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Subject: Bad-willed heretic


Dear Brothers,

The bad-willed heretic who wrote in doesn't appear believe in the dogma, outside the Catholic Church there is not salvation. It is typical of supporters of the Vatican II Antipopes to get that wrong, since that's what the whole Last Days apostasy is about. It should be clear to anyone with the faculty of reason that the Catholic Church on Earth is a type of Heaven, in contrast to the world which is a type of Hell. If one does not hold to the same truths as does Heaven (dogmas), and if one does not avoid sin and stay holy like the Saints in Heaven, then one will go to Hell. Yet in the Vatican II sect, there are no such boundaries between Heaven and Hell, sin and grace, God and the Devil. In the Vatican II sect it is one gigantic soup of "order from chaos" (viz. "evolution" science fiction/heresy). And since MHFM is the only place that has really stood up for the dogmas, outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation, and the absolute necessity of water baptism (against the heresies of "baptism of desire/blood" and "invincible ignorance"), without compromising in other ways, those outside the Catholic Church, but who want to be seen as inside, rage against you and your works like the gates of hell that they are. What it boils down to is the Deicide of Jesus Christ. Antipope Benedict XVI evidently thinks it is necessary to continuously kill Jesus Christ over and over again, so that He can rise from death over and over again, in some kind of macabre Masonic "order from chaos" cycle or drama. Such is impossible of course because though Christ died in His human nature, and rose from death with the same human nature, He never suffered or died in His divine nature because God cannot suffer or die. Of course, we still call it Deicide, since Christ is one Person, just as we call the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. Every time Benedict XVI goes and commits heresy schism or apostasy, he attempts to kill Jesus Christ again, which is impossible, for Jesus Christ can never die again.

Osee 13:14 - "I will deliver them out of the hand of death. I will redeem them from death: O death, I will be thy death; O hell, I will be thy bite: comfort is hidden from my eyes."

John 11:25,26 - "Jesus said to her: I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, although he be dead, shall live: And every one that liveth, and believeth in me, shall not die for ever. Believest thou this?"

Romans 6:8-12 - "Now if we be dead with Christ, we believe that we shall live also together with Christ: Knowing that Christ rising again from the dead, dieth now no more, death shall no more have dominion over him. For in that he died to sin, he died once; but in that he liveth, he liveth unto God: So do you also reckon, that you are dead to sin, but alive unto God, in Christ Jesus our Lord. Let no sin therefore reign in your mortal body, so as to obey the lusts thereof."

God Bless,

Chris White

Bad will


… I really do understand what you guys are trying to do, but our Lord said Himself that there will always be tares along with the wheat in the Church (Matt 13:30). Even today's Mass reading about Paul's final announcement to the Church at Ephesus where he said to the congregation there that "savage wolves will come in not sparing the flock", "and men coming forward perveting the truth to draw disciples after them". But he never said to set up your own church (a la Luther et al). The popes have said and done extremely foolish and hideous things--no doubt. But like St. Paul said in 1 Thess. 5:21 I will "test everything and hold fast to what is good", what, in essence, you guys do. I have even left religious orders because of the ridiculousness I found in them (even one's that offer the latin mass!!!!!). The Lord Jesus knows my heart and by His power (and ONLY that ) He is holding His only true Church together…. Peace


MHFM: You are unfortunately a heretic.  If you had any faith, which you don't, you would realize that Benedict XVI has set up his own Church and that he doesn't even believe in the Papacy.  He has also agreed with the Lutherans on Justification.  It’s an outrage that you presume to quote the Lord Jesus Christ, as you simultaneously defend heretics who teach that Christ is unnecessary.  You obviously reject the Catholic dogma that heretics are automatically expelled from the Church. 


You are deceived.  You cannot recognize the Catholic Church in our day – and that the Vatican II Church does not represent it – simply because you don’t believe in the traditional teaching of the Church.  




Dear Most Holy Family Monastery,


To be possessed can mean that Satan has gained mastery over the will so devastatingly that sinfulness passes beyond ordinary depravity in the world, and its cause must be sought in a power above the order of nature. To be possessed can mean that Satan has beclouded the intellect, so that the light of faith cannot illuminate it. To be possessed can mean that Satan has befuddled a person’s reason. What can properly describe the prerequisite condition in a man that decides to sell the organs of infants after their infanticide? What is even more madness, is that experimentation on slain infants is not only unnecessary, but it doesn’t help alleviate any condition whatsoever anyways (not that it would make it moral, but it just goes to show there is a darkness enveloping and underlying this abomination)…


I remember seeing a presentation by a former abortionist that committed more than 75,000 infanticides; of a real time ultra sound video showing a 12 week old baby girl in 1978, who was getting aborted. Before the infanticide occurred, the former abortionist began explaining the ultra sound footage, and the baby girl was actually sucking her thumb and moving in the womb, and when the abortionist’s suction tube tried getting the baby, the baby girl began moving violently and tried dodging the suction tube. Her heart raced from 140 beats per minute, to 200. Her mouth was actually open crying, and finally when the baby girl’s limbs were grabbed she let out a silent scream and the mouth could be seen wide open in agony, while she was ripped. Then the infanticide practitioner crushed the baby girls’ head with forceps. To further dehumanize the baby, instead of the head of the baby being called a head, it is instead called “number 1” -”the abortionist crushes number 1.” Infanticides and their accompaniment markets and experimentations are Satanic Rituals, there to venerate and pay homage to Satan. These rituals are unspeakable and unimaginable abominations…




Heretical priest


I am soooooooo unexplainably disgusted right now. In fact, I don't even know if I can eat.


… St. Cyril and Methodius Ukrainian Catholic church in St. Catharines, Ontario. This is the church where I had an unfriendly conversation with this priest a few weeks back. He relayed a personal opinion that denounced Brother Peter and Brother Michael Dimond to be OUTSIDE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.


this Father Bohdan Choly … began discussing the conversation we had a few weeks back (one week?). He asserted that he had discussed this Baptism of Desire refutation with a few elder priests and that he needs to know how obstinate I am in denying the Catholic Faith. (cant' remember his exact wording). Next, he begins slandering all views in opposition to Baptism of Desire, claiming that Baptism of Desire has always been taught by the Catholic Church.


… Next, he just continued uttering filth

Next, he began ridiculing that I'm ............ unto like a Protestant

Next, he began glorifying himself ....., chirping that he's studies theology for 7 years (?)

Next, he spat that 'the Brothers' are most likely guilty of misquoting.


I then asked him to state something specific that he found fault with.  His response? THE ENTIRE BOOK IS A MISTAKE !!!! (referring to 'Outside the Catholic Church .....')… Next, he SPEWED THAT SOMEONE CAN BE BAPTIZED BY SAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow !!!!!!!!!... Next, being quite aghast, I asked him to repeat this contention.  He repeated it.  Next, I told him that I would be quoting him. His eyes kinda shifted and he added that the Catholic church ......... in the 17th Century .......... allowed people to be baptized by SAND .......... in exceptional circumstances !!!!!!  I was completely appalled and, after rebuking him .... nearly fainted in disgust…




MHFM: There are many horrible heretics out there.  The heretic you mention (who should be avoided) does not understand or believe in the dogma Outside the Church There is No Salvation, and what he said about baptism in sand is heretical.  




Subject: Thoughts


I watched your video on "death and the journey into hell". Based on the video it almost seems like one little false move by whomever and you will be damned. We'll never be perfect. We are all sinners until death. Based on how this world is now, I can see the thought of more going to hell then heaven. I've broken every commandment. I'm trying to stay away from sin but I still find myself suffering with the same sins. I pray to Jesus and Mary all the time. I pray the rosary and many other prayers. I try to make a point of doing goods acts in the name of Jesus whether great or small. This video made me feel as though no matter what I do I will be damned. Jesus be with you and your family.




MHFM: You say that it’s as if one false move will send you to Hell.  A mortal sin is not a false move; it’s a willful commission of an act that’s gravely offensive to God.  You clearly have a desire to justify mortally sinful activity, and your problem is that you won’t exercise your will and resist sin.  You claim that you pray; yet you persist in grave sins.  There are two reasons for this: 1) you don’t pray with true faith and sincerity; and 2) you don’t have the first degree of humility: a fear of God that compels one to avoid mortal sin.  Hence, your problem is pride.  You think God’s law is a joke – not serious enough to warrant a change in your lifestyle – and you are mistaken.


St. Benedict (c. 520): “The first degree of humility, then, is that a man always have the fear of God before his eyes, shunning all forgetfulness and that he be ever mindful of all that God hath commanded, that he always considereth in his mind how those who despise God will burn in hell for their sins, and that life everlasting is prepared for those who fear God.”




Subject: Islam


Dear Brothers,


I was just looking at your recent article you linked to about Islamic persecution of "Christians" and the one about the Imam talking about Muslim men allowed to have up to 4 wives and as many concubines as they want. I had studied Islam a lot and hear about all these stories going on. Sadly, this is what that evil religion actually teaches. It actually teaches violence against non-Muslims. The true popes were right to call it an "abominable sect". Yet, Benedict XVI has the audacity to say that this is a great religion. How can anyone doubt that Benedict XVI is an antipope? He praises one of the most evil false religions in the world. Granted, all false religions are evil. But none have expressed their evil quite so much as Islam. How can this be a religion of peace? Or how can it be a noble or good religion, as Benedict XVI thinks? This just proves, beyond a doubt, that Benedict XVI is definitely an antichrist and a total apostate antipope.


God bless,

Wesley Brittain




Subject: Doug with the bad-willed cousins


Dear MHFM:


Doug with the bad-willed cousins mentioned this in his e-mail:


"I actually had not recommended to my cousins that they pray the Lord's Prayer or the Hail Mary every night, so I tried to do that today at school. He responded with hostility and annoyance."


A significant reason that atheists are so angry, hateful and spewing is that they are internally conflicted. Their mind is trying to rationalize that God does not exist in direct opposition to what they actually know in their heart (soul) that indeed He does.


If Doug's cousin "truly" believed that God did not exist then he would not have reacted with hostility or annoyance, but rather he should have been amused at the idea of praying and willingly consented, since he "knows for sure" that they are just a bunch of "meaningless" words. Doug should point out to his cousin that his refusal and resistance to recite a bunch of "meaningless" words indicates that in his heart (soul) he actually knows/fears that God actually does exist.


Hopefully, if Doug can prevail here by goading his cousin to put his money where his mouth is, by saying these prayers (just "meaningless words" after all), the Lord will open his eyes and mind to the truth. It probably won't be an instantaneous change but saying these prayers (even just once) will weigh heavy on his soul and mind and "torment" him. It may also be just enough to allow his guardian angel to start more actively prodding him to wake up.






… This will hopefully be my last email about my cousins, there's just one more thing I have to resolve before I stop spending my time on them for good.


I actually had not recommended to my cousins that they pray the Lord's Prayer or the Hail Mary every night, so I tried to do that today at school. He responded with hostility and annoyance. He then asked me to prove to him that he is not GOD. I asked him what he meant by this, and he said that I can’t disprove or prove to him that he is God, and therefore trying to prove God is trying to prove a negative. I tried to rebuttals with some common philosophical and theological arguments, but he then said my logic was "ridiculous." There was no point in bring up Catholic dogma or miracles like Our Lady of Guadalupe, I had already tried to use these. Now of course the only man who was God was Jesus Christ, but is there any way to prove to him that he is not God?


Sincerely in Our Lady,




MHFM: You could ask your cousin to tell you, off the top of his head, how much rainfall Brazil gets in a year, and how many deer there are in North Dakota.  When he is unable to do so, explain to him that he just proved he is not God; for God is omniscient (all-knowing) and your cousin is not. 


The existence of God can be proven; but after you say a few final words to your cousin, you shouldn’t spend more time with him.  He is of extreme bad will.


Creation and Miracles, Past and Present (full length)

Information Proves God [video]






I esteem your fight for the truth. Can you tell me where I stand if I attend the Novus Ordo mass, but totally see where you're coming from?






MHFM: You will not be saved if you continue to go to the Novus Ordo.




Dear MHFM,

I wanted to say how truly there is a war on for everyone's soul these days, but especially true traditional Catholics, and I don't think the battle's ever been more constant or brutal. I totally agree… that pretty much the whole world is possessed and servants of satan. I actually think they're given missions each day…


your… helpful video on King Solomon and his fall from grace… some wisdom I gleaned from the Solomon video is how he was originally a very good man and one of the best that ever lived and was taken down by his addiction to lust. His kingdom which once was a perfect model and tribute to Our Lord's infinite reign became a total bastardization of its original purpose and became the center of the worship of man. Incredible how he was getting 666 talents of gold every day I think it was. It makes me compare to the counterfeit demonic bride that everyone thinks is the "Catholic" church today. The big difference is that Benny is like an anti-solomon from the bowels of Hell that was rotten to the core from the beginning and never had a period of goodness like Solomon. It’s amazing how everything in the OT mirrors and prophetically foreshadows this awful time. He's bathed in custom cologne, has thousand dollar shoes, He's a spiritual business man from Hell who was born for one mission and one mission only, to destroy as many souls in the last battle as possible…. I mean it just makes me sick how by now anyone can consider this negative mirror image to be the Immaculate Bride of Christ. Does anyone even care? The Vatican, once the wise governing body of Christ's one true church is nothing but an unbelievably giant money laundering and soul killing operation. We True Catholics should all spend a little time meditating on the horror of the level of wrath Our Lord must perpetually be having for these minions...

Nathan Barton






Dear MHFM,

What do you think of people diagnosed with the so called bi -polar disorder? Are they possessed?


MHFM: Those who have mental problems have spiritual problems.  If they convert to the true faith and pray the full Rosary each day, their problems should be solved.




Subject: Atheist friend


Dear Brothers,


I have an acquaintance who is currently an atheist, at least that's what he claims. But I've shown him your video on Creation and miracles, as well as the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas and he said that his eyes are a lot more open than before and he liked your video. I even suggested that he pray the rosary, and from what he told me, he said he did pray it and it made him feel better. Now, he's still not converted yet. But it seems like he has an open heart to the truth. I'm emailing you to ask if you and all the members of your monastery can keep him in your prayers, for his conversion. His name is Anthony. Thank you. :-)


God bless,

Wesley Brittain




BBC News - Italian earthquake: Centuries of history destroyed My father's family Tomasi came from a tiny town called Minti outside Torino------so while this grieves me deeply I also see how the hand of GOD acts in every place on earth to show that HE is in control of all and since virtually every single person not only in Italy but throughout the entire earth has rejected, abandoned and betrayed HIM in these times....well, it is most certainly within HIS mighty capability to let something like this occur...human "pride" is crushed.




MHFM: This is a somewhat interesting quote about Philip’s conversion of the Ethiopian eunuch, recorded in Acts 8:26-40.


“The stress in the eunuch story is on God leading Philip to the eunuch and providentially arranging for the eunuch to be reading a text of Isaiah conducive to evangelism about Jesus – Isaiah 53.  The emphasis on the man being an Ethiopian makes it very likely that he was black.  Indeed, Ethiopians in antiquity were proverbially thought to be the darkest people on earth.  We should stress that there is no evidence from antiquity of widespread prejudice against a particular group of people simply because of their skin color, or a combination of their skin color and distinctive ethnic features (e.g., hair, facial features).  On that score, Luke lived in a different world from ours.” (Ben Witherington, New Testament History, p. 193.)




Subject: Organic Food Co-op


Dear MHFM,

Is it sinful to enter an "Orthodox" Catholic church, when a person goes there for an organic food pickup? Every week where I am at there is an organic food Co-op and they arrange for all the pickups to be received at an "Orthodox" parish


MHFM: No, it’s not.  However, if you have not done so, we recommend that you give them a copy of the book, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church.




Subject: Correct me if I'm wrong?


I was under the impression that: 1) The Fatima requirement was for Russia to be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary IN UNION WITH (ALL) THE BISHOPS (don't think this was ever attempted).....I wonder if John XXIII was supposed to accomplish this and his Masonic doctrine of Man had taken precedence instead and he had VATII?...

Mrs. A


MHFM: Your question is addressed in detail in the article.  That’s why people interested in this issue need to put out some effort and READ THE ARTICLE.  


The Whole Truth about the Consecration and Conversion of Russia and the Impostor Sr. Lucy


We will quote a short paragraph from the article which answers your question; but to see all of the facts that support and fill out this position, one has to read the whole article.


But didn’t Our Lady promise that Russia would be consecrated in union with all the Bishops of the world? No! This is a key point. Our Lady requested that Russia be consecrated in union with all the Bishops of the world, but on July 13 she only promised that “In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and it will be converted and a certain period of peace will be granted to the world.” Notice that Our Lady didn’t promise: “The Holy Father and all the Bishops will consecrate Russia to me…” Further, heaven revealed that the actual fulfillment of the consecration of Russia would not be fully in accord with heaven’s original wishes; for instance, it would be “late” (more on this in a bit).




Subject: death


Brother Michael and Brother Peter,

After the recent death of my non-Catholic grandmother I have had pondering thoughts. I am the only Catholic in my family and understand that I am not to attend any non-Catholic services including funerals. When it is my parents' time to leave this world what are the guidelines for what you can and cannot do in terms of preparing their funerals, etc.? Are you allowed to carry through with their requests for what they want said or done at the funeral? As a Catholic do you have to find someone else to try to do this work in place of yourself? I would really appreciate your input on this subject.

May God continue to bless you both,

Jodi P.


MHFM: It’s sad to have a family member die outside the faith.  Unfortunately, it’s a reality that basically every Catholic must face.  When pondering this sobering reality, the overriding consideration should be that each person ultimately chooses his or her own fate.  Each person ultimately searches out and follows after what he or she really wants and really values.  Thus, those who die outside the Church did so because they didn’t want God and they didn’t want the truth.  They wanted to go their own way, and that’s what they did. 


A Catholic should not fulfill any kind of funeral requests made by a non-Catholic family member.  A Catholic must not be involved with a non-Catholic funeral.  The only thing one may do with a deceased non-Catholic family member is have that person buried.  However, it must not be a Catholic/religious burial.


Australia, Anglicans


Subject: Anglicans


Dear Brothers,

Another agreement is being made here in Australia between the Vatican II sect and the Anglican schismatics: "Bathurst will become the sixth diocese in Australia to formalise the relationship between its Anglican and Catholic churches when Bishops Richard Hurford and Bishop Michael McKenna sign a covenant of friendship next week, reports the Western Advocate." (http://www.cathnews.com.au/article.aspx?aeid=31363) They refuse to condemn the Protestant heretics, and so end up in communion with them. It is outrageous. What schismatics! It shows again that they have absolutely no faith in Catholic dogmas, such as the necessity of membership in the Catholic Church for salvation, or in the Papacy and Papal Infallibility.

Matthew 16:18- "And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

2 Thessalonians - "Therefore, brethren, stand fast; and hold the traditions which you have learned, whether by word, or by our epistle."

God Bless,

Chris White




New Jersey Man Has $20k Stolen From Him by Tennessee Police - YouTube


When I listen to this man (whose job it is to uphold the law) justifying the practice of stealing money from people, I am reminded of one of the little episodes which is described in MHFM's book on Padre Pio.


It's where Satan goes into Padre Pio's confessional disguised as a man, confesses every disgusting sin imaginable, and then justifies those sins. And the ability and skill of the devil in justifying these sins was enough to take even a man like Padre Pio aback. Makes one wonder if the devil wasn't giving Padre Pio a sneak preview of things to come. Once upon a time, evil things had to be hidden, but no more. Now, everything evil is openly called good. It's like the world is possessed.


Also wanted to add that Bill Mulligan brought out an interesting point about efforts being made by many in Russia to oppose abortion. I doubt you will find much about that in the Gruner or SSPX propaganda on Fatima.


Lee Ann




Dear MHFM,


Isn't it somewhat ironic that the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ were jewish and converted to Christendom, and millions of willing jews throughout salvation history converted, as well as other races converting throughout the world, and the second vatican council 1962-65 condemns Catholics from evangelizing jews to convert, or any other religion? Calling Catholics who do so, anti-semitic and proselytizers in the negative. That's nearly two millenia fighting for Catholicism in its true form. What's wrong with this VII production?






Subject: Russian Facts


In response to the writer (Paul) who seemed to be questioning your well documented position that the Fatima promises concerning Russia have been fulfilled (Russia has undergone a kind of "conversion"), a couple of facts: 1) Paul points to the income tax as a Russian "error". The income tax system in the US was established under Woodrow Wilson in 1913, four years before Fatima and the Russian Revolution. So this point seems to be just wrong factually, as well as of questionable relevance. 2) While Russia (after the communist takeover) was the first modern country legalize abortion (1920), modern day Russia has passed many anti-abortion laws in the last couple of years and the Russian President's wife is actually a pro-life activist. Seems like a sort of "conversion" to me...


In the last couple of decades (since the fall of the Eastern Block) it seems hard to argue that the US isn't the nation most responsible for spreading error throughout the world on behalf of zionism and its proxies.


Bill Mulligan


King David


Subject: another archaeological dig in support of Biblical accounts


Dear MHFM,


You may have already seen this but in case you hadn’t – I thought you would be interested in it…




… May our Most Blessed Mother protect you all always!!


Pax Christi,

Melanie O’Keefe




Subject: Print version of Papacy audio presentation


Dear Brother Peter Dimond,

I am most impressed with your talk on defending the efficacy of the Papacy as supported in Scriptures. This is a very powerful and convincing presentation that must be made accessible in all media formats, including print and video. I would be most appreciative if you made the transcript available as a link or included in some book that is for sale or provided among what donations may help cost-defray. The item is titled this: The Bible Teaches that Jesus made St. Peter the First Pope (http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/audio/papacy.mp3), from your website: http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/papacy_mainpage.php

Thank you… for your service to Christ and His Church. Jesus be praised, to the Father's glory, as the Holy Spirit guides us to do God's Will. Blessed Mother Virgin Mary, and all the Saints, pray for us. -- Stan Rocko


MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  In our book, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church, you will find a section called “The Bible Teaches that Jesus Made St. Peter the First Pope.”  It deals in print with the biblical proof for the Papacy.


Consecration, B-16


Subject: Consecration of Russia


About the consecration of Russia:


Let me first say that I wish to ask this question for clarification. When Our lady of Fatima said, "“Russia will spread its errors throughout the world." We can still see Russia spreading its errors such as abortion and income tax. Two ideas that originated in Russia and unfortunately are still being spread today. Can it be that when Pius XII consecrated the russian people, he failed to specifically consecrate Russia as a nation rather than its people. Also, I do not know if he had all of the other bishops consecrate Russia with him? Benedict is not the Pope, I can clearly understand this, but unfortunately many people fail to recognize or even begin to question this. Would it be possible the Blessed Virgin manifest herself to him. Turns his heart good, say Alphonse Ratisbonne style, and then proceeds to consecrate Russia properly. In a comparison to the likes of Darth Vader, who was truly evil (V2) but then ultimately destroys the "Empire" and Mary's Immaculate heart triumphs.


If anything at all please respond about the Pius XII consecration.





MHFM: First, the consecration of Russia matter – and the precise question you ask – is addressed in detail in this article: The Whole Truth about the Consecration and Conversion of Russia and the Impostor Sr. Lucy


By the way, with each day that goes by, the position we expressed on this issue years ago is proving itself true.  Does it look like a consecration of Russia is in our future?  No, that’s because it was accomplished in the past.  (Our article was also the first and only explanation of how the consecration of Russia was performed before Vatican II, and how all the relevant information is consistent with that conclusion).


Second, you ask about Antipope Benedict XVI converting.  We’re always puzzled when people focus on the possible conversion of the most wicked men in the world.  You are talking about one of the most evil men in all of history, who was placed in the current position because he’s a reprobate and he’s fulfilling a precise role for Satan at the end of time. 


People should not be focusing on whether there is any ounce of goodness in devilish men who are trying to smash Our Lord’s Church to pieces.  They are not only trying to destroy the Church; they are doing it in the most insidious way: under the guise of protecting and leading her.  Antipope Benedict XVI’s conversion is FAR LESS LIKELY than Planned Parenthood’s entire company shutting down tomorrow and going exclusively into pro-life causes.  People should be focused combatting, rejecting and exposing these antichrists for what they are: men who are wicked to the core.


Pope Gregory XVI (1840): “This is surely the time when the Christian battle line should smash the devil as he rages all over the world…” (Probe Nostis #15)




In your Judas quote which is inspiring towards God's truth, I'm sure Luther, Montini, Wojtyla, and Ratzinger had/have identical expressions of deception. Those expressions never change, much like the saying, "Birds of a feather, flock together." Antichrists to the core!




MHFM: Mark 14:44- “And he that betrayed him, had given them a sign, saying: Whomsoever I shall kiss, that is he; lay hold on him, and lead him away carefully.”


This is a somewhat interesting quote about the incomprehensible insincerity and phoniness exhibited by Judas when betraying the Lord of all creation. 


“A kiss was a normal form of greeting between disciple and teacher, a token of real friendship.  Judas says, ‘The one I kiss should be grabbed and led away securely.’  The intensive verb used in v. 45 [Mark 14], kataphileo, means ‘to kiss with every show of affection,’ thus making the betrayal even worse.  It is striking that after the betrayal by the kiss, Judas completely disappears into the night, never to appear again in Mark’s narrative.” (Ben Witherington, New Testament History, p. 167.)


We mention this aspect of the betrayal in the second half of this video: The Agony of Jesus in the Garden [video].





I saw this in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and today I passed by this Jewish Museum and the neon sign out front was advertising this exhibit






Subject: “Imposter” Sr. Lucia


Thanks for the very interesting discussion on Sr. Lucy. It's not so hard to believe that Sr. Lucy lived to be 98 years old. I know several people that have done so, but more importantly it may be that she was really told that she would live to see the triumph of the Immaculate Heart, or the chastisement that would follow if The Blessed Virgins commands were not heeded. To say she would stay "a short time longer", could imply that it was possible for the commands to be met in a timely manner (they were not) so Sr. Lucy stayed, but under house arrest….




MHFM: The fact that few people live that long is not the reason one must conclude there was an impostor.  The evidence is overwhelming in a variety of areas: 1) the changes in appearance; 2) her blatant contradictions to the real Sr. Lucia and the message of Fatima; 3) her blatant heresies; 4) how a traditional view of Fatima, the true Third Secret and Fatima’s fulfillment cannot be maintained without rejecting the post-Vatican II “Lucia” (for she clearly and without any doubt confirmed the phony Third Secret and the Vatican’s interpretation of it); 5) the clear need to silence and in fact eliminate the real Sr. Lucia before 1960 and after the Fuentes interview; and more.  Only a dishonest person would reject all of the proof and still believe that the post-Vatican II “Sr. Lucia” was the real one.  The point about Our Lady saying to the girl Lucia, “you will remain a little longer,” is just one more small piece of evidence that fits well with the true and proper conclusion: there is no way the post-Vatican II “Lucia” was the real Sr. Lucia.


The Impostor Sr. Lucia - 1/3 - When and Why

The Impostor Sr. Lucia - 2/3 - The Proof and Her Contradictions

The Impostor Sr. Lucia - 3/3 - Her Heresies




Subject: Pacquiao


Dear Brothers,

Manny Pacquiao's comments apologising to gays about offending them because he condemned homosexual marriage are sure to spell doom for his boxing career. It won't be surprising to read headlines about him losing some boxing matches soon.

Romans 1: 25-27 - "Who changed the truth of God into a lie; and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. For this cause God delivered them up to shameful affections. For their women have changed the natural use into that use which is against nature. And, in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts one towards another, men with men working that which is filthy, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error."

God Bless,

Chris White


Impostor Sr. Lucia


Subject: The Impostor Sr. Lucia


Dear MHFM:


Around the 1:49 mark of your video "The Third Secret of Fatima, the Impostor Sr. Lucia, and the End of the World " (as found on YouTube), you make the strong case for the statistical improbability against Sister Lucia (born 1907) living to the age of 98 years old (dying in 2005).  I refer your attention to EWTN's website about Fatima, specifically this link:




At the June 13, 1917 apparition, the following conversation takes place between Our Lady and Lucia:


Lucia: "Will you take us to heaven?"


Our Lady: "Yes, I shall take Jacinta and Francisco soon, but you will remain a little longer, since Jesus wishes you to make me known and loved on earth. He wishes also for you to establish devotion in the world to my Immaculate Heart."


I find Our Lady's choice of words here extremely interesting. It would seem unimaginable that Our Lady meant by the phrase "a little longer" as a period of 88 years (1917-2007). Even by today's standards, 88 years is considered a very long life.


… I would say that this very well might be Our Lady's way of indicating that Lucia would definitely not live a full life (e.g. 70 years), and certainly not an extraordinary long life (i.e. 98 years). If so, then it would also seem that this was mentioned as a prophecy/warning against the impostor Sister Lucia and against all those who vouch for her. Furthermore, the fact that the impostor Sister Lucia was allowed to live to the year 2005, may have been an act of Divine intervention to make it clear that her apparent longevity was completely irreconcilable with Our Lady's words to Lucia that she would "remain (living) a little longer."






"To teach in order to lead others to faith is the task of every preacher and of each believer." —Thomas Aquinas

You have done the work, your material is interesting, and true. Every single person is capable of spreading it. The debates have been on your side, the quotes, teachings, and actions are all on your side. People need only legs, fingers, or a mouth to spread the truth. Though holiness is the goal (be ye holy), it is also a process, a process that involves the spreading of the faith. No matter who you are, or where you stand spiritually; at this very moment, you are capable of spreading the faith. You are capable of great things, and though not yet holy, you are capable of beginning the process.

Pray for me.






Dear Brothers,

Thank you for high-lighting the truth about the Genesis creation account. It is extremely important to believe in the miraculous creation of the universe by the Holy Trinity, and that He alone is the Creator of all things visible and invisible. There are many graces that are lost simply because people refuse to believe that everything was created in seven (or six, more accurately) days. Antipope Benedict XVI probably thinks it is merely symbolic, as would countless other false traditionalists and heretics. It is especially relevant today since modernist heretics abound, and modernism is founded on the heresy of evolution…

God Bless,

Chris White




Subject: Externals and Slogans


Dear Brothers:


As Kevin points out, anyone should be able to recognize that there is something apocalyptically wrong with the Vatican II church (because there is simply too much evidence). In fact, any person claiming to be Catholic (or even Protestant) if he were of good will, would be willing to examine the claims of sedevacantism, especially when he is reminded that there have been anti-popes before in history. The Vatican II sect is silent on the promotion of gay marriage, just as it is silent on all the public pro-abortion politicians claiming to be Catholic. ( In fact, it often praises them.) If the anti-popes can tolerate Pelosi, why wouldn't they tolerate Obama? And it doesn't take a theologian to question what "conservative" and "traditional" rags like The Wanderer have been reporting for decades. One example: the story about Fran Ferder and her male associate (a nun & priest combo) traveling throughout the dioceses promoting homosexuality among religious. According to the Wanderer, did the Vatican investigate them? Sure, and it only took the Vatican eight years to conduct their study and tell them to stop -- but allowed the program to continue anyway. And the people writing for, selling, and reading these rags don't see a problem in this?


Where is the outrage? Why do these supposed Catholics feel no compelling need to try to get to the bottom of this -- or be determined to die trying? Most people have no faith at all and couldn't care less, and the punishment seems to be that over time their blindness gets worse and worse. And as for those who might be inclined to stop and wonder what is going on and why, well, Satan has people like Corapi, Salza, Fellay and all the other Anti-Missionaries to assure them that all is well and that they can all go back to sleep… these double-talkers, as Vladimir and MHFM have pointed out, will just keep those mind-deadening slogans going -- because false Christianity is all about externals and slogans.. For the individual as well as for the nation, it's either Christ and His true Catholic Church or it's Satan --and mankind has opted for Satan.


Lee Ann




It is nearly official. Some people, do not support you, not because you they do not think that you follow The Truth, but simply because you are not "nice." Never mind the years of reading documents and creating presentations to expose the antipopes... never mind the fact that your material is their reason for getting away from the invalid New Mass, and rejecting the complete antichrists in Rome... thanks for all of this, but you are not "nice." What a joke. Let me tell you about "nice" people (not that you need me too). Nanci Pelosi is "nice," Obama is "nice," I am sure that the politicians in China and Europe are also very "nice." We then have a dividing line, as in, all of these MASS MURDERERS of the innocent unborn are "nice people." Niceness has become the ultimate, Cardinal, and ONLY "virtue" necessary in today's antichrist world. "Niceness" is one reason for this apostasy in the first place, as in, that is the only "virtue" on display in the Vatican II sect.

Except that, "NICENESS IS NOT A VIRTUE!" And "nice" is also not synonymous with love. I say "thank you" and "your welcome" and I give a little fake laugh, and a little smile, because these things bring about the results that I want. People act positively towards me if I am nice. This, however, is NOT LOVE, this is clever…




Dear Brothers,


I was recently debating a woman on sola scriptura. I showed her all of the facts on how the Canon of Scripture was given to us by the Catholic Church, why the bible proves the Church's teachings on Our Lady, the Eucharist, confession to a priest, etc...but she still believes "Romanism" is a "false gospel." It just goes to show what bad will these Protestants show.


Sincerely in Our Lady,




MHFM: Yes, you really see it in encounters with them.




Subject: Revolt


Dear Brothers,


The state of the present world situation as discussed by Mark V and the other responder will never be a "Democracy of truth" as we know it. We're living in a time as never seen in history where the great revolt has occurred and the "man of sin" sits in the house of both the secular and the visible counter-church. There is no visible good in the world that is standing up for the truth (except MHFM) as we watch this game between the V-II, the SSPX and other false Christians battle it out in what would appear to be a boxing match between rivaling gang members.


This great deception and web of lies is becoming so obvious as seen by the current events in the world. Lost souls are buying into this garbage of the Vatican II, and these phony politicians because it all fits "so nicely" in this evil world as if they were trying on custom tailored clothing. Its as if the insane asylums have closed their doors and are not allowing anymore crazies in, as seen with the e-exchanges from Dr.. (Not) and (Deceived and bad willed).


2 Thessalonians 2:3-4; Let no man deceive you by any means, for unless there come a revolt first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition, Who opposeth, and is lifted up above all that is called God, or that is worshipped, so that he sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself as if he were God.


God Bless Your Works,

Tom Miles


Ring of Fire


Solar Eclipse 2012: 'Ring Of Fire' Set To Appear May 20


Dear Brothers:


It has been said that the story of Creation and the real history of the world is also taught through the phenomena of nature. I don't doubt that that's true, even if modern man has become too carnal to see it.

What a story Heaven told to the Aztecs via the garments which Our Lady wore in her miraculous image of Guadalupe!  


Can't help but wonder: Does the phenomenon of the "ring of fire" in the eclipse of the sun reflect the Faithful Remnant in these endtimes when the true Catholic Church, which brings the Son's light to the world, is in eclipse? And is it the ring of fire which all of us (who wish to be a part of that Remnant) must be in the darkness of this Great Apostasy? God Bless Most Holy Family Monastery for showing us the way.


Lee Ann




Today 2 LatterDay/Mormon young men came to my door. I told them that I was a Traditional Catholic. One man said 'how is that working for you?' So I told him That Christ founded my church and all Protestants 'protested' against the Catholic church He founded. I tried to give them your book, "The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church" and he said he didn't want it. (That happened before with the Mormons, they will never accept other literature) I said that his 'church?' was founded by a man- he said Smith was a prophet. I told him he was a Freemason. I asked him if he knew about Freemasons and he said no. So I told him to look it up because they worship the devil. I think that kind of scared him, I hope, because then they left in a hurry. It is so sad they are so blinded by the devil.  God bless you in your wonderful work!



MHFM: One should also tell them that they cannot be saved as Mormons, but only as Catholics. 




Subject: Silence of Vatican on Obama Gay Marriage Announcement


Just wanted to pass this along. I was reading news story on Obama recent Gay "marriage" announcement and it stated Vatican is silent on issue.


It suddenly occurred to me that this all by itself - absent of everything else - is a simple yet absolute condemnation of the Vatican II sect. The “President” of the United States – “leader” of free world – makes a public announcement such as this and the vatican is silent?


What a scandal. A true Pontiff would be all over this…




MHFM: That’s a good point.




Dear Brothers in Christ,

The reader who wrote: "I can tell you it is not the will of the Father to be judging the Pope" is an obvious liar, and very probably an adherent of the V2 sect. While the statement in itself is accurate, it is as deceiving as any other statement coming from the Devil's mouth. First, how does he/she know that it is not up to the faithful to judge the Pope? Well, it is a dogma. It is one of the many dogmas of The Catholic Church rejected by the "Pope" he/she is referring to. Second, the apostate reader obviously doesn't like to quote Christ's words about false Christs, who will be appearing at the end times and will deceive many. How the faithful is supposed to judge who is a false Christ if he/she is not supposed to judge who is false Pope? The apostate reader obviously claims that it doesn't matter what the "Pope" teaches, and this claim is just the consequence of the apostates' conviction that it doesn't matter what Jesus Christ has taught. They, the abominable V2 sect adherents, just have their "Pope" and nothing else matters to them.

Third, the abominable V2 sectarians have completely taken over the communistic method of "managing the masses". The Devil's servant Lenin had supposedly said: "We will win masses by slogans". And they, the bolsheviks, have won the masses and killed millions in gulags and all other places in the world. Likewise, the V2 sectarians have picked up some slogans, such as "do not judge", "God is love", "Pope is not to be judged", and that's all they want to know, that is, they want to think they know what all of these slogans mean. In their gibberish "faith" there is no place for the dogmas of The Catholic Church and the true obedience to God and to the true popes. They have their "evolving dogmas", just like the bolshevik murderer Stalin, who has rejected the dialectic dogma of "negation of the negation" and replaced it with some other "dialectic law". That's because it had crossed his criminal mind that someone could think that he, Stalin, who himself is a negation, could also be negated. The abominable V2 sect, in devilish communion with all other false religions of the world, is a negation of the true faith.

Our Most blessed Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for all true Catholics in the world.

Vladimir from Zagreb, Croatia


MHFM: Yes, and the meaning of the principle, “No one can judge the First See or the Pope,” is that a pope (who is the supreme judge in the Church) cannot be subjected to a canonical trial.  It also means that his authoritative acts (official decrees) cannot be judged.  It does not mean that a true pope cannot be criticized, in regard things he does in a non-magisterial capacity; and of course the Vatican II impostors aren’t true popes at all but non-Catholic heretics and antipopes.


On this matter it’s very interesting to reconsider how this principle, “No one can judge the First See,” is ironically crucial to proving the position that heretical “popes” lose their offices (ipso facto) without any declaration or judgment by a man.  Some defenders of the Vatican II antipopes, who reluctantly acknowledge a few problems with the antipopes’ volumes of heretical teaching (it’s amazing, isn’t it?), assert that a trial or formal decree would have to precede the rejection of a heretical “pope”; for the average person cannot “judge,” they say.  This is not only completely wrong; but ironically, in wrongly asserting that the principle “No one can judge the pope” requires that a trial or decree (from a council or bishops or cardinals) precede the rejection of a heretical “pope,” they are violating the very principle they cite.  They are calling for a judgment of “the pope” while simultaneously arguing that he cannot be judged. 


In the process they are demonstrating the truth that heretical “popes” MUST lose their offices automatically, without any declaration, trial or formal judgment (which is Catholic teaching); for no one could render the judgment or subject the pope to a trial.  This was covered in detail in our article, John Salza Has No Idea What He's Talking About [article].  It shows how one heretic, in advancing false arguments in a futile attempt to defend the antipope, fell into a complete and embarrassing denial of the principle: “No one can judge the First See.”  The article shows that defenders of Antipope Benedict XVI are not only wrong, but they have no idea what they are talking about.  Each principle they cite points us directly back to the falsity of their position.  They throw out arguments and quotes that sound good and successfully deceive the typical reader, but serve to destroy their own conclusions when carefully scrutinized.  Here’s one important section of the article.  We cite this because it shows how defenders of the antipope misuse Catholic principles, and how the proper understanding of every Catholic principle is ALWAYS consistent with the true position: that a heretic such as Benedict XVI CANNOT be considered a true pope, and must be considered an antipope. 




we have three layers of contradictions laid by Salza’s erroneous writing on the sedevacantist issue: 1) contradictions within the first article; 2) contradictions within the second article; and 3) contradictions between what he said in the first article and what he said in the second article. Let’s consider #3 right now: contradictions between his first article and his second article.






In Salza’s first article, he argued that the key error of the sedevacantists is failing to recognize a distinction. He distinguished between 1) the fact that a heretic ceases to be a member of the Church and vacates his office without declaration; and 2) the fact that Catholics supposedly cannot know who is a heretic “until the Church tells us.” The left column reflects his first article, and the right column his second. Notice (in the left column) that he applied his false argument, that we need the Church’s judgment to consider someone a heretic, to all professing Catholics and to clerics in general, not only to a pope.


Then notice (in the right column) how he changes his position and even lies about having ever taught it.







John Salza, First Article: “Sedevacantists correctly maintain that Divine Law expels a formal heretic from the Church without further declaration… However, the same Code of Canon Law also determines how we know a cleric has publicly defected from the Faith and lost his office as a result of the defection: The Church tells us. Thus, ecclesiastical law follows Our Lord’s directive: “tell it to the church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector” (Mt 18:17). While the person in Matthew 18 was publicly suspected of a transgression, Jesus tells us to treat him as excommunicated only after the Church judges the matter.


“… St. Paul is not giving every Catholic the authority to make a formal and binding determination of another Catholic’s orthodoxy.”










John Salza, Second Article, p. 5: “Ability to Recognize a Formal Heretic: Catholics are able to recognize a formal heretic without a declaration from the Church. See canon 188.4 and Cum Ex Apostolatus. While Dimond and I agree with this statement, Dimond (as you will see) repeatedly claims that I don’t believe Catholics can recognize a formal heretic, and that is simply not true (I have never held such an error). This is a deliberate or negligent mischaracterization of my position.”


In his first article (left column), he clearly teaches that a declaration from the Church is necessary to consider someone a heretic; and he argues that this principle applies to “a cleric” (not just a pope) and even to “another Catholic’s orthodoxy.” That means that he was applying his false principle to all who professed to be Catholics. He was arguing that you cannot consider any “Catholic” a heretic until “the Church tells us.” In my article (John Salza’s Arguments Against Sedevacantism Crushed) I completely refuted his false argument, and that’s why Salza abandoned it in his second. He now argues (right column) that you can recognize a professing “Catholic” as a heretic without a declaration from the Church, and he even dishonestly says he never taught otherwise.


Anyone can see that Salza’s statement is false and dishonest. He clearly taught that Catholics cannot recognize another “Catholic” as a heretic “until the Church tells us.” The fact that Salza is changing his position (again) and lying about it should make it clear to anyone that his position is false and indefensible.




Salza’s new position is that while Catholics can recognize some people as formal heretics without the Church’s declaration, in the case of a pope a declaration is always required. This opens up a whole new can of worms for his position because the canons he consistently cites and misuses don’t specify that they apply exclusively to a pope. Even more importantly, in making his false argument that a claimant to the papal office must be declared a heretic before anyone could consider him one, Salza violates the dogmatic principle that a pope and the First See cannot be judged. As I will show, there are literally dozens of errors, lies and contradictions in Salza’s second article, but this error might be the most important.




The principle that a pope and the First See cannot be judged is bound up with Catholic teaching on the primacy. It was articulated from the earliest days of the Church. Essentially, it means that since the pope is the leader of the Church with universal primacy and jurisdiction, no cleric, bishop or Catholic can depose the pope or SUBJECT THE POPE TO A CANONICAL TRIAL. While a pope can summon a lower cleric (such as a bishop, cardinal or priest) to a trial for heresy, no one can do the same to a pope; for there is no authority on Earth higher than a reigning pope.


Pope St. Nicholas, epistle (8), Proposueramus quidem, 865: “… Neither by Augustus, nor by all the clergy, nor by religious, not by the people will the judge be judged… ‘The first seat will not be judged by anyone.’” (Denz. 330)


Pope St. Leo IX, In terra pax hominibus, Sept. 2, 1053, Chap. 11: “By passing judgment on the great See, concerning which it is not permitted any man to pass judgment, you have received anathema from all the Fathers of the venerable Councils…” (Denz. 352)


Pope St. Leo IX, In terra pax hominibus, Sept. 2, 1053, Chap. 32: “… As the hinge while remaining immoveable opens and closes the door, so Peter and his successors have free judgment over all the Church, since no one should remove their status because ‘the highest See is judged by no one.’” (Denz. 353)


Canon 1556, 1917 Code of Canon Law, On trials in general: “The First See is judged by no one.”


Nevertheless, throughout his second article, John Salza argues that the pope not only can be judged to be a heretic by an official declaration, but that such a declaration (and a preceding trial) are necessary for a Catholic to consider the pope a heretic!


John Salza, Second Article, p. 7: “Second, even if the pope were subject to canon 2200 and thus his formal heresy were presumed (which is not true), the pope would still be entitled to rebut the presumption in a canonical trial…”


John Salza, Second Article, p. 6: “Even if there were evidence of malice or disregarded warnings, the pope would be entitled to rebut such evidence as a matter of due process. That is why Dimond fixates on a Catholic’s ability to recognize heresy without the intervention of the Church (because he wants to personally judge the heresy) and also why he ignores or dismisses the canon law that requires declaratory sentences for heresy (again, because he wants to personally judge the heresy).


He teaches that there must be a process and examination of the pope. He even says that the pope would be entitled to rebut such evidence in a trial. All of this reveals his flawed theology, and his heretical understanding of the issue. The pope cannot be subjected to a trial or examination, nor can he be deposed by a declaration from any cleric, bishop, body of bishops or even a council. In fact, the notion that a council could judge or depose a pope is the heresy of Conciliarism; yet many non-sedevacantists argue that a council must handle the matter. (A non-sedevacantist on YouTube, whose user name begins with “September,” made a similar false argument. Like Salza, he also refused our debate challenge.) That’s why the loss of papal office, and the ability of Catholics to recognize it, must happen WITHOUT ANY DECLARATION; for no one can judge the pope. Any Catholic, on the other hand, can recognize that a manifest heretic is not a pope.


Here are some more quotes in which Salza promotes his primary heresy on this matter: that a pope can be judged, subjected to a trial, and deposed.




The sheer number of times that Salza promotes his fundamental heresy is alarming. His entire argument revolves around this heretical position, which he vomits forth page after page. When reading his repeated utterances of heresy on this matter, which serve to demonstrate that his position is false and his understanding of canon law fatally flawed, keep the pure Catholic truth on this matter firmly in mind: since no authority on Earth or in the Church could officially judge a reigning pope or subject him to a canonical trial or depose him, a claimant to the Papacy who demonstrates manifest heresy must be considered to have lost the office WITHOUT ANY DECLARATION, JUDGMENT OR TRIAL (BY VIRTUE OF THE DIVINE SENTENCE OF HERESY). For that reason, one is not judging a pope when one recognizes that Benedict XVI (an obvious heretic) isn’t a Catholic. Rather, one is simply acknowledging that a manifest heretic, who has publicly defected from the faith, is outside the Church and, as a result, devoid of any Catholic authority.




John Salza, Second Article, p. 7: “Second, even if the pope were subject to canon 2200 and thus his formal heresy were presumed (which is not true), the pope would still be entitled to rebut the presumption in a canonical trial…”


John Salza, Second Article, p. 10: “… in Peter Dimond’s world, the pope is presumed guilty until proven innocent (actually, Dimond would not even give the pope a chance to prove himself innocent in a canonical trial!


John, that’s because a pope cannot be subjected to a canonical trial.


John Salza, Second Article, p. 10: “Further, the pope, above all men, would have the right to rebut any evidence that he is intentionally departing from the Catholic Faith as a matter of justice and due process. Again, that goes without saying.”


John Salza, Second Article, p. 10: “Even if the popes were not ignorant of Church teaching (a fact that would have to be established in a canonical trial)…”


John Salza, Second Article, p. 15: “The Dimond brothers can compile all the heterodox quotes of the conciliar popes that they wish and “adjudicate” them on their website as if they are the Magisterium… When it is a question of evidence which can deprive one of an ecclesiastical office, an ecclesiastical authority must resolve the question.”


Here Salza clearly articulates the condemned heresy that an “ecclesiastical authority” can deprive (at least de facto) a pope of office.


John Salza, Second Article, p. 18: “A condemnatory sentence for heresy is declared only after a canonical trial, and canon 2223.4 requires a condemnatory sentence to be declared if it is for the common good of the Church (in the case of a claimant to the papacy whose heresy has not yet been proven to be morally imputable).”


John Salza, Second Article, p. 20: “Hence, the only way Dimond can strip the pope of his office is through the canonical procedures that he, quite wrongly, says do not apply.”


No one can strip the pope of his office. This is staggeringly false theology.


John Salza, Second Article, p. 6: “Even if there were evidence of malice or disregarded warnings, the pope would be entitled to rebut such evidence as a matter of due process. That is why Dimond fixates on a Catholic’s ability to recognize heresy without the intervention of the Church (because he wants to personally judge the heresy) and also why he ignores or dismisses the canon law that requires declaratory sentences for heresy (again, because he wants to personally judge the heresy).










Pope St. Nicholas, epistle (8), Proposueramus quidem, 865: “… Neither by Augustus, nor by all the clergy, nor by religious, not by the people will the judge be judged… ‘The first seat will not be judged by anyone.’”


Canon 1556, 1917 Code of Canon Law, On trials in general: “The First See is judged by no one.”


Pope St. Leo IX, In terra pax hominibus, Sept. 2, 1053, Chap. 11: “By passing judgment on the great See, concerning which it is not permitted any man to pass judgment, you have received anathema from all the Fathers of the venerable Councils…”


Pope St. Leo IX, In terra pax hominibus, Sept. 2, 1053, Chap. 32: “… As the hinge while remaining immoveable opens and closes the door, so Peter and his successors have free judgment over all the Church, since no one should remove their status because ‘the highest See is judged by no one.’”





Pope St. Nicholas, epistle (8), Proposueramus quidem, 865: “… Neither by Augustus, nor by all the clergy, nor by religious, not by the people will the judge be judged… ‘The first seat will not be judged by anyone.’”


Canon 1556, 1917 Code of Canon Law, On trials in general: “The First See is judged by no one.”


Pope St. Leo IX, In terra pax hominibus, Sept. 2, 1053, Chap. 11: “By passing judgment on the great See, concerning which it is not permitted any man to pass judgment, you have received anathema from all the Fathers of the venerable Councils…”


Pope St. Leo IX, In terra pax hominibus, Sept. 2, 1053, Chap. 32: “… As the hinge while remaining immoveable opens and closes the door, so Peter and his successors have free judgment over all the Church, since no one should remove their status because ‘the highest See is judged by no one.’”








Pope St. Nicholas, epistle (8), Proposueramus quidem, 865: “… Neither by Augustus, nor by all the clergy, nor by religious, not by the people will the judge be judged… ‘The first seat will not be judged by anyone.’”


We’ve uncovered the fatal flaw of Salza’s second article. His false theology leads him to the dead end that a declaration, preceded by a canonical trial, would have to be rendered against the pope. He argues that only after such a trial and declaration can Catholics remove their submission to him.




In Salza’s heretical world, we could have the following ridiculous scenario. Evidence of heresy is produced against a claimant to the papal office in Rome. The cardinals, some of the bishops or a council call for a trial against the pope. In response, the pope (to use Salza’s words) tries “to rebut the presumption in a canonical trial.”


John Salza, Second Article, p. 7: “Second, even if the pope were subject to canon 2200 and thus his formal heresy were presumed (which is not true), the pope would still be entitled to rebut the presumption in a canonical trial…”


During the trial, the pope vigorously maintains his innocence, and he even issues a decree on the matter. Nevertheless, the finding of the trial is that the pope is guilty. Catholics are therefore forced to remove their obedience from the pope, as a result of this declaration against him. Hence, the declaration serves as a deposition. Moreover, they are forced to reject the pope’s own authoritative decree which proclaimed his innocence. Hence, they pass judgment on the judgment of the Apostolic See! Of course, all of this is heretical and clearly contradicts Vatican I.


Vatican I, Dogmatic Constitution on the Church of Christ, Sess. 4, Chap. 3: “And since the Roman Pontiff is at the head of the universal Church by the divine right of apostolic primacy, We teach and declare also that he is the supreme judge of the faithful [cf. n.1500 ], and that in all cases pertaining to ecclesiastical examination recourse can be had to his judgment [cf. n. 466 ]; moreover, that the judgment of the Apostolic See, whose authority is not surpassed, is to be disclaimed by no one, nor is anyone permitted to pass judgment on its judgment [cf. n.330 ff.]. Therefore, they stray from the straight path of truth who affirm that it is permitted to appeal from the judgments of the Roman Pontiffs to an ecumenical Council, as to an authority higher than the Roman Pontiff.”


Since he’s a proven liar, Salza will probably either change his position on this matter (now that we’ve refuted it) or flat out deny that he taught the heresy that a pope can be subjected to canonical trial (despite the proof above). Denying that he taught it won’t get him anywhere, however, for his heretical position (that a pope can and must be judged, subjected to a trial and even de facto deposed by a declaration) is the core of his argument. It’s mentioned throughout his heretical article. That having been established, let’s return to the beginning of his article and consider more of his errors, lies, and contradictions. Section completely exposing Salza




Subject: True Civilization


Dear MHFM,

In reply to mark v, I also wanted to say and supplement that a true democracy is only one that is Catholic, wherein the Church is married to the state in perfect harmony. Pope St. Pius X, Notre Apostolique, August 15, 1910: "..for there is no true civilization without a moral civilization, and no true moral civilization without the true Religion.." A true democracy defends the rights of the Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Rights of Holy mother the Church, and the rights of the people. Pope St. Pius X "There is only one human dignity and that is Catholic dignity." When intrinsic evils such as infanticide and sodomite so called unions are called and made lawful, and the family is getting wiped out systematically, it can be understood that we live in a barbarian form of what I would even hesitate to call normal society. It is barbarianism; this is the reign of darkness.




the political system or situation is so horrible right now in this country. We are no longer a true democracy, we have become an oligarchy, that is where a few elite control and rule over us. They handpick who is going to rule over us.  The American people have lost control over their own country. A true democracy is where the people decide who will rule over them. Thank you very much for your patience. From Mark v




I find your channel very interesting, and unique, Sir.

I am thankful to see that some Catholics still believe in the Creation account of Genesis, and are faithful to what Scripture teaches about early world history.

I am not a Catholic, but have run into many Catholics who dismiss Genesis as myth, and who sadly believe that the god of Islam made the heavens and the earth.....

Thank you for your unique channel, and videos, Sir.

In Christ ~ Grace


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  One of the biggest problems today is that most modern “Catholics” do not possess faith in the biblical creation account, and they are open to such fairy tales as evolution.  This ruins supernatural belief in Christ and His dogmas.  While it’s good that you accept the truth about the creation account, it’s necessary to become a Catholic.  Only Catholicism is true Christianity, and there is no salvation outside of it.  Please see our book, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church.


Deceived and bad-willed


We will see who the one is who is deceived!! Sorry I don't plan on seeing you in the future. I'm reminded of the scripture that says not all those who say Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven but those who do the will of my father. I can tell you it is not the will of the Father to be judging the Pope. That will be the Lords Job. Your pride wants to judge him but it will be your downfall!


MHFM: You are so clueless as a result of bad will.  The information is there for you to see that your antipope doesn’t believe in Jesus or the Gospel, not to mention the Council of Trent, Vatican I or the Papacy.  Yet, you ignore and despise it all.  You are a reprobate.  We are not judging a pope, but an anti-Catholic apostate.  You are not defending a pope, but an invalid non-Catholic heretic; but you don’t care about truth or facts.


The Catholic Teaching that a heretic cannot be a valid pope [PDF file]




I know you have heard this time and time again. Your disobedient. You are NOT Catholic because of your disobedience. My question to you is, if sede's are "legit" catholics, why are you all so insidious? Tricking proper catholics at every venue? You know you all do this. Check yourselves and your shady ways.




MHFM: No, you know nothing about obedience; you know nothing about the Papacy; you know nothing about the Magisterium.  You only understand lies and savor the cult of man.  True Catholic principles, rooted in the office of the Papacy, are meaningless to you. 






Mr. White is correct on Fellay. I have heard upper SSPX clergy speak and have heard them say; for B16, it is a doctrinal misunderstanding or confusion of the faith that he suffers from. What was sad is everyone listening seemed to accept it.  Obviously, Ratzinger CANNOT not know what he is doing is heretical. Also, they, the SSPX clergy refuse to use the word heretical when speaking about Ratzinger. I hope… a split is coming and inside this group are clergy that wish to pursue the true Catholic Faith.






Subject: The Rosary Article


Dear MHFM, Apocalypse 12-17: "And the dragon was angry against the woman: and went to make war with the rest of her seed, who keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ." Clearly we see who the antichrist was, and is. The boldness of JPII, antichrist, to detract from the power of the Mother of God, and the sheeple of satan follow along in step. The modern church has no sense of respect for the heavenly, no longer. Sad, much like the dry feeling Lot must have felt when he saw the salt figure of his wife on his journey to Segor.






Good evening. My search for Catholic truth always starts with my Lord, but was greatly accelerated earlier this year by your dvds, books, and website. Shock, anger, and sadness at what happened to my beloved church while I wasn't paying attention. Actually I have noticed a lot of things but chose to ignore it, or maybe suppress it. Like ignoring the check engine light as we keep driving along. Being 67 years old I came of age before Vatican 11 so I should know better. I wasn't smart enough to be even a "material heretic". I just went along with the program. NO more!... I realized by your instruction that we are not to contribute or support this novus ordo sect in anyway…






Dear MHFM,


The communist menace shall be extinguished by Catholic invincibility, the bane of the communists. In a compendium of the work by Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria, a communist Jew and the chief of the secret police under Stalin, the Catholic Church is called “that terrible monster the Roman Catholic Church still dominates mental healing throughout the Christian world and their well schooled priests are always at work to turn the public their way.” This communist manual also laid stress on foaming hatred against the Catholic Church through left wing pressure groups and propaganda to bring it into a state of odium before the masses. They also stressed ridding mental health institutions of the Priests, and admitted the efficacy of Priests healing the insane. The communists admitted that their control of mental health centers cannot and hasn’t helped people at all, but in fact turns out more insane people who were otherwise healthy going in. They admitted that they turned out massive death casualties in these institutions and that this should be kept a secret…




Martha Lyles: What the Fire Spared: On Mary and Motherhood


Dear Brothers:


I'm really glad you included this article which demonstrates that false signs and wonders come in all shapes and sizes. The woman writing the article starts out by saying: "The rosary is a perfect prayer and its mysteries are a cradle of comfort". Then she immediately adds: " What an enduring gift from John Paul II one decade ago: the Mysteries of Light that completed the story." Wow. Isn't it slick how this article pretends to be giving glory to Our Lady but is actually promoting the Antichrist. According to this woman, the Rosary as it was given to St. Dominic by Our Lady was incomplete, and Our Lady was obviously mistaken in calling the rosary her Angelic Psalter. In fact, everyone got it wrong, including all of the Catholic saints and popes who, over all these centuries, have promoted the Rosary with its three sets of mysteries.


The real point of this woman's article is that, in knowing the complete way that the Rosary should be prayed, JP2 was greater than Our Lady (or, at the very least greater than every other saint), as he was the one who brought the rosary to its perfection. (Little wonder why they are already referring to JP2 as "the Great"). This woman's article will no doubt be a BIG hit with the rest of the sickening Novus Ordo crowd who enjoy being dupes of Satan because they have no more love and esteem for Our Lady than they do for her Divine Son.

Lee Ann




Dear Brothers,

Two letters between the SSPX hierarchy have been leaked, and I got a copy of them. They reveal that the SSPX supporters are being deliberately deceived. For example, in the letter from Bp. Fellay to the three other bishops, he wrote: "Well, the Pope has let us know that his concern to settle our affair for the good of the Church was at the very heart of his pontificate, and that he also knew that it would be easier both for him and for ourselves to leave things as they presently stand." Antipope Benedict XVI wants the SSPX to remain schismatics, obviously because he is a schismatics himself, e.g. praying with the Angilcans, "Orthodox," etc. The three bishops say that "a doctrinal agreement is impossible with current Rome," yet they still hold Rome to be the Catholic Church rather than heretics, schismatics, apostates and the Whore of Babylon: "Of course, on the two sides of current division between the Conciliar Church and the FSSPX many wish that Catholic unity be restored. Honor to those on both sides. But reality governs everything, and all these sincere desires must yield to the reality that since Vatican II the official authorities of the Church have deviated from the Catholic truth, and today they are shown to be quite determined to always remain faithful to the Conciliar doctrines and practices. The Roman discussions, the “doctrinal preamble” and Assisi III are clear examples of this." They say "reality governs everything," as if God were merely human consciousness. What blasphemy!!! They are all schismatics in the SSPX hierarchy because they imagine that the Church can be divided, which is impossible: Pope Leo XIII, Satis Cognitum: "But when we consider what was actually done we find that Jesus Christ did not, in point of fact, institute a Church to embrace several communities similar in nature, but in themselves distinct, and lacking those bonds which render the Church unique and indivisible after that manner in which in the symbol of our faith we profess: "I believe in one Church." "The Church in respect of its unity belongs to the category of things indivisible by nature, though heretics try to divide it into many parts...We say, therefore, that the Catholic Church is unique in its essence, in its doctrine, in its origin, and in its excellence...Furthermore, the eminence of the Church arises from its unity, as the principle of its constitution - a unity surpassing all else, and having nothing like unto it or equal to it" (S. Clemens Alexandrinus, Stronmatum lib. viii., c. 17)." Fellay also says that the Superior General is the "principle of unity" in the SSPX, not the Papacy: "Our venerable founder [Lefebvre] gave to the Society bishops a task and precise duties. He made clear that the principle of unity in our Society is the Superior General." That contradicts Vatican I: Pope Pius IX, Vatican I: "In order, then, that the episcopal office should be one and undivided and that, by the union of the clergy, the whole multitude of believers should be held together in the unity of faith and communion, he set blessed Peter over the rest of the apostles and instituted in him the permanent principle of both unities and their visible foundation." Fellay also questions whether the three bishops even hold Benedict XVI to be "pope": "Reading your letter one seriously wonders if you still believe that the visible Church with its seat in Rome is truly the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, a Church horribly disfigured for sure from head to foot, but a Church which nevertheless still has for its head Our Lord Jesus Christ. One has the impression that you are so scandalised that you no longer accept that that could still be true. Is Benedict XVI still the legitimate pope for you? If he is, can Jesus Christ still speak through his mouth?" I guess for Bp. Fellay who has absolutely no faith in what Jesus Christ revealed, but who worships man, then heresy is not much of a big deal, as if burning in fire forever were merely a teaching used to control the masses. What an apostate and antichrist!!! Also, Fellay is utterly blind to the fact that the Devil speaks through Benedict XVI's mouth, obviously because he himself is a mouthpiece of Satan!!! Fellay then mocks the necessity to condemn heresy: "Depth: within the Society, we are in the process of making the Council's errors into super-heresies, as though it is becoming absolute evil, worse than anything, in the same way that Liberals have dogmatised this pastoral council. The evils are already dramatic enough so that one not need to exaggerate them any further." Bp. Fellay proves himself an utterly faithless coward, liar and heretic. He has absolutely no faith in the Papacy and Papal infallibility, for he calls nothing heresy, and nothing dogma. He resorts to the vain philosophy of "realism" rather than to divine revelation. Bp. Fellay is a mouthpiece of Satan and does not have the grace of the Catholic faith. The SSPX could be about to split! However, all their bishops are heretics, schismatics and apostates, mainly because they refuse to condemn anyone as heretics. They think heretics can be members of the Catholic Church, which is heresy, modernism and liberalism itself. It goes back to their acceptance of the heresies of "baptism of desire," "baptism of blood," and "invincible ignorance." Outside the Catholic Church and Trinitarian water baptism there is absolutely no salvation.

God Bless,

Chris White




Dear Brothers,


What are we to think of Maria Valtorta and her writings. It does have a supernatural feel to it, but having made it this far I am skeptical of much. Below I have included the information and where you can find about 1,000 pages of free samplings of her writings…. I found it amongst SSPX websites and affiliates. Thanks! And may the Almighty keep you standing strong and bearing witness to the True Church!


Erick Vega


MHFM: Her writings are false and should be avoided. 




Dear Sirs:


Let me introduce myself, I am Charles Hawthorne, a 59 year old male that lives in Beaumont, Texas. I was not raised in the confines of a church but was allowed to seek God on any level that I saw fit. In order for me to profess that I believe in the ways of any certain church, and therefore trust them to correctly develop my mortal soul, I must be genuinely convinced that the teachings of that church does accurately reflect Gods true wishes.  I have attended churches of many different denominations and yet have not found any that I would not feel hypocritical by saying that I believe in any particular churches ways.


Can you help me establish the truth to some important religious concerns?  What happened to the fourth commandment, "Remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy" ? Was this written in stone by the finger of God and handed to Moses on the tablets of the Ten Commandments? Which day did he command us to remember? (It was the only day that He blessed after He created the Heavens and Earth and everything in them) Who changed the Holy Day of Worship from the seventh day of the week to the first day? Why was this done? Who were they trying to align with? Who said, "Had She not such great power, She would not have been able to change the Holy Day of Worship from the seventh day (Saturday) of the week to the first day (Sunday) of the week? Did Jesus say, "I came not to change , but rather to enforce" ? Who said , "Not one jot or tittle shall be changed for as long as the Heavens and Earth shall continue to exist?... Who believes that any man has the power to forgive you of sin, and once you are forgiven, "even God in Heaven above is powerless to reverse that forgiving"?


You must have access to vast amounts of religious knowledge, I only know what I have found on my own. Will you tell me the truth or just something to justify these actions? God knows the truth. I seek truth inspired directions. Can you, or will you help me find God's word?


I appreciate your help,

Charles Hawthorne


MHFM: The first article you should see is this: Is Saturday or Sunday the Holy Day according to the Bible?  This article deals with your concerns on the Sabbath.  It refutes the view of Seventh-Day Adventists and Seventh-Day Baptists who believe that the day specifically dedicated to God, rest and worship is Saturday not Sunday.  Many of your other questions are addressed in our book, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church, and in our section refuting Protestantism.  We recommend that you obtain the book. 


Confession is taught in the Bible.  In expressing your concerns about Catholic teaching on forgiveness, you do not accurately describe the Church’s position.  The Church does not teach that men are able to forgive sins independently of God.  You imply that the Church’s priests and God have two independent apostolates of forgiveness, and that while one is sometimes activated the other is not.  No, God gave power and authority to men to forgive sins on His behalf and in His name (John 20:23).  Hence, if God does not deem a man worthy of forgiveness – for example, if a man has no intention of amending his ways when he confesses a grave sin – then the priest is also unable to forgive the sinner in confession.


That’s why St. Paul, who was made a priest and bishop in the Church, says that the ministers of the Church are ministers of God’s reconciliation (forgiveness).


2 Corinthians 5:18-20- “God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation… Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God.”


If you prayed the Hail Mary and the Our Father, you would get the graces to see the truth of the Catholic faith.




MHFM: This is a somewhat interesting quote to contradict evil skeptics, who attempt to undermine the truth of the Gospel with myths and baseless comparisons to paganism.


“A commonly heard argument says that the story of Jesus’ birth is simply a variant of the myths of origins told about figures in the Greco-Roman world, such as the stories about Augustus.  The truth, however, is that none of the pagan stories are about a virginal conception, a notion that lends itself to the accusation of the child being illegitimate.  The pagan stories are usually about some kind of act of hieros gamos – a divine being descends to earth in the guise of a man, mating with a human woman.  But this is not at all what Matthew or Luke suggests happened in the case of Mary, which is about miraculous conception without any form of intercourse and without the aid of any male figure, divine or otherwise.” (Ben Witherington, New Testament History, p. 68.)




Dear Mhfm,

The part of Ireland I live in is very close to St Bridget's well. She baptised many people here and also cured people from various illnesses. I recently found out that unbaptized infants are actually buried underneath the grass at the well because the judge refused to put them in a church grave yard. I think this is a good example that Christians down through history always held you had to be water baptized to be a member of the Church.

As far as "baptism" of desire goes how could members of other religions possibly merit that if it did exist (which it doesn't) if infants can't. Nearly everyone who believes in bod/bob says it can apply to jews, muslims etc.

a youtube user… messaged me something one time along the lines of "you’re from Ireland and I know catholics and protestants have a dispute in your country which is probably the reason you don't believe in baptism of desire since you want them to go to hell".

That was not his exact quote but trust me he said something to that effect. Now of course I don't want anyone going to hell but I firmly believe they will if they don't convert. But isn't that totally evil he basically said protestants who hate catholics could get a baptism of desire. Baptism of desire destroys everything to do with faith.

Looking forward to your new video. I love listening to your old radio programs. Would you consider possibly doing one on youtube sometime? I know you’re extremely busy however.

God Bless





Thank you for helping me realize what has happened to the Catholic Church. I believe I was guided by the Holy Ghost to your website and truthful information. Keep up the excellent/hard work. Now, I need to speak out about it but it’s been hard for people to believe the truth. Pray for me and I will pray for your monastery as well. May God bless.







Subject: The Notorious Apostate


Dear MHFM,


Luther founded the false religion of Protestantism in Germany. Adam founded the illuminati sect in Germany. It makes sense the Antipope hails from there, to carry on the torch of the most destructive movements in human memory. He is a Bavarian with extensive illuministic and rabid heretical trappings. It is also beginning to make sense that one of the biggest hoaxes in human history is intimately tied to this place, namely, the Zionist advertised fantasy of mass gassing campaigns allegedly carried out in WWII by the National Socialist Party of Germany. It even imprisons deniers of the ardent beliefs of the gas chamber cult.


There has been a new religion, which professing friendship with the world, and sowing hatred against God’s dogmas, is being steered by the non-Catholic sect led by Antipope Benedict XVI, the apostate successor of the rabid AntiChrist himself John Paul II the Apostate. This new religionism emanating from the Robber Council of Vatican II gave birth to all the bastard sacraments, bastard priests, bastard doctrines, bastard seminaries, bastard churches, and bastard hierarchy that is so well known to us today for its emptiness and dedication to apotheosis – the worship of man.


In the 600+ page work and expose’ that you put together on the Vatican II post conciliar new religion, when you mentioned the historicity of Our Lord and the Scriptures were being attacked in Vatican II colleges, I myself must point out that this is a very big problem. In trying to convert a member of a false religion that went to such a college, he told me the Franciscan “monks” came to teach the “religion” class and they attacked not only the historicity of the Scriptures, but also the historicity of the writers of the Gospels viciously. It almost makes me think such persons were direct infiltrators, but then again people who are aware of the activities of the exploding apostate and continue to consider him to be a staunch Catholic, believe in nothing and can truly be called atheists.The apostate VII sect teaches nothing of the history of the Church, nor anything of the Church Fathers; any semblance of this will only be found in “conservative” wing VII publications and avenues that are connected with the invalid… Mass. On a personal note, I had never heard of mortal sin in my life before, until I was 16; I had some interest in the faith and was in a habit of picking up booklets left out on the table, at a VII church. When I read the little that I found out on mortal sin, I was horrified of having never heard or being taught such a thing in my life. I also had never heard of the prohibition about not eating meat on Fridays….




Dear Brothers

A very, very strange thing has occurred in that I found your website quite by accident, but I am convinced God was guiding my typing fingers. Previously I have been a follower of Lucian Pulvermacher ("Pope Pius XIII") and before that, David Bawden ("Pope Michael"). Truly, your site has opened my eyes. Now at last I see where salvation lies after so many years of wandering among dangerous false shepherds…






Subject: Nebraska Coach


I hope you reach out to the Nebraska assistant coach, Ron Brown, who was so outspoken (and whose story you linked) about homosexuality. I understand that he is almost certainly a "protestant", and a material heretic, but at the same time, it takes an extraordinary amount of courage nowadays for someone with a prestigious, probably lucrative position (Nebraska is a Big 10 school) to be so forthcoming and plain spoken nowadays. Surely to speak against homosexuality in public, in that environment is the ultimate heresy against the modern, false ethos. It signifies grace and goodwill. He is probably in for a hard time in the secular world. He may be open to the complete Truth. I hope so.


Bill Mulligan


MHFM: First, a Protestant who rejects the Catholic faith is not a “material heretic.”  He is a formal heretic, which means a true heretic.  A “material heretic” is not even a heretic: he is a member of the Catholic Church, an erring Catholic.  That man is not a “material heretic.”  In fact, he believes in sola fide (faith alone) and sola scriptura (scripture alone).


Second, while it’s good that he has spoken some truth about homosexuality, that’s not an indication of overall good will.  Many people of bad will defend some truths with courage: think of the false Catholics who protest abortion, or the false traditionalists who are outspoken about some truth of the faith; yet those same people refuse to submit to what Christ revealed on salvation, and refuse to reject the anti-Christ apostasy of the Vatican II antipopes.  Your conclusions are liberal and inconsistent with Catholic teaching.


We do agree with you that he should be contacted with the information, and there’s a chance he might respond. 




Subject: on Protestantism


Dear brothers,


As I was reading your e-exchanges section as I do every day (and as I've mentioned before in a previous message, I do that more than once a day) I noticed the two people one named Clark and one name LeeAnn who I have seen in this section before talking about Protestantism. As I was reading what they had to say I felt as though I should ad in my own two cents worth of commentary about Protestantism, I deal with them on a daily basis after all my state is 98.5% Protestant the other 1% is ‘Catholic’ and that last .5% is Eastern Orthodox. Firstly I have to say that anyone who deals with a Protestant needs to bring up to them the one thing that I do, and it usually makes them fuming flaming, cussing, spitting mad.


When it comes to their false belief concerning faith alone just ask them "Since all you have to do is believe in Jesus and you're a "Christian", you are "saved" and going to heaven, since Satan himself believes in Jesus therefore he is a "Christian" also right? And I guess at the end of time he's going to heaven since he believes in Jesus." And when they tell you no, ask them "Well, why not?"


As we all know Satan has counterfeited elements of Christ's church in advance in the centuries before the rise of THE CHURCH and the religion that HE himself established for the benefit and salvation of all mankind. He did this with Zoroastrianism by having them have so called holy water and a priesthood and the use of bells and candles and altars and incense, etc. Satan did this with a lot of religions he founded he even knew enough of Christ's life story in advance to counterfeit those certain elements and spread them out and place them into the stories of these pagan "gods" such as Horus etc., he even went so far as to abominate the truth with Islam that there is one true God.  Now why would he not counterfeit Christianity?...






Dear MHFM,


I had a few things I wanted to share during my encounters in trying to convert 2 different kinds of people. I evangelized to an atheist organization and communicated to an atheist woman working there (she is the president of that organization). When I brought up ‘No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church’, she immediately rejected my counsel and said the head of the “Catholic Church” in Australia recently said even the atheists can go to heaven (she must be referring to “Cardinal” George Pell) she even enthusiastically said that eternal hell isn’t such a worry after all. She then wanted evidence of the one True God and His Religion. I brought out the miraculous characteristics of the Holy Shroud of Turin and also Padre Pio’s astounding gifts from God. I brought out so much evidence that she couldn’t refute anything. I mentioned Gemma Di Giorgio being born blind as a result of not having pupils, and Padre Pio restoring her sight, even without her pupils, and that this is anatomically and scientifically impossible. I also said that doctors since her youth have examined her and declared her condition inexplicable. Even though this is the sort of evidence she asked for, she told me to please stop and that I made absurd assertions…




Note: … working on a major video on an important topic… hope to have it finished somewhat soon.




My Greetings Brothers in Faith,


I can clearly recall the deep feeling of loss when Vat II was "explained to me". Here as a young man who was schooled by the BVM's… Altar Boy at 12… being told "All this is going away--thank God". I knew something was wrong, was criticized for speaking out, and felt left out. I always looked forward to Midnight Mass at Christmas, the majesty of the Gregorian Chants, the feeling of joy, and happiness. The last time I attended a Midnight Mass I thought I was attending a folk music festival, how sad I was. Today I still pray… And stand by what I believe and professed at my confirmation using the words of the Nicene Creed. Thank You for your service to God, and holding true to what some still hold dear.


Dominus Vobiscum,


William Witt


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  We hope you see the rest of the information which covers how one must not attend any of the New Masses, and that the Vatican II Church is not the Catholic Church.




Dear brothers,


My name is Doug and I'm a sixteen year old Traditional Catholic who holds the sedevacantist position. However, I have two cousins who are both militant atheistic secularists, and i'm concerned about what the fate of their souls will be. They attend pro-abortion and pro same-sex "marriage" rallies often, hate the Catholic faith, etc. I've tried to give them sacramentals, such as the Miraculous Medal, the Green Scapular, and a Saint Benedict crucifix, but they refuse to accept them. I've even showed them some of your material, such as your videos on Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Exorcism of Emily Rose, Information Proves God, and Creation and Miracles, but even after watching them, they still refuse to believe in the Catholic Faith. Besides praying the Rosary for them, is there anything else I can do to bring them to the Faith?


Sincerely in Our Lady,




MHFM: Perhaps you tried this already, but you could recommend that they pray the Hail Mary or the Our Father.  If they say no, then you definitely should not spend more time on them.  As you know, most people are of bad will.  If they don’t respond to the grace God is giving them, there’s nothing you can do.  You tried to help them (we assume you told them they will go to Hell unless they convert), and now you should move on. 




Dear Brothers,

The SSPX is asking their supporters to pray a Novena for Bp. Fellay and antipope Benedict XVI: "The intention of this novena will be that the Holy Ghost may give the graces of light and strength to the Holy Father, Benedict XVI, and to the Superior General of the Society, Bishop Fellay." They could pray Novenas forever and it wouldn't make the slightest improvement to Benedict XVI because he is the False Prophet and an antichrist. Also, The heretic, schismatic and apostate Bp. Fellay blasphemes the Holy Ghost too by his heresies and desire to get in with Rome. It's another big fake show of the Vatican II sect. They will do anything to deny Jesus Christ, the Holy Trinity and the necessity of membership in the Catholic Church and of water baptism for salvation. Sickening and outrageous apostates!!!

Matthew 12:32 - "And whosoever shall speak a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but he that shall speak against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, nor in the world to come."

John 1:1-5 - "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him: and without him was made nothing that was made. In him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it."

God Bless,

Chris White




Dear Brothers:


In reply to Clark's email, MHFM makes the really important point (which we should always keep in mind) that the protestant is an anti-christ who rejects Christ and His word. As MHFM has shown, the Bible declares that the anti-christ is he who denies or dissolves Christ. While JP2 did this explicitly and formally when he sat in the Temple of God, every heresy in some way destroys the truth about Who Christ is. The "Jesus" whom protestants claim to worship is a false Christ. Their "Christ" did not reveal a religion. He did not found a Church or establish the Papacy. He did not fulfill the old form of worship and provide the new. His words are not truth and can be ignored and denied. He did not tell men what they must do to be saved: the protestant tells men what they need to do to be saved. In their hideous cult of pride which is, as Clark has pointed out, nothing more than a hatred of the Catholic faith, they put man in the place of God by insisting that everything God has done, man can do better. Scripture has told us that there was to be one Antichrist but also many little anti-christs over the course of history. Likewise, although there would be only one counterfeit "Catholic" Church and religion at the end of time, it too was to be preceded by many false sects of perdition calling themselves "Christian churches". The endtimes counterfeit "church" with its heretical religion is God's punishment of the world for the sins of the world, including the horrible, world-destroying sin of heresy.


In their utter blindness, these people cannot see that heresy was the cause of the fall of Satan: he thought he knew better than God, and preferring his own will to God's, will get to command for all eternity those men who will have followed his example. The "new truth", as the Antichrist JP2 put it, is simply the old lie.


Lee Ann




Subject: Critical dismantling of heretic pillars


Dear MHFM,


It seems that the up and coming self-appointed leaders of the Protestant community and daily springing denominations feel the need to establish their intellectual and “theological” bona fides of Protestant “legitimacy” by engaging the greater part of their time in stirring their congregations in polemics towards what they perceive to be Catholicity; after throwing in a few straw men and many other misconceptions against the Catholic Faith, it would almost seem that the newly springing denominations exist and find this as their only purpose. Instead of arguing and criticizing their parent denomination from which they broke, they align their deadly emotions towards Catholicity.. it would seem that basically all the denominations have an inherent characteristic of unifying and attacking the Church through lies and half-truths, rather than attacking their fellow Protestant parent denomination's doctrines, because that’s where their sympathies lie.


Protestantism is ever a prey of party disputes, dissensions… rivalries… denominations… in the Protestant false religion… each disagree with the other on the most fundamental points of doctrine. They cannot agree and keep dividing and subdividing by the year. Their only similarity appears to be their opposition to the Catholic Church. Today the divisions and subdivisions of Protestantism are too well known to need comment.


Another illogicality of Protestantism lies in an absence of a continuity of Apostolic Succession. The 16th century Protestant outbreak was never commissioned by the Apostles. Their self-appointed “ministers” cannot trace their lineage back to the time of the Apostles. Protestant revolters simply sent themselves upon whim and rebellion against Our Lord. They abandoned the exegetic patrimony of the Church; and shunned the unanimous consent of the Fathers.


… Clark


MHFM: Yes, it’s difficult to describe the righteous indignation one has in hearing a Protestant talk about Scripture and the idea that Catholicism contradicts it.  It’s an outrage to hear a Protestant talk about the Bible, as if he is on the side of the word of God and the Catholic is lost, when he (the Protestant) is actually an anti-Christ heretic who rejects Christ and His word.




Subject: Farm Worker parable


This is a parable that Jesus told. It applies to the Vatican 2 false church:

21:33-40 - "Now listen to another story. There was once a man, a land-owner, who planted a vineyard, fenced it round, dug out a hole for the wine-press and built a watch-tower. Then he let it out to farm-workers and went abroad. When the vintage-time approached he sent his servants to the farm-workers to receive his share of the proceeds. But they took the servants, beat up one, killed another, and drove off a third with stones. Then he sent some more servants, a larger party than the first, but they treated them in just the same way. Finally he sent his own son, thinking, 'They will respect my son.' Yet when the farm-workers saw the son they said to each other, 'This fellow is the future owner. Come on, let's kill him and we shall get everything that he would have had!' So they took him, threw him out of the vineyard and killed him. Now when the owner of the vineyard returns, what will he do to those farm-workers?"

The V2 are actually worse, for they were not "let" the farm by the land owner (God). Instead, they usurped the role of the rightful farm workers and took it upon themselves to farm without permission and steal...






Dear Brothers,


Last night at work I was having lunch with an acquaintance. She is an employee who works on another floor. She befriended me and I think she may be romantically interested in me. She brought her food from home to share with me. She is a Seventh Day Adventist. While eating lunch she asked me what I normally bring to work to eat. I told her sometimes I make ham and cheese sandwiches. She gave me such a ridiculous response. She claims the Bible says anyone who eats pig will not go to Heaven. I replied that only Catholics will go to Heaven. She then proceeded to criticize Catholics with the usual Protestant rhetoric, that we worship idols (images and statues of saints and Mary), etc. I thought of giving her a copy of your book, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church. However she does not read English very well. Her native language is French and Haitian creole. I doubt if you have any of your books available in French but is there a possibility in the future you could work on that just like you have your website in Spanish? I'm a Haitian-American and can communicate with her in her native tongue. It's a shame that during this Great Apostasy so many of them have apostatized from the true faith and have founded their own heretical sects or joined another. I know of numerous examples. Haiti was once 95% Catholic but I read somewhere recently that it has dropped to about 80%, if my memory serves me well. Of course this is Novus Ordo but the point is that many of them have rejected Catholicism altogether.




MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  A fellow Catholic has translated some of the materials into French.  The YouTube channel is:



The website is: http://www.la-foi.fr/index.aspx




MHFM: There is a traditional Catholic, who is looking for a single traditional Catholic person (who is in agreement with the positions of MHFM), who could help with some office-type work.  If someone is interested in this, e-mail us at mhfm1@aol.com with your name, state and telephone number.  A person who does not have internet access could also leave a message.  E-mail is preferable, however.


Found out


Dear Brothers,


I'm an 18 year old male and found out when I was about 16 about the Vatican II church and have since then abjured from it and all past heresy. My only dilemma now is that I have social anxiety, depression and general anxiety and it keeps me from preaching my faith and living out a true catholic life…



MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  We believe that if you pray the full Rosary each day; make a good general confession of any un-confessed mortal sins to a valid priest; live the life of grace; and ask for special assistance to overcome your anxiety, then it will pass.




… Jesus tells us in John 6:54,"Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life"(The New American Bible, Fireside Bible Publishers). It seems like the Eucharist is just as important as Baptism in order to receive eternal life or am i missing something?


Thank you and God Bless




MHFM: There is a necessity to receive the Eucharist: for all who hear the command and can fulfill it.  However, it is not absolutely necessary in the way that water baptism is absolutely necessary for every man.  This is discussed in section 22 of our salvation book.


JOHN 3:5 VS. JOHN 6:54


Some writers have tried to refute a literal interpretation of John 3:5 by appealing to the words of Our Lord in John 6:54: “Amen, amen I say to you: Except you eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, you shall not have life in you.” They argue that the language in this verse is the same as in John 3:5, and yet the Church doesn’t take Jn. 6:54 literally – for infants don’t need to receive the Eucharist to be saved. But the argument falters because the proponents of this argument have missed a crucial difference in the wording of these two verses.


John 6:54- “Amen, amen I say to you: EXCEPT YOU eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, you shall not have life in you.”


John 3:5- “Amen, amen I say to thee, UNLESS A MAN be born again of water and the Holy Ghost, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.”


Our Lord Jesus Christ, when speaking on the necessity of receiving the Eucharist in John 6:54, does not say: “unless a man eat the flesh of the Son of man…” He says: “Except you…” His words, therefore, are clearly intended for the people to whom He was speaking, not every man. Since the people to whom He was speaking could eventually receive the Eucharist, they had to in order to be saved. This applies to all who can receive the Eucharist, that is, all who hear that command and can fulfill it, which is what the Church teaches. But in John 3:5, Our Lord unequivocally speaks of every man. This is why the Catholic Church’s magisterial teaching, in every single instance it has dealt with John 3:5, has taken it as it is written.


The difference in the wording of these two verses actually shows the supernatural inspiration of the Bible and the absolute necessity of water baptism for every man.


Dalai Lama


No surprise if the "Dalai Lama" is a mason---in fact I think it would be a bit more of a surprise if he were NOT one! Since "the whole world is seated in wickedness"............however, the "Dalai Lama" is slimier than most. I remember one day I was sitting at my desk in my college house studying when I happened to glance out the window and there he was, the "Dalai Lama" came slithering through our campus en route to some "talk" that day on campus...........what a slimy critter, and he doesn't seem to age much either which is a bit odd. He is just like a serpent, yuck. How deluded so many are!




I have been contemplating a lot about the unspeakable scene at Golgotha, the Crucifixion of Jesus, gesmas and Dismas, imagine the Tree of Life in the Midst and the reprobate on the left and the elect on the right… while Jesus is in utter pain and misery because of Dismas' sins {and mine}, Jesus doesn't even consider His own unimaginable pain, He turns to Dismas… Jesus provided everything for Dismas, the Grace of repentance {to acknowledge and say I'm truly sorry}, the Grace of Penance {Dismas', death on the cross}, unto Salvation….




MHFM: We should point out that many people wrongly bring up the Good Thief as an example against the necessity of water baptism, when he is not, as this video covers: The Good Thief, the Old Testament Saints, and the Necessity of Baptism [video]




I enjoy reading your writings which brings me back in time when the nuns talked the same way regarding salvation. Mortal sin for missing Mass on Sunday, mortal sin for eating meat on Friday's etc. Salvation is found in the Catholic church & everyone else is a heretic. The message I am concerned with is your position with the most recent Pope's. I find it hard to believe, that these traveling Pope's who visit other countries, can afford to be candid with your positions that would be very offensive to other believer's. They are giving a message within a very delicate way to avoid hatred, that will cause many Catholics to lose their lives, in many of these countries. You can't make friends by telling them that they are going to HELL.


I was told that the Holy Spirit works within the church & when the conclave of cardinals reach a decision, white smoke indicates that through the working of the Holy Spirit, a Pope is selected. Are you concerned that you may be guilty of the most serious sin in scripture, which is the sin against the Spirit?




John Paul….


MHFM: A Catholic has an obligation to tell the truth wherever he may be.  Martyrs shed their blood rather than deny one article of the faith; yet you are proposing that it’s somehow justified to praise false religions in the hope that their leaders will deal more leniently with Catholics?  That’s contrary to the faith.  Moreover, the notion that the Vatican II antipopes are simply praising false religions in order to make friends or be polite is not reality.  They praise false religions from within the comfort of the Vatican.  They enshrine their heretical teaching on non-Catholics within official documents.  They willingly take part in syncretic gatherings that have been condemned by the Church.  They believe and promote the heretical idea that Christ and the Church are not necessary.  They are apostates.  That’s simply a fact.   


You say that you cannot make friends by telling people they will go to Hell.  Yes, you can.  Jesus told everyone in the world that unless they believe in Him they will go to Hell (Mk. 16:16); and He also said that those who listened to His commands are His friends: “You are my friends, if you do the things that I command you” (John 15:14).  A true friend tells his neighbor the truth.  He doesn’t hide it from him.  He doesn’t tell him he’s going to Heaven if, in fact, he’s going to Hell.  


Finally, you are wrong about the conclave.  The Church teaches that a heretic cannot be validly elected pope, since a heretic is not a member of the Catholic Church.  The mere fact that an election has occurred does not mean a valid occupant of the papal throne has been chosen, as Church history and Catholic teaching prove.  That’s covered in detail on our website and in our videos. 






Dear Brothers,


I thought you may like to see this to add to your Benedict XVI's recent heresies file. It seems as he has recently said that states have the duty to promote their cultural heritage as well as their "religious" heritage. Hmm, someone should tell him that the Mohammedans are already taking his advice and have been for years in advance and are promoting their false "god" Satan/Allah across the face of the earth as well as their warped "culture", both of which are one and the same and indivisible from one another. Does he not already know that entire countries are de-baptizing themselves, turning against Christ, turning atheist and if they do believe in a "religion" anymore or leave for one it is nowadays usually Mohammedanism which is taking over the world that they leave for? Is he really this stupid? "Promote your religion people" well they are and there is a reason why Mohammed has been the #1 boys name in both France and Belgium for the last 10 years and why northern Europe is overun with these lowlife devil worshippers and their sick wife beating, daughter killing, child molesting, deranged and murderous false "faith". These Mohammedans are building mosques (temples to Satan) at an alarming rate while Catholic churches are closing even quicker and the Mohammedans are buying up closed down Catholic churches and converting them into temples dedicated to the coming of the Anti-Christ where they worship their true "god" Mohammed. It is utterly sickening that the places where in some cases for centuries GOD almighty himself has been worshipped and adored and glorified is now being even more defiled and abominated than ever before and this punk is in essence promoting this agenda and these acts by these very words. I remember reading one particular prophecy that stated every place where GOD has been despised (worshipped falsely or where a false religion has had its ceremonies) will be left in ruins…






Subject: Saint Montfort's End-Time Prophecy


Dear Brothers,

Lee Ann's email is quite interesting. I too believe that God reserved him for our times. Saint Louis de Montfort was deeply devoted to our Lady, and his writings continue to profoundly impact the lives of Christians. You may be interested in the following quote:

St. Louis de Montfort's End-Time Prophecy:

"Mary has produced, together with the Holy Ghost, the greatest thing which has been or ever will be - a God-Man; and she will consequently produce the greatest saints that there will be in the end of time. The formation and education of the great saints who shall come at the end of the world are reserved for her. For it is only that singular and miraculous Virgin who can produce, in union with the Holy Ghost, singular and extraordinary things.

All the rich among the people, to make use of an expression of the Holy Ghost (Ps. 44:13) according to the explanation of St. Bernard - all the rich among the people shall supplicate her face from age to age, and particularly at the end of the world; that is to say, the greatest saints, the souls richest in graces and virtues, shall be the most assiduous in praying to our Blessed Lady, and in having her always present as their perfect model for imitation and their powerful aid for help.

Holy Mary is especially necessary to the great saints of the latter times. I have said that this would come to pass, particularly at the end of the world and indeed presently, because the Most High with His holy Mother has to form for Himself great saints who shall surpass most of the other saints in sanctity as much as the other cedars of Lebanon outgrow the little shrubs...

These great souls, full of grace and zeal, shall be chosen to match themselves against the enemies of God, who shall rage on all sides; and they shall be singularly devout to our Blessed Lady, illuminated by her light, strengthened with her nourishment, led by her spirit, supported by her arm and sheltered under her protection, so that they shall fight with one hand and build with the other. With the one hand they shall fight, overthrow and crush the heretics with their heresies, the schismatics with their schisms, the idolators with their idolatries and the sinners with their impieties. With the other hand they shall build (Esd. 4:7) the temple of the true Solomon and the mystical city of God, that is to say, the most holy Virgin, called by the Fathers the "Temple of Solomon" and the "City of God." By their words and their examples they shall draw the whole world to true devotion to Mary. This shall bring upon them many enemies, but shall also bring many victories and much glory for God alone. This is what God revealed to St. Vincent Ferrer, the great apostle of his age...

This is what the Holy Ghost seems to have prophesied in the fifty-eighth Psalm: "And they shall know that God will rule Jacob and all the ends of the earth: they shall return at evening and suffer hunger like dogs and shall go round about the city" (Ps. 58:14-15). This city which men shall find at the end of the world to convert themselves in, and to saitsfy the hunger they have for justice, is the most holy Virgin, who is called by the Holy Ghost the "City of God" (Ps. 86:3).

One can see how necessary it is that we should always have true devotion to Mary. In lieu of the entire visible Church structure in these last days, the Rosary has fulfilled the function of teacher, priest, confessor, etc.

Sincerely in Christ,




I am so confused! I came across your videos by accident a couple of weeks ago and have been going through them. I have known something is wrong in the church for a long time. And have been from pillar to post. I'm an Opus Dei Catholic, the mother of 4 young children (one who's name is Fulton, after Fulton Sheen, the video that brought me to you) and married to a good catholic man. I don't want to go to hell, I don't want to lead my children to hell. I have done some research… Should we stay at the Archdiocese of Boston latin Mass and not receive the sacraments? Or stay at home? Any advice would help, PLEASE!  Thank you and God Bless.




MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  As you can see from the material, to be a true Catholic you need to completely reject the Vatican II sect and the New Mass.  Opus Dei is a heretical group that accepts Vatican II, the New Mass and the Vatican II Counter Church.  The Vatican II Church is not the Catholic Church.  One must have no part with it.  Also, you should not go to the Latin Mass in the Boston Archdiocese because many of the priests who offer it are invalid and it is offered in churches where they also have a New Mass.


Before receiving sacraments, one must reach the point where one is committed never to attend the New Mass again, believes in Outside the Church There is No Salvation without exception (no “baptism of desire”), rejects NFP, won’t support any heretical priests, etc.  That’s explained in this file: Where to go to Mass or confession today?  People should also make the traditional profession of faith from the Council of Trent, which can be accessed from the aforementioned file.  Once a person is convinced on all relevant matters, we can help that person with possible locations for receiving sacraments.  We also recommend people to pray the Rosary each day, all 15 decades if possible.


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts




Subject: vatican-2


I have e-mailed you several times in the past.  I thought I had converted to the Catholic Faith. You are saying that the church I go to is not a valid church… I do believe in the teachings. I have spent a lot of time doing study on the different denominations and found the catholic faith to be as close to the bible teachings. I came into the church on april 24 2011. Then what you are saying is that I may not be catholic at all. You know my whole desire was to be saved by christ and to follow him…


Mike Childers


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  The material on our website and in our videos demonstrates that the post-Vatican II Church is not the real Catholic Church.  The New Mass is not a valid Mass.  Please see our video on that issue: Why the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid


We can help you with how to become Catholic, and where to receive sacraments, once you are convinced on the issues.  You should pray the Rosary each day, 15 decades if possible.  You say that the Catholic faith is "close" to the Bible's teaching.  No, the Catholic faith is perfectly consistent with the Bible's teaching.  It doesn't seem as if you are fully convinced of that yet.  Once must be convinced to have the true faith.  You should see our book, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church, and stop going to the New Mass.


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts




Thank you so much f/ the "What Really Happened to the Catholic Church" e-mail! Dk who gave you my e-mail address, but glad they did. I'm keeping it, and sharing it, as well, because it contains practically everything a Catholic should know. To some, it will be a real eye-opener; to others, like me, it's a comfort.


I've been distressed f/ years… Really, the pain is indescribable, like that of an abandoned orphan!  How older Catholics can accept, w/o a complaint, this phony religion Vatican II dumped on us is more than I'll ever understand! For them, I pray my Rosary daily…


I wish I could see a "light at the end of the tunnel", but things just seem to get worse. Instead of trying to fix the problem, Benedict XVI obsesses about his designer fragrances, shoes, clothing, etc., and doesn't seem to mind if the media announces it to the world! Such vanity fr/ the man who's supposed to be the "Vicar of Christ on Earth"!!!


I can only conclude that God is allowing this insanity to continue because He's about to return very soon. When it happens, I pray that those of us who've suffered through, and fought against, this hypocrisy will hear, "Well done, good and faithful servants!" Please include my family and me in your prayers, and keep me on your mailing list. God bless you!



Mary Abbey


Human Sacrifice


Subject: 'Conclusive' evidence of human sacrifice found in Mexico - Telegraph


Horrifying! We used to collect obsidian knives from Teotihuacan when we were kids growing up in Mexico. It could be said we may have had blood on our hands.







Subject: Saints for our times


Dear Brothers:


Just a thought I found interesting and wanted to pass along.  St. Louis de Montfort was not canonized until 1947 by Pope Pius XII. It's almost as if God was reserving him especially for our times, inasmuch as his sanctity was certainly already recognized in his day (he died in 1716). In the little bio on him which is presented at the beginning of True Devotion to Mary it says: "At the saint's beatification investigation, many witnesses testified that during his life they had heard struggles between him and the devil, including the sound of fist blows and the swish of whips." (The devil's retaliation against St. Louis for all the souls the saint was bringing to Jesus through Mary. Reminds us of Padre Pio.)


In looking through the Raccolta for a prayer to St. Louis, I didn't see one to him but something else did catch my attention. Prayer # 500 is a Novena prayer to St. Francis Xavier, who lived around the time the Protestant revolt was beginning. I noticed that this prayer is a bit different from others in the Raccolta, in that it actually indicates the point at which one should ask for his or her specific spiritual or temporal favor. Like the others, it too is indulgenced, and is dated 1904. Since I have decided to use this prayer, I thought I would refresh my memory on the life of St. Francis Xavier. It seems that Pope St. Pius X declared St. Francis Xavier to be the heavenly patron for the Society for the Propagation of the Faith and its work. Pope St. Pius X (amazingly) believed it was possible that the Antichrist was already living on earth in his day, and told us how we were to recognize him. It would seem that if Pope St. Pius X had such confidence in St. Francis, then St. Francis Xavier would continue to be a powerful patron for those who propagate the true faith today.


What's ironic and disturbing about this, of course, is the fact that St. Francis Xavier, the modern apostle to the Indies, dedicated his life to bringing to the Japanese and others the true Catholic faith, and we can only imagine the never-ending risks, hardships and tribulations he had to endure. Yet, the mis-named Society of St. Pius X promotes the heresy of "baptism of desire", as did Lefebvre, and this heresy especially renders the work of St. Francis Xavier (like the deaths of the martrys) unnecessary, if not downright foolish.


Lee Ann




Dear Brothers,

Kr says "all your talk of heresy is very clearly a brand new heresy in itself." Isn't it fascinating how adept at distortions and lies heretics like Kr are. Since when has the Church declared that it is heresy to talk about heresy? NEVER, and it never will, no matter how much heretics ask us to because Jesus Christ promised that the gates of hell, which are heretics, will NEVER overcome His Church, which is the Catholic Church only. Also, Kr needs to realize that according to her Vatican II antipopes, there is no such thing as heresy, and therefore she is disobeying the very "Papal authority" she claims to hold to. Kr sounds like a false traditionalist who, under the appearance of being generous and noble, is actually being a faithless apostate…

God Bless,

Chris White




Brothers Michael and Peter,


... continue fighting for the True Faith. Thanks for everything and I want to let you know that I have woken up so much and still growing due to your travails.



Trinidad, West Indies




I ask you to please stop your website and videos. I realize that you are doing all of this in a good mindset, but all your talk of heresy is very clearly a brand new heresy in itself. You are taking things out of context, you are putting words in peoples mouths, and you are exploding on tiny things. You are denying bishops and very blatantly the holy Fathers of our Church. And worse yet you are doing it through a very unholy way. I am so disappointed to see this kind of thing coming from people who call themselves brothers. Please stop. I will pray for you.




MHFM: Right, that’s why you don’t give any specific examples.  If you did, it would be demonstrated that you are wrong and that your accusation is baseless.  You are just another bad-willed liar consumed by hatred of the truth and with nothing to substantiate your claims. 




MHFM: This is a somewhat interesting quote about St. Luke, the author of Luke’s Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles.  It concerns what is recorded in Acts 26:26 (Paul’s words to Agrippa), and how it favors the historical validity of Luke’s writing.  We read that Paul told Agrippa about Christ’s fulfillment of prophecy, His Resurrection, etc.  Luke informs us that Paul said these things were not “done in a corner.” 


“One thing that definitely distinguishes modern historiography from almost all forms of ancient historiography is that the ancients did not hesitate to include the divine or the supernatural in their narratives of historical events.  Yet notice that Luke, unlike some ancient writers, does not discourse about the fabulous in a way that makes it immune to historical scrutiny.  He insists that the miraculous deeds and divine interventions recorded in his account were not ‘done in a corner’ and that various eyewitnesses could be consulted about these matters.  This contrasts with the ancient writers who wrote about ‘supernatural’ events on remote islands or faraway countries, locations that none of their readers could possibly check to find out if the account was veracious.” (Ben Witherington, New Testament History, p. 26.)


Olympic Games


Subject: Nuclear attack at London 2012 Olympic games


Dear mhfm,

I read a while back that one of your readers believes it's possible that the elite will stage a false flag "terror" attack at the olympic games. I know anyone can take their own opinion on it however I am convinced they will stage a nuclear attack. I read some things recently that point in that direction. I really hope I’m wrong but I think you would be interested in sharing this with your readers.

The olympic stadium is actually built on an area that was previously an experimental nuclear reactor. Anyone can look that up to do their own research. Also if this was to happen they would blame Iran. Now when I see what the media keeps saying about the US, Israel and Iran things like the war is ready to happen then it's postponed. Imagine out of nowhere this nuclear attack happens it'll be the green light to attack Iran and world war III will begin.

You have pointed out in the past that certain shows on television warned about 9/11. They showed a plane controlled by remote control heading for the wtc. Other tv shows did this too. These are controlled by the illuminati to brainwash the people. What is amazing is that British tv shows actually portray a nuclear attack in London. Again people can search these things in their spare time.

Here is a quote from the Rockefeller foundation in a report entitled "Scenarios for the future of technology and international development" "no one was prepared for a world in which large scale catastrophes would occur with breathtaking frequency. The years 2010 to 2020 were dubbed the 'doom decade' for good reason the 2012 olympic bombing which killed 13,000...."

That quote is from 2010. It doesn't make sense unless a bomb attack occurs. People think he said "13,000" for the illuminati since 13 is very important to satanists.

Oh and by the way ZION is in the olympic logo and the London Mayor unveiled a sculpture of ZION.

There are other reasons too that people can find. I know it's not the most important issue however it will be a terrible evil act if it is carried out. I hope to God and Our Lady that I am completely wrong. But based on evidence and history I think it's quite possible it will happen.

God Bless





Dear Brothers,

I'm and SO sick of all the excuses put forth for "homosexuality". All this talk about it's this person’s fault or that person’s fault for molested children or teens.  ENOUGH..! GOD SAYS IT IS AN ABOMINATION UNTO HIM PERIOD...! Well, sorry… HELL is real, satan is real and GOD RULES!!!  God Bless you both and Our Most Holy Mother Mary protect you always.





… When someone uses the name of God outside of the one true faith, it is offensive… This is the fruit of religious liberty. Of the many names of blasphemy, surely religious liberty is of the highest degree. Thus, lady liberty is the whore [see wikipedia, liberty (goddess)]. Saint Timothy pray for us,


Richard Spinnenweber


Music Industry


Subject: Music Industry


I thought your video on rock n roll sorcery was great. This video on the same subject with newer artists was excellent! I think many people would never let anyone they cared about listen to the radio again...very well done.


God bless MHFM,




MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  Perhaps you are referring to a video we carry called: Rock-N-Roll Sorcerers of the New Age Revolution.  It’s extremely powerful. 






… I think it won’t matter who wins this election in november. all the moral evils of this country will continue with these false naturalists on the left and right. the unborn will continue to be killed under the cover of law. the godlessness of our nation will continue. the future chastisement from god will be an thermo - nuclear exchange which will be the start of an third world war. ww 3. thank you and God bless IN HER MOST SORROWFUL AND IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY


from mark vasquez




Dear Most Holy Family Monastery,


My name is Francisco and I first wanted to thank you for your amazing effort in saving so many souls and showing them the truth. Because of your faith and effort I myself found the truth through your website... May God bless you.






Subject: SSPX leading souls astray


A few thoughts just came to me with regard to the SSPX.


As an organization and for the vast majority of their members, they are heretics and schismatics. As your excellent materials on this website clearly prove, the SSPX are heretics for several reasons, but as regards their specific heresies which pertain to the validity of the “popes” since 1958, they also undermine in many souls the very concept of the Papacy and the due respect and obedience we must have for the Popes.


By picking and choosing when to follow and when not to follow the teachings of the (Anti)Popes and their Rome since 1958, the SSPX also (probably intentionally and devilishly) portray a false image of what it means to be Catholic – which is to obey the infallible magisterium without compromise… The holy Catholic Faith is not alone based on traditional externals, and not even on the true Mass (alone), as so many in the SSPX would have us believe. A true Catholics first and foremost obeys the Popes and has the utmost respect for the Papacy.


Who are the SSPX to decide when B16 is right or when B16 is wrong (or his 4 predecessors), as long as they acknowledge these guys as (their) “Popes”? Apart from being schismatics in doing so, they also mislead countless souls into falsely thinking that respect and obedience for the (true) Popes and their teachings is not of the uttermost importance after all...


By this false method (of picking and choosing), why don’t the SSPX just decide for themselves what they like or don’t like in every (true) Pope’s teachings?


But alas, are they not their own little man-made "magisterium" with regard to one of the most important Dogmas, by denying that there is No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church?


The very thought of these heretics and schismatics makes me vomit.




MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  We should emphasize that when one says that the SSPX should not regard the Vatican II antipopes as “popes” yet disagree with their teaching, it’s in reference to the authoritative teaching of the antipopes (such as Vatican II), which would qualify as magisterial if they were true popes (which they are not).  A Catholic could disagree with something promoted by a pope if it is not magisterial.  This is especially true if it contradicts a previous magisterial teaching.  However, the SSPX’s position involves rejecting the authoritative teaching of the men they regard as popes; refusing communion with the hierarchy they regard as Catholic – the very “hierarchy” they demand others (e.g., sedevacantists) to recognize; accepting heretics as leaders in the Church; holding that the Catholic Church has officially erred, including in canonizations; holding that the Catholic Church has become modernist and in fact a Counter Church; etc. ad nauseam.  Their position, as you mention, is definitely heretical and schismatic in a number of ways; and their obstinate inconsistency should make any Catholic sick. 




Subject: Freemason


Dear Brothers,

The Freemason who attacked you in the e-exchanges is totally Satanic. First, many of the greatest Saints lived in a cave or a remote place at some time in their lives, so his attempt to make Catholics look like "primitive cavemen" is absurd. He says, "I don't understand why you bash the Freemasons so badly. Everything about the Freemasons is found in the Bible." That kind of deceptive reasoning is why the Catholic Church has always condemned Freemasons. He evidently doesn't want to accept that the Devil also quoted scripture: Matthew 6:6,7 - "And [the Devil] said to him: If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down, for it is written: That he hath given his angels charge over thee, and in their hands shall they bear thee up, lest perhaps thou dash thy foot against a stone. Jesus said to him: It is written again: Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God." He then says, "It's not safe to talk about things you know nothing about." That's hypocritical because the whole point and essence of Freemasonry, rooted in the Kabbalah, is the worship of "nothing" - the "Ein Soph." It's also false and misleading because salvation is by the Catholic faith (and works), not mere "knowledge." He also appears to be on the lower levels where they deliberately conceal the higher "mysteries" of "sin for salvation." It also shows his dishonesty in that he does not make the distinction between the Vatican II sect and the real Catholic Church. It is something I've observed among many people who even claim to expose conspiracies, and who have had YEARS to see your work - they still call the Whore of Babylon the Catholic Church. It is outrageous! And as for child molestation, he better get used to that if he's going to follow the religion of Masonry which is based on the Talmud (and/or Islam). The only one "throwing manure" is Timothy Ashley, and the only "god" he fears is Lucifer, Satan the Devil, the father of lies. It proves again that only the grace of the Catholic faith frees one from darkness, sin and death. Outside the Catholic Church and water baptism there is absolutely no salvation.

2 Corinthians 4:4 - "In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of unbelievers, that the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should not shine unto them."

God Bless,

Chris White




Dear MHFM,


I thought I heard it all...but I was wrong. Was visiting my sister in another state, and her daughter (my niece), was visiting as well. My niece attended Loyola University in New Orleans...and graduated a few years ago. We started discussing the V2 false church...which she refused to believe is false...and then told me that I need to "get with it, times have changed"...that if Jesus were here on earth now, He'd be smoking a joint with her and all her friends. I don't think I ever heard anything so disgusting come out of someone's mouth. I've learned from experience ( with my family anyhow) that because of the nature of the human condition no one likes to be pushed into a conclusion that they are unwilling to reach. Getting through to them is unachievable. All I can hope for is to plant a seed and then to water it with my prayers for them. Oh' Rarest Queen of the May..."how dark without you our journey would be".






Subject: amazing ‘bishop’ heresy


Hello Brothers

 … this amazing act of public apostasy by this "cardinal" of the Vatican II sect, it is a scandal!!!


It´s obvious that Ratzinger probably holds the same views as this man is probably not going to be punished in any way.

God bless your apostolate



“Fr.” Beck


Hello MHFM,


I think this "priest", who goes by the name "Father Edward Beck", may be gay. Take a look at this video of him defending homosexuals in the priesthood…






MHFM: Observing him, and listening to his strenuous effort to justify homosexuals in the “priesthood,” causes one to conclude that he’s probably gay.  That’s not to mention his truly jaw-dropping apostasy.  It’s not an accident that he’s the “priest” featured on ABC.  That’s the image of the “priesthood” they don’t mind projecting and the theological content they don’t mind promoting. 




Subject: In the matter of the «Dalai Lama etc.


Brothers Michael and Peter Dimond:

Further to the matter of the «Catholic» «Bishop» (small case perhaps), reference to the «Dalai Lama,» as «your holiness," I wish to inform you that, while this person was in Montreal, last week, sharing the stage with motion picture pagan, Richard Gere, I saw the two exchange what appeared to be a Masonic handgrip. The image was not clear, the video had been shot at an angle, and appeared to have been either edited, or the cameraman "cut away," after several seconds. Nonetheless, it did appear to be a Masonic handgrip.

Sincerely Yours,

David A. Kyne, bac., (hon)., maitrise,
Montreal, Quebec




Where do you people live.....in a cave? I don't understand why you bash the Freemasons so badly. Everything about the Freemasons is found in the Bible. I know this because I am a Freemason and have been for the past 18 years. It's not safe to talk about things you know nothing about...and you can't take the word of a "former" Freemason who was ran away from the fraternity for violating the rules or for being less than a decent moral person, or wherever else you're getting your information. Your church organization has been found to harbor more "effeminate" types in the form of child molesters than any public school system known to man, and most especially any other religious organization in this country. So you may want to refrain from throwing manure if you're living in the barn.


Timothy Ashley,

God fearing Freemason


MHFM: No, you are not correct.  You should watch this video: Abortion, Rock Music and Freemasonry Exposed [video]



I think it’s interesting that Benedict XVI's parents' names are Mary and Joseph. I don't think that happened by accident. He is the AntiChrist successor so it makes sense that there is sort of a Satanic inversion, of the Life of Jesus Christ and His parents; After all he just finished celebrating a "Day of Judaism", which is a celebration of a false religion that positively thoroughly rejects Christianity… I think Benedict XVI is trying to send a Sacrilegious and Blasphemous message to the Lord Jesus Christ, by celebrating the false religion… False Prophet Benedict XVI the beast 666's guilt of Judaizing and consistently apostatizing in public cannot be expressed. He is a huge scandal, when I try to bring others to the Faith.




Familienemsse mit dem Osterhasen - YouTube


Dear Brothers:


I'm not certain whether or not I ever saw a bunny or devil speaking at the false "mass"; nevertheless these videos brought me right back to my Novus Ordo days. How angry God must be with our world for its mockery of Him, His Beloved Son, and the Mass which is a mystical re-Presentation of Our Lord's Sacrifice on Calvary. The horrors taking place in the false Vatican II church should make us tremble from head to toe.


It's true, we often focus on the sheep being led astray by these false priests, but the Novus Ordo "church" would not be in business were in not for the MONEY that these indifferent people give to them week after week, month after month. All of this money given to rob people of the faith, support heretical and evil "priests", and continue blasphemies such as we see in the attached. None of that money is ever used for the teaching of the true Catholic faith, for the eternal salvation of souls, or for the glory of God.


Donal emailed to ask if there is a MHFM representative or presence in Ireland. Like the rest of us, he will soon come to understand that the true Church is in eclipse, just as Our Lady of La Salette said it would be. That means that, in order to have a "presence" in the US or anywhere else in the world, MHFM must continually spend massive amounts of money on advertising to keep a true Catholic presence out there. This means they need many donations week after week, month after month to reach souls like mine, yours, and Donal's.


To answer Kathryn and Michael, yes, I know it's shocking but the actual quote from the boys was: "Michael??? But he's the bad one!" God help these children, and God help us. Who will reach people with the true faith if we do not?


As most of us have come to realize, it is very difficult to reach as many individuals as we would like with the truth. (Certainly, we can reach some but not as many as we would like.) It seems to me that the easiest and most effective way to reach large numbers of people is by generously and regularly supporting MHFM. And I would remind others (just as I remind myself) that to accomplish these efforts, MHFM needs significant amounts of money, because that's precisely what is required to plan or commit to such advertising endeavors. Isn't it heartbreaking (and sickening) to think of the massive amounts of money that are given even to organizations which, while claiming to be traditional Catholics, do not tell people the truth about the faith or the truth about the times we are living in? It is also important for each of us to remember that supporting the spread of Catholicism is an obligation on every person's part, and repentance for having once supported and promoted heretical things (even if we did so inadvertently) should prompt us to even greater gratitude and generosity. We are most fortunate to have found MHFM who teaches the true Catholic faith whole and inviolate, just as we are obliged to hold it for salvation. And we must remember that to whom much is given -- much will be expected from in return.


May She who is the Mother of Mercy and Our Life, Our Sweetness and Our Hope, help us as we help MHFM in rounding up for Our Lord and Our Lady as many souls as possible throughout the world.


Lee Ann



Hi Brother Peter,

I just recently watched a video blog you posted about one year ago, regarding Kobe Bryant, his gay-slur apology and the ensuing bitter disappointment the LA Lakers suffered in the playoffs. Then, you pointed out the example of the San Diego Padres. Well, I have another MAJOR example that suddenly came to mind while I was watching the aforementioned video.

Brian Burke, the General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey club, was hired by the club with great acclaim as the man who would turn their organization around, based on his rags-to-riches turnaround of two other NHL hockey clubs, the Vancouver Canucks and the Anaheim Ducks. When he came to Toronto, fans were excited because he had a reputation of making winners out of formerly weak teams. However, I believe it was during his first season, possibly his second at the helm, that his son Brendan, an aspiring hockey GM, came out publicly as being a homosexual. So, not only was this fact mentioned all over the Canadian hockey mad media, but soon after his father Brian made statements in support of his son, but then even further supporting homosexual "rights" and homosexual "marriage". The Maple Leafs organization and the NHL have went on to make commercials supporting the homosexual "rights". Well, shortly after (within a few months) Brendan Burke was killed in a horrible car crash. His father, Brian, has been a major disappointment, and has failed to accomplish anything significant with the hockey club in his 3 and a half years, in fact the team has had some of its worst seasons in franchise history under him (which is nearly 100 years old). This past season, the team started out extremely hot, then had one of the worst collapses by any team ever in the second half of the season, and once again finished second last in their conference. Now, fans are questioning Burke's abilities, and many are asking for him to be fired.....




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