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I am Michael, I was born in 1974, raised and baptized and have been attending Novus Ordo masses, but then I grew doubts in this NO mass because I feel spiritually empty even after mass and seldom attend it.

Sometime in 2009 by accident I found your website, at first, I have some reservations on what you have stated and stating on your website, but upon further reading and praying the Rosary for guidance as you have instructed, I became fully convinced that you are on the right path in stating the truth regarding the true faith & the state of the Catholic Church.  In 2010, I totally stop attending NO masses…  

May Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ bless you & your Monastery for this good things you are doing. Please include me in your prayers…

God bless,

Michael Decoyna




Hello Brothers,


I'm writing for advice on my wife’s behavior and wanted to know if I am wrong in my thoughts. My wife has decided to embrace her new bodybuilding career, that I am opposed to. We have been married with 5 children for over 15 years. She has gone through a total transformation, including breast augmentation, botox, lipo suction and now steroids. She has also been using Facebook to post her pictures and has gotten lots of attention from people wanting to spend time with her and text her and call her. Unfortunately, my trying to convince her that this is not how a wife is supposed to act, or the fact that I am not happy with this, is not enough. She is looking into the Annulment process because she says she can’t be with anyone who does not support her desires. I would like to know if the teaching of the Catholic Faith are in line with my thinking or not. Please help…


MHFM: She's clearly under the influence of Satan and committing grave sin by her activity.  Her persistence in such activity, despite your admonitions, is grounds for separating from her. 


Moreover, if she’s looking into the bogus Vatican II sect’s annulment process, she regards the Vatican II sect as legitimate.  It’s not.  Please consult the material on that matter.




Woe to the false church and those who dare adhere to its teachings and to say that these apostate infiltrators are "blessed" and worse "saints".






Subject: Salvation


Dear Diamond brothers, 


This is Silmer Calas  I'm 19yrs old  and  I'm autistic and I'm special Ed  and I want to say thank you  for  showing  me  about  Real  Third  Secret  Of   Fatima


It's was real thank you 


Silmer Calas 




Dear Brothers,

Congratulations on being the #1 Traditional Catholic website on Alexa.com.  It's a true testament to the life of MHFM's apostolate. The true light of the Catholic faith is only shining through MHFM. It shows
that wherever a person is on the planet, so long as they have access to the internet, then they can find the most critical soul-saving information available.  This is the faith for which countless Saints and Martyrs endured unfathomable suffering to propagate.  It is the faith for which God died on the cross to save us from an eternity in hell.  Outside the Catholic faith there is absolutely no salvation.  We look forward to seeing the new videos in the near future.
May our Lord and our Lady continue blessing your work.

Luke 18:8 - "But yet the Son of man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth?"

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




Subject: #1 Website


Your recognition as the #1 traditional Catholic website in the world, is a very well deserved one and certainly is a testament, that Jesus will always be with His Church to the end of times [The Truth].  It also speaks of, Our Lady's final battle against satan and the gathering of her children. 

Other than the core beliefs of the Catholic Faith and having an affection for Our Lady but not a true devotion at that time being born in the early sixties, and being in that disgusting church, my whole education… regarding the Catholic faith and the world wide apostasy, came from Most Holy Family Monastery, because of Our Lady, bringing me to your site.  I thank Our Lady and MHFM for all they have done for me.  I treat your website as a library, for refuting heretics and apostates.  Dealing with heretics, gives me a very good understanding why the angels will have a menacing demeanor on Judgment Day. [Quote of the day]





Subject: MHFM’s Rating


Dear Brothers:


I am so glad that people e-mailed you regarding the status of MHFM's standing among traditional Catholic websites in the world, because I must have been in a hurry or distracted when you first posted it, and I too quickly glossed over it.  This rating is very significant.  As my own experience has taught me after finding MHFM several years ago, MHFM's website is not only the top traditional website in the world, it is also the top (and only) true Catholic university in the world.  But the rating indicates that many others in the world are recognizing this, too.  And this is an awesome thing to think about and be able to relay to others.  Unfortunately, the Vatican 2 adherents, like other protestants, are men of the world and for them, nothing succeeds like success (as the old song goes).  Like other men of the world whose minds are not informed by the true Catholic faith, they judge something not by its intrinsic truth, but rather by what the world thinks about it.  If the world approves of sin, then sin becomes OK for them, too.   But Our Lord told us to be shrewd when dealing with the world, and I believe this means recognizing how people think and addressing them appropriately.  I have already discovered that being able to mention to people that your website is number one, stops the erstwhile detractor dead in his tracks, and I believe and hope that it may also attract the attention of the worldling to whom the world's opinion is always so important.  Thus, I intend to try to remember to always mention your website's rating when I am recommending or speaking about MHFM to others...


Lee Ann


MHFM has the highest-ranked Traditional Catholic website in the world


MHFM: According to the famous web-traffic ranker Alexa.com, our website (mostholyfamilymonastery.com) is the highest-ranked traditional Catholic website in the world.  Note that it’s not just the highest-ranked sedevacantist website in the world (which is true by far), but mostholyfamilymonastery.com has the highest ranking of all ‘traditional Catholic’ websites in the world.


Even though our website has the top ranking, numerous other websites falsely claim to be the highest-ranked ‘traditional Catholic’ website. 




Subject: Best Website


Dear Brothers,


Congrats on your highest rank…


When I was in the Novus Ordo I used to say stupid things to my friends in trying to convert them by saying, "Yeah, there is a lot of bad things in the Catholic Church, but at least they have the eucharist. There is no perfect church, but this is the closest thing." I used to drag myself to the Novus Ordo "mass" and suffer to excuse every ridiculous thing I used to see and hear.


But thanks to you my knowledge, zeal and devotion increased tremendously. Your work was the thread that lead me to a rich tapestry of Christian education. I realized that the Catholic Church is the one, the perfect, the beautiful, the holy church of our Lord Jesus Christ…






Congratulations on being the highest ranked traditional Catholic website! I believe this is a testament to the truth MHFM promotes and the blessing of God on your apostolate.  I am happy that your website is more visited than… any other false traditionalist… website who denies or supports the denial of the EENS dogma.  Keep up the great work Brothers. I've learned more from MHFM about the authentic Catholic faith in less than a year than I ever did while I was a Novus ordoite for years (which is further testament that the NO is the counterfeit church).  God speed!


Steven Coronado




Subject: The Power of Water


I have been thinking about the facets and principles of water and by its nature, how it sustains natural life and yet under certain conditions, regarding water and the Spirit… when water is infused with the Holy Ghost, the saving Grace of Baptism, it destroys death.  And again, on a natural level, referring to Dr. Brown's book "In The Beginning, Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood" and how water has an incredibly destructive force, when water is under unimaginable pressure and heat, making the water super critical or beyond super critical.  


It makes me wonder, if Ed Teller believed in the world wide flood because he developed the hydrogen bomb by combining the principles of the atom bomb with super critical water, subjecting the water [deuterium-heavy water] to tremendous pressure and heat…


Essentially, the whole Earth was one big hydrogen bomb, with a power, "exceeding 10 billion hydrogen bombs" [Dr. Brown] because of heating and pressurization of the subterranean water ten miles down, making it beyond super critical from the tidal forces of the moon and reoccurring alignments of the planets at various times but I personally believe something entered into our solar system, then, just like now, that would have put unimaginable forces upon the Earth, causing crazy tidal forces, expanding and contracting, like someone who is out of breath from running, his chest expanding and contracting.  It’s like bending a soft piece of metal, eventually it cracks and breaks, the crust of the Earth did the same thing.  [This time, though, by fire]


It’s interesting how Earth material, rock [asteroids, meteorites] that was blown out into space by such a force, is going to play a part [2] in the destruction of the Earth, the second time around.  I used to think that the Tunguska event was some sort of Tesla experiment but thinking about it more and the recent event in Russia, which blew out walls and windows, with its shock wave from the meteorite, made me think otherwise.  I guess it’s another example of man making up stories [lies], trying to use the cover of naturally occurring over and on top of supernaturally occurring.  Obviously, God gave this warning at the beginning of the twentieth century as a foretaste of what is going to happen soon, with the returning pieces of the Earth from the world wide flood.  [massive shock waves from atmospheric explosions and kinetic energy from impacts]






Hello MHFM, 


I notice from the E-Exchanges, that your website is the highest-ranked traditional Catholic website in the world… Everybody needs to hear the truth, convert to Traditional Catholicism, be baptized by WATER, and pray the 15-decade rosary for salvation, as your website shows… Thanks.






Dear Brothers,


Thank you for charitably informing us of your current activities and projects.  We eagerly look forward to each one.  Thanks also for your comment about how the prayers of true Catholics have great power, for it was very encouraging for me to hear that.  Your response to the comment from the Protestant heretic who claimed the Catholic Church killed Jesus Christ was very interesting.  If most Protestants would only familiarize themselves with the writings of Saints and Doctors of the Church, they would realize that their sect is in the dark.  I read a book in which the author related that a certain Protestant prided himself in 'discovering' the answer to a theological question which perplexed him, when all along the Catholic Church settled the matter several centuries before…


May Our Lady keep us,

Mario Chavez




… I was thinking about St. Francesca [Cabrini] when you posted Pope Leo XIII's statement to the effect that the type of government which existed in the US in his day was not the worst possible one for the Church, but neither was it ideal since it was not a Catholic state.  No doubt he was thinking about how the Catholic faith could be practiced with relative freedom in this country.  But perhaps he was also thinking even more about the possibility of Catholic evangelization.   I seem to recall that St. Francesca had originally wished to become a missionary to the East, but Pope Leo XIII told her to go to the US instead, and so that is what she did.   And indeed, by the time she died around 1917, she had accomplished much in establishing a strong Catholic presence in America.  But, sadly, it would not last for long. The rot of apostasy was already too well entrenched here (like everywhere else in the world), and a mere twenty five years later the attempt to evangelize America… was essentially put out of business by heretical bishops in the US, in Rome and throughout the world… the rest of the world got the message correctly.  They recognized (and reported) that the dogma of No Salvation Outside the Church had become obsolete and was being discarded…The Catholic dogma was already being shouted down then by its detractors, just as the SSPX and other false traditionalists continue to shout it down to this very day.  
Lee Ann     


Novus Ordo is Out


Dear Bro. Dimond,


I have been diligently reading your website and now I need help finding a church in my area.  I live in Antioch, TN…


It's been a hard, lonely, uphill battle for me to get to the position that no matter how "nice" the people are, Novus Ordo is out -- period!  So, I guess my question now is: if I've attended NO masses while feeling they are wrong, where do I go to confession?  And how do I find out when a priest was ordained?...


God Bless You for the Work You Do!

Linda D. L…


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  We’re glad to see that you’ve come to the conclusion that the Novus Ordo must be avoided.  Before receiving sacraments, one must reach the point where one is committed never to attend the New Mass again, believes in Outside the Church There is No Salvation without exception (no “baptism of desire,” no salvation for those “invincibly ignorant” of the Catholic faith), rejects NFP, won’t support any heretical priests, etc.  That’s explained in this file: Where to go to Mass or confession today?  People should also make the traditional profession of faith from the Council of Trent, which can be accessed from the aforementioned file.  Further, it should be understood that the priests who were ordained in The New Rite of Ordination [PDF File] were not validly ordained.  Since “priests” ordained in the New Rite of Ordination are invalid, any mortal sins confessed to such “priests” must be confessed again to a valid priest once a person is prepared for confession.  Once a person is convinced on all relevant matters, we can help that person with possible locations for receiving sacraments.  We also recommend people to pray the Rosary each day, all 15 decades if possible.


It's important to realize the situation today (during the Great Apostasy).  It is one in which basically all the churches are either heretical Vatican II churches or 'traditionalist' churches where the priest is heretical in some way.  Thus, there aren't any churches that are fully Catholic, where one can join, regard the priest as Catholic and support the church. However, there are some options for receiving the sacraments of confession (which is obviously crucial) and possibly the Eucharist (in a traditional rite only) depending upon where one lives, once a person is convinced on all the issues.  As soon as a person is convinced he or she should e-mail or call us.


River of blood


MHFM: This is interesting.


River of blood: Villagers shocked as Slovakian waterway turns red overnight ‘like something from a horror film’




Dear Brothers,


As one was reading your e-exchanges one happens to come across the post about Fr. Kramer and how he realized that Francis is an antipope along with the comments so with that note you mentioned that he still believed in the salvation outside the church/BOD/BOB etc. and that is just too sad and I know that we desired his conversion and with that regard one hopes along with the remnant of Catholics for his conversion. There was also an email worthy to note that one finds amusing and hopes that one is within reason to do so, is the email where the Catholic Church killed Jesus Christ well one wonders where did she get that idea…


Sincerely and God speed,





Thanks!  Excellent video on the Crusades and so much info!


What were the Crusades, and were they justified [50 min. video]




MHFM: This is a short note.  In December (this month) we hope to have one or two new videos, time permitting.  However, we are currently involved with a major project on an important issue.  Hence, while our website (both our news section and E-Exchanges) will continue to be updated daily and as frequently as usual with new posts, articles, updates, e-mails, comments, etc., it’s possible that we might not have a new video until January.  However, the major project will hopefully bear fruit for numerous very important videos, etc. coming in January and thereafter.  That being said, if things work out it’s still possible (and we would say likely) that we could have a new video or multiple new videos in the upcoming days or weeks in December.  We’ll see how things go; but again, the website will be updated as frequently as usual.  So, please send us comments that we can post.




Subject: Menorah, Russia


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for posting the article about Antipope Francis accepting the Menorah from Israel's President, Netanyahu. The Menorah supposedly represents the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem. In other words, as you said, Francis totally accepts the Christ-rejecting, dead religion of Judaism. Francis would likely use it to "celebrate" Hannukah again. What an anti-Christ apostate.

Thank you for the comments about the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The false traditionalists who cling to the myth that Russia has not been consecrated simply prove that they have absolutely no faith in the Chair of Peter, the Papacy. If they accepted true Papal authority, rather than the counterfeit Vatican II version of it, then they might start to see the light through their fog and reject the antipopes as heretics. Instead, they worship man and follow their false conclusion of an apparition, rather than submitting to Jesus Christ and Catholic teaching on the necessity of the Catholic faith and water baptism for salvation.

Pope Pius IX, First Vatican Council, Sess. 3, Chap. 2 on Revelation, 1870, ex cathedra: “Hence, also, that understanding of its sacred dogmas must be perpetually retained, which Holy Mother Church has once declared; and there must never be a recession from that meaning under the specious name of a deeper understanding.”

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




I write you today out of sheer perceived obedience.  When I went to my computer this morning, your website was one of several holy websites pulled up for viewing.  I see Vatican Pope message, Hebrew for Christians, the Lourdes website and yours. In the search bar I think it said "holy oil".


I am not quite sure what to make of this.  I live alone and I absolutely did not pull up these site. 


Although I did go to Catholic School as a child, have gone to the Vatican a few times and the holy sites in Rome, Paris and other parts of the world, I have never been Catholic…


May God Bless You All,




MHFM: It’s obvious that God wanted you to see the information on our website.  The Catholic faith is the only true faith of Christ.  It’s necessary for salvation.  The information covers the biblical proof for it.  The material also demonstrates that the post-Vatican II Church is not Catholic.  Please watch this video and review the section on the biblical proof for the Catholic faith. 


The Key to John 3:16 [video]



We also have a book called, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church.


You should also immediately begin to pray ten Hail Marys each day (prayers attached).  It’s necessary for your salvation to act upon this information and become a traditional Catholic.


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts




Dear Br. Michael,

My name is Okeke Chinedu Sylvester. I am a Nigerian and a Catholic from birth. I live and work in Lagos, Nigeria.

Firstly, I want to thank and glorify God Almighty through his only begotten son our Lord and savior Jesus Christ for using you all at Most Holy Family Monastery in revealing critical issues about our faith, the Church and the conditions of our souls in this present times and the last days of the world in which we live in.

Based on your facts regarding the Novus Ordo Priests and Mass of the Vatican II sect. It is obvious to me that, we here in Nigeria and Africa at large is far from knowing the truth and we are deeply engrossed in the practice of the teachings of Vatican II…

Remain Blessed
In Jesus Name, Amen.






Stacye Guyton


MHFM: According to this heretic, the Catholic Church killed Jesus Christ.  It’s another example of how adherence to Protestant heresies, and the acceptance of Protestant lies, leads to amazing blindness and foolishness.  


Matthew 15:14- “… they are blind guides. And if the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.”




Subject: Student writing research paper


Dear Bro. Michael Dimond,


My name is David and I am writing a research paper on evolution vs creation in my English class, I saw your amazing video on creation and miracles and I was wondering if you could help me find some of the supporting evidence I could cite in my paper.

Thank you,
David Lopar


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  We recommend the book In the Beginning, by Dr. Walt Brown.  We offer this book.  It’s also online here:




This video also covers numerous facts which prove that evolution is invalid and impossible: 


Information Proves God [video]




What else is really disgusting about this incredibly cynical behavior of the creep in Rome is that he is just USING those poor hungry people as props in his theatre of pretended Christian charity....really this is the lowest… Only a swine would do this.  This guy really is "from below" and a REAL "Pharisee" for as Jesus warned his Apostles and disciples: "Beware of the LEAVEN [that is the hypocrisy] of the Pharisees"....so people ought to beware of Mr. Frank's false bread, too. Wake up.....


Well I thought what you had to say on the critical role of the consecration of Russia in regards to the end times was very well stated.  There is something SO pivotal about Fatima, the very last chance to go get the graces we need for our spiritual survival by means of the Rosary,  the Brown Scapular,  and regular valid confessions.  This message was SO critical and it being the very final message from GOD prior to the END it has been much tampered with.  There is a kind of blindness in the cult-like circles of the false trad. Fatima adherents, I know.  This was the death-grip the devil attempted to hold the bride down in at the very end, so she would not be able to see through the extraordinarily PROFOUND DECEPTION and to break free of it to find the FAITH, the truth and flee out of the Whore--the false V2 sect in time to be saved…




Red Square


Dear Brothers:


There is a very short video on RT dated 12/02 showing Russia's largest ice skating rink at Moscow's Red Square.  What a far cry it is from the 1917 installation of the Red Dragon.  The idyllic winter wonderland scenes now at Red Square strike me as the perfect pictorial of the "conversion" of Russia in the correct sense of the word as explained by MHFM.   Even its name of Red Square accentuates the irony… It seems that throughout the world are illustrations of… the points that MHFM has made in its videos…


Lee Ann


MHFM: That’s interesting.  It’s amazing how many false traditionalists have failed to reject the Vatican II antipopes largely as a result of their false position on the Consecration of Russia.  Since they wrongly believe that it has not occurred – and that it must take place in the future – they will acknowledge the antipopes no matter how theologically absurd the position becomes.  Along with the myth that Vatican II was not promulgated with what would be magisterial authority by Antipope Paul VI, the false view on the Consecration of Russia has been a major component of the deception the Devil has been allowed to prepare for the false traditionalists.  (To this end he has used a number of his spokesmen.)


Of course, if the aforementioned false traditionalists truly believed in Christ and Catholic teaching, they would accept the correct dogmatic conclusion about the Vatican II antipopes, even if they were unaware of the facts demonstrating that the Consecration of Russia has occurred.  But the incorrect information and conclusion about what the ‘conversion’ of Russia necessarily meant and promised in context – which false conclusion was practically turned into a dogma in the ‘traditionalist’ movement by the aforementioned spokesmen – was one of Satan’s powerful incentives for people to remain loyal to the antichrist antipopes.


The Whole Truth about the Consecration and Conversion of Russia and the Impostor Sr. Lucy


Mr. Frank


Subject: Mr. Frank the Deist Feeding the Poor


I think it is very cynical… of Mr. Frank to be out giving food to the poor.  It is the very depth of cynicism, I feel, because he is actually USING one of the greatest catholic VIRTUES-charity--as a COVER for his absolutely Mind-Boggling evil (notice the word "vile" in there).......it sort of reminds me of how these wicked fool enemies of God and Man freemasons who have infiltrated the buildings and structures of the church in these final day of the Great Apostasy have USED the clothing of the church to COVER up their freemasonic garbs and agenda.  The devil is into using people and things in order to achieve his goals and purposes and as soon as they are used up according to him the devil just throws them away.  This is what is going to happen to all those sycophants of the false religion, the V2 sect.  This is what is going to happen to any and all people who are not true catholics. This is what is going to happen to anyone who is not found in a state of grace and professing and preaching and teaching the true faith in the very end. The really wonderful thing about loving and serving the true GOD is that GOD not only takes care of HIS own in this life but he also rewards them beyond measure in the next life: "Eye has not seen and ear has not heard what GOD has ready for those who love HIM". People need to ask themselves: who would they rather have taking care of them, here and in the here after, God or the Devil?


Pray for me, please. Anne           




… I got into an argument with [my sister]. I said if you don't get baptized you will end up in hell. You know what she told me…That she and her daughters would end up in hell and will have a nice "tan" and hang around with cool people. What an imbecile.




Bergoglio's agenda of 'feeding the poor".


Bergoglio is giving so much "attention" to the poor and homeless people because this agenda precisely fits in the globalist and liberal agenda of "overcrowded planet,” that is "not able to sustain any more life". Globalists preach that too much misery, hunger and poverty is connected with the fact that it is "just too many of us", and the population needs to be "greatly reduced" in order to improve the standards of living.  Bergoglio IGNORES the problem of abortion or euthanasia because those issues are being actively promoted and encouraged by the Globalists, so Bergoglio, being a good brother to them, doesn't want to stand in their way…




MHFM: This is from our news section.


Netanyahu Meets Antipope Francis, Gives Him A Menorah


Perhaps Netanyahu figures Antipope Francis can use the menorah when he practices Judaism.




What I really wanted to touch on is the video which you put out about the fall of Constantinople. I've listened to your opinions and I disagree with your premise that the reason for the fall was God's removing his favor from the Byzantines due to the schism between Rome and the West…


Rich Boulay


MHFM: Eastern ‘Orthodoxy’ is false.  It’s a rejection of Christ’s teaching on the primacy given to St. Peter and his successors.  Thus, it makes sense that God would allow schismatic Constantinople to fall.  Please consult the material on our site which refutes Eastern ‘Orthodoxy’ and proves the teaching of the Catholic Church from the Bible and the early Church.




Subject:  where can me and my girlfriend go to pray?


Hello, your work has changed my life and I want to know where shouldI go to attend mass?


In your article "Where to Go to Mass or Confession today? Traditional Options for the Sacraments" you said "Also, if people are fully convinced on all the issues of Catholic faith which are covered on our website, then they can call us at the monastery and we can direct them to possible Mass locations in their area."


I live in west Covina California… I do not have any idea as to where I should got to make a confession or to attend mass. Could you please help me in any way?


Best Regards Vincenz


MHFM: It's important to realize the situation today (during the Great Apostasy).  It is one in which basically all the churches are either heretical Vatican II churches or 'traditionalist' churches where the priest is heretical in some way.  Thus, there aren't any churches that are fully Catholic, where one can join, regard the priest as Catholic and support the church. However, there are some options for receiving the sacraments of confession (which is obviously crucial) and possibly the Eucharist (in a traditional rite only) depending upon where one lives, once a person is convinced on all the issues.


Assuming you are convinced on all the issues, contact us and we can help you.


Francis’ Food


Subject: Francis’ Food


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for posting the article about Antipope Francis feeding the poor.  It is a striking fulfilment of St. Malachy's prophecy about 'Peter the Roman.'  Francis shows again that he cares naught for the salvation of souls.  He doesn't feed people the truth of the necessity of the Catholic faith.  He doesn't feed people the truth that will protect them from hell.  He doesn't feed them the truth that heresy kills souls.  Instead he feeds them food for the body, which profits them nothing insofar as eternity is concerned: John 6:64 - "It is the spirit that quickeneth: the flesh profiteth nothing. The words that I have spoken to you, are spirit and life."  Francis really hates the Catholic faith.  He strives to create an illusion that he cares about people… It is disgusting, and shows the same mindset of Judas: John 12:4,5 - "Then one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, he that was about to betray him, said: Why was not this ointment sold for three hundred pence, and given to the poor?”  The Catholic faith is absolutely necessary for salvation.  A man can get to heaven without food, but not without the Catholic faith: Pope Eugene IV, Council of Florence: "nobody can be saved, no matter how much he has given away in alms and even if he has shed blood in the name of Christ, unless he has persevered in the bosom and unity of the Catholic Church."

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




… I have noticed a strong defense of the Catholic faith exhibited by several true Nigerian Catholics who have submitted e-mails to MHFM.   Nigeria seems like a fertile opportunity to spread the truth given that a.) English is the official language and is widely spoken, b.) there are about 20 million "Catholics" and c.) there are about 20 million Anglicans.   (Nigerian Anglicans tend to be among the most "conservative" among all Anglicans and are highly disturbed by the pro-"homosexual" direction and agenda of the greater Anglican "Church" worldwide.)
Thank you for continued great work.




Subject: Clarification


I visited your website finally after having seen much of your material on Youtube. You have much excellent material with which to combat many of the heresies that run rampant in our day not only from Protestant sects but from New Age thought that poisons the mind of an increasingly secularist world.  This being said; from browsing your site it is quite obvious that you reject Vatican II completely as well as the last four or five popes. It is a worldview that I will admit is completely alien to me and somewhat off-putting. Perhaps you would be kind to one born in the late 80's who has never heard more than one Tridentine Mass and clarify a few points that I may understand.  If you do not accept the authority of the Bishop of Rome, then who do you accept as holding the Keys to the Kingdom?...


Our Church has had bad popes before. We have compromised with the world around us before. If Rome did not fall, it is possible that Emperors would still have held authoritative sway over the Church; breaking it as was experienced by our Eastern brothers. In fact, Emperors continued to have sway in placing popes into the See. If one set is clearly not occupying the See of Peter, then how would I know precisely where to draw the line? Am I blind?


… The writings of the Saints even now draw me deeper into the Faith; especially Augustine and St. Catherine of Sienna. I stumbled across St. Louis de Montfort and have fallen in love with the Blessed Virgin. The Cure de Ars convicts my soul. I care about nothing at this point but following Christ and serving Him with my whole being. To this end, I have found the Roman Church and her sacraments.


The area in which I live is heavily Protestant. I pity them and pray for them unceasingly that they may abandon their heresies and come to the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church. I defend my faith. Your materials have been invaluable in helping several to reconsider their positions and at least take a second look at what they believe. I am grateful to you for this. I am also worried. If you are correct, then what is to be done? Is evangelizing for naught? Have the gates of hell prevailed? Am I lost?  If you are not correct, then are you in Schism against the See of Peter? Would I pray for you as I do for my Protestant friends who honestly do not know the truth, as obstinate enemies, or as allies who have drifted?  For now, I beg your prayers and your answers. I pray that you keep fighting for Christ and keep fighting against error.


Yours in Christ,


William Harvey


MHFM: We are definitely correct.   Francis is not the pope and the Chair of St. Peter is vacant.  According to the teaching of the popes themselves, a heretic cannot be a valid pope.  Francis is without any doubt a heretic and an apostate.


You mention the authority of the Bishop of Rome.  Well, Francis openly repudiates the Catholic dogma that schismatics and others must accept the authority of the Bishop of Rome for salvation.  That’s proven in this video: Antipope Francis’ Bombshell Interview [video].  He’s an antipope.  To adhere to the Vatican II sect and Antipope Francis in the face of the evidence is actually to reject all Catholic teaching on the Bishop of Rome. 


These issues are covered in detail in the videos and on the website.  The Gates of Hell have not prevailed.  This apostasy was prophesied.  The true Catholic Church still exists in the remnant of faithful traditional Catholics.  However, if you maintain that the non-Catholic Francis is the pope, and that Vatican II was a Catholic council, you would have to hold that the Gates of Hell have prevailed.  If you consult the files below your questions on the aforementioned matters will be answered.


To your question about evangelism: evangelism is essential, but without understanding these issues you cannot truly evangelize.  You cannot present the true Catholic faith or maintain consistency in your message.  It’s also crucial to pray the Rosary each day, all 15 decades if you can.  If you pray sincerely to God and Our Lady, you will get graces to see that this is the truth.


[*Perhaps true Catholics can say a prayer for William.  The prayers of true Catholics (i.e., those who hold the absolute necessity of the Catholic faith and baptism for salvation, etc.) are very powerful.]


What Francis Really Believes (3rd edition) [video]

The Third Secret of Fatima (3rd edition) [video]

Vatican II’s Protestant Heresy [video]

Vatican II’s Jewish Heresy [video]

Is the World about to End? – The Apocalypse Explained? [video]


Responses to 19 of the Most Common Objections Against Sedevacantism 

The Great Western Schism (1378-1417) and what it teaches us about the post-Vatican II apostasy - Massive confusion, multiple antipopes, antipopes in Rome, an antipope recognized by all the cardinals; The Great Western Schism proves that a line of antipopes at the heart of the post-Vatican II crisis is absolutely possible-




MHFM: This is from our news section. 


Antipope Francis devoting much of his attention to feeding the poor


He’s definitely feeding people.


Antipope “Francis has ramped up the Vatican’s charity work, sending his chief alms-giver and a contingent of Swiss guards onto the streets of Rome at night to do what he usually can’t do: comfort the poor and the homeless.  A few times a week, Archbishop Konrad Krajewski takes a few off-duty guards with him in his modest white Fiat to make the rounds at Rome’s train stations, where charities offer makeshift soup kitchens that feed 400-500 people a night.”


St. Malachy's Prophecy of Popes and Antipopes (2nd edition)




Subject: "Fr." Kramer sedevacantist


Dear mhfm,

I was glad to hear that "Fr" Kramer rejected antipope Francis. However it's sad that he still blinds himself to the other five apostate antipopes. I listened to a talk by Kramer and another quite well known priest from years ago. The talk was on the Antichrist and the False Prophet. They both believed the false prophet would be an antipope. Listening to this talk is a very strange experience. They mention so many things that the false prophet/Antichrist would do for people to know who they are. Everything they mention fits John Paul II (Antichrist) and Benedict XVI (False Prophet). Here are some quotes said by Kramer and the other priest.

"Masonry will install an antipope… Saints have predicted an Antipope. It's going to happen in the very near future."

Kramer: "The antipope will distinguish himself as an apostate, not by saying 'I'm not a catholic' he won't be as open as that, he would not accomplish his purpose. The Catholic faithful will be able to know that, that man is not a true pope by means of his actions which will be very clearly acts of apostasy." (JP2/B16 Assisi?)

"It has been foretold that there will be a worldwide super "church" an ecumenical umbrella" (V2 "Church"?).

Other priest: "Yes father, and what he will do is simply recognize all other churches as being equal to the Catholic Church. He will simply, perhaps not even in words. But by his actions he will accept all other religions as valid, though alternate ways of worshiping God."

Now here comes the nonsense Kramer says "So far nothing like this has happened yet." He then mentions Assisi and that John Paul II whom he calls "holy father" learned his lesson. Which is funny because years later antipope John Paul II held another apostate Assisi meeting. Yet Kramer didn't catch on then?

It's truly mind blowing that he rejects Francis as an antipope but accepts the others. I don't know what to make of it. Hopefully he might take your material seriously and come around.

God Bless



MHFM: Some very good points… You write: “He then mentions Assisi and that John Paul II whom he calls "holy father" learned his lesson. Which is funny because years later antipope John Paul II held another apostate Assisi meeting. Yet Kramer didn't catch on then?  The answer is that at some point they knew those antipopes fit the very description they gave of apostate false popes.  But since they serve man and Satan instead of God, they simply don’t tell the truth as it is.  Instead, they conform and change the message to make it more palatable to people. 


Marriage Issue


Dear Brothers,


Background: I was brought up in the Novus Ordo Church an always felt there was still something missing for me.  I noticed that these "priests" were clowns, basically I didn't feel that the "priest" were even worthy enough to say the mass.  So I stopped going to church every Sunday and went sporadically throughout the year. At this point in my life I had never been married and met a man who was divorced, dated him for 5 years and then married him 4 years ago  We did not marry in the church  because he was married to his first wife in the Novus Ordo church and never received and an annulment - it seemed a waste of time and money.   So we were married outside at a country club by a woman officiating.  


Currently:  I have ordered and read all your material online and I concur with all.  I also have not gone to the Novus Ordo Church in over a year   I've been praying the rosary and I find that I am not feeling confident about my marriage anymore.  Looking back now, without any blinders on, I am starting to see the error of my ways.  I need to know what to do about my marriage.  I'm at a loss.  Is his first marriage still binding even if it took place in the Novus Ordo Church?  If so does this mean that I'm an adulterer and have been this whole time?  We do not have children together, even though we have tried.  He has two children from his previous marriage that we are raising together… What can I do to remedy this? 


Please let me know what must be done...I will do whatever needs to be done since pleasing God and my soul's salvation are the most important things to me.


Thank you.


MHFM: We are happy to hear that you came across the material and that you are showing interest in what’s most important.  Reviewing your marriage question: if he was a baptized professing-'Catholic' who married another baptized professing-'Catholic' (and neither of them had been previously married), and they did it in a Novus Ordo church, then it was valid, unless there was some other clear impediment you can mention.


So, unless there is some other fact you can mention, he is still married to his first wife and your union with him is adulterous.  You could not live as husband and wife, but only separately or perhaps (in a very rare case) in the same building as brother and sister.  Obviously, once you've committed to ceasing this adulterous union, you would have to confess living in it for however long, as well as unconfessed mortal sins, sacrilegious confessions, etc.


Moreover, even if you were free to marry him (and the facts indicate otherwise), your attempted marriage to him at a country club was invalid because it did not observe Catholic form.  Thus, you are not married to him and the facts indicate that you could not marry him because he’s already married.


Since you’ve shown interest in the faith and you have been praying the Rosary, God has given you graces and promptings to investigate the marriage situation and rectify it. 


True Message



I must say that maintaining defiance of his holliness; when the Holy C happens to actually be representing Christs true message, is a testiment to the heretical dissonace of Americans. May the Vicker of Rome, and the Holy Mother, forgive you all for your sins.




MHFM: According to you, this is Christ’s message:


Antipope Francis, Speech, Aug. 7, 2013: “Do you need to convince the other to become Catholic? No, no, no!


That is not Christ’s message.  That is heresy and apostasy.  You are defending a false religion and a manifestly heretical antipope.  You need to learn the Catholic faith from the material on the website and convert.




Dear Brothers:
"Fr." Kramer's realization on sedevacantism is somewhat like "realizing" Noah's flood on the 39th day of rain…




Dear Brothers,

Great response to the King James Onlyist. It is ironic that their false "god," the King James Bible, carries the name of the same book that Luther wanted to burn: James. Even the name of their Bible testifies against them and their heresy of faith alone. It's actually extremely sad to see people like the KJ Onlyists stoop to such pathetic levels of stupidity. They exemplify the result of fallen man: pride, ignorance, blindness, malice, idolatry, etc. They prove that man needs the authority of the Papacy to guide him. No one can be saved without being subject to the Papacy. By attributing infallibility to their translation of the Bible, they show their unquenchable yearning for authority, and ultimately for peace, which is impossible to attain outside the Catholic Church since it is the Papacy that is the principle of unity in the Catholic Church, not the Bible. The KJ Onlyist also seems to attribute a divine nature to the Bible. He calls it the "Word" of God, with a capital 'W', seeming to imply (though they would never
openly admit it) that their Bible is in fact God Incarnate. It is idolatry. Protestants really are desperate.

St. Cyprian (252): “An ever-burning Gehenna and the punishment of being devoured by living flames will consume the condemned; nor will there be any way in which the torments can ever have respite or be at an end… weeping will be useless, and prayer ineffectual.” (The Faith of the Early Fathers, Vol. 1, p. 222)

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




I am beginning again to try to pray the rosary.  I downloaded the instructions for it from your website.  Today, prayed two mysteries together and saved one for later; now I am ready to pray it.   Will I need to pray the Apostles' Creed with this new round, begun several hours later?...



MHFM: If you mean that you prayed the five Joyful Mysteries and then the five Sorrowful, no, you don't have to say the Apostles' Creed again before beginning with the Glorious Mysteries.




Dear MHFM,


It's inexplicable to me how Paul Kramer can recognize Francis as an antipope but not the previous antipopes, especially JP2 and Benedict XVI.  Antipope John Paul II reigned for 27 years and during that time he committed so many acts of public and manifest heresy and taught heresy from the pulpit and yet Kramer could not recognize him as an antipope.  I think JP2 was much worse than Francis probably because he reigned for such a long time, which gave him ample time to reveal his true colors.  Benedict XVI came along and he too committed public acts of apostasy in word and deed.  Yet he accepted Benedict as pope.  Then Francis comes along.  He has been reigning for just a short time and Kramer recognizes him as an antipope?  In the mind of Paul Kramer, I wonder how he sees Francis different from the previous antipopes.  There is essentially no difference …




MHFM: Yes, it’s outrageously illogical and dishonest.  He knows that Francis cannot be considered a true pope (and that the sedevacantist position is true), but he simply doesn’t want to admit that he was wrong about Benedict XVI, etc.   Thus, he pretends as if Antipope Francis has just now crossed some line (or taught some manifest heresy) that the others did not, when that is clearly not the case.  They were all manifest heretics.  Vatican II itself, which was authoritatively promulgated by Antipope Paul VI and endorsed by the other antipopes, formally and officially teaches the very heresy Kramer (rightly) believes proves that Francis is not the pope.




Good Day,


Do you believe in praying the original Rosary like I do or the modern one the antipope made up?... Thank you. 


Sincerely, Anthony

MHFM: One should not say the expanded ‘Rosary’ that contains the Luminous Mysteries added by the antipope.  One should say the traditional Rosary.





I recently read your article on the Mr. Kramer dude. I had never heard of him, honestly. I just visited a certain whacked out "Resistance"….They apparently have heard of him. The false traditionalists, together with, the SV-fence-sitters, are doing the splits. Your article is mentioned. Mr Kramer (Seinfeld?) just came across to me as a SV; he's out of the closet, now. My question is: what took him so long? This apostasy is 50 yrs old. It took me several months after entering the Novus Wierdo in 2011 to stumble upon Assisi meet-n-greet … A break in allegiance to the current Anti-pope… is what I'm hoping to see happen in a massive scale, leading up to, and after, the October, 2014, Synod. The Bergoglio regime's schedule is jammed packed with heartache for false traditionalists and Novus Wierdo conservatards, much to my glee…



King James


MHFM: Today we sent our video on the King James Bible to a King James Onlyist.  Sadly, they are a group of heretics way out in the darkness.  His response is below.  He might not have even watched the video.  The video is an important illustration of how the worship of man, and the acceptance of false Christs, lies at the heart of heretical sects; for the King James Onlyists exemplify this fact in a striking way.


Is the King James Bible Infallible? [video]


[RESPONSE FROM KJV-ONLYIST] Listen here the KJV is the Word of God and in any case the last organization I would go to for the Word would be the Catholics. Your doctrine without doubt is anti-christ. The Pope is of his father the devil and you're one of his flock. Go pray to Mary, play with your beads, and don't bother me with this anti-christian rubbish.




MHFM: How do you know a translation published in 1611 is the perfect word of God?  There is no logical basis whatsoever for you to maintain that the 1611 KJV is perfect.  Other translations, which you would reject in whole or in part, were approved in a similar fashion.  You simply assume the KJV is ‘perfect’ as part of your man-made tradition, similar to Mormons.  It’s a cult-like assumption.  That's what the video proves.  You are investing the KJV translators with infallible authority, which they did not receive from Christ.  You worship the KJV translators.  You don't care about truth.  You are not a Christian.

By the way, Francis is not a pope, but an antipope.  That's what our website shows.  The Catholic Church is the only biblical faith.  Unless you convert, you will definitely go to Hell.  You should watch the video and look at the material.



Subject: Kramer - sedevacantist


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the post about "Fr." Paul Kramer accepting the sedevacantist position.  Unfortunately, Kramer appears to be unbending about believing that there is to be only one antipope ruling from Rome, rather than six.  As you said, Kramer should have been convinced years ago.  The heresies gushing out of the Vatican have all been just as obvious and opposed to Catholic teaching as Francis' recent one in Evangelii Gaudium, that the "Jewish covenant with God has never been revoked."  MHFM's work proves many times over that Vatican II is full of such heresies.  The pride of false traditionalists like "Fr." Paul Kramer and "Fr." Nicholas Gruner is shocking.  It shows they don't care about the faith, but only about man and his opinions.  Hopefully Kramer's move will help some to move out of the dark and into the light of the true positions of the Catholic faith.

Ecclesiasticus 5:8,9 - "Delay not to be converted to the Lord, and defer it not from day to day.  For his wrath shall come on a sudden, and in the time of vengeance he will destroy thee."

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White


Paul Leonard Kramer


MHFM: This is a new post.


“Fr.” Paul Leonard Kramer Allegedly Rejects Francis as an Antipope




Concerning heretics who use mistranslations of the bible to suit their heretical beliefs, Our Lord also says in John 14:15 : If you love me keep my commandments.





Subject: US moves Embassy from the Vatican; Frank is not the king


This new story of the US moving its embassy from the Vatican to Rome ties in well with your end times [video] that Frank (anti-pope Francis) is not the king like the Popes and anti-popes before him. 




William Sloan




Before my conversion, I was sitting in a parking lot and listening to an absolutely beautiful gregorian chant.  The best one I've heard in my life.  So much it touched my heart I think I started crying.  Hence, upon starting the engine, instead of blaring hip-hop music, I listened to quietness.  That was a good thing, causing me to drive… more alert.  Upon meeting a stoplight, for some reason I looked 'the other way'.  A big truck was rocketing really fast and instead of stopping at the red light, he continued.  My light was green, but I stopped.  If it hadn't been for that amazing chant, I'm sure I would've been driving fast and fatally met that truck 'head on'…


Birth Control


Hello Brothers,


I just stumbled upon a rare book from the 30's. It was written by Father Julio Maria (1878-1944). He was a belgian missionary who worked in Brazil… there are a couple chapters in which he condemns birth control, when talking about the growth of iniquity. Even though he briefly mentions a "demonic invention", the focus of his condemnation is on people's lack of will to have children, in order to maintain their comforts. He said that preventing someone from getting born is equal to murder. It's quite shocking language that someone wouldn't use if their position was a mere opinion. One can see the great difference from the post-conciliar church, in which people are solely worried with the methods and not with procreation itself. It's also worth of note that the Bishop who gave the imprimatur to the book said that these passages about natality were of extraordinary value.



Pedro A.




Subject: Pseudocardinal Marx demands to repent for church teaching


While the Lord and His Church always warn people against hell, the Great Sect hates the notion of hell or even purgatory and loves to lead people right into the everlasting fire. Various examples could be given, but here is a recent one.

On November 9th pseudocardinal Marx of Munich and Freising gave a "catechesis" in which he stated that after death God would transform and lead us into perfection, but "without a wagging forefinger and without a hell with torture, prison and boiling ovens." He also claimed that the Church has spread fear of death by presenting imaginations such as those of hell and purgatory, and that "we must do penance for this." (http://www.erzbistum-muenchen.de/Page023722.aspx) In April Antipope Francis made Marx one of his personal advisors.

A popular atheist website from Austria uses his statements presenting contradictions between them and both holy scripture and church teaching.  An interesting fact is that the atheists mention the Council of Florence teaching that all noncatholics go to hell, "a dogma which was never abolished". They openly protest against Marx for trying to take away a target of atheism. Another good point that website makes is the fact that "The church doesn't benefit from censoring Jesus and from wiping out the damnation of hell in its Christian teaching, for if not a single spark of fear of God remains, the Christian teaching would be even less important to people than it already is."… Of course atheist infidels do not know the Church and do not see the Great Apostasy. However… Vatican II heretical "believers"… live in astounding contradictions and don't care or, with regard to the Lefebvrist sect, simply show disagreement with the V2 leaders while claiming such incredible heretics like Marx and Francis were leaders of the flock of Christ and His vicars.






Dear Brothers,


… the President of Italy's speech to Francis… the President recognizes and praises the role Francis is playing, fulfilling to a tee the program the Masonic Illuminati, has in place to establish their New World Order - an Order out of Chaos...


God Bless,





Great new video… showing how mistranslations and misinterpretations of certain words in the Bible have been used by heretics to advance their false agenda. "..The one believing in the Son has everlasting life: and the one disobeying  the Son shall not see life, but  the wrath of God abides on him..."  John 3:36- This translation makes sense. The sole "believing", without following God's commands, without obeying God's Teaching is like being a "resounding gong or a clanging cymbal". Fallen Angels believed in God, actually they even KNEW God, they saw Him, but they did NOT obey Him.  The "Non Serviam", (I will not serve/I will NOT OBEY), became their motto. They rejected to serve God, rejected to follow His commands.


We all know how it ended.  Protestants do not love the truth. They do not care if the doctrine they accepted is true or not. As long as it fits into their preconceived beliefs they agree with it without questioning.  In a way this obstinate usage of mistranslated and misinterpreted words reminds me of the False Traditionalists. They used the same methods to spread their heretical agenda od Bod/Bob/II.




I just recently listened to your talks on the Most Holy Family Monastery website about the Papacy and the two sections thereafter that discuss the writings of the early church fathers. They were absolutely fascinating…


Thank you so much and God bless!


Quinn Cowan




President Giorgio Napolitano


Dear Brothers,


I was looking at the news section of your site and clicked on this article and president Giorgio Napolitano summation of Francis' speech was so outrageous and should be incredibly revealing to the masses but falls on deaf ears.  


President Giorgio Napolitano quote to Francis 11-14-2013:


"You have shared, with believers and non-believers, through simple and strong [overtly evil] words, your conception of the church and the faith.  You have impressed us with the absence of every dogmatism [truth], keeping you distance from positions [truths] that exclude all uncertainty [false religions], and by your call to leave room for doubt in that characteristic [freemasonic] way of the great leaders of the people of God.  We have heard your words vibrate with the spirit of the [robber] second vatican council as the re-reading of the Gospel in light of *modern culture*.  We see emerging new perspectives of that dialogue with everyone, even those most distant and even with opponents, which you, holiness, have sought, and which constitutes in fact the widest horizon toward which we must strive, …"[on in our one world, amalgamated false religion to the nwo].


I cannot believe they have the audacity to openly declare this evil utterance "re-reading of the Gospel in light of modern culture".  I'm aware of what's going on today but this is blatant open warfare now, it’s astounding…




New Video Posted


MHFM: This is a new video.


The Key to John 3:16 [video]




Subject: Kaiser Louis Video


… It provides a real life example of how blind people really can be (I don't think Kaiser Louis is unusual in this regard, sadly) to their own irrationality.  For even if you totally ignore the merits of his argument on substance, the poor guy starts out with one position, then totally invalidates his own position, and doesn't have a clue to what he did. 


He essentially tries to say that MHFM is wrong to assert that Vatican II contradicts Catholic teaching on protestant heretics being outside of the church by attacking your source document (lamely, I mean totally proving himself wrong even before he finishes his point), but then in the end, concludes by defending the very position that he earlier claimed that Vatican II does not take.  He is completely confused, and provides an excellent case study of how heresy confounds reason.  He literally can't think straight.  


Bill Mulligan 


Unitatis Redintegratio


Subject: Philip


Dear Brothers,


Just viewed a portion of the clip exposing the heretic Philip as what William has stated he has slandered you by lying about the translation and he utterly lied to everybody's face when he stated that you weren't using the Vatican's Latin… on Unitatis Redintegratio. The reason he didn't accept your challenge is because he knows that he's got no chance whatsoever in defending Vatican II’s documents just like your previous opponents, instead of defending the documents in turn your opponents created more heresy of their own devices.


Sincerely and God speed,





Subject: Kaiser Louis-Philip V Examined


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for posting the excellent video, Kaiser Louis-Philip V Examined.  William Burke did a great job exposing Philip's lies, contradictions and heresy.  Philip's vanity and pride is clearly manifest - he appears to simply want to have a video of himself, talking without saying anything of any substance.  In fact, he appears to be making up what he's saying as he goes, as shown by him saying that 'Christo Incorporantur' is not in the text, but then contradicting himself later when he sees it there.  Philip shows that at heart, he is a Protestant, since he is in communion with Protestants - he doesn't think Protestants are heretics… Philip gets it completely wrong when it comes to explaining the requirements for mortal sin.  He blatantly calumniates Bro. Peter and lies about which Latin text he uses - the exact same one as the Vatican uses. Philip can't even get it right when it comes to the… name of the SSPX.  He also slanders sedevacantists when he says that we deny councils.  True Catholic sedevacantists accept every single Catholic council, which is why we reject Vatican II.  Philip is a total joke, as he himself admitted after discovering his error on 'Christo Incorporantur,': "ah, the follies of man."  Philip is the one who denies Catholic teaching, as shown by the fact that he thinks Protestants are Christians.  What a foolish heretic Kaiser Louis-Philip V is.

Proverbs 14:3 - "In the mouth of a fool is the rod of pride: but the lips of the wise preserve them."

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White


Interesting Video


MHFM: This is a very interesting video a Catholic did exposing someone who attempted to respond to our video, Vatican II’s Protestant Heresy.  By the way, a few months ago we challenged the man whose views are exposed in this video to a debate about Vatican II’s teaching on Protestants, etc.  He never responded.  This video is another illustration of how truly absurd, bankrupt and ridiculous the defenses of the Vatican II sect are in the face of the facts and Catholic truth.


Kaiser Louis-Philip V Examined [video]


Sheep and Goats


Subject: Sheep and Goats


Similar to your point about the real meaning of John 3:16, I think is the sheep and goats analogy from Matthew.  Our Lord says that when he comes again in glory, he will separate the people the way a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.  The sheep are the good people who will go to Heaven and the goats are the people who will be damned.   We modern people might not get the significance of this distinction, but the shepherds (and those familiar with shepherding) to whom our Lord was speaking would have understood the point completely.  The difference is that sheep are known for being easy to lead and always being obedient in following their master's commands.  Goats on the other hand are known for being rebellious and contrarian by nature.  Goats are hard to lead…


Bill Mulligan


By the way


MHFM: By the way, the new video on John 3:16 is a good choice to send to Protestants on social media sites, etc. as an introduction to the biblical proof for the Catholic faith and why Protestantism is false; for once they realize that their view of how people are saved is unbiblical and contrary to the teaching of Jesus Himself, it devastates their entire confidence in their false version of Christianity.  They should then be much more receptive to more information.




Dear brothers, 


It says in sacred scripture that God will vomit the lukewarm out of his mouth. Well God will vomit these false Catholics who are not really Catholics out of his mouth. Birds of a feather flock together. If Mr. Bergolio, Francis, was really a holy man, he would be the most hated man on this planet.  The world loves its own.  Mr. Francis Bergolio you are not a Catholic! Take off that phony white robe. You are not a priest. He is the Vatican 2 sect with its mask off now, the devil’s tail is sticking out at the rear of his disguise.  Well some people will just never get it…


Mark v 




Dear MHFM,


Excellent video on John 3:16.  It is sad many people read the Bible, while ignoring, 'blocking out' and/or rejecting its true teachings.  On the mere surface, this passage could rouse one to cry, "I believe, hence I am saved!"…  But to the contrary, unless they also obey Jesus' teachings, they will be damned.  This is very apparent when considering the correct translation… From another perspective, consider the following passage, "Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleannness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, ...., and such like: .... they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God" (Galatians 5:19-21)…






Subject: charismatic pentecostals


Dear Brothers,

The video The Key To John 3:16 is really excellent and powerful.  The picture of the charismatic pentecostal Protestant really shows the malicious spirits that are behind such shallow, false and heretical interpretations of Holy Scripture, such as the way Protestants twist John 3:16 to fit their heresy of "faith alone."  In the name of the Holy Ghost, these fools jibber-jabber almost endlessly, proving that those who resist the Catholic Church and her Immaculate doctrines will be plainly seen by all to be fools and madmen: 2 Timothy 3:8,9 - "Now as Jannes and Mambres resisted Moses, so these also resist the truth, men corrupted in mind, reprobate concerning the faith. But they shall proceed no farther; for their folly shall be manifest to all men, as theirs also was."  The charismatic movement is also big in the Vatican II sect - no surprises there.  The happy, clappy false charity of man.  It is only one step away from Voodooism and the Indian sects who wriggle, writhe, blaspheme and carry on like idiots, and who prove themselves to simply be possessed traffickers of demons.  It shows again how the Protestant revolution was the beginning of mankind's apostasy from God.  If they had any respect for the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, and if they stopped wasting their time carrying on in their crazy way and started praying the Rosary instead, then they would start to see the light of truth and grace.

Pope Pius XI, Rerum omnium perturbationem (# 4), Jan. 26, 1923: "… the heresies begotten by the [Protestant] Reformation.  It is in these heresies that we discover the beginnings of that apostasy of mankind from the Church, the sad and disastrous effects of which are deplored, even to the present hour, by every fair mind."

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




Wow, great John 3:16 video. It is very powerful.






Subject: Antipope Francis’ Bombshell Interview - Video


Why do people follow this evil man they call a Pope?




Subject: Antipope Francis’ Bombshell Interview - Video


The beloved Pope doesn't need such harsh judgement.  No one can defeat God's plan. One should not judge the Pope so harshly.




MHFM: Faith is foreign to you.  You don’t understand it.  You don’t have it.


Subject: Antipope Francis’ Bombshell Interview - Video


I love Pope Francis


Nancy Henriksen


MHFM: That’s because you don’t care about the truth or the Catholic faith.




Dear Brothers,


Very superb new video. One hopes that many protestants would now come to the true faith upon seeing this video. And to comment on it, one remembers on your previous videos how Martin Luther and other founders of Protestantism translate the scriptures to their own convenience thereby leading people away from the truth…


Sincerely and God speed,



John 3:16


Dear Brothers,

This new video is an absolute powerhouse refutation of the hollowness of protestantism.  It… hits every angle of the [Protestants’] disingenuousness of just concentrating on the one verse when everything surrounding has the same theological gravity as the book of James in emphasizing the necessity of good works… I hope you can include this one on some compilation for a dvd that we can hand out because this one is a real gem.  Thank you so much for so solidly defending the one true Catholic faith.  "One Lord, One faith, One Baptism" (Eph. 4:5) not 30,000+ "faiths"

God Bless,
Nathan Barton




Subject: Third Secret of Fatima (3rd edition)


I read most of the book reportedly written by Sister Lucia (Calls) and was so disappointed that I couldn't finish it. There is absolutely no way the real Sister Lucia wrote this book and I do believe she was replaced by an impostor. I also agree with pretty much everything else in this video. Thank you brothers for your hard work in revealing the truth to so many regarding the Catholic Church. I have felt like there was something wrong… but couldn't put my finger on it.




You are not attacking of the pope apostasy but at the end you are attacking of the whole catholic church you must watch your word we are always remember the word of our Lord Jesus Christ that his Church is strong even the gates of hell shall not prevail against it and he promise to be with it until the end of time.


Cristeo Limpangog


MHFM: No, you are the one attacking the Catholic Church.  You are defending a heretical sect led by apostates.  That sect denies numerous dogmas of the faith.  Look at the evidence.  As the material on the website shows, Christ’s promises to be with His Church do not preclude antipopes in Rome (which we’ve seen in Church history), the arrival of the Great Apostasy or the construction of a counterfeit sect.  Rather, they ensure that the Church will never teach error and that it will exist until the end of time, even if only in a remnant.  The Church still exists and the Vatican II sect is definitely not the Church.  Indeed, it’s quite clearly prophesied that the Church will exist only in a remnant at the end (Luke 18:8).  Your false position, which acknowledges manifest apostates as Catholic, definitely contradicts Christ’s promises to the Church.  You hold that the Gates of Hell have prevailed and indeed run the Church.  For the Church actually teaches that heretics are “the Gates of Hell,” and you believe heretics lead the Church.  You also hold that the Catholic Church contradicts its previous dogmatic teaching (e.g., by your adherence to Vatican II).  That is impossible.  The notion is heretical.


What Francis Really Believes (3rd edition) [video]

The Third Secret of Fatima (3rd edition) [video]

Vatican II’s Protestant Heresy [video]


The Great Western Schism (1378-1417) and what it teaches us about the post-Vatican II apostasy - Massive confusion, multiple antipopes, antipopes in Rome, an antipope recognized by all the cardinals; The Great Western Schism proves that a line of antipopes at the heart of the post-Vatican II crisis is absolutely possible-


John 3:16


Great clarification.  The gospel tells us to strive to get through the narrow gate, doesn't it?  The heretics… lead the blind to the fiery pit… Thank you MHFM for such invaluable wisdom. 


Vatican II


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for the new Vatican II Jewish Heresy video.  It is excellent. One of the best videos you've done….


St. Michael Archangel protect the true Catholic remnant,


In Jesus and Mary,





Dear MHFM:


A few months ago, I came across your website (actually it was your Youtube page) by chance, and I've been watching the videos and reading your articles ever since…


I must confess that I'm still struggling to believe in the Catholic faith.  I was baptized years ago, but drifted away for a long time.  After watching, listening, and reading the information on your site, I am now praying the Rosary everyday -- for the first time in decades. 


There are many, many people who need to hear and read what you're saying.  Unfortunately, most of them don't understand English too well.  I know some of these people myself.  


I know your website is also in Spanish…


Thanks once again,




MHFM: We recommend that you continue to pray the Rosary and the Hail Mary very frequently for faith.  Obviously it’s also crucial to avoid grave sins, for God may withhold the grace of faith from people because they commit or are involved with a grave sin.




Subject: What Francis Really Believes (3rd edition)


This video preaches hate! What bunch of mean-spirited people to put this together.

I have Jewish friends, who are more loving and giving than the Catholics I know.


Vladislov Kyzinski


MHFM: Actual charity or love cannot exist without the truth.  God’s revelation about the true faith, and the necessity to embrace it, is not “hate.”  Rather, accepting false gods, false religions and lies is hateful and uncharitable.  You are an unbeliever who, by your assertions, repudiates Catholic teaching and denounces Christ Himself.  For He proclaimed (and the Church teaches): “Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned” (Mark 16:16).




Subject: “Fr.” Z’s Strange Post


Excellent video Bro.(s)… The extent of the Vatican II apostasy and peoples' blindness to it is absolutely jaw dropping. And now this "Fr. Z" having the audacity to defend Bergoglio, ignore your debate challenge, (THE PITIFUL COWARD), and now post these perverse heathen statues? I am aghast at liars and hypocrites such as him. Keep up the great, great, great work.  May Our Lord and Lady bless and protect you and all True Catholics.


Tanner Wintters




Dear Servants of God,


I am praying for you. You are not in communion with the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Also you are developing your own heresy. The Holy Spirit is manifesting His holy fruit around the world and you are blind to it. The Pharisees said the same to Our Lord Jesus. In their pride they accused Jesus of delivering souls from evil spirits by Beelzebub. They took pride in their traditions and crucified Our Lord, because He told them they were wrong in the way they interpreted the Law of Moses. They heaped burdens on the people and did not lift a finger to help them. 


The True Holy Church of God is the Roman Catholic Church. She is a servant not a dominator. Do not be misled by the prince of darkness in twisting the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Be careful in what you preach. Our Holy church has been fractured and wounded by those who interpret the Gospel and have the arrogance to think they know better than the Holy See. Pray to the Holy Spirit and let His holy Grace redeem you.


Love in Our Lord Jesus Christ,

Claire Hogue Reid,OSF


MHFM: You are a very blind heretic.  You cannot see that your sect, which is not the Catholic Church, teaches that heretics who deny the Papacy and Catholic dogmas are in the Church of Christ. 


Vatican II’s Protestant Heresy [video]


Catholic teaching is the opposite.  This alone proves that you are in heresy and defending a false Church.  We are Catholic and adhere to Catholic teaching.




Subject: Limitations


For any human being to suggest that God has limitations then that fool lives in spiritual blindness…  God made the flood.  How can any human being contemplate, fathom such an event?  Only one Spirit Being is capable of such a life ending event, and that Spirit Being is the Trinitarian God-period!  We've been warned for two thousand years, and here we are in salvation history.  Ave Maria gratia plena...






Subject: Costco labels bible fiction


Dear brothers,




Costco has labeled the bible as fiction but not by accident since the costco in Simi Valley that I know very well is very secular and meant to label it that way for their demonic cause. I stopped shopping at Costco when their company was listed as "Gay friendly company". Also, Simi Valley has an Atheist "Mega church" down there as well. This only proves their idiocy and how they continue to blaspheme God with their lies…


John Paul Castillo




Dear Brothers:


According to the mindset of the V2 adherents (including those who call themselves conservatives or traditionalists), salvation is possible for any person of any religion except for the true Catholics who recognize that the Chair of St. Peter is and has been vacant since the rise of the Counterfeit Church.  Thus, not only do these V2 dupes of Satan deny the Catholic dogma of No Salvation Outside the Church, Satan has even gotten many of them to also deny that there is salvation inside the Church.   They think evil is good and good is evil.  Woe.


I can remember wondering (at the very beginning of his anti-pontificate) what Bergoglio's role would be in the scheme of things, but Bergoglio himself has made his role abundantly clear.  As Vladimir pointed out, the Talmudic Jews do not spend their resources promoting public acceptance of the Ten Commandments but are very open about their contempt for Jesus Christ and His holy Mother.  In fact, said Anti-Christ contempt is their reason for being.  Same with Bergoglio.   That's why he's been acknowledged as one of the top 50 Jews by the Jews themselves.  That there should be overt Jewish "worship" services [adoration of Jews] in the "churches" belonging to the Vatican 2 sect makes complete sense considering that the mark of Antichrist is man in the place of God, and that's what Talmudic worship is all about.   What doesn't make sense is the bad will of the SSPX whose prideful embrace of heresy keeps them blinded to the truth. They will protest the worship of Jews in the so-called Catholic churches, all the while acknowledging their subservience to the authority of the Jew Francis!  They think they are being the Church Militant, but they are really the Antichurch Effete…


Lee Ann 




Dear MHFM,


That person who promotes FSSP needs, in my opinion, to pray the Holy Rosary more.  Just as Blessed Alan began preaching the Holy Rosary unceasingly and bore great fruit, it wouldn't be surprising if this person was given more grace to love truth, as opposed to serving man… The problem is, many liars vaingloriously flex their ego while rejecting dogma.  What they fail to realize is that baptism of desire's backbone is a fallible catechism and a grossly misinterpreted Council of Trent.  It's easy to misconstrue facts to 'back' a lie, as what many fake traditionalists do.  True Catholic teaching stampedes ALL THEIR ARGUMENTS.  End of story… In the apocalypse, some rivers turn red.  To me, 'baptism of desire' and the spirit of antichrist are the red poison infecting earth's stormy ocean…


I've met many people who either reject truth or are grossly lukewarm, acting like the topic of baptism of desire is like choosing between chocolate and vanilla ice-cream.  Such an outlook is disgusting.  If a person really wants to glorify God in Heaven, they will do research and be eager to debate, as infallible truth can never be proved wrong.  Instead, they continue whistling to the dead song of lies, without even taking a humble bite outta awakening wisdom. 






Subject: Shooting the Messenger


A Scottish "priest" who wrote a book (Lavender Mafia) exposing the tactics of the homosexual hierarchy within the novus ordo church is suspended.   His congregation protests… Neither the punished author, nor his congregation seems to understand what they're really dealing with.  Most pathetic perhaps is the woman who thinks her complaining to "who am I to judge" Francis will serve to cow the bishop and solve the problem.   The bright side may be that the corruption of this false church is becoming more transparent, I suppose as they become more and more desperate, time growing shorter.  I mean how bold is it, in the face of these pervert scandals worldwide, to publicly sack a "priest" for further exposing it?   Does that seem like the proper action of an honest organization trying to fix the problem?  Or more like the revenge that gangsters take on a snitch?  Will more people finally see it?  What excuse is left to them?




Bill Mulligan




Subject: Intruder Confronts Woman




Here is a news story entitled....Intruder Asks Woman “Do You Want to Meet God?” and Ends Up Meeting Her Gun






Religious Liberty


Subject: Religious Liberty


Dear Brothers,

… The FSSP supporter seems to want to have their cake and eat it too, in terms of wanting to condemn religious liberty, yet wanting to hold onto antipope Francis.  One cannot have it both ways.  It is similar to the SSPX who want to criticize the Vatican II sect as modernists, yet obstinately holding the V-2 sect to be the Catholic Church - when it's not - AND operating independently of those same "bishops."  It makes about as much sense as "transgender" people.  You just can't be both male and female - it doesn't work. So why do such people kid themselves into thinking that one can be opposed to religious liberty while following Francis who is about as pro-religious liberty as can be.  It seems to simply be another manifestation of the denial of the salvation dogma, since religious liberty is the polar opposite of EENS.

St. Cyril (350): "If anyone harbors hypocrisy even in secret, God rejects that man as unfit for true service. But whoever is found worthy, to him He readily gives His grace. Holy things He does not give to dogs; but where He perceives a good conscience, there He gives the wondrous and salvific sea, at which demons tremble and which angels recognize."

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




Subject: False Traditionalist


Dear Brothers,


It simply amazes me that these people who love the idea of belonging to a group or club, can't see the confusion and contradiction in these false traditionalist societies, it’s the big white elephant in their societies.  They have no idea of what unity means.  It’s true, they love and serve man and the devil, their confusion is the proof and their reward.  How is it possible, for all these people to claim huge problems with the vatican ll sect and at the same time they claim that the vatican ll antipopes, are true popes, it’s crazy… A true pope protects, preserves, and defends the Faith, he doesn't change and destroy the Faith by bringing about a new false religion that looks similar to the Catholic Faith, that’s the deception that was spoken of by St. Paul, it’s antichrist [2 Thess. 2:3].  The Truth cannot be changed.


God is not found among men but in solitude.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgDslMyevFo


Sincerely yours,






Dear Brothers


I am from Ireland, I recently came across your website and would like to thank you for your wonderful website.  I have watched all of your videos and have started to pray the 15 decades of the Rosary.


Thank you and may God Bless you.


Michael Loftus




[NOTE: This brief exchange was with a person who is familiar with the information.  He knows the sedevacantist position is true, yet promotes the FSSP.]


Of course religious liberty is heretical, when this isn't understood as the liberty belonging to the only true religion, that of the Roman, holy, Catholic, apostolic Church.


MHFM: You mention religious liberty.  But you promote the heresy of religious liberty, as well as the other heresies in Vatican II (such as Vatican II's Jewish Heresy), by promoting the FSSP.

Here's the truth: you know that Francis is a heretic.  We all know that.  You also know that heretics cannot be Catholics or popes, according to Catholic teaching.  However, you don't take the sedevacantist position because you don't serve God.  You serve man and the Devil.  That’s the case with so many people in the Novus Ordo sect and in the false traditionalist movement.

You are too attached to what others around you think, rather than simply promoting the pure truth of God and the faith without regard for how people will react.  That's the truth, and you know it.  That's why you deny Christ and promote the Counter Church's representatives (e.g., the FSSP), even though you know their position is false. 

Since you don't serve Christ purely and without regard for the opinions of others, it's not a surprise that you cannot perceive the truth in our position on baptism.


New Video Posted


MHFM: This is an important new video.


Vatican II’s Jewish Heresy [video]





… I find it interesting that whoever made the film must have read Dr. Walt's book In the Beginning or know about the Hydro-Plate theory  in which the water comes shooting up from the ground from inside the earth itself.  Hopefully… more people will understand there is no "evolution" or all the other anti-Christ fables we were brain-washed into believing in our government schools…




Dear Brothers in Christ,

Thank you for your video on Nostra Aetate #4. This document on Jewish "worship of God" as being eternally valid comes directly from the pit of hell. The first lie in this document is not mentioning the fact
that Jesus accused Jews… The second lie is a tacit statement that contemporary Jews somehow hold to the Mosaic law, while they don't care not a smallest bit for it. They, the Jews, have their Talmud, which is a huge bunch of contradictory human inventions utterly insulting to our Lord Jesus Christ and The Most Blessed Mother Mary. The third lie is a statement that Mosaic law is still valid because "
You are made void of Christ, you who are justified in the law: you are fallen from grace." (Galatians 5:4).

Even if a man strictly observes the (Mosaic) law, he is fallen from grace.  How can a man fall from grace by observing the valid law? The Nostra Aetate #4 says that God is a liar, for He gives the valid law by which observing a man can fall from grace.

Let me mention one more detail about present-day Jews and their "faithfulness" to the Mosaic law. The "religious communities" in Croatia supported the impending referendum about constitutional definition of a marriage as a union between a man and a woman. The sole exception is a "Jewish community" in Croatia, who deems this definition as a violation of human rights. I guess that the "Jewish community", who "upholds the Mosaic law", deems Moses as a protector of homosexual "marriage" and all other human "rights".

May the Most Blessed Mother of God and St. Joseph bless all true Catholics in the world.

Vladimir from Zagreb, Croatia




Dear MHFM,


… The video on Vatican II's Jewish heresy is a blowout.  Any person who has read or listened to such apostasy has been the given a chance to side with Hell or Heaven.  It's as easy as, "Jesus is the second person of the Blessed Trinity".  Either you agree or blaspheme His divinity.  Either you adhere to the Gospel or the Old Law.  Either you regard Vatican II as an enemy of God or sleeping in the bosom of Jesus' Sacred Heart.  Either you declare Francis a reprobate, or not.  


But what baffles me is that many SSPX 'traditionalists' ridicule Francis for esteeming Judaism, but AT THE SAME TIME, affirm Jews can be saved.   Following the footsteps of their hero Archbishop Lefebvre, they, like Mr. Francis, mock dogma.  'Baptism of Desire' is the root of great evil, providing a stepping stone for other errors. 


Vatican II's teachings belong to Hell, not Heaven.  People who handclap the Jewish faith should read the Gospel and count how many times Jesus Christ is mentioned.  That alone should slap them awake, as many people are primarily focused on externals.


Along with rejecting dogma, Vatican II trashes hundreds of Catholic prayers…






Subject: Vatican II’s Jewish Heresy


The Vatican 2 church along with the rest of the world call out for a false son of the father to be released while calling for The REAL CHRIST to be crucified! This is the abomination of desolation.






I am so grateful that this website tells the truth about Catholic teaching. It is very important to me. I hope it is not too late. People must obey. Priests and Bishops must obey.


Richard Shannon


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  It's crucial to realize that the 'priests' and 'bishops' who accept Francis are part of a false Church, the Vatican II sect.  Thus, rather than ‘obey,’ they need to embrace the true Catholic faith and reject the Vatican II structure: for the one they are currently in obedience to is not even Catholic.  Those issues are covered on the site.


New Post about Noah Movie


MHFM: This is a new post with some comments about the very interesting trailer for the new movie Noah.  The trailer is worth watching.


The Trailer for the new movie Noah and some comments




Subject: JFK Assassination Anecdote




While reading District Attorney Jim Garrison's book on his investigation into the John F. Kennedy murder, I found this on page 27:


"Furthermore, the Central Intelligence Agency offices, located in the dark gray building known as the Masonic Temple on the 300 block of St. Charles Avenue, stood but a few blocks away."


The footnote at the end of this paragraph reads as such: "In the early 1960's the F.B.I. was also located in the Masonic Temple."




Remnant - Nigeria



Great work in helping the world know what the catholic faith is like and what the Vatican II council showcases as "Catholic" but is novus ordo and not CATHOLIC at all.  Almost on daily basis you receive mails of those who are called that they might be saved. On the other hand, those who are perishing, for fear that some might harken to your website and be saved, sending mail telling you to quit this GOOD WORK, (God forbid) that all may perish with them.

… I firmly believe that we are in the Apocalyptic era and nothing can change God's prophecies.

The remnants here in Nigeria are fully convinced about these issues and have made strong commitment never to attend novus ordo mass or any other non-christian fellowship until death do us part… Thanks and God Bless you.

In J&M


Vatican II


Subject: Vatican II’s Jewish Heresy


What a devouring blow delivered to the faithless defenders of the wicked Vatican II Counter Church.  This is an OUTSTANDINGLY POWERFUL video.  Short, right to the point with irrefutable proof that Vatican II was a false robber Council and that its wicked Antipopes are/were of the spirit of Anti-Christ.  Thank you very much for sharing this extremely important video!    


Kieran Stainsby




Dear Brothers,


One week after the typhoon devastated the Philippines there was this article, http://in.reuters.com/article/2013/11/13/philippines-typhoon-preparations-idINDEE9AC0CG20131113, that before the storm made landfall, people in hard hit areas, i.e. Tacloban, Northern Cebu, etc, were incredulous of the warnings given by PAGASA and the LGUs because before the storm hit it was a very sunny day, i think it was 2 days before landfall, and the report supposedly said that some of the people were laughing and now during the aftermath they blamed the term 'storm surge' because they don't understand it that it was like a tsunami. This incident was very much like what happened to the original world where only Noah and his family were saved.... 


Sincerely and God speed,





You are such a rat… Go choke and die… Please






Subject: Vatican II’s Jewish Heresy


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the brilliant video refuting Vatican II's Jewish Heresy.  The collection of facts in the video proving the Vatican II apostasy to Judaism is very impressive.  That heresy is the most obvious and clear denial of Catholic teaching in Vatican II.  By saying that Jews should not be presented as if they are rejected by God, when the Council of Florence says that all who hold opposing or contrary views to the Catholic Church are rejected, Vatican II and its defenders make it clear that they stand directly against the Lord Jesus Christ: Matthew 12:30 - "He that is not with me, is against me: and he that gathereth not with me, scattereth."  Jews are infamous for rejecting Jesus Christ as the Messiah.  The Bible proves how the Jews (Judeans) who did not believe that Jesus Christ is God Incarnate, the Messiah, were constantly trying to trap Jesus in His words and to kill him.  It was the Jews who were responsible for the Crucifixion of Jesus (Matt. 27:25).  Vatican II's sell out to Jews is the most striking example of it being the Antichrist apostasy, the Great Apostasy, the Whore of Babylon, predicted to arise in the Last Days in scripture and by Saints such as the Blessed Virgin Mary (La Salette, Fatima).  It shows that the Vatican II defenders and Antipopes don't believe in anything… The Vatican II apostasy is the biggest pact with the Devil ever made.  All those heretics who obstinately deny Catholic teaching on the necessity of membership in the Catholic Church and the necessity of the Sacrament of Baptism for salvation, are on the side of the Jews who will burn in hell for eternity, unless they convert to the Catholic faith. 

Pope St. Gregory the Great (+ c. 590): “… if you be Christ’s then you are the seed of Abraham (Gal. 3:29).  If we because of our faith in Christ are deemed children of Abraham, the Jews therefore because of their perfidy have ceased to be His seed.”

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




Subject: Jewish Heresy


Dear Brothers,

… incredible… job you did on this new important video.  It is especially important that this came out now amongst the almost universal worship of the synagogue especially by world "leaders"… I can't wait to the day that the v2 whore will meet her destruction.  I can't take the hatred of so sweet and kind a God anymore.  People know it’s the end of the world and yet they won't believe and won't stop sinning.  What more do they need?

God Bless,
Nathan Barton




Subject: What Francis Really Believes (3rd edition)


Dangerous ground to disrespect the Pope. Sometimes Satan deceives people with extreme religious beliefs. He will actually come across as a truth bearer making you believe you are fighting for truth and for God almighty, yet you are leading people into his hands. How many people have you chased away from the Catholic faith? I'm sure they are not all at your doorstep. You run them out of the Catholic church by your claims…




MHFM: You know nothing about the Catholic faith and you don’t believe in the Catholic faith.


Nostra Aetate


Subject: Nostra Aetate #4


Dear Brothers,


In light of Scott Rochat’s pathetic utterance and many other people just like him in the vatican ll sect [antichrist church] this video is very much needed, thank you… the devil knew that there would be many who wouldn't care about the faith and would not verify, to prove all things.  He knew most people would believe the cover of lies, having a blind faith in man because of bad will and sloth….


Sincerely yours,





Subject: About Prince Charles


I just want to comment that it is not a surprise that Prince Charles would participate in a jewish worship. Some years ago I heard from a source that is somewhat trustful in this respect that Charles is a member of a muslim "Tariqa", a kind of esoteric islamic society. He is probably disciple of Sheik Abu Bakr Siraj Ad-Din, commonly known as Martin Lings. Charles even wrote the foreword of one of Lings's books.

By hearing Martin Lings, one can see his commitment to the modern religious ecumenism. He openly teaches that all "traditional religions" are means of salvation, just like these modern Antipopes. So, no wonder that at the same time that he is favouring the growth of Islam in UK he is also participating in supposedly "other means of salvation."


… What Christ teaches through His Church just does not suffice them. They have to pick some doctrine at the pits of the sewers.


Rafael Centeio




Dear Brothers,


With reference to the reader who states that one should not spread negative feelings about “our Catholic Church” I would say she would rather allow evil to prevail with all its dangers than stand up for the truth, rather cover up all types of malicious activity keeping it locked and unknown, she thinks that by doing so she is safeguarding the Catholic Church and serving God how wrong she is, this reminds me of politicians around the world who keep on lying, lying cheating and distorting true facts to keep public contented, but of course to serve themselves, it seems that nowadays the bigger the lie the happier they are, how sad, today people love and accept the lie because they don’t take God’s truths seriously they lack truth because they don’t defend truth and don’t judge the liars, how ridiculous, if we can´t judge wrongdoers how much worse this world would be.


In J.M.J.

M.Fernanda da Silva




Dear Brothers,


Francis makes a mockery of the Faith.  He allows interfaith ceremonies… That's why the media loves him…






That tango "mass"... what an abominable act… the fact that it was performed before the altar makes it even more disgusting. It seems that nobody notice anything wrong with that... but holding infallible Dogma like outside the Church there is no salvation... ah yes, that will trigger their inner novus-ordo "catholic" sense, and they will notice immediately something wrong with that. It's like they were drunk of some sort. As you pointed out about the Apocalypse, just like the Whore of Babylon is drunk, "all those who support this antichrist activity are drunk as well." And that's what one can conclude by watching that video.







Subject: still confused


Dear Brothers-

I have been reading everything on the website over again and I agree with you, I can't deny the  truth any longer!  However I am still confused about the novus ordo mass and why it isn't valid?... The words many and mystery of faith have been inserted back into the latest version of the missal, but not in exact order as the old form.

So wouldn't it be valid, if a priest ordained prior to the change in the ordination rite said the mass?  If your answer is no, please explain it to me. Is it still invalid because of the other prayers that were removed?  I want to continue to receive communion.  Thank you for all of the work that you do.



MHFM: No, even with a valid priest and ‘many’ instead of ‘all,’ it still cannot be considered valid because the form itself lacks (as a consequence of a deliberate removal) the words mysterium fidei.  The New Mass takes those words, which contained a precise signification in the form, to a place outside the form.  That removal manifests an intention contrary to that of the Church (i.e., a defect of intention).  


Moreover, even if the New Mass were valid (and it isn’t), it’s still a non-Catholic service that is odious to the Lord and which must be avoided.  Before receiving sacraments, one must be convinced on the issues and be committed to never attend the New Mass again.


The Invalid New Mass






I wanted to comment on what a great job you and your ministry have done defending our beloved Catholic faith in its purest form.  It has been through your web-site and you-tube videos that I have opened my eyes and have realized the terrible errors stemming from Vatican II.  This despicable council has destroyed our church. 


I understand that the sedevacantist position is that the seat is vacant in Rome. Would this suggest that the gates of hell have indeed prevailed over the church?... Keep up the great work, God is watching over you.


Peter Zitko.


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  The Council and the Vatican II sect have greatly reduced the size of the true Church, but they have not completely destroyed it.  It still exists (consistent with Christ’s promise) in a faithful remnant.  The Gates of Hell cannot prevail against the Church.  One must understand and be convinced of that.  In fact, the adherents of the Vatican II antipopes are the people who hold that the Gates of Hell have prevailed against the Church.  That’s covered in this file:


Responses to 19 of the Most Common Objections Against Sedevacantism [PDF file] 




The response/reaction from M.A. F. is precisely what many people, blind followers of the V-2 sect, (including my own family), would say.  They get upset that somebody is " insulting" their "pope" and spreading the information that causes them "to be negative and to despair".  They prefer pretty pink eyeglasses that paint the current reality with unreal, unjustified, yet naively optimistic colors.  They refuse to analyze facts, go through the evidence, read/listen to documentation, etc.  They want the world to fit into their distorted image, instead of facing the facts as they are.


MHFM: Someone like M.A.F. simply doesn’t have faith (Luke 18:8).  She is devoid of it.  She doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ and His revelation.  That’s why it doesn’t bother her that Francis denies the necessity of Christ and the Catholic faith. 




Subject: The devil’s false sect


Dear brothers


Once again I say it never amazes me about the ding dong novus ordo crowd.  The Vatican 2 sect is the devil’s false church, acting like it’s the true Catholic Church when it is not…


Mark V




Subject: Please read my input regarding your website


Just saw your website when searching for news on Pope Francis and am shocked at what your claims are about this holy man in service to Our Lord.  Please don't let Satan use your website to deceive people.  Websites can be used for good or they can be used to spread negativity, despair, distortions or misrepresentations among the Body of Christ. 


I would not ever recommend that churchgoers visit your website in the future.  There are many legitimate ones out there for us to choose from.


Please do not spread negative feeling about our Catholic Christian church.  Your only mission should be to uplift people in the Holy Spirit and in truth and in compassion, etc. 


Enough said.


M. A. F.


MHFM: You are a person who doesn't understand anything about the Catholic faith.  You don’t want the truth which is made available on the site.  Francis is a heretic who denies Catholic teaching.  He holds that atheists can be saved and he doesn't try to convert non-Catholics, among other things.  He’s not remotely Catholic.  According to Catholic teaching, he's an antipope.


You need to look at the material and wake up, although that seems quite unlikely given your initial reaction to seeing the truth. 


What Francis Really Believes (3rd edition) [video]

The Third Secret of Fatima (3rd edition) [video]

Vatican II's Protestant Heresy [video]


New Mass


Subject: Bro Dimond- New Mass is valid


Bro Dimonds, see the comments below…


*It should be understood that Our Lady is merely expressing the horrid consequence of Satan's presence in the Vatican: the Holy Father is not a free agent and cannot do as he wills. Thus, we take serious Heaven's frequent exhortation to earnest prayer for the papacy and for the now reigning Vicar of Christ, John Paul II. Nevertheless, Our Lord's promise to be with His Church until the end remains intact. For despite this current debacle, Christ has preserved for the faithful the validity of the sacraments.


[Source: Bayside]




MHFM: No, it's not valid.  Bayside is a demonstrably false apparition of Satan.  See this file:


The False Apparitions at Bayside, NY [PDF File]


A Catholic forms theological and doctrinal conclusions based on Catholic teaching, not alleged apparitions.  Bayside promoted the Vatican II Church and the antipopes.  That alone proves that it’s demonic.  By resisting Catholic teaching and adhering to an alleged apparition instead, you receive not the love of the truth (2 Thess. 2:10) and fall for the Devil’s deception.




Dear Brothers,

Thank you for posting that interview with "Fr." James.  It was very enlightening and informative…


God Bless,
Nathan Barton


True Faith


Subject: True Faith


I have been watching many of your videos brother Michael.  The question i have is how can a non-Catholic join the church but yet not subscribe to the false teaching of these popes like Francis? I went to mass with my family and the lay people who were helping the priest. Were distributing the host? I am not a member of the catholic church but the way mass was done is very protestant looking to me.I have been on the roller coaster when looking for a church. I live in northern CA. If you could give me some advice i would appreciate it very much.




MHFM: We’re glad you are looking at the material.  There is a way to convert.  You need to become convinced and follow these steps: http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/Steps_to_Convert.php


Protestantism is false.  The biblical proof for Catholicism is found in our book and on the website.  You must avoid the New Mass.  You should also begin to pray Hail Marys each day.  If you do so you will receive powerful graces to see the truth.  You should immediately start to say ten Hail Marys each day, and five Our Fathers (prayers attached).  When you get a rosary, you should follow the file on how to pray it.  We also encourage you to look at the material and obtain the package.  The file (linked to above) deals with how to convert.  We can help you in more detail when you are fully convinced that Catholicism is true and that the Vatican II Church is not Catholic.

Thank you very much brother… for the info and suggestions on the prayers. If i join the catholic church not the V2 sect and was baptized in a church outside of the catholic faith would I need to be baptized in the catholic church?




MHFM: Since no one is saved without baptism, if there is any doubt about whether one was validly baptized a conditional baptism should be done (once a person is convinced on all the issues).  The file on how to convert deals with the issue of whether to be baptized, conditionally baptized, etc.




Dear brothers,


Ever since I watched your movie "Death and the Journey Into Hell 3rd edition", I was frightened to the core to lose my salvation and my soul to the devil to whom I do not wish to spend the eternity with and so I did the best I could avoid mortal sins as much as I could and confession every sin to avoid damnation. In your video, you mention "Many catholics go to hell because of bad confession" and that blew me away. I made sure I confess every sins I've done, past or present… and I have done my part to spread the gospel before my time is up. In the past, I was a bad person who doesn't desire God and his good grace until your website truly open my eyes and my mind. Now I no longer commit mortal sins to myself (and others as well), pray the rosary, avoid attending novus ordo, and make sure to follow the traditional calendar…


Thank you brothers for showing me the way to become a good catholic.






MHFM: We recently wrote to someone who was promoting the Fraternity of St. Peter, despite having at least some familiarity with the true information about the state of the Church.  For those it might interest, the exchange went thus:


Why do you promote the heretical FSSP, as they accept the heresies in Vatican II and are in communion with the apostate Francis and the Novus Ordo 'bishops'?








Why are you a schismatic?






We're not schismatics. If you think it's schismatic to reject a schismatic non-Catholic like Francis, then you have no concept of Catholic teaching.  Are you aware that Francis holds that we should not convert schismatics?  Are you aware that Vatican II officially teaches that schismatics are in the Church of Christ? Your position is schismatic.  Wake up. We could debate the issue as well, and the falsity of your position would be proven. Do you want to have a debate?


Also, here are just two quotes from Benedict XVI stating that schismatics who reject the Papacy are 'pastors in the Church of Christ.'  That is heresy and schism, in case you didn't know. You are the one in schism, defending schism and aligned with schism. Wake up. We have dozens of quotes in which the antipopes praise and endorse schism.

Benedict XVI, Joint Declaration with Schismatic Patriarch Bartholomew, Nov. 30, 2006: "This fraternal encounter which brings us together, Pope Benedict XVI of Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, is God's work, and in a certain sense his gift. We give thanks to the Author of all that is good, who allows us once again, in prayer and in dialogue, to express the joy we feel as brothers and to renew our commitment to move towards full communion. This commitment comes from the Lord's will and from our responsibility as Pastors in the Church of Christ... As far as relations between the Church of Rome and the Church of Constantinople are concerned, we cannot fail to recall the solemn ecclesial act effacing the memory of the ancient anathemas which for centuries had a negative effect on our Churches." 


Common Declaration of Benedict XVI with Orthodox "H.B." Chrysostomos II, June 16, 2007: "We, Benedict XVI, Pope and Bishop of Rome, and Chrysostomos II, Archbishop of Nea Justiniana and All Cyprus... we assure our faithful of our fervent prayers as Pastors in the Church... among the human rights to be safeguarded, freedom of religion should be at the top of the list." (L'Osservatore Romano, July 4, 2007, pp. 6-7.)


MHFM: The FSSP is a pack of doctrinally bankrupt heretics.  They don’t have or care about the Catholic faith.  They accept all the heresies in Vatican II, false ecumenism (for they regard those who teach it as Catholic), pro-abortionists as Catholic, etc.  The fact that some false conservatives in the Novus Ordo sect are so attached to such a demonstrably heretical group is another example of how fascinated and deceived they are by externals.  That’s pretty much all that most of them care about.  They don’t care about substance.  Below is a conversation with one Fraternity of St. Peter ‘priest.’  It reveals the falsity and inconsistency of their positions.


Conversation with Fraternity of St. Peter ‘priest’ about Vatican II, Sedevacantism, and More 

Working on Sunday


Subject: Working on Sunday


Dear MHFM,

I saw your news item about amazon.com delivering on Sundays via the post office. The fact that our society no longer keeps Sunday holy is another sign of the apostasy of the end times. I was born in 1972 and I can remember when i was a young boy in the late 70's in New York. Almost all businesses were closed on Sunday, including the supermarkets and even the gas station up my street. I remember my parents making sure they had everything they needed for the house on Saturday because the grocery stores would be closed on Sunday. People made sure their gas tanks were full on Saturday because you may not have been able to get gas on Sunday. Those were the good old days. Today all retail stores, including supermarkets and gas stations are open. One could hardly tell the difference now between Sunday and another day of the week. In older times you could tell because there was less activity outside the home. Today most people have no clue that Sunday is not a day when people should work. The only people who are excused for working on Sunday are those employed in emergency services (police, fire/rescue, hospital employees). Nobody else has any business working on Sunday. I saw the situation slowly changing throughout the 80's onward.



MHFM: You make good points about working on Sunday.  The almost universal rejection of Sunday as the special day of rest is indeed another sign of the Great Apostasy. 


However, it should be noted that there are exceptions to working on Sunday, in addition to the ones you mentioned.  Everyone with a job should earnestly attempt to get out of working on Sunday; but if failing to work on Sunday means that one will lose an otherwise acceptable job, it can be permissible to work on Sunday.




Subject: JP2 - Baphomet, Herod


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for posting the comments about the short video of Antipope John Paul II. The crowd worshipping him is similar to Herod being worshipped as recorded at Acts 12:22 (JP2 sounds like Baphomet the Beast). John Paul II also claimed to be God, but unlike the True God who rose from death, John Paul II is dead and in hell. This is Josephus' interesting account of the matter as related by Eusebius in Church History (Bk. II, 3-9):

"He [Herod] had completed the third year of his reign over all Judea 337 when he came to Cćsarea, which was formerly called Strato’s Tower. There he held games in honor of Cćsar, learning that this was a festival observed in behalf of Cćsar’s safety. At this festival was collected a great multitude of the highest and most honorable men in the province. And on the second day of the games he proceeded to the theater at break of day, wearing a garment entirely of silver and of wonderful texture. And there the silver, illuminated by the reflection of the sun’s earliest rays, shone marvelously, gleaming so brightly as to produce a sort of fear and terror in those who gazed upon him. And immediately his flatterers, some from one place, others from another, raised up their voices in a way that was not for his good, calling him a god, and saying, ‘Be thou merciful; if up to this time we have feared thee as a man, henceforth we confess that thou art superior to the nature of mortals.’ The king did not rebuke them, nor did he reject their impious flattery. But after a little, looking up, he saw an angel sitting above his head. And this he quickly perceived would be the cause of evil as it had once been the cause of good fortune, and he was smitten with a heart-piercing pain. And straightway distress, beginning with the greatest violence, seized his bowels. And looking upon his friends he said, ‘I, your god, am now commanded to depart this life; and fate thus on the spot disproves the lying words you have just uttered concerning me. He who has been called immortal by you is now led away to die; but our destiny must be accepted as God has determined it. For we have passed our life by no means ingloriously, but in that splendor which is pronounced happiness.’ And when he had said this he labored with an increase of pain. He was accordingly carried in haste to the palace, while the report spread among all that the king would undoubtedly soon die. But the multitude, with their wives and children, sitting on sackcloth after the custom of their fathers, implored God in behalf of the king, and every place was filled with lamentation and tears. And the king as he lay in a lofty chamber, and saw them below lying prostrate on the ground, could not refrain from weeping himself. And after suffering continually for five days with pain in the bowels, he departed this life, in the fifty-fourth year of his age, and in the seventh year of his reign. Four years he ruled under the Emperor Caius—three of them over the tetrarchy of Philip, to which was added in the fourth year that of Herod —and three years during the reign of the Emperor Claudius."

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




Subject: What Francis Really Believes (3rd edition)


Deceptions… Jews did not need to be converted… there is nothing new here.


Scott Rochat


MHFM: This guy actually thinks that it’s Catholic teaching that Jews don’t need to be converted.  The blindness is astounding.




I’m amazed at how many… are still sleeping thank you for my waking.






Subject: Annulment Fiasco


Hi Brothers,

I was speaking to a woman claiming to be catholic who showed some interest in me.  After we were talking for a little bit I asked her if she was ever married before. She replied yes, divorced and annulled, and that her husband cheated on her.  I asked her, well what about the 'till death and for worse' part of the vow?  She answered:  The pastor told me that the annulment dissolved the marriage that took place thus undoing the sacrament! Wow, welcome to the Novos Ordo.   I told her that she was misinformed and who ever told her that doesn't know what they're talking about along with quoting Matthew 19:9 on the subject.  Let's just say the conversation didn't last too much longer after that.  It just amazes me on how lots of divorcees think that being divorced means its ok to date again.



The Annulment Fiasco - The Vatican II sect's De Facto acceptance of Divorce and Remarriage [PDF File]




Subject: Antipope John Paul II


Dear mhfm,

The video of antipope John Paul II saying "We shall destroy the program..." was quite spooky. I think your explanation of what it might mean, makes sense. He was referring to the order that Christ gave us. He came to overthrow it. Also the way in which he sat there for moments without saying anything while the crowd was in awe of him, was very similar to another demon possessed leader... Hitler!! One has to wonder with Comet ISON coming (as a sign) along with the biggest storm ever in the Philippines, will we even make it past the "canonization" of the Antichrist in April 2014?

God Bless





Dear Brothers,


That 3 minute clip of JPII ….was disgusting…..


Can you imagine a Pope accepting such adulation and acting the way he did….






Old Testament


Subject: Intercommunion Heresy


Dear brothers,


Of late, I have been reading the old testament stories from the book, "A Practical Commentary on Holy Scripture for the use of those who teach Bible History" by Bishop Knecht and one of the historical stories that I was reading, was about the prophet Elias. 


Today's quote of the day, necessity and efficacy of prayer, the treasures of the old testament and your new video, the intercommunion heresy of the vatican ll sect, made me think about the parallel between King Achab, the ten tribes of Israel, Elias' sacrificial challenge to King Achab and his priests, and the vatican ll sect, who says you can be separated from the True Church and at the same time receive the Eucharist, limping back and forth between God and baal [1 Cor. 10:21] and how Elias castigated the children of Israel for the same thing, "How long do you halt between two sides? if the Lord be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him."  To reject just one Precept, Command or Law of God, is to be Outside the Catholic Church and on the side of baal, ipso facto.  The schismatics reject the Office of the Papacy, the Filioque clause, etc.


It was because of Elias' prayers and confidence in God, that God worked miracles through him e.g. drought, famine, bringing the child back to life and fire coming down and consuming the sacrifice, causing the conversion of the people and then the rain to refresh the Earth [James 5:16]. The treasures of the old testament make us rich and confident in the Truth of God, knowing and finding salvation through consistency, similarity and fluidity between the old and the new testaments, learning from past examples, to avoid the reoccurring apostasy of man from God and how God faithfully deals with such evil events.  Wherever there is the sword, famine, pestilence and oppression, there was disobedience against God, first.










I've recently been doing a lot of reading about the faith, including your website.  I would like to thank you for the work that you're doing.  I've seen your publications for several years and I admit, in the beginning, I thought, "They must be crazy."  Fortunately, I'm beginning to understand the truth of what is going on--what has happened since Vatican II etc.  It is becoming very clear; If our time isn't the great apostasy...what is?


I recently read the article about speaking logically about the anti-Christ, watched the accompanying video as well as the article about the SSPX of the Strict Observance and they're confusing, illogical, contradictory position (i.e., claiming that the "Church" leadership is heretical but that they are still Catholic etc.).


My question is, what can I do for my own spiritual well-being?  I was raised in the N.O. but am familiar with the "traditional" Mass but, where I live, there is no place to go.  Furthermore, although I am more educated than the average Catholic (which I know is not saying much) I know that I don't know much.  Therefore, if the SSPX or FSSP and similar groups are confused (wrong) and interested only in the externals as you say (and I think you are correct)...what can I do?  Where can I go?


In all sincerity, I understand that there is no Mass for me to attend in my area (Indiana) but, this being the case, what is the best alternative?  What would you recommend?  Is praying at home in private the best thing that I can do?   


Thank you,



MHFM: We’re glad you are looking the information over.  It’s true and God wanted you to see it.  Yes, it’s crucial that you don’t attend the New Mass and that you stay home until you are fully convinced on the issues.  We also strongly recommend that you pray the full Rosary each day if you can.  Once you are convinced on the issues, contact us and we can help you with where to receive certain sacraments.


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts


The SSPX and FSSP are definitely wrong.  Not only do they believe in salvation outside the Church, but they regard complete heretics as Catholics.  In addition to the videos you mentioned (and the other material on the website), we recommend these videos for crucial information about the current state of the Church. 


What Francis Really Believes (3rd edition) [video]

The Third Secret of Fatima (3rd edition) [video]

Vatican II's Protestant Heresy [video]


10,000 Feared Dead


10,000 feared dead from Typhoon in the Philippines


As many as 10,000 people are believed dead in one Philippine city alone after one of the worst storms ever recorded unleashed ferocious winds and giant waves that washed away homes and schools. Corpses hung from tree branches and were scattered along sidewalks and among flattened buildings, while looters raided grocery stores and gas stations in search of food, fuel and water.






Recently I watched a conference about the Euro crisis. One Italian economist who opposes the Euro and exposes the fact that the Euro is responsible for the economic crisis in Europe said: "you need the courage to watch in the face of this MONSTER (referring to the Euro)".


This is another interesting link that really fits with the description of the beast with many heads:







MHFM: That’s interesting.


(For those who aren’t familiar with why that’s interesting, see this video.)




The typhoon is quite close to banking in Vietnam.  As this country has a large number of inhabitants occupying the coastline, I think there is great risk of death.  It is sad to think of all the people at risk of meeting Hell today.  Maybe if more people pray, some vietnamese will receive grace of conversion…? (perhaps there are some true Catholics in Vietnam?)  But sadly, the overall 'feel' of Vietnam is far from Catholic.  When I traveled there, I don't recall seeing anything 'religious'.  Perhaps the majority are atheists?  I don't remember seeing any Buddhist things.






Subject: John Paul II Destroy the Program


Dear Brothers,


When one looks at the video posted, http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/truthreport/john-paul-ii-recieves-adulation-from-crowd-at-madison-garden-and-declares-we-shall-destroy-the-program-destroy-the-program/, one can't help but wonder if he's [JP II] going to give a speech or perform a live rock concert. This video demonstrates that he's not acting because he is forced to by the evil organizations around him but because one thinks that he's the main man…


Sincerely and God speed,



New Video Posted


MHFM: This is a new video.


Vatican II’s Intercommunion Heresy [video]




Subject: Comet Ison’s Tail


… Brothers - 


I recently finished reading "Exodus to Arthur, Catastrophic Encounters with Comets" by Mike Bailllie (a dendrochronologist). The author's hypothesis is that comets have caused extreme damage to earth in the past (e.g. times that have coincided with the Exodus, the Plague, etc.), triggering earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and famines, as well as causing direct devastation (e.g. Tonguska). I have read that the earth is supposed to pass  through Comet Ison's tail in January 2014, s/b interesting (albeit frightening) to see if God uses it to chastise the inhabitants of the earth. I believe it could be used to literally fulfill many of the punishments that are foretold in St. John's Apocalypse… May God continue to protect you and assist you in your work for the salvation of many. 







Subject: JPII video we shall destroy the program


In the JPII video, what does "we shall destroy the program" mean?  And didn't it sound like he was making satanic gutteral noises over and over again?  He sounded like the devil!!




MHFM: We think he means that he came to destroy the program God established on Earth.  He also raises his finger toward Heaven when he says it.




Subject: Inter-communion and inter-communists


Dear Brothers in Christ,

Thank you for your latest video on V2 counter-church's intercommunion heresy. Like any other vicious heresy, this one also has the purpose to spit on The True Doctrine of the Catholic Church. The Communion in the Catholic Church is so specific that the mere word INTERCOMMUNION is a heresy by itself, for "…what concord hath Christ with Belial? Or what part hath the faithful with the unbeliever?" (2 Corinthians 6:15).  The V2 satanic church wants her adherents to put the Devil's spirit into their mouths and bellies. This procedure is in perfect accord with antipope Francis' "feeding the sheep" mission--he will feed the sheep with satanic spirit just before the sheep dies and goes to hell.

The "intercommunion" heresy is a direct consequence of embracing the communist ideology by the false catholics and other "christians". Although majority of them would say they abhor the communist
ideology, they would in the same breath say the atheists could be saved without accepting The Catholic Church. And what was, and is, the main tenet of the communist ideology? It was, and is, the atheism and utter hatred toward The Catholic Church. The communists would say their main mission is to "feed the poor", to "destroy injustice" and to "unite all the proletarians of the world". The only result of this "noble" mission was mass starvation, mass murder and the utter enslavement of the "united proletarians". Nothing good ever came out of the communist ideology. The communists have infiltrated the Vatican and proclaimed their victory over The Catholic Church by rejecting The Only True Teaching on the face of the earth. The "intercommunion" is nothing but a reflection of communists' internationalism ("all proletarians unite").  The V2 counter-church is their main device to provoke mass starvation (the true food--The Christ's Body-- is not served), mass murder (the adherents' souls are polluted with countless heresies) and the utter enslavement of the "christians" and all  adherents of all false religions in the world (there is no worse enslavement than being cast into the hell). Without the true freedom, which can come out only from The Truth--Jesus Christ, there is no hope for any improvement of the current spiritual and economic crisis engulfing the whole world… What did my own people, the Croatians, think when they gave their votes to the communist ideology lover currently occupying the prime minister position in the Croatian government? What do the majority of once Catholic Croatian nation think when their communist prime minister and the communist president of the Republic of Croatia quotes the words of antipope Francis, when they eagerly try to prevent the positive result of the impending referendum on the definition of the marriage as the union of a man and a woman? Almost all the people of all nations in the world are in a self-induced utter blindness. They love the lie, although they have the moments of God's calling to remember the Christ's words "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (John 8:32).  The V2 counter-church's "intercommunion" heresy serves as a tool to dampen God's final call "Go out from her, my people; that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues."
(Revelation 18:4).

May Our Dearest Mother Mary and St. Joseph pray for the steadfastness of all true Catholics in the world.

Vladimir from Zagreb, Croatia


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  A new point in the video, which is short but theologically important, is the fact that Vatican II teaches that 1) people ‘separated from the Catholic Church’ may be given Communion while it simultaneously teaches that 2) Communion is the ‘pledge of eternal life or future glory.’  Vatican II’s passage is obviously heretical in a number of ways, but considering those two assertions together gives us an additional proof that Vatican II officially contradicts the dogma Outside the Catholic Church There is No Salvation.


For when it declares that people ‘separated from the Catholic Church’ are entitled to receive the ‘pledge of eternal life’ that of course indicates, in Vatican II’s own language, that people ‘separated from the Catholic Church’ can receive eternal life.  That’s an open denial of the defined dogma that only those ‘in the bosom and unity of the Catholic Church’ can be saved. 


That’s very significant because there are some heretics out there who know Outside the Catholic Church There is No Salvation is a defined dogma, yet delude themselves that Vatican II never contradicted it.  The idea that Vatican II didn’t deny the salvation dogma is nonsense, of course, but this passage is an additional way to prove that Vatican II’s officially promulgated language and teaching runs afoul of defined Catholic dogma.


For even the multitude of ‘baptism of desire’ and ‘invincible ignorance’ heretics are forced to argue that the people they believe are saved are somehow ‘inside the bosom and unity of the Catholic Church.’  Hence, any document that describes those receiving eternal life as ‘separated from the Catholic Church’ is teaching heresy.  It would have to say they are ‘in the Catholic Church.’  Yet, Vatican II officially refers to those who are ‘separated from the Catholic Church’ and it indicates that they can be saved.  It’s just another angle to prove that Vatican II’s teaching is heretical, in addition to the clear heresies entailed in the very notion of giving Communion to non-Catholics. 


John Paul II


MHFM: This is interesting.


3 minute video: John Paul II receives adulation from crowd at Madison Garden and declares: “We shall destroy the program, destroy the program”


Vatican II


Subject: Vatican II’s Intercommunion Heresy


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the excellent video refuting Vatican II's Intercommunion heresy. Vatican II's Orientalium Ecclesiarum #27 completely contradicts itself: “[“Orthodox” schismatics] who in good faith are separated from the Catholic Church.”  Pope Eugene IV trounces it in the Council of Florence, Cantate Domino: “the unity of this ecclesiastical body is of such importance that only for those who abide in it do the Church’s sacraments contribute to salvation.”  The repugnant notion that those who are separated from the Catholic Church, the Mystical Body of Christ, can receive Holy Communion or other sacraments (unto justification or salvation), is indescribably wicked and condemned by the Catholic Church many times, as you showed in the video.  The grace of the Sacrament of the Eucharist is the union of the faithful with Christ. Pope Eugene IV, Council of Florence, “Exultate Deo,” On the Eucharist, 1439: “Finally, this  is a fitting way to signify the effect of this sacrament, that is, the union of the Christian  people with Christ.”  The "Orthodox" are not Christians since they are separated from, outside, the Mystical Body of Christ, the Catholic Church, since they reject the Papacy.  Therefore, they cannot be united with Christ because they reject the principle of unity in the Church, the Papacy.  Vatican I: “In order, then, that the episcopal office should be one and undivided and that, by the union of the clergy, the whole multitude of believers should be held together in the unity of faith and communion, he set blessed Peter over the rest of the apostles and instituted in him the permanent principle of both unities and their visible foundation.”  Vatican II's Orientalium Ecclesiarum #27 blatantly admits the “Orthodox” are 'separated', but also says they can receive 'Holy Communion' and can be in 'good faith.'  One cannot be in good faith while separated from the Catholic Church.  There is only “one Lord, one faith, one baptism.” (Eph. 4:5)  Vatican II would have us believe there are at least two “faiths,” the Catholic and the "Orthodox," and therefore would also have us believe there are two “Lords.” The BOD heretics would have us believe there are at least two “baptisms,” and so it is not hard to see that the Devil, ever the ape of God, is pushing BOD and Vatican II - two "Lords," two "faiths," and two "baptisms." No surprises there for those who agree with MHFM, but there are still plenty of deluded heretics out there who are pushing the Devil's program. The Holy Trinity is one and indivisible, and so is the Catholic Church, her faith and her communion.

Pope Leo XIII, Satis Cognitum (# 4), June 29, 1896: "The Church in respect of its unity belongs to the category of things indivisible by nature, though heretics try to divide it into many parts."

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White


Toronto Mayor


Dear Brothers,


I know you posted a news article that points out that Mayor Rob Ford smoked cracked, but there is more to the story that may pique your interest. As a resident of Toronto I see more. Let me start at the beginning: Rob Ford won, in a great majority on election night October 2010. The media was extremely embarrassed about this. Not only did Rob Ford win, (against media predictions) he also won against homosexual candidate George Smitherman. We knew that George Smitherman was gay because he and his partner had just adopted a son, was flaunting his family all over the media and was a glowing example of the new modern family. The media loved George Smitherman despite the disappearance of a billion dollars during George Smithermans previous reign on the e-health for Ontario. The media wanted George Smitherman to win so much they thought that by exposing Rob Ford’s arrest record in Florida, on pot charges, days before the election that George would be a shoe in. The public knew Rob had issues with substance abuse before he was elected but wanted him in anyways. And for the first time the public realized they had some power over the media. Rob won majority as the media tried everything in their power to stop Rob Ford.


Now, I believe that the hatred for Rob Ford fermented when he refused to go to Toronto’s Gay Pride parade. The media whined on and on about how he didn’t attend in 2011, and 2012. I believe firmly that because he didn’t attend the Gay Pride Parade in his first year of office, he became obsessively hated by the media. The media could not have a mayor that did not accept gay pride. It’s not politically correct. The media could not expose any wrong doing in his political career. Rob Ford has kicked out lobbyists in Toronto, and saved the city a billion dollars… His professional life was clean but his private life wasn’t. But there is a double standard: George Smitherman does cocaine. His lover was found overdosed on the traintracks this past September, and the media was nothing but respectful, and gave them their privacy.  So this story is a testament of how the Homosexual lobby has power to destroy political people who don’t support them…




Dear Brothers,


In the wake of the super typhoon Haiyan, as the international community would call it, one would like to thank for your prayers. The major damages and casualties according to the reports are on the upper part of the province of Cebu and thankfully here in our city there were no casualties, as of now, well there are fallen trees and posts but apart from that one could say there were no major damages, like a power plant being hit by lightning or fallen over by a tree/post. Well if they'd say that this super typhoon's wind speed surpasses that of Hurricane Camille then would it have been better to call it a hurricane? http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/truthreport/up-to-235-mile-per-hour-winds-in-the-philippines-typhoon/...


Sincerely and God speed,





Dear Brothers:


Prayer #257 in the Raccolta is a beautiful Act of Reparation and Consecration. At its end, in referring to the Sacred Heart, it says: "I choose It as the object of all my affections and desires...inasmuch as It is the Heart of my Jesus, who is worthy to be loved, the Heart of my King and sovereign Lord, the Bridegroom of my soul, my Shepherd and Master, my truest Friend, my loving Father, my sure Guide, my unfailing protection and my everlasting blessedness. Amen."


I love this prayer, but every time I read it I am reminded of the demonic Bergoglio who calls the Christ-denying Rabbi "our master". We certainly know who Bergoglio's master is -- and who is likewise the master of all those who follow, make excuses for, or even praise this antipope and all of his equally evil predecessors in the Counterfeit Church of Antichrist.


Lee Ann




Subject: Intercommunion


Dear Brothers,

Excellent yet compact video on a very important and subtle heresy amongst the vast cesspool of heresies which make up the robber's council known as Vatican2… These v2 clerics are like spiritual heroin dealers. They make all the people feel good but what they're actually feeding them is a feel good poison that in the end if they don't wake up and convert and repent will send them to hell. No wonder there is so much absolute rotten decay in this world.

God Bless,
Nathan Barton




Subject: West Hollywood


Dear MHFM,


The news listed about a man burning alive to death while the crowd dances and cheers on is sad, but not shocking to me. I used to live in Los Angeles. West Hollywood is one of the most wicked, perverted places that I know of in LA or perhaps in any other place. It is the center… of homosexuals in LA.  I've seen men nonchalantly walking the streets in their tiny speedos in broad daylight, gay clubs with men publicly kissing and groping each other in public, etc. As one drives through, gay rainbow flags line up on both sides of Santa Monica blvd, Weho's main street.  The difference of seeing some perverted act in real life is much more disturbing and shocking than you can experience from pictures or video.  This is definitely an area that Catholics should avoid if possible.  I think most Angelenos do not like these Halloween festivals or what happens in Weho but tolerate it because they feel they cannot speak against it.  Keep up the good work,


In Jesus and Mary,





Dear Brothers,


I am completely convinced that there is no salvation outside the Church, especially as I am a convert and the other points made in your paragraph about invincible ignorance and water baptism, I am also convinced of these… The True Catholic faith is the only way in which a soul is to be saved…


God Bless You,


Sharon Clark




The Fastest Growing “Religion” In America Is Witchcraft | Truth Report … At the house I was living in… up until recently, one of the reasons I decided to leave was because signs of what I believed was some brand or other of "witch-craft" or "voo-doo" taking place on that property. Someone had placed a metal object containing many pentagram "stars" in the shape of a larger pentagram "star" into a bush at the back of the property with this object facing towards the house I was in. Then I found a burnt candle -- burnt all the way to the ground which could easily have caught fire in the dry grass and leaves----inside a glass jar that had smashed open due to the heat of said candle----pieces of glass were scattered around the back yard when the glass jar exploded. But that was not all------there was ALSO a jar containing what looked like "black tar" right next to the smashed candle, so I googled it and came up with something from the voo-doo cult… THEN someone had come into the back yard of said house where I was residing… and had "drawn" a HUGE backward letter "S" with what looked like a "devil's tail" shape on the end of it RIGHT ON THE SIDE OF THE HOUSE, immediately to the left of the main entrance door to the home so it was impossible to not notice this truly BIZARRE "S" shape drawn on the house…




Subject: the way to be


Afternoon Mhfm,


You guys need to chill out and realize that there are plenty of latin masses popping up all over the planet!!  I suggest you get with the program and relax, put on some Iron Maiden tonight, drop the nonsense and I'll a guarantee ya that you gonna feel a whole lot better about life and yourselves... Peace be with you!


Hammond Sagar




MHFM: This is serious and worth noting.  There are some true Catholics in the Philippines.  Our prayers go out to them: that God’s will is done in their regard.


Super Typhoon Haiyan, perhaps the strongest storm ever recorded, bears down on the Philippines


Igbo ‘Mass’


Subject: Igbo ‘Mass’ in AR




We now have "Igbo masses" here in Arkansas:




The novus ordo "menu" is always expanding.






Dear Brothers,

I have a couple of concerns that I hope you can assist me with. Firstly, due to your website and a traditional Catholic grandmother, I stopped attending the N.O. "Mass" several years ago…


I have two children aged three years and eighteen months and in the coming years we are required to make a decision regarding their schooling. We would rather die than send our children to a "catholic" school that is tied to a N.O. parish. I know that home schooling would be the best option, but I am unable to give up my current employment and my wife, who is of Cambodian descent and a convert to Catholicism, is not at all confident of being able to home school the children. Our only other option that I can see is to send them to the SSPX school in our state, a school that is super conservative and is everything we would want in a school, other than of course the obvious danger of the children being exposed to some of the ludicrous positions that the SSPX holds on BOD and the Vatican II sect.

If you could assist me in any way with these current problems I would be most grateful, as we are fully aware that the decisions we make regarding our children could obviously have serious ramifications for our souls. Thanking you in advance and God bless.

Anthony (Melbourne, Australia)


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  Even though she doesn’t feel confident, you should homeschool. 


New International Order


… I was getting ready to meet the day and heard a discourse [on a podcast], as it turns out, from v2: describing how Christians should unite with all on a secular and religious level for a new international order. Said several times. This went on for a few minutes… as soon as I heard this one, having missed the little intro for some reason, I went back and checked and found who originated it. I won't take the time to try to transcribe it here. ALSO DESCRIBING "APPROPRIATE AND SYSTEMATIC TRAINING" and how the "Church must become active in the community of nations" - special care should be given to the formation of young people…





Subject: The Consecration of Russia


Dear Brothers:


By now, Russia has publicly demonstrated the fact that it is in many ways far less degenerate than the once-Catholic Europe and the Freemasonic US. With their latest efforts to speak up for the "Christians" of the East who are being slaughtered, and the other ways in which they put the West to shame, it is as if God is throwing out Exclamation Points to the facts which MHFM had begun to publish a long time ago -- long before events were as clear as they are now. I really have to marvel at the fact that MHFM understood the situation regarding the Consecration of Russia, and its correlation to actual historical events, long before anyone else (including myself) was able to make any sense of it. In the Vatican 2 sect, people either totally dismiss Fatima as having no significance at all (as most Protestants would), or they hold the false teaching (and false hope) promoted by Gruner and the SSPX. If these people had any honesty about them, they would recognize that they are in a complete fog when it comes to Fatima and that the Grunerite explanation of Fatima raises more questions than it answers. It is a natural thing for people to seek an end to confusion, so one would rightly expect them to jump at the chance to get the truth about Fatima which is presented by MHFM. But so many will not; they prefer to remain blind. Thinking about this also reminded me of the idiot who wrote in some time back to say that MHFM would be more effective if it refrained from telling people the truth about world events. What a jackass that guy was. He thought ignorance was bliss.


And speaking of bad-willed people, I was thinking back to when I was in the false traditional "branch" of the Vatican 2 sect. I recall that Lefebvre's having signed certain Vatican 2 documents caused some consternation for the SSPX. The fact that Lefebvre would sign these documents should have been a signal to them that Lefebvre's thinking was off, and caused them to admit that Lefebvre was no Champion of Christ. But telling the truth is something they are not willing to do. Lefebvre's thinking was off, of course, because he persisted in his denial of the dogma that Outside the Church there is no Salvation. And the sorry saga of the SSPX strikes me as another Exclamation Point -- this one affirming the Church's consistent teaching that to deny one dogma is to deny the entire Catholic faith. It explains why the SSPX has remained in the Counter-Church and has accepted its heresies and its Christ-denying antipopes…


Lee Ann




Dear Brothers,

Thank you for posting the two articles: one about the evidence supporting your conclusion on the Consecration of Russia, and the other on the river turning blood red in the Netherlands. False traditionalists and other heretics need to wake up and realize that Russia was consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by Pope Pius XII. There are not going to be any more "consecrations to Russia" because there has not been a true pope for 55 years now. They believe in some kind of "magical fairy tale" scenario where everything is going to suddenly go back to tradition, when it's not. Doctrinally and liturgically, nothing worse can happen than what has happened for the last 55 years. Nothing worse could ever happen, not only because the Vatican II apostasy is totally antichrist on every level, but also because so many are completely duped by it all. Yes, so many have been so wrong for so long. It is the level of deception that is unprecedented and which cannot be repeated. The waters turning to a blood red color is another wake up call. It is reminiscent of what the Lord did to the waters in Egypt. It shows that the world, symbolized by Egypt, has not got much longer before it ends completely. It's now or never - if people don't stand up for the true faith now, the salvation dogma in particular, and oppose BOD, the Vatican II sect and its antipopes, then there won't be any more chances.

St. Alphonsus (1760): "If you neglect God's call on this occasion, he may perhaps abandon you forever. Resolve, then, resolve! 'The devil,' says St. Theresa, 'is afraid of resolute souls.' St. Bernard teaches that many souls are lost through want of fortitude."

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




Subject: The guilt of the Sunday obligation


I wanted to comment on Mr. Io...'s post, ("Uneasy") and the guilt associated with not fulfilling the "Sunday obligation" when walking away from the Novus Ordo…


There are some very profound connotations to the words of Our Lord: "When therefore you shall see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place: he that readeth let him understand. Then they that are in Judea, let them flee to the mountains... But pray that your flight be not in the winter, or on the sabbath. [Matt 24:15-20]


The Abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel was fulfilled together with a historical "flight from Jerusalem," during the persecution of Antiochus Epiphanes (read the books of the Machabees). Tragically for the Judeans, in the effort to observe the Sabbath, many were overcome by the pursuing enemy and killed during their flight. Only after this did Judas Machabeus convince the faithful Judeans that they were not required to fulfill this obligation. They went on to defeat the enemy with striking Divine assistance.


No words of Our Lord are in vain. This prayer that Our Lord prescribes to us, "pray that your flight be not in the winter, or on the sabbath..." is necessary, since under what appear to be "normal" circumstances, we will not be able to make our flight without sinning in our hearts as regards our "Sabbath obligation." It is the veiled indication (prudently hidden by Our Lord until the revealed time) that the threat is specific to God's elect -- those who want to follow the law, and we must not therein placate the enemy by fulfilling the appearance of the law.


The Novus Ordo is odious in the Sight of Our Lord. "Offer sacrifice no more in vain: incense is an abomination to me. The new moons, and the sabbaths, and other festivals I will not abide, your assemblies are wicked.2 (Isaiah 1:15)


Instead, take the tact of the Machabees, as direct by Our Lord. Grab your Rosary, and take up the full Catholic life. The battle has begun!






Dear Brothers,


I am from Ireland.  I recently came across your website and would like to thank you for your wonderful website.  I have watched all of your videos and have started to pray the 15 decades of the Rosary.  Thank you and may God Bless you.


Michael Loftus




… Thank you for spreading the truth and awakening the minds of the masses because there are a lot of people that are still under the spell of satan, we have been really fooled. May God bless you and your mission. May the forces of light prevail with Christ on our side.


Peace! Jose




Good day, Brothers I just ran into your website a few days ago. I have been going to Mass everyday, for a while now being on the shady part of the mountain {retired} and, have always felt uneasy about some of the things going on at Mass, just a gut feeling something is not right, like laity giving Communion, half the church comes to Sunday Mass late, no respect for the Tabernacle, Communion in the hand, and so on. I find it very depressing. I can only find one Church which has Latin Mass on Sat @ 9am. I have heard u say we should quit going to the N.O. Mass. How do I deal with the Catholic guilt of not going if I can’t find a true Mass, a guilt I have carried for a long time a remnant from the fire and brimstone sermons of my youth. If u know of someone who can help us in Edmonton Alberta Canada that would be great. Thanks and God Bless.




MHFM: We’re glad you came across the material.  The New Mass is invalid and non-Catholic.  It must be avoided under pain of grave sin.  There is no obligation to attend Mass if there isn’t a fully Catholic option in your area.  Thus, there is no sin in staying home in those cases.  There are some options for receiving the sacraments of confession (which is obviously crucial) and possibly the Eucharist (in a traditional rite only) depending upon where one lives.  However, you need to be convinced and committed on all the issues first.  You should stop going to the New Mass, look over the information, pray the full Rosary each day and become convinced.  Then we can help you with where to receive sacraments.


Joel Osteen


Subject: Joel Osteen


Dear Brothers:

Here's a telling Joel Osteen video clip.


It's interesting that Larry King, a complete infidel, can correctly understand and apply the necessary implications of the Gospel, but Osteen, knowing his position is false and untenable, still clings to it nonetheless.




MHFM: Yes, it’s an interesting clip.  The first 30 seconds expose Osteen as a heretic and liar.  At first, he refuses to directly answer the question about whether one must believe in Christ to be saved or whether non-Christians who don’t believe in Him can be saved by ‘good works’.  Heretics don’t like answering questions directly.  Osteen says ‘there’s probably a balance’ between the two.  That obviously indicates that while you should accept Christ on some level, you can be saved without believing in Him by ‘good works.’  If he had answered directly, his answer would therefore have been: no, some people can be saved without accepting Christ. 


Realizing that his indirect answer contradicts the Gospel, he then says: ‘I believe you have to know Christ’.  That’s his dishonest attempt to give the impression that he still somehow adheres to the biblical teaching on salvation, even though he just indicated the contrary.  He then says that he cannot judge.  This is all in the first minute.  He is a dishonest person.  That’s why he’s a heretic.


It’s very interesting that his responses and tactics are almost exactly the same as heretics who deny the salvation dogma and obstinately adhere to ‘baptism of desire.’  Just like Osteen, at first they will refuse to answer the question directly.  They will then indicate in various ways, but without stating it bluntly, that people who are not Catholic and don’t believe in Christ can be saved.  They will then contradict themselves and give the impression that they adhere to the revealed truth/rule with all their hearts.  Finally, they will assert (just as he did) that they cannot judge.  


Like Osteen, they are liars.  Hence, truth and consistency find no place in them.


Matthew 5:37- Jesus said: “But let your speech be yea, yea: no, no: and that which is over and above these, is of evil.”




Subj: "Fr." Z Post


Dear Most Holy Family Monastery,

Thanks for your recent video on "Fr." Z. The last statue he depicts reveals to me exactly where his interests lie.

I do not know if you are aware, but he has also just recently promoted a movie with inappropriate content. He is becoming unhinged, and I think that we will see another Corapi-like scandal soon.

In Mary,


MHFM: Yes, if there was any doubt about whether he’s a pervert, in our view the third picture is the clincher.  Also, concerning the movie you mention, Z says it has an ‘R’ rating.  Nevertheless, he recommends it to others.  




Dear Brothers:


What is really eerie is that whenever individuals undertake any kind of public promotion of sodomy, they will always say that they are doing this or that despicable action "for the benefit of others". Satan, the ultimate Inverter, gets people to promote their own degradation and the degradation and damnation of others by inspiring in his fools a perverse sense of "altruism". The more they promote homosexuality, the more important they can feel. When the sodomites or the lesbians strive to put someone out of business or otherwise lose their employment, when they try to get money from people who find homosexuality repugnant, or when they wage their campaigns to destroy the innocence of children and recruit them into a lifestyle of sin and misery -- they always say the same thing. They are doing it "for the benefit of others". That's probably what the despicable "Fr. Z" told himself… As MHFM's video points out, "Fr. Z" is definitely sending out his true signals. It used to be that sin brought men shame. Now, every sin (whether it be sodomy or heresy), always involves some form of self-congratulation or adoration. But that shouldn't surprise us. This is the Age of Man.


Some might think that our age in the history of the world is the most difficult time in which to be living, but in one way it's the easiest. Could anyone of prior ages (except perhaps the saints and the early martyrs of the Church) ever have understood as we can that reprobate sense St. Paul spoke of -- or ever have imagined that it would be so publicly flouted and promoted as it is today? The world is worse that it was before the Coming of Christ. -- because it has received but rejected the Truth of Christ. Today, what people imagine to be global warming is simply Hell expanding and the Wide Way being stuffed to capacity.


Lee Ann


New Video Posted


MHFM: This is a new video.


“Fr.” Z’s Strange Post [video]





MHFM: This is interesting.


River Turns Blood Red in The Netherlands – Apocalyptic




MHFM: This is another article which further proves our position on the Consecration of Russia, and the transformation that has resulted from it. 


Russia's “protectorate” over Middle Eastern "Christians"






I used to think you were crazy, but as I'm reading your material, I'm becoming convinced…


Thank you so much for your work.


Tom Chambers




Subject: ‘Fr.’ Z


Dear Brothers in Christ,

Thank you for the video about 'Fr.' Z.'s possible or even probable sexual perversion.  Indeed, we can rightfully say that dark forces are in play when a person is so interested in displaying the totally naked figures of male, or female, human bodies, and encouraging others to watch the same… when a man is very interested in watching totally naked male bodies with uncovered private parts, that is the strongest indication that the watcher's soul is totally under Satan's influence. There is no doubt about that.

I would like to make a comment about another characteristic of 'Fr.' Z.  It is about the letter Z., which became the trademark of this 'Fr.'. I don't know how and when the surname Zuhlsdorf became just Z. I suppose that this 'Fr.' is so noticeable in V2 sect's "conservative" circles that they, the V2 sect's adherents, somehow decided to pay homage to their beloved 'Fr.' by shortening his surname to just the initial letter. I think that this process was not just a mere coincidence. Namely, the mentioned 'Fr.' is a ZANY, in the service of the antipopes; he is also a ZEALOT, in the service of spreading the false teaching of the V2 counter-church; he is also a supporter of ZIONISM, by embracing the… false religion of modern-day judaism; he is also a ZOMBIE with regards of the true Catholic doctrine and, finally, he is a ZERO with regards to the true Catholic faith. That's why I think this "Z." is a true "homage" to the V2 counter-church and all adherents of her.

May our Most Chaste Mother Mary and St. Joseph guard over the chastity of all true Catholics in the world.

Vladimir from Zagreb, Croatia




Thinking Logically about the Antichrist | Catholic Church Thanks… For it is precisely as the REAL sister Lucia said, "either you are for God, or for the devil, there is no other choice"… and..."the devil is in the mood for a final (definitive) battle with/against the Blessed Virgin Mary, a battle in which one side wins, the other side loses" (my paraphrase). As you say it is abundantly obvious to any honest thinking individual that we have been living through those darkest days.






"Fr." Z's passion


To publicly post such debauchery is a sure sign his heart resides in filthy sin and godless idolatry. Likewise, if that rubbish is pedestaled at the Vatican museum, what else lurks behind closed doors?!! I don't wanna know.


This video is very revealing of "Fr." Z. Hopefully his followers will smell an ugly skunk.


(Those stone statues are just a poisoned fruit of a deadman's artwork) Exactly what motivated people to sculpt such immodesty?!!




Novus Ordo ‘Zumba Praise’


Subject: Some idiotic type of "Catholic" worship in Trinidad




I thought this may be of interest to you and your readers.  The following is brought to you by the Novus Ordo apostates in Trinidad, West Indies:




What was striking to me was this: "It’s the latest way to worship."  Shouldn't we be holding fast to the traditions we have from the Early Church (i.e. Traditional Catholicism)?  But these people of the false church would not even think of such a question, simply because they don't have enough interest. WHAT A SHAME!


2 Thessalonians - "Therefore, brethren, stand fast; and hold the traditions which you have learned, whether by word, or by our epistle."






Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the video exposing "Fr." Z. His outrageous and quite frankly, demonic post, truly indicates as you said, a deep spiritual problem… The similarities between "Fr." Z and "Fr." Corapi are astounding. It is the same impure spirit that drives them both…


God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




Dear Brothers,


Perhaps Allison should be reminded about the massive sex scandals that the Vat II had to undergo? http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/22_SScandal.pdf. If she still claims that the Vat II is the Holy Roman Catholic Church, [God forbid] which it isn't… then she's lost it… Our Lord did not promise that the buildings can't be infiltrated or that heresies can't abound, 1 Cor 11:19.  What she has to realize is that the Catholic Church is governed supernaturally not only by the externals.


Sincerely and God speed,





Dear MHFM,


The Gospels instruct us to strive to enter through the narrow gate. Water baptism is that narrow gate… It's such a simple process for those who love Our Lord Jesus.  Our Lord reads our hearts instantaneously, doesn't He? It's such a no-brainer for those few who truly love Christ, and his loving heart is there and the gate of baptism is always there, always without fail to begin the path into eternal salvation. How the modernist filth has sullied that which is pure is beyond my way at looking at our path to God! It truly must be diabolical…




‘The Church’


Most Holy Family Monastery brought me closer to God but your organization needs to come back to the church that you preach about. MHFM is doing exactly what they preach against, by leading people out of the one holy Roman Catholic Church. The devils deception is working through them whether they know it or not. The sacraments are only valid in the Holy Roman Catholic Church. You guys could be doing so much more by helping the church and stop attacking it through heresy. 


Allison Torres


MHFM: You obviously don’t care about facts or believe in Catholic teaching at all.  If you did, you would recognize that the Vatican II sect is not the Church.  Heretics are not members of the Church.  Haven’t you figured that out yet?  People such as Francis, who reject converting non-Catholics and other dogmas, are not part of the Catholic Church.  By your obstinate adherence to (and promotion of) a heretical sect that repudiates the teaching of the magisterium, you reject the Church, deny Christ and attack the faith.


Pray for some faith and honesty, and wake up.




Subject: “Fr.” Z


Dear Brothers:


Thank you for the video further exposing the apostate "Fr." Z. Yes, to describe his post with its explicit male images as bizarre is putting it mildly. Even in modern-day apostate Rome, there is still a wealth of true religious art that one who wished to edify others could have focused on. This doesn't seem to be Z's intent… as you pointed out, one can only wonder at what would move a man to post three pictures of male private parts with no explanation. Something dark is at work here, as it is in the whole Vatican II idolatry and apostasy. This sort of weird behavior only adds to the mountain of evidence that the Vatican II sect and its antipopes are not Catholic. It is more wicked fruit from a wicked tree.


Joseph Ramirez




Subject: “Baptism of Desire” Refuted – Trent, Sess. 6, Chap. 4 [Article]


You did an outstanding work refuting the "baptism of desire" heresy….





“Fr.” Z



Those pictures were really something… The fact that "Fr" Z posted those pictures publicly and so, serve as testimony against him, should hopefully wake people up to the reality of spiritual blindness… "Fr" Z may realize that since his sins are finding him out, he needs to do a reassessment: in terms of his personal sins and doctrinal views. To post those pictures, especially if you claim to be a "priest", is indicative of spiritual problems. It is repulsive.





Dear Brothers in Christ,

Thank you for your recent article on the "baptism" of desire. You've elaborated all the details concerning the Council of Trent, Sess. 6, Chap. 4's wording. It is truly diabolical how the false traditionalists twist the words to accommodate the meaning of Trent's wording to their satanic wishes. Indeed, the false traditionalists and V2 sect's adherents are the most abominable creatures in these last days of the world. They apply the word "desire" even to the people who explicitly say they have no desire for baptism at all. What is next in the satanic hierarchy of twisting the meaning of the words? I suppose the abominable false traditionalist would say that those who have no desire to receive baptism in fact have the desire, but they don't know it yet? Or that they have the desire for desire? Or that they COULD have the desire, which is satisfactory enough, even though they DON'T have the desire to receive the baptism?

God has removed all the foreseeable natural obstacles for a human being to receive the baptism. A few drops of natural water and a human person, male or a female, Catholic or non-Catholic, with the right intention and a few simple and easy memorable words would suffice to confect the SACRAMENT of Baptism. But no, for the abominable V2 sect's adherents and false traditionalists this is not good enough. They must teach our Lord Jesus Christ the lesson. They say there is a sacrament without a sacrament or a desire for a sacrament. Our Lord should have consulted the "Catholics" how a sacrament is to be received and what the necessary conditions are for this to occur.

Is there a more prideful attitude toward God the false traditionalists and V2 sect's adherents are showing? I don't know, but I'm sure they will think of something even more abominable than the BOD.

May our Most Blessed Mother Mary and St. Joseph pray for all true Catholics in the world.

Vladimir from Zagreb, Croatia




Dear MHFM…


These days are truly, the blackest… Unlike World War I, WWII and other wars, this kind of devastation kills not the body, but the soul. In Wars, at least the wounded are aware of the injury, whereas in 'spiritual warfare', people continue laughing and being merry, despite their soul being alike a rotted snake… It seems that God is… giving man a great chance to reject the wickedness of Vatican II. Mr. Francis' outrageous apostasies are making worldwide headlines. But sadly, millions of souls LOVE this new anti-Catholic 'wave' and hence, are the sole author of their journey to Hell (unless they convert). Similarly, believing in the manmade heresy of 'Baptism of Desire' is a grand tool of Hell to cloud one's intellect. All 'Baptism of Desire' does is put one's head in a paper bag, chockfull of wormy candy. It baffles me why there can even be a debate on this issue, as the Church has INFALLIBLY taught that "Outside the Catholic Church There is Absolutely No Salvation" and, of course, the necessity of WATER baptism. Truth is simple and does not involve philosophical manipulations, which the SSPX spits out.


This is truly the Apocalypse. The world's present state is worse than a universal nuclear disaster. People are walking, yet, in their vanity, have carved God out of their heart. This is particularly apparent with priests. I've relayed Catholic information to many priests and have not one e-mail response (apart from a brief "thanks"). This lack of charity is unutterably disgusting. Even if I were sending erroneous information, their failure to 'correct' is appalling and further proof they are enchained to evil. On the other hand, if truth stirs their heart, but they remain cowardly silent, they are also 'siding with Hell' (probably in fear of getting 'kicked out')…






Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the comments to 'Fir.' Fir says Antipope Francis is "without a way with words." Francis is without Jesus Christ, who is the Way and the Word of God. Fir is the schismatic since he attacks true Catholics, rejects the teachings of past true popes, and obstinately holds to schismatical leaders like Francis. Francis goes out of his way to pray and worship the Devil with heretics, schismatics and apostates. Fir is another deluded worshipper of man.

The no-jurisdiction schismatics also worship man since they reject the fact that the Church supplies jurisdiction when necessary so that the sacraments are available for the salvation of souls: the top priority - even when there is no true pope…

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




Subject: Excellent video on Francis


Great video regarding the last… kings.


What I do not understand is you imply that there is a lower status of those not catholic.


I was raised in a catholic church but now attend a non-denominational Christian church.


Do I not have salvation through Jesus Christ? My understanding is Christ said “no one comes to the Father except through me”, and you obviously have far greater knowledge than me, so am I mistaken in my faith in my salvation being founded in my trust in Christ or have I missed something.


Thank you again for the video.


Greg Srch


MHFM: Thanks for the interest. 


You cannot have salvation unless you embrace the Catholic faith.  It is the one true Christian faith.  The biblical proof for the Catholic faith is on our website.  To be a Christian you must accept all of what Christ taught.  That cannot be done as a non-Catholic.  Please consult the evidence on the website and in the book, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church.




We also recommend that you immediately begin to pray ten Hail Marys each day (prayer attached).  If you do so sincerely, you will receive graces to see that God wants you to embrace the traditional Catholic faith, His one true faith.  It's critical that you make looking into this information (and acting upon it) your priority.


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts




Dear brothers


Great work against baptism of desire, and on the absolute necessity of the catholic faith and water baptism for salvation. Why do heretics hate and fear the water. Water cleanses, sustains life, and gives spiritual birth. They are against JESUS CHRIST… antichrist.  Thank you and may our lady keep you.


From mark v




Subject: Novus Ordo mass terror


Catholics are not supposed to celebrate Halloween, but nevertheless, it’s as good a time as any to be amazed at the Vatican II Sect’s liturgical madness:




For a person with salutary fear of the Lord this can be scarier than any horror movie any human mind can conceive.


May God Almighty and All His Saints in Heaven deliver this miserable world from the clutches of Satan and his Anti-Church. Come quickly, Lord Jesus Christ.




Modern Antipopes




Dear Bros.


... There have been about 40 antipopes in the Catholic Church's history and if I remember my history correctly EVERY single one of those antipopes no matter how bad off they were in their teachings still never denied Christ, true they held fantastically insane fantasies on him and his teachings by him and yet despite their stupidity, blindness and heresy, still they saw a necessity for him even if to them he was no more than a philosopher they still had a use for their Christ even if he was a false one. These heresiarchs themselves even still believed in the need of the world to be converted even though they thought that the people should be converted to their counterfeit churches or teachings and be a "Christian" according to them in their proto-Protestant cults and come out the darkness of these other false and/or pagan religions. I mean how clear does it have to be made to these Novus Ordites? The leaders of these ancient heretical cults and all these different antipopes one and all NOT ONCE ever (to my knowledge) gathered together with people that they considered non-Christians or heretics for prayer. Nor did they ever gather together with pagans and tell them everything was fine and dandy with what they believed and how they believed it. Now these Vatican II adherents… still say that they believe that the leaders of the Vatican II church are true Christians and models to base your life on and listen to when these guys like that Communist, pope of sodomites and pedophiles, Francis speaks or writes anything, even when they deny Christ, praise atheists, deny the necessity to convert even to Protestantism and the necessity to believe in Christ, convert to even their own "Catholic" faith, give "Christian" burial to "priests" who repeatedly rape 200 deaf boys (as they did recently) etc., it just goes to show that these guys that lead and have led the Vatican II cult are worse than the ancient heresiarchs of old because the ancient heretics didn't (aside from the Arians) claim to be Catholics as these guys do all the while denying things even the most evil heresies of history still believed in to a certain extent. So these antipopes of today are worse than the ones of the past by about a billion light years yet they can be to these Vatican II cultists, not heretics, not blasphemers, but true leaders all the while being worse than all those who came before, WOW!!!


In Christ,





I, Donald McEvoy, completely renounce and reject satan, the Vatican II Apostate Church and its teachings.  I hold faithfully steadfast to the One Holy True Church of Christ -- The Holy Roman Catholic Church…




Subject: Antipope


Dear MHFM,


"There were periods after a true pope died when only an antipope was reigning."


Your response to Daniel Date was also a helpful reminder that the situation in Rome since 1958 is not entirely unprecedented. In other words, there were periods in other past centuries (not just the 20th century) when antipopes reigned alone with no living true pope.


I'm thinking that some people might respond with some amount of interest if I mention this to them when trying to convert them to the true Catholic Faith or when introducing vaticancatholic.com to them.





St. Michael


Subject: St. Michael


Dear MHFM,


That's a mega amazing letter that soldier wrote to his mom, who met St. Michael the Archangel!! I've previously heard an audio of the letter, but it wasn't very clear in articulation. Wow ........ I'm sooo happy that MHFM transcribed the letter.


"Michael, Michael, of the morning

Fresh cord of Heaven adorning,

Keep me safe today

And in time of temptation,

Drive the devil away"


What a beautiful prayer! In these dark days, St. Michael is a great help, as so is his queen, Mother Mary.


Take care,





… with the email of Fir he accused you of schism and turned a blind eye on what his "popes" are doing like embracing the Eastern Orthodox and accepting the agreement between the Lutherans and them to name a few. They are crying foul over the truth but ignore the glaring evidence of the facts presented before their eyes so during Judgement Our Lord would also turn a blind eye to their pleas for mercy.


Sincerely and God speed,



New Article Posted


MHFM: This is an important new article refuting a primary argument brought up by ‘Baptism of Desire’ supporters.  Obviously we have addressed and refuted the argument ‘baptism of desire’ supporters make in this regard numerous times in the past.  It was refuted in detail in our book Outside the Catholic Church There is Absolutely No Salvation and in our video Baptism of Desire Buried.  However, the video Baptism of Desire Buried, which was published in 2012, contained a number of extremely important new points about this particular issue that were not in the 2003 or 2006 versions of the book.  This article is the first time we’ve put all of those new points into writing.  We have also replaced the previous section in our online salvation book with this new section/article. 


“Baptism of Desire” Refuted – Trent, Sess. 6, Chap. 4


In posting this article we would also like to emphasize that the reason we continue to deal frequently, and in such depth, with the arguments ‘baptism of desire’ advocates advance is 1) because the false doctrine is so widespread and closely tied to the current apostasy; and 2) since we have the true position we are able to thoroughly address and refute every objection they advance.  Moreover, continuing study of these issues reveals even more powerful ways to refute their position.  On the other hand, they cannot even begin to address about seven to ten dogmatic arguments which completely refute their position and they basically never even attempt to do so.  Hence, we will continue to look at these issues in increasing depth.  We will continue to add new points and insights which further refute the false doctrine of ‘baptism of desire’.  These points illuminate the truth proclaimed by Jesus Christ and dogmatically declared by the Church: unless a man is born again of water and the Spirit he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.




Dear Brothers,


'Fir' is a brain dead, zombiefied heretic. It's amazing that he dares to describe Frank as a 'good catholic'.  If just one letter were added to 'Fir" .... namely the letter 'e,' for error, it would read "FIRE" - where all, who after it has become so clear/out in the open, even to Protestants, that antipope Frank cannot possibly be a Catholic, and therefore not a Pope, are heading, unless they come out of her, the false Vatican II Church, the whore of Babylon!


God bless,



‘A Good Catholic’


Subject: What Francis Really Believes (3rd edition)


Selectively chosen nonsense. Pope Francis is a good Catholic without a way for words. The only heretics are the "brothers" at your unholy schismatic monastery.




MHFM: You are another example of how the Devil (with the cooperation of the bad will of men) is able to consistently give birth to one monumental liar after another.  No, it’s not nonsense.  It’s all true, documented and irrefutable.  That’s why (just like other heretics) you cannot give one specific example to back up your claim.  You can only throw out the baseless charge. 


As the video proves, Francis rejects proselytism, engages in false worship, embraces false religions and much more.  Those are all documented and irrefutable facts.  His positions on those and other issues are heresy and apostasy according to Catholic teaching.  Sadly, facts don’t bother liars such as yourself.  They are important, however, to people who actually care about Jesus Christ, the truth and the Catholic faith.


You are not a Catholic, but a total apostate.  You couldn’t care less about what the Church teaches or the fact that Francis rejects it.  You are an unspeakable liar fit for the eternal fire.  The fact that you have the audacity to call Francis ‘a good Catholic’ in the face of the evidence you viewed is another example of how far the Vatican II apostasy has taken people into the darkness. 




Your Vincent Ferrer position does not recognize that in times of interregnums there was always a true-pope "supplying jurisdiction" while competing with the anti-pope.


Daniel Date


MHFM: No, you are quite wrong.  There were periods after a true pope died when only an antipope was reigning.  The Church continued to supply jurisdiction to St. Vincent Ferrer (and many other priests) during those periods.  That fact is just one of many that completely refutes the utterly false no-jurisdiction position and its schismatic adherents.




Dear MHFM,


Thank you for your hard work, study and dedication to crush and refute the arguments advanced by BOD supporters. Hopefully soon by consulting the information on your website and YouTube channel for example, your latest article "Baptism of Desire" Refuted - Trent, Sess. 6, Chap. 4 and video "Baptism of Desire" Buried many of these people will be enlightened and embrace the absolute truth on this matter; that is: Unless a man be born again of water and the Holy Ghost, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God. By believing in this dogma it will then be much 'easier' for them to except and believe that truth which fell from heaven: Outside the Catholic Church there in No Salvation…


Yours in The Holy Family,

Kieran Stainsby




Hi…I don't believe in BOD, Invincible Ignorance, the Novus Ordo Mass, the invalid priests, all the Antipopes starting from John XXIII up to Francis I, and I firmly believe that there is No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church.


I haven't attended the Novus Ordo Mass ever since I started reading your articles and watching your videos. I pray… the Holy Rosary everyday for the forgiveness of my sins as well as my family, relatives and friends.


Thank you for lighting the way for us in this times of the Great Apostasy.




V2 service


I have been listening steadily to audios from your website on my IPod… I cannot understand how an older person… can stand to attend a V2 service.






Subject: New Section


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the excellent new article refuting "baptism of desire."  The truth of the necessity of water baptism is abundantly clear, and the fact that new discoveries regarding this truth are still to be mined indicates again that it is the truth; the fact that the BOD heretics have literally run out of arguments shows that they are Beating Ol' Dead horse. The new section on the causes of justification in the impious is very powerful. It bolsters the true position with more infallible facts that outside the Catholic Church there is absolutely no salvation. This is an exciting and striking addition to what is already a landmark book.

John 8:32 - "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




Subject: BOD


Dear Brothers,


Wow, you are making fools out of the BOD heretics, your latest exposé is so clear, as they always are. To me the icing on the cake was comparing the language of the sacrament of penance [Sess. 14, Chap. 4; Sess. 6, Chap. 14], with the language and causes of the sacrament of baptism, where the Council of Trent stated no less than three times that a person can be reconciled to God with perfect contrition and the desire for confession, before receiving the sacrament and interestingly enough, both perfect contrition and desire for the sacrament of penance is needed, along with God's Grace.


The language for the sacrament of baptism has zero reference to any notion of desire alone at all, because both desire and water baptism are needed and it’s stated this way because it’s dealing with the impious, those above the age of reason, meaning if a person doesn't desire it, obviously the person is not going to take the action, to get it done. To me BOD is just another offshoot of the faith alone garbage, just believe in Jesus and you are justified, just desire baptism and you are justified, nonsense! I agree with you that God allowed it to be written that way to test man's will, for good or bad.


Great job as always and thanks.


Sincerely yours,






MHFM: For those interested in the details of this issue, this is a short section of the new article (“Baptism of Desire” Refuted – Trent, Sess. 6, Chap. 4) which contains an interesting new consideration that was not part of the video, Baptism of Desire Buried.


It’s also very important to note that chapter 4, which mentions the word “desire/vow” in the context of the prerequisites for justification (not as something that brings about justification), is a ”description” (descriptio) of the Justification of the Impious: “Insinuatur descriptio iustificationis impii…”


In a description of what will be present in adult justification, the desire for baptism will necessarily be mentioned.  However, chapter 7 of the Decree on Justification deals with the “causes” (causae) of justification: “Cap. 7. Quid sit iustificatio impii, et quae eius causae.


In defining the causes of justification, only the Sacrament of Baptism is mentioned.  It alone is the instrumental cause.  That’s because receiving the Sacrament of Baptism is the only way to be justified.


Pope Paul III, Council of Trent, Sess. 6, Chap. 7, the Causes of Justification: “The causes of this Justification are: the final cause is the glory of God and of Christ… the efficient cause is truly a merciful God… the meritorious cause is His most beloved and only-begotten Son… the instrumental cause is the sacrament of baptism, which is the sacrament of faith, without faith no one is ever justified… This faith, in accordance with apostolic tradition, catechumens beg of the Church before the sacrament of baptism, when they ask for faith which bestows life eternal…”


In listing all the causes of justification, why didn’t the Council mention the possibility of “baptism of desire”?  It had ample opportunity to do so, just as it clearly taught no fewer than three times that the reconciliation provided by the Sacrament of Penance can be obtained by perfect contrition and the desire for that sacrament (Sess. 14, Chap. 4; and twice in Sess. 6, Chap. 14).  Desire, martyrdom, contrition are nowhere to be found in Trent’s decree on the causes of first justification because they cannot grant first justification.  Only water baptism grants first justification.  “Baptism of desire” is not mentioned because it’s not a true doctrine.  In fact, a careful consideration of Sess. 14, Chap. 4 of Trent on the Sacrament of Penance supports this point.


In Sess. 14, Chap. 4 Trent declares that a baptized person who has fallen into grave sin can be reconciled to God (and thus restored to justification) through perfect contrition and a desire for the Sacrament of Penance.


Council of Trent, Sess. 14, Chap. 4 on the Sacrament of Penance, Latin: Docet praeterea, etsi contritionem hanc aliquando caritate perfectam esse contingat hominemque Deo reconciliare priusquam hoc sacramentum actu suscipiatur, ipsam nihilominus reconciliationem ipsi contritioni sine sacramenti voto, quod in illa includitur, non esse adscribendam.


Council of Trent, Sess. 14, Chap. 4, On the Sacrament of Penance: “The Council teaches, furthermore, that although this contrition sometimes happens to be perfect through charity and to reconcile man to God before this sacrament is actually received, nonetheless this reconciliation ought not to be ascribed to the contrition itself without the desire of the sacrament which is included in it.”


Trent teaches that perfect contrition (in a baptized person who has fallen) is able “to reconcile” (reconciliare) man to God before the Sacrament of Penance is received; but that the “reconciliationem” (the reconciliation) to God “non esse adscribendam” (ought not to be ascribed) to the perfect contrition alone without the desire for the Sacrament of Penance.  In the Latin, “adscribendam” (to be ascribed) is a feminine accusative singular gerundive agreeing with “reconcilationem” (reconciliation).  Therefore, in Trent’s teaching the “reconciliation” (which brings justification to a fallen baptized person prior to the Sacrament of Penance) is directly ascribed, imputed or attributed to perfect contrition and the desire for the Sacrament of Penance.  Consider that carefully; for it proves that (according to Trent) perfect contrition and the desire for the Sacrament of Penance are CAUSES of reconciliation to God (and restoration to justification) in a baptized person who has fallen into grave sin.  Reconciliation is ascribed to them.  They are the things which, along with God’s grace, effectuate it or bring it about.


Hence, if ‘baptism of desire’ were true – i.e., if ‘desire’ for the Sacrament of Baptism and/or contrition could bring about justification in an unbaptized person, as perfect contrition and the desire for the Sacrament of Penance can bring justification to a fallen baptized person without the Sacrament of Penance – Trent would have included the concept of “desire” under the causes of first justification.  However, as stated above, Trent has a chapter on the "causes" of justification and doesn’t mention anything of the sort.  There is nothing taught about “desire,” contrition or martyrdom being a cause of justification in the unbaptized simply because “baptism of desire” is a false doctrine.  If it were a true doctrine, it would have been stated; but it’s not the teaching of the Catholic Church.  Rather, Trent teaches that the Sacrament of Baptism alone is the instrumental cause of justification because justification only comes to the baptized, as every dogmatic definition dealing with the Sacrament of Baptism’s necessity and John 3:5 proves.


The aforementioned article also covers five primary points: 1) English examples that prove our point about Sess. 6, Chap. 4; 2) Latin examples that prove our point about the passage; 3) the common mistranslation of the passage, which has misled so many on this matter; 4) the passage’s declaration that John 3:5 is to be understood “as it is written”; and 5) a stunning dogmatic precedent that the Latin word aut has been used with sine in an inclusive sense.




Excellent new article on BOD… You are right that this matter is VERY important because deliberate, ongoing mistranslations and misinterpretations of some crucial dogmatic documents gave rise to a few very serious heresies, which unfortunately, have been widely accepted by majority of the Catholics, (thanks to the writings and actions of false traditionalists as well). Those BOD/BOB/II heresies undermine the chief dogma that there is absolutely NO salvation outside the Catholic Church



Subject: BOD Exposition


Dear Brothers,

I want to sincerely thank you for this watertight defense of the necessity of the sacrament of baptism. It really points out how much malice the false trad. "shepherds" have for the masses. They use their appearance of "education" and "authority" to completely lie to the people and in their pride and vanity they think they'll never be caught. No wonder they have such spite for your monastery and God Himself because you're completely tearing every last bit of false comfort they have in their impious charade through your powerful and easy to understand arguments in defense of this most attacked dogma. They really better humble themselves and admit defeat before they get what's coming to them. Again this was an excellent exposition…

Nathan Barton




Subject: Revelation Explained



I have been reviewing your videos and appreciate your in depth analysis of the Catholic church in its present form. I was baptized into the Protestant faith however do not currently attend a congregation as they too are lost in the current darkness of this era. Further, the Protestant position toward the Virgin Mary (ranging from indifference to  disrespect) began to trouble me.

I understand that you believe that Pope JPII was the antichrist which I find very interesting. Do you publish a book, or have you produced a video, which explains your view of end times events?... What is the role and title of the currently elected Pope etc.

My questions arise as I have been taught end time Revelation according to the Protestant faith which is quite different from your understanding.

Thanks for any help!

Jason Walsh


MHFM: Jason, thanks for the interest.  Our website and our book (The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church) cover the biblical proof for the Catholic faith.  It's the one true faith of Christ, and it's necessary for salvation to embrace it.  Protestantism is definitely false.




Yes, we do have a video that deals in detail with the Book of Revelation and our view of the end times.  It's here: Is the World about to End? – The Apocalypse Explained? [video]


The video below also deals with the issue.  It contains a crucial overview of the Church’s present situation, how and why it occurred.


The Third Secret of Fatima (3rd edition) [video]


We strongly encourage you to continue reviewing the material.  In addition to the biblical proof for the Catholic faith, it deals with what is predicted to happen to Christ's one true Church at the end of the world.  The material contains the truth.  It would also be powerful if, in addition to Our Fathers, you were to pray Haily Marys each day for the grace of recognizing the truth Jesus wants you to know (prayers attached).


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts


You also ask about Francis.  He is an antipope.  Please see this video and obtain our package: What Francis Really Believes (3rd edition) [video]


Blind worship


Subject: Blind worship of John Paul 2


Mary Theresa's position towards John Paul 2 is quite common among Poles. Many do think that he was completely innocent "prisoner" of the Vatican powers and politics, and that he tried to do "the best" in the situation. Obviously, it was not the case.


… John Paul 2… fully, consciously, out of his own will, readily cooperated with demonic forces in their pre-planned destruction of the Catholic faith and the Catholic Church… He managed to promote his agenda of "cult /worship of a man" in place of worshipping of the Trinitarian God.  He managed to make the Idol of himself, and for many, he is basically more important than God and His Holy, Catholic Church.




Subject: Maria Simma


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for posting the interesting email from M. Fernanda da Silva exposing the false visionary and heretic, Maria Simma of Austria. Her claims are extremely outrageous - and heresy. The Catholic Church has made it abundantly clear and it is well known dogmatic truth, that outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation. There is no remission of sins (starting with water baptism) outside the Catholic Church, and so all who either die as non-Catholics or in a state of mortal sin, go to hell forever. Simma is another of the multitude of false prophets of the Last Days who prove that Vatican II and its antipopes are totally of the Devil…

Matthew 24:24 - "For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders, insomuch as to deceive (if possible) even the elect."

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White


False Apparition


MHFM: This is a new post about an interesting e-mail we received.


The False Apparitions of Maria Simma of Austria


Maria Simma


Subject: Maria Simma and abortion (an addendum)


Dear Brothers: Thanks for unmasking the false teacher Maria Simma. I did a search on her and uncovered something really shocking (as if there was any need of stronger evidence against her):


… People can commit suicide, and even die while undergoing abortion, and still get to heaven. If this is not a strong encouragement for people to sin, I don’t know what else could it be. Really demonic stuff.


She’s the kind of person Francis would "canonize" in a heartbeat.




Antipope John Paul II


Subject: The Third Secret of Fatima Video


Pope John Paul II was not the antichrist. There are forces at work inside the Vatican that will/would do anything to stop the Truth. JPII just like those who have come after him, was a prisoner to Satan's forces within. This was his sacrifice and penance to God.


Mary Theresa


MHFM: Mary Theresa, you are another example of a person who receives not the love of the truth, and consequently embraces the lies of Satan.  The lie that John Paul II was simply a helpless and unwilling prisoner of the evil men around him was spread for years by heretics such as Nicholas Gruner and Malachi Martin.  That false message has led (and continues to lead) many souls to damnation. 


Of course, anyone with a slight bit of honesty, who examines the evidence of John Paul II’s activity, will quickly recognize that the aforementioned claim about him is untrue.  Here are the facts about his heresies, apostasy and mortal sins: 


John Paul II (manifest heretic who claimed to be pope 1978-2005) [link to section] 


Empty Shell


Subject: Empty Shell



it is outrightly true that the novus ordo church is nothing but an empty shell which contains nothing in itself but deceit. This church truly has nothing to offer as it pertains to truth which leads to salvation. It can be best described as a molted skin of a snake. The molted snake can be recognized through its empty skin. Likewise the novus ordo is just a molted skin which is truly empty and devoid of the internal property of the snake, the Catholic Faith. The novus ordo adherents are just interested in the external appearance and not the internal. In other word, they own the empty-molted snake skin…


Etah Ojeka



Can you point me in the direction of Vatican / Catholic Church teaching on individual salvation vs. liberation theology's group salvation and the possible diabolical/ evil associated with the later… Obama has stated we need group salvation of the nation as a whole and I sometimes wonder if I am attending a Catholic Church.....

Confused &
Thank You
Bob Thornton


MHFM: Modernists emphasize the collective.  People are saved or damned individually, although everyone must have the Catholic faith and die in the state of grace to be saved.  It's crucial that you look at the material on our site.  The New Mass, which you presumably attend, is invalid and must be avoided under pain of grave sin.  The material proves that the Vatican II Church (including the diocesan structure under Francis) is not the true Catholic Church.  Please consult these videos and pray the Rosary each day, all 15 decades if possible:


What Francis Really Believes (3rd edition) [video]

The Third Secret of Fatima, the Impostor Sr. Lucia, and the End of the World [video]

Is the World about to End? – The Apocalypse Explained? [video]

Vatican II’s Protestant Heresy [video]




Dear Brothers,


I read Mary Jo Marceau-Hawthorne email and remembered AJ's email about protestants being in a deeper and hotter place in hell, compared to muslims, I agree… Mary Jo's description says it all, this young protestant is saying that everyone who confesses Jesus as Lord is a shepherd, so all those in the protestants’ society are shepherds without a flock, they’re all leaders without anyone to lead. They’re all cooks in the kitchen with no one to feed in the dining room.  It’s absurd. [Numbers 16:3]


It all comes down to this, they are all disobedient.  Protestants will not submit to God's Authority and Structure, which can be seen throughout the natural world e.g. corporate america, the military etc, a hierarchy, from the top on down. The Pope [St. Peter], 12 Apostles [bishops], many disciples [priests] of the sacerdotal monarchy shepherding the laypeople. Protestants prefer to be the kings of their own lives, rather than submit to the Office of the Papacy. They prefer the forbidden pleasures of life, loving sin.


Protestants even dismiss how Jesus chose Abraham as an old testament type of a pope, a leader, e.g. Gen. 17:6 and Isaias 51:1, kings shall come from thee and look unto the rock whence you are hewn. No, protestants don't want this, they reject it, to their own demise.




Sincerely yours,






Subject: Lutheran/RCC


Dear Brothers,


I am most grateful for your teaching on the JD [Joint Declaration with the Lutherans] and the reasons why. I have been educated profoundly. Could you help me with the 'blue book' Marian Movement of Priests in which Fr Gobbi claims locutions from BVM ? I am disturbed by words like New Pentecost New Advent new understandings.


In Christo

Best Wishes: Albert Smith


MHFM: Gobbi was a false mystic of Satan – a prime example of the false signs that accompanied the great deception and the reign of the Antichrist (2 Thess. 2:9).  The promotion of Antipope John Paul II was an integral part of his false messages.


When heretics, false visionaries and members of the Counter Church speak of a ‘New Pentecost,’ they mean a New Church (the Vatican II sect), the Counter Church of the Antichrist; for Pentecost is considered the birthday of the Church.  They have a ‘New Pentecost’ because they are celebrating the birth of a new, non-Catholic ‘Church.’  Even though they don’t understand it, when they speak of a ‘New Advent,’ that means a new ‘coming of Christ’ (the Antichrist); for Advent refers to the coming of Christ.  They have a ‘New Advent’ for their new false Christ.  Their false Christ (the Antichrist) is brought to the world through the new false Church.




I was listening to a DVD given to me by a young man who is not Catholic… The creation science they teach supports Creation in Genesis and the Flood and they quote Walt Brown's book quite a bit. However, I asked them a question to see what they believe about Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.  I posed the following question and their reply follows: How do you explain not complying with Jesus' words in Matthew 16:18-19 - “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

Therefore Jesus is the Good Shepherd but He also gives the responsibility of shepherding all His sheep to Peter, as seen in John 21:14-17. Jesus is the one with the keys but He gives His keys to Peter. This is similar to the Old Testament about the Davidic monarchy which had a prime minister called Eliachim who was given the keys (authority) to exorcise the implementation of the laws.  How do you ignore the fact that this was the institution by Jesus of the office of head of the Church, His Church, which was called Catholic in 110 AD by St. Ignatius of Antioch the third bishop of Antioch and outside of which there is no salvation? Jesus promised that the gates of hell will not prevail against it. This Church still exists today in the small remnant of believers who still hold the faith. See VaticanCatholic.com for the truth about attaining salvation.

The reply was the following: You will note in Revelation 21 that all 12 apostles are listed as the foundation stones of the church, not just Peter. The context demands that it is not the person of Peter alone that was to be the foundation of the church, but the confession that he made. The keys of the kingdom are therefore given by Jesus to ALL those who share the same confession is Peter. Peter himself would have been horrified and offended by the interpretation placed on these words by the Roman Catholic Church, which we dismiss as the "Whore of Babylon" - the false antichristian church mentioned in Revelation. The title of Pope is a blasphemous title. There is no salvation to be found within the Catholic Church.

I don't think that many in the Novus Ordo Church realize the evil that is being taught by protestants. Many of them think that it is OK to be protestant as long as you believe in Jesus. I wanted to send this along to show how evil and perverted their interpretation of scripture really is. A soul left with this message who goes off interpreting scripture by him/her self would think themselves God in a very short time. I have seen this with a few. I saw this with an older man I talked with who claimed he knew scripture after 40 years of reading it and was so horribly misinterpreting it that he believed everyone else was damned but him. Many others in the evangelical movements believe that as long as they have the scriptures, God is speaking to them. So Satan is teaching the religion of man not only in the Novus Ordo Church but also in the protestant sects…

In gratefulness to God's mercy;
Mary Jo Marceau-Hawthorne




Subject: Frank the Hippie Antipope – Lutheran Satire


Dear Brothers,


Even the Lutherans can tell the man isn't a Catholic - why can't those in the Novus Ordo?




Of course, the last point the Lutherans got wrong - antipope Francis does not believe those who cling to the heresy of "sola fide" (faith alone) go to Hell or are anathema, but that they give a common witness with Catholics and are part of the true Church in virtue of their baptism.


God bless,





Subject: Francis, evil


Dear Brothers,

Antipope Francis' tweet is another example proving what you said about
St. Malachy's prophecy of Popes and Antipopes: that Francis is 'Petrus Romanus' who 'will feed his sheep in many tribulations.' What's also astounding is that he laments the "throw away culture," when he is the last in a line of Antipopes who have done everything they can to throw away the Catholic faith!! John XXIII sold the Papal Tiara and threw the Church away to Vatican II. Paul VI threw away the sacraments and the Magisterium by "binding" it to every single document of Vatican II. John Paul II threw away Jesus Christ by teaching that all men are Christ. Benedict XVI continued throwing away the Catholic faith, especially by organizing the worship of the Antichrist, John Paul II. Now Francis is complaining about throwing away food and old people, when he has thrown away all the distinguishing marks of the Royalty of the Papacy: Papal titles, the throne, the apartment, the Office and Faith of the Papacy, etc. Francis has even thrown away God by saying atheists can be saved. He's thrown away the natural law, family and matrimony by supporting homosexuals and their abominable "marriages," by saying "who am I to judge." Yet he judges it a 'sin' to throw away some food. What a diabolical hyprocrite!! The Lord Jesus Christ's words are striking: Luke 4:4 - "And Jesus answered him: It is written, that Man liveth not by bread alone, but by every word of God."… Thank you also for the article about whether God 'creates evil.' It shows how important it is to adhere to the Church's interpretation of Holy Scripture. God 'creates evil' in the sense of the evil of punishments. God cannot create evil in an absolute sense, as you indicated.

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the 2nd edition of St. Malachy's Prophecy of the Popes and antipopes, and it’s amazing how he continues to show that he is a carnivorous evil man [carnal-thought of food] and he is the reflection of the antichrist, john paul ll and the vatican ll sect’s doctrines of men.  Francis is showing the world what they really are. St. Paul spoke a lot about the flesh and the spirit.

Romans 8:6 For the wisdom of the flesh is death; but the wisdom of the spirit is life and peace.

Sincerely yours,



The Antipope’s Tweet


MHFM: Today Antipope Francis tweeted: “The ‘throw-away’ culture produces many bitter fruits, from wasting food to isolating many elderly people.”  Once again, he’s talking about ‘food’ and feeding people.


St. Malachy's Prophecy of the Popes and Antipopes (2nd edition) [video]


Solar Flares


Subject: Solar Flares


Dear Brothers,

I've been getting more and more M-Class Solar Flare alerts over the last six months on my "Solar Monitor App". The frequency of alerts has gradually increased until today there was an X-Class Flare Alert. The classes of flares are (A,B,C,M,X). The flares eject clouds of electrons, ions, and atoms that typically reach earth a day or two after the event. The X-ray and UV radiation emitted by solar flares can knock out electric power for extended periods of time and can heat the outer atmosphere that increases the drag on low orbiting satellites; causing orbital decay that will ultimately affect and disrupt long-range radio communications.

With all the radiation (invisible fire) that this planet is receiving lately from Nuclear Disasters and from the Sun, I think we’re seeing the beginning of the "Heat and Fire" that God warned He would send onto earth.

Apocalypse (Revelation) 16:8 And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun, and it was given unto him to afflict men with heat and fire:

God Bless your work,
Tom Miles




Subject: Scientology...


Dear Brothers,

Thank you very much for showing the article about this very mainstream and horrible cult… It should be known that their founder L. Ron Hubbard was a satanist who practiced black magic and actually knew and studied the dark arts with none other than Aleister Crowley himself. He was also a "friend" of Jack Parsons the satanist who started NASA until he defrauded him of almost all he had and stole his wife at the time and ran off with her. They would all practice blasphemous sex magick together which involved much sodomy. These were some of the most evil people of relatively recent history. Another interesting fact that proves how demonic this cult is is the spawning of another blatant satanic cult form two wealthy defectors of the "Church" of Scientology called "The Process Church of the Final Judgment". There is a pretty important book called "the Ultimate Evil: The truth behind the cult murders, Son of Sam and beyond" by Maury Terry. It points out that there is compelling evidence that there is an international web of satanic murder cults that are behind a lot of the unexplained murders in the states and in the world. David Berkowitz was not the sole killer in the Son of Sam killings. He did kill two to three of the victims but was the fall guy for a satanic cult that stretched from New York to California and it had large tie to that Process church. These cults beliefs are so twisted they almost make you sick to hear them. The whole purpose behind these murders which all coincided with occult holidays was to bring about the end of the world. There are a lot of ritual murders that happen frequently that very few people know about and these cults have members in all walks of life from lowly occupations up into the doctor/lawyer/celebrity arena…

Nathan Barton


Does God ‘Create Evil’ (Isaias 45:7)?


Hello Brothers,


I have been discussing God with several atheists. They brought up a verse I was unaware of. The passage comes from Isaias 45:7: I form the light, and create darkness, I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord that do all these things. Well I know that we are born with original sin and it needs to be removed through water baptism and I realize that we have free will. Apostasy, heresy and other things keep us from good and cause sin. Brothers, how do I explain this verse to refute them, and tell them they are wrong? God does not create evil! But I know that even some of these dummy Protestants believe that God created evil…


MHFM: That question is addressed in this post: Does God ‘Create Evil’ (Isaias 45:7)?




Subject: John Lane


Dear Brothers:


John Lane's heretical statements are so bad, so reeking of the stench of hell there are no words to describe them. To make even the attempt to justify Francis, hands-down the most wicked man on the face of the earth, a man who is taking major shots at Catholic teaching almost daily, is beyond outrageous. And then to assert that Francis could be somehow enlightened by God--who is infinite truth and holiness, He is blessed forever--is straight-up, unmitigated blasphemy. Thank you for exposing him.


Joseph Ramirez


New Video Posted


MHFM: This is a new video.


John Lane’s Astounding Heresy [video]





… Going back and forth between the NO and Traditionalism is making me feel depressed and sad…



MHFM: You say you are feeling depressed.  That’s not a surprise.  It’s demonic to return to the Novus Ordo and recognize the Christ-rejecting Vatican II hierarchy once you’ve seen the evidence.  Your failure to be convinced reveals that you don’t have a conviction in Christ, Catholic dogma or the Church’s teaching on heretics.




Dear MHFM,


BOD adherents are plainly saying that the path is wide that leads to heaven, and by no means does one have to strive to get there. Just think it so, and it is. Do as thou wilt, don't worry-period! Doesn't Vatican II teach this dogmatically, numbskulls? How satan weaves his trickery on the sheeple…






Subject: Lane


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the video exposing the astounding apostate, John Lane. His statements are truly diabolical, and attempt to justify Francis and his heresies. His saying that Bergoglio might be better than himself, is outrageous, and shows Lane has not an ounce of the Catholic faith. Lane is attempting to trivialize the denial of Christ; heresy, schism and  apostasy, on a global scale. It is demonic, as you said. Francis is not even trying to hide his hatred for Catholicism, and this was well known when Lane made his statements. Lane cares not one inch about the malice of heresy and heretics, because he is one. Also, for Lane to conflate Francis' apostasy with God's grace ('corresponded with his lights') shows the Satanic malice behind Lane's words. It is more of the same "you can't judge heresy" that is so characteristic of false traditionalists, BOD heretics, SSPX supporters and liars - like John Lane. John Lane is the same fool who said that "it is an assault on the Church herself" to say that St. Alphonsus was wrong about "baptism of desire," and that to deny "baptism of desire" is "merely a mortal sin against Faith but not actual heresy." What a total inversion of truth. What a worshipper of man!!! It is heresy to accept BOD after seeing it is not taught by the Church, and the real assault on the Church is by individuals like John Lane who think they can get away with spreading heresy, schism and apostasy - a slice of the Great Apostasy - while externally pretending to be a traditional, sedevacantist Catholic. Just like Antipope Francis, John Lane shows again that he has absolutely no
faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




John Lane’s Astounding Heresy | Catholic Church Thanks for showing the clear line of demarcation in this particular case. It seems the enemy's best weapon and number one camouflage in masking his lies and hiding God's truths lies in generating, through his FALSE "light", a kind of "fuzziness" around all the lines between right and wrong, good and evil, light and darkness, today. He wants to make sure people, especially catholics, are NOT going to be ABLE to distinguish and discern between these any more. In fact his battle plan seems to depend almost entirely, at this point, on our NOT being able to discern. He is counting on exactly this kind of confusion to achieve his ends, goals and purposes.




Subject: John Lane Video


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for the recent video regarding BOD heretic John Lane. I had quite a bit of correspondence with Lane about 10/12 years ago. Lane and I debated BOD for quite a while and he was certainly obstinate in his heresy. No amount of Catholic evidence would turn him toward the truth. He was a such a hard headed BOD heretic then, so it’s no surprise he speaks such lunacy now.


I have always found it interesting how people will continue to hang on, seemingly to the death, to the BOD heresy in the face of all the evidence against it. In some way they can’t, or don’t want to see, the denial of Christ in their beliefs. But it runs deeper than that. There is a particular faithlessness that they all have. The idea that a man can follow his conscience to salvation is particularly repugnant. It is as though there were never men before the time of Christ who were already following their ill formed consciences. So why would our redemption have been necessary?


But there seems to be even more wrong with them. There appears to be a deep seeded reason why they think this BOD heresy is of such importance. Simply look at the SSPX and the other traditional adherents. Why, for example, does the SSPX write so many things promoting BOD. Is saying that baptism isn’t necessary really one of the main issues that is plaguing the Church today? Well, even if BOD were actually true we can easily see that it would be the least of our concerns. So why spend so much time promoting it? Strangely, they spend so much time fighting against the necessity of water baptism, as if we who hold that truth are one of the top problems in these last days of the great apostasy. They use so much energy on promoting this one heresy. It is certainly the most important “belief” that they have. These people appear to love this one heresy more than anything else. They never seem to understand/admit that their BOD position is a complete denial of Christ. Their entire position is very odd/evil.


I believe that at least some of those who maintain the BOD heresy have loved ones outside the Church and/or have died outside. The BOD advocates must maintain their heresy if they are to believe their family members will not burn in hell. So they choose family over Christ in direct contradiction to what our Lord told us regarding family and being worthy of Him. We all have family members who are outside the faith. Yes, we want them to be saved. But we cannot deny Christ in an attempt to console ourselves into thinking they will be saved in their current condition… The more one looks into the BOD heretics the more one realizes how evil and lacking in goodwill they are.


Thank you for all your great work,




Protestantism and Islam


Subject: Protestantism and Islam


Dear MHFM,


I'd like to express my view on who occupies a deeper pit in Hell. Protestants or Muslims? In my opinion the Protestant Revolt is the worst thing that ever happened to destroy faith in Christ. It's worse than the rise of Islam. Muslims make no attempt to hide anything from you. He's an open enemy who does not even profess to be Christian. The Protestant preacher on the other hand is a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing. He is a deceiver. He calls himself a Christian but distorts the teachings of the God he professes to believe in and follow. If one does not carefully analyze him then they will follow him to Hell. He is much more of a threat to the salvation of souls. This sounds logical to me and I think that Protestant preachers occupy a deeper and hotter pit in Hell than Muslims.






Subject: John Lane


That John Lane guy illustrates the irrationality of false traditionalists. I also came across a woman who refers to antipope francis as "Pope" (she puts him in quotes) but still thinks thinks the Vatican 2 "Church" is the Catholic Church (her views are nonsensical and hard to decipher)…






MHFM: We wanted to let people know that a Catholic cannot take a job that involves compromising the faith.  We were recently contacted by a woman who was wondering if a particular job was acceptable.  Another man recently contacted us and informed us that he is forced to work all the time.  One of his jobs is to work at a gas station.  Well, most gas stations offer items such as contraceptives, etc.  Since working as a gas station clerk would usually involve directly selling those items, that job is almost never an option (unless the store does not sell the items in question).  By the way, one of the reasons the man needs to work all the time is that his dad makes him pay rent to live at his home.  Amazingly, his dad (who happens to be a schismatic) does not have a regular job himself, but asks others to send him money so that he can study theological issues at home. 


Heresy & the Antipopes


Subject: A Question




Praised be Jesus and Mary!


Dear Brothers,


Two sisters, acquaintances of mine sent me many links from your website; in scanning through:

Responses to 19 of the Most Common Objections Against Sedevacantism [PDF file]

the 1st paragraph after Objection 4): What about material heresy? Can’t the Vatican II Popes only be material heretics?


Reads Answer: A “material” heretic is a Catholic erring in good faith about a dogmatic issue. The Vatican II antipopes are without doubt real heretics. They cannot be material heretics (Catholics erring in good faith) for many reasons, most important among those reasons being: 1) they don’t hold the essential mysteries of Faith; 2) they reject obvious dogmas of which they are fully aware.


I am wondering how has it been determined that the `Vatican II antipopes` were or are fully aware that they were or are rejecting obvious dogmas. Is it possible to give me one concrete example of this claim?  Thanking you,


Yours in the Most Holy Rosary,

Walter Castelin


MHFM: You ask for ‘one concrete example’ that the Vatican II antipopes ‘were or are fully aware that they were or are rejecting obvious dogmas.’  The Joint Declaration with the Lutherans on Justification refers to and quotes the Council of Trent.  It then contradicts Trent’s teaching and declares that Trent’s dogmatic condemnations no longer apply.  There’s your example, but many others could be given.  The same could be said about their denial of Vatican I.


The Vatican II sect's Protestant Revolution: the 1999 Joint Declaration with the Lutherans on Justification [PDF File]


However, we must say that we are surprised by your question.  Are you suggesting that men who have purported to be Catholic bishops (with ‘authority’ over millions of ‘Catholics’) are unaware of basic teachings of the Catholic Church, such as Outside the Church There is No Salvation and that non-Catholics need to convert?  The notion is absurd. 


Furthermore, it WOULDN’T EVEN MATTER if they’ve never heard of a Catholic dogma in their lives.  That’s because (as the file you reference explains) they don’t hold the essential mysteries of the Catholic faith.  If someone teaches that non-Christian religions are worthy of esteem, as they do, that person is not a Christian – period.  It’s equivalent to believing that there is more than one God; it’s incompatible with a basic and essential belief in Christ and His faith.  To quote from the file:


Pope Benedict XIV, Cum Religiosi (# 1), June 26, 1754: “We could not rejoice, however, when it was subsequently reported to Us that in the course of religious instruction preparatory to Confession and Holy Communion, it was very often found that these people were ignorant of the mysteries of the faith, even those matters which must be known by necessity of means; consequently they were ineligible to partake of the Sacraments.”


In other words, every Catholic above the age of reason must have a positive knowledge of certain mysteries of faith to be saved and/or Catholic.  There are no excuses, even for ignorance.  Thus, if one holds a belief which destroys faith in those mysteries, even if he has been taught incorrectly, he is not a Catholic.


Pope Benedict XIV, Cum Religiosi (# 4): “… confessors should perform this part of their duty whenever anyone stands at their tribunal who does not know what he must by necessity of means know to be saved…”


Pope Pius X, Acerbo Nimis (# 2), April 15, 1905: “And so Our Predecessor, Benedict XIV, had just cause to write: ‘We declare that a great number of those who are condemned to eternal punishment suffer that everlasting calamity because of ignorance of those mysteries of faith which must be known and believed in order to be numbered among the elect.’”


For instance, if one really believes in three different gods and not one God in three divine persons, then he is not a Catholic – period.  This is true even if he was never taught the true doctrine on the Trinity.  He’s not a Catholic because his belief contradicts an essential mystery he must possess to hold the true faith.


Likewise, if one believes that other religions, such as Islam, Judaism, etc. are also good, then one doesn’t believe that Christ (and, by extension, His Church) is the only truth.  If one doesn’t believe that Christ (and, by extension, His Church) is the only truth, then one doesn’t have the Catholic Faith – period.  This is true even if he was never taught the true doctrine on this matter, which is why Pope Pius XI says that all who hold the opinion that all religions “are more or less good and praiseworthy” have abandoned the true religion.


Pope Pius XI, Mortalium Animos (# 2): “…  Certainly such attempts can nowise be approved by Catholics, founded as they are on that false opinion which considers all religions to be more or less good and praiseworthy, since they all in different ways manifest and signify that sense which is inborn in us all, and by which we are led to God and to the obedient acknowledgment of His rule.  Not only are those who hold this opinion in error and deceived, but also in distorting the idea of true religion they reject it, and little by little, turn aside to naturalism and atheism, as it is called; from which it clearly follows that one who supports those who hold these theories and attempt to realize them, is altogether abandoning the divinely revealed religion.”




Francis may end ban on remarried divorcees receiving communion


MHFM: Such an act would of course constitute an attempt to overturn defined Catholic dogma on the indissolubility of marriage and the requirements for lawful reception of Communion; but it’s just another day in the life of the antipope and the Vatican II sect. 


Also, the Vatican II sect’s current ‘opposition’ to divorcees receiving ‘sacraments’ is merely symbolic, as they allow divorce and remarriage via easy annulments.  They also don’t ban almost anyone from actually approaching the ‘sacraments’, no matter what a person believes or does.  However, when they do announce an ‘official’ change in policy, that will be an open declaration that they repudiate Catholic teaching on marriage, similar to declarations they’ve made repudiating other dogmas (e.g., the necessity to embrace the Council of Trent, Vatican I, etc.)




Subject: transcript from debate


Dear MHFM,


Thank you for the transcript from your debate with R. Sungenis. It gives people a chance to scrutinize word for word if they wish what exactly exchanged between both opponents which more thoroughly demonstrates whose position is correct - it's yours. This is one of my favorite debates offered by MHFM… debates like these are valuable because it focuses on just one passage of Vatican II. A careful study of single passages brings out the full malice entailed in each and every one of the heresies.


How could anybody who claims to worship the true God and hold the purity and fullness of the Catholic faith even attempt to defend this passage in Nostra Aetate #3.! A person doesn't need to be an expert… to realize that this passage contradicts Divine Revelation. It couldn't be more blatantly obvious. If the Muslims 'do not acknowledge Jesus as God' but 'revere Him as a prophet', what honest person who claims to profess the Christian faith would assert that Muslims 'WORSHIP GOD especially through prayer, almsgiving and fasting'! What outrageous blasphemy against the Holy Trinity. It takes an extremely dishonest and faithless person to attempt to defend that vomit from hell contained in that one line - not to even mention the heresies contained in the rest of the passage.


Sungenis (a man who defends as "Catholic" the most destructive and evil apostates in the world; the V2 antipopes) says in the debate "If there is just one dogmatic heresy in Vatican II, then it is good as worthless, because then there could be hundreds of errors and we would be better throwing the whole thing out." Well, if Sungenis was honest and possessed the Catholic faith he would have realized before the debate took place that the very passage he was about to discuss was heresy and that indeed, it is as good as worthless, and it is better to throw the whole thing out.


It is frustrating and literally quite sickening to the stomach to see so many people who claim to be "traditional Catholic" defend and accept or promote these wicked antipopes after they have become aware of what these demoniacs believe, profess, preach and have taken part in. It goes to show that people really don't care about the teachings of Jesus Christ; like Bro. Peter has said many times and it is absolutely true, they just like to see men dressed up in robes and wearing the Roman collar. The faith doesn't matter to them, they are attracted to externals. Deep down they are not of the truth, they are attracted to the lie and that is why God has given them up to the lie.


Yours in the Holy Family,

Kieran Stainsby




Subject: New Health Care Law


Hello Brothers,


I am hoping Obamacare fails and I am worried about signing up if it doesn't…






Dear Brothers,


I have just finished reading the articles under the heading Groups and Individuals who Support Heresy and was amazed! I was not aware that CMRI held to such heresies as described in these articles. I do not believe in salvation outside the Catholic Church and that is one of the main reasons I converted to Roman Catholic Church…


God Bless You!






Subject: Transcript


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for the transcript it was brilliant and the points now became clear. One would like to comment on the behavior of Sungenis with regards to the delivery of his arguments, it kind of reminded me when Padre Pio heard the confession of an out-of-this-world man whom he, Padre Pio, called a puzzling penitent, emptying all sins of malice like its a normal thing to do and making it look like as if nothing is wrong with sin. What one is trying to say is Sungenis is trying to do just that during your debate, making Nostra Aetate #3 look normal, common and nothing is wrong at all. Timothy Johnson was dead on his comment 'They want Catholics to praise pagans for their worship of demons and to view such idolatry as praiseworthy and perhaps even logical step to the road towards the worship of Almighty God.


Sincerely and God speed,





I'm a convert of about 3 years, live in Honolulu, and attend the nearest church, the historic Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace. I usually go go the vigil mass, but work has interfered lately. In addition, I've looked for a Latin mass, found one, but it is not convenient for a person (me) who has a very tight and constricted schedule (I work as a teacher).

Question: I have known about your site but have been wary of it. Am examining it a bit, now, while listening to a video from youtube.

My question is: where do you expect us to go? If we agree with what you are saying, and on some level, I do, what am I to do?

I recognize the sameness, blandness, and basically so much less beautiful form of worship I have had to take as normal. I remember, dimly, what it was like before Vatican !! - I had a childhood friend who was a Catholic and had at least seen the inside of her church.

So... again... what do you expect us to do? Is there any place to go?

I agree that the church as it is now is a sorry situation to put it mildly…



MHFM: You need to become convinced on the issues.  It's not just about where you go to church.  You also shouldn't be wary of our site.  That indicates that you are resisting the truth.  It should be obvious that our positions are proven by facts and magisterial teaching.  The New Mass is invalid and must be avoided under pain of mortal sin.


Your words suggest that you might be convinced or leave the Vatican II Church if you are provided with another place to go to Mass or worship.  That is not the proper outlook or one that is sufficient for the possession and preservation of the true faith.  However, it is the attitude we’ve encountered in so many people.  No, one must respond to the information, believe correctly and stop attending the New Mass first, regardless of whether there is a traditional option for Mass in your area.  That’s why we will not give more detailed information about where to possibly receive a sacrament to someone who is not convinced and committed on all the issues.  Once a person is convinced on all the issues, we can help that person with options. 


It's important to realize the situation today (during the Great Apostasy).  It is one in which basically all the churches are either heretical Vatican II churches or 'traditionalist' churches where the priest is heretical in some way.  Thus, there aren't any churches that are fully Catholic, where one can join, regard the priest as Catholic and support the church. However, there are some options for receiving the sacraments of confession (which is obviously crucial) and possibly the Eucharist (in a traditional rite only) depending upon where one lives, once a person is convinced on all the issues.


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts




Subject: Sedes




First of all, thank you for the recent transcript from the debate. I remember listening to it a couple of years ago and thinking how dishonest R.S. was. As for the clown who commented about Sedevacantism, I wonder if it was someone I may have taken to task recently who fancies himself a strong, traditional Catholic! In the last couple of weeks I have engaged a few conversations on Facebook exposing the false Vat II sect and their blatantly heretical antipopes. Their dishonest points of contention were primarily the same as the one described on "Hey Sedes". It is so disgusting the way they base their foundation upon the comfort of following a man and not the truth of the See of Peter. The person to whom I've been laying out the facts for... has been critical of Francis but 100% accepts him and all post-Vat II antipopes as "pope". I also noticed from his FB page that he had a picture with Michael Voris! Not surprising…

Thank you for all you do. You work and website is truly the work of God,


Mark T




Sungenis, Francis


Dear Brothers,

The transcript of the debate between Bro. Peter and Robert Sungenis is valuable. It shows how to refute snakes like Sungenis, the graphic contradictions he used to create his illusions, as well as the infallible facts which crush and melt his lies. Sungenis tries to slither out of the facts by using vain 'sleight of semantics,' e.g. "the word Islam is never used in Nostre Aetate," "Nostre Aetate does not say it approves of Islam," "the word true is not used in Nostra Aetate 3, whatsoever." Sungenis' arguments are absurd and diabolical. He says ridiculous things like: "by logical deduction, since there is no other God, the Muslims would have to be worshipping the same God as Abraham because there is no other God to worship." No, the Muslims worship Satan the Devil, the one who tried to be like God (Isa. 1:14). Nostre Aetate #3 also clearly contradicts itself. It says that Muslims "adore the one God [who]... they do not acknowledge... as God." The only true God is Jesus Christ. Muslims reject Jesus as God, and so they totally reject God. There is no separation between Jesus and the true God. Jesus is God and there is NO other way to Heaven (John 14:6). Sungenis is trumpeting the same tripe as Antipope Francis, who recently said he doesn't believe in a Catholic God. Well, there we have it. He admits one week that Atheists are children of God, and then he rejects the Catholic God. There is only one God and that is the Catholic God. Anyone who seeks to be saved outside the Catholic God is a robber and a thief (John 10:1). Francis even says that God the Father is his being: “Jesus is my teacher and my pastor, but God, the Father, Abba, is the light and the Creator. This is my Being. Do you think we are very far apart?” Yes, Francis is as far apart from God the Father as Hell is from Heaven. Francis is saying he IS God the Father. What an apostate!!! Who would follow such a dragon of the abyss?? Francis is clearly on a mission to try to destroy anything Catholic. He doesn't even believe in the Catholic God, let alone believing that the Catholic faith is necessary, or that water baptism is necessary. Maybe Francis dreams about demolishing the Vatican. Maybe that's why God will allow it to be destroyed by fire, to give people what they want. If only they knew what they wished for. They'll find out in eternity, in hell, when it's way too late to back out.

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




I noticed that the ridiculous "Francis" current anti-pope of Rome makes a false effort to care about people by talking about "feeding" them (physically) while at the same time he is the ring-leader of the organization (vatican 2 counter-church) that is responsible for STARVING them to death spiritually.Now which do you think is more important: mortal or immortal life?


Interesting new transcript


MHFM: This is the transcript of the 2011 debate with R. Sungenis on Vatican II’s document Nostra Aetate #3 and its teaching on the Muslims.  The video and the audio file of the debate have been available on our YouTube Channel and website for some time, but the transcript was done recently.  For those interested in the topic, we have posted the transcript because we feel it’s very revealing and instructive to read what was said.


Vatican II Debate on Nostra Aetate #3 and the Muslims (New Transcript)




Subject: Antipope Francis


Dear Brothers,


In thinking of Bergoglio, it occurred to me that his name being Jorge sounds a lot like whore, as in “of Babylon”. “Whore hey” is most certainly feeding his own apostate worldly “sheep” just as St. Malachy’s prophesy said. I am also considering this new super typhoon in the pacific called Francisco. Because this is the same name taken by the apostate in Rome, perhaps God will have this storm punish the world by blowing out the Fukushima nuclear plant into a total and complete disaster for the Northern Hemisphere; thereby, symbolically showing that anything to do with this demon/man causes both spiritual and physical death.


Thank you for all your great work,






Subject: Bergoglio vs. Sungenis


Dear Brothers in Christ,

Thank you for the transcript of the debate you had with the apostate Sungenis. I believe it is a sign from God that you've put this transcript before the eyes of the public in this time of Bergoglio's raid of total apostasy. Just the most recent (as far as I know) Bergoglio's statement about his believing in God, "but not in Catholic God; there is no Catholic God" illustrates how evil the defenders of this satanic antipope and their satanic V2 counter-council are. Sungenis' supernaturally induced stupidity, blindness and dishonesty in defending the "Nostra Aetate #3" boggles the minds of the few true Catholics left in the world. Who, in his/her right mind, would ever think that the statement "there is no Catholic God" does not directly follow from the wickedness of "Nostra Aetate"? Praising and esteeming all the false religions, the Islamic faith in particular in "Nostra Aetate #3", just cannot have other results but "there is no Catholic God". What will the false traditionalists and "conservative" V2 Satan's dupes, such as Sungenis, devise to defend the satanic scribbles of the V2 counter-council?

I'll try to guess the answer to this rhetorical question. They will probably try to make the "psychological analysis" (you know, the psychology is a science that even God has to respect. Yea, sure.) of our Lord Jesus Christ and they will say that he never identified Himself with any particular religion, that He was amazed by the faith of Roman centurion (Matthew 8:10), that He rebuked His apostles for their wish to destroy the city of Samaritans (Luke 9:55) etc. etc. All the way through their "analysis" they will intentionally forget the Jesus' constant insistence on believing in Him as The Lord and God, The Son of God who came on earth to "give testimony of the light (John 1:7). The Satan's dupes will even more mock our Lord Jesus Christ on the basis of Bergoglio's "there is no Catholic God" and "Nostra Aetate #3"'s praising and esteeming Islamic faith.

May our Most Blessed Queen of Heaven and Earth and St. Joseph protect all the true Catholics in the world.

Vladimir from Zagreb, Croatia




Subject: What Francis Really Believes


God is for all! Do not make this kind of videos, please. What kind of ideas are behind this… weapon? We need to share love, not war. Remember our beloved Pope John Paul II always said wise words about interreligious dialogue.


Francisco José Tomayo Collins


MHFM: Your e-mail is dishonest.  You know that the acceptance of false religions and the participation in false worship has nothing to do with ‘war.’  The antipopes have not merely preached ‘peace’ and discouraged war.  They have endorsed demonic religions, heretical sects and false belief systems.  That is contrary to Catholic teaching.  They have also participated in non-Catholic worship, and engaged in acts that are incompatible with the profession of the true Christian faith.  You are capable of distinguishing between the two issues: 1) the recommendation that people refrain from violence and destructive wars and 2) the endorsement of false religions and the participation in false worship. 


Hence, your attempt to conflate the two issues (when you know they are distinct) is a lie.  It’s an example of your dishonesty.  You are not a man of truth.  That’s why God leaves people like you in darkness, defending the antichrist Counter Church.  You are attracted to lies because you are, unfortunately, a liar. 




Dear Brothers,


What more can one say to this?, http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/truthreport/francis-i-believe-in-god-not-in-a-catholic-god/, One would say that basically anyone with some Catholicism, or with an ounce of logic, left in them can see that this man is not a Catholic even in the slightest, he just wears robes, walks around the Vatican without pretense like his predecessors, praises some ungodly politicians, religions etc. and still the VII folks accept him as 'pope', w/c he's not. Truly God has been very merciful lately by giving the most crystal clear sign that the church they're following is a counter church. Today one would wonder how they, the VII sect, would try to justify Francis' statements that would be interesting to look out for. Second with the email entitled Hey Sedes you were right in challenging him to a debate but one doubts if he'll consider that…


Sincerely and God speed,



MHFM: Yes, we wrote to the heretic who says that sedevacantists are heretics.  We stated:


By the way, you mention 'heretics.'  Do you hold that Protestants are heretics and outside the Body of Christ, or do you adhere to Vatican II, which teaches that they are in Domino and part of the Body of Christ?


He did not respond.  The fact that he (falsely) accuses sedevacantists of being ‘heretics’ for supposedly dissenting from Catholic teaching, yet accepts Vatican II (which teaches that heretics who dissent from Catholic teaching are in the Body of Christ), is sufficient in itself to completely expose and refute him.


Vatican II's Protestant Heresy [video]




Your debate with Sungenis was superb and full of facts, coated all over with dogmatic truth. It is really helping… in understanding the extent to which some people can obstinately reject truth…

… The very first two sentences of the case-study will tell any true catholic that it was a lie and a heresy.  This man, Robert sungenis and some vatican II adherents and the antipopes… are offsprings of the devil, the deceiver… nostra aetate #3 is heretical. Yes it is, because it said the Church “esteemed muslims and they worship the one God…”


… it's only plausible to say that the vatican II antipopes could stand a better chance to interpret more perfectly the true meaning of nostra aetate #3. That is why Paul VI, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI all did what they did and wrote what they wrote. So for the fact that it's heretical does not mean that all of them (antipopes) misinterpreted the true meaning of nostra aetate #3. No that is what it really means.

The most important thing is that the truth has been revealed. That was again another wonderful word and may God Bless you.





Dear Brothers,


I was reading from the Summa Theologica and came across this passage which made me think of francis, who is a complete fraud and a demon in human form:


St. Augustine: "… Where knowledge of the truth is lacking, virtue is a mockery even in the best behaved people."


He is not a well behaved person at all via privation of the truth but because of his theatrical acting, many people see him, as appearing good and well meaning, which is what the devil does, to draw many people into the pit. [2 Corinthians 11:14] He speaks evil and then tries to cover it with doing good or talking about doing good and because people are spiritually deaf [2 Thess. 2:10], they can only see his deception of 'good acts or kind words'.


I remembered you posted some comments from the evil… mother teresa, she said that she loved all religions, what blasphemy, all false religions, are the design of the devil, so she is saying she loves the devil. [Psalms 95:5] All false religions are the esteem of freemasonry, except the One True Religion, Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church, freemasonry hates Jesus Christ and His Truth, this is why the vatican ll antipopes behave the way they do, going into mosques, temples… holding hands, validating and recognizing their false religions.


Sincerely yours,




P.S…. Thank you for posting the [debate] transcript.




Subject: The Catholic God vs the Vatican II "god"



Clearly, Francis is letting the cat out of the bag with this one. He is only revealing what Vatican II was, and is, all along. He simply has no shame. People need to stop being blind and stupid now. The secular world praises Francis because of his liberalism. What more proof does one need? The world hates the true Catholic Church and now that Francis has come to overturn the historic teachings of the Church, or TRY to overturn, rather, the world gets all giddy. So, what are the people who accept Francis to say? Hopefully they will say: "I've got to get out of this false 'church'." I never understood these people, though. Instead of fighting to hold on to and defend a man who is undoubtedly of Satan, and who doesn't even know and wouldn't even care that they exist, they should be looking out for themselves and THEIR souls. At the end, it's all about each person and the choices they made (doctrinally as well as personally etc).





Dear Brothers,

The recent earthquake in the Philippines has demolished several very old churches built by Jesuits and others who first brought the gospel to that land. I imagine the quake caused general damage in many areas, but it seems like God singled out the churches especially, reducing them to rubble, in order to show to those paying attention, that He will not stand by while He is mocked in the phony Vatican II religion and the New Mass no matter how beautiful the edifice of the building may be. Let this be a warning to the Vatican and the apostates currently occupying it.

May Our Lady keep us,
Mario Chavez




I have watched many of the videos. I am in the early stages of accepting that this might all be true. I am praying about it and asking our Blessed Mother to guide me. I belong to a Catholic Church in the Green Bay Diocese in Wisconsin. I like my parish Priest. He is a man of faith, who venerates the Eucharist and participates in Eucharistic Adoration. Am I in good standing with the Catholic faith or do I need to make changes in my place of worship? I attend weekly mass, participate in the Sacraments, pray the rosary, and wear our ladies Scapular. What else might I do, other than continue to seek knowledge and truth?






MHFM: We’re glad that you are looking at the material.  You cannot adhere to the Catholic faith and remain at the New Mass.  You need to stop attending it and become completely convinced that the Vatican II sect is not the Catholic Church.  You mention your ‘priest.’  If he were questioned or confronted about key dogmatic teachings of the Church (e.g., Catholic teaching on heretics, and the dogma Outside the Church There is No Salvation), it would be demonstrated that he’s not a man of faith.  He accepts the heresies of Vatican II and the religious indifferentism of the post-Vatican II ‘popes.’  That is apostasy from the Catholic faith and a rejection of Christ. 


If you’ve watched the videos, it should be clear to you that you do need to make changes in regard to your attendance at the New Mass.  We hope you continue to look at the material.  When you are convinced on the issues, we can help you with where to make a confession.  God definitely wanted you to see this information.  It’s the truth.


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts


Antipope Francis


Dear Brothers,


As this layman continues to deceive the world by being a "Pope", the world continues to follow his lies without knowing of his false statement. He gave a statement to the Philippines evangelization conference, a large group of heretical catholics joining in hands with protestants to "Spread the gospel of Jesus" when they spread more lies and to promote the Vatican II sect. Also, your video further proves that his man hated the catholic faith. Basically, to hate the catholic means to hate the truth and to hate the truth means to hate Jesus and the immaculate heart of Mary…


John Paul Castillo




Dear Brothers:


I forward my… email to my eldest sister who expressed to me effusive praise for Francis (as she always does for the entire NO religion). Here was what I wrote to her when I recommended your superb video on the present VatCity claimant… Let me add that ever more people are noticing you and your amazingly prolific work, always so professionally executed. May Our Divine Lord grant you great strength of mind and body in fighting for Him and abundant peace and joy…


Alan Harvey


For a contrary view of P Francis, see this. You will not like it, but it shows his “friendship with the (unbelieving) world, which is enmity with God,” as Saint John the Apostle wrote. He refuses to obey Our Lord’s final command to the Apostles: “All power in Heaven and on Earth is given to Me. Go ye therefore into the whole world, baptizing every creature in the Name of the Father and the Son, and the Holy Ghost, teaching them to observe all things which I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you all days even until the consummation of the world.” But Francis believes that converting people to Christ, proselytism, is “solemn nonsense.”




From its earliest days, the Church (until Vat II) insisted that “outside the Church there is no salvation” because Our Lord is “the way, the truth, and the life.” “Without Me, you can do nothing” means, in the order of grace, without Christ one cannot have salvation. The widespread loss of faith (since Vat II primarily) has reached the point that most Catholics hold many heretical ideas. This great apostasy was predicted in Scripture and also by Our Lady at La Salette, (1846) “Rome will lose the Faith and become the Seat of the Anti-Christ….




Dear Brothers:

There seems to be a recurring theme among e-mailers who are not sure what to think about the current situation (i.e. The Great Apostasy) or just flat-out reject the obvious truth. And this recurring theme is a clinging to "Fatima-substitutes", such as Sister Faustina/Divine Mercy, Garabandal, Akita, Medjugorje, JP II, etc..

Besides bad-will and/or a spiritual fog, I think there is an additional reason for traditionally-oriented V-2 "Catholics" to cling to these "Fatima-substitutes." On some deep, subconscious level, they realize that there is a huge disconnect between the entire magnitude, miracle and message of Fatima and what has and "hasn't" transpired since.

In other words, they correctly understand that Fatima was hugely important and unprecedented and it pointed to something dreadful and ominous in the future (i.e. after 1917) but yet they can't come to terms with what that could be. They know (on some deep level) that there "must be something more to it." And I believe that most (maybe all) of these V-2 "Catholics" know (in their heart) that Fatima (the 3rd Secret) points to mass apostasy.

This is especially apparent when you talk to older "Catholics" who were alive in 1960. I always ask them, "Do you remember 1960 and how the 3rd Message was to be revealed?" They almost always respond enthusiastically "Yes, yes, yes." They also express disappointment and confusion as to why it wasn't it revealed in 1960. I go on to explain how John XXIII was "elected" in 1958 and within 90 days he announced Vatican II would be taking place. And how these 2 events were the only significant items in the Catholic world right before 1960.

These pre-V2 "Catholics" also acknowledge the disaster that was Vatican II and the irreverent new "Mass". No matter how many times I point out the nexus of the 1960 timing of Our Lady of Fatima's request (and that She indicated that it would be "more clear" at that time) and the revolutionary "changes" introduced by John XXIII and Paul VI in the 1960's, none of these older folks ever say "Gee, I never thought of that before - that's interesting - I never made that connection." I believe that every single one of them, either consciously or subconsciously, has already considered that this is not some grand coincidence, but that they must somehow be related.

Thus, many of them seek out false messages (like Garabandal or Medjugorje) to calm their uneasiness. These false messages are more recent than Fatima and reinforce a message of "Everything is fine, nothing to worry about, all is well," and, by implication, "Fatima is history, it pertains to things that have already happened, not contemporary events - move on."

The fact that Our Lady specifically mentioned 1960 as when the terrible 3rd Secret would be "more clear" and the fact that such huge "changes"* took place within 10 years of that date is a "coincidence" that cannot be ignored. Since there is no other plausible (or even implausible) explanation for the 1960 timing of the release of the 3rd Message, the presumption must be that Vatican II and mass apostasy is what is being referenced in the 3rd Secret (even without considering the direct evidence indicating the same).






Subject: Hey Sedes


Dear Brothers,


I read Hey Sedes email and again it’s another apostate without knowledge and he is suffering from montezuma's revenge of the mouth, he also didn't give his name, coward. If this person claims to know Jesus' teachings but obviously he doesn't, then he would have to admit that God doesn't change, He rewards and punishes, faithfully. So that being said, Jesus did take the priesthood and the sacrifice away from the judeans many times in the old testament because of apostasy, as a punishment e.g. Osee 4:6, 2 Machabees ch. 2, when God allowed the babylonians to enslave the judeans because of apostasy and God told Jeremiah to hide the tabernacle, the ark and the altar of incense in a hollow cave, and so it is, God does take away the priesthood and the sacrifice. Hence, the vatican ll sect counter-church masquerading under the cover of Catholicism is the whore of babylon, who spiritually enslaved the world.


… because of bad will and for the last time and to the end, God has punished the world, with the Supreme Punishment, the taking away of the Priesthood and the Sacrifice… this was the third secret of fatima that Lucia was talking about, the apostasy would start at the top [the robber V ll council] and sad to say this person "hey sedes" doesn't even realize it. Jesus' Truth will be with His Church [the remnant] until the end of time…




Sincerely yours,






Dear brothers,


It never ceases to amaze me some of the evil people, haters I call them, that e-mail you… In regards to garabandal, where is the so called miracle after more than 50 years. Garabandal was an attempt by Satan to distract people from the real third secret of Fatima, the real crisis being spiritual, and to get people focused on a physical temporal chastisement.  God already punished the world by a physical war world war 2.  Now he was about to punish it spiritually.  Also, these apparitions began in 1961, a year after the third secret was supposed to be made known in 1960, and a year before the council 1962. Also, how come these seers never entered religious life? Anyway thank you and God bless your works.


From mark v




Subject: Lesus


Dear Brothers,


Doubtless the error on the antipope’s commemoration medal is providential. Lesus [or laesus] is Latin for ‘injured’. We get the English word ‘lesion’ from it.  The raison d’ętre of the judaeo-masonic pseudo-papacy is to injure Jesus and destroy His Church on earth. Jesus is the Injured One, and Bergoglio, with his fake humility, his fake charity and his fake gospel, is re-crucifying Him.






Hey Sedes, I think you overlooked something! Let us take it by the numbers: 1.No Valid Popes since Pius XII ??? 2. ALL Cardinals under Pius now D-E-A-D?? 3. Cardinals REQUIRED to elect Pope under Holy Spirit?? 4. ASSUMING the VALID Cardinals in 1958 could not elect a Valid Pope (YEAHH RIIGGHHTTT.) 5. No Valid Pope after Pius means NO MORE Valid Cardinals! 6. No Valid Cardinals Means NO POPE CAN EVER BE ELECTED! 7. Apostolic Succession BROKEN>Jesus LIED to Peter>Catholic Church DEAD and CANNOT be RESTARTED! 8. IN OTHER WORDS, YOUR CATHOLIC FAITH IS IN VAIN! ( IF what you say is right) 9. BEFORE you say that there have been other times when Church went without a Pope, I REMIND YOU that there WERE VALID CARDINALS ALIVE to ELECT A NEW POPE back then. THERE AREN’T NOW, IF WHAT YOU SAY IS TRUE. CONCLUSION>>>>WHAT YOU SAY IS FALSE AND YOU ARE ALL HERETICS! The Church IS ALIVE AND WELL! YOU ARE THE APOSTATES, NOT THE POPE! The Heathen Protestants are closer to the Church than you, because they KNOW that Francis IS the POPE of the Catholic Church! MARTIN LUTHER AND CALVIN HAD NOTHING ON YOU GUYS! (LOLOLOL).<<<JESUS’ TEACHING!


MHFM: Do you want to have a debate?  All of those arguments have already been (and would be) refuted.   You are a demonic heretic and liar.  Since you reject Christ and the Catholic faith, you care only about externals and the actor playing the part.  Hence, Francis’ undeniable apostasy doesn’t bother you.  No, what infuriates you is that Catholics expose and denounce his anti-Catholic statements.  In your view, those people are worse than Luther and Calvin; for they threaten the empty, false, counterfeit external structure in which you glory.  You are beyond disgusting, a true reprobate at this time headed for Hell.


If you received the light of grace at all, you might recognize the fact that Francis doesn’t believe in Jesus or the Papacy.  




I have listened to your current video on BOD Buried and I found it very enlightening and informative, I believe everything you have stated in this video and it has convinced me that there is no such thing as BOD. I have one question relating to it though. I had spoken with a priest about BOD and he believes in it and uses as his defense the fact that the Catholic Church has always allowed masses to be said for Catechumen's who are unbaptized…





MHFM: The priest's statement is false. This issue is covered in our salvation book.  We recommend that people interested in the details on the salvation issue obtain and read it.  As covered in the book, the ancient Church forbade prayer and sacrifice for the unbaptized, including unbaptized catechumens.


“A certain statement in the funeral oration of St. Ambrose over the Emperor Valentinian II has been brought forward as a proof that the Church offered sacrifices and prayers for catechumens who died before baptism. There is not a vestige of such a custom to be found anywhereThe practice of the Church is more correctly shown in the canon (xvii) of the Second Council of Braga (572 AD): ‘Neither the commemoration of Sacrifice [oblationis] nor the service of chanting [psallendi] is to be employed for catechumens who have died without baptism.’”


As we see, no catechumen who died without the Sacrament of Baptism received prayer, sacrifice or Christian burial.  Pope St. Leo the Great and Pope St. Gelasius had earlier confirmed the same Church discipline – which was the universal practice – forbidding Catholics to pray for unbaptized catechumens who had died.  That's the traditional practice.  The fallible 1917 Code of Canon Law (which was promulgated approximately one generation before the complete apostasy at Vatican II) contained a different law, which was a departure from Tradition.


Two New Posts


MHFM: This is a new post with some interesting quotes.


St. Willibrord on Faith, Baptism and Judging


This is a post about an interesting e-mail we received concerning ‘Catholic’ Answers.


‘Catholic’ Answers sits in Darkness




I have emailed you once before. I am still praying hard and searching for the Truth. It is very hard to pull out of main stream Catholicism for the simple truth that I must believe that the five Popes are antipopes and everything near and dear to following the Pope in my life has been a lie. However, I do see that possibility and can relate to everything you are teaching.

My most recent hesitation is… about Garabandal… people heard Conchita saying, "The Council will be the greatest of all? That's good - so they will know you better? So you will be more pleased?"

… it seems like the Blessed Virgin is approving Pope John XXIII opening of the Vatican Council. Therefore, how could he be an antipope. Don't get me wrong, I do think Pope John XXIII was a mason! Pictures tell a thousand words. Why would he even think of attending Mason meetings? I also do think Sr. Lucia was silenced by John XXIII.

I continue to pray to GOD for guidance in my split from mainstream Catholicism…

Thank you.




MHFM: You really need to pray for supernatural faith; for, in charity, we must tell you that you don’t have it.  Garabandal was a false message.  It was meant to mislead people and keep them off balance about the true nature of the crisis. 


However, the fact that you are choosing an apparition as your guide over the facts of Catholic teaching is terrible.  People who actually believe in Catholic dogma, and see the evidence presented against Vatican II, know that Vatican II is heretical.  Any apparition or message that claims otherwise is demonic and must be rejected as a new false gospel (Galatians 1:8-9).  Vatican II esteems false religions, teaches that Protestants are in the Church of Christ, teaches that non-Catholics may receive Communion, and much more.


People with supernatural faith and a real belief in Christ’s teachings know they don’t share faith with dogma deniers (e.g., Antipope Francis and the Vatican II ‘bishops’).  They are not Catholic.  It’s that simple.  The apostasy of Francis and the Catholic teaching on heretics should therefore convince you that he’s not a member of the Catholic Church.  It’s impossible for you to believe in the dogma Outside the Church There is No Salvation and express yourself the way you have; for, if you did believe in it, you would acknowledge that Vatican II must be rejected because it teaches that non-Catholics can be saved without the faith.  We hope you receive the faith and begin to evaluate things according to its rule.




Subject: “Catholic” Answers


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the expose of "Catholic" Answers. You hit the nail on the head: they are dead. "Catholic" Answers is the cult, promoting the Vatican II apostasy, Protestantism, Islam, Judaism, Antichrist Antipopes, the New "Mass," etc. They never ask the right questions, and so they never get the true Catholic answers. Most people love the lie, as proven by the fact that all the "answers" "Catholic" Answers generates on the current crisis, are LIES.

God Bless,
Mr. & Mrs. White




Dear Brothers,

Thank you so much for the two recent posts… The one on St. Willibrord was fascinating and edifying and shows just how far the world has gone from the truth. Also the "catholic" answers post was so relateable and extremely infuriating. It was like a year ago or slightly more on a similar "catholic" exchange site I charitably and kindly corrected someone and tried to give a brief run down of the current crisis and then direct them to your site and I was blocked too from that chat site… For all these phonies they get all the perks of appearing "good" at "church" and work by talking about some facts about saints and some peripheral things about the tradition without really believing or fighting for anything…

God Bless,





Interesting enough, how Japan has been touched by so much catastrophe in these last hundred years. The majority of that country is atheist or believes in some sort or demon or the other.





Dear Brothers:

Incredibly, the ACLU claimed that people suffered "severe and irreparable harm and injury" from seeing this picture of Christ hanging on the wall. We can be quite certain that people such as these (and, in fact, most people living in these last days) are giving no thought to the truly permanent, severe, and irreparable harm they will soon suffer when Christ returns to Judge mankind. When we consider modern man's hatred for the image and other symbols of Christ (because these prick their guilty consciences), it reminds us that in the terror of the Last Day people will even call upon the mountains to fall on them and hide them from the wrath of the Lord…

Lee Ann




Subject: House of Worship?



I have stumbled on your website after my actions finally followed my soul searching. Is there a "list" or resource to know where TRUE Catholic Churches may be that I can take my family? My wife is a lifelong Catholic whereas I converted in 1999…

Thank you,
Robert Sanders


MHFM: Robert, thanks for the interest.  It's important to realize the situation today (during the Great Apostasy).  It is one in which basically all the churches are either heretical Vatican II churches or 'traditionalist' churches where the priest is heretical in some way.  Thus, we’re not aware of any churches that are fully Catholic, where one may join, regard the priest as Catholic and support the church.  However, there are some options for receiving the sacraments of confession and possibly the Eucharist (in a traditional rite only) depending upon where you live, once a person is convinced on all the issues.  We recommend that you review the material, become convinced on all the issues, and then we can help you with where to go to confession, etc.  We also recommend that you pray the Rosary each day, al