John Salza:

Former Freemason and Heretical Defender of the Vatican II Sect


John Salza Has No Idea What He's Talking About [new feature article]

This is a devastating exposé of Salza.  It completely refutes all of his arguments against sedevacantism.  It exposes his lies, his massive contradictions, and his errors.  It shows how, after we refuted his arguments, he modified his positions and fell into even more errors and stunning contradictions.  This is a must-read if you are familiar with John Salza.


John Salza's Lies, Errors and Dishonesty [video]

This video exposes the shocking and outrageous dishonesty of John Salza.  It refutes more of his errors and demonstrates that, among other things, he proposed and said “yes” to a live debate only then to back down.


John Salza's Lies, Errors and Dishonesty [article]

This article contains our revealing e-mail exchanges with Salza, and more on his complete apostasy from the Catholic faith when he was a Freemason.  It also exposes his heretical teaching that Eastern “Orthodoxy” is part of the Church of Christ.


John Salza's Arguments Against Sedevacantism Crushed [article]

This was our first article refuting Salza.  It refutes the article he published against Sedevacantism in The Remnant.  This article explains and addresses his claims.  It disproves his core distinction, proves that he misapplies canon law and Catholic teaching, and demonstrates that he blatantly contradicts himself.


In assessing Salza’s tactics and theological errors, we came across this bombshell example of heresy.  He teaches that the schismatic “Orthodox,” who reject the Papacy, Papal Infallibility and Vatican I, are part of the universal Church of Christ!  This is outrageous heresy, and a complete denial of Catholic dogma. 


John Salza endorsed article, “Catholicism & Orthodoxy: A Comparison,” by Dave Armstrong: “Catholics must believe that Orthodoxy is a part of the universal Church (commensurate with the Second Vatican Council and many recent papal encyclicals on ecumenism in general or Orthodoxy in particular). That fact alone precludes the justification of any condescension, animosity, or hostility, which is especially sinful amongst Christians (Galatians 6:10).”


He not only teaches the heresy, but admits that this outrageous heresy on schismatic “Orthodoxy” – which, if it were true, would overthrow the very foundation of the Church upon Peter and the unity of communion that flows from it – is taught by Benedict XVI and Vatican II!  That of course constitutes all the proof one needs that Benedict XVI and his “predecessors” are not true popes; for the post-Vatican II antipopes approved Vatican II as a true ecumenical council.  It’s impossible that a true ecumenical council (and Vatican II is one if Benedict XVI is a pope) could teach the opposite of another true ecumenical council (Vatican I) on whether people who reject the Papacy are inside the universal Church.


As a young lawyer, John Salza became interested in joining Freemasonry when he heard stories of how Freemasonic judges would favor the clients of Freemasonic lawyers.   Of course an honest person, who values truth, facts and evidence, is not inclined to agreements which favor one party over another regardless of the truth, facts or evidence.


Salza became a member of two different Masonic lodges, and he rose as high as the 32nd degree.  He was almost elected “Worshipful Master” of one Masonic Lodge.  Remember, during this period, John Salza claimed to be a Catholic.  While claiming to be Catholic, Salza actually swore an oath to Allah on the Koran.  Find out more in the articles and video…