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E-Exchanges on various issues


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Pope St. Celestine: “… success in everything else will follow if priority is given to preserving the things of God…” (To Theodosius II, 5th century)




Pope Pius XI, Mortalium Animos (# 10), Jan. 6, 1928: “During the lapse of centuries, the mystical Spouse of Christ has never been contaminated, nor can she ever in the future be contaminated, as Cyprian bears witness: ‘The Bride of Christ cannot be made false to her Spouse: she is incorrupt and modest. She knows but one dwelling, she guards the sanctity of the nuptial chamber chastely and modestly.’”


Until said mystical spouse ask forgiveness for her sins against innocent children and cleans up her house, how can anyone believe she is incorrupt? Any Pope that warmly welcomes Nancy Pelosi into the Vatican is corrupt. This Pope is progressive to the point of disregard for the majority of faithful. I’m on the sidelines in disbelief. It’s no wonder the faithful seek shelter elsewhere.




MHFM: First, Francis is an antipope.  He's not a member or a representative of the Catholic Church.  Second, you need to distinguish between the Catholic Church and the Vatican II Sect.  They are not the same.  We recommend that you watch these videos, besides looking at other material on our site:







Walgreens Closing San Francisco Stores Citing Chronic Robberies - 1 minute video


There is so much lawlessness in California...


Shu no


Another blind Mother Angelica fan


The Deception Of Mother Angelica And EWTN


… if you believe that the jokes on you.  Mother Angelica was the true Catholic.  You obviously never listened to her.  Your channel is the apostasy and you are the heretic.




MHFM: No, you are a total heretic, of bad will, and on the road to Hell.  You can't refute anything in the video.  We are very familiar with Mother Angelica and EWTN.  The problem is that you don't have the faith, you don't know the faith, and you don't want the truth.  You can find more examples of heresy and apostasy on EWTN here (but it probably won't matter to an unbeliever such as yourself): https://vaticancatholic.com/ewtn-outrageous-heresies/




"Born Again" Refutes "Faith Alone"


The best thing is that Truth Can't be Refuted" Thank God for… MHFM. I came across your book the Bible proves the teachings of the Catholic church… True Catholicism


Frank P.




Death And The Journey Into Hell


Whenever I feel a dryness that hinders my exam of conscience, I watch this video ! It never fails to deepen my contrition.




After refusing


Florida mom jailed (for violating "Covid rules") after refusing to leave daughter’s side at hospital


I'm in an online masters degree from UF and I'm glad I don't have to be there in person with this stuff going on. Crazy.


Martin Francis


The kingdoms of the world


Luke 4:5-6- “And the devil took him up and showed him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time, and said to him, ‘To you I will give all this authority and their glory, for it has been delivered to me, and I give it to whom I will.’”


MHFM: This passage sheds light on why those with great power in the world are so evil.  The kingdoms ultimately belong to God, of course, but due to the sins of men Satan has been given great sway and control over the world.  Consequently, those who serve him receive from Satan (with God's ultimate permission) power in many cases.  At this time basically every major ruler is under Satan's control.




The Deception Of Mother Angelica And EWTN


I love Mother Angelica. I don’t watch movies that people make trying to slander Saints. Evil creatures all around trying too. We saw her heart. She was Holy.


Coleen Ann


MHFM: Your comment shows that you don't care about the truth or Catholicism.  The video proves that she was a heretic.  You are not Catholic.


‘Catholic’ Hospital


"Catholic" hospital is offering "sex change surgeries" for "transgenders" - 29 second video


That is by no means a Catholic hospital, shame on them for calling themselves by the... title of Catholic.




Vatican II, Bind


Vatican II's Protestant Heresy


Vatican II was a big big change from the past, but the question is are we now to go along with it? Jesus said in the Gospels "whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you unbind on earth will be unbound in heaven".




MHFM: No.  One must reject Vatican II.  The men who implemented and confirmed it were not true popes.  They were heretical antipopes, and they did not have authority to bind on Earth.  That is explained in this video and in our material: https://endtimes.video/sedevacantism-francis-pope-celestine/  Further, the faith cannot change.  We recommend that you read this: https://vaticancatholic.com/catholic-glossary-principles/


We encourage you to look at more of our videos and our website.  The material explains what's going on and what to do.  We also recommend that Catholics, if they can, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.


Young Earth


Amazing Evidence For God


So glad these Catholics are young earthers, as the Pope believes in Big Bang creation.


Joe Clarke


MHFM: Hello.  Francis is actually an antipope, and the current situation in Rome was prophesied.  This video, among others on our site, explains what's happening: Apocalypse Now In The Vatican  The apostate Antipope Francis also accepts the idiocy of evolution.


“Catholic” Hospital


"Catholic" hospital is offering "sex change surgeries" for "transgenders" - 29 second video


This is so evil it is hard to put into words… Their god is the Devil, the father of lies. They worship material things.


Lucas Guelfi



Thank you for leading me to the truth.


Matthew Lucescu




Catholic vs. “Orthodox” On The Transfiguration Light (Leo, Maximus)


… I never understood this aspect of the faith until this video. Thank you.


Joseph H




The Trinity & The Filioque: Catholicism Refutes Eastern “Orthodoxy”






New Video Posted


Catholic vs. “Orthodox” On The Transfiguration Light (Leo, Maximus)




The Bible teaches that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist


This article is excellent. I've shared what's in it multiple times with all kinds of people. I have the book!






Priests from SSPX and SSPX Resistance accused of sex abuse - 32 second video


I hope at least some in the SSPX come to the conclusion that God is allowing theses things to come out in order for them to realize that there's something deeply wrong in the SSPX. Maybe some will be more willing to hear the criticism that true Catholics present about them, even though this shouldn't be necessary. Logic, the teachings of the Fathers and the words of the Magisterium are sufficient to realize that the very head of Catholicism cannot be a non-Catholic; that this head cannot be so without the authority of binding and loosing; and that, thus, this head office is necessarily vacant as it cannot, by divine law, be occupied by Francis or any other of his heretical predecessors since John XXIII.


This case in specific, in my opinion, also symbolically shows that, in reality, they are spiritually tied to the Counter Church - no matter how much they say otherwise - due of their refusal of adopting the correct conclusion above. For this particular kind of scandal is precisely the one that makes even the mostly pagan world in which we are living in abhor the Counter Church, even though they wrongly think it's the Catholic Church.


Rafael Centeio




What Francis Really Believes


Antipope... shameful people still believe he represents Christ! Such blindness. 


K. Solo




Dear MHFM, 


I am writing to you in the hopes that you may be able to answer some questions I have in regards to receiving the sacraments. I am… baptized… belonging to the Vatican II sect but upon discovering your channel a few months ago I have been enlightened to the Sedevacantist position on the church. I am now transitioning into becoming a Traditionalist Catholic…



Jake Robinson




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


It is disturbing enough that this man speaks such heresies... What I find more horrifying is that he has followers and how those of the KJV only camp are so blinded…


Rhaven Lynn


Infant Baptism


All my family members were baptized when we were young around the age 1, I told my brother to baptize his daughter at the age of 3 month, is it ok?




MHFM: No, she should be baptized before that, if she is going to be raised in the true faith.


Pope Eugene IV, Council of Florence, Cantate Domino, 1441: “Regarding children, indeed, because of danger of death, which can often take place, when no help can be brought to them by another remedy than through the sacrament of baptism, through which they are snatched from the domination of the Devil and adopted among the sons of God, it advises that holy baptism ought not to be deferred for forty or eighty days, or any time according to the observance of certain people, but it should be conferred as soon as it can be done conveniently…”


Ready to Convert


... I am fully ready to commit myself to true Roman Catholicism, to take the profession of Faith, and so I need a bit of help finding a valid priest to get the sacrament of confession from. I was wondering if you could help with that. For reference I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Thank you, and God bless you.


Matthew Smith


Was an atheist


I used to amass information on many conspiracies which ended up leading me to the Catholic faith. In hindsight however, I feel the very reason I originally sought out to do things by myself (I was atheist) was indicative of me being sad and lost. I also allowed much of the information shape how I viewed the world before I came across your website and videos…


The work of the monastery is better in every way than anything I could ever express…


Thank you so very much.




Stopped the Novus Ordo


The Trinity & The Filioque: Catholicism Refutes Eastern “Orthodoxy”


I don't doubt MHFM I have taken their advice and stopped going to the Novus Ordo.


Allan Simoes




I’m a young man in the US wanting to become a traditional Catholic…






Cardiac Sonographer Blows Whistle: "Covid" Jabs Are Deadly For Young People! - video


MHFM: This is revealing.




Project Veritas records (on hidden camera) Pfizer scientists making shocking admissions - video


What gets my ire about all of this is that people on both sides talk and act as if the "covid" virus actually exists, when in reality it is a ruse to enable Big Pharma to create a kill shot that would cause worldwide death and disability…




To pass over


Maximus the Confessor: “No one who enjoys indulging the flesh will be able to pass over to Him, or who takes greater pleasure in the deceptions of the world than in His blessed glory; neither will such a person be able to stand next to Him who conquered the world [John 16:33], since he himself has been defeated by the world…”




Video captures woman suffering a seizure after she got the “Covid vaccine”


I was reluctant to watch this video, but I'm glad that I did. It needs to be seen.


Joe Sabbatino


It Acts


"Archbishop" of St. Louis severely punishes a "priest" for not wearing a mask - 28 second video


MHFM: The Vatican II Sect (the prophesied end-times Counter Church) will allow people to embrace heresy, abortion, etc.  But if someone fails to observe the foolish mandates of the global conspirators, it acts.


After prayer and reflection




I just wanted to send this email as a form of encouragement and gratitude.  A little bit about me: I'm a 22 year old man who grew up in the Novus Ordo religion, then became an agnostic, then returned to the N.O. and now I'm looking to adopt the sedevacantist position… 


I started watching more and more of your videos and reading your articles during the "Plannedemic" and so I was resistant at first and thought that you both were too judgmental. However, after prayer and reflection on your material, I began to think that you were telling the truth. So I started to tell my parents about Sedevacantism and they were disapproving of my new beliefs saying that I was "harsh" and "pharisee-like" because you're "judging great popes as bad antipopes". What sold me on sedevacantism was your assessment of the verse in revelation about "thaumazo" relating to the Vatican II sect and also how true canonizations were infallible, meaning that I couldn't recognize and resist the "canonizations" of "Pope Sts. Paul VI and John Paul II". These men were despicable…



-- Timothy




Mary’s Sinlessness: A Biblical Documentary


I love all your video teachings about the Catholic Church and I share with my Protestant friends.


Jason Miller




Baby with fatal heart defect miraculously kept alive until Baptism


This video is so powerful, and inspiring…


J. Rossi




“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists – Final Edition


Thank you for making this, amazing!




To refute


Catholic vs. “Orthodox” On The Transfiguration Light (Leo, Maximus)


The best video to refute the Orthodox.  You have destroyed them at the roots.


Andrea Sulla




Austin, TX police to stop responding to "non-emergencies" that could include theft and burglary - video


Democrat run cities... Those really evil people have no empathy... they are working really hard to destroy everything.






Catholic vs. “Orthodox” On The Transfiguration Light (Leo, Maximus)


Thank you for the great job you do, please pray for my family.  God bless you.




Affirmed Papal Primacy


Catholic vs. “Orthodox” On The Transfiguration Light (Leo, Maximus)


St. Maximus also affirmed the Papal Primacy: “If he wants to neither be considered... a heretic... let him hasten above all to satisfy the Roman See... the most blessed Pope of the holy Church of the Romans, that is, of the Apostolic See, which in all things and through all things commands and has authority and power of binding and loosening over the holy Churches of God all over the world, given by the Word of God made man, as well as by all holy synods according to the sacred Canons.”


From his letter in Ep. ad Petrum Illust. M.P.G. xci 144, in Fr. Adrian Fortescue's "The Orthodox Eastern Church" (p. 60) as well as in Pope Leo's Satis Cognitum #13.






Apocalypse Now In The Vatican


Incredible compilation…


K. Solo




"Progressive Couple Thrilled With Latest Mandates" - video


That video describes everyone in Santa Clara County California save for me - the ONLY PERSON NOT wearing a face diaper - nearly 2 years AFTER the start of the hoax. Pray for me!


Pax et Bonum




… I'd like to first thank you for the many informative, and well-researched videos you make available…


Lena Davis




Catholic vs. “Orthodox” On The Transfiguration Light (Leo, Maximus)


Devastating blow to the heretics and their false mysticism.






Catholic vs. “Orthodox” On The Transfiguration Light (Leo, Maximus)


Wow, good work on that video. I am grateful for the work you all have done on this and other videos refuting Palamism.


Ian Gwynne




Hello brothers. I am a baptized person, wanting to become catholic and after some research I am convinced of the sedevacantist position... My question for you is, what do I need to do going forward?






Catholic vs. “Orthodox” On The Transfiguration Light (Leo, Maximus)


Dear Brothers,


… thank you for the newest addition to your excellent videos on the Orthodox.  The Orthodox (like the false trads) have societies, bishops, ceremonies, and other externals.  But without the true faith, it's all flimflam….


Lee Ann


Good Things


Maximus the Confessor: “For divine justice has judged that those who reduce human existence to this present life, and who take pride in wealth, bodily health, and various honors, and who believe that these things alone constitute blessedness, reckoning the good things of the soul as having no value, will not be deemed worthy of receiving a share in the divine and eternal good things, to which they gave absolutely no thought, owing to their overwhelming interest in material things…”


Hypostatic Union


Catholic vs. “Orthodox” On The Transfiguration Light (Leo, Maximus)


Amazing explanation. I never understood the hypostatic union so clearly before seeing this…


Julie Stewart




Catholic vs. “Orthodox” On The Transfiguration Light (Leo, Maximus)


… Incredible video.


Ignatian Examen




Catholic vs. “Orthodox” On The Transfiguration Light (Leo, Maximus)


Outstanding video. Thank you MHFM for defending True Christianity, Traditional Catholicism, in this great apostasy.


Unam Sanctam


About The New Video


Catholic vs. “Orthodox” On The Transfiguration Light (Leo, Maximus)


MHFM: This video examines and refutes one of the central positions of Eastern “Orthodox” theology, namely, their claim that the light shining from Jesus during the Transfiguration was “uncreated”. Their position on this matter is central to Palamite Eastern “Orthodox” theology and spirituality. In fact, they anathematize those who deny it. This video explains why their position is false. It refutes their position with various sources, including Eastern father Maximus the Confessor (who is one of the fathers most cited and misused by the “Orthodox”). This is a must-see video for those who are interested in apologetics and understanding why Eastern “Orthodoxy” is not true Christianity.




Subject: Goal Posts Moved Again




Today Biden said were gonna need 98% vaccinated before we can return to normal…


Soon, no doubt, "vaxx rate" will need to be at 150% to "defeat covid."






Idaho doctor reports a "20 times increase" of cancer in "vaccinated" patients - 2 minute video


I feel you about the indifference of men to the truth... There are others who became aware but they took the jab because of their jobs. They are willing to risk their lives for temporary security. They think this is part of being an adult: to compromise and not stand up for what is right and go along with the narrative of the false majority. A false sense of peace... 






The Deception Of Mother Angelica And EWTN


How dare you speak ill of Mother Angelica you sede!




MHFM: You defend heresy and dismiss the truth, you Vatican II Counter Church apostate.  You can't refute anything in the video.  Also, the sedevacantist position is the correct Catholic position.  You can learn Catholic teaching about that here: https://endtimes.video/sedevacantism-francis-pope-celestine/




The Deception Of Mother Angelica And EWTN


Taylor Marshall… praised her… He attacks Francis for Pachamama and ignores that Angelica praised JP2 who did same breaking of 1st Commandment in Assisi in 1986... His followers should see this lack of logic in him.


John Roberts




Dear Brothers,


I finished reading The Life of St. Benedict by St. Gregory the Great. I first wanted to thank you for making this book available to everyone as well as: The Glories of Mary, True Devotion to Mary, The Secret of the Rosary, Eucharistic Miracles, Preparation for Death and St. Anthony in the Desert. I also want to thank you for the books you've written on UFOs, Padre Pio, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church as well as your books: Outside the Catholic Church There is No Salvation and The Truth about What Happened to the Catholic Church after Vatican II and all the videos you've made and continue to make... 


Again, I just wanted to express my gratitude for all the hard work you put into making this information available. If I'm able to attain salvation, it would be due to your work, the Order of St. Benedict, the Holy Catholic Church, the graces of the Holy Virgin Mary, and our Lord Jesus Christ. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this email. 


Michel St Amour. 


They go along


"I just want my life back" says 16-year-old who developed neurological symptoms after Pfizer "vaccine"


I can't believe the amount of "doctors" who just go along with this tyranny. Not only indifferent to it, but actively assisting in covering it up. It's diabolical, a prime example of the bad will of humanity.




Was raised




Thank you for all of your work. I was raised Protestant, but after really studying the Bible and church history I began to question Protestantism, which led me to look into Eastern “Orthodoxy” and Catholicism. You have helped me to see that the Catholic Church is the one true church…


Best regards,





What can Catholics (who want to attend Mass and receive the Eucharist) do, if all the local Churches celebrate only Novus Ordo Masses, with young priests ordained after Vatican II?


Thank you for responding to my YouTube inquiry,


Lena Davis


MHFM: One must not go to the New Mass at all.  It's crucial to recognize that we are deep into the Great Apostasy with almost nowhere to attend Mass.  There is no obligation to attend Mass in this situation, but there are options for confession once a person agrees on all the issues.  




Hi, I'm a baptized catholic but I never made my first communion or got confirmed. I recently started the RCIA program at my local catholic church. I can tell they're fully on board with the globalist agenda but I was gonna go through with it anyway because I don't know anywhere else to go.  Will it still count if I get confirmed at a Vatican 2 church? Even if they teach me the wrong things I can do my own research and get the true teachings. I just discovered your website and I can tell you guys really know a lot and there's no one in my personal life to ask so I figured it couldn't hurt to send an email. Anyway, thanks for reading I'm sure you're all very busy but I hope to hear back.  Thanks and God bless




MHFM: Hello.  You should not continue with RCIA.  That's for initiation into the Vatican II Sect, which is the end-times Counter Church.  The steps to convert to the true Catholic faith are here.  God wants you to become Catholic, but you need to be a traditional Catholic to be a true Catholic.  Our material explains how to do that.  This is also an important file to read: The Glossary of Terms and Principles.  It's also important that you pray the Hail Mary frequently and the Rosary each day.  That will give you important graces to see the truth and do God's will.  (We recommend that Catholics, if they can, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.)  As you look over more of the material, what is happening and what to do will become clear.




… I have personally debated with CMRI (either Priest or members, in person and in writing) over their promotion of the abominable NFP (even using your arguments, from Church documents and the Scriptures (Book of Tobit), as well as their rejection of Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus…


Robert J. Hennessy




I find myself weeping over my sins and the fate of the world.  I feel the need for prayer and solitude…. I am finding out most people don’t want to hear the truth. No one wants to believe they have been lied to and what they believe is false… I was worrying one day about one world religion and then it suddenly dawned on me we are already in it and it was brought to us by the Vatican 2… Church. 




New Video Posted


Video captures woman suffering a seizure after she got the “Covid vaccine”




Toddler cries as workers force mask on him - Hochul orders children as young as 2 to wear masks - video


Definitely this is shocking and torture to this poor little fellow... Double shame on them!






Idaho doctor reports a "20 times increase" of cancer in "vaccinated" patients - 2 minute video


And this is only after less than a year, with one or two shots. 3 in rare cases.  Imagine if this goes on with several boosters, after a five year period…






Dear Brothers,


It's being reported that "conservative" talk show host Todd Starnes got the vaccine, and that in September he reported that he was hospitalized with a heart condition which he didn't have before getting the shot.  I might be wrong on this, but didn't Todd Starnes share footage of totally empty hospitals in New York City (which he filmed at the outset of this hoax) when  fake news was reporting that there was a pandemic going on and that the hospitals were full?  But Starnes gets the "covid" shot anyway?  Unreal.


Lee Ann 


Serving Satan


The abominable views of Kathy Hochul ("Governor of NY") - in good standing with the Vatican II Sect


MHFM: This is a woman who is thoroughly serving Satan.  It also makes sense that she said: "I will fight like Hell..."




The abominable views of Kathy Hochul ("Governor of NY") - in good standing with the Vatican II Sect


Hochul brings scandal... when she fakes like she's Catholic while promoting Satan's agenda. Hochul promotes the opposite of: Thou shall not kill.




Why are so many deceived?


Francis Attacks The Latin Mass – The Big Picture


Aptly stated, but why are so many deceived?


K. Solo


MHFM: So many are deceived because they seek the approval of others rather than of God and thus are not graced with the true faith.  On that matter, see this: Why So Many Can't Believe.  They are also deceived because they receive not the love of the truth and have not overcome themselves to a sufficient level to resist the world and do God’s will.  All of this can be summarized as bad will.




What are your views or thoughts on people that say of someone didn't get a chance to know the Gospel of Christ then they can be saved? Do you believe that is a lame excuse for anyone to make? 




MHFM: You should view this, among other things on our site: Invincible Ignorance? – St. Robert Bellarmine (Powerful Quotes)




Francis Attacks The Latin Mass – The Big Picture


... It is proof that Francis is a demonic entity, not a pope.




Army, France


Army officer resigns over Biden’s "vaccine mandate" - 58 second video


Here in France health workers also were required to be vaccinate by mid September. It's like one person is taking the same decision for all countries!


Thomas Boisson




St. Benedict: “Hour by hour keep careful watch over all you do, aware that God’s gaze is upon you, wherever you may be.”


To see


Sarah Beuckmann: 34-year-old Scotland woman suffers gruesome AstraZeneca adverse reaction

… It is tremendously saddening and frustrating to see that so many of our fellow human beings, just like it happens on spiritual matters, even when confronted with astonishingly irrefutable evidence prefer to play dumb, reject the truth and keep embracing the lie.  This is disgraceful in life, and it will be even more after death. There is no possible inoculation against the Justice of God, other than residing in His Friendship, as a Catholic in the State of Grace.






Sarah Beuckmann: 34-year-old Scotland woman suffers gruesome AstraZeneca adverse reaction


This is truly shocking. Total poison.


Lucas Guelfi




I am completely convinced of Sedevacantist position… thanks to Holy Spirit guiding me to you…




St. Peter Canisius


St. Peter Canisius (16th century), on the sin of sodomy: “This horrible and abominable sin Saint Peter and Paul do reprove – yes nature itself abhors it – and the Scriptures also declare the greatness of so foul a wickedness… this vice which can never be sufficiently detested… which sin if it be committed… the very earth is polluted with such horrible and abominable lusts… and God’s wrath is very much provoked against the people.” (Summa Doctrinae Christianae)


New Video Posted


Australians Injured & Killed By The “Covid Vaccine”




The Best Bible Passage To Refute Once Saved Always Saved And Faith Alone


Thank you for equipping the ordinary Catholic faithful to refute protestant doctrines using NT scripture.


Katherine Moss




Apocalypse Now In The Vatican


MHFM I have watched this series of videos several times because there is so much information… One small piece of information I find interesting is that the cock at the top of the steeple on Norte Dame cathedral fell during the fire and crushed the novus ordo table hundreds of feet below.






The Real History Of "Orthodoxy"


Wow this was… really good.


Ualeai Sekupe 




77-year-old healthy TN father and grandfather gets third mRNA booster shot, dead eight days later


Another tragic and unnecessary death of an otherwise healthy elderly man. Yes, it is terrible and possibly infuriating, but in my view, the most sinister aspect of all of these killings is that the vast majority of victims will... end up in Hell as they were not Catholics in good standing before God. There is still time to convert to the true Catholic faith. Don't gamble with whatever time God grants the world in these end times.






Dear Brothers,


In your video on the fall of America to communism, you spoke of the fact that Fauci's name in Italian means sickle - the symbol of communism.    I didn't make the connection at the time, but today I was again reading and thinking about Chapter 14 of the Apocalypse, and it struck me how prominently and frequently the word "sickle" appears in that chapter regarding the wrath of God being inflicted on the sinful earth.  The word is mentioned in verses 14,15,16,17,18 and 19.  What is described in those verses seems especially relevant to the death and destruction of life being inflicted on the people of the world by the so-called "vaccines".  (And 'Fauci' is perhaps the most prominent name associated with that effort.)   Very sad to watch it all happening. 


Lee Ann




"Covid-19 Health Pass" Protest Attacked By Men With Sticks In France - 54 second video


Imagine volunteering to be the tools of tyrants. For people who claim to care about health and well-being they sure don't mind beating the tar out of people with weapons.




Employees Quitting


Subject: Employees Quitting Over Vaccine Hoax Mandate


Dear Brothers,


The day after Biden announced his vaccine mandate order, my company sent out an email advising employees to standby as they wait for more information on Biden’s mandate. It appears they intend to follow the globalist plan. I work in a hospital by the way. Last night I overheard a sonographer talking on the phone with someone who turned out to be her friend, and she was expressing discontent over Biden’s mandate. Later I went to speak with her and it turns out that she believes the whole thing to be a hoax and globalist plan, just as we do. She told me she has been with the company for 13 years and would rather quit than take the poisonous jab. She told me that nobody in her department took the jab and they indicated they would quit rather than be forced to take the jab. She informed me there are quite a number of people ready to quit than be poisoned, including a few ER doctors, who reject the jab. It appears the company might have a problem to deal with if so many people quit that there is not enough staff to care for patients. During the course of our conversation, we talked about religious exemptions and possibly claiming it because the poison contains aborted fetal cells. She mentioned that Francis approves of the vaccine and it could be a problem claiming religious exemption. She said she was raised by a devout Catholic family. I explained to her that Francis is not a Catholic and therefore not the pope. She nodded her head and seemed to be in agreement with me. Next time I see her I will refer her to your website.






EWTN publicly encourages people to celebrate the Jewish “sabbath” - 3 minute video


Why do Christians only have to obey 9 of the 10 commandments and not the 4th commandment that tells all to rest on the Sabbath the 7th day of the week? Are you saying Christians are only bound by 9 commandments and that the 4th commandment is only for the Jews? That doesn't sound right. God gave 10 commandments carved in stone by his finger for all. He didn't say that the 4th commandment is only for the Jews and that Christians can disregard that commandment. Thank you.




MHFM: The prerogatives of the Sabbath have been transferred to Sunday in the New Covenant.  You should read this: Is Saturday or Sunday the Holy Day?




Taiwan posts a video celebrating their "strides" embracing sodomy and "transgenderism" - video






Mother Teresa


Viganò Says Francis Is A “Non-Catholic Pope” (Analysis)


What about Saint Theresa of Calcutta? Was she not a Catholic either????


Melquiades Araujo


MHFM: She was definitely not a saint.  She embraced many heresies.  See the shocking evidence here: https://endtimes.video/why-mother-teresa-was-not-a-saint/


She was not canonized by a valid pope.  She is indeed one of the false saints of the end-times Counter Church.




What Were The Crusades, And Were They Justified?


Hello from Lebanon where the land was for the Crusaders and we weere able to still live here because of them and to defend our Catholic faith !


Johnny Fatrous




I live in Argentina… your videos are really good… Thanks






"CDC" lists vaccinated deaths as "unvaccinated deaths" if they die within 14 days of getting "vaccine"


MHFM: What an outrage and a scam.




"White House" confirms "vaccine" a "requirement" for Americans to work but not for illegal immigrants - video


MHFM: This by itself shows that the mandates, lockdowns, and the Covid hoax policies have nothing to do with health.  They are part of a conspiracy to destroy the country and implement the plans of globalists.


Another aspect


Subject: comment on the hoax


Dear Brothers,


Here is a "fact sheet" from Pfizer regarding the recent FDA "vaccine approval":  https://www.fda.gov/media/144414/download


The vaccine pushers are trying to portray this as a normal or regular FDA approval when it (of course) is nothing but another "emergency use" scam.  Furthermore, at the very top of page 6, it says:  "Under the EUA, it is your choice to receive or not receive the vaccine.  Should you decide not to receive it, it will not change your standard medical care."  Now, I would guess that Pfizer was compelled to say this.  But the question is:  why wouldn't opponents of the vaccine be all over that statement?  And, better still, why would they not all be shouting with one voice that there is no such thing as a covid virus and that this scam was and is an act of war against the people of this country, and the people of the world?


And this brings to mind another organization:  the Consumer Product Safety Commission. They have recalled products in situations were 1 person died because of the product.  And even where no one died but perhaps could!  If somebody sold dog food that killed one dog, there would be a recall of that product.  Yet, millions of people have been injured or killed by the so-called "vaccine" and - instead of being recalled - the product is mandated!  Isn't it really chilling to see this happening?  Humanity's impotence to defend itself seems to be of Biblical proportions.


Lee Ann   


Lebanon, False Apparition


Why is everything set up to make Jean Paul 2 seem "special"… And not so long ago I read a book that was promoting "miracles" that happened in my home country of Lebanon and in Egypt around the time of vatican 2. Their main theme apparently was Christian unity with the "orthodox" and at the same time they had a "marian apparition" in zeitoun egypt. So those are the [false] signs and wonders of the last times… Those apparitions definitely reject the dogma outside the church there is no salvation so they are to be discarded. I am starting to understand why St Paul talked about an angel descending from heaven with another gospel being anathema.






Amazing Evidence For God


Marvelous production!






You Must Be "Vaccinated" To Dine Indoors In Maui, Hawaii - "Vaccine Card" Required For Restaurants


On Oahu as well.




Protestant to Traditional Catholic


Dear MHFM,


I have been looking at your material for a while now and am definitely convinced. I wish to convert to the traditional Catholic faith from Protestantism and hope you can help me. Since I am leaving Protestantism, I am one of "those who aren't sure whether they have been baptised".


I have bought a penny catechism like the one you offer on your website, but because I live in the UK I didn't buy it from your store directly. I have read it and believe all its contents... I pray the Rosary...


I believe that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church, that baptism is absolutely necessary for salvation, that John XXIII onwards are antipopes, etc.  I have read the profession of faith for converts from the Council of Trent, and would be able to make this profession in truth…


I do not know who would be able to perform a conditional baptism for me. My father is in a similar situation to me, and wants to convert as well, but he is not entirely convinced and is considering his options. He would be willing to perform a conditional baptism for me, but I think it might be better to find someone who is already a traditional Catholic. I live in Surrey, UK, but will be living in Southampton for university shortly. Perhaps you could put me in contact with someone near either of these areas.  I have read your "where to receive sacraments" file…. Please help…


Thanks in advance,

Darren O'Neill


MHFM: That’s great to hear.  [We were able to find someone to perform this baptism.]




Rutgers bans "unvaccinated students" from attending remote online Zoom classes - video


It was never about public safety.  It was always about exerting control over the masses.  There is no question about it.






Portland To Ban Texas Travel And Trade To Protest New “Heartbeat” Abortion Law


What a disgraceful "Mayor"! But it's not surprising since Portland embraces the sodomite lifestyle, and the Liberal agenda.  Pray for the conversion of the Portlanders to the traditional Catholic faith.  St. Peter Claver, pray for us. Amen.


Jack Reilly




Amazing Evidence For God


Thank you so much for this video. This gave me so much enlightenment and made me trust in God more. I have doubted Him so many times but in the end, I still keep on coming back to Him and Him alone.


Dee Riego


MHFM: We're glad you liked the video.  It's also crucial that you embrace the traditional Catholic faith.  It's the one true faith.  It's what God wants you to do, and it's necessary for salvation.  You will find biblical proof for Catholicism here: https://vaticancatholic.com/bible/  Our material also explains what's happening in Rome now.  See this video, among others: https://endtimes.video/apocalypse-now-in-the-vatican/




Dear MHFM,


… I am an American, currently living in Germany, and a Traditional Catholic who holds the sedevacantist position… Thank you and God bless you in your effort to convert and save souls. 


Joe Gordon


Excited to become Catholic


Thank you for your outstanding teachings and sharing such heavenly words with the world, am so very grateful God has so generously guided me to you.

After moving away from the Church of England in the UK - was very unsure of 'where to go' - never felt totally 'at ease' within the CoE and to say the least - it was 'not a nice place to be,' (mildest expression!).

… so excited with the knowledge have read so far wish to be baptised within the 'true' Catholic faith, how would one find a 'true' Catholic minister/person to administer a Baptism with water? Am unsure of how to move forward.

Will purchase Catechism book and learn to pray the Rosary every day in the meantime. Thank you for taking the time to read my missive to you and look forward to your reply.

May God Bless you,
Thank you,



Abortion Ban


"Catholic priest" in good standing with the Vatican II Sect opposes Texas abortion ban

… This man is the evil fruit of the Vatican II sect. He puts himself right next to the satanic temple, which argues, that abortion is their "religious right". An abomination, that cries to heaven.


Dominik Geis




Apocalypse Now In The Vatican


Great video. It doesn’t get any more relevant than this.


Unam Sanctam




Dear MHFM,


Thank you for the spiritual work you are doing for the salvation of souls in these last days.


I am writing to you to seek for help/advice regarding marriage. I am 40 years old and I have been holding the Sedevacantist position since through God's intervention I came across your website around October 2015.  I currently live and work in Mombasa Kenya, but I do have plans of relocating back to my country Uganda at the end of this year God willing.  While in the V2 sect I did a lot of spiritual study which I believe through Providence God was preparing me to receive the full truth of the Traditional Catholic Faith through your website…  I do desire married life to a Traditional Catholic lady for Sacramental reasons and for the proper up bringing of children God would bless us with in the Traditional Catholic Faith.


The purpose of this email has been to highlight a brief background of my state and intentions. I do understand that it's not your job to do "match making", but I also do understand that since we are living through a foretold spiritual crisis where the faithful are scattered throughout the world, your website being our point of reference for the truth can also serve as a point of unity...


May God bless your Ministry.


Thanks and Kind regards,



MHFM: This person is looking to meet a traditional Catholic woman in Uganda to possibly marry.  If anyone is interested, please e-mail us.


Doctors, Australia


Australia is now a communist country - must-see video


Very interesting piece of information about Australian doctors being officially gagged… They all received letters!


Martin Donovan




Australia is now a communist country - must-see video


If we were living in any other time but the last days of the world, I would be shaking my head in disbelief at how draconian Australia has become - to the point that even the atheist Communist Chinese are surprised.






MHFM: The more one studies the theology of Gregory Palamas (the chief theologian about God in Eastern ‘Orthodoxy’), the more clearly one sees just how bad it is.  His theology is a train wreck: filled with heresies, self-absorption, and even idolatry – all concocted to justify false mysticism.  It’s remarkable that so many Eastern schismatics think he was wise and saintly.  It’s another example of their bad will and how they are inclined to what is false.


Greek "Orthodox" Gregory Palamas Is Not A Saint & He Was Condemned Before Vatican II


Baptized a Traditional Catholic


Subject: Glory to Jesus Christ


My name is Stone Von Dayne Laack-Veeder. I am 22 years old. I was baptized by a traditional Catholic today who holds the sedevacantist position. He exposed me to your material two or so years ago. I can't show enough gratitude for your work. Thank you so much for all you've done over the years. May God bless you all.


Sincerely, Stone




"Israel says Covid-19 ‘green pass’ will expire six months after jabs"


It saddens me that so many people fell for this hoax. You want freedom? Take the jab. Wear a mask. Do it until we tell you not to. How easy it was for the demons to steal the freedom and autonomy the people have always had... Many are waking up to the big lie, but it will likely be too late for some of them if they already took jabs one and two.




New Video Posted


Viganò Says Francis Is A “Non-Catholic Pope” (Analysis)


8 slots


Why did Canada, population 37 million, just order 293 million covid vaccine doses?


I know for a fact that the "covid pass" app in France has 8! slots available for future "covid vaccinations" entries. The app was initially meant to be used until mid-November... But we know very well they plan to keep it and extend the number of places you will be required to show it. I can only imagine how much they are laughing and making fun of the people…






MHFM: Communist liar and fraud Anthony Fauci is now talking about the ‘Covid Mu variant’, supposedly coming after ‘Delta’.  You wonder if these people go into a room and start laughing at people i.e. about how they are making fools out of the masses and manipulating the world.  They really think that people are stupid.




I used your book to help bring a Jack Chick Fundamentalist" to the Traditional Catholic faith…


Frank Perella




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


Excellent video! Not only a refutation of Steven Anderson, but more importantly this is one of the best refutations of many general protestant ideas that I’ve ever heard.


Ryan R.


Vienna, Austria



I accepted all the correct catholic positions. I reject BoD,BoB, never attend new mass, reject Vatican2, reject all the antipopes.

I want to get baptized but I don't know anyone here in Austria, Vienna who is willing to baptise me…

Best wishes and God bless you


MHFM: If there is a traditional Catholic in the area of Vienna, Austria, who would like to help with this baptism, please e-mail us at mhfm1@aol.com.




"Australian Police Violate Lockdown Rules To Host LGBT Office Party"


As always, abominations are given privileges and primacy in this wicked world. It's the same as when the lawless "peaceful protestors" were given license to Burn, Loot and Murder despite the supposed deadly virus narrative.






Doctors Explain Why “Covid-19” And The “Delta Variant” Don’t Exist – Must-See Video


Dear Brothers,


Not only was MHFM the first organization to call covid a hoax, but MHFM is also the only organization to have called out the US voting system for the hoax that it, too, is - ten years ago.  https://endtimes.video/this-hoax-affects-everyone//


At every presidential election, the media put the hoax right in peoples' faces, by immediately announcing the election winners before any of the actual votes are counted.  (Not sure if they slipped up with Trump first time, although it must be admitted that Trump with all of his "advisors" did not substantially hinder their communist agenda.)  What is especially striking to me about your video is that in it you pointed out (in a very prophetic sort of way) that the reason the media don't at least wait until they get some votes before announcing the winner (in order to try to hide what they're doing) is that they wanted people to be conditioned into believing that the news media know all things.   What a punishment for a world that loves false shepherds and false gods.  And refuses the truth that MHFM so clearly and so charitably offers.


Lee Ann  


New Must-See Video on ‘Covid’


Doctors Explain Why “Covid-19” And The “Delta Variant” Don’t Exist – Must-See Video


MHFM: This MUST-SEE video is a striking vindication of what we stated about ‘Covid’ before perhaps any other organization.  Lab scientist and noted natural health proponent Mike Adams has (to his credit) changed his position on ‘Covid’.  He originally believed it was a real disease based on a real virus but now, after trying to order certified materials for it, he realizes that it’s a hoax and that the ‘virus’ doesn’t exist and has never been isolated.  Adams interviews two doctors who cover the truth about this massive ‘Covid’ hoax.  People need to understand these facts.  Those who tell you that ‘Covid’ exists or that people ‘have it’ are spreading propaganda and contradicting a true scientific analysis.


To be baptized




I thank you two for all the videos you have made. My coworker showed me you guys when I started to look back into Christianity more so the one true faith of Catholicism… I am unbaptized and wish to be baptized in the faith… Thanks and God bless –


Justin H.




Dear MHFM,


I really appreciate your quotes of the day, and they sometimes have a personal significance to what's going on in my life right now…


Thank you,


Michael R.


But will


Vatican II Sect "priest" from Chicago will deny you "sacraments" if you don't wear a mask - 36 second video


The Vatican II Sect will not refuse their "communion" to abortionists, adulterers, or Sodomite pushers, but will stubbornly refuse the unmasked.


Simon Turac


New Video


Doctor issues urgent warning about the “COVID vaccine” – Describes injuries she has seen first hand




Vatican II Sect "priest" from Chicago will deny you "sacraments" if you don't wear a mask - 36 second video


MHFM: This is another example of how the Vatican II Sect is a Counter Church and an instrument of the global conspiracy.




Amazing Evidence For God


How awesome is our God... I Thank God I stumbled into your channel and website.


Vicky Santiago




The Antichrist Conquers In This Sign


This video was an absolute joy to watch. Very clear, well explained, plenty of evidence. You make the truth so plain to see… Thank you MHFM!


Darren O’Neill




Amazing Evidence For God


Awesome video. “What came first, the blood or the heart that pumps the blood?”. And I’m not exaggerating but that quote alone changed my life because I do believe that there is 100% a creator now. Thank you.


Anthony Gruner




Ravi Zacharias Sex Scandal Shocks Protestant World (Catholic Analysis)


The Lord gave you great wisdom indeed. I saw a few of your videos. You always say the harsh truth rather than a sweet lie. Keep being Firm in these Dark Times. I believe True Catholicism is the only way to Christ. Thank you for guiding us. God Bless you.


Mt Med


St. Peter Canisius


St. Peter Canisius (16th century): “It is a shocking thing that Christians are not marvelously ashamed, who pollute themselves with filthy lust in the sight of God and His angels, whereas they have consecrated in Baptism their bodies and members as pure temples to the Holy Ghost, and to Christ our Lord.”






… Thank you for your… great ministry which has been a great blessing to our family and to the whole world!


Jessi Becker




I came to learn about the sedevacantist position from your videos… Your website has some amazing resources.. I will study what you've recommended. I agree with all the issues I have seen…






Why So Many Can't Believe


Excellent points here.






The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic Hoax


God Bless… You are a Light in This Darkness and This Video Was a Confirmation to Me About What I Should Do. Blessings and Keep Up What You Are Doing!!!


Lourdes Vilar




The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic Hoax


Death rate flat 2018 through 2020. No appreciable change (raw number decreased 2019 v 2020). CDC Numbers.






Great Proof Texts For Sedevacantism


Awesome and clarifying. Thank you so much!


William Ridenour




“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists – Final Edition


Reminds me of Exodus chapter 7… pharaohs magicians… Demons behind this also. Great video, thank you.


Mr N




Vatican II's Jewish Heresy


Eye-opening stuff.




New Mandates


“New York Governor Kathy Hochul says she'll institute a mask mandate for students and require school staff to be vaccinated against Covid or tested.” (Bloomberg)


MHFM: As we thought might be the case, it looks like the leftist media simultaneously ganged up on Cuomo to pressure him out because (as horrible as he is) the conspirators wanted someone even more aggressive in implementing the Covid Hoax tyranny!  Now that’s a scary thought.




I am 17 and discovered your content in 2019. Your content brought me away from Non Denominational and has been my Main source of Knowledge for the Truth… I consistently rewatch your content to refresh myself and often watch ''Death and Journey into hell'' when I go to sleep to remind myself of what’s at stake.


Aden Hickman




Doctor shows how the “COVID-19 vaccine” damages vital organs in the body – see the shocking evidence


Absolutely wonderful presentation!!! Thank you! I’m 90! I refuse all their “shots!!!”…






The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic Hoax


MHFM: Among other things covered in this important video, she mentions that they didn't build a single cemetery in 2020.  They also spent less money on burial in 2020 than in 2019.  Why?  The answer is that "Covid" is a hoax, but vaccine injuries and deaths are very real.




Viganò Says Francis Is A “Non-Catholic Pope” (Analysis)


Thank you for this Truth Bomb.






Hello, I am currently looking into sedevacantism


Thank you brothers. May God bless you.






Amazing Evidence For God


Great documentary!


Flavio Gomez


Came upon the site


Dear Brothers,


A few years ago I came upon your site. I was depressed, lonely, & angry. My life has been a complete failure filled with sin and immorality. Deep down I knew I was doing evil by my mortal sins of pornography and masturbation. I was raised in an eastern catholic household and I was always interested in the Church. I would always go to church groups and was well versed in the bible more than the other kids. My parents never went to mass, only on Christmas and Easter. Even though we didn't go to mass every week I still really believed in God. In high school I became completely immoral and forgot God. Ever since 2015-16 I realized that the world was going completely insane and that it was completely degenerate. I was desperate to find answers about life. I have spent the last 6 years trying to find the meaning of how I should live life and how others should live life. One day, when I was extremely depressed, I found one of your videos on youtube about heretics like Martin Luther. I was confused about the different religions and had shamefully listened to those heretics known as protestants. You guys gave a great video on the subject. This had led me to your site. I started praying the rosary as listed on your site and over 3 years it has helped me. I have constantly, however, fallen back into my sinful life over and over. This past year with the COVID hoax has made me come full circle. I finally gave a good confession at my eastern catholic church. This past month, I started to pray the Rosary 6 times a day and on Thursday go to confession and the blessed sacrament. I've never felt happier in such a long time. I haven't had sexual thoughts and I haven't felt the need to sin. I feel unashamed of our true church. I have been getting attacked by family members and others for professing the true catholic doctrines presented on your website. I'm called old fashioned and have been called lots of names etc. It's become so clear to my mind like natural wisdom that Catholic Doctrine is truth and that a sinful life clouds the mind from truth. When I watch your videos, it makes me truly believe. It's become so clear to me how demons attack when they are being kicked out. They keep trying to put bad thoughts in my head at times but I have become stronger when praying the rosary. One time I was in sleep paralysis and I felt like a demon was on top of me. I screamed Jesus name and I heard the most disgusting scream ever leave. My body was completely free from the paralysis. It became clear to me that these devils were extremely real and was also confirmed by your video on magicians. When I was younger, the masses I attended at my school never attracted or made me believe more. I had to find videos like yours to truly feel interested and inspired. I no longer have fear for life. I no longer have anger. I no longer have resentment for my parents or my family. I no longer feel sexual lust and perversion. I feel ashamed for the evil life I have lived, but I'm thankful for the site you have made and the true traditional doctrines you profess on your site. You have been helping souls like mine and discovering your site is proof that Christ wants to help us who truly need him. You have also inspired me to try and help others towards salvation and eternal life. I will try my best to lead them to your site. Thank you again and God bless you, brothers.


Convinced, Lebanon


Hi. I've been watching your videos for a few months now and I am fully convinced of the sedevacantist position.  That holds that all claimants to the papacy after Pius 12 are all antipopes.  I am a Christian from Lebanon…




Australian man sentenced


“A 29-year-old man has been sentenced to a maximum of eight months in prison over his involvement in organising an unauthorised protest, as well as multiple breaches of the Public Health Order.” (NSW Police Force)


Australia is now officially a fascist country. 






Canyon of Despair, Hope, and Meaning


I just watched your “Canyon of Despair, Hope, and Meaning” from 11 years ago and it was excellent. Well done!


S. Hinnah




Viganò Says Francis Is A “Non-Catholic Pope” (Analysis)


Excellent presentation.


John Gurzo




Viganò Says Francis Is A “Non-Catholic Pope” (Analysis)


Well done! Very informative, and enlightening.


Semyon Budyonny




Viganò Says Francis Is A “Non-Catholic Pope” (Analysis)


Thank the Lord for this channel truly amazing.


L. O’Hara




Viganò Says Francis Is A “Non-Catholic Pope” (Analysis)


Excellent video! The viewpoint of the recognize-and-resist "anything but sedevacantism" "Catholics" is absolutely baffling. Thank God for Most Holy Family Monastery to shed light on these false traditionalists that continue to deceive many who are a little push away from leaving the Vatican II sect.






Viganò Says Francis Is A “Non-Catholic Pope” (Analysis)


Well done.


Vladimir Daninic


New Zealand


New Zealand goes into full lockdown over a single “Covid case”


Germany, Sodomites


France: "6 Month prison sentence if you are caught inside any of these places without the pass..."


You have at least the right to bear arms. That's why the DemoncRats want to take them away. But here in Germany, we're almost helpless. The Sodomites were allowed to walk unmasked with no social distancing and were praised for their degeneracy. One week later police brutally beat up covid-hoax protesters. One person died.


Dominik Geis




I have only very recently embraced the sedevacantist position...


My prolife work is mainly as a 40 Days for Life leader and I organize a group throughout the year that goes to Planned Parenthood once a week. Our work is mainly being a public presence outside with signs, offering help to those who ask for it and praying. I personally haven't been able to be out there often the last several months. I've also been so devastated and disappointed by the "prolife" volunteers who have taken the abortion tainted injections, one of them even died. I agree with your assessment that being around them has weakened me spiritually as I feel like an outsider. They are all so "obedient" to Francis...


Thank you for your time.


Sincerely - Lynda




St. Gregory Nazianzen Refutes “Orthodoxy” On The Papacy


Excellent presentation of the unequivocal testimony of St Gregory Nazianzen… that the See of St Peter in Rome enjoys universal jurisdiction over the entire "flock of Christ," which is the Church universal.


Solanus Hartig


New Video Posted


St. Gregory Nazianzen Refutes “Orthodoxy” On The Papacy




St. Gregory Nazianzen: “Many are the paths deviating from the straight and established road, all of which lead to the depths of destruction.”


Divine Retribution


Council of Ephesus, AD 431: “No one who dared to oppose his own Creator has escaped divine retribution, but immediately, in so far as human eyes could see, he was punished in part, since the more complete punishment due to him is reserved for the time of Judgment.”




"Compulsory vaccinations" began in EU with "order" by Macron (French whore of the "COVID" conspirators)


What was once the Eldest Daughter of the Church now has become the Eldest Daughter of the Whore of Babylon. And not surprising that it has also become the temporal sword of the Beast, that initiates this demonic measure.






Is NCH (Naples Community Hospital) “doctor” laughing or crying as she "warns" about "the Delta variant"?


God forced this liar to be exposed on camera. May she have the grace to be converted to the true Catholic faith, repent of her sins, and use the time God has given her to recant her false statements in the public forum. Her lies damage more than her own soul; they damage the souls of all who put their trust in the failed healthcare system.






The Antichrist’s Distinguishing Mark


Mind blowing. Thanks MHFM.






MHFM: A massive 7.2 earthquake struck Haiti about 30 minutes after a 7.0 earthquake hit Alaska.


Aztec Empire


Cortes’ Amazing Conquest Of The Aztec Empire


Dear MHFM,


Thank you so much for your material and for spreading the truth in these dark days…


Today, August 13th, marks the 500th anniversary of the fall of Tenochtitlan to Hernan Cortes and the Spanish. After seeing your videos on the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs, I read Carroll's book on Our Lady of Guadalupe and was appalled at how horrible the Aztec society was. As a Mexican-American, it made me even more thankful for God having allowed the Spanish to conquer and for Our Lady to appear and allow Christianity to replace such a diabolical cult of devils. It is a sad comment that the current President of Mexico wants to remember those horrors and asks the Spanish government to apologize for the conquest. It is a reminder of how wicked the world is and I wanted to share that…


Thank you and my God bless you,



Immaculate Conception


Mary’s Sinlessness: A Biblical Documentary


Incredible video. There is absolutely no doubt about it, Mary was immaculately conceived…


Darren O’Neill


Wicked with the Wicked


St. Gregory Nazianzen: “… the wicked are very quick to gang up with the wicked… The proof is this: my closest friends who had recently shown me respect, now scorned me.”




Texas court awards young boy to mom who wants to "turn him into a girl" - 31 second video


What an abomination.


Christin Nicoles Davies




Dear Brothers,


Scriptural writers say that Jacob's Ladder represents Christ, the Way to Heaven.  And perhaps because it signifies Our Lord, the ladder also seems to represent just about every aspect of man's life on earth.  A ladder must be begun with the first step.  And if you skipped that step - you'd never be able to climb up.  And so it is for the life of man - everything's like a ladder, where the first step is necessary… The first step/ascent of the will is…:man must acknowledge a truth about God which he knows to be true.  That nothing exists without a Maker.  That Christ is the only Savior of the world… That Christ founded only one Church.  That Christ gave the Keys to Peter and Peter only… once a person is willing to bend his own will and assent to what he knows is true - God gives him grace to reach the next steps in the process, providing for that man baptism and all he needs for salvation.  And (as all true Catholics know) the climb, in fact, becomes a delight.   (If man should fall, God will usually (at least for a time) accept his repentance as his "first" small step once again.)  But sadly, most people refuse to ever take that first step (whatever it may be for them) - because of pride or some other attachment to sin.  They may sometimes go through the motions, but they never actually even begin their ascent to Heaven - that first step up - but instead remain attached to the earth.  All because they obstinately refused to acknowledge some fact about God or the faith that they knew to be true.  


Lee Ann


Was Mormon, wants to convert

Dear brothers. I hope this email finds you well. I was born and raised a mormon and I served a mission for the LDS church a year and a half ago which was cut off early due to " Covid". The events of this past year and 1/2 have really opened my eyes to the true evil in this world and also opened my eyes to the truth about Mormonism to which I no longer believe.  A dear online friend of mine a true catholic has sent me your videos from your YouTube channel and I find your content compelling.  I want to convert and get baptized in the true catholic church but with the apostasy in the Vatican II church I don't know how I would go about doing. I worry a lot about my own salvation and I know it is only in the true catholic faith that salvation is found.  I hope you all are well and God bless.






St. Gregory Nazianzen Refutes “Orthodoxy” On The Papacy


I always learn so much from your videos and articles. They’re so crucial for finding True Christianity in this great apostasy. God bless brothers.


Joey B




St. Gregory Nazianzen Refutes “Orthodoxy” On The Papacy


My Christian Faith has been strengthened from watching this powerful video. Thank you.


Gloria Patri




St. Gregory Nazianzen Refutes “Orthodoxy” On The Papacy


I love this Christian channel. It's a blessing from God.


J. Rossi


Covid Hoax


MHFM: The Covid hoax lies are back at even a higher level, entrapping only the gullible/ignorant at this point.  Again they claim that almost anyone who is sick has ‘Covid’ (even though they never isolated the 'virus').  Horrible lies, but there are many real injuries and deaths from the vaccines.




Francis Attacks The Latin Mass – The Big Picture


Just discovered the channel. Very good. Godspeed


Cooper Chauvin




The Antichrist’s Distinguishing Mark


Excellent Video.


Ivan Steven Mewenkang


Comment, Rosary


thank you

praying the rosary helped me overcome my lust (something islam couldnt do) im glad that im catholic now

i hope vatican 2 collapses




Man warns that the conspiracy will attempt to force everyone to take their "vaccine" - 55 second video


Germany is already planning to only allow jabbed people entrance into grocery stores and super markets for autumn. Others would have to pay high fees to get tested for entry. Tyranny.


Dominik Geis




Man warns that the conspiracy will attempt to force everyone to take their "vaccine" - 55 second video


In my city they have restricted entering pagan clubs and restaurants to the 'vaccinated'. It won't take long before they restrict people's freedom to go to a grocery store or simply renew their driver's license…


Lucas Guelfi




Hi, First I would like to thank you for all of your videos. Your work brought me to the traditional Catholic faith and really got me thinking about the gradual weakening of the EENS dogma and its implications. Thank you for this, you have awakened my wife and I and we are expecting a child. God willing we will give the child water baptism and be raising the child in the traditional Catholic faith. Please pray for us...


God help us,



New Video Posted


Francis Attacks The Latin Mass – The Big Picture




Francis Attacks The Latin Mass – The Big Picture


STOP!... I BELONG TO SSPX! WE ARE NOT IN SCISIM!! That's where you need to get some correction I'm not going to hell


Margaret Mary Young


MHFM: The position of the SSPX is schismatic.  They remain perpetually independent of the 'hierarchy' and 'pope' they recognize.  They reject the solemn 'canonizations' of their 'popes'.  They reject formal teachings of what they consider to be an ecumenical council.  That's schismatic.  They are a sect.  They also deny Catholic teaching on salvation.  You must not embrace their positions or support them.  See our video about them: https://endtimes.video/the-truth-about-the-sspx-the-sspx-mc-and-similar-groups/ They also consider notorious heretics (such as Antipope Francis and his apostate 'bishops') to be in the Church, which is contrary to Catholic teaching.  They have externals, buildings, etc.  They don't have the true faith.  In charity we say that you won't be saved if you continue to follow or support them.




Francis Attacks The Latin Mass – The Big Picture


The FSSP is all we have in Dallas. Everything else is the false VII liturgy. What are we to do if the FSSP is not really traditional?




MHFM: The FSSP is not truly traditional, and you must not go there.  There are options for confession, and we can help you with those when you are convinced on all the issues.  We also recommend that Catholics, if they can, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.




Francis Attacks The Latin Mass – The Big Picture


Awesome video brothers. Thank God for the blessed works of MHFM in these end times.






Francis Attacks The Latin Mass – The Big Picture


God bless Most Holy Family Monastery. Thank you MHFM for ministering for The Truth.


Mauro Leonardo Mondal




The Antichrist’s Distinguishing Mark


Thank you for releasing your newest video exposing the prophesied antichrist jp2's blasphemous teaching that man is God.   He seems to be saying: " who needs God? When ' nothing is more important than man... And after all..man IS God...".... This is so heretical and so blasphemous that it's almost difficult to grasp..yes, jp2 was really THAT evil....he was the very devil incarnate according to Our Lady of La Sallette (who does NOT lie..)...and it makes sense that info about this happening could have been contained in the REAL Fatima 3rd Secret..that an " almost unbelievable Apostasy in the church would begin at the top "( i.e. papal chair) with extremely wicked men posing as popes whilst warring against God, the Church He founded, and His True Flock ...God would send the multitudes the strong delusion that such wicked men were true popes, and even holy, when the exact opposite was the case, all because men did not receive the love of the Truth in their hearts. All this confirms that indeed few are saved.  May God continue to most abundantly bless MHFM and all true Catholics of the Remnant worldwide.






The Antichrist’s Distinguishing Mark


Dear Brothers in Christ,


Thank you for this irrefutable video on the antichrist. It is most sobering, and should cause the honest viewer to be still and know that Our Savior Jesus Christ is worthy of all Honor, Power, and Glory forever. . . And His return is at hand. 


May God keep you always in Holy Mother Mary!







The Antichrist’s Distinguishing Mark


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for releasing the video, The Antichrist's Distinguishing Mark. The quality and quantity of evidence in this video is in such abundance that only a profound liar or someone who is incredibly deluded could deny, after seeing it, that John Paul II taught the doctrine of the Antichrist. It is as if John Paul II sat down one day and made a list of all the significant qualities of Jesus Christ, and then, inspired by the Devil, found a way to deceptively weave into his teachings the idea that man is also these things. Woe to the false traditionalists who, after seeing this video, continue to call John Paul II a "pope" or a "saint". No, John Paul II taught that man is God like no one else. He was the Antichrist.


God Bless,

Chris White




The Antichrist’s Distinguishing Mark


To deny that John Paul II taught the Gospel of the Antichrist in the face of the evidence is literally to be an antichrist liar. You wouldnt weasel out of this blasphemy neither in a debate, nor before God. And whom would you expect to be the primary Antichrist if not JPII, what would he have to do that JPII didnt do? As first antipope to deny Christ in the synagogue, as a first in the mosque, as first in a buddhist temple, ... first to stage the WORLD-HISTORIC interreligious abomination in Assisi, NEVER-EVER seen before, first to commit public apostasy with the pagans and infidels in a totally unprecedented way, first antipope literally drinking from the chalice of devils, (perhaps) first claimant to the papacy to explicitly deny that heaven, hell and purgatory are places, as one who broke the barrier of what was previously thought to be completely unimaginable and as one who brought the level of Vatican II apostasy to the levels totally inexcusable for the masses, in addition to preaching in an obvious way that man is God, John Paul II fulfilled the definitions and the activity of the Antichrist with such precision and completeness that I cannot even imagine a more thorough fulfillment. As Antichrist and being of the world he was loved by almost all of mankind, his diabolical charisma deceived almost everyone ranging all across the ideological spectrum of “christians. The Antichrist waged the most vicious war on destroying peoples faith, he implicated them in evil or heresy and by this means dragged them with himself into hell. And no, the ridiculous theories about the Antichrist being a man who will be carrying out a massive physical persecution against christians, of whom some say that he will be LITERALLY bowed to as Christ or that he would be a bloodthirsty tyrant or something of the sort, will not be fulfilled. That’s non-sense of those who resist the truth. John Paul II looked like the Antichrist, spoke like the Antichrist and acted like the Antichrist because he was the Antichrist.


Unam Sanctam Slovensko


Must-See New Video


The Antichrist’s Distinguishing Mark




Colorado "court" says a web designer must make "wedding sites" for sodomites - 30 second video


… What a disgraceful "court" to rule in favour of the sodomites!


At this rate, I believe that we'll start seeing the rise of paedophilia being accepted in major societies as an "orientation", and maybe even bestiality being accepted if people don't wake up to the sodomite agenda.


This is another reason why we need to embrace traditionalist Catholicism as God wants all people to do.  Ss. Abdon and Sennen, pray for us. Amen.


Jack Reilly




Why Francis Can’t Be The Pope – Accepting Francis = Apostasy


This right on and truth!


Jason Burdette


Covid Hoax


MHFM: The conspirators are all in on their plan to enslave humanity by means of the Covid hoax. When we called it a hoax from the start, many (wrongly) called us fools.  Now anyone with a brain and a small level of honesty can see we were right: it’s a massive scam as part of a global conspiracy.




Amazing Evidence For God


This video brought me back to Christianity thank you so much it’s been almost a year since I have started walking with the lord again and he has cured my anxiety and depression and changed me and my life


Ethan Gallegos


MHFM: We're glad you viewed it.  To be a true Christian and be saved, you need to be a traditional Catholic. You will find biblical proof for Catholicism here and on our site: https://vaticancatholic.com/bible/ Our material also explains what's happening in Rome now and how to convert to the true faith.




Invincible Ignorance? – St. Robert Bellarmine (Powerful New Quotes)


Thank you… Please Pray for us. We are Traditional Catholics here in the Philippines, particularly here at Kabayan, Benguet. By the Grace of God, we were converted 5 years ago. Thanks and praises to God for your inspired videos. Keep it up doing your saving good works.


Jose Rex Atinan




Hello Brothers.  I have been consulting your material for some time and I must say that thanks to you I have returned convinced and strong in the True Catholic Faith… Thank you for your availability and your work in Christ.  God bless us, Amen. 


Information, Guadalupe


The Amazing And Miraculous Image Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe


The information in this beautiful and inspiring video is proof that the Traditional Catholic Church is the One-True Church of Christ, to which all must belong to in order to be saved.


De Fide




Sodomite abomination "choir" admits its agenda: "We're coming for your children” - 1 minute video


Abomination. "What shall be the punishment of those who.. boast of their own wicked actions? ... some, worse than the devils, teach others how to sin." St. Alphonsus Liguori. Harming little children is so demonic. And God sees all. "A soul that does not love God is not living, but dead. “He that loveth not, abideth in death.” 1 Jn 3.14








I wonder if you could help re a viewing query concerning your website, please... I was an avid viewer of your material on YouTube until, with absolutely no prior warning, I was informed that my 'channel' had been 'permanently suspended' in December, 2020. I'd never uploaded any content during the 13 years I used YouTube. I simply viewed (mainly Catholic, in the end) channels and often left comments. I never did discover what my 'offence' was supposed to have been, but it would appear that commenting in any way against globalist official narratives is enough to ensure permanent 'banishment'/'exile' from YouTube's increasingly fetid, heavily censorious and totalitarian platform.


I'm a traditional... Catholic (despite the increasing, heavily ramped-up persecution we're being subjected to) and subscriber to your website but unfortunately, I'm unable to access most of your viewing material as it's YouTube based and it won't play for me. I really miss your excellent material and I'd love to catch-up/watch your latest reports and presentations. Could you please advise how else I may proceed?


Many thanks for all you do - I really value and appreciate your sustained, thoroughly researched, authentic and uncompromising-with-the-truth reports/presentations.


God bless you,


(Ms) Claire McGrath, MA

West Midlands



MHFM: Hello.  You can watch all of our videos on endtimes.video.  New videos are also posted here on vaticancatholic.com in the videos and articles section: https://vaticancatholic.com/recent-videos-articles/.  We also encourage you to sign up for our e-mail list to receive notifications about new featured videos and articles: https://mhfm.email/




Does The Catholic Church Condemn All The Circumcised?


I love the way you articulate truth in such a clear and absolute manner. It's comforting to listen to someone who obviously spends much time seeking out the truth on various misunderstood and/or misrepresented facts of our Catholic Religion.


A Davis




MHFM: Another dogmatic statement affirming Jesus’ words in John 3:5 as they are written, without exception, is found in Sess. 5 of Trent on original sin.


Council of Trent, Sess. 5 on Original Sin: “Unless a man is born again of water and the Holy Ghost he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.”


Pope Leo The Great On The Necessity Of Baptism For Salvation




… I hope that the vaccine doesn't become mandatory, my grandparents both had a stroke after they took the vaccine, one a week after the injection and the other 2 weeks after the injection but they survived. And the mother in law of my coworker died last Thursday, 2 weeks after the vaccination...


Nicolas (from Switzerland)




So the Orthodox are now unbelievers? Is that the official Catholic position? I thought the official position was that they were schismatics, not heretics.


Neil Dias


MHFM: Of course they are heretics.  They deny Vatican I, the Filioque and the papal primacy of jurisdiction, among other things.  Those are dogmas that must be believed under pain of heresy.  As our videos show, they also deny God's immutability and eternity (if they are Palamites).




New Zealand


NZ doctor on the Pfizer jab: it is not a vaccine, it is experimental gene therapy


Dear Brothers,


Who would have imagined a couple of years ago how things in New Zealand would have deteriorated to such a degree under this Communist Labour Government.  In spite of the fact that so many are asleep and trust their liberal Government, some of us are fighting back.  For example some NZ doctors are speaking out and exposing the lies about vaccine safety…


Of course, if people trusted in God and not men, as others have mentioned, and converted to the traditional Catholic faith we would not be in the mess we are now faced with.


Our national anthem is "God defend New Zealand."  The question remains, 'Do people really believe in God?' As the saying goes, 'the proof is in the pudding.'


God bless,





Documentary: Protestantism's Big Justification Lie


Excellent. Have to watch it many more times to understand more fully the argument.


Easy Burns




New Zealand "prime minister": "We are your single source of truth" - video


This power hungry tyrant seeks the approval of men rather than the approval that comes from the Almighty God. As others have posted, she is on the road to Hell.






I have seen editions of the Menaion [i.e. Eastern ‘Orthodox’ liturgical book] which describe holy popes such as St Leo or Martin as the "successor of Peter, enriched (with) his presidency" ploutesas ten proedrian autou. That proedria or presidency includes the power of binding and loosing without others. (Mt. 16, 19)




Benedict XVI


The Heresies Of Benedict XVI


This makes a powerful and undeniable case for Benedict's heresy.


M Taylor




Macron Threatens Businesses Failing To Check “Covid Passports” with 1 Year Prison Sentence, €45,000 Fine


I've chatted with other French people too and they think that this enslavement is necessary. They have more zeal for a poison shot than they do for Christ and the truth. Such bad will!






Actually, when we say that the orthodox church is decentralized, we are saying there isn’t a monarchial bishop who rules over the Church. The unity in diversity of the Orthodox Church actually expresses The word Catholic in the fullest meaning of the word. The Church is not only Incarnational, but also trinitarian. Distinct hypostases, each possessing the fullness of the divine nature, and yet all together also possessing one full divine nature. Same as in the Church, distinct with each jurisdiction possessing the fullness of the Catholic Church as St ignatius of Antioch taught, and also United as one Catholic Church through the one bread, one lord, one faith, and one baptism as St. Paul teaches. Since the church is decentralized, it’s next to impossible to subvert. While in Rome, you only need to subvert the head and the whole body collapses.


Diego Barragan


MHFM: Your response fails completely and actually serves to prove our point.  If the Church is universal (and it is), then it necessarily has a universal authority over all the members.  However, by your own admission, your sects lack one.  You then try to compare the Eastern ‘Orthodox’ situation to the Trinity.  However, your analogy fails because each Person of the Trinity has the fullness of the divine nature/power.  Thus, each distinct Person of the Trinity has COMPLETE power.  But each Eastern ‘Orthodox’ bishop, by your own admission, only has a limited ‘power’.  So there is no comparison to the Trinity.  Since you cannot identify where the universal authority is located, that proves that your sects are not the universal Church.




“Being is the ontologically first concept, because it is the most transcendent of all concepts.  Hence it is found in all other concepts; and all other concepts are resolved into being, because they are derived from addition to being.” (Henri Grenier, Thomistic Philosophy, Vol. 2, pp. 18-19)


How dumb


MHFM: How dumb are the Palamite Eastern ‘Orthodox’?  They actually think they’re wise and spiritual Christians as they profess that certain ‘uncreated’ things ‘begin to exist’ (an idea condemned by all the fathers and councils).  Blind fools headed for Gehenna.


God's Eternity & Immutability: Denied By Eastern "Orthodox" Speakers


Not Universal


MHFM: When the Eastern ‘Orthodox’ say that their ‘Church’ is decentralized, that’s just their euphemistic way of admitting that their ‘Church’ is not in fact UNIVERSAL (and therefore cannot be the one Church of Christ).  It is, rather, a collection of sects.


The Real History Of "Orthodoxy"


In Italy


Here in Italy the "covid-vaccines" are already mandatory for healthcare-workers since May. They are literally trying everything to harass and force people to get vaxxed.




MHFM: Ask an adherent of Eastern ‘Orthodoxy’ which 'See' or individual possesses the superior authority to settle the Moscow/Constantinople schism.  By his answers (or non-answers) the person will reveal the stupidity and falsity of their self-refuting and made-up ecclesiology.


Mask Mandate




The local news here in Central Florida just said that they are recommending that local businesses resume mask mandates. It seems that they may be trying to impose another scamdemic lockdown for the next phase of the Covid hoax. The reason of course is the fake “delta variant.” On another note, my wife spoke with her friend in Canada. She feels sad because she is forced to stay home all the time. As you know, the conspirators in Canada have locked down the country.


Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!




SSPX schism


MHFM: In the letter that accompanies his new Motu Proprio Traditionis Custodes, which severely restricts the Latin Mass in the Vatican II Sect, Antipope Francis once again confirmed that the SSPX (the Lefebvrist group) is in schism.  He refers to “the schism with the movement of Mons. Lefebvre”.  He also makes it clear that Vatican II is binding on their sect.  So no, the SSPX is not the alternative to the obviously non-Catholic and anti-traditional Vatican II Sect.  The sedevacantist position is the true position.


The Truth About The SSPX And Similar Groups




Hi... my name is Rachel. I just wanted to say thank you for the information you have out there it has helped me and my family a lot…


New Video Posted


“Pints With Aquinas”: Dead Atheists May Not Go To Hell – Heresy


MHFM: This is a new video.




Faithfulness In Small Things


This is so beautiful video. God bless.


Larry Graysmith


False Traditionalists


Francis severely limits the use of the "1962 Missal" - "Celebration of the Latin Mass dramatically changed"


Do these false traditionalists of the Vatican II sect need more evidence that these men are Antipopes? They have frankly reaped what they have sown (especially when they have defended Antipope Francis, and the rest of them).


Galatians 6:7-8 "Be not deceived, God is not mocked. For what things a man shall sow, those also shall he reap...."


They don't care about the truth. All they wanted was all externals and no true faith. Unless they get out of the Vatican II sect, and embrace traditionalist Catholicism, they will be lost forever in hell.


St. Alexius of Rome, pray for us. Amen.


Jack Reilly


Latin Mass


Francis severely limits the use of the "1962 Missal" - "Celebration of the Latin Mass dramatically changed"


MHFM: This very significant move by Antipope Francis is a further confirmation of what the Vatican II Sect represents and what we have been saying about the Counter Church, sedevacantism, and the end-times.  We will have more comments on this matter.



I was blind, now I see.  Bravo Brothers.


James Tansey


Wants to be baptized




I have looked through most of your videos and have been praying all 15 Decades of the Rosary for a while. I have also read the… Catechism and agree with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. At this point, it's pretty clear to me that your position on the true Catholic Church is correct and I want to be baptized. I am ready to move onto the next step, which is finding someone to baptize me. I live in the Bellevue, Washington area. If you know of a Catholic who lives in this area who is willing to administer the baptism, please let me know!





New York, California, Washington


MHFM: If there are traditional Catholics in the area of Syracuse, NY, or Sacramento, CA, or Bellevue, Washington, who would be willing to help with a baptism, please e-mail us.  There are people in all three of those locations who are in need of assistance.


All die


"3 Presidents All Died After Blocking Distribution Of COVID Vaccines In Their Countries"


I don't believe this is a coincidence.


Lucas Guelfi


Bruce Jenner


Tomi Lahren: There’s "No Room" In The "America First Movement" For Those Opposed To "Caitlyn Jenner"


MHFM: Tomi Lahren is an abomination.




“Pints With Aquinas”: Dead Atheists May Not Go To Hell – Heresy


Thanks for exposing these evildoers; it's so clear that one of the primary reasons they will burn for eternity is for shepherding people like this atheist into the fires with them. He had the beginnings of the fear of the Lord, but they gleefully proceeded to stamp out that good fear.


Antonio Eligius




“Pints With Aquinas”: Dead Atheists May Not Go To Hell – Heresy


Excellent video and expose of the ear-tickling gurus the Novus Ordo attracts and celebrates. To fumble so fundamental a question as whether atheists go to hell reveals the utter bankruptcy of this [person’s]… understanding …


Gary Peterson


Wants to be


Hello MHFM I am interested in finding the truth I am currently a novus ordo Catholic but I want to be a traditional true faith Catholic…






“Pints With Aquinas”: Dead Atheists May Not Go To Hell – Heresy


Dear brothers,


Thank you for producing the video you did on the heretic who said atheists might not be in hell. I read one comment on the video which is definitely true: "With an opportunity for emphatic evangelization, he offers only more doubt and ambiguity."…


God bless your monastery,


Michael R.




Hi. Starting in August in France, they will require a "health pass" to enter shopping centers. We are moving to the next step here.




Wants to be baptized


To Brother Michael and Peter Dimond,


Greetings. My name is Richard Nolan. I'm based in the UK… I contacted you via MHFM most recent Youtube video, regarding the subject of Baptism. My parents were raised Catholic, but both fell away from the Church over time. A few years ago, I began watching your videos…


I understand that Baptism is a very serious matter, not be taken lightly, and although my knowledge is only basic (I was not raised with the faith like my parents), I feel certain the Catholic Faith is the only true path. In these uncertain times, I feel the pressing need for Baptism more than ever before. In the meantime, I am studying the Catechism and praying daily. Can you offer any advice?


Best Regards,

Richard Nolan


Sent out


Biden Announces Door To Door Vaccination Squads?


Wow, an amazing twist of truth....Common folk who have lost good reasoning skills sent out as our kind contact-tracers to facilitate our rescue from a hoaxed-illness into the arms of Commie-Technocrats…




Baptism in Syracuse


Good afternoon, 


I had spoken with you… regarding being baptised and you said you could potentially put me in contact with someone in Syracuse, NY… May God bless you and your apostolate!



Isaac Haar 


MHFM: If someone can help with this baptism in the area of Syracuse, NY, please e-mail us.


Another parallel


America’s Fall To Communism (2021) – Documentary


There is now another, more explicit parallel to the rise of Bolshevism: the Capitol Police are being expanded into the states and turned into an intelligence agency. They will be the open, new Cheka.




Towards a return


Hello MHFM…


I am aspiring to once again Roman Catholic, as I was in my youth. However, there is a catch. I was never baptized as an infant, something which I understand is highly blasphemous and egregious. I have finally turned my look back to the church after a long period of atheism… Thank you so much for your content, and helping me towards a return to the true faith. Amen.


- N




St. Thomas Aquinas: “Everything that begins to be or ceases to be does so through motion or change.  Since, however, we have shown that God is absolutely immutable, He is eternal, lacking all beginning or end.  Those beings alone are measured by time that are moved.  For time, as is made clear in Physics IV, is ‘the number of motion.’  But God, as has been proved, is absolutely without motion, and is consequently not measured by time. There is, therefore, no before and after in Him.” (Summa Contra Gentiles, Book I, Chap. 15)


God’s Eternity & Immutability – Denied By Eastern “Orthodox” Speakers


New Video Posted


Does The Catholic Church Condemn All The Circumcised?


MHFM: This is a new video.




MHFM: An anti-Catholic (who rejects baptismal regeneration) was trying to grapple with the New Testament evidence.  He described his view as believing that baptism is “not essential” but “connected” to salvation.  His anti-Catholic view is basically the same as what countless false trads hold about baptism.  No Baptism, No Salvation - Pope St. Leo The Great




Does The Catholic Church Condemn All The Circumcised?


Great video! The infallible definition rejecting heretic is so blinded that he makes such an outrageous comment because he received not the love of the truth and rejected other Catholic teachings and the true positions in the first place…


Unam Sanctam Slovensko




Dear Brothers,


Re: Dr. David Allen White - Shocking Salvation Heresy 


This is such a good video.  I would recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it, or hasn't seen it in a while.  The video so excellently exposes both the flatulent spirt of the heretic who denies infallible Catholic teaching on salvation - and the degrading place to which a denial of this dogma must necessarily lead him…


Lee Ann




Hi Vatican Catholic, I'm a Eastern Orthodox Christian. I watch alot of what you post and watched a lot of what you say about Orthodoxy. But my question is, how do you convert to traditional Catholicism? Do you have to find a traditional latin mass? Like what should I expect. I'm curious of how that works. 






MHFM: God definitely wants you to become a traditional Catholic.  Eastern 'Orthodoxy' is not true, we must say in charity.  You don't need to find a Latin Mass to convert.  The steps to convert are here.


We also recommend that you pray the Hail Mary frequently and sincerely for the grace to see the truth.  That is very powerful.




I want to personally thank you… from the heart, especially for the Saint Robert video on invincible ignorance…






… a few years ago I toured the Vatican and in the Sistine Chapel the tour guide was pointing out the wall behind the altar and said that the Pope during the time of the Protestant Reformation commissioned someone to paint the whole wall showing Jesus pushing all the Protestants into Hell with one arm/wing and lifting the Catholics into Heaven.


Thank you for all the work you do.






MHFM: Now various false traditionalists are realizing that there was an impostor Sr. Lucy and that Pius XII’s consecration fulfilled Fatima – but of course they generally ignore that we pointed this out over 15 years ago.  They’re going to be really surprised when they discover that we’re right about the Antichrist as well.


Taking place


Babylon Has Fallen, Fallen


This video is an impressive work brothers. It clearly describes what’s taking place in the Vatican II counter-church. Everyone needs to watch it and share it. God bless.




Independence Day


Hello brothers,


I think it’s noteworthy that the vast majority of gun control advocates celebrate Independence Day. They could certainly use a lesson in history. Had it not been for the right of the colonists to bear arms, America may have never been born! For the founding fathers knew the consequences of gun confiscation: a tyrannical government. The king of England ordered the Red Coats to seize arms in the colonies. This is one of the major contributing factors to the American Revolution.




New Video Posted


Francis Endorses “Fr.” James Martin In New Letter


MHFM: This is a new video.


Vaccine Poison


Listen to 39-year-old explain what happened to her after she took the "CV-19 vaccine" - must-see video


MHFM: This woman details how after receiving the ‘vaccine’ her life has dramatically changed for the worse.  In the past five months she has experienced, among other things: a sharp stabbing pain, like a knife; tingling; numbness down her arms; heart palpitations and vibrations, like electronic shock; tremors in her hands that might end her career; brain fog; swollen lymph nodes; skin rashes; seizures; convulsions; and more.  She fears that she has a neurological condition, and she said she would give her life savings to go back to before she took the vaccine.




Listen to 39-year-old explain what happened to her after she took the "CV-19 vaccine" - must-see video


When people don't have trust in God they trust... manipulative CEOs and dangerously evil pharmaceutical companies…






Francis Endorses “Fr.” James Martin In New Letter


God doesn’t make any mistake creating us.






“Cardinal” Dolan & The Counter Church In New York City (NYC)


I live here in Brooklyn NY. Let's just call it by the real name Sodom and Gomorrah.




Baptism, Denver


MHFM: If there is a Catholic in the area of Denver, Colorado, who would be willing to help with a baptism, please e-mail us.




The Trinity & The Filioque: Catholicism Refutes Eastern “Orthodoxy”


Thank God for this video.






"WHO" recommends masks — even for "vaccinated people" because the next phase of the scam is coming


We need oxygen to the brain. Masks restrict this, and this lack of oxygen causes incredible harm especially to the brain…






MHFM: Some people who become ‘Orthodox’ think they’ve been ‘blessed’.  They are so deluded.  When they’re in Gehenna, they will see that becoming ‘Orthodox’ wasn’t God’s blessing.  It was actually His punishment for their sins, pride, lack of charity and failure to stand against the world.


The Real History Of "Orthodoxy"


Delta Variant Hoax


"WHO" recommends masks — even for "vaccinated people" because the next phase of the scam is coming


Here they go brothers with the delta variant hoax. They’re hyping it up. Even those who are “vaccinated” have no immunity. It looks like they’re preparing us for the next scamdemic lockdown.






Pope St. Siricius - The Latin Text of the Oldest Surviving Papal Decree Rejects “Baptism of Desire”


… I found the papal decretal by Pope Saint Siricius to be the best help for my final conversion…




Peter & Paul


MHFM: Tuesday was the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul.  This video covers the biblical evidence that Galatians 2:11-14 does not teach that St. Paul rebuked St. Peter but a different person.  It covers one of the most important variants in manuscripts of the New Testament.


Did St. Paul Really Rebuke St. Peter In Galatians 2?




Your videos and articles have changed my life. When I discovered your channel I was shocked that my whole... life had been a lie. I believe that I was led to your channel by the Holy Spirit. As a true Marian devotee, I prayed the rosary everyday and I believe that our holy mother Mary interceded for me to God and allowed me to remove the scales from my eyes to the truth. For this, I am forever grateful and feel blessed to be a part of the holy remnant. God bless Most Holy Family Monastery for their works and for upholding the one true Roman Catholic faith. Amen.






Francis Endorses “Fr.” James Martin In New Letter


The rainbow... was put there by the Almighty as a reminder of his covenant with all mankind. The wicked will soon regret having misused this holy token for their filthy abominations…






Researcher on "COVID vaccines" says they are dangerous - video


This is pure evil by design. Thank you for posting this. May the gullible and uninformed see this video and wake up to the horrors of this covid 19 scamdemic and refuse to take such a dangerous "vaccine" and stop doing things out of fear that can result in such bad illnesses mentioned in this video as a result.






“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


This video was diligently made and well articulated.






“Baptism Of Desire” Debate – Bro. Peter Dimond vs. Nick Santosuosso


Excellent debate…






Dear Brothers,


I have frequented your Web site for a few years now, and God has given me the grace to see that you are preaching the true faith.


I was raised in the Vatican II sect, but I am trying to convert to the traditional Catholic faith… Thank you so much for all the great work that you do for the faith, and please keep me in your prayers…




New Video (Debate) Posted


“Baptism Of Desire” Debate – Bro. Peter Dimond vs. Nick Santosuosso


MHFM: You can also find an mp3 audio file of the debate on the video page.


Foreign Aid


The recent comment about birth control foreign aid reminded me of the larger "foreign aid" topic itself.


The fact is that the EU, US government, etc. use foreign aid to institute a type of international socialism. They also give free money to these countries, especially in Africa, so that they can influence and make more liberal the laws on the books…


Modern "foreign aid" organizations prove that, as Pope St. Pius X said, “As a matter of fact, however, merely naturally good works are only a counterfeit of virtue since they are neither permanent nor sufficient for salvation.” (Editae Saepe)


God bless your monastery,


Michael R.




Dear Brothers:


A while ago I was speaking to someone to whom I mentioned that the "pandemic" was a hoax.  However, she was not interested in why I might have said that.  No, she felt quite sure the pandemic was real and that it was due to global warming!  (I guess for the person of bad will, one good hoax deserves another.)  It got me thinking of the overpopulation scam which they promoted in public schools (propaganda centers) in the 20th Century and especially in the last half (when the Counterfeit Church was installed).  They used to give out empty UNICEF cartons (like little milk containers) at Halloween so that when children went trick-or-treating, they could collect pennies for all the starving people in those "overpopulated" countries.  But the trick was on the children, because the UN wasn't sending food, but birth control…


Lee Ann




It's official: "U.S. Catholic Bishops" will allow those who support killing babies to receive "Communion"


MHFM: This is another example of how the Vatican II Sect (the prophesied end-times Counter Church) does not have the marks of the Catholic Church but the marks of the Whore of Babylon.




"MI Citizens Told Gov. Whitmer Can’t Accept Thousands of Affidavits Demanding Forensic Audit"


She is an abomination and a disaster for the State of Michigan, bending the rules with impunity.






Vatican academy to co-host pro-vaccination conference with secular medical associations


As you said before, the Vatican ll sect is a pathetic mouthpiece of the global conspiracy.






“Baptism Of Desire” Debate – Bro. Peter Dimond vs. Nick Santosuosso


Dear Brothers, 


Thank you for the recent debate against Nick Santosuosso on "baptism of desire." Bro. Peter crushed all of his arguments with clear logic and infallible evidence. Nick proved the folly of trying to refute Catholic dogma by using the usual cherry-picked fallible quotations, false logic, avoiding the main issues, and trying to take the debate into areas that have nothing to do with the topic. The truth about the absolute necessity of water baptism for salvation is vindicated and rock solid. It is based on the words of Christ Himself, and the Church understands those words literally, as it is written, not metaphorically.


God Bless,

Chris White




“Cardinal” Tobin & The Counter Church In Newark, New Jersey


What many Catholics do not understand is the church has been poisoned for over 50 years in the aftermath of the second Vatican Council. These men now in power are the direct fruits of that council, Benedict recognized this and tried to correct it but was forced to resign for reasons we will never know. The Church is now under total control of Satan himself, but we know that Christ will return and take it back at his chosen time. All we can do until then is pray.




MHFM: As our material explains, it's crucial to distinguish between the Catholic Church and the Vatican II Sect.  The Vatican II Sect is not the Catholic Church.  Also, Benedict XVI did not try to correct things.  He was an apostate antipope.  You need to see this video and consult more of the material: https://endtimes.video/the-heresies-of-benedict-xvi/


The current situation in Rome was prophesied.  See this: https://endtimes.video/apocalypse-now-in-the-vatican/  We also recommend that Catholics, if they can, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.




Natural Family Planning: A Birth Control Deception


I always knew NFP sounded wrong but so many people don't see how it's illogical. Preventing pregnancy is preventing pregnancy, no matter what method you use plain and simple! Thank you for this amazing video!!!


Sandra Kathaway




“Baptism Of Desire” Debate – Bro. Peter Dimond vs. Nick Santosuosso


… This is brother Dimond schooling this person about the truth. Great job…






“Baptism Of Desire” Debate – Bro. Peter Dimond vs. Nick Santosuosso


Excellent… The precise defense of Church teaching that you gave was powerful…






1 John 5:19 – “… the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.”


MHFM: A mountain of evidence that vaccines cause serious injury and even death continues to emerge.  Yet a huge segment of the population remains in favor of vaccine mandates, passports, etc.  The world lies in darkness.




“Baptism Of Desire” Debate – Bro. Peter Dimond vs. Nick Santosuosso


I became a Traditional Catholic and vocal Sedevacantist, which is the true position, because of this channel. I was viewing MHFM content during a particularly dark time in my life as a soldier in the Army. You are clearly communicating God's will, and not that of modern Man's, in these End Times.






“Baptism Of Desire” Debate – Bro. Peter Dimond vs. Nick Santosuosso


Thank you so much for this video…


Corina Avelar




“Baptism Of Desire” Debate – Bro. Peter Dimond vs. Nick Santosuosso


Thanks for the debate. Nicholas was totally crushed.


Rafael Centeio


How far


Go to Heathrow Airport and you might have to pay them for imprisoning you? - video


Wow! It’s astonishing how far the hoax has gone in Europe...






John Paul II Taught That Man Is Divine


Thank you for informing me with all videos… the truth that this world needs to be waken up by God bless you.


Matthew Ciaglo


New Convert


Dear Brothers,


I am a convert from protestantism. I accept the Council of Trent's profession of faith as well as rejecting BOD etc and simply need to be baptized (as I never was) to become a Catholic… May God continue to bless your apostolate,




New Video


John Paul II Taught That Man Is Divine


MHFM: This is a new video.



Dear Brothers:


The parallels between what has happened in the spiritual world and what is happening in the material world are just staggering. Many people still believe that the "pandemic-causing" covid virus was real, and that the deep state simply took advantage of the "crisis" to advance their agenda.  There was no dearth of evidence that the pandemic was a scam (as were so many other things); yet people are still saying:  there were other remedies; we didn't need masks for the outdoors; it was not as bad as we thought; people should have been told about vitamins; there was no need for quarantine; this virus only threatened the elderly. And on and on and on.   And although they will (now) say that certain aspects of the covid "pandemic" may have been a lie (thanks to their imagined great discoveries), they still refuse to accept the truth that the whole… thing was a total deception right out of the gate.  And, because of this, they themselves enable the scam to continue (and are thus complicit in its success).  Every argument that they make against the demonic efforts of the powers-that-be is actually undermined by their refusal to accept the full truth first about God, and then about everything else. And that's why they can never figure out what is actually going on and why.


In the same way, false traditionalists/conservatives accept the Counterfeit Church; they will not call it a lie.  Even though it causes much consternation for them (and even though the proof that it is not the Catholic Church is abundant), they continue to adhere to it and to accept Francis as the "pope" anyway.  True, they no longer call Francis a "bomb-thrower" against the heretics (as they once did), and in many circles Francis is now being called heretic, freemason, communist, agent of China, deep state player, leader of the New World Order, anti-Catholic, anti-Christ and more.  They call him everything but Antipope, which is a certain sign that they do not hold the Catholic faith.  And because of pride, human respect, sloth, cowardice, or any other manifestation of general bad will - they refuse to admit that the rotten and degenerate Vatican 2 Sect is and has been a fraud since it was created and implemented at Vatican II - and that JP2 and all the rest have been part of that cesspool.  How hard is it for anyone to see that the Vatican II Sect is nothing more than the ultimate protestant sect - embracing every heresy, every blasphemy, and every schism that could be conceived by the mind of man?  


Not hard at all, as your video The Michael Voris Deception proves. Although posted in 2011, this video is more relevant than ever and should be viewed to the end by everyone.  It is an excellent illustration of the other black arts - the sorcery-like operation of every blind leader and every blind follower. 


Lee Ann




John Paul II Taught That Man Is Divine


Great video. Thanks to MHFM, we know the real truth about antipope JP II.






Novus Ordo "Parish" In Indonesia Publicly Recites Chaplet With "Transwomen"




Thank you for your… good teaching!


Rolan Yigo




John Paul II Taught That Man Is Divine


Videos like this convinced me to become a Traditional Catholic, and a Sedevacantist. Thank you.




Those videos


Greek "Orthodox" Gregory Palamas Is Not A Saint & He Was Condemned Before Vatican II


I want to thank you for these videos exposing and refuting Palamas. It was those videos that played an important part in me not converting to "Orthodoxy". How do I become a traditional Catholic?






John Paul II Taught That Man Is Divine


Epitome of evil!!!






John Paul II Taught That Man Is Divine


Many people have been deceived by JP2…




Material, Convinced


Subject: Thank you for extra material in book order


Greetings Most Holy Family Monastery, I just wanted to thank you for the extra free material that you included in my book order that I received recently. Your material has convinced me of the truth of your positions on the Catholic faith. I'm currently reading through The Penny Catechism and the What Happened At Vatican II books. I hope that I'll soon be ready to receive baptism...


Thank you for preaching the Lord's truth!




Benedict XVI


The Heresies Of Benedict XVI


This is profound and thank you for sharing it MHFM!


Paul Bany




Bill de Blasio (Deep State-NY) says: "... if you're vaccinated you have more freedom” - video


One of the deceptive tactics of the fake news media is that out of all the people they question, they only air the responses of those whose opinions suit their mentality and agenda. In this case, they only show those people who think vaccine passports are a good thing. If they were to question someone who is critical of it, they simply would not air it.




New Convert


MHFM: A new convert named Timothy was baptized in Staten Island, NY, today.  Thank God.




MHFM: This 9-minute video refutes and exposes the Vatican II Sect’s false ecclesiology.


“Fr.” Frank Pavone, Francis & Tim Staples Teach Heresy


Wants to Convert


Hello, I recently found Jesus Christ as an atheist and I am currently in an apostate "Catholic" Church. I ran across your videos seeking answers to my doubts about what the new Catholicism teaches as it did not seem right to me based on the things that were said during "Mass". After watching your videos, I am absolutely sure that you have a truer form of Catholicism.


I need help in joining a proper church. Currently I am in RCIA and have never been baptized. I want to be baptized in a church that shares similar views to yours, and I don't know how to find one. I would greatly appreciate hopping on a call sometime for guidance. I am in desperate need of help, pray for me.







Conspiracy planning on blaming the "new COVID strain from India" for the next planned lockdown? - video


Considering how lucrative it was for big pharma to sell the "vaccines" to all countries so they could "inoculate" billions of dupes, it makes all the sense in the world.  Why sell it only once, when they can make regular customers of all nations?  This could easily become the most lucrative fraud in Human History.




Sola Scriptura


Is the King James Bible Infallible?


A brilliant source of information that proves that KJV-onlyist, and therefore, that the Protestant view of Sola Scriptura is false and satanic. May God bless MHFM for exposing false religions. Amen.


Jack Reilly


On Pilate’s guilt


Pope St. Leo the Great, Sermon 59: “Pilate's fault is indeed less than the Jews' crime; for it was they that terrified him with Caesar's name, chode him with hateful words, and drove him to perpetrate his wickedness.  But he also did not escape incrimination for playing into the hands of those that made the uproar, for abandoning his own judgment, and for acquiescing in the charges of others.”


New Video Posted


No Baptism, No Salvation - Pope St. Leo The Great


MHFM: This is a new video.




Bill de Blasio (Deep State-NY) says: "... if you're vaccinated you have more freedom” - video


He is a power hungry tyrant and by his draconian lockdowns and other prohibitions, he has almost single-handedly brought one of America's most vibrant cities to economic, financial, and social ruin.






The Truth About The SSPX And Similar Groups


...as you say, the only conclusion we can draw from their obstinate adherence to false teaching is that these false traditionalists simply don't care what the pre-V2 Popes taught, and yes-- they don't have faith.






No Baptism, No Salvation - Pope St. Leo The Great




Leonidas Ribeiro


Baptism in Staten Island


MHFM: There is a new convert in the Staten Island, NY, area.  He needs help with a baptism.  Please e-mail us at mhfm1@aol.com if you might be interested in helping.


Notre Dame


"University of Notre Dame embraces ‘pride month,’ touts Biden’s pro-LGBT statement"


When even the so called "conservative" Vatican II university has embraced sodomite pride month, this is more than enough proof that the Vatican II sect is the Whore of Babylon. Pray for the conversion of these sodomites to traditionalist Catholicism. Amen.


Jack Reilly


Protestant drawn to Blessed Mother


Important Spiritual Information: Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and Praying the Holy Rosary


I’m a protestant, but I have been drawn to the Blessed Mother. I got a rosary, and Im learning the rosary, I have the most beautiful alabaster statue of the Mother. I had a bad mother so I’m healing myself knowing now that I can have the Blessed Mother as MY mother. I do feel like I am healing inside. Now I understand that the Catholic religion is the one true religion that Jesus created for us. and that is exactly why the evil has infiltrated the church the way it has.


Lisa Sidels


MHFM: Hello.  You really need to become a traditional Catholic.  Our material explains how to do that and what's going on.  The steps to convert are also on our website.  You should also read this: The Glossary of Terms and Principles.


Our site also contains biblical proof for Catholicism and explains what's happening now.


On Judas


Pope St. Leo the Great, Sermon 58: “For he [Judas] was his own source of ruin and cause of perfidy, following the guidance of the devil and refusing to have Christ as director.”




“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists – Final Edition


So much research.


William Vallespir




Woman gets Bell's palsy after "COVID vaccine" - But she will still encourage people to get the shot


How foolish can someone be.




Debate on ‘BOD’?


MHFM: We were interested in having a recorded debate/conversation with a supporter of ‘baptism of desire’ or salvation by ‘invincible ignorance’ on the issue of salvation, baptism, the necessity of the Church, etc.  If someone is interested in having such a debate, e-mail us with your actual full name and phone number/contact information and you will be considered.  Trolls should not bother, as we will not speak with trolls.  If you can be flexible with your schedule, that would be preferable.




17-Year-Old Suffers Heart Condition Following "COVID-19 Vaccine" - 1 minute video


MHFM: Prior to receiving the shot, the teenager was healthy and never had any medical issues. However, just hours after his second “Covid-19” vaccine, the 17-year-old was “gasping for air, unable to breathe.”  He was rushed to the hospital and found to have inflammation around his heart.




“Fr.” Frank Pavone, Francis & Tim Staples Teach Heresy


It is important that people know about MLK being a false teacher. Thank you.






John Paul II Taught That Every Man Is Begotten From God The Father


Dear Brothers:


Thanks for reminding us of your video on the Trinity and the Filioque which so clearly explains the beautiful truths about God… And what a contrast there is between the true Catholic teaching on the Trinity vs. the arrogant lies concocted by heretics - all culminating in the abominable blasphemy of the Antichrist, that Man is the Incarnate God.  The videos on the Trinity and the video series on John Paul II (who insisted in so many ways that Man is the Christ), really sums up and proves the history of the world, exactly as it is presented in Sacred Scripture.  The angels were free and thus, like men, had to be tested; and it is generally held that the Mystery of the Incarnation of the Word - of God made Man - was proposed to them for their adoration.  Who could doubt this, after seeing your series on the Antichrist?   Of course, we knew from Catholic teaching how the good and bad angels ended up.  And thanks to your videos and instructions we understand, as well, the history of the world and (most especially} the end-times in which we living.  As your series proves beyond doubt, through the person of the Antichrist and all of Satan's other agents on earth, Satan is now spewing his hatred for God - and especially his hatred of the Incarnation - one last time before time is up.  Thank you for these videos and all of your excellent instruction…


Lee Ann 




St. Peter Canisius, 1555: “… they who receive the Eucharist unworthily do not receive life but judgment unto themselves, and are guilty of the Body and Blood of the Lord, as the apostle witnesses: and shall be grievously condemned with Judas and the Jews, the bloody enemies of Christ our Savior.”


The Lamb


Pope St. Leo the Great, Sermon 58, 5th century: “For all those things which had been divinely ordained through Moses about the sacrifice of the lamb had prophesied of Christ and truly announced the slaying of Christ.”


To refute


No Baptism, No Salvation - Pope St. Leo The Great


How do Catholics refute Protestants and Seventh day Adventists’ false teachings… “... Saturday... it’s the Sabbath day”


Loc Duc


MHFM: This file is relevant to your question: https://vaticancatholic.com/saturday-or-sunday-holy-day-sabbath/




John Paul II Taught That Every Man Is Begotten From God The Father


Just seeing the title alone shocked me then I watched the video and I was speechless. This is one of the worst I've heard yet from that devil. God bless you Bro. Michael and MHFM for exposing this, no one else is. It's so crucial for the truth to be revealed especially now when we have so many false trads like Vigano discussing the antichrist as the vatican 2 sect shows its true colors ever more boldly at such a rapid pace. The devil's time must be extremely short.


Marie Anne


Do not see


John Paul II Taught That Every Man Is Begotten From God The Father


They just do not see!!! They just do not see!!! They just do not see!!! Because they are of the world. They care what people think about them (friends, work, and community), they will not look at the information put forward, with an unbiased foundation, hence they come not to the truth. Which also applies to the TRUE positions Sedevacantism, and the absolute necessity to be WATER BAPTIZED in order to enter the Catholic Church (Jesus Christ's body)! It's so sad, and breaks your heart! Hell is FOREVER FOREVER! Thank you Mhfm!


Guy W




Seattle: stranger kills man's dog in attack and is almost immediately released back onto the streets


MHFM: This is really a sad story.  It shows how evil people can be and how lawlessness prevails in pro-'LGBT' (sodomite) Seattle.




Teacher Suspended For Refusing To "Affirm Transgender Students" - 1 minute video


MHFM: Chaos and insanity take over when the basic moral law is rejected.  The teacher made some good points.




I thank God for the incredible grace I have received in finding the true teachings of the Church through your site.I have recently watched your video on the Best Argument against "baptism of desire". My question is how such men as St. Thomas and St. Alphonsus could be wrong but not be heretics as they are undoubtedly in heaven as they are both great saints/doctors of the Church and therefore died in the Church (as you know heretics are outside the Church and therefore lost). God bless you and thank you so so much for teaching the truth! 


Isaac Haar


MHFM: That’s great to hear.  The answer to your question is that while “baptism of desire” is contrary to Catholic teaching and must be rejected once a person has seen all the arguments, since it was not condemned as notoriously heretical by name it's possible for people to think it's Catholic teaching until they've seen the arguments and information that refute it.  Theologians have been wrong on many things.  This file is relevant on that matter (especially the part about how theologians were wrong about the deuterocanonical books even after Florence): https://vaticancatholic.com/canon-magisterium-theologian/


We also recommend that Catholics, if they can, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  Also, this is a new video on the baptism issue: No Baptism, No Salvation - Pope St. Leo The Great.


The Last


The Last Inca Emperor – Converted To Christianity


For those who believe that God would not bring the Gospel to someone ignorant who is of goodwill, I would ask you to watch this video. God will overturn an entire empire to reach one man with the Gospel. If anyone is left outside the Ark of Salvation, it's for a reason.


Evan Gallion




The Real History Of "Orthodoxy"


That bit about Peter the Great was brilliant!






"Transgender golfer, a biological male, wins women's mini-tour event, now hopes to break into the LPGA"


This is truly despicable abomination. All who approve such evil are of Satan.






Documentary: Protestantism's Big Justification Lie


You exposed this protestant demonic manmade doctrine and you did so using their leaders' own words…






No Baptism, No Salvation - Pope St. Leo The Great


Awesome explanation! Your videos are a great tool for evangelization.


Deus Vult


Wants to become


My name is Ronal Thomas. I am from Kerala, India. I have been following your videos every day and I really want to be a traditional catholic…

Thanks and Regards 
Ronal Thomas




No Baptism, No Salvation - Pope St. Leo The Great


Absolutely true. Must watch.


Evan Gallion




No Baptism, No Salvation - Pope St. Leo The Great


Irrefutable beautiful video!


Tommaso Giri




No Baptism, No Salvation - Pope St. Leo The Great


Amazing video.






"Catholic" & Protestant "Church Leaders" Receive "Communion" In Each Other's "Churches" - video


Spiritual fornication is on full display in the Vatican II sect.




New Video Posted


John Paul II Taught That Every Man Is Begotten From God The Father


MHFM: This is a new video.


Trinity Sunday


MHFM: Sunday was Trinity Sunday.  To learn more about the Trinity, see this:


The Trinity & The Filioque: Catholicism Refutes Eastern “Orthodoxy”


Came Forth


MHFM: Concerning Jesus’ words in John 16:28, St. Thomas also correctly notes that they refer to the ETERNAL BEGETTING of the Son from the Father.  Hence, they apply exclusively to Jesus Christ. 


St. Thomas Aquinas, Commentary on John 16, Lecture 7: “He [Jesus] refers to the eternal procession when he says, I came forth (exivi) from the Father [John 16:28], eternally begotten from him.


John Paul II, however, as this video shows, applies those words to each man!  John Paul II Taught That Every Man Is Begotten From God The Father


Unsearchable Riches


MHFM: In Ephesians 3:8 the “unsearchable riches of Christ” refer to Christ’s divine attributes.  The divine attributes are sometimes called “divine properties”.  As this video covers, Antipope John Paul II said those riches are “EVERYBODY’S property” to mock Christ and heretically teach that everyone has the divine properties.  John Paul II Taught That Every Man Is Begotten From God The Father


The Beast


John Paul II Taught That Every Man Is Begotten From God The Father


The beast.


Marvin Dumaguit




MHFM: People who aren't watching this series on John Paul II’s teaching that every man is Jesus Christ don't know what they are missing.  This information provides one of the keys to explaining what the entire Vatican II apostasy represents (i.e. the end-times Beast).




John Paul II Taught That Every Man Is Begotten From God The Father


Outstanding presentation…






John Paul II Taught That Every Man Is Begotten From God The Father


This is absolute blasphemy. Man is Not God.






I am an Orthodox Christian. If you are presenting the teaching of the Orthodox Church accurately (and from my very limited knowledge, it would appear that you are), then this seems to be damning.


Celtic Orthodox


MHFM: Yes, we are presenting it accurately.  You will find more videos in this file: https://vaticancatholic.com/eastern-orthodoxy/  'Orthodoxy' is false, we say in charity.  You need to become a traditional Catholic.  Our material explains how to do that.




MHFM: This is an interesting and revealing development in Georgia.


Investigation into fraudulent ballots in GA continues - Election officials hire criminal defense attorneys?


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