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18 minute must-see video: The Amazing and Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe (2nd edition)


Padre Pio’s miraculous healing of Gemma Di Giorgi


1 hour debate: ‘Baptism of Desire’ Debate: Catechism of Trent – Council of Florence


40 minute video: How Can ‘Baptism of Desire’ Be Contrary to Dogma?


3 minute video: Michael Hastings’ Body Cremated Against His Family’s Wishes


For Congress, ‘it’s classified’ is new equivalent of ‘none of your business’


Your TV might be watching you


VW also now offering advanced security features that include being able to remotely unlock your car


China’s Military Preparing for ‘People’s War’ in Cyberspace, Space


Student left in DEA cell will get $4 million from feds


USPS takes photos of all mail


WSJ: FBI Spying Uses Hacker Tricks


‘No plans to leave Russia’: Edward Snowden has job offer, awaits reunion with family


White House Reevaluating Obama-Vladimir Putin Summit Following Edward Snowden Asylum


Obama meets with 9 from Congress on surveillance – but not Rand Paul


Newspaper fires opinion editor who told Obama to “Shove It”


Dzhokar Tsarnaev’s Throat Wound: Another Lie Refuted


Saudi website editor sentenced to seven years in prison, lashes


Bus driver driving while using a cell phone leads to an eight month old child being killed


Hawaii sets aside $100,000 to offer its 17,000 homeless people one-way airfare back to their home states


Iran Activates 5,000 New Centrifuges As Part Of Nuclear Program


1,122 record cold temperatures in the U.S. last week


Colima, Mexico Approves “Same-Sex Civil Unions”


Breastfeeding linked to a child’s higher intelligence later in life?


Homeowner shoots a black teen he suspected of burglary – The next Trayvon Martin case?


Congresswoman delivers “miracle baby” doctors thought would not survive


Chicago-Area Man, Arrested For Throwing Bleach On Cabbie To Avoid $175 Fare


80 Percent Of U.S. Adults Face Near-Poverty, Unemployment?


Another Drunk Fool Kills Bride-to-Be


Francis severely restricts group from celebrating the “Traditional Latin Mass”, imposes the Novus Ordo


Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver Riley Cooper May Have Bigger Problems Ahead


Alex Rodriguez faces 214-game ban, suspension to come Monday, reports say


WTC Owner Larry Silverstein Sues Airlines For Billions Over 9/11 After $5 Billion Insurance Payment


2 minute video: Man who beat bogus ticket takes Vt. town to court


3 minute video: Eyewitness Records Santa Ana Officer Shoot, Kill Unarmed Homeless Man


3 minute video: NSA paid $150 mln to GCHQ to spy on UK citizens


46 second video: Woman gets in wreck and is robbed while she is trapped inside her car


2 minute video: Squatters take over home while family vacations


2 minute video: Michigan Husband Pleads For Leniency For “Godly” Wife Who Tried To Have Him Killed


2 minute video: Dangerous Inmate Escapes Jail: Caught On Tape


1 minute video: Teen fires officer’s gun during struggle


34 second video: Drunk fools caught on camera putting themselves in grave danger


2 minute video: Antipope Francis “reverently” places his prized beach soccer ball on the altar


2 minute video: Clinton admires Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger “enormously” and is in "awe" of her


TSA: Give Us Your Fingerprints, Web History And You Can Keep Your Shoes On


Is fingerprint scanning coming to the iPhone?


Most government pensions to be confiscated within a decade


Militarization of law enforcement going full steam ahead


U.S. Army Buying Millions Of Rounds Of Russian Ammo And Popular Civilian Firearms


DHS Planned To Kill Peaceful Protesters In Sniper Attacks


“Homeland Security” Is Now Regulating Live “Entertainment”


Social Security Administration Now Hiring For Counterintelligence Operations


Democratic Leaders: All Americans “May Be In Communication With Terrorists”


Professor: Robots To Patrol Cities By 2040


Pentagon to deploy huge blimps over Washington, DC for 360-degree surveillance


The Black George Zimmerman The Media Doesn’t Want You To Know About


Lindsey Graham Wants Attack On Iran By October


Consumer alert: Most common vitamins, including children’s vitamins, found to contain GMOs


Cook County sheriff’s team taking guns if FOID card is revoked


Johnny Manziel’s dad says his Heisman Trophy winning son has "got demons in him"


ACLU: Florida will have to be forced to allow “gay” rights


1 minute video: Watch the new flying car make its first public flight


5 minute video: Antipope Francis greets a group of indigenous people


3 minute video: “Catholic Cardinals” Dance On The Beach In Brazil


2 minute video: Young boy survives nail that went right through his heart


1 minute video: Men escape after landslide overruns car


Scientists discover what’s killing the bees


Expert: Cuba could hit U.S. with EMP death blow


Software experts attack cars, to release code as hackers meet


Glenn Greenwald: Even Low-Level NSA Analysts Have ‘Powerful and Invasive’ Search Tool


Sarah Palin: I Was Banned From Talking About Jeremiah Wright By The McCain Campaign


The Conspiracy Selects Hillary Clinton To Be The Winner Of “The 2016 Election”


White House: Obama Will Reject Spending Cuts


Oregon woman wins $18.6 million over credit report mistakes


Bankrupt Detroit going forward with $444 million taxpayer-funded arena for the Red Wings


Woman pukes at IKEA, stays for a nap


Antipope Francis On “Gays”: Who Am I To Judge Them?


Louisiana Police Sting Targets, Arrests “Gay” Men For Sex Using Anti-Sodomy Law


Russia to ban foul language on social networks and discussion boards


30-Year-Old Pregnant Woman Fights Off Attacker While Walking Her Dog In Inwood


Bernanke To Testify In AIG Bailout Case


2 minute video: Surveillance camera shows the moment a Wisconsin man shoots a teen in the chest


2 minute video: Gun-rigged car used in assassination attempt in South Africa


2 minute video: Undercover police agent appears to plant drugs on NY "businessman"


2 minute video: Police fatally shoot grandfather while searching the wrong home for a burglar


7 minute video: Cop Fired For Speaking Out Against Ticket And Arrest Quotas


5 minute video: Students Sign Petition To Legalize 4th Trimester Abortion


33 second video: Jack Nicklaus' grandson survives chilling motorcycle crash, caught on camera


11 second video: Foul ball rips through MLB net behind plate and hits woman


Uruguayan newspaper confirms accusations of homosexual conduct by Francis’ Vatican bank appointee


Bomb blows man’s legs off after he reported illegal abortion clinic in Peru


Store clerk beaten with bat for not having 3X tank top shirts


Obama admin forces school district to let teenage girl use boys’ restroom, showers, sleeping quarters


Halliburton admits destroying Gulf oil spill evidence - but will only be required to pay a $200k fine


Murder charge filed after 93-year-old rape victim dies


Guy tries to rob a gun store with a baseball bat, fails miserably


The media are reporting that a juror says Zimmerman is guilty of murder. But is the story true?


Family helped by Zimmerman after crash afraid to speak, O'Mara says


Woman Wants Possessions Back After Bank Tried To Repossess Wrong House


Rescued hikers drown inside vehicle leaving state park


Military censors “Christian Chaplain”, atheists call for punishment


New Surveillance Blimp Stays Aloft For 30 Days Straight


The NSA's New Spy Facilities Are Seven Times Bigger Than The Pentagon


Glenn Beck Shames Michele Bachmann For Supporting NSA Spying On Americans


Germany a 'prolific partner' in NSA spy program, magazine reports


Assange: Journalism Doomed If Manning Convicted Of Aiding Enemy


Russia won’t extradite Snowden to U.S.


Glenn Greenwald To Testify Before Congress About NSA Surveillance Programs


Was Israel’s Last ‘Air’ Attack On Syria From A Submarine?


Customers help catch escaped rapist


Welcome to Chicago - now give me that iPhone


"Archbishop" Tutu says if Heaven doesn’t accept homosexuality he wants to go to Hell


Records of Christine O’Donnell tax snooping disappear


At 112, NY man is world's oldest; oldest woman is 115


Honda tops UK auto reliability survey


Top NFL quarterbacks make over 160,000 dollars per day


44 minute video: Has America has gone beyond what was envisioned in 1984?


Last remaining freedoms about to be eradicated? Feds tell Web firms to turn over user account passwords


5 minute video: The incredible danger leaving your dog in a car on a hot day


1 minute video: Man helped save his life by a stop, drop, and roll after a gas pump explodes


14 second video: Footage of Spain train disaster that killed at least 78 and injured 131


Gang Member Convicted After Tattooing Murder Scene On His Chest


Congress to probe lethal crash that killed SEAL Team 6 members


Woman's toy gun scares off masked intruder in Deerfield Beach


Antipope Francis's "judgment" in question after priest named in "gay" sex scandal


Army vet can’t own gun over minor arrest 42 years ago


Obama Executive Order: Americans Must Be Tested For HIV / AIDS


NSA Can Store A Billion Cell Phone Calls Every Day


Amendment To Stop NSA Data Collection Voted Down In House


Resident shoots at home invasion robber attempting to crawl through the dog door


Suspect Sought In Brutal Assault


93 percent of fireworks set off in the U.S. is manufactured in China


Luxury cruise miserably fails surprise health inspection


The benefits of Charcoal


Army Conducts Nighttime Exercises In Downtown Chicago


Brazil Shark Attack Victim Bruna Gobbi Fatally Bitten Moments Before Rescue


Saginaw, Texas, Girl Found In Tarp Identified As 6-Year-Old Alanna Gallagher; 911 Calls Released


Healthy organs are worth a lot - "Dead" patient awoke as doctors prepared to remove organs


Man arrested in Australia for driving with pliers instead of steering wheel


Judge orders Ohio to recognize gay "marriage" performed in Maryland


Iran Goes After Dogs


Is this what happened to Michael Hastings? Hackers can take control of your car


Ambulances Can Now Highjack Car Radios To Let Drivers Know They're Coming


NTSB calls for wireless technology to let all vehicles 'talk' to each other


30 second video: Baby Bear Rescued From Garbage Bin


1 minute video: Animals with Bad Reputations: You can't always blame the animals


2 minute video: Man fatally shoots 2 armed intruders after home invasion in North Houston


5 minute video: Debating A Gun Control Fanatic


2 minute video: Rifle-toting woman shoots and kills a man outside gas station in SE Houston


5 minute video: Lady Gaga – Live Demonic Possession On Display In Interview


3 minute video: Singing "priests" revive "Catholic Church" in Brazil


2 minute video: Amazing new product called "Neverwet"


21 second video: MSNBC promo: More government is the only answer to fix our lagging economy


11 minute video: The 'Saved at Death' Heresy


Woman depicted in new movie “The Conjuring” gives more details on demonic activity that didn’t make the movie


Italy kicks out Monsanto’s GMO corn - U.S. can’t even get labelling


The blinking of a man’s eyes helps lead to potential life sentence for convicted murderer


Sodomy hazing leaves 13-year-old victim outcast in Colorado town


Police Say Man Kidnapped Girlfriend, Tortured Her With Drill


Doctors Who Illegally Euthanize Patients Almost Never Face Prosecution


Massachusetts Legislature Considering Ban on “Gay” Therapy for Minors


New blood-donation rules reverses ban that prevented men who have had sex with men from giving blood


Its time to reconsider the militarization of American policing


ACLU Attacks Student-Led Prayer At Football Games


Police: Baby's body found in car trunk at repair shop


Whitey Bulger trial reveals sordid gang underworld in shocking detail


 “Homeland Security” official probed for helping a company run by a brother of Hillary Clinton


Bottlenose dolphins can use learned vocal labels to address each other


Dog Finds A Tiny Kitten, Risks Everything To Save Her


Real-Life Fox And The Hound: Abandoned Baby Fox And Terrier Share Friendship


Two house cats get up close to bobcat


13-year-old girl raped by more than a dozen illegal aliens in Texas


Man shot outside Chicago golf course


NSA 's Keith Alexander Calls Emergency Private Briefing To Lobby Against Amendment Curtailing Its Power


CIA wants to control the weather, climate change


George Zimmerman rescues family from truck crash last week, police say


84-year-old thwarts robbery attempt at home, shoots at would-be robber as he flees, victim may be charged


Just another “Christian” pro athlete: Documents claim to show NBA player’s “abortion contract” with his girlfriend


Famous Jewish MLB baseball player finally admits he lied


Ryan Braun: 10 ‘I am innocent’ quotes


Antipope Francis: "... embrace all of Brazil in its human, cultural and religious complexity and richness"


2 minute video: Suspect shot during Sun City home invasion apprehended on golf course


1 minute video: Dog and crow play ball


2 minute video: Owl picks up dog and later drops him back off


3 minute video: Investigative journalist Michael Hastings’ body cremated against family's wishes


3 minute video: Mom punches and runs over robber who threatened her children


1 minute video: Raccoon attempts to get away with taking some of cats’ food


Feds seize gold coins worth 80 million from Pennsylvania family


74% of small businesses will fire workers, cut hours under Obamacare


Ivy League professor calls God a 'racist' after Zimmerman verdict


Fuller “Seminary” Grants Official Recognition to First Homosexual


How Inorganic Arsenic Accumulates In The Meat of Chicken Then Is Sold At Your Grocery Retailer


Colorado town, concerned about surveillance, considers drone hunting licenses


FAA warns shooting at drone could result in prosecution similar to shooting at manned airplane


Gov't Bureau 'Creating a Google Earth on Every Financial Transaction,' Senator Warns


A brand-new U.S. military headquarters in Afghanistan, with nobody to use it


Cats purring proven to help human health in many ways?


SIM card flaw said to allow hijacking of millions of phones


Documents Show Undersea Cable Firms Provide Surveillance Access To U.S. Secret State


Robber Threatens to Kill Shop Owner’s Family – He Was Later Pronounced Dead From A Single Gunshot Wound


Texas School District Drops Embattled RFID Student IDs; Opts For Tons Of Cameras Instead


Ten Judicial Investigation Police officers face charges in police brutality case


Leaked memo reveals big pharma’s strategy to combat regulators who want drug trial results published


Texas Judge Shot: Tom Greenwell Found Dead In Chambers From Gunshot Wound


China sends troops to Africa


DHS warns employees not to read leaked NSA information


Bush-Cheney Illegal NSA Spying Began Before 9/11, Telecom CEO Claims


The Separation of Powers Has Been Destroyed?


Price fixing?


Man plummets 15 stories and survives


Judge rules in favor of student thrown out of class for saying he doesn’t support gay lifestyle


2 minute video: Raccoon vs Dog


20-year-old has heart attack, gets 3 tickets in Spring Lake Heights


26 minute video: New Evidence Boston Bombings were Staged


39 minute video: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Photo Exposes Throat Wound Lie


3 minute video: On the road to a police state: Parked cars now being searched under TSA regulations


5 minute video: A black man gives a rarely heard talk against racism


2 minute video: Car Thieves' Ingenious Ways To Break Into Vehicles


36 second video: Out-of-control car barely misses pedestrian


24 second video: Fort Worth Couple's Home Mistakenly Demolished


Detroit files for largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history


Bankrupt Cities, Municipalities List and Map


Man charged with abuse after spanking child


Phone app allows vacationing woman to see burglar in her home


Man “Illegally” Fires Gun, Blames Biden Advice


Dubai: Norwegian woman raped, gets 16 months in jail for sex outside marriage


Pakistan: A young woman stoned to death for having a cell phone


Islamic history will now be foisted on all British children in school


IRS chief counsel conspired IRS to target pro-life, conservative groups


IRS employees were ordered by the agency’s Washington office to give extra scrutiny to tea party


Former GOP Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell Told Her Tax Records Were Breached


IRS Gave $14 Billion in Refundable Tax Credits to Illegals


The NSA Admits It Analyzes More People's Data Than Previously Revealed


License Plate Scanners Are Tracking Your Location


Privacy group warns against California plan for digital license plates


Armed men rob church during funeral


Key witness in ‘Whitey’ Bulger trial found dead on the side of a road outside Boston


11-month-old dies after being locked inside car in Alabama


Buried 6-Year-Old's Rescue Called A 'Miracle'


Police: Baby Hospitalized After Eating Grandmother's Meth


Gay "marriage" is "legal" in Britain


Airman punished for objecting to gay “marriage” in military chapel


Churches Fear Lawsuits Over Gay "Weddings"


FBI Bars Florida From Releasing Autopsy Report On Friend Of Boston Bomber


FBI requests Florida police to not return gun to Zimmerman


Justice Department places 'hold' on Trayvon Martin trial evidence, including George Zimmerman's gun


Pro-abortion NAACP calls the right to life “most fundamental of civil rights” in regards to Trayvon Martin death


Zimmerman prosecutor cut black juror for watching Fox News


Zimmermans fear Obama is tapping their phones


Black Panthers Spark Outrage; Offer $10,000 to Capture George Zimmerman 'Dead or Alive'?


Obama considers canceling Moscow summit with Putin


Automatic message sent by police wakes up New Yorkers at 4:00 AM


USDA-mandated rabbit disaster plan?


Ten Indiana "Churches" Sued By ACLU For Displaying Crosses


New Vatican bank official reportedly part of 'gay lobby'


Facebook Blocks Kirk Cameron’s New Movie


Archaeologists say they uncovered King David's Palace


6,000 Syrians Forced To Flee Their Homes Every Day... At Least 1.8 Million Displaced


States Combat Cell Phone Use On The Road But Deaths Persist


House Republicans' Lawyers Drop DOMA Defense


Satan Worshiper Gets Life In Prison For Killing, Skinning Mom


1.1 million Brazilians murdered in 30 years


Woman collapses and dies from a heart attack but her unborn baby is saved


Biofuels 'crime against humanity'


Doctor refuses to prescribe contraceptive pill - but instead recommends NFP birth control method


New Study Finds “Strong” Link Between Abortion And Premature Birth


Parents of intellectually disabled girls deny forced sterilization breaches human rights


Texas Late-Term Abortion Ban May Force 35 Abortion Clinics to Close


‘Busiest’ Abortion Clinic In Virginia Closes Up Shop


Student Who Disagrees With Homosexuality Wins Free Speech Lawsuit Against Teacher


Nigeria: Robbers Targeting "Churches"


Off-duty AZ cop accused of pointing gun at clerk


Farmer plows fire line in hay field


5 minute video: A carnival float at the New "Mass"


Rhode Island governor vetoes 'Choose Life' license plates


1 minute video: Impala crashes into Land Cruiser to escape cheetahs


2 minute video: Dad, Son Arrested For Setting 7-Year-Old On Fire, Videotaping It


1 minute video: Man steals cop car from back seat, makes dangerous getaway


2 minute video: Man decides to hit mother and child with a minivan


1 minute video: Motorcyclist Saves Cup From The Back Of SUV


4 minute video: Witness to Michael Hastings Car Crash Shares His Story


Boy Miraculously Survives 100 Foot Fall With No Major Injuries


Birth defects linked to bad water in California's San Joaquin Valley


India says nearly 6,000 missing a month after devastating floods


North Korean Ship Seized By Panama For Allegedly Carrying Ballistic Missiles


Former head of Fukushima nuclear plant dies of cancer


Japan: Radioactive water likely leaking into Pacific


'Radioactivity found in Swiss lake' near nuclear plant


"Church" Sign Labels Zimmerman Jury as Racist


MLB Agrees To Bolster Policies Against Harassment, Discrimination Over 'Sexual Orientation'


Bill that would force companies to hire crossdressers moving forward with help of some Republicans


NY rabbi accused of flashing a badge, attempting to make his own traffic stops


Ohio man beaten last year by 'bored' teens dies; autopsy could lead to new charges


Mugger Robs Elderly Blind Man Twice In Queensbridge Houses, Cops Say


GM Food off the menu in parliament’s restaurants despite ministers telling the public to drop their opposition to GMOs


USDA Organic Infant Formula Contains Pesticide Labeled As A "Nutrient"


Feeding Stray Cats In Radnor Could Leave You Responsible For Their Health


"Catholic" Relief Services gave over $13 million to pro-abortion group in 2012


Engineers designing robots to revolutionize farming, ease labor woes


Motorcyclist killed in 285 mph crash in Maine


China naval fleet seen off northern Japan


Netanyahu Says Iran Continues “Race toward Bomb”


Russian Military on Alert After Suspected Israeli Airstrike Destroys Russian Missiles in Syria


Russian military stages biggest war games since Soviet times


NRL Scientists Produce Densest Artificial Ionospheric Plasma Clouds Using HAARP


42 second video: Unknown Force Changing Cloud's Shape


37 second video: SUV Smashes Into Ohio Motel Room: Pregnant Woman, Man Barely Escape Death


2 minute video: MN police officer beaten while making arrest


1 minute video: Mom accused of attacking child with hedge clippers


23 minute must-see video: What Francis Really Believes


27 second video: Photojournalist films sniper and films himself getting shot and killed by him


Man Killed By Wife 15 Minutes After Leaving Jail; She Acted In Self Defense, Police Say


Some interesting facts about solitary confinement


NYC tenants in dispute over 'Sabbath' elevator


D.C. Area "Catholic" Hospitals Seek To End Discrimination For "Gay" Patients


29 boarding school students burned alive, shot dead by Islamist militants in Nigeria


Israeli Journalists Smuggle 3D Printed Gun Into Parliament


In historic first, Navy lands unmanned drone on aircraft carrier


Activist arrested after loading shotgun in “Freedom Plaza”


The U.S. Border: A Constitution-Free Zone Where Officials Can Grab Your Computer And Copy Your Hard Drive


Border Patrol Set To Weaponize Drones


Skype And Microsoft Handed Over Calls And Emails To The NSA


The NSA Has Inserted Its Code Into Android OS, Or Three Quarters Of All Smartphones


NSA Rejecting All FOIA Requests By American Citizens


Judge throws out ‘state secrets’ claim, allowing lawsuit against NSA to continue


Government tapping into underseas cables for surveillance?


Obama Commits To Signing UN Arms Trade Treaty While Congress At Summer Recess


Obama orders federal employees to spy on their colleagues


7 Ways The Obama Administration Has Accelerated Police Militarization


Judge In Zimmerman Case Pressured By Obama Administration?


Did Justice Department support anti-Zimmerman protests after Martin shooting?


DOJ sent secret “peacekeepers” where Trayvon Martin was killed


CNN labels Zimmerman “white hispanic


Miami police riot training leading up to George Zimmerman verdict claimed to be “purely coincidence”


Florida Sheriff Ready for Riots After Zimmerman Verdict


George Zimmerman Verdict Preparations: Florida Cities Brace For Civil Unrest


IL Lawmaker Wants National Guard to Help Stop Chicago Violence


Knife-Wielding Thief Steals $56 of Toilet Paper from Fairway Market


Pesticide Use Spikes As GMO Failure Cripples Corn Belt


"Two And A Half Men" Adding "Gay" Character


Pennsylvania family reportedly finds dead frog in bag of greens


North Carolina Motorcycle Abortion Bill Passes State House


College Draws Fire for Hiring Creationism Advocate


Fracking and energy exploration connected to earthquakes, say studies


Vatican submits to EU financial transparency watchdog as part of its bid to use the euro as its currency


7 minute video: Part 2 of the Edward Snowden interview about U.S surveillance programs


3 minute video: Prairie dog risks life to lure rattlesnake away from pups


19 second video: Car swallowed by sinkhole in Ohio


3 minute video: Cameras Catch Mystery Break-In At Whistleblower's Law Firm


8 minute video: Horrible drunk driving problem prompts forced blood draws in some Georgia counties


6 minute must-see video: 4th of July checkpoint - man searched without consent, while innocent


Nevada cops sued over forced occupation of private homes


Amazing: Street "preacher" arrested in London for “homophobic” language


If George Zimmerman Is Found Not Guilty, Will Black People In America Riot?


North Carolina National Guard ‘Rapid Reaction Force’ Civil Unrest Training Photos


Judge rules defense can show Trayvon Martin died with marijuana in his system


Egypt violence: Gang throws rivals to their deaths from the top of a building


Soccer Referee Killed And Quartered By Fans In Brazil After Fatally Stabbing Player


St. Louis Cardinals Remove Cross From Pitcher's Mound


University Tells Student To Remove Cross Necklace


High School Bans ‘Tebowing’ Postgame Prayer After Complaint From ACLU


Major Newspapers Reject Pro-Life Ad, Image Of Baby “Too Controversial”


Sam Adams Defends Ad Omitting God Reference


Planned Parenthood Sues Over Law Requiring That Moms Be Told They’re Killing a ‘Human Being’


Levi Strauss heir promised girlfriend $300,000 to abort their child, didn’t pay


Court ruling paves way for "gay" adoption in Northern Ireland


Seattleites celebrate "Gay" Pride Week by proudly beating up a "Christian"


Predator Drone Strikes: 36 Civilians Are Murdered For Every Terrorist Killed By a Drone


Will car manufactures soon be 3D printing car parts?


Crook nabbed after Florida teen hiding in closet makes call


Treasury IG: Liberal groups weren't targeted by IRS like the Tea Party


Wounded Purple Heart Marine flagged by TSA for 'too much metal' at California airport


Canada in landmark move to strike out "hate speech" law


AT&T prepping sale of customers' anonymous location information and Web, app usage data


Unapproved genetically-modified rice trials in U.S. have contaminated the world's rice supply


Xbox One to feature biometric targeted advertisements


China and Russia send joint force of 19 warships to Sea of Japan in largest ever naval exercise


Immigration Reform Bill Gives Big Money Straight To Largest Defense Contractors


U.S. Postal Service Logging All Mail For Law Enforcement


The IRS Mistakenly Exposed Tens Of Thousands Of Social Security Numbers


John Paul II and John XXIII to be "Canonized"


Seattle’s so called archdiocese "ordains" divorced man with children


Oklahoma man arrested after woman spots him in toilet


Wisconsin Abortion Law Signed By Gov. Scott Walker Blocked By Judge


Rick Perry, Texas Governor, Will Not Seek Reelection In 2014


Five years after resigning from office amid a prostitution scandal, Eliot Spitzer makes his first campaign appearance


U.S. Embassy official in Guyana removed in alleged sex-for-visas scandal


They Will Seize Your Food And Resources: “Hoarding Of Just About Anything Can Be Banned”


101M Get Food Aid From Federal Gov’t; Outnumber Full-Time Private Sector Workers


San Jose police to record race of everyone stopped


Is "Homeland Security" Set To Arm TSA Agents?


Police chief killed with rifle lost in ATF gun-tracking program


ATF Arming Robbers In Hatched Plots, Leaving Many Dead


3D Printer Company Aims to Block Printing of Guns


1 minute video: Snow Plows Needed In July For Hail


2 minute video: Woman's tires turned into planters could land her in jail


2 minute video: Chef's Video Exposes Golden Corral Dumpster Food


43 second video: Florida Dog Hospitalized After Highway Ride Under Car Hood


U.S. had July 4 parades, picnics under watchful eyes of growing police state presence


Ohio City Baned Fireworks, Drinks, Grills, and Enacted Mandatory Bag Searches for July 4th


"Homeland Security" Conducted “Top Secret” July 4 Drill


7 minute video: Boston Training Drill Involving Backpack Explosives Planned Months Before Marathon


1 minute video: Kitten rescue caught on tape


2 minute video: Driver Doesn't Realize His Truck's On Fire


4 minute video: Attempted Setup of Luke Rudkowski


12 minute video: The Story Of An Escape From North Korea


1 minute video: Occult Symbols Put Up During MLB Broadcast


MLB's Seattle Mariners fly rainbow flag in support of same-sex “marriage”


China to join Russia for largest naval drills with foreign partner


Syrian terrorists behead "Catholic priest" accused of collaborating with the Assad regime


The U.S. Postal Service Is Monitoring Your Mail?


Six Plain Clothes Agents Assault And Arrest College Girl Buying Bottled Water


FBI Document—“[DELETED]” Plots To Kill Occupy Leaders “If Deemed Necessary”


FBI Ignoring Tea Party Groups Targeted by IRS


Duck's Life Saved by 3D-Printed Prosthetic Foot


Shawn Custis Arrested For Brutal NJ Nanny Cam Home Invasion


Teen Who Allegedly Fatally Beat Boy With Bowling Ball Has Confessed


Oklahoma homeowner hogties burglary suspect, then calls police


“Transgender” Bathroom Rights Bill Passed By California Lawmakers


Assange says 'no stopping' publishing of Snowden's NSA secrets


California man faces 13 years in jail for scribbling anti-bank messages in chalk


San Diego Judge Puts Unprecedented Gag Order on Sidewalk Chalk Protestor Trial


Next for the Perverted Food Industry: Meat-Scrap Ice Cream with Animal Waste


California Schools To Train Kids To Sell ObamaCare


Prison guards ‘forced inmates to have gladiator-style fights with other prisoners for entertainment’


Ridiculous Standards Make “Made In The USA” Labels Illegal In California


What The NSA Knows About You From Your Phone Usage Alone


Teen Justin Carter Jailed In Texas After Making “Sarcastic Threat” In Facebook Comment


Scalia: 'High-Handed' Kennedy Has Declared Us 'Enemies Of The Human Race'


New EU Plan Will Make Every Bank Account In Europe Vulnerable To Cyprus-Style Wealth Confiscation


Woman Has 1,000 Cats Living In Her Home


'The World Will Be Shocked': Greenwald Claims On Upcoming NSA Exposé


Watchdog group finds high levels of carcinogen in Pepsi drinks


EPA Encourages Utility Controlled Refrigerators


Pro-Abortion Wendy Davis Backers Tell Pro-Life Legislator, “I Hope Your Daughter is Raped”


Abortion Supporters Chant 'Hail Satan!' to Drown Out Pro-Lifers Singing 'Amazing Grace'


Obama-Ordered Gun Report Reveals Guns Actually Save Lives


Obama Pledges $7 Billion to Upgrade Power in Africa


Antipope John Paul II's "Sainthood" Cleared By Vatican Commission


1 Hour Debate: Do 'Baptism of Desire' Traditionalist Priests Believe Souls Can Be Saved In False Religions?


2 minute video: Footage of Deadly Hostage Standoff In Walmart Released


2 minute video: Bold Thieves Steal $1 Million In Watches – Caught On Tape


4 minute video: Australians can face jail time if they don't answer Government's questions


6 minute video: Room-Service Abortions In New Mexico


1 minute video: Dog barely escapes getting run over by bikers


2 minute video: Monkey bites rookie cop issuing a speeding ticket


1 minute video: Sheep scares wolf away


30 second video: Toddler Saved From Four-Story Fall In Dramatic Rescue


'Prepare to be shocked,' Milwaukee archbishop warns of priest sex files


Marine Le Pen loses parliamentary immunity, may face charges for inciting racial hatred


License-plate readers let police collect millions of records on drivers


Police confiscate guns from flooded town


Ohio police department sparks controversy with fake drug checkpoints


The Scary Truth Of How Your Car Could Be Remotely Crashed


A solar flare could wipe out the communications and electrical grids


Burial at Arlington Now Among Benefits for Military's "Same-Sex Spouses"


80% Of Pre-Packaged Foods In American Grocery Stores Banned In Other Countries


Armed carjackers forced driver to sign over title


Israeli Biometric Database Program To Begin In Two Weeks


Senate Passes Bill Requiring Biometric Exit System At Airports


Insecticide Kills Over 25,000 Bees In Oregon


Baseball Team Cancels Second Amendment Night


CNN broadcasts Zimmerman’s social security number


California judge allows yoga in public schools, rejects church-state fight


Snowden Seeks Asylum In Russia, Putting Kremlin On The Spot


Ecuador's president to U.S.: Don't threaten us on Snowden case


Obama in Africa: “The planet will boil over” if everybody has a car, air conditioning and a big house


Top Vatican bank managers resign after Monsignor's arrest


Antipope Francis: Fight Against Secularism Unites Jews And 'Catholics'


Senior U.S. “Bishops’” official helped elect abortion lobby’s new “national hero” to Texas Senate


Abortion pill RU486 among new drugs to be listed on PBS and subsidized by Australian Government


Professor "Orders” Students To Support “Gay” Rights


Same-sex “marriage” laws pose an acute dilemma for "Catholic" counselors


Tea Party called ‘top terror threat’ in U.S.


CBS execs meet with “transgender” activists to promote “positive” TV portrayals


U.S. Taps Half-Billion German Phones, Internet Links Each Month


Congress Spends Your Tax Dollars On A National ID


Tsarnaev indicted for weapon of mass destruction


Inmates rush to aid guard after prisoner bites off her ear


Amphibious off-roader launches in California


Challenge To Selling E15 Fuel Declined By Court


Hillary Clinton says female president would send the right signal


Italian immigrant gunned down in Chicago confronted suspect to save wife


1 minute video: "Hawaiian Dance" in front of the Altar


2 minute video: "Liturgical dance" in front of another altar


3 minute video: Amazingly abominable "liturgical dance" at Novus Ordo "church" in CA


6 minute video: Extended footage of another "liturgical dance" production at the same CA church


4 minute video: More "liturgical dance" and light show at a church in the Philippines


2 minute video: St. Louis Police Chief Wants Drones to Patrol High Crime Areas


Ethiopian girl guarded by lions


Sherwin Smith, Tennessee Official, Says Water Quality Complaints Could Be 'Act Of Terrorism'


Daniel Ray Dokins Sentenced To 90 Years For Shooting Toddler In Los Angeles


DC Bill Allows Anatomical Males to Change Birth Certificates to Say They Were Born Female


Email sent to Atlanta police says traffic ticket money will fund future pay raises


2 minute video: Hyper Dog vs Cat


1 minute video: Russian Cat Catches Fish


4 minute video: Dog finds and buries dead puppy


2 minute video: Two dead after stunt plane crashes


2 minute video: Man kills robber in self-defense while waiting in line to buy shoes


1 minute video: Man swims with his cat to safety during massive flooding in Canada


2 minute video: Witness to Michael Hastings fiery Hollywood crash - "It sounded like a bomb"


Hastings Sent Colleagues Important Email Hours Before Crash


WikiLeaks says Michael Hastings contacted it just before his death - intimating he was murdered?


More on journalist Michael Hastings who took down four-star Army general and then dies in a car wreck


"Transgender" 6-year-old wins civil rights case to use girls' bathroom at Colorado school


Disney to feature family with same-sex "parents"


Retired bishops join pro-Planned Parenthood group in call for ‘Catholic’ funding of pro-abort orgs


Ontario "Catholic" teachers union urges members to endorse campaign pushing ‘safe abortion’


Ontario’s perverted premier will be province’s first head of government to join “Gay” Pride parade


Dept of Education to collect anti-LGBT bullying data nationwide


Royal Navy makes toasts gender-neutral


New Bird Flu Is A U.S. Conspiracy, Chinese Military Official Says


Girl scouts of Britain replace “God” with “Myself” in oath


Vladimir Putin: Edward Snowden Still In Moscow Airport Transit Zone, Won't Be Extradited


Is the Government Spying On You Through Your Own Computer’s Webcam Or Microphone?


FBI's 'dark side' to go on display at 'Whitey' Bulger trial


FBI Calls Destruction Of GMO Sugar Beets In Oregon 'Economic Sabotage'


Police Taser Gun Rights Advocate At Anti-Gun Violence Rally


Dog helps save family from Cobra, killed in battle


Apostate Timothy Dolan to Muslims at the Mosque: don't lose your faith!


Dolan Makes First Visit to New York City Mosque: “You Love God, We Love God…”


KKK Lynched 3,446 Blacks In 86 Years – Abortion Claims That Many Black Babies In ‘Less Than Four Days’


Bitcoin Foundation ordered to cease operations in California


New study links over 7,000 cancer deaths to cell phone tower radiation exposures


China approves three new GMO seed varieties for import


New Law: Protesters Face 10 Years In Prison for Wearing Masks in Canada


Danny Werfel, IRS Chief, Admits Inappropriate Screening Was Used More Broadly Than Disclosed


Trayvon Martin: Disinformation, fake reporting fueling the illusion of an ‘American Race War’


Pennsylvania: Muslim threatens to kill his mother because she served him pork


Ultra-Orthodox Jew beats boy, 7, for riding bicycle close to “Shabbat”


U.S. troops to be deployed to Sinai a 'formality,' says Egypt army


U.K. Prosecutors Allege Staff From J.P. Morgan, Deutsche Bank and Others Tried to Fix Rates


Banks Go After Homeowners Years After Foreclosure


Indefinite Surveillance: Say Hello to the National Defense Authorization Act of 2014


U.S. military has destroyed more than 170 million pounds worth of vehicles in Afghanistan


Shocking Truths About Heart Defibrillators


Philippines destroys 5 tons of ivory tusks


The Guy Who Used To Protect Your Facebook Data Now Works For The NSA


London "celebrates" mini-Assisi


Clean-up begins at Lourdes after worst floods in 70 years


The war between the Liberation Theology movement and Rome is over


NSA controversy boosts interest in ‘private’ Internet search engines


Indiana man shoots, kills leopard found roaming on his property


Pet foods with fruit could cause animals to get bladder stones


The empty chair


Mossad recruiting Algerian youth


Vatican and Lutheran Federation plan to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the “Reformation” in 2017


2 minute video: Anglican Receives Ratzinger Award - Antipope Francis Will Personally Give The Award To The Anglican


1 minute video: Boy left in car dies while parents are at a funeral


18 min. must-see video: Vatican II Exposed and Devastated


4 minute video: NSA Whistleblower: NSA spying on and blackmailing top government and military officers


26 minute video: Does The Evidence Prove That Reporter Michael Hastings Was Assassinated?


1 minute video: 'Cheetah Cub' robot runs like a housecat


1 minute video: Dog doesn't want to take a bath


45 second video: Fox cub comes to people for help


30 second video: Rottweiler helps save Chihuahua from hungry Coyote


2 minute video: New film alleges that residential plane was shot down with a missile


43 second video: One of the most fortunate motorcycle riders you may ever see


Eighth-Grader Who refused to remove NRA shirt could face a year in prison


Doctors perform thousands of unnecessary surgeries


Professional athlete kills baby for the sake of volleyball career


Nik Wallenda readies for Grand Canyon high-wire act with no tethers or safety nets


"Christian" group that helped people change same-sex attraction apologizes to “gay” community


Dutch Doctors say they should euthanize disabled children to end parents’ suffering


Vatican sources say second false miracle approved for John Paul II’s "Canonization"


"Catholics", Lutherans jointly to mark Reformation anniversary


Syracuse "Catholic Church" hosts Gay Pride “prayer” service


Michael Hastings, the FBI, and WikiLeaks: Death of journalist sparks conspiracy theories


FBI director: Bureau uses drones for surveillance on U.S. soil


The FBI Deemed Agents Faultless in 150 Shootings


NSA admits it can listen to your phone call without court order


Obama Defends NSA Surveillance Program, Says It's 'Transparent'


DHS hopes to get same cyber-spying powers as NSA


Government could use metadata to map your every move


EU Commission orders halos and crosses to be removed from coins


Two NY men tried to make X-ray weapon to secretly sicken opponents of Israel


Most don't trust airlines with their pets


Stolen F-35 info could be a 'major problem'


Obama Unleashes 'Insider Threat Program'


San Francisco's 'landlords from hell' plead guilty to felonies


Where Do People Live the Longest?


New Zealand burglar finds dead body inside home


Bill would shutdown 85 percent of Texas Abortion clinics


Harry Reid focuses on things like genderless bathrooms


Media howl as Russia protects its children from gay propaganda


New York Assembly passes apostate Cuomo’s abortion-expanding baby killing bill 97 to 47


Irish Lawmakers Expected to Approve Limited Abortion


Boy gives away money says: "Francis said ‘feed the poor’. I feel good because everybody gets to eat."


Lourdes shrine again closed by floods


Detroit-based "Catholic order's" files show efforts to hide sex abuse


Obama says religious schools are divisive


Most Women Denied Abortions Have No Regrets That They Weren’t Successful Killing Their Children


Connecticut gun maker moving to South Carolina, in wake of tighter state gun laws


Investigators want missile theory probed in '96 TWA Flight 800 crash


Grassley: IRS to pay $70M in employee bonuses despite spending cuts


Senator rips Pentagon over contract with company arming Syrian regime


Whistle-blower Says State Department Trying to Bully Her Into Silence


Condition of man who fell 15 floors improves


Study: Home Births May Be Safer Than Hospital Births


South Carolina Man Arrested For Beating Disabled Man With His Own Prosthetic Leg


House plan would protect nation's electricity from solar flare, nuclear bomb


State Photo-ID Databases Become Troves For Police


Muslim cleric gets 11 years in prison for burning Bible


Will California Let Boys Use Girls Locker Rooms?


Goal keeper plays full match with 9MM bullet lodged in his head


Former MLB pitcher Curt Schilling venture could bleed Rhode Island finances


Dog And Cat Grieve Dead Friend Together


1 minute video: Cat Traps Friend In Box


1 minute video: Boy tries to ride a 30 foot shark


47 second video: Bear strolls through CA town


2 minute video: Mountain lion visits a motel


1 minute video: Man recalls bobcat attack


30 second video: Man Struck By Car Stabs Assisting Paramedics


Video: Abominable Aztec "Performance" in front of the altar in a novus ordo 'church'


16 must-see video: St. Malachy's Prophecy of the Popes and Antipopes (2nd edition)


Wall Street to simulate a cyber-attack at the end of June


More proof that the Boston Bombing was a drill: "Police response training planned, but bombs hit first"


Homeschooling growing seven times than public school enrollment


SpotSquad app will let you snitch on illegal parkers


Government wants all cars to track driver behavior, seatbelt usage and more


Jordan wargames: Patriot batteries, F-16s and 4,500 U.S. troops near Syrian border


U.S. government has given Afghan National Army more than $1 billion in ammo


Indiana Woman Sentenced To Die At 16 Is Released


4 minute video: CNN covers Bilderberg conference


2 minute video: NY pharmacist takes out getaway car, stops armed robber looking for drugs


1 minute video: Chinese farmer detained over alien hoax


China Asks Washington To Explain Monitoring Programs


Catholic Mass’ Shooting: Charles Richard Jennings Shot Father-In-Law At Utah ‘church,’ Police Say


Bill Gates buys into British security firm G4S


The Judicial Lynching of Bradley Manning


Spy-access into the Windows Operating System since the late 1990s?


Sebelius orders health insurers to cover Planned Parenthood in Obamacare exchanges


Jan Cooper, 72-Year-Old Grandma, Shoots At, Misses Home Intruder In California


California Woman Allegedly Finds Razor Blade In Burger King Burger


Kitten survives 284 mile ride in semi’s engine block


How Sicily’s Mafia Plotted To Conduct Hits With Drones


These Tricks Are Played to Get You To Vaccinate Your Child


"Transgender" Student Goes To Maine High Court


Supreme Court says genes can't be patented


GM wheat could permanently damage human genes?


Pigs fed GM grain suffer health problems, study says


Antipope Francis offers 'Blessing Of The Bikes' at Vatican as Harley Davidsons celebrates 110th anniversary


Antipope Francis "is good for the Jews"


Turkey could deploy army to quell protests


Contractors Account for 22% of Defense Dept. Workforce, but 50% of Workforce Cost


People paying 80,000 dollars for a seat 25 rows from the court at the NBA Finals


Ford using robot drivers to test durability


Car-to-Car Communication Launching by 2014


French Mayor Could Reportedly Be Jailed for 5 Years for Refusing to "Marry" Perverts


Russian lawmakers approve anti-“gay” bill in 436-0 vote


School suspends student accused of 'shooting' classmates with hands


Police confiscate veteran’s antique guns following a visit with his therapist


House Approves Derivatives Deregulation Bills That Would Open More Loopholes For Wall Street


Nigerian cook trapped for nearly 3 days in sunken ship tells incredible story of survival


1 minute video: Soccer Player Attacks Dog And Gets Red Card


40 second video: Biker smashes into a cop car


30 second video: Man Walks Out Of A Store Stealing $100,000


Oklahoma man allowed to sue state over false god on license plate


Florida man stabbed brother in fight over mac and cheese, beer, Volusia deputies say


Husband accidentally sells box with wife's $22,000 wedding ring inside for $10


Pennsylvania man finds alligator near sewer grate


NYU reportedly ousts blind Chinese activist amid China campus deal


Syrian teenager Mohammad Qataa executed by Islamists for “blasphemy”


Suicide Note Homework Assignment Has NYC Parents in an Uproar


E-cigarettes in U.K. to be regulated like medicines


IRS Agents Training With AR-15 Rifles, Lawmaker Says


Rep. Jeff Duncan looking into IRS agents training with AR-15s


Netanyahu attempting to condition the world for a future attack on Iran


Could Electronic License Plates Be Coming Soon?


Dog owners in one neighborhood have to get their dog swabbed to keep track of dog feces


Mom: Officer shot kittens in front of my kids


15 second video: Men dangling 500 feet from scaffolding rescued


3 minute video: Ex-drone operator: 'I lost that respect for life'


20 minute video — American Drone


5 minute video: Ron Paul 'Worried' U.S. Might Kill Snowden With Drone


2 minute video: Woman attacks TV crew with a rock and her dogs


1 minute video: Owner of this cliff-diving car uploads the in-car footage of his accident to YouTube


33 second video: Dashcam Video Shows Cop Car Taken Out By Sleepy Driver


2 minute video: Woman Who Let 590 Million Dollar Powerball Winner Go Ahead Of Her Has No Regrets


16 second video: Very Careless Man Runs Over Little Boy After Fumbling Baseball


38 second video: Old man attacks bus driver, causes huge pileup in China


30 second video: Woman holds burglar at gunpoint until police arrive


3 minute video: Boy shoots at armed robbers


2 minute video: Woman shoots back at would-be home invaders


2 minute video: Burglary suspect killed by homeowner


26 year-old woman stabbed, and with a knife to her throat, fights back with a gun


Cowboy-style cap gun gets 5-year-old suspended from school


11-Yr-Old Suspended From School For Merely Talking About Guns


Calgary student, 13, reprimanded for defending his classmate against a knife-wielding bully


Accused killer was released from jail just hours before slayings


FL school district scans students' eyes without consent; parents outraged


Proposed law would allow state to check, freeze private bank accounts


EU finds time to tell restaurants how to serve olive oil


Connecticut governor signs bill restricting Newtown photos


Lindsey Graham Is 'Glad' NSA Collects Verizon Phone Records


Do bloggers deserve first amendment protection? Senator Lindsey Graham isn’t quite sure


Jordan attempts mass internet censorship - Hits news sites that aren't state-controlled


Australia Attempts Targeted Internet Censorship, Blocks 250,000 Websites By Accident


Only one senator voted against the "Patriot Act"


Liberal Pundit: U.S. Has Become An 'Authoritarian Surveillance State'


Motorola developing digital tattoos and “smart pills” for next-gen wearables


Disney's Electronic Wristband Illustrates Why Big Companies Push Contactless Wallets


Pentagon Has No Idea What 108,000 Contractors Are Doing


Cat survives two weeks trapped in owner's car engine


Family Dog Saves Abandoned Newborn Baby, Brings Infant Home


A new investigation claims ice from fast food chains was more bacteria-ridden than toilet water


Young mom 'advised to stop having children' by doctor - says England should be more like China


Boston schools might offer condoms


DARPA Warrior Web Suit: Exo-Endoskeleton


U.S. seizes Liberty Reserve virtual currency website, claims it facilitated crime


Cockpit view as Marines F-18 fires live missile


Shocking: Rape is rampant in Juvenile Justice System and most often perpetrated by staff


Frightening: American tourist gang-raped in India


Smog Plus Storm Sends Beijing Into Darkness At Noon


U.S. publishes details of missile base Israel wanted kept secret


Chris Kyle's widow has said that someone wanted her husband dead and now says killer doesn’t suffer from PTSD


Giant U.S. government Internet spying scandal revealed


Boundless Informant: The NSA's secret tool to track global surveillance data


Severe shortages of basic necessities in Venezuela


German scientists create lithium-ion EV batteries that last over 25 years


Philadelphia Police Accused of Corruption


2 minute video: 24 year veteran Philadelphia police officer accused of ripping off drug dealers


2 minute video: Neighbor held at gunpoint after burglary


2 minute video: Bilderberg 2013 - Transhumanist Art At The Grove Hotel


4 minute video: "Skynet" Drones Work Together for "Homeland Security"


4 minute video: "Eric Holder Interview"


7 minute video: U.S. State Dept Cover-Ups Range From Prostitution Charges To Drug Rings


1 minute video: Man operating crane during deadly accident was reportedly “high”  


35 second video: Valedictorian speech mike turned off by Texas school


Iowa City to ban red-light cameras, drones, and license plate readers too


House Votes To Delay Bulk Ammunition Purchase By DHS


Syria Ravaged By Outbreaks Of Disease: Typhoid, Cholera, Measles And Tuberculosis


Monsanto can't explain how GMO wheat survived


Connecticut Becomes, Conditionally, First State to Require Genetically Modified Food Labeling


Man pays 170,000 dollar tax bill to save Detroit Masonic Temple


12 minute video: Meet Edward Snowden: NSA PRISM Whistleblower


13 minute video: More on Edward Snowden


Elementary school beginning toy gun turn-in program


EPA 'Mistakenly' Gives Names of Farmers to Radical Groups


IRS Agent: Keep Faith to Yourself


IRS Buying Spying Equipment: Covert Cameras in Coffee Trays, Plants


Man Charged With DUI Despite Blowing .000 During Breathalyzer Test


Iran says it sets up space monitoring center


Study: Driving car as stressful as skydiving?


Obama: 'We Don't Want to Tax All Businesses Out of Business'


Military told not to read Obama-scandal news


Another “justification” for an attack - Israel minister: Iran eyes 30 nuclear bombs a year


Russia set to pass strict anti-gay law that could see foreigners deported for 'sexual propaganda'


Record 23,116,441 Households on Food Stamps


1 minute video: Fox intrigued by golf ball


15 second video: Thief Steals Roses On Live TV


Villagers bury suspected killer alive with victim


One of the most evil men in recent history - Richard Ramirez, the 'Night Stalker' serial killer, dies in CA prison


Dog reportedly rescues newborn girl from dumpster in Thailand


Man hired hitman to kill girlfriend for refusing abortion


Mom Killed Baby So Cops Wouldn't Take Him Away, Prosecutors Say


I survived the abortion that killed my twin


Woman Conceived In Incest: Please Don’t Kill Children Like Me In Abortion


Actress Patricia Heaton: Hey, why does Cuomo take ‘Communion’ when he supports killing viable babies?


 “Catholic” Cuomo to propose bill allowing for abortions after 24 weeks of pregnancy


Cuomo Bill May Decriminalize Forced Abortions


Abortion-Inducing Drugs Available To Young Girls Without Prescription, Court Rules


Limbaugh: Only people left with privacy are women having abortions


Girl Souts USA Pushes Video Honoring Pro-Abortion Activists


IRS ordered us not to protest outside Planned Parenthood, pro-life group tells Congress


IRS refuses to turn over documents on targeting to Senate


School suspends 11-year-old for saying the word ‘gun’


Air Force Removes Video That Mentions God


NY Senate passes bill making 'annoying' police a crime


DUI and hit-and-run charges dropped for MA “Catholic Bishop” despite failing three sobriety tests


2 minute video: Crime Trend Sees Robbery Victims Locked In Own Trunks