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Dear MHFM,

Romans 1:22 For professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.

...the last heretic that tried to debate you goes by the name of Gnrhead and I managed to figure out what this name stands for. If you didn't know gnrhead is short for gonnerhead (no, it's not Greek nor is it a possessive form of any word; it is a simple word used in North country which means a stupid person, a dunce, a half-wit...). Now that's what I call a fitting name! An old Latin proverb also comes to mind to further prove the point: ''Nomen est omen'' literally meaning "Name is omen." Implies that the name is fitting for the object or person…

All the above would be funny if the situation wasn't actually so sad. I like your videos and audios on different subjects more than the debates just because it is so hard to listen to the idiotic arguments that most of the heretics make in debating you. But on the other hand it is good to show people in a debate just how diametrically opposed the Catholic Church and the Catholic Faith is to the V2 sect and her apostate religion. Anyway, you did a great job in exposing these two apostates, and what is also commendable, you have shown a great deal of patience with them (not something that anyone could handle).

Keep up the great work that you do in face of all the attacks against your monastery. May Our Lord and Our Lady help you in that fair fight.

V. from Croatia

MHFM: The debates are important for a number of reasons.  First, some of the advocates of the opposite position are so blind that they will only listen to the true arguments in a debate.  It’s too humbling for them to listen to the presentations in detail unless one of their friends or fellow heretics is engaged against you in a debate.  Second, some people are of weak faith and are only convinced by the facts when they can see them in a debate context.  Third, and perhaps most importantly, debating people (especially in a conversation format) forces people to address specific questions and facts that they literally ignore (and their readers never focus on) for basically their whole lives.  How many false conservatives in the Novus Ordo go through their lives thinking that they are conservative, while ignoring that their “pope” believes that Vatican I doesn’t matter?  How many false traditionalists go through their lives and ignore the fact that accepting him as “the pope” means that you must accept those who believe in justification by faith alone?  If done correctly, the debates bring out these important points of truth.


In the same way, many false traditionalist sedevacantists (who deny the salvation dogma) simply ignore the fact that their position (and the position of the priests, etc. they support) means that they believe there is salvation in any religion. 




MHFM: Many of our readers have already listened to or downloaded the mp3 of our recent debate with William A.  However, for those who are interested, it’s also now on Youtube in 23 parts.


Recent debate - 23 parts




In regard to Vin Lewis's statement that perhaps Benedict XVI was just being courteous to the muslims when he entered their temple and participated with them in "prayers" (and etc. etc.)! Is it possible that Vin Lewis is ignorant of the fact that over 12 million martyrs suffered and died horribly rather then yield even in the slightest to the pagans demands that their "god" be worshiped?  I am reminded of just one example of a woman, whose name escapes me at the moment, whose hand's were loaded with hot coals with the idea that if she dropped just one, which she didn't, she would be showing homage to their "god"!

It's mind-boggling to see how can people who go to any lengths and "split every hair" possible to justify the anti-popes ignore all this suffering and sacrificial acts!

Phil White


MHFM: Thanks for the comment.  Regarding the “dropping coals” issue, there were different opinions about that in terms of what it would signify.  Some did not believe that to drop the coals would be to worship the false god.  We agree with that opinion.  Just because some pagan says: “if you drop this it means you are worshipping my god,” doesn’t make it so.  For instance, some pagan could say: “if you ever take another step that means that you are worshipping my god.”  Does that mean the person could never move again because moving would be to honor that person’s false god?  No.  In our view, there has to be some explicit and clear worship of a false god – or a clear act of participation in a false religion – for it to constitute idolatry, not just some pagan’s say so.  But your point is well taken about the early martyrs, and how Vin’s assertion was absurd and heretical.




Dear Brothers,


I noticed the frequent use of the word "apostasy" in your material but I was wondering if you could further define and clarify your usage of the word since, as far as I know, the definition means a total repudiation of Christianity and not just rejecting certain beliefs (which would be heresy). 


[Definition] "Perfidiæ is the complete and voluntary abandonment of the Christian religion, whether the apostate embraces another religion such as Paganism, Judaism, Mohammedanism, etc., or merely makes profession of Naturalism, Rationalism, etc. The heretic differs from the apostate in that he only denies one or more of the doctrines of revealed religion, whereas the apostate denies the religion itself, a sin which has always been looked upon as one of the most grievous."


Could you please explain?



Brian Anthony


MHFM: In the very strict and formal sense, apostasy means giving up any profession of the Christian faith altogether.  In the loose sense, any heretic is an apostate because, as Pope Leo XIII teaches, those who dissent in one point of faith absolutely reject all faith.  But in the real sense, apostasy refers to any heresy or heresies that translate into a direct rejection of Christ, even if that person still claims some belief in Christ.  Martin Luther, for example, is frequently called an apostate by historians and Catholic writers. 


Pope Pius IX says this about “Old Catholic” schismatics and heretics in Graves ac diuturnae (#2), March 23, 1875: “Having violently occupied parishes and churches with apostate priests, they have not neglected any deception or cunning to lead the children of the Catholic Church into wretched schism.”


The Vatican II antipopes are definitely apostates in the real sense because their heresies directly translate into a rejection of Christ altogether.  Their heresies mean that false religions which reject Christ are fine.  They have also taken part in and facilitated the worship of idols, demons and the practice of non-Christian religions.  Thus, what they have done translates into a direct rejection of Christ.  They are truly apostates.




Thanks for the recent debates.  Like the data disks, these help a great deal and arm me with a great spiritual arsenal.  Thanks also for keeping them in a format in which I can hear them… Please keep doing these debates!!!






Dear Brothers Michael and Peter:


I listened to your most recent telephone debate with the bible-alone protestant William Albrecht with much interest.  It was one of the most informative debates that I have heard on whether the vatican-two claimants to the papacy are true popes.  The evidence that you brought forward in favor of the true position was authoritative and plain for everyone to see.  Except, unfortunately, for Mr. Albrecht.


He was one of the most dishonest “scholars” that you have debated so far.  It was obvious that he couldn’t respond to any of the evidence that you brought forward and simply ignored it.  Instead, he tried to put forward his lame, bible-only “argument” that the seat of Peter cannot be vacant.  Then, as if to make a fool of himself, he arrogantly claims that you cannot answer his “arguments.”


I was astounded by the level of dishonesty and arrogance, not to mention lack of erudition, on the part of this bible-alone clown.  I hope to hear more of these protestant debates in the future – except, perhaps, from a more qualified candidate.




MHFM: Thank you for the comment.  We think that it’s a very valuable and interesting debate because of the variety of information covered and the back and forth format.  We also agree with your assessment that he is one of the most dishonest people we’ve debated so far.  Before the debate he attacked out material and arguments as “ridiculous” and said he could “scholarly refute every single argument we make.”  Everyone who rejects the truth is of bad will and dishonest, but he is extremely bad-willed.  We do hope for his conversion, of course, as miraculous as that would be.




Dear MHFM brothers:

Your debates with Lewis and Albrecht expose the frightening indifferentism and apostasy of today's pseudo-traditional "catholics". Are some people no longer able to hear or think? You can tell them very clearly, word for word, what a pope or council plainly teaches and they'll respond with an irrelevant private interpretation of a Bible verse (not always from a Catholic Bible) or some stock phrase: "that's your interpretation" or "we can't judge" or "we can't really know what those words mean" (do words mean anything at all to them?). Is lying or bad will always the immediate cause or is it possible that after years of rejecting the grace God has given them to see the truth that they have become possessed or that God has finally abandoned them to their errors?



MHFM: We agree with your sentiments, and we think the answer to your question is “all of the above.”  Their failure to see the truth is bad will, and we believe that some of them are possessed as a result of extreme bad will and other sins; and God also gives some of them over to total spiritual blindness (like Pharao) as a punishment for their bad will.  There are many like that in the traditional movement, especially among the obstinate salvation heretics who believe that souls can be saved in any religion and actually think they are staunch, uncompromising traditional Catholics.




That was an interesting debate.  Albrecht has made videos on youtube "refuting" your claims and he blocked me and several Catholics from commenting on his videos and exposing him.  I was pretty surprised when I saw that he had allowed himself to be exposed then.
Kenneth Connelly




These debates, they just outright prove whose position is the true position.  Thank you Bro. Peter for debating and having to deal with this broken record, "Yeeah, you say JPII and Benedict XVI esteem Islam?... umm how about we go back to Revelations?..."  You know, for a long time I had wanted you to debate this "Gnrhead" fellow, I'm glad you put him on the spotlight and exposed his lies.  In his "six part video series" he clams he has "thoroughly refuted every single significant argument that they [MFHM] levy against the Catholic faith."  WELL!! Now we know WHO has throughly refuted every single significant argument that William levies against the Catholic faith, THE CATHOLIC CHURCH and Her faithful.  Great work and keep it up.  I noticed he sounded just like William Golle, just like a broken record, funny thing is he even admits it. hehe

…Thanks for everything, everyday I managed to learn something new from you website.




Thanks for the interesting debate with Vin Lewis. You really caught him like a fish out of water! Fish don’t live outside water for very long just as heretics don’t live inside the Church. And like all modernists, who worship “the Experience Now,” he has a four second memory like a goldfish, which probably explains his total inability to think logically. Also, I think the devil actually revealed itself in Vin’s closing statement:

Vin – “Sin does not, ordinary sin, does not drive a person outside of the Church. What drives a person outside of the Church is their voluntary decision to do so. And until a person does that, he is still within the Church. That has to be an act of the will and we can’t judge the acts of will of other people except under very specific circumstances such as I detailed by lying. Therefore what I would say is essentially the same thing in the beginning, the case is not proven.”…

Vin was lying when he said that we can’t judge the acts of will of other people because he continued by saying that we can judge others when they lie (11:03):

Vin – “I feel, I judge, I hold and affirm, that it is an act of injustice to accuse someone of apostasy without some evidence of internal conviction. Outside actions do not show internal convictions.” And further (11:35), “You can read a person’s heart under one circumstance. You can read a person’s heart when a person lies, and is prone to lie and does not reconcile er, er, or renounce the lie.”

It is impossible to “reconcile” a lie with the truth! A lie is an act of the will! Thankfully you, Bro. Peter, then summed up the whole debate by saying, “Exactly! Anyone who refuses to submit to Catholic teaching is lying.” But then he persisted:

“When I talk about lying, I mean literally words of the mouth, and I don’t mean actions at all. When I deal with Protestants; when I refute them or confound them, what I do is I expose verbal contradictions. If a person does not resolve a verbal contradiction he’s a liar. A lying status is one that can be read, by which one can the heart but one does not, in my opinion, lie by actions. One can be hypocritical or one can be wrong with actions certainly...”

Vin did not resolve the verbal contradiction that lies can be reconciled with the truth, so he’s a liar! Out of his own mouth he’s condemned! Also, I think Vin was wrong saying that a person can never lie by their actions; Actors lie by their actions as a profession and JP2 was an ex-actor! And if a person can lie by word, which is an action of the tongue and throat muscles, what of the saying, “actions speak louder than words”?!! This isn’t to say that the intention is not to be presumed when a true Catholic Priest follows the correct matter and form set out by the true Catholic Church when administering the true sacraments, but that many people can and often do deliberately deceive others by their actions.

Also, I think Jesus indicates that, to a certain extent, it is fairly easy to see people’s hearts:

Matt. 12:34 – “O generation of vipers, how can you speak good things, whereas you are evil? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.”

Luke 6:45 – “A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth that which is evil. For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.”

I thought it was hilarious, and an obvious judgement, when the incident occurred of his dog walking past happened, after he’d said that Jews reject the Council of Trent because they “reject the entire structure of Catholicism,” as though rejecting Jesus Christ is ok, and then said “there’s a difference between a person rejecting things from the inside and a person rejecting things from the outside.” (debate no.2, 27:24 minutes)

Obviously he got burned by his policing background. Maybe this influences him, apart from his bad will, when it comes to defending the faith against the state, since the Vatican 2 sect, apart from acting like the Catholic Church, also acts like a fascist state: On the Church and the German Reich, POPE PIUS XI - The believer has an absolute right to profess his Faith and live according to its dictates. Laws which impede this profession and practice of Faith are against natural law.

Vin obviously has no faith in the true God who is “one absolutely simple essence,” (4th Lateran Council) and “the formal motive of faith.” (Satis Cognitum, Pope Leo XIII) Obviously Vin is a modernist heretic for whom “it is quite impossible to maintain that they [dogmas] absolutely contain the truth: for, in so far as they are symbols, they are the images of truth, and so must be adapted to the religious sense in its relation to man; and as instruments, they are the vehicles of truth, and must therefore in their turn be adapted to man in his relation to the religious sense.” (Pope St. Pius X, Pascendi)

I think Vin, like the Antichrist Antipopes Benedict XVI, John Paul II, Paul VI, John Paul I, John XXIII, embodies the spirit of Antichrist, since he has put himself in the place of God by rejecting Catholic dogmas about heretics being outside the Church, among many other things. Vin is absolutely and truly and absurd apostate and heretic!!!

… Thank you and God Bless,

Kit White


MHFM: One thing that we really took from that debate was another clear example of the fact that anyone who obstinately accepts the Vatican II sect, especially for many decades as Vin has, loses all faith and comes to believe in nothing.




Dear Brothers in Christ,

The debates you had with V. Lewis and W. Albrecht show once again that N.O. people have completely lost light of natural reason. They are insane.  In fact it is impossible to retain one's natural reason and stay with N.O. satanic hierarchy.  As you have said, they don't care about the teaching of The Catholic Church at all. This fact alone shows they are adherents of a false religion, the false religion of the worst possible kind because it calls itself catholic.

I am 100% sure that if the antipope B16 would clearly state, in all world's languages, a sentence "I am a heretic, and I know that and I enjoy very much being such", that his apologists would respond to that "This doesn't  prove B16 is a heretic".

This age and time of total darkness we are witnessing is obviously a punishment, very, very severe and very, very deserved punishment of the whole mankind for its unspeakable sins.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us through the merits of Your and our Most Holy Mother and St. Joseph. St. Michael be our shield in the war against the church of darkness.

Vladimir from Zagreb, Croatia




Dear Brothers of the Most Holy Family Monastery


Referring to the recent debate with Mr. Vin Lewis, it is so visible, even to anyone with basic Catholic teaching to immediately see that this person is not prepared to stand up to the truth.


He talks about an existing conspiracy within the Vatican, that means he sees and knows the devastating and disoriented state in which Christ’s true Church has fallen, but still, he is so spiritually blind to see the source of all this evil.


He defends that one has no right to presume that the heads of the church are visible public heretics who deviated willingly from the true Church because we cannot read their hearts and intentions, he even goes as far as defending that in their visible per versed public actions and teachings against the Catholic Faith, one is not able to see their true intentions, well I must say that any illiterate person who is honest and truthful will quickly come to the conclusion of the obvious.


If we must consider the heads of the Church as genuine and true Catholics, according to this gentleman, then why are they misleading the faithful from the Catholic Church by denying the holy Dogmas and falsifying the Catholic Doctrine, as well as recommending and esteeming false religions and favouring sects either by word, action or deeds?

I personally know Catholics who were devoted to their faith and today they take part in all type of sects.


From my readings on the last four or so “Popes” including Bent XVI, I found that all of them at some stage criticised the spirit of Vatican II, but in my view they are all liars and not sincere, for my question is, why do they hold on to this diabolic council with all their teeth, yet they appear to criticise it. It looks more like deceit and conspiracy than anything else.


For heaven’s sake, what more proof does Mr.Vin Lewis needs to understand and convince himself of the reality, unless he has some petty interests that are hindering him, if so, this is very serious.


In J.M.J

M. Fernanda da Silva


MHFM: It’s important to emphasize that it’s not the Catholic Church, and these men are (and were) not heading the Catholic Church.  The fact is that no defender of the Vatican II antipopes has or could have any cogent response whatsoever to any of the facts or arguments brought forward.  They have no answer whatsoever to the heresies brought forward from the antipopes’ teachings and actions.  They either ignore them, or come up with outlandish theories to deny their existence, despite irrefutable documentation.


Comment, shallow


You really need better opponents.  It was like a fight between Rocky Marciano and Pee Wee Herman.  You knocked him out in the first round, but then carried him for another 14.


He thought like a Protestant.  He clearly placed his own interpretation of scripture over and above the Magisterium.  Titus 3:10, his sole obsession, which he essentially claimed meant that one had to be both adjudicated and chastised by a superior before being labeled heretical begins: “A man that IS as heretic, after the first and second admonition AVOID.”   This guy, who tried to argue as much on grammar; showing off his familiarity with Greek (which was irrelevant), as he did with logic failed to perceive the clear, simple and obvious English meaning of the scripture. The man in question is ALREADY conceded to be a heretic.  The admonitions only refer to when he is to be avoided.  He is already a heretic and the text assumes he can be discerned as such.  After two admonitions, one can in good conscience give up the obligation to try to convert him.  Of course to one who claims to already be a Catholic, such a dissection of the Bible verse isn’t even necessary, as the Magisterium has told us what it means.


This guy (Albrecht) was so bad he could not, or pretended not, to follow the clearest of your arguments.  It was literally as blatant as though he had said for instance: “can you show me a green flag?”. And you in response showed him a green flag. Then you further proceeded to show him where the thread that made the flag came from, the significance of the dye, and how the flag pole was made. Then you showed him twelve other green flags.  Then in response, over and over again he said: “I don’t know why you keep introducing all of these other subjects, but obviously you are incapable of dealing with green flags”.   It was literally that ridiculous.


I think it demonstrates that some ignorance, or maybe bad will is better description, is truly supernatural in origin.  It is just too astounding for it to be anything else.  Spiritual warfare.


Bill Mulligan   


MHFM: It is definitely spiritual warfare.  The guy clearly enjoys to hear himself quote some Greek, despite that fact that his arguments are completely irrelevant, illogical and heretical.  It’s a prime example of pride begetting his spiritual blindness; in other words, savoring the shallow things of intellectual pride and not the things of God. 


No one is disputing that Titus 3:10 is talking about a heretical man.  Thus, for him to repeatedly mention that the “accusative masculine” shows that we are talking about a heretical man of course proves nothing.  It is to repeat what no one is disputing.  It reveals that there is no substance to his argument, but simply a vain attempt to appeal to dumbed-down shallow people whose ears are tickled by any pretense to intellectual sophistication.  It’s sad, but some people – correct that, MANY people – are so shallow, so pathetic, so of bad will, and frankly so unable to grasp and cut to the point and the truth – which is the true measure of intelligence: conforming one’s mind to the truth of God and communicating it with accuracy; they so savor the things of intellectual pride and not the things of God, that if someone quotes a little Greek or Latin they are just bowled over and their bad-willed hearts are tuned in.  Since they savor such things but not the truth and real logic, they will have tremendous respect for such a person and his arguments, even when the arguments are completely illogical (and thus stupid).  God totally rejects such people. 


In fact, it should be noted that one of the ways that John Calvin was able to acquire great influence and convince many to follow him was because he could read the original biblical languages, Greek and Hebrew.  Many shallow folks thus thought that he understood the word of God.  As a result, they fell into following him and believing some of the most stupid and evil perversions of Scripture ever concocted (such as that man doesn’t have free will, eternal security, total depravity, etc.)


On the same point, William A. did a short series on us and his arguments almost couldn’t have been more illogical.  Yet, a few people thought they were great.  We suppose that they are so of bad will that they are persuaded by the fact that he quotes some Greek.  Well, we saw how well his arguments held up in a debate. 


New Sedevacantism Debate with apologist William Albrecht


New Sedevacantism Debate with apologist William Albrecht [link to description and audios]


MHFM: William Albrecht (also known as Gnrhead) is an apologist who works with a number of mainstream, “conservative” apologetics organizations within the Vatican II Church.  He also works with one well-known, semi-“traditionalist” apologetics organization that has a wide outreach.  He has been promoted and endorsed by Steve Ray.  He has also engaged in many debates with Protestants, including Protestant apologists from one of the largest Protestant apologetics groups in the country (e.g., a.o.m.). 


Albrecht said that he thoroughly studied our information and material.  He claimed to have read our huge book, The Truth about What Really Happened to the Catholic Church after Vatican II, four times.  He did a series attempting to refute our arguments for the sedevacantist position and our position against the New Mass.  He also claimed that he could refute every single argument we make.  He challenged us to a debate.


This debate is very interesting.  It covers many different areas.  It’s interesting how when you debate different people many different things come up.  This debate gets even more interesting as it goes along.  Part 2 might be the most interesting.  There is also a rapid-fire, 2 minutes back and forth format that we agreed to adopt after about the first hour. 


In this debate, we see that one side is clearly Catholic and accepts Church teaching while the other side does not.  We see, once again, that the other side has no answer whatsoever to the facts and truth presented…


This will permanently be found in our “Traditional Catholic Audios” section, in our “Antipopes” section, and in our telephone debates section (which is under “Audios”).


By the way, below is a quote from St. Augustine on John 15:22.  This comes up in the debate in reference to a similar passage in the Gospel of John on how the Jews, if Christ had not come and spoken to them, would not have sin.  Jesus was of course not saying that they could be saved if He hadn’t spoken to them; but rather that they would not have the extra sin of infidelity, or disbelieving in Christ.  The people who haven’t heard the Gospel are damned for their other sins, not the special sin of infidelity (if they haven’t heard of Him).  They remain outside the Church and in their other sins unless they come to know Him and are baptized into His faith.  This is how the Church has always understood these passages.


We wanted to quote it here because it was mentioned in the debate from memory, but we didn’t have it handy to quote it in full or the reference.


St. Augustine, Tractate 89, on John 15:22-23- “What, then, does He [Jesus] mean by the words, If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin? [John 15:22] Was it that the Jews were without sin before Christ came to them in the flesh? Who, though he were the greatest fool, would say so?... But when He went on to say, But now they have no excuse for their sin, some may be moved to inquire whether those to whom Christ neither came nor spoke, have an excuse for their sin. For if they have not, why is it said here that these had none, on the very ground that He did come and speak to them? And if they have, have they it to the extent of thereby being barred from punishment, or of receiving it in a milder degree? To these inquiries, with the Lord's help and to the best of my capacity, I reply, that such have an excuse, not for every one of their sins, but for this sin of not believing on Christ, inasmuch as He came not and spoke not to them.”


     Fr. Francisco de Vitoria, O.P., a famous 16th century Dominican theologian, summed up the traditional teaching of the Catholic Church on this topic very well.  Here is how he put it:


“When we postulate invincible ignorance on the subject of baptism or of the Christian faith, it does not follow that a person can be saved without baptism or the Christian faith.  For the aborigines to whom no preaching of the faith or Christian religion has come will be damned for mortal sins or for idolatry, but not for the sin of unbelief.  As St. Thomas says, however, if they do what in them lies [in their power], accompanied by a good life according to the law of nature, it is consistent with God’s providence that he will illuminate them regarding the name of Christ.” (citation in our salvation book)


St. Augustine (426): “Consequently both those who have not heard the gospel and those who, having heard it, and having been changed for the better, did not receive perseverancenone of these are separated from that lump which is known to be damned, as all are going… into condemnation.” (citation in our salvation book)


2 Corinthians 4:3: And if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost, in whom the god of this world [Satan] hath blinded the minds of unbelievers, that the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should not shine unto them.” 


Pope Eugene IV, Council of Florence, “Cantate Domino,” 1441, ex cathedra: “The Holy Roman Church firmly believes, professes and preaches that all those who are outside the Catholic Church, not only pagans but also Jews or heretics and schismatics, cannot share in eternal life and will go into the everlasting fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels, unless they are joined to the Church before the end of their lives; that the unity of this ecclesiastical body is of such importance that only for those who abide in it do the Church’s sacraments contribute to salvation and do fasts, almsgiving and other works of piety and practices of the Christian militia produce eternal rewards; and that nobody can be saved, no matter how much he has given away in alms and even if he has shed blood in the name of Christ, unless he has persevered in the bosom and unity of the Catholic Church.”


I thought


Hi ,

I have enjoyed Vin Lewis tapes in  the past... but I was very disappointed with his slithery performance in the debate.. He didn't cite any Church teachings whatsoever to support his beliefs and opinions! I thought his arguments were very lame. He dishonestly accused you of asserting that he was being ridiculous without proof when in reality every time you did first prove it by citing amazingly relevant quotes! The monastery brother trounced him! How can one not be a sede when the arguments it against it seem to be non-existent. Surely Vin will now re-think his position. Sorry to say Vin but you sounded just like a hapless modern Catholic with no idea of the Church teachings and just a lot of prideful opinions.

God bless


pls withhold my name.


Fantastic job debating Vin. I really thought maybe he would have a stronger argument seeing that he claims to be the smartest catholic apologist in America. He had no argument at all. In fact when you would address him about the heart of the matter and him denying the teaching of the church on heretics he would go off on some tangent about proper use of words, and if the heretic referred to in Titus really was a heretic before the rebuke...what complete nonsense. These interactive debates are great to listen to because one can really relate your debate to our own debates with family members etc. Well done.

I had one question I have been meaning to ask you but keep forgetting. Does the Church allow us to pray to people who are not officially declared saints but have died in the odour of sanctity such as Padre Pio?



MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  Yes, you can pray privately to people who have not been declared saints but appeared to die in a very holy state.  In fact, that’s how many canonization processes began.  People would pray to those people and receive extraordinary favors and then the case would get moving.




Good Evening Brothers,


After listening to this debate it is revealing that Mr. Lewis "wrestles"(as he put it) with many of the topics you confronted him with. This in itself proves heresy for having any doubts concerning Catholic dogma deems one a heretic. I guess what I find most alarming is the conspiracy angle this man was taking. The fact that when confronted with the question about the Council of Trent’s definition of heretics being outside of the one true church, Vin Lewis responded that its reasonable. When asked why? He responded that it sounds good and makes sense to me. Well, the sad truth imo is that God punishes the unjust in this way, by allowing man to work according to his own conscience. In this case we have a man excusing the actions (he never explained this) and the words of these anti-popes by labeling it a conspiracy. So what does this man believe? What his conscience tells him. We of faith know that a man operating according to his own conscience not only thinks he is right, but leads himself to eternal death, so saith the Lord. As Vin Lewis so absurdly claims that we cannot judge an outward action of an inward feeling(or the heart of someone) reveals to me that he also does not believe in the 7 sacraments instituted by Jesus Christ either. For according to Vin Lewis' doctrine we could not be sure that is what Jesus intended.


What I take away from listening to this debate is the temerity of the Novus ordo believers and false traditionalists today. It is true that Protestants error in faith and we can only hope that through prayer and Gods grace he will convert them before death, but at least Protestants are more faithful to their false doctrines.


May we never cease to beg our Father, Please do not give me over to a shameless and foolish mind. Amen


Take care,

Gary Craft




It is an old cliché’, but you certainly demonstrated it in your debate with Vin.   In the beginning, I was sure he was simply of very bad will, as he started out trying to trap you with such “layup” propositions.  I mean could it be that he really didn’t understand the nature of Holy Orders versus merely holding an office in the Church or that heresy and apostasy are not ordinary sins?  His whole argument essentially came down to “all this stuff is really perpetrated by evil infiltrators within the Vatican, especially among the translators” (even though he himself dismissed his own argument as silly).   For his position to be true, then JPII and Ratzinger would have to be literal imbeciles to not be heretics.  It almost seemed insulting that he would be throwing such softballs.   However by the end, he went away almost meekly.  I think it could be that he really didn’t know much coming in.  The telling question for me in this regard was when he couldn’t explain what made a council’s pronouncement binding.  He answered it in modern speak beginning with “it is in conformity with a well formed conscience”, followed by three or four other irrelevant ramblings…


Hopefully Vin will reflect and come to see the light.  At any rate, it was no contest at all.  His positions (the few he actually admitted to holding) were completely devastated.  Thank you for doing this kind of stuff.  It is a very informative and actually an entertaining format.  It exposes and answers so many false notions that most people have fallen under, in fact notions they have been actively and deliberately taught, both in the Sunday sermons and the schools of the Vatican II counter church.    


Bill Mulligan




I just read your comments regarding your conversation with Vin Lewis. I listened to the entire tape and thoroughly enjoyed it.


I will pray for your soul.  Vin is a prophet.  His faith is astounding.  To call him a bad Catholic means you are taking your direction from Satan.   Repent before it's too late.  Trust me, your life will change now that you have criticized Vin.  I have seen it happen first hand. 


You should be worried, very worried.


A concerned Catholic.


MHFM: No, he is unfortunately a heretic and an apostate, like you.  That was clearly proven.  But again, that’s why people remain Protestants in the face of all the evidence.  That’s why people can hear Scripture after Scripture disproving faith alone and eternal security and still contend that the Bible teaches them.  It’s called bad will.




Subject: Vin Lewis is a heretic and an apostate!


I couldn't believe what was coming out of Vin Lewis mouth!  Obviously it wasn't the Holy Spirit, but the devil was doing the talking.


No wonder he is pro Novus Ordo church!!!


Thank You for debating Vin and it cleared up a lot of questions that I had wondered about.




MHFM: There was also another debate we just did with someone else.  It will be posted very soon.






Very interesting series of audios with Vin Lewis. Mr Lewis, who not very serious about his faith, while taking the Catholic Faith as a laughing matter and mocking God, is truly a wishy-washy Vatican II Catholic...a liar, and a snake, trying to slither out of the web that he weaves through his deceit.  All the time trying to catch you in a lie (his bad will) and kill you with his kindness.

Mr. Lewis' "worldly" views of the true Catholic Faith as being that as "your assumption" and a history of conspiracy at best are examples of the bad fruit (errors) and corruption that he and many others like him, (Fr. Coropi, Scott Hahn, EWTN) spread throughout the world. Truly blind and ignorant to the truth (The Catholic Faith).  Nice job of burying Mr. Lewis at the end.

God Bless you,


New Debate with Vin Lewis on Sedevacantism


MHFM: We recently had a debate on Sedevacantism with Vin Lewis.  Go here to listen to it:


New Sedevacantism Debate with Vin Lewis


This will permanently be found in our “Traditional Catholic Audios” section, in our “Antipopes” section, and in our telephone debates section (which is under “Audios”).




Dear Brothers,


I know you have addressed several times the issue of whether one could attend non-Catholic weddings and funerals and I agree with your position 100%.  However I don't think you've ever addressed whether a person could attend the wake of a non-Catholic or Novus Ordo friend.  Less than three years ago I attended the wake of someone who died and was buried by the Novus Ordo Church.  At a point during the wake, a Novus Ordo "priest" arrived for a prayer service and at that time I got up and left since I did not want to participate in prayer with heretics.  But the point here is that I went simply to offer my condolensces to the family without praying for the deceased and I did not attend the funeral the following day.  Could you please comment? 


Thank you,



MHFM: No, one should not go.  A Catholic must not be involved in honoring those who lived and died at variance with the true faith.




Hey Brothers since i watched your videos my eyes opened up to the Truth of What Happened to the Catholic church and What the Vatican 2 council is, anyways can you help find a church that Celebrates the Old Latin Mass… cause I’m leaving the New mass and all the New orders to return to the True Orders of the Church...

God Bless ya :)

Also when i started to become religious and [went] to the mass of nothing, that’s what i call the New Mass… i was deciding to Leave the church and Journey to another religion… but then you guys came along and made me see the Truth in the Church and I decided to stay THANK YOU SO MUCH :).






lutherans lift ban on gay marriage and support premaritial sex








Dear Brothers,


I was trying to watch the video link "New Video on Abortion, Ted Kennedy and Benedict XVI" on your news portion of your website, but it the message "the video has been removed by the user" appears.


Would you restore the video link so I can watch the video?




Eric P., a reader of http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com


MHFM: For some reason our recent video, Benedict XVI is pro-abortion, is not being accepted by Youtube.  So, you can watch here:


Benedict XVI is pro-abortion


This will be found permanently in our section on Benedict XVI.




MHFM: Hopefully in the next day, or within the next few days, we will have some new audios which we think some of our readers might find interesting.




Dear Brothers,


In regard to the video on Ted Kennedy and Benedict XVI, I totally agree with a reader who mentioned that a Satanic Hierarchy has been occupying the Vatican.

About two to three years ago when my heart still wished to believe that I was in the true Roman Catholic Church, it came to pass that a Catholic funeral celebration

of a political personality and well known to be a Freemason, was authorised and took place in the Catholic Basilica in Lisbon, this was even spoken about on the News…


M. Fernanda da Silva


Vatican II


Dear MHFM, 


Dr. Ratzinger's organization, the Vatican II sect could easily suffer its demise if only Vatican I was reopened, and declared Vatican II as null and void.  The simplicity of the Great Council of Trent, and Vatican I drowns the actions and words of this pitiful council, Vatican II.  It doesn't take much effort to decipher the appalling, and unequivocal transfiguration of Holy councils fully, completely filled with the power of the Holy Spirit in Holy Trent and Holy Vatican I, and the stale infiltration of the Modernist minds of Vatican II in full force to destroy Catholicism by incorporating specious language of Lucifer posing as Roman Catholic.  Martin Luther made his advance in the 16th century, and in the late 20th came the sullied Modernists… May Jesus and his angels protect you and your ministry…






Dear Brothers,


I might have missed it somewhere on your website  - but did you notice at the Kennedy Funeral Mess, that the table area - was shown most of the time from the very start until the very end - but that during "communion" - they showed the choir and anything else or everything else but who was receiving etc?  I found this very telling.  I even had a brother of mine call me right away while this was going on and he could not get over it.  He asked me:  "have you noticed how blatantly apparent it is that they do not want to show who is receiving Communion, since the camera focused on everything but what was going on during Communion?"  I wonder if it was because Obama and Clinton and whoever received Communion.  And to this day I have not heard a word about it on the news etc?  Just thought it was strange but noteworthy.  I guess if Obama had received - it would have made the news for days.....who knows? 


Sincerely in Christ,








I was reading a seemingly solid Catholic book when I ran into the BOD heresy being propagated. And I had some thoughts on this to share with you:


With BOD, in a way similar to water baptism, is real and natural desire a requirement for a valid "baptism?" In other words, can a lack of real desire mean what the protestants believe; that a man never had the true faith to begin with? After all, we have desires and we lose them many, many times in our lives. One minute I desire a certain food, the next minute I lose that particular desire. And if a man is "born again" and loses his desire, does he then become "unborn" again?


On BOB, in a way similar to water baptism, a man is martyred for the "faith," is he born again, i.e., resurrected from the dead? Obviously, if a man is "born again," you would think that he would not and could not be born and perish at the same time. It sounds like we are speaking of a partial birth abortion, not a holy and spiritual beginning for a soul trying to commune with God. BOB is a spiritual impossibility just by the fact that you cannot physically live and die at the same moment. These heretics would then have to create a temporal "limbo" to sustain this new piece of anti-faith.


Regarding La Salette: I took another look at one of your works which said that we have "one hour" in God's eyes, which started counting with the imposition of the novus ordo anti-mass in April of 1969. That would mean that Advent of 2010 would be when that "hour" had elapsed. In Our Lady of La Salette's secret to Melanie, one of the parts indicated that Lucifer and his demons would be let loose in the year 1864. Now supposing that the "time, two times and half a time" in the Book of the Apocalypse refers to "hours," I counted, if my math holds, 145.95 years in our time, 3 1/2 hours in God's eyes, which, depending on what month Lucifer was let loose, either Advent 2009 or 2010 would be when the Bibical prediction(s) would intersect with Mary's words to Melanie and the apostate actions of antipope/antichrist Paul VI.


Your video on anti-saint ted Kennedy was superb. The vatican may try to slip his name in when the anti-canonizations are announced for JPII, Paul 666 and Pope Pius XII. Except for Pius XII, Kennedy would fit right in with them.








Subject: honoring Ted Kennedy


If this abomination does not prove that the V2 church is satanic, nothing will.  It's amazing that the roof didn't cave in. This has got to be the last straw. Pray the Rosary!!!








This story broke a couple of days ago, but the above links a mainstream news article which suggests that Martino was in fact fired.  Judging by his age alone, this guy wasn’t a real bishop and probably not a real priest.  But he acted like he thought he was.  He for example refused to give pro abortion politicians communion, told his subjects that voting for pro abortion candidates was a mortal sin, was very vocal against homosexuality, etc.   So now he is out.  Another example of what the New Church simply won’t tolerate.


Bill Mulligan    


MHFM: That’s interesting.  Obviously we are not suggesting that he is a real Catholic (of course not); but it’s interesting to see how those in the Novus Ordo, who are even slightly conservative on issues such as abortion, find themselves as fish out of water.




Subject: Regarding many sedevacantist priests’ denial of the salvation dogma


I thought it might've been noteworthy to mention this:

I was having some email exchanges with a sedevacantist "priest", Charles McGuire (who is in league with Cekada) about BOD/BOB and the "Soul of the Church" heresy, and I told him that the "Soul of the Church" and all that denied the dogma, and he replied with this:

"The dogma "Outside the Church there is No Salvation" is not being denied in any way, shape or form. However, one can belong to the Church by desire (think of the many souls who never had the Faith preached to them, yet who sincerely desire to do what God wants of them). This dogma goes much deeper into Theology than most people will ever know. Perhaps in a future email I will explain it better. For now, time is too short to delve into this one."

These guys are essentially modernists! Don't they know that dogmas have to be believed as they are once declared?

This guy also has some wacky views on the number of the saved/damned souls:

In another discussion we were having, I told him how most people go to Hell, and how the great majority of the world isn't even Catholic and thus doesn't go to Heaven, and he said this:

"Furthermore, there is no teaching of the Church saying that most souls go to hell. Some theologians say that most go to heaven. God only knows. We may have opinions on this subject, but we will have to wait until Judgement Day to find out for sure."

So it looks like these people, instead of believing and going by the infallible dogmas of the Church, instead go with what the "theologians" say. They are modernists.






Hi Brother Peter and Brother Michael,
Thank you for the video exposing the evil of Benedict XVI's support for the heretic Ted Kennedy. Whenever I see those Novus Ordo ceremonies I immediately get the sense that they are praying to Satan and not to Jesus Christ. How else can they pray for a dead someone who aggressively pushed for murder and sodomy to be written into law?!!! Benedict XVI is a satanic heretic, Ted Kennedy was/is a satanic heretic, and so are any other people who support them.
Thanks again and God Bless,
Kit White




Subject: Rejection of Freemasonry and the Devil


Dear Brothers,
While making a purchase at a friend’s store, who I assumed was `Catholic` since he had a crucifix displayed in full view; I noticed, to my horror, that he wore a masonic ring.  When I inquired as to what he was doing wearing the ring of an antichristian cult, he nervously stated that he was a member of a local lodge and not aware that it was a non-Christian cult. In charity, I debriefed him on the diabolical nature of the lodge and left.  On my next visit I arrived with a bagful of all your videos and books (including yours and Dr. Wardner’s videos on the freemasonic infiltration of the Catholic church and its takeover of society).  He subsequently viewed and read the material and shared it with several other lodge members who had joined at the time he had.  He was quite upset over having been bamboozled by masonic doubletalk and ritual, and vowed to leave that diabolical institution.  A fellow lodge member who had joined when he had, and who was also a former Catholic seminarian, immediately left the masonic lodge in shame and disgust, severing all contact with it and his former colleagues. I pray that two more souls will be saved due to these courageous Catholic educational books and videos.
May Almighty God continue to favor your efforts!
In good will and charity,
Dr. James J. Lapinsky, D.C.




Subject: Video


Your video is EXCELLENT!  I sent it to a lot of people in my email list.  (I have not heard back from anyone-yet!)  But I feel it had to be said.  However, I came across a NO woman from the church I used to go to, and she watched the whole funeral , thought it was wonderful, beautiful eulogy by his son, etc etc. and she loved the letter to Benedict!!!  I tried to tell her that Kennedy was pro abortion, pro gay, etc, but she just rambled on and on the he did 'good'?!   As you well know, these people do not get it!  And this woman knows that I go to the Latin Mass only, and I have tried to tell people, but they are SO blind!  God have mercy on us all.!  Please keep up the excellent work you are doing!...

God bless you and He is!

Kathryn Rubio


MHFM: Yes, the bad will is mind-boggling.  Someone else wrote to us and completely ignored the fact that he accepts pro-abortion apostates as Catholic.  It just doesn’t even faze these people.  Instead, he recommended a writing of Benedict XVI.


Had to re-upload




MHFM: We had to re-upload (to Youtube) our recent video on Benedict XVI and abortion.  It had almost a thousand views after only being posted for a short time.  Since it had to be re-uploaded, the view count was reset to zero.




Subject: New Video Comment


Dear Brothers Michael and Peter:


I just finished watching your new video on the pro-abortion, pro-“gay marriage” apostate and chief political toady to the Jewish new world order Ted Kennedy.  It was so refreshing to hear the Catholic point of view about this wicked man’s life and the so-called “Catholic” funeral that the vatican-two sect held in his honor.  It showed once again the undeniable fact that the vatican-two sect is totally pro-abortion and not remotely Catholic.


What’s interesting is how many people in the vatican-two sect can watch their apostate leaders on TV, such as his Immense Evil, “Cardinal” O’Malice praise these pro-abortion politicians alongside such creatures as “President” Obama and Nancy Pelosi and not denounce them as apostates.  Even more interesting is that these same people will then jump on a bus to attend the annual pro-life march in Washington D.C.  The level of hypocrisy and bad-will within the vatican-two sect is just astounding.






Subject: Ted Kennedy video


5 star rating from me






Dear Brothers in Christ,

The video clip on Ted Kennedy's funeral is nothing less than a show of a satanic ritual.  The "cardinals" and "priests" praising a life full of murders and other vicious acts--and nobody can deny that Ted Kennedy is responsible for the murder of millions of unborn human beings and constant rebellion to God in many other ways--this show is the worst mockery of God the world has ever seen. Of course, the shows of this kind are not limited to the U.S. Far from that.

The satanic hierarchy now occupying Vatican is very inventive regarding the ways to mock the God, our Lord Jesus Christ. We can only wonder what is next we will see from this "treasury" of all abominations in the world.

I am so, so sad, and I am angry. Very angry with these demonic creatures.

Our dearest and most holy Mother, pray for us.

Vladimir from Zagreb, Croatia




Subject: Excellent video on Ted Kennedy


I couldn't have said it any better!  I didn't watch any of the coverage of the "tribute" to Ted Kennedy.....but I am glad I watched your video on it.  Their reference to him being one of the "faithful" completely disgusted me.  Isn't it interesting that Boston is involved?  Boy - If you are Fr. Feeney, you are completely a jerk.....but, Ted Kennedy, and you are "faithful".  What a farce.


Thank you for sharing.


Teri Thurman




Dear MHFM    


I was quite upset about the whole ted kennedy fiasco.  I noticed how it started to pour rain on the people after the service was over. Was this a sign of God’s displeasure over this whole affair?  Rome has indeed become the seat of the anti-christ.  The world is completely upside down. Time is growing very very short.  I think we all know pretty much what the third secret of fatima is.  Thanks! And God bless in Christ.   






I would like to understand how you think ted kennedy is so great of a person, do you know how many unborn Babies he has had a hand in killing and with this health care he wanted to kill more. … no choice for the baby. What are you thinking about was his money more important then GOD'S word. They are using his death and him being a catholic to push this health care and what about him pushing gays. There is a GOD and he does not care about you holding any position in the church. If you go against his word then you go against his word. You are doing a disservice to GOD and the unborn and the people you are leading wrong in this world. I"m starting to believe everything they say about your church. And I thought yiu cared about the babies.




MHFM: Are you insane?  We condemn abortion and Ted Kennedy.  That's what the video is about.  Watch the video and wake up.




Dear Brothers,
First, I would like to thank you both for the labor you do for our Lord and for the conversion of sinners. Secondly, I have a heavy heart about what curriculum is the best for homeschooling.  I am currently using Catholic Heritage Curricula but have to scan through literally everything to make sure the V2 references in it don't slip out to my children.  Every other "Catholic" curriculum that I have searched through is the same (all are Vatican II and lovers of heresy). Then there is the dilemma of buying secular studies. All of that will surely not teach creation, but evolution. I don't know if any other homeschooling mothers have written to you about this issue or if you would even have an idea of what direction to send me, but if you do I would greatly appreciate your opinions and feedback on this issue. It's sad when you are out of the public school systems and still having great concern about what your children will learn from their school books.

May God Bless You,


MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  Perhaps one of our readers has a suggestion.




In good faith I ordered the booklet that The Bible proves the Catholic Church is the true Church, and then in seeing your last page, and all the post Vatican II attacks on the recent Popes, Paul VI, John Paul II and Benedict XVI, and visiting your website, I was scandalized beyond words !!!!  You have committed the greatest sin, abandoning the Holy Spirit in His guidance of the Catholic Church, and then propagating it… you are dancing on the edge of condemnation.  You are in heresy, and you are disconnected from Rome.  I am shredding my booklets from you.  They are tainted with hate. 


Marilyn Treder


MHFM: You are completely wrong and very deceived.  You understand nothing about the Catholic faith or fidelity to the Papal Office.  The Church teaches that a heretic cannot be a valid pope.  If you understood anything about Church history, you would realize that there have been over 40 antipopes in Church history. 


Moreover, if you had the good will to look at the information, you would discover that Benedict XVI rejects the papal office.  He holds that one should not even convert Protestants.  He also engages in the worship of false religions, such as Islam and Judaism.  That's apostasy.  He has agreed with the Lutherans on Justification.  He is also pro-abortion.  By accepting him, you are pro-abortion.   


It proves that the Vatican II sect – which you wrongly think is the Catholic Church – accepts as members those who are notoriously pro-abortion.  That proves that Benedict XVI holds that one can be pro-abortion and be Catholic.  By accepting him as a Catholic, you are therefore pro-abortion.  In other words, you believe that one can promote and defend abortion and remain a member of the true Church.   


Benedict XVI is a manifest heretic.  He is not the pope.


New Video on Abortion, Ted Kennedy and Benedict XVI




MHFM: See the striking clips which prove it.  This video shows why those who accept Benedict XVI are not pro-life, but pro-abortion.  By examining what his “Church” just did for Ted Kennedy, it proves that Benedict XVI is pro-abortion.  Ted Kennedy was vigorously pro-abortion.  He was even in favor of partial-birth abortion.  He also supported gay “marriage.”  He even voted against the Defense of Marriage Act.  He also wanted to expand “hate crimes” legislation to include special privileges for homosexuals.  Benedict XVI and his Vatican II Church officially consider Ted Kennedy to have been a Catholic and the servant of Christ.  They consider him saved and to be one who will live forever with Christ.  This video demonstrates that all those who do not condemn Benedict XVI as a heretic are pro-abortion.  It proves that Benedict XVI is not the pope, but a heretical antipope.




Dear Brothers Dimond,


I and my family have been spending some time in Algarve for the summer holidays and as usual I took my Bible along, as well as some of your books on the Catholic Faith to study.  When I was deciding on what to read in the Bible, it came to my spirit in a very clear way the curiosity about King David and how the construction of Solomon’s Temple came about, although I did not know exactly where to find it, I somehow discovered it without any difficulty.


So while reading I came to understand more about God`s Justice and how generous He was to those who did good in the eyes of God and walked in His ways by obeying His Laws and running away from sin, but on the other hand God was very severe and punished those Kings and people with many calamities because they did bad in the eyes of God by turning away from Him. Therefore we know that God does not change and that his Justice will stand until the end of Times.


I thought it interesting that when I arrived in Lisbon and got back to your site, there it was, a video on King Solomon´s Life.


Wishing you well, and keep up the good work,


M. Fernanda da Silva



… Brothers Peter & Michael Diamond
I am really glad from reading your material, specially the book "What really happened to the Catholic Church..." and the DVDs.
When I purchased some material from your web-site, I had ordered some other books and ended um getting the Salvation book, the "What happened..." and the DVDs. At that time (something about 6 - 10 months ago) I was still a "false traditionalist", in other words I… was very afraid of reading sedevacantist material, since the SSPX and others from where I live 'warn' all the time to don’t read sedevacantist material, and all the typical absurd defense that is common.
But thanks to God Almighty he made me come across your website, and although at beginning I thought it too drastic and radical, little by little my thirst to know the truth grew bigger and bigger, to the point that now your community is my only safe reference in the Church´s doctrine. As I mentioned earlier at first I didn´t read the "dangerous" (=sedevacantist) material, but later on, as my eyes got open to the OBVIOUS truth as I saw the more and more scandals of the "pope" I ended up taking a stand and reading it for once! I thank God Almighty and His Most Blessed Mother for having led me to the search and finding of the truth, which your monastery/website are the chosen vehicles in this time of apostasy.
Thanks brothers!! I am most grateful of having found your information over anything else! It´s as if all the time, even when I was already a 'traditional(sic) catholic' there was still something eerie, as if they simply live on their lives happily with no mention of the most obvious anti-catholic scandals of the conciliarist 'popes'!!
I hope I do not disturb much of your time with my writings, but I would like to share this with you.
Last month I traveled to Italy… because although I already traveled there as a child, I really liked to visit once again the holy cities and basilicas, specially Saint Peter´s…. What a shock!! In ALL of the churches I visited, there was no holy lamp, no kneelers, only some plastic chairs, or even worse, no chairs at all. The churches were exposed as museums, and 100% of the people in there just behave as if were in some party, with immodest clothing and irreverent behavior. Although I recognize the faith has long been lost by the 'modernist' catholics, the total desacralization of these places really stunned me.
Now as I return home, I visited the SSPX website and saw a lot of "anti-sedevacantist" material that was not there before. I think that as the truth starts to become more and more evident each day for everyone about the so called 'conciliar church' and it´s 'popes', they have to fight to preserve it´s position of 'communion' with this apostate traitor! Just to note, as I scrolled trough the documents fighting the sedevacantist attacks, they enter into many pages philosophical, historical, exegetical, etc themes to try to explain the 'inconsistency' (as they call) of the sedevacantist position, but do not enter into the infallible church teaching and into more basic and obvious truths. It´s as if by a massive attack of "well written nonsense", the person by appearances get´s convinced of their point, when the truth is simple, plain and obvious.
Brothers thanks for your time of letting me share this with you… your monastery, which is really a voice of the truth in this last times of apostasy.
God guide your paths!!
[asked for name to be withheld] Brazil




Dear Brothers:


Great work. Thanks for the video on impurity, most people will not swallow this commandment easily because the world was deceit us for a long time on this sin…


No wonder why Jacinta of Fatima said that "the people fail to hell because of the sin of flesh are like flakes of snow...that are so so so many".  We should be aware of that and guard our eyes, our bodies, and our souls. Thank you for spread out the truth of teaching of God Most High, no sugar coat. People go to another religion because they knew in their hearts they commit this sin and loved it, they don't want to change. The reject everlasting life. God did not condemn no one to Hell. People choose to go to Hell as their own will. Period.


Glory to God


Kim-Lan Vu




Subject: “St. Edward M. Kennedy”


I heard some reporters talking about Kennedy's funeral shortly after the funeral "Mass" this morning.  One of them said she liked the "Catholic" way of thinking (probably from the priest’s sermon) that he is in a better place where it is peaceful.  No more war; no more stress, plenty of medical care, whatever. Another pro-abortion St.(Edward M.) Kennedy has gone to heaven.  If this doesn't convince a Catholic that the V2 church is not Catholic, nothing will. 


And then there was the reporter's comment about Michael Jackson looking down on the crowds who were honoring him…




MHFM: Yes, it’s really something.  We did a new video on this topic. 




Subject: Ted Kennedy’s letter to antipope Benedict


This is weird as all about Kennedy is.  What is he trying to do?  Ask for sainthood? – which he has from the drive by media!  On Rush Limbaugh's show Friday, Rush aired a piece from one of Kennedy's pals, saying that he loved to hear more new Chappequidia jokes!  How sick is that? Just as I said to myself  "sick"  Rush said it was 'sick'! 




MHFM: It’s another facet of this whole thing.  We didn’t have time to mention the letter in our video.  It’s just another example of the fact that Benedict XVI is fully aware of what’s going on, and that Ted Kennedy considered himself to be “Catholic” while the V-2 “hierarchy” did nothing to dispel that notion.




I am a 61 year old cradle Catholic, who experienced 16 years of a Catholic education & your information brought me back in time when I was educated by the nuns from 1954 to 1962. I can remember them telling us that we were never allowed to enter a non-Catholic church & when we were instructed to bring our bibles to class, I remember sister Francella nearly having a stroke when one of the students brought a king james bible.


In these days we have Catholic priests in their homilies saying; "God's love is unconditional" I would raise issue with that by saying; "How can God judge the living & the dead without any conditions." I will try to answer my own question & suggest that with the attendance of church activities on the down side, it becomes a situation of competition amongst the churches in the communities to tell the people or congregation what they want to hear & we come up with the idea that we are all going to heaven & as you people so eloquently point out, this is not the truth…




MHFM: Yes, it’s the religion of man.  It’s all about accepting man, and their inability to condemn man and his sins.  It’s the religion of Antichrist: denying Christ and His truth in order to please man.  This is exemplified by the man-centered New Mass, by the shocking and explicit teaching of Antipope John Paul II that man is God, and by their de facto recognition of man as God in their utter unwillingness to condemn man, even when God’s truth requires it. 


For a striking illustration of the last point, just take the example of Ted Kennedy.  Not one Novus Ordo “bishop” can or will denounce the guy as a heretic.  They worship man.




I just wanted to mention how much I appreciated your honesty on how those "Catholics" who support antipope "Benedict 16" as "pope" (which, thanks… to YOUR fine work, he is CLEARLY NOT....) are aggressively out there promoting the unspeakable sin of abortion, since as a supposed Catholic "leader", that is exactly what he does, by outrageous sins of omission, (silence, compliance on the issue, etc, thereby totally CONDONING abortion!) and so as you mentioned,  those who lend their support to B-16 are promoting his incredibly EVIL pro-abort stance.  Most V-2 "Catholics" do not want to view themselves this way.  But how many souls is this anti-pope sending to Hell on the abortion issue, alone?


Your recent videos on purity are excellent.  All your work has really snapped me out of a spiritual lethargy and stunned me with the Truth of the actual Catholic Faith, about which I was truly ignorant, (as a life-long former V-2 "Catholic") but I ask you to pray for me since your work has inspired me to try harder to become a much better person, one worthy of Heaven…


Sincerely, and Thanks again, Anne  


New video against Impurity




This is part of a series called, Rejecting the Lust and Impurity of Hell.




… My family goes back generations in the Roman Catholic Church and in investigating the Church, I realized the apostasy that had happened. I wish to be able to have contact because I have many unanswered questions. I am twenty years old right now and I am very confused about several things in my life right now. I have questions that need to be answered. I wish to have people to help me thing these things, by the grace of the Most High God. I thank you for spending the time to read my email, because I am sure that you get many e-mails each day. May God bless you for your efforts.

Michael H


MHFM: Michael, the material which is available on our website (and by ordering from us) contains the truth that people need to know about the Catholic faith and other topics.  You really need to take a deep interest in this material.  We would encourage you to listen to the audios, obtain the books, and pray the Rosary. 


Since you seem to be unsure about this, one thing we’d recommend is that you dispel from your mind what other people might say about this information.  The Devil deceives and destroys the faith of countless souls by means of people around them.  Most people go to Hell.  Most are of bad will.  That’s especially true today.  You need to examine this information, give special attention to the merits of the arguments, and completely disregard what this or that person might say.  Focus on the facts, the truth and the teaching of the Catholic Church that is presented.  Focus on how these conclusions are proven by Catholic teaching, and ignore what the bad-willed herd (which is headed for Hell) thinks.   




Subject: Why I am upset with Christianity




I love your website and will be studying it for hours.  I ask Christians this -->  How can a Christian be happy when God will have the majority of the human race tortured in hell for ever?


They say "No, most will go to Heaven"


but Jesus said in Matthew that wide is the path to destruction and many will go there, narrow is the way to salvation and few will find it.  That proves that God will torture good people who don't want to be religious and just want to be left alone.  I have no trouble with rapists and child molesters going to hell but what about all the good people that are not religious?  This really bothers me… Why is Christianity so cruel?...




MHFM: Your premise is false.  Good people don’t go to Hell.  They go to Hell because they are bad.  They might not externally seem bad like open criminals do, but they are liars in their hearts.  We see that so clearly all the time.  Hell is the only place for people who are liars to the core.  Sadly, almost all people today are liars, and most people throughout history. 


Apocalypse 21:8- “But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, they shall have their portion in the pool burning with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”


There are many examples we could give to demonstrate this point.  We could discuss moral issues, such as abortion.  We could discuss Protestant issues, such as the heresy of faith alone.  We could discuss Vatican II issues, such as those who obstinately defend the clear heresies and apostasy of the antipopes.  But the example we would give is one we mention frequently. 


Think of all the people who claim to be traditional Catholics.  They claim to accept all Catholic dogmas, including Outside the Church There is No Salvation.  They claim to believe in papal infallibility.  They even claim to believe in what Pope Eugene IV solemnly defined, that all who die as Jews, etc. go to Hell.  But then, when questioned further, they admit that they are not convinced that all who die as Jews go to Hell.  That proves that they are liars.  Some of them will then proceed to deny that they deny the dogma.  God sees all of this, and detests them for their dishonesty and their rejection of His truth.  They are of bad will, and liars to the core.  One must not be deceived by appearances.  Externally they might seem good to some, and they might even pray.  They might even put out a decent amount of effort in what they think is the practice of the traditional Catholic faith.  The fact, however, is that they are liars and therefore wicked to the core.  God rejects them and their efforts, and they must be condemned to Hell.  They must be condemned because they are not of Him; they are not of the truth.  The perfect justice in this can be seen by someone with faith.




Dear Brother Dimond,


…Thank you for your the terrific work you do in helping people to see the errors and horrors that we face daily, due to corruption of Vatican II!





Thank you for your instructions.  You have renewed my faith in the Catholic Church and my God.  I am about to be unemployed so I have had time to read your information on your web site.  Keep up the great work.  Pray for me and all the unemployed.

God Bless you

Lucille Beyer




Dear Bros, Michael and Peter Dimond,


Once again, another excellent job on this latest video on King Solomon... this latest production, is particularly interesting, because of the little known details subsequently revealed


...Great pictures as well to go along with the narrative.


God bless






Dear Brothers,
Thanks for the new video on Solomon. It's very relevant for our time… That quote of St. Athanasius' on how the Arians are abhorred by everyone except the devil is very powerful. It shows how crucial it was for our Lord Jesus Christ to institute the Papal Office as a defense against all heresies. How critical it is to be certain that we accept all the Catholic Councils (like the Councils of Nicaea, Trent, and Vatican I, etc.), all the decrees and condemnations therein, and to accept them exactly as they are written, not as we would like them to seem, especially if we come from a non-Catholic background! Your monastery is the only place I know of and can trust at this time to be 100% faithful to such Councils because of the eclipsed state of the Church due to the Great Apostasy…

God Bless,
Kit White




Dear Brother Michael and Brother Peter

I would like to show my appreciation for the excellent video you made on King Solomon, which was very instructive and interesting to watch.  I really like it when you refer to the lessons contained in the Old Testament and show their relevance for today.


I am currently reading the Old Testament (having first read the New Testament) and I came across a passage in Deuteronomy chapter 28 verses 15-68, concerning God's punishments if the Israelites fail to observe His Law. This passage cries out its relevance for our own evil times, with the consequences of the mass apostasy of the New Israel - Christendom - from the Catholic Faith. Although this passage describes the punishments to be inflicted for unfaithfulness which are specific to the times of Moses, many of the curses contained in this passage of Holy Scripture appear to describe the chaos, fear, immorality, evil, spiritual blindness, and undermining and ongoing destruction of our own Western civilisation. It is salutary to consider that God is not remote and aloof from what is going on in the world today, that we could consider that temporal punishments are being inflicted now on what was Christendom for the heinous sins of the Great Apostasy.

Yours in Jesus and Mary





Dear Brothers,

I just finished watching the short video on King Solomon and wanted to make a quick observation.  When you mentioned King Solomon building the idols for the pagans it reminded me of the Vatican 2 "Bishops and Priests" who go around promoting and helping protestants, Muslims, Buddhists, or whatever build their places of abomination.  Their promotion and taking up collections for these places is no different than King Solomon building them. 




Subject: “Satanic voices in Sydney’s Suburbia” newspaper article


Hi Brothers,

I'm not sure if you already know about this disturbing story, but I think you would find it very interesting:


Kind Regards,



New Video on King Solomon






I wonder if the year 2000 computer crash hoax was created to make people incredulous, so that when this swine flu thing happens everyone will disregard it and catch everyone off guard.  No one seems to be concerned about it. 








I have learned a great deal from your excellent videos.  Thank you for producing them and offering them at such a low price... Thank you!






Dear Most Holy Family Monastery,


My dear friend Scott P., who has to suffer on d/r Livingston in Texas sent me your letter you wrote to him lately, thank you so much for taking your time for him and enlightening his days on d/r with your friendly words and the three booklets you sent, this has been very kind of you and our HOLY GOD bless your good heart.


I apologize my English is very simple, hopefully you understand it… GOD bless your ministry and place


Karin Eberhart  



Apostate defends the Devil


Subject: “A bad rap for Satan”


Dear Brothers,


FYI - For your readers.




This apostate gave a lecture before other apostates at the 2009 "Catholic" Biblical Association meeting at Creighton Univ. - Omaha.   I attended C.U from 1956-59, but do not remember this evil doer at that time.


“The Fonda, Iowa, native challenges the notion of Satan (or Lucifer) as a fallen dark angel who tempted Adam and Eve into committing the “original sin” and who now runs Hell and tempts humans to sin.”



Donald Livingston  






I've been re-reading the ". . . No Salvation" book, page 138, regarding St. Thomas Aquinas and the silence of the popes who recommended the Summa but never pointed out its errors.  A few things come to mind besides the reasons you have given:


The pope(s) had already spoken on these errors, and any theologian with a brain in his head should have known this. The fact that baptism of blood and desire and salvation outside the Church literally scream that God is not Almighty, is enough to send a theologian running to inspect the infallible interpretations of the popes of Christ's words, on these matters. Were these theologians stupid or was something else going on in the 19th, 20th centuries? Father Feeney's "excommunication" literally reeks of conspiracy.


Many more questions arise. Why was one of the priests who taught our religion classes in a Catholic High school, taught by a Jewish professor. What was a Jew doing teaching Catholicism to Catholic seminarians?  And what was he teaching them?


Does anyone at all know of any… priest who does not honor the Vatican II heretics as popes? The devil once told St. John Vianney that if he had just three more like him, he would be defeated. Just three more.


St. John V. who converted an entire village and probably thousands who came to confess to him, predicted that in 100 years his church would not be the same. This was in 1858 or 1859 (according to a biography), and 100 years later we have antipope John XXIII pretending to be the pope. Of course there was Padre Pio who was very similar to St. John V., but where are the faithful priests? Bishops? Not one member of the clergy exists, it seems, who fights for truth and exposes the Vatican II heretics. And all of them taught the salvation lies, even in the pre-Vatican II church.


When I was in the Vatican II church there was a lot of sneakiness going around. The priests would yell at you, snub you, tell you that you could no longer teach CCD, lie to you, beat around the bush, and even run away from you when they saw you coming, but not one would counsel you as to why you were wrong and they were right. They didn't even tell me I was wrong, just that I was causing dissension. Of course when I found out that the sneakiness, lies and contradictions went all the way to Rome and the "popes", I immediately separated myself from this literal garbage pile of false doctrine, and from what I've seen of the neglect of duty of priests through my life as a pre and post-V2 "Catholic", nothing much surprises me.


Now, regarding St. Thomas errors in the summa, including his denial of the Immaculate Conception, all of these errors were, as MHFM has written, ultimately or previously made moot by previous infallible papal directives and in 1854, Pope Pius IX defined Mary's Immaculate Conception, thus proving, again, that St. Thomas Aquinas was not infallible.


St. Teresa of Avila, ordered by her spiritual director, wrote extensively on the spiritual life, and throughout her writings, one reads that should any errors be found in her writings, that she would humbly accept correction. The same can be read in the writings of St. Margaret Mary, also ordered to write. No doubt St. Thomas Aquinas wrote with the same kind of understanding and his errors are proof of the fallibility of even the great saints, no matter how knowledgeable of the faith they may have been.


All Catholics should know and are taught that Christ's guarantee of infallibility (that the gates of Hell shall not prevail against the Church) was only given to Peter and his successors, and no theologian or anyone who claims to teach the Catholic faith, who clearly sees (the errors of the V2 popes are well advertised) that a pope teaches contradictory to Peter and his true successors, can fail to conclude that these men are not Catholic. So why do they not teach this truth? Is it because they are not or never were Catholic? No one can be that ignorant. Did their Jewish professors teach them these errors? Bad will in many cases, but bad will plus conspiracy in many others. 


When I was in the V2 church, I always wondered why this hard working seemingly "orthodox" V2 priest who even often prayed the rosary with his congregation, would leave his chalice uncovered, in spite of the V2 rubrics that ordered a covered chalice.  He didn't even put a pall over it like the other priests.  Then he began to promote false apparitions; sold heretical books about them inside of the church; not in the foyer, but inside of the church, and just before he was transferred, he held a charismatic healing service in the sanctuary of the church with priests and lay persons anointing with the baptism of the "Holy Spirit".  He always seemed to want to be on my good side, but when he did those things, I quit talking to him.  Later on… I wrote him a letter telling him what I thought of him.  I also sent him a MHFM ". . . no salvation" book; throwing pearls before swine, no doubt.


Just some thoughts....






…Thanks for the Jurisdiction audios…

Thanks and God bless you and the monastery





Hi Bros. Michael and Peter Dimond,


Thanks for the recent update on the "Swine Flu" and the link to that article...


Just as a matter of interest for your readers, up to the 14 August, 2009, here in New Zealand, the death rate for the "Swine" Flu, was 0.0000034%; the total number of deaths due to "swine" flu being reported as 14.


Since the total population of N.Z. is around 4.1 million, it seems that in the middle of this "pandemic" we should be in CODE RED by now, but instead, it seems more like a 'whiter shade of pale! '....


God bless




p.s. somebody might like to check on my sums!




I was just browsing through the book: What Really Happened to the Catholic Church After Vatican II.  I must have underlined and annotated every page… How anyone who calls him or herself Catholic can even glance at this book and not be totally appalled [by the Vatican II apostasy] and convinced that Vatican II Rome is not the Catholic Church, then they are mentally blind.  The seminarian's description of what he was taught is totally demonic. It also shows how much the devil hates the rosary but will tolerate it in order to fool certain people.


I saw much of the same kinds of things as a V2 "Catholic", and it's all out there in the open. 


They had to murder Sister Lucy or she would have exposed the whole mess.  Further proof, as if we need any more.  







Concerning your exchange about the NY funeral homes. This site that tries to debunk the FEMA camps and grave burial liners has a remark by someone concerning a nationwide effort to inform funeral homes of an upcoming incident. http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/military_law/4312850.html

"...my best friend of thirty years wife works in a large funeral home and held a meeting with the management at the funeral business, including her, instructing them as how to manage large numbers of deceased more quickly and efficiently. They mentioned that these instructional meeting were being held nationwide. Sounds to me like they are preparing themselves for something over and beyond the ordinary".

God Bless,



Dear Brothers,


I have found I believe another example of apostasy in our times, I saw an ad for St. Barnabas Hospital located in northern New Jersey advertising "in vitro" fertilization and other artificial forms of reproduction. How can a truly "Catholic" hospital engage in that?   




Catholic miracles


Dear Brothers:


… If the people still refuse to believe perhaps they should look at the incorruptible bodies of so many saints in the Catholic history.


If they still cannot believe the miracles of Fatima, the miracles in incorruptible bodies of the saints, the host of Eucharist which had been examined and proved to be real heart tissues and human blood, things predicted and prophesied happened... then I don't know what else will cause people to come to believe the true church.


The main point is "If you love me, keep my commandments". But the commandments of Jesus are too difficult for those who do not love him. Only light to the people who love the humble life as Jesus.


Modern men and women must learn from three little saints of Fatima. They are the real conquerors, great heroes who recognized the truth… at a very young age and they haven’t even have passed the fifth grade yet.  They don't ask for proof… they understood deep in their hearts without asking for explanation as people do now.


Thanks God for the work you are doing. Seems like there is not much time left…


Glory to God,


Kim-Lan Vu




Dear Brothers,

I was thinking about the singular 'name' instead of 'names' in the Trinitarian baptismal formula, ‘...in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.’ (Matt. 28:19) Given that God’s name is Jehovah, then Jesus is admitting that he is Jehovah Incarnate; and seeing that God's name means, 'He Who Is,' then Arius was totally contradicting the truth when he said, 'there was time when Jesus was not.' Isn't it interesting that the Arian heretics, like the Jews and the JWs, all claim to worship God the Father but actually deny Him because they don’t accept or believe in the God the Son’s absolute eternity, Divinity, and likeness to the Father (1 John 2:23) - yet a child can and will believe that Jesus is the one true God made flesh!! How ironic that Arius denied the Alpha by saying that ‘there was a time when Jesus was not,’ but in the end there was no way that he could avoid the Omega! (Apocalypse 1:8)

Thank you and God Bless,

Kit White




Dear Brothers in Christ,

I must correct you regarding the "swine flu" issue. You said that this thing does not exist at this point.  I disagree.  Every time when some of the officials in the UN, or in any government in the world, gets a flu we have a swine with the flu.

Let Our Mother Mary and St. Joseph guard us against these mass murderers.

Vladimir from Zagreb, Croatia




"Public health officials are no longer sending most suspected cases for confirmation, but instead are assuming that anyone who tests positive for influenza type A in a rapid test at the doctor's office has swine flu since regular, seasonal type A flu is rare right now."


http://www.al.com/news/birminghamnews/metro.ssf?/base/news/125075617428450.xml&coll=2  Scroll down after clicking on link to view article


So let me get this straight, I had a sore throat for a few days now, so I guess that means I need to get stuck with 20 vaccines??




MHFM: That’s very interesting!  Thank you for sending that article.  The bolded portion coincides precisely with the opinion we’ve been expressing all along: there’s probably not one person on Earth with “swine flu.”  As we pointed out in our original audio back in April, only certain select agencies and individuals can “confirm” a “swine flu” case.  So if people get sick, they send in a sample and have to wait for the “official results.” 


There are many people who are exposing the “swine flu” hoax.  They are exposing how it’s being used to implement total control and possibly martial law.  They are also exposing the dangers of vaccines.  However, almost no one (besides us) has emphasized that a special “swine flu” probably doesn’t even exist at this point.  Many of these other speakers and groups believe it’s a manufactured virus; in other words, it’s real but deliberately created.  We have a different opinion.  It’s our opinion that there is no such thing at this point; it’s all hype and propaganda created by dishonestly “confirming” regular cases of flu-like symptoms as “swine flu”; or, at the most, by dishonestly confirming certain idiosyncrasies found in some cases of regular flu as some new kind of “swine flu.”


The fact that it’s no different from regular flu is why so many prominent figures and celebrities who have “contracted it” recover without a problem.  This article seems to corroborate our opinion because now they are simply fast-tracking the “confirmation” process.  No longer do you need to even bother to send it in and get the phony result back.  That strongly suggests that the “confirmation” wasn’t worth anything to begin with!  Now they just assume that anyone with any flu-like problem has “swine flu.”  What a sham!  But once they start giving the “vaccine” to millions, we believe that at that point you might see a real, bona fide (or rather mala fide) virus with devastating and probably deadly results.  So if there is a major “outbreak” in which vast numbers of people truly become sick and die, it will be caused (in our opinion) not by some “swine flu,” but by the vaccine.  And millions will believe that it’s “swine flu” that is causing so many to become sick and die.


Fiction becoming reality




Here is a worthy article on the swine flu scare.




The ensuing aftermath and devastation must be one of the pestilences mentioned in Matthew XXIV. Famines will be next and will probably occur at the same time as the outbreak, since truckers may be too afraid to deliver to "plague areas."


What's truly intriguing about this is that one of the ingredients in these "vaccines" that is incubated or some such from monkey kidneys. Now, a novelist named Tom Clancy wrote a book 15 years ago with the Iranians concocting a "super ebola virus" incubating in monkey kidneys, to be used as a bio-terror weapon against the U.S., followed by martial law, a cessation of interstate commerce, an attack against the "first family" by more Muslims, a failed bomb plot by "homegrown patriots," a land battle with Iranian forces, and to top it all off, a smart bomb dropped bullseye into the house where the Iranian president is staying.


Judging by the haste in which this "vaccine" is being deployed, perhaps fiction may merge with reality very soon.


May the Most Holy Trinity, the Most Holy Family, all the Saints and all the Heavenly Hosts pray for us and protect us all during these times, and though the laborers be few may the harvest be bountiful.






MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  The Iran connection is quite interesting.  In our April discussion (linked to above), we mentioned the possibility of how they might try to blame it on Iran.


Tornado, Lutherans


Dear Brothers,

You probably saw this, but a tornado hit the Lutherans:

The tornado happens on a Wednesday...during the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America's national convention in the Minneapolis Convention
Center. The convention is using Central Lutheran across the street as its church. The church has set up tents around it's building for this

http://www.virtueonline.org/portal/modules/news/article.php?storyid=11043 (includes a interesting picture)

Many thanks again for your good works




The brief video is very timely for me.  Thanks.  I like the picture of the green fields too!  Thank you both for being there.  I hope you continue to make short videos!





Age of the Church


Hi Brother Dimonds,


I have been told that we are in the 5th Age of the Church. These people are expecting two more ages before everything wraps up. What are your thoughts on this? These people assume on this premise that we will see a Church Restoration and the restoration of the Catholic monarch before the final apostasy with the anti-Christ. Can you give me insights on what to believe? After reading your section on Fatima and the Consecration and Conversion of Russia, I am inclined to believe your position over the speculations of these people.




MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  No, we don’t agree with their opinion.  They are probably deriving some of those opinions from various private revelations that have been compiled, some of which are contradictory and of questionable authenticity.  We believe that we are definitely in the Great Apostasy and living shortly before the coming of Christ.  The Vatican II apostasy is not just some run-of-the-mill crisis.  It’s the great crisis and falling away from the faith – the final spiritual deception – just before the return of the Lord.  In our opinion, this can also be seen by carefully considering other things that are going on in the world. 


If there will be a “restoration,” as they believe, then that means that this Vatican II apostasy is not the Great Apostasy.  It means New Mass is not the abomination of desolation, etc.  We do not agree with that opinion.  Moreover, in her interview with Fr. Fuentes in 1957, the real Sr. Lucy clearly indicated that we are in the final days, and that Fatima was essentially the last big warning for the world.


Furthermore, in our section on Fatima, we show that the miracle of the sun was in itself an indication that the final apostasy and the final spiritual deception was about to happen.  The people who saw the miracle thought that it was the end of the world.  That was God’s way of indicating that this is the last warning.  Even the secular press unwittingly acknowledged that the miracle of Fatima was the sign of Heaven of Apocalypse 12:1.  That’s explained in the article.


New Video on King David






Dear Most Holy Family Monastery,


I received several weeks ago my order of your book "Outside the Church there is no Salvation."  Thank you very very much for sending much more than what I requested!


Your dvds are a revelation; Your works are very inspiring.


May the Good Lord bless you for your generosity, zeal and love of truth.  May your work be guided and truly blessed.


With much gratitude,


Rommel dela Rosa




I got in recent debate last week and the 2 people I was arguing with contradicted themselves over n over again...And when I brought up LaSallete, Pope Leo XIII message, Fatima should have been released by 1960 to show we’re in the endtimes etc...they changed their position which they held for many years & now say  "Oh, were not in the endtimes, nor is the church in a crisis today".....wow what bad will !!  but up until that point they agreed with me that we were in endtimes and the church was in crisis etc...




Arians, Trinity


I have a question as a Catholic for Michael Dimond if you can help. It has to do with the teaching of the Trinity...

They say that Arianism holds that Jesus was not divine and some say Isaac Newton was an Arian, - but Newton says in many places that Christ was Divine but was just a separate entity of God. SO I guess he was Unitarian but he believe in the Trinity of all three he just thought God was at the Top as the one true infinite and perfect creator of all things.

My question can be formed as this,

What is wrong with seeing the three as separate forms, God being the greatest of the three, but all divine and Jesus and the Holy Ghost "leading" to God?




MHFM: What’s wrong with it is that it’s not true, it’s not biblical, it’s heresy and it’s apostasy.  You are saying that Jesus and the Holy Ghost are divine in some way, but not equal to God.  The Bible and the Church infallibly teach that there is one God in three divine and co-equal Persons.  That’s why we read that people are to be baptized IN THE NAME (singular) of the Father, and of the Son and of Holy Ghost (Mt. 28:20).  The three divine persons have one substance.  They are co-equal and co-eternal.


On this point it’s interesting to note that the Arians had various forms and shades of their apostasy.  They would often equivocate as well.  For instance, some of them would say that Jesus is divine or even God, but that He was not true God.  They would dishonestly claim to consider him God, but they would refuse to say that He is true God and co-eternal with the Father.  They would say that He is like God, but ultimately a creature of the Father.  This is blasphemy.  That sounds like what Newton was saying and how he used the term “divine.”  It’s also a reminder of how heretics frequently use ambiguity or dishonest phraseology to disguise their heresies.  But when the true position is specifically presented and they are held to it – and forced to condemn the contrary – their heresy is made clear.  That’s why those who say they believe in the necessity of Christ for salvation, but don’t condemn documents and persons which contradict it, deny that truth. 


Pope Eugene IV, Council of Florence, Sess. 8, Nov. 22, 1439:

“Sixthly, we offer to the envoys that compendious rule of the faith composed by most blessed Athanasius, which is as follows:

     Whoever wishes to be saved, needs above all to hold the Catholic faith; unless each one preserves this whole and inviolate, he will without a doubt perish in eternity.– But the Catholic faith is this, that we worship one God in the Trinity, and the Trinity in unity; neither confounding the persons, nor dividing the substance; for there is one person of the Father, another of the Son, another of the Holy Spirit, their glory is equal, their majesty coeternal...and in this Trinity there is nothing first or later, nothing greater or less, but all three persons are coeternal and coequal with one another, so that in every respect, as has already been said above, both unity in Trinity, and Trinity in unity must be worshipped.  Therefore let him who wishes to be saved, think thus concerning the Trinity.

     “But it is necessary for eternal salvation that he faithfully believe also in the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ...the Son of God is God and man... This is the Catholic faith; unless each one believes this faithfully and firmly, he cannot be saved.”




Dear Dimond Brothers,

My name is Leonardo Perez and I too agree that there is a great problem with Pope Benedict.  I ask in all humility if you would be so kind as to help instruct me better.  What must a true Catholic do in these times?  If it is true that we are in the end of time, where are we to receive Eucharist if Truth has been compromised ?  How are we to follow the Lamb withersoever He goeth?  What are the solutions that you would offer me as to where I would receive the Sacraments?  What solutions can you offer me to perfect myself in truth in these dangerous times?  I remember in hope what Christ my Lord said:  and behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world. Your response and help would be greatly appreciated.

God bless,


MHFM: You cannot receive sacraments to your benefit until you reject Benedict XVI as an antipope and accept all the other teachings of the Church.  You cannot follow the Lamb wherever he goes if you maintain a communion of “faith” with a manifest heretic who rejects Vatican I, the Council of Trent and accepts false religions.  Please listen to our audios and read our books and articles on these topics.  After a person is fully convinced and committed on these issues, we can help him or her with where to receive sacraments.  (We also have a file on our site which gives the guidelines.)


By way of spiritual recommendations, we recommend everyone to pray the Rosary each day, all 15 decades if possible.  An easier way to get that accomplished is one set of mysteries three different times in the day.  We also recommend people to obtain, read and put into practice what is contained in St. Louis De Montfort’s book, True Devotion to Mary (which we sell).




Subject: the Rosary



I just would like to ask about the part when will the Litany of the Blessed Virgin be recited? also I would like to thank you for this wonderful site without which I would still be accepting any heretical ideas stated by the V-2 sect. I'm Tristan and I'm from the province of Cebu in the Philippines… Godspeed to you all and may your ministry reach us here in Cebu Philippines.

Tristan, Cebu, Philippines


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  The Litany of the Blessed Virgin is an excellent prayer that is separate from the Rosary. 




I have reasons to highly disagree with the entire "Mystical" part of the Catholic Church.  Frankly, it's a sham.  How could this man have had "The Stigmata."  He was "Suffering as Our Lord suffered."  This is what I call a HUGE SHAM!  It irritates me more than anything.  Mystical people say that because they are holy, nobody likes them. What kind of attitude does this bring about?  Just be a jerk to everyone than think that nobody likes you because you are holy.  I have seen this attitude with people I have known many a time.  I want them to open that casket and take out all the preservatives they put into that man's coffin and see what happens. Mystics are what I call creepy.  They claim the ability to suffer for other people etc.  This is CREEPY CREEPY stuff.  Padre Pio was not a girl, but if he had been, he would claim, like Mother Teresa claimed, that he was married to Our Lord.  This is another one of those most ridiculous things in this world.  It's flat out creepy.  And people who get into it start thinking they are holy and start acting like weirdos.




MHFM: The word stigmata actually comes from Galatians 6:17.  It refers to the marks or body-marks of Jesus.


Galatians 6:17- “From henceforth let no man be troublesome to me; for I bear the marks [stigmata] of the Lord Jesus in my body.


Some believe that St. Paul was saying that he had the actual Stigmata.  Both in the Old and New Testament, God describes His Church (His people) as His bride.  Mother Teresa was not a real Catholic.  She was an apostate.  It seems like you should get and read our book, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church.


You seem to reject the idea of a person suffering for another.  You don’t seem to realize that this is a biblical concept.


Colossians 1:24- “[I] now rejoice in my sufferings for you, and fill up those things that are wanting of the sufferings of Christ, in my flesh, for his body, which is the church.”


This verse might be a shock to some who are not familiar with it.  St. Paul says that he fills up, for the Church, those things that are wanting or lacking in the sufferings of Christ.  Christ’s suffering was perfect and of infinite value; so what does this mean? 


What St. Paul means is that many sufferings are still wanting and needed for the members of the Church to work out their salvation, which was all made possible by Christ’s sacrifice.  This verse proves that Christ’s sacrifice doesn’t do away with all worries about the possibility of future punishment due to one’s sins.  If so, then Paul would never say that his sufferings fill up for members of the Church that which is wanting in the sacrifice of Christ; nor would Jesus speak of the punishments for sins, which He repeatedly does.  This verse, Colossians 1:24, also proves the Catholic doctrine of the communion of saints, and the effect of intercessory prayer and sacrifice.


This is also seen in the fact that the Bible teaches that people can pray for one another.  When you pray for another, you are asking God to intercede for another on behalf of your petition.  You are expressing the conviction that your actions (your prayers) could make a difference in how God deals with another.  If that is true of prayers, it could also be true of certain sufferings that God sends to a person, as St. Paul makes clear.




Since I found your website my whole life has turned around.


Gary Craft




Subject: Lunar landing Hoax




Here's some thoughts regarding the moon landing hoax:


In the book, "The Russian Space Bluff," the Soviets cannot seem to make a rocket big enough to carry a designated payload sufficient to propel someone to the moon, due to the fact that extra weight requires extra fuel, meaning simply that it doesn't seem to matter how big the rocket is; the extra fuel load will always negate the benefit of a more powerful engine when you get to a certain point.


The intriguing part to all this is that the Soviets finally gave up, according to the author of this book, a high ranking-Russian officer, as the Soviets could not "keep up" with the U.S. But other books I've read indicate that we either gave or sold the Soviets everything they ever wanted or needed since 1917, obviously due to the fact that both countries were and are controlled by the same judeo-masonic cabal. A cold war movie called "Failsafe" appeared in 1964 actually had the character of the U.S. president speaking to the president of the U.S.S.R. during an accidental bombing attack against the Soviet Union, "reminding" him that, "Can't you shoot them (our planes) down? You have the same equipment as we do."


Lastly, there is one other thing that I had not heard spoken of: the fact that when the returning module "blasts" off, separating itself from the main module on the "lunar surface," I noticed a slight tilt of the camera skyward, and even a slight pullback. Now, it seems that, since we did not leave a cameraman behind on a real lunar surface to handle the appropriate shots of this blastoff for posterity and the evening news with freemason Walter Cronkite, how could the camera tilt and refocus without a man operating it? I never realized this until just a couple of years ago while watching another show on this conspiracy.


The "space race" was just one of many distractions from the destruction of the legitimate Catholic hierarchy and the loss of faith of a few hundred million people.








Dear brothers in Christ,

You've said you are totally convinced that U.S. astronauts were never landing on the Moon. I do not share your conviction, at least not totally.

There is one crucial detail which you may have overlooked, and that is a motion through the space filled with air. There is ALWAYS an air drag behind a moving solid body. This drag should lift up the smallest sand particles, and that should be very visible on the film. After seeing the relevant videos more than once, which you've recommended, I couldn't see nothing of the sort. On the contrary, I saw the motion consistent with airless surrounding.

My conclusion is: if the landing on the Moon is a hoax, it is very elaborate one. The authors of the hoax have pumped out the air form the whole stage. There is no other explanation besides the possibility that they indeed were walking on the Moon, and driving a vehicle etc.

I don't know if it was possible--that is, pumping out the air form such a huge stage-- then, in 1969.; I'm not sure is it possible today.

All other considerations, however convincing they might be, could be explained consistently with the airless environment and/or other, mainly optical, phenomena.  We cannot, and must not, disregard the physical laws concerning the motion of solid bodies through the air.

May Our Blessed Mother Mary and St. Joseph cherish your holy efforts.

Vladimir from Zagreb, Croatia


MHFM: We can see an air drag of sand in Part 3, at the 1:34-1:36 minute-mark. 


(As an aside, we thought that it was funny that – at the 1:24 minute-mark of Part 3 – the astronaut, who is supposedly walking on the moon, comments: “it’s absolutely unreal.”  We think that he was telling the truth when he said that.)


Moon landing hoax- Part 1 [about 10 minutes each part]

Moon landing hoax - part 2

Moon landing hoax - Part 3

Moon landing hoax - part 4

Moon landing hoax - Part 5


But in addition to all the evidence covered in the above documentary, there are a few other things to consider.


First, the documentary called A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon shows the actual video footage of the crew faking being half way to the moon.  One must pay close attention to what is explained in the clips below to understand why this is so revealing.  This video was only released as part of a public demand for information.  Apparently they sent it out by mistake.  The fact that they were faking being half way to the moon of course lends great support to the idea that they didn’t go to the moon.


This is the clip which has, and explains, the footage of the crew faking being half way to the moon


The second part of it


There is also the fact that only the U.S. has gone to the moon.  With all the advances in technology, what are the chances that the U.S. was able to go to the moon 40 years ago, but every other country to this day remains unable to do it?  Or is it more plausible that only the U.S. was able to “go to the moon” because only the U.S. (at that time) had a bunch of well-financed conspirators who were bold enough to fake it?  It’s also strange that the only “trips” occurred about 40 years ago.  There hasn’t been one “trip” since the early 1970s.  This is peculiar when we consider how much more sophisticated we become with each passing decade.


That being said, we’re not saying that someone couldn’t have a different opinion on the moon hoax issue.  But with some other conspiracies – such as 9/11, the Federal Reserve, the JFK assassination, etc. – the evidence is so overwhelming, indisputable and factual that to deny it (after one has seen all the well-presented evidence) is, in our view, to be dishonest.


Modest Clothing


A good place to get Modest Clothing for women, girls and infants [link]




Dear MHFM, 


In regards to baptism of desire/blood the Great 20th century saint, Pope Pius X says it best in Acerbo Nimis #6-"...It is indeed vain to expect a fulfillment of the duties of a christian by one who does not even know them..." How can one who has a desire for being in the church, and not have the knowledge of the church, without being taught, be saved?  St. Pope Pius X says it so simply.  You can't.  Having the knowlege, gives the desire to be in the church, hence, baptism, which God in the Trinity allows every time, without cessation by providing the agent and form to enter into the kingdom.  The infiltrators, liberals of the Church use desire and blood to confuse and separate the flock much like in Corinth in the time of St. Paul-1cor1-10-17 used baptism to try and better each other.  Another tool, by satan, thrown into the reasonable mind of man to confuse christians and separate them and lead the flock into Hell.






Hello Brothers,

I have a quick question which I've been trying to find the answer to these past 2 weeks but I'm having troubles.  With the new book which I thank God and you guys for writing it, I am more confident to help non-Catholic, Protestants, etc. come to the knowledge of the True Faith, and lead a few to conversion. 

Unfortunately there are still those who won’t get it and bring up ways to justify their false beliefs, but recently I've been debating with a protestant.  The Papacy is always a key point to convincing them but I've noticed that I have heard this objection, which they bring up something similar to this: "Yes, Christ has one Church, but God does not talk about the one true religion, the word religion is not even in the Bible."  How may one clear up this whole "The word religion is not even in the Bible" objection?

Any quick response, maybe some verses to look at for clarification would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.



MHFM: There are two quick responses.  The first is that the word religion is in the Bible, in many verses:


Galatians 1:14- “And I made progress in the Jews' religion above many of my equals in my own nation, being more abundantly zealous for the traditions of my fathers.”


James 1:26- “And if any man think himself to be religious, not bridling his tongue, but deceiving his own heart, this man's religion is vain.”


If the true faith of the Old Testament is described by St. Paul as the Jews’ “religion” – and the faith of Christ has superseded the faith of the Old Testament – it follows that the true faith of the New Testament is a religion.


The second quick response to the question is that the word “Trinity” is not mentioned in the Bible.  We bet your friend claims to believe in the Trinity.  Even though the word isn’t in the Bible, the concept is clearly there.  One cannot reject the Trinity just because the word isn’t mentioned.  That’s because the truth of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost (one God in three Divine Persons) is clearly taught in the Bible.  Likewise, the Bible clearly teaches that one must hear the Church (Mt. 18:17) and accept all of Christ’s teachings.  Adhering to that Church and to all of Christ’s teachings constitutes practicing a religion.


Pope Gregory XVI, Summo Iugiter Studio (# 2), May 27, 1832: “Finally some of these misguided people attempt to persuade themselves and others that men are not saved only in the Catholic religion, but that even heretics may attain eternal life.”




Dear Brothers,

Can you clarify what is meant by works of piety and practices of the Christian militia?


>>he has given away in alms and even if he has shed blood in the name of Christ, unless he has persevered in the bosom and unity of the Catholic Church>>>

Pope Eugene IV, Council of Florence, “Cantate Domino,” 1441, ex cathedra: “The Holy Roman Church firmly believes, professes and preaches that all those who are outside the Catholic Church, not only pagans but also Jews or heretics and schismatics, cannot share in eternal life and will go into the everlasting fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels, unless they are joined to the Church before the end of their lives; that the unity of this ecclesiastical body is of such importance that only for those who abide in it do the Church’s sacraments contribute to salvation and do fasts, almsgiving and other works of piety and practices of the Christian militia produce eternal rewards; and that nobody can be saved, no matter how much he has given away in alms and even if he has shed blood in the name of Christ, unless he has persevered in the bosom and unity of the Catholic Church.”





MHFM: It’s referring to all the things that the faithful (i.e., baptized Catholics) – who are the Church MILITANT – do in their Catholic lives.  These include observing the liturgical calendar (and thus fasting on required days), saying prayers to obtain indulgences (“works of piety”), and other things.  The definition of Florence means that even if one does all of those things, and even if he sheds blood in the name of Christ on top of it, he cannot be saved unless he is in the bosom and unity of the Catholic Church.




Dear Brothers:

Here is something I found that is quite sad: http://www.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/asiapcf/08/14/australia.right.to.die/index.html

It's about this man (a quadriplegic) in Australia who, presumably, is a "...person that's rational and lucid.." despite the fact he wants to die and has even considered going to Switzerland to do so.  The nursing facility seems to be very glad that they will not be held liable in the event he "refuses" food and water.  Now considering that he needs speech pathology, it seems that it would be very easy for the nursing staff to let him starve to death and claim they he "said" he did not want to be fed.  Of course, the right-to-die crowd will probably jump all over this, claiming that there are people who want to die because there's "...just pain."  But, they just show that they will exploit an invalid to push their own agenda.  Is there no end to all the cruelty?  This man does not need a right-to-die clause...he needs serious spiritual help.  There was a time when someone who said he wanted to die was considered to be not right in the head...or on something.





Dear MHFM   


This is in response to a person named  AV  who sent you a negative e-mail  exchange.  Bayside is demonic!  Our lady would never tell us to follow and obey an anti-pope, or stay in the false counterchurch, or attend the false invalid service, novus ordo.  It’s time for people like him to start learning the true catholic faith, and to wake up and realize the massive spiritual deception going on all around us. We get our truth from the teaching church, scripture and tradition, not unapproved private apparitions.  This is gnosticism.      


God bless!    Mark, CA


Opinion, B.O.D.


Dear Brothers,


In your recent audio on Gerry Matatics, you mentioned that theologians such as St. Thomas and others could never make their arguments for baptism of desire square with Church teaching.  This is so true.  St. Thomas’ theological defense of this position always seemed to me surprisingly weak.


Moreover, if you pick through the BOD issue argumentatively, as opposed to doctrinally, certain logical problems also present themselves. 


For example, if one assumes for the sake of argument that the desire for baptism is efficacious of salvation by itself, it follows that baptism is not absolutely necessary for salvation.  But the goodness of a desire depends upon the goodness of the object of that desire; and that which is necessary is better than that which is not necessary, all other things being equal.  Therefore, the BOD argument is saying, in effect, that the desire for something that is not necessary for salvation (and, therefore, less good than if it were necessary) is, by itself, efficacious of salvation.  This seems absurd.


Moreover, if one assumes that baptism is absolutely necessary for salvation, it follows that the mere desire for it would not be efficacious of salvation.  Therefore, the desire for the better thing, i.e., necessary baptism, would be worse than the desire for the worse thing, i.e., unnecessary baptism, for only the desire for unnecessary baptism can be logically thought to achieve salvation by itself.  Therefore, the worse desire would be better.  This, also, seems absurd.  Moreover, we have a paradox:  It seems that God can not make an object so good that the desire for that object is consequently so good that it can achieve the fruits of the object itself.


But don’t believe it.


For, while desire for baptism is not efficacious of salvation per se, because that would make the worse desire better, it is efficacious per accidens, that is, through baptism, which is alone efficacious per se.  In other words, he who truly desires baptism desires with a desire so good that he will surely achieve that baptism, which is absolutely necessary for membership into the one universal Church of the faithful, outside of which no one at all can be saved.


Best regards,


George R.




Hi Bro. Peter,
Thank you for the talks on G.M. I think he would make a terrific double jeopardy game show host - if only!! Having spent 20+ years in show business, I can confidently say that G.M. should be in the business of entertainment, not in the business of saving souls… It would be overwhelmingly frustrating to have these radical schismatics slithering around without your courageous work, Brothers – thank you. Here is a silly poem I wrote on G.M. even though he's obviously a very grave problem at this time:
Who gave Gerry Jurisdiction -
To preach his heretical fiction?
He wants to give priests an eviction
With slicing schismatics conviction
Water’s not good enough for Gerry
He thinks salvation’s for many
His logic is steady as a ferry
He’s as faithful as a bottle of sherry
The mad hatter’s got nothing on Matatics
He's counted his eggs before chicks
He changes like bingo picks
His religion is a crack addicts fix
Water is the matter, Mr. Matatics
Gerry’s desire is to be 'in' with heretics
His ideas burn up like wicks
It's magical Matatic’s heretricks
… Thank you Brothers and God Bless,


Cut off, question


Br. Michael or Br. Peter,

I was hoping you might be able to expound on this a little for me. I was reading St. Thomas' Summa looking for an explanation about the subject of admonishing the sinner and this is what he said, “On the contrary, It is written (Dist. xxiv, qu. 3, Can. Tam Sacerdotes): "Both priests and all the rest of the faithful should be most solicitous for those who perish, so that their reproof may either correct their sinful ways. or, if they be incorrigible, cut them off from the Church." pg. 1329 Q.33 Art. 3 (Fraternal Correction)

What does he mean by cutting them off from the church?

I am in the process of listening to your new audios. They are great so far. I am sure the rest are good too. Thanks for your help.




MHFM: In the “On the contrary” section, St. Thomas generally cites someone else (an authority) to contradict the objections advanced.  In the quote he cites here, the phrase “cut them off from the Church” refers to excommunication.  It’s referring to the same thing that St. Paul mentioned in 1 Corinthians 5:5


1 Corinthians 5:5- “To deliver such a one to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.  


Commentators generally understand that, in 1 Cor. 5:5, St. Paul is referring to excommunicating a notorious sinner.  Excommunication is the most severe form of fraternal correction.  Excommunication is said to be medicinal because the thought is that when a person is formally cut off from the Church, and deprived of its communion, benefits, graces and sacraments, he or she will be humbled.  This humility and separation will hopefully cause the person to repent and truly convert.  That’s what the quote is referring to when it says “cut them off from the Church.”  That’s why the quote is given in the context of fraternal correction and admonishing the sinner. 


To do


Dear brothers


I have with me the V2 catechism books which contain the heresies of the council, and also some Divine mercy pictures. In my house, there is placed a huge divine mercy picture at the stairs (i don't think i'm able to remove them since my parents holds the Novus Ordo position). What should I do with those that I have?


Secondly, I have a (Protestant) aunt who has been moving from different mental institutes, one to another. She used to give problems to my family due to her strange behaviour that we couldn't take care of her. Is this a form of demonic possession? She has been like that for many years. She seems to understand things, knows what she wants, but at times could not control herself. What do you think I could do to help her?

God bless



MHFM: You don't have to trash the books, in case you want to use them as references or to expose the V-2 sect.  But you could trash them.  You should get rid of the Divine Mercy pictures.


Regarding the aunt, it’s a spiritual problem.  You should try to convert her.  We would recommend our book, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church.  Try to get her to pray the Rosary.  If she won't do that, then there is not much you can do.






The Kennedy funeral was a disgrace, some of the people there just prove the Kennedy's are totally wacky.  I saw pictures and some of the attendees were outrageous.  Russell Simmons, a rapper, imagine this guy at a Traditional Mass, but he looked comfortable at this thing.  You can just tell by the pictures they were worshiping this woman, not Christ.  I'm a sinner, but the disrespect and clueless-ness of these people is astounding.








MHFM: Readers of our website notice that there are developments in terms of secular news that are quite interesting and even more concerning.  While people should do their utmost to expose and oppose those evils, we must keep in mind that the real battle is ultimately spiritual, not physical. 


Luke 12:4-5- “And I say to you, my friends: Be not afraid of them who kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do.  But I will shew you whom you shall fear: fear ye him, who after he hath killed, hath power to cast into hell. Yea, I say to you, fear him.”


Some people might tend to forget that in light of the dramatic news coming out.  It might cause some to think that the real battle is a physical one, which will be played out against people’s lives and freedoms.  The real battle is for souls.  It’s ultimately about having the fullness of the Catholic faith and being in the state of grace.  If someone doesn’t have that, nothing else will matter at all. 




I'm not quite understanding "retirement" in the context of the quote of the day. Please explain the meaning of “retirement” in this quote. I think of a person who is retired from full time work and I just don't understand. Thanks so much! May The Holy Trinity continue to lead souls to your outstanding works! Thanks again!


St. Alphonsus: “The principal means of acquiring an ardent love of Christ are mental prayer, Communion, mortification, retirement.” (The True Spouse of Jesus Christ, p. 28)




MHFM: It means being by yourself, being away from other people, to have time to pray and build a relationship with God.  It means going away (or retiring) to your room or some other place for that purpose.




Subject: I purchased your book & will give comment


I have been reading your comments on the popes & you must remember that you can't take everything literally. They must word everything carefully for fear they might be shot as in the case of pope John & if you remember, when Benedict was reading about an emperor who condemned the teachings of the Islamic faith he was forced to retract his comments to preserve his own life.




MHFM: What you have said is heretical.  Even if one were threatened, one cannot deny the Catholic faith.  The martyrs were tortured and did not deny the faith.  Benedict XVI willingly denies the faith; he does it with enthusiasm.  It’s outrageous to attempt to excuse the apostasy of the Vatican II antipopes on the grounds that they are scared of being harmed!  They consistently deny the Catholic faith – not only when they are away in Muslim countries, but also when they are secure within confines of the Vatican.  The attack on Antipope John Paul II was a major spiritual deception to make it look like he was a hero when in fact he was the evil one in the Vatican. 




Dear Brothers Dimond:


I'd like your opinion on something.  I work in the security field and where I am currently posted it is part of my duty to ask homeless people and panhandlers to leave the property.  They are a nuissance to the public.  But the thought has crossed my mind if it might be wrong or sinful to do such a thing because they are hungry and need money for food and then I kick them off the property.  Those are the rules where I work.  I believe that in most cases it is their own fault that they are homeless.  Homelessness is usually the result of living a life of mortal sin such as drunkenness, drugs, crime, etc.


MHFM: No, it’s not a sin.  Almost all of them are pagans who don’t ask God for help or really try to help themselves.  They can also almost certainly find another place to go.




Great channel and videos.

What do you think about orthodox faith?

It seems that this church still worship the old basic christian values.

God bless




MHFM: They reject the Papacy and other Catholic dogmas.  They are not part of the true Church.  This contains the biblical evidence for the Papacy.  Their rejection of the Papacy is the main reason that they are not true Christians.  This section also contains the evidence for the Papacy in the ancient Christian Church.


The Bible teaches that Jesus made St. Peter the first pope [link to section]




St. Alphonsus: “The religion of the Jews, although formerly holy and revealed by God, was at that time [even in the primitive Church, after the coming of Christ] not less manifestly obsolete and false.” (Victories of the Martyrs, p. 24.)


Dear Brothers,


I wanted to Thank you so much for posting this quote.  I too, agree it is sufficient enough to condemn them.  I sent it to a number of my contacts… it definitely gets the point across that the Jews are not of God.


Thank you again for your MUCH appreciated work,


Carol D.


MHFM: What was interesting about it is how clearly he makes the point that their religion is “obsolete,” even though it was formerly revealed by God.  It provides a total contrast to what we hear all the time from members of the Vatican II sect: that the Old Covenant was never revoked, that the Jews are still people “of the Covenant,” etc.


More Audios Posted


Jurisdiction Part 4 - More points and La Salette [20 min. audio]


Note: This part 4 contains some important information.  It will not be as interesting for our general readers as part 5 or some other sections.  The information in this part is for those who have a deeper interest in these topics.  This part also covers a controversy that some of our readers have asked about: did the Holy Office, before Vatican II, condemn commenting on the Message of La Salette?  Hear our response to this issue.  This section also contains some more important points from Supplied Jurisdiction According to Canon 209.  It covers intrinsic cessation of the law.  It also covers the dilemma of canonists in determining the precise extent of common error, etc. and how their comments serve to further obliterate the schismatic “No Jurisdiction Position.”


Jurisdiction Part 5 – Their outrageous hypocrisy and the issue of consecrating bishops [30 min. audio]


This section refutes the advocates of the “No Jurisdiction Position” on the issue of consecrating bishops without a papal mandate.  It covers what Pius XII said about that matter.  It refutes Gerry Matatics’ outrageous attempt to justify his clear violation of the normal canons against preaching, etc. without permission.  It focuses in on their hypocrisy, the laws they violate, and how they condemn themselves out of their own mouths.  It also covers lessons from Our Lord and the Machabees which further refute the “No Jurisdiction” schismatics.


NOTE: There might be another audio on this topic (or connected with it) that will be posted soon.  The audios in this series will be found permanently in the following places of our site:


“Traditional Catholic Issues and Groups”

“Traditional Catholic Audios”

Our Sub-section to E-Exchanges: New sub-section on finer points, quotes, arguments, objections and issues relevant to certain "traditionalists"

Maybe in our “Beware” Section




Jurisdiction – Part 1 Quick Intro [9 min. audio]


This is a quick introduction to the controversy and the importance of Jurisdiction.


Jurisdiction Part 2 - facing up to the facts of the GWS  [18 min. audio]


This part begins to get into the facts of the Great Western Schism.  It shows how these facts completely refute the advocates of the “No Jurisdiction Position.”  They have no response to these points.  This section addresses and refutes Gerry Matatics on “extraordinary mission” and more.  


Jurisdiction Part 3 - More devastating facts [40 min. audio]


This section further pins down and refutes the advocates of the “No Jurisdiction Position” on the point of the Great Western Schism.   This part shows how Gerry Matatics cannot address the facts, so instead he dishonestly shuffles them to the side.  This section also addresses many other points, including epikeia, the external and internal forum, and a book called Supplied Jurisdiction According to Canon 209.


This book, which Gerry Matatics wrongly says “devastates” the other side, actually devastates his position and that of other advocates of the “No Jurisdiction Position.”  This audio covers, with supporting citations from the book, the extent of supplied jurisdiction, doubt of fact, doubt of law, colored title, putative title and more.  It explains what these mean and why they are significant to this issue.  The facts in this section serve to further completely refute the schismatic “No Jurisdiction Position.”


Gerry Matatics' heresies against the salvation dogma  [40 min. audio]


This audio proves that Gerry Matatics rejects the dogma Outside the Church There is No Salvation.  He rejects it by accepting as Catholics those who reject it.  It proves that he is actually a Christ-denier, by recognizing as Catholics those who believe that Jesus Christ is not necessary for salvation.  It also proves that he denies the dogma by considering Suprema haec sacra to not be heretical, and by failing to accept the absolute necessity of water baptism.  It also proves how he dishonestly tries to deny that he denies the dogma, but is refuted by his own words.  Hear the very clips which prove the point.  It also examines his position on Geocentrism.  This audio shows how his position on Geocentrism undermines and refutes his criticism of our position on the status of the absolute necessity of water baptism.  It also refutes his claim that St. Thomas Aquinas did not deny the Immaculate Conception (before it was defined).


Mental Prayer


I also had this question, that I wanted to ask for some time now: can the Rosary be prayed mentally only, or does it have to be prayed vocally?

And, if you can pray it in both ways, mentally alone or vocally, is it the same? That is, does it matter if you pray it one way or the other? In spiritual gains/terms that is.




MHFM: It can be prayed both ways.  Mental prayer is excellent and is generally considered a higher form of prayer.


St. Alphonsus: “St. Ignatius of Loyola used to say that mental prayer is the short way to attain perfection… In mental prayer the soul is filled with holy thoughts, with holy affections, desires, and holy resolutions, and with love for God… by praying for them in mental prayer we can save many sinners, as was done by St. Teresa, St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi, and is done by all souls enamored of God…” (The True Spouse of Jesus Christ, p. 451.)




Dear Bother Michael,


… My husband became a Catholic about 2 months ago.  I have to say that after being raised in a Protestant family and having been a member of a Protestant church since the age of 13, I was totally devastated by this.  For the first week I cried every day and then realized that I was just going to have to accept this change.


My husband never tried to coerce me into becoming a Catholic.  But he would say listen to this and would read something to me.  I also began to see a drastic change in him and the way he was living each day.  So about two weeks ago I began to pick up one of his books and read a little here and there.  I was quickly coming to realize that what I had believed all of these years was right in concert with what the Catholic Church was teaching.  


About a week and a half ago, I was having a nightmare and woke up saying in my mind "Hail Mary, Mother of God, full of grace" and this continued in my mind after waking up.  Now it is important to tell you that I had never prayed to Mary in my life  -  in fact, that was totally against everything I had been taught.  My husband says that I was blessed by this event.


This past Sunday morning, my husband went into the other room to say his prayers and I sat down and picked up the book "The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church" and I began to read.  I was reading the section on Jesus making St. Peter the first Pope.  All of a sudden I had the strange feeling come over me  -  it was almost as if I was outside of my body and looking down at myself in the chair.  I instantly began to understand everything that I was reading and was convinced that it was the truth.  My husband called it a miracle and I have to agree with him.


I am going to become a Catholic…


I just want to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful material that you are producing and sending out from the monastery.  All of the books are easy to read and to understand and that is very important.


Once again, Thank You!!


Margaret Mackey       




Dear Brothers of the Holy Family Monastery!


Brothers, every time I delve into your most precious web site, I always come away with some little tidbit that makes my Roman Catholic heart jump for joy!!! I am so very proud to be a part of the One True Holy Catholic And Apostolic Church.


We, my Brothers, are a part of a great remnant and I pray to God that it will double in size daily…


Without your most cherished web site, I personally, had one foot in perdition and the other on a banana peel, but know I am a happy happy man. Again thanks.


Michael Mello




MHFM: With the official endorsement and acceptance of Judaism by Vatican II and by the Vatican II antipopes, the following simple quote (because it reiterates the 2000-year faith of the Church) is basically sufficient to refute and condemn them.


St. Alphonsus: “The religion of the Jews, although formerly holy and revealed by God, was at that time [even in the primitive Church, after the coming of Christ] not less manifestly obsolete and false.” (Victories of the Martyrs, p. 24.)


Paul VI


I don’t support your video claiming that our holy father pop paul VI used black magic! how dare you ridicule him! all these modernizations of the mass wre not done by him but by rather the imposter pope…




MHFM: No, Paul VI was a radical heretic before and after his “election.”  There was no impostor.  You are deceived by the false Bayside Messages.


Paul VI (manifest heretic who claimed to be Pope 1963-1978) [link to section]


False Apparitions (Divine Mercy, Bayside, Medjugorje) [Link to Section]







Yes and so tell me why Sister Lucia Loves John Paul II!

why you think he is an antipope you are sick you are not even catholic maybe you are the one who wants to distroy the chucrhc anyway Jesus said that the hell will not win againts Catholic church so please stop!




MHFM: She was not the real Sr. Lucy.  Look at the evidence.  If you believe she was, then you must accept the Vatican’s phony Third Secret (for she endorsed it).


Also, Benedict XVI is not a Catholic.  He embraces all religions, and teaches that it’s fine to reject the Papacy.  Wake up, and learn something about the real Catholic faith.


Fatima (the sign, the miracle, the Consecration of Russia, the False Sr. Lucy) [Link to Section]


Benedict XVI (The Heresies of Benedict XVI File) [link to section]





Subject: Amazing Heresies of Benedict XVI


Hi, i´m from Brazil and i don´t write or speack very well.


I´d like to get the video: The Amazing Heresies of Benedict XVI.
But with legend in portugues, to delivery to many people here in my country, about this false papa.

Congratulations for your videos!

thank´s a lot.




When Faith Mattered


MHFM: It’s interesting to read about the period of Church history following the Council of Chalcedon (451).  The Council of Chalcedon defined that the Lord Jesus Christ is one divine person with two natures.  However, this council was rejected in many parts of the Empire because some people wrongly considered it to be Nestorian.  They thought that to acknowledge two natures in the one person of Christ was to divide Christ into two persons (as the heretic Nestorius did).  As a result, many of these people (who were called monophysite heretics) rejected the council.  There were battles and brawls all over the Empire for different Episcopal Sees.  Obviously people took the issues seriously back then.


“At Alexandria, as might be expected, resistance was even more fanatical… the ecclesiastical and civil authorities selected as the new patriarch, Proterius, the archpriest to whom Dioscurus had entrusted the administration of his see in his absence at Chalcedon.  The city broke out in revolt at this news: troops driven into the ruins of a pagan temple were burnt alive.  The government responded by interdicting food supplies and closing the baths and theatres.  Even under military occupation the mass of the people resolutely refused to accept Proterius.  At the death of Dioscurus in exile three years later, riots broke out again, and even a dispatch of an imperial ambassador could not reconcile the populace.” (Davis, The First Seven Ecumenical Councils, p. 195.)


“Juvenal returned to his see to face a riot.  One of his suffragans was murdered, and the monk Theodosius managed to get himself elected patriarch of Jerusalem.  The new patriarch began installing his own bishops to replace the ‘traitors’ returning from Chalcedon.” (Ibid., p. 194.)




Dear Brothers,
That article on the JW refusing life-saving medical treatment is unfortunately quite common for them. It shows you how a true sickness of heart, mind, body, and soul has infected them. For example, at their 'district conventions,' I remember seeing a whole third of the basketball stadium allocated to the infirm! I wonder if that is God's judgement on their flesh for rejecting God become flesh?!! How sad to see apostasy so rampant and then mixed in with NWO mind control!!!
God Bless,
Kit White




Dear Brothers,

I thought you might like this.  It's Allan Keyes speaking truth about Obama  It's not long.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqkMfToY9Pk



Some New Audios


MHFM: This is a new series of audios refuting the schismatic “No Jurisdiction Position.”  This position is held by some in the traditional movement.  It has recently been adopted by Gerry Matatics (a person some of our readers are familiar with).  These audios completely refute this schismatic error.  The last audio below covers Gerry’s rejection of the salvation dogma. Please note that this series is not finished yet.  There are about three or so more audios that will be posted on this Jurisdiction issue.  They will be posted in the next few days. 


Jurisdiction - Quick Intro [9 min. audio]


This is a quick introduction to the controversy and the importance of Jurisdiction.


Jurisdiction Part 2 - facing up to the facts of the GWS  [18 min. audio]


This part begins to get into the facts of the Great Western Schism.  It shows how these facts completely refute the advocates of the “No Jurisdiction Position.”  They have no response to these points.  This section addresses and refutes Gerry Matatics on “extraordinary mission” and more.  


Jurisdiction Part 3 - More devastating facts [40 min. audio]


This section further pins down and refutes the advocates of the “No Jurisdiction Position” on the point of the Great Western Schism.   This part shows how Gerry Matatics cannot address the facts, so instead he dishonestly shuffles them to the side.  This section also addresses many other points, including epikeia, the external and internal forum, and a book called Supplied Jurisdiction According to Canon 209.


This book, which Gerry Matatics wrongly says “devastates” the other side, actually devastates his position and that of other advocates of the “No Jurisdiction Position.”  This audio covers, with supporting citations from the book, the extent of supplied jurisdiction, doubt of fact, doubt of law, colored title, putative title and more.  It explains what these mean and why they are significant to this issue.  The facts in this section serve to further completely refute the schismatic “No Jurisdiction Position.”


Gerry Matatics' heresies against the salvation dogma  [40 min. audio]


This audio proves that Gerry Matatics rejects the dogma Outside the Church There is No Salvation.  He rejects it by accepting as Catholics those who reject it.  It proves that he is actually a Christ-denier, by recognizing as Catholics those who believe that Jesus Christ is not necessary for salvation.  It also proves that he denies the dogma by considering Suprema haec sacra to not be heretical, and by failing to accept the absolute necessity of water baptism.  It also proves how he dishonestly tries to deny that he denies the dogma, but is refuted by his own words.  Hear the very clips which prove the point.  It also examines his position on Geocentrism.  This audio shows how his position on Geocentrism undermines and refutes his criticism of our position on the status of the absolute necessity of water baptism.  It also refutes his claim that St. Thomas Aquinas did not deny the Immaculate Conception (before it was defined).


Remember, this series is not complete.  A few more parts will be posted in the next few days.  These audios will be found permanently in our: New sub-section on finer points, quotes, arguments, objections and issues relevant to certain "traditionalists," and possibly in our “Beware” section.


P.S. These audios became necessary not only to further refute these schismatic and heretical errors, but because Gerry is attacking the true position and true Catholics.  He has also not responded to our debate challenges on the salvation issue and the Jurisdiction issue.  The former was offered well over a year ago, and the latter in early July of this year.




Dear Brother Michael Diamond


I listened to Whitley Strieber response to you saying ufo's are actually demons. It was so stereotypical Whitley Strieber is falling right into satans trap. I know this because I have heard this response before. When I tried to tell my friends about God and the true faith they responded with that exact answer, the universe is too big we can't know anything you need to humble yourself God is bigger than Jesus. They say we need to humble ourselves to the fact that "we don't know, and we can never know". Which is just a new buddist like religion the buddists try to empty themselves and attain nothingness and this new, I don't know idea just says the universe is too big God is too huge we can never know anything. Jesus Christ sacrifice wasn't good enough for these people they what super complicated answers like there is infinite universes and they all cross over into a multiverse and God lives in that multiverse. This Whitley Strieber thinks he has a bold new theory but he doesn't realize he is just going with the crowd








The articles you just posted regarding schools struck a chord with me. 


We know that participating children will be "vaccinated" with a concoction which will kill them or make them seriously ill. We also know that a very real "event" will force all people to choose between dying or taking the "shot." At first glance, it does not seem conducive for the satanic government to want to keep schools open, as this will allow the "virus" a greater opportunity to spread, thus claiming more victims. But since victims are the only thing government produces, this last step is just about as bold a step as Satan could ever hope to take. Think about it: keep the kids in school, sick and dying, but make sure they have access to… propaganda. To increase the number of victims AND to maintain the relentless pursuit of brainwashing in the middle of a "pandemic" is almost just too, too much to believe. 


Imagine: Parents, while watching their children die at the hands of those who are supposedly protecting them, now have to drag their kids to school for continued… indoctrination, which will no doubt include homosexual studies among the many other perverted subjects. And as you probably already are aware, an acceleration of the "1984-type" mindset is being forced upon the children, which including reporting parent to the "authorities" for every "transgression." So keeping kids away from the "schools of satan" during a "pandemic" would actually inhibit the number of victims and the number of state-controlled zombies from being propagated.


Satan is doing everything in his power to speed up the process of destruction; there is no slowing down now.


A new and real genocidal catastrophe is being formulated and is about to be let loose on the world as a punishment for its sins.






C to C


Hi Bro. Michael and Peter Dimond,


Almost by chance, stumbled across George Noory interview with Bro. Michael on "UFO's and Demonic Activity"...


Very interesting, well presented and also well defended and explained by Bro. Michael; a great exposure for the true faith, as well a few things not mentioned in the book that came to light during the interview...


For those outside the U.S. you can listen to the full interview with George Noory by typing in "youtube C2C bro.michael dimond ufo's and demonic activity" in google.


Check it out...you won't be disappointed...


God bless


David N.Z.




MHFM: Thanks.  We don’t know who posted it, but obviously someone put it on Youtube.




Thank you for your site, I have learned much in just the short time I have read and viewed your information - I am telling others...


Mary Underwood


St. Thomas and Florence


In a debate you had with someone named Ken, the sedevacantist I think, over the "baptisms" issue, the one that lasts 1hour and 45minutes, you mentioned at the 1:38:40 mark that, in the Bull Cantate Domino, which says that the Sacrament of Baptism is the only remedy for children, for their salvation, you say that it used St. Thomas Aquinas's form, and that, where St. Thomas says that, he goes on and says in the next paragraph that "on the other hand there is a remedy for adults, in desire", but that the Council did not include that part and that it stopped there.

So I just wanted to ask you where exactly does St. Thomas says that? In his summa? I looked for that there but I couldn't find it, so I would appreciate it if you could tell me where exactly is that.




MHFM: Just so our readers know, he’s referring to this debate on baptism of desire: Debate on baptism of desire with sedevacantist Ken [1 hr. 46 min. audio – Jan. 2009]


We also cover the point in this file, EENS, in section 34 dealing with the horrible and heretical book by Fr. Laisney.  We discuss it while blasting Laisney for his horrible and mortally sinful lies about the Council of Florence.


We pointed out that the Council of Florence used passages from St. Thomas in its dogmatic decrees.  We mentioned that Florence’s definition that there is “no other remedy” for children other than THE SACRAMENT (i.e., water) of Baptism is basically a quote from St. Thomas.  We also point out that while the Council of Florence used that quote almost verbatim, it stopped using the quote from St. Thomas RIGHT BEFORE he taught the false idea of “baptism of desire”!  Here it is:


St. Thomas, Summa Theologica, Pt. 3, Q. 68, A. 3: “I answer that, In this matter we must make a distinction and see whether those who are to be baptized are children or adults. For if they be children, Baptism should not be deferred. First, because in them we do not look for better instruction or fuller conversion. Secondly, because of the danger of death, for no other remedy is available for them besides the sacrament of Baptism.  On the other hand, adults have a remedy in the mere desire for Baptism, as stated above (Article 2).”


The bolded portion (the truth about how infants cannot be saved without water baptism: “no other remedy”) was incorporated into the teaching of the infallible Council of Florence.  The next sentence, in italics, which teaches the false idea of baptism of desire, was not used. 


Pope Eugene IV, Council of Florence, Session 11, Feb. 4, 1442, ex cathedra: “Regarding children, indeed, because of danger of death, which can often take place, when no help can be brought to them by another remedy than through the sacrament of baptism, through which they are snatched from the domination of the Devil [original sin] and adopted among the sons of God, it advises that holy baptism ought not be deferred for forty or eighty days, or any time according to the observance of certain people…” (Denz. 712)


Notice that the Council of Florence did not use the sentence of St. Thomas on baptism of desire (the one italicized in the quote above from St. Thomas), even though it was the very sentence which followed the one they did use.


Those who have supernatural faith – who really believe in the dogmas and in the promise that was given to St. Peter and the popes, WHICH WAS NOT GIVEN TO OTHER MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH – see this as an example of God’s providence.  They see how God watches over the infallible decrees, so that no error can be taught therein.  He doesn’t give that protection to the teaching of doctors of the Church.  Modern baptism of desire apostates, who don’t believe that there is any distinction between fallible and infallible teaching (despite what they might claim), wrongly conclude from these facts that Florence must have favored baptism of desire, since it used some of St. Thomas’ other lines.  Oh, how wrong these faithless heretics are.  They do not believe in the supernatural protection given to the dogmas.  Thus,  they remain blind to the truth and reject it.  It really comes down to the fact that they don’t believe in papal infallibility.


Sede debates


MHFM: We have two people lined up who would like to debate us on sedevacantism.  We plan on doing that in the next month or so, either by way of formal debates or more informal telephone debates.  We are currently busy with some projects (but will continue to update the website as usual), so those debates probably won’t happen until at least September.





Concerning Jehovah's Witnesses. Before moving, I lived next door for four years to a couple that were Jehovah's Witnesses. I found out by my Protestant neighbor as it seems Jehovah witnesses don't preach in their neighborhood. Kinda like a dog, doesn't poop where it sleeps. The JW's were very to themselves, just like the Buddhist on the other side of me.  She was busy with all her Gods.

God Bless,




How can anyone argue the Protocols of the Elders of Zion was a hoax?  The Jews have done everything it says!  They continue to do it to this day.  It is almost laughable to here people argue it was a "fraud" and a "hoax."  Everything in it has come to pass.

-M. Rudnicki




Subject: Re: Diplomat


Dear Brothers,

It never ceases to amaze me how blind some people are to Truth.  So many don't seem to understand that anything they consider to be the truth, can not be truth if it contradicts another truth.  In Mr Neo's letter he stated, "It was the responsibility of the former Pope to promote peace and encourage peaceful diplomatic solutions to long existing problems". 


What Mr Neo fails to understand is that there is no real peace apart from Jesus and His Church.  Also what are the "long existing problems" but none other than the rejection of Christ.  The very message that JPII and BXVI should have been preaching, namely accepting Jesus and entering His Church, is the very message they reject and refuse to preach. 

Based on his interpretation of JPII's kissing of the Koran, I can only guess what his interpretation of Judas' kiss to Jesus would be.  Just another kiss like any other?  Both are kisses of betrayal.  One in the positive sense (Judas' kiss to mark betrayal) and the other in the negative sense, (JPII's kiss to a blasphemous book which rejects Jesus)

Out of curiosity I wonder if Mr Neo's last name is Catholic.  Mr Neo Catholic





Most Holy Family Monastery has opened my mind revealing the apostasy of the antipopes and the false church.  I now know that vatican II was the work of the devil to destroy Christ's Church and its sacraments especially the Eucharist.  Your web site is comprehensive and your dvd's, audios and written materials are excellent.  I am purchasing and distributing your resources to family and friends; encouraging them to acquire the truth through your web site.  I am pleased to donate to support your work.




Matthew 16 meaning


Dear Brothers in Christ:


I am a lay Catholic (Ph.D. in Sci.) who has been defending the Faith from Protestants using my own studies and resources. The greatest Biblical defense that I site against the Protestants is Matthew 16:18-19:

"And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.  19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven;
whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven." (NIV).


THUS, Jesus, in Matt 16:19, has authorized the CHURCH, through Peter and his successors, to make changes, not contrary to spiritual and moral truths revealed in the Bible, to the doctrines, practices, and perceptions of the Church with the times to allow for a LIVING CHURCH and not a dead one frozen in time.


If so, should not all Catholic Church Orders accept Vatican II on the strength of Matthew 16:19? I love to hear your comments.


Isabelo S. Alcordo, Ph.D.


MHFM: No, Mattthew 16:18-19 does not mean that the pope can make changes to the Church’s doctrines.  That idea has been specifically condemned. 


Pope Pius IX, First Vatican Council, Session 3, Chap. 4, Canon 3:
"If anyone says that it is possible that at some time, given the advancement of knowledge, a sense may be assigned to the dogmas propounded by the church which is different from that which the Church has understood and understands: let him be anathema."


Pope Pius IX, First Vatican Council, Session 3, Chap. 4, on the true progress of knowledge:
"For, the doctrine of faith which God revealed has not been handed down as a philosophic invention to the human mind to be perfected, but has been entrusted as a divine deposit to the Spouse of Christ, to be faithfully guarded and infallibly interpreted."


Pope Pius IX, First Vatican Council, Session 4, Chap. 4:
"For, the Holy Ghost was not promised to the successors of Peter that by His revelation they might disclose new doctrine, but that by His help they might guard sacredly the revelation transmitted through the apostles and the deposit of faith, and might faithfully set it forth."


Pope Pius IX, First Vatican Council, 1870, Session 4, Chap. 4: “…the Roman Pontiff, when he speaks ex cathedra [from the Chair of Peter], that is, when carrying out the duty of the pastor and teacher of all Christians in accord with his supreme apostolic authority he explains a doctrine of faith or morals to be held by the universal Church... operates with that infallibility with which the divine Redeemer wished that His Church be instructed in defining doctrine on faith and morals; and so such definitions of the Roman Pontiff from himself, but not from the consensus of the Church, are unalterable.”


Matthew 16:18-19 means that a pope has the power to bind teachings and laws, to make solemn judgments, to change disciplinary laws (not dogmas) and to lift penalties (e.g., excommunication).  It certainly does not mean that a pope has the power to change a dogmatic teaching of the Church.  That is why Vatican I, the dogmatic council which most extensively defined on the papal office, specifically rejected any such idea.


Vatican II is without any doubt heretical because it clearly contradicts dogmas that were revealed by God and solemnly defined by the Church.  All who claim to believe in the Papacy and the authority of the true popes must reject Vatican II as heretical. 


Vatican II - false council




[This guy is commenting on our videos which expose the false ecumenism and religious indifferentism of John Paul II and Benedict XVI]


The world is a complex place. What you are seeing has been referred to by other critics as the Pope "wearing different hats", meaning he is also a diplomat. It is very difficult to understand by modern day societal structures, especially within the U.S. because of separation of Church and State. However, in other parts of the world such separation has been deemed impossible, such as in the cultures of the Middle East. In order to reach universal peace, leaders must at least respect each other enough to create dialog. It was the responsibility of the former Pope to promote peace and encourage peaceful diplomatic solutions to long existing problems. Among the most difficult teachings contained in the Bible is to pray for your enemies. It is clear to me that certain rituals are meaningless in the eyes of one believer towards another....only if you "believe" that the Pope "believed" in the Qaran when he kissed it does it make him a participant in worship, otherwise it's viewed the same as kissing any other book in existance. Spiritual armor is not something I just made up, it is very real and exists everywhere in the world! So please stop spreading bias propaganda.

God Bless You,

Mr Neo


MHFM: No, a Catholic is not a diplomat.  To kiss (and thus honor) the “sacred” book of a false religion which rejects Christ, as John Paul II did when he kissed the Koran, is to deny the Catholic faith.  A Catholic cannot praise false religions and deny Catholic dogmas in order to please people in different parts of the world.  Both Benedict XVI and John Paul II have praised Islam and denied many other Catholic dogmas.  Benedict XVI even called the evil Koran “a holy book.”  It’s called apostasy, not being a diplomat.  See all the evidence. 


Benedict XVI (The Heresies of Benedict XVI File) [link to section]


John Paul II (manifest heretic who claimed to be pope 1978-2005) [link to section]




Subject: Nice… thank you


Just a quick note... I WAS Catholic many years ago... since the changes it has been all down hill up to now where I do not even consider myself Catholic in any way. Your website is, indeed, refreshing.

Ron McCarthy




Subject: Extreme bad-will by Novus Ordinarian


I just came out of a fiery chain of email exchanges which I just closed for good right now, with my Novus Ordinarian uncle, which began like 3 days ago, about sedevacantism and about the last 5 antipopes and all of that then. He's like 53, and I'm 19.

He claims to be a "Catholic", and a "defender" of the Church, but in reality he's a complete and utter wicked and evil heretic and apostate who doesn't even believe in the Church or Her teachings.

You won't believe the extreme bad-will of this guy. I showed him heresy after heresy, apostasy after apostasy, abomination after abomination, but there was no way. He defended it all! He claimed John Paul II and Benedict XVI were not heretics nor apostates but still valid popes after all I showed him! I was simply outraged, and shocked, to see the level of bad-will and dishonesty that he showed.

After the countless proofs I showed him, he still persisted in the same thing.

I proved to him again and again that all I was showing him was the teaching of the Church, and the dogmas and the infallible teaching of Her, but he still obstinately persisted in saying that "they were my opinions and my arguments", and that they were all untrue. Astounding!

This just revealed to me how incredibly bad-willed and dishonest the Novus Ordinarians like him really are. There was no way to get anything through this guy.

I even proved to him how he is anathematized as a heretic from the very Novus Ordo itself, from his "church", because he doesn't like/accept the false ecumenism, which is the "infallible" and "official" teaching of the Novus sect.

This guy was just unbelievable.




MHFM: Yes, you are absolutely right.  Your obvious sentiments of righteous indignation arise from seeing first-hand how the truth is being rejected and distorted.  We see and experience that time and time again.  The bad will becomes strikingly clear when you debate or argue with such individuals.  You can really see it when you are involved with trying to spread the truth.  That kind of bad will is rampant among “traditionalists” as well.


Making amends


Dear Brothers,


Can you tell me if a person can go to confession for the following types of mortal sin. First, if someone gets a tattoo and then regrets it. Can that person go to confession for engraving their skin?  Second, if a woman ties her fallopian tubes and then regrets it and can't afford to have an operation to reverse it, can she go to confession for that? Lastly, if a married person grudgingly grants a divorce to his or her spouse who refuses to stay married, but doesn't remarry or have sexual relations again until that spouse dies, can they go to confession for getting a divorce?  I would greatly a appreciate it if you can respond to me. I can't wait to receive the books I just ordered from you. God Bless you and continue to never tire to spread the truth.  




MHFM: If someone has taken steps to remedy a sinful decision (such as trying to get the tattoo removed), but can’t do it, then that person should go to confession and live with the result.  He tried to have it removed, but couldn’t.  Regarding the woman, if she is married she needs to make it her priority to get the operation reversed.  A half-hearted effort won’t suffice.


If a person has made an honest attempt to make amends, and simply cannot reverse the physical effects of some decision, then that person can simply go to confession.


Regarding the marriage issue, one may get a civil divorce to sort our secular disputes, financial issues and to legally separate.  However, that cannot imply any acknowledgement that the other side is spiritually free to marry again. 




MHFM: Note – Hopefully this weekend or early next week we will have a new audio series on a topic that some of our readers might find important.




I am asking for your help in trying to find a traditional Catholic Mass in my area…


I would appreciate your response - I had spoken with Brother Michael many years back and his conversation with me has forever changed me.  I believe all of the tenets of the true Catholic religion - although many hurt my heart - but from reading your website - one must believe first before understanding - and the latter might never happen, but we must follow by faith alone.


Thank you,



B-16 praises Teilhard de Chardin


MHFM: We’ve updated our Benedict XVI's recent Heresies file with some new heresies.  Benedict XVI praises “the great vision” of the apostate evolutionist priest, Teilhard de Chardin; Benedict XVI also endorses Harry Potter and Bruce Springsteen.




Bro Dimond


This may be a stupid question but my friend is having trouble with his girlfriend.  She feels french kissing is okay as long as it doesn't lead to anything sexual. However i heard it's a sin.  He doesn't want to commit a sin so he wouldn't engage in french kissing until he knows would it be a sin.  Is french kissing fornication?


Thank You


MHFM: Such kissing between two unmarried people would have to be considered a mortal sin.  It would be considered one of the acts leading up to fornication and therefore essentially part of it. 


Errors on moral matters, #40: “It is a probable opinion which states that a kiss is only venial when performed for the sake of the carnal and sensible delight which arises from the kiss, if danger of further consent and pollution is excluded.” – Condemned under Pope Alexander VII, March 18, 1666 (Denz. 1140)




Dear Brothers,


I would like to ask if a person commits a mortal sin what should he do if he can’t get to confession to a valid priest?


Thank you.




MHFM: Well, the person would need perfect contrition to be forgiven and justified without the Sacrament of Penance.  This involves sorrow for committing the sin not only because one fears Hell, but principally because it offends God.  This is acquired only through a strong prayer life, such as praying the full 15-decade Rosary each day.


However, there should be a place to go to confession.  The position that one may not go to confession to a valid priest who is a heretic, or even a very old Novus Ordo priest who is validly ordained (and uses the proper words of absolution), is completely wrong.  People in mortal sin need to go to confession. 


Within an hour or within a few hours of where you live, there should be a valid Eastern Rite priest (or even a very old Novus Ordo priest) who could hear the confession.  This is explained in: Where to go to Mass or confession today?


Sabbath, rest


Subject: Sabbath (Sunday) Day of Rest


Dear Brothers,

You have answered many question for me on spiritual matters and for this I am humbly grateful.  Additionally, you have answered my questions on "keeping the Sabbath free from works".  I have a particular question concerning keeping the Sabbath holy that concerns works for our Lord.  If one was constructing a place of prayer to our Lord and Lady, would it be a sin to work on the Sabbath?

God Bless you for your works,



MHFM: No, that type of construction is work that should not be done on Sunday, even if it is to construct a place of prayer.  It should be done on the other days of the week.




Subject: Vatican II, Limbo thing


I wanted to ask: did the Vatican ever release the document/statement they were planning to release in 2005, which said that unbaptized babies went to Heaven? Did they ever release that abomination? … I was interested to know if they ever released that thing.




MHFM: Yes, we covered the heresies in it during this radio program: August 11, 2007 Radio Program


[55 min. – discusses Benedict XVI giving back the Latin Mass, his statement that there’s proof for evolution, his declaration that another schismatic leader is a pastor in the Church, the hypocrisy of false traditionalists on B-16 and schism, a very quick synopsis of Benedict’s new heretical document on the Church, and “Cardinal” Bernardin.  This program also takes a careful look at the Protestant bible and the book of 1 Corinthians.  It examines all the places in this book alone which completely refute Protestant beliefs.  This program also discusses in depth the major heresies in Benedict XVI’s document on limbo, which until now have only been summarized in news reports.  It shows that this document rejects major dogmas and attempts to justify its heresies with “baptism of desire” and the same arguments that many false traditionalists use.  This program also covers other recent heresies of Benedict XVI and some other issues.]






I am very upset with you saying that the catholic church is the only true religion. i am a born again Christian and so was the 12 Apostles so where do you get that the catholic church is the one true faith. that is garbage. Catholic religion was created after Rome. Before that it was a Christian movement, no labels except for to be a christian which meant Christ=Like and i take offence at you saying that i am not of the true faith because i am not a catholic and only a born again Christian and when the Lord does come back you will answer to him for that.


Larry Bricker,

A True Christian


MHFM: All you have to do is look carefully into the history of the Christian Church.  There was only one Church from the beginning.  That was the Catholic Church.  All the rest of the “Christian” denominations are man-made break-offs.  Look at all the evidence in this file: Refuting Protestantism from the Bible and Eastern "Orthodoxy" (audios and articles).  It proves that the Catholic Church alone is the biblical and Christian Church.


You obviously believe in justification by faith alone and/or eternal security.  In other words, you think that you will be saved because you acknowledge Jesus as the Lord and Savior.  That’s completely unbiblical.  Not all who say “Lord, Lord” shall enter Heaven (Mt.  7:21).  It isn’t enough to claim to believe in Jesus as the Lord and Savior.  Please look at this file, which contains all the biblical proof:


Justification by faith alone and eternal security completely refuted by the Bible [link to section]


You cannot be saved as a Protestant, for you aren’t a true Christian.  You need to look at the evidence and convert.




Really Appreciate this New Format… Also this nice cool green color is more soothing in there trying times….


I've been following all your woes here with your clunker 'brother' or whatever he was.  I certainly support you and know that God will bring you through… Looks to me like we are in Chapter 10 of Rev. where God is strengthening His (real ) Church to get ready for what we have ahead of us...as per Fr. Kramer's Book of Destiny.  Nasty events in our lives do make us stronger although we are doubtful at the time.


I wouldn't be surprised if the 4 Horses of the Apocalypse will happen with this Israeli attack on Iran this fall.  Guess we need to rent Brave Heart and Mad Max and gear up.  (kidding...sort of.)


God Bless You, I'm praying for you,


Carol D.





How interesting the recent e-exchange concerning the thief on the cross next to Jesus. The person who wrote in fails to see the great lesson by Jesus the teacher, the savior, the priest, that had forgiven the thief his sins. How great that must have been to have had his final confession heard by Jesus himself.

On the other side of Jesus was also a criminal that instead of asking forgiveness, decided to taunt and ridicule Jesus. He must have been a protestant thinking he was going to heaven anyways. Jesus knew he was of bad-will and didn't plead with the criminal to confess. There was definitely a lesson of goodwill and bad-will, to learn after all the parables throughout Jesus life and after being scourge and hung on a cross to die.

I'd read that the thief that had been forgiven on the cross had actually crossed paths earlier and helped the baby Jesus, Mother Mary and St. Joseph on their exile to Egypt.

God Bless You,


MHFM: Yes, and the Good Thief died before the Resurrection and the Law of Baptism became obligatory on every man, as we mentioned in the other exchange.


Another phony


MHFM: We were recently contacted by a certain non-sedevacantist “traditionalist” named Matt (Snyder?).  He fancies himself to be theologically sophisticated, and apparently accepts Antipope Benedict XVI.  He also goes by the name Caminus.  To our knowledge, we had never previously conversed with this man.  He wrote in out of the blue and began attacking our position that Benedict XVI is not the pope.  He also included all kinds of completely irrelevant attempted personal insults – very vicious stuff.  He demonstrated unbelievable arrogance. (We italicize attempted because his attempted personal insults were completely without merit.)


We responded by pointing out to him that not only is he completely wrong on this theological issue and other matters, but a Catholic does not approach someone the way he approached us.  Even if someone is in doctrinal error or heresy, you don’t approach him and begin by attempting to personally insult him.  You bring forward the evidence which shows that he is contradicting something he must believe to be saved.  If he remains obstinate and issues of personal conduct become relevant, they can certainly be mentioned.  But to write someone you’ve never conversed with before and out of the blue begin by throwing out vicious attempted insults shows no charity.  It shows that he man is blinded by hate, and possibly by envy (for it’s difficult to explain his vicious insults any other way).  We pointed this out, and challenged him to a phone debate.  Was he willing to back up his bravado?  Some would probably expect that he would, given what he had said in the e-mails.  Was he willing to back up his confidence and demonstrate that understands and that we don’t, as he said so arrogantly?  Does he really believe that he is right and that we are “fools”?  Can he back that up?  He responded with more unbelievably arrogant attempted argumenta ad hominem, and IGNORED THE DEBATE OFFER. 


For all of his arrogance and supposed confidence when behind a computer, he’s just another spiritual fraud and an abominable phony coward.  He even tried to hide his cowardice and his refusal to debate.  In a desperate attempt to hide his cowardice and failure to back up his words, he said that he could no longer discuss these issues until we sent him all kinds of information – information that is completely irrelevant to whether Benedict XVI is the pope.  What nonsense.  He understands nothing of the Catholic faith, and his heretical position would be completely refuted in a debate.  He’s afraid to defend his position because his position is false.  We post this because this bad willed, evil heretic demonstrated such a level of self-impressed arrogance that it was truly remarkable.  The very least he could do to back up his bravado was to accept the offer; but no.  His confidence vanishes when he’s not hiding behind his computer.  We found this to be a striking example of extreme bad will and spiritual blindness begotten by pseudo-intellectual pride.  These are the type of heretics God abhors.




Hi Bro Michael Dimond;


I ordered your book on ufos and am quite impressed with the in depth research you put into it.  I would love more info on Jack Parson's magic portal if you have any.  I am a protestant and will never believe that the bread and wine in the eucharist turn to blood and flesh in your stomach.  That would be cannibalism which is forbiden in scriptures.  The thief on the cross got to see Jesus in paradise that day and he never took of the eucharist and he was saved. What do you think of the late Father Malachi Martin?


Thanks for your help.


Sincerely, Peter Veenstra


MHFM: Thanks for the interest, but you are completely wrong about the Eucharist.  You need to read this:


The Bible teaches that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist [PDF FILE - Article]


The Bible definitely teaches that Jesus Christ is present in the true Eucharist.  The early Church fathers unanimously believed this as well, since it was the teaching of the Christian Church from the beginning.  You are wrong about the Good Thief.  He did not go to Heaven that day; for not even Jesus went to Heaven until His Ascension.  That was after His Resurrection (see John 20:17).  Since Jesus was the first to go to Heaven (Colossians 1:18), that means that neither Jesus nor the Good Thief went to Heaven on the Day of the Crucifixion.  Jesus brought the Good Thief into the Limbo of the Fathers, the waiting place of the just of the Old Testament; and eventually the Good Thief went to Heaven. 


The Eucharist is necessary for adults who hear the command and can fulfill it.  By rejecting the Eucharist and other Catholic truths, you remain outside the one Church of Christ.  Protestantism is not the Biblical faith.  Please get our book and consult our section to see the proof for that.


Malachi Martin said some true things, but he was not true to the Catholic faith.  He taught the heresy of salvation outside the Church and failed to denounce the Vatican II antipopes.




Greetings to all at MHFM,

Each Saturday my neighborhood is attacked by congregants from the local Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. I have been cordial with all who come to my door.  During a recent discussion the question of the Holy Trinity, Jesus as true God and true man… arose.

In my Catholic bible, in the book of John, it opens by saying that "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

The Witnesses stressed that in their bible it stated, "...the Word was a god," not God, or one in being with the Father.

I know they will return and I would like something to present to them to help them think. What would you suggest?

Thanks for all you do.

Howie Farrell


MHFM: That’s their corruption of the text.  It’s not the true translation.  We would recommend this: Where does the Bible teach that Jesus is God?.  It’s found in our “Refuting Protestantism” section.




Dear bros…


As usual excellent responses to questions, particulary "concerns" from larry sparks...


Stu, montana


One Baptism


You know in the Bible it says "One Lord, one Faith, one Baptism" (Ephesians 4:5), and in many other declarations of the Church, and in your book about the salvation dogma, you use this against the "baptisms", that is, you use this to say that the Bible says that there is only 1 baptism, not 3, but how do we know for sure that that passage is referring to quantity? That there is only 1 baptism and not 3? Isn't it saying one baptism in the sense that you can only be baptized once? Because that's true of course, you can only be baptized once, more that one time would be sacrilege of course.

So how do we know for sure the meaning of that passage?




MHFM: It means that there is only one baptism in terms of number and kind (i.e., all have the same type of baptism).  We learn this from numerous things.  Section 12 of our book: EENS has many quotes on this point.  First, the Council of Vienne dogmatically taught that the “one baptism” refers to that one baptism in water.  In other words, all have the same kind or type of baptism (water).


Pope Clement V, Council of Vienne, 1311-1312, ex cathedra:  “Besides, one baptism which regenerates all who are baptized in Christ must be faithfully confessed by all just as ‘one God and one faith’ [Eph. 4:5], which celebrated in water in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit we believe to be commonly the perfect remedy for salvation for adults as for children.”


Second, it’s clear from the context.  Ephesians 4 is talking about the unity in the Church of Christ.  It’s teaching that all in the Church have the same Lord, the same Faith, and the same baptism.  It is thus referring to unity not just in number, but in kind: all have the same kind of baptism.  That’s also clear in many papal references to Ephesians 4:5, which cite it in the context of Church unity.


Pope Pius VI, Inscrutabile (# 8), Dec. 25, 1775: “… We exhort and advise you to be all of one mind and in harmony as you strive for the same object, just as the Church has one faith, one baptism, and one spirit.”


Notice that they have the same kind of spirit, and the same kind of baptism (and faith).  Perhaps this quote of St. Jerome, however, best articulates the point that it’s referring to the same kind of baptism:


St. Jerome (386): “The Lord is one and God is one… Moreover the faith is said to be oneAnd there is one baptism, for it is in one and the same way that we are baptized in the Father and in the Son and in the Holy Spirit.”  (Jurgens, The Faith of the Early Fathers, Vol. 2: 1368.)


Vatican II


Dear MHFM, 


Since 1965, the onset of  this horrid pastoral council called Vatican II what greater crescendo than to have a Hitlerist youth aka-Dr. Ratzinger- as its leader who boldly preaches religious freedom where he defines it as all  false religions of the 'world' have equal status to the one true Roman Catholic Church founded by the Savior of all mankind, Jesus Christ, who commanded his apostles to go throughout the whole  world and convert every single human being, society, government, to this Holy Church, the Roman Catholic Church.  If Catholics throughout the world can't see the hypocrisy of this antipope, and lead by the 'spirit of man" Vatican II pastoral council, and refuse to rebel against this climate of evil encompassing Rome...  Mater Immaculata, ora pro nobis!  Praise to Most Holy Family Monastery.  Praise to the Church Militant-alive and well in the early 21st century.  Rome will surely burn once again.  St. Michael unleash your Angels-I pray most fervently!






Dear Brothers,

I'm sorry to hear of your being so viciously persecuted by E.H.  Here are some scriptures I thought you might find encouraging.  I think that you may come across a lot of envy and jealousy in the future because of your great honesty, charity, and your mission:

Wisdom 2:23 -25: For God created man incorruptible, and to the image of his own likeness he made him. But by the envy of the devil, death came into the world: And they follow him that are of his side.

Canticles 8:6, 7: Put me as a seal upon thy heart, as a seal upon thy arm, for love is strong as death, jealousy as hard as hell, the lamps thereof are fire and flames. Many waters cannot quench charity, neither can the floods drown it: if a man should give all the substance of his house for love, he shall despise it as nothing.

Matt. 27:17, 18: They therefore being gathered together, Pilate said: Whom will you that I release to You: Barabbas, or Jesus that is called Christ? For he knew that for envy they had delivered him.

Acts 5:15 -20: Insomuch that they brought forth the sick into the streets and laid them on beds and couches, that, when Peter came, his shadow at the least might overshadow any of them and they might be delivered from their infirmities. And there came also together to Jerusalem a multitude out of the neighboring cities, bringing sick persons and such as were troubled with unclean spirits: who were all healed. Then the high priest rising up, and all they that were with him (which is the heresy of the Sadducees) were filled with envy. And they laid hands on the apostles and put them in the common prison. But an angel of the Lord by night, opening the doors of the prison and leading them out, said: Go, and standing speak in the temple to the people all the words of this life.

Acts 13:45: And the Jews, seeing the multitudes, were filled with envy and contradicted those things which were said by Paul, blaspheming.

Hebrews 7:9, 10: And the patriarchs, through envy, sold Joseph into Egypt. And God was with him, and delivered him out of all his tribulations: and he gave him favour and wisdom in the sight of Pharao, the king of Egypt. And he appointed him governor over Egypt and over all his house.

Philippians 1:12. Now, brethren, I desire you should know that the things which have happened to me have fallen out rather to the furtherance of the gospel: So that my bands are made manifest in Christ, in all the court and in all other places. And many of the brethren in the Lord, growing confident by my bands, are much more bold to speak the word of God without fear. Some indeed, even out of envy and contention: but some also for good will preach Christ.

The first saint I invoke after praying the Rosary is St. Drausinus, the patron saint of champions... Apparently the crusaders used to sleep at his tomb the night before a crusade. Also, apparently St. Thomas a Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, who was slain in the Cathedral on 29 December 1170, slept at St. Drausinus’ tomb the night before he returned to England from exile in France (1 December 1170).

God Bless,
Kit White


MHFM: Thank you for the e-mail.  It is a very interesting reminder of how often envy was the cause of evil people attacking something good.  Frankly, some of the hatred we have received from people whom one would think would appreciate the work (or much of it) is shocking and inexplicable.  Perhaps you have pinpointed the reason: their frustration at not being able to do anything, so they attack those who are.


Neil Armstrong


Neil Armstrong's final expression on the 50 second video seems to be a statement all its own.  It looks like one of regret?   "removing one of truth's protective layers..." indeed!"  Discover what?  The gullibility of the majority of humanity?   How many of his listeners actually heard what he was so clearly saying? How many who heard it even dared, for fear of reprisal, to question it?  










From a prior visit to your website, I seem to recall a quote attributed to St. Alphonsus Liguiori who died in 1787 (and seems, in his writings on conformity to God's will, to have been influenced by Fr. Jeremias Drexelius, who a century earlier had written Heliotropium).


The gist of the quote was that even most Christians are not saved, that very few souls are saved.  Now, I do not know the context of this quote.  If the saint was trying to convey that, of those Christians who are saved, most will have to spend some time in Purgatory - that makes sense to me and I think it would make sense to most reasonable people.  However, it does give one pause to wonder about a religion that will assert that even most of its own adherents will be damned eternally to Hell.


I dare say that the Founder of the Catholic Church had intended it to be a religion of salvation and redemption, and not one of damnation.  If God is truly just, loving and merciful, then it strains credulity to believe that the vast majority of Catholics burn forever in Hell.


Salutary fear of God is good.  But paralysing, irrational terror of God can do more harm than good.  Some non-Christian observers of Christianity have remarked that the image we have of God is of a vengeful and wrathful being perhaps devoid of love and mercy.  I can see where they get this impression when I consider the unduly pessimistic view that asserts that the vast majority of Catholics, in all past periods, were damned.


I can only venture to observe that some of the most pessimistic views in the Church have come from monks and cloistered nuns living in the Middle Ages.  I wonder if they were estranged from the normal human condition.  (And, if one reads some of what St. Augustine taught, one can see that he did not entirely abandon his Stoicism, Gnosticism, and Manicheanism when he converted to Christianity.)




Larry Sparks


MHFM: In addressing your e-mail, the first thing that needs to be emphasized is that when we’re talking about Christians, we mean true Catholics, not heretics or false “Christians.”  All who die as heretics are lost.  The sad truth about the fewness of the saved should not lead us to conclude that God is unreasonable; it should not lead us to an irrational terror of God. “For my yoke is sweet and my burden light,” Jesus says (Matthew 11:30).  It’s not that God is that demanding.  He demands that we accept His entire faith, defend it without compromise, spread it, remain out of mortal sin, and pray.  The reason that most Catholics are lost is because almost no one is of good will. 


First, very few individuals have supernatural faith: an unhesitating acceptance of God’s dogmas, especially the necessity of Christ and the Church.  They just won’t accept it.  They gravitate toward that which is liberal and heretical.  For example, almost no one accepts the absolute necessity of Christ and His Church and the necessity of water baptism.  That reveals the almost universal bad will of man.  Almost all of them gravitate toward the heresy of salvation outside the Church and “baptism of desire” (which is the same thing in our day).  Every single person who sees all the evidence against “baptism of desire,” and still gravitates toward it or defends it – rather than gravitating toward the no exceptions position indicated in Catholic dogma – is of bad will.  This has been confirmed time and time again.  God rejects that person.


For instance, the other night one of us had a conversation with a couple which claims to be “traditional Catholic.”  They are pretty familiar with the different issues.  They have taken the “no jurisdiction” position (which is schismatic and refuted on our website).  We will be refuting it in more detail soon.  Hence, they consider themselves to be knowledgeable and astute “Catholics,” and they even consider almost all others to be in counterfeit versions of the faith.  They were adamant that they only believe in explicit “baptism of desire” for catechumens, not the heresy that it extends further.  They made it clear that they do not believe in or accept the heresy that those who are “invincibly ignorant” of the faith can be saved.  We did not believe their claim.  We pointed out that every single person who obstinately accepts “baptism of desire” in our day (even explicit baptism of desire) is of bad will and also accepts/tolerates the larger heresy of “invincible ignorance,” etc., even if that person doesn’t believe it himself. 


He accepts it either by accepting as Catholic others who hold that heresy, or by not condemning documents which teach it.  Well, we put their claim (that they only believe in “baptism of desire” for catechumens) to the test.  Are they honest?  Are they true to their claim?  We asked them whether they therefore reject Suprema haec sacra, the 1949 document against Fr. Feeney.  This fallible and heretical document not only teaches explicit “baptism of desire,” but also invincible ignorance.   It teaches that not just unbaptized catechumens can be saved (which is also wrong and heretical of course), but also those in “invincible ignorance,” as well as those who are not “members” of the Church or inside the “body” of the Church.  If they were honest and not mortally sinful liars, this husband and wife would have quickly responded: “yes; it is heretical.”  But no, they did not.  They hemmed and hawed.  The wife flatly refused to condemn it.  At one point, the husband reluctantly condemned it; but then he contradicted himself and was not definitive.  He also refused to denounce as heretical those who agree with it or accept it (e.g., his wife and others).  This proves the point: that almost all the people who claim to be “traditional Catholics” (and certainly Novus Ordo) are horrible liars in heart and of bad will.  They are dishonest and not of the truth.  That’s why they go to Hell.  That’s why God completely rejects them.  So, is that God being hard? No, it’s just people being dishonest and of bad will.


Further, among those who do accept supernatural faith, there is a tendency to pride and an overestimation of one’s status, talents, etc.  This often leads a person into schism or other sins.  Then there are those who do not take steps to avoid clear mortal sins, such as sins of the flesh.  These damn a countless number of souls.  They don’t fear God enough to avoid these sins or to pray to get the grace to live an upright life.  That’s not God being hard.  It’s man failing to avoid the very observable laws of God.


Few are Saved- Most Adult Catholics are damned




Subject: …. That’s so funny


Hi Bro. Michael and Peter Dimond,


I just had to send this...Love that cartoon strip!  It's so appropriate.  Unfortunately, it is hard to read, being very faint in many of the frames…


I don't know whether guys can do something your end. However, no big deal, as I am slowly deciphering it! And having a quiet chuckle at the same time!


Ah, a sense of humor!


A good sense of humor keeps us lighthearted and hopeful, "when you are down in the mouth remember Jonah. He came out O.K."- Thomas Edison


God bless




P.S. A prisoner was about to be executed. When he was offered a cigarette, he replied," No thanks, I'm trying to quit smoking."


MHFM: Yeah, it’s really funny.  There are also some truths that one can be reminded of by it, we think. 


After the first few hours it was posted, the type was made darker and much easier to read.  So, if someone looked at it then, it’s much easier to read now.  Also, one word was replaced and substituted with a word that is more proper.




Dear MHFM:


I have to admit that attachment was totally hilarious.  I couldn't stop laughing…






Thank you at the Holy Family Monastery for bringing me the truth.


Anthony Smole


Comic Relief – a Satire


Dear MHFM:


… So, a non-Catholic who is sincere needs God's grace to move towards conversion to the true (Catholic) Faith.  Without this predisposing grace, that person would never arrive at a true conversion.  I assume that we can pray for a non-Catholic who is sincere, so long as it is for their conversion.  I also assume that a non-Catholic who prays to God for things other than his conversion to the true Faith will not be heard by God.  Is that correct?


By the way, I enjoyed your most recent audios dealing with these schismatic "traditionalists".  It really exposed just how bad-willed a lot of these people are who claim to hold the Catholic Faith.  The one guy who talked about how good looking he was in front of the sister is obviously bad-willed and totally out of line.  Also, I thought the statements that "R.I." made about murdering other people or giving them "penances" was quite revealing.  It showed how totally evil and stupid he is.  I don't understand how anyone can take this man seriously let alone follow him.




MHFM: Yes, if God sees that a non-Catholic can be of good will, He will lead that person to the Catholic faith.  Catholics certainly can and should pray for their conversion.  We believe that God will hear certain prayers of a non-Catholic, in order to make him see what he needs to do to be led in the right direction.  For instance, if a non-Catholic prayed to God to be removed from danger, God could answer His prayer to enable him see that God exists, and that he should pray for other things.  God’s answer to that one prayer would make him see that if he would pray for the true faith he would be led to it (Mt. 7:7).  If that person doesn’t follow it up with other prayers and actions for the truth, he will remain outside the Church and be lost.


Regarding your comment about that radical schismatic, a reader of ours sent this to us.  We thought that this was hilarious.  This schismatic not only called up here and repeatedly mentioned (to Sister Ann) how “tall and good-looking” he thinks he is; but he also said that he would, for that reason, make a “big impact” when he became a priest.  (He also said that he was “well built.”)  That was a few positions ago, when he agreed with one of the independent bishops and at that time thought that it was “Catholic” to join that bishop to become a priest.


"The Dave L. Zone" [Pdf] –

a satire of true comments by a radical schismatic (3 pages, so you need to scroll down to see all of it)


For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, we are referring to the person covered in part 1 of our recent series on the radical “traditionalist” schismatics.


Part 1- Introduction and quick background on Dave L. and these radical schismatics [9 min audio.]

Part 2 - In depth refutation of their false arguments regarding the Council of Basel and the salvation dogma [50 min. audio]

Part 3 - Refutation of the Argument that Canonizations are not infallible by virtue of the teaching of Vatican I [20 min. audio]

Part 4 - Exposing the demonic and shocking statements of the schismatic RI – the source for many strains of "traditionalist" schism [16 min. audio]




MHFM: Regarding the moon hoax issue, we thought this was interesting.


Neil Armstrong's cryptic speech [50 seconds]


On the 25th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, Neil Armstrong makes a very cryptic statement.  He says that you can make great discoveries if you “remove one of truth’s protective layers.”  In other words, you can make incredible discoveries if you remove the truth (i.e., lie or create a hoax).


B-16’s recent heresies


MHFM: We’ve updated our Benedict XVI's recent Heresies file with some new quotes.  He covers the New World Order, the SSPX and some other heresies.




Good evening,

first of all, I want to thank you for providing so much information about the True Catholic Faith - and this even for free. Your website really helped and still helps me finding answers to a lot of questions I hear from friends and foreigns, or questions that come up, while I study myself…

*Best wishes





Dear MHFM   I was sorry to hear about the lawsuit that was filed against you. I listened to your audio… I believe this is an attack by the devil to discredit and destroy your apostolate.  The devil does not want large numbers of people converting to the true faith. And also in reading books about the lives of many saints,  the devil wants to distract and put fear in the minds of people especially those who are trying to serve him in religious life by extreme scruples, jansenism, elitism, the spirit of  the pharisees, legalism, terror etc. instead of serving the lord in religious life with joy and peace of mind and soul.  The lord said my burden is light and my yoke is sweet.  Anyway keep up the great work you are doing for souls.  


Mark CA


MHFM: Thanks for the comments.  We think that your sentence accurately describes a big part of the problem he fell into: “the devil wants to distract and put fear in the minds of people especially those who are trying to serve him in religious life by extreme scruples, jansenism, elitism, the spirit of the pharisees, legalism, terror etc. instead of serving the lord in religious life with joy and peace of mind and soul.”




Dear Brothers,  and all at MHFM,  My husband and I just wanted to write and lend our support to you during this trying time with this evil lawsuit----personally, we don't think this guy has a legal leg to stand on and you'll easily win, it’s so obvious that he's wrong.  We wanted to lend our support since we went through something similar----severe persecution----in regards to work we were doing for the Immaculate Heart…


 Michael and Anne Kraft  




… thanks for the update on your lawsuit, and it's quite sad and so devastating… This lawsuit reminds me, if I recall correctly, of that story in which St. John the Baptist de la Salles had a similar situation and was accused of theft and/or fraud.  It involved a young man entering his order and he was rich, so he decided to give St. John a piece of land to make a school, well a few years later, this young rich man decides to leave the order and goes to his Father (who I believe was a governor or had some high position thus riches) and then sues St. John because the young man no longer was in his order, so he demanded all his money back…






Hi Brother(s) Dimond,

I finished listening to the audios about your lawsuit.  I cannot think of a better word than disappointed to say the least.  Even though it is a complete joke, it is still completely sad.  (What he was describing reminded me of both of my sister's radical positions....and how far someone can fall).

I finished the life of St. Alphonsus about 2 months ago, and there was an almost identical story in it to this.  When I was reading it, I kept thinking, how can somebody do that?  I couldn't believe that somebody who was in his own congregation sue him!  The man brought upon himself so much debt in the process of suing St. Alphonsus.......and for what?!?   

May God continue to reward you and the charitable work you provide us!

Teri Thurman




Dear Brothers,

I listened to you audio about the lawsuit and it was wonderful.  The devil is certainly trying to destroy your good work.  It is true that what the Lord said, 'if they persecute you, know that they have persecuted me before you'… You are trying to show the world that the ONE TRUE Church that Our Lord founded is the only church and the only way to get to heaven.  You back up everything you say with facts and dogmas passed down through the centuries by good and holy Popes and Doctors of the Church.  So how can anyone say false things about you.  Our Lord is trying to keep HIS Church alive through the work that you are doing.   Our Lord and the Blessed Mother will protect you and help you… God bless you.

Katryn Rubio


Dear Brothers:


… If Satan wants to fight OUR LADY in court? which they have no knowledge or power to judge her nor her son JESUS CHRIST. That means they know they are about to end up in HELL forever and they want to fight the decisive last fight. That means they are out of time, their time is up. Otherwise, they would not be so stupid to file a lawsuit like this.


This guy absolutely has bad will right from the beginning in his first email. His intention is to try to be "insider" so they can destroy from within. He needs to be the one to live inside, to gain your trust and turn around to destroy everything…


When a honest person who intend to devout their lives to religious order. They donated everything they have and beg for an acceptance in the monastery or convent so that they can live their lives totally for God and God alone. This guy apparently was not right from the beginning when he details his personal stuffs before he enter the monastery like this, give me a red flag he is absolute an agent for Satan.


And now he goes get the… LAWYERS to fight against GOD, one more time. How many time they want to crucify JESUS CHRIST. How much longer they think they can make Christ suffers.


God gave them 100 years when they asked Jesus to give them time to destroy his church. Jesus allowed them the time they asked for. They asked for 75 years or 100 years in this time frame, they are very confident that they can destroy JESUS CHRIST'S CHURCH. Guess what, 100 years is almost up, if you count from the day OUR LADY appeared in Fatima. 1917 - 2017. Only a few years left, less than 8 years, and they are so in hurry…


And here, we are the children of OUR LADY, we are not sitting back and doing nothing, we fight to the end with her to reclaim back the truth church for Christ and to bring out the TRIUMPH OF HER IMMACULATE HEART. They cannot take that, they will do everything to harm and hurt us doesn't matter what. Look up and be strong, we are on the right track.


Don't give in even one inch to Satan and his children. I pray for you and God be with you and guide you, protect you and do everything in the intention for the Glory of Holy Trinity.


Glory to God,


Kim-Lan Vu


Dear MHFM, These thugs tempting your order has Opus Dei stamped all over it. This vatican organization has tremendous monies pouring into it to deal with any attempts at deriding their Luciferian enactments.  Keep up the fight for Christ and his Church.  They can shatter your bones, but Jesus will preserve your souls eternally in the end.  Mater Immaculata, ora pro nobis.





It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out you guys wouldn't be in the "real" [Vatican II] Benedictine order…




Other point


Dear Brother Michael and Brother Peter

I just wanted to express my support to you both at this stressful time due to the lawsuit you have to deal with. I listened to your audios and looked at the other information and I think you have suffered very unjust treatment and the allegations made against you are just not borne out by the facts. In particular, it is not credible that someone could now claim you misrepresented that you are part of the Novus Ordo Order of St Benedict as even a quick perusal of your website makes it clear you are totally opposed to the official Vatican II Counter Church and all its institutions. It's just breathtaking how this argument could be made by somebody who is intelligent, and had visited your monastery before joining, and was there for more than two years and was closely involved in all your apostolate. Also, if the only people entitled to call themselves "OSB" monks are in the Vatican II sect, and must be officially approved by the Vatican II Order, then you rightly raise the question of the legitimacy of the Anglican, Orthodox and other Orders of St Benedict, who must also be misrepresenting themselves too according to this fallacious argument.


The crisis in the Church has meant that in order to remain Catholic people must place themselves outside the authority of the official Vatican II Church, which is why there are independent chapels and other organisations with priests and bishops who administer the sacraments in defiance of the Diocese and Rome. Your monastery is in this position too, as for you to continue to speak the truth of the Catholic faith you have to conduct your apostolate independently of the official Vatican II Order of St Benedict who would close you down if you submitted to their authority. It is incredible to think that the individual who left your monastery did not know and understand this while simultaneously assisting you in your apostolate and advising inquirers and the Faithful who contacted your monastery.

I hope and pray that you will not be distracted too much from your ministry of helping souls and that you will succeed in achieving justice in this lawsuit. Your work is vital in these times of apostasy from the True Faith.

God Bless you



MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  We will continue on as usual.  There was one other point that we wanted to emphasize concerning this matter.  We did mention it in our discussion, but we didn’t emphasize it, probably because there was a lot to cover. 


It is this: this individual is definitely committing an act of apostasy in order to make his claim.  For his claim says that the Order of St. Benedict is “widely” recognized and comprises many “abbeys” and monasteries in existence (“existing”).  He says that these members of the Order of St. Benedict exist and new ones come into being.  He says that only these are able to use “O.S.B.”  There is no doubt, therefore, that his claim recognizes that the Vatican II sect’s apostate “Order of St. Benedict” is the true one.  Not only that, he claims that the Vatican II sect’s apostate order is the only true one. 


If he were true to what he really believes, that there are no Benedictines that he knows of (since Benedict XVI is an antipope), he would say that there aren’t any Benedictines.  Further, he would say that he doesn’t know of any place that one could become a Benedictine or properly use “O.S.B.”.  But he’s willing to attack at all costs, even if it means committing total apostasy according to his own standards.  He’s willing to attack, even if it means recognizing Antipope Benedict XVI by recognizing as valid and Catholic the apostate order which is under him.  This is truly evil and sickening.  (This fellow is a heretic and schismatic on other issues, by the way.) 


Isn’t it ironic that he departed our monastery because he didn’t agree with our position that one may receive sacraments from certain priests who recognize Benedict XVI. 


We correctly point out, in accordance with Catholic teaching, that receiving sacraments from certain undeclared heretics (if you don’t agree with or support them) doesn’t necessarily involve you or implicate you in their false positions (see St. Thomas).  It’s interesting that as a result of his schismatic error on that point and other matters, this individual fell outside the Church; and he is now professing as legitimate the very apostate orders of the antipope with which he supposedly wanted nothing whatsoever to do!  It’s amazing how the Devil uses his tools. 




Dearest Brothers,


After listening to the horrid details of this lawsuit against you, my heart sank.  I just want to tell you how sorry I am that you are having to deal with such an awful situation.  My heart goes out to you, and you are ever in my prayers.  I have often feared for your safety, and as David in New Zealand noted, it should really come as no surprise that the devil would find a way to attack your apostolate.  I know you will continue to fight the good fight for the true holy Catholic Faith.  May the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary give you the graces and strength you need in weathering this storm!


Yours in Christ,

Margaret Moore




Hi Bro. Michael and Peter Dimond,


Thanks for bringing us up to date on this disturbing, if not unexpected news...our prayers, support and sympathies go out to you at this stressful time...


You are obviously doing a great job; the fact that the devil is throwing so much at you, at this point in time, in the Great Apostasy, is surely proof enough!


God Bless


David S.






Dear Brothers,


This A.M. we reviewed yr. lawsuit post; it is excellent and we agree with your position totality. You are completely in the right with your presentation and defence of the Catholic Faith.  I have since 2006 and continue today support for your monastery's excellent efforts in Catholic apologetics. 


On Nov. 30th 2008 I wrote a condemnation against the Universal Salvation heresy entitled, "Machinations of A Gnostic Mind, Heresies of Fr. Martin Stepanich, OFM, STD---Directed Against The Dogma, OUTSIDE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH THERE IS NO SALVATION."  In my article I gave credit to Bro. Peter for his well researched book on this subject.  I sent out about two dozen of these articles and received perhaps six favorable comments.  Today arrived a letter from Bro. Andre Marie, M.I.C.M. of Saint Benedict Center, Richmond, NH, dated July 17, 2009. 


He writes, "Where we differ from Brother Peter Dimond primarily is that he has become sede vacantist - stating that the Pope is not the Pope.  We do not accept that, nor do we tolerate such beliefs at our chapel.  Whatever the problems and weaknesses of recent popes, it is not our place to judge him.  We can criticize or dislike a particular statement or action of the Holy Father, but we do not have the authority to declare that he is not the Pope.  This is for God to decide.  We pray for the Holy Father in every Mass and recognize Benedict XVI as a valid successor to St. Peter."


Of course Bro. Andre's position is both heretical and schismatical.  It is an example of hard core and encrusted pride to defend that which is not a Catholic position, but rather a synthetic substitution for the truths of the Faith. 


Back to your lawsuit--- for a good defense against Hoyle's argument that you committed fraud in your assertion that you were members of the Order of St. Benedict, and that MHFM was in fact a legitimate Benedictine Monastery, YOU MUST, ABSOLUTELY AND EMPHATICALLY DECLARE THAT -- the intention and design that St. Benedict had for his order and approved by the Church from the beginning of the Order and its Rule was that of independent houses united by The Rule which would be styled by local circumstances, customs and times.  This most certainly applies in your case without any valid argumentation by Hoyle to the contrary, whatsoever.


Please read the entry, "Benedictine Order" from The Catholic Encyclopedia for a explanation.  Perhaps you have reviewed this in the past. THIS VERY IMPORTANT-- STRESS THIS CLAIM.


You have every right under Heaven to claim that your House and Rule conforms to the concept of St. Benedict and that of the Church and popes which validate your position.




Donald Livingston


MHFM: Yes, we quote that very article in our article on our community.  Those who say we are not Benedictine not only don’t understand the origins of the Order, but they also don’t understand canon law or how God looks at things.  Almost all of them are heretics and apostates who accomplish nothing.  The courts cannot get involved in such religious disputes about who or what is Benedictine.  So theoretically that cannot even come into play.  You cannot have a religious debate in the courtroom.  The claim against us is a complete joke.




Subject: Eric Hoyle


I spoke with Br. Edmund on the phone while he was with you and he said that MHFM was a great place or the best place for a young person to join…





I was looking at your site and saw the audio on the "lawsuit".  I was going to bed but started playing it and I was so taken by it I set by the computer to listen.  It is so sad.  I am praying for you.  You were friends with the man for two years and look what he did to you.  In the "End Times" even your own family will turn on you, and think they are doing God a favor.


Our Lawsuit


Our Lawsuit [click here]


MHFM: This file gives a person the information which explains why we are currently in a lawsuit.  It explains the truth of our case, and contains many corroborating documents and audios which prove the truth of our case.  Some very interesting stuff… It utterly refutes the vicious and injurious lies that have been spread on this topic.  It explains how and why we are being unjustly persecuted.


John 15:20- “Remember my word that I said to you: The servant is not greater than his master. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you: if they have kept my word, they will keep yours also.”


Matthew 5:11-12- “Blessed are ye when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for my sake: Be glad and rejoice for your reward is very great in heaven. For so they persecuted the prophets that were before you…”


2 Tim. 3:12- “And all that will live godly in Christ Jesus, shall suffer persecution.”




Here’s more proof that Medjugorje is fake: the “visionaries” reported that people were encouraged to read Poem of the Man God in one of their “apparitions.”


Just those little excerpts in the previous e-mail are enough to show the heresies contained in that book.







Reading over the anti-pope B-16's recent encyclical on your site I couldn't help but get a chill when seeing the description of "the family of nations acquiring real teeth".

Benedict XVI’s encyclical Charity in Truth #67: “In the face of the unrelenting growth of global interdependence, there is a strongly felt need, even in the midst of a global recession, for a reform of the United Nations Organization, and likewise of economic institutions and international finance, so that the concept of the family of nations can acquire real teeth.

Just that the word "teeth" is used and the thought of some of the eerie photos of B16 gave me a sense of demons gnashing and tearing of the flesh. I did a search of the bible and there are about 50 occurrences of the word "teeth" with a number of the versus describing "teeth" as a weapon of destruction.

Interesting videos on the moon landing. I figured that there were no astronauts at all that were actually shot up into orbit for eight days. That the spacecraft that we saw come down out of the sky with parachutes was pushed out like a bundle from a high altitude military cargo plane. Interesting all the same.

God Bless You,


Moon landing


Dear Brothers…

For a long time I thought that the landing was a hoax for sure. It wasn't until my co-worker, a protestant pro-creationist, brought up the fact that when the astronauts supposedly landed, they were surprised that the dust on the moon wasn't much deeper. They said that the dust was only about a 1/2 inch thick, whereas it was supposed to be much deeper than that if the moon was billions of years old.

Why would the astronauts say that if they hadn't actually landed there? It's not like evolutionists very easily concede facts to us about Creationism.
Believe me, I agree with a lot of conspiracy theories because they are almost always true, especially when our government is involved.

Maybe you can give me your opinion on this or maybe you've come across this argument before.



MHFM: After looking into the subject some more, we are totally convinced that we did not go to the moon.  The whole thing was a hoax.  In regard to your question, we think that they mentioned only a little bit of dust because it was easier to fake small amounts of dust than huge un-earthly amounts.  The correspondence of their lie to the truth of a young Earth was almost certainly just a coincidence.  Here’s a very interesting 5-part program on the moon landing hoax.  It’s excellent.  It’s not boring at all – definitely worth watching! 


Moon landing hoax- Part 1 [about 10 minutes each part]

Moon landing hoax - part 2

Moon landing hoax - Part 3

Moon landing hoax - part 4

Moon landing hoax - Part 5


One of the most interesting parts of this series concerns Area 51.  Area 51 in Nevada, a top secret military base, is almost certainly where the moon hoax was filmed.  Russian satellite images show that the terrain of Area 51 in Nevada is very similar to what is shown on the moon, including the presence of craters.  This might very well explain why Area 51 is so secret that anyone who enters it will be shot.  If people had full access to it, they would almost certainly identify the terrain used for the moon hoax.


In addition to all the other evidence, we also find the press conference of the original three astronauts to be quite revealing.  Notice how uncomfortable and strained they are.  Neil Armstrong is not speaking freely at all.  He is extremely tense in the press conference.  Buzz Aldrin is also visibly uncomfortable and moving in his seat.  It’s not the appearance of men who would be very enthusiastic, confident and excited about what they had done.  They would speak freely about what was most exciting and remarkable to them.  Rather, it’s the appearance of men who know that they have just lied to the entire world and will have to continue to lie for years.  Consequently, Neil Armstrong is weighing every word, moving at an extremely slow and measured pace, so that his story doesn’t reveal the lie.  He is not speaking loosely and freely.


The original tense, strained, uncomfortable post-moon landing press conference [3 min.]




Dear Brothers Diamond


In your News and Catholic Commenting Section, informs that “Two Anglican dioceses in Britain are changing how they handle Communion in an attempt to reduce the spread of swine flu.”   This is also happening in the Vatican II Church here in Portugal.  They have given strict orders to the priests that their hands must be extra well washed with a specific product and not to give Communion to the faithful in the mouth but only in the hand, to reduce the spread of swine flu.



M. Fernanda Silva




Subject: Baptism of desire and Limbo


A quick proof that Baptism of Desire is false and that the True Catholic Church has not taught it in the past. The invincible ignorance argument says that the church has always taught that if through no fault of your own you don't hear the gosple it is possible that you can have a Baptism of desire and go to heaven. But everone knows that the church teaches limbo (until the antipope). So they are saying an unborn child with no sin other than original can't go to heaven but the godless unbaptised pagan can. To me this was the biggest flaw in the baptism of desire argument and I think the antipope saw this contradiction so he just said no more limbo.




MHFM: Yes, we make that point in our book, in the sections concerning “invincible ignorance.”




Dear brothers:


I was very pleased with the audios recently posted. They prove without a shadow of doubt the orthodoxy of your position, and the insanity in the claims of certain individuals. 

I came across [one of those guys] a short time ago, and not to my surprise, [he] has even suggested that Saint Pius X was an antipope. He later retracted his statement, but as Brother Peter pointed out, he makes accusations out of the blue, and then abjures it as if it was a small matter, and the next day he starts all over again daring to challenge even the status of saintly figures.


It was a very nice and deserved exposition you guys made. 


Now, talking about a different subject, I would like to make a request…


I understand you are busy, but this subject is of major importance: How about an article or audio about overcoming the sins of the flesh? After all, the Mother of God even mentioned in Portugal that this sin is the one sending most people to hell. And that was almost a century ago, when we did not have easily available porn magazines and filmes, the movie industry was in its infancy and the internet was speculative science fiction. Many people have problems with looking at porn and practicing masturbation, but it´s hard to do something about it. If you go to a doctor or counselor, he will say it´s only normal. I know the simple true is to just get a hold of oneself and drop it, but isn´t there anything more that can be said and done regarding this topic? Many people recognize it´s a sin, feel ashamed about it, struggle with it, and fail. 


MHFM: We have something in mind that we’d like to do on that topic.  The issue has been discussed in our materials, in E-Exchanges, Death and the Journey into Hell, recorded audio discussions, this article, etc.  But there is something more specific and focused that we’d like to do to show people the evil involved in sins of the flesh and how most are damned for such sins.


But really, if people commit such sins it’s because they don’t have a prayer life and don’t fear God.




MHFM: Some new heresies from Benedict XVI are coming soon, as well as an audio with the real facts and truth concerning a recent lawsuit.




… the new book is outstanding.  Your work is well researched and presented in an easy to understand format.  Anyone who disputes the statements made in your book is simply hopeless.  Keep up the good work.


God bless,


Misty Mortensen




Dear brothers in Christ,

[Regarding The Poem of the Man God by Maria Valtorta]

I visited the site www.valtorta.org in order to get a glimpse of this "poem". I was shocked with what I found. Here I quote some examples.

On abortion:

"Oh, let fathers and mothers not profane the innocent holocaust of their clipped flowers with their imprecations! Let fathers and mothers know that not a tear of their children, not a moan of these immolated innocents remains unechoed in My Heart.  Heaven opens to them, for they do not differ at all from their distant little brothers, killed by Herod out of hatred for Me.  These, too, are killed by the sinister Herods, stewards of a  power which I have given them so they would use it for good and for which they must give Me an  accounting.

I would come for all.  But especially for these, just born to life, a gift of God, and already uprooted from life by cruelty, a gift of the devil.  You should know,
however, that to wash the contaminated blood which fouls the earth, which is shed with rancour and cursing against Me, Who am Love, this dew of innocent blood is needed, the only blood still  able to flow forth without cursing, without hating, just as I, the Lamb, shed My Blood for you.  The innocents are the little lambs of the new era, the only ones whose sacrifice, gathered in by the angels, is completely pleasing to My Father."

These passages promote the so called baptism of blood, wouldn't you say?

On extraterrestrial life:

"But how is it that they have never considered that the 'great Babylon' is /the whole Earth?  I would be a very small and limited God the Creator if I had created only the
Earth as an inhabited world!  With a beat of My will I have brought forth worlds upon worlds from nothing and cast them as luminous fine dust into the immensity of the firmament.*

*"The Earth, about which you are so proud and fierce, is nothing but one of the bits of fine dust rotating in unboundedness, and not the biggest one.  It is certainly the most
corrupt one, though.  Lives upon lives are teeming in the millions of worlds which are the joy of your gaze on peaceful nights, and the perfection of God will appear to you when, with the intellectual sight of your spirits rejoined to God, you are able to see the wonders of those worlds.*

Well, I could expect these passages to come out of a Star Trek fan's mouth, not from a mouth of God's prophet.  By the way--the perfection of God is obvious from EVERYTHING we can see  in creation.

In short--Maria Valtorta is the Devil's servant, promoting false gospel.

May our Perfect Holy Mother and Joseph watch over you and your holy works.

Vladimir from Zagreb, Croatia


MHFM: Those passages contain obvious heresies against the faith.  They are definitive proof that her messages are not from God.




If people think the world is getting better they are "Nuts".  When I was a boy if you mentioned homosexuality, it was the same as taking the Lord's name in vain.    Homosexuality was sickening.   I remember a man who went to jail for homosexual acts.  Today if you are not for homosexual "marriage"..... you are a bigot.  When the "Hate Bill" is passed it will be the people who speak out against homosexuality that go to jail, not the homosexual.  My how times have changed.




Hey, nice videos you put up yesterday, it was about time those radical schismatics were refuted, I really enjoyed them. And guess what, they were previously accusing you of [many] errors and/or heresies, but once they listened to your audios, they reduced them… And they revised and recanted yet again their heretical and schismatic abjurations.

But I wanted to ask you something else that these schismatics… say, which is that, supposedly, the Catholic Church can still exist and go on even if there is not a single Catholic person in the world. Is that true? That something I was really interested in, because, where was the Catholic Church, or who exactly were the only Catholics left, once this whole apostasy and the Vatican II started in the 60's? Where was the Church in those times, or since the time of antipope John XXIII?

Thanks anyways.



MHFM: Thanks for the comment.  The promise that Christ would be with us “all days” presupposes that some members of the faithful will always be on Earth.


Matthew 28:20- “…and behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world.”


There were Catholics in the 1960s who recognized Antipope John XXIII.  They didn’t become heretics or schismatics simply because they wrongly thought that he was the pope.  They only became heretics or schismatics once they saw the evidence for his heresies and went along with them.




Dear Brothers,


    I was hoping you'd clarify the following statements from the section "The File on the positions of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX)" on your web site.  When it mentions that "...heretics are outside of the Church...", is this inferring that the SSPX is outside the Church?  Are there instances of herectics who are inside the Church?


    If I read it correctly, it appears to be stating that: the SSPX are heretical since they recognize manifest heretics as Catholics who possess authority in the Church.  This is followed by a quote that states "...heretics are outside of the Church".


     ...1) They recognize manifest heretics (the Novus Ordo bishops and the Vatican II antipopes) as Catholics who possess authority in the Church, which is heretical  They need to recognize that these heretical bishops are outside the Church and have no authority at all.


        St. Robert Bellarmine, De Romano Pontifice, lib. II, cap. 30: “Finally, the Holy Fathers teach unanimously not only that heretics are outside of the Church, but also that they are "ipso facto" deprived of all ecclesiastical jurisdiction and dignity.”


    If I am misreading this, or if there are other considerations that result in a different understanding of the above, please clarify.


Thanks for your efforts to get people to look at the truth in these modernist times...


MHFM: Those who obstinately agree with the heretical positions of the SSPX would be heretics.  The SSPX is heretical because it recognizes the heretics of the Novus Ordo Church as inside the Catholic Church, and it believes that souls can be saved in false religions.  The point was that it’s a dogma that heretics are outside the Church.  Hence, it’s contrary to the faith to assert that the obvious heretics of the Novus Ordo are their “bishops.”




In your most recent audio, you again proved that the Father and the Son (the filoque) was infallibly added to the Nicene Creed.  Was the orginal Nicene Creed infallibly ruled upon by a True Pope?  Or, I guess my question is:  can an infallible ruling be added to or subtracted from?




MHFM: A dogmatic definition can be expanded upon to give a more detailed explanation of the very same truth.  When that is done it is always in the exact same sense.  The more elaborate explanation remains literally in perfect harmony with the previous definition. 


Important New Audios


MHFM: We’ve received one too many e-mails from certain radical “traditionalist” schismatics, who spread their falsehoods and perversions of Catholic teaching in small groups.  So, we’ve decided to completely and thoroughly refute and expose them once and for all.  Here’s the series you need to hear if you’ve been exposed to them or to any of their arguments.  This series refutes all of their main arguments, including their many false accusations against us.  This series focuses on three “traditionalist” schismatics in particular: R.I., Dave L., and Frank.  However, the detailed points and issues that are covered apply to a vast array of similar schismatics and their false arguments.  These audios are listed in reverse order because our general readers will probably find Part 4 to be the most interesting.


Part 4 - Exposing the demonic and shocking statements of the schismatic RI – the source for many strains of "traditionalist" schism [16 min. audio]


This section exposes the shocking statements of R.I.  Listen to the audio clips, including: his threats to kill those who don’t agree with him; how he would have someone blow a cat’s brains out as part of her penance; how he would torture St. Thomas Aquinas if he could; how he claims to be a prophet, but admittedly falsely identified the other “witness,” and more.  Most importantly, however, this section explains how this false prophet and non-Catholic schismatic was the source for much of the radical traditionalist schism that floats around now, in various forms.  He was the source of the schism even among those who don’t fully agree with him on all points, but apply portions of his demonic thought.  This is especially true concerning the rejection of canonizations, abjurations, etc. 


His heretical teaching was also the reason that a member of our community left our community a few years ago.  A few days before he left, this member of our community read this guy’s writing on Mass attendance and suddenly came to the conclusion that he was a “heretic,” and that had been committing many mortal sins against “the faith” each week.  He abruptly left.  (We will tell the true story of that in another audio coming up.  It will refute the totally false and very injurious lies that people are spreading, as if we have done something wrong when we have not.)  This former member of our community was a total supporter for over two years, but then it was as if he was called by the demonic teaching of this false prophet and he suddenly changed his entire theological viewpoint. 


Part 3 - Refutation of the Argument that Canonizations are not infallible by virtue of the teaching of Vatican I [20 min. audio]


How can canonizations be infallible if divine revelation ended with the death of the last apostle?  This section answers that question and refutes the heretical position of these schismatics.  It also refutes another objection that they launch concerning Pope Pius XII.


Part 2 - In depth refutation of their false arguments regarding the Council of Basel and the salvation dogma [50 min. audio]


This section covers a number of detailed objections, including: the Council of Basel’s decree (was it dogmatic?); Quam Singulari; when does the baptized child of a Protestant become a schismatic or a heretic; a supposed “stumper” question concerning Martin Luther; their lies about our view of the salvation dogma; and a lot more.


Part 1- Introduction and quick background on these radical schismatics [9 min audio.]

A quick background on the schismatic Dave L and more.


This will be found permanently in our: New sub-section on finer points, quotes, arguments, objections and issues relevant to certain "traditionalists"




I ordered some books from your site… I am a Father of five kids, 9 to 19 if they don't want to say the rosary am I obligated to make them say it as head of the family.  My wife, sad to say is more of the world so the kids gravitate to her unfortunately.  I feel so alone and broken hearted for my kids.  I have always through our marriage tried to promote prayer but was resisted a lot.  I have never liked the new mass, it never sat right with me: the priest petitioning Jesus with his back to Him, interrupting the most holy part of the mass with hugging and hand shaking... I am so very sad because I love the true Catholic Church and the sacraments, especially confession and the Eucharist.  Where does one find a priest that would absolve you of the sin of going to the new mass among other things?  Please help. 




MHFM:  You should have the younger ones say it, but you should first explain to them the importance of praying it.  In other words, they need to realize that if they don't pray and practice the faith and show interest and avoid sins, then they will lose their souls.  That’s why the religious videos, including those on our website and those available from us, are helpful.  Kids need to see that it's in their best interest to get interested.  For if they are not excited about the faith at all, they won’t stand a chance in this pagan world.


As far as the 19 year-old goes, you should share the material with him and earnestly communicate the importance of believing and practicing the Catholic faith.  But if it's not in his heart, then you cannot force him to be interested.  Since it's your house, you should not allow things that are sinful to occur there.  For example, rock or rap or popular music or sinful shows should not be allowed to be played in the house.  If he doesn't like it, he should move out.


We can help you with where to go for the sacraments if you contact us (that’s assuming one is in full agreement on the issues of faith).  Also consult our “Where to Go to Mass” section under Traditional Issues to have a familiarity with the guidelines one should use in assessing where to go.




Dear Brothers,


Recently we ordered and received numerous copies of your work that proves the Catholic Faith from the Protestant bible.  Both my wife and I are so impressed with its scholarship and wide ranging scope.  We are planning to use it with some Protestant friends at the appropriate time.


We wanted to just take the time to let you know what a valuable work we believe it to be.  Also included is a small donation that we feel you should have charged us for the shipping, at least.


God bless you and your work,


Jason and Peggy Mead


Response, Matthew 5


MHFM: In response to recent attacks:


Matthew 5:11-12- “Blessed are ye when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for my sake: Be glad and rejoice for your reward is very great in heaven. For so they persecuted the prophets that were before you…”


We will expand upon this as opportunity permits.


Papal Teaching


Dear Bro. Dimond,

I greatly enjoy your archived debates and radio broadcasts.  Some of my favorites have been "Proof for Infant Baptism" & "The Bible Teaches Purgatory", both of which hit the nail right on the head and totally refute Anabaptist & general Protestant doctrine.

I have two questions for you, first, I was raised in V2, but it may as well have been the Anglican church. Prayers to saints were never covered in basic Catechism classes and Limbo was certainly never mentioned!

First question, this should be easy. I was baptized in 1978 and have no clue if the priest performing said sacrament was ordained pre-V2 or post V2. I could find this out without too much trouble, but before I go through all that I would like to know if my baptism was valid if performed by a V2 "priest"?

Second question. Being new to Sedevacantist thought, my next question concerns papal infallibility. If the Pope is infallible and Pope Gregory the XI condemned the Scriptures translation into the English language by John Wycliffe, would that not mean that every Catholic bible published in any language other than Latin/Greek/Hebrew (OT only) is an admonishment of this decree and if it isn't, would that not mean that Pope Gregory XI was in error?

Please don't misunderstand my intentions. I am willing to admit that I may have misunderstood the doctrine of Papal Infallibility. If I have, perhaps you can post another audio file to clear up the confusion some have over this doctrine (esp. Old Catholics/Polish Catholic schismatics).

God Bless everyone at the MHFM and keep up the good work!

Best Wishes,
Joe Kelly

Thank you for your time!


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  Anyone can baptize.  It’s not necessary that he be a valid priest.  Thus, if the proper matter and form were used, it was valid.  You seem to have some doubt that it was done properly.  For that reason, someone should do a conditional baptism.  The form is in this file. 


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts


Such a decree of Pope Gregory XI forbidding his translation of the Scriptures would be a disciplinary decree.  It could be changed by another pope.  It’s different from a solemn statement on faith or morals which cannot be changed.  Popes did have different laws and issued many different disciplinary decrees on that issue, depending upon what they deemed best for a particular time. 


Regarding the “Old Catholics” and similar schismatics, they simply do not accept the dogma of the Papacy.  They are not Catholics.  They reject what was defined at Vatican I, the full scope of the authority that Christ gave to St. Peter and his legitimate successors.





Thank you again for all the long hours that are spent behind the scenes to bring the "Truth" to the world. I've been thinking lately about when JPII was spreading the message "Be not afraid", and there were t-shirts, hats and cups available for sale to the public.  I'm sure this was quite misleading at the time when all the child molesting N.O. Priests were running loose. JPII tried to make everything seem so natural and not a care in the world while hiding the truth. Falls in line with Paul VI and his "the smoke has entered the Church" stunt.

God Bless You,


MHFM: Right.  It was a subtle encouragement to remain unafraid of anything and anyone, including God.  This was his message at a time when sin abounded like never before, when the message they really need to hear was:


Luke 12:4-5- “And I say to you, my friends: Be not afraid of them who kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do. But I will shew you whom you shall fear: fear ye him, who after he hath killed, hath power to cast into hell. Yea, I say to you, fear him.”


Wedding form


The wedding formula once was “prendo te come mia legittima sposa” -  “I take you as my legitimate wife”.   Now it has been changed into “accolgo te come mia legittima sposa” -  “I accept/recognize you as.....”


This because prendere/take could mean in a large extense an idea of possession/violence.  From an active action it is transformed into a passive one.  What is your opinion about?


Best Regards

Roberto F.


MHFM: It doesn’t affect the validity because in marriage the two people constitute the matter of the sacrament and their mutual consent is the form.  It doesn’t have to be a specific set of words.  The changes that were made to the other sacraments by the Vatican II sect do affect validity, however.


Why the New Rite of Ordination is Invalid [PDF File]

This article explains why the New Rite of Ordination – which was instituted by Paul VI on June 18, 1968 after Vatican II – is not valid.)


The New Rite of Consecration of Bishops [PDF file]

This article explains the changes that Paul VI made to the rite of consecrating bishops after Vatican II.)


The Changes to the Other Sacraments [PDF file]

This article explains the changes that Paul VI made to the rites of Baptism, Confirmation, Confession, Marriage and Extreme Unction after Vatican II.




A Soldier Encounters an Angel






I recently listened to your audio tape about vatican 2.  I thought you easily won the argument and was very impressed.  I would just like to mention that I prayed for the truth and a couple of days later came across your website which I found quite strange.


I would just like to raise a few points which I find difficult to understand.  Firstly you mention unbaptised infants, saying they will not go to heaven if they are not baptised.  I cannot understand how an infant can be rejected by God for something he/she is not responsible for as they were not permitted to make this choice.  Recently there was a 3 year old child (one of many) who was tortured by its parents and killed.  I cannot see how Jesus could reject this child because it was not baptised.  I feel he is bigger than that and would always find a way.  He loved children a lot and never rejected them.  (also, what happens to aborted babies, are they also not saved). How can be reject his own creation? 


I am not disputing Vatican 1 as I accept they have far more wisdom and knowledge than I do.  I just feel worried that God's love and mercy is sometimes forgotten.  For example, I recently heard about a suicide and felt extremely sorry for this person.  Am I saying I have more compassion than God which is completely ridiculous, and as this person was suffering from a mental illness are they still responsible for their actions?  I do not deny God's justice but I also accept he is love.  I do not consider myself to be a really good person but despite this Jesus has helped me in my life many times even when I wasn't deserving of his help.


I would also like to ask your opinion about the 'Bilderberg Group' who meet in secret to plan future world events.  I have recently come across sites on the internet which are showing secret concentration camps in America.  Apparently they want to eliminate 90% of the world's population.  (Do you believe this?) They say they will target christians and anyone who is against the New World Order.  As you probably know both Pope John Paul 2 and Pope Benedict XV1 have spoken in favour of this NWO which I find very odd as it is completely anti christian.  I just feel know that it is a world-wide conspiracy and the vatican has been completely taken over by the Illuminati.  Why did Barak Obama request all crucifixes be covered at a catholic college before he would agree to speak there.  Very strange!


Anyway, thank you for reading my e-mail and if you have the time can you please respond. 




MHFM: Thanks for the interest, but you do not accept Catholic dogma at this time.  God has revealed that no infant is saved without baptism.  To be Catholic one must hold that without hesitation.  All unbaptized infants have original sin; this bars them from the Kingdom of God.  It’s not our job to question this truth, but to accept it.  The dogmatic teaching of the Church on this point is quoted in this file.  You need to change your position on this matter; it’s incompatible with the true faith.


Outside the Catholic Church There is No Salvation file


We hate to make this argument (because we don’t want to give the impression that it’s okay to withhold faith in a dogma until you can see the justice in it); but how do you know that those infants, if they lived to a mature age, would not have sinned mortally and become horrible sinners and/or enemies of God?  Thus, right away we can see that there is a plausibly just reason for how God could bar unbaptized infants from Heaven for all eternity.  But even if this reason were not apparent, a person with faith would be convinced of the dogma anyway.  Someone without faith refuses to accept it because it doesn’t make sense to him or her.  That’s the case, unfortunately, with countless people who reject the dogma Outside the Church There is No Salvation.  As a result of refusing to believe Him, He rejects them as well.


St. Anselm, Doctor of the Church, Prosologion, Chap. 1: “For I do not seek to understand that I may believe, but I believe in order to understand.  For this also I believe, that unless I believed, I should not understand.”


If one doesn’t accept it as infallibly true then one simply does not accept Jesus Christ, because the dogma comes to us from Jesus Christ. 


Pope Leo XIII, Satis Cognitum (# 9), June 29, 1896:

… can it be lawful for anyone to reject any one of those truths without by that very fact falling into heresy? – without separating himself from the Church? – without repudiating in one sweeping act the whole of Christian teaching?  For such is the nature of faith that nothing can be more absurd than to accept some things and reject others.  Faith, as the Church teaches, is that supernatural virtue by which… we believe what He has revealed to be true, not on account of the intrinsic truth perceived by the natural light of human reason [author: that is, not because it seems correct to us], but because of the authority of God Himself, the Revealer, who can neither deceive nor be deceivedBut he who dissents even in one point from divinely revealed truth absolutely rejects all faith, since he thereby refuses to honor God as the supreme truth and the formal motive of faith.”


More on Coin


Dear Brothers Michael and Peter:


The image on the back of the proposed future world currency is a variation of the "Seal of Bathomet".  I have overlaid the coin with the "Seal of Bathomet" below.  Notice the hebrew script (Jewish) and the pentegram on the original Seal.

Description: C:\Users\mhfm\Desktop\Website Docs\E-discussions\E_Pictures\Coin_Bathomet2.jpg

The reason you don't immediately see the goats head, is because it is depicted in such a way that mostly conceals it from the general public (whom they regard as being too stupid to figure it out).  So, you really have to know what to look for in order to positively identify these occultic symbols.  It also helps to understand a little bit about what these reprobates of God, or sons of the devil (John 8:44), actually believe about others.




MHFM: I don’t think it’s there.  I think it’s a stretch.


Thanks for your reply.  It is a bit of a stretch…




V-2 Church


This could apply to the Vatican II Church:


"And to say that the whole of Christendom has failed, that the whole Church has erred, and all truth disappeared,--what is this but to say that Our Lord has abandoned his Church, has broken the sacred tie of marriage he had contracted with her? And to put forward a new Church,--is it not to attempt to thrust upon this sacred and holy Husband a second wife? This is what the ministers of the pretended church have undertaken; this is what they boast of having done; this has been the aim of their discourses, their designs, their writings. But what an injustice have you not committed in believing them? How did you come to take their word so simply? How did you so lightly give them credit? The Catholic Controversy St Francis DeSales, 1567-1622, Bishop and Doctor of the Faith (The famous writings used by St. Francis de Sales in his remarkable re-conversion of thousands of Calvinists back to the Catholic Faith), TAN Books, 1989.






Also do catholics become free masons or is it just protestants.  I was brought up in the Catholic faith and my mum went to Mass, but my dad was a freemason, we never knew what it was about because it was all a big secret!! He had an apron and a coin and would talk about the handshakes.  When I got older I studied theology and I now attend a Presbyterian church.  An Anglican priest in my town said that her father was also a freemason and that he was a Christian, but my understanding is that freemasonry is in fact satan worship?  I am genuinely interested in your views on this,




MHFM: The Catholic Church forbids membership in Freemasonry under pain of automatic excommunication.  Membership in a secret society, with its rituals, requirements, etc., is incompatible with the profession and practice of the true faith.  One cannot be a true Catholic and a Freemason at the same time.




Dear Brother Peter,


I have just finished reading your new book.  What a wonderful book... You have clearly pointed out the true meaning of the different Scriptural passages which non-Catholics twist and deny, etc.  I believe that many non-Catholics reading this book if they are of good will are are searching for the truth, will be converted.  The scope of your apostolate with your books, DVDs, radio programs, etc. is just astounding.  I truly believe that there is nothing more important than disseminating the Catholic Faith in its entirety and exposing its enemies.


Roxanne Doogan




Dear Brother Michael Dimond,


Thank you so much for the information you have provided to me.  I know in my heart God will bless you for it.  I wish you could know how long I have been trying to find the truth.  Through dedication to our Most Holy Mother - she sent me to you.


Mary C. Sevier




Dear MHFM,


I received the three books and the flyers that you sent me.  Thank you very much.  I have been studying them and sharing them.  I was especially impressed with the books UFOs: Demonic Activity and Elaborate Hoaxes Meant to Deceive Mankind.


God bless you,


Malcom Wright




I recently received my order and wanted to thank you for the extra literature you enclosed... Anyone can see how much work and effort that is placed in getting these messages out to everyone.  The time in research is beyond my comprehension...


Tonya Bittich


Now I get it


Subject: Medjugorje – now I get it!


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for your wonderful site. I am spending most of my free time reading and downloading all the info there. Now I am so astounded at the VII heresies that I cannot bring myself to have further contact with this New Church.


I visited Medjugorje twice and witnessed some incredible and bizarre stuff there, which I assumed was miraculous. I got caught up in the "cult" of Medjugorje and became very uneasy about many of its fanatical aspects and the actions and words of the "visionaries". I stopped believing in the apparitions and have been attempting to figure out what is happening there for years now. I think I get it, finally !


Anyway, I had a thought about Medjugorje and its "conversions" which its followers hold as proof of its authenticity. They also claim that JPII endorsed the apparitions - of course he did, they are from Satan ! I now can see that Medjugorje does indeed convert people - but it converts them to a FALSE RELIGION of the Vatican II church with its ecumenism. It is possible for Satan to present himself in such a way to convince people to worship in a false Church, and I think this is what is happening there.


Your thoughts ?


Margie in Massachusetts


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  That’s exactly what’s happening.  God is allowing Satan to work these false signs and wonders to keep people in the New Church, as we point out:


False Apparitions (Divine Mercy, Bayside, Medjugorje) [Link to Section]


These are the false signs and wonders of Satan which are predicted in Matthew 24 and 2 Thess. 2, and which are said to arrive in the last days to deceive people.




Dear Brothers,

… Thanks for the new DVD's that you've posted. I particularly like the Case for the Creator link you have up.  I hope to watch the other two new ones in the next few days.  After watching The Case for the Creator I decided not to live in fear of the devil anymore and then I noticed I needed to be afraid of my own sins (myself and my weakness) and others who may lead me into sin.  And I fear God who at any instant could destroy me for my pathetic wretchedness.  But I choose to trust Him and love him and will always have recourse to his mother.  I have stepped up my rosaries and God has been faithful…




Choking game


[Teen kills himself possibly by playing choking game]


Brothers...I’ve done lots of dumb things in my past, but seriously though,  this stunt just boggles the mind to do this !!!




Questions, weddings


Dear Brothers,


May God continue to bless you in all your work!!


I am writing to you because of the crises in our family.  My sister got married several years ago, in what we thought at the time, was the Catholic Church.  A few years after that, she got divorced.  She proceeded to live with a number of men. She got "married" to at least two of them in a non-Catholic church, and divorced them soon after.


Now, she is living with another man, and announced that they were going to get married.  I told the members of my family that they were not allowed to go, because God does not allow divorce and re-marriage.  Also, she was endeavoring to be married outside the Catholic Church.  So, my parents went and asked the "pastor" here in town if they were allowed to attend her "marriage".  He told them that as long as my sister knew that the did not approve, they could go!! 


So, I made an appointment with him and asked how he could give my family permission to attend this sacrilege.  He gave me the same answer.  I showed him material and facts that stated that Catholics are not allowed to attend non --Catholic functions.(Much of it from your web site.)  It did absolutely no good. (Everyone in my family. except me ended up attending!)  When I tell my sister that she is not married in the eyes of God, she becomes very angry, and says that as long as she believes in God, That is all that matters.


Then, we got on the subject of the novus ordo "mass" being invalid.  Of course, the "pastor" tried to defend it. Again, I had brought along facts and teachings condemning the Vatican II church… I told him that the words of consecration were altered, and therefore consecration does not take place.  He said that the words didn't matter.  I brought up so much, Brothers, but he remained steadfast in his thinking. When I left, I let him have the book, (The Truth of What Happened to the Catholic Church Since Vatican II).  Maybe it will do some good.  I hope so!!


I have… questions: Was I right in telling my family they were not allowed to attend the "marriage"?...


How can I persuade my family that the entire novus-ordo mass and Vatican II church is sacriligious and invalid?  I have shown them your videos, but it does no good.


Again, thank you for all the hard work and devotion you are giving… I pray that God will continue to bless you all!!!... Thank You!


Wayne C. Lang


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  You were absolutely correct in telling them that they may not go to the “marriage.”  It would be sinful to go to a non-Catholic (not to mention invalid) marriage ceremony.  The Novus Ordo “priest’s” advice is horrible, but typical.  What’s really outrageous is that many “traditionalists” hold the same thing on that issue.  Many of them wrongly believe and teach that it’s permissible to passively attend non-Catholic services, such as funerals and weddings.  The particular case of your sister’s invalid second “marriage” really drives home how such a position leads to sin and compromises the faith.


Can one passively attend non-Catholic funerals, weddings?  No.


How can you persuade your family?  It's obvious that you can't.  You have to realize that they are simply of bad will.  You have repeatedly presented the evidence, but you cannot force bad-willed people to believe.  It’s a waste of time and a distraction to continue with them.  You should just move on (Titus 3:10).




Hi Brothers Peter and Michael,


… i do follow daily everything that you help the faithful with on your web-site, and the charity that you display towards others. Thank you. I wanted to make a comment about the Steve Mcnair issue. After reading the e-mail that was sent to you in regards to you having it all wrong about GOD i thought to send this to you.


Proverbs teaches us (14:12) "There is a way which seemeth just to man, but the end leadth in death". It’s this lack of faith in the doctrine of our God Jesus that brings about this spirit of conscience we see today in the world. Our master speaks of this to his apostles to show us the extreme measure that man will go when guided by their own conscience. John (16:2) " They will put you out of the synagogues: yea, the hour cometh, that whosoever killeth you, will think he doth a service to God. And these things will they do to you, because they have not known the Father, nor me".


St. Augustine relates it this way,


Reason is the eye of the soul, like the bodily eye, it needs light to see. How then can it see clearly Divine things, when the light is extinguished to Divine revelation?


It’s clear that when the vast majority of people think that God Almighty loves adulterers, fornicators, pagans, jews, heretics, etc.... who are separated from the body of Christ it is this lack of faith that turns them to their own conscience…




Romans 4


Dear Brother Dimond:


I introduced my biblically astute Protestant friend to your lesson on Justification.  On your major point on Romans 3:28 on the law being a reference to the problem in Galatians, he noted that you have to take every verse in its context, as you, yourself said.  He noted that you did not address Rm. 4:1-6 which is the context.  Abraham was not dealing with the Jewish law problem in his time.  I was without response.  If you have any material on this please send it to me… If not could you suggest an answer I could give him with special emphasis on verses 4 and 5?


Yours in Christ,

David Tully


MHFM: Our answer is here:


New sub-section on finer points, quotes, arguments, objections and issues relevant to certain "traditionalists"


1260 days


Dear Brothers,


Here is some research I’ve been doing on the length of time of the Great Apostasy, as indicated in the book of Apocalypse. The period is specifically given at 4 different locations in the book of Apocalypse (11:2, 3 and 12:6, 14), but in three different forms (42 months, 1260 days, and 3 ½ times). Some simple cross analysis of these and other relevant Bible verses reveals a pattern:


1.    Apocalypse 11:2 – ‘But the court which is without the temple, cast out and measure it not: because it is given unto the Gentiles. And the holy city they shall tread under foot, two and forty months:’


42 (months) x 30 (days to a month) = 1260 days


2. Apocalypse 11:3 – ‘And I will give unto my two witnesses: and they shall prophesy, a thousand two hundred sixty days, clothed in sackcloth.’

1260 days


3. Apocalypse 12:6 – ‘And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she had a place prepared by God, that there they should feed her, a thousand two hundred sixty days.’

1260 days


4. Apocalypse 12:14 - ‘And there were given to the woman two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the desert, unto her place, where she is nourished for a time and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.’


3 ½ times. If 1 time = 1 year = 12 months = 360 days, then 3 ½ times =1260 days  So just how long is the 1260 prophetic days? The book of Psalms may give us a clue:

Psalms 89:10 – ‘The days of our years in them are threescore and ten years. But if in the strong they be fourscore years: and what is more of them is labour and sorrow. For mildness is come upon us: and we shall be corrected.’


Three score and ten is 3 ½ score, or 70 years.


If we assume that 1 score (Ps. 89:10) = 1 time (Apoc. 12:14), then 3 ½ score = 3 ½ times. And if 3 ½ times = 1260 days (Apoc. 11:2, 3; 12:6, 14) and 3 ½ score = 70 years (Ps 89:10), then the 1260 (prophetic) days = 70 years. ...


Some other significant 70 year periods in history are the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem in 70 A.D. and the 7 Popes at Avignon for almost 70 years from 1309-77, called the ‘Babylonian Captivity’!...


May Jesus and Mary grant all Catholics the grace of final perseverance. God Bless.




Kit White


World Currency


Subject: United Future World Currency


Dear Brothers,


My good friend brought this to my attention the new United Future World Currency coin resembles the occultic goat head on the back of it, the more I look at it I can see what he's talking about.  I will post the link so the two of you can take a look at it, see if you can make out the symbol, I myself can sort of make it out but I'm not completely sure if I can truly see it.  Be sure to hold down the Crtl key and enlarge the image with the plus key.  http://www.futureworldcurrency.com/ Please let me, the rest of your readers and/or followers know what your opinion on this matter.  Keep up the excellent work the two of you do to bring more souls to the true Catholic Faith, the two of you are most certainly blessed to carry on with the research you provide to those seeking the truth. God Bless Us All...Thank you so much for the perseverence to forge ahead for the salvation of many souls...


Sincerely, Doyle A. Maser...Jesus, Mary, Joseph, please pray for us...


MHFM: Thanks for the interest and the words of support.  We don’t see any symbol, but we’re open to arguments for how it’s there.  Regardless, it’s interesting how quickly and openly they are pushing for a one world currency.




Dear MHFM,

The pictures that i link to in this e-mail further corroborate your position on antipope JP2. The pictures are from June 12, 1999 and they were taken in Zamosc,Poland on the occasion of antipope's 6th visit to that country. As they say : ''A picture is worth a thousand words'' ...


Pay attention to the stage in the picture (the Novus Ordo 'altar' pics 8.,9., .. ). The writing in the pyramid ''Mocni nadzieja'' means ''Great'' or ''Mighty Hope'' ( that is what I get from a web dictionary)....The symbology is pretty much ''in your face''.

Keep up the good work.

V. from Croatia




The comments in your e-exchange section from the novus ordo Catholic make me sometimes laugh. Why would they worry about us? According to the Vatican II, everyone can be saved and that includes us too. Or maybe they think that everyone can be saved, including the Jews, Muslims, pagans but just not us Traditional Catholics. Its not like their Jewish and Muslim brothers accept their antipope. I notice that all the different Christian sects and pagans all "get along" quite well, but all are very hostile to Traditional Catholicism. It’s like they all respect and appreciate each other’s Church (ex. Anglicans and Lutherans) but just not the Catholic Church.






Subject: blasphemy


i cannot believe my eyes and ears what i am hearing. u sedevecantists are the true anti catholics. how dare u call a pope and the church and the novus ordo mass heresy. u will burn in the pitt of hell for eternity for this unless u repent. there is ONE HOLY CATHOLIC AND APISTOLIC CHURCH. so do go and make up ur own church because the chair is not empty. ur brain is empty. wake up to urself


B… matty


MHFM: Only a person whose soul is empty could look at the evidence and conclude what you have concluded.  Benedict XVI endorses false religions, such as Islam.  He holds that Protestants don’t need to believe in the Council of Trent or Vatican I.  He teaches that souls can be saved without believing in Christ.  He teaches that the members of schismatic sects are in the Church.  He is a heretical antipope.  You are a bad-willed heretic headed for the pit of Hell; and you blaspheme God when you say that your apostasy is a defense of Him or the Catholic faith.  If you were willing to learn anything, you would see that, according to Catholic teaching, the Novus Ordo Mass is an invalid non-Catholic service.


Re: S M


Re: steve mcnair, etc.


I just watched the video you posted. What a terrible terrible picture of GOD you have. GOD loves Steve McNair more than you love your own family and you want to give the illusion that GOD punished him by allowing this. Are you crazy? If you were to give up your only son for Steve McNair, then why would you want him to die? Ponder another thought, would you want to kill a family member of yours because they committed as you say a mortal sin. GOD's doing everything possible, without the use of force, to save us. GOD gave us a free will. Sin is the enemy my brother, not GOD. By the way, here's some Bible to validate my claims. John 3:17 Matthew 1:21 Romans 6:23 John 10:10 Jeremiah 29:11 2 Peter 3:9




MHFM: It’s obvious that you don’t understand God or the Bible.  God struck people dead for engaging in sinful and iniquitous behavior.  He teaches that most men go to Hell (Matthew 7:13).  Jesus speaks of those who call out “Lord, Lord” and wind up damned (Mt. 7:21).  The Bible clearly teaches that all who die in grave sin go to Hell, as our article refuting Justification by faith alone proves (1 Cor. 6:9; Eph. 5:5-8; etc.).  It’s obvious that you hold the Luciferian heresy of Justification by faith alone, according to which adulterers and anyone else who claims to believe in Jesus inherits the Kingdom of God.  My, you are very deceived.  You have totally misunderstood and misused all the Scriptures you cite.  You have twisted them to favor your evil “sin as much as you want and still be saved” lie.  Such a lie is appealing to Protestants who refuse to give up their sins and expect eternal rewards.  The true meaning of the passages you cite is addressed in our article refuting the awful heresy of Justification by faith alone.


Justification by faith alone and eternal security completely refuted by the Bible [link to section]


James 2:24- “Do you see that by works a man is justified; and not by faith only?”




Subject: Catholicism


I have been checking out your site.  Being an ex catholic, I'm wondering why your all still catholics when your religion is so corrupted and obviously pagan and always has been. Or did you all like them better when they were torturing and murdering millions of true christians in jesus' name.by the way my KJV Bible is in perfet harmony all the way through.  I would like to hear your thoughts on any of these topics thank you.




MHFM: The ideas you have about the Catholic faith are false.  They come from Protestant propaganda.  You need to realize that your religion is completely unbiblical, completely unhistorical and completely man-made.  Our book and materials prove, from the very King James Version of the Bible that you prefer, that the Catholic Church is the only Christian Church.  The Bible clearly teaches the Eucharist, the Papacy, Confession, Baptismal Regeneration, etc. – all of which you reject.


Refuting Protestantism from the Bible and Eastern "Orthodoxy" (audios and articles)


What is Time?



Mortal sin


Dear Brother Dimond:


Thank you for all your valuable information.  If it weren't for you, my family would not be Catholic.   I have a question; in the Baltimore Catechism, it is said that for a sin to be considered mortal three things are necessary; grave matter, sufficient knowledge and full consent of the will.  Since the Baltimore Catechism gives heretical answers to other topics, I would like to know from you whether their answer in the above question is correct or whether it is another invention by heretical clergy.  I am asking because it seems to me that most people committing mortal sins do so out of ignorance (culpable or not) or on impulse(insufficient consent).  A mortal sin is a mortal sin, and we all have a responsibility to find out if what we are doing is gravely sinful.  Those three requirements seem to me to take away responsibility from people, and I'm wondering what the true Faith has to say about that.


God bless you, and thanks again,



MHFM: Thanks for the comments.  The Baltimore Catechism’s explanation is wrong (or at the very least ambiguous and potentially misleading).  The true requirements are: 1) grave matter, 2) sufficient reflection, 3) and full consent of the will.  Instead of “sufficient reflection,” the Baltimore Catechism has “sufficient knowledge.”  This is misleading because it implies that one must know that what one is doing is a mortal sin.  That’s not correct.  Countless professing “Catholics” have understood it that way to the triumph of liberalism. 


For instance, suppose a young man goes out and gets drunk.  He doesn’t know anything about what a mortal sin is and he doesn’t care.  By deciding to get drunk he fulfills all three requirements.  He commits a mortal sin even though he lacks “sufficient knowledge” of the teaching on mortal sins. 


In fact, if one believed in the “sufficient knowledge” requirement, then it would be a good idea to withhold the Catholic teaching on mortal sins from everyone because no one could commit a mortal sin without that knowledge.  But that’s ridiculous, of course.




Dear Brothers,

Matthew 24:7?


About B-16. Along with the quakes, the Pope must be out of his mind. He is calling for exactly that which is spoken of in prophesy, a new world order that can only enslave man under the control of what he must know will be a few, evil people to rule the world’s economy.

He is leading the sheep to the slaughter by repositioning the church's stand on matters of world economic matters, traditionally in the form of charitable efforts, to promoting a global one world financial body that clearly can be used to control, and manipulate the masses.




MHFM: Thanks for the comment.  We would just point out that one shouldn’t call Benedict XVI the pope.




Brother Dimond:

Thank you for… getting the book, "The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church," to me… I'm a daily reader of your web site, and your messages over the last several years have really made me re-think my position as a Catholic.  It's a journey for me, and I haven't quite reached the destination.  I am very thankful for your sound logic all the way.  Keep up the good work.


Bob Bugiada


B.O.D., Faith


Dear MHFM,


In regards to baptism of desire/blood- Sort of reminds me of how Abraham was pleading with God the Father on saving Sodom from destruction and how Abraham bargained souls down to ten and how the Father agreed if ten were found Holy and of God saving the perverted city Sodom would be no problem.  However, not ten were found and the city of perversion was destroyed.  A similar analogy by the modernists and liberal-heretics down the centuries infiltrating the Church to spew their venom of lies and deception can clearly be noted by the belief that one can be saved by the desire or blood alone merely by the depth of sense for the love of God and his divine laws imprinted on the heart only.  As with Sodom the city was destroyed since not ten good souls existed, and so it is with the false belief that desire and blood can supercede actual baptism to enter into the life of the Church where there is only one path to enter, and then work out our salvation with fear and trembling, as St Paul admonished Catholics in the early Church and for all time, even unto the end.  The taint of liberalism is obvious in desire and blood advocates, and that small poison has become a large pool of death in the modern world.  It's true soldiers for Christ like Most Holy Family Monastery in the modern world surrounded by Satan's minions in and outside the Church who lift the innocent and believing Catholics out of this nightmare enveloping the so-called modern era filled by darkness and death as the end is so very near.   The modernist heretics have the Churches, but you have the faith.  May Jesus Christ fill you with truth, strength, and knowledge leading heavenward.-




MHFM: Thanks for the comments.  We fully agree with your sentiments.  We should point out that certain people who historically believed in the false ideas of baptism of desire and blood defined them very strictly – only for unbaptized catechumens who believed in the essential mysteries of Catholic faith.  They were clearly wrong, but not necessarily heretics.  But essentially everyone who believes in or accepts the ideas today is an apostate.  Every such person accepts salvation outside the Church.  And if there were even one person who only believed and accepted the idea of explicit baptism of desire strictly defined, once he saw all the dogmatic evidence against it there would be no excuse for him to hold the theory.




I just had to say this is pretty unbelievable. Not sure if you have seen this yet, but here is the link. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090710/ap_on_re_us/us_upside_down_flag

Since when is it "illegal" to inadvertently "cause a disruption". I couldn't believe it when I saw it. Even the simple towns of this country are getting overrun by brainwashed cops and the crazy government.





Hi brother

   I was reading your book "The Bible proves teachings of the catholic church", I intend to used this book to defend the catholic teachings,

    I would like to know which bible have you used for your citations in this book?


Alain Pelletier


MHFM: Almost all the citations are from the 1611 King James Version of the Bible.  A famous Protestant version was chosen in order to prove to the Protestants, from a translation they prefer, that the Bible proves the teachings of the Catholic Church.  The few that are not from the King James are from other widely used and well-known versions.  The King James was not chosen in those few cases because the passage was so mutilated in the KJV that it just couldn’t be used. 




Thanks for your audio on McNair.  It is a tragedy of his own doing.  He put himself in the position where this "girl" wanted to kill him.  He has only himself to blame… He was a good football player, but he was not a good man… I can only hope that NFL fans (especially young men) and other NFL players realize how dangerous and stupid committing adultery is from McNair's example. 





Nice video on Steve McNair. My question concerns adultery. As my N.O. wife is considered married in the eyes of God to another man, due to her previous marriage, both of them being baptized Catholic. Would I be considered an adulterer for being with someone's wife? I always felt that I had committed this sin and have confessed it. Would I have to make the same confession again once the divorce is finalized?

After following your site for over a year and a half now, I was able to talk my bad willed N.O. wife into filing for divorce… Please keep me in your prayers… My N.O. family wants me exorcised due to your site.

God bless your work,



MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  If we understand this correctly, you have already confessed the sin of living with this woman (and acting as if she is your wife).  If you have already confessed it, and haven't committed the sin since – but are only waiting for the civil divorce proceedings to finish - then you would not need to confess it again once they are finalized. 




Hello HFM,

The article The Great Western Schism (1378-1417) and what it teaches us about the post-Vatican II apostasy… is the clearest and most decisively expository and rational account of the schism that I have ever read : Soli Deo Gloria.




The Great Western Schism (1378-1417) and what it teaches us about the post-Vatican II apostasy - Massive confusion, multiple antipopes, antipopes in Rome, an antipope recognized by all the cardinals; The Great Western Schism proves that a line of antipopes at the heart of the post-Vatican II crisis is absolutely possible-


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.


More on our view of Antichrist, quotes


MHFM: We have a new entry in this section of our website.  It serves to refute some people who have criticized our opinion about the Antichrist.


New sub-section on finer points, quotes, arguments, objections and issues relevant to certain "traditionalists"


Some people are so adamant about their opinion on the Antichrist – and so vigorously opposed to our view – that they not only wrongly claim that our view is demonstrably wrong – despite all the evidence favoring it; but they maintain that an error on this matter (if we made such an error) would somehow undermine us.  This entry totally refutes these bad-willed individuals.  It contains interesting new quotes from St. Athanasius on the “abomination of desolation,” Pope Paul III on the Son of Perdition, St. Bernard on the Beast and the Antichrist, and St. Vincent on the Apocalypse. 


John Paul II


Reg Pope John Paul being Anti-Pope

Pope John Paul was a saintly man, he traveled the world & was all about peace, now my thoughts are that nearing the end of his reign he could have been misguided because that was out the norm for him, do you believe he's always been anti-pope or was it after these pagan gatherings?

I am Catholic & i myself disagree with welcoming ANY other religion into Gods house, but i feel as if Pope John Paul acted out of character, could it be that satan manipulated him & clouded his beliefs?




MHFM: He was always an antipope because the Church teaches that a non-Catholic cannot be validly elected.  The heresy of religious indifferentism runs all throughout his heretical writings.  He was totally of Satan.  You need to become convinced and look at the material on our website.




Dear Brothers Dimond,


I have been reading your site lately and I do appreciate the articles you post.


I am very much interested to buy one copy of "Outside the Catholic Church there is Absolutely no Salvation."…


Thank you very much and God bless.








For all the people who don't believe that JPII was an antichrist because he is dead, well you need to get the fabulous book and read the last chapter.  Your jaw will drop to the floor!


For me this was the last hurdle to jump over because I couldn't explain how there could be a dead person who was the antichrist.


It's a great book, but they saved the great part for last.


You'll need to get the book and read it from start to finished.


Kevin From Pullman,WA.


MHFM: This reader is referring to this article, a section of our book:


John Paul II preached the Doctrine of the Antichrist


It’s simply a fact that John Paul II preached the doctrine of Antichrist.  We have proven that in a way that is beyond dispute.  It’s a matter of opinion about exactly what he represented.  It has been our opinion – and still is our opinion – that John Paul II, by his preaching and his reign, represented the definitive reign of Antichrist in the temple of God.  Those who scoff at that notion don’t understand what the Bible says about “Antichrist” (it’s only mentioned in John’s epistles, and “Antichrist” is given a precise meaning); nor have they internalized the full impact of what John Paul II was saying and just how amazing and jaw-dropping it was: e.g., declaring in his very first address that he and every other man is the Christ, the Son of the Living God of Matthew 16:16.


Further, many of these same people contradict themselves, by arguing, on the one hand, that John Paul II (and Paul VI’s abolition of the sacrifice) only represent the precursor or precursors to Antichrist; but, on the other hand, they say that we are living through the fulfillment of what Our Lady of La Salette prophesied.  Our Lady of La Salette prophesied that “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.”  Has that happened or not?  If the Vatican II antipopes do not represent the definitive reign of Antichrist, but only evil precursors, then Our Lady of La Salette’s prophecy has not yet been fulfilled.  But we don’t hold that position.  We believe that we have been living through its fulfillment.


Sign of Peace


Hi, I just wanted to ask you: is there something wrong or bad with the part of the New "mass" where they "give peace" or "make peace" or whatever, you know the part I'm talking about right? I don't really know how it's really called, but it's just the part when they "make peace" or whatever, it's right before they raise what would-be the consecrated Host.

So is there something really bad or wrong with that, with giving peace with everyone around? Didn't they used to do this in the Tridentine Mass, before Vatican II? Please tell me all you think about this particular thing.




MHFM: Yes, it’s horrible.  It epitomizes the irreverence which characterizes the invalid New Mass.  Right after the invalid “consecration,” people are not recollected or focused on God but are rather shaking hands and hugging each other and turning what they wrongly think is a Mass into a community gathering or family reunion.  It’s a prime example of why the New Mass is neither Catholic nor holy (and something cannot be the latter without the former of course).


Steve McNair


A Catholic view of Steve McNair's death [4 min.]



B-16’s new encyclical


MHFM: We’ve updated our Benedict XVI's recent Heresies file with some quotes from his new encyclical.


Stone to Bread


Dear Brothers,

With all the attention on the death of Michael Jackson, his music is all over the media. During a retrospective, a song he co-wrote called, "We are the World", was shown…

I've always liked the song, but a particular verse stood out that I've never noticed, and now doesn't seem right. Here it is:

"As God has shown us by turning stone to bread"


Unless I'm mistaken, I don't know of a place in the scriptures where God turned stones to bread. We all know the scripture where the evil one tempts Jesus to do this, to which our Lord replied "Man does not live by bread alone..." and rebukes him. Jesus did feed the multitudes, but he did not create fish and loaves from stone. In the Old Testament, the Jews received manna from heaven, it too, came not from stones, but from the sky…

This verse is subtle, but so incorrect, and misleading, to imply that God, did something he did not do, and the evil one could not make him do, that I am amazed the 40 plus "artists" there did not question its authenticity.

Now that I've noticed this, I cannot approve of this song because it can plant the idea that God, Jesus, accepted the Evil One's challenge and can mislead. I'm sure this was not the intent, but it is interesting to note.

Am I wrong?

Finally, since michael Jackson co-wrote the song, it is likely he may have written that verse. I don't know…

Yours in Christ,


MHFM: One must not approve of the song or his music.  The fact that he’s attributing to God that which He didn’t do – and the very thing the Devil wanted Him to do – is evidence in itself that he was being directly demonically inspired in his lyrics and more. 


Luke 4:3-4 “And the devil said to him: If thou be the Son of God, say to this stone that it be made bread.  And Jesus answered him: It is written, that Man liveth not by bread alone, but by every word of God.”

This point was covered in the powerful video we offer: Video: Rock-n-Roll Sorcerers of the New Age Revolution.  This video covers most of the popular music stars from the past few decades and their connection to the occult.  It shows, in striking fashion, how the Devil was working through them and through popular music.




Thank you again for your website.  I enjoyed your e-exchange on annulments that you posted July 6.  The Nervous Order church would have annuled his marriage with missing a step.  The annulment issue is one of the biggest clues for me to change to the true Catholic faith… To go from 9 annulments in 1930 to 60,000 every year shows one or two problems.  Either presbyters do not step in on the front end to not marry couples that should not marry and/or they give away annulments like they do candy to a 5 year old.  The woman I was debating this with mostly was of bad will and was trying to talk about invalid marriages.  The lady could not realize that there are 2 problems which is just one symptom of the fake Catholic Church. 








I just wanted to tell you what a Great Response you just gave to the annulment question that someone just wrote about on your e-exchanges..  The guy who was writing about his friend, who only got married because of low self esteem, and because she threatened to kill herself.


Every sentence you wrote on this was… dead on.  It is so nice to hear you guys tell it like it is...  and not try to spare anyone's feelings, like other people do.


Your Padre Pio audio was also excellent…


                                                    Thank you for all you do






E-Exchange Annulment:  "...married to a woman he never loved."  Typical V2 drivel.  Along comes the V2 church and it's a big free for all.    If you love your spouse but someone else catches your eye, then obviously you never loved your wife in the first place.  Annulment guaranteed!  They used to call it temptation; now it's grounds for annulment.    




Dear Brothers,
I hope that you can help me to help a friend. A friend of mine was married many years ago (in a novus ordo ceremony) to a woman he never loved. Some background:
He never loved her - he had been engaged to someone else before he met her that had broken up, and this had left him devastated. He was set up with the woman that would become his "wife" on a blind date by a friend. Because of a very emotionally abusive childhood he had (has) extremely low self esteem, he felt pressured into going through with the marriage. Before the wedding -(actually before they were even engaged) his "wife" told him she would kill herself if he ever left (if you knew this guy that would make him stay).
 They never had kids and were only married for less than 3 years - the last year they were pretty much separated...he told me he felt it was a greater sin to live a lie and to bring kids into the world in a lie.  They divorced and the marriage was annulled.  My question is because he never loved her and would have broken up with her years before they were married (if she had not told him she would kill herself and other things she did) is his annulment valid? This torments him everyday.
Thanks for any insight


MHFM: Based on the little you’ve said about it, it seems like he was in a valid marriage.  Therefore, he should not have been given an annulment.  Again, an annulment is a declaration that a marriage was never valid to begin with due to a hidden or known impediment.  The evidence must be clear.  He chose to marry her.  He did it freely.  The excuse that he felt “pressure” sounds like complete nonsense.  In fact, if he’s that weak and easily forced into things, then he shouldn’t get married at all.  He isn’t fit to be the head of a household.


The claim that he didn’t love her but married her anyway because she threatened to kill herself is outrageous.  If a Catholic man were in that situation, that would be a clear signal that this is not a woman to marry.  Further, even if her threats to harm herself were serious, which is highly doubtful – for people like that say many things they don’t really mean – he would tell her that he’s not going to ruin his life because she wants to ruin hers.  He would of course try to counsel her against harming herself, but he wouldn’t marry her.  Unless he was forced into a ceremony against his will – which doesn’t seem to be the case at all – all of these are simply excuses for a bad decision. 


In a dishonest desire to be free of their marriage, many people dramatize all kinds of things after the fact.  The bottom-line is that he wanted to marry her.  That’s why he went through with the marriage.  If he wasn’t prepared for the commitment with that particular person, he shouldn’t have done it. 


The Vatican II sect worships man.  That’s why they can’t tell anyone: NO, you are married!  Hence, they allow almost everyone to marry again, even if the reason is nothing more than a profound regret about a past decision and a huge disappointment about not being able to marry someone else.  Our article on annulments is relevant here:


The Annulment Fiasco - The Vatican II sect's De Facto acceptance of Divorce and Remarriage [PDF File]




Now I don't understand a few things. Say for argument that there is this sensual person who committed hundreds of these type of sins in the past and can't remember the hundreds if not thousands, i.e the number of times. Now for argument he went to priests of the new world order for confession and all these confessions are invalid. So he finds a valid priest that lives in some sort of monastery somewhere, and confesses to him all the sins he ever confessed to the new world order priests in the past but can't remember the number of times he committed these sensual sins of the flesh...what is the rule about that?


MHFM: In that case, a person would say: “I ask forgiveness for having committed [specify the sin] possibly thousands of times.”  One must do his best to approximate.




MHFM: We’ve added to Youtube our discussion of the true story behind The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel/ Emily Rose.


Part 1


Part 2


Book, Islam


Dear Brothers,


Recently I ordered a copy of The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church…. The Bible Proves... is an excellent resource, handy for refuting Protestants.


I spread The Popes Against Islam audio to those aware of Michael Ryan's false argumentation - not one… bothered to respond.  Your analysis can't be bettered.






MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  This reader is referring our recent audio: The Popes Against Islam. 


He’s also referring to a certain Vatican II apostate who used to be a sedevacantist.  Within the last few years or so, this individual became a sedevacantist and then went back to accepting the Vatican II antipopes.  To become a sedevacantist and then go back to the Vatican II antipopes (after seeing all the evidence against them) is a heinous sin, a true abandonment of Christ. 


Well, after falling back into the clutches of the Vatican II antipopes and renouncing the sedevacantist position, he then decided to become a sedevacantist again.  And then, even more recently, he switched his position again and is now a supporter of the Vatican II antipopes and a defender of Vatican II!  So, to summarize: he went from non-sedevacantist to sedevacantist to non-sedevacantist to sedevacantist to non-sedevacantist (and defender of Vatican II).


Needless to say, this kind of flip-flopping on core issues of faith is diabolical.  It’s symptomatic of a truly faithless soul – one who has no interior conviction about the dogmas of Christ.  This is only relevant because this apostate had been circulating heretical defenses of Vatican II among small groups via e-mail.  A reader forwarded a few of them to us.  The aforementioned audio shows, from new angles and with more proof, why he and the other heretical defenders of Vatican II are of course totally wrong.  Like its other heresies, Vatican II’s teaching that Muslims and Catholics together worship the true God is indefensible. 




Dear Brothers:


I realize you may not have the answer on this one, but there is something I don't understand with this story.  As the public has been brainwashed into believing that embryonic stem cells are just blobs of cells and not alive, then why the experimentation?  Why experiment with "blobs" of cells? 


See, this story infers that doctors know that stem cells are alive and therefore useful for experimentation.  Otherwise, why test drugs on just a bunch of cells?  Why? 


But the telling point in this story is: "...stem cells harvested from human embryos could even replace lab rats as the primary scientific testing method."  Huh? 


How are blobs of cells equal to the sentient rat?  Oh.  I see.  Stem cells are alive and therefore fully human and with a soul attached.  "Calling Dr. Mengele. Vivisection in Lab 2."   But, of course, Mengele has been the exemplar for the abortionists in America since 1973.   Many thanks always for your work,






Hello Bro.,


I just couldn't accept the fact that almost all Catholic Masses being celebrated nowadays are invalid.  Specifically the traditional Latin catholic Mass that i attend to now.  I think it is almost nil if what you are saying is true.  Do you mean to say that those priests who were ordained after vatican Council II are not celebrating the Mass validly? Please enlighten me on this…. 


You think God will not acknowledge the Sacrifice of the Mass now even if it is offered with a sincere faith? How can we remedy this situation?


Please reply to me regarding this issue for clarification and enlightenment on my part for I am deeply bothered.  Thanks.


Maria B


MHFM: The New Masses are all invalid, in addition to any others that are offered by “priests” who were ordained after 1968 in the New Rite of Ordination.  That's covered in this article.


Why the New Rite of Ordination is Invalid [PDF File]


The fact that someone thinks that a Mass is valid doesn’t make it valid.




Hello Dimond Brothers. I am wondering whether or not you may drink milk on Fridays, on days of complete abstinence. Nothing from animals may be taken, does this go with milk too? It did not speak of this on your site…


Thank you, and God bless you for your great work.

V. Veikko


MHFM: Milk is allowed on days of abstinence.  What is forbidden is meat (and soup or gravy made from meat).




Subject: Heresy


Dear Brothers,

You correctly, time and time again point out blatant heresy in the V-2 church, its adherents, priests, etc…

About the apparent cult activity on Staten Island, I can tell you that the Island has a history of cult activity, especially satanism. I know this because I used to live there before I moved to Europe. I was in that very park, many times. It overlooks Ft. Wadsworth, underneath the Verrazano Bridge. I was surprised when I read this, because most of the cult activity, historically, occurred on the grounds of the Goodhue Center, a summer camp run by the Children's Ais Society. It also was thought to happen in Willobrook Park. This was years ago, when we were warned to be care of exploring the woods in those locations.

But you should know, that the type of ritual slaughters seen very often in NYC parks, is Santeria, or Voodoo in nature. This of course, is because of our criminal immigration policies which have allowed the influx, in large numbers, of practitioners of these rituals. These rituals by the way, are considered by the V-2 church as an equal expression of mans desire to know God, on par with our Holy Catholic Church. So widespread is this evil, that our new martyr to the faith of popular culture, St. Michael Jackson, paid a Voo Doo "Priest" to sacrifice 42 cows to ensure the deaths of his rivals.

Yours in Christ,





Subject: Marriage

I am posing this question please. I have been married 3 times. I was never married in the Catholic church. I was at the point of 2 of the marriages a Novus Ordo catholic. The first time I was married I was 17 years old. My husband divorced me. The second time I married (this is the father of my children) I divorced him. He had become an alcoholic and did drugs. I tried al-anon and counseling but this did not work. For the safety of my children I had to leave. When I married the third time I was only married for almost one year. The person divorced me because he decided he did not like children after all. After all this my question is am I allowed to be married in traditional catholicism. I have been dating a man for 15 years now. I am soon to be 55. Thank you for any information you can give me or direct me to.




MHFM: To form an opinion about the validity of a marriage (or marriages), one would have to know more about the specifics of each case (e.g., were you baptized a Catholic?  What about him?  What did he profess to be?  Where did it occur?).  The likelihood is that you are not free to marry.  However, if you gave us more of the specifics, we could offer a more definitive opinion.


Further, if you’ve been dating someone for 15 years, then there is a high probability that sin is occurring.  That’s far too long for people to date.  Either two people have decided to marry after a certain period of time or they must break it off.  You are also 55 years old.  You should look to dedicating yourself and God and saving your soul and probably not getting married (that's even if you were free to marry, which is highly questionable). 


Pope Benedict XIV (1740-1758) on Rome as Babylon


MHFM: In our article on the Whore of Babylon (Is the Vatican II sect the Whore of Babylon prophesied in the Apocalypse?), we bring forward the evidence that the Whore of Babylon or Great Harlot prophesied in the Apocalypse is the Vatican II Counter Church. 


The Catholic Church is NOT the Whore of Babylon.  Rather, the counterfeit Church of the Vatican II sect, which poses as the Catholic Church in the last days but is not, is the prophesied Whore of Babylon.  Some apologists of the Vatican II Church have argued that Rome is not Babylon, but that “Babylon” (the city of seven hills) in the Apocalypse refers to Jerusalem or something else.  The following quote from Pope Benedict XIV confirms that they are incorrect.  Click here to see the new quote:


New sub-section on finer points, quotes, arguments, objections and issues relevant to certain "traditionalists"


This quote, coming from a true Catholic pope, is important in refuting apologists of the Vatican II sect, who argue that the spiritual deception in the last days will not surround Rome.