Winter 2010-2011 E-Exchanges Archive




Dear Brothers,


The school I was asked to leave last year hosted Fr. Beck as a guest speaker.  I could smell modernism but did not know as much back then.  I went so I could see for myself.  He walked onto the altar before the start of mass.  He then walked down the center aisle toward the back looking at each person eye to eye as he made his way to the back of the church.  I remember being so uncomfortable with him making such engaging eye contact before the start of mass.  He plugged his books and TV appearance from the pulpit.   He changed the Novus Ordo mass so it was unrecognizable. 






Subject: Evolution & Possession


Dear Brothers:


I couldn't understand before why people got so upset over the videos on possession.  But I certainly understand now; the evolutionist Xeon has revealed how important these videos are! 


No missing links? Evolutionists just ignore that fact.  Can't explain where intellect and will come from, and that they are spiritual and not material attributes?  Evolutionists just ignore that too.


But evidence of the existence and reality of the devil?  Well, for the evolutionist, that throws a wrench into everything. (Hard to ignore this one).


I don't think anyone really believes in the theory of evolution.  As Brother Michael pointed out in the video… evolution is not science, but a false religion - something a man (foolishly) hopes in. Evolutionists don't want there to be a God and religion, because that would require them to make some changes.  And yet, at the same time, they'd like to have some peace of mind, because using their intellect (a component of the soul which they claim does not exist), they know that some day they will die


And that's the problem for the evolutionist with his false theories, because if there is a devil.... 


Only the wisdom of God would make the phenomenon of possession one of the best antidotes to the false theory of evolution - which the devil himself has inspired in the first place!  Thanks for posting these important videos; they should be viewed by everyone.


Lee Ann




Subject: Thousands in Memphis told to evacuate as flood waters close in…


This is more like door to door roundup and the modern day concentration camp tattoo on the wrist.






Subject: Suicide drugs in Britain


Hi Brothers,


I read the article you posted in the news section of your site and the thought came to me that this evil tactic of the devil was the same tactic that caiaphas tried with Jesus when he said this to Jesus:


MATTHEW 27:41-42 [41] In like manner also the chief priests, with the scribes and ancients, mocking, said: [42] He saved others; himself he cannot save. If he be the king of Israel, let him now come down from the cross, and we will believe him.


It was precisely by dying on the Holy Cross; Jesus was able to save others, this was Jesus' plan of salvation, showing the fullness of love, our ways are not His ways!!!  

The devil tries again to tempt Jesus not to take up His Holy Cross, when the devil tempted Peter, to try to persuade Jesus not to go Jerusalem.  


MATTHEW 16 21-24   [21] From that time Jesus began to shew to his disciples, that he must go to Jerusalem, and suffer many things from the ancients and scribes and chief priests, and be put to death, and the third day rise again. [22] And Peter taking him, began to rebuke him, saying: Lord, be it far from thee, this shall not be unto thee. [23] Who turning, said to Peter: Go behind me, Satan, thou art a scandal unto me: because thou savourest not the things that are of God, but the things that are of men. [24] Then Jesus said to his disciples: If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. 


The devil working through man, with false compassion, wants people to give up their cross {suffering}, but in doing so, {metaphor} the devil takes you out of the frying pan and puts you into the fire; the fires of hell for ever!!!  To the people, in this evil world of man that are suffering, whether they be young or old have a great opportunity given by God; for those in a state of grace and hold the true faith, they are given by God the means to make restitution for all the sins they have committed in their life and also by suffering, they merit grace for the conversion of others {message of Fatima}.  For those not in a state of grace and don't hold the true faith {catholic faith}, God is giving them the gift of conversion through humility {to destroy self-pride}.  God has done this countless times in the old testament, when the jews broke God's laws and turned to false gods and sexual perversion and all iniquity; He would punish them to bring the jews to repentance, to bring them back into the fold, to be obedient to God's law's, after all wasn't disobedience the cause of man's fall from the beginning? And again disobedience brought about the great apostasy to the end! 


Remember God loves those to whom He chastises:  2 MACHABEES 6:16   And therefore he never withdraweth his mercy from us: but though he chastise his people with adversity, he forsaketh them not.


1 CORINTHIANS 9:26  [26] I therefore so run, not as at an uncertainty: I so fight, not as one beating the air:
1 TIMOTHY 6:12   "Fight the good fight of faith: lay hold on eternal life", whereunto thou art called, and hast confessed a good confession before many witnesses.








Subject: True Devotion to Mary


Hi Brothers-


I emailed links to your site with a forceful note to lots of people from the Novus Ordo (where we were too before finding your site).  One person responded by saying I was insane, etc. etc…  Most people, as far as I can see, are not ready for the truth as you preach it because they have neither roots, nor water, nor soil.  St. Louis de Montfort's works, which you greatly support, plant the seed in the soul, preparing them for your message.  It wasn't until after True Devotion to Mary fell providentially into my hands, and I sped read it on this computer software program in 3 hrs. (just found the program the day before.  Just coincidence?  Of course not) and realized the next major consecration period was days away (started- August 28: St. Louis de Montfort's Feast Day.  ended- May 31: Queenship of Mary), that my family and I made our Consecration and three months later was brought to your website.






Subject: Truth


Based on the premise that "God is all powerful."

Baptism of Desire:
Men seek God, with a pure heart, and through no fault of their own.  God leaves them in darkness.
Fault of God

2) No Baptism of Desire:
Whoever truly seeks God, is whom God reveals Himself to.  Men are left in darkness, because they do not truly seek God.
Fault of man

With the premise that God is all powerful there can be no third option.
So, which answer is true?  1)  2)

Many radio programs and T.V. programs tell you the truth about many things, just so they can incorporate you into an even bigger lie.  It does not matter how many evil things that the Novus Ordo does, and reports on, as long as they can place the blame on something ambiguous like "liberals" or "liberalism". Instead of the real culprits: the man in charge, and the false religion.

Many people are faithless, not because they do not believe in God, but because they do not believe in the Devil.  They do not believe that Islam,
Protestantism, or any other false religion was created by the Devil.

If you go into a "Catholic" forum, and ask the question "can you please help me to refute the Anglican position?" you will get many answers.  If you go into a "Catholic" forum, and ask the question "can you please hep me to refute you will be promptly kicked out...indefinitely.

It has been said by the secular world that the greatest human longing is for a feeling of importance.  I oftentimes get the feeling that many people are religious not because of their faith in God, but because religion makes them feel important.  Too many people it seems, are too busy being "holy", to care about God.




HLN on Hell


Subject: HLN on Hell


Dear Brothers:


The HLN clip with Joy Behar (who claims she was raised Catholic) interviewing the "priest", rabbi, and Moslem imam was most revealing.  The Imam didn't want to respond to Behar's remark about the virgins in Islam's disgusting fantasy of "paradise"; he quickly changed the subject.  The hypocritical rabbi said the Jews don't believe in hell, but appears sure Bin Laden is in hell, anyway.  And the "priest" offers one more in-your-face proof that the V2 Counterfeit Catholic Faith is indeed -- as the V2 antipopes kept assuring everyone --  just one more of the world's fake "religions".


Now this is "unity in diversity": different in their external appearances, but all part of Satan's Antichrist Antichurch.  As Christ reminded us: we are either with Him or against Him. We either belong to the true Church or we belong to the Antichurch.  How anyone can doubt that we are living in the last days, and that the true Catholic Church is in eclipse, is beyond me.


Although Satan does not want people to think about the true doctrines pertaining to hell (because doing so will help people avoid going there), that HLN clip is one conversation about Hell that the devils are surely enjoying.


Lee Ann


Had to


Subject: novus ordo phony priest from a non-Catholic sect


Dear Brothers   


I just had to comment on the video about THE NOVUS ORDO PRIEST ON DISPLAY from the news commentary section.  The so called priest with white hair.  It is just amazing how heretical and arrogant liberal he sounds.  Even the Jew and the Muslim and the lady hostess sound more catholic than he does, but should we be surprised?  He is just following the  head of his sect  anti-pope john paul 2 who denied that hell was a actual place.  He totally misrepresents catholic teaching about the afterlife.    Thank you and God bless !       






Subject: The Catholic Faith and Secular Issues


Dear Brothers,


I think the reason why almost the whole world cannot see through the lies and deception of the media is because so few people have the true Catholic faith.  I think there is a direct relation there.  God is pleased with people who accept His truth and so He has ways of making them see through the deceptions of the Jewish-controlled media, and on secular issues in general.  This is not to say that only true Catholics are aware of the deceptions of the global elite.  There are many heretics who can see through it also.  Perhaps it is because they are conservative in certain ways.  But it is no coincidence to me that many traditional Catholics are not fooled by the lies and half-truths of Satan's media.






Dear Brothers,

Thank you so much for the recent video on the scourging.  People really needed to see this including myself.  One of the things that made the saints saints was meditating on the passion and the scourging really was the crux of the torture.  I'm glad you hit home for me too, because everyday I pray the sorrowful mysteries the more help I get to really visualize all our most compassionate and wonderful Lord suffered for us the better graces I'll receive and the more closely I can conform my life to His…



New Video


MHFM: This is a new video.


Connections - May 1 and the "Death" of Osama Bin Laden [video]




Subject: The Fool and the Blind


"Our website contains critical information about the one true religion, its necessity for salvation, and what one must do to be saved."

Calling any supernatural belief system "one true religion" is not only wrong, deceitful and offensive, it is also disgusting. It is statements like this one that result in conflict amongst people who would otherwise get along well. I can claim salvation comes from my toilet and the statement would be as true as any you state as fact.

Also, your Emily Rose video is also disgusting, most especially so because it was people such as yourself that caused that poor girl to go from mentally unbalanced to insane to dead.  I pray (and unlike yourself, I mean this in a purely colloquial sense, since I do not speak my deepest desires into an empty void like a lot of crazy people do) that both your ideology and of people that hold parallel but equally insane and abusive worldviews rid us of their stupidity by removing themselves from our gene pool through any chosen method practiced by any of Darwin's Award winners.

We got Osama, other crazies will soon follow. Not until the last Imam has been blown up and the last priest locked away that we will truly enjoy a world devoid of mental traps for fools who follow the blind - blindly.




MHFM: You are a fool.  You scoff at the notion of one true religion, but if you could think clearly you would realize that logic dictates that there must be only one true religion.  Creation also proves the existence of God.  It’s not logical to believe that God (whose existence is only denied by fools) wouldn’t reveal His will and His plan to the people He created.  Thus, one of the religions on Earth (and only one) must be true.  The one true Catholic religion founded by Christ is verified by miracles.  The most important are the life, death and Resurrection of Christ.  Any fair-minded person can research the issue and discover that Jesus Christ fulfilled Old Testament prophecies that were made before He was born.  His Resurrection changed the world.  You exude arrogance, but in reality you are empty and miserable.  Though you stifle it, deep down your conscience bothers you and the information we present concerns you deeply.  That’s the reason for your hatred of the material. 


Apocalypse 3:17- “… thou sayest: I am rich, and made wealthy, and have need of nothing: and knowest not, that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.”




… Last year I disputed with the principal of my children's "Catholic school" African Spiritual Healers coming to the school half dressed to do a tribal "dance" for music appreciation.

I told the principal my children would not participate because it sounded pagan.  She was upset.  On June 15th, not much later she issued a letter to me dismissing my children from her school.


The date meant nothing to me.  I even filed her letter in my book of saints because I figured I would reflect a year later on what happened.  Kicked out in the cold I have been homeschooling doing the best and enjoying my wonderful children.  I taught my little one to read and count to 100 and I dispelled the errors of evolution to the older ones.  We sat by the fire all snowy winter enjoying reading writing and arithmetic.  We took field trips to the cranberry bogs and local museums…. Mary has answered many prayers this winter including the immediate location of a Mary statue to adorn my garden after a family novena was said in Mary's honor…






Hello MHFM,


I thank you for your tireless work in service of The LORD and HIS One True Church... After a lot of searching for a Real Traditional Catholic Church I thought that I finally found one when I came across [a CMRI church]… I was so happy that I finally had a real Sedevecante Church with a true Priest where I could attend Mass. But then just now I came across one of your articles about the heresies of the CMRI. Talk about a heartbreak! ... I am a True Catholic and will never attend the Novus Ordo again… I would greatly appreciate any assistance you provide me in finding a True Mass. I grew up in the Novus Ordo and therefore don't believe I've ever received Holy Communion... I came across your website about four years ago. And I must admit that I couldn't accept the truth and therefore stayed away from you guys. I was lying to myself! But I could never get that picture of JP2 kissing the Koran out of my mind! I knew it was evil apostasy with no possible justification in GOD'S Eyes whatsoever! So after much prayer and thought I started going through your info with zeal and an open heart to GOD'S Truth, defined by true Popes and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. After much research and Prayer I've come to the only possible honest conclusion, Sede Vacante!!! 


I ordered the $20 information package you offer… and it just arrived today. I intend to show the videos to all who'll listen. If by any chance you intend to post this email in the E-Exchanges section of your website, please only post my initials and not the city? I know very well the Devil's little devils have full accountability of the internet's activities, and more than likely watch your website like the Vultures that they are. I'm not concerned with them, after all I believe my soul is prepared to be a Witness for JESUS The CHRIST!!! I just like to keep my business to myself, that's all. Thank you brothers.








Dear Brother Michael,


Thank you again for the invaluable work that you are doing.  You saved my life and that of my husband... You are in our daily prayers and we ask a small place in yours as well, that we may do only what is God's Most Holy will in what time remains for us on this earth and that we will die in His grace and as part of His One True Church.  Thank you so much for everything!


In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,


Kathleen and Dave Weidemoyer




Thank you in the love of God.






Subject: Thank You! “Trads” Praying for Bin Laden’s Soul


Greetings Bro's Dimond…


I'm going through a period where I am feeling weary and sad about the state of things, and I thought it no better a time than to thank God for your presence in the Traditional/True Catholic world, and to count the myriad blessings that still manage to exist in our current spiritual desert. 


I just had a Traditional priest, sedevacantist one at that, tell me that it is WRONG of me to say that we have no good reason to pray for the soul of Osama Bin Laden. I had made a public note about this, included all of the quotes from St. Thomas Aquinas (who uses St. Augustine to defend his position, no less!), Pope Eugene, etc., which, of course, he did not care to speak to. 


Knowing that people like you, who believe the true, historical, Catholic faith makes it a little easier to hold a candle in the darkness. I hope this letter finds you well… 


God bless you and keep you,



MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  It’s another example of a sedevacantist priest who denies the dogma Outside the Church There is No Salvation.






Here's a video I think says it all...the New Church is NOT Catholic.....






Your Osama Video is very interesting.  My first impulse was that of disbelief  when I woke up to the news and that the timing was too much of a coincidence with the beatification of JP2 and the significance of May 1st being the end of the Illuminati/Satanic time period.  The fall out from this will be interesting to watch unfold. 






Subject: May 1/Osama


Dear Brother Dimond,


I loved listening to your analysis. It too makes me upset that so many sheeple are deceived.  Not only do they pick May 1st for this fake killing but it was also picked for the beautification of JPII…


Thanks again...



Rick McMahon




Subject: Bin Laden Video


Dear MHFM,


Thank you so much for the video on Bin Laden... It is so good to know that there are still a few people out there who can see through all the deceit.  I look forward to all of your videos.  Thank you for taking the time to keep us informed and aware.




New Video Posted


MHFM: This is a new video.


The Lapsi, Judging a Pope, and Sedevacantism [new video]





Dear MHFM,

I think this video is quite interesting regarding the New Madrid fault line and a possible earthquake due to the floodings and soon to be a bigger flood (see article below): "NEW MADRID -- flooding the fault line WILL cause seismic movement"

Could this be the reason why: Judge says southern Illinois levee can be blown up -

Fantastic job on your recent videos. I knew there were gonna do something with May 1 and this whole bin Laden hoax was the distraction. And the fake birth certificate which the Whitehouse published recently. I mean, it’s just so fake. So I guess now whenever we show some bad-will pagan that Obama has a fake birth certificate, they will just say: "Who cares? He killed Osama bin Laden! USA! USA!" It truly is pathetic and angering. But that's the sad result because the world has apostatized from the True Faith.

Our Lord and Our Lady always protect you.





Subject: Master deceiver lies exposed again!


Dear Brothers,


Thanks so much for your very quick response on the Bin Laden scam. All the points you made about the timing on this could not make more sense.


- May 1st being a day of historic evil events 

- Put birth certificate in background or forgotten about all together

- Make a very evil man a hero in the eyes of the public

- The coincidence of his "killing" on May 1st


The "yes we can" video" you displayed a few days ago ties in with this event very ironically.  It truly is amazing how "out of it" the American general public is on news items coming from stations controlled by liars and deceivers. It all comes down to people want to live in a fairy tale world and believe what they want to believe. The truth is hard to listen to so they don't listen to it and have no intention of rocking the boat of their cozy, comfy, do as you wish, lifestyles. There are not any traditional Catholics who can thank you enough for all you have done to shed light on the… deceptions as well as showing people what they need to do to get and stay in God's good graces for many years now.


Thanks again and may Jesus and our Blessed Lady protect your vital ministry,


Bob Bohr




Dear Brothers Dimond   


I wanted to say well done on your recent video about osama bin laden.  The whole world is under this corrupt, rotten, lying judeo masonic secular media establishment… It is just amazing how stupid and ignorant people in this country have become.  My people perish because of lack of knowledge, it says in the scriptures.  People need to start digging, searching for the truth, pray for the truth.  Knock and you shall find says the lord…. thank you and God bless    


from mark v




Dear Brothers,


THANK You for the Video on the bin Laden Hoax…


Carol D.






Thank you for your video on the "death of Bin Laden".  It really helped clear up some things for me… Your video made me understand the sudden attempt to put him in a good light regarding the birth certificate and the ridiculous alleged Bin Laden farce of the weekend…






John Salza Has No Idea What He's Talking About   Hello MHFM, I've been trying all week to find time to finish reading this whole article and I'll admit that I will have to get it printed out and spend a lot more time in reading it.  I am simply stunned by the comprehensiveness of this refutation of the apostate heretic Salza… Thank you for your work in writing it…






Subject: Bin Laden


Dear MHFM,


Thank you for the video exposing this Bin Laden hoax.  It is so obviously a hoax, it is just plain laughable.  Even the "conservative" talk radio hosts were doing nothing but lauding Obama ever since this hoax was perpetrated…


Michael Rudnicki




Dear Brothers,

Excellent coverage of the Bin Laden "death" hoax and its obvious connection to, and distraction away from, Obama's forged "birth certificate."… Just as Obama's "birth certificate" was forged, so the photos of Osama will be faked, which is obviously why they haven't released any photos of Osama's body as "proof" yet. Also, will they be getting an independent doctor to do an autopsy, or will they pay someone off to write a false report - obviously the latter! In a court of law, the judge will not (or should not) prosecute the defendant unless the case against them can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. There is absolutely no proof that Osama Bin Laden was killed on May 1, but simply anecdotal hysteria. There is overwhelming doubt that Osama was not killed on May 1, and that he has been dead for years ( Also, if Osama was such a "mastermind" as they put it, how could they catch him on his own turf? It doesn't make sense because the media is just spinning lie after lie after lie. It must be impossible to be an honest journalist these days! This is especially true when one looks at the May 1 Illuminati holiday connection, and the fact that the media is advertising Osama as having been killed during a "fire fight." April 19 to May 1 is the Illuminati fire sacrifice period. It's not a gun fight, but a "fire fight," as if anyone calls something a "fire fight"! The "fire fight" element makes it easy to make a dummy-body of Osama that is almost totally incinerated and unrecognisable. Who can doubt what they can't even identify?? It's typical hysterical misinformation from the media circus. Also, as you said, it gives them an excuse to execute a bigger and worse event, probably a nuclear detonation on US soil…


God Bless,

Chris White




Contemplating the whole story of the Osama killing, and the rapid, mysterious burial at sea, I had a thought which I think might be the best logical proof that this is a hoax.  In two words, think “dental records”.  Bin Laden was from a sophisticated, wealthy, Arab family.  Do you think he ever went to the dentist?   Now say I think I’m on the verge of capturing this guy, and I’ve had ten years to assemble all kinds of information about him (he probably had finger prints too).   I think I’d have his dental file on the aircraft carrier, along with finger prints and any other identifying information available.  


DNA is really a last resort method of identification technique that is used primarily where there is either no body, or there is no certainty as to who the body is.  Think of rape, where the rapist doesn’t leave his body behind, just some cells.  Or it may be used to prove that a particular known body was in a certain place because he left a bit of hair behind.  However if you had a whole body to work with, and you wanted to prove to the world who it was, to think that DNA would be your first choice of methods is beyond ridiculous.  “Well yes, we threw the body with his teeth and fingerprints overboard.  But don’t worry, we got you some hair and saliva to test for DNA” (which could have come from one of his brothers).


Even if say Bin Laden had lost all of his teeth or there was some other reason why dental records were no longer reliable, wouldn’t you at least mention why you couldn’t use them?   


Photographs too; so far none.  Too gruesome.  John Dillinger was shot multiple times.  Yet was cleaned up, photographed in the morgue, and didn’t look to bad.  If they show a gruesome picture, it could be of almost anybody. 


Bill Mulligan    




Subject: OBL



Your video on OBL was on target with the upcoming staged 2012 presidential election. The countless mind controlled zombies in the world are hungry and what better way to feed them with more lies.  I believe the official-unofficial date of OBL's death was December 13, 2001.  Bin Laden required the use of a kidney dialysis machine around the time of the Sept. 11 attacks and his ability to live in a tent hidden in Afghanistan is questionable. Reports that Osama did not offer an Easter Day announcement or prayer, though decided to worship in a muslim fashion, leads me to believe that Osama was also trying to make OBL's murder an act of martyrdom, coincidentally on the day of the anti-christ's (JPII) attempted beatification. Ayman al-Zawahiri has taken over the number one most wanted spot now, although I thought he was dead too. They can only be raised from the dead once. May 1st was also the day, 66 years ago when Adolf Hitler was pronounced dead.

God Bless your work,

Tom Miles




Subject: Seal Team 666


Dear Mhfm, 


Just listened to your analysis on the CIA seal team six, (STX) Satan's team six, as in 666, secret, hired guns of the illuminati.  Also, a book coming out May 24th, by Howard Wasdin, a former member of STX, coincidence, I don't think so.  More prop. I bet USA monies funded that compound where the alleged incident occurred all under pretext.  Wanta' bet?  Excellent work Mhfm…






Subject: News Coverage


Thank you for the increase in news articles. Though I don't have time to read all of them like I used to, when you only posted a few a day; I still read all the titles and pick as many as time permits. I clicked on one the other day titled "Big Sis", and found this other "gem" linked under related stories… The actual "insanity" is from those who expect a different result from the same old political process. What a sorrow, the lack of good will in this world, to change things for the better. Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary…


Richard Spinnenweber




Subject: Questions


Dear Brothers,


To say… the sign of the cross before eating ? For example, do we have to do it if we eat in a restaurant ?


Also, On Fridays, I know we shall not eat meat. Therefore if we can eat fish, is it ok if we eat a good fish meal (in terms of quantity / quality) or do we have to impoverish our meal ?...




MHFM: You should definitely say grace and make the sign of the cross when you eat in a restaurant.  On Fridays, one must abstain from meat.  If it’s just a regular Friday, and not a day of fast, there is no obligation to eat less than you would on another day. 




Subject: O’Reilly is at it again


Last night, O'Reilly had Billy Graham's son on his show, who rightly stated that there is no salvation outside of Jesus Christ (quoting Jesus).  O'Reilly said that he cannot believe that, once again bringing up the children of the "Holocaust".  Billy Graham's son actually got so fed up with this being brought up (probably for the the millionth time in his life) he blurted out, "Forget the children of the Holocaust!"  To which O'Reilly responded, "You can't forget them!" as if Graham had just said the worst possible thing anyone could ever say.  Graham rightly brought up that it is our duty to blindly to believe everything God teaches us and absolutely never to question it.  O'Reilly in his apostasy is inventing ways for God to save people because he is not comfortable believing His revealed Truth.  Isn't it interesting that he would have Billy Graham's son on to discuss Hell only a few short days after his recent scandal?


Michael Rudnicki




Good evening Brother,


Would you think it is ok to pray the rosary in a chapel where they say the "new mass"?  I ask it because when I visit Paris I often go the chapel of the miraculous medal and pray my rosary there.




D. Guion


MHFM: We do not think one should pray the Rosary there.




Dear Brothers,

… Every day is now a gift to me because I have the true Catholic faith and the rosary and devotion to the Immaculate heart of Mary.  What a difference your showing of the truth has made in my life…






… Interesting times, what with JPII "beatification" and his blood up for veneration- what a joke!


God bless, for now,







In you video Is the World about to End ? - Part 3

You say (more than once) that Maastrich Treaty and EU creation was in 1993. This is false, this was in 1992 not 1993.




MHFM: No, what was said in the video is accurate.  Maastricht Treaty. Treaty establishing the European Union (EU). Agreed in 1991 and signed in 1992, the treaty took effect on 1 November 1993.


The EU was formed when the treaty took effect, and that was in 1993.





First and foremost I would like to commend you on the work you put out on both your website and through your text. As a young 25 year old male it is nice to be able to still read and strengthen my faith with writings such as can be found in your works. I am a true believer in… Ohio and have practiced my Catholic faith… I have read your text online about finding traditional options for sacraments… Thank you for your time.






What a shame that people such as Mr. Grossheim are so ignorant of not only the true Catholic Faith, though even that of which their false counter-church teaches, that they condemn themselves from their own lips.  Never taking the time to learn that there were 42 other anti-popes in the history of the church. Never knowing about the Arian Crisis in the fourth century, and the Great Western Schism (1378-1417) that involved four true-Popes and four anti-Popes.  Their (counter) church's inception was in 1959 with Pope Jon XXIII, who took the name of the previous anti-pope John XXIII (1410-1415).

The truth is, people such as Mr Grossheim never knew God, nor his son Jesus and can somehow justify that the false sect of the Vatican II whore of Babylon is a religion.  Having to actually do works in an attempt to gain knowledge of the truth for their salvation and walk along the narrow path goes contradictory to their happy go lucky world.  A world where no one is accountable for their actions or their ignorance, everyone goes to Heaven and there is no hell.

God Bless your Work,

Tom Miles



Subject: Betrayal!!!




Lee Ann's email regarding Antichrist's blood being venerated sent chills through me.  The thought is just so disgusting!! 


This entire process of his beatification is tainted with profound corruption.  To even claim him being holy in any way is a complete injustice inflicted on those who have truly defended The Faith and died in genuine holiness in The True Roman Catholic Church.  


As your site has so admirably illustrated, he has scandalized faithful Catholics throughout the world on countless occasions.  It just demonstrates yet further how misled the false Church has become.  


It just brings tears to my eyes to think that this Vatican 2 can get away with... Such a Criminal Act of Betrayal!!!  Can they possibly sink any lower than this.


Sweetest Mother Mary, Mediatrix of all Grace pray for us!!


God bless you and all your faithful readers,






Note: This article, John Salza Has No Idea What He's Talking About, has been stored permanently in this file, which is found in our “Beware” section under “Traditional Issues & Groups.”




Do people who commit suicide go to hell… because i don't know but don't worry i am not go to do it so don't get worried p.s. good job




MHFM: Yes, suicide is a mortal sin.


“Christian burial is refused to suicides (this prohibition is as old as the fourth century)…” (The Catholic Encyclopedia, Vol. 3, p. 72)


Take a look


Subject: holier than the pope


After looking at your website, I will keep you in my prayers. When you have to call our present Pope an Antipope to support what you want to believe, it's time to step back and take a look at things.



Tom Grossheim


MHFM: It’s precisely because we have “taken a look at things” that we can say with certitude that Benedict XVI is an antipope.  It’s time for you to step back and take a look at the documentation of his countless heresies, as well as the Catholic teaching that a heretic cannot be a pope.  Benedict XVI is not remotely Catholic.  Take a look at it. 


Benedict XVI (The Heresies of Benedict XVI File) [link to section]


The Catholic Teaching that a heretic cannot be a valid pope [PDF file]




Subject: Solarpocalypse




I said while ago to hold on to your hats due to sunspots causing major storms and earthquakes.  I have been noticing large storms (sunspots) on the sun through my solar telescope.  This solar cycle we’re now in is getting worse and will peak next year.  On Average, the US gets about 1000 tornadoes each year during tornado season that lasts generally from April-July and we are already over 900 tornadoes since April 1st  with over 300 people killed.  Wait til next year when the sun cycle hits its peak.


Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us…






Subject: Blood & 33


Dear Brothers:


The fact that B16 and company will be making Antichrist's blood available for "veneration" is chilling and a mockery of the Precious Blood of Jesus; it's as if Antichrist has given his blood as a "sacrifice" for the Counterfeit Church.  Chilling, too, is the haunting melody played in the Rome Reports videos -- singing, over and over, "Jesus Christ You Are My God" while showing images of Antichrist.


My mother also pointed out another strange fact related to the Satanists' fixation with the number 33.  If Antichrist was elected in 1978, he is being "beatified" 33 years later. This can't be a coincidence; it's all a mockery of Jesus Christ.


Just as your wonderful video (JP2 Was the Antichrist) points out, as Jesus was the Incarnation of God, JP 2 was the Incarnation of Satan - without, of course, the external signs of possession.  (Satan is too smart for that.)…


Lee Ann




Subject: Moron


Naturally you can't stand the light of day so you disable comments.  “Demonic posession" is most likely the result of a terratoma. A tumor that usually contains bone, hair and teeth. If can affect the personality of the sufferer.






Subject: O’Reilly




I saw the O’Reilly segment when it aired live, and which motivated me sufficiently to send the note below to him.  Of course letters like mine are written more to cool one’s self (catharsis), and not in the expectation of its even being read, let alone being persuasive.  But then I came across your video today!  What a stunning piece of work.  It is so totally devastating, I can’t imagine its not giving pause to the most arrogant of self deluded modern minds.  I think it is the best single piece you’ve ever produced in terms of the production quality and relevance.  Of course O’Reilly and guest did throw it right over the heart of the plate.  However you didn’t miss it, you hit it out of the park.  I’m going to send the link to many novus ordites.


Thank you again…


Bill Mulligan


Dear Mr. O’Reilly,


The definition of Baptism of Desire which you read on your show the other night is a relatively recent heresy that began to appear in catechisms in the 20th Century.  However it is NOT a Catholic dogma; that is it was NEVER defined by a Pope or a council of the Church.  On the other hand its antithesis that, there being “no salvation outside of the Church”, and the absolute necessity of real, water baptism, have been defined dozens of times throughout the ages by the magisterial authority, probably most forcibly by the Council of Florence.


It is interesting to note that as recently as the mid-19th century, the American notion of religious liberty, was condemned by Pope Pius IXth (solemnly) in the Syllabus of Errors.  The underlying philosophical premise is that the “Truth” either cannot be known or doesn’t matter.  Other Popes (Leo XIIIth?) likened it to an “insanity”, for it pays the same respect to error as to the truth.


This in short is why the West is dying.  It no longer believes (really) in the God of its philosophical origin.   Rather it invents a new, more comfortable God.  No one fears this God which is indeed why MOST of us (as the Lord said, “few will find it”) are going to Hell (including Gandhi).


If it makes you feel any better the Angelic Doctor himself, Saint Thomas, wrote eloquently and convincingly on the nature of God’s justice and our prerogative to “Trust it” and not “question” or attempt to reinvent it.  Jesus to Peter; “my ways are not your ways”. 


PS – you’ll scarcely find a post-Vatican II priest who knows any of this.  They get much more pop-psychology than Catholic Theology in the seminaries nowadays.  But then look at the modern “church” and its scandals.


Bill Mulligan


New Article Posted


MHFM: We have posted a new article.  This article is quite important because it’s a study of how to refute the defenders of Benedict XVI, with all of their distortions, their lies, and their objections.  While the individual who is addressed and refuted in this article is not overwhelmingly significant, the information in this article is extremely important and revealing.  The contradictions and errors exposed are simply astounding.  If you want to know how to carefully refute the lies, objections, and distortions of the defenders of Benedict XVI, you should read this article.  Since this article contains quite a bit of information, we recommend that all those who are interested in these matters print this out and read it. 


John Salza Has No Idea What He's Talking About [new feature article]




Dear Brothers,

The malice contained in "frinen's" email is diabolical. It is unfortunately all too typical of the world (and the Vatican II sect - "Church of the World") who loves to hate Jesus Christ and His true followers - Traditional Roman Catholics. Frinen also displays a profound hypocrisy in that he/she first falsely accuses Catholics of being responsible for the deaths of billions (without, of course, citing any examples, because there are none), which a total lie, and then tells you to "disappear," as if that is not murderous in intention! The world hates the works of the light, because the light exposes the world's evil, sins and darkness... However, we know God's Will will always triumph, regardless of what resistance the Devil will offer because God knows all things before they have happened, and so doing His Will always conquers the Devil's designs… It occurred to me recently that such malice, though it appears to be aimed at Catholics, is in reality aimed squarely at the Lord Jesus Christ, and so it is a good sign (strangely enough) that that Catholic is walking the path to life when the world throws such hatred in our faces.

John 7:7 - "The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth: because I give testimony of it, that the works thereof are evil."

John 15:17-20 - "These things I command you, that you love one another. If the world hate you, know ye, that it hath hated me before you. If you had been of the world, the world would love its own: but because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you. Remember my word that I said to you: The servant is not greater than his master. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you: if they have kept my word, they will keep yours also."

God Bless,

Chris White


New Video Posted


MHFM: This is a new video.


Bill O'Reilly's Apostasy - Bill O'Reilly and "Baptism of Desire" [video]




Subject: motivation


I just want to ask a couple simple questions of you if I may. Are you catholic? Are you set against certain catholic institutions or theologies? What is your interpretation of the whore of babylon as mentioned in the book of Revelation? Please answer to the best of your abilities with consideration and patience. I am in no way wanting to attack you or your theology. I mainly only want to better understand your motivation. Thanks




MHFM: We are Catholic, but we are not part of the Vatican II Church.  Most people wrongly consider the Vatican II Church to be the Catholic Church.  It is not.  It is a heretical and false Counter Church.  The true Catholic Church resides in the remnant of traditional Catholics who maintain the faith, just as it did during the Arian heresy in the 4th century.  All of that is covered in our material.  As far as the Whore of Babylon goes, it’s the counterfeit Church of the last days – the Vatican II sect.  Why Rome is now the Whore of Babylon [video]




Just watched your video. And I understand what you're saying...and agree. But i can't dovetail...what you're saying re: Vatican II with your non-inclusion of pagan infiltration of the "church" at the Council of Nicea.....I was raised Catholic… now a non-denominational bible believing Christian..... Please tell me how we can reconcile this?




MHFM: Those are Protestant and non-Catholic myths that have no basis in reality or history.  Paganism had no part in the teaching of the Council of Nicea.  The Trinitarian doctrine it defined is the true biblical doctrine.  The Catholic Church alone is the authentic, historical and biblical Church of Christ.  See our book, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church. 






The video on O'Reilly was interesting to say the least.  Two apostates - one Modernist the other...well I'm not sure what he is.  They claim to be Christian yet both doubt God's Sacred Word, which is an absolute insult to Him.  It's the same with all man made religions that are outside of the Catholic church.  They have a private interpretation of the Bible that only suits their means, which is nothing more than human faith...  believing in something which is upon the testimony of man.  If either one of them had divine faith then they would believe in the testimony of God, and that there is no salvation outside of the Catholic church. 


So many people are just so blind to the truth.  It is so evident that no church can be the true church except the one that was established by Jesus Himself - and all of history bears testimony to this.    All the others are the invention of man, built on straw.  But our glorious Catholic church was built upon a rock, and the gates of hell shall never prevail against it.


As usual you did a great job.  May God bless you always.


Oh Purest Mary be thou the protector of our Holy Mother, the Church!!






Subject: Video on O’Reilly Segment


Dear Brothers:


Outstanding job.  It seems as if that particular O'Reilly segment was an assignment sent by God to MHFM.  The conversation between O'Reilly and McKinney could not have been better suited to the purposes of true education and evangelization - and it could not have been more skillfully critiqued than it was by Brother Peter. 


The conversation between the two apostates was so revealing.  McKinney could not see that he is the monster - imagining that he, Dust, will define the revelation and rules that both men (and God) ought to respect.  And O'Reilly could not see that he and his counterfeit religion are just another form of Protestantism, using Scripture to suit his purposes.  (Nor does O'Reilly seem to realize that the "pope" of his false church, Anti-Christ JP2, denied that Hell was even a place!)


And speaking of Antichrist JP2, I see that MHFM recently put the full length video on you tube.  Thanks for that one,too.  It's another excellent and powerful video that can be watched with profit over and over again. 


Lee Ann




Subject: O’Reilly Gets Slam Dunked!


Dear Brothers,


Great job putting the pompous, know it all Bill O'Reilly in his place with your latest video. He and the other heretical "know it all" can't hold a candle to the real truth inspired by the Holy Spirit, held to by centuries by men of real wisdom. We live in a world where people make up a "religion" to suit their particular needs. You made a good point about the minister who was on the show and how he looked uneasy like a man who had created an obviously false concept to fit his lifestyle. You see this everywhere today where people justify their actions by picking and choosing books or verses of the Bible to allow them to live in a manner in which they choose to live and not how God commands them to live. We know that justification by faith alone is nonsense as your works have shown. I think there is another justification that we see everywhere today and that could be called "justification by lies alone." O'Reilly is out in right field with his views on what it means to be truly Catholic. It is a shame that so many people value his opinion and think he is the cat's meow with his conservative take on things. Your video may just change the way conservatives look at him in the future. Let’s hope so...........


Excellent job and may God bless your continued good works and protect your spreading of absolute truth!


Your ardent supporter,


Bob Bohr  


Go Away


Subject: Go Away


Your superstitions are responsible for the mass death of billions. Instead of spreading your [expletive deleted], how about you do something good for the world and disappear?






Subject: Bill



Your recent video on Bill O'Reilly's Apostasy was very interesting. I suppose Bill is a Vatican II Sect member although he mentions "his" church though doesn't mention which actual church. Just listening to him, he sounds like he could be from any of the other false religions as well.  As you suggested earlier, the attempted beatification of the anti-pope JPII may be the last great sign in these last days is truly bringing out the rats in plain sight to see.  What we're seeing are the "rats" of these false religions on a sinking ship and scrambling to grab hold of something that reflects their false beliefs. This is evident in the P.H.D. guest speaker that believes that "gay" and "christian" somehow go together in the same sentence. He is "Satan's pacifier" to everyone whining on the ship as they go down to their eternal hell fire.

God Bless,

Tom Miles


MHFM: Bill is a Vatican II sect member.




Subject: In regard to your video “Bill O’Reilly’s Apostasy”


According to the Catechism, Bill O'Reilly is correct.




MHFM: The fact that you would make that statement is very revealing.  Since you agree with his horrible apostasy, and you defend it in the way that you do, your e-mail is another striking illustration of the point made in the video concerning the heresy of all heresies.  Heretical and modernist catechisms don’t trump defined dogmas. 




Subject: Bill O’Reilly


Wow, that was an awesome commentary, listening to this commentary was like reading a 1st. grade children's book because the truth was so glaring against their heresies.  What an opportunity it would be to spread the truth and get your website out to the world, if Bill Oreilly asked you to come on the show to speak about this subject!!!  Please, Mother of God let this happen, so people will know the truth, what a miracle it would be if it happened before May 1, the false beatification of anti-pope jp ll!!!!!!!   The only thing is that Bill should not be allowed to get emotional and crazy and start shouting down the Brothers when he loses the debate, attacking the messenger when he can't debunk the message!  






Subject: Dimond brothers, you are right


Dear brother Peter and Michael Dimond,


A few months ago we had a small exchange by email discussing your point of view regarding the Vatican II Counterchurch.  At that time, I still defended the wrong and contradictory point of view that the Vatican II Popes were erring, but still valid popes.


In the interest of fairness I now fully admit that your position was (and is) right, and mine was wrong.  I have changed my opinion regarding the Vatican II "Popes". They are obviously heretics and it is thanks to you that I am aware of that now. 


Therefore, I wish to thank you for your thorough information.  You have helped me discover the truth.  The clear and overwhelming evidence you publish on your website has convinced me to the conclusion...  I have recently been listening to the 3 hour debate you had, back in 2006, with Mr. William Golle, systematic theologian from Seton Hall University and it is obvious to me that this man, schooled in modernist theology as he is, simply doesn't have any answers to the objections you rightfully make against the Vatican II Popes.


Mr.Golle is appalled by the justified conclusions you draw, and cannot believe the Catholic Church has fallen to such a deplorable state.  But that only proves Mr.Golle's lack of traditional theological scholarship.


Whenever the traditional Catholic doctrine is truly believed, understood and consequently applied to the present-day situation, the result cannot be otherwise than a huge embarrassment to the entire Vatican II Counterchurch leadership. In face of the traditional facts, their Vatican II "church" is exposed as a Heretical Counterchurch, that has rejected most of the Catholic teachings of old. 


The fact that even the academic scholars of the Vatican II Anti-religion are dumbfounded in the face of your arguments, proves to me over and over again that you have the truth on your side.  Your vision is not "fanatical", as one might think at first glance. It's one of outstanding brightness and learnedness and I hope and pray ever more people in the Church will start seeing things your way.



Mark Wick





MHFM: Pro-life memorial vandalized with upside-down crosses, fake blood.


They must be devotees of St. Peter, according to defenders of Antipope John Paul II.




Subject: Salza Crushed!!!


Dear Brothers,

Thank you so much for the forensic analysis of schismatic apostate John Salza's… heresies. The arrogance and ignorance of Salza spills all over the pages as he desperately tries to drag everyone into hell with him. How anyone could be so utterly shameless so as to publicly contradict themselves, lie, slander, distort, dodge, distract and use every other dirty tactic in the book to avoid the simple facts, is only explicable by the membership Salza holds in the Vatican II sect, the Whore of Babylon. According to him, first we needed a declaration that someone is a heretic, then we didn't, and now the declaration only applies to a pope. So Salza wants to take a pope to court - even though no one can officially depose or judge a true pope (though anyone with eyes or ears can determine whether a claimant to the papacy is a heretic) - and to have the pope declare himself a heretic - maybe that's the kind of upside down gibberish that gives Freemasons a buzz, but it's not of the Holy Ghost and thus not of the Immaculate Catholic Church…


God bless,


Chris White




Dear Brothers in Christ,


Thank you for the very detailed article on John Salza's demoniacal writings and activities. Although your article deserves multiple re-readings, however I would like to emphasize even more the Salza's wrong stances on putting the pope before the trial. Of course the Pope is judged by no one. This truth is in no way in contradiction with the fact that a true Catholic is obliged to recognize a heretic, even if the heretic is a person who falsely poses as a pope. The absurdness of Salza's claims in that regard is even more obvious if we say the following two facts:


1.) God is judged by no one.

2.) Each and every true Catholic is obliged to do the best of his/hers abilities to recognize and reject false gods.


If there can exist false gods, than there can exist false popes (that is anti-popes). If the true Catholics must detect false gods, even without any Church' declarations on the particular false religion they may encounter, then the same true Catholics are also obliged to detect the false popes without any declarations from the Church. How clear it should be said that detecting, and consequently condemning, the false popes and other heretics does not mean to judge the true Pope, in the same way as detecting the false god/religion does not mean to judge the True God, or Lord Jesus Christ, and the only true religion He established?


In essence the Salza's statements mean that there is no false gods and false religion, simply because the current antipope says that all religions are good. If a Catholic cannot judge the antipope (oh yes, he can and he must do so), how could he judge any enemy of Jesus Christ?


Let our risen Lord Jesus Christ help and guard all true Catholics, through the intercession of our Heavenly Mother and St. Joseph.


Vladimir from Zagreb, Croatia




Hello Brothers:


     Quite simply, John Salza is demon possessed… It is not men with whom you are dealing at all. This is quite apparent if one has a prayer life and reviews what these men say to you or about you. It is the same type of thing with all of them - the same character, with very little variation if any at all. There is an energy and almost a fanatical drive to oppose any truth that you promote - of course the biggest opposition is to the Dogma "Outside the Church there is No Salvation" and the necessity of Sacramental Water Baptism. It is Satan and his army possessing bad willed men and pressing in on you from different sides. I hope that you understand this from where you sit, and I believe that you do, - it is easy to see from where we sit on the outside, viewing the entire situation from a different vantage point from yourselves. Still, remind yourselves of it often, because it must get tiresome for you. It is quite distressing just reading and observing the whole thing from here - in fact I did not even finish the entire new Salza article. I could not stomach any more, it is that sickening. I need to go pray and beg God to wash the filth away. One actually feels filthy even reading what these demon possessed men say. It is even worse when one considers all of the blind followers who worship these men. The old ladies in the VII pews, the armies of young pseudo intellectual men who work tirelessly for each others approval and who will defend these demon possessed icons of theirs to the death. They lie, lie, lie without any scruple whatsoever, and their whole lives are an open lie! It is a plague - a demonic disease rooted in these VII churches and all of the instruments thereof such as the "apostolates" of those like Salza and Keating and Scott Hahn, etc. It is all the exact same demonic wave. You have done an excellent job of not only exposing and refuting it but of promoting the True Dogmas of The Church in the process…


Thanks, Michael Glennon






This is to thank Todd for explaining just what "death for the dead who die for the dying" meant - and yes it will be terrible when evil men and women stand before the Lord in Judgment.


My son and his family are "born again Christians".  I can't believe some of the terrible things my son writes about the Catholic faith on facebook - and what SP wrote really hit home for me.  It's so sad because they are so lost and they think that we (true Catholics) are the ones who will burn in hell


Last week I watched a segment of the Jimmy Swaggart camp meeting.  Just for a few minutes - as that was about all I could take.  The people in the audience, as well as on stage, were jumping up and down, dancing in the aisles, and some were actually rolling on the ground.  And then came these words out of this pathetic preachers mouth..."Oh' you Catholics, you don't know what you're missing".   Pure, sick entertainment.  That is all these faithless type of people are looking for.  How void and empty they are.  It just made me so sad watching them.  What a horrid spectacle it was.


Thank you dear Brothers for all that you do.


In Mary Our Most Precious Queen and Mother,






Pentecost Sunday is coming up fast and the Month of Mary is about to begin and the Anti-Christ is going to be beatified between both of these Holy Occasions? Well we shouldn't be surprised if the City of the Seven hills becomes Ash soon, seeing that there was a census that said( this was a while ago) that there were over 500,000 satanists in Italy not including fake Catholics which are worse in a sense. So Definitely in the next few months well be seeing Apostasy of Hellish Proportions accompanied most likely by extremely terrible disasters worse then Japan's punishment ( by the way apparently there are trenches forming under Japan and Japan will just fall into them) Have you heard about the New Madrid Fault line earthquake which is supposed to occur apparently, it is supposed to tear a whole right through the U.S. and create new coast-lines and The U.S. Government is pre-ordering a large some of underwater body bags and FEMA coffins from Halliburton. May the Blessed Virgin Mary guide your path along with St. Benedict.


A Slave of Jesus in Mary,

Roy James Sandbank




Subject: SP & Her Protestant Co-Worker


Today's Catholic quote of the day. The first 30 Roman Pontiffs died martyrs. Many died horrible deaths in the coliseum.  What were they doing when they were drug out of the catacombs? They were not reading the bible and they were not at bible study.  They were practicing the faith, the traditions past down from the apostles which of course includes the Holy Sacraments. How many Popes and Clergy were literally drug away from the altar in the middle of the Holy Mass and executed? How does a protestant reconcile their position with this documented fact? How can they dare to say the Catholic Faith is some perversion of the gospel when the Holy Mass, the daily Holy Sacrifice, has always been, from the beginning, the central focal point of the Faith. Any deviation is just another faith and created by man, not Our Lord. Ask a protestant that question, what were the leaders of the Church doing? They may say something like, refusing to worship the pagan gods, spreading dissension, but, they will always altogether omit the "little" detail of the Holy Altar.







Subject: comments

Dear MHFM     


I would like to thank you very much for posting some of my previous e-mails to you.  We are seeing almost the complete decline and decay of western civilization.  The rosary and devotion and consecrating ourselves to the Immaculate heart of Mary is what is going to save our souls and preserving Christ’s and Mary’s remnant flock in these final days.  I also agree with you on that ANTI CHRIST ANTI-POPE John Paul 2 will eventually be “canonized” at some point in the future.  He is already beginning to be praised and admired by people in the novus ordo sect.  I sometimes read their bulletins about what is going on in the conciliar sect.  I noticed too that they have this sex abuse hotline to report sexual abuse by clergy.  That is indicative of something very dark and rotten in the v2 sect.  You get this sense by reading about all these things that something is very very very wrong with this v2 sect.  Have a happy and blessed easter.   The Lord has risen!  Alleluia alleluia,   DEO GRATIAS.


From Mark V




MHFM: A new article will probably be posted tomorrow.




Subject: Protestantism


Dear Brothers,


In my opinion, nothing has caused more damage to the Catholic faith than Protestantism.  It is far worse than the attacks of Islam on the faithful.  Islam attacked the Church from the outside while Protestantism attacked the Church from the inside.  For nearly 500 years now the attacks of protestant sects on the true Church of God has been unrelentless.  So bad now that there is hardly anyone left in the world who is a true Christian, thanks to the confusion and heresies propagated by Protestant ministers.


Protestants are so deceived it seems like it takes a direct miracle from God Himself to make them see the truth.  They believe they are on the road to Heaven.  Unless they convert and become Catholic they are in for a surprise on Judgement Day when they will find themselves being condemned to the eternal Lake of Fire.


One of my co-workers is very anti-Catholic.  She claims to be a "Christian" and to her the Catholic Church is the Vatican ll sect.  She is 26 years old and was born into a family that used to be Catholic but apostasized.  So all she really was exposed to during her upbringing was the heresies of her Protestant "Church", some non-denominational sect.  A new one pops up somewhere every day in this country.  When she first asked me about my religion, I told her I was Catholic and she had the audacity to criticize my religion to my face.  Everything she said was typical of the V2 sect, not traditional Catholicism.  Whenever I try to explain the difference between the Novus Ordo Church and true Catholicism, it just goes in one ear and out the other.  She simply does not understand what I'm telling her.  When I mentioned the terms Vatican ll, Novus Ordo, and Traditional Catholicism, she had no clue what I was talking about!  So she criticizes Catholicism and yet she hardly knows anything about it!  She does not have the true faith because she will not hear the truth when someone tries to tell her.  Her main problem with the Catholic Church (to her the V2 sect) is that it is "boring".  I've heard this countless times from non- Catholics.  So they go to some "Church" where there is lots of singing, clapping hands, and shouting "Praise Jesus! Amen!", etc.  They are not interested in God's truth or worshipping Him the way He wants us to, which is the Sacrifice of the Mass.  Instead they only want to please themselves, so they find the "Church" that suits their liking and stay there on the road to Hell.


Also she and I have not gotten along very well due primarily to our very different views on religion.  She is way off the deep end.  She had invited me to her "Church".  I declined and explained that Catholics do not attend Protestant churches because it would be a grave sin.  It was futile trying to explain anything to her on the subject because she is so much in the grip of the Devil.






Subject: Illuminati


Whoever wrote that threatening email to the brothers is very confused about equating,  "death for the dead who die for the dying"  with the Brothers or who ever holds the true faith because if all of the faithful persevere to the end, death means the beginning of life eternal and the faithful don't die for the dying, they die for the faith and by dying, merit divine grace for the conversion of others!  Now, as for the unfaithful wretches, death truly is for the dead, the second death which is in hell and they die for the dying {living dead, their fellow illuminati brothers}, they die in VAIN NOT THE FAITHFUL!!!   I watched the video, "Death and Journey into Hell" again and if only these evil men would fully grasp the idea of Judgement Day and how terrible it will be for them standing at their graves, looking at their wretched bodies laying there and their souls will have to reunite with their bodies again!          






Subject: Winning is relative


Dear Brothers,


It is not hard at all to believe that Communists and Freemasons control the media. When you have "celebrities" like Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Oprah Winfrey and the Royal Wedding considered important news it becomes obvious. Charlie Sheen, the warlock, is so convinced that he is "winning" in all his personal battles with ex-wives and TV executives. So much is this arrogant attitude of his based on winning, he has adopted it as his slogan. Charlie and all others who put their eggs in the insignificant pleasures and victories of this world end up losing. They lose their souls for all eternity. I don't know what will be worse for some of these worldlings, the eternal pain or the eternal regret suffered knowing full well that they could have lived a life of obedience to a Divine creator


God bless and may Mary our Mother protect your vital ministry,


Bob Bohr 




Subject: vatican obelisk?


How do you guys interpret the obelisk in st. peters square?




MHFM: There is an obelisk in the Vatican, but there is a cross on top of it that was put there by Pope Sixtus V.  It symbolizes the Church’s victory over paganism. 


The Pope [Sixtus V] had a bronze cross placed on top of the obelisk bearing on its base the following inscription: ‘Behold the Cross of the Lord!  Depart ye hostile powers!  The Lion of the tribe of Juda hath prevailed!  Christ conquers, Christ is King, Christ is Emperor!  May Christ protect His people from all evil!” (Fr. John Laux, Church History, p. 488.)




Subject: Information


… I have been listening to the programs on your website and feel I'm coming to a good understanding of Traditional Catholicism and the errors of Vatican II.  I find myself in complete agreement with these stances…






You people are nuts.  I looked at your "Catholic" website.  Shame on you.  You will all end up in hell - if you actually believe in it, or is that a heresy too! And leading others into perdition - you are all truly scandalous.




MHFM: It’s amazing that you make such statements.  Did you not look at the information?  Did you not see that the people you defend deny Catholic dogmas?  Did you not see that we base all of our positions on Catholic dogmas?  You mention Hell.  Did you notice that Antipope John Paul II denied Hell, and that’s one reason, among many, why he was neither a Catholic nor a pope?


John Paul II (manifest heretic who claimed to be pope 1978-2005) [link to section]




I have much I would like to ask you about. But first I want to thank you for exposing the apostasy related to the third secret of fatima and for all your work.

What is your unofficial personal belief on medjugorje. Do you believe personally that it is the blessed mother who is appearing there.

There is a very important reason why I ask this and I will elaborate later.

I have been watching your videos all day because I have been struggling with some issues... I watched the one about the canyon of despair and noted the raven kept flying over his head… Right now I just want to know where you stand on medjugorje???




MHFM:  Thanks for the interest.  Medjugorje was definitely a false apparition.  The Blessed Virgin Mary did not appear there. We know that for a fact because the message contains heresies and promotes Antipope John Paul II.  It was a false sign from the Devil.  Please pray the Rosary and continue to look at the material.   


False Apparitions (Divine Mercy, Bayside, Medjugorje) [Link to Section]



MHFM: We have posted the full length YouTube version of our video concerning John Paul II as the Antichrist.  This video contains the information that convinced us years ago – before Benedict XVI’s “election” and his move to cause people to worship John Paul II (as discussed in the “Is the World about to End?” video) – that John Paul II was the Antichrist.



Dear Brothers,


I want to ask you a question. Is a retired priest who is ordained before 1968 ok to go to confession? … I almost gave up on this one but truly praying the rosary does solve all problems. May the Holy Trinity and Blessed Mother and the Saints watch over you and your work.


God speed,



MHFM: Yes, he might be an option.  He must say the proper words of absolution, “I absolve you from your sins in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”






I am in a middle of a divorce. I married a man of the Islam faith, I was a former Catholic, i want to return to my faith




MHFM: It’s great to hear that you want to convert to the Catholic faith.  Please pray the Rosary each day and consult this file: The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts




Dear Brothers:


Would it be considered a mortal sin to attend a comedy show on Holy Saturday evening- vigil of Easter? Please reply asap, and please do not post my name on website.


Thank you…


MHFM: You shouldn’t go to such a show.




Subject: Online videos


Would just like to thank you for placing your videos online. This really helps in those situations when there isn't a disk handy to give to someone. Now I can say to them, you must see this video, and give the name of the website. In fact, I tell them if they just type the first five letters, the scroll should drop down, and they should see the name of the website. Also, to comment on just one of the videos; why the NO mass is invalid, is very powerful. Especially when you quote St Alphonsus, "The words for you and for many are used to distinguish the virtue of the Blood of Christ from its fruits: for the Blood of Our Savior is of sufficient value to save all men but its fruits are applied only to a certain number and not to all, and this is their own fault..." Yes, it occurs to me, this is the agony, this is the passion.


Richard Spinnenweber




Subject: Death is for the dead who died for the dying


You're next to be ........................ DOA






Hello brothers peter and michael,


I was reading about this article,, and it surprised me to say whoa atheism is now a religion? Wow the world has really gone crazy and how people can really be illogical. I was also wondering why they haven't brought up evolution as a religion yet.


God speed,





Subject: Your Lies


You know I once thought that you were ok, I thought that you were a genuine catholic man, but from what I have seen of your videos,I know that you don't even value the Catholic Church nor even the Pope, I think that you are a sad excuse for a so called Catholic, and if you are against anything of the Catholic faith then that makes you a heretic




MHFM: No, you are the liar and the heretic who hates the truth.  Their heresies are well documented.  We tell the truth.  The problem is that you don’t want to understand the real Catholic faith.




Subject: The Bible is a Catholic Book


Dear Brothers:


Every time I see an anti-Catholic rant sent to you from a person imagining himself to be a "Christian", I am reminded of this: if the greatest deception of the end-times is the Vatican II Counterfeit Catholic Curch, then the second greatest deception must be the belief that Protestantism is Christianity and is Bible-based. 


The Counterfeit Catholic Church drums into people's minds that Protestants really know the Bible.  And they get away with it, because the V2 victims are taught absolutely nothing about the faith, or the Bible -- which is a Catholic book (a fact that all heretics are pleased to ignore).


Anti-Catholicism is the Protestant's only "creed": it's all he's got and, sadly, often all he wants.  And whether the animus is explicitly or implicitly held, rest assured, it's there.  All Protestant sects of perdition are (in Biblical and Church language) not "churches" but "harlots" -- all foreshadowing the most important false church, the end-times Whore of Babylon foretold in the Apocalypse and permitted by God, because the time would come (and has come) when almost all men will love heresies and despise truth. 


Protestantism in all its forms (including V-2) is a repudiation of the Bible, and a denial of the words of Our Lord and His Apostles.  There is only one religion of the Bible: Catholicism, the only true Christianity.  Nor, by the way, is true Christianity based on Old Testament Judaism, as the impostor popes and their cohorts would have us believe.  Judaism was based on Christ and, as Our Lord and the Fathers of the Church tell us, this was why the Jews of old killed the Prophets God sent them.  


By the time of His first coming, a good portion of the "faithful" and their leadership had become "faithless" --just like today.  The "Redeemer" they were waiting for was not the gentle and humble Son of God who would invite all men to His Kingdom.  The Jews were looking for a political leader to bring about the exaltation not of God but of Israel.  And, as history demonstrates, the Jews were at that time quite active in maneuvering the political events of the Roman Empire as they desired.  Sound familiar?


Then there's the widely propagated all-false-religions-have-a-piece-of-the-pie parable from Hell.  No, they don't have pieces of a "pie" because faith exists only where it is whole and inviolate. So says Jesus. Whatever false religions might have that is true, they stole it from the Catholic Church, misappropriated it, and misapplied it.  (Same way that Church property was stolen in the 16th century and beyond, in those countries whose kings accepted the Protestant revolt.) The Amish and other sects have their fake "bishops". Most false sects have their "church" buildings, pulpits, pews and stained glass windows. One way or another, they all have their fake "pastors" and their non-worship "worship" services.  Most claim to have the ten commandments, to be applied as they see fit (or not).  Even Baptism which might be valid for them in some cases has been stolen from the Catholic Church, and will not help them much if they are or become heretics. 


As the Bible tells us (the Bible which heretical Protestants claim they love so much):  Heretics and their teachings are to be avoided...Heretics preach against the faith received from God....Heretics are ignorant of Scriptures and have no faith....Heretics resemble the devil, Cain and Core .....The books of heretics are to be burnt....Heretics are thieves who try to enter not by the door....Heretics are forerunners of antichrist.


There are many, many parts of the Bible that the "Bible-only Christians" conveniently overlook.


Jesus said that if a man refused to hear the Church, that man should be looked upon as a heathen.  Now, what Church do Protestants imagine Jesus was referring to?  If the acceptance of Evolution makes monkeys out of men, so does the acceptance of false religions. Which I guess is the whole point behind the instigation of all false beliefs in the first place: Satan still raging against God over the Incarnation. Satan's war against Truth.


To the Protestant, Christ's words are meaningless.  And that is why as Protestantism spread and grew over time from the 16th century until the present, it was the slow but steady cancer of society, the ultimate death of Christendom and -- as the Bible assures us -- the forerunner of antichrist. 


Lee Ann




Subject: Theoak


Dear Brothers,

Theoak who wrote saying that "Catholics are Pagans" is the Pagan joke himself since he separates Jesus from God, thus worshipping a creature. Then he criticizes Catholics for beliving in "works based salvation," but then recommends reading the Bible, as if that is not a good work! If Protestants believe faith alone justifies then why should anyone have to read the Bible since that would constitute some type of work. Work: "exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something; labor; toil." I suppose we'll never hear a Protestant accusing someone of being lazy, since according to them work is a sin. Catholics have faith in the True Jesus Christ, not some Protestant "symbolic Christ" who merely represents the Devil. The Book of Protestantism 1:1-3 - "[1] In the beginning was the Bible, and the Bible was with God, and the Bible was God. The same was in the beginning with God. [2] And Jesus said to his disciples: If any man will come after me, let him deny me, pick up his Bible, and follow himself. [3] Do you see that man is justified by faith only, and not by works?" (John 1:1, Matt. 16:24, James 2:24) I suppose the Bible is the closest thing Protestants have to Jesus Christ in the flesh, i.e. the Holy Eucharist, so it's not surprising they get a bit excited about it.

John 5:39-42 - "Search the scriptures, for you think in them to have life everlasting; and the same are they that give testimony of me. And you will not come to me that you may have life. I receive glory not from men. But I know you, that you have not the love of God in you."

2 Peter 3:15-18 - " And account the longsuffering of our Lord, salvation; as also our most dear brother Paul, according to the wisdom given him, hath written to you: As also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are certain things hard to be understood, which the unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other scriptures, to their own destruction. You therefore, brethren, knowing these things before, take heed, lest being led aside by the error of the unwise, you fall from your own steadfastness. But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and unto the day of eternity. Amen."

God Bless,

Chris White




Subject: Protestantism and the Councils


Hello Brothers:


  I have been studying the Councils, and just today actually, Good Friday morning, I was thinking about how evil protestantism is. It is truly "protest" - ant - ism! A firm and hearty protest against God and His Church. I know some protestants who really think that they are "saved". They do some disconnected Christian "type" stuff, like read the bible every now and then, say some prayers, etc. But when I did know these people more intimately years ago as a VII Catholic, it is apparent that their bible study is very limited - they are not really that interested, although they proclaim relentlessly that it is they who are the true bible believers. Their prayer life is also just completely void. They pray in little disjointed moments - as if they cannot really think of what to say, etc. And this is what is expected of a protestant prayer life - without the True, Catholic form of prayer and praying, which is the only Christian way and the way of Christians for 2000 years now with really little development at all because Christian prayer came out of the womb fully developed! Protestants simply do not have it. Protestantism is simply not Christian. Protestants are absolutely not Christians. As opposite as protestantism is to Catholicism - as opposite as is a protestant hall is to a True Catholic Cathedral, this is exactly how opposite protestantism is to Christianity. It is empty and totally false - there is truly nothing there. Any protestant man who does not take it upon himself to study Christian history, and the councils and activities and actions of the True Church of Jesus Christ - the man has absolutely no excuse… A perfunctory glance at history will leave any honest person speechless - It is Catholic. The entire history of mankind, and literally of all things, is in direct relation to the person, life and gospel of Jesus Christ and His Church. A protestant must learn this. Because he is so empty he must feel like dying. Also, what is true of protestantism is true of John Paul II's Vatican II church - it is exactly the same, empty, and so completely opposite of Jesus Christ the Redeemer's One, Holy, Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church that it can never be denied by a sane and lucid person.


… It is a horrid, obscene tragedy - both protestantism and the Vatican II false god religion, And the unbelief of the masses. It is terrible, and all True Catholics must take hold firmly of the message of Our Lady at Fatima. Make reparations for the sins of these mighty blasphemers. Make sacrifices for their souls, as they simply will not or cannot do it now they are so blind. At the very least say the Fatima prayers and also Novenas for the salvation of the immense number of souls who fall into hell, even now as we speak of it. On Sunday, the protestant and VII churches will be filled with corpses. Dead souls. God's mercy of warning us all, and Our Lady's Mercy of coming to Fatima, and Her message, really should be taken firmly to heart by every True, Traditional Catholic, as if she appeared this very morning - because as God sees time (as we can only imagine He does) she did come only moments ago!


What a good work you brothers do. You are always in our prayers for protection, strength and perseverance.


Thank you,

Michael Glennon




Hello Brothers in Christ. I have read your site & get your message loud & clear.I was baptised in 1951, was an altar boy & experienced many 'odd' happenings in the church in my small hometown area. Around 1963, one parish priest committed suicide,another left the priesthood, & some nuns left also. During high school, around 1968, there were many brothers who became lay teachers. The priest in charge was very judgemental & threatening to those who 'did not fit in' concerning monetary wealth .Failing students were promoted as their wealthy parents made hefty donations. I was physically threatened by this priest & not allowed to participate at my graduation ceremony as my parents could not afford transporting me to the senior breakfast. This priest in later years was promoted to archdiocese director. After high school, I 'fell away' from the church due to the abuse. I realize this is isolated to the area where I lived & those involved & not the entire body of Christ.,however my mother & her family experienced some foul dealings with a priest in New Jersey who connived a rightful inheritance from my surviving mother by taking all of her family properties for himself, 'his parish'. While my mother lived in Calif, this priest became more than just friendly with my aunt & grandmother back east.My aunt died of an overdose,mysteriously, & later my grannie died & all possesions went to the church which included all family photos,etc. my mother could not even obtain her childhood photos & memorabilia as all possesions were mysteriously signed over to him. The court hearing settled in his favor due to the expense of flying from Calif to New Jersey & obtaining a lawyer as we were poor. Many years later, the priest was found to be living in the house as his own.He has died since,many years ago. Suffice to say that I have experienced Christians not following their operating manual which is the Bible. Anything outside the Bible is not Christian which includes all organizations who self interpret to create/impose dogmas upon their followers for enslavement/control purposes. Christians are to take on the mantle of Christ & become like Christ. There is nowhere in the Bible which states devotion to Mary/Merium, or to go to her as a 'broker' for requests to "pray for us sinners" as this is more than just insulting to our Savior who said when we pray, pray to our Father, not to His mother. Images & icons are also non-biblical & against the law,yet there are so many in catholic churches & homes. Remember there were no photos back then & all images are just imaginings. There is so much in catholicism that is pagan & due to Constantine with early church collaborators.The calendar was changed,time was changed. Sunday is really worship of a sun deity.etc,etc. You have most likely heard this before & yet your heels are dug in to "pre-vatican II" & for what reason that is purely biblical. Either the Bible is the operating manual or not. No organization or persons supersede the Bible & the words of Yeshua/Emmanuel, see " Rev 22".  




MHFM: Unfortunately, you don’t get the message because you think that Catholicism is pagan.  You are so deceived.  You need to read our book, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church, and especially this section: The Bible teaches Mary's Immaculate Conception, Perpetual Virginity, Bodily Assumption and more [PDF].  You also err in your belief that Catholicism is not biblical.  You have been filled with anti-Catholic misconceptions, and you probably believe in the unbiblical heresy of faith alone.  See our “Refuting Protestantism” section (which addresses your heretical ideas) and wake up.  Your deception is facilitated by your fixation on negative personal experiences that your family had with Novus Ordo “priests.”  That’s common with people who depart from God.  They blame it on others.  If you spent the same amount of time investigating the material we offer which refutes your claims, you would find the truth.  Whether you embrace it, however, depends upon whether you want to accept the grace to be honest.  You should pray to Jesus for the grace to see His true Christian faith.  If you pray sincerely, you will begin to see that we are correct: traditional Catholicism is His religion.  There is no salvation outside of it.




EWTN is great.  Your web-site has jealousy written all over it!




MHFM: God says:


Exodus 34:14- “Adore not any strange god. The Lord his name is Jealous, he is a jealous God.”


We follow God and thus we condemn EWTN’s acceptance of strange gods.  EWTN accepts strange gods by accepting and promoting false religions.  Consider, for example, that EWTN promotes false ecumenism, interreligious dialogue, trips to synagogues and mosques, Assisi-style apostasy, and more.  You are lost.  You think you understand Catholic teaching, when you don’t even believe in it.


EWTN and the Charismatic Movement [link to section]




Subject: Question


I am trying to understand the sedevacantism position.  Because the seat is literally not vacant.  I realize you mean the pope to be an anti pope, however, there have been many throughtout history and here we are fast forward to sedevacantism, another sect?  How do you justify leaving the true church?  I do believe the church is in eclipse, but where does it say to leave it?  Are you not like the protestors removing yourself from the arms of Jesus Mother?  There is but one body one spirit in Christ.  The way I see it, no matter how bad or anti-pope the popes get, the Holy Spirit guides the church to the end of time.  I, myself, have been a witness to the heresies (sp), but is not Christ still being consecrated through these men?  They were ordained  before Vat II, were they not?   What would pope leo do?  Pope Leo did not leave.  He did demand for Satan to leave Christ's' church.  Where do the church father order us to abandon the ark?  Don't the actions of these current heretics apostate themselves and only the true faithful remain with truthful teaching?  My questions are sincere and of goodwill, if you don't answer me, then you just don't know the answers? 

Mrs A


MHFM: We have not left the Catholic Church.  The Church is not comprised of those who claim to be Catholic, but of those who actually hold the faith.  A man that is a heretic cannot be a true pope.  The Catholic Teaching that a heretic cannot be a valid pope [PDF file]  Antipope Benedict XVI is the one who protests against the Catholic Church.  He agrees with Martin Luther and the Protestants on Justification: The Vatican II sect's Protestant Revolution: the 1999 Joint Declaration with the Lutherans on Justification [PDF File].  You obviously don’t understand the Church.   You think that whoever occupies what were Catholic buildings necessarily represents the true Church.  That is not true.  If they reject the faith, they forfeit membership in the Church.  The Church exists in the remnant of traditional Catholics, not in the heretics of the Vatican II Church.  You would have followed the Arian heretics in the 4th century, when they gained control of most of the churches.  In adhering to a non-Catholic antipope like Benedict XVI, who doesn’t believe in the Bible or in Catholic dogma, you abandon the one ark.  Look at the material on our website, and learn something about the Church, how heresy expels from the Church, etc.  You might want to begin with this file: The Glossary of Terms and Principles [PDF]


Pope Leo XIII, Satis Cognitum (# 9), June 29, 1896: “No one who merely disbelieves in all (these heresies) can for that reason regard himself as a Catholic or call himself one.  For there may be or arise some other heresies, which are not set out in this work of ours, and, if any one holds to a single one of these he is not a Catholic.”




Subject: Weather


Am I the only one who can see God's hand in all of this weird weather and destruction?   (I know you do) But all everyone does is complain.  No one sees that God is trying to tell us something-that maybe we should pray and repent for the terrible things that are going on in the world!  No one says that maybe we should pray to God for help. And in the Japanese earthquakes all they did was have a 'moment of silence'?? What is that?  they are NOT praying for the souls that have been lost in the tragedy, or praying for help to save their own souls. Don't they realize that our time is very short here and it is getting shorter by the minute!  I can see what God is doing here and if we don't start praying we will end up like Sodom and Gomorrah!  God help us all! May Our Lady pray for us!



MHFM: They should not be praying for the people who died.  Catholics may only pray for those they know died as true Catholics. 


New Video Posted


MHFM: For those it might interest, this is a new video.  It covers some quick updates, e-mail questions, etc.


MHFM video blog, 4/18/2011 - JP2 universal salvation, etc. [video]


Enemies of the true faith


Subject: Enemies of the true faith




Read so often on your site the many emails you get from some unwilled folks accusing you of misinterpreting scripture.  That happened to me a lot in my lifetime from people who were not Catholics.  But I must say that is nothing compared to what it has been like for me now since I broke away from the Vatican 2 church.  The many folks (false Catholics) who I thought were my friends are more hateful to me now than any Protestant ever was. 


Read a book recently about the many priests who dedicated their lives during the time Catholics were being persecuted in 1500 England.  They were hunted down like animals by the Protestant church.  They were cruel and relentless to these priests and lay people - but they continued to so lovingly suffer all for the Cross and salvation of mankind.


The whole time I was reading this most amazing book I kept visualizing in my mind the church as it is today.  The Modernist against the Traditionalist - which made me realize that the enemies of the faith revive in every age with the same relentless lies against the True Church.    And doubtless until the end of time the True Church will be persecuted, but also will continue to produce fine men and women (like yourselves, and many of your readers) who willingly undergo these trials out of love for their Lord and zeal for their neighbors.


May Our Sweet Mary of the Most Holy Rosary pray for us all.





Dear Brother Michael Dimond,
I wanted to thank you for the last couple of videos that you and Brother Peter released. In the radio show I noticed that you are debating whether or not to do a video exposing the UFO hoax and its connection to demonic activity. I must say that I think you should make this video because the thing that led me to your site and its information was when you were on Coast To Coast talking about the UFO and demonic activity a while back. In that show you made an intellectually profound argument when you explained how very far away from earth the nearest solar system that could sustain intelligent life really is and how it is not feasible to suspect that any race of beings, no matter how advanced, could possibly be traveling here. You actually mentioned the distance in light years and this is what finally put the final nail in the coffin and convinced me that UFOs absolutely could not be space aliens but were more like psycho-metric manifestations --- that is, some kind of spiritual manifestation that appears to susceptible people's minds- like a demon. So I think you should take your time and do this documentary well. I would definitely make it because there are a lot of people under the spiritual deception that aliens created us and our DNA etc. I had one guy at work totally convinced aliens are here visiting the planet... Remember you are laboring against the very powerful History Channel which runs UFO and Alien shows ALL the time. SO a lot of people are being totally deceived. It seems the history channel is only adept at doing two things- One, running anti-Christian documentaries - such as the ones that claim scripture is false or unreliable, and or two, run UFO shows that claim to prove or show that mankind is being visited by aliens who, by the way, possibly created or evolved us etc…
On another note, thanks truly for doing the videos on Our Lady of Guadalupe. It was well past time that information was released for the mass public to discover.
I wish you all the best.
God bless,




Dear Brothers Dimond,


I am sure you have seen this one:

God Bless you during this most Holy Time.

Christine Mohn


MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  This part is interesting:


“In the erroneous Italian edition of YouCat, which is set out as a series of questions and answers, a question regarding family planning is mistranslated.


The question "may a Christian married couple regulate the number of children they have?" is mistranslated from the German original as "may a Christian married couple use methods of birth control?"


The answer is given as "yes".


They say it’s a mistranslation that approval of NFP birth regulation has been described as approval for methods of birth control.  But NFP is a method of birth control.  In truth, the only difference between the original and the “mistranslation” is that the “mistranslation” uses the plural.  It thus gives approval to various methods of birth control, and not just to the sinful NFP method of birth control.   




Subject: Catholics are Pagans


You don’t even worship the same Jesus and God. You believe in work based salvation…do you even read your bible?...




MHFM: You don't believe in anything Jesus taught.  You are not a Christian.  Only Catholics are Christians.  You can listen to this debate, in which the position you advocate is refuted.  The Bible teaches that a man is justified by works and not by faith alone (James 2:24), you unbiblical heretic.



Hi Bro Michael, 


I have been following your website for about 3 years and it has really enlightened me. We were truly in the dark. Thanks for all you do. I read your current email on circumcision and was wondering if my husband and I committed a grave sin for having our two sons circumcised.  We did it not know any better and followed what our parents did.  We thought that is what we were suppose to do.  Should we confess this?  Also, please tell me why Moses did not reach the promised land?... God Bless!




MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  Your first question is addressed in our recent video.  You also ask why Moses did not reach the promised land.


Numbers 20:11-12- “And Moses lifted up his hand, and with his rod he smote the rock twice: and the water came out abundantly, and the congregation drank, and their beasts also.  And the Lord spoke unto Moses and Aaron, Because ye believed me not, to sanctify me in the eyes of the children of Israel, therefore ye shall not bring this congregation into the land which I have given them.


When Moses, in obedience to God’s command, struck the rock in order to miraculously bring forth water, there was a certain level of hesitation in the act or in the manner in which he and Aaron presented it to the people.  A Catholic commentary explains it: “The fault of Moses and Aaron, on this occasion, was a certain diffidence and weakness of faith; not doubting of God's power or veracity; but apprehending the unworthiness of that rebellious and incredulous people, and therefore speaking with some ambiguity” (Douay-Rheims Commentary). 


As a result, God told Moses and Aaron that they would not be the ones to bring the people into the promised land.  This was their punishment, even though they remained in God’s favor.  This punishment was fulfilled.  It was Joshua and Caleb who led the people into the promised land.


Vatican II


Subject: Vatican II – “baptism of sin”


Dear Brothers,

Kev who wrote in saying that Antipopes John XXIII and Paul VI said that Vatican II was not a real council evidently doesn't understand the words "solemnly promulgated" since Antipope Paul VI allegedly (but did not in reality) "solemnly promulgated" Vatican II. The whole point of Vatican II was to eventually try to put Antipopes in the place of God, i.e. John Paul II and Benedict XVI which is why no Novus Ordo "Priest" or "Bishop" is allowed to go against Vatican II, even though the Antipopes go around town with all the false non-Catholic and anti-Catholic religions that exist. I think the sad and vain desire the Novus Ordites have for Vatican II to be non-binding is because they know deep down that it is diabolical and impure. Their vain desire also reflects the heresy of "baptism of desire" upon which the Vatican II apostasy is based, since they desire Vatican II to be non-binding, but it's not - if Paul VI was a pope, which he was not. The Novus Ordites know Vatican II was a Council of sin and so baptism of desire as it is understood today, i.e. not for Catechumens only but for anyone and everyone, is simply an occult initiation, a "baptism of sin" - a replacement of grace with sin.

Matthew 3:11-13 - "I indeed baptize you in the water unto penance, but he that shall come after me, is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear; he shall baptize you in the Holy Ghost and fire. Whose fan is in his hand, and he will thoroughly cleanse his floor and gather his wheat into the barn; but the chaff he will burn with unquenchable fire. Then cometh Jesus from Galilee to the Jordan, unto John, to be baptized by him."

God Bless,

Chris White


The Eucharist


God is offended by receiving Him on "dirty" hands (ONLY priest can touch Him) in the Holy Eucharist!

Only accepted by Heaven form of receiving living Heart of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist of the Catholic
 Church is into our mouth and on our both knees!

God bless you…




“I am he”


MHFM: In the Gospel of John, Jesus says of Himself: “I am he.” 


John 8:23-24- “And he said to them: You are from beneath, I am from above. You are of this world, I am not of this world.  Therefore I said to you, that you shall die in your sins. For if you believe not that I am he, you shall die in your sin.”


John 8:28- “Jesus therefore said to them: When you shall have lifted up the Son of man, then shall you know, that I am he, and that I do nothing of myself, but as the Father hath taught me, these things I speak:”


It’s interesting to consider that this title is connected to what God says of Himself in the Old Testament. 


Isaias 43:10,25- “ … saith the Lord… that you may know, and believe me, and understand that I myself am. Before me there was no God formed, and after me there shall be none…. I am, I am he that blot out thy iniquities for my own sake, and I will not remember thy sins.”


Isaias 48:12-13- “Hearken to me, O Jacob, and thou Israel whom I call: I am he, I am the first, and I am the last.  My hand also hath founded the earth, and my right hand hath measured the heavens: I shall call them, and they shall stand together.”


This is significant for a number of reasons, not least of which is that various heretics deny the truth that Jesus was God and that His divinity is taught in the New Testament.  




Subject: Benny the dreamer


Dear Mhfm,


Thanks for pointing out the recent heresies of antipope Benedict's new jewish fantasy book-Jesus of Nazareth...  Heretic Benny has clearly re-interpreted the Holy Bible-Douay Rheims, in the vein of heretics who flower in their heretical interpretation of The Latin Vulgate.  Benny, the old, ancient, Modernist dreamer, perches himself atop a rock in the dark, dank cave of  "Brood of Vipers," spoken of in Matthew 12-34 and Matthew 23-33-34, and the Modernist world salutes and praises.  What's next-a revealing tattoo on this heretic's thigh of the Star of David!  Thanks again, MHFM.  


Circumcision and the Council of Florence


Bro. Peter,

Hope everything is good.  I have a quick question about circumcision. I noticed in the council of Florence this is condemned.

"It firmly believes, professes and teaches that the legal prescriptions of the old Testament or the Mosaic law, which are divided into ceremonies, holy sacrifices and sacraments, because they were instituted to signify something in the future, although they were adequate for the divine cult of that age, once our lord Jesus Christ who was signified by them had come, came to an end and the sacraments of the new Testament had their beginning. Whoever, after the passion, places his hope in the legal prescriptions and submits himself to them as necessary for salvation and as if faith in Christ without them could not save, sins mortally. It does not deny that from Christ's passion until the promulgation of the gospel they could have been retained, provided they were in no way believed to be necessary for salvation. But it asserts that after the promulgation of the gospel they cannot be observed without loss of eternal salvation. Therefore it denounces all who after that time observe circumcision, the sabbath and other legal prescriptions as strangers to the faith of Christ and unable to share in eternal salvation, unless they recoil at some time from these errors. Therefore it strictly orders all who glory in the name of Christian, not to practise circumcision either before or after baptism, since whether or not they place their hope in it, it cannot possibly be observed without loss of eternal salvation. "

I was wondering if the text is talking about the ritual or the act itself.   Thank you so much for your help. I always have trusted your opinions and will be anxious to hear your response.



MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  The Council of Florence is condemning those who practice circumcision as a religious ritual or a requirement of the Old Law.  It is not condemning those who, for purely medical reasons, have a cutting performed that corresponds to circumcision.  If the cutting is not done for a religious reason, such a medical procedure would not be “circumcision” in the way that “circumcision” is defined by the Council of Florence.  Florence defines circumcision as a religious ritual done in obedience to the Old Law.


Some radical schismatics err on this matter because they misunderstand what the Council says by “whether or not they place their hope in it.”  They think that rules out a medical procedure that corresponds to circumcision.  They are wrong.  By making that statement, the Council is condemning those who practice circumcision in obedience to the Old Law, even though they place their hope in Christ and don’t believe circumcision confers any grace.  In other words, such persons practice “circumcision” because they think it’s important to continue the prescription of the Mosaic law, even though they believe Jesus Christ can save without it.  Those who observe circumcision in that way, even though they don’t place hope in it, are condemned because they are doing it as a ritual of the Old Law.  Those who, for no religious reason whatsoever, have a medical procedure done that corresponds to circumcision, are actually not practicing “circumcision.”  Thus, it would not be a mortal sin.  This is another example of the radical schismatics hunting for a new insight but coming up empty. 




Dear MHFM    


I just thought it Interesting that PASSOVER this year falls on Tuesday APRIL 19, this was the day 6 years ago that anti-pope benedict 16 became anti-pope.  And also that the satanists evil season begins April 19 - May 1… Thank you and God bless !     






I want to thank the Dimond Brothers for their You Tube videos and web site, which helped my decision on entering the Catholic Church. I was baptised,( 1964), a Catholic, but never completed Catechism. I use to attend Mass w/ my Grandmother… when I was very young, but due to a divorce I lost contact w/ her and then stopped Catechism classes. I was hesitant to become Catholic due to the many heresies that I saw being committed by the Clergy and even the Pope,( I did not know that they were heresies until I saw your videos, but I knew the things I saw did not feel "right"),I also attended Mass but felt like I was at a protestant Church.... I would like to know what other books you could recommend I read to help me. Also I would like to know if I can attend a Catechism which teaches pre-Vatican 2 or do I have to attend a Vatican 2 Catechism to enter the Church? Again, thanks.




MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  Our online store has some of the most important books we recommend.  You should not (and do not need to) go to any catechism class to enter the Church, for those sessions would be offered by heretics.  You can enter the Church by following these steps on your own: The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts.  We also recommend the full Rosary each day, if possible.




Hello Brothers:


I see that you have a section where you warn others about some of these traditionalist priests and bishops who are either heretical or schismatic or both. Just recently I have discovered that the Bishop who I had been taking Mass from in Boston is definitely heretical and schismatic… from his own letter… by bishop Bryan R. Clayton. Speaking about his exorcisms he says that other human souls enter into the body of the possessed person:


"In working on a case, as often happens, human souls, along with diabolical entities, were inhabiting the body of the person that We were performing the exorcism on."(p.61) and also: "Whichever entity is at the front, that is the entity that is in control of the body, and that is the entity that We are speaking to – whether it is the soul of the possessed person; or it is a demon; or it is another human soul. In the case that We are speaking of, there was the soul of a young woman who died in the 1960s. Her death appeared to be a suicide, for she had hanged herself. However, in reality, the young woman was, herself, possessed by a number of demons, who, taking control of her body, had actually hanged her, without her consent. The demons then waited, and seized her soul immediately as it began to depart from the body; and had been forcing the soul of this girl into other bodies, ever since. God permitted this to happen, for God knows everything – past, present, and future. During the course of the case, it was learned that the young woman was never baptized. Therefore, after We had expelled the diabolical entities, We had the soul of the young woman come up to the front of the possessed person’s body, and We baptized her, after which, she immediately departed." (p. 61-2).


It is self explanatory. Heretical.  This type of theological tomfoolery can be expected from Clayton. He is also clearly a schismatic, his own profession is that Pius the XII, Pius XI, Benedict XIV and Pius X were all antipopes - and that one who does not agree with him on the idea that Pius XI is an antipope for not restoring the Breviary is then a "non-Catholic". So, according to Clayton one must admit that Pius XI fell from the Papacy when he did not restore the Breviary or one is not Catholic. Still, Clayton does not give a specific point in time when Pius XI supposedly fell, but according to him he did fall and this must be professed by all the sons of the Catholic Church.

     He singlehandly emptied out a chapel in Boston, in my opinion it is due to his utter lack of Charity and lack of the Faith. He blames the people of course - one of these "shepherds" whose sheep all die and it is their fault. Will he attempt to use that excuse with the Chief Shepherd?  He also refuses the Sacraments to anybody who would go to any priest who mentions the VII antipopes in the Diptychs. But then he is always looking for a way to exclude people from the Sacraments and from the Faith itself. Indeed he is one of these whom one of your readers stated some while back "The true Catholic weeps over the fact that the Church is so small, the schismatic weeps over the fact that it is not smaller" or something to that effect - so apropos!

     He also has an entire ministry, which he calls an "apostolic administration" which effectively gives him both the "jurisdiction" and "authority" of the papacy, all based upon a precedent which happened with Pius XI. But then he goes on to conveniently call Pius XI an antipope at the same time. His Pastoral letter is full of doctrinal quotes from Pius XII as well - another antipope according to him, yet he quotes him to support his arguments against the VII church. Illogic, hypocritical, and irrational. This is what you will get with bishop Bryan R. Clayton. A lot of people have had trouble with him and his "apostolic administration" (up in New Hampshire in a trailer park at the present). It has gone on long enough - you might want to post him up in your "beware" section of priests to avoid as he is one of the only ones around these parts and could be trouble for people if they go looking for a traditional priest around here and find him.


     Of course he believes that MHFM is heretical for your stand on Sacraments from undeclared heretics. You've heard that one before right! But what do you expect from a guy who thinks a Saint was an antipope (Pius X). He is now threatening me that I will be ipso facto excommunicated if I undermine his "authority". He really believes that he has regular jurisdiction and that he is an ordinary in the Church Hierarchy! He does not understand is that he is just another guy who decided to go and get ordained by heretical Bishop Taylor and that he has absolutely no authority! In any case he is a heretic and a schismatic (who could not excommunicate anyone as he himself has no part in either the Church or Christ) and a very dangerous type.


-Michael Glennon


MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  Yes, he’s another definite heretic falsely posing as a traditional Catholic.  His claims to have binding authority are also schismatic.  He should absolutely be avoided because he imposes his heretical and schismatic views on people.   




Dear MHFM,

Thanks… for your Radio Discussion and Update of April 12,2011!  We do hope God will allow you the time to work on a DVD of the information you have in your amazing booklet: UFO's - Demonic Activity & Elaborate Hoaxes Meant to Deceive Mankind.  This information on the Internet is sadly lacking and would be a great source of reaching people who might not otherwise hear of your website and the truth of the Catholic Church instead of the lies which are now being promoted and accepted on a large scale.  I gleefully could imagine the fur that would fly amongst the UFOlogical community if you were to unleash that!  That debate is very much needed but seems to be purposefully stifled…





Dear Brothers in Christ,


There are innumerable many ways the V2 sect is mocking God. One of them is their frequent mentioning of the notion of 'dialogue'. The news headline you've quoted in your News section: "VATICAN CONFIRMS HOPES OF DIALOGUE WITH CHINA" pretty much sums up the wickedness of V2 sect, especially in this time of the year when the true Catholics are remembering the Passion. God never engaged in a dialogue with His creatures, simply because a dialogue is a conversation between two persons of equal rights and powers. By the duties of the office, the true Pope represents God, in a manner that is clearly described in Exodus 4:16: "He shall speak in thy stead to the people, and shall be thy mouth: but thou shalt be to him in those things that pertain to God."


The most vicious V2 sect "hopes of dialogue with China". In these few words we can find the ugliest blasphemies a creature can utter. First, a true believer in true God puts his/hers hopes only in God, and never, I repeat NEVER, in anything else other than God. Second, by saying that they hope of dialogue with China, they are in their occult way saying that the Devil is their god they worship. The dialogue between the antipope and the demoniacal atheistic regime of China is a dialogue between two servants of the Devil.  I don't know if there are true Catholics in China. But, if there are, they certainly will reject the devils of Beijing and of Vatican. I am sure that they, the true Catholics in China, despise any dialogue with either Beijing or Vatican. It is for certain that the true Catholics in China (if there are any) suffer very much. They are worthy of prayers of all other true Catholics in the world.  Our Heavenly Mother and St. Joseph, be our shield against the devils of this dark world.


Vladimir from Zagreb, Croatia


From what


Subject: Help


I'm trying to rebuild my faith. I've watched your videos and have a lot of questions. I get the feeling from them that noone unless your perfect will get to heaven. Also from what I see You're saying we haven't had a reel pope since the 60's. If the mass isn't reel or the popes are fakes who do we believe? Why go to mass?... You say only catholics will get to heaven. My father was a convert. Many in his family were devout lutherans. Are you telling me my grandparents won't get to heaven? No matter how good or religious they or any one might be they won't get to heaven?...




MHFM: One must die in the state of grace to be saved.  The path to salvation is narrow and few find it (Mt. 7:13).  However, for those who show interest and love the truth, God makes it easy and joyful: “For my yoke is sweet and my burden light” (Mt. 11:30).  That is to say, it’s sweet and light after people take the bold steps to enter on its path.  To be saved people must simply show interest in the faith, accept and adhere to the full truth without compromise, and avoid mortal sin.  The problem is that few are honest; few are inclined to the truth.  That’s why God leaves them in a deception.  Your e-mail reveals that, at least at this time, you are somewhat inclined to resist God’s revelation, instead of submitting to it first and then seeing the justice in it later.


St. Anselm, Doctor of the Church, Prosologion, Chap. 1: “For I do not seek to understand that I may believe, but I believe in order to understand.  For this also I believe, that unless I believed, I should not understand.”


Our recommendation is that you really begin to pray the Rosary each day (the full Rosary).  Ask Our Lady for the grace of faith.  Pray the Hail Mary as much as you can. 


It’s true that all of the Vatican II “popes” are antipopes.  This is the Great Apostasy.  It’s the spiritual deception foretold in Scripture and Catholic prophecy.  They accept false religions and salvation outside of the Church.  Of course they are antipopes.  You ask why one should go to Mass.  One must not go to the New Mass.  One must avoid it under pain of grave sin.  It’s invalid. 


Regarding only Catholics going to Heaven, that’s the teaching of the Church.  It’s not logical to believe otherwise.  Since there is no salvation without belonging to Christ, there is no salvation outside His one true faith.  People who seem good are often found to be dishonest in ways that are not readily apparent.  That’s always the case with people who remain outside the true faith.  It’s contrary to Catholic teaching to believe that your heretical family members were saved as non-Catholics.


Pope Leo XII, Ubi Primum (# 14), May 5, 1824: “It is impossible for the most true God, who is Truth itself, the best, the wisest Provider, and the Rewarder of good men, to approve all sects who profess false teachings which are often inconsistent with one another and contradictory, and to confer eternal salvation on their members… by divine faith we hold one Lord, one faith, one baptism… This is why we profess that there is no salvation outside the Church.”





I'm not sure what Bible anti-pope Benedict XVI is reading, concerning the Jews not killing Jesus, though if he decided to write his own anti-bible, I'm sure the book would be at the top of the best sellers.  Goes without showing why so many Vatican II sect members prefer the Protestant Bible and falsely believe to have read and understood everything from cover to cover. There are numerous verses in the Bible stating how the Jews were adamant on killing Jesus and others:

John 5:18, Hereupon therefore the Jews sought the more to kill him, because he did not only break the sabbath, but also said God was his Father, making himself equal to God.

John 7:1, After these things Jesus walked in Galilee; for he would not walk in Judea, because the Jews sought to kill him.

Acts of Apostles 9:23, And when many days were passed, the Jews consulted together to kill him.

Acts of Apostles 23:25, (For he feared lest perhaps the Jews might take him away by force and kill him, and he should afterwards be slandered, as if he was to take money.) And he wrote a letter after this manner:

Acts of Apostles 26:21, For this cause the Jews, when I was in the temple, having apprehended me, went about to kill me.

Esther 8:11, And the king gave orders to them, to speak to the Jews in every city, and to command them to gather themselves together, and to stand for their lives, and to kill and destroy all their enemies with their wives and children and all their houses, and to take their spoil.

God Bless,

Tom Miles


New Video Posted


MHFM: For those who are interested, this is a new video:


MHFM Radio Discussion, April 12, 2011 [video]


This is a link to an image of something we discuss in the video.




Even the popes of this Council---Pope John XXIII AND Pope Paul VI---clearly DENIED that Vatican II was a REAL or classical council, since it didn't make dogmatic statements…




MHFM: Sorry, but that argument doesn’t hold up.  The claim that Vatican II doesn’t matter because it was “not infallible” is addressed and refuted in this file.  It refutes the common objections and misconceptions on that matter.  This is a section from our book, The Truth about What Really Happened to the Catholic Church after Vatican II.  John XXIII, Paul VI, etc. were antipopes.


Was Vatican II infallible? [PDF]

(This article is for those who already recognize that there were heresies and false doctrines in Vatican II, but hold that the Vatican II “popes” who promulgated them still hold true authority in the Catholic Church.)




Dear Brothers,

Catherine who wrote to you criticizing your excellent exposure of the Antichrist Antipope Apostate John Paul II's heresies is very deceived. I don't think such people even have the grace to be good willed because for them the Catholic faith is merely an intellectual pursuit, like a hobby, rather than a supernatural gift that requires good works in tandem with that grace in order to be saved. Catherine evidently resists the truth because she would rather wallow in the darkness of her deathly sweet sins instead of accepting the fresh and invigorating grace to believe the truth, which is like a blast of fresh cool air or a splash of cold water on one's face in the morning. The sinner will put anything and everything in the place of grace, which is why Catherine failed to see that the true connection between the divine life and someone who is "redeemed, saved, ennobled" is grace (especially of baptism), not some fantastical illusion of Jesus Christ being automatically united to every man by His Incarnation. Her illustration about a pie is contradictory because a pie is a pie is a pie, i.e. religions are not like pies because the Catholic faith is not man made such as is a pie, but is rather uncreated truth from Heaven and it is the Holy Ghost who gives the grace to a soul so as to accept and believe that truth. Also, Catherine's unjust criticism of St. Thomas Aquinas who, though wrong on a couple of things, certainly deserves the title of the Angelic doctor because of his precise explanations, shows again the lack of grace at work in her soul since she treats a Saint with such lack of respect. Evidently Catherine takes issue with the fact that faith can be expressed by actions because she resists the supernatural grace which is necessary to do good works, such as by avoiding lying, and being more careful in examining the authoritative teachings of the Catholic Church. Catherine's arrogance and ignorance points toward the heresy of invincible (arrogant) ignorance which isn't surprising given that God's grace is all-powerful and thus enables anyone whom He can see will cooperate with that grace to eventually be saved, even if it at first may seem impossible, e.g. a man raised by wolves in the forest (St. Thomas). This is likely why the Rosary is so powerful today because it floods the soul with the grace needed to activate that soul into working out their salvation regardless of whatever else might try to get in the way.

John 1:14 - "And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we saw his glory, the glory as it were of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth."

God Bless,

Chris White  


Benedict XVI


Dear Brother Michael,


I have stumbled upon your web site accidentally. I am a practicing Catholic, or so I thought. I am amazed by the revelations that are contained in most of the articles that I have read thus far. One in particular, is the deduction that the name of Pope Benedict XVl equates to the devil's number 666, when decoded in the Greek language. I wonder if you could possibly e/mail to me, or display on your website, how you have arrived at this conclusion. I make this request with an open mind and in good faith, as the probability of this being fulfilled, would be in the realm of millions to one against it having happened by chance.


Yours faithfully,


Laurie Mulcahy. 


MHFM: Letters in Greek have numerical values.  You can find a chart on that point online.  Benedict XVI’s name in Greek is Benediktos.  It comes out to 666.  Greek is the language of the Apocalypse.




B = 2
E = 5
N = 50
E = 5
D = 4
I = 10
K = 20
T = 300
0 = 70
S = 200




Subject: the baptism of the eunuch by Philip (Acts 8, 35-37)


Laudetur Jesus Christus in aeternum!


(The Acts of the Apostles, chapter 8, verses 35 to 37 from the Douay-Rheims Bible)


v.35 - Then PHILIP, opening his mouth and beginning at this scripture, PREACHED UNTO HIM JESUS.


v.36 - And as they went on their way, they came to a certain water. And the eunuch said:

          See, here is water: What doth hinder me from being baptized?


v.37 - And Philip said: If thou believest with all thy heart, thou mayest.

         And he answering, said: I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.



In this text, God is telling us that to preach Jesus unto someone, to evangelize, NECESSARILY includes to mention the absolute

necessity of talking about the baptism instituted by Our Lord, and of receiving it , along with the confession that Jesus is the Son of God.


The very first thing to be asked by the eunuch to Philip, IMMEDIATELY AFTER HAVING BEEN PREACHED UNTO, is to be baptized!!!


So long baptism of desire!


                                                                 Michel Carriere




Yes, B16 is indeed mocking the entire Catholic teaching and tradition on the issue of the Jews ultimately being culpable for Christ's death…






Subject: Attending non catholic service


Hi Bro Michael,


Can you please explain why attending a non catholic wedding/funeral is a mortal sin? Where can I find it it the dogmas or bible?






MHFM: The issue is addressed in this file: Can one passively attend non-Catholic funerals, weddings?  No.




Dear Mhfm, 


Much like Pope Martin V who exhumed the heretical body of John Wycliffe in the 14th century for his early protestant views (Lollards) against Catholicism and Pope Martin V's edict for burning this rag of satan in a bonfire and scattering his rotten ashes to the winds of this evil earth, of which Catholics are not, since Jesus Christ taught that He was not of this world, along with pre-vatican 2 pontiffs teaching in-step to what Jesus Christ instructed his apostles.  So MHFM exposes these modern day antipopes, who are none other than Lollard proteges with  their vile V2 council in tow, who will one day exhume these antipopes, and with identical action, on a pyre, burn these workers of evil to ash and scatter them. 

   Uncanny that heretic Wycliffe detested Scholastic theology, and that heretic Ratzinger/Benedict XVI, detests it as well, since they are of the same school of thought-the school of satan… Antipope Benedict incorporates all the past heretical teachings against Catholicism since he is the epitome of Modernisn, the synthesis of all heresies, as defined by St. Pope Pius X.  What most modern day Catholics can't conceive is how deceptively shrewd the minions of satan  have become as to enter into the heirarchy of Rome to destroy the church from within.  Your monastery is perhaps the only monastery in the world that astutely demonstrates with incisive, hard facts that this is, in fact, the case.  It's undeniable, and yet most of the duped Catholic world refuses to believe in light of all the monstrous changes that have occurred since vatican II.  Your monastery walks in shoes of great teachers of the likes of Pope Martin V, before and after this bold true pontiff of Our One Church.  Great work MHFM!




Subject: UFO



Does your monastery have a position on the UFO phenomenon? Seems to be getting a lot of play on YouTube lately. Some call these extraterrestrials, others demons.

Also, yesterday I found many YouTube links about the "Rapture" occuring on May 21, 2011 and the end of the world on Oct 21, 2011. Any coments on this?





MHFM: We have a book on that very issue.  UFOs: Demonic Activity and Elaborate Hoaxes Meant to Deceive Mankind [link to section] As far as the Rapture goes, it’s not a biblical concept.  The other predictions you mention emanate from Protestantism.  They should be dismissed.  See our Is the World about to End? for a video on the Apocalypse and how it applies to current events.




Subject: comment


Dear Brothers in Christ,

Once again we have the opportunity to see how diabolical is the "reasoning" of a typical adherent of the V2 counter-church. The letter by a reader Catherine is a typical example of a supernatural stupidity and bad will. Your answer to that letter is exactly as it should be.

The reader said that you have taken the quoted words of JPII out of the context. What is the context of the words of the antipope JPII, and other V2 antipopes as well? If we agree that the proper context of any words is the one that would not change the meaning of the words if we quote more words from the same source, we can only say that the reader herself has blatantly taken the words of JPII out of the context.  The context of the words of this antipope is so counter-catholic that if one would intentionally like to make them sound catholic (at least in some measure) he/she would have to disregard any context.

The reader said that any religion contains some percentage of truth. Let me first quote James 2:19: " Thou believest that there is one God. Thou dost well: the devils also believe and tremble".  The context of this verse is that it is not enough to believe, you must prove what you believe with your works. I guess that an adherent of V2 counter-catholic church would try to argue that the Spirit of Truth operates amongst the devils, because the devils also believe in one God and tremble. That would mean that even satanism is a "slice of a pie" mentioned by the reader.

Catherine, if you really are interested in the context of the words, why are you inclined to take out of the context "some percentage" of The Truth that you believe is contained in any religion?

Look, the adherents of Islam, of Judaism, of Protestantism, of Satanism also say "there is one God". Is that "the piece of a pie" that satisfies your alleged quest for The Truth? Does it matter anything to you that the adherents of some other religions, who profess "there is one God", just one word after this "slice of a pie" say also that "Jesus is not God"?  You say that the Spirit of Truth operates just because one part of a sentence corresponds with The Truth, but other parts deny the first part? How diabolical you can be?

The sintagma "part of the truth" could be acceptable if in the same source, where we take this part from, contains nothing opposite of The Truth. Otherwise, it is totally unacceptable.

May our Lord convert as many people as He pleases, through the powerful intercession of The Heavenly Mother and St. Joseph.

Vladimir from Zagreb, Croatia




Jones clearly says: "I'm a MAINLINE FAKE CHRISTIAN"--- someone would have to be possessed/totally controlled by evil to "hear" otherwise-----but the enemy is getting so desperate,  I believe, that he is now more able to control peoples' senses.........if they are doing nothing to combat his evil lies and deceptions.  Thanks for update---very informative.  Sincerely, Anne  


MHFM: Yes, here’s the e-mail to which we made reference in the radio discussion:


Subject: You [sic] Alex Jones fake Christian Video


I don't understand your title because Alex clearly says on there that "I'm a Christian as well, NOT A MAIN LINE FAKE CHRISTIAN." If you understand what a true believer is vs. someone religious or using religion for some personal gain, then you understand even more his statement. He did not say he was a fake Christian.




It’s frightening to consider that many people have written to us and said the same thing as this person. 




Subject: April 12th Radio Program


Hello MHFM,
I finished listening to your recent radio program you just posted and i wanted to say great job as always. The part that stuck with me was when you were talking about "posting on forums". That is exactly how i came across your website. I was on a website… looking around and reading posts. As i was reading these i happen to come across one that said something to this effect "come over to if you want to learn about the true catholic faith". I thank God that he allowed me to see this post and opened my heart enough to go to your web page and accept what i was reading on your website (albeit i was skeptical at first). Not sure how good this suggestion this is, but what i have been doing is ordering your dvd's and on Sundays when people are attending the Vatican 2 new mass i like to [give them out]… Well thanks as always brothers.
God Bless and have a wonderful day.




Subject: Pachamana


The recent article regarding the Bolivian president Evo Morales' introduction of Mother Earth treaty in the UN to give the Earth rights and establish 10 commandments for Earth allowed me to connect the dots to what is happening in Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Trenton NJ.  Pachamana mentioned in the article is the indigenous Andean culture name for Earth deity.  In the Diocese of Trenton Catholic Charities is sponsoring Symposiums called Awakening the Dream which comes from the San Francisco organization called Pachamana with Van Jones on the Board of Directors.  Yes the same Van Jones that was anti American on the day after 9/11 and the same Van Jones with Marxist ties and who got into the White House as the Green Czar and who holds a position in the Center for American Progressivists.  If I had to guess, Hans Kung is tying all this together between the UN and Vatican 2 church.  All the public schools are indoctrinating the children to the deity of Mother Earth.  Well, back to my rosary to the true Queen Mother of Heaven and Earth and Refuge in times like this.  After praying for a Mary statue to adorn my back yard garden, I found one at curbside last week someone was throwing out.  She was made of concrete and very heavy, but beautiful.  I now have a beautiful Mary statue outside to remind me of her. 


God Bless you Kathleen  




Subject: JPII


Dear Brothers:


It was a little eerie for me to read Howard's e-mail, but at the same time it was good to hear that the possibility of a twofer is being considered by others.  Ever since the "beatification" of JPII was announced, I've had the thought in the back of my mind that somehow they would turn this mockery of God into a joint beatification/canonization ceremony.  Since that would mean that time is even shorter than we think, I didn't want to squarely look that possibility in the face.   


But Howard's "May Day" point is very compelling, not to mention the article hinting at the possibility of the "Legion of Christ" having a role in the "canonization" drive.  JPII has many friends in low places, and their name is Legion. 


Thanks, Brothers, for the Radio Discussion.  Much food for thought.


Lee Ann




All i wanted to say is that i think that mhfm website is awsome, so much info.  The only downside for me is that very few articles are in spanish. And i think my friends and family would be very interested but they only speak spanish & I’m not a very good translator.  I would like to print them out and hand them out for free.  More people need to have this info.




MHFM: We have a website and YouTube channel in Spanish:


Our Website in Spanish (Espanol)

Spanish Youtube Channel






Thank you for your April 7th video about freemason abortion and rock music. Before I didn't know what you were about but now I do. Thank you! I am starting to put pieces of the puzzle together.....








I am a convert to the Catholic Faith.  I stumbled upon your website and read most of your arguments, more specifically, that John Paul II was a heretic.  I am the type of person that is always open to reason. 


Let us look at a few of your examples:


John Paul II, General Audience, Dec. 27, 1978: Jesus is the Second Person of the Holy Trinity become a man; and therefore in Jesus, human nature and therefore the whole of humanity, is redeemed, saved, ennobled to the extent of participating in ‘divine life’

Comment:  You took what he said out of context.  You failed to recognize the words, "to the extent" which means that to the extent that any person participates in Divine life.  This is clearly not the same as saying every person participates in Divine life, which he clearly DID NOT state.


John Paul II, Redemptor Hominis (# 6), March 4, 1979:

“Does it not sometimes happen that the firm belief of the followers of the non-Christian religions a belief that is also an effect of the Spirit of truth operating outside the visible confines of the Mystical Body…”

Comment:  Let us look at each religion as a pie;  consequently, each pie contains a percentage of truth and an amount of untruth.  Of course, Catholicism contains 100% truth, a whole pie.  So, with that being said, it is obvious that what John Paul II was referring to was that the Spirit is responsible for the "part" of any religion that is true.  After all, all truth comes from the Spirit.  For example, let's assume that Protestantism is 50% truth and 50% untruth.  You would have to agree that Judaism, Protestantism and other religions have some amount of truth.  John Paul II would be recognizing that the 50% of the truth was influenced by the Spirit.  Again, you took what he said out of context.

St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica, Pt. I-II, Q. 103, A. 4: “All ceremonies are professions of faith, in which the interior worship of God consists. Now man can make profession of his inward faith, by deeds as well as by words: and in either profession, if he make a false declaration, he sins mortally.”21

Comment:  Throwing flowers on a tomb would not constitute worship.  The Catholic Church states, as you know, that one may attend a ceremony, but not participate in the worship by saying the prayers etc.  Again, you are twisting the truth.  Throwing flowers on a tomb is not worship.

I could go on, but I really do not have time.  Your pride and ignorance saddens me.  Some of what is on your website is good:  Freemasonry is evil, the evil of homosexuality etc.  You are right about the smoke of Satan entering the Church with Vatican II.  Benedict is trying to fix some of the Liturgical issues.  You are SO wrong about John Paul II and Benedictr being anti-popes.  I guess God didn't know what He was doing when He established the Papacy.  He needs you to fix it?  Your pride has gotten the best of you.  I would ask that you please rethink this because you are hurting yourselves by persecuting John Paul II and other popes including the valid pope we have now, your Spiritual Father, Benedict XVI.  Please stop persecuting him.





MHFM: Sorry Catherine, but you obviously don’t read with much comprehension or demonstrate good will.  Let’s look at the first example:


John Paul II, General Audience, Dec. 27, 1978: Jesus is the Second Person of the Holy Trinity become a man; and therefore in Jesus, human nature and therefore the whole of humanity, is redeemed, saved, ennobled to the extent of participating in ‘divine life’


The words “to the extent” in this sentence refer to HOW or TO WHAT DEGREE John Paul II believes the whole of humanity has been “ennobled.”  To have been “ennobled” means to have been made noble.  John Paul II is therefore clearly saying – it’s not even a question – that the WAY in which the whole of humanity has been made noble (or the degree to which it has been made noble) is by “participating in divine life.”  That is to say, the whole of humanity has been saved and has been made noble so much so that everyone has the divine life.  That is definitely the same thing as saying that every man participates in the divine life.  That’s why he says in the same sentence that the whole of humanity has been “saved.”  You are wrong.  Moreover, his position on that matter is proven by dozens of other statements to the same effect.  For example, John Paul II repeatedly taught that Christ united Himself with each man forever.  That means that all men are saved, for the damned are separated from Christ in Hell.  This further proves you wrong.


John Paul II, Redemptor Hominis (# 13), March 4, 1979:

“We are dealing with each man, for each one is included in the mystery of the Redemption and with each one Christ has united Himself forever through this mystery.”


John Paul II, Redemptoris Missio (# 4), Dec. 7, 1990:

“The Redemption event brings salvation to all, ‘for each one is included in the mystery of the Redemption and with each one Christ has united himself forever through this mystery.’”


John Paul II, Centesimus Annus (# 53):

“We are not dealing here with man in the ‘abstract,’ but with the real, ‘concrete,’ ‘historical’ man.  We are dealing with each individual, since each one is included in the mystery of the Redemption and through this mystery Christ has united himself with each one forever.”


Let’s look at your next pathetic attempt.  You refer to this passage and also say it’s out of context.  You say he’s only referring to the part of the false religions that are true.


John Paul II, Redemptor Hominis (# 6), March 4, 1979:  “Does it not sometimes happen that the firm belief of the followers of the non-Christian religions a belief that is also an effect of the Spirit of truth operating outside the visible confines of the Mystical Body…”


Does John Paul II say here that he’s only referring to true ideas that are contained among the false religions, and not to the (evil) belief in the false religions themselves?  No.  He refers to the belief non-Christians have in false religions.  In fact, in the case of pagans, the belief that they have in false religions is predicated upon (it flows from) their belief in the false gods of those religions.  Is that belief of non-Catholics in those false religions, which is predicated upon their belief in the false gods of those religions, from the Holy Ghost?   No, it’s from the Devil.  He says it’s from the Holy Ghost.  That is heresy and blasphemy.  You are wrong again.  You show quite a bit of dishonesty when you make the argument you did.  There are many quotes in which the antipopes of the Vatican II Counter Church esteem false religions.  That is total apostasy.  This is just one example.


Benedict XVI, Catechesis, August 24, 2005: “This year is also the 40th anniversary of the conciliar Declaration Nostra Aetate, which has ushered in a new season of dialogue and spiritual solidarity between Jews and Christians, as well as esteem for the other great religious traditions.  Islam occupies a special place among them.”


By the way, in this quote Antipope Benedict XVI specifically esteems Islam, a religion the Church has officially declared to be diabolical and abominable.  Let’s look at your third example.  You say that throwing flowers on a tomb doesn’t constitute worship.  Throwing flowers in some contexts can constitute worship.  Venerating a pagan is a denial of the faith.  The Roman authorities in the ancient Church had people manifest their worship to the false gods by throwing incense.  John Paul II repeatedly participated in false worship.  He held the condemned interfaith assemblies at Assisi, at which false religions came together to pray.  According to Catholic teaching, that constitutes apostasy.


Pope Pius XI, Mortalium Animos (# 2), Jan. 6, 1928: “For which reason conventions, meetings and addresses are frequently arranged by these persons, at which a large number of listeners are present, and at which all without distinction are invited to join in the discussion, both infidels of every kind, and Christians, even those who have unhappily fallen away from Christ or who with obstinacy and pertinacity deny His divine nature and mission.  Certainly such attempts can nowise be approved by Catholics, founded as they are on that false opinion which considers all religions to be more or less good and praiseworthy, since they all in different ways manifest and signify that sense which is inborn in us all, and by which we are led to the obedient acknowledgment of His rule.  Not only are those who hold this opinion in error and deceived, but also in distorting the idea of true religion they reject it, and little by little, turn aside to naturalism and atheism, as it is called; from which it clearly follows that one who supports those who hold these theories and attempt to realize them, is altogether abandoning the divinely revealed religion.”


Benedict XVI has repeatedly participated in non-Catholic worship.  He actively took part in a Jewish worship service in a synagogue.  All the Vatican II antipopes have believed in salvation outside the Church and all kinds of other heresies.  They are total apostates.  However, we will cast no more pearls before swine.  You can look at the information on the website.  Your pride is obviously your problem.  Your words reveal your misplaced confidence in your own understanding.  The truth is that you have no idea what’s going on, and you are very deceived.  You say that we are wrong about John Paul II and Benedict XVI being antipopes.  No, as sure as there is a God in Heaven, you are wrong.  If you don’t find out now, you will find out in Hell.  In closing, we would tell you to cogitate on this one.




This has to be one of Benedict XVI’s worst heresies yet.  It comes in the context of his repeated attempts to exonerate the Jews of any guilt in the death of Christ.


Benedict XVI, Jesus of Nazareth – Holy Week: From the Entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection, 2011, p. 186: “An extension of Mark’s ochlos, with fateful consequences, is found in Matthew’s account (27:25), which speaks of ‘all the people’ and attributes to them the demand for Jesus’ crucifixion.  Matthew is certainly not recounting historical fact here: How could the whole people have been present at this moment to clamor for Jesus’ death?  It seems obvious that the historical reality is correctly described in John’s account and in Mark’s.”


Benedict is commenting on the words of Matthew 27:25, “And the whole people answering, said: His blood be upon us and our children.”  Benedict XVI not only criticizes the words of Matthew’s Gospel as having “fateful” consequences, but he also flat out denies that Matthew’s account is historically accurate.  This is simply a rejection of the inerrancy of Sacred Scripture.  It is a denial of divine revelation and the Catholic faith.  It’s time for people to wake up and see this man for what he is and what he teaches.  He utters this massive heresy simply because, as his book makes clear, he desires to exonerate the Jews.  For more, see: The Massive Heresies in Benedict XVI's book, Jesus of Nazareth - Holy Week [new article].




Subject: Information


I recently discovered your website and have been doing a great deal of reading your articles as well as listening to audio programs.  I have a number of questions that I can’t seem to find answered on the website.  My questions involve issues surrounding finding a traditional parish in the area of St. Louis, Missouri where I might worship as well as whether or not there is a “formal” process for becoming a Traditional Catholic?  I was previously divorced, am now remarried, and was baptized several years ago in the Lutheran Church.  I don’t know what process would be involved in admitting me to the church and whether or not an annulment would be required?


Is there a book you can recommend that would give a more detailed approach to actually entering Traditional Catholicism?


Thank you.


Susan L


MHFM: It's great to hear that you found the website, and that you are listening to the material.  There's no such thing as the annulment of a validly consummated marriage.  An annulment is a declaration that there never was a valid marriage to begin with.  To know if one’s first marriage was valid (and therefore is still in force), it’s necessary to know more about the specifics.  As far as converting to the Catholic faith, the steps are explained in this file: The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts


If you continue to look at the information on our website, you will see that all the churches which have the New Mass (the English Mass) are invalid and not really Catholic.  One couldn't attend any of them.  The entire post-Vatican II structure is a Counter Church.  That's the realization one must come to.  We can help you with where to go if you contact us.  But one must first be committed that he or she will never attend the New Mass again.  A person must also be convinced on all the other core issues of Catholic faith, including Outside the Church There is No Salvation.  In other words, one must be convinced that there is no “baptism of desire,” no NFP, no support for priests who offend in these areas, etc.  The question of your first marriage would have to be addressed as well.


This file also explains certain guidelines people must understand about receiving sacraments in these times: Where to go to Mass or confession today?  For one who is not convinced on all of these matters should not receive the sacraments.  We look forward to hearing from you.  If you haven’t already, we would also strongly recommend that you obtain our DVD special offer which includes 6 DVDs (with 10 different programs), as well as 5 important books (including our 610-page book with 200 color photographs), an audio disc (with 20 hours of programming) and flyers for only $20.00 (no shipping charge in U.S.).  If you don’t already, we also recommend everyone to pray the Rosary each day, all 15 decades if possible.  An easier way to get that accomplished is one set of mysteries three different times in the day.


John Paul II


Subject: John Paul II




Last year, when I found out that "mercy" Sunday fell on May Day, I believed wholeheartedly that May Day would be the day of JPII's "elevation." And after listening to MHFM's "End" program and your latest radio program analysis," I still firmly believe that a "two-fer" is in the works. In other words, a last minute "second miracle," necessary to give John Paul II the "bump" needed to "sainthood," is being concocted behind the scenes. Perhaps the example in the attached article or one like it will be a last-minute "surprise," both for the world in general and to the novus ordo "faithless."


After all, the devil has waited for a day such as May 1, 2011 for 2000 years. 1 million spiritually-dead subjects will be in attendence at Rome; many hundreds of millions watching the media coverage. It would seem that if the "beatification" is not the fulfillment of Apocalypse XIII, then an historical and "momentous" opportunity would seem to have been wasted. And since the devil has but a short time....perhaps he won't let such an opportunity go by.  


May Our Lady of La Salette protect us.




“Baptism by Desire”


Subject: “Baptism by Desire”


Hello Brothers:


The more I hear from others about "Baptism of Desire", the more it is clear that this is another manifestation of the protestant "faith alone" (Martin Luther's heresy) heresy. It is simply that.


Pope Paul III, Council of Trent, Session 7, Can. 8: "If anyone shall say that by the said sacraments of the New Law, grace is not conferred from the work which has been worked [ex opere operato], but that faith alone in the divine promise suffices to obtain grace: let him be anathema."


It dawned on me that all their faith is in their faith! Not in Christ or His Sacraments or the work which He has worked. It is apparent that B.O.D. is simply the belief that faith alone in the Sacrament will justify a man. Rather than the Sacrament itself (the Grace in the actual Sacrament - the work already worked in the Sacrament itself) it is the faith in the Sacrament which they believe justifies. It is another attempt at faith without the works. Compared with the above Canon 8, it is pretty explicit "faith alone" ! They just all want to be protestants  - which they literally are anyway, because they spend all of their time protesting against almost anything declared by the Magisterium, in favor of arguments from creatures rather than God. Like I have said - Baptism of Desire is not just something they happen to believe - it is their entire mission in life! It is the main focus of all that they do. It is just that diabolical. Listening to your debates a second or third time, one can really hone in on how Satanic both the doctrine and its proponents are. Have you ever heard Bishop Dolan speak? His entire voice and the delivery is a completely fabricated Satanic production. Nobody speaks that way! Again, diabolical. I believe that Dolan is possessed without question, as a great deal of the traditionalist Bishops are not just heretics or schismatics, but really possessed by devils.


-Thanks for the hard work, excellent literature and perseverance,


Michael Glennon




Good morning Brothers.


I finished a book last night by a priest named Hughes. It was written about 100 years ago. A group of priests were meeting in Rome and decided to confide in each other stories of the preternatural that they had each experienced.  One story was about an artist who had been raised Catholic but had soon abandoned the faith and lived a extremely immoral life. Well, he became very famous and successful in his career. One day the priest and the artist were introduced and the priest couldn't figure out why his hair stood on end when he was around him. He seemed all very well from appearances. When the priest saw his artwork, it too seemed ugly or unholy, even though it may have been a painting of a child's first Communion or a knight on his horse moving down the road. Days after their meeting the artist summoned the priest and explained his past life and he was afraid to confess and he would not. The priest left the country but they wrote to each other and the man had confessed to another priest. When the priest returned home a year later he went to meet the artist. Much to his astonishment he seemed fifty years older. The artist explained that he had renounced his previous life and returned to the faith, but, even more astonishing was this, the artist said no sooner had he confessed his sins he could no longer draw or paint anything better than a stickman! It was ALL gone. 


MHFM has discussed rock n roll and its "artists", I returned to the song stairway to heaven and their other lyrics. They are obviously most unholy, but, people have been given the power to advertise or propagate that which is most unholy in a way that can seem most pleasing to the senses. "The pipers calling you to join him", sounds nice, doesn't it. Not only that but, the prince of this world has the power to pay them well for their works. I believe the Pope did hear Our Lord give the devil more power in these last days and anything apparent to the senses is under attack. After your video this morning on advertising and evangelizing I felt excited for the future faithful, that maybe the remnant would become more apparent.


God bless MHFM,






MHFM Radio Discussion


I loved the Radio Talk session you should definitely start a Radio Talk Program. Interesting about Alex Jones. Did You Know that in one of his videos he insults St. Joan of Arc comparing her to a degenerate man (Assange)… that’s just wrong!  


He also promotes a poster that says "We Are Legion" as in "We are a group of demons" along with Satanic hand gestured peace sign (actually means peace without Christianity made by Nero)…


Seems like Libya along with the entire Ivory Coast has really dipped into hell lately. Heard there was even reports of people being burned alive... Interesting quote on your Homepage about a Man who insulted the Fifteen Decade Rosary (suffered possession of fifteen thousand demons) wow then again God being merciful as he always is could have made it worse like about say (15 billion or even trillion)


About 1/3 of the stars of heaven fell so seeing that there are billions of galaxies and trillions upon trillions of stars in each one a third of the stars of heaven would be roughly estimated at about 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Times another Trillion. Quite Unfathomable as God is Unfathomable in his Glories which extend beyond time and existence.


Keep up the Divine struggle of saving Souls.


A Slave of Jesus in Mary


Roy James Sandbank





Here's a small battle won in the great war being fought during these last days.  France has banned the Islamic face-covering veil. The veil reminds me of the spiritual veil that covers the eyes of all non-believing false sects.  The next step is to ban their public worshipping in the streets, and then their religions all together.

God Bless,

Tom Miles




Subject: A question about EENS


… Dear Brother Dimond,

I hope this email finds you doing well.

I'm a fairly new Catholic and only recently found traditionalism. I've been going through the Most Holy Family Monastery website and I realize that you hold strongly to the dogma, outside the Church there is no salvation. My genuine question (I'm not trying to catch you off guard) is this: what about people that are completely shut off from the world, like North Korea? I'm watching a documentary on North Korea and it's frightening to see that every effort is made to brainwash and keep a grip on North Koreans. It makes me wonder how people like North Koreans are supposed to convert to Christianity when they'll never get a chance to hear about Our Savior.

I look forward to any insight you can provide.

God bless,
Myong Hwan


MHFM: We’re glad to hear that you came across the information.  Along with water baptism, faith in Jesus Christ and the Trinity is absolutely necessary for the salvation of all persons above the age of reason.  Those who are ignorant of these essential Catholic mysteries cannot be saved.  That would include the people in North Korea who die without baptism and the saving Catholic faith.  This is the dogmatic teaching of the Church.  People in North Korea would be comparable, in many ways, to the pagans in North America before the missionaries arrived.  None of those pagans could be saved without hearing the Gospel and Baptism, as the missionaries who came to them firmly believed.  Like the people in North Korea, those pagans were left in ignorance of the saving faith simply because they were not of good will and because they committed other sins which prevented God from making His faith known to them.  Hence, the simplest answer to your question is that the people in North Korea will not be damned for not having heard the Gospel, if it’s never been made known to them. They will be damned for the other sins they commit in their lives: their lack of charity, their dishonesty, their idolatry (e.g., worshipping their demonic megalomaniacal leader), etc.  If they were sincere, naturally charitable and pursued the truth, God would make the truth known to them, as He did to Cornelius (Acts 10).  Everyone who is of the truth hears His voice (John 18:17).  Catholics cannot forget the mystery of God’s providence and predestination.  He knows who His elect are.


This issue of how those ignorant of the Gospel are damned is covered in our book (Outside the Catholic Church There is Absolutely No Salvation) in much detail.  Section 16 is pertinent.  Here are a few quotes (more quotes and references are in the book).


St. Augustine (426): “Consequently both those who have not heard the gospel and those who, having heard it, and having been changed for the better, did not receive perseverancenone of these are separated from that lump which is known to be damned, as all are going… into condemnation.”


Fr. Francisco de Vitoria, O.P., a famous 16th century Dominican theologian, summed up the traditional teaching of the Catholic Church on this topic very well.  Here is how he put it:


When we postulate invincible ignorance on the subject of baptism or of the Christian faith, it does not follow that a person can be saved without baptism or the Christian faith.  For the aborigines to whom no preaching of the faith or Christian religion has come will be damned for mortal sins or for idolatry, but not for the sin of unbelief.  As St. Thomas says, however, if they do what in them lies [in their power], accompanied by a good life according to the law of nature, it is consistent with God’s providence that he will illuminate them regarding the name of Christ.”


St. Prosper of Aquitane (450): “Certainly God’s manifold and indescribable goodness, as we have abundantly proved, always provided and does yet provide for the totality of mankind, so that none of those perishing can plead the excuse that he was excluded from the light of truth…”



Acts 13:48- “And the Gentiles hearing it, were glad, and glorified the word of the Lord: and as many as were preordained to life everlasting, believed.”


In his Bull Sublimus Dei, Pope Paul III addresses the question of the Indians in the “recently discovered” New World.  Speaking in the context of those above the age of reason, Pope Paul III declares that they are capable of receiving the Faith, and he reiterates the teaching of tradition that not one of them can be saved without faith in Jesus Christ.


Pope Paul III, Sublimus Dei, May 29, 1537: “The sublime God so loved the human race that He created man in such wise that he might participate, not only in the good that other creatures enjoy, but endowed him with capacity to attain to the inaccessible and invisible Supreme Good and behold it face to face; and since man, according to the testimony of the sacred scriptures, has been created to enjoy eternal life and happiness, which none may obtain save through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, it is necessary that he should possess the nature and faculties enabling him to receive that faith; and that whoever is thus endowed should be capable of receiving that same faith. Nor is it credible that any one should possess so little understanding as to desire the faith and yet be destitute of the most necessary faculty to enable him to receive it. Hence Christ, who is the Truth itself, that has never failed and can never fail, said to the preachers of the faith whom He chose for that office 'Go ye and teach all nations.' He said all, without exception, for all are capable of receiving the doctrines of the faith…By virtue of Our apostolic authority We define and declare by these present letters… that the said Indians and other peoples should be converted to the faith of Jesus Christ by preaching the word of God and by the example of good and holy living.”


St. Thomas Aquinas, De Veritate, 14, A. 11, ad 1: Objection- “It is possible that someone may be brought up in the forest, or among wolves; such a man cannot explicitly know anything about the faith.  St. Thomas replies- It is the characteristic of Divine Providence to provide every man with what is necessary for salvation… provided on his part there is no hindrance.  In the case of a man who seeks good and shuns evil, by the leading of natural reason, God would either reveal to him through internal inspiration what had to be believed, or would send some preacher of the faith to him…”


St. Thomas Aquinas, Sent. II, 28, Q. 1, A. 4, ad 4: “If a man born among barbarian nations, does what he can, God Himself will show him what is necessary for salvation, either by inspiration or sending a teacher to him.”




Dear Brothers,

   Excellent explanation of Benedict XVI's heresies of Jesus of Nazareth!  How anyone can believe this heretic/apostate is beyond belief!   I have been praying the Stations of the Cross during Lent, The ORIGINAL ones by St. Alphonsus Liguori (which of course, has been replaced in VII churches by some goobbly gook)  An in the Fifth Station he states the "Consider how the Jews, seeing that at each step Jesus was on the point of expiring, and fearing He would die on the way, when they wished Him to die the ignominious death of the Cross, constrained Simon the Cyrenean to carry the Cross behind Our Lord."  Even St. Alphonsus Liguori  said the JEWS were to blame for Christ's death!! And he was one of the greatest Saints of the Church-wrote dozens of beautiful books!  Could it be even he was wrong along with all the other sainted popes and doctors of the church!!???  I don't think so.  But the antipope Benedict says the Jews were not to be blamed for Our Lord's death!  Then WHO was responsible? The Romans? They only did what they did because of the riots of the Jews!  Pilate, not a saint by any means, washed his hands of Our Lord's death! The Jews said " Let His blood be upon us and our children"!  which it is!!!
    So is it any wonder why (i.e the articles about the 'catholics' leaving the church in droves in Germany and Mexico, etc) catholics are leaving the church!?  There is no substance of faith whatosever!!...


Wow, are we so outnumbered by the heretics, moderists, etc!!  God bless you and your wonderful work in helping us!!



MHFM: Yes, another angle of Benedict XVI’s recent massive heresy is how it completely rejects and mocks the whole tradition of Catholic thought, devotion and writing on that issue. 




Dear MHFM,


Recently some guy translated your recent article on b16 heresies and I’m frustrated because the person misrepresented Bro. Peter by putting a simple “Peter Dimond” and not Bro. Peter Dimond… and also he has a link to the Heresy of the Week section and not to the original article which he translated…


The problem is that I’m about to publish this article by the end of the week and there’s already a translation floating out there, translated by a heretic which disagrees with a lot of our Catholic positions (e.g., he only believes in “baptism of desire” for catechumens only but rejects “invincible ignorance”….).  And not only that but some other high ranking  “traditional” website (FSSPX) copied the whole article from this heretic’s website, and only posted that the author is simply “Peter Dimond” and has no link returning to the original article, only to this heretic’s website… There’s a lot of attacks in the commentaries… [i.e., in people’s comments on the article]…


Sincerely yours,


MHFM: In other words, those people are promoting our article because they want people to know about the massive and astounding new heresies from Benedict XVI that were exposed in it.  We’re glad that the information (in this case, the article we recently published on Benedict XVI’s massive heresies) is being circulated in various languages.  It’s unfortunate that the people promoting it are not putting the full contact info, as they should, but only some of it, as you said.  It’s also sad that people who can perceive the truth in those materials we published resist the truth in other ways.  They cannot see that what we publish on all aspects of the Catholic faith is the true teaching of the Church and supported by irrefutable facts.  The personal attacks by those who comment are typical; this age of ours is very dark.  The Devil’s dupes are very active: liars, deceivers and people who hate the truth (as well as those who promote it) are ubiquitous.  Their function is to confuse, distract and pave the way to deception and Hell. 


For our website and YouTube channel in Spanish, please go here:


Our Website in Spanish (Espanol)

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Hello Brothers:


     I was just on the web… and I came across a website that had some [material]. I noticed that the site had a section on never taking the Sacraments from heretics. I looked around a bit and inevitably found an anti-Dimond Brothers section. I also saw that the owners are from Sweden. It could be that this is the guy you debated recently. In any case - there is a section called "… retractions". In this section he begins by saying how the Saints often corrected some former error made in good faith, etc. Then he goes on to do the same - but he lays out some of the most heinous doctrinal and teaching errors ever! He just goes on and on regarding the heresies he has promoted in the last four years. It is incredible and the heresies are multitudinous and horrible. Now this is exactly what you had said on more than one occasion about people today and their repentance. In the early Church these types would be walking the streets barefoot with hair cloths and barred from the Sacraments for 25 years. Now, all he has to do is admit he poisoned a million souls and mocked the Lord, his Church and His Kingdom openly for 4 years and say "sorry", and not only is that it, he's done with his penance, but he also gets to just keep on publishing his website and teaching.... Does this person, who was… so badly in error for so long, not question whether or not he might be in error today? Might it not be best for him to practice abject humility, yeah self-humiliation, and commit to be quiet and be taught, instead of teach others, for a very long time!? If this is indeed the man who debated you - after those years of admitted horrid doctrinal error - it is sin upon sin upon insult. If its' him, he needs to take a sabbatical for years and be very quiet. Thanks for the video on the inquisition. Very good as usual


-Michael Glennon


MHFM: It’s the same heretics, deceived now as they were deceived then – of bad will now as they were of bad will then.  That’s why people like that become radical schismatics.  They are not of the truth, and it’s demonstrated by the pattern of their lives.  As mentioned in the debate, they steal our books and all of our videos. They remove our names and contact info from our books and videos, sell them, and even describe them as their own.  




Subject: Toho’s Bad Will


Dear Brothers:


Your response to Toho really hit the nail on the head.  One of the most noticeable and consistent characteristics of V2 people is their tendency to run away from any truth with which they might be confronted, and to consult any self-appointed heretic to tell them what they should or should not believe.  Or, in other words, to tell them what they want to hear.  Perhaps Toho imagines he should ask Corapi if Corapi is a heretic?


I used to be bewildered by this strange behavior (which you see even in "traditionalists" especially among the SSPX), until I came to understand the concept of bad will.  It seems to me that this "I-must-first-ask-someone-for permission-to-look" stance is pure evil - nothing more than a flight from truth and a characteristic of all cults.  I once gave your materials to a woman who I thought might be happy to look at them.  I was wrong; she later gave them back to me saying:  "I checked with someone and was told that this group [MHFM] is not in union with the Church". 


Yet, this is the same woman that had previously complained to me that her "Church"  would not allow her to teach basic Catholic catechism to children in what was supposed to be a weekly catechetical program.


According to what she told me, the situation was so bad in this so-called "parish catechetical program", that she had had to quit. 


People of this ilk are all liars and frauds - hiding bad will under the pretense of obedience or prudence. They all know -- all of them -- that the V2 "popes" and their followers have corrupted what appears to be the Catholic Church, that the "conciliar church"  contradicts the teaching of the true and historical Catholic Church and its popes and saints, and that the V2 "church" is totally devoid of Catholic Faith.  


Yet, they all love the lie.  So much so,  that all they need is one whiff of the truth, and they take off like bats out of Hell…


Lee Ann




Subject: Toho and Mr. Em.C Spiteri from London  e-exchange


Maybe Toho and Mr. Em.C Spiteri from London should also read this from the Bible..

(Acts 17:10-11) "But the brethren immediately sent away Paul and Silas by night unto Berea. Who, when they were come thither, went into the synagogue of the Jews. Now these were more noble than those in Thessalonica, who received the word with all eagerness, daily searching the scriptures, whether these things were so."

"daily searching the scriptures, whether these things were so." – as seen at MHFM, the Vatican II and its antipopes contradict the Bible.  Check it, because you ca only lose your soul once, and there's no coming back from that...





Subject: Brainwashed


Hi Bros,


I was having an argument with my mother who loves JP 2 and who thinks everyone is going to heaven and every religion is a path to God.  The conversation went like this:


I said "JP2 was a good actor"

She said "He brought down communism"


I said "He's a good actor"

She said "How can you say that all these people in the world are going to hell, you're so extreme and your like a terrorist"


I get upset by the name calling, since I am neither extreme nor a terrorist.  Then she said something that turned the conversation into a whole new experience:

She said "How can you say to KILL everyone who doesn't believe, how can you say this?"


I said, "wait a second, who said anything about killing?  I never said anything about killing, where did you get this from?"


She, herself was stunned for a second. Then she went back to the name calling, not investingating where this idea about "killing" came from. 


It occured to me later, that I was just witness to something more insidious. This idea that if you practice Catholism, the automatic response is terrorist/killer.  I think this is brainwashing from the mass media.  I also think, in the future people will blame traditional Catholics for all the problems in the world and will judge it appropriate to kill us.  It will be impossible for them to hear the true message because of all the years of brainwashing the media has done.


Thus Christ said in his end times discourse: "They will put you out of the synagogues: yea, the hour cometh, that whosoever killeth you, will think that he doth a service to God" John 16:2






Hello, My Name is Benjamin Boyle, And I would like to believe I am A good Catholic...Im Confused about the Spanish Inquisition, and would like to learn more of why it happened. Our lord is a god of Love and peace, and Im glad to have come to know him in my life... Im just so terribly confused, and conflicted in my heart to think he would allow the tortures, and things of that nature in his own name. Please excuse my naivety, and please correct me if Im wrong....Thank you


MHFM: You should watch this video: Catholic Inquisition Myths Busted.




Hello Brother Michael,

… I took your advice and went to confession again. This time, I made sure I was the one holding the paper - and what is more, it was a different priest, and I intend on going back next Friday.

What I would like to ask is: my penance is to recite a decade of the Rosary. Does this mean, aside from the regular one hundred fifty, I should set time aside for an extra ten?



MHFM: Yes, the first thing you should do is say the decade for your penance.  After that, you should start fresh with your daily prayers. 


Toho follow-up


Subject: Fr. Corapi


Says you. Thou shall not judge. I do not think your legit. Perhaps pretending your Catholic . I will pass your page on to some head leaders and see what they say. I am well with God.




MHFM: These people cannot think for themselves.  Looking at the truth and evaluating it themselves is foreign to them.  They must always run to their heretical friends to get their views.  They have no faith or love of the truth.




Subject: Music


I thought the below article was interesting considering the media posted the information on the internet.  They failed to add that music puts people into a “zombie trance” and that musicians are possessed by demons as quoted by Brother Michael and the musicians themselves.


God bless,


Tom Miles


MHFM: Interesting: “Teenagers are more likely to be depressed if they spend a lot of time listening to music, while teens who read a lot are less depressed, according to new research.”




I have heard your video and it raised so many questions in my head.  I gather that you are a traditionalist Catholic. Not to worry, I often listened to trad Mass and as a Young boy I was an altar helper (not I'm 75). Surely, your condemnation was very harsh and it needn't be. If he proven wrong and guilty then I will distance myself from his video and name, but isn't it right to give him a chance to prove himself?  Do you remember what Jesus when the prostitute was brought to him?  He did not condem her but gave her a chance to change and boy did she change.


I had hoped that as a priest and a "traditionalist" you will take a step back until judgement and proof is laid in open.


Em.C Spiteri



MHFM: We do have proof for the things we say in our videos.  However, since you don’t even specify which video you are talking about, it makes it rather difficult to address your e-mail.


New Video & Article Posted


MHFM: We have an important new video and article on Benedict XVI’s recent book, Jesus of Nazareth – Holy Week: From the Entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection.  This is one of the most heretical books Benedict XVI has ever authored.  This book has been in the news quite a bit recently.


The Massive Heresies in Benedict XVI's book, Jesus of Nazareth - Holy Week [new video]


The Massive Heresies in Benedict XVI's book, Jesus of Nazareth - Holy Week [new article]




Subject: drawing a blank


I love your video's but can't figure out with your knowledge you stay catholic. I can name 100 reasons why I left the catholic religion after 48 years, and first is I believe God. not just in God but I believe him. The catholic Religion has distorted everything . Im not here to preach just can't figure out how you can justify discarding the word of God in the bible for religious politics . My advice go on a sabatical and read the bible… God bless you see ya




MHFM: Thanks for the interest, but the Catholic Church is the only true Church.  Please read our book, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church.  The Vatican II Church, which most wrongly think is the Catholic Church, does not represent the true Catholic faith.  It’s necessary that you examine this information and return to the true Catholic faith.  There is no salvation outside the traditional Catholic faith.




demons do not posses people they scare them the only demons that posses people are the devils generals they posses and kill there victims and if you keep up with some of the demon videos im sure they will come for you as well




MHFM: Your e-mail really doesn’t make sense.  However, we will say that recognizing the reality of the spiritual world is a powerful inducement for people to convert to the true faith.  The demons have sway over those who are in mortal sin and outside the true faith, and they want to keep the reality of their existence and their activity a secret to most of the world.  It’s true that people can fixate too much on the activity of the Devil, and that can be a big mistake, for he can only do what God allows him to do.  In our pagan world, however, almost everyone is on the fast-track to Hell without any comprehension of the real spiritual battle that’s being waged.  Exposing the reality and activity of the Devil is often an effective way of spiritually awakening them to the true Catholic faith, as well as to the malevolent forces that want to drag them to eternal misery. 




Subject: Psalms


Regarding the video on Benedict's Jesus of Nazareth book, with the heresy and apostasy. You talk about the Psalm 15 10-11 (about 16' min), correct me, if I am wrong, because I have two Bibles with no Psalm 15 10-11

Kind Regards


MHFM: It’s Psalm 15:10 in the Douay-Rheims version.  In some other versions, it’s Psalm 16:10.




Subject: Father Corapi


You attacks on Father Corapi are lie's quit attacking him. He is a man of God




MHFM: No, they are true.  He believes in salvation outside the Church and false ecumenism.  He’s a heretic.  Wake up.




Dear Mhfm, 


… God The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost knows all things before and forever.  He has given us what we want, and that is leading us toward the end of the world.  Heretic Benedict and the State are one and in their corruption of mankind have deceived the world, but for a few.  Keep Up the good work Mhfm.  Pray the Rosary… Our Lady's words at Fatima.  Thanks Mhfm!






Dear Brothers,

Interesting explanation about the similarity between the creation of Eve and the Church. Thank you. It is interesting that the Ark of the Covenant in the Old Law held within it the rod of Aaron, which was an almond branch that miraculously budded. This miracle happened after the revolt and destruction of Core, and proved that Aaron was chosen by God to be High Priest (Numbers 17). So the obedience of Aaron is shown by the almond branch which was kept in the Ark, and the Blessed Virgin Mary is the New Ark of the Covenant. Also, the candlestick which was placed on top of the Ark, had arms that were shaped like almond branches which has parallels to Aaron and the priesthood. Just as the flames of the almond-branch candlestick would die out, so would the Old Law when Jesus Christ was sacrificed on the cross. Also, at Ecclesiastes 12:5, the almond tree symbolizes old age and death, the white flowers corresponding with the white hair of the elderly:

Ecclesiastes 12:1-5 - "Remember thy Creator in the days of thy youth, before the time of affliction come, and the years draw nigh of which thou shalt say: They please me not: Before the sun, and the light, and the moon, and the stars be darkened [poor vision], and the clouds return after the rain [watery eyes]: When the keepers of the house shall tremble [hands], and the strong men shall stagger [legs], and the grinders shall be idle in a small number [teeth], and they that look through the holes shall be darkened [vision impaired]: And they shall shut the doors in the street [less active], when the grinder's voice shall be low [hearing loss], and they shall rise up at the voice of the bird [anxiety], and all the daughters of music shall grow deaf [hearing loss]. And they shall fear high things, and they shall be afraid in the way [anxiety], the almond tree shall flourish [hair], the locust shall be made fat [cannot work], and the caper tree shall be destroyed [cannot work]: because man shall go into the house of his eternity [coffin], and the mourners shall go round about in the street."

The use of the almond branch in and on the Ark of the Covenant in the Old Law seems to parallel the rib of Adam since the almond points to obedience and to old age, or death. Thus, the Old Law would die with Jesus on the cross, whose obedience is typified by the obedience of Aaron - both are High Priest, though Jesus is the eternal High Priest. This is in contrast to Core's disobedience who was swallowed up by the earth, which parallels Adam returning to dust…

God Bless,

Chris White





I just wanted to share some thoughts I had about the simple truth of Canonizations. I just finished reading a book simply called St. Philomena Powerful With God written by Sister Marie Helene Mohr, S.C. In this book on chapter 8 in the very first paragraph she writes; “We read that the Canonization of Saints is intimately connected with the existence of miracles, and it is the common teaching of theologians and canonists that the decree of canonization is infallible. Holy men and women are raised to the altars almost year after year, and this distinction is never given to them unless miracles have been worked in proof of their sanctity”. This book was written in 1953 so a little before Vatican 2. She obviously understood that when a pope canonizes someone it is infallible unlike so many heretics now days who try to twist logic and say things like “oh well he didn’t intend it to be infallible so it’s not infallible” so that no matter who Benedict XVI canonizes it will never jeopardize their position or hurt their argument.  Just some thoughts I had on the issue. Anyways thanks for all you do.


God Bless,






Dear Brothers,


THANK YOU SO Much for revealing all the horrible Heresies of Benny's book ...I'm Still picking myself up off the floor.  How can Any Vat2er believe him after THIS ?...


Carol D.




Subject: Your site



There is so much on your site, do you recommend a specific place to start? Thank you.




MHFM: The first thing we would recommend is that you take an afternoon to watch this entire video:  This will give you the unique picture of what’s going on.  After that, we would encourage a person to consult the section on Outside the Church There is No Salvation.  We recommend our book on that topic.  We also have a flyer and other information.  Understanding that issue is a priority because the true teaching on that issue is so frequently denied and false teaching on that issue constitutes the primary heresy in our day.  The best thing, however, is to obtain our larger special package which gives you all of those items and much more (including our “Bible Proves” book). 




Dear Brother Michael,


My name is Lizanne. I love your very informative videos and articles. I try to read them everyday. I am really searching for where God wants me to go to church. I heard that there was supposed to be a split in the church soon and that the true remnant church would have to go underground.  If I go to a new mass just to receive communion, is the Holy Communion still valid? I prefer to go to a traditional latin mass…





MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  The New Mass isn’t valid, and a Catholic must not go there for any reason.  Our “Where to go to Mass” section explains the principles that concern receiving sacraments in these times.  We can also help a person with that issue.  However, one must first be convinced on all issues.  That includes a commitment to never attend the New Mass again.   That’s explained in the file.






There is a movie coming out soon titled "Christiada".  You can watch a preview of it on youtube.  Billed as "based on a true story".  Have no idea how accurate it will be.  


The Freemasons first ruined our nation in the US - then Mexico.  Hopefully this film will depict this. 


Very interesting story about the Cristeros, and how they were miraculously victorious by the aide of Our Blessed Mother - but then betrayed by the Freemasons in the US, along with the government......the result being... Mexico as it is today.


A lesson not to be forgotten in our present time.






God bless you guys, i suggest you to see these YouTube videos about Fukusima events revealing horrible truth…


Entire world is about to be punished so much, that public has no idea about what is going to come on us in near days and months due to Fukusima disaster. It is already 100x times worse than Chernobyl and will be even much more worse, really watch the linked videos and you will be shocked as me.


Your brother in Jesus Christ






I was wondering if one is a Catholic and puts money in the collection box during for instance a CMRI mass ONLY, not Mass stipends or other donations is this OK?...




MHFM: Absolutely not.  It would be a grave sin to do so.




Subject: 13-part justification debate


You argue exceedingly well, and most convincingly!. Your opponent simply did not process the clear objections of Scripture to 'once saved, always saved.' I applaud your temperament and respectful discourse. Excellent display…






Subject: About the Antipope’s latest heresy


 … Thank you Brothers for that excellent job in exposing the antipope's new heresy. I find this very disturbing… This antipope is indeed out of control! God bless you always.








Thank you for your comprehensive research into Benedict’s new book.  I have sent it to my relatives with hope that they will see something.


God Bless you,






Why should I not consider you a schism since you do not profess allegiance to the Church of Peter and his successor, the Pope?

May the light of Jesus enable you to see the Truth.




MHFM: We do profess allegiance to the Church of St. Peter and his true successors.  If you would wake up, you would see that Benedict XVI is not a Catholic.  He is a heretic.  Heretics cannot be successors to St. Peter.  Look at the information on our website.  In addition to the fact that he’s a complete apostate, Benedict XVI praises schismatic sects and teaches that they are part of the true Church.  By obstinately defending him, you become a heretic and a schismatic.


No idea


… You set the record straight for those rats around Vatican II, since they are rats, their extermination day is coming. The whole world has no idea what Vatican II is about and what the truth is.  They teach nothing but heresies and lies but people follow them like a bunch of blind people.


Let them have it… great work.


God bless you all,


Kim-Lan Vu




Subject: Now this scares me.  Comet Apocalypse




Comet Elenin, a 2.5 mile wide comet which will be at it closest to earth Oct 16th.   It will travel through the asteroid belt in which it could hit an asteroid and be ‘bumped’ into our orbit.  The gravitational pull from Venus and Mars could also cause it to hit us.  Also when Halley’s comet last made an appearance it was all over the media, but why isn’t comet Elenin?  I think the media doesn’t want to cause panic that this could be a major disaster for earth.  Could this by why everyone is saying get six months of food ready?  But besides all of that,  it will still be very close to us as  well as being a beautiful sight to see in the Autumn sky in the constellation Cancer,  between Leo and Gemini. 


On a side note, for what it’s worth,  notice the name of the Comet… Elenin.  Could this be a code for insiders meaning:  (E)xtinction (L)evel  (E)vent (N)ibiru (I)s (N)ear?


See animation of the Comets path below.




New Book


Dear Brothers in Christ,

Thank you for your expose of B16's new book.  As all other books of his, and of his predecessor JP2, this book also is a confirmation of the Apocalypse 13:6

"And he opened his mouth unto blasphemies against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven."

The servant of Devil--B16--is claiming that The Scripture contains errors and contradictions. What a stupid [heretic] is he. For how can he, or anyone else, prove anything pertaining to faith? How can he, B16, prove that the Jews still have the mission if The Scripture may contain errors?

On his denial of the guilt of Jews, I would like just to add verses from The Bible:

"[8] They have quickly strayed from the way which thou didst shew them: and they have made to themselves a molten calf, and have adored it, and sacrificing victims to it, have said: These are thy gods, O Israel, that have brought thee out of the land of Egypt. [9] And again the Lord said to Moses: See that this people is stiffnecked: [10] Let me alone, that my wrath may be kindled against them, and that I may destroy them, and I will make of thee a great nation." (Exodus 32:8-10)

According to B16, these verses do not mean that ALL have strayed.  His satanic "reasoning" would probably be something like: "How can it be that all have strayed? There were a few hundreds of thousands of peoples and it is for certain that only a minority of them have strayed, if any. These verses clearly do not describe a historical event. Rather it is Moses' internal journey to the core of his self representing the microcosm evolved through the eons of creation in which God revealed man to himself."

In this darkest age in human history, the psycho-babble is a common icon of emptiness of "modern man". His extreme bad will and hatred for God finds "comfort" in empty words coming from Hell.

I am extremely angry, and extremely sad, for the fact that a bunch of demoniacal [heretics] occupying the Vatican have the power to produce so many so ugly books which blaspheme our Lord, who suffered most extreme pains on the cross, so that all COULD be saved...

Vladimir from Zagreb, Croatia




MHFM: Note: the article that we posted about a month ago, Benedict XVI Approves Artificial Contraception in Certain Situations, has been stored permanently in our “Some of the Recent Feature Articles” section under “Traditional Catholic Issues & Groups.”




Subject: Video


… Thank you for your latest video/commentary regarding the infamously apostate and blatant heretic, Joseph Ratzinger (a.k.a. Benedict XVI).


I often wonder if the inability to just fully come out and profess his true hatred of our lord Jesus Christ ever bothers him?  I wonder if it ever gets to him at times not to have the freedom to just be himself, the devil incarnate that he is, and freely expose his inner serpent without having to always pretend to be "Catholic"?


In any event, your observations regarding the putrid tripe within Ratzinger's new book is really another nail in the primordial Vatican II coffin exposing this guy for the prodigious fraud that he is.


May Our Lady continue to assist you!


In Iesu et Maria,






Subject: Truth & Lies


Thank-you for interrupting anti-pope B-16's book of lies, "Jesus of Nazareth".  Since the time when God scrambled the one language that all people spoke into many different languages, the two languages of the modern day is that of truth and lies.  Thanks again for shedding light on the heretical denial of scripture, truth and the praise of Jews by anti-pope Benedict-16th. The book would be better titled, "Another attempt to lead people astray by a heretical pope".

God Bless MHFM and your works,

Tom Miles




Subject: Shroud


 I just re-watched the Shroud of Turino vid. we got from MHFM, yes,the vid. says the lance entered Jesus' side at the fifth rib.  Exactly how Eve was created, fascinating.  As for all the V2-ers, the false trads, recent debates, and all your enemies:  if they were windows,  they couldn't possibly be any easier to see through!


    Re: your emailer about the battle horns:  Didn't the battle horns already sound, yet?  Maybe that is what woke me up out of my former V-2 daze!   It feels to me that life is just one spiritual battle after another, battle after battle after battle…


Thanks, Anne 




Subject: Pope Honorius


Hello Brothers:


     I just listened to the debate you had with the guy defending Pope Honorius. I listened to it thinking that maybe he would have something to say which I have never heard previously - but no. My question is: To what purpose do people defend Honorius? What is it to them, and it must be very important because this is just one more issue where people obviously subvert what they know to be true, in order to push forward some necessary conclusion - necessary to them for some reason. The Council of Constantinople 3 absolutely condemned the man. The Pope signed off and ratified it. That is the end of the discussion is it not? No, not to them, of course not. His entire argument was that Leo did not, following the Council which he approved, at any time actually "say" the words "Honorius is a heretic". Does this man not understand that this is exactly what he said by approving the council? The Council makes any number of infallible declarations, the Pope reads them, decides, and then approves them. Does this man really not receive what the Council has declared, with full faith, until he can get a later, protracted statement from the individual Pope, verbally affirming the Councils declarations? Then he could, by that standard, question everything declared by every Council! Of course this is not how it works. It is interesting also how the discussion ended. He says to Br. Peter "I'll have to look into those other things you mentioned - what were they again?" or something along those lines. Meaning that here we have again, another guy who is bold enough to claim that somebody else is wrong, and bold enough to enter into a debate with the person, yet knowing full well that he hasn't really studied out the issue at all! Who would do such a thing? What type of person does this? This is what really amazes me about these discussions. People who are obviously uninformed - probably read no authentic original sources on the topic - just read someone's "article" on the subject found somewhere on the internet - and bang, they are ready to call others "wrong" and enter into recorded debates on the topic. You would think that even just there sense of self-preservation would restrain them from being recorded on these subjects until they knew something more of the issues, but no, they are willing to formally debate and then close the debate with " What were those other Councils that made declarations on this topic, I would sure like to read those sometime" - yeah, preferably before you enter into a debate about it - or say that another brother is mistaken and "wrong" on the topic that you know so very little about! It is what used to be called just plain stupid. So very, very little humility. Everyone believes that their little voice is so very important in God's Kingdom. Almost nobody is small anymore, or like the saints, desires to be small and unheard. Everybody has to have a voice - even if they know nothing at all.


Thanks for the good books and another good and revealing discussion.


-Michael Glennon




Dear Brothers,

The email you received from someone who claims to be Catholic, calls you the Antichrist and then says John Paul II and John XXIII fought for communism is shocking. It shows the level of bad will in the world today, since so many people refuse to even look through your information properly yet take offense at your position. The Vatican II sect has
always defended the oppressive regime of communism (and Zionism)! The person also say they don't cause divisions, as if the truth does not divide (Matt. 10:34) and as if a person should not expect to be hated by the world if they hold the whole Catholic faith and practice it (John 15:18). The ignorance of Vatican II defenders is really demonic, for
whom the Vatican II sect is like their local football team that no matter what justified criticism it receives - no matter where it is on the ladder, even if it's last place - they will defend it to death. The Vatican II sect could release swap cards, jerseys, figurines, posters and flags showing the Assisi meeting, JP2 kissing the Koran, B16 praying toward Mecca, pro-abortion and pro-homosexual politicians receiving communion, etc. - all the acts of apostasy, schism and heresy - and the Vatican II defenders wouldn't suspect that anything is wrong or that they are deceived at all!!! They would rejoice at such wickedness and mockery of the true Traditional Catholic faith. The Vatican II defenders are little Antichrists, just like their Antipopes who praise the Jews, pray with Muslims and respect every non-Catholic Satanic religion that ever there was. If they prayed the 15 decade Rosary everyday they could easily break free from the multitude of dragon talons of heresy that bind them to the Church of Hell - the Vatican II sect.

Luke 4:41 - "And devils went out from many, crying out and saying: Thou art the Son of God. And rebuking them he suffered them not to speak, for they knew that he was Christ."

God Bless,

Chris White






Dear Most Holy Family Monastery,


I knew two people when I was in Ukrainian rite and still deceived by VII and antipopes.  One was the head of the Eastern Armenian Catholic rite in USA.  He told me that the worldwide head of the Armenian Eastern Catholic rite had had enough ballots to make him pope in JPII's conclave but that JPII stole the election from him somehow.  He was not extremely explicit in the details as he was old and near death at St. Anne's in Manhattan(since torn down).He said the Armenian primate wanted to restore traditional Church and take Catholic seminaries out of hand of Papal Secretary of State.  Also a friend in Ukranian Church a traditional Latin Rite advocate told me Veronica Lueken had been in a satanist coven and concocted Bayside apparitions from there-claiming he had been in same coven and was one of St. Michael helpers.  God bless pray for me and that I may be fully and truly converted to the Catholic Church…






Subject: I am in trouble


Hi brothers,

I am in serious trouble. My parents keep going to Novus Ordo mass and they say to me a lot of heresies. My father is obstinate in rejecting Catholic dogma because he believes that I am trying to convert them just for my reward. They are totally possessed heretics. It is a very complicated the moment I have no other places where to go. I hope I am not committing mortal sin by living with apostates and heretics (my parents). I ask you to pray for me.

God bless,



MHFM: It’s not a sin to live there.  We assume you’ve tried to convert him.  Since you have, there’s no need to engage him in religious discussion and you should avoid him as much as you can.  If he does bring up religion, then you should (once again) refute him and contradict him.  If he doesn’t like it, he shouldn’t bring up the issues with you.




I AM A CATHOLIC, AND STAND BY MY RELIGION, I DO NOT CREATE DIVISIONS, YOU ARE THE ANTICHRIST, I INSIST.  You will be in my prayers, I ask 'God for you, for your salvation.





You are so blessed to be full of knowledge that helps others like myself want to change for the better. Thank you for everything you do.

Rockford, IL






… I listened to the debate and read Brother Peter's article of the debate.  It never ceases to amaze me how all of these individuals are the same (William Golle, William Albrecht, Vin Lewis, Eli, etc.).  They constantly regurgitate the same sayings over and over thinking that somehow this can prove a point.  Additionally, they take but a small "sample" of a quote and believe this proves their point as well.  It is much like an old saying that I will paraphrase, "If a lie is repeated long enough, too many, it becomes reality".  This is much like what we see today with worldly concerns, Oklahoma City, 9/11, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Japan's nuclear issue, etc.  The lies are simple repeated over and over and since everyone (or 99.999999999999%) are of bad will and do no research, it simply becomes reality for them.


The debate and article were both excellent and clearly showed the truth of the Catholic Church, which Bother Peter reiterated to Eli.  However, as one who simply takes the road most traveled he does not see his final destination or even that he walks on the path of perdition.


God Bless you for your works.....






Note: Our recent article about the quotes covered in the “Sacraments from Undeclared Heretics” Debate has been stored permanently in three places: 1) “Traditional Catholic Audios” – next to the link to the audio of the debate; 2) Our “Where to Go to Mass” section; and 3) our sub-section on finer points, quotes, arguments, objections and issues relevant to certain "traditionalists", under “Traditional Catholic Issues & Groups.”


New Article Posted


MHFM: We have a new article. The purpose of this article is simple: since so many documents and citations were covered in the recent debate, it’s helpful for people to see the most significant ones in writing.  The article also deals with some matters that did not come up in the debate.


"Sacraments from Undeclared Heretics" Debate - The Important Quotes [new article]


The Creation of Eve & the Church


MHFM: There’s an interesting parallel between the creation of Eve and the creation of the Church.  In Genesis, we read that God created Eve by taking a rib out of the side of Adam when he was asleep.


Genesis 2:21-22- “Then the Lord God cast a deep sleep upon Adam: and when he was fast asleep, he took one of his ribs, and filled up flesh for it.  And the Lord God built the rib which he took from Adam into a woman: and brought her to Adam.”


We also know that Christ is the new Adam.  The Bible says that Adam was a type of the one who was to come, Jesus Christ.


Romans 5:14- “Nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over them that had not sinned after the similitude of Adam's transgression, who is the figure [type] of him that was to come [Jesus].”


How was Adam a type of Jesus?  It’s perhaps best summed up in this passage.


Romans 5:19- “For as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.”


Adam plunged the world into sin; Christ came to redeem the world from Adam’s sin.  Adam sinned by his disobedience at the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; Christ redeemed the world by His obedience and sacrifice on the tree of the Cross.  That’s why the Bible says that Christ is the new or second or last Adam.  He came to undo what Adam did. 


1 Corinthians 15:45- “And so it is written, the first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit.”


As God, Christ is also of course infinitely greater than Adam.  Now, as Eve was created from the side of Adam (while he was asleep), in John’s Gospel we read:


John 19:33-34- “But after they were come to Jesus, when they saw that he was already dead, they did not break his legs.  But one of the soldiers with a spear opened his side, and immediately there came out blood and water.”


The blood and water that came out of the Lord’s side (when He was dead and asleep) have always been understood to represent the water of baptism, the blood of Redemption and the Eucharist – in short, the sacraments through which the Church and its members are born.  So, just as Adam is a type of Christ, and Eve was created from the side of Adam, the Church (the bride of the new Adam) is created from His side. 




Now that the Catholic Church is all screwed up and in one of you videos named "Why Rome is now the Whore of Babylon" you say the Eucharist is wrong now, so should I receive the Eucharist? Would it be wrong for me to eat the new Eucharist?... Peace be with you and may God Almighty bless you at everything you do.




MHFM: The Catholic Church is not screwed up.  The Vatican II Church is not the Catholic Church.  The New Mass (the English “Mass” offered in most churches) does not have a valid Eucharist.  That’s explained here:  The Invalid New Mass vs. the true Latin Mass.  One must avoid it under pain of mortal sin.  Please consult the material on our website.


Not right


I showed the website to my sister and brother together with their families and they just ceased attending mass since last month ,after they investigated what was happening in the church, especially my sister who was born in 1953, she knew and compared the holy mass which they tried to destroy (God forgive us), i was baptized 1964… the priest had very different way baptizing), and my sister told me that it was the same Latin mass here in philippines. But in 1969 it was a sudden change, she said.

i will be in constant monitoring, i have seen much of the videos already and spreading it, i am convinced that something is not really right and misled the whole world, a great deception on the people's mind, thus many people were lost, or convinced by believing another sect or cult.

it’s God's purpose that we have the internet to spread His Good news. God bless us for our crusade. (thanks)






Thanks for Shroud of Turin Video.....Spiritual food.  God Bless you.... May God give us the strength to take our place in the ranks
when battle horn sounds...






Note: Some massive new heresies from Benedict XVI, coming soon…


False Apparition Alert


Subject: false apparition alert




Here is another example of a false apparition of Mary that is being promoted by a group in Cincinnati, Ohio area.  The quote below is from their website: in which I've hightlighted and underlined a comment that was supposed to be from Mary calling for help from workers from "every faith".     I heard about this on a radio program.  In the message that was read on air, the Blessed Mother supposedly said that all religions should be respected.  But here is an example that I found by just reading a few of the "messages".....


February 5, 1994 — Why Ask Mother Teresa


My child,


I want her because she loves Jesus and she is a beacon of holiness to all in your world. Mother Teresa should be told that I only request a short statement from her be attached to a petition which I want circulated over your land and then presented to those in authority for action.


Know that the fallen angel does not want prayer returned to the places of learning in America and will counterattack my movement to do so. Many prayers are needed here, as well as many hands. I ask for workers from every faith and every walk of life that are Christian at heart and followers of my Son to stand up for their faith and join me in this spiritual battle to reclaim God’s children, for they have fallen into the clutches of Satan.


Prayers of the children are precious to God, and He has been robbed of them. Prayer should be returned not only to places of learning but also to homes. All parents, especially mothers, I implore you to listen, to act, and to save your children for they are also my children.


note: This letter and the enclosure were received in response to a February 11, 1994, letter sent to Mother Teresa by Gerry Ross at the request of Our Lady of Light (See Personal Revelations, Vol.3, pp.118-9).




Gets me


Dear Dimond Brothers  


Thank you for all of your past prayers for my intentions.  What gets me about the SSPX, they say he’s the pope and then they operate completely independent and outside his communion.  That to me is very hypocritical folks. you don’t do that with a true successor of st peter.  He is just a figurehead or cardboard pope to the SSPX. That is crazy!  And also i saw this interesting program on the history channel  about SECRET SOCIETIES in america, there is a very very secret place in northern california called THE BOHEMIAN GROVE.  It looks like a deep forest and woods where they have cameras all over the place, and they are so secretive. even by a river you will get busted by security and police if you try to flank there property  by secret. the program said that the very top richest  people of the world gather there and perform satanic rituals. That also it is almost impossible to infiltrate this secret property.  They also had alex jones who said he sneaked in there and shot secret videos of what went on in there. Anyway I just wanted to share that with you.   Keep up the great work you do.  






Subject: Democracy & BOD


Dear Brothers:


Thinking about the interesting emails and comments re: democracy, it seems to me that modern, apostate "Catholics" (including false traditionalists) who tout democracy as the savior of the world -- and so many of them do -- are actually confusing "democracy" with the revolution.  Sadly, these individuals think (with approval) that democracy means freedom of religion, freedom of speech, separation of church and state, etc.  They do not (and perhaps cannot) distinguish between the principles of democracy and the principles of the revolution.  The fact is, they have no problem with the godless state.


One must consider the likelihood that the underlying cause of this is the embrace of the heresy of Baptism of Desire.  If to the BOD'ers the individual doesn't have to be Catholic, then neither does the state.  In 1949/50, Father Feeney was attacked for trying to evangelize America. Preaching BOD, Lefebvre and the SSPX support the attack on Father Feeney, ignoring Our Lord's command to teach all nations. No wonder the SSPX seems to be sinking fast;  the more dogmas they deny, the more "dogmatic" they become in the imposition of their heresies.  It's their way or the highway.  Strange men, these, who call themselves "priests".


Lee Ann  




Subject: Hi Br. Michael Dimond


Dear Br Michael,

I just watched your video on Abortion, Rock Music, Freemasonry and Judaism. I enjoyed the video and found for the most part it was informative, eye opening and gave me a lot to think about. Some of it was pretty scary. That's an understatement!

I have been attending traditional mass with the Fraternity of St Peter in Sydney Australia for the last few years now. I have come to really love the traditional Mass. It saddens me greatly that whilst the traditional community have such deep faith and appreciation for the riches of Catholicism mostly forgotten or misunderstood among modern day Catholics, that there is so much fighting and deep hostility between the various elements (eg- SSPX, FSSP). In looking at your site, I gathered that you are not SSPX, yet your site is certainly not FSSP either. Indeed I was surprised to find pages claiming that the last four or five Popes have been anti-Popes. I'm confused. Under which order/prelate does most holy family monastery subside? I cannot place you. I hope you understand what I mean.

Many thanks

Richard Fowler


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  We are independent, as true Catholics are in our day.  Those who pretend to occupy the seats of Catholic authority in our day are manifest heretics.  They actually hold no authority in the Church.  There are major differences between true Catholics and groups like the SSPX or FSSP.  Those differences involve the substance of the Catholic faith.  The FSSP accepts Vatican II and all of its evil heresies.  They also accept false ecumenism, the New Mass (even though they don’t offer it themselves) and the apostasy of Benedict XVI.  They don’t have the Catholic faith.  For the horrible heresies they accept, see this file:


The Heresies in Vatican II [PDF File]


The FSSP also has their “priests” ordained by “bishops” consecrated in the new rite of Episcopal Consecration.  That rite cannot be considered valid.  See our file on that matter.  That means that the FSSP cannot be considered to have valid priests, except for the few who were ordained in other ways.  That’s why one must not approach their heretical “priests” for the sacraments.  The SSPX believes in salvation outside the Church, and accepts Benedict XVI as a Catholic.  That is a rejection of the Catholic faith. 


The position that the post-Vatican II claimants to the Papacy are not true popes is the only Catholic position.  It’s the true position, as you will see if you continue to honestly look at the material on our website.  Please consult this file:


Have seen



I am a 14 year old from Ireland. I recently returned to the faith after spending a few years questioning my beliefs, I have seen from your youtube channel that you believe that the present mass and ordination are invalid you also said that the new baptism is invalid, The only traditional latin mass in my area is on once a month, do you have any tips on how to get baptised the traditional way?




MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  We don’t say the baptisms are invalid in the New Church, if they use the basic matter and form and intend to do what the Church does.  Your question about baptism is answered in this file.  If there is some doubt about your baptism, a conditional baptism should be performed.


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts


We hope you realize that one must never attend the New Mass.  Also, you make reference to a traditional Mass.  You should look into whether the priest was ordained in the traditional rite.  Our “Where to go to Mass” file has guidelines on that issue.  No one could support those priests either, since they basically all hold heresies.


The form


Subject: touché'


Good answer to my letter regarding the superiority of Monarchy.  You are right.  It isn’t as much about the form, as the disposition of the hearts of the people.   And unfortunately we already know, from the Church, and certainly from experience, particularly yours, that most men are not of goodwill, and no temporal system of governance can cure this.


I think however that the mob, “democracy”, will invariably devolve first to indifferentism, and then to outright hostility towards God and all things Godly.   And I think this is virtually as predictable as any physical law (such as gravity), because the underlying premise is that ‘men are equal” and all opinions or preferences are to be equally valued (everyone’s vote counts the same).  So if most people are of bad will, then obviously you will always get what you get, what we got in the US today.  Once the absolute authority of the Church was overthrown for more humanistic priorities, I think the dye was cast.


And I think that the Masons, in their demonically inspired mission to totally demean and destroy humanity (ironically in the name of human rights) understood this, which is why they sought to destroy all monarchies, even the protestant and schismatic ones (the schismatic Czar, the protestant Kaiser were destroyed in WWI along with the Catholic Emperor of Austria-Hungary).  This is because Monarchy more closely resembles the order of Heaven, also a Kingdom, and the natural hierarchy inherent in all created things.   It is also because a monarch, even though he may be fooled or may be corrupted on the finer points of theology, would likely be harder to disabuse of all sense of natural order, justice and common sense.  He can only be led “so far”.  Can you imagine Czar Nicolas condoning abortion or homosexual marriage?  Even the Moslems don’t condone these atrocities. 


A strong leader like Franco practically singlehandedly saved the Church in Spain and gave it some 40 years and no doubt many saved souls.  But he is universally condemned in the world’s democracies as a “tyrant”, etc.  After his death, it took little time for “democratic” elements to turn Spain into a society pretty much as decadent as the rest of Europe. 


I’m getting kind of long.  But my point was that Jim, the original e-mailer, confessed a bias against Monarchy, I bias that I thought he should reevaluate.   I agree it is no panacea, but in the modern age, Catholics, particularly American Catholics who have been taught democracy as a virtual new religion, should carefully re-evaluate it.  It will help them I think to better understand the world the way it really is.


Bill Mulligan




Subject: First and Last



Your email response to Bill concerning the Monarchy's "one king's apostasy can lead an entire nation away from the Church, as we've seen in Church history" is profound when you consider history in itself. I've been thinking lately of the bible verse Matthew 10:28
"And fear ye not them that kill the body, and are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell." 

When considering over the history of the Church and even today, those that feared Kings rather than fearing God. The number of souls lost under the reign of Hitler (who many considered to be the anti-Christ) or other tyrant leaders within their countries, compared to the magnitude of souls lost around the world by the past anti-popes including the last five anti-popes (including anti-Christ JPII). 

There are 201 references in the Douay-Rheims bible that refer to the words "fear not", with most to all referring to the penalties of those that "fear not" the Lord as their King or why someone should "fear not" another person or "King". I thought I'd include a few below:

John 12:15 Fear not, daughter of Sion: behold, thy king cometh, sitting on an ass's colt.

Osee (Hosea) 10:3 For now they shall say: We have no king: because we fear not the Lord: and what shall a king do to us?

Apocalypse (Revelation) 1:17 And when I had seen him, I fell at his feet as dead. And he laid his right hand upon me, saying: Fear not. I am the First and the Last.

God Bless you and your works,

Tom Miles




Subject: SSPX Celebrate 20th Anniversary of A-Bp. Lefebvre going to Hell


Dear Brothers,

The SSPX has just celebrated the 20th anniversary of the death of Archbishop Lefebvre on March 24th (Thurs). Of course, in their eyes he's already a saint, despite his teaching that anyone of any non-Catholic religion could be saved, which is apostasy… it's sad that the nearer the SSPX gets to Rome in their stupid "negotiations" (they should just cut all ties with Roma and declare the V-2 sect and its antipopes as apostates and Antichrist), then the more imposing they become in unjustly condemning sedevacantism. Lefebvre has on his gravestone that he passed on what he received, and if that's true, then he never received the Catholic faith because he did not pass on the Catholic (Christian) faith. It's interesting that the word for cross, is from the Latin crux, meaning torment. So those who do not carry their cross in this life, will be tormented forever in hell. It seems to me that Lefebvre wanted glory from men rather than from God… so many SSPX priests are imposing heretics nowadays, calling sedevacantists "schismatics," etc. So they call sedevacantists schismatics who wouldn't go near an "Orthodox" schismatic Church, but they don't call the V-2 Antipopes schismatics who praise, kiss, hug, send love-letters and gifts, pray with and include in their communion the "Orthodox" and "Anglican" "Patriarchs." Schism is fundamentally outrageous. What a sick joke the SSPX has become.

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, An Open Letter to Confused Catholics, 12: "Freemasons have penetrated into the Church. In 1976 it was discovered that the man at the centre of the liturgical reform, Mgr. Bugnini, was a Freemason.  And we can be sure he was not the only one. The veil covering the greatest mystery hidden from the clergy and faithful has begun to tear.  We see more and more clearly with the passing of time--but so do also the Church’s secular enemies: “Something has changed within the Church,” wrote Jacques Mitterand, “and replies given by the Pope to the most urgent questions, such as priestly celibacy and birth control, are hotly debated within the Church itself; the word of the Sovereign Pontiff is questioned by bishops, by priests, by the faithful. For a Freemason, a man who questions dogma is already a Freemason without an apron.”"

So Lefebvre knew Freemasons were in the Vatican and that to question Catholic dogma is to be "a Freemason without an apron," yet he taught that non-Catholics can be saved, which is clear a rejection of the dogmas, outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation, and the absolute necessity of water baptism. Lefebvre passed on Freemasonry, not the Catholic faith. The SSPX are celebrating the death of man in hell - Lefebvre. Now I know why I was always concerned about trying to save people who are in hell when I was holding the SSPX position - the SSPX are directly aligned with hell by believing Archbishop is not there. Thank God the sacraments work ex opere operato ("from the work done"), and Catholics can receive sacraments from undeclared heretics so long as the heretic is not notorious, imposing and the Catholic doesn't support them. Thank you for the article with the quotes refuting the radical schismatics. The only truly accurate Catholic perspective is coming from MHFM today.

2 Corinthians 11:13-15 - "For such false apostles are deceitful workmen, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no wonder: for Satan himself transformeth himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers be transformed as the ministers of justice, whose end shall be according to their works."

God Bless,

Chris White


“Catholic” Colleges


Subject: “Catholic” Colleges


Dear Brothers,


I thought you may be interested in the email I received back from Fairfield University after I sent them a letter of protest about their LBGT diversity dialogue by New Ways Ministry this Fall.  As you can see from the letter that it was a complete waste of time.  I learned today the Xavier University in Ohio will have Queer week starting today in Ohio.  So much for Catholic education.  It is the hands of evil.






To Kathleen:

I want to take this opportunity to respond to your e-mail of March 24.  University communities have, and will always be, the place where fundamental questions that touch the person and community may be aired. This includes exploring the boundaries of Church teachings, including those on gay issues. The most lively discussion and critical thinking often occur at those boundaries where theology, Church teachings, and the practices of American Catholics jostle together.

The goal of the series is to raise awareness by engaging in a more open, vigorous, and enlightened debate on sexual diversity issues among the community of faith and within the broader civic and political worlds in which the institutional Roman Catholic Church and individual Catholics find themselves.

Martha Milcarek




Dear Sir,

I have been fortunate enough to find your website, which has answered many questions regarding the Catholic faith and the second Vatican council… Also, what is your opinion on Father Paul Kramer?




MHFM: “Fr.” Paul Kramer is unfortunately a heretic.  He obstinately accepts Antipope Benedict XVI.  He also doubts the validity of the New Mass, but pals around with people who don’t condemn it.  He was also “ordained” in the invalid New Rite of Ordination.  That means that, unless he was conditionally ordained in the traditional rite, he could not be considered a valid priest.  He also accepts salvation outside the Church, and is a defender of the SSPX.  Someone who has seen a good deal of evidence of the antipopes’ false ecumenism and heresies (as he has), and still doesn’t condemn them as non-Catholic heretics, is strongly bound by Satan.  Benedict XVI could probably “canonize” Luther and people like Kramer would still accept him.




I’m writing to further comment on Jim’s question about Monarchy.  In your response you quote Leo XIIIth on democratic forms of choosing government officials.  Speaking of the “choice of the multitude” the Pope said:  


“And by this choice, in truth, the ruler is designated, but the rights of ruling are not thereby conferred. Nor is the authority delegated to him, but the person by whom it is to be exercised is determined upon.”


I think it worthwhile to parse what the Pope is really saying here in plainer terms.  What the Pope means is that choosing the “man” who administers an office, does not change the nature of “rights” or “authority”, because these both come from God.  In other words a majority of a million, all choosing a certain course, cannot make a wrong course right, and men have no right to choose a wrong course.    And I think this is worth stating in clear terms to the modern reader because today’s man, especially Americans, are taught to virtually worship “democracy”.   The idea is that man has the right to choose for himself, and this principal of self rule, or “self determination”, at its root harbors the idea that man should be free to choose his own notion of what is right and what is just.  Most people today I think at least subconsciously, if not deliberately would accept this idea.  “Let the people decide”.   But each man is obligated NOT to construct his own idea of what is true or just, but to discover God’s.   In an academic sense it is fine to let men vote.  But in a practical sense, and I think History bears this out, the mob is more easily fooled, more easily corrupted, more easily led astray than is one wise man.  And of course in reality, a key feature of essentially all (if not all) governments which claim to be “democratic”, in neutrality regarding religion and the enshrinement of “religious liberty” as a key stone principle. 


Therefore I think that while there is no theoretical reason to declare a democratic process to be evil (after all the Church employs voting in selection of the Pope), as a practical matter a Monarchy (a Catholic one) is overwhelmingly to be preferred.  The problem with the British monarchy of course is that they are formally heretical.  And to make matters worse we may soon see the specter of the King of England (should Charles succeed his mother) who is the “Head of the Church of England” (thanks to Henry VIII) married to a divorced woman.  What a mockery. 


But Jim’s question is not about “what is”; but what “ought to be”.  And no Catholic in his right mind can prefer what we have in the US to a Catholic King.  That’s crazy.


Bill Mulligan     


MHFM: Pope Leo XIII makes it clear that various forms of government can be acceptable, as long as the Catholic religion is acknowledged.  Of course a Catholic king would be preferable to what we have in the U.S. because in the U.S. we don’t have a constitution that recognizes the Catholic religion.  If we did, then it could be a different story.  While the mob is easily fooled in many cases, one king’s apostasy can lead an entire nation away from the Church, as we’ve seen in Church history.  Moreover, given man’s inclination to idolatry, people are sometimes inclined to worship kings.  And in the Old Testament God did say that the Israelites desire for a king represented their rejection of God as king (1 Samuel 8:7 or 1 Kings 8:7). 




While researching the "latest news" on "father J. Corapi" i discovered your fantastic website and was on it all weekend. I know that God has led me to your site. It is intelligent, it is holy, it is truly Catholic.

… I am a traditional Catholic, never involved in Vatican II except for whatever influences it may have had on my life in general on which I can only sadly speculate…

Adoremus Te Christi, et benedicimus Tibi…
Christine Mohn




My name is lucas Reade… I converted about 3 years ago, however, not only have I found some things to be contradictory in some of the teachings but also the fact that some actions within the church (sspx) are either masonic or designed by the vatican to keep us dangling by their strings! My mother-in-law and I talk about it quite often, how we are just there for the mass and the Sacraments. I have read and watched alot of your material, which we thank you for, but it leaves my wandering if we, the society, are heretical or just led astray. I can only hope that our Sacraments are valid because the more I try to explain the errors to my nieces and nephews the more I hit road blocks, especially when it comes to more than 1 Baptism. Even their parents defend them, even when they don't know what I'm talking about when I bring up counsels or Saints. After all of this my question is, because of the teachings I have recieved do I have the catholic faith. I was taught that a Dogma was something one must believe in order to be saved. I was taught Baptism by desire, blood, and water, when in reality there is only Baptism by water. And are our Sacraments valid. Not only since some of our priest could possibly be anathema, but also so many of them are ex-novus ordo. I fear some have come over with good intentions, however, some have come to destroy!!!                           



                                                                        Please reply and thank you,

                                                                            Lucas Reade


MHFM: Our file on the SSPX makes it quite clear that they are heretical in numerous areas (e.g., their denial of the salvation dogma, their obstinate acceptance of the Vatican II “hierarchy”).  Therefore, they must not be supported, and almost none of their priests should even be approached for the sacraments since they impose the false doctrines of the SSPX on those who go to them.  However, they do have valid priests, and some priests are worse than others.


The Society of St. Pius X [Link to Section]




ZENIT – Antipope’s Book Climbs on US Best Seller List tragic, but a good litmus test of world's blindness..






What is your opinion on reading the books written by Maria Valtorta - The Poem of the Man - God. Seven parts and The End Times?  I hear and read pro and cons.  Thank you so much for your time.




MHFM: It was put on the Index of Forbidden Books in the 1950s.  It should not be read.




if your a Catholic organization than why do you try to tear down Fr. John Corapi who is a breathe of fresh air for the truth. The true Church has allot of criticism these days and God only knows why you would try to character assassinate a person who is bringing new blood into the Church and is reaching younger sinners. You mock the way he speaks and take his quotes out of context to fit the picture your trying to frame on him. Shame on you ! Try reading Mark 9:39-40. And you call yourselves Catholic....What a joke!




MHFM: Is there an almost endless supply of Corapi dupes?  We suppose the Vatican II sect is so empty that they gravitate toward any “priest” who even knows what the seven sacraments are and doesn’t speak like a homosexual.  He believes in salvation outside the Church, and false ecumenism.  He praises the mission of Protestants and Jews.  That is apostasy.  He believes the Catholic faith is unnecessary for salvation.  What part of this argument don’t you understand?




Subject: Psalms



Now that spring is officially here, wickedness is in full bloom. How amazing the Rosary and Bible is in combating wickedness and as the instruction book of life. Every word, every sentence and every paragraph. I wanted to share the following Bible verse that I believe relates to many areas in life.

Psalms 49:21-22.  These things hast thou done, and I was silent. Thou thoughtest unjustly that I should be like to thee: but I will reprove thee, and set before thy face. Understand these things, you that forget God; lest he snatch you away, and there be none to deliver you.

How anti-pope JPII taught man was God and forced these beliefs and other Protestant beliefs onto the world.  How all the false religions believe that they are like God or even God is like them in some twisted sort of way.  How the unfaithful (to include family) believe the faithful are as them and try to convert the faithful back to their old sinful ways. How the unfaithful have forgotten what God taught through the ages and that God actually exists.  How God has snatched away thousands recently in the string of natural disasters.

The devil has surely pulled the wool over the wolf eyes in sheep clothing.

God Speed,

Tom Miles




Subject: Monarchy


Most Traditionalists like the monarchy because it represents the ages where the faith ruled. Though it's late to revert the history, in most european countries the deposition of a king in the 1800s came together with the removal of catholicism as the official religion. A new monarch often needed a blessing from a bishop or the pope to be considered valid. I've been taught that St. Thomas Aquinas said that democracy, aristocracy and monarchy are all valid forms of government, the latter being the best one because it's more similar to the way that God ordered the universe (God is represented as a king/emperor in the Bible).

P.S.:Brothers, thanks for your benedictine patience to go over all the publications of L'Osservatore Romano to show us overwhelming evidence of heresies of post Vatican II popes. Outside your work I could only find small quotes that made me wonder if they were not picked out of context. Great job.

Pedro A.




Dear MHFM, 


Hope all is well at the Monastery… I just wanted to share my surprise and disappointment with both my brother… my friend… both of whom I've given your materials to almost ad nauseum, for over a year or closer to 2 years now:   and just today in conversation with these two, they both just happened to mention JPII in a favorable light: SHOCK!  Dismay!  That anti-christ seems to have such a hold on so many people-----to be honest, I feel like a bit of an odd- ball these days, hardly anyone seems to see.  Thank you for listening,   






Subject: Your YouTube Video, “Canyon of Despair, Hope, and Meaning”


Hello Brothers,


I enjoyed Peter Dimond's video mentioned in the title…




PS - I don’t agree with everything you guys write, but I am still going along in my spiritual journey, so I am keeping an open mind. 




Subject: Our Lady of Fatima and the Doves


Dear MHFM,


Most of us have read about the doves that followed the wooden statue of Our Lady as she traveled the globe.  There have been many documented accounts of the statue being continually accompanied by doves at the feet of Our Lady. There is some detail in Frere Michel's "The Whole Truth About Fatima Science And The Facts"… I found this story interesting.


"In 1949 in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua, Fr. Salazar brought the statue to St. Peters church.  A large crowd met the plane and was astonished to see fourteen doves surrounding the statue in circular motion as it was taken from the plane. A procession formed on the way to the church and ten more doves joined those that came with the statue. ...Furthermore, we witnessed the astonishing fact that two doves flew to the altar, one on each corner thereof, during the Consecration of the Mass and returned to their place on the the end of the Consecration".


Note: their place on the pedestal as at Our Lady's feet…






Subject: Beck & Jones


You can bet both of these evil men are run by the same puppeteers or they would not have the podiums they have, even though they regularly feign persecution.  Anyone who calls themselves Catholic and gives these actors any credibility better re-check themselves.

You correctly summed it up in a nutshell: "All of this proves that if your main goal is to fight for the rights of man, (without the correct spiritual solution) you end up promoting a false gospel.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is a spiritual (not worldly) message that people must accept for eternal salvation.  Matthew 16:26 “For what doth it profit a man, if
he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his own soul?”

I don't know what more there is to say about these imposters.  I turned them off long ago, and hopefully everyone else of goodwill does the same. They are feeding people the poison given to them by their evil masters.  It is true that one ought to educate oneself somewhat about what is going on in the world, but there comes a point where there is no advantage to this information because these propagandists have become so utterly depraved that all one can get by listening to them is contaminated.

-- Bruce


MHFM: We do not agree that they are puppets.  As we explain in our video, Alex Jones the Good and the Evil, he brings out many true things that are not given publicity in the mainstream media.  The same can be said of Beck.  The point is that despite the good points they do make on many secular news issues, they are both unfortunately heretics.  They also serve as false prophets by promoting a false salvation message and a false Gospel about what man’s battle on Earth is really about.  In our recent condemnation of Jones, we wanted to emphasize what a despicable religious fraud he is, and how he will literally sell his soul for publicity.  Our point was not to condemn everything he does, or to exclude him as a news source.  We would say the same of Beck; for, when compared with others, they are some of the best options out there for true secular news and analysis – even though we of course do not endorse all of their views on those matters.  We do not believe that listening to their point of view involves contamination, unless one chooses to follow them in an evil they espouse, which a mature Catholic listener would not do.




MHFM: This is interesting:


The United States of Israel





I have two questions.

Is it acceptable to go to a Russian Orthodox Church to receive the sacraments?

Also, I have noticed on some trad websites that the concept of a monarchy is promoted rather than a secular society, do you have any opinions on the restoration of a monarchy in a republic?

I personally am totally against the idea of a monarchy, mostly this comes from watching the antics of the British royal family who are nothing more than parasites on the British people.

Thanks for the good work you do.



MHFM: The answer to your first question is no.  Catholics are absolutely forbidden from partaking in non-Catholic worship, or going to churches that are notorious in fact or notorious in law, as it was explained in our recent debate about such matters. 


A monarchy can be acceptable, as long as the laws of the country reflect and uphold the laws of God and the Catholic Church.  A democratic republic could also be acceptable, again if the Catholic religion is recognized as the only true religion.  Pope Leo XIII explains how the form of government doesn’t matter, provided it is just and consistent with the laws of God:


Pope Leo XIII, Diuturnum (#’s 6-7), June 29, 1881: “It is of importance, however, to remark in this place that those who may be placed over the State may in certain cases be chosen by the will and decision of the multitude, without opposition to or impugning of the Catholic doctrine. And by this choice, in truth, the ruler is designated, but the rights of ruling are not thereby conferred. Nor is the authority delegated to him, but the person by whom it is to be exercised is determined upon.


“7. There is no question here respecting forms of government, for there is no reason why the Church should not approve of the chief power being held by one man or by more, provided only it be just, and that it tend to the common advantage. Wherefore, so long as justice be respected, the people are not hindered from choosing for themselves that form of government which suits best either their own disposition, or the institutions and customs of their ancestors.”




Subject: “god”


Your movies are childish and easily argued with. Your just another christian bigot out to harm the human race. All of you and other fanatic religious characters are nothing but threats to the real world. Just look at 9-11. thats on religion... I see you as nothing more than a terrorist and a criminal. Oh and your movie on exercism. I have never wanted to puke at anyones insane ranting as much as I did then. God is fake.




MHFM:  Psalm 13:1- “The fool hath said in his heart: There is no God, They are corrupt, and are become abominable in their ways…”  Considering what you have said about God, the fact that you hate our material must be taken as a compliment. 




Subject: to MHFM



I am very pleased with this channel.

God bless...

Carl (Belgium)




Subject: The Institute of Christ the King


Dear Brothers,


I would appreciate your view on The Institute Of Christ The King…. Belfast N. Ireland…


Do you think it is alright to continue to attend in the future  ?


Much appreciated & many blessings




MHFM: No, one must not go there for the sacraments.  Most of their “priests” are ordained by “bishops” consecrated in Paul VI’s invalid new rite of Episcopal Consecration.  They are also heretical, as they accept Vatican II, salvation outside the Church, etc.




… I am dealing with so many family members who have such high regard for these institutions that I used their own leadership the USCCB to show them how evil it all is.


It doesn’t matter at all what the USCCB says because they say one thing and do another.  But many people still hold their opinions in esteem.  It is a new level of attack.  When I was in college it was clear who was good and who was evil.  To bring in a nun who has not been excommunicated to ignore the virtues of purity and give the LGBT a platform for their agenda is so destructive to college students… [it’s] so incredibly evil I hope their 33 years of work will now be exposed.  Thank you for this news bit.  I was mocked at Fairfield when I called the president's office.  The evil there is horrific.  I only feel relief from these battles when I say my rosary and attempt to console Mary for these atrocities.   God Bless your ministry.  I visit your site daily and have been so strengthened by the truth.  






Subject: Angel Cloud


In the book of Matthew, Chapter 28:20, we read that Our Lord said, “… behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world.”

If you will permit me, I would like to take this time to share something with your readers that helps me to know that we are not alone in the battle for our souls and the souls of others.  I hope it will help encourage somebody out there who may be spiritually struggling.  I believe an interesting event happened to my husband and me as a result of the power of the Holy Rosary.  Although something “bad” happened to us, it could have been much worse and we are very thankful to God and to Our Lady that it worked out the way it did.

To make a long story as short as possible, last year about this time we lost our home of 18 years in the financial crisis.  It was a very painful and stressful time for our family.  We were on the last day of packing and the weather forecast said it would be a sunny day.  This changed suddenly as it approached midday and worked against us for the next several hours.  We were on a deadline and had to have our possessions out or we would forfeit them.  We finally finished up and my husband and I had to unexpectedly and quickly drive across town before closing time at 5pm to take care of some last minute business that pertained to our move.  We had been so busy and realized we had not taken the time to pray our daily Rosary.  We began to do this while driving.  With the weather growing worse we continued praying as we moved across town.  It was at this time that we noticed a huge, very, dark grey funnel cloud form in the sky.  It was still some distance in the air and away from us but it was making an effort to grow larger, and come close to our city.  I had never seen anything like it.  It was not typical for our area.

We had time to complete the Joyful and Sorrowful Mysteries and arrived at our destination to attend to our indoor business which only took a few minutes.  With that done, we now needed to get to our new rental home to be with our family, get out of the wind and rest.  We had to stop for gas first before finishing the rosary with the Glorious Mysteries and we both stepped outside the truck, my husband to pay for the gas and I wanted to check on the dark cloud and the weather.  We were stopped in our tracks, awestruck by what we saw next.  All of a sudden the menacing dark cloud which had continued to grow gave way and morphed into the shape of a tremendously bright and magnificent looking snow white cloud in the shape of an angel.  The scary, evil, funnel cloud had completely disappeared!  The angel cloud became much larger than the funnel cloud.  It had immense wings, a draping gown or tunic covering a “body” and a head.  It also had the shape of a shoe or foot that gently formed where the feet would be.  The details were very clearly marked.  I thought I must be imagining things and that is when the head of this angel cloud “grew” beautiful shoulder-length wavy hair!  It did not have hair at first and it was the last thing that formed on this very interesting cloud. 

To try and describe this awesome sight better the only thing that I can compare the cloud to is a typical Christmas greeting card with an image of an angel from a side profile as he flies through the air holding a trumpet which announces the birth of Christ.  The difference being that our angel cloud had no instrument of any kind.  It not only was larger and more powerful than the funnel cloud, it was awe inspiring and commanded attention.  It was lovely.  It seemed to be so bright that it was made of the Sun.  Then the angel cloud was gone almost in an instant and never changed into any other shape.  It did not turn into wisps or fan out as most clouds do, but was gone from the very spot it was.  There were no other clouds in the sky before the "battle" or afterwards.

The whole thing was over within a few minutes.  The dark cloud did not stand a chance against the beautifully bright angel cloud which seemed to be protecting us and our city against evil.  It seemed to have been armed and strengthened by our recitation of the Rosary.  Our Lady may have allowed us to see the Rosary’s great power.  We finished the third part of our rosary on the drive to our new rental home and the weather began to calm down soon after.  It became a pleasant evening and our family enjoyed a peace that whole night that is hard to describe.

Our little family event proves to us the importance of the truth you share with your viewers in the DVD, The Third Secret of Fatima, the Imposter Sr. Lucia, and the End of the World.  It proves what Sr. Lucia may have risked her life to tell us:  That there is no problem, no matter what it is, even in the life of peoples and nations that the recitation of the holy rosary cannot solve.  Our Lady solved our problem and turned our sadness into joy, she showed us that God truly cares.

All for the Glory of God!

Blessings to all at the MHFM, and blessings to all of good will,





Subject: Alex Jones & Charlie Sheen


Dear mhfm,

For weeks I have been hearing about Charlie Sheen and really didn't pay attention. Then I decided to have a look on youtube to see was it as bad as it was made out to be. Well I regret being curious my goodness how evil is this guy. I’m sure you've heard it so no need to repeat the garbage. But Alex Jones WAKE UP! Its evil things like Charlie Sheen's action that cause the new world order to gain power as a punishment from God. Seriously if Obama or anyone Alex dislikes was doing what Charlie Sheen is doing Alex would murder him on his radio program and rant like crazy and I guess rightfully so.  But you can't just say it’s ok cause it’s your friend and you want to defend him.

Besides that I think and of course it's simply my opinion but I think Sheen's role in that show he was on and the activity he acted it out on has caused him to become possessed by a demon.  Obviously how he lived his life everyday also wouldn't help. But his show was full of filth shown right across the world with kids as young as 12 watching it.  So the example it gave was sinful and I believe Sheen is being punished for it.

Loved the video on Ken… keep up the fantastic work.

God Bless



MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  Alex Jones was already a horrible heretic, but he completely sold his soul to the Devil for the publicity that would come with defending the self-admitted warlock, Charlie Sheen.  Jones would promote anyone who would bring him publicity (e.g., rappers, heavy-metal musicians, Rosie O’Donnell, etc.).




Subject: Regarding comment from Joe


MHFM shows people examples of exorcisms to make it clear that the devil is real. This is not mockery of God. It is rather bold honesty about what can happen to people (mentally insane or not) when they turn away from God and give themselves over to mortal sins. Providing these videos gives MHFM the chance to showcase the power of the true Catholic priest over the devil. This is a spiritually healthy act, not something which is "sick to the core."






Subject: Alex Jones video


Dear Brothers,

Interesting comments exposing Alex Jones' two-faced agenda: 1. Expose the New World Order, and 2. Run with the New World Order. How can Alex Jones claim to be "the real deal," when he is "best friends" with Charlie Sheen who is lock-stock and barrel pushing the homosexual agenda?!... It's further evidence that Alex Jones is a heretic - a non-Christian (non-Catholic) - who only likes to call himself a Christian for his public image. That seems to be what Glen Beck latched onto when mocking AJ, i.e. Alex's fixation with externals - and it is absurd and ridiculous. And then, like the "Elites" he claims to hate so much, any criticism AJ receives he claims to be 'persecution," i.e. "the scapegoat Satanists," when it is actually justified and deserved ridicule. It proves yet again that the only real and authentic "version" of Christianity is the Catholic faith - outside of which there is no salvation - and that the people who try to expose the New World Order who have no foundation in the true faith and its dogmas, get swept up in the mayhem of the world. Sad facts. The sin of Sodom cries to Heaven for vengeance…

God Bless,

Chris White




Dear Brothers,


While this may be a losing battle, the Militant church should make every effort to fight for our Catholic identity.  The below mentioned Jesuit Universities are hosting New Life Ministries to speak on Sexual Identity… This group founded by a nun and priest promote the LGBT lifestyle.  Their website shows the gay friendly catholic colleges in US… 33 years these people have been hard at work for their side.  How late we are and few of us really care.              




Fairfield U

Fordham U


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  Those universities certainly aren’t Catholic or Jesuit.






I just finished the radio program which featured the story of the bishop in san fran supporting cross dressing homosexual are people so blind to think this is true catholic practice.. may God put a stop to this soon… pax et bonum brothers..john


… I called the bishop of san francisco just to speak my mind.. it’s unreal what I was told.. I asked the father who takes the calls for the bishop would padre pio or saint vincent ferrer give the body to open cross-dressing men etc.. he said padre pio  and saint Vincent would do the same. Padre pio in my reading would slap you, and throw you out of confession…the vat 2 sect loves “softies” for their bishops…


John Connelly




Here is the link which shows the Japanese quakes that keep coming showing that serious activity is happening there and it looks like it will indeed fall into the sea!  Of course their gov will keep them on that sand heap and tell them everything is okay. The Lord is giving some time to reflect and showing mercy, but time is running out!  We all must heed this and do penance. Lord help us!






Subject: Why so much hatred?


What you are doing is not good. Good for you that is. People with so much hate and always twisting good into bad, never win. You are bringing others down with you. Do you realize this? I guess you really do not care.






Subject: Just Amazing!


I so love the videos you have on your channel. They are just fascinating, and greatly informative. Thank You, for hosting them. I have over 10, that I will watch this week alone.

most sincerely,


Blessings, Lyn




Subject: A believer in trouble


i would like to thank you for the videos you shared. although it hurt me, because i learned that i was hurting our God Jesus Christ the way we celebrated the mass for almost a lifetime now. truly, many are in deep trouble since vatican 2, when you come to realize the Truth of our faith. i was born 1964, and don't know, of course, how i was baptized. i am married, with five kids, here in philippines. currently, we felt in crisis, since we found out the truth of our faith. the lies and the deception implanted in our souls. we need to be re-programmed and be saved. we still want to be a good catholic, cleansed at pardoned by God. the present system in the church is unavoidable, their temporal power is vast. please include me and my whole family in your prayers.






I see you are… [promoting] the fake demonic exorsisms of mentally insane people, to gather more sheep for your very EVIL flock. How sick are you people?. I rebuke you in all that is truly love and GOD, that you shall be… drawn into many lives of utter Hell for this Mockery of GOD... You are truly sick people to the very core..






Subject: Full video “heresies of Paul VI”


Hi brothers,

I am watching the full version of the new video about the heresies of Paul the VI. Excellent video.


God bless you,





Dear Mhfm, 


Since 1965 the Vatican II church has used the same old mantra, "New Church, new advent, new teaching, new sacraments, new documents for the modern times.  Novus Ordo.  This is good.  This is good.  This is Catholic.  This the new improved way.  The only way, and  no turning back-period!  The truth however-it remains simply Vatican II.  Just Vatican II.  We are to believe that this is Catholicism of all times.  This is pathetic new-modern times apostasy.  Thanks Mhfm!






Subject: Hey


I would like to thank your monastery for being a beacon of light to the world.  Without your website I would have no place to show people the truth.  I thank you for your videos, and all of the research that you have done.  Without it, I would still be going to the Novus Ordo "Mass", confused, and saddened.

"A house divided against itself will not stand" and there is no house so divided, as the new religion in Rome.  Even in a purely material world your monastery, which is a great arm of the Catholic Church, is bound to succeed well beyond such a divided house.  Beings that you hold the Catholic faith, whole and undefiled, the very Ark of God is in your presence, you are bound, as long as you are faithful, to overcome the world, and all of the snares of the devil.
I also believe that you are very wise, as to not give men mission.  You seem content with your vocation in life, and do not try to overstep your authority.  Let God be the giver of mission, so that you are not deceived by the devil, nor responsible for what men do.

What would "dead" men give for just one chance to stand up, and fight, for the one true God, as you do today?

Thanks for being faithful

Dominus Vobiscum




Paul VI


MHFM: The full length version of our video, The Amazing Heresies of Paul VI, has been uploaded to YouTube.  Paul VI was the man who gave the world Vatican II and the New Mass.


The Amazing Heresies of Paul VI [video]




Hello, my name is Eric Shrog and I became a Roman Catholic when I was 17. I am now 28.  I came across your website after watching a youtube video on Anneliese Michel while doing research behind the movie "The Exorcism of Emily Rose."  I have since ordered your introductory package for $20.00 which has revealed truths to me that I never knew before existed.  I thank you.  I have just a few questions:


Was my baptism and confirmation valid since it was performed by a priest that was ordained by a Novus Ordo "bishop"?  Were my confessions in a post-Vatican II church valid since they were absolved by these priests?... 


Thank you so much for your time and I want you to know that I support your group.


MHFM: It’s great to hear that you came across the information.  Anyone can baptize.  Hence, if the matter, form and basic intention of traditional baptism were adhered to, then you were baptized validly.  However, if there is some question about this, a conditional baptism should be performed once a person is convinced on all relevant issues.  See this section: The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts.


Confirmation is not valid in the Vatican II Church.  Confession could be valid depending upon the priest: if he was ordained in the traditional rite ordination and says the form. 


We hope you continue to look at the material, and pray the Rosary each day (the full Rosary if possible).




Thank you for all your works and what you have done to me.


Jeremy Austin





Subject: NO Ash Wednesday Service


Dear Brothers,


I just watched the clip of the NO Ash Wednesday Service. It looked more like a half time show at a sporting event than something that should ever take place in a "house of God." The adults standing around watching it accepted it as normal activity as I did not see anyone of them walk out. I have come to the conclusion that the longer one stays in this counterfeit church the number and dumber they become.


Your comment about this being sad is exactly right.


God bless your efforts and thanks for bringing these "exhibitions" to our attention.






Subject: Video on Williamson


Dear Brothers:


I just finished re-viewing your two-part video on Williamson;  it really shows the irony of the current Williamson affair.  (Perhaps it's God's irony.)  It is a serious matter for mankind to be told lies about history, but it is a far more serious matter for men to be told lies about God. 


But not according to Williamson. Even putting aside Williamson's heresy re salvation, Williamson has admitted that he knows the V2 "popes" (including Ratzinger) hold and teach a "new religion".  Someone should ask Williamson:  if the "popes" can put forth a "new religion", why can't the Jews put forth a "new history"?  


This affair must have been particularly taxing for the SSPX, especially when it first broke.  It was just at that moment that Fellay and company were imagining that Pope Rat was about to recognize -- at last -- how great the SSPX and its leaders are!   


In the video, you characterize Williamson (and the SSPX) as having a pseudo-intellectual pomposity and spiritual blindness.  How very true.  If Williamson and the SSPX weren't so blinded, he and they would know it's not just a lie about history or politics:  it's about Christ vs Antichrist,  the fulfillment of Sciripture, and the last days of the world.


Lee Ann     




Subject: Freemasonry & Modernism


Dear Brothers,


What is the relationship between Freemasonry and Modernism? Were Modernists merely masons disguised as Catholics? Did Pope Saint Pius X suggest as such?




MHFM: Some Modernists were and are Freemasons, but both embrace condemned religious indifferentism.


Pope Leo XIII, Custodi di quella fede, Dec. 8, 1892: “Everyone should avoid familiarity or friendship with anyone suspected of belonging to masonry or to affiliated groups.  Know them by their fruits and avoid them.  Every familiarity should be avoided, not only with those impious libertines who openly promote the character of the sect, but also with those who hide under the mask of universal tolerance, respect for all religions...”




In light of this Fr. Corapi thing, its hard to say whether or not he is guilty of what he is charged with, we know he has a wild past.  But praising John Paul II is inexcusable.  Speaking of the foundress of Corapi's network, EWTN, I remember years ago even Mother Angelica conspicuously criticized JPII.  During her struggle with the worse apostate Cardinal Phony Mahoney, John Paul II sent her a monstrance, basically to say hey I support you and your network.  Even she said on her show that she was honored to receive a monstrance from the Holy Father, and that "I know a lot of you, myself included, are concerned with a lot of the things he is doing, but he's still the Holy Father, and for him to send me a monstrance is indeed a great honor."  Even her, with her lack of the Catholic faith, could see there was something off about John Paul II.  I think anyone who even remotely thinks he has the truth about the Catholic faith, while they may not renounce him as a formal heretic, will, at the very least, deep down inside themselves have bad feelings about John Paul II that they may or may not be able to explain to others or themselves for that matter


M Rudnicki


MHFM: Once people see what he did, they would have to reject him as a non-Catholic heretic.  If they don’t, they demonstrate that they don’t have the Catholic faith.  Angelica is an outrageous apostate who promoted the very false ecumenism and indifferentism John Paul II led the Vatican II Church into.




MHFM: The full length version of our video, Current Freemasonic Enemies of America and the World, has been uploaded to YouTube.


Current Freemasonic Enemies of America and the World [video]




MHFM: Ash Wed Video


I know Ash Wednesday was a couple weeks ago but I just happened to come across this video. So i thought i would share it with you.  How sad for these kids. I suppose it's pretty typical for the new mass though. Anyways thought i would share.
God Bless

MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  It’s interesting, terrible, and sad.




Just wanted to say, I know it’s kind of depressing with all the events taking place and one can clearly see were on the fast track of the end times.  We should be glad that the Lord is coming back soon because His justice demands it.  The selfish person would not like to accept the fact that the Lord is coming back soon because he keeps wanting to live his pagan ways without having to face Christ.  Also we must also still focus on the mission of the Church by being charitable, striving to become Saints & converting others… [a] quote that I read that which really made an impact on me where Christ said... "Think only of Me and of souls to save" So let’s pray for the graces to continue pressing forward with Christ’s agenda.  Since now we really need to turn up the volume on getting the word out.






Dear brothers:

      What do you think of the concept of "Time" after the Last Judgment? Is it possible to keep the time using clocks? will there be progression of seasons and years? if so after billions of years, a 10 digit year number will be difficult to remember
       Please help me with this question. Thanks.


MHFM: Our answer:


Apocalypse 10:6- “And he swore by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven, and the things which are therein; and the earth, and the things which are in it; and the sea, and the things which are therein: That time shall be no longer.”


Eternity is something that has no beginning and no end.  It is time which is always present and never passes away.  Thus the torments of the damned will never end, never pass away.  When a thousand years have gone by, another thousand will commence, and so on for evermore.  None of the damned can reckon how long they have been in hell, because there is no succession of day and night, no division of time, but continual and eternal night from the first moment of their entrance into hell for evermore.” (Fr. Martin Von Cochem, The Four Last Things, p. 170.)




Subject: John Corapi


Greetings Brothers:


     I heard about Corapi being suspended and I wanted to see "what is this Corapi that these VII' ers love so much. He must be a silver tongue!" I typed onto his site and pressed the video preview there. The first thing he says, to an audience of thousands, (to encouraging applause no less) is that he was an addict, etc., telling his story, and that we (people) come to a place where we realize that "a power" greater than ourselves can free us. He says we come to rely on God "as we understand him". He just comes right out and says it without any qualifications. A pagan god "as we understand him". Go right ahead and make up god just as you would like people - a god who loves everybody no matter what his Word actually says. A simple minded sycophantic prophet holding a sad looking sheep just sitting in heaven feeling all alone and hoping you "accept" him. He is just waiting on us - god can't do anything without our say so. This is the god of the VII people, and I now see why they worship Corapi. He came right out and said it ! "As we understand him." This is his theology - the theology that is Vatican II definitively. I do not know why, but I am still always shocked to hear men mock god so verbally, and openly, and at the very time when they are wearing a chasuble or a roman collar. Years ago they would have been attacked for doing such a thing in public - beaten on their way home or during their God mocking speeches - not that that is the right thing to do, but nevertheless it would have occurred during the ages of faith. But in this world of the apostasy, "priests" of this ilk, archheretics, are made fat and rich and worshipped by the people. The guy obviously has a "flourishing" business with a humongous purchaser base in the VII crowd. (Tapes, CDs, DVDs, Speaking Engagements at huge churches, etc.).

 It does not cease to amaze me to hear the open heresies. I pray that it never will. Corapi has the spirit of a "tough guy". A real worldly, I'm famous, don't mess with me, buddy, type of spirit. It is true also what the other writer said in the email exchanges. I have seen pictures of him before and he now dyes his goatee and eyebrows and uses skin bronzer of some sort and it would seem teeth whitening He's today's VII star and you say something bad about him you are likely to get struck - he is god to these mockers.


 He should have a millstone tied around his neck and be driven out into the bay on a garbage scow and thrown into the water. After listening to him for 20 seconds this is my conclusion. Thanks for the Corapi expose. It seems that, once again, you are honest and right on about this guy - an archheretic and persecutor of Christ and His kingdom and His Church.


-Thanks Brothers, Michael Glennon


MHFM: He accepts false ecumenism, defends John Paul II, believes in salvation outside the Church, and praises the “ministry” of Protestants and Jews.  Anyone who does such things, no matter what else that person may say or do, is a completely demonic and heretical phony.  The fact that Corapi promotes such things also proves that even when he talks about Our Lady or “the Eucharist,” etc., it’s not sincere.  How can he really believe Our Lord, Our Lady, the Eucharist, etc. matter at all when he praises the ministry of Protestants and Jews?  He can’t.  He believes Our Lord, Our Lady, the sacraments, etc. are meaningless and unnecessary.  It proves that even when he promotes true things in that regard, it’s not for God or the salvation of souls, but for vanity or some other impure reason.  The same is true for anyone who doesn’t condemn false ecumenism, Antipope John Paul II, Benedict XVI, etc. once they see what they are all about.  As discussed in our video Catholicism and America, Corapi is a prime example of a person we believe was moved into the Counter Church by the Devil simply to keep people occupied and falsely believe there is hope where in fact there is none.


You mention that you were interested to see what these VII’ers love so much in Corapi.  Sadly – and we are referring to people who obstinately defend him despite the evidence of his heresies – we must say that it’s that bad-willed people are attracted to false prophets and heretical voices.  (This is true not only with people in the Novus Ordo, but all kinds of other heretics, false traditionalists, radical schismatics, etc.).  A prime example is Mother Angelica.  She could literally spend an hour telling stupid jokes and giggling to herself about nothing and the people would be enthralled.  They remain oblivious to the utter emptiness of her message.  It’s a sad commentary on how most are not attracted to truth.




Subject: End Times Schismatic


Dear Brothers:


I am still mulling over Brother Peter's debate and the thought-provoking comments people have sent in about it. Even though it is difficult to listen to (since Eli never says much beyond his annoying remarks), the debate is so worthwhile because it sheds much light on yet another variety of bad will. (And just when we thought we'd seen and heard everything!).  Proves Satan's still going strong in his creative genius to tailor heresies and schisms suited to the times. Eli and those of his ilk seem to be a peculiar type of end-times schismatic -- a type I don't recall reading about in history books (although the heresies underlying their schism are, as usual, as old as the hills).  That he would take a Monastery's work, pass it off as his own, and then sell it is absolutely astounding.  Yet one more proof that schismatics are not Catholic. 


Most of the schismatics we are familiar with are those that aim for the Head.  These guys pretend to embrace the Head, while gutting the body in an attempt to destroy people's understanding of the true authority and hierarchy of the Church.  Prior to this age of apostasy, in the hierarchical Church established by Christ, there were sheep and there were (visible) shepherds.  All had roles and obligations in the building of the Kingdom of Christ on earth.  And in the true Church, responsibility for ensuring the doctrinal fitness of priests rested with the bishops, not the congregations.  Lay men were under priests;  priests were under bishops; and bishops were under popes  The issue of a priest's orthodoxy only became a concern for the faithful when the Church warned them of it, or when that priest (or bishop) was bold or notorious in spreading or imposing his heresy -- and would cause the faithful to fear they had a mad man in their midst. 


Furthermore, Holy Mother Church required people to attend Mass on Sundays (unless it was impossible to do so) under pain of mortal sin.  According to these Endtimes Schismatics, Holy Mother Church also required people NOT to attend Mass on Sunday, under pain of mortal sin, if any lay person thought that their priest held a heretical belief.  Eli and his miserable cohorts would have people believe that the true Catholic Church for the last two thousand years promoted or encouraged psychological disorder, examination of other people's consciences, mind reading, or at the very least, private interpretation -- not to mention utter bedlam.  All the while requiring lay people (peasant or otherwise) to have PHD's in theology. 


What an inverted and grotesque picture of the historical Church Eli attempts to put forth in order to deprive people of the few opportunities for the reception of true sacraments today.  Talk about mental gymnastics.  Since most if not all people living today were born outside of the true Catholic Church (i.e., they were either born in a false sect, or into the Counterfeit Church, or during the time of the Apostasy which immediately preceded it, etc.), it is difficult for people to understand what the true (visible) Church looked like, how She operated and what She taught.  But understand we must, because She is Christ's and it is to Her that we must belong for our eternal salvation.


Like the reader Michael, I was also trying to consider these people from the point of view of: heretic or schismatic?  I have to conclude -- based on the clear example Eli gives -- that while all schismatics are heretics, the desire to be separate and superior is simply the schismatic's predominate characteristic.  How to spot him in a flash?  While the true Catholic grieves because -- to him -- the faithful remnant seems oh, so small, the schismatic grieves because -- to him -- the remnant always seems way too big.


God bless MHFM.


Lee Ann


MP3 of New Debate Posted


MHFM: The mp3 and Windows Media Audio files of our recent debate have now been posted.  Note: for this audio we recommend the Windows Media Audio file over the mp3.  It’s better quality.  However, for those who want the mp3, it’s here.  We have made this available in three formats because it’s an important debate and the material covered refutes the radical schismatics and the related false arguments that have been circulated in various circles.  These links, as well as our recent debate on Pope Honorius, have been stored in our “Traditional Catholic Audios” section.



Windows Media Audio - Sacraments from Undeclared Heretics - Debate


MP3 - Sacraments from Undeclared Heretics - Debate


YouTube Video - Sacraments from Undeclared Heretics - Debate



I saw the video on youtube, Creation and Miracles, Past and Present. Right after I had asked Jesus to give me anything that would make me feel that he was real, some kind of 'sign' i had stumbled upon this video, interesting, Creation and Miracles, Past and Present. I don't believe simply because my life is hard and full of adversity. He wont answer, god. But my point, why I'm emailing you is because you mentioned on this youtube video about there being Real exorism tapes that you possess. I would very much like to hear these tapes, preferably in English or perhaps Spanish.


Thank you



MHFM: God is telling you that His true faith is the traditional Catholic faith.  He is leading you to it.  However, you really need to stop feeling sorry for yourself.  You need to stop asking God to come to you.  He is there.  He has made His truth known by His life, death and Resurrection and the Church He established.  You need to find God.  You need to read the Gospels, and start to pray the Rosary.  Our videos have clips from actual exorcisms, and supply all the proof of the supernatural that you should need.


How to Pray the Rosary




Dear Brothers Dimond,


Thank you for your tremendous article on the Great Western Schism.  And on Fatima… I have spread your dvd on the Imposter lucy.


…Keep up the good work, brothers…  And Benedicamus Domino!






Subject: Emily Rose


Your an idiot. you know whats more likely? she probably got raped over and over… by her priests since she was a toddler and it [messed] her up as it would any child. don't forget how twisted catholics are.




MHFM: No, what’s stupid is forming a conclusion that is not based on any of the facts, as you do.  No wonder you call yourself house of the Devil. 


You are


There's only one Catholic Church, not your "ideas" of one, no pun. You need to get a life, brother… Fr. Corapi teaches everything The Catholic Church teaches in the Catechism. You must be a seda vacantist.. I'll pray for you…

You are also a Catholic Fundamentalist…The Church lives on in Peter in union with Bishops united with him. Your not one of them. ;-)




MHFM: Our response: Speaking about the conflict between Protestants and professing Catholics in Ireland, “Fr.” John Corapi declared: “I don’t care if you’re Baptist or Catholic; you are Christian.  Just practice it.”  That is blatantly heretical. 


Pope Leo XII, Ubi Primum (# 14), May 5, 1824: “It is impossible for the most true God, who is Truth itself, the best, the wisest Provider, and the Rewarder of good men, to approve all sects who profess false teachings which are often inconsistent with one another and contradictory, and to confer eternal rewards on their members… by divine faith we hold one Lord, one faith, one baptism… This is why we profess that there is no salvation outside the Church.”




I just wanted to point out that you were right in calling Corapi a phony a couple years ago in your video.  In the recent pictures I've seen of Corapi, it looks like he now dyes his goatee and eyebrows, and seems to go tanning or use skin bronzers or something.  Notice that he has now been suspended of his "faculties" by both his "order" and the "bishop" of the state where he lives in his million  dollar home.  EWTN and the radio stations that use his material have completely cut him off.  This only happens with big name stars when the truth cannot be denied - look at Eutenauer, Cutie, Francis Mary Stone, Marciel Marcial...they're totally phony as much as any protestant televangelist like Jim Baker or Jimmy Swaggart.



MHFM: While we have no idea whether the recent allegations against him are true, he’s definitely a heretical phony.




From what I heard of your debate it would seem to me that this Eli guy must read a lot about the Catholic church probably a lot more than me but even with my limited knowledge of the church compared to you, listening to Eli talk leads me to believe that he is either a complete moron to not see how his position is totally illogical AND MAKES NO SENSE.  In this debate you totally destroyed every shred of anything that he evidently believes…     God bless and keep up the good work.


Charles from
Eagle River AK




I am surprised that the Dimond brothers have not done a video/audio youtube response on the Japan incident. They usually have a valuable perspective on major event disasters like this.
I think this was perhaps an event allowed by God as punishment for the sexual sins of the world today. From what i have seen the world- especially in the US and Europe have become sexually liberal and deviant an increased rate- and are now even more that way than in the 60s and 70s. And as the Internet is coming online the rest of the developing world is sadly following suit.
I think it is a strange coincidence that the west coast where some of the fall out radiation will go from Japan is also where Hollywood and the porn belt is located…
I can’t help but remember Fatima- where our Lady said it was the sins of the world that would cause a great disaster (thought to be nuclear by many) if the world and Russia in particularly did not consecrate themselves to her immaculate heart.
I knew someone from Japan once and he they are mostly atheist over there- with some Shinto and a minor Christian population.
I just wanted to share these thoughts.
Best regards,
 And God bless you all.





I'm 24 and live in the Boston area. I have attended Catholic schools my entire life, including the Catholic University of America until I decided to transfer to Babson College where I recently graduated from. I was very active in my local parish in high school and felt an inclination to become a priest but got caught up with the world during my college career. Seeing that there was no satisfaction to be had with my own pursuits I have devoutly returned to the Catholic faith. 


It's disheartening to believe the Truth that I see on your website but it all makes perfect logical sense to me…


Thank You, 


Tom McNulty




Subject: New debate comment


Dear Bros. Michael and Peter Dimond,


I believe it was not a mere coincidence that just before you posted your newest debate with Ely from Sweden, I happened to stumble upon his website.  I was pretty shocked at the level of plagiarizing used by him of your material, and then to see him attack you two on top of it, was just the height of spiritual blindness.  It also seems that your prediction of how he would fare in a debate with you was accurate.  However, traditional Catholics are fortunate that it did take place since it allows us to have a better appreciation of just how illogical and absurd are all the positions of the radical schismatics. 


The same thing with your video on the heretical CMRI and false "traditionalist" Ken.  You can get an idea of what kind of guy he is by watching the video in which he attacks you.  Instead of approaching subjects regarding the True Faith with the certain level of respect they deserve, he is driving down the highway and talking into his speaker phone as if he is discussing the weather.  He then has the nerve to say that he doesn't want to start a fight.  I thank you for your dedication in upholding the purity of the Faith, brothers.  God bless.


Mario Chavez


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  The Swedish guys not only steal and plagiarize our books and videos (and remove our contact information and names), but they actually sell them and describe them as their own. 




Subject: An Actual Schismatic !!!


Hello Brother Peter:


     The recent debate against the Swedish Schismatic is really and truly amazing! I know what the definition of a Schismatic is, and I always knew what one might be like, but I personally don't think I have ever met one. I have met an overwhelming amount of heretics (almost everyone these days sadly) but not a radical schismatic. Now I know what one is. This debate sort of "puts a face to the name" if you will. There is something that I very, very often see, and others have mentioned it to me as well, of their own volition, that they have recognized it as well. Brother Peter, see if you realize what I am saying and think about if you see this often as well: quite often some "traditionalist" will call in, or write something to you, or email debate you, or it may be someone one meets and discusses things with - but it is very revealing when the person somewhat "sounds" like Brother Peter. I do not mean the actual sound of their voice sounds like Brother, what I mean is that every word, every hypothesis, every idea that is the starting point of their knowledge, has been so clearly stolen from MHFM and the teachings and presentations of MHFM that it is quite transparent if one is closely listening to them. My point is, and others have agreed with me on this and some have even told me this themselves, that these people have learned everything that they know about this current apostasy, and even everything that they know about the traditional Catholic Faith, from MHFM. But of course somewhere along the line they decided that they were too smart to keep learning and they sort of "turned against their teacher" because now they feel that they know a lot, they know things that the Novus Ordos never even thought of or do not even know exist. Now, because they have studied at the website of MHFM, and learned about things like councils, and sessions and Popes and can reference documents and know how to say the Latin names of some things (badly), they feel that the learning period is done and now they are going to show you a thing or two. For some reason, somewhere along the line they build up some sort of personal animosity against MHFM. A lot of times I think it is because you are getting much more attention than they are and that is the entire problem for them. I know this is the case for some individuals for a fact! At first they just love you and are so grateful inside for having seen the light of the truth and coming out of that Novus or do blasphemy. But after a while, a few years (sometimes if they are suffering from enough pride it is only a few months), they have something against you and it is out of nowhere!


   Example: a guy is in the Novus ordo and he hates it, but he thinks to himself "what am I to do?!?! This is the Catholic Church I grew up in right? This is the Pope right? Something is deadly wrong here though, maybe my priest is a heretic. Maybe I should tell my ordinary! Wait - my bishop was praying with the Muslims this past weekend, he won't care! I know, I will go to another parish." He does and that is even worse! He goes on the web and looks for some solace in some traditional websites, finds MHFM and starts to study. He is shocked. Everything he that he was superficially considering is now confirmed as true! He loves you guys! He feels as though MHFM saved him when he was drowning. He owes you a lot and at this point he is honest about it. But, a few months or years go by, and just like it is with all the proud and self-willed, he hears you took communion at a Byzantine Church, or some other thing, and he absolutely panics! This can't be right! He feels vulnerable now! He is now your sworn enemy!  He goes and grabs all the Church references which forbid communion with formally condemned heretics and tries to condemn you. Of course he is wrong, and when he debates you, this sick debacle is what we all witness!


      All of a sudden he owes you nothing and further he proclaims you a heretic. Further still, you are now among the very worst of the heretics and deceivers, and you are leading others to commit heinous crimes against God. This is because all of the hostility, every bit of the hatred that he has for the Vatican II church for deceiving him for years and almost taking him to hell, every bit of that hostility has to come out and it is aimed at you. The nearest and most authentic and visible target in his life. He truly hates you. That Swedish guy, it seems at one point, would have attempted to be physical against you - possibly strike you. This shows exactly what spirit he is of! Now I get it - now I know what a schismatic is. I always thought, well a schismatic doesn't seem as bad as a heretic! Wrong! This guy, schismatically, seems worse (though all schismatics are, or will soon enough become, heretics as well!) Now I can put my finger on schismatics, their focus and mindset, and I understand what you mean when you say "you cannot go to this or that priest or Bishop because they are "schismatic"". These guys are like spoiled, evil little children that think they have the best toys and the best yard and absolutely will not play with anybody else who does not do exactly what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. It has little or nothing to do with the faith, or the teachings of the faith, which is just something to twist up to manifest their selfish ways and exclude everybody! They just do not like anybody - they are selfish spoiled brats who nobody, no matter what one does for them, is good enough. Before long they will get rid of anybody. Their crowd is always changing and decreasing, not because of their stand for the faith (although that is what they always give for the reason - as if they are noble) but because they are always looking for some fault, always hatefully decreeing some retarded ideal or order that everyone must all of a sudden approve of and adhere to. The craziest, most obscure ideas! Basically, they are people who cannot love others in truth. They have not one single virtue of Charity found in Saint Paul's famous explanation found in 1 Corinthians 13.1-8. Now I realize that I have seen them. They are the type that just do not care about others, they do not grieve to separate themselves from others - but rather are glad to, and look for the opportunity to. A person can show a deep Catholic friendship and loyalty to them, but one wrong move, one misstep, and the person will separate himself, and gladly. It is not about the Faith in these situations, it is not about someone holding a radical or notorious public heresy, it is about selfishness and no one is good enough for these schismatics. The faith is just a convenient hammer for them to utilize in separating themselves. And yes, their arguments have some sense of truth, just like the heretics, but after the point of departure, just like the heretics, they convolute the doctrines and actually make the most juvenile doctrinal statements! These people are all immature, they have yet to mature although they are in physical adulthood. A day cannot go by without a tantrum or at least a litany of complaints against others. They really consider themselves better than anyone else and they just can't stand people - the very people that Jesus said to love in truth. They have no interest in instructing the ignorant or counseling the doubtful. They don't often even admonish the sinner - they just reject other true Catholics, it is their modus operandi. The schismatics truly have no love of their actual brothers and sisters - no Charity at all. Curiously, they will talk about the faith, and the rules of the faith, all day long, but they never seem to have any interest in the person of the beloved Lord Jesus. It is almost like they are committed to the "rules" but do not really have a view of the ruler. I remember reading Saint Louis DeMontfort who was filled with joy and proclaiming how he is a man gone mad with Love for his Master, he so Loves the Lord that he feels out of his head in Love. He can think of nothing but the beauty of his Lord and the way Christ is his beloved and priest forever. These schismatics have no idea of this - none at all! It is as if there is no Lord at all - just faith rules. It is really quite sad, they can speak with you again and again about the rules, or this person or that, but they never, ever, ever mention how Christ is the Captain, our leader, our sweetest bread; our most beautiful and our beloved. They are just spiteful, and hateful, and I can see clearly now how they can destroy the Church in certain regions and areas, and bring so many others down with them. And I see that the schismatic priests also use the Sacraments as a hammer. It is as if the Sacraments are theirs and they are going to decide who they share with - not based upon the clear and unambiguous rules of faith, and never with what Brother Peter said a "Catholic Sense". They just do not have this basic "Catholic Sense". They are really spoiled, selfish brats who separate themselves and Brother Peter really demonstrated in that debate, by exposing that Swedish Guy, that they are belligerent and extremely dangerous people Brother must be thanked for tolerating that debate for the benefit of others. Believe me Brother Peter, we who are with you truly realize what endurance it takes to put up with even talking to a guy like that. Guys like that schismatic are an attempt to make one stumble in a hundred different ways, and he does it purposely. He brings you to the point where your flesh just wants to choke him. It cannot be denied. And again, that is another reason why these people are so dangerous and despicable. That is why they must be avoided. And that is why they are certainly every bit as bad as heretics and are outside the Church and alien to the faith. The guy is using every quote from every council that he obtained from Brother Peter, and he is trying to now use these quotes that he stole from Brother, against Brother. That is why the word retarded is appropriate here. This is a retarded manifestation of human interaction. They will do anything, anything, no matter what it takes, they will come up with anything in order to separate themselves from true Catholics.


"He that hath a mind to depart from a friend, seeketh occasions: he shall ever be subject to reproach. A fool receiveth not the words of prudence: unless thou say those things which are in his heart."-Proverbs 18.1


"Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no schisms among you: but that you be perfect in the same mind, and in the same judgment."-1 Corinthians 1.10.


All one has to do to fulfill the Holy Ghost's command above, is to obey the Church, and most humbly receive Her pure Doctrines. That is what Charity is - founded on Her Doctrines, and true Humility is receiving Her Doctrines gratefully and submissively, no matter what our own feelings on the matters might be!


Thanks for the favor of studying out this matter, sharing your clear findings with others, and above all thank you for enduring that odious schismatic (and heretic I must say!) with a view to instructing the ignorant in this matter.




New Debate Posted


MHFM: This is a debate between Bro. Peter Dimond and a person we would describe as a radical schismatic.  He professes to be a traditional Catholic, but condemns our position on receiving sacraments from certain undeclared heretics.  We describe those like him as the “radical schismatics” because they obstinately misunderstand Catholic teaching on these matters, and unjustly condemn true Catholics in areas relating to receiving sacraments in this time of apostasy.  This debate deals with those issues.  In refuting this individual, he is not the only one being refuted.  It refutes all of the radical schismatics because they all hold similar views and make the very same arguments.


Sacraments from Undeclared Heretics - Debate [video]




Subject: Baptism




… I am so very joyful and glad to have found the Truth! But now that I have found it, I want to make sure I am well to participate in it.  I was a convert from protestantism when I was thirteen into the Novus Ordo church. When being brought in and going through the classes, Me and my father were told that I wouldn't have to be baptized again, for having been baptized already. But my father doesn't really recall if they said "in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit" or if they said in the name of Jesus. So, of course I know the former is correct and latter wrong. I thought of calling and seeing if they could recall, but it was so many years ago, I don't know if they would remember me or the words that was said... so I am at a standstill. I want to be a valid member of Christ's Church. I was brought into the Novus Ordo in 2004 and have participated like one... but now that I have found the True Church… I want to take of Christ's body knowing full well my validity in doing so, and with no question. So brothers, what do I do?


My thanks




MHFM: It’s great to hear that you have found the true Catholic faith.  Since there is a doubt about whether you were properly baptized, a conditional baptism should be performed.  The steps for this are covered in this file: The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts


Please scroll to the section concerning those who are not sure if they’ve been baptized.  Also, before one could be baptized he or she would have to be convinced on all core issues (no BOD, no NFP, no V-2, no New Mass, no support for priests who offend in such areas, etc.) 


Pope Pelagius II wrote to the Bishop Gaudentius: "If any people living in your Worship's neighborhood, avow that they have been baptized in the name of the Lord only, without any hesitation baptize them again in the name of the Blessed Trinity, when they come in quest of the Catholic Faith."




Good day br