Debate: Is the New Mass Valid and Catholic?


William Albrecht (Yes) vs. Bro. Peter Dimond (No) – January 29, 2010


Total Time of the Debate: 2 hours 30 min. (approx.)


This is a debate on the New Mass (the Novus Ordo) between Bro. Peter Dimond and William Albrecht.  The debate covers whether the New Mass is valid and Catholic.  Bro. Peter Dimond argues no and Albrecht argues yes.  This is an interesting, fast-moving and intense debate on what the Catholic Church teaches on this important issue, and it concerns the “Church” since Vatican II.


MP3 of New Mass Debate


The mp3 of The New Mass debate is here:


New Mass Debate - Part 1 [1 hr. 1 min.]


New Mass Debate - Part 2 [48 min.]


New Mass Debate - Part 3 [44 min.]



William Albrecht, a proven liar and fraud - and some thoughts on the New Mass Debate [post-debate article]


This article is worth printing out and reading.  It exposes the absolutely shocking and appalling dishonesty of William Albrecht in the above debate, and pins down his fabrication of a quote from St. Jerome and more.  It also covers certain key points and quotes on the New Mass issue.


Here are the videos of the debate: