’ is not a sacrament (as its proponents even admit).  A similar profession was issued in connection with the First Vatican Council.


Pope Paul IV, Professio fidei Tridentina, Iniunctum nobis, Nov. 13, 1565:


Latin: “Profiteor quoque septem esse vere et proprie Sacramenta novae legis a Iesu Christo Domino nostro instituta, atque ad salutem humani generis, licet non omnia singulis, necessaria…”


“I also profess that there are truly and properly Seven Sacraments of the New Law, instituted by Jesus Christ our Lord, and necessary for the salvation of mankind, although not all are necessary for everyone…”


New Video Posted


“Orthodoxy” Devastated, Catholicism Vindicated, By The 7th Council (Nicaea II)




65,464,760 Babies Have Been Killed In Abortions Since Roe v. Wade In 1973


This is approaching the level of evil of the Canaanites. In terms of sheer number, this has probably already far exceeded the evil of the Canaanites.




Pope St. Gregory VII On Loyalty To God Over Men


Pope St. Gregory VII, To The Clergy And People Of The Church of Thérouanne, 1082: “For we had this reason for showing the greater love towards you, that we knew you to be in many ways a lover of the Christian religion… you will be well aware that fealty [loyalty] to an earthly lord is not rightly observed when we manifestly offend the grace of the heavenly Lord and Creator, and that if we owe faith and devotion in respect of the body and to mortal men we owe them much more in respect of the soul and to the eternal God.”


Francis Openly Denies


Antipope Francis Says He Hopes That Hell Is Empty


… shortly before that, the apostate interviewer said: "it is difficult to imagine that a father (meaning God) condemns (someone) for all eternity" and Francis responds "YES IT IS DIFFICULT TO IMAGINE". Francis openly denies (over and over again) the most basic truths of the Christian faith and most people who claim to be Catholic still fail to recognize it. Just incredible.



Videos Against “Orthodoxy”


“Orthodoxy” Devastated, Catholicism Vindicated, By The 7th Council (Nicaea II)


… your videos on Eastern Orthodoxy are absolutely top notch…


Emanuel Fr




“Orthodoxy” Devastated, Catholicism Vindicated, By The 7th Council (Nicaea II)


Outstanding video. God bless and prosper Most Holy Family Monastery as you continue to speak the truth.




To Spread


“Orthodoxy” Devastated, Catholicism Vindicated, By The 7th Council (Nicaea II)


Thank you Brothers, another video full of wisdom to spread everywhere! God bless you for your hard work.


Unam Sanctam


Outstanding Video


“Orthodoxy” Devastated, Catholicism Vindicated, By The 7th Council (Nicaea II)


Outstanding video again by MHFM. Refuting Eastern “orthodox”, Vatican II Sect members, Protestants, and defending the Salvation Dogma and the necessity of water baptism. Simply impressive and a blessing to have.




Their Contradiction


“Orthodoxy” Devastated, Catholicism Vindicated, By The 7th Council (Nicaea II)


Their contradiction is hidden in plain sight. They claim Nicea II is valid and authoritative because it gives them apostolic credentials yet they blaspheming its dogmatic teaching on the Trinity by embracing Palamism. I always thought Orthodox were the least of two evils but now I understand they are the same evil than Protestantism. Thank you for revealing this.


S Polaris


Much Needed


“Orthodoxy” Devastated, Catholicism Vindicated, By The 7th Council (Nicaea II)


Much needed video. Thank you!






“Orthodoxy” Devastated, Catholicism Vindicated, By The 7th Council (Nicaea II)


The “Orthodox” are built on a foundation of straw! Great video…




Need To Know


A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


Greatest gratitude to those who made this informative video, which all Catholics need to know. May God bless you with choicest blessings.


Hung Pham


Hell Is Actually Filled


Antipope Francis Says He Hopes That Hell Is Empty


Hell is quite the opposite of empty, it’s actually filled with people like Francis and those following him there if they don’t repent and convert.


S Hernandez


What Popes Have Said


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for your excellent video on Francis' same-sex "blessings" and for sharing the clip of him expressing his thoughts on hell… sickening to me are those who continue to accept him and the Counterfeit Church as "Catholic" -- including those who claim to oppose this latest and most grievous abomination… those who remain in the V2 Sect (like all fake Christians) are in fact not interested in what the true Popes have said over the last two thousand years. This has been proven (again and again) by the fact that when papal teachings are brought to their attention, these people do not accept such teachings.  Instead, these workers of iniquity make every effort to cast aspersions on the writings of the true Popes, to dismiss them as out of date, or to insist that the Popes' words don't mean what they actually say…


Lee Ann


Indifferentism At A V2 Sect Monastery


A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


I stayed on religious retreat at a Catholic monastery last Month and mhfm I was very disappointed they preached indifferentism including quoting Paul VI that what unites us as Christians is greater than what divides us! I feel so demoralized, where is the real Catholic Church?




MHFM: It’s crucial to recognize that the organizations and institutions of the Vatican II Sect are not truly Catholic.  That’s why you heard indifferentism there.  You have written to members of the true Catholic Church.  Our material explains what’s happening and what to do.


New Video Posted


A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”




Hello! I am 19 years old… I checked out your site and have watched at least 75 hours of your content. I am thoroughly impressed with the amount of time and research and thought that goes into every video, and they've got me an inch away from converting to sedevacantist Catholic… Thank you brothers. Love your work






The following is from the book Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley about what the English found in India during the 18th and 19th centuries. It reflects the evil of Hinduism and of Paganism in general: 


"The diversity of social groups and beliefs was naturally reflected in an extraordinarily wide range of social behavior from the most degraded and bestial activities based on crude superstitions... Although the British refrained from interfering with religious practices, in the course of the nineteenth century they abolished or greatly reduced the practice of thuggism (in which a secret caste strangled strangers in honor of the goddess Kali), suttee (in which the widow of a deceased Hindu was expected to destroy herself on his funeral pyre), infanticide, temple prostitution, and child marriages."



Rafael Centeio




A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


Very insightful…




Thorough Explanation


A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


… Thank you for the thorough explanation, especially citing Pope Gregory VII and the Book of Malachi.




Pope St. Gregory VII: Jews, Muslims & Pagans Don’t Have Salvation


MHFM: This is an interesting quote from Pope St. Gregory VII, in which he teaches that there’s no salvation for Jews, Saracens [Muslims], and pagans.


Pope St. Gregory VII, To All The Faithful, July to Nov., 1084: “Once its age-old complexion was altered, it [the true faith] fell not only under the derision of the devil, but also of the Jews, the Saracens and the pagans.  For it is their own laws (insofar as they place faith in them) that they observe, even though they are useless at this time for the salvation of souls, and are irradiated and corroborated by no miracles, as our own law is by the frequent testimony of the Eternal King.”




Mary’s Sinlessness: A Biblical Documentary


I just listened to your YouTube documentary on Mary's Sinlessness.  This production is an absolute treasure… I live in Trinidad, West Indies… I have listened to several of your videos, which I find very enlightening and instructive, providing a clear understanding of various matters/issues in the Church.  May the Lord continue to bless you in your apostolate.


Yours sincerely,

Barbara Cockburn




Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Excellent documentary! Thanks!




Satan’s Preachers


Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


This is amazing look at… Satan's preachers in their false churches… Hell is real and it's forever…


Ron Johnson


Blasphemous Abomination


A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


It's kind of puzzling to see all those Vatican II defenders who try to talk away the blasphemous abomination of this diabolical document. But they do it all the time with all kinds of heretical documents.




Had Been Waking Up To Say “The Divine Mercy” Devotion


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


Wow… this is really. As I've been waking up at 3am to say chaplet of divine mercy. All along it's a false and charismatic thing. Thanks for your information we really appreciate.




Powerful Stuff


A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


Powerful stuff.




Shook Me


Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


This shook me to my core!


Jonathan Golden




Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


A really good exposure of the wolves in sheep’s clothing, or just plain wolves !




Seismic Announcement


A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


Thank you for such an excellent video on the seismic and Apocalyptic announcement by Antipope Francis allowing same sex blessings.  Your research which brings to light the prophet Malachi and also the prophetic comments by Pope St Gregory VII provides a clear and insightful guide to the now very late stage of the Great Apostasy. Your video rightly observes the importance of what has just happened and how this is a huge provocation to Divine Judgement. The contradiction by Francis of Sacred Scripture on irregular unions and homosexuality, is so contrary to the Faith that it must be seen by all that he is a manifest heretic. By this late stage anyone calling him the Pope and even worse defending and passing his latest heresy as being orthodox, have been deceived or are instruments of Satan in misleading many souls away from the Faith and at risk of damnation. Either way their spiritual blindness caused by refusing to accept the Truth, for whatever reason, about the Counter Church and the false popes, is causing them to fail to see how close we are to Judgement. Even worse are those who dismiss the notion we are in the End Times and at a late stage of the Great Apostasy and believe that this is just some crisis, like many previous in Church history, and that is not that important as we are a long way off from any Apocalypse. The scale of the heresy and mockery coming from Francis has speeded up to a terrifying crescendo…


God bless you




Truth About Blessings


A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


… Thank you for exposing the truth and for exposing the wolves in sheep's clothing who are gaslighting multitudes…


G. P.


Research Proves


Scientist Dr. Rancourt says research proves "Covid" was a hoax - Most were killed after the "vaccine" rollout


Thank you, MHFM, for publishing this talk, a very important one. I remember this doctor/scientist publishing a paper on the truth of the harms and utter ineffectiveness of wearing masks; this was very early in the "pandemic" starting in2020. This report was also very important, and that time scandalous to the Medical Establishment (tho' obviously they were able to control the evil 'narrative')…




Novus Ordo Professors


A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


When I was in college three of my professors were Novus Ordo who supported homosexuality and went out of their way to show support for this abomination in one way or another. One of them wanted me to socialize at a Novus Ordo club in the town. I passively showed up and they were talking about what things they were giving up for Lent and I said I would reduce my internet and YouTube time to which the leader responded with something like "Yeah, there are a lot of schismatic videos". He was clearly falsely labeling traditional Catholicism as "schismatic" for that clown would not refer to actual schismatics like the schismatic Eastern "Orthodox" as such.


Martin Francis




A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


Great video.


Tom Thomas




A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


… great work as usual…






A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


Very powerful!


Unam Sanctam




A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


I truly appreciate your explanation facts… along with your shared wisdom and knowledge with your viewers and subscribers...and happy to be a subscriber.


Joe Barzo




A Prophetic Message Against Francis’ Same-Sex “Blessings”


… thanks for the truth and clarity…


Charles Crockett


It’s A New Religion


Episcopal See Existed Despite (Physical) Possession By False Bishops


My parish continues to pray for the "holy" intentions of Bergoglio. As of today, I will no longer attend the N(W)O mass. The new "blessings" of same sex couples finally did it for me and I started watching once again Vatican Catholic videos and it finally became clear... This IS a new religion. It IS NOT the true Catholic Faith.  I'm finally convinced. Thank you for leading the way to the truth that this is a false religion! So many are completely duped and will not open their eyes to see. I kept going back even after watching your videos because I would not believe our Lord would abandon us. But like you say in one of your videos, [many] are not deserving of the true holy Catholic faith. I see it now. A light has popped on. Thank you for showing us time and time again that the N. O. Church is the whore of Babylon. God bless you MHFM.




The Sad Fall Of Ireland


During the sixth and seventh centuries, the Church of Ireland stood in the full beauty of its bloom.  The spirit of the Gospel operated amongst the people with a vigorous and vivifying power; troops of holy men, from the highest to the lowest ranks of society, obeyed the counsel of Christ, and forsook all things, that they might follow Him.  There was no country in the world, during this period, which could boast of pious foundations or of religious communities equal to those that adorned this far-distant land.” (Laux, Church History, p. 182)


Dear Brothers,


Your Spirituality quote today regarding ”the Church of Ireland” has sadly somehow come to refer to the Protestant Church in Ireland, or just one branch of Protestantism anyway, with whom the V2 Sect in Ireland have no problem engaging with for interfaith events of every kind.  The Angelus bells used to ring out every day at 12 noon and 6pm from every Catholic Church in the country, and at 6pm on the National Television Broadcaster RTE, but alas no longer, for fear of offending those of other “faiths”.  It is so sad to witness it all. 


Under the Government’s direction, no dedicated Catholic Schools remain, they have become Multi Faith schools for all and any “faiths” etc, with only a general spirituality class instead of dedication to Catholic Catechism and Catholic prayers; except of course Protestant Schools that continue under singular denomination. No other are faiths allowed in there.  Out of a population of circa 5 million people, there are truly very very few true Catholics, Catholics “who keep the Commandments, and have THE faith OF Jesus” [Apocalypse (Revelation) 14:12]. Those who still claim to be Catholic keep whatever Commandments they think fit according to their own conscience and have at best their own version of a faith in Jesus.


Thank You Brothers for everything you have done and continue to do. May God keep you forever in His care.


Niall Walshe


Pope Gregory IX Calls Eastern Schismatics The “Synagogue of Satan”


Pope Gregory IX, Considerantes Olim, March 17, 1238: “… we fear, with prescient deliberations, lest the aforesaid Greeks, whom the flood of schism swept from the Church of God into the synagogue of Satan, overwhelmed by its raging fury, will be hurled into the abyss of heretical depravity.”


So Diabolical


The Antichrist's Distinguishing Mark


He was much worse than Francis, wasn't he? I want to scream when I read his words, so diabolical... I was a kid back then, born in 1984, I was alive when the anti-christ reigned, and I never knew... I saw on TV he was loved by the world.. Like I said: I want to scream. Lord have mercy. I did not know such evil man could even exist.. I'm so sorry.




Church Is The New Israel


Jews Are Not Israel Or The Chosen People


The Church that Jesus founded on Peter is the new Israel.




MHFM: Yes, this is taught in Scripture and by the Church: The Catholic Church Is The Spiritual Jerusalem (Acts Of Nicaea II).


In Depth


A Big Problem For "Orthodoxy": St. Gregory Of Nyssa & The Filioque


So in depth.


Josh Eaton


Pope Stephen II: Salvation Comes Through The Church


Pope Stephen II, To Pippin (Codex Epistolaris Carolinus 9), AD 755: “Indeed, a ‘good name’ consists in keeping the faith that everyone has promised with a clean heart and a pure conscience, and in fulfilling it with works; for a ‘good name’ consists in striving with all one’s strength to uphold God’s holy Church, through which comes the salvation of Christians.  Furthermore, our Redeemer, the pitying and much merciful Lord, stands as a propitiator to those whom He knows to be completely faithful in their whole mind and who are defenders of His holy Church.”


An Immense Fog


And an immense fog has surrounded those in novus ordo, ignoring true dogma and believing the lies of the ape, the serpent seen in the Paul VI Hall… It took me years to see it. Thank you for staying with it, for your faithful, diligent teaching. May God bless all with eyes to see.




Learning So Much


The Real History Of “Orthodoxy”


Wow. I am learning so much from your channel. Thank you and God bless you.






Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


… I am… stunned…


C Weaver


St. Thomas On A Tongue Not Known To Men


… I got into an argument with some Protestant heretics and we ended up talking about the “gift of tongues” and one Protestant showed me 1 Cor 14:2.  I didn’t know how to answer it…


MHFM: Hello.  We agree with St. Thomas’ explanation of the verse.  In 1 Cor. 14:1 and following, St. Paul is teaching the Corinthians that they should not be desirous of the gift of tongues or languages just for the sake of speaking in that way, but rather insofar as it will edify others.  Hence, he says in 1 Cor. 14:2: “For one who speaks in a tongue speaks not to men but to God; for no one understands him, but he utters mysteries in the Spirit.”  The tongue or language mentioned there, which is spoken not to men but to God, is not an unintelligible babble language.  Rather, it refers to an actual human language that’s not understood by those in the audience (but only by God, who of course knows all languages).  As St. Thomas says, it’s like “when one might speak German to a Frenchman without an interpreter.”  St. Paul’s point is that speaking in tongues for its own sake is not beneficial.  It should be understood by others and edify them.  


This is also why St. Paul says:


1 Corinithians 14:10-13- “There are doubtless many different languages in the world, and none is without meaning, but if I do not know the meaning of the language, I will be a foreigner to the speaker and the speaker a foreigner to me.  So with yourselves, since you are eager for manifestations of the Spirit, strive to excel in building up the church.  Therefore, one who speaks in a tongue should pray that he may interpret.”


St. Thomas Aquinas, Commentary on 1 Cor. 14:1-4- “In regard to the second it should be noted that because there were few in the early Church assigned to preaching faith of Christ throughout the world, the Lord enabled them to proclaim the word to more people by giving them the gift of tongues, by which they could all preach to all. Not that they spoke in one language and were understood by all, as some say, but that they spoke the languages of different nations and, indeed, of all. Hence the Apostle says: ‘I thank God that I speak in the languages of all of you,’ and in Acts (2:4) it says: ‘They began to speak in other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.’ Furthermore, many received this gift from God in the early church. But the Corinthians, being inquisitive, were more desirous of this gift than the gift of prophecy. Therefore, when the Apostle mentions here about speaking in a tongue, he means an unknown language not interpreted; as when one might speak German to a Frenchman without an interpreter, he is speaking in a tongue. Hence, all speech not understood or explained, no matter what it is, is properly called speaking in a tongue.


“Discretionary Judgment” False Argument


MHFM: Defenders of Antipope Francis distort things, make many mistakes, and promote false arguments.  Some of those false arguments involve misrepresentations of the teaching of St. Robert Bellarmine and the Church on the matter of manifest heretics being unable to hold office in the Church.  For example, they twist and misuse a statement St. Robert Bellarmine made about a “discretionary judgment” and what it means.  We cover the matter (and refute their gross misrepresentation) in the Bellarmine section of this video: Taylor Marshall’s Publicity Stunts & False Theology – Exposed


New Video Posted


“Church Militant” Scandal/Michael Voris Resignation – Analysis


Extreme Dishonesty


The level of dishonesty that the Vatican II's antipope-splainers have is just nauseating. Now you can even see a bunch of them trying to explain how this "blessing" is good, instead of just recognizing the simple fact that Francis is a manifest heretic. Just imagine trying to defend sodomites blessing! But that's a simple conclusion of their obstinately considering Francis as a pope. Truly, heresy begets heresy.




Episcopal See Existed Despite (Physical) Possession By A False Bishop


MHFM: This is an interesting quote from Pope St. Gregory VII about how the See and local church of Orleans continued to exist, despite being illicitly occupied by a false bishop.  In the same way, the Chair of St. Peter continues to exist today, even though it is legally and spiritually vacant but physically usurped by an antipope. 


Pope St. Gregory VII, To Archbishops Richerius of Sens and Richard of Bourges, Oct. 6, 1077: “… we have already striven by many summonses and by many letters that the church of Orleans should be recalled to the original condition of its renown.  But, as we believe the sins of the people thus deserving, its possession by false bishops has so prevailed that to this day we have been unable totally to eradicate the thorns of disorder.  For with what great disobedience Rainerius, their so-called bishop, has armed himself against the authority of the Apostolic See and into what great disorder and into what great harm he has brought this church although we do not doubt that you know...”


Would Have Left


Honestly, I would have left the Catholic Church by now if it weren't for your astute and relevant explanations. I have left what you aptly named the Vatican II sect.  Francis is a Protestant! He tries to make up his own interpretations of the Bible and Doctrine. I'd laugh if it weren't for the fact that he's merrily leading people to hell.  God bless you and your apostolate.


Ann Eloise




Couple banned from selling produce by city for not hosting same-sex "weddings" wins almost $1M in court


The idea that they just want to “marry” and be left alone is a total farce. They want to impose their degeneracy onto all of society through media, the education system and ultimately the force of law.




MHFM: What happened to them is astounding.  They were banned from a farmers’ market for refusing to host same-sex ‘weddings’!


Pope Gregory IX Calling Eastern Schismatics To Conversion


Pope Gregory IX, Considerantes Olim, March 17, 1238: “Some time ago the Church of the Greeks was severed from obedience to its mother, the Apostolic Seeno branch survives when it is detached from its root, nor can a member which is severed from the body retain life… there is no doubt that because it was founded upon blessed Peter, the prince of the apostles, any other church whatsoever which is organized outside this church or believes it is possible to be organized outside it, is certainly sundered from the life of the true faith and will fall into the death of heresy… And so for this very reason we have sent brothers Preachers and brothers Minor [Dominicans and Franciscans] fully trained in the divine law, to Vatatzes, the so-called Patriarch of Nicaea, urging the Greek clergy with paternal admonitions and entreaties, to rouse themselves from the sleep of death and, fleeing from the coming wrath, enlightened by the light of celestial splendor, reform themselves by rejoining the Catholic union.”




… I’ve learned so very much from your documentaries…






Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Excellent work!






What Millions Of Fake Christians Get Wrong About Ephesians


I appreciated these lessons and view them often so to be kept from deception.




Pope St. Gregory VII On Asking God For Things


Pope St. Gregory VII, To Abbot Anselm of Bec, 1079: ‘Knock’, he says, ‘and it shall be opened to you.  Ask and you shall receive.’ [Mt. 7:7]  Knock in simplicity, ask in simplicity… The door is simple; the giver is simple.  He desires to be asked for simple things and for things which may beseem Him.  In this way it shall be opened, in this way you shall receive, in this way the prayer of righteous men shall be heard.”


Mark Goring Endorses Blessing ‘Gay Couples’


“Fr.” Mark Goring Is In A Diabolical Fog


This video is absolutely fantastic l am so glad l saw this video today and l sighed up to your channel.. l came across this video after l saw what this priest said about the last vatican document where he said the discretion of blessing gay couple was a fantastic document and the Vatican did wonderful! Again he is the confusion the does not help the faithful and l wished very much he could go live in the woods like he always say he would like and leave the Catholic Church alone!! Unbelievable him, his gangue and this… Francis!!! They are absolutely evil to me!!




MHFM: Hello.  We're glad you came across the video.  Goring is a deceived heretic.  Also, he is not a valid priest.   These videos (among others) explain why the Vatican II Sect is not the Catholic Church and that Francis is not the pope.








We also recommend that Catholics, if they can, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  This is an important spiritual video: https://endtimes.video/how-to-avoid-sin/


People Who Support Evil


Pope Gregory IX Against Helping The Saracens (Muslims)


This is a great quote from Pope Gregory IX. You could make the argument that it also applies to anyone aiding and abetting Israel, the corrupt Democratic Party (and many members of the Republican Party), everyone who had a hand in pushing the virus hoax, and many more.




Pope Gregory IX Against Helping the Saracens (Muslims)


Pope Gregory IX, Rachel Suum Videns, Nov. 17, 1234: “… to be unwilling to confound malicious men is nothing other than to support them, nor does one who refrains from opposing a manifest evildoer lack the secret guilt of association… In addition, we renew the sentence of excommunication promulgated at the Fourth Lateran Council against those who deliver weapons, iron, and timber suitable for ships to the Saracens [Muslims], whoever fulfills the office of pilot in the piratical ships of Saracens [Muslims], or lends them any kind of counsel or aid in constructing war machines or anything else to the detriment of the Holy Land.”




“Church Militant” Scandal/Michael Voris Resignation – Analysis


An excellent production and expose' of the many, years-long deceptions and heretical presentations by this organization; along with these points, as with all your videos, there is a wealth of true Catholic teachings to be had!...






“Church Militant” Scandal/Michael Voris Resignation – Analysis


Thank you for this excellent analysis.






“Church Militant” Scandal/Michael Voris Resignation – Analysis


You were spot on about this guy…






“Church Militant” Scandal/Michael Voris Resignation – Analysis


Wow! You made so many correlations!




Against Vatican II


“Church Militant” Scandal/Michael Voris Resignation – Analysis


Great video highlighting divine proof against Vatican 2 once again.




Francis Formally Approves “Blessings” For Same-Sex “Couples”


MHFM: God willing, we will probably make some comments about Antipope Francis' latest bombshell heresy, in which he formally approves 'blessings' for same-sex 'couples'.  It's another striking vindication of what we've covered.  It further humiliates and exposes the dishonest defenders of the Vatican II Counter Church.  It's also very scandalous for the masses who wrongly think that the apostate Francis represents the Catholic Church when he does not.  Those who continue to say that he is the pope contribute to the scandal and the loss of souls.




Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Please keep sharing this amazing documentary from MHFM!...






Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed




Richard Carroll


Truth Revealed About Faustina


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


Wow, the truth revealed…




Menorah At The White House


Joe Biden: "It's About Time We Have A Permanent Menorah Here At The White House" - video


Can you imagine if a sitting president tried to erect a crucifix in the White House? Almost every public figure would cry out in antichrist protest. There would be "protests" (riots) in the streets. The malice of these people is almost unimaginable.


Justin Knight


St. Thomas On Thing, Being, And One


St. Thomas Aquinas, Commentary On Metaphysics, Book 4, Lecture 2: “… these three – ‘thing’ [res], ‘being’ [ens], and one [unum] – signify absolutely the same thing but according to different concepts.”


St. Gregory of Nyssa: All Means All


St. Gregory of Nyssa, Against Eunomius, Book 1, Chap. 35: “How, too, will it be true that all things were made by Him, if it is true that the Son Himself is one of the things made?  Either He must have made Himself, for that text to be true, and so this unreasonableness which they have devised to harm our Faith will recoil with all its force upon themselves; or else, if this is absurdly unnatural, that affirmation that the whole creation was made by Him will be proved to have no ground to stand on.  The withdrawal of one makes all a false statement.”


MHFM: Likewise, the Church’s teaching that all men must have the Catholic faith and be inside the Church to be saved means all.


True Light


Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for this masterpiece which presents the so-called 'charismatic movement' in its true light.  What an expose!  I knew the movement was bad, but I didn't realize how bad -- or that it is much more than a collection of Protestant sects.  If a good-willed person watches your video carefully, he will see the face of every heretical sect and religion (and, in fact, all the false religions of the world) in that movement.  And then he would know that (despite all their claptrap and other pretensions) each and every fake sect/religion is a snare for mankind, and another opportunity for Satan to manifest his hatred for God and His Christ.  There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church because those outside the Catholic Church belong to Satan, though very few people realize this…


In addition, the fact that this 'movement' started in the early 1900s (as you demonstrate) also proves that we are in the last days of the Apostasy, and the last days of the world.  It was in the early 1900s that the Antichrist himself would enter the world stage, and numerous antichrist movements (religious, political and social) were beginning.  Hopefully, many people will watch this video and realize that true Christianity was the New World Order established by Christ to correct that which had been disordered and degraded by Lucifer and sin -- and realize, too, that the disorder we are living through now (which, as prophesied, is even more degrading than before) is a punishment for the world's apostasy and a prelude to the Second Coming of Christ.  Thank you, MHFM, for another great video.


Lee Ann 


Last Days


Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Last days.




New Video Posted


Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


St. Thomas: Why God Does Not Move


St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, Pt. I, Q. 9, A. 1: “… everything which is moved [or changed] acquires something by its movement, and attains to what it had not attained previously.  But since God is infinite, comprehending in Himself all the plenitude of perfection and all being, He cannot acquire anything new, nor extend Himself to anything to which He was not extended previously.  Hence movement [or change] in no way belongs to God.”


Russia Compared To The Vatican II Sect


Russia is practically banning all "LGBT" activism - video


Who would’ve guessed that Russia—once the seat of the atheistic Soviet Union—is actually taking more action against LGBT confusion than America and the Vatican II Counter Church.






Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Truly a masterpiece. My deepest thanks and congratulations. I am also happy that you will address the similar movement that rages in the fake "Catholic" church. Unfortunately, I was part of it before my conversion and, albeit with a little less exaltation, there are many similarities. Thank Heaven, right from there I understood deeply that something was wrong, and I began to search for the Truth, providentially finding You. The final theological part is moving. Thank you for the immense work and love you put into it.


Tommaso Giri


Demonic Movement


Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Wow, thank you for exposing this demonic movement.




As A Child


Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Astonishing video! Thanks for exposing this evil movement. As a child I remember my family went to some protestant charismatic "church". People would shake their heads uncontrollably and fall on the ground. As a small child I could sense evil, and I immediately ran out of the building. Unforgettable. Later my parents told me that they prayed inwardly asking God if it was really Him, and if not to protect them while the preacher was "slaying in spirit". That heretic could not make my parents fall. We never went back.


Pax Sincera


Founder Of Heretical SSPV, Clarence Kelly, Dead


MHFM: Clarence Kelly, a John 3:5 mocker and founder of the heretical SSPV organization, died recently.  Kelly condemned the Church's teaching on baptism and accepted the heresy that souls can be saved in false religions.  He even refused sacraments to people who profess what the Church does: that no one is saved without water baptism.  Now he has to face Jesus Christ, whose declaration (in John 3:5) that no one is saved without water baptism he rejected, condemned and mocked.  Woe to him.  He also had no authority to function as a bishop, and his activities were illicit and sacrilegious.  He was an enemy of the Catholic faith.


No Latin Mass Or Prayers For Dead Non-Catholics – Papal Teaching




Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Great documentary.






Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


… The similarity to Kundalini with some of their practices is chilling... 




Israel’s Takeover


TV anchor Rich Sanchez says "Israeli loyalty oath law" has passed in over half of the states in America - video


MHFM: This is outrageous and disgusting.




Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Thank you for your continuous hard work, brothers. This documentary was incredible. Very sad to watch, but eye opening. God keep us.




NFP Deception


Thank you for your video on the NFP deception. I am shocked that… is being taught to young… couples as a rule…


Thank you,





Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Thank you for yet another masterpiece from MHFM. This needs to be seen far and wide. The deception and loss of souls through this movement is mind boggling.


Donna Capani




Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


Another amazing documentary. Thank you appreciate your work…




Demonic Movement


Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed


An excellent video exposing this demonic movement, which also happens in Brazil, not in the same proportions, but still heretical and diabolical. God bless you, MHFM.






Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed






The Catholic Church Is The Spiritual Jerusalem (Acts Of Nicaea II)


The Acts of the Second Council of Nicaea (AD 787), Sess. 6: “Those who make war on the spiritual Jerusalem, that is, the Catholic Church, are like those who made war on the earthly Jerusalem: they themselves endeavor to use the language of the fathers, just as Rabshakeh once used the Hebrew language against Israel [4 Kings 18:28].  For these heretics direct the teaching of the fathers and the voice of the Church against the fathers and the Catholic Church.”


The Acts of the Second Council of Nicaea (AD 787), Sess. 6: “… for if he who cursed the old Israel is himself accursed and he who blessed it blessed [Num. 24:9], how much more showered with curses is the one who curses the new Israel that has a mental perception of God, namely, God’s church.”


The Acts of the Second Council of Nicaea (AD 787), Sess. 6: “… they attempt to curse the sanctified Church of God, being themselves deserving of a curse.  For ‘those who bless her’, as divine scripture says, ‘are blessed and those who curse her are cursed’ [Num. 24:9].”


Jews Are Not Israel Or The Chosen People




Man arrested at event for RFK Jr was carrying a loaded pistol and wearing a U.S. Marshal badge?! - video


Very similar to the setup of JFK assassination with fake cops and Secret Service in Dealey Plaza.




Despicable People


"Brazil to mandate COVID shots for children as young as 6 months"


The hoax pushers are despicable people...




Saving Baptism Is One (Acts Of Nicaea II)


The Acts of the Second Council of Nicaea (AD 787), Sess. 4: “But we have the one God as the object of veneration, and our faith in Him is also one, and saving baptism is one [Eph. 4:5-6].”




Mary’s Sinlessness: A Biblical Documentary


This is a first class documentary.


J Knight


Mask Mandate


"Covid" was one big show - They are probably getting ready for part 2 in the near future - video


... In Santa Clara County, California because of their mask "mandate", I wasn't "allowed" to have my blood drawn or get my teeth cleaned even though I have a letter from my doctor stating I'm not able wear a face covering. The Santa Clara County website allows for exceptions such as mine, but this was completely ignored. Is Silicon Valley the "trial balloon" for what is to come?


Pax et Bonum


True Eastern Catholics Are Not Palamites


But aren’t Eastern Catholics Palamists? Are they heretics too?




MHFM: No, true Eastern Catholics are not Palamites.  You should see this video/article: Greek "Orthodox" Gregory Palamas Is Not A Saint & He Was Condemned Before Vatican II.


Awesome Miracle


The Amazing And Miraculous Image Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe


Truly awesome miracles about every aspect of this tilma. The resulting massive miracles of conversion are a testament to the Power and the Glory of God working through Our Blessed Lady the Queen of Heaven and Earth. Glory to God.


Paddy Early


New Video Posted


“Bishop” Strickland Removed By Francis – What You Need To Know




…I’ve started going to a church that has a “divine mercy” “theme” to it and I started my RCIA classes there. I am now fully Aware and willing to accept that this is a false teaching and it is the Devil clever substitute church. Should I completely drop my RCIA classes and find another church to go to or should Continue to go until the end of it. I’ve never been baptized…




MHFM: We’re glad that you came across the information.  Yes, you should drop RCIA (and avoid the New Mass) and convert through the steps on our website.  You should also start to pray the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  (We recommend that Catholics, if they can, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.)




Why Francis Must Not Be Considered The Pope


Thank you, sir, for clearly and succinctly explaining the peril in which we currently reside. It is imperative that all faithful awaken to this peril, and 'with fear and trembling work out your salvation. ' (Phil. 2:13)


Jason Hurd


Heretics Always Misuse Scripture


The Acts of the Second Council of Nicaea 787, Sess. 6: “When people try to pervert the correct doctrine according to their own fancy, let no one be surprised if they employ the words of Scripture, since all originators of heresy take the starting point of their error from inspired Scripture, falsifying the orthodox utterances of the Holy Spirit with their own wicked thoughts.”


Burke, French Revolution


Antipope punishes critic "Cardinal" Burke in second action against "conservative" American "prelates"


All this action of the antipope to remove or punish more conservative "prelates" reminds me a lot of the demonic French Revolution, where the ones who enabled and were allies of the revolution or even brought the revolution about in the first place were eventually punished themselves by the beast they helped create. These worldlings are praised and glorified one day, but the next are thrown under the bus when they become "too soft" or "too conservative" for the fast growing wickedness of the beast...




Creation Science – Dr. Walt Brown


Did God allow the devil to place conclusive evidence to the contrary inside the earth, or was that a result of the fall? How does one properly reconcile God’s truth and non-promotion of confusion with the observable facts around us? That all secular evidence precludes a young earth isnt disputable, so there’s got to be something missing to reconcile this.


Coffee Catastrophe


MHFM: Hello.  Science does not support evolution or an old Earth.  It destroys evolution and supports a young Earth.  On that matter, we recommend the book: In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood, by Dr. Walt Brown (a scientist with a Ph.D. from MIT): https://www.creationscience.com/onlinebook/IntheBeginningTOC.html We also recommend these videos:





Powerful Quote


The Earth Is Young (Acts Of Nicaea II)


Powerful quote…


Josip Gregoric


Benedict XVI, Luther


The Heresies Of Benedict XVI


Benedict XVI was even WORSE than Luther in some ways.


Ryan Autrey


The Earth Is Young (Acts Of Nicaea II)


MHFM: This is an interesting quote from the acts of the Second Council of Nicaea (the seventh ecumenical council, held in 787), expressing the view that the Earth is young.  Young Earth Creationism is the traditional view of the Church.  Indeed, one reason that so many who even claim to be Catholic lack a supernatural faith and a firm conviction in Catholic dogma is that they’ve imbibed the lies of evolution or theistic evolution.  Adherence to the lie of evolution in any form is an obstacle to the true faith.


The Acts of the Second Council of Nicaea 787, Sess. 6: “In the year 5501 Christ our God came to mankind and lived with us for thirty-three years and a little less than five months.”




Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


Very frightening... Thank you MHFM…






Antipope punishes critic "Cardinal" Burke in second action against "conservative" American "prelates"


If I’m not mistaken, the phony conservatives had pinned their biggest hopes on Burke and now it seems he’s on his way out the door. Time is running out for the false traditionalists.






St. Thomas On Friendship With An Evil Person


Thank you MHFM, ironically, I cut off a "friend" yesterday for being so willfully ignorant and against the faith. This quote gives me consolation. May Jesus Christ bless MHFM!




Muslim Ruler Departed Into Eternal Fire (Acts Of Nicaea II)


MHFM: At the fifth session of the Second Council of Nicea, John, a representative of the eastern patriarchs, read out a document that referred to an Arab (Muslim) counsellor or ruler named Ezid.  Persuaded by a Hebrew sorcerer, the Arab (Muslim) Ezid had ordered that images found in Christian churches were to be destroyed.  The document read at Nicea II about this incident says that Ezid died and departed into the eternal fire.  It’s another example of how, in the ages of faith, Catholics recognized that unbelievers and clearly wicked men are certainly on the path to Hell.


The Acts of the Second Council of Nicaea 787, Sess. 5: “He [Ezid] sent instructions for the destruction of the holy images and other likenesses in every province under him… After perpetrating this, the first counsellor Ezid, after no more than two and a half years of life, died and departed into the eternal fire, and the images were restored to their original position and honor.”




Navy medical officer reveals massive damage to U.S. military due to the deadly "Covid" shot - must-see video


Sobering numbers.




St. Thomas On Friendship With An Evil Person


St. Thomas Aquinas, Commentary On Nicomachean Ethics, Book 9, Chap. 3: “We have indicated that like makes friends with like; thus it is impossible to maintain friendship with an evil person without becoming somewhat like him in evil.”


What Darkness


What darkness the world must be in since it seems like nearly everyone is in mortal sin. Jesus takes our salvation very seriously and His death on the cross proved that, but the love of God persists in our lives everyday through things we take for granted, like the sunrise and sunset, and a beautiful blue sky or crisp mountain air that invigorates our minds and souls to look up to Him in thanks. He waits with strong patience for the world to convert to the Catholic Faith. It’s terribly sad to think of the losses Our dear Lord endures…




The Realities Behind Vatican II


An important letter on our apostolate and some of our plans for the near future


Dear Brothers,


I'm grateful for your ministry as it helped me… to understand the realities behind Vatican II and the counterfeit church. I spread links to your material everywhere I can and promote your ministry often… May God watch over and bless all of the devoted Brothers…


Joseph Boyat


Pope Hadrian I On The Gifts And Importance Of Baptism


Pope Hadrian I, To All The Bishops In Spain (Codex Epistolaris Carolinus 97), c. 785 or c. 787: “For [through baptism] they are not only free but also holy, not only holy but also justified, not only justified, but also sons, not only sons but also heirs, not only heirs but also brothers of Christ, not only brothers of Christ but also coheirs, not only coheirs but also members, not only members but also a temple, not only a temple but also instruments of the Spirit.  Blessed be God…!  Do you see what are the gifts of baptism?  Many suppose that the heavenly grace consists simply in the forgiveness of sins; but we have counted ten honors.  This is why we baptize infants… See, our most beloved, how the eastern fathers taught that adoption is a gift of charisms made to all of us who were born in sins and reborn in baptism…

     And later on in the same sermon [Pope St. Leo taught]: ‘We must follow the way which, as the Lord Himself testified, He Himself is [Jn. 14:6], who… counselled us with sacrament and example so that He might by the former [i.e. the Sacrament of Baptism] lead those called by adoption to salvation and by the latter train us for labor.’”


Since Learning


An important letter on our apostolate and some of our plans for the near future


I am happy to tell MHFM and all others that their material is the best regarding the defense and promulgation of the true Catholic faith. Since learning from their material as well as beginning to research myself of saints and popes alike, I've been converted and have a fervent zeal to bring others to this holy faith. Praise God. May our Blessed Mother and Father in Heaven inspire our hearts to seek the truth, and increase our faith, hope, and charity. God bless MHFM


Ethan Brown




Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


Thank you for explaining this. God bless you.


Nolan Henden




An important letter on our apostolate and some of our plans for the near future


Your work, and the information that you have provided for concerned Catholics, is invaluable. Thank you MHFM.


Ralph Curtis


An Important Letter


An important letter on our apostolate and some of our plans for the near future


Pagan vs. Christian Images (Nicea II)


The Acts of the Second Council of Nicea 787, Sess. 4: “For just as the Israelites in Babylon had musical instruments, lyres and the like, as the Babylonians also did – the former serving the glory of God and the latter the cult of the demons – let us view pagan and Christian images in the same way, because they use them for the worship of the devil and we for the glory and remembrance of God.”


This Situation Shows


This situation with Strickland also shows a total bankruptcy of [those] who say that "cardinals and bishops ought to convey a council to depose him", Francis, whom they wrongly consider their pope. Not only heretical and denying dogma that first see is judged by no one, but such attempts would be suppressed immediately by their "pope", and everyone removed in swift fashion like "Bp." Strickland. The only way is to say, he (Bergoglio) has left the Church, because he is a heretic, and therefore cannot rule in the Church: he is apostate antipope. The moment you "give him" the supreme authority, a heretic (such as Francis), he would of course suppress all opposition and "use" that "authority" against all dissentions. That is why it is absurd to imagine a heretic can rule in the Church, and wheel the supreme authority, and that you are obliged to be subject to him. Only sedevacantism makes sense and is correct, logical and dogmatic solution in current crisis. He as a heretic and is not holding keys of the Church.




Unfailing Faith


The Keys of St. Peter and his Unfailing Faith


Hello, Brothers. This was an excellent article, but I have one quick question.




The Catholic Encyclopedia, “Heresy,” 1914, Vol. 7, p. 261: “The pope himself, if notoriously guilty of heresy, would cease to be pope because he would cease to be a member of the Church.”


So is the Never Failing Faith simply referring to Papal Infallibility in the cases mentioned in the definition above?  Sorry if this question is wasting your time, just trying to clarify and make sure.  Thank you!




MHFM: Yes, that is correct.




"Pope Francis dines with transgender women for Vatican luncheon"


Contrast these disgraceful actions with the record of an actual Catholic, Pope St. Pius V, who was accused of trying to turn Rome into a monastery because he wouldn’t compromise Christian morality when he ordered that sexually immoral people be imprisoned or exiled from the city. That’s the difference between a holy & pious Catholic and a faithless & profane impostor.




On A Par


"Pope Francis dines with transgender women for Vatican luncheon"


This is on a par with Francis inviting the "artist" behind the Crucifix submerged in urine photograph to the Vatican and flashing him a thumbs up and a smile. He's obviously a wicked antipope, not remotely Catholic, who seems to delight in flaunting just how far he can go in thumbing his nose at the Church, while still being recognized by over a billion braindead people as a legitimate pope.




Needs To


Amazing Evidence For God – Scientific Evidence For God


… Anyone who’s not watched this yet needs to!




False Trads


“Bishop” Strickland Removed By Francis – What You Need To Know


False trads: "Yes, the wolf has bloody fangs for devouring sheep but go back to him for he is the shepherd. Do you not see that he stands at the gate and has the robes of the shepherd?" Excellent video.




Cannot Be Conservative


“Bishop” Strickland Removed By Francis – What You Need To Know


Frank Pavone, James Altman and now Joseph Strickland all prove that you cannot be even slightly conservative without upsetting the apostates in this “hierarchy”. Those in the novus ordo need to wake up before it’s too late!


Deus Vult


Sold Out


“Bishop” Strickland Removed By Francis – What You Need To Know


Most recognize and resisters have by know completely sold out to the Vatican II sect… the neo SSPX is now almost completely reconciled with the center right wing of the Vatican II sect… I wonder if one reason why many false traditionalists can't come to the conclusion that the new rite of ordination and episcopal consecration are invalid simply because that would mean that their favorite false heroes like Burke, Muller, Schneider and Strickland are not valid priests or bishops. I nevertheless hope that Strickland comes to the true positions, realizes that his ordination and consecration are invalid and he is not a successor of the Apostles... Almost every revolution has had its moderate and radical wing. The Vatican II sect has moderates like Burke, Sarah, Schneider, etc. and liberals like James Martin. The Russians had the moderate Menshevik and the radical Bolshevik faction. The French Revolution had the moderate Girondin and the radical Jacobin faction…






“Bishop” Strickland Removed By Francis – What You Need To Know


Thank you very much for producing this video… It was a fantastic refutation of false traditionalism. The falsely conservative members of the 'Vatican' II Counterchurch should take this video seriously because people's salvation depends upon these important matters of the Faith.






“Bishop” Strickland Removed By Francis – What You Need To Know


Great video!...


Robert Pina


No Concern


"Pope Francis dines with transgender women for Vatican luncheon"


So typical of this disgraceful, tragical sad clown Francis.  Ensuring that people have their bellies full. And nothing more. No concern whatsoever for the Salvation of Souls. No surprise at this point.  A most depraved distortion of "Feed my sheep." Among so many degenerates, Francis is, by far, the worst. His diabolical sect operates just like a transvestite. It can try to mimic, to dress like what it wishes to emulate, to modify its exterior appearance in order to deceive, but it can never truly alter its own core. Essence trumps appearances. Always! At the end of the day, nothing but a deplorable deception from Hell... it is no... coincidence, that so many of these individuals engage in prostitution. It was the moment when physical whoredom and deception met its spiritual counterpart.




Michael Voris Resigns


MHFM: Michael Voris, the heretical leader of ‘Church Militant’, was forced to resign from the organization he founded as a result of a breach in their morality clause.  We plan to have more comments on this matter, God willing.  This is a video we posted about him in 2016.  The analysis has proven to be correct.


Church Militant TV’s Michael Voris Reveals His Dark Past


We also posted our video The Michael Voris Deception 12 years ago today (Nov. 22), back in 2011. So, the first day on which 'Church Militant' is functioning without its founder (i.e. today, Nov. 22, 2023) is the anniversary of the date on which we published our first video about him.


Defense Of The Papacy


The Bible Proves The Papacy


Thank you for this video! This is the best defense of the papacy I've seen on YouTube…


Salve Regina




The Jan 6 "insurrection" was "so bad" it included a pat on the back and a handshake from cop - video


There's a new word for this out there...


Fedsurrection ;-)


God bless,


V. from Croatia


The Novus Ordo & ‘Orthodox Blessings’


Schismatics Cannot Bless People – Constantinople IV


Dear MHFM,


This topic brought to mind an incident that I witnessed over a year ago, while still a neophyte in the Vatican II sect. The VII "priest" invited a member of the "Orthodox" to travel to my local "parish" church so that he could bless several icons that were hung in the Church. Everyone that attended the "church" seemed to think that it was wonderful. When I brought up the fact that this priest was a schismatic in a small study group, and if anyone saw a problem with that, I was met with looks of bewilderment. That event (and many, many others) provided me with real world examples of the apostasy that I would later find explained and documented in your material. Thanks for all your work.



Justin Knight


The Apostasy In Bulgaria & France


… In Bulgaria [almost] everyone is atheist/agnostic with a small minority of people who pretend to be Orthodox but never go to church or read the Bible, a lot of them do not even have a Bible in their home. France is sometimes called 'the eldest daughter of the Catholic church' yet… how vile this country has become in these modern times. The sexual debauchery is off the charts… I have been travelling between France, Belgium…





Now Traditional Catholics




My wife and I are traditional Catholics, thanks to your ministry.  You have changed our lives.  We have watched a majority of your videos and listen to your debates…



Kevin Downey


Had Been Considering Eastern ‘Orthodoxy’


A Big Problem For "Orthodoxy": St. Gregory Of Nyssa & The Filioque


Hey, lapsed Catholic here. I have been considering converting to Eastern Orthodoxy or some other form of Eastern Christianity but after watching this, I must say, I think I believe in Filioque!...




Schismatics Cannot Bless People – Constantinople IV


Fourth Council of Constantinople (869-870), Sess. 7: “How therefore Gregory [of Syracuse – a schismatic], who was canonically and synodically deposed and anathematized, would be able to promote or bless anyone, no reasoning can show.”


MHFM: On many occasions the Vatican II antipopes have given ‘joint blessings’ with schismatics and heretics, as covered here: Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof).


Profound Impact


Hello, my name is Bryan and I've been enjoying your extensive video catalog for the better part of a year or two now. I do feel compelled to thank you for the work you guys are doing. And personally thank you for reminding me in my life that there is NO salvation outside the Catholic church. Your material has had a profound impact on me, I was honestly blown away at how much it made sense…



Bryan Springer


Remarkable Story


Dog found shot in head with mouth duct-taped, rescued from Washington woods - video


MHFM: This is a remarkable story with a nice and happy ending.


New Video Posted


Francis: “Transgenders” Can Be Baptized!


Good Thief


No Baptism, No Salvation – Pope St. Leo The Great


Can someone explain the thief on the cross since he was not baptized?




MHFM: The evidence supports that he was baptized.  You should view this video: Jesus’ Descent Into Hell & The Baptism Of The Good Thief


Ex-Lutheran, Happy To Be A Traditional Catholic


Benedict XVI Prays With Female Lutheran “Bishop”


As an ex-Lutheran, I have never heard of a Lutheran "Bishop" before. Wonder if she is the first? Lol.  Happy to be a traditional Catholic these days, thank you very much for your work.


Ana Von Bunners




Francis: “Transgenders” Can Be Baptized!


If they had been talking about repentant transsexuals there would have been no need to ask the question in the first place for it is well known Church teaching that a repentant sinner can seek baptism.


Marty Frank


MHFM: That’s exactly right.


Expert On Gas


Fred Leuchter, expert on gas execution tech explains why "The Holocaust" story is a lie - video


The evidence for the "holocaust" being a hoax is overwhelming and completely undeniable.


Aidan F.




Thank you and God bless you Brothers… You have rescued many, many souls, including mine…


Joseph Boyat


1 Chronicles 28 and Acts 15


The Bible Proves The Papacy


The best explanation of the Biblical basis for the papacy I have ever heard. And the typology? between 1 Chronicles 28 and [Acts 15] is something I have never heard. Thank you.




Blessed That I Found


Francis: “Transgenders” Can Be Baptized!


I’m so blessed I found your videos. I was content in attending the counter mass, aka, the new mass and thanked God I came across your videos…. I keep sharing your videos to my family and friends. But, sad to say, some of them are still going to the new mass.




Benedict XVI and Francis


Benedict XVI: Was He A Real Pope?


If you thought Pope Benedict was a heretic... he was a church father compared to Pope Francis.




MHFM: No, you are incorrect.  Benedict XVI was one of the worst heretics in Church history.  You should actually watch this video and this one as well: https://endtimes.video/the-heresies-of-benedict-xvi/  He was also an antipope.


Extreme Blasphemy


Francis: “Transgenders” Can Be Baptized!


Thank you. This is an extreme blasphemy (in my opinion). Baptism signifies being reborn. Often times, "transsexuals" would claim they were born in the wrong body. Okaying their baptism would mean endorsing a notion that they could be "reborn", not as a child of God but as another gender, in the laver of regeneration, a perversion of the holy sacrament. Also [that other individual quoted in the video], wow, what a demonic individual he is; he could spout all that infernal gaslighting nonsense with a straight face.




He Approved It On Halloween


Francis: “Transgenders” Can Be Baptized!


MHFM: It’s somewhat interesting that this document (allowing “transgenders” to be baptized) was approved by Antipope Francis on Halloween (Oct. 31), the day on which countless pagans pretend to be what they are not and dress up accordingly. 




Francis: “Transgenders” Can Be Baptized!


It’s refreshing to hear a true Catholic speak sense there is so much misinformation out there leading people astray. Thank you… you’re straight forward and to the point.


Richard McCarthy




Francis: “Transgenders” Can Be Baptized!


Great video. Thank you for the explanation.


James Monahan


Clears Up


Francis: “Transgenders” Can Be Baptized!


Thank you for this video. It clears up my mind.




Came To The Sedevacantist Position


Sedevacantism Debate


Dear MHFM,


… Just over a year ago I came to the Sedevacantist position after seeing the debate between Bro. Peter Dimond and Jeff Cassman…




Tools of Satan


Francis: “Transgenders” Can Be Baptized!


Excellent job refuting these "useful tools of Satan". Please continue the good work of refuting these heretics…






Francis: “Transgenders” Can Be Baptized!


Great update and synopsis of the true Catholic position on this issue…


J. Balderston




Apocalypse Now In The Vatican


… this is incredibly fascinating and I enjoyed this video…




Lifesite Defending Antipope John Paul II


Did you see the latest JPII atrocity? A new Catholic fraternal organization just formed called "Knights of Saint John Paul II." 


Or should we say instead: "Knights of the Antichrist."…




Bless you for your work! You are saving souls every day… I was reading the comments on that LifeSiteNews article. Of the first 25 comments made, at least 19 noted that the group should not be named after JPII because of his heresies.


When I checked back a few days later, Lifesite News had scrubbed all the critical comments. Now there is a new batch of comments and many of these are critical also…


The editors are trying to squash criticism of JPII, to no avail.




The Apostles Will Condemn Those Who Don’t Defend God’s Church


MHFM: This is an interesting quote from Pope Hadrian I, in which he appealed to the Frankish kingdom for help against the Lombards who were attacking God’s Church.


Pope Hadrian, To King Pippin, Charles, Carloman and the Franks (Codex Epistolaris Carolinus 4), Feb. 756: “… please do not delay or put off consoling us, nor keep your help from us: thus you may not be estranged from the kingdom of God and [thus] may the Lord not shut his ears to avoid listening to your prayers and not turn his face away from you on that future day of scrutiny, when he has taken his seat with blessed Peter and his other Apostles to judge by fire every order, every sex, and every human power and the world, and it be announced to you (heaven forbid): ‘I do not know you’ because you did not help God’s Church and you took no care to defend its special, suffering subjects.”


Proper Teaching & Combatting Heresy


St. Irenaeus Against ‘Invincible Ignorance’


… I'm very grateful for finding and using your material that has guided me to the proper teaching of the Catholic Church to combat heresy and other false idolaters.


Ethan Brown


They Have Abandoned


Gavin Ortlund & Trent Horn Are Both Wrong About Cornelius & Baptism


… Francis and the entire Vatican [II] church have abandoned the faith…


Joseph Cade


New Video Posted


Gavin Ortlund & Trent Horn Are Both Wrong About Cornelius & Baptism


On The Conversion Of The Saxons


Pope Hadrian I, To King Charles (Codex Epistolaris Carolinus 91), AD 786: “Still more did we learn there of your God-protected royal triumph, of how you brought the savage and hostile race of the Saxons to the worship of God and the correct faith of His Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and how, with God’s help and the intercession of Peter and Paul princes of the apostles, you subjected their necks to your rule and authority… and through divine inspiration and royal exertion led the whole of the Saxon race to the sacred font of baptism.  For this we have uttered abundant praise to the divine clemency, because in our and your time this pagan race has been brought to true and great religion and perfect faith, and subjected to your royal rule.”


St. Irenaeus Against ‘Invincible Ignorance’


MHFM: This is an interesting quote from early Church father St. Irenaeus against the false idea that people who are ‘invincibly ignorant’ of the Christian/Catholic faith can be saved.  St. Irenaeus teaches that God knows who will believe and who will not, and He leaves those who won’t believe in darkness.


St. Irenaeus Against ‘Invincible Ignorance’


Israeli Citizens


CDC leadership during "Covid" were dual American/Israeli citizens? - video


MHFM: This is a very interesting short video.  Not surprisingly, the woman tried to prevent him from simply reciting the facts.


‘Divine Mercy’ Video - Portuguese


MHFM: Our video Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception has been published in Portuguese.


Faustina e a Divina Misericórdia – um engano


Pope Hadrian I On Preaching


Pope Hadrian I, To King Charles (Codex Epistolaris Carolinus 89), AD 785: “We ourselves… received and exercise the role of representing the blessed Peter prince of the apostles, and exercise rule over the whole Christian people entrusted to us by God… we do not cease to preach the word of God to the nations, as it is written: ‘I have bestowed you as a watchman on the house of Israel; when you hear a word from my mouth, you will announce it to them from me’ (Ezek. 3:17).  For acknowledging the commands of Peter the key-bearer of heaven, we do not cease to preach to kings and peoples the word of truth and life.”


Rep. Thomas Massie Vs. AIPAC


MHFM: A congressman from Kentucky is being attacked by the pro-Israel group AIPAC because he doesn’t support sending billions more to Israel.  We agree with Massie on this and oppose any financial support for Israel.


Thomas Massie, Oct. 31, 2023: “AIPAC always gets mad when I put America first. I won’t be voting for their $14+ billion shakedown of American taxpayers either… They are intentionally misrepresenting my intent and the resolution I voted against.”


Thomas Massie, Oct. 30, 2023: “If Congress sends $14.5 billion to Israel, on average we’ll be taking about $100 from every working person in the United States. This will be extracted through inflation and taxes. I’m against it.”


On the matter of the Israel-Palestine conflict, people should see this: https://endtimes.video/israeli-palestinian-conflict/


Eye-Opening, Interested In Conversion


Apocalypse Now In The Vatican


Dear Brother Dimond, thank you for this eye-opening video. I wish to share my situation and ask for advice. I haven't been baptized Roman Catholic as a child, even though most people in my country are. I wandered through different philosophies and religions and the path led me to Christianity in the end. I started reading the Bible and reading and listening to Catholic sources. A friend invited me to a Seventh day Adventist church which I come to every now and then, even though I know of their origin and don't agree with some of their basic views, they are a kind bunch of believers in their own thing. Weeks ago I joined the catechumenate so I could be baptized at Easter time, but the program and church belongs of course to the RCC. I don't know what to do, which Catechism to read if not the RCC's one and where to get baptized, as all my friends and family are either of different faith, non-baptized, SDA or RC. Should i go ahead with the Catechumenate and get baptized here? I want to be saved and I'm studying the faith and Bible a lot, I kindly ask for your advice.


Warmly, Timon


MHFM: Hello.  No, you should not convert through 'RCIA', which is for conversion to the Vatican II Sect.  Our website has the steps to convert to the true Catholic faith.  You can also call here and someone should be able to speak with you.  But it's crucial that you look over the material and become convinced on all the issues.  Also, you should stop attending the Seventh-Day Adventist church.  It’s also crucial to recognize that the Vatican II Sect operating under Antipope Francis is not the Catholic Church.  It’s the prophesied, end-times Counter Church.


Fully Embraced The True Position: Sedevacantism


Most Holy Family Monastery,


I pray you're well. My name is Benedict, but most people call me Thomas. I'm 19 years old; a year ago, I reverted to what I thought was the Catholic faith. Luckily, God brought me out of the Vatican II church quickly. Around three months ago, I made the leap to the SSPX and a week ago I finally embraced the true Catholic position: sedevacantism


Didn’t Start With Bergoglio


“Bishop” Strickland Deceived By John Paul II


How these deceived people can criticize Francis for doing the exact same things his Antipope predecessors did and not realize it is beyond me. If you think the problem began in March of 2013 with Bergoglio, you are dead wrong.




True Faith


Why So Many Can't Believe


Thank you so much I’m so happy I found your channel and I thank God that I came onto the true faith.






Gavin Ortlund & Trent Horn Are Both Wrong About Cornelius & Baptism


Video really well done and theologically detailed…


Tommaso Giri


Nehemiah 9:2 – Old Testament Confession


MHFM: Nehemiah 9:2 is a good example of how Catholic teaching on confession is rooted in the Old Testament.


Nehemiah 9:1-3- “Now on the twenty-fourth day of this month the people of Israel were assembled with fasting and in sackcloth, and with earth on their heads.  And the Israelites  separated themselves from all foreigners and stood and confessed their sins and the iniquities of their fathers.  And they stood up in their place and read from the Book of the Law of the Lord their God for a quarter of the day; for another quarter of it they made confession and worshiped the Lord their God.”


Mother Angelica & EWTN


The Deception of Mother Angelica & EWTN


Thank you for this video. I used to listen to Mother Angelica for a bit in my trawl through You Tube for the Truth, which has ended with my really only favouring Vaticancatholic videos!... Thank you for all your faithful videos.


Carrie Jones


Errors Of Heretics


Gavin Ortlund & Trent Horn Are Both Wrong About Cornelius & Baptism


Another stunning exposure of the lies and deceptions from heretics - even from one who considers himself a "Catholic" when, in fact, he is a member of the Vatican II Sect, the prophesied end-times counter-church…




John 6:40 and Baptism


Gavin Ortlund & Trent Horn Are Both Wrong About Cornelius & Baptism


John 6:40 [40] For this is the will of my Father, that everyone who looks on the Son and believes in him should have eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day.” No regenerating water baptism here. Are you saying Jesus forgot?




MHFM: 1.  The necessity of baptism and baptismal regeneration were mentioned by Jesus, as recorded in the very same Gospel just a few chapters earlier (i.e. John 3:5). 2. In the New Testament, “believing in Jesus” and entering the faith of Christ are connected with baptism. Baptism is how one becomes one of the faithful. For example:


Galatians 3:26-27- “For in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through the faith [δι τς πίστεως]. For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ.”


Colossians 2:12 “… having been buried with him in baptism, by which you were also raised with him through the faith [δι τς πίστεως]…


Baptism is the instrument through which a person receives regeneration, first justification, and justifying faith. That’s why only the baptized were called “the faithful” in the early Church. Thus, Jesus' reference in John 6:40 to those who believe in Him presupposes baptism.  In addition to this video on which you commented, see this playlist of videos for more on the necessity of baptism: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGVSKByrYzssJHrA8L1PjrxWW-S15pnEQ


Been Listening


Hello Brothers,


Laudetur Jesus Christus!  I have been listening to many hours of your content on YouTube, and it has been very edifying for me to learn what the Church always taught and how to understand the situation we have now, the end times. Thank you for your work…


Nathan Neuman




EU a ‘parody’ of USSR – Hungarian PM


Dear Brothers,


It is interesting how Orban (and others like him) are able to recognize the similarity between the EU and the Soviet Union, although it's sad that they can't recognize the full significance of what is happening and why.  In order to truly understand, one must be a traditional Catholic.


The 1956 Hungarian uprising was indeed tragic, because citizens of Hungary (including students, mothers and even little children), having had their full of the Godless tyranny, bravely went out to fight the Soviets in their tanks -- a sight which even shamed many officials into changing sides and fighting with the people.  But even though it seemed for a while that the Hungarian citizens would succeed (there was even a brief hiatus in the fighting), the uprising failed anyway.  The uprising failed because the United States betrayed Hungary.  The US quickly made it known to the Soviets that it would not be assisting Catholic Hungary in its fight for freedom.  Emboldened by this signal, the Soviets proceeded to slaughter the Hungarian citizens.  The Godless, anti-Christ Deep State in America has been in control for a long time (especially since the beginning of the 20th Century) and has been using the country's resources to destroy once-Catholic nations (including Mexico) in order to implement worldwide communism (which it calls 'socialism').   


What's really most tragic of all, is that the fake Christian citizens of this nation (including the apostate 'Catholics') have facilitated (and continue to facilitate) this Luciferian agenda, because -- having rejected the true Catholic faith -- these 'workers of iniquity' cannot distinguish between Friend and foe, between Christ and Belial.    


Lee Ann    




Gavin Ortlund & Trent Horn Are Both Wrong About Cornelius & Baptism


Great video…




Divinely Revealed Truth


Gavin Ortlund & Trent Horn Are Both Wrong About Cornelius & Baptism


Heretics boldly interpreting holy writ without bothering to acknowledge its original authority, i.e., the Church. Thanks MHFM for another important distinction between divinely revealed truth and human fabrications.




“Bishop” Strickland Deceived By John Paul II


MHFM: On Antipope John Paul II’s ‘feast day’, the so-called conservative Novus Ordo ‘Bishop’ Joseph Strickland posted the following on social media:


“Bishop” Joseph Strickland, Oct. 22, 2023: “A beautiful image of John Paul the great at his best, as his Feastday (on the Lord’s Day) comes to a close, let us continue to celebrate and live by his legacy…”


They are so deceived.  John Paul II was a notorious heretic, an apostate antipope, a promoter of false ecumenism and religious indifferentism, and more.   His false reign was prophesied, as our videos show. 






St. Irenaeus Taught Infant Baptism


MHFM: In his work Against Heresies, early father St. Irenaeus (who knew St. Polycarp, who himself knew the Apostle John) taught infant baptism.


St. Irenaeus, Against Heresies, Book 2, Chap. 22, AD 180: “He [Jesus] came to save all through himself; all, I say, who through him are reborn in God: infants, and children, and youths, and old men.” 


Bergoglio On Proselytism


Bergoglio Defenders Debunked On Francis & Proselytism


Thanks for another great video. Whenever I bring up Bergoglio's position on proselytism, my Novus Ordo friends are quick to tell me that he is only referring to being forceful or coercive in how we evangelize... It's a common misconception but this video refutes it thoroughly and succinctly. Hopefully everyone who watches this understands what the antipope really means by proselytism: trying to get others to become a Catholic. But the truth is Bergoglio wants just the opposite; he doesn't want anyone to become a Catholic!




Bellarmine On The Two Natures Of Christ - Unconfused


MHFM: The Second Person of the Trinity, Our Lord Jesus Christ, was truly born, suffered and died, but in His humanity.  He did not do so in the divine nature.  The two natures are not mixed or confused.


St. Robert Bellarmine, De Christo, Book 3, Chap. 3: “… those natures are not confused, nor is the divinity converted into humanity… For all of Scripture declares God to be immortal and incorruptible [Mal. 3:6; etc.]… it is gathered from the things stated [in Scripture] that the divinity was not born, did not suffer, and did not die, as the third error alleged; for He who is immutable and immortal cannot be born in time or in any manner die according to that on account of which He is immortal and immutable; but also [it is gathered] because the Scriptures, when they teach that in time Christ was born, suffered and died, add: according to the flesh [Rom. 1:3; 9:5; 1 Peter 3:18; 4:1].  By that statement they clearly indicate that Christ was not born, did not suffer, and did not die according to the divinity.”


Biden Wants


Biden wants $100B of U.S. taxpayer money to be given and split between dictatorships in Ukraine and Israel


Sheer wicked madness.




New Video Posted


The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – What They Don’t Want You To Know!


They Deny The King


What About The Land God Promised To Abraham?


Very precise! Indeed, it's a grave crime to believe that the people that deny the King (Jesus) can be participants in His reign and inherit its peace.


 A S B


What About The Land God Promised To Abraham?


MHFM: This is an interesting quote from St. Irenaeus concerning the promise God made to Abraham about inheriting the land.  In their delusion many Protestants (and others) think that the land God mentioned is reserved for Jews who deny Jesus!  That is of course false.  St. Irenaeus, however, points out that the promise will see its fulfillment when true Christians inherit the land at the resurrection of the just.  The Church is the Israel of God, not the Jews: Jews Are Not Israel Or The Chosen People


St. Irenaeus, Against Heresies, Book 5, Chap. 32, AD 180: “Thus, then, the promise of God, which He gave to Abraham, remains steadfast. For thus He said: Lift up your eyes, and look from this place where now you are, towards the north and south, and east and west. For all the earth which you see I will give to you and to your seed, even forever [Genesis 13:13-14]. And again He says, Arise, and go through the length and breadth of the land, since I will give it unto you [Genesis 13:17]; and [yet] he did not receive an inheritance in it, not even a footstep, but was always a stranger and a pilgrim therein [Acts 7:5; Hebrews 11:13]… Thus did he await patiently the promise of God, and was unwilling to appear to receive from men, what God had promised to give him, when He said again to him as follows: I will give this land to your seed, from the river of Egypt even unto the great river Euphrates [Genesis 15:13]. If, then, God promised him the inheritance of the land, yet he did not receive it during all the time of his sojourn there, it must be, that together with his seed, that is, those who fear God and believe in Him, he shall receive it at the resurrection of the just. For his seed is the Church, which receives the adoption to God through the Lord… Thus also the apostle says in the Epistle to the Galatians: But you, brethren, as Isaac was, are the children of the promise [Galatians 4:28]. And again, in the same Epistle, he plainly declares that they who have believed in Christ do receive Christ, the promise to Abraham thus saying, The promises were spoken to Abraham, and to his seed. Now He does not say, And of seeds, as if [He spoke] of many, but as of one, And to your seed, which is Christ [Galatians 3:16]. And again, confirming his former words, he says, Even as Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness. Know therefore, that they who are of faith are the children of Abraham. But the Scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith, declared to Abraham beforehand, That in you shall all nations be blessed. So then they who are of faith shall be blessed with faithful Abraham [Galatians 3:6], etc. Thus, then, they who are of faith shall be blessed with faithful Abraham, and these are the children of Abraham. Now God promised the earth to Abraham and his seed; yet neither Abraham nor his seed, that is, those who are justified by faith, do now receive any inheritance in it; but they shall receive it at the resurrection of the just. For God is true and faithful; and on this account He said, Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth [Matthew 5:5].”


Fine Presentation


The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – What They Don’t Want You To Know!


The finest video presentation I have ever seen on the situation.






The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – What They Don’t Want You To Know!


This is excellent. A truthful presentation... that you will never hear on the Zionist media.






The Trinity & The Filioque: Catholicism Refutes Eastern “Orthodoxy”


This is the most beautiful breakdown of the Trinity. Silenced all the confusion. Glory to God.






The quality content you guys pump out consistently is inspiring. Thanks for everything…


Joe Mulhern


Possible Roommate


MHFM: There’s a woman from northern Florida who wanted to rent an apartment, but they have certain restrictions for animals.  She’s interested in possibly splitting rent or living with another traditional Catholic woman in a different area.  If someone is interested in helping with this situation, please e-mail us.




The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – What They Don’t Want You To Know!


Great video…




What happened At A Novus Ordo Church


“Bishop” Stowe And Francis Officially Endorse “LGBT” Activity!


… One of my last visits to the false church, included a closing ceremony to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Novena, where a proud lesbian couple went up arm in arm and proudly committed blasphemy, knowing they were scandalizing everyone and proudly did so…






Jay Dyer Exposed & Palamism Refuted


This is really solid theology and philosophical underpinnings as properly presented through Catholic understanding. The refutations against Dyer that you guys pointed out were so well researched and cited showing the house of cards that he lives in. The best I have witnessed thus far. Thank you!




Pope Pius X On The State Of Israel


How is a true Catholic to treat/think of the satanic (and it truly is utterly satanic and opposed to the Will of God) "State of Isra(h)el"


Shortly before his death in 1904, Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism, was granted an audience with Pope Pius X in Rome. He came right to the point: The Jewish people, scattered across Europe, dreamed of a national home in the Holy Land of Palestine, Herzl said. Could they count on the Vatican's support?


The pope, dispensing with pleasantries, spoke plainly. "The Jews have not recognized our Lord, therefore we cannot recognize the Jewish people," said the Holy Father, according to Herzl's diary account of the meeting. "And so if you come to Palestine and settle your people there, we will be ready with churches and priests to baptize all of you."


God bless MHFM,

V. from Croatia


Wars Are A Punishment


MHFM: On the anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun (Oct. 13), and in consideration of what’s happening in the Middle East, it’s appropriate to consider this statement from Jacinta of Fatima:


“Wars,remarked Jacinta of Fatima, “are nothing but punishments for the sins of the world.” (William Thomas Walsh, Our Lady of Fatima, p. 178.)


Vatican II Sect Scandals & The Apocalypse


Apocalypse Now In The Vatican


How do the child abuse scandals fit into this. They strike me as being severe evidence of moral degradation in the church hierarchy.


Mr Ramble


MHFM: It’s interesting that the scandals were at their peak during the reign of Antipope John Paul II.  That corresponds to his special role in the fulfillment of end-times prophecies.  He was also the person who, with diabolical inspiration, chose so many of the fake bishops who are notorious for their heresies and/or scandals.  It's also important to recognize that the 'hierarchs' of the Vatican II Sect are not hierarchs of the Catholic Church.  They represent the end-times Counter Church.






I heard Shapiro say last night that "no one loves their children on earth as much as Jewish mothers." (paraphrase) I turned it off immediately......R.I.N.O. radio is all on the side of genocide since this new war started.




Perfect vs. Imperfect Contrition


… For many years, I have had the understanding that only perfect contrition satisfies for the forgiveness of mortal sins in confession, whereas, imperfect contrition (fear of the loss of Heaven and the pains of Hell} only satisfies for venial sins, but leaves the soul open to the potential grace to achieve perfect contrition in the future.  Am I mistaken?... 


MHFM: Hello, you are mistaken.  Perfect contrition (i.e. sorrow for having offended God) is only necessary to be restored to the state of grace if one cannot receive sacramental absolution.  Imperfect contrition (i.e. sorrow arising from the fear of Hell and God’s punishment), which includes the firm purpose to avoid the sin in the future, is sufficient to be forgiven in confession.


Council of Trent, Sess. 14, Chap. 4, on the Sacrament of Penance: “As to imperfect contrition, which is called attrition, since it commonly arises either from the consideration of the heinousness of sin or from the fear of hell and of punishment, the council declares that if it renounces the desire to sin and hopes for pardon, it not only does not make one a hypocrite and a greater sinner, but is even a gift of God and an impulse of the Holy Ghost, not indeed as already dwelling in the penitent, but only moving him, with which assistance the penitent prepares a way for himself unto justice. And though without the sacrament of penance it cannot per se lead the sinner to justification, it does, however, dispose him to obtain the grace of God in the sacrament of penance. For, struck salutarily by this fear, the Ninivites, moved by the dreadful preaching of Jonas, did penance and obtained mercy from the Lord.”


Came To Know Traditional Catholicism


  Hello MHFM,


  I am someone who came to know traditional Catholicism by the grace of God and with the help of your materials… Thank you,




New Video Posted


A Big Problem For "Orthodoxy": St. Gregory Of Nyssa & The Filioque


MHFM: This is a must-see video for those interested in the Catholic faith, apologetics, and defending the faith in these times.




      Amazing Evidence For God – Scientific Evidence For God


      The amount of scientific evidence for our God in this video is amazing, and yet, the atheists and evolutionist will still deny our creator…


       I. I.


Would not have known


Jesus’ Descent Into Hell & The Baptism Of The Good Thief


Thank you for this very insightful video...! I could never have known about any this if it's not because of this video...




On The Remnant During The Arian Crisis


MHFM: In this passage St. Gregory of Nyssa recounts how far the Arian heresy spread during the fourth century, when the emperor demanded the rejection of homoousios (consubstantial, defined by Nicea). If heresy spread so widely back then, and the faithful were reduced to a remnant, how much more extensive will the apostasy be during the Great Apostasy before the end of the world?  We are seeing it now.


St. Gregory of Nyssa, Against Eunomius, Book 1, Chap. 12: “What spot, where there are churches, did not that disaster reach? What nation remained unreached by these heretical commands? Who of the illustrious in any Church was not driven from the scene of his labours? What people escaped their despiteful treatment? It reached all Syria, and Mesopotamia up to the frontier, Phœnicia, Palestine, Arabia, Egypt, the Libyan tribes to the boundaries of the civilized world; and all nearer home, Pontus, Cilicia, Lycia, Lydia, Pisidia, Pamphylia, Caria, the Hellespont, the islands up to the Propontis itself; the coasts of Thrace, as far as Thrace extends, and the bordering nations as far as the Danube. Which of these countries retained its former look, unless any were already possessed with the evil? The people of Cappadocia alone felt not these afflictions of the Church, because our mighty champion [Basil] saved them in their trial.”




Jews Are Not Israel Or The Chosen People


The truth here in this video is extremely relevant with current events happening right now because many… have been deceived on this issue. Great video to be sharing!




Life Radically Changed


Hello, I have been a new watcher of your videos for about a month now. I have been protestant for most of my life, but left that around the start of the "pandemic"(2020)… A lot of changes in my life have happened. I started praying a novena with the intercession of Padre Pio and Our Lady. And 2 days in, my life radically changed…


I ordered a number of books from your shop, and am eager to receive them to learn even more. I will also have a rosary of my own today, so I can start learning and reciting the rosary each day. I will pray the 15 decades as you suggested. Thank you… Devotion to Our Lady affects me deeply... I know she prays for me and comforts me, and I know our Lord will not refuse her prayers…




After Jewish Outcry


"US county scraps ‘American Christian Heritage Month’ after local Jewish outcry"


Wow... Not shocking that Saint John called them the synagogue of Satan. Sodomy and degeneracy, they fund, but every trace of Christianity they try to snuff out.




Largest Aircraft Carrier Sent To Israel


MHFM: The largest aircraft carrier in the world, the USS Gerald Ford, has been sent to Israel, along with other warships and fighter jets.  It’s “nothing less than the best” for Israel when Israel complains about its problems.




… Just recently, I came across your channel and I have been enlightened by many things… Thank you so much!






Judas Lost Faith Before His Betrayal


St. Robert Bellarmine, De Iustificatione, Book 1, Chap. 15: “Judas was one of those who, having heard the word of the Lord that His flesh should be eaten, was scandalized; and he began in his heart to withdraw from the Lord through unbelief.  For which reason he was subsequently induced even to betray Him.  For he never would have betrayed Him if he had believed Him to be the true God.  Therefore Judas actually lost the faith, and from infidelity came to betrayal.”


MHFM: Faith is precious, and the consequences of its loss are dark and horrible.


Formal Heresy


Some people say that heresy is only formal “when the Church recognizes it”.


MHFM: It's not true that something is only considered formal heresy "when the Church recognizes it."  A person is considered a notorious (and thus formal) heretic when 1) the heretical teaching is public and 2) the imputable/sinful character of the act is publicly known.  Francis has fulfilled both.  People can become notorious heretics without any declaration or official Church recognition, as the teaching of Pope Martin V (and others) proves.  Moreover, certain positions are so notorious (e.g. it's illicit to convince people of the faith; permission for same-sex 'blessings', etc.) that public adherence to them by itself constitutes notorious (and thus formal) heresy.  We discuss these matters here: Great Proof Texts For Sedevacantism Show That Francis Is Not The Pope.  According to Catholic principles, based on what he publicly preaches, teaches and does, Francis is definitely a manifest heretic and cannot be considered to have membership or authority coram ecclesia (in the sight of the Church).


No Authority To Recognize Francis


Breaking: Francis Says “Yes” To Same-Sex “Blessings” In Response To “Cardinals”


Dear Brothers, 


Brother Peter made a really good point about how so many deceivers try to avoid the truth (and discourage others from seeing it) by claiming they don't have 'authority.'  Yes, we might ask such individuals: who gave you the authority to ignore the teachings of every pope from St. Peter to Pope Pius XII?  Those popes certainly didn't give you any such authority, because they were adamant that the dogmatic teachings of the Church can never change and that to be a Catholic, one must be subject to those popes and accept their dogmatic pronouncements.  In addition (we might also ask) who gave you the "authority" to align yourselves with individuals or "churches" that reject papal teaching, and who gave you the authority to defend and even support them?  Certainly, the aforementioned popes never gave you any such authority; on the contrary, they condemned such actions!...   


Lee Ann 


Revealing Discovery


Proven! Newspapers promoted 6 million Jews in danger of death 18 years before Hitler - must-see video


Revealing discovery.




Taylor Marshall Misquotes Bellarmine Again!


MHFM: In our July 29, 2023, video about Taylor Marshall (Taylor Marshall’s Publicity Stunts & False Theology – Exposed), we refuted (among other things) a blatant mistranslation of St. Robert Bellarmine that Marshall and others use to mislead people.  We figured that after our video came out Marshall would at least stop using the blatantly false translation of Bellarmine.  But no, in a video published on Oct. 2, 2023 (over two months after our video was published), Marshall again uses the blatant mistranslation of Bellarmine to mislead people!  It’s outrageous and another striking example of the astounding blindness under which false traditionalists and heretics like Marshall labor.


Video on Faustina


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


Excellent video!!! Her words are so blasphemous ! She must have been either severely delusional… or completely possessed.






Breaking: Francis Says “Yes” To Same-Sex “Blessings” In Response To “Cardinals”


Since Bergoglio has as his father the devil, its logical and makes sense that he would put his demonic "seal of approval" on the kinds of [ mortal] sins that cause ppl to lose their souls for all eternity in hell…






Breaking: Francis Says “Yes” To Same-Sex “Blessings” In Response To “Cardinals”


Wow, this is shocking!




No Excuse


Breaking: Francis Says “Yes” To Same-Sex “Blessings” In Response To “Cardinals”


… God is allowing Francis to spew these things to open the eyes of those who continue to obstinately consider him the pope or a Catholic so that there will be no excuse for them on judgment day.




Same Method


Breaking: Francis Says “Yes” To Same-Sex “Blessings” In Response To “Cardinals”


Note well how secular politics in the West handled this issue over the past few decades. First they said let us decriminalize it. Later they allowed for “unions” but not marriages. Then they permitted “marriage” and finally we now have hate speech laws against anyone who voices opposition. Antipope Francis is simply following the same exact method but at a quicker pace. In January of 2023, he said it should be globally decriminalized; that it is not a crime. Now (October 2023) he grants that unions can be blessed, but it isn’t a marriage. Don’t get me wrong, the first step is already dangerous and antipope Francis has already crossed the line into heresy, but by going in small steps they attempt to “slowly boil the frog” and make it easier for Vatican II apologists to defend by saying such ridiculous things like, “Oh he said it isn’t a crime, not it isn’t a sin” or “blessings for couples is not the same as the sacrament of matrimony” and so forth. Then all of sudden the Vatican II adherents will wake up and find themselves in a religion that… openly approves of sodomy… and they will wonder how did they get to this point.






Breaking: Francis Says “Yes” To Same-Sex “Blessings” In Response To “Cardinals”


The V2 Novus Ordo Sect = the Anti-Church of the End Times.




Now I Can Become A True Catholic


Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof)


Such a well done, convincing video! Thanks so very much. I converted from the Episcopal Church (USA). At the time I left they had a woman Bishop, and notoriously permitted abortion (when necessary... when is THAT?) There were also other reasons. I knew I had done well leaving that church and joining the one true church. I had no idea the Vatican Sect was so polluted! Not until now. I am so thankful for these teachings. Now, finally, I have the opportunity to become a true Catholic! Thanks be to God! And thanks to all who made this instructive video and the others in this series also! Anne Eloise M.


Anne Eloise M.


Superb Videos


Great Proof Texts For Sedevacantism Show That Francis Is Not The Pope


This teaching is pure dynamite! I will have to listen 2 or 3 more times so I can talk about it! That will be a labor of love! I have interested a friend, a woman, in these teachings. She doesn't like Francis (and I was so happy to hear that). I am with you all, in all you said. I am now studying these superb videos! God bless you Brothers…


Anne Eloise M.


Pope Benedict XIV vs. Francis On Converting The ‘Orthodox’


MHFM: In this encyclical Pope Benedict XIV referred to the great efforts popes made to convert Eastern schismatics.


Pope Benedict XIV, Allatae Sunt (#5), July 26, 1755: “Certainly, that man would have to be declared utterly inexperienced in ecclesiastical history who did not know of the mighty efforts of the Roman Pontiffs to bring the Orientals into unity since the fatal schism of Photius; he laid hold of the See of Constantinople when the lawful Patriarch St. Ignatius was forcefully ejected in the time of Pope St. Nicholas I [AD 858].”


The Vatican II antipopes of course do (and teach) exactly the opposite.  Not only do they not tell the Eastern schismatics they need to convert, but they openly condemn efforts to convert them.  Here’s just one example from Francis (out of many).  Francis denies the Papacy and more in New Joint Declaration with Schismatic Kirill


Any Deviation From The Exact Truth Of The Faith Is Of The Devil


St. Gregory of Nyssa, Against Eunomius, Book 2, Chap. 1: “In the Faith, then, which was delivered by God to the Apostles we admit neither subtraction, nor alteration, nor addition, knowing assuredly that he who presumes to pervert the Divine utterance by dishonest quibbling, the same is of his father the devil, who leaves the words of truth and speaks of his own, becoming the father of a lie. [John 8:44]  For whatsoever is said otherwise than in exact accord with the truth is assuredly false and not true.”


Favorite Explanation Of The Crusades


What Were The Crusades, And Were They Justified?


This is my favorite explanation of the crusades. You did a great job focusing on the highlights and keeping it interesting. This makes me want to learn more!




Changes To The Nicene Creed (325 to 381)


… The Nicene creed says the spirit proceeds from the father. Any addition to that could [unlawful]…




MHFM: The Nicene Creed has been modified.  It was modified (with additions and omissions) in 381 at the First Council of Constantinople.  A series of statements about the Holy Spirit were added, including the very clause “who proceeds from the Father” (τ κ το πατρς κπορευόμενον).  Some of the other changes made to the 325 Nicene Creed (at the 381 First Council of Constantinople) include:


- The words “of Heaven and of Earth” (ορανο κα γς) were added.

- The words “before all the ages” (πρ πάντων τν αώνων) were added.

- The words “that is, from the essence of the Father” (τουτέστιν κ τς ουσίας το πατρός) were omitted.

- The canon/anathema at the end of the Creed was omitted.

- The section on the Holy Spirit was enlarged from five words to twenty-eight words with these additions: “… the Lord and Giver of life, who proceeds from the Father, who with the Father and the Son together is worshipped and glorified, who spoke by the prophets…”

- Statements about baptism, the forgiveness of sins, and the resurrection were added, including: “… one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church; we acknowledge one baptism for the remission of sins; we look for the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come.  Amen.


Even in the 381 expanded version of the Creed (known as the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed) the term homoousios (μοούσιος – consubstantial) is not used in reference to the Holy Spirit, even though that is of course the true position.  The Creed does not explicitly call the Holy Spirit ‘God’.  Rather, it teaches the divinity of the Holy Spirit in other ways, by stating that He is ‘life-giving’, ‘co-worshipped and glorified’, etc.


With regard to the Council of Chalcedon’s statement that it is unlawful to “deliver a different symbol [creed]”, that was a disciplinary decree that sought to forbid other unapproved symbols from being used to convert people.  It did not stop later councils – including the very next council, the Second Council of Constantinople in 553 – from promulgating dogmatic canons that served as rules of faith that must be accepted by new converts and everyone else. 


Council of Chalcedon, 5th session, 451: “These things, therefore, having been expressed by us with the greatest accuracy and attention, the holy Ecumenical Synod defines that no one shall be suffered to bring forward a different faith (heteran pistin), nor to write, nor to put together, nor to excogitate, nor to teach it to others. But such as dare either to put together another faith, or to bring forward or to teach or to deliver a different creed (heteron sumbolon) to as wish to be converted to the knowledge of the truth, from the Gentiles, or Jews or any heresy whatever, if they be Bishops or clerics let them be deposed, the Bishops from the Episcopate, and the clerics from the clergy; but if they be monks or laics: let them be anathematized.”


The Church, through a pope (who wields the supreme authority over the Church from Christ), has the authority to add a true statement to the Creed for the defense of the faith or for further clarification of a point.  Hence, there’s no merit to the argument that the Church could not add the words ‘and the Son’ to the Creed for a defense and assertion of the true doctrine.  Hence, the Council of Florence under Pope Eugene IV correctly declared:


Pope Eugene IV, Council of Florence, “Laetentur coeli”, July 6, 1439: “We define in addition that the explanation of those words ‘Filioque’ for the sake of declaring the truth and also because of imminent necessity has been lawfully and reasonably added to the Creed…”


The lawfulness of adding the Filioque to the Creed was acknowledged by representatives from all five Patriarchal sees at the Council of Florence, as well as by the Metropolitan of Russia and a large Greek delegation that included people who at one time had been opposed to the Filioque.  After the debates and presentations at Florence, they came to accept the Filioque and the lawfulness of its inclusion in the Creed.


Despicable State


What the controlled news media orgs never told you about the "Maricopa County election results"


Wow. This is heart wrenching, and casts a real light and focus on the despicable state of America's "officials" in government—and the thirst for justice for many.




Held John Paul II In High Esteem – Not Anymore


The Temple Of God & The Antichrist Located! (Trent Horn Rebutted)


This is stunning Brother Dimond! Thank you so very much! I held John Paul II in such high esteem. Not anymore.. I spent bit of time saddened. But facts are facts. Thank you for this enlightenment! God bless you!




Paul VI, Manifest Heretic


“Saint” Paul VI’s Heresies


Very well detailed documentary. Watching it again after 3 years.




Church Law On Burial


On Suicides & Catechumens (The Council of Braga – Translated)


Excellent video…




Started To Believe


I am 16 years old… I watched almost every video of yours many times over and very recently started to believe in traditional catholicism and that we are in the endtimes… I live… Slovenia… I also thank you for your works in spreading the truth and saving souls from vatican II, false churches, atheism and other false religions. God bless you…


It’s Monstrous To Think There’s A ‘Before’ Or ‘After’ In God


MHFM: This is an interesting quote from St. Gregory of Nyssa, in which he condemns the notion that any ‘before’ or ‘after’ exists in God.  He considers the position that God has a beginning to be ‘monstrous’.  The same truth is of course repeated by many fathers.  Nevertheless, his statement is worth noting because many Eastern ‘Orthodox’ actually hold (the monstrous heresy) that in God there are certain ‘uncreated energies’ that have a beginning. 


St. Gregory of Nyssa, Against Eunomius, Book 1, Chap. 26: “The Divine nature is a stranger to these special marks in the creation: It leaves beneath itself the sections of time, the 'before' and the 'after,' and the ideas of space: in fact 'higher' cannot properly be said of it at all.  Every conception about that uncreate Power is a sublime principle, and involves the idea of what is proper in the highest degree.… the everlastingness of the Son is included, along with the idea of His [eternal] birth, in the Father’s ungeneracy; and that, if any interval were to be imagined dividing the two, that same interval would fix a beginning for the life of the Almighty; a monstrous supposition.”


Before Watching


The Amazing And Miraculous Image Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe


Before watching this video in 2016 I was not a Christian, I was agnostic/spiritualist but this video convicted me of my sin, led me to the truth of Christ because this proved that the bible is real!... Thank you for this video!!!




MHFM: We’re glad that you saw the video.  If you have not already done so, it’s crucial that you embrace the traditional Catholic faith, as our material explains.




A Big Problem For "Orthodoxy": St. Gregory Of Nyssa & The Filioque


Great video… Another nail in the coffin for the "Orthodox."






A Big Problem For "Orthodoxy": St. Gregory Of Nyssa & The Filioque


God bless you… Excellent video!...






A Big Problem For "Orthodoxy": St. Gregory Of Nyssa & The Filioque


Great work…






A Big Problem For "Orthodoxy": St. Gregory Of Nyssa & The Filioque


Thank you very much for this new video Stéphane (from France).


Content, Catholic Truth


The Real History Of “Orthodoxy”


Thank you guys for your amazing content. I almost converted to the apostate schismatics but... you showed me the Catholic truth. Thank you so much.




Considering Fully Adopting


“Fr.” James Altman Says Bergoglio Is Not The Pope – Reaction


Been juggling the sedevacante position for a while now, often thought of sedes as authentic Catholics regardless because I see the truth they stand behind and I agree, but now considering fully adopting said position mostly as Brother Dimond lays it out due to his success in debate. The Apocalypse is also very telling and hard to ignore…




Their Allegiance To Satan’s Agenda


"Christian Church" holds "Drag Sunday" to bless satanic "Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence" - video


MHFM: Their ceremony was essentially a profession of allegiance to the agenda of Satan.




Bellarmine: When Grave Sinners Say The Our Father


Thank you for this sobering quote.




Revealing Heresy From V2 Sect “Carmelites”


V2 Sect "Carmelites": "They [people] don't have to be Catholic, as long as they believe, they will find peace"


MHFM: This is the ultimate result of denying the dogma Outside The Church There Is No Salvation.  It’s a striking example of the Vatican II Sect’s indifferentism, which is connected to its false ecumenism and the teaching of Vatican II.  The outrageous statement by the heretical nun is very similar to what Mother Angelica said.  It’s also an example of how people can have traditional externals but it won’t profit them at all if they deny the faith.


Helped Me Wake Up Completely


“Fr.” James Altman Says Bergoglio Is Not The Pope – Reaction


Your videos helped me wake up completely. Terrible times we live in!






Apocalypse Now In The Vatican


This is great!  Thank you.


Joseph Mills


Bellarmine: When Grave Sinners Say The Our Father


St. Robert Bellarmine, De Bonis Operibus In Particulari, Chap. 6: “… they who voluntarily persist in mortal sin deceptively say: Our Father Who Art In Heaven.  For when they invoke the Father, they invoke not God but the Devil… For the Devil is not Heaven but in Hell.  Concerning such prayer that Proverb (28:9) is rightly understood: [If one turns away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer is an abomination.]  And that statement of the man born blind (John 9:31): We know that God does not hear sinners.”


Made Sense To Convert


Thank you… for everything you are doing. I was a protestant and took my "faith" very seriously. When I found your videos and learned true church history it was made all the sense in the world to convert. Learning more and more about the one true Catholic church is the greatest joy and comfort, especially in these times…




New Video Posted


“Fr.” James Altman Says Bergoglio Is Not The Pope – Reaction


A True Warning


Can A Christian Lose Salvation? – 1 Corinthians


Another thing about 1 Cor 6:9 is that the heretics will say you will not commit these sins if you are "saved". But that contradicts their teachings that it is impossible to keep the commandments. Also, it would be totally inept of God to inspire a warning about something that cannot happen.






Taylor Marshall’s Publicity Stunts & False Theology – Exposed


Fantastic video! Great coverage…




Bellarmine: How Faith Is Distinct From Charity


St. Robert Bellarmine, De Iustificatione, Book 1, Chap. 15: “… faith is said to beget charity because it disposes and inclines him (who believes) to love Him in whom he believes.  However, the disposition and inclination does not compel, but rather leaves a man free so that he may love if he wishes and not love if he does not wish.”


What Happened When I Was Travelling


I wanted to share with people what happened to me when I was on a long car trip and stopped at the Travelodge:

When I was traveling, I stopped at a hotel for the night. After I checked in, I offered the hotel clerk the main DVD, and once he saw it he had a surprised look on his face and he started shaking. He said "you're not going to believe this." He then proceeded to tell me that about a year ago, a man who checked into his hotel gave him a statue of "God praying" and the man told the clerk the importance of believing in the Christian faith. The clerk later tried contacting the man only to find that his phone number was not in service and the address that he put down leads to a vacant lot. The clerk said he was convinced that it was an angel that spoke with and gave him the statue. The clerk then turned to me and said "and look, you're staying in the same room that he's staying in. I didn't assign you this room. The computer automatically assigns it." I marveled at God's providence and he seemed to take what I had to say very seriously at that point. I told him to check out the website on the DVD for more information. Please pray for his conversion. His name is Brian.



This New Religion


“Fr.” James Altman Says Bergoglio Is Not The Pope – Reaction


It’s becoming clearer to more people now than ever before that this new religion spawned by Vatican II–inaugurated by John XXIII, built up by Paul VI, lived out by John Paul II, polished by Benedict XVI, and now fully unveiled for what it was meant to be by Bergoglio–is the Great Apostasy.


S Hern


Makes Sense


Apocalypse Now In The Vatican


This really makes sense out of the whole situation and clarifies Revelation.




From Methodist To Catholic


Hey, after researching Catholicism I have decided to convert from Methodist to Catholic... I wanted to ask not only what my steps should be to fully convert from Methodist to Catholic…



Graham Faulkner 


The Only True Position


Hello! My name is Kristen Hair. First off, thank you for your content. My husband and I "converted" to what we thought was the Catholic faith back in 2021 after attending a Novus Ordo RCIA. We have since rejected the Novus Ordo and discovered, in large part due your videos and articles, that Sedevacantism is the only true position to hold…


Francis Honored Demonic Artist


“Fr.” James Altman Says Bergoglio Is Not The Pope – Reaction


Bergolio met with the artist who did "piss c I s t" I can't even write it out correctly it's so vile and evil.




MHFM: Yes, and he gave him a thumbs up.  It's another example of how under the Vatican II Sect (the prophesied Whore of Babylon - the end-times Counter Church), Babylon (Rome) has become the habitation of every unclean spirit (Apocalypse 18:2).  We cover that in our videos.


What Has Happened


Thank you very much for your faithful instructions and explanations of what's happened in the Church through the past 70 years. I've been listening to you for about twelve years now, and am grateful to God and to you for all your materials…


Shannon Law




“Fr.” James Altman Says Bergoglio Is Not The Pope – Reaction


Just discovered your content... Thank you for educating me on things I have misunderstood.




Benedict XVI and the Lutherans


“Fr.” James Altman Says Bergoglio Is Not The Pope – Reaction


What? Benedict did what with the Lutherans??? I did not know that. Thanks for the information.




Failed To See


“Fr.” James Altman Says Bergoglio Is Not The Pope – Reaction


Altman has correctly diagnosed a symptom but has yet failed to see the cancer that has been growing for 60 years. I pray now that the scales have fallen from his eyes, he will see clearly the heresies of Benedict, JPII et al. Embracing Traditional Catholicism is a process requiring a lot of lettings go, such as forsaking the uncritical admiration of Mother Teresa, which I struggled with until the incontrovertible evidence in your materials forced me to embrace truth.


G. P.




“Fr.” James Altman Says Bergoglio Is Not The Pope – Reaction


I shared this excellent video with my family members.






Hello…  I have seen majority of your materials and find them very convincing and true…






“Fr.” James Altman Says Bergoglio Is Not The Pope – Reaction


Thank you… you are teaching The Truth, unlike this Altman person, who seems to be putting a portion of truth in with a swamp full of lies… Satan continues his deception. Many of those still in novus ordo pews will hear this guy and think he's faithful. Wrong! I pray they find your channel and website and listen to your excellent instruction and explanation of what has happened over the past 70 years.






“Fr.” James Altman Says Bergoglio Is Not The Pope – Reaction


Your presentation is clear, rational and authentic catholic. Thanks to God we have you in these dark, sick and utterly perverse times!






“Fr.” James Altman Says Bergoglio Is Not The Pope – Reaction


Thank God for Most Holy Family Monastery! And thank God I found you!




Reaction Video


“Fr.” James Altman Says Bergoglio Is Not The Pope – Reaction


Thank you for this reaction video…




The Official Story


NYC Allows Mosques To Broadcast ‘Call To Prayer’ Without A Permit


The "official story" of 9/11 blames Muslims for the attack, but now NYC is allowing this?




Real Catholic Faith


Trent Horn Refuted By Bro. Peter Dimond On The Catholic Church


Great video, thank you for defending the real Catholic Faith.




Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception – French and Italian


MHFM: Our video Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception has been published in French and Italian.


Faustine et la Miséricorde Divine – une tromperie (French)


Faustina e la Divina Misericordia – un inganno (Italian)


Mother Teresa Celebrated By The Vatican II Counter Church


MHFM: On September 5 the Vatican II Sect celebrated the feast of Mother Teresa.  This video exposes her truly astounding apostasy and religious indifferentism.  The fact that the Vatican II Sect honors her as a saint (when she clearly was not even Catholic) is more proof that it’s not the Catholic Church.


Why Mother Teresa Was Not A Saint




On Suicides & Catechumens (The Council of Braga – Translated)


Excellent video… Thank you MHFM for your consistency in showing us the truth.




Convinced Of The Catholic Faith


Hello I have come across your guys videos on YouTube and would like to know where must I go to receive a valid baptism for myself, wife, and 1 1/2 year old daughter? I have watched not all but many of your guys vids and I have been convinced the catholic faith is the true faith. I currently live in Burbank California.




New Video Posted


On Suicides & Catechumens (The Council of Braga – Translated)




On Suicides & Catechumens (The Council of Braga – Translated)


Thank you. This video is particularly helpful to me.  Anyone seeing this post, please say an Ave for my children and me, as their father; my husband, wasn't a Catholic and committed suicide. It's not the easiest row to hoe.




Narrow Path


On Suicides & Catechumens (The Council of Braga – Translated)


I really appreciate your material as an Irish Catholic striving to stay on the narrow path. God bless MHFM and thank you.


Richard McCarthy




On Suicides & Catechumens (The Council of Braga – Translated)


These videos became a must watch… To be ignorant on these important matters is something I cannot afford anymore.


J Gomes




On Suicides & Catechumens (The Council of Braga – Translated)


Very powerful…






On Suicides & Catechumens (The Council of Braga – Translated)


Impressively informative video!!!




NYC Allows Mosques To Broadcast ‘Call To Prayer’ Without A Permit


MHFM: As another sign of the Great Apostasy, NYC’s rejection of Christianity and its takeover by demonic forces, mosques in NYC are now permitted to broadcast the Islamic ‘call to prayer’ on Fridays without a permit.  This is a terrible development.


“The Muslim call to prayer will ring out more freely in New York City under guidelines announced Tuesday by… Eric Adams… Under the new rules, Adams said, mosques will not need a special permit to publicly broadcast the Islamic call to prayer, or adhan, on Fridays and at sundown during… Ramadan.” (AP, “Muslim call to prayer can now be broadcast publicly in New York City without a permit”, Aug. 29, 2023)


Contrast this with what Pope Clement V and the Council of Vienne stated about such practices:


Pope Clement V, Council of Vienne, 1311-1312: “It is an insult to the holy name and a disgrace to the Christian faith that in certain parts of the world subject to Christian princes where Saracens (i.e., The followers of Islam, also called Muslims) live, sometimes apart, sometimes intermingled with Christians, the Saracen priests, commonly called Zabazala, in their temples or mosques, in which the Saracens meet to adore the infidel Mahomet, loudly invoke and extol his name each day at certain hours from a high place… This brings disrepute on our faith and gives great scandal to the faithful. These practices cannot be tolerated without displeasing the divine majesty. We therefore, with the sacred council’s approval, strictly forbid such practices henceforth in Christian lands. We enjoin on Catholic princes, one and all.. They are to forbid expressly the public invocation of the sacrilegious name of Mahomet… Those who presume to act otherwise are to be so chastised by the princes for their irreverence, that others may be deterred from such boldness.”


God Uses Fallen Angels To Punish Wicked People


St. Augustine, Against Julian, Book 5, Chap. 3, AD 422: “… Satan and his angels, through whom God executes judgment and exacts punishment on sinners, rendering to them according to their works, making the very worst and most damnable spirits the torment of those who are to be punished…”


Could The Spirit Inspire The Church To Change Its Teaching?


... What if the Spirit moved the Church to change the teaching in V2 to facilitate the so called New Evangelization…? Does the Spirit not have the sovereign right to make changes?...


MHFM: The teaching of the Church cannot change.  It’s heretical to hold that a dogma can change.  Dogma does not evolve, and it must be believed as the Church has once declared (Vatican I).  We recommend that you read this: https://vaticancatholic.com/believe-dogma-as-once-declared/


A Tyrannical Government Can Be Disturbed


St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, II-II, Q. 42, A. 2, Reply 3: “A tyrannical government is not just, because it is directed, not to the common good, but to the private good of the ruler, as the Philosopher states.  Therefore disruptive action against this kind of regime contains no element of sedition, unless indeed the tyrant’s rule be disturbed so inordinately that his subjects suffer greater harm from the consequent disturbance than from the tyrant’s government.  Indeed it is the tyrant rather that is guilty of sedition, since he encourages discord and sedition among his subjects, that he may lord over them more securely; for this is tyranny, being conducive to the private good of the ruler, and to the injury of the multitude.”


Undeniable Evidence, Convinced




I have been binge watching your videos over the last couple of days.


I'm from Ireland. I was raised a Catholic but I lost the faith as a teenager. I came back to the faith in 2019 and since then I have been spending a lot of time learning about the faith. However, until I watched your videos I was convinced that V2 is the true Church although I was becoming increasingly concerned. I had not looked into JP2 in detail until I watched your videos and now I am absolutely convinced that V2 is the false Church as prophesied. The evidence you presented is undeniable. I'm a little shell shocked because I did not expect my entire belief system to dramatically change today…


Thanks for your help.






Learned About Sedevacantism


Dear Brothers,


My name is Nithin Maria Thratious. I am from Kerala. I came to the sedevacantist position recently. Your videos are really informative. You are real traditional Catholics who keep the orthodoxy of the Catholic Faith. Br. Peter Dimond's debate with Jeff Casman was really amazing. It was one of the best debates, I ever seen in my life. Many people in Kerala, started to learn more about sedevacantism


Acts 15 & 1 Chronicles 28


The Bible Proves The Papacy


A masterclass in scripture analysis, this definitely needs more attention.






Jesus’ Descent Into Hell & The Baptism Of The Good Thief


These videos are a treasure…






Eastern “Orthodoxy” Exposed: Their Heretical Doctrine Of God


Amazing work, your level of research into this is impressive. God bless.






Girl on school bus dies while waving to friends as head collides with pole - 24 second video


This is scary. You never know when your time is up, so it is best to be prepared to die at all times.




New Video Posted


What Vatican II Said About Protestants & “Orthodox” – Heresy Refuted In 5 Minutes


St. Augustine On Those Predestined To Life


MHFM: Today is the feast of St. Augustine, whose various battles against heretics and theological writings profoundly influenced the Church.  St Augustine is frequently cited by those who believe in ‘baptism of desire’ because in a few statements he expressed the view that an unbaptized catechumen could be saved.  But he also opposed that idea, and his final position (during his anti-Pelagian period) was that there is no such thing as ‘baptism of desire’ and that all the elect must receive the Sacrament of Baptism.  Even the liberal Karl Rahner admitted that:


Karl Rahner: “In fact, even St. Augustine, in his last (anti-pelagian) period, no longer maintained the possibility of a baptism by desire.” (Theological Investigations, Volume II, Man in the Church, translated by Karl H. Kruger, pp.40, 41, 57)


St. Augustine, Against Julian, Book 5, Chap. 4: “Of the number of the elect and predestined, even those who have led the very worst kind of life are led to repentance through the goodness of God… Not one of them perishes, regardless of his age at death; never be it said that a man predestined to life would be permitted to end his life without the sacrament of the Mediator [Baptism].  Because of these men, our Lord says: ‘This is the will of him who sent me, the Father, that I should lose nothing of what he has given me.’”


We mention that in this video: Jesus’ Descent Into Hell & The Baptism Of The Good Thief


The First Sin Was Pride


St. Robert Bellarmine, De Amissione Gratiae Et Statu Peccati, Book 3, Chap. 4: “Let us prove now from the testimony of the Fathers that the first sin of our first parents was not infidelity or anything else, but pride.”


A Road Straight To Tyranny


Why America's Freedoms Are Disappearing


MHFM: As we mentioned in a recent video: Pope Leo XIII pointed out that when a government is severed from God [and outrageous sins against nature become normalized], “the law determining what it is right to do and avoid doing is at the mercy of a majority.  Now, this is simply a road leading straight to tyranny” (Libertas #12, June 20, 1888).  We are seeing this manifest in an alarming way here in America (with the political prosecutions, etc.).


Found The Material


Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof)


Thank God I found this channel without it I would be a heretic.


Based Chango


St. Augustine: All Heretics Say They Are Concerned With Truth


St. Augustine, Against Julian, Book 5, Chap. 1, AD 422: “Why need I say anything about the usual vain remarks at the beginning of your book, about how concerned you are in the cause of truth…?  This is the cry of all heretics ancient and recent, and it is a bit shabby and worn with use.”


The Whore Elevates Brothel Operator


Francis Appoints Brothel Operator To Vatican Position


This is absolutely consistent with the notion that the Vatican 2 sect is the Whore of Babylon.




Research on ‘Orthodoxy’


The Real History Of “Orthodoxy”


Appreciate the research that has gone into this video…




Bellarmine: Christ Died For All But The Effect Is Conditionally Applied


St. Robert Bellarmine, De Iustificatione, Book 1, Chap. 11: “There is no general promise, which testifies that the death of Christ will apply its effect to all without any condition on their part.  But all things are conditional which pertain to the efficacy [of the death of Christ], since they require faith and sacraments.”


Recent Convert


Sedevacantism Debate


Hello I am a recent convert to Sedevacantism. I saw the debate on Pints with Aquinas…




Eyes Opened On John Paul II


First of all I would like to thank you for all your work, you have really shaken my conscience on many points. At one time I was even a Protestant, then I converted to conservative Catholicism (close to traditionalism), but later through your videos I opened my eyes even more (especially on John Paul II and Francis, wolves in sheep’s clothing).


Oh, english is not my first language, sorry. And I’m Samuel… Italian…




Taylor Marshall’s Publicity Stunts & False Theology – Exposed


Amazing Video…




Largely Forgotten


Baby killer nurse sentenced to life in prison - She said she killed them because: "I am evil" - 1 min video


Truly appalling.  And even worse when we consider that it takes such a wicked, demon-possessed slave of hell to state the largely forgotten truth that there is indeed evil. So many people nowadays waste their lives under the delusion that there is no definitive good, as well as no real evil.  According to the evil society we live in, her only fault was simply a matter of bad timing. Just a few months (weeks?) a little too late.


Many of the evildoers, feeling shocked by her actions as they shed their crocodile tears, are nothing more than huge hypocrites, if they happen to be in favor of abortion.




V2 Sect & The Deep State


"Catholic Charities" facilitates illegal immigration in America - 1/2 of "Bishops'" budget comes from Feds


Wow... The V2 "hierarchy" is... depraved... This actually reminds me of how often the popes in the 19th century (Leo XIII, Pius IX) emphasized that the union between the Church and the State is a union that bears many desirable fruits, even in secular matters. Well, the same cannot be said about the union between the V2 "Church" and the (Deep) State, a union that, by all evidence, bears the most rotten fruits.


When they become so debauched, when their arguably most powerful "bishops" accept "LGBT" & murder of the youngest members of the society, one can't expect them to be loyal to their country/in secular matters such as immigration, just like the Jews whose perfidious values they cherish so dearly.






What Vatican II Said About Protestants & “Orthodox” – Heresy Refuted In 5 Minutes


Thank you!! Another great video…




America’s Collapse & The Warning Of True Popes


Dear Brothers,


Every time we look at the news, we are reminded that when a person (or a country) rejects or loses the true Catholic faith, they lose everything.  Every real societal evil that people suffer or complain about in these last days (communism, the abuse and degradation of children, the barbaric behavior of people, the loss of justice and liberty, and the painfully obvious -- though never mentioned -- impotence of "Christianity" to defeat these evils) have all been warned about by true popes… true popes have made many statements about the end-times.  Popes have spoken, for example: about the dangers of Godless, public 'education' of children, and the horror of disgusting 'sexual education'.... About the Antichrist, and that he might make his appearance in the 20th century...  About Antipopes, and how the faithful are to recognize and reject them - even if all Cardinals do not.  About the infiltration of Christ's enemies into the offices of the Catholic Church - and that said infiltration was already well underway by the close of the 19th century... About the end-times Great Apostasy from the Catholic faith and its origins in the Protestant revolt started by Martin Luther...  And about the hopeless inability of heretics and their sects to ever achieve unity in Christ except by returning to the one, true Catholic Church.  


God established the Catholic Church so that we would not fall prey to false opinions or false teachers.  It is the House whose foundation is the Rock - the Papacy established by God - and thus it can never fall.  But as our Lord Himself warned what would happen, at the end of the world there will be many persons who, though they claim to be 'Christian' will not be friends of Christ - because they do not hold the true Catholic faith which Christ commanded all nations to hear.  And to illustrate His point, Jesus described these heretical and schismatic sects which He knew would arise (including the V2 Sect), as houses without foundation that, like houses built on sand, will certainly fall -- and when they do, all will be lost.


Lee Ann


Each Person Of The Trinity Is The Divine Essence


St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Contra Gentiles, Book 4, Chap. 14: “… although God the Father is the divine essence, and in the same way God the Son is, from His being the Father He is distinguished from the Son, even though they be one in that each of the two is the divine essence.”


Other Powerful Teachings


What Vatican II Said About Protestants & “Orthodox” – Heresy Refuted In 5 Minutes


Other powerful Teachings of the Magisterium that heretics never know how to refute. Thank you very much.




The Apostate Robert Kennedy


Robert Kennedy Jr Confirms Again That He Supports Abortions Up To Birth


RFK Jr. said on the Town Hall hosted by News Nation 6/28/23, that "we need to be a moral nation, we need to restore our moral authority around the world". What kind of moral authority does he intend to restore by proposing this value that belongs to the Satanic temple & the synagogue of Satan? That last paragraph of his campaign peppered with "careful listening... respectful dialog" smacks of Vatican II's diabolic euphemisms, as if you could dialog your way out of the 5th commandment.




Buildings But Not The Faith


What Vatican II Said About Protestants & “Orthodox” – Heresy Refuted In 5 Minutes


They can take over the buildings but not the faith.




St. John Eudes On EENS


MHFM: Today is the feast of St. Eudes.  He called it an "enormous sin" to deny the necessity of the Catholic faith for salvation – a dogma that's denied by almost all priests and laypeople today (even though so many of them falsely claim to believe in it).  That defined Catholic truth is also completely contradicted by Vatican II in a number of ways.  We have a short video and article which cover the statements of St. John Eudes on this matter.


“An Enormous Sin” To Deny Outside The Catholic Church There Is No Salvation - St. John Eudes


Jewish ‘CDC Director’


"COVID-19 cases back on the rise" - Conspirators plan to run the hoax again? - 1 minute video


"Dr." Nachman has been involved in many Jewish activities.

- Nov 20, 2003 issue of the New Jersey Jewish News reports her and her husband as the Exec Dinner Committee of One Israel Fund, which focueses on "enabling Jewish life to flourish in all areas... throughout Israel"
- North Shore Hebrew Academy lists her as a medical consultant for in their 2020-2021 family handbook.
- Mar 19, 2020 The Chai Center, a Jewish synagogue in NY, that their "mikvah" (ritual bath) was to be operated under her guidance
- Her daughter works for Camp Ramah, the "camping arm of Conservative Judaism" which emphasizes "the strengthening of Jewish and Zionist identity through extensive Israel programming”




Canon 28 And Anatolius Of Constantinople Acknowledged Leo’s Authority Over Chalcedon


Greek Schismatic Forgery: Acts Of Chalcedon


Canon 28 of the 4th ecumenical council states, "The bishop of New Rome (Constantinople) shall enjoy the same privileges as the bishop of Old Rome, on account of the removal of the Empire. For this reason the [metropolitans] of Pontus, of Asia, and of Thrace, as well as the Barbarian bishops shall be ordained by the bishop of Constantinople." Is this a false council?




MHFM: Chalcedon was a true council.  But canon 28 was not approved.  Pope St. Leo the Great rejected it at the time.  Canon 28 was therefore not an official act of the council.


Pope Leo XIII, Satis Cognitum (#15), June 29, 1896: “The 28th Canon of the Council of Chalcedon, by the very fact that it lacks the assent and approval of the Apostolic See, is admitted by all to be worthless.”


In fact, in a letter to Pope St. Leo the Great, the Patriarch of Constantinople at the time (Anatolius) acknowledged that the whole force and confirmation of the acts was reserved to the pope.


Anatolius, Epistle 132 to Pope Leo, April 454: “As for those things which the universal council of Chalcedon recently ordained in favor of the Church of Constantinople, let your holiness be sure that there was no fault in me, who from my youth have always loved peace and quiet, keeping myself in humility. It was the most reverend clergy of the Church of Constantinople who were eager about it, and they were equally supported by the most reverend priests of those parts, who agreed about it. Even so the whole force and confirmation of the acts was reserved for the authority of your blessedness.” (Patrologia Latina 54:1084)




The Real History Of “Orthodoxy”


… this video only strengthened my Catholic faith.




Last Inca Emperor


The Last Inca Emperor – Converted To Christianity


Amazing video!


Mr Akatsuki


Matthew 20 – Does The One Denarius Signify Equal Rewards/Glory?


MHFM: Since various Protestants wrongly believed that the formal cause of justification is the alien righteousness of Christ imputed to the person (rather than sanctifying grace truly inhering in the changed person’s soul), they (wrongly) held that all the justified were equally righteous.  In connection with that false position, some might conclude that Matthew 20’s reference to all the workers receiving a denarius implies that in Heaven all receive equal rewards or glory.


Matthew 20:9-16- “And when those hired about the eleventh hour came, each of them received a denarius.  Now when those hired first came, they thought they would receive more, but each of them also received a denarius.  And on receiving it they grumbled at the master of the house, saying, ‘These last worked only one hour, and you have made them equal to us who have borne the burden of the day and the scorching heat.’  But he replied to one of them, ‘Friend, I am doing you no wrong. Did you not agree with me for a denarius?  Take what belongs to you and go. I choose to give to this last worker as I give to you.  Am I not allowed to do what I choose with what belongs to me? Or do you begrudge my generosity?’  So the last will be first, and the first last.”


However, St. Robert Bellarmine makes a good point by explaining that in Matthew 20 the denarius signifies equality of eternity, not of glory or rewards.


St. Robert Bellarmine, De Iustificatione, Book 3, Chap. 16: “For that denarius signifies equality of eternity, not of glory or excellence.”


Greek Schismatic Forgery: Acts Of Chalcedon


MHFM: On many occasions in Church history dissident Eastern schismatics forged or manipulated documents in a dishonest attempt to undermine the truth of the papacy or another Catholic dogma.  Here’s an example from the Greek version of the Acts of Chalcedon.


The compilers [of the Greek Acts of Chalcedon], when assembling the letters that went back and forth between Italy and Constantinople in 449-450, seem to have gone out of their way to diminish Pope Leo’s prominence by emphasizing instead the complaints of western emperor Valentinian III and the Imperial Princesses Galla Placidia and Licinia Eudoxia against Ephesus II, and their demands for a new council.  One of Leo’s letters, as edited for the Greek Acts, was even mutilated to remove passages where the pope cited canonical authorities for his claim of jurisdiction to hear appeals from eastern bishops.

     The session acts themselves likewise show occasional traces of editing meant to undercut papal claims.  The objections voiced by papal legates in the debate over the twenty-eighth canon, given fully in the Latin, are truncated in the Greek… The… twenty-eighth canon, with its bold assertion of Constantinopolitan authority and consequent challenge to Rome, gained additional emphasis by its placement at the conclusion of the council rather than among the other twenty seven canons.” (The Acts Of The Council Of Chalcedon: Volume 1, Introduction by Michael Gaddis, Liverpool University Press, 2005, pp. 80-81)


New Video Posted


The Great Monarch Theory Is False


3 Days Of Darkness & Great Monarch Contradiction


The Great Monarch Theory Is False


Could you provide some source materials that show that during the [alleged] 3 days of darkness only Catholics survive? I was under the impression something like a third of humanity will die out including some Catholics?




MHFM: This post addresses that matter: https://vaticancatholic.com/three-days-of-darkness/


Coming Back


“Exorcist Priest” Vincent Lampert – Demonic Activity And His Heretical Beliefs


I am Baptized Catholic. I left the Vatican II doctrines when I was 11, I am 51. I recently found MHFM… It has been a blessing to finally come home! I frequently evangelize [with] your website and YouTube at this critical period in end days. Thank you and may Jesus continue to bless your work on true salvation.




Videos Provided


Thank you for the videos you provide on YouTube.  I'm studying them slowly… (The debate with Cassman was impressive! )  I'm not an SSPX guy but just a dude returning Catholic or at least trying to be. Francis has been stressing me out… I want to be a true believer.  





The One True Philosophy


St. Augustine, Against Julian, Book 4, Chap. 14, AD 422: “… our Christian philosophy, which is the one true philosophy…”


The Monarch Theory


The Great Monarch Theory Is False


Thank you! This Catholic Monarch theory has always puzzled me… this in-depth and insightful study is undoubtedly a charitable act of helping many of us to correct our ( mis) understanding of this false prophecy.




Very Helpful


The Great Monarch Theory Is False


Very helpful info thank you…




Either With God Or The Devil


“Fr.” Mark Goring Is In A Diabolical Fog


We are at the point in time that your either with God or with the devil. If you refuse or don’t want to see the truth than in the fire you will go. We are in a battle for our souls and how you are going to fight is based on absorbing all this information. So blessed to have MHFM feeding us truth with proof and fact.






Francis Endorsed “LGBT” Relationships In Disney Documentary


This situation give me chills, very sad…




Powerful Video


The Temple Of God & The Antichrist Located! (Trent Horn Rebutted)


Powerful video all Catholics ought to reflect seriously on…




Britain Is Gone


The horrors of the Islamic caliphate of Glasgow, Scotland - video


This is so dangerous, and any criticism gets you branded. Britain is gone.


H Sense


Interesting & Enlightening


Faustina & The Divine Mercy Deception


Very interesting & enlightening.


Shellia Grady


St. Robert Bellarmine vs. Antipopes Francis And Benedict XVI On Judas’ Fate


MHFM: St. Robert Bellarmine correctly taught, based on the words of Scripture, that Judas was damned.


St. Robert Bellarmine, De Iustificatione, Book 3, Chap. 14: “But it is firmly established that Judas was reprobate and damned, both from the passage where he is called ‘the son of perdition’ (John 17:12) and from Matthew 26, where the Lord says concerning Judas: ‘It would be better for that man if he had not been born.’”


However, the heretics Antipope Francis and Antipope Benedict XVI taught that Judas might have been saved.


Francis, Jan. 19, 2018: “None of us can say that a person has not gone to heaven. I will tell you something that might surprise you: we cannot even say it about Judas.”


Benedict XVI, Oct. 18, 2006: “This poses two questions when it comes to explaining what happened [with Judas]. The first consists in asking ourselves how it was possible that Jesus chose this man and trusted him. In fact, though Judas is the group's administrator (cf. John 12:6b; 13:29a), in reality he is also called "thief" (John 12:6a). The mystery of the choice is even greater, as Jesus utters a very severe judgment on him: "Woe to that man by whom the son of man is betrayed!" (Matthew 26:24). This mystery is even more profound if one thinks of his eternal fate, knowing that Judas ‘repented and brought back the 30 pieces of silver to the chief priests and the elders, saying 'I have sinned in betraying innocent blood'’ (Matthew 27:3-4). Though he departed afterward to hang himself (cf. Matthew 27:5), it is not for us to judge his gesture, putting ourselves in God's place, who is infinitely merciful and just.”







Hello, my name is John, I watched your video on the Fatima apparition and your debate on Pints with Aquinas and both were eye opening to say the least. I'm 30 years old so… Thank you for your help and for the work you have done, God Bless…


St. Robert Bellarmine: King Saul Was Damned


St. Robert Bellarmine, De Iustificatione, Book 3, Chap. 14: “In the beginning King Saul was good and just, yet nevertheless he not only sinned but is even considered reprobate and damned.  Scripture implies that in 1 Kings 15 and 16.  And Augustine openly asserts it in Book 2 to Simplician, Q. 1.  Before him Cyprian asserted it in Book 1, Epistle 5.”


St. Peter Canisius Educational


Post-Trent Catechism By St. Peter Canisius Contradicts “Baptism Of Desire”


So clear and educational!


Rosalia Clay


New Video Posted


Taylor Marshall’s Publicity Stunts & False Theology – Exposed


Watching The Videos


I was planning on converting to the Catholic religion through the SSPX, but I have changed my mind since watching some of your videos… Thank you




Feast of the Transfiguration


Catholic vs. “Orthodox” On The Transfiguration Light (Leo, Maximus)


MHFM: Today is the feast of the Transfiguration.  This video (which we also have in article form) clearly shows that Eastern father St. Maximus the Confessor contradicts the Eastern ‘Orthodox’/Palamite position on the Light of the Transfiguration.  Pope St. Leo the Great does as well.  It’s another clear example of how the Eastern ‘Orthodox’ don’t have the truth.  Rather, they simply have a collection of false claims and misrepresentations.


New Post


Francis Endorsed “LGBT” Relationships In Disney Documentary


1 Timothy Refutes Calvinists


MHFM: Various Protestants believe that a ‘true believer’ can never fall away from faith and justification.  That position is patently opposed to many passages of the New Testament, including statements in 1 Timothy.


1 Timothy 1:19-20- “… holding faith and a good conscience.  By rejecting this, some have made shipwreck of their faith, among whom are Hymenaeus and Alexander, whom I have handed over to Satan that they may learn not to blaspheme.”


1 Timothy 4:1- “Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons…”


1 Timothy 6:10- “For the desire of money is the root of all evils; which some coveting have erred from the faith, and have entangled themselves in many sorrows.


Commenting on how such evidence is clearly opposed to the Protestant view, St. Robert Bellarmine stated:


St. Robert Bellarmine, De Iustificatione, Book 3, Chap. 14: “How can this be said [in their view]?  They [those people] never had true faith, who departed from the faith?  And how have they made shipwreck who were never in the ship?” 


St. Augustine Against Religious Liberty


MHFM: This is a quote from St. Augustine which expresses the Catholic tradition that secular authorities may repress the religious expressions and activity of heretics.  This teaching of the Catholic Church is contrary to the official teaching of the Vatican II Sect.


St. Augustine, Against Julian, Book 3, Chap. 1, AD 422: “Do not invoke the wretched argument used by all heretics whom the laws of Catholic emperors restrain from pernicious license.  All of them say, as you yourself have said: ‘The other party suffers from poverty of argument.  It refuses to consult the prudent in conducting its case, and invokes terror to extort blind assent from the timid.’  You are new heretics, to be sure, but you, with all the rest, know how to use the old voice of nearly every heretic.  You deceive neither yourselves nor anyone else into thinking you have against us as we had against the Donatists, whom we compelled through imperial commands to meet with us in conference.”




Taylor Marshall’s Publicity Stunts & False Theology – Exposed


Thank you for this brilliant and charitable video. Let’s hope and pray that Marshall wakes up from his spiritual sleep and start embracing and promoting truth instead of heresy.






Taylor Marshall’s Publicity Stunts & False Theology – Exposed


So true. Most unfortunately. I used to like Taylor Marshall a lot. But this shows brilliantly how fake he is.




“Boundless License Of Vice”


Pope Leo XIII on Religious Liberty as Freemasonic


In Humanum Genus, Pope Leo says that men whose soul has been enslaved by passions are used to obeying "clever and crafty men so submissively". Knowing that, the Freemasons deliberately fill the people with "a boundless license of vice". That, to me, describes what the Deep state has been doing with their blackmails. They have debased people's morals so that people would do the most perverted things, and by that, later, get those who become politicians to be blackmailed, "like slaves in the very tightest bonds ... to arm men's right hands for bloodshed after securing impunity for the crime.”


Might explain the unsolved high-profile murders that have happened in America, as well as it involvement in seemingly endless foreign wars.




Another Refutation


The Temple Of God & The Antichrist Located! (Trent Horn Rebutted)


Thank you Brothers for another excellent refutation of Protestant Answers' Trent Horn.