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Subject: two new videos


Dear Brothers,


One would want to congratulate you on a superb job on your two videos, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODV1SV83nxA&list=UUqqN2e5-zgkQhHOs-ailqBQ, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vx4a0Szsawc and my sentiment goes as well with one of your reader who calls it a masterpiece for truly it is. 


Those videos present every known evidence from previous councils and teachings of the Magisterium… one does not know if after all of that evidence they'd still cling to their positions I hope and pray that the Blessed Virgin would intercede for them to perhaps change their ways [but maybe that would be too much to hope for].


Sincerely and God speed,





Subject: Death and the Journey into Hell (3rd edition) (video)


This video was one of the remedies that changed me spiritually with the aid of the rosary.




Nostra Aetate


Subject: Vatican II’s Jewish Heresy (video)


Nostra Aetate and the post-conciliar Magisterium would make Christ and the Apostles liars… Post conciliar Magisterium= defection from the Faith.


Pedro Arbues


MHFM: Since the Vatican II claimants to the Papacy were and are antipopes, they of course did not occupy the Chair of St. Peter or possess the power of the Magisterium.  Hence, their false teachings (e.g., those of Vatican II) did not emanate from Christ’s Church or impact the infallibility of the Magisterium.  However, those who do obstinately regard them as true popes of necessity hold that the Church officially teaches false doctrines and therefore that the Magisterium has defected.  They recognize as Catholics those who adhere to heresies and promote a false Gospel.  




I thank God for your apostolate and your hard work at exposing the heresies of the Vatican 2 Sect, as you call it. However…. your judgment is very harsh on SSPX…




MHFM: You are quite wrong on the SSPX.  They are a completely heretical group.  They teach that souls can be saved in false religions, that apostates are Catholics, that the Magisterium contradicts itself, and much more.  They are not Catholic.  They don’t have the Catholic faith and they lead people into heresy.  Do you realize that?  You obviously have an improper attachment to that heretical society.  That attachment is a consequence of a deficient faith and devotion to God.  




Subject: “Saint” John Paul II Exposed [video]


I never get tired of this masterpiece of true Christian education.  It’s truly horrifying how intricately and insidiously the Antichrist attacked Our Lord in the most diabolically subtle ways.  To think of the number of souls killed by his hellish trickery is truly terrifying.






Subject: Osteen’s Core Message




Just had to comment on your news link about the heretic, Joel Osteen.  The title quoted from him: Being Against "Gay" Marriage Is "Not My Core Message" is amusing because heretics are compared to 'Core' (in the Bible).  Jude verse 11: "Wo to them, for they have gone in the way of Cain, and have poured out themselves after the error of Balaam for a reward, and have perished in the contradiction of Core"; and Numbers 16:1-2: "And behold Core....Rose up against Moses..."  So, Core revolted; he was a heretic.  All heretics have a "Core" message!


MHFM: What’s amazing is how many people go to a church like Osteen’s.  It’s an example of how multitudes don’t want the truth.


New Video Posted


MHFM: This is a very important new video.


The Remnant and Robert Siscoe Refuted on Sedevacantism [video]


It contains many points that have not been covered before on a topic that’s central to the concerns of all who consider themselves traditional or conservative ‘Catholics’ in our day.  Revealing facts are covered throughout this video.  Thus, it’s important for people who want to know and understand the truth on this matter to watch the entire video.  For example, some of the most significant points come in the final 40 minutes of the video.


The facts covered in this video prove without any doubt that the false traditionalists have greatly erred in adhering to the heretical antipopes of the Vatican II sect.  They have deceived many with their errors, false arguments and distortions of Catholic truth.  The disastrous consequence of their false position, and their false arguments, is that they and many others remain in obedience to heretics who lead them to perdition.


What is the Catholic Church’s teaching on heresy?  How does one become a heretic?  Can Catholics recognize and reject people as heretics?  Those issues and many others are covered in this video.




Mr. Siscoe presented… his self -made version of the "Catholic" teaching on heresy and heretics, which Bro. Peter very clearly, precisely exposed as a total fraud/sham.  Mr. Siscoe claims than no one can be considered a formal/manifest/open heretic unless he is officially declared as such by Ecclesiastical Authority, or if a person officially renounces his/her membership in the Church -- by joining a sect, for example.


Otherwise, according to Mr. Siscoe, we have absolutely no way, no means, no basis, no right to consider somebody a heretic.  So, per Mr. Siscoe's diabolical logic, Nancy Pelosi, a person who consistently, publicly, openly, nonchalantly, shamelessly rejects God's 5th Commandment ("you shall not kill") and supports abortion i.e.  killing the innocent, as well as she openly, notoriously, wickedly denies the Catholic Teaching on sodomy by supporting the so -called "gay rights and gay marriages ", is not a heretic .  According to Mr. Siscoe, she is… a faithful member of the Supernatural, One, Holy Mystical Body of Christ.


Mr Siscoe waits for a "formal declaration", which "formally declares" that she is a "formal heretic". Mr. Siscoe,"conveniently", forgot to mention the Teaching of the… popes on heresy and heretics –quoted… in the video--which contradicts everything he tried to smuggle into his abominable article.  On top of that Mr. Siscoe is himself neither consistent nor honest in his… declarations… The false traditionalists…  They are truly the false/fake traditionalists as the recent video done by Bro. Peter proves without any doubt… they are also grossly misleading all those who put their whole trust in them.  Mr Siscoe, one day, will be handed over for "inspection" by Eternal God. He will have to explain all of his lies, manipulations, fabrications, misinterpretations, evasion of the Truth, etc.  He will have to pay the price for all of it as well. Frightful.


Betrayal with a kiss


Subject: betrayal with a kiss




Regarding Heretics and the Vatican II Antipopes relations with the Eastern Schismatics:


In my Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible's Table of References under 'Heretics', there is a reference, among the approximate one hundred, to Romans 16:17 (Now I beseech you, brethren, to mark them who cause dissensions and offences, contrary to the doctrine which you have learned, and avoid them). After I read it, my eyes glanced above to verse 16 (Salute one another with a holy kiss.  All the churches of Christ salute you), which reminded me of the Antipopes' constant kissing with the Eastern Schismatics. 


I read the commentary by Rev. Fr. Geo. Leo Haydock for Romans 16:16:  "Thus the primitive Christians expressed their concord and benevolence, as also their perfect equality.  For it was customary with the Persians, and all oriental nations, to salute only their equals thus; though, to their inferiors, they presented their hand to be kissed.  S. Clem. Paedog. and Polus."


So, according to this traditional Catholic commentary, the Antipopes are expressing their "perfect equality" with the Eastern Schismatics, and are thereby betraying Jesus Christ with a kiss!  Over and over and over, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Judases!


Another point this commentary brings out is the difference between the actions of Benedict XVI and those of Francis:  Benedict XVI is a priest and a king, but Francis is neither.  This is demonstrated by the way that Benedict held his hand with ring to be kissed by the delegates of false religions arriving in Assisi for the Diabolical Prayer for Apostasy event on October 27, 2011.  In contrast, Francis, to my knowledge, NEVER extends his hand to be kissed, but rather HE does the kissing of hands of almost every leader of every false religion he greets - because Francis is not a king and not even a priest.  Why he kisses with the Eastern Schismatics and they with him is certainly for appearances (because they are all supposedly Christians): to deceive, if it were possible, even the Elect.  One other event which showed the difference between Francis and 'his predecessor' was when Francis 'created new Cardinals'.  Those 'Cardinals' kissed Benedict's hand (who was conspicuously present) and only kissed Francis' hand, I believe, out of obedience to Benedict's wishes.


Traditional Catholic Faith always totally and completely exposes and condemns the Vatican II Apostasy.




Dear MHFM,


Job's quote of the day is so… appropriate for today's world created by God but inhabited with so much evil… Ave Maria, gratia plena...


“Before I go, and return no more, to a land that is dark and covered with the mist of death: a land of misery and darkness, where the shadow of death, and no order, but everlasting horror dwelleth.” (Job 10:21-22)


The beast and the Lateran Treaty


Subject: The beast and the Lateran Treaty


There are some interesting aspects concerning the arising of the beast in the context of the Lateran Treaty. According to your video, the beast appears in the form of the EU between 1992 and 1993, and in fact the word "beast" means (according to the biblical language) pagan empire. Moreover we know also that the beast arose in the context of the Lateran Treaty in 1929 since the first two heads of the beast have been pope Pius XI and pope Pius XII. It interesting to note that during the '20 and '30 in Italy there was a fascist regime which was basically a sort of revival of the pagan roman empire (beast). So this fits with the notion that the beast arose with the Lateran Treaty wich has been signed also by Mussolini. In those days even Germany became a neopagan empire with nazi leader Adolf Hitler and Cardinal Pacelli (later pope Pius XII) signed also with Germany a Treaty called "Reichskonkordat" in 1933 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reichskonkordat). So basically Italy and Germany were already in those days a neopagan european empire. 


In Scripture it is written that the red dragon gave power to the beast. If one considers the fact that both italian fascism and german national socialism are in fact national versions of socialism (Mussolini was a socialist himself: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benito_Mussolini#Political_journalist_and_socialist) this fits with the notion that the red dragon (USSR, communism) was giving power to the arising beast. Moreover both fascism and nationalsocialism were founded short after the soviet revolution (1917) confirming again the fact the red dragon is the precursor of the beast: the "italian fasci of combat" had been formed in 1919 and the NSDAP (nazi party) in 1920.






Subject: The Remnant and Robert Siscoe Refuted on Sedevacantism [video]


One of the best videos ever. Refutes what are now most common arguments against sedevacantism…


Marko Ivančičević




Subject: baptism of desire



I have read and listened to your material on 'baptism of desire' and 'baptism of blood', and thank you for its clarity and the research you put into it (just as all your other material)…

Miss M.Heggarty




Subject: The Remnant and Robert Siscoe Refuted on Sedevacantism


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the new video, The Remnant and Robert Siscoe Refuted on Sedevacantism.  It is an excellent and instructive breakdown and refutation of Robert Siscoe and the Remnant's heretical positions. This is an extremely important video because Bro. Peter makes this seemingly complex subject simple, easy to understand and interesting.  Siscoe's absurd notion about the sin of heresy not expelling a person from the Church, is outrageous.  What diabolical nonsense to say that the sin of heresy separates one from the Soul of the Church, but not the Body of the Church.  The Soul and Body of the Church are inseparable, therefore if one is separated from the Soul of the Church, then they are also separated from the Body of the Church.  According to Siscoe, the Remnant, the SSPX and other false traditionalists, a whole range of abominable rock stars, movie stars, politicians and other public personalities would need to be considered "Catholics", since they claim to be Catholic and have not been declared a heretic by any Vatican II "authority."  It is a demonic joke… Siscoe, the Remnant, the SSPX and other false traditionalists blasphemously deny the Church's external unity of faith while proving themselves obsessed with externals and with having any man in Rome to call "pope."  Instead of researching real Catholic teaching, they simply make up a heretical distortion of it to suit their own likings.  They prove that they are not of God, but worship man.  They do not walk in union with the Holy Ghost, for if they did then they would "searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God." (1 Cor. 2:10)  Instead, Siscoe and the Remnant bear fruit of the father of lies.  Their schismatical leaps of false logic will land them in the abyss of hell unless they convert.

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




Subject: new video


What an excellent new video on heresy ("The Remnant" etc) and how to easily and accurately identify heretics and how to properly deal with them, from the point of view of a true catholic. This is SO important, heresy is SUCH a huge problem, as you have so very accurately stated, FAITH is what is missing the most in our day, for very very few people actually do possess the true catholic faith…




“Franciscan” Nuns


MHFM: As discussed in the video linked below, the Vatican II sect under Antipope Francis recently cracked down on some false traditionalist ‘Franciscan friars.’  The ‘friars’ were severely restricted in their use of the ‘Latin Mass’ and in other ways.  These events caused a great stir in false traditionalist camps, for it was a powerful illustration that their entire spiritual reality is a fraud.  They can no longer pretend to be traditional Catholics, or avoid the new religion, while accepting the Counter Church. 


The ‘friars’ were heretics who fully accepted the apostasy of the Vatican II sect.  They even defended such blatant heresy as the Joint Declaration with the Lutherans on Justification.  However, while fully accepting the Vatican II apostasy (and thus betraying Christ and Catholic dogma), the ‘friars’ enjoyed some external elements of traditional Catholicism.  Apparently the externals, the rituals and their (insincere) devotions made them feel Catholic, when they aren’t. 


Even though the ‘friars’ accepted the new religion and the apostasy, the Vatican II sect under Antipope Francis, which represents the Counter Church unmasked, simply could not tolerate their interest in some things traditional: for anything that even smacks of deviating from the new religion is being extirpated.  It thus cracked down on their group and won’t even allow them to pretend to be ‘traditional.’  It took similar action against a false traditionalist college, and now it’s happening to ‘Franciscan nuns.’


Our comment: that’s more good news.  It’s exactly what they deserve. 


False Traditionalists: Reaping What They Have Sown (video)




Subject: The Remnant and Robert Siscoe Refuted on Sedevacantism




Your refutation of Siscoe's defense of heresy (for that is what it actually was) showed that the truth is simple, clear and well supported by the Magisterium…


One of my favorite parts of your refutation is the section on Divine Law preceding Ecclesiastical Law, and how Divine Law takes effect immediately while Ecclesiastical Law can sometimes take a while for all of its processes…


Seeing Francis smooching with the Eastern Schismatics reminded me of something I've thought about recently.  How interesting that all the Vatican II antipopes have had close relations with the Eastern Schismatics (aside from Jews, Infidels and Heretics). The Eastern Schismatics were once part of the Catholic Church, but they separated through heresy and schism; YET they still retain the buildings!!!  They carry on as if they have full validity!  Well, if that happened, and everyone knows it did (or should know if they study the Catholic Faith and Church History), then why couldn't it happen in the Roman Rite?  Of course it could…  The fact is that most of the members of the Church in the East fell away from the Faith by following the heretical schismatic leaders because they had control of the buildings and acted as though they had every right to.  The very same thing has happened in the Roman Rite, or, rather, with the buildings of the Roman Church: dissenters (i.e., V2 Sect) took control of the top offices and thereby took control of the buildings and all the people who to this day remain with those warlocks (as you quoted from Pope Paul IV) because they receive not the love of the truth.




Subject: New Video


Dear Brothers:


Your excellent video exposing the lies of Robert Siscoe and the Remnant not only shows how pathetic these individuals really are.  It also shines the spotlight on the true nature of the entire false traditionalist camp.  There can be no doubt that Siscoe, Matt and others like them are not just "misguided".  They're evil and particularly so, because they deceive people by pretending that they hold and teach the true Catholic faith.  Thus, their only real function (if one thinks about it), is to discourage others from understanding that they are in a counterfeit church and have placed themselves under demonic antipopes. The false "conservatives" and false "traditionalists" have conserved nothing, and have affected no positive changes whatsoever in the false sect which they defend. They have not reversed or even slowed down the rot in the Vatican 2 sect one iota since it began some fifty years ago…


The truth is just not convenient for Siscoe, Matt and so many others; it threatens their standing among their followers, their family and their friends.  


Your video, while encyclopedic in its coverage, is crystal clear in its presentation.  Even a newcomer to the sedevacantist debate would have no problem understanding it -- provided he were of good will… the so-called "religion" of the Vatican 2 sect is a demonic scam from start to finish, and to call it "the Catholic Church" is utter blasphemy before God.


Lee Ann



Subject: The new video


Dear mhfm,

The new video is excellent!...

From guy in England.




Dear Brothers,


This latest video was truly a masterpiece of real Christian education and defense in a world of Antichrist heresy… You were right this was a very IMPORTANT video for defending the true Catholic faith…


God Bless,

Nathan Barton  




Dear Brothers,


your new video is extraordinary.  Our Lord has truly blessed you with great understanding of truth and how to convey that truth to others.









Being a Catholic and responsible for my folks Last Will and Testament execution, as Catholics want to be cremated.  They received guidance from a Catholic priest that said it was ok.  Not knowing who the priest was (we live 1,500 miles apart), I wanted to get your advice…


Joe A. 


MHFM: Catholics are forbidden to be cremated under pain of mortal sin.  Therefore, you cannot help them with that.  The ‘priest’ to whom you refer is obviously not a Catholic, but an adherent of the Vatican II Counter Church.  It’s crucial to consult the information on the website and in the material.  It proves that the New Mass must be avoided and that the Vatican II sect is not Catholic. 




Dear Brothers,


I thoroughly enjoyed your latest video, "The Remnant and Robert Siscoe Refuted on Sedevacantism"… This information on Sedevacantism… clearly… exposes the insanity behind the mask of the false traditionalists and the anti-popes of the Vatican II sect.


God Bless your works,

Tom Miles




Subject: The Remnant and Robert Siscoe Refuted on Sedevacantism


… Brothers. Another masterpiece! Excellent video…


Wesley Brittain




Subject: Demonic Possession


Dear Brothers, for years you have suggested most “mental Illness” is most often a spiritual issue.  I don't remember which saint said “He that is obstinate in mortal sin has a demon in him”.  This is very easy to see.  In Romans chapter 1, we see Our Lord delivers men up and over to their wickedness. At one level or another they become possessed.  To sin is insane, all too often, as God leaves them to the “creature”, their “darkness” increases and their minds no longer can conceive those things (Truth) the mind was created for.  It (the mind) becomes retarded, depraved and lost. Because this person is at war with the Truth, it (mental illness) manifests itself in horrible internal and external behavior. Heresy is an awful sin… for some other sin, they are punished with “darkness”.  No matter how clearly or charitably the truth is presented a veil is lowered before their eyes. God’s justice is forever active and terrible.


Thank you and God bless you,



MHFM: St. Bruno (c. 1070): “He hath a demon within him who persists in any grave sin.”




Subject: More Astounding Blindness from the ‘BOD’ Camp


Dear Brothers,


… I could not agree more.  You are so right… They are liars. They hate the Truth!...






Subject: GJC


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the reply to the BOD heretic, GJC.  It is amazing how dishonest they are.  GJC refuses to accept the dogmatic facts.  Something absurd they said: "Well a catechumen who has been justified by Baptism of Repentance..."  GJC thinks someone can be justified before water baptism - heresy… GJC actually calls "baptism of desire" a "Baptism of Repentance."  That's very interesting considering that it is almost exactly the same name of St. John the Baptist's baptism, i.e. baptism of penance.  St. Thomas Aquinas said that St. John's baptism did not confer grace (of spiritual rebirth):  Summa Theologica, Part III, Q. 38, Art. 3: "Now grace was to be conferred on men through Christ, according to John 1:17: "Grace and truth came through Jesus Christ." Therefore the baptism of John did not confer grace, but only prepared the way for grace."  Very interesting seeing that even St. John's baptism required water!  It is a dogma that John's baptism did not have the same force as Christ's baptism (C. Trent, Sess. 7, On Bapt. Can. 1).  St. John's baptism did not confer sanctifying grace, and so it did not justify or give the grace of spiritual rebirth.  GJC calls "baptism of desire" a "baptism of repentance," proving that "baptism of desire" does not grant the grace of baptism/spiritual rebirth, since St. John's baptism of penance did not grant the grace of baptism/spiritual rebirth either…

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




Dear Brothers,

That's interesting how GJC and his BOD advocates love playing the shell game. Moving the shells around while hiding the truth and deceiving others… GJC is "dangerous, mostly all his commentary is the opposite of the truth..."

The photo of Anti-pope Francis hiding the cross... These last days are filled with the sight of the horror of sin.

“When the Emperor Julian the Apostate asked the aged and blind bishop Maris of Chalcedon whether he thought that his Galilean God [Our Lord Jesus Christ] would heal him of his infirmity, the man of God replied: ‘I thank God for having permitted me to become blind, so that I do not have to look upon the face of an apostate.’” (Laux, Church History, p. 102)


God Bless,

Tom Miles


More Astounding Blindness from the ‘BOD’ Camp


MHFM: An attempted response to the argument in our video, The Best Argument Against “Baptism of Desire”, recently came to our attention.  The response is so pathetic that it doesn’t even require a comment.  However, we felt that it provides an interesting example of how deluded and dishonest the defenders of heresy are.  The words below were written by a heretic named ‘GJC.’  Someone asked the heretic to answer the question we cover in the video: Does ‘BOD’ provide the grace of baptism?   In response to the question (and the argument in our video), he writes:


Yes, now if you listen to these antagonists in Filmore N.Y. you may be confused by their straw man argument. I have listened to this recording which is filled with truths (when they quote the Church) and lies (when they give their opinions), which is the exact sign that identifies a modernist (enemy). St Pius X was crystal clear on this matter. 

The grace of Baptism/rebirth is the remission of the guilt of sin and remission of the temporal punishment due to every sin. 

St Thomas clearly teaches this, in respect to the remission of the guilt of sin: 

I answer that, As the Apostle says (Romans 6:3), "all we, who are baptized in Christ Jesus, are baptized in His death." And further on he concludes (Romans 6:11): "So do you also reckon that you are dead to sin, but alive unto God in Christ Jesus our Lord." Hence it is clear that by Baptism man dies unto the oldness of sin, and begins to live unto the newness of grace. But every sin belongs to the primitive oldness. Consequently every sin is taken away by Baptism. 

And in respect to the temporal punishment due to every sin, he explains: 

I answer that, As stated above (49, 3, ad 2; 68, 1,4,5) by Baptism a man is incorporated in the Passion and death of Christ, according to Romans 6:8: "If we be dead with Christ, we believe that we shall live also together with Christ." Hence it is clear that the Passion of Christ is communicated to every baptized person, so that he is healed just as if he himself had suffered and died. Now Christ's Passion, as stated above (Question 68, Article 5), is a sufficient satisfaction for all the sins of all men. Consequently he who is baptized, is freed from the debt of all punishment due to him for his sins, just as if he himself had offered sufficient satisfaction for all his sins. 

Their bogus straw man argument will have you to think, (23:10 mark of the video), "That those theologians teach that BOD does not provide the grace of rebirth". 

The question is do we go to purgatory for venial sin when we die? I am sure you will say yes, provided they have not been atoned for in this world. Well a catechumen who has been justified by Baptism of Repentance, and has resolved to get Baptized will commit venial sins before receiving the sacrament. This is what the Saints are unfolding. 

The Dimonds are dangerous, mostly all of their commentary is the opposite of the truth… 




MHFM: The statements above constitute a striking example of the incredible dishonesty and profound blindness of heretics.  Their dishonesty results in absolute idiocy.  To the question of whether ‘BAPTISM OF DESIRE’ supplies the grace of baptism, the fool (and he truly deserves that title) quotes something from St. Thomas in which St. Thomas teaches that Baptism itself provides the grace of baptism.  Yes, no one denies that St. Thomas taught that the Sacrament of Baptism itself provides the grace of baptism (which grace is the full remission of the guilt of sin and the temporal punishment due to every sin).  We are well aware of that fact.  The question is NOT: did St. Thomas teach that the Sacrament of Baptism provides the grace of baptism?  He of course did.   The question IS: does ‘BAPTISM OF DESIRE,’ as defined and explained by St. Thomas, St. Alphonsus, etc., provide the grace of baptism?  Of course, the answer is no, as the video proves. 


And since Trent defined that the grace of first justification is itself the grace of baptism (i.e., the remission of the guilt of every sin and the punishment owed for every sin) that proves that ‘baptism of desire’ cannot justify anyone and that it’s a false doctrine without any doubt.  In fact, if the heretic who attempted to respond to the argument and the question had any idea what he’s talking about – or if he even carefully watched the video (he probably lacked the humility to do so) – he would have discovered that theologians who favored the false doctrine of ‘BOD’ repeatedly taught that it does not provide the grace of baptism/spiritual rebirth.  Yet, even though our statement is 100% true, the heretic says that it’s a ‘bogus straw man argument’ to say they taught that ‘BOD’ doesn’t provide the grace of baptism!  Amazing.  It’s a clear example of how the obstinate proponents of ‘BOD’ are liars to the core.  They simply cannot tell the truth.  That’s why it’s almost impossible to get a heretic such as the one quoted above into an actual debate; for the nonsense and the lies they spread would be refuted in about two minutes. 


His paragraphs are a clear example how inept and (one must say) actually stupid evil people become as a consequence of hating the truth and hating those who promote it.  (His hatred of both is clear from his words.  That’s because he’s of Satan, and he’s of lies.)  In his blindness, he thinks that the promoters of Catholic truth are enemies of the faith.  That’s the punishment he has received from God for his dishonesty and bad will: to believe that the truth is evil, and that those who promote it are evil.  The reality is that he’s the one who is evil.  He’s the enemy of the faith and on the road to Hell.  That’s why he cannot even recognize the absurd arguments he’s advancing or the blatant lies he’s promoting.


For example, in expanding upon his false argument, the heretic asserts that what St. Thomas and St. Alphonsus (in teaching ‘BOD’) are actually ‘unfolding’ is the idea that ‘baptism of desire’ does supply the grace of baptism (and the full remission of the temporal punishment due to sin); but that after receiving that grace (which includes the remission of the temporal punishment due to sin), one can live for a certain period of time and commit sins.  Then, at some later point in time, according to his summary of their position, the person can die and would have to suffer in Purgatory to satisfy for the sins committed after having received ‘Baptism of Desire.’  But that’s patent nonsense.  What he’s asserting is demonstrably false. 


St. Thomas and St. Alphonsus explicitly taught that ‘BOD’ does not provide the remission of the temporal punishment due to sin.  Thus, according to them, it doesn’t bring the grace of baptism.  Whether you think ‘baptism of desire’ (which doesn’t exist) occurs only at death (as some say) or during one’s life (as the heretic quoted above says) makes no difference to this point.  According to St. Thomas and St. Alphonsus, the change effectuated by ‘BOD’ (whenever you think it occurs) does not provide the remission of the temporal punishment due to sin.  It thus doesn’t provide the grace of baptism.  That’s what they taught, as their words prove.  (See the video).  Since the grace of first justification is the grace of baptism (which necessarily includes the remission of the temporal punishment due to every sin), and ‘baptism of desire’ doesn’t provide that, ‘baptism of desire’ is infallibly a false doctrine.


So, in his futile attempt to answer the question and defend his completely false position, the heretic has resorted to blatantly lying about what the saints taught.  That’s why the argument/question posed in the video is so effective and devastating. 


If people even try to address it, they will undoubtedly contradict Catholic dogma, contradict themselves, contradict their arguments, contradict the people they cite, utter blatant lies, etc.  That’s because they don’t have the truth. 


The Best Argument Against “Baptism of Desire”


Antipope Francis’ Trip of Apostasy


Dear Brothers,

Antipope Francis' trip of apostasy is truly outrageous.  He went out of his way to deny our Lord Jesus Christ.  He proves that he worships man, especially Jews.  He not only went to the Dome of the Rock Mosque, took his shoes off, and went in to worship the false Prophet Mohammed and the Devil, but he also called the Muslims, "brothers," and said: "May we learn to understand the suffering of others. May no-one abuse the name of God through violence."  Muslims deny and blaspheme the name of God, Jesus Christ.  He said Jews, Muslims and "Catholics" should "love one another as brothers and sisters," as if they can be in the family of God outside the Catholic Church and without the sacrament of baptism, which is impossible.  He then went to the Wailing Wall, as if to lament the destruction of the Temple, when he simply denies Jesus Christ again whose Mystical Body is the true Temple of God.  He also asked the Jews to pray for his trip, as if their prayers are pleasing to God the Father, when they deny God the Son: 1 John 2:23 - "Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father. He that confesseth the Son, hath the Father also."  His statement about Catholics and Jews having a "theological foundation" is utter blasphemy and heresy.  Jews reject the cornerstone of the Catholic faith, and yet Francis tells us that there is a common "foundation."  Jews reject Jesus Christ who is the only Foundation: 1 Corinthians 3:11 - "For other foundation no man can lay, but that which is laid; which is Christ Jesus."  He went to a "Holocaust" Museum, saying "Never again, Lord. Never again!", as if there was such a thing as the "Holocaust."  He went to Israel's "Memorial to the Victims of Terror," saying, "I pray for all the victims of terrorism. Please, no more terrorism."  Francis is a spiritual terrorist, a possessed spiritual suicide bomber.  His trip to the Holy Land is clearly another of the Vatican II antipopes' machine gun-style chain-acts of apostasy, and a political stunt designed to lead souls away from the true Catholic faith and authority, and into hell.  Francis' attempt to destroy the true Traditional Catholic faith will never work, no matter how many times he worships Satan with Jews, Muslims or any other non-Catholics.  Unfortunately, the false traditionalists will still say he is "pope."  Francis could even pay a visit to a monument of the Devil (e.g. in Oklahoma if it is built), and they would still call him "pope" rather than a heretic and apostate.  It is disgusting and outrageous almost beyond words. 

Pope Pius XI, Mortalium Animos (# 10): “So, Venerable Brethren, it is clear why this Apostolic See has never allowed its subjects to take part in the assemblies of non-Catholics…”

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White


Antipope Francis hides his cross


MHFM: When meeting with Jewish rabbis, Antipope Francis hid his cross:


Antipope Francis hides his cross


Free Will


Subject: Denying free will


Dear Brothers:


Some years ago (while still in the V2 sect) I tried to encourage a woman I knew and her young teen daughter to pray the Rosary every day.  I gave them each a Rosary and a copy of the Secret of the Rosary -- and showed them how to pray it.  They were not Catholic (had been some form of Protestant) but did not seem opposed to the Rosary and even seemed interested.   I recently had occasion to see this woman, and asked her if she was praying the Rosary.  She told me no, but said she keeps it on her bed where, I advised her, it won't do her any good if she does not also pray it.  I gave her some of MHFM materials for her use and to give her daughter, and recommended that both of them go to your website.  She commented that "they don't really allow her to use the internet", but I didn't understand what she meant, and since the meeting was a bit rushed I didn't then find out.  When I later mentioned this woman to my husband who also knew her, I was shocked to learn that that teenage girl (now young woman) is in prison for attempting to murder her grandparent.  I told my husband that if these women had prayed the Rosary, the daughter would not be in prison today.  My husband (who does not pray the Rosary and does not hold the true faith yet imagines himself to be a "Catholic") explained away the actions of the young woman with:   "Well, she's not all there." 


All the world is an occasion of sin and is almost visibly sinking into the abyss of Hell by its embrace of evil -- but the apostates of the world refuse to see it.   Just like the holders of BOD, all the world denies free will by denying that man can have bad will.  Thus, these fools end up making God responsible for murder, just as they make Him responsible for false religions, homosexuality and every other evil.  The horror of this is almost too much to contemplate.  Not only does the apostate world put man in the place of God.  It dares to put God in the place of Satan!  


I'm glad MHFM posted the video of Rodgers; it is instructive in so many ways.  I couldn't help but think of how Satan so often uses the sin of self-pity to bait his victims.  It seems to me that Satan attempts to use this ruse even with faithful Catholics through the temptation of loneliness, particularly where there are no true Catholic family members or friends.  Something to be constantly aware of.


Lee Ann


Demonic Possession


Subject: Demonic Possession


Dear Brothers,


Speaking of demonic possession, yesterday at work in my hospital a 19 year-old patient came to the ER whom I believe was possessed.  He exhibited two surefire signs of diabolical possession.  First of all, the whole time he was there he had a blank look on his face.  I was listening to his sister explain to the doctor the problems he was having lately.  She said that lately he was foaming at the mouth.  That is the other sign.   He also hardly has been speaking to anyone and barely answers any questions that were asked him.  Then at about 4 am he suddenly snapped and we had to rush to his location.  A witness told me that he (the patient) had gotten out of bed and had his head against the wall possibly trying to hurt himself.  We had to restrain him to his bed to prevent him from harming himself or someone else.  All the while he kept uttering yelp-like sounds.  After we finally succeeded in restraining him he sat up in bed and again started to make loud yelp-like sounds with his tongue sticking out and his eyes wide open.  I sincerely believe this young man had a demon in him.  I expressed my thoughts to one of my colleagues but she disagreed with me and said that he is on drugs.  I told her I do not think someone who is on drugs would exhibit such behavior.  I'm inclined to think that most, if not all mental illness is really diabolical possession, such as schizophrenia, for example.  Do you agree with me?  I notice people with a religious lifestyle tend to hold that position as opposed to others who seek physiological explanations for abnormal behavior.  Most notable psychologists such as Freud were actually atheists and because of their rejection of God, sought physiological explanations for abnormal behavior.  But as you state, if people pray the Rosary and adhere to the Catholic faith, their problems would go away.  This seems to prove that the problem is not physiological but spiritual.  Demonic possession is usually the person's own fault.  Because of their rejection of the things of God and sins of idolatry, a demon takes over their soul.




MHFM: To your question, our answer would be yes.




Subject: The Dragon Speaks


While listening to the 7 minute video of the young man expressing hatred for being rejected by girls, it seemed I was actually listening to the dragon reiterating his anger for not being adored, loved, and cherished by the human race.  He believes he should have received the adoration as a god, and not Jesus…  Now he will exact his revenge… by turning human beings into rivers of blood and annihilating the earth.  It is his announcement of coming destruction.   He merely used the boy as a symbol.


May God bless your mission in these last days.






Subject: Rampage


Dear Brothers,


This was a horrible incident, http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/truthreport/7-minute-video-son-hunger-games-film-franchise-assistant-director-carries-drive-shooting/. Money, power, and fame is not really the true basis or measure of one's happiness as is the case of this young man. He's got everything any young individual would want and yet is still unsatisfied. And yes this was a clear sign of demonic possession.


Sincerely and God speed,



Retribution Insanity


Subject: 7 minute video: Son of The Hunger Games film franchise assistant director carries out drive-by shooting




I… sat down to look at your news links.  I was stunned by the one about the young man who planned the 'retribution killings'.  This is tragic.  If only he had received your material or seen one of your videos on Youtube - but no, the environment he was raised in and finally died in prevented your information from getting to him; however, if he became humbled by his sufferings, instead of becoming a prideful, homicidal devil, he would have received grace to accept his situation as the gift that it was. He admitted that practically everyone around him was engaging in mortal sins of the flesh, but he wasn't.  Yet, instead of realizing that happiness isn't found in such activity, he rebels against God because he can't get what he wants: to commit mortal sins of the flesh.  He said he himself would become like God, punishing those he thought deserved to be punished for not worshiping him.  No, he became like Antichrist, like Satan - an idolatrous murderer. 


In another article about the same tragedy, the attorney for the killer's family said:   "This country, this world, needs to address mental illness and the ramifications from not recognizing these illnesses." If only they recognized that 'mental illness' of this kind is brought on by thoughts or words or actions or all of the above which are mortally sinful, with impenitence…


MHFM: It’s one of the most striking examples of demonic possession and the existence of the Devil that has ever been captured on video.  We will probably have more comments on it.


7 minute video: Son of The Hunger Games film franchise assistant director carries out drive-by shooting




MHFM: We have a number of videos we hope to post soon.  The video we previously mentioned (which will be approximately an hour and a half long) will hopefully be posted in the next few days.


Huge Images


MHFM: Antipope Francis celebrates ‘Mass’ in the Amman, Jordan Stadium in front of huge images of Antipopes John Paul II and John XXIII:


Antipope Francis' 'Mass' in Amman, Jordan


Related: Is the World about to End? – The Apocalypse Explained? [video]


Blindness & Bad Will


MHFM: In his blindness, the following Novus Ordo heretic calls adherence to the true Catholic faith ‘protestant’.  While expressing his objections to the true positions, he demonstrates that he has no regard for the facts (e.g., that his sect endorses Protestantism and rejects Catholic teaching) or for Catholic dogma (e.g., the Church’s teaching that unbaptized infants cannot be saved).  In fact, it’s safe to say that almost every member of the Vatican II sect repudiates the defined dogma that infants cannot be saved without baptism.


… I already pray the rosary about 3-4 times a week. You guys forget that the gates of hell can’t prevail against the true church, and it hasn’t.  This offshoot of the true church is no different than protestantism.   Your protesting, thus a protestant.  What makes me a little sick is that your trying to make me think going to my current mass is sinful.  I can’t take this seriously, Im actually a little offended. Thanks to Vatican II I can actually hear the Word of God in my language and learn something from it. Popes make stupid mistakes sometimes and aren’t infallible every moment of Popehood.  Look at King Davids life for example.


Why is baptism of desire a big deal to you?  The thief next to Jesus at the cross wasn’t baptized and he got to be in “paradise” with Jesus.


What about all the Jews before Jesus, did they obtain salvation? They weren’t Catholic. 


Aborted babies don’t get salvation? They must get something. Angel duty?...




MHFM: Actually, praying the rosary three or four times a week is not much at all and not enough for salvation.  If you had a clue, which you don't, you would realize that you are following Protestantism.  The Vatican II sect agrees with Protestants on Justification.  That's a fact.  Are you aware of that?  


The Vatican II sect’s Protestant Revolution: the 1999 Joint Declaration with the Lutherans on Justification [PDF File]


The Vatican II antipopes praise Luther.  The Vatican II sect teaches that Protestants are in the Church: Vatican II’s Protestant Heresy.  The Vatican II sect teaches that Protestants don't need conversion.  (See the videos on Antipope Francis).  Those are all facts.  Those heretical positions contradict what the true popes taught.  Does that bother you?  You reject the Catholic Church by adhering to the proponents of those heretical positions.  Wake up, for you are the one in heresy and acting contrary to Catholic teaching.  If you were opposed to Protestantism, you would agree with the Catholic Church's teaching that we present.  But you are actually a Protestant.


Your understanding of Catholicism is superficial and that's part of the reason you are in heresy.  You simply don't know what you are talking about or what true fidelity to the Magisterium means.  You don’t want to learn the truth, either.   You don't understand that there can be antipopes, that you cannot just follow a new religion that contradicts what the Church has always taught, that this situation was prophesied, etc.  Also, you hold that the Gates of Hell have prevailed.  We don't.


You are of bad will, but conversion is possible for you.  The Good Thief is not an example against the necessity of baptism, as our video on that matter covers.  Your position that unbaptized babies go to Heaven is directly contrary to defined dogma.  It’s another example of how you completely reject the teaching of the Magisterium and embrace heresy.  We can see why you like the Novus Ordo. 


Pope Eugene IV, Council of Florence, Session 11, Feb. 4, 1442, ex cathedra: “Regarding children, indeed, because of danger of death, which can often take place, when no help can be brought to them by another remedy than through the sacrament of baptism, through which they are snatched from the domination of the Devil [original sin] and adopted among the sons of God, it advises that holy baptism ought not be deferred…”


St. Augustine (415): “Anyone who would say that infants who pass this life without participation in the Sacrament [of Baptism] shall be made alive in Christ truly goes counter to the preaching of the Apostle and condemns the whole Church…” 

Pope St. Innocent (414): “But that which Your Fraternity asserts the Pelagians preach, that even without the grace of Baptism infants are able to be endowed with the rewards of eternal life, is quite idiotic.”


Francis in Israel


Subject: Francis in Israel


Dear Brothers:


In an article by the AP it is stated that the real reason for Francis' visit to the Middle East is to mark the 50th anniversary of a historic meeting in Jerusalem by their predecessors "which ended the 900 years of Catholic-Orthodox estrangement". 


But the article also implies that there may be another "real reason" for Francis' trip to Israel when it states (at the very end of the article almost like a P.S.) that Francis  "...will become the first pope to lay a wreath of flowers on Mount Herzl, named for the founder of modern Zionism, Theodor Herzl."   


Lee Ann 




… Francis celebrates the "mass" in Amman, respects Islam and "prays" for interreligious dialogue… abominations…






Subject: “Saint” John Paul II Exposed [video]


I listened to this whole vid, totally enthralled. Amazing how this man who was perceived to be sweet, humble, holy, and devout could actually teach such things. I am shocked that he would craftily say and teach such things. You have made a virtually irrefutable argument on how demonic forces can sneak in to the bosom of the church. For years, we heard from protestant apologetics how the anti-christ would be a world POLITICAL leader with control of the monetary system, but you have made a point that the anti-christ will be a religious leader more than any other kind of leader, and teach lies, such as every man is God. That is the very same lie that Satan sold to Adam and Eve. Excellent presentation.


David Rice


Story – Public School


I wanted to share a story with you in hopes that others will see this and understand what the public schools are really teaching our children. My son is autistic and has gone to… High School in Maine since kindergarten. We have gone over so many issues with him getting equal rights as everyone else. He has been bullied on the bus for as many years as he has gone to school, we have had to call the bus department to have him moved up front almost every year because of teasing from other kids. Last year they had a child in his class that sexually assaulted another child and she explained to my very innocent son what sex was, that child is still in school even after another incident of her assaulting the same child yet again. He is a senior this year. They have told us he cannot walk with his class and go back for another half year or year until he is in adult services because of a policy they have. We were never notified of any senior events going on and he has not been able to be a part of any of it, these are the kids he has gone to school with for 12 years. The yearbook time came and we went had his pictures submitted paid extra money for his name on the book and for a nice cover, included a baby picture and a nice write up. The yearbook came in and his picture is not anywhere in there except for a baby picture. No senior photo, but yet the gay lesbian alliance gets a nice big bright page and sports get their pages. If he were gay he would have his photo in there but because he is a handicapped child he does not qualify. So when people talk about equal rights they are only really worried about equal rights for anything against nature and God. What a sick sick world.

Thank you


MHFM: That’s why people should definitely home school instead of sending children to public school.  It’s amazing that the high school has a gay and lesbian alliance group.  What an abomination.




The SSPX or FSSP or some other false traditionalist group prove, each and every time, that that are truly, really NOT Catholic groups, but pseudo/crypto /fake/phony Catholic groups. They adhere/promote a few, major, fundamental heresies: that 1. there is absolutely salvation Outside the Catholic Church, that 2. baptism of water is absolutely not necessary for salvation, that 3. the heretical and apostate Vatican- 2 sect is absolutely the true, Catholic Church, that 4. the heretical and apostate V-2 hierarchy is absolutely the true hierarchy of the Catholic Church, etc.


They confirm it over and over. They attest to it with their own words and deeds.  They mislead their flock, manipulate the truth, fabricate lies, and lead thousands of people, along with themselves, into damnation.  All of it under the sly, deceitful cover of being "traditional". Faith is believing in the revealed truths. Truths that Christ revealed to us in the New Testament and Truths that were given to all Christians, over the centuries, through infallible dogmas of the popes and the Holy Magisterium of the Catholic Church. False Traditionalist deny those truths. They condemn those truths (as the letter from Pater M. Kromann Knudsen FSSP confirmed).  They came up with their own "truths" which are not supported by 2000 years of the infallible Teaching of the Catholic Church.  But many do believe them just because they wear "pious" and "beautiful", "traditional" external cover/garment…






Subject: Baby kept alive until Baptism


Dear Brothers,


The first time I read about the baby being baptized before death filled me with gallant joy.  In fact, no words can suffice for such an event.  The baby died, but was born into Heaven.  What glory for God !!  What glory for Mother Mary, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary !  Moreover, this great news made Headlines on the MHFM website.  This wasn't a mere coincidence, but like a 'shower of roses' on the Sacrament of Holy Baptism, which is utmost necessary for salvation… I pondered how powerful the Holy Rosary is, as is invoking the names of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  Prayers of true Catholics are truly treasured and heard by God.  In addition, this baby's birth into Heaven is extra glorious because, in these days, many babies are murdered via birth control, contraceptives, abortions, drugs, alcohol .... etc


…  Holy baptism is absolutely beautiful.  In contrast, many people claim to love Jesus Christ, but vehemently reject how one becomes a child of God.  Likewise, antipope Francis is going to gallivant to the Holy Land with men who are slaves of the devil and who blaspheme the Holy Trinity.  But that's not surprising because Francis' dialect, deeds, and written works are diabolical.  Either you are for God or for the devil.  There is no in between.     




FSSP apostates


I received this answer from the Danish 'priest' of the FSSP on the question whether the Bishop that ordained him was himself traditionally ordained. Here are some quotes:
Hello Henk,


‘… The positions this irregular brother adheres to are not catholic. Pope Pius XII condemned in the 50's the dogma that nobody can be saved, when they are without awareness and guilt outside the church, the American followers of this dogma became excommunicated…’


…'Catholics need to avoid extremisms, when people are extremists they will abandon their faith.'
'We do not want you to receive the sacraments with us, because you do not follow the dogmas of the church and because you refuse to bow down humbly to the truth, but obstinately keep on defending heresies.'

Pater M. Kromann Knudsen FSSP 


MHFM: That’s interesting.  It’s another example of how the FSSP ‘priests’ are faithless heretics.  At the root of their unbelief, of course, is their rejection of the dogma Outside the Church There is No Salvation as the Church has defined it.  They are not true believers.  His statement that it’s ‘condemned’ to believe that ‘nobody can be saved, when they are without awareness and guilt outside the Church,’ reveals his heretical position that people ‘outside the Church’ can be saved.  He has followed the denial of the dogma, as it was promoted and allowed in fallible sources just before Vatican II, to his heretical destruction.


He’s not a follower of Christ.  He’s not a believer in Christ.  He’s not a believer in Catholic dogma or in papal infallibility.  He’s just a bad-willed heretic headed for Hell.  That’s also why he’s in communion with the apostate Antipope Francis and the promoters of Vatican II.  He professes that false ecumenism is the true faith, for he holds that the promoters of false ecumenism are believers who profess the true faith (see the video, Why Francis Must Not Be Considered the Pope, below).


He also says that people should not defend heresies, but follow the dogmas of the Church.  That’s true, of course; but why, then, is he in communion with Antipope Francis?  Francis rejects converting non-Catholics, agrees with the Lutherans on Justification, and holds that Protestants are in the Church.  Does he not consider those positions heretical?  The ‘priest’ is blind to actual heresies, while he condemns adherence to a defined dogma as heresy.  He’s a disgraceful, faithless enemy of God headed for the pit.  (Obviously no one should receive any ‘sacrament’ from such a ‘priest’.  Not only is his ‘ordination’ in a group that uses ‘bishops’ ordained in the New Rite a problem, but he’s an imposing heretic who must not be approached for the sacraments.)  The videos below expose heresies in Vatican II to which he adheres, and refute his false positions on other issues.


Vatican II’s Protestant Heresy

Vatican II’s Jewish Heresy 

Vatican II’s Intercommunion Heresy 

Was Vatican II Infallible? 

The Best Argument Against “Baptism of Desire” – Covers the True Doctrine of Salvation

What Francis Really Believes (3rd edition)

Why Francis Must Not Be Considered The Pope




Subject: “Gay” NFL Prospect Michael Sam Makes A Revealing Admission (video)


You speak the truth. It is so wrong of society to force the population to accept this perversion lest they be punished…


Ms F




Subject: “Gay” NFL Prospect Michael Sam Makes A Revealing Admission (video)


Gays are unnatural, and the next phase in Satan's plan to attack human sexuality. Divorce, fornication, pornography, contraceptives, abortion... Where does it all lead to? It’s a full scale attack on the Christian family, on all fronts!


Chris Veedubyu


Francis on display


Subject: Francis, rabbi, sheik


Dear Brothers,

Francis refuses to stop apostatizing on a global scale, his planned trip with the rabbi and sheik to the Holy Land being the most recent example.  It demonstrates the extreme evil that drenches the Vatican today. Apostasy is their official policy: "“This dimension of interreligious dialogue has great significance,” the Vatican’s official spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, told the media." In fact, it is so absurd that it sounds like a joke: "A "pope," a rabbi and a sheik go to Jerusalem. The rabbi says, "We crucified your Lord here." The sheik says, "He is not my Lord, but merely a Prophet." The "pope" says, "He is not my Lord either, since I am neither a Catholic, nor a priest, nor a pope. Let's eat and drink, for tomorrow we shall die!" Francis will also be meeting the "Orthodox Patriarch": "Bartholomew I of Constantinople, spiritual leader of 250 million Orthodox Christians, on four different occasions during his stay." Francis makes his trip an act of apostasy, heresy and schism. He is completely diabolical, just like a worshipper of Baal.

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White


They made a covenant


MHFM: This was very bad:


Judges 8:33- “But after Gedeon was dead, the children of Israel turned again, and committed fornication with Baalim. And they made a covenant with Baal, that he should be their god.”


Antipope Francis to Travel with a Rabbi and a Sheik


MHFM: This is an interesting report:


Antipope Francis Heading to Holy Land With Rabbi and Sheik as Interfaith Wing Men


With a rabbi and a Muslim sheik as his travel companions, Pope Francis is heading to the Middle East with what he hopes will be a powerful message of interfaith respect.  It will be the first time that leaders of other faiths are part of an official papal delegation. The aim is to send ‘an extremely strong and explicit signal’ about interfaith dialogue…”


Traveling with a sheik and a rabbi on such a trip is a clear and unambiguous statement of apostasy in deed.  Considered by itself it proves that Francis is not a Catholic.  Remember, heresy and apostasy can be expressed by deeds as well as by words.


St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae: “Now man can make profession of his inward faith, by deeds as well as by words: and in either profession, if he makes a false declaration, he sins mortally.” (Pt. I-II, Q. 103., A. 4)


His travel decision manifests his belief that Islam and Judaism are not false religions, but valid pathways to God.  It clearly tells the whole world that people could choose any of the three religions to find goodness or truth.  That is heresy and apostasy.  It proves again that he is a heretic, as are all who don’t reject him in light of such facts.  The video below covers the theological argument concerning Antipope Francis’ ‘profession’ of faith, manifested by his words and deeds, and why it requires people to reject him as a non-Catholic antipope.


Why Francis Must Not Be Considered The Pope (video)


St. Francis De Sales on Faith


Subject: St. Francis De Sales on Faith


This is a powerful quote from St. Francis De Sales that I wanted to share: "Temptations against faith go directly to the understanding to lead it to disputations, to reveries, to dreams.  Do you know how you should act while the enemy amuses himself about the means of scaling your intellect?  Start out presently by the door of your will, and give him a good shot; that is to say, as soon as the temptation against faith makes its appearance, attack it.  But how do this?... Instead of entering into any discourse or discussion with the enemy, let your effective force with all its strength rush upon him, and, at the same time... cry out: Ah!  Wretched traitor!  You forsook the Church of the Angels, and would you wish me to forsake that of the Saints?  Disloyal, unfaithful, perfidious, you presented the first woman with the apple of perdition, and would you wish me to taste it too?  Begone, Satan!  For it is written: thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God; no, I will not argue or contend with you: Eve, wishing to do so, was seduced; Eve, yielding, was lost; live Jesus, in whom I believe!  Live the Church, to which I adhere!"

Most people claiming to be Catholic today are devoid of these sentiments.  The main reason is that they believe in salvation outside the Catholic Church.  St. Francis De Sales along with all the saints believed in the dogma that Outside the Catholic Church There is No Salvation and they took it literally.  Anyone who believes otherwise has made shipwreck of their faith.  That's why even the most well-read members of the V-2 sect and the SSPX fail to see the truth of our time. They can't see it, for they lack true faith, yet someone with a little knowledge of Catholic teaching, yet who supernaturally believes that that Faith is absolutely necessary, can see this truth when presented with it. 






Subject: Miracles and the Church


The Baptism Story… is a beautiful story. While contemplating this, I believe the most brilliant point here is this couple's faithfulness to the truth, that no one can be saved without the sacrament of baptism. Because of their faithfulness, their prayers were answered and this miraculous birth and baptism happened. Through the ages, God has confirmed His truths through miracles.


“.. it is the perpetual and ordinary succession of miracles which is the mark of the true Church, not something accidental.” (St Francis De Sales, The Catholic Controversy, page 135)  I believe God was confirming His truth, the necessity of baptism once again by performing this miracle even in these last days to continue and point the way to His true Church. This couple does not believe in the heresy of BOB and BOD which denies the teachings of the Councils of Vienne, Florence, and Trent on the necessity of baptism for all to enter the kingdom of God.


All Glory to God,

Mary Jo Marceau-Hawthorne


Video Post


MHFM: This is a new video post.


Baby with fatal heart defect miraculously kept alive until Baptism [video]




Dear Brothers,


Re:  Francis Backs “Neocatechumenal Way Liturgy” 


Francis continues the work for the Devil… this infiltrator posing as a Catholic pope has prohibited celebrating the true Latin Mass in “traditional Catholic circles” but now has the audacity to openly back up the “neocatechumenal movement in their neocatechumenal Way Liturgy” this is simply atrocious, this movement is clearly an anti-Catholic movement whose errors against the Faith are abundant and serious, its leader Kiko Arguello continues to be a disgusting heretic who rejects the Catholic Dogmas. This particular movement was the straw that helped to convince me that there was something very very bad in the Novus Ordo Church, these people were authorized to freely catechize their false gospel to Catholics, they would contradict all that is true of the Catholic Faith…


They definitely don’t believe that the whole Christ is present in the Holy Eucharist and insist that it is just a symbol.  The Mass to them is the memory of Christ´s Resurrection much more than the renewal of the Sacrifice of Calvary, they concentrate mostly on the paschal vigil.  They don’t believe in the power that Christ gave the priest to forgive sins so they stupidly teach that confession must be made to the community, everything revolves around the community, these liars go as far as saying that they following the first Christians.


Francis publicly admitting he is in accordance with these Satanic liturgies proves he is also an unbeliever and an anti-Catholic and another enemy of the Catholic Church.


Yours Sincerely,




M:Fernanda da Silva




My Mother also resists the truth about what happened to the Catholic Church after Vatican II. She refuses to recognize Francis, Benedict XVI, John Paul II, John Paul I, Paul VI, and John XXIII as antipopes. She basically doesn't think heresy is widespread or even real. She doesn't want to look at the evidence which proves the recent antipopes are manifest heretics. She tries to make excuses for the antipopes and the "clergy" underneath them by saying, "The Church is not perfect."


    … She actually has looked at some of the MHFM material online about the Magisterial Condemnation of the observance of the mosaic law. Unfortunately, she doesn't want to focus long enough on it to read it in detail. She makes some excuse about it being too deep for her. 


   She talks about good willed people in non-Catholic religions and non-Catholic religions helping people live moral lives. She says everyone is a child of God even though not everyone has received the Sacrament of Baptism.


   She said one of her friends (Lutheran) feels sorry for me because "I'm not at peace." (Of course the opposite is true.) This friend knows that I believe the recent claimants to the papacy are heretics and, therefore, outside the Catholic Church. This friend knows that I believe the new mass is not remotely Catholic. 


   My mother is also getting up in age, and it also gives me horrible depression to ponder her dying outside the Catholic Church.




MHFM: Like so many others, she’s just not of the truth.  Although it’s certainly sad, it should not give a person actual depression.  If it does then one’s attachment to family members is excessive. 


It’s true that today the bad will is extremely widespread and in fact almost universal.  Almost the entire world is spiritually dead – devoid of genuine life, interest and faith, just as Jesus prophesied (Luke 18:8).


Let Loose


Dear brothers,


Great set of videos/  what francis really believes/  false traditionalists reaping what they have sown/ why francis must not be considered the pope/  was vatican 2 infallible/  francis says atheists can be saved/etc.   The floodgates of hell have been let loose on the world as a result of the false doctrines and teachings of vatican 2/  a false council and the vatican 2 sect, a false church.  No grace on the world.  These are the fruits of this.    


From Mark V


Recent Heresies


Subject: Mother will not open her eyes, remains obstinately blind


Dear Brothers,


In lieu of all the most recent heresies taking place in these times we are living in, my mother will still not read your material or watch your videos despite countless attempts on my part. I have been trying to get her to wake up for the past 6 years and I even managed to persuade her to agree to watch some of your video exposing the fake Sr. Lucia a few years ago, but she constantly comes back with "I have no doubt there are evil people influencing the Church, but Jesus would never leave us without a pope". And then she shuts me out and stubbornly says, "I don't want to talk about it anymore!"  She doesn't listen when I try to explain that there have been anti-popes in the past, and it's like God has allowed her to be deaf and blind. It is so frustrating. It's like she still doesn't get it that the V2 "Church" isn't remotely Catholic. Last weekend was my nephew’s V2 "First Communion" and after telling my mother I would absolutely not be participating she had the nerve to call and ask if she could buy him a greeting card on my behalf- I said absolutely not, explaining that she already was aware of my stance with the V2 sect, and she retorted "I thought you believed in First Communion". I couldn't believe it. Still after 6 years of my trying to explain to her the dire situation, I don't think she comprehends that neither she, nor the rest of my family is even remotely Catholic. She is getting up in age, and it gives me such horrible depression to ponder her dying outside the church.




MHFM: You just have to resign yourself to the fact that she’s not of good will.  Of course, that doesn’t preclude praying for her conversion or encouraging her to pray for the grace to see the truth.  But thus far she’s demonstrated that she doesn’t want the truth.  She has a great deal of bad will.




Subject: Defending Heresy


It's funny how supporters of the Counter Church and Antipope Francis no longer (for the most part) accuse you of misrepresenting facts or taking quotes out-of-context like they did when Benedict XVI was Antipope.  Since Francis' statements are so indefensible and openly heretical, they can no longer pretend that you are twisting his words.  The False Prophet, Benedict XVI, was more cunning in deceiving the world into believing he was a conservative.  This allowed dupes in the Counter Church to make the totally false accusation that Benedict XVI's numerous heretical statements were being taken out-of-context by you and others.  They can't do that with Francis, for he has done away with even the smallest degree of 'conservatism', yet that doesn't stop the deluded members of the Novus Ordo in the least.  No, they will lap up all of his heresy and apostasy right to the end just so they can have their man in robes.  They have now switched from desperately attempting to 'defend' the heresies of the antipope to embracing the apostasy one hundred percent. 


Two or three are gathered


Dear Brothers,


When talking to my dad, he constantly makes reference to a Bible quote, 'If there are two or more gathered ....., then I am in the midst of them' (I can't remember exact quote).  This quote seems to be his ultimate comeback rejecting the faith.  When I confront him with the question, "What's your point?  Exactly what, in your opinion, does this quote prove?", he doesn't properly answer the question ......... and then proceeds to repeat the quote.  Is there anything I can say that might jolt him awake?...


MHFM: In response to his argument, one should point out that the statement, “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them,” is found in Matthew 18:20.  In that very context (just a few verses before Matthew 18:20) Jesus refers to the Church’s power to bind and to loose (Matthew 18:18) and tells His disciples that whoever does not hear the Church is to be considered “as the heathen and publican” (Matthew 18:17). 


Thus, gathering “in His name” means under the authority of the true Church and as true believers who heed all of its teachings.  Heretics who call themselves followers of Christ, yet refuse to heed the Church’s teachings or authority, don’t truly gather in His name.




Subject: Boutet e-mail


Dear Brothers:


I'm not glad that anyone would hold the beliefs that Jo Boutet expresses, but I am glad that you posted them.  What an exact fulfillment of Scripture's prophecy that people will receive not the love of the truth in these last days.  One would expect that people claiming to be Catholic would be overjoyed to find the truth that can finally set them free.  But no, these individuals prefer their Satanic enslavement.  Their minds and souls have become so rotted out that their thinking is totally inverted:  they think truth is a lie, and the lie is truth. 


… Whether people openly express their feelings or not, by happily remaining with Bergoglio and the rest of the Vatican 2 filth, these people reveal who they really are.  Furthermore, without their even realizing it, said Children of Satan demonstrate the truth of Catholic dogma -- as well as the malice and horror of all forms of fake Christianity.


Lee Ann 




Dear Brothers,

Jo shows the typical dishonesty of Francis' supporters by starting his/her email by thanking you for the video.  The truth is that Jo hates the truth in the video.  Jo amazingly sums up the Vatican II defenders' religion: "pre-vatican II dogma runs against the spirit of the gospels and of Jesus."  According to these heretics, the Catholic faith started with Vatican II, since pre-Vatican II dogma is "antichrist" in their eyes.  It is Satanic!!  They sound like some wacky new Protestant sect that thinks it has suddenly discovered the true form of Christianity, when it is simply another of the Devil's illusions.  Jo's "you can't judge" heresy is typical too: "Jesus... collapsed differences with love... Your positions asserts that the action of catholics must be based on judgment and result in division.  This position is unacceptable anywhere in the world. It is anti catholic and anti-christ."  What an ignorant fool.  A short glance at the Gospels shows that Jesus condemned obstinate sinners:

Matthew 23:33 - "You serpents, generation of vipers, how will you flee from the judgment of hell?"

John 8:44 - "You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof."

Jo worships man.  It's the same non-Catholic religion as antipope Francis.  They believe in salvation outside the Catholic Church, and without the sacrament of water baptism.

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




Subject: Jo the delusional heretic


Dear Brothers:


Jo Boutet's heretical comments almost leave one's head spinning, and yet, these culpably blind and obstinate deniers of Jesus Christ are out there in droves. Francis is at the helm of this apostate brood. Jo probably isn't aware of the fact that antipope Francis practices Judaism, the false religion whose defining characteristic is the rejection of the one true Messiah and Lord Jesus Christ, and he practices this apostasy with in-your-face brazenness and gusto. Jo is so in love with Francis' persona and image that the heresies Francis almost daily utters obviously haven't gotten through the fog.


It truly is amazing to listen to these people. They unwittingly prove the points made on your website: Francis is a complete heretic and so are those who follow him…


Joseph Ramirez




It is astounding that Jo can write this nonsense to you.  Jo needs to wake up and find the truth. Jo is the dissenter from true Catholic teaching and doesn't see how Vatican II caused this rupture. It is like a child saying to his mother, “No Mom, I didn't get lost but you did.”  Just because there is a big truck in front of you and it is easy to follow at night does not mean it is going the way you want to go. If you follow too long, you will end up on the wrong road.

Jesus Christ willed the Church to be one in faith as shown by Pope Leo XIII.  But Jo says that Pope Leo XIII is lost but not Jo? This is the arrogance.

Satis Cognitum, Pope Leo XIII: “But He, indeed, who made this one Church, also gave it unity, that is, He made it such that all who are to belong to it must be united by the closest bonds, so as to form one society, one kingdom, one body-'one body and one spirit as you are called in one hope of your calling.' (Eph 4:4)… Christ ordained in His Church Unity of Faith; a virtue which is the first of those bonds which unite man to God, and from which we receive the name of the faithful- “one Lord, one faith, one baptism.”(Eph.4:5)  So all Christians without exception have one faith or they are not Christians. The Apostle Paul begs the Christians to be of the same mind, and to avoid differences of opinions: “I beseech you, brethren, by the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no schisms amongst you, and that you be perfect in the same mind and in the same judgment.”(1Cor 1:10)

When I was in the Vatican II Church I found there was not one faith. The Vatican II Church embraces schisms within its members and by embracing and acknowledging other religions as well as the schismatic eastern church. Catholics do not embrace different faiths.  All must be one in faith.

Therefore, those who do not follow papal teaching are not part of the Church of Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church. Vatican II nullified papal teaching.  That is impossible! A Vatican II priest even told me that pre-Vatican II teachings were not valid and he knows the true teachings because he is over eighty years old. Jo is on the boat that left the shores of truth and doesn't even know it. I pray Jo gets off the boat before it sinks.  Thanks be to God, I am off that boat and that wrong road due to the work of Most Holy Family Monastery, One God, One faith, One Church, One way out of this world to eternal joy.

Mary Jo Marceau-Hawthorne

Dogma - Revealing


Subject: Antipope Francis’ Bombshell Interview (video)


Thank you for this. With every one of your arguments, I felt an increasing intimacy with my faith as a catholic with our true Pope Francis at its helm. Your positions supported by pre-vatican II dogma runs against the spirit of the gospels and of Jesus who collapsed differences with love.  Dogma is dogma. The truth is the Truth. Your positions asserts that the action of catholics must be based on judgement and result in division.  This position is unacceptable anywhere in the world. It is anti catholic and anti-christ.  Shame on you.


Jo Boutet


MHFM: Your comments are revealing.  They confirm the assertions we make in the video and in our other material.  You profess to be Catholic, yet you openly reject Catholic dogma as contrary to “the spirit of the gospels and of Jesus”.  That makes you a heretic, according to the teaching of the Catholic Church and the popes.


You also contrast dogma with truth.  Therefore, according to you, Catholic dogmas are not necessarily true.  That's contrary to the authoritative teaching of the Catholic Church and the popes throughout all of Catholic history.  You conclude your heretical paragraph with the audacious declaration that adherence to Catholic dogma is “anti-Catholic and anti-Christ”!   You make that blasphemous and anti-Catholic statement in the same paragraph in which you profess to have “faith as a Catholic with our true Pope Francis at its helm”.  Amazing.  In a short paragraph you have proven our point: Antipope Francis is not a Catholic and those who follow him aren’t either.


St. Boniface


Subject: St. Boniface


Dear Brothers,

The following quote gives an interesting account of an event which took place around the time of St. Boniface in Germany: "A second occasion of royal reluctance [of conversion to Christianity] arose not from anxieties concerning present followers but from apprehensions about dead ancestors.  A famous story was told of the Frisian leader Radbod.  He drew back from the baptismal font at the last moment, saying he chose rather to join his forebears in Hell than to enter Heaven without them." (Richard Fletcher, The Barbarian Conversion, p.239)

This also shows that the Catholic missionaries did not lie to the heathen about the fate of non-Catholics.  Further on in the same passage, it tells of St. Boniface’s response to someone who held the position that non-believers could be saved: "Boniface crossed swords with a certain Clement in Germany... who taught that in the Harrowing of Hell Christ had freed all, 'believers and unbelievers, those who praise God and those who worship idols'.  Boniface, the rigorist, was shocked at this heresy..." 

God bless you and your work




The hypocrisy of the Vatican II sect has now shown itself very clearly in the Harvard incident.  They (adherents of the Vatican II sect) protested against the planned black mass, but nobody protests against various protestants and other non-catholics (like scientists) having their religious spaces and meetings on the Harvard campus. Nobody protests against Bergoglio wishing that ramadan brings abundant spiritual fruit to muslims. Nobody protests against all the ecumania before the feast of Conversion of st. Paul the Apostle. This all blasphemes the Lord.  But they "rightly" don't protest because they're obedient to Dignitatis Humanae #2 and #3.

What they're showing by protesting against this, and not protesting against that, is this:

1.They're dishonest, hypocritical, illogical and non-consistent.
2. They're heretics because they think one blasphemes the Lord and the other doesn't, when it is obvious that both (satanist rites and other rites of non-catholics) blaspheme the Lord

They would be consistent, honest and obedient to DH if they didn't protest against black mass, but they would be wrong and heretical and would gravely offend Our Lord (aside from all other offenses they do). So they should convert to the True Faith and be consistent on the other side, the right side, and protest against everything which protests against God and His Holy Religion…


Marko from Croatia


Vatican II


… I am affirming Tradition. The teachings of the Catholic Church before and after Vatican Council II are the same for me. There is no contradiction since I am not using the false inference in the interpretation of Magisterial documents. I do not build fantasy theology with a false inference.


In Christ



MHFM: [Note: the person who sent this e-mail is a heretic who has access to the facts and rejects them.]


No, you don’t affirm Tradition.  You reject Tradition and Catholic dogma.  You don’t see a contradiction between Vatican II and Catholic teaching because you are a complete liar.  To give just one example of how Vatican II contradicts Catholic dogma: Vatican II teaches that Protestants and schismatics who dissent from the rule of Catholic faith are in the Body of Christ.  The Catholic Church teaches the opposite.  That’s a heresy in Vatican II, as the first video below proves.


Vatican II’s Protestant Heresy


Here are a few other videos that cover heresies in Vatican II:


Vatican II’s Jewish Heresy 

Vatican II’s Intercommunion Heresy 

Was Vatican II Infallible? 


Counter Church


“Church” must “update” teaching on marriage and family: Francis’ head of “Synod of Bishops”


Must update teaching on marriage and family because "the church is not timeless", said the highest ranking “Cardinal” in the Vatican state… Still the conservatives will not get it and blame the "bishop synod" for the whole questionnaire idea and say that poor Francis is a victim; tied and gagged inside the Vatican state with no power.  However telling themselves something like that would be contrary to the Catholic faith and her teachings on the Pope… And that leads into how they somehow equate all these past and present antipopes, starting with John XXIII, with all their weakness, mortal sin and freakish beliefs to martyrdom and eventually Sainthood.

And to think I was one of those kinds before I finally came to your classroom and was taught the truth on your online Catholic educational website…






MHFM: Soon we hope to post a new video.  It will cover some important theological points.  It will probably be an hour and a half to two hours long.




Subject: Emails


I am astounded by some of the emails sent to you that want to defend the antipope and the apostate counter church. I am still learning about all this myself and do not know everything but they just seem to want to attack you with no reasoning for any truth at all… after watching your videos and reading articles and learning more about church history and the dogmas of the church that in all honesty can't be refuted what is happening. I am for one extremely grateful for all your work and I now know the truth and am learning more everyday through your site. If anyone has a desire for the truth and has an ounce of good will then they will see that you are teaching the truth and saving souls but they do not desire the truth and are not of any good will at all. 



Incredible Story


Subject: Incredible Story


Thank you very much Brothers for posting that email about the miraculous baptism. It really goes to show that God WILL bring baptism to those He sees fit. The most striking part of the story, in my opinion, was that the nurse saw that the baby's heart was beating perfectly for a while and then RIGHT after his baptism, he immediately died. This is a very powerful testimony to God's providence and that nothing is impossible with Him.

God bless,
Wesley Brittain




Dear Brother Dimond,


I called your monastery a few months ago and was shocked with disbelief when told Pope Francis was an Antipope...  I have come to the conclusion that you were right.


Lucille Povero


MHFM: That’s good to hear.  One should not call him “Pope” Francis, but simply: Francis, Antipope Francis, Jorge Bergoglio – or, of course, the Apostate, the Heretic, the Abomination. 


New Post


MHFM: This is a new post.


Baby with fatal heart defect miraculously kept alive until Baptism [post]




Subject: defenders of JP2, Francis


Dear Brothers,

It's astounding how much bad will there is today.  Cptcrunch proves himself a dupe of Satan by holding to the upside down cross.  It is ironic that the defenders of antipope John Paul II falsely accuse true Catholics of being "protestants," when John Paul II approved the heretical Joint Declaration on Justification with the Lutherans.  It is also ironic that Protestants hold a true pope to be the Antichrist, while defenders of John Paul II hold the Antichrist to be a "true pope."  Absurd and diabolical.  Bob shows the bad fruits of the antichrist: total inversion, calling light, dark and evil, good.  Tashman… doesn't understand anything about Papal Infallibility…  Infallibility doesn't mean that a true pope can't make mistakes, except when teaching the whole Church on a matter of faith and morals… Of course, this is irrelevant, since Francis is a total, abominable heretic, schismatic and apostate.  It is sad to see the pattern of spiritual delusion and inversion of the Gospel that characterizes those who obstinately follow the antipopes.  When they are confronted with the truth, they prove themselves unworthy of it since they despise it and persecute those who defend it.

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




LISTEN to what you saying...................... your saying that the pope iss infalliable but then you bash on the church and the pope.............. how can someone who is INFALLIABLE make mistakes? they cant.... because if he didnt make a mistake he would be following the traditional catholic teaching.......how ever by you COMPLAINNING THAT THE CHURCH IS DOING RONG AND THE POPE IS NOt FOLLOWING TRADItions then he is making mistakes and therefore IS NOT INFALLIABLE....




MHFM: This is an e-mail we received from someone in the Novus Ordo who quickly glanced at the information.  It’s a striking example of the bad will, lack of interest and self-imposed ignorance that typifies people in the Counter Church and other sects.  They don’t care to look just a bit more deeply at the facts because they don’t believe in Christ and His Church.  “Tashman” has no understanding of papal infallibility because he doesn’t care to have any understanding.  He could learn something about it (e.g., by looking at the materials on the website), but he doesn’t want to.  He has no familiarity with Church history at all, or what true fidelity to the Magisterium entails, because all that matters to him is the man walking around in the robes.  He couldn’t care less about the content of the Antipope’s teaching, or the fact that he embraces apostasy, false religions, immorality and wickedness.  He has no problem with the new religion because he doesn’t believe in Christ’s faith, its permanence or its power.  He’s simply a clueless, lazy, ignorant heretic who rejects or ignores the truth right in front of him and chooses instead to embrace and defend whatever externals strike his fancy and make him feel ‘Catholic.’


It’s a sad but true statement that with most people who claim to be ‘Catholic’ or ‘Christian,’ they will simply join their local church and follow or adopt the position it promotes, no matter what it is.  That is to say, if someone constructs a building for ‘worship’ that purports to be Catholic or Christian, people will join and people will follow, even if the ‘church’ adheres to absurd positions or doctrines.  The reason for that is that with most people the priority is having an external structure and a community feel.  That’s why so many embrace Mormonism.  It’s also why many have followed the SSPX, despite their completely untenable theological positions. 


Warren Buffet


Subject: Warren Buffet murders the equivalent of 2.7 million infants


… Warren Buffet has given $1.2 billion dollars to abortion groups, which is estimated to be the equivalent of 2.7 million murders. What an evil, sick, demonic individual. He will be in good company among the other serial murderers in hell.




The Gospel


Subject: “Saint” John Paul II Exposed [video]


This is nothing but the devil attacking Saint John Paul. A saint of God who lived the gospel. 




MHFM: It's amazing that you could make that statement.  You are a prime example of someone who is totally deceived.  The truth is exactly the opposite of what you say.  John Paul II preached a completely false gospel of the Devil.  You defend demonic teaching by defending his proclamations.  He taught that every man is Jesus Christ.  The video proves that without any doubt.  He taught that the Son of God became every man in the Incarnation.  That's heresy, in case you didn't know.  Do you even know what the Incarnation is?  Do you even care?  You lack the good will and the honesty to look at the facts that are right in front of you.  He also promoted a host of other heresies that contradict defined Catholic teaching.  He was not a saint of God.  He was not even a Catholic, but an antipope and a key part of the prophesied Great Apostasy.  The veneration of his activity and his image - the image of the one who is wounded - is also prophesied in the Apocalypse.  You are truly blind.




Subject: The Best Argument Against “Baptism of Desire” [video]


Excellent job on your… video: "The Best Argument Against Baptism of Desire"… Truly the best argument to expose these heretics for who they are- FALSE CATHOLICS!!!  Keep preaching the one and only gospel of Christ the King.


Holy Mary vanquisher of heresies pray for us. 






Dear Brothers,


Thank you for the re post on the email of a boy with a defective heart that survived until he was baptized, a very powerful story. Now moving on to those emails that lambasts you for preaching and teaching the truth they should reflect on these: Woe to you who call evil good and good evil Is.5:20


Sincerely and God speed,





Subject: Baby with fatal heart defect miraculously kept alive until Baptism [post]


This is really powerful. A clear sign from God that shows clearly that baptism of desire is a false doctrine. 






Subject: Miraculous Baptism


Dear Brothers,


I wanted to thank you heartily for sharing that beautiful true story of that true Catholic couple's miraculous baptism of their eleventh child.  It is beyond merely a happy story.  It made my day and added almost immeasurable light to a very dark world.  Also, it joyfully attests to the true Catholic positions which you and only you and your supporters defend in this time of almost universal apostasy.  It’s almost as if God used this little child to prove the absolute necessity of water baptism for salvation and to utterly destroy the demonic heresy of BOD for all that would see this.  It’s the most heart wrenchingly beautiful story I think that I've ever heard…


Nathan Barton




Subject: Regarding a message I got from "Baptism of desire" supporter priest


Dear Brothers,

Thanks for the help (especially the one error you noted in the article "three baptisms" on your e-exchanges section).  I knew the SSPX are heretical thanks to your articles about them, but I didn't expect them to stoop so low by their deceiving.  In reality, even though they act "traditional" they are pretty much the same as Novus Ordo sect… with a valid priesthood…

Raphael Gabriel


The Best Argument Against “Baptism of Desire” [video]




Subject: “Saint” John Paul II Exposed [video]


Hmm what saint was crucified upside down ? Peter that's why they use the upside down cross. The apostasy is that you follow Protestant you twist things to your own accord and beliefs. You speak of heresy one could say your own words are heretical.




MHFM: It’s amazing how many fools in the Vatican II sect attempt to defend John Paul II’s use of the satanic symbol, the upside-down cross, by referring to St. Peter and how it’s believed he was crucified upside down.  They resist the truth and they are dupes of the Devil.  Antipope John Paul II was not honoring St. Peter.  There was no indication of that whatsoever.  It was not St. Peter’s feast day.  The upside-down cross is a known satanic symbol.  That’s why none of the apostates who defend the Antichrist’s use of the upside-down cross would wear one around their neck or put one up in front of their house.


Moreover, if they had good will, they would consider the facts about John Paul II’s teaching.  His teaching proves that he was satanic.  If they focused on finding the truth and examining the facts about his teaching, then they would realize why he used the symbol.




Dear Brothers:


… Not too long ago, I had email discussions with a woman who I knew from an SSPX chapel.  When I quoted a few ex-cathedra papal pronouncements with appropriate citations in order to illustrate the truth of a position, the quotes enraged her and sent her into an almost unbelievable tirade about how these were statements of malice and hate.  Her remarks left me speechless.  Not only was I stunned that any person calling herself "Catholic" could respond in that way to papal definitions of Catholic dogma, but she was supposedly a "traditionalist".  That incident was just one more reminder that the SSPX is all about externals only;  they neither hold nor teach the true Catholic faith.  And, bottom line, heretics are heretics -- whether they are Vatican 2 adherents, false traditionalists, protestants, or schismatics -- and they are outside the Catholic Church just as the true popes have taught.  They may appear in different garb and park themselves in different pews, but their common and distinguishing mark is their hatred for the truths which God has revealed to, and preserved in, His One true Church…. 


Lee Ann    


Antipope Francis


Subject: Your website


You have no right at all to bear false witness against our new Pope.


Pope Francis has, in just a short time, brought Catholics back to church whereas the Catholic Church was losing Catholics in the prior years.


Your website appears to be more of a Baptist website where hate and exclusion is the norm.   Your message of hate is terrible.  Pope Francis, if you are indeed Catholic, is your Pope and to speak against him is to speak against God.


Anything for an audience, right?




Gayle Brown


MHFM: Your claims are just ridiculous lies.  You call Catholic teaching “hate” and opposition to Protestantism “Baptist.”  When you so blatantly misrepresent people, you prove yourself to be a dishonest person.  That’s precisely why God allows you to be deceived about the Vatican II sect.  It’s why you lack the grace to be interested in the truth on that matter.  As Jesus said: “Everyone who is of the truth hears my voice” (John 18:37).


What we state about Francis is true.  The problem is 1) you don't understand Catholic teaching and 2) you have not looked at the facts.  Francis denies Catholic teaching.  That's a fact.  A person who denies Catholic teaching, as Francis does, ceases to be part of the Church.  It doesn't matter if he claims to be a priest, a bishop or even a pope.  There have been antipopes in Church history. 


To give just one example, Francis teaches that there is salvation outside the Catholic Church and that non-Catholics don't need conversion to the Catholic faith.  That denies a solemnly defined Catholic dogma: that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church and that it's absolutely necessary for non-Catholics to convert for unity and salvation.


Wake up, for you are in heresy and on the road to Hell.


Anti-Pope Francis: Videos, Heresies and Evidence [section]




The false "traditionalists only pretend to defend the Catholic Tradition while at the same time they greatly offend/attack the very Tradition at the most fundamental level.  Bod/Bob/ii is a major assault on the very core of the Catholic /Dogmatic Tradition.  It preaches that there is absolutely Salvation Outside the Catholic Church, and that the only Baptism (Baptism of Water) is absolutely, completely NOT necessary for Salvation. So here we have our "traditional defenders" of the Catholic faith who promote some of the worst offences imaginable and, surprisingly, they get away with it.  Why? Because they preach all of it dressed in the "traditional" garb. 


Another thing.  If someone "desires" to commit a crime, but he/she doesn't do it, then this person cannot be charged with committing the crime.  He/she may be charged with plotting/planning a crime, but not with actually doing it.  Somebody who "desires" to have baptism or "desires" to be Catholic stays in the realm of possibility, potentiality.  He/she is maybe a "POTENTIAL" Catholic, but for sure he/she is not the ACTUAL Catholic…


In Heresy


Subject: Death Penalty


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the comments to Skellez about the death penalty. Francis is clearly in heresy on this point… Francis really is disgusting. It is interesting to compare how much of an abominable apostate he is, how Satanically weak and antichrist he is, with Pope Innocent III who, in spite of some blunders in his fallible capacity, announced a crusade to recover the Holy Land: Pope Innocent III, Fourth Lateran Council, 71. Crusade to recover the holy Land: "It is our ardent desire to liberate the holy Land from infidel hands. We therefore declare, with the approval of this sacred council and on the advice of prudent men who are fully aware of the circumstances of time and place, that crusaders are to make themselves ready so that all who have arranged to go by sea shall assemble in the kingdom of Sicily on 1 June after next... We... do grant... unto all those who undertake this work in person and at their own expense, full pardon for their sins about which they are heartily contrite and have spoken in confession." It serves to demonstrate how evil Francis is, since he is so incredibly opposed to true, Traditional Catholic faith and morals, such as the death penalty, and that in spite of Pope Innocent III's strength in the crusades, he made some mistakes in other areas, which may explain St. Lutgarge's vision: In The Mourning of the Dove, St. Robert Bellarmine (+ c. 1600) tells us about a person appearing to St. Lutgarde all clothed in flame and in much pain. When St. Lutgarde asked him who he was, he answered her:
I am [Pope] Innocent III, who should have been condemned to eternal Hell-fire for several grievous sins, had not the Mother of God interceded for me in my agony and obtained for me the grace of repentance. Now I am destined to suffer in Purgatory till the End of the World, unless you help me. Once again the Mother of Mercy has allowed me to come to ask you for your prayers. (Fr. Christopher Rengers, The 33 Doctors of the Church, p. 504) If that's what happened to Pope Innocent III, then one shudders to think what's in store for antipope Francis in hell.

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




Subject: NFL "welcomes" openly Gay player


Dear Brothers,

As predicted, the NFL has drafted the very first homosexual player because they made a choice to exclude God from their live and decided to be "master" of their life. This is disgusting and illogical; however, people of bad-will decided that it is ok to be a homosexual when it is not pleasing in God eyes.

Mary, Mother of the One True God, pray for us
-John Paul Castillo


“Gay” NFL Prospect Michael Sam Makes A Revealing Admission [video]


Amazing Baptism


Subject: Amazing Baptism


The book 'Night of the Grizzlies' by Jack Olsen and subsequent video, 'Glacier Park's Night of the Grizzles', based on the book relates the true story about two women who were carried off by two different bears on the same night in 1967 while camping in Glacier National Park. The part of the story I thought most amazing was the night time rescue of one of the young women who suffered life threatening wounds from the bear and her baptism before death.

In August of 1967, a group of young teens were camping in Glacier National Park near Granite Park Chalet. During the night a rogue bear attacked them and carried off a young woman. That night with help from the other teens, a park ranger and the people staying at Granite Chalet the previous night, locate the woman who was badly torn up and barely alive.  The guests at the Chalet included a Catholic priest and three doctors, one a surgeon.  They took the woman back to the Chalet and when the doctor said that he could do no more knowing that the woman was dying from blood loss and puncture wounds to her chest, the priest asked the woman if she wanted to be baptized, after which she was baptized and while saying the Lord's prayer with the priest, she died.


The second young woman who was also a victim of a bear attack on the other side of the park near Trout Lake, was found but had already died.

The amazing part is that this woman stayed alive for hours after being mutilated by a bear and long enough to be baptized.  God is amazing and let no one say that baptism is not possible; all things are possible with God. God does not command impossibilities and He commanded all to be baptized.


“Amen, amen I say to thee, unless a man be born again of water and the Holy Ghost, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God” (John 3:5)


Mary Jo Marceau-Hawthorne


MHFM: That’s an interesting story.




Subject: Why Francis Must Not Be Considered The Pope [video]


This shows how evil the modernists are. In the 5th century, Catholics rejected Nestorius as Patriarch of Constantinople because he said The Blessed Virgin Mary was not the Mother of God. Now Francis can pray with the Jews, Muslims, say atheists go to Heaven etc... However he is still the "Pope."








Subject: Why Francis Must Not Be Considered The Pope [video]


It is by the direct power of the Holy Ghost that so many have realized that the Vatican II church is not Catholicism…






Dear Brothers,


All the arguments that refute 'baptism of desire/blood' and 'invincible ignorance' are astronomically crushing.  God didn't come down from Heaven to send mixed messages about salvation, nor have any back-room parties that celebrate the 'hidden truths' of dogma.  That's what the SSPX is… their wicked beliefs enwrap their conscience with blackness, hereby blocking any understanding of truth.  Instead of humbly believing truth, they seek first to understand and consequently, remain obstinately loyal to lies.  In short, they love and respect man.  They love extending salvation to enemies of Christ, as "Who are they to judge?"  And above all, they claim to love truth, while throwing rotten eggs at dogma.  Likewise, they remain faithful defenders of Vatican II and adhere to all its antipopes, while 'picking and choosing' what to believe.  According to SSPX, the Holy See is wrong about 'saint' John Paul II.  Similarly, if Francis is a valid pope, then Christ's promise was just an empty delusion.  Nevertheless, SSPX'ers scramble after demonic Francis like a wagging dog colony.  They'll deny it, but that's what they do... Divine truth just keeps bouncing off them, as if they are fatally allergic to it.  






A couple of months ago I ordered the "$20 package" and have watched read most of it now (a LOT of information!!) and am becoming increasingly uncomfortable with my standing with God and how to live my Catholic faith correctly…. And it has opened my eyes BIG time.  My confusion now is what to do next to live my Catholic faith properly?  As someone who has left the Novus Ordo and feel very alone, how do I now live my faith according to true Catholic tradition?  I have done some research but have not been able to find a valid priest in my area (I live in Jackson, NJ) so I am REALLY all alone now - no Mass, no Eucharist, nothing…

Thank you.

IN Christ,


MHFM: You should be praying the Rosary each day, all 15 decades if possible.  You should be able to find an option for confession at least, according to the principles explained in our file.  People should do spiritual or religious reading, evangelize, and live the faith day in and day out.  It’s also necessary to avoid mortal sin, of course.  A relationship with God must be formed day in and day out, through prayers, etc.  We can help a person with options for receiving sacraments once he or she is convinced on all the issues.


Buchanan Article


Subject: Buchanan Article


Dear Brothers:
Here's an interesting article about the recent primary race in North Carolina where the GOP Establishment tried to defeat a 20 year conservative Congressman, Walter Jones, because he opposes foreign aid and Neo-Con wars:
Buchanan observes: "Consider what the GOP establishment and the Adelson-Kristol neocons are telling Republicans nationally with this wilding attack on a venerable veteran of the Republican House.

They are saying: You can be for amnesty for illegal aliens, support same-sex marriage, be pro-choice on abortion, and you can still be welcome in our party.  But oppose foreign aid or resist the War Party agenda, and you are a heretic who should and shall be purged."




Subject: Sacraments FSSP Valid?


Hello Brother Dimond,

I have 2 questions concerning some sorrows I have.  I received the sacrament of confession of a priest, validly ordained in the original rite of ordination, with the FSSP in Amsterdam, Holland.

I received also the sacrament of the Holy communion with the FSSP.  I asked the priest of the FSSP, a priest from Denmark, whether my baptism, which my Non-catholic brother performed according the instructions on your website is valid. He told me it is valid.

He is not an outspoken heretic, I think.  My question: is it a sin to receive sacraments from a validly ordained priest of the FSSP?

I pray the Rosary each day. 5 decades sometimes 10. I pray to the Archangel Michael. I recite the confession of Athanasius. I pray the Jesus and Mary, I love you, save souls. Is there more I can do?

Should I receive the sacraments through the FSSP priest often? The Rosary have given me since I started praying it blessings. I quit a persistent mortally sinfull habit since I start praying the Rosary. I also got baptized by my brother. Thanks to the uncompromising truths you show us, seekers of truth and shelter. Many thanks.


Brother in Christ,




MHFM: No, the FSSP is not an option for the sacraments.  Their 'priests' are typically ordained by 'bishops' consecrated in the New Rite.  The New Rite of Episcopal Consecration cannot be considered valid.  Thus, they are not an option for the sacraments.  (They are also heretics who accept the Vatican II sect and its heresies.)  You would need to make your confession again to a valid priest.


Before receiving sacraments, one must reach the point where one is committed never to attend the New Mass again, believes in Outside the Church There is No Salvation without exception (no “baptism of desire,” no salvation for those “invincibly ignorant” of the Catholic faith), rejects NFP, won’t support any heretical priests, etc.  That’s explained in this file: Where to go to Mass or confession today?  People should also make the traditional profession of faith from the Council of Trent, which can be accessed from the aforementioned file.  Further, it should be understood that the priests who were ordained in The New Rite of Ordination [PDF File] were not validly ordained.  Since “priests” ordained in the New Rite of Ordination are invalid, any mortal sins confessed to such “priests” must be confessed again to a valid priest once a person is prepared for confession.  Once a person is convinced on all relevant matters, we can help that person with possible locations for receiving sacraments.  We also recommend people to pray the Rosary each day, all 15 decades if possible.


It's important to realize the situation today (during the Great Apostasy).  It is one in which basically all the churches are either heretical Vatican II churches or 'traditionalist' churches where the priest is heretical in some way.  Thus, there aren't any churches that are fully Catholic, where one can join, regard the priest as Catholic and support the church. However, there are some options for receiving the sacraments of confession (which is obviously crucial) and possibly the Eucharist (in a traditional rite only) depending upon where one lives, once a person is convinced on all the issues.


Death Penalty


Subject: What Francis Really Believes (3rd edition) [video]


I enjoy your vids very much, but with the death penalty you might have gone a tad too far? Give us more information. Besides, there have surely been corrupt Popes in the past too…and I would not be surprised if a Pope from 3/4 hundred years ago would be in favor of the death penalty. In the end, at least today, it has being decided by the laws of men. I don't know…




MHFM: The Church has always taught that for certain grave crimes the death penalty is an acceptable punishment.  In the Bible, God teaches the same thing.  The notion that the death penalty is necessarily wrong or unjust is heretical.  Antipope Francis’ position on that matter is just one of his many heresies.  For example, one of the errors of Martin Luther condemned by Pope Leo X in Exsurge Domine was the following:


33. That heretics be burned is against the will of the Spirit. – Condemned


This is not to suggest that the death penalty for heresy (which was in place at certain times in the history of Catholic states) is the issue to which this principle is restricted.  Of course not.  The death penalty was given for other grave crimes such as murder, and the penalty for heresy applied at certain times in certain Catholic states.  The death penalty for heresy was also rarely carried out.  It obviously would not apply today because there aren’t any Catholic states with laws against the promotion of heresy.  Moreover, the civil authority (rather than the Church) would carry out the penalty for such crimes.  The point, however, is that this one passage refutes the rejection of the death penalty by Antipope Francis and others in the Vatican II sect.


Concerning Luther’s errors (including the one above), Pope Leo X declared: “… we decree and declare that all the faithful of both sexes must regard them as condemned, reprobated, and rejected.”




Subject: False Traditionalists: Reaping What They Have Sown [video]


It is always shocking to hear a so called traditional Catholic refer to "our holy father" in reference to these men who are destroying the Faith in so many souls under their diabolical influence…


Irene Hoffman




Subject: Was Vatican II Infallible? [video]


You cannot have a relationship with anyone be it friends or marriage without compromise. Giving up something in order to gain something means you will lose something and we already lost enough. This scares me. I’m talking about ecumenism. Even within the confines of the rubrics from Vatican II the rules are not even being followed.  Liturgical abuses run rampant. You couldn’t run a business like this it would fall apart.  Imagine all the employees you hired doing whatever they want. Your cashiers working on the vehicles, stockers running insurance claims, the mechanics making business deals etc... you would have chaos.


Russell G


MHFM: It’s not totally clear whether you are lamenting compromise or endorsing it on some level.  While the expectations and preferences of human beings may be compromised in many cases, God’s truth must never be compromised. 


“Thou shalt not follow the multitude to do evil: neither shalt thou yield in judgment, to the opinion of the most part, to stray from the truth.” (Exodus 23:2) 


With regard to “ecumenism” as practiced and taught by the Vatican II sect, it is condemned by the Catholic Church.  It is apostasy.  Please consult the condemnation of false ecumenism by Pope Pius XI and the other information covered in the material.




Subject: “Saint” John Paul II Exposed [video]


John Paul II is totally exposed in this video….


Martin Francis




Subject: “Saint” John Paul II Exposed [video]


This is a bunch of crap! Blasphemy those who believe it! To attack the late John Paul II. Leave him alone! There is only one judge God! And all who believe this be ready for your judgment by God! 


Mary Gnoza


MHFM: No, it’s all true.  That’s why (just like other heretics) you are unable to cite anything specific that you think is false.  You are so closed to the truth that you won’t even consider or accept the evidence that’s right in front of your face.  John Paul II clearly taught that every man is Jesus Christ.  Does that even bother you?  No, it doesn’t.  You are antichrist.  His teaching that every man is Jesus Christ is not the blasphemy in your book.  Rather, according to you, the ‘blasphemy’ is the rejection and denunciation of such a diabolical teaching.  You are deceived because you don’t want or love the truth.  You don’t want to hear the facts or learn the true Catholic faith.  As a result, you are headed for the lake of fire, and that’s not a place people want to end up.  You need to humble yourself, begin to be honest, look at the information and convert.  However, based on your reaction, that might require a miracle.  You are currently a reprobate.




Subject: “Saint” John Paul II Exposed [video]


Interesting. The dichotomy of the messages of John Paul II are contradictory to the historic Catholic dogma and is well exposed here. If I might add from my own opinion John Paul II stresses that man is God and/or can arise to the Godhead, directly and indirectly by his own efforts. Wow!...






Subject: Francis and the Seven Kings of the Apocalypse [video]


Most inspirational and insightful interpretation of our last days: Bergoglio is not a King because of the invalid ordination, hence Benedict was the last true King, and the end is speeding up the pace. Thank you.




Water Baptism


Subject: Water Baptism Journey




The BOD question has probably been the final stumbling-block in my journey from the Novus Ordo to SSPX to misc.-sedevacantism to the truth. In addition to all your excellent scholarship and generous concern for souls in this matter, this thought came to mind while listening to your materials.


A) Was it necessary for Adam to take and eat the forbidden fruit to lose salvation? Yes, of course.


B) Is it necessary to take water Baptism to gain salvation? In the same mind, we should say, "Yes, of course."


To separate these questions is to postulate two different Gods, heaven forbid. Accepting the historical Adam invariably requires belief in the necessity for water baptism. Clearly, the desire for Adam to eat the fruit was not sufficient to deprive him of grace, since this was not connected to any demerit -- on the contrary, acting against this desire would actually have been meritorious. Thus, neither is the desire for baptism connected to any merit, but only to the perseverance in attaining the fulfillment of this desire, in spite of whatever obstacles God may place in our way, through to the consummation of the union of the soul with Christ in eternity.


It seems just, from what must be God's point of view, that since the race was deprived of grace through one man doing something that was proscribed (not to be done), it is appropriate that reversing the damage should come about through doing something prescribed (to be done -- i.e. "Baptism"), even though both appear arbitrary -- or without incentive to be done -- to the human way of thinking.


God's blessing upon your efforts. 


-James B.




Subject: BOD


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for emphasizing the points about how the encyclicals of the modern period support the absolute necessity of water baptism.  The BOD schismatics who reject such teaching show extraordinary bad will and dishonesty.  It is incredible when those same people will cite Suprema Haec Sacra as if it is binding and infallible when it is clearly erroneous and heretical.  Not only do they thus reject the highest authoritative declarations of Catholic teaching, such as ex Cathedra pronouncements, and not only do they reject Papal Encyclicals proving Catholic teaching on the necessity of the Sacrament of Baptism and the Catholic faith for salvation, but they call such teachings heretical while appealing to erroneous documents to support their heresy.  The weight and quantity of Catholic teaching is firmly on the side of no exceptions to the necessity of the Catholic faith and water baptism for salvation.  The BOD heretics refuse to worship Almighty God, who is invoked in baptism, and who is the formal motive of faith.

Council of Florence, Sess. 8, 22 November 1439: "Since the holy Trinity is the principle cause from which baptism has its power and the minister is the instrumental cause who exteriorly bestows the sacrament, the sacrament is conferred if the action is performed by the minister with the invocation of the holy Trinity... The effect of this sacrament is the remission of all original and actual guilt, also of all penalty that is owed for that guilt."

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




Subject: Justification Debate with a Reformed Protestant (Calvinist)


It is amazing how a protestant boasts to rely on Scripture, and yet when debate comes you see him here quoting tons of theologians, while the Catholic pours a truckload of Scripture on his head. Protestants don't seem to get that the Magisterium never saw itself as a substitute for Scripture, but as a God-given guide to it.


Khalil Gebara


Also, with regard to ‘BOD’


MHFM: There’s another point to keep in mind if you happen to be arguing with supporters of the false doctrine of ‘baptism of desire.’  It was one of the points covered in this video:


The Best Argument Against “Baptism of Desire” [video]


It’s that in addition to the dogmatic arguments (and the key question) which destroy ‘baptism of desire’, it’s important not to forget about the teaching of papal encyclicals to the entire Church in the modern period.  They are thoroughly and completely on our side.  They teach the very same truth that the councils infallibly taught: that no one can be inside the Catholic Church (outside of which there is no salvation) without the Sacrament of Baptism; that no one can be a Christian without the Sacrament of Baptism (and only Christians are saved); and that no one can enter the Kingdom of God without faith and the rite (Sacrament) of Baptism.  That’s the teaching of the Catholic Church.  In all of history the Catholic Church never taught anything else in any document on faith or morals applying to the universal Church.  Thus, those who support ‘BOD’ in the face of the facts not only reject the dogmatic arguments and the teaching of the Church expressed in councils, etc., but they reject the reiteration of that dogma in papal encyclicals which taught faith and morals to the entire Church.  In fact, many of those heretics even condemn the teaching of the Catholic Church expressed below as evil, mortally sinful and heretical.  They have tremendous bad will and they are very deceived.


Pope Pius XI, Quas Primas (#15), Dec. 11, 1925, addressed to the universal Church, concerning entrance into the Kingdom of God: “Which Kingdom indeed is set forth in the Gospels as one into which men prepare to enter by doing penance but are unable to enter except through faith and baptism, which, although it is an external rite, nevertheless signifies and effects an interior regeneration.”


Pope Pius XII Mediator Dei (#47), Nov. 20, 1947, addressed to the universal Church, referring to the Sacrament of Baptism: “… the washing of baptism distinguishes and separates all Christians [christianos omnes] from the rest whom this stream of atonement has not washed and who are not members of Christ…”


Pope Pius XII, Mystici Corporis Christi (# 22), June 29, 1943, addressed to the universal Church: “Actually only those are to be included as members of the Church who have received the laver of regeneration and profess the true faith…”


Stones from Heaven


MHFM: This is an interesting verse about how the Lord threw down stones from Heaven upon the armies of the kings of the Amorrhites when they fought against Israel.


Joshua 10:11- “And as they fled before Israel, while they were going down the ascent of Beth-horon, the Lord threw down large stones from heaven on them as far as Azekah, and they died.  There were more who died because of the hailstones than the sons of Israel killed with the sword.”




Subject: “Gay” NFL Prospect Michael Sam Makes A Revealing Admission [video]


I think this is great, that Catholics can be so against the homosexual perverted and corruptible lifestyle and be actively against abortions, but, I think it's so sad, that so many can still believe, we evolved from pond scum, or, that life arose spontaneously and mindlessly from non-living matter. Darwinism or evolution is the religion of atheists, and nobody who professes to be a Christian should ever accept it. Besides that, everything about evolution contradicts what the Bible says about creation, in Genesis 1. For example, the Bible says, reptiles were CREATED after the birds, but, Darwinism says, reptiles EVOLVED into birds. Also, Adam named the animals and was created in God's Image, so, he wasn't an animal. The Bible says, whales were CREATED before the land animals, BUT, Darwinism says, a land animal EVOLVED into a whale. The differences are vast, with absolutely no evidence that evolution has ever taken place. Evolutionary con-men have duped millions of people, including professing Christians. If Christians read their Bibles, and actually trusted the Holy Bible, in which God is the Author of, there wouldn't be a problem. In fact, evolution would be on its way out.




MHFM: We of course agree with your comments against evolution.  It’s an anti-scientific, anti-biblical hoax.  It’s not compatible with belief in the Catholic faith and the Bible.  Also, only Catholics are Christians.  See the biblical proof for Catholicism in our material.  It’s necessary for salvation to be a traditional Catholic.




So Much


Subject: “Gay” NFL Prospect Michael Sam Makes A Revealing Admission [video]


Caring so much about someone else's sexuality that you have to make a YouTube video about it is truly pathetic.


K. Voss Shriver


MHFM: No, what’s pathetic is that the promotion of an unnatural abomination, and the celebration of the destruction of the natural law, doesn’t bother you.




Dear Brother,


I have seen the videos and understand what is going on somewhat. I was born into a Traditional Catholic Family in 1946, Baptism, 1st Communion, Confirmation, etc.


I was caught up in Vatican II and blindly embraced it, up until I found your web site that opened my eyes.  My question to you is this.  Where do I go to find the traditional Latin Mass When I go to confession with these priests they say the absolution properly under the old rite.  But is it a valid confession?... Bottom Line up Front:  I do not want to lose my soul or the souls of my family members under the Novus Ordo. Do I have to follow in any way the Anti Pope in Rome?  How do I make sure I stay within the confines of the Traditional and Blessed Roman Catholic Church?...


Thanks and God Bless

Joseph Saladin


MHFM: We’re glad you found the material.  With regard to your question about the antipope, the answer is that one must reject him and the entire Vatican II sect.  Your questions about where to receive sacraments are covered in the material and in these files.  Once you are convinced on the issues, we can help you with possible locations for receiving certain sacraments.


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts

Where to go to Mass or confession today?




I came across your web site (most holy family monastery.com) and I have to say I feel like I am going to vomit!  Do you represent the Catholic Church? Are you even Catholic? Attacking the Church and the Holy Popes St John Paul 2 and St Pope John 23? Sr Lucia of Fatima a fraud. You know that you are the Frauds and Spreading heresies and defamation and slander.... Do you not fear your judgement? Do you think that you are being Christ like is your actions. Your act of disobedience will carry a significant punishment by itself. I pray that you come to your senses and start representing the Catholic faith with dignity and respect and in a particular way that would make Jesus and Mary proud! This website is not pleasing the God!




MHFM: You are a deluded heretic.  What makes you sick is Catholic teaching.  Since you are of course unable to refute any of the arguments we advance, you simply issue a general complaint.  The problem is that you don’t understand the Catholic faith and you don’t believe in it.  To be Catholic one must accept all the traditional teachings of the Church, and reject people who deviate from those teachings.  You would benefit from reading this file.  It covers introductory principles.


 The Glossary of Terms and Principles [PDF]


There have been antipopes in Church history, and it’s prophesied that there will be a Great Apostasy.  It will involve a great spiritual deception and an almost universal departure from the Catholic faith in the final days.  A widespread apostasy is not incompatible with Catholic teaching.  It is, rather, foretold by the Lord.  You would learn a lot from reading this article. 


The Great Western Schism (1378-1417) and what it teaches us about the post-Vatican II apostasy – Massive confusion, multiple antipopes, antipopes in Rome, an antipope recognized by all the cardinals; The Great Western Schism proves that a line of antipopes at the heart of the post-Vatican II crisis is absolutely possible-


The new Vatican II religion, however, is contrary to Catholic teaching. 


Among other things, it teaches salvation outside the Church, that heretics are martyrs, that heretics may receive Communion, that heretics are inside the Church, and more.  Those heretical teachings contradict defined Catholic dogma.  Yet, you defend and believe them.  By accepting and defending such heretical teachings, which contradict the defined Catholic faith, you embrace heresy and sin mortally.  You choose to follow impostors who have foisted a new religion upon the world, and you reject the Catholic faith and the Papacy.  You would figure that out if you were honest and considered the material, but you have too much bad will.


What Francis Really Believes (3rd edition) [video]

Why Francis Must Not Be Considered The Pope [video]

The Third Secret of Fatima (3rd edition) [video]

Vatican II’s Protestant Heresy [video]

Vatican II’s Jewish Heresy [video]




I must comment on Luke Sickleton’s topsy turvy world in which all paths lead to heaven, no one can judge, haters of Christ, the Papacy, all sects go to heaven. EXCEPT.... Traditional Catholics!!! Then, he can judge, use crude invectives, and assure you that he KNOWS you are going to hell and he maliciously wishes it so.  Since he does not savor the truth he is clearly diabolically disorientated.

God allows this disorientation because he sees the  seething hatred in this man. Mr. SICKleton must just love the clown Masses, the kissing of women's feet on Holy Thursday, the half naked dancing so often done in front of "altars". No no, can't judge any of that, no abuses seen here! These "Holy popes" must be listened to and followed, silly stupid dupe, they are leading you straight to Hell and all he can do is write to you and berate you for speaking loud and continuously about this Horror show. Diabolical disorientation has gripped so many, so tragic.   


Regards, Barbara




Subject: “Saint” JP2 Video


Dear Brothers:


Your video on "Saint" John Paul II Exposed is really a masterpiece.  It is chilling to reflect upon the fact that JP2 was the most demonic man who ever lived… While so many souls preferred to go to their death rather than renounce the true faith, the Antichrist and his cohorts got people to give up the true faith voluntarily. 


Your video also sheds great light on why the Vatican 2 Counterfeit Church is what it is, in all of its aspects.   Even at its most "reverent", the novus ordo "mass" is all about the adoration of man (and even then seems to smack of the diabolical).  The false religion of the Counterfeit Church, of course, had to be Judeo/Masonic since it is anti-Christ.  Calling anyone to convert to Jesus Christ and His true faith (or calling anyone to convert to anything) would surely be pointless, since the V2 sects holds that each man is already God.  The Counterfeit Church considers nothing to be sinful, except poverty or some other temporal deprivation which man might have to suffer.  Also understandable is the fact that its organizations of "religious" are mere social workers whose only business is serving man.  The Vatican 2 sect makes complete sense in light of the gospel of the Antichrist. 


The video also brought to mind how duplicitous the adherents of the Vatican 2 sect really are.  Their yes means no, and their no means yes.  Take, for example, Von Hildebrand who said that the novus ordo mass seemed to be designed by demons from hell.  Yet he and his wife accepted the novus ordo mess anyway.  Recall, too, how Michael Davies studied Paul VI's new rite of ordination, proved that the same invalidating changes had been made to it as had been made to the invalid Anglican rite -- but then turned around and insisted that the new rite of Paul VI was valid anyway?   Why did Davies publish his book?  To assuage his own conscience -- or to bring the matter of invalidity to a close?   How clear it all becomes that people such as these (who love to make their loud pronouncements) certainly aren't/weren't working for the cause of truth.  Then there's the SSPX and other false traditionalists who insist that people can be saved without water baptism and without embracing the essentials of the true faith -- particularly the Holy Trinity.  These heresies, when you think about it, are really not all that different from the doctrines of the Antichrist -- a fact which should not surprise us since the father of all heresies is Satan.  Thanks for posting this enlightening video. 


Lee Ann



My name is Adam… and I am writing to you today for some clarity on some things.

I was brought up in the Catholic Church but have never really had a spiritual connection to it. When I was born, I was not baptized Catholic, however, I did receive the sacraments of "Penance", "Holy Eucharist", "Confirmation" and "Holy Matrimony" in the Novus Ordo church (hence the quotation marks).


I have recently discovered your channel and I am horrified... I have two small young children who have been baptized in the Novus Ordo and I am fearful for their souls.  I have always known there was something missing in the faith when it began teaching heaven was for everyone and that there is no hell... Not to mention when you have a "Pope" contradicting what we know is the truth, it speaks volumes. I have mocked God, Jesus, and the whole religion as a mockery after the sex abuse scandal, but i never, EVER heard of Traditional Catholicism, until I came across your channel.

I have a list of questions that I hope you can help me with...

1.  Are the sacraments myself and my family have received valid?  2.  How would one go about making a confession if there is not a Traditional priest in their area?  3.  Has any confession I have made been valid?  4.  Can you help me find a REAL traditional Church?... I really appreciate your help. I REALLY do not want to go to hell and I certainly want to protect my children from the teachings of the Novus Ordo.

Thank you again.

Humbly Yours in Christ,



MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  It's crucial to get out of the New Mass, become convinced on all the issues, pray the Rosary each day (all 15 decades if possible) and the Hail Mary frequently.  You should follow the steps in the file below.  Even though heretics can validly baptize if they observe matter, form and have the minimal intention, when it’s not certain how a baptism was performed a conditional baptism should be done.  The steps for performing a conditional baptism are covered in the file below.  The Eucharist is not present in the New Mass.  Confessions to ‘priests’ ordained in the New Rite are invalid as well.


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts


Once you are convinced on all the issues, we can help you with where to receive sacraments.  We’re glad that you came across the information.


“Saint” John Paul II


Subject: “Saint” John Paul II


Dear Brothers,


Wow. Your new video deals a devastating blow to the myth of "saint" John Paul II. It completely shatters all the lies and illusions of this man of Satan and proves beyond all doubt - by his very words - that he was indeed the Antichrist! One can really see the incredible hatred John Paul II had for our Lord especially in the Incarnation and his blasphemous dissolving of Jesus Christ. For sure it was his mission to keep souls in bondage to the devil and to seduce those who held/hold the true faith by preaching a false and perverted version which came straight from the pit of Hell. No wonder the world venerates him. He taught that every man is God and they love the lie.

Saint Louis de Montfort said the devil is a counterfeiter, and a clever and crafty deceiver. How true. In these final days of the Great Apostasy, the Antichrist having already seduced the whole world, Catholics must remain constant in praying our Lady's Rosary and vigilant while upholding the true faith everywhere. For our Lord will surely come as a thief in the night and we must be ready.

May all those who watch it be moved by the truth, repent of their sins, embrace the true faith and save their souls.

In Jesus through mary,



Dear Brothers in Christ,

Thank you for the video about The Antichrist John Paul II. It is undeniable that he dissolved Jesus Christ into billions of men and that he was loved by the billions of men… because he has said to them that
they are The Christ. Generally speaking, the men of these last days of the world are evil. There are so few good people in the world, meaning that there are so few true Catholics… The evil people look for "good personalities" in and out of themselves in order to praise the men and be praised by them. The Antichrist took every possible effort to keep the men in that illusion of "being a good person" and having "dignity" proven by nothing. There is no dignity in sin; there is only slavery in sin. So The Antichrist was avoiding, as much as was humanly possible to him, to even mention the sin and the reality of eternal condemnation in hell. I remember the days when I was living in the illusion created by The Antichrist. It was in the time when the first draft of the EU Constitution was presented. The Constitution did not, not even by a single line, mention the Europe's Christian heritage, as if the European nations have never accepted Christ. The Antipope JPII apparently protested against this omission to no avail. His alleged protest was utterly disregarded. It took time for me to finally see that the JPII's protest was fake; it was issued in order to deceive the people even more. It was a simple matter of logical reasoning to see that The EU Constitution is a direct consequence of V2 false council's teaching about "dignity of each person". If each person is Christ with divine and human dignity, no matter what he/she says or does, as The Antichrist taught, then what would be the purpose of concentrating on a single person Jesus Christ and single him out in a state's fundamental document? By the teaching of V2, and its mega-promoter The Antichrist, one should never insult not even one amongst billions of "Christs" by mentioning Jesus Christ, The True God and True Man, The Second Person of The Divine Trinity.  The Antichrist never took effort to explain how it would be possible for any of billions of "Christs" to hate Jesus Christ, as they do hate Him. Of course he didn't, because "the dignity of men" is far more valuable than God Jesus Christ to him and billions of deceived "dignified" persons…

Let our Risen Christ bless your holy efforts and all other true Catholics in the world…

Vladimir form Zagreb, Croatia




Subject: family terrorized by demons


Dear Brothers,


In the video about the family which was terrorized by a demon, it is mentioned, that once people do something like using a Ouija board, it opens the door to more influence from demons. At a very early age, I was interested in magic tricks, which seems like harmless fun, but in fact that opened the door to interest in real magic, and consequently demons became more present in my life. To the average person this sounds completely crazy, but you need only point to the scientifically impossible things that UFOs do to prove that demons do exist and are spiritual beings trying to unsettle belief in a Creator with their messages of evolving at higher physical and spiritual levels. Your book on UFOs made that perfectly clear.


God bless,

Paul Cummins


Off Target


Dear Brothers,

Luke Sickleton is a deluded fool. His faith is in man, and the emptiness that that brings with it, and the consequent demonic frustration, is evident in his message… he refers to "His Holiness Pope Francis I." Francis doesn't even pretend to be holy. He doesn't even want to be associated with the word, since that would reek too much of the Papacy he detests so much. Francis admitted that "sin is not a stain I need to clean." Luke's obsession with "obedience to authority" is astoundingly off target. He completely misses the point that a person actually needs to hold the Catholic faith in order to please God, that a person cannot simply choose what they believe, and then pretend everything is ok. Compare Francis' statement about sin with Jesus Christ's words: John 8:24 - "Therefore I said to you, that you shall die in your sins. For if you believe not that I am he, you shall die in your sin." Antipope Francis blatantly contradicts the Church: Pope Gregory X, Council of Lyons II, 1274: “We define also that… the souls of those who depart this life in actual mortal sin, or in original sin alone, go straightaway to hell, but to undergo punishments of different kinds.” (Denz. 464) Luke is on the same wide road to destruction that Francis is leading him down… it's littered with sign-posts of false "dogmas": "you can't judge," "do what thou wilt," "faith alone," etc.

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White


Video Posted


Must-See 1 hour 30 minute video: “Saint” John Paul II Exposed


MHFM: We want to stress that people need to watch this video all the way through; for some of the most incredible and revealing quotations come in the middle and as you go along in the video; but the first part of the video provides an essential foundation to understand what’s covered later.  This video demonstrates that what happened on Sunday, with the ‘canonization’ of Antipope John Paul II, was the world worshipping the Beast.  The one whose veneration was just imposed upon alleged ‘Catholics’ by the Counter Church was the Antichrist. 




… Neil Schlichting addressed Most Holy Family Monastery on the Presence of the One True Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church after the so called "second Vatican council" I've been studying Catholicism, Catholic Ecclessiology for Four years, and Sedevacantism (compared to other "Traditionalist" groups. Your site has given a valuable reference point to the reality of the current crisis. my only question for you, is where is the Genuine Catholic Church now, and how do I join it. Plz if you get this message write back to me as soon as humanly possible. 


Sincerely in Christ 



MHFM: The true Catholic Church exists with the authentic traditional Catholics who adhere to the faith whole and undefiled.  This is how someone would convert to the true Catholic Church:


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts


It’s necessary for salvation to be a traditional Catholic.  It’s also crucial to pray the Rosary each day (all 15 decades if possible) and the Hail Mary frequently.  Since you mentioned it, this is one video that exposes the heretical false ecclesiology of the Vatican II sect. 


Vatican II’s Protestant Heresy [video]




Whoever called me earlier spewing out your heretical views and denouncing the legitimate authority of all Popes including this one, His Holiness Pope Francis I since Vatican II need to get your heads
screwed on right and taken out of your asses. You all are heretics just like your founder Archbishop Marcel Lafebve. I assure you since he opposed all of the authority of all Popes since Pope Paul VI and fought tooth and nail with all of them til finally Pope John Paul II had no choice but to excommunicate him and his followers when he did. Archbishop Lafevbe was just another Martin Luther wanabe and he was and is now in hell for his disobedient attitude toward legitimate authority. He had the duty to obey the Popes in all areas the Popes spoke in because he took that solemn vow of obedience and he broke it as well when he disobeyed every Pope since Pope Paul VI and led the charge for others to be disobedient as well.No amount of prayer or sacrifice will get you all to heaven if you are not reunited with Rome and accept the authority of all Popes as the Successors to Saint Peter.You will wind up in hell with Lafebve and all of his and your blind followers. His and your blind followers will curse you out for all eternity and it will be too late to turn back. Repent of your sins and reject Lafebve and all of his heretical teachings and be saved under the authority of Pope Francis I and all Popes of Rome after him that may come.Your arrogance will lead you all to hell for sure being seperated from the church of Rome under the authority of all the Popes of Rome.


Luke P. Sickelton.JMJ.


MHFM: First, we are not affiliated with Lefebvre.  So, you don’t know what you are talking about.  Second, you are a heretic on the road to Hell.  You know nothing about the Catholic faith or the Papacy.  If you had a clue about what’s going on, you would realize that Antipope Francis rejects the Papacy.  He teaches that non-Catholics don’t need conversion and don’t need to accept the Papacy.  (He also practices Judaism, teaches salvation outside the Church, and many other heresies.)  Vatican II taught that heretics and schismatics who reject the Papacy are in the Church of Christ.  That’s contrary to Catholic teaching.  By defending it, you reject the Papacy.  Wake up.  You are an apostate in need of conversion.  You are not a Catholic.  You adhere to a Counter Church.  You are an arrogant disgrace.  That’s why God leaves you in the darkness.


Anti-Pope Francis: Videos, Heresies and Evidence [section]

Vatican II’s Protestant Heresy [video]


Came Across


I recently came across your website by accident.  I have read a lot of your information… At 35 years old, I am a JPII catholic.  I attended world youth day in Paris, fell in love with the faith, and believed JPII was a saint.  After learning of his many heresies, I feel lied to like I imagine I would feel if I found out I was really adopted.  After reflecting on much of your information, I am left with a few questions I humbly ask you to consider answering in future writings:


1) why did Paul VI sell papal tiara?...

2)  What did the impostor Sr. Lucy have to gain personally by posing as the real sr. Lucy?


Also, the media heavily reported on Francis' comments concerning gays, but he also said there was a "political, greedy, and MASONIC" influence at the Vatican.  Could you comment on this?...




MHFM: 1. Antipope Paul VI sold it because he was a wicked antipope, a conspirator, and it symbolized the attempted overthrow of the Papacy and the Catholic Church.  2.  The facts proving there was an impostor are clear.  See our video on that point.  There are many reasons an evil woman would play the part: money, threats, etc.  The Devil has influence over wicked people and he will often get them to do what he wants them to do, even if the motivation is not always clear to others. 


Also, with the comment about Francis you are perhaps implying that he might be considered Catholic.  No, he’s a raging heretic and apostate.  He’s extremely evil.  Please consider this file.


Anti-Pope Francis: Videos, Heresies and Evidence [section]


Please consult the rest of the material on the website and become convinced of the positions.




Dear brothers  


Regarding your latest video/ SUPERB!    Antipope John Paul 2 was truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing. That is why there could be no better deception than him… Thank you and God bless        


From Mark Vasquez




Subject: Miscarriages


While all the investigation is not complete, it is well-known that women on oral contraceptives for years initially have difficulty conceiving a child when they first quit the "pill." It is my theory that the hormonal disruption that occurs over a period of years also makes it difficult for a woman to maintain a pregnancy during the first months after she stops the oral contraceptive.


EJP, M.D., D.D., CAC




Subject: “Saint" John Paul II Exposed Video


Dear brothers,

This is video speaks the truth so firmly that it exposes the evil of Vatican II's Antichrist. The world needs to see this because you are one million percent right about the following; the antichrist is not a heartless tyrant rather he creates false a peace that contradicts the Catholic teaching...

Mary, Mother of the One True God, Pray for us.

-John Paul Castillo






My name is Dan. I am an 18 year old Catholic trying to learn more about my faith. I recently just watched your 2 1/2 hour video about the third- secret of Fatima. The video has left me with many questions. If this is all true… How are we to practice the true traditional Catholic faith if the Mass is invalid now; if Communion is invalid?  Please refer me to some of your books if you will, I really would like to know much more about the authenticity of all this… I have asked priests at two parishes to answer my questions about the inspirations for the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel. I have not gotten any responses from them. Does this corruption of the church entail the low churches as well.  I am very confused now, please give me some clarification.




MHFM: We’re glad you are looking at the information.  You will find the answers to your questions in the material and on the website.  You need to get out of the New Mass and reject the Vatican II sect.  The New Mass is invalid and must be avoided under pain of grave sin. 


In addition to consulting the material on the website, we recommend that you get our package of books and DVDs.  The practice of Catholicism is not defined by whether you have a church to attend on Sunday.  There were periods in Church history when Catholics had nowhere to attend Mass, but they still practiced the Catholic faith.  The practice of the Catholic faith is much more extensive than where one attends church on Sunday.  There is no obligation to attend a Mass on Sunday if the Church does not provide you with a fully Catholic one in your area. 


Here are the facts.  The New Mass is invalid and basically every priest offering the traditional Mass is a heretic.  There are some options for confession, but few options for the Eucharist today.  For receiving the Eucharist, the priest must meet certain conditions and one must not support him.  One must be convinced on all the issues before receiving any sacraments.  That’s explained in these files: 


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts

Where to go to Mass or confession today?


We are in the Great Apostasy.  People should pray the Rosary each day (all 15 decades if possible) and the Hail Mary frequently.  Once you are convinced on all relevant matters, we can help you with possible locations for receiving sacraments.  Here are some crucial videos to consult:


Is the World about to End? – The Apocalypse Explained?

The Third Secret of Fatima (3rd edition) – An Overview of the Entire Vatican II Apostasy

The Best Argument Against “Baptism of Desire” – Covers the True Doctrine of Salvation

What Francis Really Believes (3rd edition)

Why Francis Must Not Be Considered The Pope

Natural Family Planning: A Birth Control Deception

Justification Debate with a Reformed Protestant (Calvinist) – Refutes Protestantism

Francis and the Seven Kings of the Apocalypse

Creation and Miracles

Death and the Journey Into Hell

“Saint” John Paul II Exposed  




Subject: Warning and Punishment


I have noticed that there were a number of miscarriages of first babies among married people i know. They all profess to be Catholic, but it is just the Novus Ordo false religion.  Some say it is due to stressful way of today's life and what not. I disagree.

I think that that kind of miscarriage is in a way a warning from God. A warning by which He sends the child in the limbo and by which He says: "If the child were to reach the age of reason, it would be in the state of damnation because of the Novus Ordo religion that you [parents] profess and hand it to the child. I have delivered it from the fires of Hell, but if you do not heed my warning and you do not convert, you and your other children will perish without a doubt.".

I don't know if this is theologically tenable, but this is my impression.





Subject: Devil Incarnate - John Paul II


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the excellent updated version of the video proving John Paul II taught the Gospel of the Antichrist.  It is amazing that so many people have fallen for his deception.  It isn't hard for a person to realize that they are not God!  Only the Devil could inspire such a systematic inversion of the Gospel: that man is Christ, the Word, the Incarnation, the Epiphany, the Way, the Truth, the Life, the Eucharist, the Crucified Christ, God, the Man from Above, the Messiah, the Risen Christ, etc.  John Paul II's doctrine eclipsed the Catholic Church.  What an outrage that so many worship him.  It is especially disgraceful that so many in the traditionalist movement still hold him to be a pope.  When presented with the facts in this video they simply remain silent.  Instead of condemning the Devil incarnate, they remain silent and stand on his side.  It is tragic to see so many souls on the path to hell.

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




Subject: Wonderful new video exposing JPII as Anti-Christ


That is interesting that the V2 Whore sect wants to set the "Feast" of the Anti-Christ JPII on October 22 ---  this is the very same date as the anti-christ JPII's first Homily as anti-pope and the 6th King,  in which he so very clearly promulgated his statement about man in the place of God, worshipping man in the place of God (multiplying,  as you say here,  the error of Nestorius by the number of men living on Earth,  since now JPII is "dissolving" Christ into the number of humans).  Really nothing at all has changed since that very first conversation Eve had with the ancient enemy of mankind Satan the serpent who promised her that she and Adam and their offspring could be "like God",  not dying, etc… Wonderful work on this new video. I only got to minute 28 but will go back now and watch the rest of it.... I got to watch the rest of your newest video last night and it is superb, absolutely fantastic.  You have so many interesting sections in the video detailing the ways in which the anti-christ JPII fulfilled that title by "dissolving" Christ into the number of humans, which is just SO incredibly ironic, I kept thinking,  since HE CREATED all these humans in the first place! 




Subject: Unsaintly JPII


I agree it is far worse than considering Martin Luther a saint because he wasn't the Antichrist, was far less heretical, and rightly would have been appalled by many of JPs public heresies and scandals.  Do you think the phony canonization of JP2 coming shortly after Francis' ridiculous scandals (the whole telling that individual his homosexuality was "no grave sin" and telling the divorced and remarried lady she could receive Communion because "a little bread and wine never did no one no harm") is merely a coincidence?  I think not.  In fact, I bet there are many false conservatives who delude themselves into thinking he was some sort of conservative wished Ratzinger had phony canonized JPII because they wish a more "credible pontiff" had done it.  If you say JP2 taught that each man is Christ, they say "Oh no!  He never said/taught that!".  If you direct quote one of the hundreds of examples, then he "didn't mean that."…


Sincerely, Michael Rudnicki




Subject: Your New Video


Dear Most Holy Family Monastery, 


I like your new video. It is interesting that you state that the Antichrist will reign from the house of God which is St. Peter's Basilica, the Bishop of Rome. His teaching is that all people are of God and Christ because man=God. It is so heretical that one can't fathom nor understand how evil it is. John Paul II took advantage that people won't question him and all will believe in him. People believe it because they do not look at the person's words and what they mean; they instead look at the person and believe if they're good then thus they are good people. People lack understanding and even if one were to say that your belief system is wrong they will shake it off because they have grown accustomed to that false belief over time. And once that false belief is structured in that person, it is very hard to change, if not impossible. It takes time and effort and sometimes guilt to say that yes I was wrong and you are right. People don't want to feel guilt nor shame because it forces them to reevaluate their own knowledge and it’s an uncomfortable feeling. I know this because before I went to your website, I thought I knew all about Catholicism. Your videos shattered my false belief and I had to reevaluate my understanding… It took time, effort, and guilt to know that I had it all wrong. At first it was hard, but now I'm glad that there are people that exist in the world and they're dedicated to the absolute truth. I am always looking for the perfect truth and God led me to Most Holy Family Monastery. James 2:24 " Do you see that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only?" Continue the hard work, faith, and dedication.


Roman Garza


Fell for it


Subject: “Saint” John Paul II Exposed


…. [inappropriate expression deleted] How do you explain 13th May 1981?


Canada Girl


MHFM: You clearly fell for it.  His wounding on May 13, 1981 (i.e., the wounding of the Beast) was also prophesied in the Apocalypse.  The Apocalypse tells us that the Antichrist (who preaches that he and everyone else is Christ, as the video proves) is also the one who is wounded and has his image honored.  Thus, the shooting of John Paul II on May 13, 1981 only serves to support that he was the Antichrist.  See the video: Is the World about to End? – The Apocalypse Explained?




… The supporters of this heresy will not accept the teaching of the Catholic Church in the Councils but cling to every putrid thread they can find to support 'BoB' and 'BoD'… Thank you for the recent video refuting the false ideas of 'BoB' and 'BoD'. Your monastery and its work is truly a blessing from God in this dark time.

May God continue to bless your work,

Mary Jo Marceau-Hawthorne


JP2 Exposed


Subject: JPII Exposed




The video "Saint" John Paul II Exposed, should have been played on every media outlet last Sunday in lieu of the "Canonizations" ceremony.  Though as Jesus stated, His kingdom is not of this world; just as the Truth is not of this world.


JPII's "new truth" is the same old lie, the religion of the anti-Christ and the dissolving of Jesus Christ into every human being.  Clearly not the same religion taught by the true Popes that were adamant about no salvation outside the Catholic Faith.  As JPII dissolves in Hell, he is experiencing God's Truth, that every "man" that rejects Jesus Christ and His Church will rot in Hell for all eternity.


Tom Miles




Today happened something revealing and interesting.  At work at a certain point a man came in my working room (he came for things that have to do with my work, I did not know him and he did not know me) and said: "I do not feel OK. And you know why ?". And I asked: "Why ?" He said: "We are in the last days." And he went away. Of course I cannot say if he is a true catholic, but it was a so sudden and unexpected conversation, that I think it is worthy of mention. 




MHFM: If you haven’t already, you should give him a DVD and/or recommend the website.




Subject: Satanic JP2 chalice


Dear Brothers,

My sister sent me an article about yesterday's diabolical "canonizations" where it mentions the "relics" chosen for veneration - "a container of blood from John Paul II and skin from John XXIII" which were placed near the "altar." Notice the symbolism of flesh and blood? A warped, satanic looking silver chalice held the blood of Antichrist John Paul II (as you can see in the link below), and, of course, millions from around the world gathered to worship him. What an outrageous blasphemy offered to God.


In Jesus through Mary,


MHFM: Yes, on Tuesday we hope to post a video which further demonstrates that what happened on Sunday was definitely the imposition of universal veneration of the Antichrist.  That’s what happened. 


New Article Posted


MHFM: This is a new article.


Amazing: The “Final Judgment” Ending Our “Benedictine Fraud” Lawsuit Was Issued On The Feast Of St. Benedict – March 21, 2014! [article]



Subject: A Sign from Heaven



What a great article by Bro. Michael. It's such a tremendous joy to learn that the final judgment in your "Benedictine fraud" case was issued on - of all days! - the Feast of Saint Benedict. May the serpent-tonged radical schismatics be silent. May all the arrogant false Traditionalists be silent. May the Novus Ordo's, the heretics and apostates, may all those who've wickedly attacked Jesus Christ by attacking your work and your monastery be silent, and ashamed. Your victory is a victory for the Catholic Church!

In Jesus through Mary,




Dear Brothers,


I read the article of you receiving the final judgment of the lawsuit against you and the monastery and I am very happy for you!  Congratulations! God is so good and always gives us the sign which gives us comfort in knowing we are doing His will. 


But you didn't need a sign, we just know. 


Bless you,





Dear Brothers,

the world blindly celebrated two evil men who are falsely proclaimed as popes. It’s not surprising that nearly 1 million people (non-catholic, novus ordos, and schismatics) came to worship these men especially the antichrist…

Mary, Mother of the one true God, pray for us.
-John Paul Castillo




Subject: The Best Argument Against “Baptism of Desire” [video]


I posted this on my facebook page and lost about 5 "friends" ha ha.  They called me names and each gave a different explanation (just like you said in one of your debates) when I even provided the Catechism for them to read, it is not a sacrament! It shouldn't even be taught.  This is a great video and teaching tool.  


Leslie Carver




Dear Brothers:


Observing the actions and pronouncements of the SSPX is like viewing a time-lapse lesson on the history of Protestantism.  Fellay is a disgraceful heretic and a perfect model of the Protestant heresiarch.  Blasphemously, Fellay claims that the Catholic Church -- the Immaculate Bride of Christ -- has been "denatured".  That's the essence of Protestantism and its very reason for being.   If we were to ask any non-Catholic claiming to be a Christian why he or she is not a Catholic, every single one of them would say it's because the church, by this particular date or by that one, had become "denatured".  The SSPX may dress up in cassocks, ring bells, and call themselves Catholic -- as Pius IX said many heretics do -- but they are in agreement with Martin Luther, Cerularius and every other heretic and schismatic in history.   The SSPX are Protestants.  Little wonder they protest.


Years ago, when I first heard about the SSPX offering the Latin Mass, I also heard true blue Vatican 2 adherents condemning the SSPX for "being disobedient to the popes".  Of course, the "popes" these V2 fools were speaking about were the Vatican 2 antipopes who denied Jesus Christ and the true Catholic Church in every way possible.  But it is ironic that, without realizing it and in a way they could not imagine, the Vatican 2 adherents were speaking a "truth".  The SSPX are indeed disobedient to the true popes by brazenly disregarding the Catholic dogma on salvation, and by obstinately insisting that Christ and His Church are not necessary for salvation.  What a lesson on the horror of heresy!  The SSPX are blind, and their enormous pride prevents them from recognizing it.  It is horrifying to see the pathetic Fellay and the other SSPX leaders, like actors in the Theater of the Absurd.  Sadder still to consider those who blindly follow them.  Talk about the blind leading the blind.  


Lee Ann


MHFM: In a desperate attempt to maintain their utterly false, heretical and schismatic position, the SSPX is now floating the idea that the ‘canonization’ of Antipope John Paul II was invalid or not infallible as a result of ‘defect of intention.’  The argument is ridiculous and heretical.  They don’t have any idea what they are talking about.  A pope’s intention in canonizing or promulgating something infallibly is irrelevant.  All that matters is that a pope does in fact use the infallible authority of the office.  When he does, he’s protected.  That’s infallibility.  They don’t believe in it.  Furthermore, a Catholic could never determine what’s going on in a pope’s head.  If the SSPX and similar false traditionalists can reject Antipope Francis’ ‘canonization’ of JP2 and J23 because they question his intention, then anyone could reject a historical canonization by a true pope by questioning his motivations or intentions.  They are simply not Catholics – period.  They are heretics and schismatics. 


Rather than accept the obvious truth, that the ‘canonization’ of John Paul II strikingly proves (to anyone who is even slightly conservative) that Francis and the post-Vatican II claimants are certainly not true popes, they decide to dig themselves even deeper into schism and heresy.  Not that more proof was required, but the ‘canonization’ is a thunderous refutation of all false traditionalists on that issue.  They are wrong, and they have been wrong.  The devastating consequence of their false position has been put on display for the whole world to see – i.e., the idolater, blasphemer, super-apostate John Paul II is now considered ‘a saint’.  It’s far worse than considering Martin Luther a saint.




Subject: God’s Vindication of MHFM


Dear Brothers,

Congratulations on the smashing vindication on the Feast of St. Benedict that you are true and authentic Benedictine monks. It is a clear, supernatural sign from God that MHFM is a true Benedictine monastery. It is a crushing blow to all your demonic, schismatic detractors and calumniators, and any who resist or oppose your work. God made it known through St. Benedict that his order would last until the end of time, and that it would play a critical, pivotal role in defending the true faith and battling evil in the Last Days. There is no other real Benedictine Catholic monastery left, and anyone who has a mustard grain of supernatural faith can clearly see the brilliant light that shines through the truth of your works in defending the faith and in exposing the Vatican II apostasy, its antipopes and its defenders…


God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




Subject: Wonderful News


Dear Brothers,


Great to hear the excellent news on your legal case.  This is a wonderful victory for yourselves and for everybody in the world to see who the true Benedictines are and who the true remaining Catholics are. 


You have been right all along and I really hope that as many people as possible will finally wake up now and accept the true Catholic Faith before it’s too late.


Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, St. Joseph and St. Benedict, pray for all of us.


God Bless,


Martin Joseph Patrick Flanagan




Subject: The Stench of the Novus Ordo




It must have taken 1000 pounds of incense to try to cover the stench of the non-canonization event held today. But no matter which way one turns, the novus ordo exudes a stench that is impossible to ignore. No matter how many flowers adorn their dinner table, no matter how well they think they sing, no matter how many prayers go unanswered, no matter how much they promote the rosary with five bogus "decades," "divine mercy," the stench of a diseased and dying false religion permeates the air.


The only thing the novus ordo adherents truly stand for is the dinner bell. While their dying false sect gurgles its last breath, they eat, drink and be merry.






Dear Brothers:


I join with all your other supporters who love Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the true Catholic faith in congratulating you on your recent video which further crushes the BOD heresy and your legal victory handed down on the very feast of St. Benedict. Truly amazing on both counts. 


Thank you for your posting of the SSPX's "vigorous" opposition to the "canonization" of the Vatican II sect. As if that means anything! They simply refuse to "get it," that is, that any group which "canonizes" two--TWO--outrageous heretical antipopes AT ALL, let alone on the same day, cannot possibly be the true Catholic Church. They also refuse to admit the obvious: that they are wrong, and Most Holy Family Monastery is right.


Joseph Ramirez


The Theology of the SSPX


Subject: The Theology of the SSPX


Dear Brothers,


I attended the SSPX for years, enjoying the freedom to be devoted at mass, and agreed with almost everything I heard, except the fact that the figure of John Paul II hung like a dark cloud in the background at all times. Then a priest echoed Bishop Fellay, saying, "We know that people can be saved in other religions..." without blushing. After mass, I looked around for support - no one said a thing, although many looked concerned. I am now far away, and I follow the disciplines you have graciously provided, with Consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary according to St. Louis de Montfort, and the full rosary daily, if possible.


If BOD is valid, the Baptism of the Church cannot be said to "signify that which it effects, and effect that which it signifies." This is unavoidable, since there would be occasions when, upon approaching the Salvific Waters, the catechumen would already have been reborn; thus the sacrament would not be effecting that which it signifies…


Thanks for all your efforts. God bless you,

James B.


MHFM: They simply don’t have the Catholic faith.  Their dissent from Catholic dogma on salvation is a prime reason for that.  The incident you mention is another example of their complete rejection of the defined dogma, Outside the Church There is No Salvation.  Furthermore, their obstinately heretical adherence to the antipopes has led them into a false view of the Papacy that is, in terms of the strict doctrinal content of the position, basically no different from that of the “Old Catholics”.  (The “Old Catholics” were schismatics and heretics who accepted papal primacy, but rejected papal infallibility.)  That’s essentially the position of all obstinate false traditionalists at this point: by adherence to the heretical antipopes, they have so degraded the office of the Papacy that they reject papal infallibility. 


For example, they hold that popes can err in teachings solemnly promulgated at an “ecumenical council” (i.e., Vatican II); in the teaching of their “universal magisterium” (e.g., Antipope Francis’ Evangelii Gaudium); in their “solemn canonizations” (e.g., the “canonization” of Antipope John Paul II); etc.  Their position is absurd, evil and heretical, yet amazingly many in the “traditional movement” still hold it.  It’s a striking example of the profound bad will and faithlessness of such people.  The supernatural principles proving that the antipopes cannot be popes or members of the Catholic Church are outweighed, in their faithless minds and hearts, by the external component of having a live body who dresses up in robes to call the pope, even if the man practices Judaism, says atheists can be saved, professes a false faith, etc. 


Another reason many false traditionalists still hold such an absurd position, despite the mountain of evidence refuting it, is that they serve man instead of God.  They don’t simply tell the truth as it is, but rather hide, distort or alter the message for reasons of human respect, to avoid offending people, to remain in certain groups, to maintain certain friendships or positions, etc.


On the Feast


Subject: Long Live The Order of Saint Benedict


Praised be Jesus and Mary


Dear Brothers,


A massive Congratulations from our family here in Pennsylvania!  What a tremendous victory! I am truly filled with joy on hearing this extraordinary great news!  On the Feast of St. Benedict! WOW! THIS IS GREAT! This is God's stamp of approval, not only for your friends around the globe who know the truth, who support you and the work that you do, but for your enemies (for our enemies), for all those who oppose your work, for those who are yet to embrace the true faith (God willing), but for the entire world to see that God is behind you and your work; that Most Holy Family Monastery is the one and only TRUE Order of Saint Benedict in our day; that how you reiterate Catholic teaching is how God wishes it to be reiterated and believed. 


It is because of the work and information Most Holy Family Monastery has made available that my "wife" who was Protestant and I, who was a Novus Ordo "Catholic" have embraced the traditional Catholic faith; hold all the correct positions; made The Profession of Faith from the Council of Trent; got conditionally baptized; stopped living in sin; got validly married and now have two beautiful boys.  I can only imagine what would have become of us had we never came across Brother Michael Dimond on YouTube, www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com and your tremendous YouTube Channel.  We wish to express our sincere, undying gratitude for all you have done for us.


Please pray that we may receive the grace of final perseverance and attain our eternal salvation.


Yours in the Holy Family,

Mr. & Miss Kieran Stainsby


St. Benedict, pray for us.




Dear Brothers,


Congratulations on your tremendous and so well-deserved legal victory.


It is truly amazing that the "final judgment" was issued on the Feast of Saint Benedict!


God Bless,




St. Benedict


Subject: St. Benedict's Seal of Approval for MHFM


Dear Brothers,


That certainly is an interesting piece of news for yourselves and all those who have supported your work over the years...I have been a follower of your defence of the true faith since 2002, and have never ever heard or come across anyone else on the internet or anywhere else [aside from MHFM supporters] who promotes and defends the one and only Catholic faith, as the MHFM has consistently done.... St Benedict is obviously confirming your legitimacy as the true O.S.B. which is prophesied to play a special role at the end of the world, by choosing the 21st March, 2014, the day and month he entered Heaven.


God bless,







That is truly amazing that your final verdict landed on the Feast Day of St. Benedict.  The whole case against you was a "Fraud" from the beginning and St. Benedict is clearly showing who the real fraudsters are.  Winning a federal court battle in these end times to the magnitude of your case was amazing in itself.  You clearly had God on your side…


God Bless,

Tom Miles


Baptism Video


Subject: Great New Video


Dear Most Holy Family Monastery, 


I like your new video about the best argument how to refute BOD once and for all. It is I think your best video ever. It is very detailed, very nuanced, and very graphical. It totally refutes all persons who teach that if a person believes in baptism w/o pouring water on their head in the name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit then that person is part of the church. It is heretical and it is not what Jesus said in John 3:5. With water baptism it washes away the person's original sin and all past sins regardless of age. It is being reborn in the spirit inside the soul. I wish people could see how simple it is, but I've come to realize that people don't like the truth. It’s a sad reality that exists in today's world…. In today's age people state ALL PEOPLE GO TO HEAVEN IF THEY BELIEVE IN JESUS OR IT DOESN'T MATTER ABOUT ONE’S STATE… YOU CAN MAKE IT TO HEAVEN W/O ANY WORK. Even though Matthew 7:13 states few people are saved even though God has given the road to all humans it is up to one to walk towards the light of God. In 1Corinthians 6:9-11 Paul states the sins that destroy the justification of a person. This video helped me a lot. Thanks for all your hard work, dedication, and faith.


Roman Garza


The Best Argument Against “Baptism of Desire” [video]


Recent Postings


Subject: Recent Postings


Dear Brothers:


Your recent video contains not only the best argument against the heresy of Baptism of Desire, it is the best argument against each and every form of false Christianity whether it be Protestantism, the false religion of the V2 sect, or the equally heretical religion of the false Traditionalists.  Furthermore, the video proves clearly that the denial of one dogma is the denial of all dogmas.  We can certainly understand why you can't judge is the rallying cry of so many of these outrageous heretics whenever it comes to matters of faith and morals.  The fact is, they cannot judge correctly because they are blind:  they do not know, and do not care to know, truth which can be revealed and protected only by God, and only in the manner which God Himself has chosen.  When heretics say "you can't judge" they are saying:  "I do not hold the Catholic faith".  When they pretend that dogmas must be "understood" or "interpreted" by creatures of dust, they are simply proving that they despise the dogmas revealed by Christ every bit as much as the rest of the world does.  (The writings of the pompous Father Laisney indeed prove that he, like all the rest, has utter disdain for the teachings of the true Catholic Church).  Our Lord warned us about following man-made doctrines, which is what almost everyone living today does.  Thus they hold, whether they realize it or not, that Christ is not the truth, but man is -- just like the Antichrist taught.  Heretics are not in union with Christ and His Catholic Church; they are in union with Antichrist.  Woe indeed.


I am also glad you posted the letter explaining the significance of the "final judgment" on St. Benedict's day.  How wonderful God is.  And no one can deny the truth of what you have said.  MHFM receives many letters and e-mails from people living all over the world.  If there was another faithful Benedictine order (or if there was any other order left who was faithful to the teaching of the Catholic Church), one of us would certainly have found it after all these years.  The fact is, there is no other faithful order of priests or religious, and this cannot be disputed.  Many people (like those in the SSPX) deceive themselves into thinking they are in the right place, and that is because they think that man is truth and God isn't.  Such persons have no use for dogmas or true popes, and thus have no problem going on their merry way without them.  Big woe indeed.


God bless MHFM.


Lee Ann




Subject: Heard you on Glenn Beck radio program


Dear Brothers,


Suddenly, your voice was in the room.... This was just before I was not too far from reaching over to turn Beck Off.  He had just been telling some more lies about the Catholic Church.   Did you buy time on his show, or just the radio station's time?   Just wondered if he would let you buy time on his?  Made me smile.


Anyway, you Sounded GREAT and I was so happy to hear you.




Carol D.




Subject: Victory


Dear Brothers,


Congratulations! One believes that this final verdict victory over your lawsuit is a sign from Heaven as you have stated in your previous articles and 2 this might be the formal beginning of the True Catholic Church's uneclipsing… Great new video on how to smash the BOD stance in just 2 questions.


Sincerely and God speed,





Dear Brothers,


Your new video was great and irrefutable... Also, congratulations on your victory regarding the "Final Judgment". Heaven agrees… and Outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation. 



William Burke




Superb job on the new baptism of desire video…

Wesley Brittain




Subject: The Testimony


Dear Mhfm,


Reprobates come in various forms. Some are Protestants. Others are Novus Ordo apostates. Then others are “traditionalist” heretics who obstinately adhere to NFP, I.I, BOD, and BOB heresies etc. It is simply not in their heart to believe. Congratulations with the lawsuit. Many “traditionalist” apostates still slander you about the lawsuit. Some have even refused to update their websites in accordance with your 2012 victory.  Now this is the condemnation. On St. Benedict’s Feast Day the truth of what you say about being Benedictines and also the injustice of the radical schismatic lawsuit was confirmed from on high for all the world to see. The Divine Vindication testified. This is the testimony.






Subject:  Solar Eclipse on the 29th




Here’s an interesting occurrence.  Two days after the "elevation" of the demons Karol and Roncalli, there will be a very rare eclipse of the sun.  With this interesting tidbit: “Out of nearly 4,000 annular eclipses occurring in a 5,000-year period, only 1.7% percent will be like the one occurring April 29.”  And there’s more: “There are only two solar and two lunar eclipses in 2014, the minimum that can occur in a single year.”  And what’s important to note is when these eclipses are occurring this year, 2014.


Here’s the link to the article:



… Deidre Howard


New Video Posted


MHFM: This is a new video.


The Best Argument Against “Baptism of Desire” [video]


Crucifix to honor JP2 crushes man


Subject: Crucifix erected to "honour" John Paul 2 crushes man.


This is powerful.








Subject: The Best Argument Against BOD


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the excellent video, The Best Argument Against “Baptism of Desire”. It strikes at the root and core of the BOD heretics' insecurity: temporal punishment. BOD, according to its most "authoritative" sources, does not take away temporal punishment, and yet the grace of baptism, according to real authoritative Church teaching, does. BOD is a counterfeit baptism from a counterfeit Magisterium. It is another lesson in the power of the true Papacy v fallible man: "People who trust in man, even a saintly man, over the teaching of the Church, always lose. Always. God never promised infallibility to all the Saints, theologians or doctors of the Church, but to St. Peter and his Successors in their authoritative teaching office. St. Peter and his Successors were given the unfailing faith. It was not given to all the members of the Church, all theologians, Saints or doctors of the Church." (26:22) It's so simple. Just ask the question: "Does "baptism of desire" provide the grace of baptism/spiritual rebirth/being born again, yes or no?" If they answer no, then they admit that BOD cannot save, since true baptism remits both the guilt of sin and its temporal punishment, whereas if they answer yes, then they depart from the very "authorities" they cite for their error.

Council of Florence: "Holy Baptism... The effect of this sacrament is the remission of every fault, original and actual, and also of every penalty which is owed for the fault itself. Therefore to the baptized no satisfaction is to be enjoined for past sins: but dying before they commit any fault, they immediately attain the Kingdom of Heaven and the Vision of God."

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White


Contradicting themselves


MHFM: This is just another small example of how proponents of ‘BOD’ (in their futile attempts to explain an utterly false doctrine) contradict themselves and destroy their own position.  It’s why the argument emphasized in the recent video is so effective and devastating.  In the quote below, Fr. Francois Laisney of the SSPX, a truly demonic liar and one of the worst heretics in the world (see our exposé of his book in our salvation book), emphatically asserts that the new birth/the sacramental grace of baptism is absolutely required for salvation and is present “in each of the three baptisms.”  Of course, Laisney doesn’t have any idea what he’s talking about, as the sources he references in the very same piece (e.g., St. Thomas, St. Alphonsus, etc.) teach the opposite of his position.  They teach that ‘BOD’ (which actually doesn’t exist) does not give the new birth/the grace of baptism. 


Fr. Francois Laisney, SSPX: “For the third element of baptism, i.e., the infusion of sacramental grace, the necessity of baptism for salvation is absolute. This third element is found in each of the "three baptisms," and even more perfectly in baptism of blood than in baptism of water, as is the constant teaching of the Church. Hence the common teaching on the necessity of Baptism includes the "three baptisms."That which is absolutely necessary is the new birth, that is, the infusion of new life, sanctifying grace, the life of God in us. Five times Our Lord insists on the necessity to be reborn"born of the Spirit." The water is mentioned only once as the means for that rebirth, the only means at our disposal...” (“Three Errors of the Feeneyites”)




Subject: Good work!



Outstanding job on the baptism video that you just rolled out.  Clear, concise and to the point…






Dear Brothers,


The Best Argument Against “Baptism of Desire” video is superb, a full stop against “Baptism of Desire”. I loved the beautiful presentation of the Councils, true Popes and Saints, how beautiful and God loving were the traditional Catholic Art, words cannot express.


The rotten Novus Ordo Church print their Bibles and books for children with such strange characters to which they call modern art is simply terrifying, how can little children elevate their souls and feel spiritual love towards God, the Saints and the prophets  there is no spiritual beauty in them, these people are totally liberal, liberalism is diabolical, modern art hates God and His beautiful creation look at the recent church built at Fatima, its crosses and symbols everything so, so ugly, it is totally anti-Christ. Modern art repudiates everything that is good…


Thank You for your work,


In J.M.J.

M.Fernanda da Silva




Subject: 60 Minutes


60 Minutes did a piece on antipope Francis on April 13th. The reporter talked to an Argentinian journalist who mentioned that a little girl had asked Francis if he wanted to be a "pope." Francis replied, "You have to be crazy to want to be a pope."


Here is one more example of Francis telling the world that he's not the pope and he's not a Catholic.




Antipope Francis


Antipope Francis tells woman living in sin with a divorced man that she should be allowed "Communion"




Subject: Best Argument Against "B.O.D"


Dear Brothers,

That is truly the best argument against the foolish heresy of "Baptism of Desire"! Amazing. One can see how utterly ridiculous this heresy is and so contrary to Catholic dogma.

In Jesus through Mary,




The coming ceremony in Rome, will be the pinnacle of spiritual wickedness, its like not seen since the Crucifixion. The V2 are about to reenact essentially the period between Our Lord's Triumphal entry into Jerusalem, followed days later by his crucifixion. The superficial adoration of Christ the King at Easter, and the intended glorification of Antichrist JP II this coming Sunday, show the V2 church for what it is: shallow and rootless.


It's astounding how impervious they are to common sense and logic! They do not see the parallels in our time, still less the contradictions in their impious attachments. Demons at work obviously! The same demonic entities that were all over Calvary and its environs, are busy still and with much success.


The acceptance of the Vatican 2 Program will reach its apogee/apotheosis this Low Sunday, the day reserved for the so-called "divine mercy" championed by JP II. Whose divinity? Whose mercy? It would seem that Easter isn't quite up to the task that "divine mercy" should follow close on its heels! The brazenness of it! The treacherous spirit of Judas animates the Vatican 2 sect.


Please MHFM, to mark the prerogatives of Our Lord Jesus Christ on this baleful day to come, could you kindly compose a prayer on our behalf; for those who, thanks to your zeal and diligence, have embraced the Catholic Faith. My family will be praying the Rosary as usual…






Subject: Best Argument Baptism of Desire video


Great video and, like the other videos, it tears off the costume of 'baptism of desire' and exposes its utter emptiness.  In fact, so good the video was, I immediately called a few so-called 'traditional Catholics'.  One nun, when asked if 'baptism of desire' grants the grace of baptism/spiritual rebirth, answered a definite "Yes".  I then explained what St. Alphonsus actually taught and so forth.  The nun relayed she wasn't wholly familiar with such Catholic technicalities (can't remember her exact wording) and adamantly affirmed she totally trusts in the SSPX and that the society has done ample research in 'baptism of desire and blood'.  It was quite sad to hear her profound trust in 'man'…  I even read her dogmatic quotes and still, she remained loyal to untruth…


…. thousands of souls will forever meet Hell, as they've fused their hearts to pride, inequities and lies.  'Baptism of desire', 'baptism of blood' and invincible ignorance are alike a devil's fish net that captures 'bad will' and keeps glorifying words of death.  Truth is very simple and 'clear cut', whereas lies are backed by contracting explanations and, as expected, heretics fabricate loopholes that bypass dogma.  The Chair of Peter has spoken and, as the truth says, one cannot enter Heaven without water baptism.  Anything that contradicts this is a lie.   






Subject: Video




Excellent work on your latest video, “The best argument against "Baptism of Desire”.  As you've shown, this heresy has led to other false beliefs… salvation outside the Church. The BOD/BOB heresy can also be attributed to the modern day favorite "who am I to judge" heresy; the current anti-pope's calling card that he uses as he sees fit…


God Bless all your works,

Tom Miles




Excellent new video. Visually as well.


You've proven… that many advocates of the so-called BoD/BoB fell into the trap of adhering to the erroneous teaching of a few theologians and saints, which--as you 've clearly shown by analyzing the very definition of the Baptism of Desire which they themselves used…


The main problem with the advocates/supporters of the BoD/BoB is that they tend to ignore all the facts and logically proven, sound arguments. I think they treat the absolute requirement of Baptism of Water, and the absolute requirement of being a member of the Catholic Church for Salvation as an offence. A big one.   They treat those --dogmatically proven by the Magisterium of the Catholic Church-- requirements as unjust, unfair, not-right, merciless.  In their eyes "all good people, all people of the so-called good will" should have a chance of salvation, no matter what beliefs they hold.  They basically, similarly to Protestants, create their own "dogmas", their own doctrine, their own "requirements" necessary for Salvation.  They are basically one of many Protestant sects, only dressed in the 'Traditional Catholic" vestments.  For them the undeniable requirement of the Baptism of Water is a farce/travesty, which can be easily and readily substituted by some vague, full of contradictions, man-made concept of Baptism of Desire…


No doubt


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for your excellent, absolutely irrefutable argument against the horrible heresy of salvation outside the Church through a so-called "baptism of desire" or “baptism of blood”.


There can be absolutely no doubt that the obstinate promoters of this horrible heresy are children of hell as they reject more than 7 infallible dogmatic arguments. But as you pointed out in your announcing audio clip last week, only a few of these heretics will have the sincerity and humility to turn around and admit that they have been wrong – even though the irrefutable and devastating facts stare them right in the face. Sadly, they trust in fallible sources and want to please men rather than embrace and defend the dogmatic teaching of the Church.


Keep up the great work in defending the one true Faith and the one true Baptism of the one Lord Jesus Christ.


God Bless,






I am an ex-protestant. I am considering Orthodoxy, but I also like the Catholic Tradition. Why should I become Catholic rather than Orthodox?... Please give me some guidance. Thanks,



MHFM: You should become a traditional Catholic (rather than “Orthodox”) because the “Orthodox” reject the teaching of Jesus Christ and Sacred Scripture on the Papacy, among other things.  They are not true Christians.  They reject many aspects of what Christ revealed and taught.  That’s proven in the section of our website linked below.  It covers the biblical proof for the papacy, and how the primacy of the Bishop of Rome was acknowledged in the ancient Church.  It refutes the “Orthodox.”  




In that regard we also recommend our book, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church. 


Furthermore, if you are willing to sincerely pray the Rosary and a number of Hail Marys each day for the grace to recognize the true faith of God, you will be moved to embrace traditional Catholicism.  It’s necessary for salvation to be a Catholic.


The Best Argument


Subject: The Best Argument Against “Baptism of Desire”


Breathtaking knockout argument against all the promoters of one of the most destructive heresies of all times: "Baptism of desire".




MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  The facts and the argument covered in the video represent a major victory for the true Church – i.e., for the society of true Catholics in our day who reject “baptism of desire” and adhere to the Church’s doctrine on salvation and the one baptism of water.  The facts and the argument show (once again) that we are and have been correct on this most important matter.  We have the truth and those who oppose us don’t.  We adhere to Catholic teaching, and those who disagree with us don’t.  It’s a matter that, in so many ways, serves to differentiate the true believers in our day from the false ones. 




Subject: elevated


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for the new video.  I was just saying today how 'Baptism of Desire: Buried' is one of my new favorites because it was so thorough and clear; I thought to myself, "This could be a book, by itself, to end all debating on the matter." Then today you posted your new one.  I have to say, you just elevated the faith of every true believer with that work… for that is what dogma and dogmatic truths are - and thereby gave a devastating blow to the heretics.  What's more is that you've empowered all the faithful to defend the truth with perfect clarity, by using the questions and statements you've provided.  It turns us into both defense and offense simultaneously (for the winning team, one might add!)! There is nothing more beautiful, nothing stronger than pure and holy Catholic Faith.  It is truly to die for…  Thank you.


Sacred Heart of Jesus


Subject: Sacred Heart of Jesus


Dear Brothers,

The apparitions of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque are interesting. On June 17 1689, our Lord told her: "Make known to the eldest son of my Sacred Heart [King Louis XIV] that, as his temporal birth was obtained by devotion to my Holy Infancy, so will he obtain his birth into grace and eternal glory by consecrating himself to my adorable Heart. It wants to triumph over his and, through him, over the hearts of the great ones of the earth. It wants to reign in his palace, be painted on his standards, and engraved on his arms, so that they may be victorious over all his enemies. It wants to bring low these proud and stubborn heads and make him triumphant over all the enemies of holy Church.” King Louis XIV, the dancing "Sun King," ignored our Lord's command, and exactly 100 years later to the day, on June 17 1789, King Louis XVI lost his power to the National Assembly of the French Revolution. Could it be that a similar thing will happen in our day? Our Lady of Fatima said that God wanted devotion to her Immaculate Heart. The world has ignored her warnings, accepted the Vatican II antichrist apostasy and worships the antichrist, antipope John Paul II. It could be that 100 years after the miracle of Fatima, October 13 1917, the world will end. It shows how critically important MHFM's work is in exposing the Great Apostasy and defending the Catholic faith. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

God Bless…

Mr. & Mrs. White


Christ’s Doctrine on Heaven


Subject: Christ's Doctrine on Heaven


Dear Brothers:


Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, apparently thinking about death, was recently quoted as saying that he is sure that when he dies, he will go to heaven.   He rejects Christ and disobeys God -- in fact, he doesn't even believe anything that God has revealed -- but he's sure he is going to heaven.  In addition, Boomberg expresses his view that whoever is in charge at the Gate will be so impressed with Bloomberg's life, such as his "gun control" efforts, that Bloomberg's entrance into heaven will be a shoe-in, and he won't even have to be "interviewed".  He thinks the Last Things involve an interview.  It would be tempting to conclude that hell must be like an insane asylum from which there is no escape, except that we know that hell is even worse than that.  Occupants of hell cannot even escape into their own imaginations/delusions as they are so desirous of doing in this life.  There will not even be the peace of mind that insanity might seem to bring, because the occupants of hell will have an acute understanding of the reality of the evil they have done, of the graces they have spurned, and of the Almighty God Whom they have rejected.  We might picture hell as a place of insanity, but there is no insanity -- only stark reality and comprehension.  And that is the worm that dieth not.


There is so much talk in the world about going to Heaven.  It seems that God is making it clear to everyone that  almost all persons living in the world today imagine that they themselves will go to heaven when they die and that, in fact, just about everyone goes to Heaven.  People either believe that "heaven" is merely the next step in some kind of evolutionary process, or they imagine that since they are so wonderful, God can't help but be overjoyed and impressed by them.  The denial of the consequences one faces by denying the true God and His one true religion is -- as MHFM has so often proven -- is the underpinning of the Great Apostasy which gave rise to the Counterfeit Vatican 2 Church.   And this implicit denial of hell is also promoted by the false traditionalists under the guise of "baptism of desire", "baptism of blood", and "invincible ignorance".   Sacred Scripture and the Catholic Church teach clearly that… to be saved, one must be baptized and hold all the doctrines that Christ taught -- and that not one iota of those doctrines can be changed.  Even a child can understand Jesus's teaching that the path to Heaven is narrow and must be sought and that, because of their own fault, most people end up going to Hell, not Heaven.   Yet, all the world today chooses not to believe Christ's doctrine on Heaven, preferring sin and the false (and extremely temporary) consolations which they derive from the doctrines of men.


Thus, this single, undeniable, and universally-held heresy -- that most persons will end up in Heaven -- is all by itself, a certain sign and proof (which can be comprehended by all) that we are living in the last days.  There can be absolutely no doubt that this is the time that Jesus referred to when He said that, when He returns, He will find almost no one on earth who believes the doctrines which He has given to the world.  And the doctrine on what is necessary to get to Heaven is the doctrine of doctrines, and the summation of Christ's Life, Passion and Resurrection.


Lee Ann



Some thoughts on Francis's "Who am I to judge?"


Deaf MHFM:
Did you notice that when Francis was asked,
"Is there a gay lobby in the Vatican?" he didn't answer the question, did he? He cleverly deflected the issue ("If a gay person has good will etc... who am I to judge?") and the news reporters were so over the moon with what he said, they completely forgot the original question.  And it was a question of great import. 
His answer implied that there
is a gay lobby in the Vatican, and that he is okay with it…






Subject: Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus


Thank you so much for creating your book- Outside the Church there is no Salvation, such a wonderful book!  It tells the complete truth which God himself has spoken from the Chair of Peter and there's simply no getting around it period. I especially read and reread the sections… that these BOD heretics love to cling to as proof that this silly notion is magisterial.  


It is so sad to see how most people don't want to accept this truth which our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost have laid out for us time and time again throughout the history of the Church… As Scripture says when our Lord comes back for the second time sadly He will hardly find any faith on earth.


I pray that your messages will reach as many people as possible and change lives before the world comes to an end.  Our Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us.  Our Blessed Lady pray for us.  






the fake movie Heaven is for Real.  Could it be that people gravitate toward… stories like that in order to put a gag on their own consciences?   But how many of them want to hear about the Incorruptible Saints whose bodies are on display all over the world that have not decayed, or hear about the Miracle of the Sun & other verifiable Catholic miracles if presented with the information?  Probably not many.   Look at the multitudes of people who fail to research or look into what the church says… How many people are putting all their stock into some funky "vision" that some 4 year old boy had, whose story has more holes in it than the swiss cheese on my sandwich?   Also how many who claim to be catholic, rave about on how great Medjugorje is but yet don't ever talk about the Fatima nor the La salette messages?   Talk about people brainwashing themselves by wanting to re-enforce their heresies…





Subject: Heaven is for real video


… I read that book when it first came out and at that time I was in the NO VII mess. The people I associated with were of "catholic" & protestant faiths and we were so deceived. We talked about how wonderful this story was and how great God made this little boy see heaven and tell about it. Now that I have found the true Catholic faith and know the true teachings, this story is such a Big Lie that Satan wants so much for us to fall for.  I was one of them but thank God I found MHFM website or I might still be in the dark. Everyone wants to go to heaven but not the way of Jesus, but their own way.  During this time of the Great Apostasy we are bombarded with this message of all the dead are in a "better place." Just turn on tv have you ever seen so many shows about ghost hunters and NDE and mediums talking to the dead?  It's amazing they are all in the "light" or going to it. No one is going to hell. The children of Fatima after seeing what they saw were totally changed forever. They were in awe and they sacrificed their life to God. I don't see anyone who even wants to talk about that, no it's just the feel good stories they want not the truth…





Good Day Brothers Dimond,


I found your videos on YouTube.  I want to be with Jesus in the Eucharist.  I don't want to fall prey to a false counter-Church and commit idolatry unknowingly. 


After seeing many of your videos, I don't know what to do...where to worship?  Where do I find Jesus in the Eucharist?  Is it only in the Latin Mass?  Am I even Catholic?  Is my Baptism, Confirmation, and First Communion valid in the New Mass?  I'm so sad about this information you present and I don't see any solutions?  We have 1 Latin Mass in the Diocese of El Paso at a seminary because the Diocese had to throw the Trads a bone (another long story...)...We went and the Mass isn't even advertised on their Mass schedule.  It's like it doesn't exist.  The seminary doesn't offer any other Sacraments.  Our other option is the SSPX chapel here in El Paso, which you say is no good either.  So I have the NO Mass which you say is invalid (which I completely understand why).  What do I do?  Where do I worship?  How do I raise my children to ensure their sacraments are valid?  I'm so confused, lost and sad.


I must tell you, when I returned to Mass (the NO one), God called me to do things that I felt were out of my control.  They were things I HAD to do.  The compulsion became obsessive until I gave in and followed God's desires for me and how I worship. 


After much prayer, 

I began wearing a mantilla…

I began to kneel for Holy Communion.

I desired the Latin Mass and I have never been to one before I went to the seminary. 

I began to believe that NFP is birth control.


I found your videos and feel like I have no options.  I want to be Catholic.  I want to worship in a traditional Catholic way.  I want to raise my children in the True Catholic Church.  


How can I do that…?


Kindly in Christ,



MHFM: It’s clear that as a result of taking certain positive steps in your life, God led you to the information on our site.  He wants you to see it because it contains the full truth.  Now, to your issues.


First, the material makes it very clear what people need to do.  You need to reject the Vatican II sect, get out of the New Mass and become convinced on all the issues of faith.  For example, you refer to the invalid host of the New Mass as ‘Holy Communion’ when it’s not.  You need to consult the material more thoroughly and adopt the correct positions.


Second, your confusion and sadness is a result of your improper focus and your current insufficient understanding of the situation.  You emphasize where you show up on Sunday when the priority must be the acceptance of the Catholic faith and adherence to God’s requirements.  The practice of Catholicism is not defined by whether you have a church to attend on Sunday.  There were periods in Church history when Catholics had nowhere to attend Mass, but they still practiced the Catholic faith.  The practice of the Catholic faith is much more extensive than where one attends church on Sunday.  There is no obligation to attend a Mass on Sunday if the Church does not provide you with a fully Catholic one in your area. 


Here are the facts.  The New Mass is invalid and basically every priest offering the traditional Mass is a heretic.  There are some options for confession, but few options for the Eucharist today.  For receiving the Eucharist, the priest must meet certain conditions and one must not support him.  One must be convinced on all the issues before receiving any sacraments.  That’s explained in the files below.  We are in the Great Apostasy.  People should pray the Rosary each day (all 15 decades if possible) and the Hail Mary frequently.  Once a person is convinced on all relevant matters, we can help that person with possible locations for receiving sacraments.


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts


Where to go to Mass or confession today?




Subject: Conversion and Confession of Faith


Dear Most Holy Family Monastery,

I've not contacted you before, but I have been familiar with your material for quite some time now (maybe a few years? I cannot recall precisely). I have finally rejected the Vatican II church and its antipopes and have accepted the sedevacantist position and the traditional Catholic Faith (including the absolute necessity of water baptism and of membership in the Church for salvation). I read aloud the profession of faith promulgated at the Council of Trent and I accept it entirely.

I write both to inform you of this and thank you for making this material readily available and also to ask a couple of questions.

First, as I said, I read aloud Trent's profession of faith for converts; I was not sure whether somebody should have witnessed my confession of faith. Is it required that there be such a witness?

Second, do you know of any validly ordained priests near where I live (Bronx, NY) who I could go to for confession? In one of Brother Peter's debates, he mentioned to his opponent that he knew of such priests around here. I was hoping you could direct me to any of them.

Thanks again for the help in this.

God bless,



MHFM: That’s great to hear.  To your first question, no, in this situation it’s not necessary to make the profession in front of witnesses.  With regard to your second question, please contact us here and we can help you with that matter.  If you don’t already, we recommend that you pray the Rosary each day (all 15 decades if possible) and the Hail Mary frequently.





I saw your website and am trying to find a Mass in Scotland, (Ayrshire), to go to, but I'm not sure which ones to trust. How can I find this, and can you recommend any Masses?

Kind regards,



MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  It's important to realize the situation today (during the Great Apostasy).  It is one in which basically all the churches are either heretical Vatican II churches or 'traditionalist' churches where the priest is heretical in some way.  Thus, there aren't any churches that are fully Catholic, where one can join, regard the priest as Catholic and support the church.  However, there are some options for receiving the sacraments of confession (which is obviously crucial) and possibly the Eucharist (in a traditional rite only) depending upon where one lives, once a person is convinced on all the issues.  Moreover, if one finds an option that meets the criteria, one really isn’t utilizing it for the Mass but simply to receive certain sacraments.  What you need to do is apply the guidelines explained in the file below to the options in your area. 


Before receiving sacraments, one must reach the point where one is committed never to attend the New Mass again, believes in Outside the Church There is No Salvation without exception (no “baptism of desire,” no salvation for those “invincibly ignorant” of the Catholic faith), rejects NFP, won’t support any heretical priests, etc.  That’s explained in this file: Where to go to Mass or confession today?  People should also make the traditional profession of faith from the Council of Trent, which can be accessed from the aforementioned file.  Further, it should be understood that the priests who were ordained in The New Rite of Ordination [PDF File] were not validly ordained.  Since “priests” ordained in the New Rite of Ordination are invalid, any mortal sins confessed to such “priests” must be confessed again to a valid priest once a person is prepared for confession.  Once a person is convinced on all relevant matters, we can help that person with possible locations for receiving sacraments.  We also recommend people to pray the Rosary each day, all 15 decades if possible.




MHFM: This video has some interesting footage of the Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse, as it was seen from South Florida.


Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse, South Florida April 2014 [1 min. 30 seconds]




Subject: "Heaven is for Real" Video


Dear Brothers:


It's interesting to note that in the video exposing "Heaven is for Real" an excerpt from the book is shown around the 1:58 mark.  The excerpt indicates that the "angels" refused to sing the rock & roll song, but sang "Jesus Loves Me" and "Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho", both Protestant "hymns."   


This is a standard modus operandi for the Devil - appeal to a false sense of "conservatism" or "traditionalism" in people (i.e. the rejection of the obviously evil rock & roll) but at the same time promote the "lesser" evil (in this case, Protestantism and its "hymns").  This reminds me of how Antipopes John-Paul II and Benedict XVI were lauded as "conservatives" and "traditionalists" because they said a few conservative-sounding things, while at the same time they promoted and participated in the worst forms of heresy and apostasy.


- Mike




Subject: blood of the eclipse




Watching the lunar eclipse tonight (my first) was special (until some weird guy intruded upon it).  While gazing intently at the (barely perceptible) changing color-scape, I was struck with a terrible remorse.  It occurred to me that the moon was like unto a round, white host, and it was lighting up the night for us, just like Jesus Who is the Light of the world.  And when it started to be darkened until there was only a sliver of white, I could hear coyotes howling in the distance, strangely. Then, suddenly it seemed, the 'host' appeared round again, taking on its new reddish hues.  The red began to slowly spread over it, like blood (as it is so aptly called).  This new appearance filled me with remorse for my sins.  It seemed to me that at that moment God was showing the world (using the moon as a movie screen or artist's canvas) a sacred host, bleeding with His Precious Blood, because of the sins of mankind - mankind who crucified Him and who despised Him in the Blessed Sacrament…




Subject: Heaven Video


Dear Brothers:


The video exposing Heaven is for Real is interesting and thought-provoking.  It reminds the listener that the crux of the Great Apostasy is very simple.  It is the rejection of the truth that we are conceived in original sin and need water baptism to go to Heaven.  When the false Christian holds and promotes baptism of desire or any other heresy that denies the necessity of water baptism, he or she is essentially denying Jesus Christ, the Catholic faith, the Bible, the fall of mankind, the history of the world and all of God's creation, revelation and prophecy.   We should not be surprised that the false traditionalists like the SSPX have spent all these years wondering and wallowing around in the desert -- and why they have nothing, and are content with nothing, but externals.  If we weren't born in original sin which had to be removed, why did we need a Redeemer and what were we redeemed from?  Enter Antichrist John Paul II:  men don't need a Redeemer -- each man is his own redeemer.  And this is accepted by almost all today.  We can certainly understand why the apostate Vatican 2 adherent readily accepts all false religions which explicitly deny Jesus Christ, or deny the true Catholic faith.  It is because the Vatican 2 adherent, in reality, rejects Christ as well.  


Millions of abortions can be attributed to the fact that, because they are demonic, the antipopes of the Vatican 2 sect have never even warned (much less "excommunicated") anyone because of abortion.  And, it can be argued, that the false Christians who think they are opposing abortion -- while claiming that babies who die without baptism go to heaven -- are also certainly assisting the demons.   While trying to educate people as to what abortion does to the body, they deny what it does to the soul.


Lee Ann


Hell is for Real


Subject: Hell is for Real


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for posting the video exposing Heaven is for Real.  The message that all one needs for salvation is to believe in heaven is abominable.  It shows the influence of the Vatican II apostasy.  It is the type of message that BOD heretics love.  They might imagine that the boy's experience lends further "weight" to their heresy of salvation outside the Catholic Church.  Instead, it simply further confirms what true Catholics say: that 'baptism of desire' is heresy and leads to hell.  Proof of this is clearly seen in the shocking story about the SSPX priest who raped the three women.  His actions are the bad fruits of apostasy, rooted in 'baptism of desire' and 'invincible ignorance.'  It shows how critical our Lady's message at Fatima was.  She showed the children that hell is for real, and that many, many souls go there.  She urged them…: "Sacrifice yourselves for sinners, and say many times, especially when you make some sacrifice: O Jesus, it is for your love, for the conversion of sinners, and in reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary."  That's the real gospel: Acts 26:18 - "To open their eyes, that they may be converted from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and a lot among the saints, by the faith that is in me."

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White


Video – Near-Death Experiences


MHFM: This is an interesting video about the book and the upcoming major motion picture called Heaven is For Real.  The book and the film are based on the story of a 4-year-old boy’s alleged near-death experience.  Not surprisingly, the boy’s story contains a completely false salvation message.  As we’ve mentioned before, almost 100% of near-death experiences are deceptions from the Devil.  Their purpose is to perpetuate the lie that many or almost all are saved and that there is salvation for those outside the true faith and/or for those who die in grave sin.


8 minute video: Heaven Is For Real Exposed


The principle contained in Galatians 1:8-9 is the primary one to keep in mind in this regard.  Indeed, St. Paul’s warning is strikingly on point.  He says that if “an angel from Heaven” (therefore, if someone claiming to have come from Heaven) preaches a different Gospel or salvation message he is to be completely rejected and considered accursed.


Galatians 1:8-9- “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be anathema.  As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be anathema.”


Our Lord’s Agony


Subject: Our Lord’s Agony


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for your amazing videos on the Scourging in Jesus Christ and His profound agony in the Garden of Olives. To quote Bro. Peter: "A trial of sorrow and death had come upon Him...It is reasonable to conclude that Jesus, who had the weight of the whole world's sins on His shoulders, was afflicted with every sorrow and every death in history; every sin; every lie; every murder; every theft; every betrayal; every fornication; every drunken stupor; every instance of unbelief; every act of idolatry or iniquity." Those words strike so powerfully at the heart of this sinner. How can a soul who considers them and the extreme agony of Our Savior (caused by our very sins) not be moved to tears? May Lord have mercy on us who have recourse to Him.

The Agony of Jesus in the Garden – Video

The Scourging of Jesus Christ – Video

St. Isidore of Seville: The greater part of men will set no value on the blood of Christ, and will go on offending Him.

In Jesus through Mary,

New Audio


MHFM: In this file there is a link to a new audio with some brief comments about an upcoming video and ‘baptism of desire.’


Catholic Audios




Subject: Death and the Journey into Hell (3rd Edition)


This is one of the most important videos you will ever see.  It can change your life.  




When in the Vatican II sect


When I was a member of the V-2 sect I also participated in the so-called Taize meetings and prayers. Obviously, at that time, I haven't seen anything wrong with that.  I knew that "brother" Roger was a protestant but I wasn't bothered by that at least.  After all, I thought, "the Catholic Church" fully accepted and sponsored it.  So it was OK in my book. I actually loved the Taize chants and musical prayers.


During my University years I traveled a little with my friends throughout the Europe and slightly beyond. I visited mosques in Turkey, Eastern Orthodox churches in Bulgaria, protestants "shrines " in Paris and Germany, etc…. I did participate in the Jewish ceremony called Bar Mitzvah (couple times)… At that time I didn't see anything wrong with that. I was such an ignorant fool. I also once went for Protestant celebrations. My friend invited me and, again, I didn't see anything wrong with that, and, again. I was a little curious just to see it. "Curiosity kills that cat", I am glad that that it didn't kill me.  In a way, my spiritual life at that time was basically almost dead, although I would never admit it. On the contrary. I thought it was flourishing.


MHFM: What you have described are the harmful results of the false doctrines of Vatican II being accepted, implemented and followed on the local level.  We’re glad you now realize that such activity is wrong and opposed to Catholic teaching.




Dear Brothers


I have always considered myself more so a traditionalist catholic and never did understand the last two "popes" stances upon reading a few books written by BD16 i was amazed to see what you point out as heresy, especially "good" people of all faiths "indirectly" receiving Christ… I myself was baptized in a Methodist Church… After and during the time I attended Catholic school I was amazed at what I was learning and was quickly drawn to the Catholic faith, but I was drawn shy at the fact they were teaching me contradictions. For instance things like, Yes we are they only true church but.... And yes eventually i was converted which today I'm unsure if it was ever official…




MHFM: We’re glad you found the material.  There are no contradictions in the Catholic faith.  The contradictions come from the Vatican II sect, which is not the Catholic Church.  It’s crucial to reject the Vatican II sect, avoid the New Mass and be convinced of all the Church’s dogmas.  You should follow the steps below and pray the Rosary each day.  A conditional baptism should be done, as explained in the file below, once you are convinced on the issues. 


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts




Dear Brother Michael Dimond, MHFM,


The Truth is what is stated, documented at your website… What you state and document is Catholic Teaching.


It has been apparent for many years that heresies are rampant by means of Vatican II, JPII speaking, what has been said or written, and Benedict XVI. It is impossible to pick up or read any books after Vatican II without some scare of heresy to be found there. Millions of lay people are being lost or led astray.


… JPII during his entire existence on the throne of St. Peter said so many contradictory things, that has caused such mass confusion, that few Catholics really are aware of what the Church's teachings are, furthered by the input of Benedict XVI…


These are threats to the Faith, the Real Faith, and the documentation that you have at your website is a sampling of what is among the worst heresies I believe to ever be preached or taught from the chair of St. Peter.


Not a single Apostle would have been an Apostle if they taught any of the heresies found in JPII or Benedict XVI or Vatican II's teachings or public preaching and writing.


God bless--In Christ, His Holy Mother,




MHFM: We’re glad you are viewing some of the material.  However, no heresy can emanate from the Chair of St. Peter.  The Vatican II ‘popes’ were and are antipopes who never sat in the Chair of St. Peter.  The idea that the Chair of St. Peter can teach error is contrary to Catholic teaching.  It’s necessary to be clear and convinced on that point.




French SSPX priest charged with rape and torture





Seems like major events happen around the time of groups of Blood moons.  The last group of Blood moons occurred with an lunar eclipse in 1967, which was around the time of the introduction of the New Mass.  Also the song 'Hotel California' by the Eagles says, "Please bring me my wine...we haven't had the spirit here since 1969.."  The  changing of the wine and the year 1969 were part of the Vatican II destruction on the world and souls.  Coincidence of these events happening in our time?  I don't think so.



Four Blood Moons


Subject: Four Blood Moons


Dear Brothers,


One would like to comment on the news article on the 4 blood moons, http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/469228/Four-blood-moons-Does-alignment-of-Mars-Earth-and-Sun-mean-the-end-of-the-world-is-nigh. It says at the start of the article that the blood moons occur historically in the past and coincided with global significant event and after a few lines later this one, "Strangely, the last one occurred in 1967 - far earlier than expected - precisely at the time of the Six-Day Arab–Israeli War", They really do not want the VII to be exposed do they? the major significant religious event during that time, if one remembers correctly, is the culmination/closing of VII Council and probably the composition of the New Mass by antipope Paul VI. Oh one understands that this was written in a Jewish perspective then one can say that they expect the advent of their "Messiah" and oh boy would they be shocked if they see Jesus Christ Our Lord coming with the clouds, with all His glory and with 10000s of His angels and saints…


Sincerely and God speed,





Dear Brothers,


I have read through the site and I realise that in many so-called "Catholic Churches" there is apostasy. When I held Protestant views, I had attended "mass" in my "Catholic" high-school and you would not believe it! During a Corpus Christi mass the priest made a positive comment on hindu deities! The best I remember is it was in 2006, I had even accepted the Eucharist from such a priest (at the time I viewed it as only a symbol.) Also the high school that I attended was professing "Catholic" and at the time I had little sense of discernment and couldn't refute the invalidity of such a practice but it was last year I discovered your site, I decided to leave Protestantism and all the errors needed to be un-learned. If I ask too many questions it is not to bother you. I do not want to toy with my salvation. 




MHFM: That’s an interesting story about the apostate Novus Ordo ‘priest’ praising the false Hindu gods.  He’s repeating and applying the teaching of Vatican II.


We’re glad you found the material and have decided to leave Protestantism.  It seems like you agree that the Vatican II sect is not Catholic, that the New Mass must be avoided, etc.  It’s crucial to hold the correct positions on all the issues, pray the Rosary each day (all 15 decades if possible), and follow these steps.  We can help people with where to make a confession, etc. once they are convinced on the issues.  (Also, the New Mass does not have a valid Eucharist.)


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts




Subject: The ‘invincibly ignorant’


Dear Brothers:


Thank you for the Quotes of the Day, especially the most recent, which clearly show from Holy Scripture that those without knowledge of the Gospel (the Catholic faith) ARE lost. Their minds are blinded by the Devil and the truth is hidden from them. They can and must convert. They can see the witness of creation calling out to them that there is a God and that He must be sought from a humble and sincere heart. Unless they embrace the Catholic faith and receive the Sacrament of Baptism they will most certainly perish in eternity. They will go the way of the wretched ruler Galerius, whose small sore turned into a consuming mortal illness, that could not be abated even with the best work of his physicians, who only made matters worse. This is like the false traditionalists, who do souls no service at all with their cunning theories of "baptism of blood," "baptism of desire," and salvation for the "invincibly ignorant." They are only making themselves and their followers twice as fit for hell.


Joseph Ramirez


Confused in Heresy


Subject: Was Vatican II Infallible? [video]


It is obvious that Vatican II has led many away from much that is Catholic. Has it gone far enough to consider the council contrary to God laws? That is a question that only ones heart can answer. But if it has gone contrary to Dogma and tradition and it remains heretical then one must conclude that Christianity is false and Christ was a liar. But if the council is false and is rebuked then Christian faith will be justified and Christ's truth will emerge unblemished.




MHFM: Your e-mail doesn’t make any sense.  You begin by correctly acknowledging that Vatican II has led many away from the Catholic faith.  You then say that if Vatican II is contrary to dogma Christianity is false.  Immediately after that you write that if the Council is false and rebuked Christian faith will be justified.  That doesn’t make sense. 


Fact: Vatican II was heretical and contrary to dogma in many ways, as the material proves.  That does not indicate that Christianity/Catholicism is false or that Christ’s promises weren’t true; for the men who implemented Vatican II were not true popes, but heretical non-Catholic antipopes.  Moreover, what occurred with Vatican II (and the Counter Church to which it gave rise) is the fulfillment of Christian prophecy about the end times and the Great Apostasy.  Since you don’t look at things with the eyes of faith, you are confused and deceived.  You consequently leap to unwarranted conclusions.  You should pray for faith and clarity and look at the material. 




Dear Brothers,


I agree with your thoughts on gays and lesbians.  God gives them over to this perverse and unnatural vice.  Grave idolatry and mortal sin is the root cause of this condition.  I looked at the book of Romans.  The world is accepting sodomy and gay ‘marriage.’   God bless your website!    In her immaculate heart.  


From mark v




Dear Brothers,

Great to hear you challenged John Daly the BOD heretic to a debate. It would be have been good to hear him get crushed by the truth.  It is astounding how such individuals get away with their lies.  It is outrageous for him (and others) to spread their own heresies, while falsely accusing true Catholics of being "heretics" for holding to Catholic dogma.  Their bad will is diabolical.  One can see it so clearly in operation among the many false traditionalists who roam throughout the internet forums, seeking the ruin of souls.  It is shocking that they push St. Alphonsus' blatant error on 'baptism of desire,' when it has been so clearly refuted… St. Alphonsus blundered on 'baptism of desire,' yet such is "impossible" for the BOD heretics who worship man.  No, what's impossible is that a man can be saved without the Sacrament of water baptism and the Catholic faith.

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




Dear Brothers,


… So many are dying today without Baptism and without the Catholic Faith.  My mom told me, after she'd witnessed his death, that her dad screamed in terror.  Several weeks later she denied having told me that. Because she is in denial, of course, and currently outside the Church.  My own dad also died apparently unrepentant, after having rejected Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church, and I was the only one in the family who didn't attend his "death and journey into Hell". 


Most recently, I witnessed an apparently unrepentant soul in the death struggle.  I didn't recognize it right away for what it was, but I can't forget it.  This incident has made me realize, more than I may have otherwise, how great a gift is… Catholic Faith; how great is the gift of sight - to see the errors, the lies, the whole Great Apostasy!  To know the truth without any doubt whatsoever; to believe the truth without any hesitation; to happily belong to Jesus Christ! And to denounce Apostate Rome which has become the Seat of the Antichrist… to belong to the Church in Eclipse -- what a tremendous grace!




Subject: Was Vatican II Infallible? [video]


Thank you Brother, for the clear and precise explanation…


Leslie Carver


Traditional Catholics


Subject: Was Vatican II Infallible? [video]


I am confused or perhaps misunderstood. As a born and raised Catholic in the traditional ways here in Malta, i believe the traditionalist conservative catholics are the true Christians because we believe in the traditional old ways of the catholic church are the proper ways, because as you know, liberalism, modernism, protestantism and the heretical new ideas of the nuovus ordo of vatican ii are the works of satan by his worshippers, has plagued our beloved Roman Catholic Church and the papacy, as foretold…




MHFM: Yes, true traditional Catholics are the true Christians.  However, if you watch the video you will see that many groups claim to be traditional or conservative Catholics but adhere to a position that’s incompatible with Catholic teaching.  They reject some of the heresies and false doctrines taught by Vatican II, but obstinately recognize the men who implemented and imposed those heresies and false doctrines as true popes.  In addition to the fact that the Vatican II claimants to the Papacy were heretics and apostates (and therefore could not be true popes), a true pope cannot use the authority of the Magisterium to teach false doctrines to the universal Church in a binding way.  The notion is contrary to Catholic teaching on the infallibility of the Papal Magisterium.  But that’s what many false traditionalists maintain.  Their position is therefore inconsistent with Catholic teaching.  They also remain in communion with heretics and apostates who profess a false faith.  They are thus false traditionalists, not true Catholics.


The Vatican II Church is not the Catholic Church.  It’s a Counter Church.  One must recognize the difference between the two, as our material covers.  The Catholic Church is not led by heretics and it does not teach heresies.  The Vatican II Counter Church is led by heretics who profess a false faith, and it officially teaches heresies.  A Catholic must reject the Vatican II Counter Church and its leaders.  The true position is that the men who implemented and imposed Vatican II were antipopes, as the video and the material on the website prove.




Subject: The Statues of the Antichrist


Dear Brothers,

The images of Karol make me sick because the poses are very similar to that of our dear lord Jesus Christ, the one true God, in order to mock him.

For example, the picture in the Assisi shows him wearing the Crown of Thorns that Christ bore to atone for our sins when he died on the cross and the Fatima picture displays him hunched over but to me it looks like he is covering his wings underneath his "hunch back" but the most offensive one of all is in the Mexico City where Antichrist Karol is standing proudly over the Virgin of Guadalupe, our blessed mother. All of these are just disgusting and horrible but the one word that can truly describe this act… is PURE evil. Yet people continue to worship him. It's just disgusting.

Mary, Mother of the one True God, pray for us.
-John Paul Castillo




Subject: “Gay” NFL Prospect Michael Sam Makes A Revealing Admission [video]


This video is amazing and the gay lifestyle is sick and completely wrong.


Kim Walker




Dear Brothers:


Thank you very much, for all that you do, to expose the false Vatican II church, and to lead people to the truth.  Your videos, such as those about the New Mass, have been very helpful to me…




Dave Phillips






Do you have transcripts available of your recordings? I am interested in your talk on the St Peter as the first pope…


I am in the process of converting some seventh day Adventists and your recording is very thorough.  Also, do you have any proofs on Sabbath vs Sunday?


Thank you,

Rodney Fries


MHFM: We have a book, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church.  You can acquire copies for tremendously low prices.  It contains a section on the biblical proof for the Papacy.  That's what we'd recommend.  This is an article about Seventh Day Adventists, Sunday and the Sabbath: Is Saturday or Sunday the Holy Day according to the Bible?


Image of the Beast in 3D


Subject: JP2’s “Canonization”


Dear Brothers:


The plans to project the image of the Beast in 3D -- around the world no less -- has been described as unprecedented.  Certainly, it could be called an event of biblical proportions -- just like a worldwide flood.  It clearly demonstrates the validity of MHFM's explanation of St. John describing life being given to the image of the Beast… While almost all the world despises Christ and His dogmas, it loves the Beast and his lies.  Thus, in mockery of Our Lord, the world will glorify the Antichrist and his precursor John.  On the Sunday before Easter, the true Catholic Church recalls that the Judeans living at the time of Christ waved palm branches to welcome Our Lord to Jerusalem, but many of these same people, only days later, would traitorously shout "crucify Him".  Is it just coincidence that the Antichrist chose the Sunday after Easter to establish his false feast day?  And was Satan's Man of Perdition mocking mankind when he called it "Divine Mercy Sunday, when he knew it would be a day of Divine Justice?  While no one knows the day or the hour, Our Lord has told us to be vigilant and to watch for the signs which, thank God, MHFM has helped us to understand.  One cannot help but feel that the denouement of the greatest of all Battles in the history of mankind will occur very soon.   


Lee Ann  


“Canonization” of the Antichrist


Subject: “Canonization” of the Antichrist


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the article about the "canonization" of John Paul II, the Antichrist. It is amazing that it is being broadcast in an unprecedented way, in 3D, HD and 4D technology. The event will use more satellites than the Sochi Olympics. It shows how much the world loves its own. It is further evidence of the fulfilment of the book of Apocalypse, as you wrote, of how St. John probably saw video footage of Antipope John Paul II moving and speaking, "giving life/animation/spirit [pneuma]" to the Beast. An interesting thing was said by the CTV chief, "Monsignor" Dario Vigano: "Vigano underlined that the Vatican decided to offer the canonisation ceremony to the world in 3D in order to give people... the chance to get a “fully immersive” experience." It's interesting that Vigano talks of a "fully immersive" experience. Water baptism is sometimes done by full immersion. It's interesting because the whole Vatican II apostasy, which the "canonization" represents, is a result of the denial of the necessity of the Catholic faith and water baptism for salvation. They want the world to be fully immersed in the Vatican II apostasy.

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White


Debate challenge on ‘BOD’ issued


MHFM: We recently sent an e-mail to a man named John Daly.  He’s a false traditionalist who promotes ‘baptism of desire’.  Like all supporters of ‘baptism of desire’ in our day, he also accepts as Catholics individuals and groups which obstinately teach that souls can be saved in false religions (Islam, Judaism, etc.).  He has promoted St. Alphonsus’ explanation of ‘baptism of desire.’  He has also called true Catholics who adhere to the Church’s dogma (that no one is saved without rebirth of water and the Spirit) ‘heretics.’  We challenged him to a debate on the issue.  Since the issue of ‘baptism of desire’ is so vast, we challenged him to a debate specifically on whether the explanation and definition of ‘baptism of desire’ given by St. Alphonsus (which he has promoted) is consistent with Catholic teaching and should be accepted by Catholics.  He did not respond.  That’s not a surprise.  If we did have a debate, his position (and the position of ‘baptism of desire’) would be destroyed.  Here’s one article relevant to the topic: St. Alphonsus' Blatant Error on 'Baptism of Desire' [article].




Subject: Blood Moon


Dear Brothers,


The upcoming blood moon eclipse on April 15 is just prior to the "canonization" of the two anti-popes, as yet another warning.  Amazing all the theatrics that is being put into this great deception while even having 3D imaging broadcast into theaters.  This act of deception is clearly beyond that of the staged landing on the moon, when considering all the souls that are being lost. 


God Bless,

Tom Miles


“To Give Life to the Image of the Beast”


The image of John Paul II to be projected around the world in 3D during an “unprecedented canonization ceremony”


MHFM: This is a new post concerning the news item above:


“To Give Life to the Image of the Beast”




Subject: Marriage ceremonies and funerals question


Dear Brothers,


I have some serious questions about marriage ceremonies and funerals. First, I want to start out by saying I am a total pre-Vatican II Catholic and agree with everything you guys teach. I grew up Baptist and converted to the Vatican II 'church" about ten years ago. I knew that the Catholic Church was definitely the true faith but I had my doubts on the current church. My family prayed every night for Mary and the Holy Ghost to guide us to the truth and somehow we landed on your website. With that out of the way here are my questions I'd like you to answer.  


1. How would a true Catholic believer get married when there are basically no true priests anymore?

2. Is it wrong to go to a non-Catholic wedding? I have friends and family who won't listen to the truth that I give them. They probably all will be getting married within the next 10 years or so.

3. Is it wrong to go to a non-Catholic funeral? Sooner or later someone in my family will die. If they haven't converted to the true faith, should I go to their funerals?



Ryan H.


MHFM: We’re glad that you came across the information.  To your questions: 1. People can be married without a priest in the current situation.  We can help those who are convinced on all the issues with that matter.  2.  It is wrong to attend a non-Catholic wedding.  3.  It is wrong to attend a non-Catholic funeral.  With regard to #2 and #3, please see this file.


May one passively attend non-Catholic funerals, weddings?  No.




Bros. Michael and Peter Dimond


Hello my name is Henry… and I have been following your web site for about a year, your work is very important to me as you have protected my armor with vital information, however, I trusted my parish in my desperate spiritual needs and time of sorrow with taize prayer offered at 8:00p.m. on the fourth Friday of each month… The fourth time it felt like I was intruding on something I didn't belong in and did not want at all, it is attended mostly by women. Putting a mid-evil painting of Christ on the cross at the foot of the altar with candles around and STANDING NEXT TO IT one or two at a time to pray is to me some occult type of prayer, I would kneel instead.  It felt to me like I was insulting our Lord Jesus Christ so I abandoned it. 


This festered in my head and I looked up taize and to my rude awakening learned it is protestant in the winter 2013, I just received your package and there is Bro Roger Schutz the unconverted? protestant pp265.  Have I unknowingly committed the horrible crime of heresy against my church? I have confessed that I attended 4 taize prayers and learned its founder is not catholic after the fact.  What now?


I would like your feedback in this matter… Henry


MHFM: Perhaps you are referring to something that occurred in the past when you previously attended the New Mass.  We hope you no longer go there.  When people go to the New Mass, things like that will happen.  The New Mass must be avoided under pain of grave sin.  You need to get out of it (if you haven’t already done so) and completely reject the Vatican II sect.  When you are convinced on all the issues, you simply need to confess having attended and participated in a non-Catholic service for however long (i.e., the New Mass), participating in that prayer, and any mortal sins that were not confessed to validly ordained priests.


However, before receiving sacraments, one must reach the point where one is committed never to attend the New Mass again, believes in Outside the Church There is No Salvation without exception (no “baptism of desire,” no salvation for those “invincibly ignorant” of the Catholic faith), rejects NFP, won’t support any heretical priests, etc.  That’s explained in this file: Where to go to Mass or confession today?  People should also make the traditional profession of faith from the Council of Trent, which can be accessed from the aforementioned file.  Further, it should be understood that the priests who were ordained in The New Rite of Ordination [PDF File] were not validly ordained.  Since “priests” ordained in the New Rite of Ordination are invalid, any mortal sins confessed to such “priests” must be confessed again to a valid priest once a person is prepared for confession.  Once a person is convinced on all relevant matters, we can help that person with possible locations for receiving sacraments.  We also recommend people to pray the Rosary each day, all 15 decades if possible.




Bro Dimond,


I have watched several of your videos online and am very fascinated with the information.  I have been raised Catholic and now I am questioning everything that I was brought up believing - even before watching some of the videos…. I'm getting very desperate and need some guidance.


Thank you,



MHFM: We’re glad that you are looking at the information.  The material doesn’t question the Catholic faith, but presents the Catholic faith.  You are probably referring to questioning the status of the post-Vatican II Church.  As the information proves, it’s certainly not the Catholic Church.  It’s crucial to pray the Rosary each day (all 15 decades if possible) and the Hail Mary frequently.  It’s critical to reject the New Mass and the Vatican II sect.  It’s also necessary to hold the correct position on salvation and other issues.  The file below is relevant.  The material explains what people need to do.


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts




Dear MHFM;


I already have ten copies of 'The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church', which is how I found your web site and viewed the 'Third Secret' and your teachings on hell.  Powerful and convicting.  I'm shocked at the apostasy of the last four popes… I will continue to keep in touch with your site www.vaticancatholic.com...


Thank you for your prayers,




MHFM: We’re glad you are viewing the material.  The recent claimants to the Papacy are actually antipopes, not popes.


Faith Alone


My name is Anthony Polenski and I was once an atheist but by God’s grace was called to be a follower of the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ. I wanted to write you a quick note as I have been following some of your videos and I have enjoyed them a great deal.

Now, in the video on Rick Warrens son you stated that the protestant doctrine by faith alone is false and I was curious what you meant by that.  I am one who knows that salvation is by faith alone (Ephesians 2:8-9) but I also understand that "faith without works is dead." (James 2)

Can you help me understand what you mean?

I am one who would be considered "protestant" but I go to a "bible believing" non-denominational church. However, even my local body has inconsistencies with the Bible, as I see in many ways the church is more of a mixture between Christianity and Paganism.  My family and I keep the Sabbath and celebrate the biblical feast days. Some would say we are Messianic, but I just say that I am simply trying to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and the bible alone.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts?...

Blessings in Christ,


Anthony Polenski


MHFM: Anthony, salvation is not by faith alone (see James 2:24).  You are not properly understanding Ephesians 2:8.  You need to see the videos below, and specifically listen to the debate which covers the issue in detail.  These files prove that faith alone is unbiblical and false.  The other material on the website and in the book provide biblical proof for the Catholic faith on other topics.  Protestantism is not true Christianity, and faith alone is a false Gospel.  The traditional Catholic faith is the only true faith of Christ, and it’s necessary for salvation to embrace it. 


The Key to John 3:16 – An important Video Refuting the Protestant Position on Justification [video]


Justification Debate with a Reformed Protestant (Calvinist) [video]




You also hold an unbiblical view about the Sabbath.  You need to see this article: Is Saturday or Sunday the Holy Day according to the Bible?


Cult of Death


Subject: ‘Cult of Death’




RE your news post:  Worship of Satan in Mexico: Cult of “Santa Muerte” has infested Mexico with gruesome consequences


The Mexican Government is no match for the "cult of Death".  General Hernando Cortez and his small army overcame the evil Aztec Empire's cult of Death only by faithfulness to Jesus Christ the Son of God and devotion to His Mother, Mary most holy.  Your video on that subject is sufficient for anyone interested in learning about that great battle; also your video: the Amazing and Miraculous Image of Guadalupe.  To borrow from Sacred Scripture, there is fixed a great chaos between La Virgen de Guadalupe and 'Santa Muerte' - her false 'rival'; neither can it be crossed by either side.  Those who, like the ancient pagan Aztecs, murder victims to appease the god(ess) of death and gain temporal favors, will only be converted (or prevented) if the Mexicans begin practicing again true devotion to the holy Virgin of Guadalupe, which would also require them to convert back to the traditional Catholic faith.  Interesting that the devil keeps 'raising up' false brides and false virgins, like the Whore of Babylon Counterfeit Catholic Church - a false Bride of Christ - and Santa Muerte - 'who competes' with Jesus and Mary in 'granting favors' for the faithless lovers of the world.  Interesting, but not surprising.  Actually, it's not even interesting, because the devil lacks originality! He's just a copy-cat and a thief without shame - he's just a jester; a mocker of all that is sacred who's about to get his head squashed.  If the Mexican Police take Saint Michael for their Patron, they might receive his help, but it seems it is not mentioned in the Biblical prophecies of the last days that any nation will even call on the holy Archangel, except the Christian nation; which is the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church, now in eclipse.


Apostolic Canons


Subject: Apostolic Canons


Hi Brothers I was reading the Apostolic Canons and found these… they put Burg and the other "popes" completely out of the church.


Canon LXIV.  If any clergyman or layman shall enter into a synagogue of Jews or heretics to pray, let the former be deposed and let the latter be excommunicated.


Canon LXXI. If any Christian brings oil into a temple of the heathen or into a synagogue of the Jews at their feast, or lights lamps, let him be excommunicated.


It is so clear that the spawn of hell that is Burgi is not a catholic with the pictures of him lighting a menorah on Hanukkah. He makes me sick.


~James Keller




Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the comment about how St. Paul saw God, brighter than the sun (Acts 26:13). It reminds one of the Transfiguration: Matthew 17:2 - "And he was transfigured before them. And his face did shine as the sun: and his garments became white as snow." Our Lady of La Salette said that the Church would be in eclipse, as it is now. It is critical for people to recognize the true light of the Catholic faith… There is a great reward for those who persevere in the Catholic faith and in the state of grace: 1 Corinthians 2:9 - "But, as it is written: That eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man, what things God hath prepared for them that love him."…


God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White


Pagan Temples – John Paul II


Dear Brothers:


… I have watched the video on the Third Secret of Fatima and I would like to let you know that I am impressed with the information. Thank you very much! This important video is a true eye-opener. I understand that JPII was a wicked anti-pope and indeed the Anti-Christ. JPII esteemed false religions and worshipped at pagan temples. Indeed, JPII even turned "Catholic" Churches into pagan temples himself. And he preached that every man is God. How evil! It's beyond words.


I have also noticed the quote from The Council of Elvira , A.D. 305: “It has been decreed that those who in adult age after receiving Baptism shall go into the pagan temples to worship idols, which is a deadly crime and the height of wickedness, shall not be admitted to communion even at death.” (Quoted by Amleto Giovanni Cicognani, Canon Law, Philadelphia, PA: The Dolphin Press, 1935, p. 177.)


As a teenager of 15 years of age, and again a few years later at around 20 years of age, when I was still in the Novus Ordo counterfeit "Catholic" Church, I took part in so-called "diocesan" pilgrimages to the Holy Land. We visited most of the beautiful holy sites of the life, suffering, death and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. But sadly, when in Jerusalem, we also visited two mosques, at least one synagogue and the Jewish "wailing wall", which are all typical tourist spots these days, sadly. Being a typical Novus Ordo person at the time, I did not realize how evil and demonic those places are. I do not remember if prayers were said by the group, and if so, if I took part in them or not. But I do remember touching the wailing wall and also taking off my shoes in the mosque (which I think was a requirement). I don't think I took part in prayers, but I am not certain. Many years have passed and I had forgotten about all this until now.


Now I am worried. Would the above quote from The Council of Elvira apply to me? Is it enough for me to go to Confession, or would the anathema apply to me??? If you could put my mind at ease, I would be grateful.




The Third Secret of Fatima (3rd edition) [video]


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  The quote from the regional Council of Elvira is interesting and powerful.  It shows how the early Church viewed such matters, and what they would have thought of an apostate such as Antipope John Paul II (and the other Vatican II antipopes).  John Paul II and Benedict XVI not only engaged in pagan rites, but even turned churches themselves into pagan temples so that false gods and idols could be worshipped in them (e.g., Assisi I, II & III; etc.). 


However, the extended prohibition of Communion for such sins was a disciplinary measure.  In your case, what you should do (assuming you agree on all the issues) is simply confess the things you mentioned to a valid priest who says the proper words, as explained in the file on that matter.  We also recommend praying 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.


“In No Way Judging”


Subject: Article


Dear Brothers,

I was reading the article about the woman who was served a Starbucks coffee in which an employee apparently etched a pentagram and the number 666 in the frothy part of her beverage. The article also mentions that the woman who was served the coffee, is a "Catholic". Well, listen to the following statement she made concerning this incident: “The star is almost okay because it is in your Starbucks logo, the 666, however, was quite offensive,” she wrote. “I am in no way judging his beliefs or dis-meriting his beautiful artwork, I am however judging [the barista's] lack of professionalism and respect for others.” Can you believe it? She says that she cannot judge the beliefs of a Satanist and even calls his satanic "artwork" beautiful! Behold the darkness and religious indifference of the apostate Vatican II sect and its adherents.




Bel, Antipope Francis & The False Traditionalists


…. your video about Bel and Bergoglio was quite astonishing.  I was reading about obama and how much he admired Francis for his work to "teach" people about accepting homosexuality, giving "communion" to abortionists and too much heresy to count. It's funny that when obama said this line, "Wonderful meeting you. I'm a great admirer," It is the same way the false worshipper and King in Daniel Ch.14 said to their false idol, Bel. "You are great, O bel; there is no deceit in thee." People thought they would conflict when in reality, Obama and Bergoglio hold similar heretical views…


Thank you and God bless.

-John Paul Castillo




Dear Brothers:


… When we tell people that the Vatican 2 sect is not the Catholic Church but the end-times Counterfeit Church, they will ask where the true Catholic Church is.  And then we explain to them that the Catholic Church exists in a remnant who hold the true faith.  This is when the discussion begins to get difficult, since only a true Catholic knows what "having faith" means.  In this age of paganism, the adoration of man, and false Christianity, most people equate "having faith" with holding some sort of religion sentiment, whatever that might be.  They think the term "church" or "religion" refers to this building here, or that club or association over there.   To help them understand, I try to explain (if they will let me) that if a person lived in a place where there was never a Catholic church (building) -- or in a communist state where the local church building was destroyed and the priests were killed or deported -- would that mean that people would cease to be Catholic or that their children couldn't be Catholic?  Of course not.  To be a Catholic, they would need to be baptized and to hold the Catholic faith. When St. Francis Xavier and the other missionaries traveled throughout the world, it certainly was not possible for them to leave a church and a priest in every single community they visited.  But they did leave the Catholic Faith. 


God has chosen water to be the matter of Baptism, and He has made water ubiquitous and even necessary for life.  Was this just a coincidence?  And God has made it clear through His Church that any human being can be a minister of baptism.  Another coincidence?  And, in helping us to fulfill the last requirement of baptism, Our Lord has assured us that if a man asks, seeks and knocks -- all works, Protestants should note -- that man will find the salvific truth.  Do the false traditionalists and others who hold and teach the heresy of BOD/BOB consider that God's arrangement of things is all one big coincidence?  They certainly do, and in this they are not much different from the evolutionists to whom everything's an accident.  They will find out someday that damnation, like faith, is no accident.  As MHFM has painstakingly demonstrated in their presentations of the truth about the Second Vatican Council and the counterfeit church which it gave rise to, we are reminded that there are none so blind (or evil) as those who refuse to see.


Lee Ann




Hello, my name is Rob Rawlings, 46, Christian, of England and a relative newcomer to the Catholic faith (of 2 years and counting, after 6/7 years as an unsettled Protestant). Firstly I want to thank you for the VERY rich collection of articles and videos which you have put up on your website to feed people like me who have so many questions and have been striving to cut through so much smog of confusion about various very important issues for the Church and world today. Your videos, articles and perspectives are helping me ENORMOUSLY to get a grip and make sense of various things and so I want to thank you all very VERY much for all the work and dedication that you obviously put into it. The Lord surely is behind you…


Yours sincerely and faithfully,       Rob Rawlings




Dear Brothers, 


I watched your video entitled NFP: A Birth Control Deception as a result, have begun to seriously question the promotion of NFP by the post-Conciliar Church…


It now seems to me that the planning of a family should be left entirely in God's hands… I am an adult convert and the very traditional Priest who received me into the Church has been a widespread promoter of NFP here in Canada.





Natural Family Planning: A Birth Control Deception


MHFM: We’re glad you viewed the video.  It’s important to be convinced on that and other issues.  The priest you mention is unfortunately promoting a sinful birth control practice.  He should not be considered a Catholic guide.  He almost certainly denies the salvation dogma as well.




… Many are steeped in Vatican II apostasy because they break even the natural law, just like the pagans. We have Hindu neighbours. Sometimes, they share their struggles in life. And it becomes evident during conversation that they do break the natural law.... dishonesty, engaging in illegal activities.

The quote from St. Thomas Aquinas in the Salvation book applies to every human being.

"It is the characteristic of Divine Providence to provide every man with what is necessary for salvation... provided on his part there is no hindrance. In the case of a man who seeks good and shuns evil, by the leading of natural reason, God would either reveal to him through internal inspiration what had to be believed, or would send some preacher of the faith to him..."

… God keep Most Holy Family Monastery and Catholics all over the world.






Subject: What Francis Really Believes (3rd edition) [video]


What rubbish!! How can you interpret The pope's words the way you like, just to turn people away from the truth. Praying in a synagoge or anywhere else than in own church doesn't make you a heretic. The pope is trying to bring peace and love between all religions as after all we are all God's children and God loves us all. And who are we to judge how God is going to judge people of good will who are not baptized? Our God is a merciful God and some people unlike you and me have never heard of the Lord What fault do they have if they are not baptized? The pope has done nothing but show love to everyone which we should both be doing. Why not think of that for a while!!!  


Mary Anne Kirkham


MHFM: You are deeply mired in heresy.  You need to learn the Catholic faith and convert to it.  Catholic teaching condemns participation in non-Catholic worship under pain of mortal sin.  It always has.  It also explicitly teaches that the observance of Jewish rites is a mortal sin (Council of Florence).  To practice Judaism or indicate that it’s a valid religion, as Francis does, is apostasy from Christ and the Catholic faith.  The Church teaches that the unbaptized cannot be saved.  That’s a dogma.  When you denounce that truth, you reject defined dogma and the explicit teaching of Jesus Christ Himself (see John 3:5; Mark 16:16).  You say that all are God’s children.  That’s false.  Those who are outside of God’s Church are not children of God.  It’s not charitable or loving to praise false religions or engage in false worship; for adherence to religions of Satan (which is what all non-Catholic religions are) displeases God and leads people to everlasting misery and damnation.  It is thus evil to hide the truth about the Catholic faith, perpetuate lies about non-Catholic religions, or give the impression that happiness or salvation can be attained anywhere but inside Christ’s one true Church, as Francis does.  True faith is the foundation of true charity.  It is therefore most wicked and uncharitable to do what Francis does.  It is heresy and apostasy.  By defending it you commit grave sin and deny the truths of Christ.  You need to look at the material on our website, learn Catholic teaching, change your position, repent and convert; for you don’t have the faith of the Catholic Church at this time.  We recommend that you frequently pray the Hail Mary for sincerity, honesty and the grace to come to the true faith. 


Mock Baptisms


Subject: Mock Baptisms


Dear Brothers,


Yesterday in the Asbury Park Press there were pictures of Mock Baptisms at St Rose Church in Belmar.   I believe it was from several years ago, not current.   My paper runs something called in the past five years remember what was happening..... The mockery consisted on young children bringing their dolls into the church to be baptized by a priest…


God Bless your work,






… RE your statements about the obstinate BOD heretics attacking persons who deny that heresy, focusing on the man and not the argument (since they have no valid argument):  of course, I wholeheartedly agree, having witnessed this atrocious behavior more often than not from those you aptly described as "truly enemies of the faith".  But we are not surprised, as Jesus told us they would do so to us as they did so to Him…




Scripture: "Brighter Than the Sun"


Dear Brothers:

You recently noted that the vision St. Paul saw, of a light from Heaven, which sparked his conversion, was even brighter than the sun:


“At midday, O king, I saw on the way a light from Heaven, brighter than the sun, that shone around me and those who journeyed with me.”    (Acts 26:13)


It's interesting to note that the same phrase "brighter than the sun" was also used by Sr. Lucia to describe the first apparition of Our Lady at Fatima:


"On 13 May 1917 the three children took their flocks out to pasture on the small area known as the Cova da Iria. After lunch and the rosary they suddenly saw a bright flash of something like lightning, followed quickly by another flash in the clear blue sky.


They looked up to see in Lucia's words, "a lady, clothed in white, brighter than the sun, radiating a light more clear and intense than a crystal cup filled with sparkling water, lit by burning sunlight." The children stood there amazed, bathed in the light that surrounded the apparition, as the Lady smiled and said: "Do not be afraid, I will not harm you."




- Mike


MHFM: Yes, another correspondence of Fatima to divine revelation in Scripture is the ‘sea of fire’ the children saw to the ‘lake of fire’ mentioned in Revelation 20:14-15.


Recent Video


Very good, recent video… that proves beyond any reasonable doubt that the Vatican 2 Council was/is considered by the V-2 sect "popes" as infallible and binding. All evidence in the video is very carefully analyzed and the conclusions are based on the documentation that is available for everybody to see.  And the conclusion shows clearly that the V-2 "popes" intended, right from the beginning, for the Synod to be authoritatively binding and "religiously observed by all the faithful".


The reason that many false Traditionalists don't accept these obvious, evident and true facts, and still continue their deceitful claims that the V-2 Council was NOT infallible and that's why not binding, helps them to hold their erroneous position of accepting the V-2 sect's antipopes while, allegedly,"rejecting" the new, anti- Catholic doctrine which was concocted, promulgated and set worldwide in a full motion in order to destroy the True, Real Catholic faith, Church and religion.  The upper echelons of the false Traditionalists… pick and choose of all available documents and evidence ONLY those facts and arguments that fit conveniently their position. It is an extremely dishonest way of dealing with reality. 


The same goes for their followers. They usually don't respond to a logical argument, act as if it doesn't exist and proceed to attacking ad hominem a person who dares to object them. Mocking, ridiculing, calling ugly names, (and I mean ugly, oftentimes vulgar), banishing from the websites, etc., is a big part of their way of handling a debate. It is also worth noticing that quite a few of them, IN SPITE of claiming that they do reject the Vatican 2 Council, propagate the obvious heresies of the V-2 Council.  I know for a fact that many SSPX adherents from Poland proudly, publicly state that the Eastern Orthodox Church is an equal "partner" of the Catholic Church.  They say that the Church of Christ has two "Wings" -Eastern (Orthodox) and Western (Catholic).  Plenty of times I've been insulted by them for opposing this heresy.  Once I asked them " SINCE WHEN the Eastern Orthodox Church stopped being in the schism with the Catholic Church?" . They didn't answer. They just called me names… Sad because out of some false sense of loyalty, and out of some desperate need of "being a part of the group" they are willing to sacrifice the search/quest for the Truth.  In exchange for this comfort of "belonging to the community" they are ready to put a blind eye to the evident, manifest heresies that are being preached to them continuously.  The external package, dressed in a "traditional" wrapping has for them much more value than the internal content.  The Vatican 2 Council was a poison that was very carefully and skillfully prepared in order to paralyze the whole Catholic Church and eventually destroy it.


False Traditionalists agree that it was a poison, yet they don't agree that the people who hand-made that poison were/are wicked, demonic, evil.  They consider this venom to be bad, toxic, deadly, yet the people who manufactured it they still consider as trust-worthy, honest, of good will, honorable, etc.  The venom of the V-2 Council was spread, over the years, all over the world and yielded rotten, cancerous, toxic fruits, yet many, up to this day, claim that those who produced the poison had (have) nothing to do with that.