E-Exchanges Archive, Summer 2011


Byzantine Chants


Subject: Byzantine Chants


Good day Brother Peter,

This is Brandon. I wanted to ask you: I know the Greek and Russian "orthodox" are not Christians, and I do not support, endorse, or believe they are Christians, but is it a bad thing to be attracted to their chant? The Greek Byzantine Catholic Rite and the Ukrainian Catholic Rite is almost the same. I just wanted to know if listening to "orthodox" hymns was a crime in the eyes of the Church.


MHFM: Assuming the chant doesn’t contain anything heretical or contrary to the faith, it would be acceptable to listen to it.  It would comparable to listening to classical music performed by a heretic who claims to be Catholic, or listening to Gregorian Chant performed by false Catholics who believe in salvation outside the Church. 




Subject: Thanksgiving


good afternoon


I wondered if you could help me.


as true catholics, we know that "thanksgiving" is a protestant holiday. I do not want myself nor my family to give worship on this day to a false god.  Do you have some suggestions? Special prayers, different name for this day, etc.





MHFM: We recommend that you treat it like any other day.  If your family has a special dinner on that day, you could eat it; but you should not pray with them or say grace with them if they are heretical.  If the dinner entails something more than just a meal - a special celebration or something of that sort – it would probably be a good idea to absent yourself.  It depends on what is done in your house. 




Subject: Louise and the New Mass


I just wanted to point out to Louise, that her argument in favor of the New Mass’s validity (aside from her opinion on what Christ would or would not abandon), centers on the sinfulness of the priest not affecting the validity of the sacrament.  In this she is correct.  The argument against the validity (which she either missed completely or is ignoring, I hope the former) has to do with the validity of the priest, and the validity of the form.  If she familiarizes herself with your material she cannot help but see this clearly. 


Bill Mulligan   




Subject: Novena


Dear Brothers,


I have been praying the novena to the Infant Jesus for cases of urgent need and I would appreciate to have your advice as to whether it would be acceptable, in the eyes of our faith, to repeat this novena for perfection in order to obtain the necessary graces or should  I only pray it once.


Thanking you,


M.Fernanda da Silva


MHFM: One could definitely repeat it.




Subject: votes


Just watched a vid you made about "votes". This has troubled me for years. I don't believe a thing. There have been computer PhD's who risk themselves by showing just how easy it is to trick the voting machine. Vote for 1 person generates a count for another.

Matter of fact, the only trust I have at this point is in GOD, period.






Subject: False Traditionalists


Dear Brothers:


I was thinking of the SSPX and other false traditionalists who hold the God-denying, Redeemer-denying, and Faith-destroying errors of "baptism of desire" and "invincible ignorance".  Plus, in holding these lies, these false Catholics are also denying that life on earth is a test -- and a test for every person. 


How and why do these heretics think that the Three Wise Men were able to find the Infant Jesus?  Coincidence? It's interesting how these wise men are an important part of the events of the Nativity of Our Lord, and it's almost impossible to find a Nativity Scene without them. Perhaps they were meant to give us an important lesson of every good-willed man's search for truth, and how God will assist him every step of the way.


Lee Ann




Subject: Mary


Ohhhhhh I'm so disappointed to find out you're catholic. How oh how can anyone think that Mary is to be prayed to? I loved the video you did on hell. Love the delivery and feel of it...then I find out you're catholic. Bummer.




MHFM:  Why?  The Catholic faith is the only biblical faith.  You need to see our book, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church.  You should also look at this file:


The Bible teaches Mary's Immaculate Conception, Perpetual Virginity, Bodily Assumption and more [PDF]


You should also listen to our debate on the Papacy with a Protestant.


E-mail from Ireland on the New Mass


Subject: Ireland


Dear Most Holy Family,


I agree with most of the information on your website. It has helped me immensely.  I think you are right about the Popes losing faith.   Vatican ii has ruined the church but the problems originated a long time ago. Look I am not that intelligent so may God open my eyes to see the truth.  I think you are wrong on one matter. Our Lord is still present in the Blessed Sacrament in the New Mass. There is no way however sinful His church He will leave them. Do You not know He foresaw the state of His church for whom He would suffer. If God is not present at the New Mass then I have yet to recieve My first Communion, confirmation and perhaps I am not even baptised.  No matter how sinful the priest the sacrament is valid, the blessings may not be the same, but the priests sins do not fall on the people for whom His is a minister.  The New Mass lacks reverenc and devotion but then look at the lack of reverence shown to Christ during His Passion. He is going thrown His Passion Now as His foresight at that time would have seen all this happen. You cant make the mass exclusive.  Even if everyone at the New Mass is faithless, sinful and irreverent it remains valid.  it may be an outrage, an abomination but The Mass Is present.




MHFM: No, the New Mass is definitely invalid.  See our article on it.  You are going by emotion, rather than by faith.  The idea that the New Mass must be valid because some “believers” think it is smacks of Protestantism.  It doesn’t matter if someone believes it’s valid; if a valid priest does not consecrate using the proper matter and form, you don’t have a valid sacrament.  The New Mass definitely has an invalid form, and almost all of the priests were ordained in the invalid New Rite of Ordination.  God does allow people to be deceived precisely as a punishment, for He sees that they don’t want the truth.


Also, the Vatican II “popes” are not popes at all. 




Dear Brothers,

Would you please give your reactions to the video of famed Rabbi Kaduri who before he died at age 108 claimed that Jesus appeared to him and told him that He would return shortly after Ariel Sharon's death.  The Rabbi also acknowledged that Jesus is the true Messiah.  Do you give this story any credence?...

Thanks for your good work.

Thomas Reilly


MHFM: No, we don't.  He continued to practice the Old Law, which makes one anathema to Christ. 




Wow! Did you see this video for expresident Lyndon Johnson's wife?  She died recently and at her funeral everyone even the "Catholic" priests that were present all joined
in to "pay tribute" Obviously the "eyes of Texas song" wasn't just a coincidence.







I was watching the movie "The Matrix" the other day and I couldn't help but notice the similarities between the premise of the movie and what has happened to the Catholic church.  Those people who take the blue pill go on with their lives thinking everything is just fine they go to church on sunday they try to live a good life they see the Catholic
church in the light of Vatican 2 they think that we are all brothers and sisters and we will all get into Heaven in the end but there are a few people who do take the red pill and through their eyes they see things as they truly are and what they see is a very lot of our brothers and sisters running head long into damnation and the wonderful Catholic
church headed by B-16 looking like a cesspool of depravity and ugliness.

Dear Brother thank you for going on Coast to Coast three years ago when I was fifty years old because you convinced me… I see things for what they are… I am convinced that there is now an all out spiritual war on right now for the souls of everyone on this planet and I think it has never been this bad before.  Could this be the final
battle, I don't know but for the past three years I have been praying 15 decades of the Rosary every day and that keeps me going, Mary has provided me with a valid priest to go to confession and receive other sacraments if I choose.  I was wondering how just saying the words of the Rosary could have
so much power over evil and how just mere words can change everything about a man’s life and I do mean everything…

Yours in Christ Charles Edwards

Eagle River Alaska




Dear Brothers,


There is a traditional church I attend sometimes in which the priest is a heretic and false traditionalist who rejects the salvation dogma.  Every Sunday immediately following the Gospel and before his sermon he states, "In the charity of your prayers please remember the souls of our young men and women who lose their lives overseas for our freedom in the service of our country.  Remember those also who lose their lives as victims of violence.  May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace".


I have three problems with this.


First : They are not losing their lives for our freedom but for the advancement of the state of Israel, whether they know it or not.


Second : There are barely, if any, of our soldiers who are true Catholics.  So he gives the false impression that people could be saved as non-Catholics.


Third : He is giving in to the political correctness of modern society by his use of inclusive language, namely, "our young men and women".  I have a problem with this because I don't think women have any business serving in the military and especially in combat.  It is contrary to the natural law and God's will.


This priest, who purports to be a traditional Catholic should know better.  I'd appreciate it if you could comment on this.




MHFM: His statement that people should pray for those who die in these actions clearly implies that people can be saved outside the Church, which his heretical.  It demonstrates that he is a heretic.  Catholics must not pray for those who die outside the true faith.


St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica, Suppl. Q. 71, A. 5: “Gregory says (Moral xxxiv. 19): There is the same reason for not praying then (namely after the judgment day) for men condemned to everlasting fire, as there is now for not praying for the devil and has angels who are sentenced to eternal punishment, and for this reason the saints do not pray for dead unbelieving and wicked men, because, forsooth, knowing them to be already condemned to eternal punishment, they shrink from pleading for them by the merit of their prayers before they are summoned to the presence of the Judge.”


St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica, Suppl. Q. 71, A. 5: “Further, the text (iv. Sent. D. 45) quotes the words of Augustine (De Verb. Apost. Serm. Xxxii): If a man depart this life without the faith that worketh by charity and its sacraments, in vain do his friends have recourse to such acts of kindness [prayers and suffrages for him].’  Now all the damned come under that head.  Therefore suffrages profit them not.”




Subject: chemtrails


Brother Dimond


I dont know if you cover any of these on you  website news, but I can tell you from where I live for hours a day here in Colorado there are countless planes swirling criss crossing creating huge clouds and no one notices anything, i recently took a trip to iowa and day and night they are flying. My neighbor  is around 33 and is being treated for cancer  she is an avid gardner it makes you wonder. I do not know if this is chemicals  or weather manipulation or both. The sky resembles the planet venus which if you remember from school trap[s heat like a greenhouse this is what the clouds look like to me .









You have been advertising on the radio sports program I listen to and I really want to get what you are offering.  How can you do this for only five dollars? 


Philip X. Brady

Baton Rouge, LA


MHFM: We’re trying to get the information out to as many people as possible.


Fear of the Lord


Subject: Theresa Gray


…. Theresa needs to [read]… the Book of Ecclesiasticus, reading her email, I kept getting the mental image of her as a flower child of the 1960's, a drug addict of emotion {charismatic}, the first fruits of the vatican ll sect.  Her pride, arrogance and contempt for the fear of the Lord and her defense of the vatican ll sect {freemasonic religion of many religions} is outrageous!  


Some of her remarks of delusion and confusion:

"How do you wish to convert others - by fear?  by degradation under the guise of Truth?  Do you believe God prefers you to operate in fear and hate rather than in peace and love?  This is not what His Son taught this was not his example . . ."   IN FACT, IT IS EXACTLY WHAT JESUS TAUGHT, through fear you learn to know and love God, remaining in peace and justice, all through the Grace of God:

Ecclesiasticus 2:10   Ye that fear the Lord, love him, and your hearts shall be enlightened.  {enlightened to what, THE TRUTH!}


Ecclesiasticus 2:18   They that fear the Lord, will not be incredulous to his word: and they that love him, will keep his way.


Ecclesiasticus 15:13   The Lord hateth all abomination of error, and they that fear him shall not love it.


Ecclesiasticus 25:16   The fear of God is the beginning of his love: and the beginning of faith {TRUTH} is to be fast joined unto it.


Ecclesiasticus 5:12   Be steadfast in the way of the Lord, and in the truth of thy judgment, and in knowledge, and let the word of peace and justice keep with thee.


Theresa, imagine a child in a house, where he runs around in total disobedience to the parent and the parent shows an attitude toward the disobedient behavior of the child with love and peace, the child will think the parent approves of his behavior, that it is just.  It should be that the child knows, through stern instruction and the fear of punishment, which is love, he should not disobey the parent and out of love for the parent, the child would never offend the parent by disobedience.  To love the child is to save him from destruction by correction, this is true charity.


Theresa ends her email by saying the Sacrifice of the Mass is of no effect unless the faithful, first reconcile with the apostates and by declaring as much she denies the dogma "Outside the Catholic Church There is Absolutely No Salvation."  This is why we have to listen to Jesus and not man: 


1 Thessalonians 5:21-22  But prove all things; hold fast that which is good.  From all appearance of evil refrain yourselves. 


In Mary,





Subject: If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?


Dear Brothers,

I was thinking about Antipope Benedict XVI's Assisi Apostasy III speech, and how he pushes the heresy of agnosticism, aka. skepticism, doubt or "critical thinking." He intends to sew doubt into divine revelation, as if the Catholic faith were not a matter of absolute certainty. Also, just looking now, he often talks about the "absence of God," as if God can be absent from anywhere. He implies that God only exists where people believe in Him. It is similar to the false philosophy found in the question, "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" This is similar to Buddhism where the "self" is the center of existence, and nothing exists outside one's perception or mind… Benedict XVI essentially promotes a passive "Buddhist" skepticism or doubt of reality - of both seen and unseen reality - which he calls "agnosticism." His goal is for humanity to "wake up" to the realization that they are themselves the Creator God of all things. It is Antichrist!!! I recall my deceased grandfather (who died as a heretic) called himself an agnostic, was a member of an illuminist religion (TOC H), and also had affection for Buddhism (and Islam, and Judaism, etc.). The Illuminati and demons find Jesus Christ's martyrdom and resurrection extremely offensive because He conquered the world, the flesh, the devil, hell and "the self."

God Bless,





I am not a Catholic, but I heard your organization advertising on the radio a couple of days ago and what you said sounded pretty interesting.  I’m getting older so I think I’d better look into this and see what you’ve got.  The signs of the end are everywhere like the Bible states and I want to be ready.


Henry Bechtel

Ackworth, IA




Subject: Ordination


I would like to know what the changes are in the ordination of priests and when it took place, so I can explain it to a friend who is devoted to the Holy Rosary but persists in going to the New Order Mass.  Thank you. 




MHFM: The New Rite of Ordination is without any question invalid.  This file explains why: Why the New Rite of Ordination is Invalid [PDF File].

Not a devotee


Subject: Your website


I am a devotee of the Two Hearts. 


Christ taught that He is the Light and that many live in darkness.  I believe that the Roman Catholic Church is the one, holy, Catholic, True Church and that Christ is the heart of the Church providing Light for us. 


The fall of many Christians has been the bad fruit of man's desire for materialism and all the false gods associated.  This began much earlier than Vatican II.  Vatican II fundamentally was an instrument to respond to the needs of the Church by the call of the Holy Spirit, but evil had already had entered the hearts of many with a desire parallel to the sin of Eve (to do one's own will and not of God's).  Thus many abuses evolved - but these were not the actual changes or clarifications made by the Council.


John Paul II was intuitive and sought to globalize Christianity and to plant seeds of authentic love of Christ within the Catholic Church.  Thus we have today the fruit of his work, a whole generation of young people that have an authentic love of the Eucharist, which means an authentic love of God and neighbor. Benedict equally intuitive and a proponent of JPII's work and devotion to the Immaculate Heart understand the importance of loving neighbor. Without loving our neighbor we cannot hope to change hearts for Christ, without changing hearts to Christ, the message of Fatima will be incomplete.  Fatima was a message of hope, this is what we must foster to renew hearts so that the Sacred Heart will reigh.


My friend, when one becomes puffed up with self knowledge, there is no fruit to offer your brothers.  


How do you wish to convert others - by fear? by degradation under the guise of Truth? by claiming what is not yours? 


You jab at our Holy Mother Church but she will not jab back at you - it is not Her way.  Where is your Charity?  I have had the ability in peace to speak to some of your followers and have found they have such a lack of hope, and they truly have been kept in the dark about the truth of many events and people of which you distort on your website.  We have been able to have open discussions and in the spirit of Truth we are both seeking to understand our differences - many of which we have both found that we have common ground. Like communion on the tongue, preferring the altar rail, love for our Lady and the need for daily rosary, and more. 


Do you believe God prefers you to operate in fear and hate rather than in peace and love?  This is not what His Son taught this was not his example for he knew the Church would always be filled with sinners. Some curiously seeking to others who are seeking the heights of perfection.


Would it not be pleasing to heaven if some day all peoples would erase all animosity and together in peace came to know, love, and serve God through our Lord Jesus Christ and his mother?  To do so, we must do as Christ ask us to do and before we offer our gift at the altar, we must first reconcile with our brother.-- 


In Christ through Mary


theresa gray


MHFM: You are obviously a spiritually deluded person.  You have imbibed the false peace of Antichrist, to which you are attracted.  You are enthralled by the biggest dogma deniers in Church history (Benedict XVI & John Paul II).  You have no faith in Catholic dogma, and thus Christ gives you over to the delusion you seek.  You attempt to explain away their apostate teachings and actions.  You lie when you say that Vatican II did not contain evil doctrines.  Since you don’t love the truth, these facts probably wouldn’t faze you at all: 


Benedict XVI (The Heresies of Benedict XVI File) [link to section]


John Paul II (manifest heretic who claimed to be pope 1978-2005) [link to section]




Subject: Telephone debate with "sedeprivationst"


Today I had a short telephone debate with a member (a nun) of a "traditional catholic" institute (institute "Mater Boni Consilii") who professes the "sedeprivationist thesis of Cassiciacum" near Turin.  Well, I asked their position about Benedict XVI. The nun of this institute said that Ratzinger has been validly elected as a pope, but he has no authority because he is a heretic and an apostate. In other words she said that he is materially pope but he has no authority.  I responded that if a true pope has no authority he is NOT a pope at all. It is impossible to have a pope WITHOUT authority. So I rejected her position as false and heretical. Then this nun began to say that in order to recognize a true pope as a heretic, it is necessary that one or more cardinals admonish him. I responded that this is totally false because, if a true pope falls into heresy or apostasy he is ipso facto excommunicated (latea sententiae), and no admonition or ferendae sentetiae is needed. So this heretical nun contradicted her position because on what basis does she say that Benedict XVI has no authority, since there has not been any declaratory sentence and any admonition by any cardinal ? She destroyed her own point. Short after she said that she had to go, and hung up the phone.




MHFM: Yes, that’s the idea that the Vatican II antipopes are true popes but possess no jurisdiction.  It’s a heretical theory which empties the Papacy of its power; it directly contradicts Vatican I, which declared that a Pope by definition possesses supreme jurisdiction.  This is an excellent canon to refute it.


Pope Pius IX, Vatican I, 1870, Sess. 4, Chap. 3, ex cathedra: “If anyone thus speaks, that the Roman Pontiff has only the office of inspection or direction, but not the full and supreme power of jurisdiction over the universal Church… let him be anathema.” (Denz. 1831)




Subject: baptists


hello there. just seen a video on youtube.com  called purgatory. i'm distressed over what faith to follow. i was born a catholic, but i've gone to a baptist church 2 or 3 times so far, not that long ago. what should i do, may i ask?...  thanks.




MHFM: You need to stop going to the Baptist church and convert to the (traditional) Catholic faith.  The Catholic faith is the only true and biblical faith.  You should begin to pray the Rosary each day; see our book, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church; and look over our other videos and materials.  When convinced, you should follow these steps to convert: 


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts.




I heard your ad today during the Glen Beck Show and I’ve been looking at your website. I want to order that package, but I am having some trouble with the order form.  Your home page is very interesting, very interesting.  I can’t wait to delve into this.  Thank you for this website.






Subject: Pharasee


Dont you have anything better to do than spread hate and point fingers brother.. you have a very self righteous attitude whens the last time you have sat next to Gods throne and took a peek at the book of life.. you do nothing but criticize people all day long.. who are you to talk about who is saved and is not saved.. are you GOD! you need to check yourself brother.. because that verse when christ say about the people that said did i not cast out demons and heal the sick didnt i do this and that... they were sure they were saved like you! yet christ told them away with you I never knew you! and those that asked when did i see you when did i feed you they were saved..you put you hope in a pope in man made of flesh and blood who has no more authority than the next man he is of flesh in blood and made of dust.. you have made him an idol! and live blindly.. you posts disgust me.. and do nothing to build up the body of christ.. 




MHFM: We do nothing but criticize people?  Not exactly.  Perhaps you should learn how to spell “Pharisee,” and then check out our section on the biblical proof for the Papacy.  Jesus Christ made St. Peter the first pope.  The evidence for that is irrefutable.  The Bible teaches that Jesus made St. Peter the first pope [link to section]


Not surprisingly, your e-mail contains baseless accusations without any specifics.  If you provided them – such as precisely what we said or wrote which you think is wrong – you would be refuted.  A true Christian must condemn evildoers and hold that those outside the faith are in a state of separation from God.  You reject the teaching of Jesus Christ, Scripture and His Church on this matter.  Your liberalism rebels against the hard truths of God, probably because you are committing mortal sins and you desire to make the road to Heaven wider than it is.  As a result, you chafe at the condemnation of wicked men.




MHFM: … working on a video.  It might take a few days to finish. 




Dear Brothers,

At the age of 42 I was pregnant. It was a most unbelievable surprise to say the least. Excited, you better believe it. I had all the tests done, except the one where they put a needle into the stomach to draw ambiotic fluid. I refused that one due to the fact that if the baby moved it could possible kill the baby.

To make a long story short, we received the most precious gift from GOD. David Michael, a child born with Down Syndrome. He was not supposed to live past 24 hours. You see, he had no bottom chambers in his tiny heart and his main artery, the aorta was severed. I was told by my heart doctors that David should have never been born alive, it was that severe. Well GOD had other plans. He allowed David to live till three days before his first birthday.  The doctors were stunned, actually dumbfounded. But they had no idea what the Good Lord had done to my family. I can't even put it into words, The blessings and graces just seemed to pour out in this family. Oh and my Most Holy Mother Mary, I could never repay the wonderful things that She is responsible for, and to this day She is still helping, it is so humbling… David was Baptized within the hour of his birth…


May God Bless you both and Our Most Holy Mother Mary protect you always.





hi,i just wanna say i watched your truth video, and i was fascinated by it!i was raised christian.my best friend is catholic.i always question the bibles authenticity,but now i wont so much after seeing your video.i havent been to church in since 2003.if i wanna convert to catholicism,how do i do that?and what are some great churches in sacramento ca i could go to,to restore my faith in god?


thanks brother,sincerely tommy p


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  Only true traditional Catholics are Christians.  The steps to convert are here: 


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts.


You would need to obtain a basic catechism – which you can get for $5.00 from our store – and we recommend that you begin to pray the Rosary.  You would have to be convinced on issues of the faith before receiving sacraments.  Thus, once you are convinced we can help you with that matter.  We recommend that you continue to look at the videos and information on our website, and that you follow the steps to convert. 






Subject: Rosary/Meditation


Dear Brothers,


I forgot which saint it was who said that in solitude one finds God.  I also saw your video on the beautiful fall colors in your area.  These two things remind me of a weekly practice I have of going to the cemetery where my dad is buried.  It is a rather large and peaceful cemetery with a serene ambiance.  There are literally dozens of oak trees and some evergreens and lots of squirrels.  I bring my chair and sit in front of my dad's grave.  He was a strong traditional Catholic, who, by all evidence held the correct positions and died in a state of grace.  He received Extreme Unction and Confession in the hospital within two weeks of his passing by a traditional priest.  He also died wearing the Brown Scapular.  He had great devotion to Our Lady.  Anyway I sit there and pray the Rosary for him… After the Rosary, I stay a while longer to meditate on God's creation.  I do this by gazing at the oak trees and watching the squirrels running and climbing up the trees and the birds flying overhead, while meditating on life, Heaven, Hell, death, judgement, etc.






Hello Most Holy Family Monastery,


I heard you on the radio a few months ago and called and ordered what you were advertizing.  I confess that I am just getting around to looking at the package you sent me.    I’m just so impressed.  This information is amazing.  I want ten more packages, one for my mother.  I am from Germany originally, but now live here.  My mother actually went to school with “the Rat” believe it or not!  She needs to see your information.  I want everyone to see it, so I will keep telling them about it and keep ordering packages.


I must tell you how very much impressed I am by your presentation so that it is understandable to the average person.  I did not have a lot of knowledge on the things that you are presenting, but now I can understand.  I really want to thank you for doing this. I want the Brothers (Dimond) to know I appreciate how well the information is presented. 


God bless you,

Sybille Murphy




Dear MHFM,


Thanks for the info in the News section and also for clarifying more about Wande Abimbola, the witch doctor that attended the Assisi gathering. Even the Mahometan and the pagan who were in the living room watching Wande Abimbola talking about being a representative of "indigenous" African "religions" began to laugh, knowing that it was a tactful way of describing witchcraft. When he began making a rattle on his instrument in cadence with his incantations, the Islamite and Novus Ordo Pagan were shocked and wondered why the people in the audience did not get up and leave. They thought it was scary. These pagans also proceeded to laughing again when the witch doctor, after resuming his speech in English, then began to chant in a foreign tongue, invoking a powerful demon. He holds his magic practices to be "efficient" since they are based on instructions from the spiritual world. Benedict XVI turns to witch doctors for "peace" because he knows it furthers his Anti-Christ kingdom. He must have had a "charge up" in demonic forces. Since Paul VI was possessed, it is not a stretch to conclude the Benedict XVI is as well. He was born in Bavaria, the place where the Illuminati was formed, plus he is an influential person.


This Evil is bound to bring some carnage, as sacred history attests. While Abraham talked to God, we learned that God would spare a city from His Wrath if it had even 10 righteous people. Padre Pio is a good example. When the Anglo-American pilots began to heavily carpet bomb Foggia (in which San Giovanni Rotondo is located), Capitanata and Gargano; they were unable to demolish the Monastery of Padre Pio and its surrounding areas. The many pilots that were flying their planes saw in the sky a bearded friar with injured hands who prevented them from dropping the bombs. The bombs refused to drop and the planes were turned back in another direction without the pilots piloting them. The 33rd Degree Masons who oversaw the operation must have been shaken, because all those pilots reported to Headquarters, what took place. Padre Pio was a protagonist of incredible events during both world wars….






Subject: fools


catholicism is not more or less then mitraism,mystery religions,paganism,sun worship,satanism and u deceivers sons of satan know it..u should read the vatican holocaust,and the history of the jesuits,or 50 years in the church of rome!this is just a few because theres thousands of books telling us about the crimes of the whore of revelation,the catholic church the extension of the roman empire..revelation tells it all about who u are!the mother of harlots,the great whore.u going to u tube defending the jesuits?!u must be on drugs dude,or u ignorant from hell!ur pope is a pedophile and a murder,ur pope was in the hitler youth,ur pope is calling for a new world order.hitler was finance by rome all the way,the pope have call him son of the catholic church that died defending the faith!i have pictures of ur pedophile murder priests doing the nazi salute and meeting with hitler!jesuits were born to do contra reformation,loyola i spit on ur grave!u talk about the reformers u ignorant brainwashed whore,u have kill millions,,ur time is coming rome read revelation,,king james bible u will never destroy!u deceive the masses because they ignorant of who u really are,kabbalists,mitra  sun worshipers luciferian whores..what does the eye of horus inside ur churches?u shall burn for all eternity with ur father the devil.bye bye dagan,baal....




MHFM: We take it that you are not interested in obtaining extra copies of our Catholic books and DVDs.


Blessed Sacrament


Thank you so much for all the information contained on your website. As someone from Ireland how can avoid the errors that are currently taken place within the church? I hear you say the current mass is not valid? Can i still visit the blessed sacrament? 




MHFM: No, the Blessed Sacrament is not present at the New Mass.  Please consult our section on the New Mass.  Our website covers what one must do to recognize and avoid the errors of the Vatican II sect.


 Where to go to Mass or confession today?




Subject: Joe Paterno Receives The John Wanamaker Masonic Humanitarian Medal


Dear Brothers,

Thought you might be interested in this article.

Joe Paterno Receives The John Wanamaker Masonic Humanitarian Medal:
http://www.pagrandlodge.org/freemason/1001/paterno.html: "Paterno said during his address after receiving the Wanamaker medal, "I get a lot of different awards, but this represents a very special group of people and I'm very honored for you to honor me, to reach out and say 'here is somebody we admireand appreciate what he has done' -- and, I hope is going to do a few more things before it is all said and done. I appreciate it and I'm very humbled.""

Paterno says that the Freemasons "represent a very special group of people" proving he is not even slightly Catholic. What an apostate!!! No doubt many young men breathed a sigh of relief to see him go.

God Bless,





Brother Dimond,


I heard you on the radio a few weeks ago.  I was surprised to hear you on a pop rock station talking about the Catholic Church.  I’ve never heard anything like that before.  I’m ordering the books and dvds for my mother.  She’s really into that stuff and it sounded like it was something she’d want to know.  I would have contacted you sooner but I couldn’t find the paper I wrote your website address on.  I like studying things too, and I know all about the nwo etc.  Glad I heard you on the radio.  Thanks for the info.


Steve Vasquez




If I could add to William's email about Penn State and Paterno, I think Paterno was protecting his legacy instead of trying to protect those boys along with the others who witnessed the acts, protecting their own interests too, which is outrageous, having said that, William mentioned the vatican ll sect and rightfully so.  I believe you will find freemasonry in most of the powerful and key positions in American and the world for that fact, whether its the political, military, judicial, educational, corporate, media etc.  This sexually perverted behavior is part of their religion, this is why it goes on without any action against it unless it is exposed to the outside then they will act in a completely different manner.  The Franklin Sex Scandal was another high profile case that happened involving, Boys Town USA in Nebraska which implicated politicians all the way up to the White House, but it was squashed of course.  The Discovery Channel was going to do a documentary on this scandal but it never aired, I wonder why?  You will find the origins of this behavior in the old testament with the Babylonian jews.

In Mary,


Have been


Dear Brother Michael Dimond,


Your book entitled “Padre Pio: A Catholic Priest who Worked Miracles and Bore the Wounds of Jesus Christ on his Body” has helped me so greatly.  I must tell you, Brother, how this is true. 


For some time now, I have been having a problem in my family.  I will tell you that my wife found someone else and it nearly destroyed our marriage.  I have been consumed with a desire for revenge on her for betraying me and so our marriage is strained with little communication.  I have not been able to forgive her.


I have been praying to God for help in this matter.  Then, somehow, I knew I had to look in a particular drawer in my house for an answer.  I began taking everything out of this drawer, and at the very bottom was your book about the Padre Pio.  Immediately I felt relief in my heart and from my spiritual and mental torment.  I began to read and after a few pages, I was moved to tears.  Everything that was hurting me is now gone.  I have read the whole book and I cannot remember being so happy.  I now love my wife more than ever before and our children as well.  I am now most concerned about our souls and I see more clearly what I can do with God’s grace. 


I want others to be helped by reading about Padre Pio from your book.  Please, Brother, I want to order 500 copies of your booklet, so I can bring this great blessing to others. 


Thank you for writing this book, Brother.  It has changed my life when nothing else helped.  Please also send me information on your other works. 


Thank you again, Brother, and may God always bless you and protect your monastery.


Your friend in Jesus Christ,

T. Hoang




Subject: Joe Paterno and Benedict-Ratzinger


Good morning brothers: I follow college football as recreation.  The parallels between Paterno and B16 are interesting.  When the Penn St. football program finds that a coach had been molesting boys, Joe Paterno gets fired within days.  B16, who has had high authority in the Vatican for 30 years, does nothing when with priests and fake priests that molest boys and girls and cover things up and threaten those that go to the civil authorites (civil authorities which Jesus recognized as legitimate for some things)


Also interesting that Mr. Paterno would have gotten along well at the Assisi meetings as he is "Catholic" and came out last year and said favorable things about the Ground Zero mosque.


Keep up the good work and God bless you.

William H. Sloan




Subject: video of Fall colors at the monastery


Thanks for the beautiful Fall leaf colors pictured on the web site.  They rival the colors in Appalachia and the Carolinas this time of year.
I have begun to pray the holy Rosary each day as I used to.  I recall the traditional Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries on their appropriate days.  However, I received some time ago the new "Rosary" of Karol Wotyla--a.k.a. "John Paul II"-via the mail.  Is there anything wrong with praying Karol's new "Rosary ?"
William Bryant


MHFM:  Thanks for the e-mail.  One should not pray the Rosary of Antipope John Paul II.  The Luminous Mysteries are not part of the true Rosary.






i saw this video you have on hell and death it scared me so bad .  i have committed all these sins all of them and i have done so much wrong . i asked jesus to forgive me and be in my heart i am sad and hurt and afraid at my past . but is there still time for me to change the wrongs i have done will jesus god forgive me now i have turned from my sins i stopped… so many other things right now I’m trying hard to learn how to stop curse words and getting rid of new age religions i have picked up over the years . please help me not to go to hell i dont want to go thru all that for sins of the flesh and of the world i have changed and will keep changing and growing but i want jesus i want god….




MHFM: There is time for you to be forgiven.  You need to start praying the Rosary each day, and follow these steps to convert to the faith.  God has given you the grace to see what’s important.  You need to respond to it.




The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts.


You should also continue to review our other videos and the material on our website.




Subject: … My Recent Conversion


Greetings again Brothers Michael and Peter Dimond.


Last time I emailed you, I was unconvinced of whether the post-Vatican 2 claimants to the papacy were true popes. Now I am convinced that not only are they antipopes, but that the bishops and priests ordained in the New Rite are not valid bishops and priests, that the New "Mass" is invalid, and so are the Motu Proprio "Masses" celebrated by priests ordained in the New Rite of 1968. I believe in the dogma that outside the Church there is no salvation, without exception and without compromise. I have also made the profession of faith from the Council of Trent as well…


God's blessings,

Wesley Brittain




Dear Brothers,


That is quite a heresy from H. Cerry.  All of these salvation heretics need to ask themselves a question : Why do I bother professing to be Catholic and waste time saying Rosaries, going to confession, etc., when I could have it much easier by being Protestant and still be saved?  It logically follows that there is no point in religion if it does not matter what one believes.






Subject: interesting story


I would like to tell you an interesting fact that happened today at work (you may even add this to your "news" section). I am working in the hospital of Bolzano, department of dermatology for my training in general medicine. In these last 8 days I had to work on various physician offices of this hospital department with different physicians and nurses. As I said in the other email it happened (with 2 different physicians and 2 different nurses) that they repeatedly, with high voice pronounced the names of God and Mary in vain in front of me. I said to them with a quite tone of voice that they should not do so.  Well, today, the chief-physician and his deputy chief called me for a speech in their room. They said to me that they forbid me to rebuke other physicians and other nurses if they pronounce the name of God, of Mary or of the Saints in vain if it happens again with different persons of the department. I responded that as a catholic I absolutely cannot accept their prohibition and if other nurses or physicians (I referred even to them, the chief and deputy chief) will pronounce the name of God or of Mary or of the Saints in vain in front of me, I will rebuke them. Now they are deciding to expel me from the department.


I ask you to pray for me,

Andrea, from Bolzano.




Subject: More Deception with more "mass" changes


Just more so-called traditional changes within the "mass" that will continue to deceive people into further acceptance of the false and apostate V-2 sect as "Catholic".


May Our Lady of Graces continue to Bless you!

In Iesu et Maria,





Subject: pseudo-sedevacantism


Dear Brothers,

Cerri says that the "thing" that causes opposition by sedevacantists is that Vatican II teaches that non-Catholics can be saved. However, there are many sedevacantists who do believe it is possible for a non-Catholic to go to heaven. There are plenty of "baptism of desire/blood" sedevacantists or "invincible ignorance" sedevacantists. I have often wondered why such heretics are sedevacantists in the first place since if they reject the dogma, outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation, then on what basis do they reject the Vatican II antipopes? If they hold that it is possible, though unlikely, for someone who is not baptized with water and holds the Catholic faith to be saved, then how can they say it is wrong to go and pray with non-Catholics, since those non-Catholics might simply be "mistaken in good faith"?? It is pseudo-sedevacantism, and is much like the false traditionalist SSPX, who hold contradictory opinions, namely, that the Vatican II Antipopes are both "popes" and Antichrists. It is schismatical and heretical. Just like modern "intellectuals," in all their criticism of things they lose the truth. It is more proof that we are in the Last Days and the time of the Great Apostasy. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

Colossians 2:8 - "Beware lest any man cheat you by philosophy and vain deceit: according to the tradition of men according to the elements of the world and not according to Christ."

God Bless,

Chris White




… One thing that seems to cause particular opposition by sedevacantists is the idea that according to Vatican II non-catholics can somehow make it to heaven.  The way I interpret this personally is to think that it is still much easier to make it to heaven as a catholic, because we are armed with sacraments and graces that non-catholics lack, but that it is still theoretically possible for a non-catholic to make it. Of course he would have to defeat all temptations, deceptions and tricks that Satan would throw his way throughout his life and somehow remain virtuous and pure- a very unlikely possibility to be sure, but nonetheless not impossible. I guess an analogy would be to think of Satan as a soldier outfitted with the latest weapons, night-vision goggles, rocket-propeleld granades, etc. The catholic who fights his has an even stronger assortement of weapons to fight him, so he  has a good chance to win. The pagan, or other non-catholic has only a bow and arrow or other primitive weapons at his disposal. While it is far more likely the non-catholic will lose, it is nonetheless still possible for someone armed with a bow and arrow if he is careful and intelligent  enough to kill a soldier who is armed with modern weapons once in a while.

Seen in this light, we can still say after Vatican II that we should still try to convert all non-catholics as far as it it realistically possible, not because they will ALL otherwise  end up in hell, but because MANY MORE will be saved if they become catholics and utilize all the beneficial sacraments and help of the church.

Sincerely yours,

H. Cerri


MHFM: It’s a shame you lack the grace of faith.  You simply have no belief in papal infallibility or in Jesus Christ (they go together).  If you did, you would be convinced of what He has revealed (which has been defined by the Church) concerning the necessity of the Catholic faith for salvation.   Your analogy fails on two fronts: 1) You compare getting to Heaven simply to overcoming moral evils and sins (such as impurity).  You thus ignore the requirement that one must possess the correct belief system and truly be incorporated into Christ to be saved, even if one is able to avoid obvious moral evils.  2)  You presuppose that without the true faith (and the grace that comes with it) one can avoid the grave sins he or she must avoid to get to Heaven.  The first point is the main point to consider in refuting your analogy and in identifying your heresy.  Simply put: you reject the authority of the Catholic Church, which has authoritatively declared that no one is saved without the Catholic faith.  That’s the teaching of Jesus Christ.  Since you believe that people can be saved without the Catholic faith, it makes sense that you accept the heresies of Vatican II and the apostates who imposed them.


Pope Gregory XVI, Mirari Vos (# 13), Aug. 15, 1832:  “With the admonition of the apostle, that ‘there is one God, one faith, one baptism’ (Eph. 4:5), may those fear who contrive the notion that the safe harbor of salvation is open to persons of any religion whatever.  They should consider the testimony of Christ Himself that ‘those who are not with Christ are against Him,’ (Lk. 11:23) and that they disperse unhappily who do not gather with Him.  Therefore, ‘without a doubt, they will perish forever, unless they hold the Catholic faith whole and inviolate (Athanasian Creed).”


Pope Pius IV, Council of Trent, Iniunctum nobis, Nov. 13, 1565, ex cathedra: “This true Catholic faith, outside of which no one can be saved… I now profess and truly hold…”


Pope Eugene IV, Council of Florence, “Cantate Domino,” 1441, ex cathedra: “The Holy Roman Church firmly believes, professes and preaches that all those who are outside the Catholic Church, not only pagans but also Jews or heretics and schismatics, cannot share in eternal life and will go into the everlasting fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels, unless they are joined to the Church before the end of their lives; that the unity of this ecclesiastical body is of such importance that only for those who abide in it do the Church’s sacraments contribute to salvation and do fasts, almsgiving and other works of piety and practices of the Christian militia produce eternal rewards; and that nobody can be saved, no matter how much he has given away in alms and even if he has shed blood in the name of Christ, unless he has persevered in the bosom and unity of the Catholic Church.”




Dear Brother Peter:


Very good video you have about birth control…


Kim-Lan Vu




Subject: Theological Puke


Dear MHFM,

We went to check out Alex Jones down in Dallas [a few weeks ago] at the Federal Reserve and I have a story to pass along:

While we were observing AJ's rants and raves a man approached us with a handout. Jen noticed it was a Protestant flyer so she gave them back. The man was a offended that we didn't want them and thus he essentially instigated a debate.  During the debate (keep in mind Alex Jones is about 10 feet from us on a bull-horn) this Protestant heretic tells us in loud booming words, "Jesus sinned on the cross for us!"  As you could imagine we were rather baffled at what he just told us, and so Jen clarified that He did not sin etc. But the man insisted God's only begotten Son actually sinned on the cross, and qualified that statement of theological puke with, "that is why Jesus said why hast thou forsaken me. " (I am sorry but it is hard not to laugh at this point) Eventually the debate ended and lo-and-behold he was a prominent Protestant who right after our debate gave an on-camera interview with Alex Jones!

Rob Hansen


Seton Hall


Subject: Seton Hill and "ghosts"


After reading your news page recently and hearing of the problems with Seton Hill faculty I just happened to run across an old newspaper article from 1999 while cleaning my house today. It got my attention especially because it was the same university that is currently having problems with a Special Ed Professor who was charged with child pornography. 

In my article it involves a ghostly "nun".  Apparently this "nun" chewed out a sloppy student at Seton Hill in the early 1970's.  This was related by a former rebellious student who left her dorm room always looking like a pigsty.  The spooky "sister" left only after the student promised the "nun" "she would clean up her act".

I decided to do a key word search for 'seton hill ghostly nun', and found this:  http://www.economicexpert.com/a/Haunted:seton:hill:university.html


… I wonder if someone, especially in the faculty isn't into witchcraft at Seton Hill, or uses the Ouija board there, especially on campus? It's really quite common among "educators"  and has been for decades, but that little tidbit they like to try to keep secret.  I personally think it's a real shame that parents don't think about where they put their children into school or who is teaching them.  Additionally, I got my information about the witchcraft from a woman I used to know who was born into a "teaching" family and is a third generation teacher (it could be more). That information confirmed my worst fears and unfortunately time has proven the truth of it because the immoral and evil activities and fruit of this "education" continue and worsen with the passing of time.  Almost everyone blames the problems on everything else but satanic influences.  People are happy with their ignorance.

Thank you for keeping us informed on your tremendous website.  God's richest blessings to you all.






Dear Brothers:


First of all, I would like to thank you for such an enlightening website.  Your information is well-documented and I believe that your intentions are sincere.


To make a long story short I grew up in a secular household, and my heart's desire is to become a Roman Catholic (I've never been baptized).  I am currently enrolled in RCIA classes but they practice the novus ordo mass, which I refuse to attend.  However, I do attend a traditional latin mass every Sunday conducted by priests from the priestly fraternity of saint peter. Are they loyal to the current pope, and if so, should I still attend their latin masses?...


Thank you for your time and I'm really looking forward to hearing back from you.





MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  No, you should not attend the FSSP masses.  Almost all of their “priests” were ordained by “bishops” consecrated in Paul VI’s new rite of episcopal consecration.  That rite cannot be considered valid.  You need to stop RCIA.  The Vatican II Church is not the Catholic Church.  Benedict XVI is not the pope, as the material on our site proves.  We believe that when you look it over in more detail, you will see that what is presented in the material is the truth.  It’s critical to act upon it: to hold the correct positions, make a traditional profession of faith, and be baptized into the traditional faith.  There are options for valid sacraments, once you are convinced.  A true Catholic in your area could assist you with baptism, or someone else if there is no true Catholic available (for anyone who observes proper matter and form, and has the minimal intention, can baptize).  You should follow these steps The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts.


You should also pray the Rosary each day.




dear mhfm,

i want to thank u for the amazing work u do and let u know that a few persons here in Nigeria have the same opinions as urs concerning the dogmas, vatican 2 e.t.c…






Subject: Do Catholics pray to the dead?


I was really thankful and pleased to see the video you have on the tube. Now please do not take this as a insult or judgement. Because I can tell by your message God to you is God to me. And I do not follow a particular religion because brothers in Christ should have no separation or differences and religion has divided us. Ok here is my question where did Catholicism come up with prayers to saints or Mother Mary who are not God but where as human as you or me spreading what they knew and doing the Lords work. I am not in any way perfect I am a sinner in many ways please do not think I am judging. But dont you think God along with Jesus as is put in the Bible are the only one he wants us praying to. Lets give thanks to GOD for all the Miracles that make life happen. And his grace will be needed in the days to come.




MHFM: The biblical basis for those positions is covered in our book, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church, as well as our section on the biblical proof for the Catholic faith.  You should consult them.  http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/the_bible_proves_the_catholic_church.php


You say you don’t follow any religion, but Christ taught specific things that one must accept to be a true Christian.  Only the Catholic Church teaches those things.  Hence, the other groups are not truly Christian.  Your currently favor religious indifferentism.  That’s a denial of Christ.  We hope you examine the evidence and re-assess your position.




Dear MHFM  


the world is in a very deplorable state. I went to a public library in orange CA, they had a book by benedict 16 called jesus of nazareth. catholism by richard mcbrien, books by the manifest heretic hans kung,  the book of mormon, the quaker sect etc,. I heard that mormons have the highest suicide rate, they are always riding bicyles and smiling. they believe jesus and satan are brothers. they are just ridiculous. people should not waste there time studying false religions, they should study the true faith. catholics should go out and evangelize, not these protestants. for we have the truth. also I saw this on CNN   U.S. officials are  concerned that Israel may attack Iran soon.  any way god bless .  in jesus ,mary, joseph.    from mark v


MHFM: The Massive Heresies in Benedict XVI's book, "Jesus of Nazareth - Holy Week"




…can a Catholic attend a wedding reception ONLY of a Catholic who was married in a Novus Ordo church since that sacrament is still valid but the mass isn't.

John in New Jersey


MHFM: No, a Catholic should not go.  A Catholic must not celebrate the wedding of people who reject the faith. 




Subject: discovery


Hello MHFM,
My history,

I was raised Catholic, church every sunday, CCD etc.  I never knew vat 2 existed or what it meant. I was born in 1965… I left the Catholic church long ago and felt that it was corrupt at the top (covering up crimes ) ( I am not a victim) I never really learned the history of the church, but I did learn and believe in the Trinity. I do love Jesus.  My prayer life for the most part consists of saying the Our Father, then talking to God.  I have been completely worldly, I have gone to non-denominational churches (which I decided were not for me)
… I then found your advert on the Drudge report.  You claimed to be Catholic (which even though I had no faith in Catholic leadership took more seriously than any non- Catholic).  The first thing I noticed was your video on the Osama Bin-Laden killing fraud. I was absolutely shocked !!  I am a 9/11 Truther and I also believe that the recently reported killing of OBL is a fraud. What shocked me was the Catholic/Truth connection which I have never seen before. I suddenly took you seriously.

I have watched many of your videos and on one hand I am quite impressed and on the other hand fearful of what it all means. You guys make sense. Example, protestants (John Hagee types whom I have already deemed false prophets) feel the anti-christ will be political, where as you contend it will be spiritual.

Jesus did not seem to give a hoot about politics, and if the real battle is for souls why then would the devil bother with political take overs. Your explanations of the heretical Popes/leadership helped me understand why I have almost always felt there was something wrong.  The word Sedevacant was new to me, but I think that's what I was without knowing it.  I’m the bad Catholic that left the church, my sister is the good Catholic who goes to church and loves John Paul and even went to Rome to be a part of the beatification and posted pics of Benedict on her facebook (ironically the exact same time I was discovering your site/youtube) Causing me to bang my head on my desk.  I cant get her to accept 9/11 truth how am I ever going to get her to see the truth about the Vatican 2 Church?
I realize my letter to you is long winded and you are probably rolling your eyes at me, but I had to say something to someone about my discovery of your site…


MHFM: We are definitely glad that you came across the website and that you are interested in the information.  We recommend that you pray the Rosary each day.  As you continue to look at the information and become fully convinced, you will need to make a traditional profession of faith for converts.  You will also need to prepare yourself for a general confession of all mortal sins (including leaving the Catholic Church, going to Protestant services, etc.) that were not confessed to priests of the traditional rite.  This file contains the profession of faith and the steps people should take in converting to the true Catholic faith. 


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts




Subject: Masons


I saw a video talking about Masons against Catholic church. I believe all this but do recent Popes seem to have a really strong connection with them? I mean, I've seen videos of the recent Pope talking to an audience of them and even one on one. They always seem very happy with each other. I also heard of the order of Quetzalcoatl but Quetzalcoatl has been compared to Jesus Christ by some people in the eyes of the natives since they predicted its coming. They described his as light-skinned like Jesus Christ. So on that topic, is Quetzalcoatl really evil? Now we have to acknowledge the fact that the natives didn't know about Jesus Christ because they lived in different regions.




MHFM: The recent “popes” are not popes at all.  They are antipopes.  You really should look at our other videos and our website.  We discuss Quetzalcoatl in this video, around the 10-minute mark: Cortes' Amazing Conquest of the Aztec Empire.


New Video


MHFM: This is a new video.


Dr. David Allen White - Shocking Salvation Heresy [video]




Subject: Last days, apostasy


Hi brothers,


It is interesting to consider that historically the Catholic Church began in a wicked and satanic pagan empire (the Roman empire) and the same Catholic Church is going through a wicked and satanic pagan superstate (the EU) in these last days. Your analysis in the video "Is the world about to end ?" explains exactly that.


Today I was in a physician office in the hospital for my training and there was a physician and a nurse. BOTH of them pronounced the name of God and of Mary in vain over and over again for 2 and 1/2 hours. At the end I said that they should not do so. The physician (was a woman) began to justify her own behavior saying that she was not saying blasphemies, and that I cannot say to others every time that they should not say the name of God and of Mary in vain. She even laughed at me at the end.


As I said, the wickedness here in Italy/Europe has reached levels that you certainly do not know in the US.




St. Paul


Subject: questions


Well i just wanted to know if you could help me as i look to get closer to Jesus Christ.  I am a Catholic Christian. I often listen to the word of God through the radio, Christian radio… in California their church is the Calvary Church and they always refer to Paul and to the books of Paul and it seems they are always talking down upon St.Peter also I have also heard one of the pastors say that St. Peter disobeyed the Lord Jesus Christ.  It seems that they always refer to Paul for everything why is this?  Do you know?...




MHFM: Protestants frequently refer to St. Paul because their false view of justification by faith alone is rooted in their perversion of St. Paul’s teaching.  They misunderstand a few passages in the epistles of St. Paul and they ignore the rest of Scripture.  In fact, the Bible warns us about twisting the Scriptures – and specifically the epistles of St. Paul – unto damnation.  It is St. Peter, the first pope, who warns against misusing the writings of St. Paul. 


2 Peter 3:15-16- “And account that the longsuffering of our Lord is salvation; even as our beloved brother Paul also according to the wisdom given unto him hath written unto you; As also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are some things hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other scriptures, unto their own destruction.”


The Protestant view of justification/salvation contradicts the clear teaching of Jesus on salvation, which is why some of the Protestants will even say that people should look at St. Paul’s teaching for the truth on justification before looking at Jesus’ teaching.  The truth is that their position also blatantly contradicts St. Paul’s teaching.  That’s covered in our file refuting Justification by faith alone, and our debates on that topic.  Justification by faith alone and eternal security completely refuted by the Bible [link to section]


You should see our book, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church, and consult this section of our website: http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/the_bible_proves_the_catholic_church.php 


The reason they belittle the authority of St. Peter is because they rebel against the truth that Christ founded the Church upon St. Peter.  Please consult our section on the biblical proof for the Papacy.  We would also say that you should not listen to Protestant radio.  It’s not Christian radio. 


Gates of Hell


You are now a Protestant...

[18] And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it….




MHFM: No, indefectibility (the promise of Christ to always be with His Church, and that the gates of Hell will not prevail against it) means that the Church will, until the end of time, remain essentially what she is.  The indefectibility of the Church requires that at least a remnant of the Church will exist until the end of the world, and that a true pope will never authoritatively teach error to the entire Church.  It does not exclude antipopes posing as popes (as we’ve had numerous times in the past, even in Rome) or a counterfeit sect that reduces the adherents of the true Catholic Church to a remnant in the last days.  This is precisely what is predicted to occur in the last days and what happened during the Arian crisis. 


St. Athanasius: "Even if Catholics faithful to tradition are reduced to a handful, they are the ones who are the true Church of Jesus Christ."


Further, it should be noted that the Church has taught that heretics are the gates of Hell which Our Lord mentioned in Matthew 16.


Pope Vigilius, Second Council of Constantinople, 553: “… we bear in mind what was promised about the holy Church and Him who said the gates of Hell will not prevail against it (by these we understand the death-dealing tongues of heretics)…”


Pope St. Leo IX, Sept. 2, 1053: “The holy Church built upon a rock, that is Christ, and upon Peter… because by the gates of Hell, that is, by the disputations of heretics which lead the vain to destruction, it would never be overcome.”


St. Thomas Aquinas (c. 1262): “…[that] wisdom may fill the hearts of the faithful, and put to silence the dread folly of heretics, fittingly referred to as the gates of Hell.” (Intro to Catena Aurea.)


Notice that heretics are the gates of Hell.  Heretics are not members of the Church.  That’s why a heretic could never be a pope.  The gates of Hell (heretics) could never have authority over the Church of Christ.  It’s not those who expose the heretical Vatican II antipopes who are asserting that the gates of Hell have prevailed against the Church; it’s those who obstinately defend them as popes, even though they can clearly be proven to be manifest heretics.


Your antipope teaches that Protestantism is not even heresy.  That’s one reason he’s a heretic.  He also doesn’t believe the Gospel is historically accurate.  He denies Catholic teaching on the Papacy.  You thus acknowledge an anti-Catholic apostate.  You hold that the Gates of Hell have prevailed, for you believe that a heretic can impose anti-papal doctrines upon Catholics.  Learn something about the Papacy, about the magisterium, about Church history, about the historical precedents of antipopes, and about indefectibility.  You don’t understand the Catholic faith because you don’t want the truth.




“Cardinal” Joseph Ratzinger, The Meaning of Christian Brotherhood, pp. 87-88: “The difficulty in the way of giving an answer is a profound one.  Ultimately it is due to the fact that there is no appropriate category in Catholic thought for the phenomenon of Protestantism today (one could say the same of the relationship to the separated churches of the East).  It is obvious that the old category of ‘heresy’ is no longer of any value.  Heresy, for Scripture and the early Church, includes the idea of a personal decision against the unity of the Church, and heresy’s characteristic is pertinacia, the obstinacy of him who persists in his own private way.  This, however, cannot be regarded as an appropriate description of the spiritual situation of the Protestant Christian.  In the course of a now centuries-old history, Protestantism has made an important contribution to the realization of Christian faith, fulfilling a positive function in the development of the Christian message and, above all, often giving rise to a sincere and profound faith in the individual non-Catholic Christian, whose separation from the Catholic affirmation has nothing to do with the pertinacia characteristic of heresy.  Perhaps we may here invert a saying of St. Augustine’s: that an old schism becomes a heresy.  The very passage of time alters the character of a division, so that an old division is something essentially different from a new one.  Something that was once rightly condemned as heresy cannot later simply become true, but it can gradually develop its own positive ecclesial nature, with which the individual is presented as his church and in which he lives as a believer, not as a heretic.  This organization of one group, however, ultimately has an effect on the whole.  The conclusion is inescapable, then: Protestantism today is something different from heresy in the traditional sense, a phenomenon whose true theological place has not yet been determined.”




Subject: Eighth king


I have watched your Apocalypse videos multiple times. I think God has opened your mind to the meaning. I was confused about one thing, I could not quite figure what you thought about the eighth king exactly.

And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.
And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

Any thoughts you have about it would be greatly appreciated.


MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  Our view on that is discussed in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pyiJptDgs4




Subject: Mock Crucifixion


I've become aware of your website and plan to investigate further.  My question concerns re-enactment of the crucifixion of Christ.  As you are probably aware, this activity takes place most often during Easter week.  Is such a practice always sacrilegious and thus strictly forbidden and mortally sinful?  The activity in the Philippines comes to mind.


Thank you for your response,




MHFM: We hope you continue to look at the information.  We believe it’s wrong for people to be crucified as a way of doing penance.  Such acts are not efficacious.  They are done out of vanity and a desire to be famous, admired or pitied.  It would be much more efficacious for them to embrace the true faith, to submit to God’s will and the inconveniences He might choose to send them.




Subject: Dr. David Allen White - Shocking Salvation Heresy


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the interesting video exposing the heretic, Dr. David Allen White. The pride, bad will and lack of true charity in such individuals is astounding. It appears that he thinks being a Professor grants him the ability or right to impose his heresies on the public forum. Christopher Hitchens also proves himself worthy of hell. The Devil seems to have convinced David White that by accepting salvation and justification outside the Catholic Church, that he somehow can please both God and men, which is not the case. He shows that he pleases neither!... Hitchens… says that ""invincible ignorance" was invented to deal with an insuperable problem, which is this: why did the revelation of Jesus of Nazareth only begin and occur in a small, remote, inaccessible, illiterate part of Palestine; why are there millions and millions of people who've been born and died never hearing of it? Why are there still millions and millions of people who never had the chance to be redeemed in the only available way; the Church says Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus, am I not correct?" Hitchens, a typical Satanic atheist, implies that God is not being fair in expecting people to use their free will, the natural law, and cooperate with God's grace in order to seek and find Him, and then be baptized and saved in the Catholic Church only. "Life and God is unfair," according to Hitchens. The fact is that both men, White and Hitchens, hold that Catholic dogmas should be accommodated, changed or "updated" for the convenience of man. Both men put man in the place of God, and so both their false view points are tailored to comfort and console man instead of God. The supernatural is offensive to them both due to their intellectual pride. This is poignantly illustrated by Hitchen's reference to "little girls playing with themselves," and White's silent acceptance of the mortal sin of masturbation, since the rejection of the truth leads directly to an obsession with natural perversity. Matthew 12:34 - "O generation of vipers, how can you speak good things, whereas you are evil? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh." Both men believe man can be justified naturally, when justification, sanctification and salvation can only be found, and only begins, with the sacrament of Trinitarian water baptism into the Traditional Roman Catholic Church.

God Bless,

Chris White




Dear Most Holy Family Monastery,


I Thank you for helping me understand the spiritual battle we are in… I was baptized Catholic, once in the hospital because I was born three months premature, and then again in the Catholic Church but I never got Confirmed.. .I have started to pray the Rosary, and I have read a lot of your teachings on-line and watched several videoss and have started to share this information with my mother who is Catholic but never realized what was going on with vatican II, and I have been trying to share your videos with some of my lost friends and a few Catholic friends I grew up with trying to help them become aware of what is going on and letting them know about your youtube channels and web-site... I cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful work you are doing for The Lord, and I will keep you all in constant prayer…



Saria Sarah Gale




Dear Brother peter dimond


What is the true teaching of the church on baptism of desire not the norvo ordo. the heretic Father Karl rahner said that in his theory on anonymous christanity that there is many non-catholics who desire to be baptised in the Catholic church but for some reason are able to will receive the baptism of desire. Let's use an example person a comes from  europe is not isolated from the world is educated at cambridge and oxford… but he is not a Catholic and as you say he knows what teh CAtholci faith teachings about her dogmas and her sacraments but yet stubbornly refuses to be baptised in the Catholic church will be condemmed to hell with the other heretics.. Karl rahner statment is also ambigious as he does not state where this people and what education they receive. If they were not tribal man or native isolated from the rest of the world they wouldnt receive salvation since they have knowledge of the truth or are obstinate


Yours sincerly in christ

jeremy wong


MHFM: The Church does not teach “baptism of desire.”  It teaches that there is one baptism of water which is necessary for salvation, and that the words of John 3:5 are to be understood as they are written: unless a man is born again of water and the Holy Ghost he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.  You should obtain and read our salvation book: http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/the_catholic_church_salvation_faith_and_baptism.php





Not only does this youtube video of Conan O'brien illustrate the God-less sheeple nation, though also the control over the media as all the news outlets within this video were scripted the same.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GME5nq_oSR4

God Bless,
Tom Miles




Subject: Hitchens vs. White


Dear Brothers in Christ,

The Hitchens vs. White discussion about God and The Catholic Church can be described in short terms as an absolute ugliness. Two enemies of Christ are hitching their hellish horses in their attempt to dethrone Our Lord Jesus Christ. Although Hitchens is hitching his wagon to a star, White is even worse in his attempt to defend his Master The Devil by pretending to be a Catholic.  White is so an abominable liar that even the most wicked atheist, such as Hitchens-- who has some respect for logical thinking--turns out to be less dishonest in comparison.

White, who "cannot judge whether an atheist is headed for hell", is JUDGING the Catholic Church and all true popes by saying that they were wrong all along.

The true Catholics of today, when they turn their eyes on the darkness of this world, have an opportunity to compare two utter ugliness--the atheism and V2 satanic man-made religion.

Thank you, and may our Most Blessed Mother Mary and St. Joseph keep you strong.

Vladimir from Zagreb, Croatia




Subject: White & Associates


Dear Brothers:


Your video on David Allen White demonstrates beyond any shadow of a doubt that -- despite their protestations to the contrary -- false traditionalists hold exactly the same demonic religion that is put forth by the counterfeit Vatican II church and its anti-popes. 


Isn't it strange how atheists, Jews, Protestants and Masons always know the historic and true Catholic teaching on particular points, while the false Vatican II "Catholic" is always denying these teachings, or rather, correcting them -- belittling the historical Catholic Church, her teachings, and her faithful.   These modern hypocrites like White, who exult themselves above Christ, are children of Antichrist and apologists for its false religion.


No wonder these people always reek of pomposity.


Thank you for posting this very illustrative and eye-opening video.  You have tried to warn people many times about the false traditionalists and how they despise the dogmas of the Catholic Church which have been consistently taught by the true popes.  This video does an exceptionally effective job of demonstrating just how contemptible these false traditionalists really are -- like the SSPX, Grunerites… and even the so-called sedevacantists.  All of their flappin' around, all of their self-affirming publications, all of their hand-wringing over the "crisis" in the Church.  When they themselves are dogma despisers and prefer any man's teaching over the Revelation of Christ.  Even Dante's


Lee Ann




Subject: Response to L


Dear Most Holy Family Monastery,

Some thoughts came to mind while reading the letter by "L".

Although I am not sure whether sending a child to public school is condemned, public schools themselves were condemned in the Syllabus of Errors.  Section 45 rejects the idea that,

"The entire government of public schools in which the youth of a Christian state is educated... may and ought to appertain to the civil power, and belong to it so far that no other authority whatsoever shall be recognized as having any right to interfere in the discipline of the schools, the arrangement of the studies, the conferring of degrees, in the choice or approval of the teachers."

Section 47 of the Syllabus condemns a similar idea.

Also, though there is nothing wrong with a woman working, Leo XIII said the following in Rerum Novarum, section 60:

"Finally, it is not right to demand of a woman or child what a strong adult man is capable of doing or would be willing to do."

God's Grace,




Thank you again for everything, especially the extended news coverage; it is a sole source… Blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary most Holy.                                          


Richard Spinnenweber




… I am so glad to finally know the truth about what is going on in the Catholic Church. Thank you again for explaining about The Vatican II Sect. I thought something was wrong with the way John Paul II was leading the Catholic Church.

In the Truth of Christ Jesus,
Linda Madonna Spurgeon




Subject: Hitchens had it right


Here’s another irony from the Hitchens / White discussion.  At about 23:00 in the host tries to credit White, who had just waxed on about invincible ignorance and such as having undermined Hitchens argument.  Hitchens immediately grasps the significance of the contradiction and says (more or less from my memory): “He would if it were true (invincible ignorance), but in order to submit that he would first have to repudiate the decades old, indeed centuries old, teaching of the Church”.  White then “thanks Heaven”, that he is not responsible for the “errors of people who don’t understand their own religion”, and goes further, suggesting that it (meaning EENS) was due to things including “defects in the hierarchy” (the legitimate one of course).  It is just staggering.  White has made up his own religion, just like all protestants and new-churchers.    And it is Hitchens, the atheist, who understands this.  I have to say I prefer Hitchens to White.  His facts are wrong but at least he applies consistent logic to his faulty assumptions.   I hope he converts, I don’t believe he is in good health, has cancer.


Bill Mulligan


MHFM: Hitchens was correct in pointing out that White rejects traditional teaching, but let’s not forget that Hitchens is (of course) an extremely wicked disgrace and an abomination.  His arguments against the existence of God and true Christianity contain their own contradictions.  You mention that you think White is worse than Hitchens.  Whether an atheist or a pagan is worse than a heretic would obviously depend upon the individuals involved; but speaking generally, one could make the argument that a heretic is worse than an atheist.  Below is a citation from St. Thomas on heresy as the worst of all sins from the standpoint of guilt, but not from the standpoint of the corruption of the faith.


St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica, Pt. II-II, Q. 10, A. 6, Whether the unbelief of pagans or heathens is graver than other kinds?: “I answer that, As stated above, two things may be considered in unbelief. One of these is its relation to faith: and from this point of view, he who resists the faith after accepting it, sins more grievously against faith, than he who resists it without having accepted it, even as he who fails to fulfill what he has promised, sins more grievously than if he had never promised it. In this way the unbelief of heretics, who confess their belief in the Gospel, and resist that faith by corrupting it, is a more grievous sin than that of the Jews, who have never accepted the Gospel faith. Since, however, they accepted the figure of that faith in the Old Law, which they corrupt by their false interpretations, their unbelief is a more grievous sin than that of the heathens, because the latter have not accepted the Gospel faith in any way at all.  The second thing to be considered in unbelief is the corruption of matters of faith. On this respect, since heathens err on more points than Jews, and these in more points than heretics, the unbelief of heathens is more grievous than the unbelief of the Jews, and that of the Jews than that of the heretics, except in such cases as that of the Manichees, who, in matters of faith, err even more than heathens do. Of these two gravities the first surpasses the second from the point of view of guilt; since, as stated above unbelief has the character of guilt, from its resisting faith rather than from the mere absence of faith, for the latter as was stated seems rather to bear the character of punishment. Hence, speaking absolutely, the unbelief of heretics is the worst.”


God is being very merciful to Hitchens in allowing him to get cancer.  Hitchens has been humbled.  He has time to decide whether he wants to persist in his evil ways until death.  Personally, we think he would rather die and go to Hell than humble himself and admit that he was wrong about God and Christianity.  But we hope they both convert. 


White vs. Authority


Subject: White vs. Authority


Dear MHFM-


So according to White, “The Church has always said: 'We do not know how God will judge any individual soul.'“ If the Church has “always” said this, it should be easy to cite specific Magisterial pronouncements to back this claim. Can he name even one?

It's interesting that White doesn't agree with his own “authority,” Dante.  In the Inferno, Dante “judges” many known people to be in Hell, including Cleopatra (for lust) and Epicurus and Emperor Frederick II (for heresy). He “judges” several popes to be in Hell for their personal sins, even though he believed the papacy (and therefore teachings from the chair of Peter) to be of divine origin. He “judges” Simon Magus and Muhammad to be deep in Hell and tormented, and “judges” Judas Iscariot to be deepest of all and suffering the most extreme torments. He “judges” unbaptized babies to be in in Hell, but in the outer ring (Limbo) where they lack hope of Heaven but do not suffer fire.

More importantly, White doesn't agree even with a real authority, Pope Leo X, who in his excommunication of Luther warns all faithful Christians to withdraw from any fellowship with Luther or his followers so that they may “escape divine vengeance and any degree of participation in their damnation.”

Where Hitchens is currently headed can easily be "judged," though he does get a couple of things right: 1) if White and those like him were honest they would admit that they are repudiating Catholic tradition and 2) the "argument of invincible ignorance" was "invented."





i enjoyed this video as it brought me more faith and hope for a better out look in my life. i am a 24 yr old woman with two little boys, i have been confused about our life meaning what it is that i am meant to do, where i should live to be happy and with both of my sons. i feel as though ive lived most of my life unhappy and cant seem to unbind this not i am in even at this very moment. i feel like im missing something, i know it cant be Jesus cause i feel i have him in my heart but like im meant to do something important and cant quit messing up in order to find out what it is.i do try hard to do whats right everyday and yes everyday is an ongoing battle between me and the devil as is alot of people... Do you have any advice?




MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  We're glad to hear about your interest.  We recommend that you pray the Rosary each day.  The file for how to do so is here:


We’re not sure what religious persuasion you are coming from.  But one must accept the traditional Catholic faith, and not go to the New Mass.  The steps for how to convert are here:





Dear Brothers,


I am interested in your opinion regarding this situation: If a Traditional Catholic mother is successfully homeschoolling her children (ages 2 - 14) and the Traditional Catholic husband earns an income sufficient to support the family and keep them out of debt, is she obligated to return to the workforce and put her children in public school because her husband says so? Wouldn't the potential moral harm to the children outweigh any obligation of the wife to acquiesce to her husband's demand?


Thank you for your time.




MHFM: The answer to your question – is she obligated to return to the workforce and put her children in public school? – is no. 




Dear Brother Michael and Brother Peter,


DISGUSTING!!  That is all I can say is, disgusting!  How do people stay under this wolf???


The “pro-life” and republican outgoing Mississippi Governor stated that he had reservations regarding the upcoming vote on the personhood amendment in Mississippi.   – Spoken like a true POLITICIAN.  


What is more disgusting, however, but typical, were the comments recorded by the statement given by the Jackson Diocesan “bishop” –  also spoken like a true politician!! (if his “reservations” were that this personhood initiative did not go FAR ENOUGH – then that would be at least something… but of course it isn’t…)




Mississippi Catholic Bishop Joseph Latino said Catholics are free to vote how they want on the initiative, but he wonders about the effects should it pass.

"The Roman Catholic Church and her bishops are unequivocally pro-life; however, we do not always publicly support every initiative that comes before us in the name of pro-life," he said in a statement announcing the news conference.






Subject: More wimpishness from the USCCB


Perhaps you’ve seen this article.




Nothing new really, just another verification, that the Novus Ordo Church doesn’t really believe that there is anything “wrong” with homosexuals, and apparently doesn’t believe in the Devil either.   The article which they felt the need to retract and apologize for actually seemed pretty tame and ambiguous.  Yet they bend over backwards as the saying goes to appease the “gay community”. 


Bill Mulligan




Dear Brothers,

I ran Apostate Antipope Benedict XVI's Assisi speech through a word counter and found some very evil coincidences. The three most frequent words (apart from: the, of, to, and, etc.), and which are all next to each other on the list in the following order are: God (20), violence (19) and religion (19). This is an impossible coincidence, and it proves either a) Benedict XVI made the speech to deliberately associate God and religion with violence, or b) The Devil made the speech to deliberately associate God and religion with violence. There is not much difference between the two. Next on the list is peace (17). One would think that if Benedict XVI really believed that peace is always where God is, that such a thing would show in the word list. Evidently he thinks that God, violence and the Catholic religion go together. What an apostate!!! …

Matthew 10:26-28 - "Therefore fear them not. For nothing is covered that shall not be revealed: nor hid, that shall not be known. That which I tell you in the dark, speak ye in the light: and that which you hear in the ear, preach ye upon the housetops. And fear ye not them that kill the body, and are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell."

God Bless,

Chris White




Subject: Benedict XVI prays with female Lutheran "bishop"!


I always knew that Benedict XVI is not different from the rest of them since 1958.






They are changing the norvus ordo liturgy back to read "many" and NOT "all."  Is this due to the fact that sedevecantism has raised the argument or is it that the vatican wants the Pius X society to re enter the church and they raise the same issue?  Can you comment? Or will you comment, please?




MHFM: First, the correction of “all” back to “many” will not make the New Mass valid.  That’s because 1) almost all of the “priests” offering the New Mass were ordained in the invalid new rite and are not valid priests; and 2) the deliberate removal of mysterium fidei from the form of consecration has not been corrected.  The deliberate removal of mysterium fidei from the established and traditional form of the Roman Rite – words that bear a precise meaning signifying the real presence – manifests an intention contrary to that of the Church.  The only reason they are going back to “many” in the new translation is because the Devil and Benedict XVI know that the apostasy is well in place now, and that this act will make no difference except in the minds of duped members of the Counter Church. 


Thus, the reasons you mention are essentially correct.  The False Prophet Antipope Benedict XVI wants to keep “conservatives” and false traditionalists who know “all” is wrong inside the Vatican II sect.  He wants them to believe he is a “traditionalist” who will bring about a “restoration,” when in fact he is a raging apostate.  It’s not an accident that this new missal is coming out after huge acts of apostasy by Benedict XVI in Germany and Assisi.  That’s how the Devil works.  He gets people to accept the bold apostasy, and then he does something which he hopes will make them forget about it.




Brothers Michael and Peter,


I was wondering what a protestant looking at Catholicism as THE means of salvation might do when the Church has become heretical and a non-heretical priest with pre-Vatican 2 ecclesiastical authority is not available to deliver the sacraments.  I'm a baptized protestant (not in thought or belief, but because I guess I'm only a catechumen at this point) and I receive no grace from God through protestant worship or service.  Protestant church feels like a broadway play rather than a holy event.


… Is the current RCIA authoritative at all?  Can I call myself, and my family, "Catholic" after receiving the education and meeting the sacrament requirements?


Your advisement in this matter is greatly appreciated and of the utmost value to me.  Thank you for your time.


Very Respectfully,

Michael Zimmerman


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  The Church has not become heretical.  The Church has been reduced to a remnant.  The Vatican II sect is not the Church.  There are options for sacraments, as the file on our site explains.  The RCIA is for initiation into the Vatican II Church.  One must not go through with that if one wants to become a Catholic.  One must reject Vatican II and never attend the New Mass.  Please look at the information on our site about the Vatican II Church, and follow these steps once convinced.  You still identify yourself as a Protestant.  Therefore, it would make sense for you to consult our book, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church, as well as our section on the biblical evidence for Catholicism.  Protestantism is not true Christianity, and one must reject Protestantism before moving forward with conversion.  We would also recommend that you pray the Rosary each day.


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts




I have heard that a morbidly (over 500 lbs) obese priest ("Fr" Bill McEvoy) who is pastor of a local Novus Ordo church close to my area told a very off-color joke.  He mentioned the deservedly controversial show Toddlers & Tiaras (A show about scantily clad children).  He called the show "Eye candy for clergy".  I am sure there are perverse phony NO V2 religion "priests" who love the show.  I don't know if the Monastery is aware of the controversy surrounding "Bp." Finn of KS City, something about him covering up another (ironically) super-morbidly 500+ pound priest, Fr. Shawn Ratigan, of having a lot of child porn on his computer, as well as actually somehow taking pictures of nude kids.  This scandal supposedly is even known of in other countries.  And it is upsetting many false V2 church conservatives, because "Bp" Finn is very conservative by NO V2 Church standards.  How fitting for such a bizarre scandal to break around the time of another demonic Assisi III called to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of one of the darkest days in world history, Assisi I.  Why would anyone want to commemorate that horrid day of apostasy and rejection of Christ?


-Michael Rudnicki


Assisi III




… If I could add a point in reference to your commentary on benedict and the third false ecumenical meeting of evil, it is definitely to further deceive the masses but I believe by doing this evil act three times, the devil is directly trying to blaspheme each Divine Person, the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost, the Blessed Holy Trinity!  Even in these three evil acts, the devil can't help but reveal the Truth about the Blessed Holy Trinity, that there are Three Divine Persons, One God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost!


In Mary,






Very positive and well researched information about the shroud.  I believe it is the authentic burial cloth of Jesus.  Thank you…





Why does the current Pope Benedict (not his sordid past either) in favor of the New World Order and hob nobs with the Bilderberger group who wants to murder 80 percent of the population? I do not support this Pope and I am a Catholic. He is the devil in disguise!




MHFM: It’s because he’s not a pope, but an antipope.  Please consult the information on our website.




MHFM: Someone e-mailed us somewhat recently and asked about possibly baptizing a child that had been aborted or miscarried some time ago (or something to that effect), in the hope that the child’s soul was still in the body.  If that person could e-mail us again, it would be appreciated. 


New Video


MHFM: This is a new video.


Br. Andre & The St. Benedict Center [video]


This video discusses: our challenge to debate Br. Andre of the St. Benedict Center; why the St. Benedict Center is not traditional, but Novus Ordo; some of the other heresies of the St. Benedict Center; why the St. Benedict Center does not believe Outside the Church There is No Salvation is a dogma; Br. Andre's endorsement of Protestant prayer books and liturgies; the outrageous inconsistency of the St. Benedict Center; why people give financial support to such heretical groups; their obstinately false teaching on justification; and more.




To Brother Michael Dimond,


I have recently received a copy of your [material]… I had wanted to acquire some more of these, but instead I have ordered your other literature and videos. 


I am a traditional Catholic.  Your [material] states that the SSPX denies the dogma of Outside the Church there is no salvation.  Your monastery says the SSPX believes one may find salvation in any religion.  They most certainly do not believe that!  It is preposterous to say that someone who is not a Catholic can have salvation.  I do not believe this, nor do I believe this is the position of the SSPX, for I have read all of their books, but I will investigate further into what you have said and find out if it is true. 


I am enjoying your [material] and am very much looking forward to receiving my order.  Thank you and God bless you.


Alfreda Gurley


MHFM: Yes, they do believe that, as our material documents.  See this video: The SSPX rejects Catholic salvation dogma.


See these quotes:


Fr. Schmidberger, Time Bombs of the Second Vatican Council, Angelus Press [SSPX], p. 10: “Ladies and gentlemen, it is clear that the followers of other religions can be saved under certain conditions, that is to say, if they are in invincible error.”


Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Against the Heresies, Angelus Press [SSPX], p. 216: “Evidently, certain distinctions must be made.  Souls can be saved in a religion other than the Catholic religion (Protestantism, Islam, Buddhism, etc.), but not by this religion.”


Bishop Bernard Fellay, Conference in Denver, Co., Feb. 18, 2006: “… And the Church has always taught that you have people who will be in Heaven, who are in the state of grace, who have been saved without knowing the Catholic Church.  We know this.  And yet, how is it possible if you cannot be saved outside the Church?  It is absolutely true that they will be saved through the Catholic Church because they will be united to Christ, to the Mystical Body of Christ, which is the Catholic Church.  It will, however, remain invisible, because this visible link is impossible for them.  Consider a Hindu in Tibet who has no knowledge of the Catholic Church.  He lives according to his conscience and to the laws which God has put into his heart.  He can be in the state of grace, and if he dies in this state of grace, he will go to Heaven.” (The Angelus, “A Talk Heard Round the World,” April, 2006, p. 5.)


Please consult this file: The Society of St. Pius X [Link to Section].  Almost all of the sedevacantist priests hold the same heresy.




Dear Most Holy Family Monastery, 


I am curious about the Catholic religion. In my youth I was Catholic, and am currently a Baptist. My grandmother is still a Catholic and I just want to learn more. I am 19 and attending college at Arkansas Tech University in Russellville. My faith in the Christian faith is without doubt, I attend a Baptist church because of the people I associated there. I have read considerable amounts of the Holy Bible kjv, but it was primarily the old testament. I just want to learn more. I spent time learning about all the other religions of the world including atheism. 



Antonio Christian Hiladio Zuniga


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  The Catholic religion is the original and only authentic form of the Christian religion.  You need to see our book, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church.  We have audios and debates on this topic as well, in the section of our website dealing with the biblical proof for Catholicism.  It's critical that you investigate these matters, for having the true faith of Christ is necessary for salvation.


Also, most people who today call themselves Catholic are actually not Catholic.  That's what the material on our website explains. 




Subject: Gay marriage, liberty and conscience


Chris is of course correct in the assertion that homosexual marriage is the result of “religious freedom” and not merely a threat to it.  Chris explains the spiritual causes of homosexuality and cites Romans to close the case.  However the case that religious liberty must lead to such abominations as homosexual “marriage” can also be made from natural reason.  This device should be available to anyone, even those unfamiliar with, or not accepting the authority of scripture.


If the notion that all “religions” are somehow good and should be allowed to flourish freely (religious liberty) is accepted as a good and positive value, then other conclusions logically follow from this premise, at least implicitly.  (These conclusions are rarely if ever articulated, but they are nevertheless undeniably logical prerequisites):


1)      The right of each man to choose his own religion, or no religion, is superior to the right of God to be obeyed by each man.

2)      The Truth ultimately is not knowable, indeed the very notion that something may be said to be “true” with certitude is off-putting, indeed arrogant.

3)      Since truth is a matter of opinion, each man’s opinion must be respected, if not honored.  Indeed this is among the most sacred of all modern mantras and is embodied in the modern American slogan “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”  (I doubt most who say this have the fortitude to honor it, which kind of serves to exaggerate its already sophomoric banality).

4)      The only limit to such liberties in the modern American sense, is when one’s “free right to practice his beliefs infringes on someone else’s rights”.  Sound familiar?  This is basic American morality.  Except that other person whose rights are threatened can never be God.  (Remember, we can’t really know God, that’s the key underlying, albeit unspoken premise of the whole silly idea.)


Now with these four generally unspoken but very easily demonstrable rules in place, it is quite in accordance with the rules, and not opposed to the rules of religious liberty (as “modern conservatives” imagine without thinking it through), that “homosexual marriage” be accepted, and no one be allowed to actively attempt to thwart it, or even to criticize it.  You see the homosexuals clearly have their rights under rules 1) thru 3) above.  And if a “Christian” were to attempt to assert his own right to act out his own religious conviction (by say refusing to sign a marriage license ), then he comes squarely up against rule number 4), and this is their most sacred one.


So the “problem” now manifest to the phony Christians, who despite their claim to believe in Jesus Christ, think it somehow good and wholesome that other religions are formally protected, is that “religious liberty”, the very notion, puts man’s right to commit error above God’s right to demand Truth.   Hence the 19th Century Church labeled the very idea of religious liberty and “insanity”. 


The problem now confronting those offended by homosexual marriage is strictly speaking one of “conscience”, not religion.  They have complete religious freedom, just like the Satanists.  They just don’t have the right to “impose their morality” through any meaningful action that might offend the homosexual’s rights (rule number 4). 


It had to happen once we put liberty above truth.  The Catholic Church ALONE has always understood this.  (Well actually her enemies probably understand it too, that is why they invented the notion of religious liberty and used “human respect”, a form of concupiscence, to sell it).  The protestant founders of our nation valued a sort of phony peace among men above the Truth of Heaven.  They thought that religious liberty would give it to them, and thus enshrined this idiotic notion.


Bill Mulligan




Subject: New World Disorder


Dear Brothers:


The video clip in the Lucis/Lucifer Trust article showed people outside the Basilica at Assisi protesting what they see as the planning of a new world order and a new world religion by the "pope" and the world's "religious" leaders.  How sad that people in that once-Catholic nation (like people everywhere) cannot realize that what they are looking at is Satan's one world religion: the amalgamation and exultation of all false human beliefs. Satan doesn't care how one's religion is false, or if a man has no "religion" at all.  U-pik.  As long as people do not hold the true Catholic religion, they are his.


The "old" world order -- the only correct world order -- was God's order; it was called Christendom. Its destruction began and continued with the rise and spread of protestantism whose principle of private interpretation demands separation of "church" and state.  Of course, the only religion that the state can be attached to (or separated from) is Catholicism because, appearances to the contrary, the world like the individual is either with Christ, or against Christ.  There are only two cities.


The world and every society in it were made for Christ the King.  And while it is very useful for us to be aware of the political and other demonic tribulations going on around us in these last days, it is important for us to continually keep our eyes fixed on the faith and to remember that Satan's time is now very, very limited.  When his blind stooges least expect it, God will pull the rug out from under them.  That will be the Last Day, occurring after the world's final blasphemy which, as MHFM has indicated, might be related to the "canonization" of Antichrist John Paul II by the False Prophet.  If possession is Satan's aping of the Incarnation, then the false Vatican II antipopes, and especially the last two, will be his greatest achievement…    


Lee Ann




Subject: WW III


I was reading some news articles about various countries moving troops around, one is our troops moving from Iraq to other parts of the middle east for the purpose of Iran.  I read another article about China moving troops into the disputed Pakistani and Indian Kashmir region, which has been said that China has built a superhighway through that area, which leads towards the middle east, its name is Karakoram Highway.   I believe if there is an attack on Iran it will lead to a nuclear world war lll.  

Zacharias (Zachariah) 14:12   And this shall be the plague where with the Lord shall strike all nations that have fought against Jerusalem: the flesh of every one shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.        {fought against the Catholic Church}


In Mary,





Subject: Br. Andre


Brother Peter,

The recent video conversation about the coward Br. Andre is excellent. To the question as to who has more faith (anti-Catholic Protestant or the N.O. Benedict Center), I'd say all the false religions have a religion and believe in something, even though it is false, and are out in the open as to who their false gods are (Satan) and are not ashamed to dress up and announce it to the world. B16 (VII) is the white elephant in the room without a religion or faith as they try to mirror the other false religions, while they cowardly hide in the closet with their false beliefs so not to be exposed as the devil they truly represent. Moreover, since the beginning of the VII faith in the 1960's, the anti-popes have been trying to distance themselves more and more from anything to do with the Catholic Faith and moving-in and bedding down with the devil as seen at the family reunions at Assisi. As I stare at the photo of B16 and all the other leaders of phony religions during the video, I wait for a couple of big hooks to come from the left and right to pull all these pathetic actors off the worlds stage.

Unless it's a Halloween ploy (which I doubt), B16 is beginning more and more to resemble his predecessor JPII as he sits hunched over in his chair like the evil hunchback of N.D..

God Bless,

Tom Miles




Subject: Brown Scapular


Dear MHFM,


Hi, I recently bought a brown scapular from the religious section of a department store, is it okay to acquire a brown scapular from there? I don't want to get a brown scapular from the local novus ordo church here, so I decided to buy it from there. Thanks.





MHFM: Yes, if it seems to be a traditional scapular.


Ambiguity & Heresy


MHFM: This is another quote on how heresy is frequently shrouded in, or accompanied by, ambiguity.  This further refutes certain false traditionalists (such as Chris Ferrara) who ridiculously assert that any ambiguity or self-contradiction on the part of a false teacher necessarily removes his heretical teaching from the category of heresy.  The quote concerns a French bishop in the 17th century named Bossuet.  This is not necessarily to endorse everything this bishop did or taught, but simply to give another example of how heresy frequently works.


“In his perplexity Noailles appealed to the theological adviser who had so recently come to his rescue, the Bishop of Meaux.  Whether influenced by friendship for Noailles or antipathy for Molina, Bossuet now allowed himself to be deceived by the ambiguity of Quesnel’s book.  Provided a number of modifications were made, he thought the book might be defended as orthodox, and with this view he drew up an apology of those points of the Moral Reflexions which were most sharply attacked.  Bossuet did not defend Jansenism, he merely endeavored to show that the book was wrongly accused of Jansenism.  However, he withdrew his dissertation in time and later on described Quesnel’s book as hopelessly Jansenistic.” (Dr. Ludwig Pastor, History of the Popes, Vol. 33, p. 202.)




If prochecy has fulfilled itself in the Vatican's becoming evil, then where would the true center of the Church stand?

Jared M Shenefield 


MHFM: The center of authority rests with the magisterial teaching of all true popes in history.  The Church is visible in all true Catholics.  An antipope reigning in Rome is not incompatible with any promise Christ made to the Church.




Subject: No Salvation Outside Catholic Church


Hi Brother Michael & Brother Peter


…No Salvation Outside Of The Church…


Our Holy Fathers Pope Eugene IV & Pope Sylvester II could not be more explicit about this.


This Baptism of Desire is purely heretical. On that basis it can give a Catholic person the licence to sin, by leaving the Catholic Church to convert to a false religion, with Baptism of desire as the backup option upon death in a false religion. For the record leaving the Church is a sin, and Baptism of Desire is heretical.


Well done Brother Michael & Brother Peter for exposing this absolute heresy of Baptism of desire.


In Domine

Gerald Purves




Dear Brothers Michael and Peter,
… It dawned on me that Sister Lucy's death and being replaced by the Imposter is the human demonstration of what is going on in the Larger picture of the True Holy Bride being replaced by the Imposter Vat2…
God Bless and Keep you,
Carol D.




Subject: What's a pro-lifer to do?




As you know, willful murder is a sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance. Which certainly describes abortion to a "t."


That being the case, what do you think that traditional Catholics should do about it? While it is true that the Church teaches we ought not associate with heretics, you can hardly avoid it these days. Particularly when you go to abortion mills to save children.





MHFM: You should not pray with those heretics, even if you are protesting abortion.




Dear Brothers,

What are the necessary steps a Catholic must take to prepare himself in order to worthily receive the sacrament of penance?  There is a valid priest in my area (only for confession) and someone I know is interested in receiving the sacrament. Although he is a baptized Catholic, he has never received this particular sacrament and he is completely unaware of how to properly prepare to make a good confession. Specifically, how do I stress the necessity of resigning one's self to completely avoid the near occasion of sin? Is someone who continuously falls into the same sin, but desires amendment and wishes to receive the sacrament, ready to receive it? I would be very grateful for your input.

Sincerely in Christ,



MHFM: Your question is, “Is someone who continuously falls into the same sin, but desires amendment and wishes to receive the sacrament, ready to receive it?”  The short answer is no.  To be forgiven one must possess the firm purpose to stop committing the sin.  To assess whether a person is resolved to avoid the sin, one would have to know what the sin is and where it is being committed.  For instance, if a person travels to a party each weekend and commits mortal sin, that person needs to stop going to such a place.  A person should have demonstrated the ability to avoid the occasion of the sin and the sin for a certain period of time before making a confession.  Thus, a person who continually falls into the same mortal sin is not ready for confession.  He needs to stop committing the sin before going to confession. 


Regardless of the circumstances, the person guilty of the sin knows whether he is sincerely resolved to change.  Therefore, it’s up to that person to be honest with himself (or herself) before approaching confession.  He needs to toughen up, exercise his will (by the grace of God) and stop committing the sin!  He would do well to heed these words.


St. Alphonsus (1760): “If you neglect God’s call on this occasion, he may perhaps abandon you forever.  Resolve, then, resolve! ‘The devil,’ says St. Theresa, ‘is afraid of resolute souls.’  St. Bernard teaches that many souls are lost through want of fortitude.”




Dear Brothers,

Your "Doctrine Quote" today, [Pope St. Pius X, Our Apostolic Mandate (# 36), on the “
Sillon,” Aug. 25, 1910: “… there is no true civilization without a moral civilization, and no true moral civilization without the true religion; it is a proven truth, a historical fact.”] is quite fitting for the recent actions of the anti-pope and his sect.  The false traditionalist anti-pope is calling for a global authority on the economy at the top of his lungs for the world to hear, as he "pretends" to portray a false sense of unity between church and state. Although at the same time, being quiet as a big mouse (rat) and allowing for the removal of anything to do with God and Jesus images and prayers from all public buildings around the world.

After just a few minutes of watching videos on the anti-pope in Assisi, the message of "false peace" seamed to regurgitate from all the mouths of these "false prophets".

2 Corinthians 11:13- For such false apostles are deceitful workmen, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.

God Bless,
Tom Miles




…the "Death & Journey To Hell" video… I specifically watch this video every day. It keeps me grounded. I was baptized as a Catholic. I then was baptized as a Mormon. Now, because of your work, I have become a believer in the true Catholic church, and I no longer believe in the Mormon church. Thank you for helping me find the true way to salvation.


God bless you and all of your work.




Gay “Marriage”


Subject: "gay marriage" and religious liberty


Dear Brothers,

Here is an article that says "gay marriage" is a threat to religious liberty: http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/observers-see-clash-between-gay-marriage-and-religious-freedom-growing/

It's interesting that due to Benedict XVI and the Vatican II sect's preaching of the heresy of "religious liberty" that false conservatives think that "gay marriage" is a threat to such "freedom," rather than a result of it. Apostasy and idolatry causes homosexuality, not nature, and so allowing the public expression of false religions obviously opens the door to perversion of morality and the destruction of the family. All non-Catholic religions are demonic, and so they will tend toward moral perversity. What an abomination!!!

Romans 1:25-28 - "Who changed the truth of God into a lie and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.  For this cause, God delivered them up to shameful affections. For their women have changed the natural use into that use which is against nature. And, in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts, one towards another: men with men, working that which is filthy and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error. And as they liked not to have God in their knowledge, God delivered them up to a reprobate sense, to do those things which are not convenient."

God Bless,





Subject: recent emails and videos


Gary is so similar to the SSPX "third order" members who love to exalt themselves as sooooo charitable, obedient (to their heretical bishops) and humble. And yet they refuse to humble themselves before the infallible teaching of Holy Mother Chruch as She has once declared in Her dogmas, falsely obey their errant pastors, and so throw any hope of charity out the window. I pity people like Gary who agree to debate MHFM… Gary, why don't you just get truly humble, admit you are wrong, and thank MHFM for their help?
Thanks for the great video about the St. Benedict Center… Another point about the video. I assume the picture was from Assisi III. I was struck by the way the reps of the pagan camp were more "toned down" in their clothing, the first guy even wearing a suit and tie. No outlandish togas and Indian chiefs in head dress toking big peace pipes here, at least in this photo op. An attempt by the Vatican to make paganism look more mainstream, normal, acceptable?...

Thank you for your apostolate of Catholic truth.
Joseph Ramirez




I really wish that Br. Andre would debate Br. Peter and Br. Michael, that would be incredibly entertaining and hopefully eye opening for the many, but unfortunately those that are in the dark want to remain in the dark.  In the video, "Birth Control is Condemned in the Bible" Br. Peter explains why sometimes there is great reason why the sacred writer of a book of the bible will use explicit textual description to prove the point of truth being given in the text.  With that being said, in regard to Br. Andre and the St. Benedict center and their belief in baptism of desire and St. Matthew's explicit description of Jesus being baptized by St. John the Baptist:


St. Matthew 3:13-17   Then cometh Jesus from Galilee to the Jordan, unto John, to be baptized by him.  But John stayed him, saying: I ought to be baptized by thee, and comest thou to me?  And Jesus answering, said to him: Suffer it to be so now. For so it becometh us to fulfill all justice. Then he suffered him. And Jesus being baptized, forthwith came out of the water: and lo, the heavens were opened to him: and he saw the Spirit of God descending as a dove, and coming upon him.  And behold a voice from heaven, saying: This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. 


As we can see by what St. John the Baptist says to Jesus and as we already know, Jesus being God, He didn't need baptism but wanted to show that it was mandatory for all men who would follow after Him, as in, let it becometh us to show all things that are necessary {fulfill all justice}, that of being baptized.  In this description one would clearly recognize that by this action {baptism, the work being performed}, God gives to us the Tree of Life again that was taken away, due to disobedience in Genesis ch. 3, grace descending upon him, putting a man in the state of sanctifying grace, becoming a child of God and if he dies in that state, Heaven is open to him and without a doubt, would be necessary {mandatory} for every man, if he wants to be saved.  You can clearly see Jesus had the desire to be baptized by St. John and then took the action of walking to Galilee to the Jordan and going into the water, was baptized by St. John. 


Baptism of desire in a way, is nothing but an outrageous false declaration of man as god, that is to say, just by a word, thought or desire, man can accomplish something, only God by His Thought or Word can do, create, bring into being or destroy!  It is necessary for man to desire and then physically take the action of doing to accomplish something and even then it's only by the Grace of God…


Listening to the video about Br. Andre and the St. Benedict center, trying to appear traditional and at the same time having communion with and recognizing benedict and the vatican ll sect as true and valid, this is basically what St. Paul was saying to the Corinthians:


1 Corinthians 10:21   You cannot drink the chalice of the Lord, and the chalice of devils: you cannot be partakers of the table of the Lord, and of the table of devils…


In Mary,





Marvelous material you provide!  Very well-researched and interestingly presented, with wonderful video/pictorial accompaniment.  You are remarkably logical and poised in your debates, stay focused on topics, and amazingly quick-witted with your substantive rebuttals.  Most impressive!  May the Lord you serve prosper your work and give each of you great peace and joy in His service.


Alan Harvey




Subject: an odd question


Dear Brothers,


I want to share with you this ironic question which I composed some time ago, though it's probably of little worth.


Question: In the USA, what percentage of fatal injuries that occurred in the past year, would not have occurred if only pregnant women had refrained from violence?


Answer: 99.5 percent. This is because of abortion, which kills so many that it has brought the average life span in America down to only 14 years. Consider the estimated number of abortions using surgery or poison.


I've lost the references for this, but I recall they were from Pharmacists for Life, and some sources about injuries and vital statistics.






Subject: Conversion


Dear MHFM-


On the eve of October 28, 312, while preparing for battle, the pagan emperor Constantine had a vision of the Cross of Christ and heard, in Latin, this interpretation: “In hoc signo vinces” (In this sign, conquer.). Constantine and his soldiers then marked crosses on their shields and were victorious.


In the years following Constantine's conversion, Christianity went from persecuted to victorious. Conversion after conversion led to Christendom, and with it, a proper form of society in which a true pope rules from Rome and the heads of all Catholic nations are subject to him. Pagan worship was uprooted and infidels were driven back into their heathen lands. Agriculture and trades flourished, usury was abolished, and the faithful kingdoms were largely at peace. The first universities were established and great cathedrals came to grace the landscape.


Of course this great Age of Faith was only a foretaste of a proper human society and was not to last forever. With the rise of heresy came the pagan Renaissance and then the breakup of Christendom at the hands of the protestant heretics. Usury and war were quick to return and the Church was abandoned by many. After the darkness of the “Enlightenment” had descended—often literally on the blade of the guillotine—the protection of Constantine was completely gone and the True Faith was again persecuted. How much worse could things eventually get?


Yesterday, 1,699 years to the day that Constantine saw the Cross which brings victory, some 300 “religious leaders” –of types once expelled from Christendom– assembled at Assisi. At the end of their journey across this once Christian land –now rife with apostasy, abortion, homosexuality, terrorism, fraudulent debt, false religions, and even outright satanism– waited the head of the novus ordo religion to greet them with open arms. His message? To acknowledge “with great shame” the Crusades and the use of “force” to spread Christianity in the New World. Of course the concentration camps of WWII also got special mention.  Novus ordo “conservatives” are pleased that the meeting did not include common prayer. But why should it? The Mohammadans attending didn't need it; Europe is already falling to them. Many of the others are just in line to get their share among the ruins. And the one who claims to be pope “blessed” all of their “prayers” while publicly stating that each should pray in his own way so as to stay within his own religion. Why should he want to convert anyone? Only someone who follows the Cross would want to do such a thing.






Subject: Necessity of Christ and the true faith


Dear Brothers:


In your excellent video on why Christ is the Light of the world, you explained the Church's teaching that the observance of the Old Testament ceremonies would be mortally sinful today, because these rituals all pointed to the coming Messiah.  To observe them would be to declare through one's actions that the Messiah has not yet come.


It seems to me that the heresy of Baptism of Desire is of the very same nature as the sin of observing Old Testament ceremonies… The Old Testament faithful knew the coming Messiah would institute baptism, which is why they wondered why John the Baptist was baptizing if he was not the Savior.  The true faithful were praying for the Messiah and the gifts, like baptism, which He would give to the world.


In addition, it seems that the very name of the New Testament Church states its necessity for salvation: it is Catholic, meaning universal. Universal compared to what?  Compared to the Old Testament religion, because the true religion can't be compared to anything else.  Strictly speaking, the OT religion was not universal (that is, not every man had to be a member in order to be saved); its purpose was to prepare and to preserve a nation or family from whom the Messiah would emerge, which is why the Gospel of St. Mark opens with a kind of Birth Certificate of Our Lord.  The issue of race, like the Old Testament ceremonies, are now obsolete having all been fulfilled by Jesus Christ (despite the absurd claims made by the Jews today of being a race).


I did not have the Catholic faith at the time of the initial Assisi horror, so I did not pay attention to it and know it primarily as an historical event.  But thanks to MHFM, I do have the faith now and can recognize this blasphemy as being of biblical proportions; I eagerly await your commentary on yesterday's abomination which was chilling to see.   Half expected the earth to open up and swallow everyone. I guess in a spirtual way it already has.


God bless MHFM.


Lee Ann




Subject: Apostate Traveler - B16


Dear MHFM,


I saw the morning session of Assisi 2011. When "cardinal" Peter Turkson gave his opening greeting, he said "It makes us fellow travelers, fellow pilgrims of truth." A pilgrim is a traveler and truth is knowledge. Secret society members use the phrase 'fellow traveler' to identify themselves. For as they say, they are in search for knowledge, the light (which is represented by the sun) Lucifer himself. I have some masonic relatives, and one of them (who is a master mason) told me that he has prayed at a Buddhist temple, a Mosque and a Hindu temple and that it is all the same god - it was part of his freemasonry. He even said that Buddhists are closer to "God" than Catholics, because of their exercises in worship and deep meditation. He says freemasonry teaches that no "religion" has the full truth, but all of them share some elements of truth.  "No religion has the full truth" is a big term with him, like some mantra. He always brings it up when I say there is only One True Religion, the Catholic Faith. He has a virulent agitation against the Catholic Church, that he even attacks it by saying the Crusades etc killed a lot of people, and that's all he knows about it. He always has something negative to say about the Church and has even imbibed the popular fiction and bigotries of the day, that are launched against the Priesthood. I keep differentiating to him between a Novus Ordo "priest" the non-Catholic individual (fake priest), and an actual Priest; but he doesn't get it and just seems to burn and lash out at every turn against the Church. This is natural brute beast blindness - speaking evil of the things they understand of not. 


At Assisi, when all the false "religious" leaders prayed, of course they all prayed to the same god - the Devil. The Voodoo leader when talking about the legitimacy of the recognition of his "religion" as with the major "religions", began spewing forth abominations from his mouth in his native tongue while waving a strange instrument in his hand. He then commenced speaking in English again, then he began his strange chanting and waving of the strange instrument. There was also a Hindu leader who spurted out his abominations in his native tongue to his false gods, in chant form. There was also an atheist woman who represented the humanists and unbelievers (she spoke in what seemed to be French). She deified knowledge and science throughout her discourse (which of course is Satanism - the deification of human knowledge). So Satanism/Devil worship in all its flavors and forms was represented at Assisi. Masons seek oneness with the "great architect" / "the supreme being"/ "the light" / the "force"/  Lucifer;  which can be used either for good or evil, as they say. Benedict XVI spoke last during the morning session and said "The absence of God leads to decline of man and of humanity." Interestingly, Satanists believe that by worshiping the self (man), they therefore worship Satan; by doing one's will one is paying homage to Satan. Benedict XVI definitely had a massive trip of Apostasy, beyond magnitude. My masonic relative says that when one is in search for knowledge, one 'travels from west to east and from east to west, for the east is the position of the rising sun, where the knowledge comes'. 


The mystery religions did originate in the east. I was taken to a huge bar 5 years ago that served soft drinks and beer. Little did I know that it was actually a huge masonic lodge. My other masonic uncle gave me a tour with his masonic "brother mason" around the place. It had secret doorways that just led to huge halls. He said that since I'm not a mason, he can't take me down certain areas and halls; but nevertheless we did go down one hall and it was filled with pictures of men dressed in masonic garb (from the 1800s to current). We then entered a room and it was filled with judge podiums and judge hammers all around, with a prominent one in the center-back of the room. He stood in the middle of the room and began speaking about the supreme being and how he is a center of light. He said that we were standing in the center of the universe. While uttering strange gnosis material, he then grabbed my finger and rubbed it on a rough stone, saying that it symbolizes the sins I've done during life.  He then made me rub my finger on a smooth stone and said, now I'm clean and my sins are forgiven. I then had "choking" attacks twelve nights in a row. At night while I still looked, but not quite sleeping yet, I was paralyzed and couldn't breathe or utter a sound; I was held still and it was weird. I couldn't break free from it - it's as if all your energy is gone. I nevertheless persevered in interiorly saying "Mother Mary" or "Jesus" and it stopped for that night, if I really meant it when I said their names. It's like some strange thing envelopes you and drains all your power out. These episodes lasted for a while sometimes. To make matters worse, it was Novus Ordo "holy water" that was sprinkled on my bed each night, to help me. It never worked. I always thought to myself that St. Samson would break free - he was strong.  Thanks for all your work, it's really astounding to see that you don't even give breathing room especially to the antipopes; that's how extensive your amazing efforts are. 






hey man are you protestant Methodist or what and i was thinking of joining Catholicism but i saw the pope sit on the inverted cross oh and do i have to be baptised to go to heaven?

thanks for your time.

From Liam :D


MHFM: You obviously need to look at our videos and material more carefully.  We are Catholic.  Catholicism is the only true form of Christianity.  You should see our book, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church.  John Paul II, who sat under the inverted cross, was not a true pope but an antipope.  The steps for how to convert to the true Catholic faith are on our website.  It’s critical that you act on this issue.  One does need to be baptized and have the true Catholic faith to go to Heaven.  We hope you look at the material. 




Subject: A short example


Hi brothers,


I would like to make a concise example in order to describe the devastating apostasy in Europe:


Take the town of Trent (where the Council took place 500 years ago). I live 30 miles north from Trent. Well consider how Trent (and the surrounding Region called "Trentino") has been the symbol of Catholicism and of the Inquisitorial fight against the lutheran heresy. An area of strong Catholicism. The bishop of Trent had also secular authority, because he was a vassal of the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. So the Trentino was one of the strongest Catholic regions in Europe, and the symbol of the defense against lutheranism.


And today ? The only valid option for a Latin mass is the one celebrated by an undeclared SSPX heretical priest in a desolated room in a modern building once a month.


Think about the difference: devastating.






Subject: On Merit


Dear Brother Peter,


Gary, the man who denies that grace can be merited, clearly does not understand the vital distinction between absolute merit and relative merit. He would do well to study St Thomas Aquinas on this point: Summa Theologica, First Part of the Second Part, Question 114.


Absolutely speaking, of course, we can merit nothing at all from God and we all deserve damnation. But relatively speaking, i.e. relative to God’s own merciful ordinance, we have the ineffable privilege of being able to “earn” grace and to win the prize of eternal life from Him (1 Co 9.24).


It seems Satan loves to corrupt this essential component of the Good News. And one sees why. For to deny it leads logically to either presumption or despair, either of which leads a man straight to his door.


Thanks indeed for defending the Church’s teaching so robustly.


Timothy Johnson




MHFM: Benedict XVI’s event in Assisi constituted an extremely significant day of apostasy.  We will have some more extensive comments soon.




Subject: Rare Northern Lights Paint Skies Deep-Red Across North America | Fox News


As hitler viewed the auroras at his retreat house before the start of WW ll and with this evil Assisi prayer day… on Thursday, this present display of the auroras borealis {red} seen all the way down to Alabama, is to me a very ominous sign or the calm before the storm?  




In Mary,



New Video


MHFM: This is a new video.


Can a man be worthy of salvation? [video]


A man wrote in and condemned as absurd something we said in one of our videos.  So, we had a conversation with him.  In the conversation, his accusation is discussed and analyzed.  The conversation shows how well his claim holds up.


Sr. Lucy


Subject: Death of Sr. Lucy of Fatima


Good Day Brothers,

I recently reread your article on Fatima and Sr. Lucy. The woman who sent in the information regarding Sr. Lucy being killed by freemasons. If you notice the date, she said it was late October 1958. Now what event happened in the Catholic Church of note that occurred in late October 1958? Antipope John XXIII was "elected" "Pope" on October 28, 1958 if I remember correctly. I do not think it is a coincidence. Possibly the Antipope and/or his Freemason handlers had Sr. Lucy killed as the first act of the reign of John XXIII as Antipope. That is a distinct possibility.








Dear Brother Diamond--Against your advice, my friend and I went to the Visitation Nuns monastery in Tyringham, Ma. for an overnight retreat. Unfortunately, they nuns receive Holy Communion in the hand and act as altar servers, Eucharistic ministers and Lectors. It was a hybrid Novus Ordo Mass as we see on EWTN (half English, half Latin) and offered by an extremely elderly priest from the Marian Order of the Divine Mercy Shrine in Stockbridge, Ma. which is  a short distance from the nuns monastey. To their credit, the nuns wear the traditonal Visitatiion habit--not updated.

  So sorry to hear that Rosalind Moss is an apostate and actually spent an entire year in this monastery to learn the charism of St. Francis de Sales before starting her own order of nuns which is called, Daughters of Mary, Hope of Israel. This is quite disturbing to me as the Bishop of St. Louis  Missouri has granted Ross permission to start her order in his diocese. What is your opinion on this? Thank you for your answer.  




MHFM: That’s why we told you not to go there.  You need to become convinced of the faith and that the Vatican II sect does not represent it.  It’s interesting that you mention how the nuns wear the habit.  So what?  That’s another example of the deception of externals without substance.  We hope you continue to look at the information and change your views.




Dear Brothers Michael and Peter Dimond,


I am greatly interested and fond of your website at vaticancatholic.com and read and like much of the material you have on there. I am a traditional Catholic who holds that outside the Church there is no salvation. And I believe that it's absolute, no baptism of desire/baptism of blood stuff. But I am kind of fence-sitting on whether the popes since Vatican II are legitimate or not. In other words I have no opinion one way or the other on it…


God's blessings,

Wesley Brittain


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  We believe that as you see more of the information, you will be convinced that they are not true popes.  In fact, one cannot believe in Outside the Church There is No Salvation if one obstinately considers Benedict XVI to be a pope.  To consider Benedict XVI to be a pope is to hold that a man without the Catholic faith can be a member of the Church.  That contradicts the dogma.  Benedict XVI denies dozens of dogmas, and is an outrageous heretic.  Please watch our Fatima DVD and consult our file on his heresies.  You could watch our recent YouTube video on the heresies in his latest book, Jesus of Nazareth – Holy Week.  They are massive.  You could also consult our recent article and video on his massive heresies in Germany, as well as our debates.  One must reject him to have the true faith. 




Subject: Worthy of salvation… Calvinist


Dear MHFM, 


… brother Peter points out, in patience, the error of these monster heretics.  Moreso, the false traditionals who know in their hearts and minds that Vatican II the fault of the Church since the hideous inception of full blown Modernism inside Vatican City after '65-'69.  These false traditionals state the heresies, the lies, the deceptions of the antipopes, but they nod their pliant heads in submission, 'cause-he's the pope.  He's in Rome, sitting on the Chair of Peter.  "He's the pope," in their somber mantra.  "He's the pope."  Pathetic!  And the sheeple follow straight to hell these vile imposters spewing their Modernism morphed into NWO satanic reign!  God bless MHFM.






Subject: Insane Animosity


This weekend I was surprised at the amount of bad will shown by my family. I was home for the weekend with my faithless mother(V2) and brother(atheist), I started talking about this video I saw about this guy who thinks the economy will collapse by means of hyperinflation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nI-BIVWlc7A. Im not an economist but I just thought it would make interesting conversation. My brother started freaking out saying the guy is a liar he is a scam artist. Then I am like but you did not even watch the video, how could you possible refute him. Then my brother types into his internet phone 'Porter Stansberry fraud' (the guy who made the video). Then he is like look it says he is a fraud. I said well thats not fair, you type anybody into google and get a blog on why someone does not like them. Then my mom (who I told about the video, but didn't watch it, but seemed interested in his arguments), okay then my mom freaks out at me also 'William why are you defending this man, just accept that he might be a fraud'. Im like look if you don't want to watch the video it is fine, but I think it's unfair to judge someone's arguments without listening to it. Then they both freaked out at me more my brother is swearing, kinda having a break down, my mom is telling me William calm down, even though I am barely talking, meanwhile my brother is really swearing badly. Then he is like fine ill watch the video (it is about an hour long), he watches about 7 minutes of it and lectures me on why the guy is a fraud for 45 minutes.


Next my mom realized that I was only going to my Church for only the sacraments, I was not participating in a community. She gets mad at me and starts mocking real Catholicism because we have few members. I say the Church is not a building but a faith, she says no the Church is the buildings and the communities. I take her mocking for only so long I yell at her I say she ignores the words of Jesus Christ, instead she just goes with the herd. Then she says that I am becoming mentally ill, she said I need to pray to God to let go of my obsession with religion, she said I would get eternal life but at what cost, truly the words of the devil.  




MHFM: Anyone who promotes the truth on a large scale will be attacked by liars and bad-willed men.  This is especially true of those who promote the truth on the most important matters – those which concern the true faith and salvation. 




Dear Brothers,

I am shocked by the hard-heartedness of Gary's position. He lacks charity, much like a schismatic. Also, if no one can be worthy of baptism or salvation, then what's the point of even trying to convert anyone to the Catholic faith, since according to Gary, God does everything, and man is merely moved around like a chess piece without free will. His position also appears to be an inverted form of the Antichrist Gospel, where instead of putting man in the place of God, he puts God in the place of man, so that God does everything, man does nothing, and no one deserves anything good. Let's hope he converts, because it appears as if he desires the good and conversion of no one else. There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church.

God Bless,





Subject: Question


Just a question from someone who has watched your video and took them completely to my mind and heart… I was born catholic baptized and held my communion but never finished catholic schooling for my conformation after now what i realize , I let myself believe in man and not god. I spent 4 years in the military and served on countless detachments read through the bible for guidance in my actions and hoping I would not be damned for them. I fear that i have sinned in every way possible...I fear not for my life but for my soul in eternity and which path i have decided for myself which God will choose upon. I am lost and have though about suicide a lot recently until I watched you video's and found a catholic church who preached the true meaning of Vatican Catholic and I thank you for speaking out against the actions that have taking place. I was Baptized in 1986 so that should help but i'm scared that i was maybe brought in to Vatican II Church. I have not been to that church in over 10 year...But well my question is really i live in Ca … and i wish to go to church, aswell as my fiance and child… anyway we are looking for a church out here that maybe you could approve of ?..it's scary alone thinking of what man to trust especially where i am as a Catholic the only church i've seen is an orthodox one..my grandmother told me long ago that if I were to even walk into one of those I would need to ask forgiveness, so i'm lost on where to go. any help would be appreciated but until then I will continue to watch your videos and get as many people as i can to understand how real this is and how scared we should be of what we leave our self with at the end of life and start of eternity.




MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  God is definitely giving you the grace to move in the right direction.  You should pray the Rosary each day.  That will give you enthusiasm and the hope to continue your pursuit of salvation.  One must not go to the New Mass.  It’s invalid.  We can help you with where to receive traditional sacraments, but first you should look at the material and come to the point where you are committed never to attend the New Mass again, that you believe in Outside the Church There is No Salvation without exception (no “baptism of desire”), that you reject NFP, that you won’t support any heretical priests, etc.  That’s explained in this file: Where to go to Mass or confession today?.  People should also make the traditional profession of faith from the Council of Trent, which can be accessed from the aforementioned file.  Once a person is convinced on all relevant matters, we can help that person with possible locations for receiving sacraments. 




Subject: Abraham video, faith, providence, etc.


I enjoyed your video, sounds like you guys are headed the right way down the narrow path.

Catholic, truly means universal and that universal church are those who are spiritually born again. Just like Jesus said in John 3:3.

There are some issues I have with the roman catholic church like praying to Mary, Saying Allah and God are the same God, holding the traditions of men at the level of scripture, saying that any other church than theirs is apostate, saying the pope is the head of the church on earth. Not sure why some sent me your video on Abraham, but I enjoyed it. I don't think you were saying baptism is necessary for salvation...but I might be wrong.

God bless




MHFM: Your concerns are addressed in our book, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church.  It shows that there is overwhelming biblical support for the ideas you mention, except the heresy that the false god of the Muslims is the same as the true God of Christianity.  That’s not the teaching of the Catholic Church, but rather the teaching of the Vatican II sect.  As our material shows, the Vatican II sect is not the Catholic Church.





Do you think Stalin was the second anti-christ?





MHFM: No.  Our thoughts on the Antichrist are covered in these videos.








Subject: Can a man be worthy of salvation?


Dear Brothers,


Another great debate showing the pawns of satan for who they really are, deaf and dumb. Gary seems to be hypocritical throughout this entire debate, pretty much jumping from one pit of error to another getting burned by his on fallacies on the way. It might be just my view but doesn't seems to be a lot like the jansenist Heresy, or at least steming from it.  and I'll quote from the True Devotion to Mary book by the beloved servant of Mary, St. Louis De Monfort. "pg.xii ( One of St. Louis De Montfort's greatest problems was the opposition he encountered from propagators of the Jansenist heresy, which was very active in France. The Jansenists spread an atmosphere of harshness and moral rigorism, claiming that human nature was radically corrupted by Original sin .... The Jansenists denied that God's mercy is available to all, and they allowed only infrequent reception of the Sacraments of Penance and the Holy Eucharist.... Although Jansenism had been CONDEMNED by the Church twice even before St. Louis De Montfort's birth.)pg.xii". Well Gary is obviously blinded by his sins, and corrupted by Heretical notions, so is in Fact a HERETIC. So Gary=Heretic case closed, May God bless you on your Crusade of Truth, Sorrowful Immaculate Heart of Mary pray for us…


A Slave of Jesus and Mary,

Roy J. Sandbank




Good Morning Brothers,


My husband and I just ordered a whole bunch of DVDs to pass out. Your work is AMAZING!! I am very grateful to God for leading me to your website. 


I know we are not supposed to believe everything anti Catholic Alex Jones says but here is a very interesting article he posted on the website INFOWARS.


It is entitled "Vatican calls for Central World Bank"... I followed the link ... http://www.cnbc.com/id/45013499


I guess your DVD... "Is the World about to End?"  is pretty much dead on!


May Our Lord Watch over You and Protect your Mission!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me understand what is happening!






Subject: Is the World about .... Part XI


Dear Brother:


You made a most interesting point about the name "Barabbas" meaning "Son of the Father." While Our Lord is the true son of the true Father and God, He also told the Jews their "Father" was the Devil. It's quite fitting, is it not, that Barabbas would be called the Son of the Father, the Devil.






Subject: Can a man be worthy of salvation?


I was astounded at the arrogance and false humility of your caller.  He claims that no one, without exception, can be deserving of God's graces/eternal life… He has the nerve to call himself Catholic; of course, people can deserve or not deserve God's grace depending on the interest shown by the individual and his search for knowledge of God and how well he obeys the commandments.  God is eager to shower his graces on those who want them; people have to ask for them and want to do His will.  In all the debates/conversations I have listened to, your callers always switch topics when they cannot refute your information.  Why can't any of these people be honest enough to say "All right, I admit I was mistaken.  You have proved your point"…


God bless you all, 

Brenda Roy




Subject: Anti-Church pushes One World Government


Dear Brothers,


Thanks to your correspondents for pointing out the anti-church’s spine-chilling call for a one-world bank.


The so-called “Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace” recently published this proposal in support of the globalist Rothschild agenda for one-world government (www.youtube.com/watch?v=-taocO6R1RU&feature=relmfu). Their job is clearly to promote the long-planned imposition of the worldwide Bank of Satan using the kind of pseudo-moral phrases like “new global humanism”, “global public authority” and “ethic of brotherhood and solidarity” which fool all those who have effectively separated themselves from God. Here we see the Hegelian dialectic formula operating once again: first we have the Rothschild-engineered financial crisis (thesis), then the Rothshchild-sponsored Occupy Wall Street protests (antithesis), and now the Rothschild-controlled anti-church’s call for a World Bank (synthesis)…


Timothy Johnson


MHFM: That news item is another example of how Antipope Benedict XVI and the Vatican are under the control of Satan.  What’s pathetic is that some false traditionalists and false conservatives in the Novus Ordo will not be fazed by the overwhelming and irrefutable evidence of Benedict XVI’s heresy and apostasy.  However, if he makes a statement endorsing the New World Order or one of its chief components, they sometimes get concerned that he really is a wicked antipope – perhaps even a conscious conspirator.  If they had faith in Jesus Christ and His revelation, the evidence of heresy and apostasy that has been produced would have persuaded them of that some time ago.




Subject: Martin Luther


Dear Brothers   


We all know that  martin luther was condemned in 1520 and excommunicated in 1521 by pope leo X by his bulls. luther who was very defiant burned his bull in public. luther caused this revolt against the divine order, and look what we have today in the world as a result of this. the vatican 2 sect wants to rehabilitate luther and lift the excommuincation against him. That’s why I believe that God wont allow protestantism to go on beyond 500 years…


… anybody notice the protestant influence in the novus ordo.? and that man that brother peter was debating in is a man worthy of salvation audio, needs to get some humility. some people get upset over trivial things. I believe God rewards good will and he sees man’s interior intentions…


God bless you  from mark v


from mark v






… A show called TheSundayMass airs on ABC on Sunday mornings. I went to their website… and found their toll free phone number… I asked the person who answered if one needs to be a Catholic to receive salvation. He said, "Of course not, where did you hear that?" He went on to say, "All I need to do is have a personal relationship with God"


God bless you,

Mr. Clemens




Subject: Just found your website




I just found your website Most Holy Family Monastery and watched the 3rd Secret of Fatima... video.   I am a new convert (3 yrs) to Catholicism and love the Catholic faith.  It was so upsetting to see the "ecumenism" exposed.  I had no idea all these abominations had taken place… The idea of the leader of the faith performing all these abominations is so upsetting!  So many faithful have died for refusing to do just these types of things over the centuries.  Many would still be alive if they had simply burned a little incense to Caesar.  Apparently our popes would have had no problem doing so.  I can't tell you how offensive their actions are to me.


Now, as I begin to see, what am I to do?  I must admit that myself and most sincere converts I know all long to a return to the "old" Catholic faith. 


Is the Eucharist I receive truly the Body of our Lord?...


Dee Strahle


MHFM: We are extremely happy that you came across the video and found the website.  The Eucharist is not present at the New Mass.  The New Mass is not valid.  This file is relevant to those coming out of the New Mass.


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts.


As you consult more of the material, you will see that the Vatican II “popes” are actually antipopes. 


There are options for traditional sacraments.  However, before receiving traditional sacraments, one must be committed to never attend the New Mass again.  One must also believe in Outside the Church There is No Salvation without exception (no “baptism of desire”), reject NFP, and not support any heretical priests.  That’s explained in this file: Where to go to Mass or confession today?  People should also make the traditional profession of faith from the Council of Trent, which can be accessed from the aforementioned file.  Once a person is convinced on all relevant matters, we can help that person with possible locations for receiving sacraments.  We also recommend people to pray the Rosary each day, all 15 decades if possible.


Calls for


Subject: Vatican Calls for:


Dear Brothers,

More proof of who they really are.



God Bless and Our Most Holy Mother protect you both.





There we go:


Vatican Calls for 'Central World Bank' to Be Set Up


The Vatican called on Monday for the establishment of a "global public authority" and a "central world bank" to rule over financial institutions that have become outdated and often ineffective in dealing fairly with crises..."In fact, one can see an emerging requirement for a body that will carry out the functions of a kind of 'central world bank' that regulates the flow and system of monetary exchanges similar to the national central banks," it said...Of course, this transformation will be made at the cost of a gradual, balanced transfer of a part of each nation's powers to a world authority and to regional authorities, but this is necessary at a time when the dynamism of human society and the economy and the progress of technology are transcending borders, which are in fact already very eroded in a globalizes world.




Subject: Alex L.


… The definition for cannibalism on google is "the practice of eating your own kind". So it is not true Catholics who partake in the eucharist are Cannibals, because the Eucharist has the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ. Occultist sometimes try and point out that Jesus was just a magician, because of the Catholic similarities to some parts of the occult. These idiots fail to realize that this is simply satan mocking God. A coven of witches has 13 members, just like Jesus and his twelve. Vampires live forever by drinking the blood of humans, similar to how a Catholic can live forever from the benefits of Christ's blood. This gives people of bad will simple concise arguments against God, "Catholics are cannibals", "Catholics are vampires", they don't think and they don't care. Secondly the "I don't understand why God would want us to eat him", comment is filled with errors. One, Isaiah 55:8, "For my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are my ways your ways, saith Jehovah", stop trying to understand why, and just obey God. Also if any one has studied the Bible at all they will notice that a lot of it has to do with food. First it was, don't eat from the tree of good and evil, then we had to toil for our food. Next the flood came after words God said to Noah, "And ever thing that moveth and liveth shall be meat for you: even as the green herbs have I delivered them all to you". Next 'kosher' food comes, this and that are unclean. Not to mention the manna from heaven that God’s people lived on for years. Then Jesus comes and we eat him, to gain eternal life. some say Jesus is the tree of life talked about in genesis, Cross = wood, Jesus = fruit. The point that I think God is trying to get across in the old testament, with the manna, and the unclean animals, and other things. Is the fact that humanity will be saved by what they eat, being the Eucharist.




MHFM: Yes, the key consideration in refuting the outrageous claim of cannibalism is that the body and blood of Christ are not the body and blood of a mere man.  They are the true body and blood of a man, but not that of a mere man.  They are the body and blood, “together with the soul and divinity,” of God the Son.  The body and blood of Christ are inseparably united to His divinity in the Second Person of the Holy Trinity.  Consequently, there is obviously no comparison between consuming His body and blood and consuming that of another man.  His body and blood are “spirit and life” (John 6:64), being inseparably united to His divine nature in the one person of the Word. 


Second Council of Constantinople, 553, Canon 9- “If anyone says that Christ ought to be worshipped in his two natures, in the sense that he introduces two adorations, the one peculiar to God the Word and the other peculiar to the man; or if anyone by destroying the flesh, or by confusing the Godhead and the humanity, or by contriving one nature or essence of those which were united and so worships Christ, and does not with one adoration worship God the Word incarnate with his own flesh, as the Church of God has received from the beginning; let him be anathema.”


Pope Paul III, Council of Trent, on the Holy Eucharist, Canon 1: "If any one denies, that, in the sacrament of the most holy Eucharist, are contained truly, really, and substantially, the body and blood together with the soul and divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, and consequently the whole Christ; but says that He is only therein as in a sign, or in figure, or virtue; let him be anathema."



Dear Brothers,

About the Transubstantiation email from Alex L. Some thoughts that come to mind are how the Original Sin was that of eating the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That tree was not symbolic, but a real fruit tree. So the Original Sin was EATING something. Next, the grace of physical immortality was lost as a result of the Original Sin. Adam and Eve were not naturally immortal, as if they had supernatural genes. Their immortality was a supernatural grace, a free gift which they lost by obeying the Serpent. A thought now comes to mind. Fruit has seeds, so the forbidden fruit must have had seeds. God tells Eve that there will be enmity between her Seed and the Serpent's seed. The Seed will be one of Abraham's progeny. Then through David and so on (Matt. 1:1-17, Luke 3:23-38). The Israelites are commanded to eat the lamb on their last night in Egypt before their escape, and so as to be protected from the Angel passing over (viz. Passover) to kill the Egyptian firstborns. It was a life and death protection. The Israelites are then fed miraculous bread from Heaven in the desert after escaping through the Red Sea, called Manna, a jar of which was kept in the Ark of the Covenant (a type of Christ the true Bread of Life incarnate in the womb of Mary, the New Ark of the Covenant).

Christ says that unless you (meaning Catholics) eat His Body and drink His Blood, we have no life in ourselves. He allows many disciples to leave Him who are scandalized by His words. He would have explained Himself more if He were only speaking a parable, because He even threatens the Apostles by saying, "Will you also go away?" St. Peter replies, "Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life." (John 6:67,68). Jesus is the Word of God made flesh, and so His words that we must eat His flesh are true.

The V-2 heretic that Alex L. speaks to implies that the two natures in Christ are separated in the Eucharist. It reminds me of the Protestant heresy of Consubstantiation where they claim Christ becomes the bread and wine ("spiritually"), rather than the substance of the bread and wine completely changing into the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ (though the appearances of bread and wine remain, called accidents). It is essentially the heresy of Eutyches applied to the Eucharist, wherein the bread and wine are called divine, just as they say the body and soul of Christ is divine. There is no confusion or separation of Christ's two natures - ever. The heresy of Consubstantiation has eerie parallels to the occult teaching of reincarnation, because they imply that Christ - "in His Divinity alone" (i.e. not His Body and Blood) - unites with or "becomes" the bread and wine. It is like saying that Christ reincarnates everytime a priest consecrates the Eucharist, which is outrageous heresy, because it thus implies that: a) Christ's life, death and suffering in His humanity was worthless, and b) That Christ needs to suffer again. It makes no sense because it is heresy. Since the Protestants essentially believe their "Eucharist" is only symbolic (as they do with baptism), it opens the door to Erastianism, the heresy that no one should be excommunicated (barred from receiving the sacraments), which is identical to how the Vatican II apostasy operates, namely, that everyone is saved no matter what.

… The Catholic Church condemned the Protestant heresy of Consubstantiation at the Council of Trent:

Pope Paul III, Council of Trent, On the Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist, CANON I: "If any one denieth, that, in the sacrament of the most holy Eucharist, are contained truly, really, and substantially, the body and blood together with the soul and divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, and consequently the whole Christ; but saith that He is only therein as in a sign, or in figure, or virtue; let him be anathema."

Pope Paul III, Council of Trent, On the Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist, CANON II: "If any one saith, that, in the sacred and holy sacrament of the Eucharist, the substance of the bread and wine remains conjointly with the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ [viz. Consubstantiation], and denieth that wonderful and singular conversion of the whole substance of the bread into the Body, and of the whole substance of the wine into the Blood-the species Only of the bread and wine remaining-which conversion indeed the Catholic Church most aptly calls Transubstantiation; let him be anathema."

Pope Paul III, Council of Trent, On the Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist, CANON III: "If any one denieth, that, in the venerable sacrament of the Eucharist, the whole Christ is contained under each species, and under every part of each species, when separated; let him be anathema."

Pope Paul III, Council of Trent, On the Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist, CANON VIII: "lf any one saith, that Christ, given in the Eucharist, is eaten spiritually only, and not also sacramentally and really; let him be anathema."

The V-2 heretic blatantly contradicts the Council of Trent, and shows that she aligns herself with the Illuminati cannibals who reject the Body and Blood of Christ in the Most Holy Eucharist by eating human flesh separated from divinity, since she holds one can eat the divinity of Christ separated from His humanity…

God Bless,

Chris White




Subject: Transubstantiation


Dear Brothers:


I have to wonder if the underlying reason people refuse to accept the Transubstantiation is that they really do not believe in the Divinity of Jesus, regardless of whether or not they claim to do so.  The first section of MHFM's The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church gives an excellent treatment of Jesus' own explicit teachings on the matter.  We believe because God said so. 


The Jews of Jesus' time understood precisely what Jesus was telling them, which is why they walked away from Him -- and He allowed them to do so.  He did not change His truth to suit them.  And the rise of Protestantism was, first and foremost, all about the denial of the Sacrifice of the Mass and the Eucharist.  It's the first thing Satan tries to get rid of.  To me, one of the most noticeable things about the way most Protestants believe or claim to believe (other than the uncommon Protestant individual who is in the process of seeking truth), is that there seems to be no real supernatural dimension to their belief, or even to their manner of praying.   Maybe this is what Jesus meant when he criticized the Jews for being carnal. 


I remember hearing explanations (such as how bread becomes our body, etc.) given in an effort to convince people of the Real Presence, but I think this subject is a prime illustration of the principle you discussed in the video on Abraham:  we believe first, and then we understand.  Perhaps Alex should try giving his friend the Bible Proves book if he has not already done so, and also direct her to your video on Abraham.  As to the "professor" teaching what he teaches, well, that's just one more example of the modern world in the grips of Satan, doing all it can to rip the true faith from the hearts and minds of as many people as possible.


Lee Ann 


New Video


MHFM: This is a new video.


Abraham: Faith, Providence, Prefigurement [video]






I respond to Alex L's email, since he did not mention any papal document about the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, so he can give them to his university mate.


Infallible Magisterial decrees about the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist:


Pope Innocent III, Fourth Lateran Council, Chapter I, 1215: "There is indeed one universal church of the faithful, outside of which nobody at all is saved, in which Jesus Christ is both priest and sacrifice. His body and blood are truly contained in the sacrament of the altar under the forms of bread and wine, the bread and wine having been changed in substance, by God's power, into his body and blood, so that in order to achieve this mystery of unity we receive from God what he received from us."


Pope Julius III, Council of Trent, Session XIII, Chapter I, 1551: "In the first place, the holy Synod teaches, and openly and simply professes, that, in the august sacrament of the holy Eucharist, after the consecration of the bread and wine, our Lord Jesus Christ, true God and man, is truly, really, and substantially contained under the species of those sensible things. For neither are these things mutually repugnant,-that our Saviour Himself always sitteth at the right hand of the Father in heaven, according to the natural mode of existing, and that, nevertheless, He be, in many other places, sacramentally present to us in his own substance, by a manner of existing, which, though we can scarcely express it in words, yet can we, by the understanding illuminated by faith, conceive, and we ought most firmly to believe, to be possible unto God: for thus all our forefathers, as many as were in the true Church of Christ, who have treated of this most holy Sacrament, have most openly professed, that our Redeemer instituted this so admirable a sacrament at the last supper, when, after the blessing of the bread and wine, He testified, in express and clear words, that He gave them His own very Body, and His own Blood; words which,-recorded by the holy Evangelists, and afterwards repeated by Saint Paul, whereas they carry with them that proper and most manifest meaning in which they were understood by the Fathers,-it is indeed a crime the most unworthy that they should be wrested, by certain contentions and wicked men, to fictitious and imaginary tropes, whereby the verity of the flesh and blood of Christ is denied, contrary to the universal sense of the Church, which, as the pillar and ground of truth, has detested, as satanical, these inventions devised by impious men; she recognising, with a mind ever grateful and unforgetting, this most excellent benefit of Christ."







Subject: The Transubstantiation


Greetings Dimond Brothers,


I have a story to relate to you about the Transubstantiation of the Eucharist.


I am enrolled in a philosophy course at a public university and it is a course on the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas. As the university is secular, we deal almost entirely only with Aquinas's philosophy, but refrain from speaking about the Catholic Faith he held. Before class began, a fellow student told me a story about how one of her other professors from a different class said that Catholics are cannibals because they eat human flesh in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. The student then told me that she doesn't believe the Eucharist is actually the Body and Blood of Christ, but that by eating the bread and wine we gain Christ spiritually. I proceeded to tell her that that is not what the Traditional Catholic Faith teaches, but that the bread and wine actually do become the true Body and Blood of Christ upon being consecrated by a validly ordained Priest or Bishop. Not only did she deny that the Transubstantiation happens now (which for her, as we know, does not occur because she attends the Vatican II sect) but she also said that the Catholic Church has never taught the Transubstantiation and that the Bible does not teach it either. 


I was wondering if you could post a quick video on this subject dealing with what the Church's traditional teaching on the Holy Eucharist is, and demonstrate that this is not a form of cannibalism. I know you are very busy, and I appreciate that you even take the time to read incoming emails from so many people. I feel that this issue on Holy Communion is grossly misunderstood in our time, as this is not the first time I've heard people criticize Catholics for being cannibals or even asserting that the Catholic Faith has never taught the Transubstantiation.


I believe the Transubstantiation as a Dogma of Faith but I cannot recall to mind actual Papal pronouncements, or the exact words of Infallible Councils to quote to this fellow student. I quoted the Bible "This is my Body etc" but she denied that Jesus actually meant it literally because (and I'm quoting her now) "I cannot understand why God would want us to eat him."


Thank you again for your time Brothers!




Alex L.




Subject: Satanic Percentage


Dear Brothers in Christ,

It is very fitting that the reader Vlv, an obvious adherent of the V2 satanic sect, mentioned the supposed difference of 1% (maybe a few percentage points) between the Catholicism and other "Christian" denominations. Such a difference between two things, one that represents something true and the one that represents something false is very characteristic for the "scientific theory" named the theory of evolution. The devil's minions, the evolutionists, who put on themselves the masks of science, while promoting probably the worst unscientific theory and a hoax the human mind invented, often say that the difference in gene material between a chimpanzee and a human is a few percent.

No wonder that the adherents of the V2 satanic sect are admirers of this hoax, and that they are very fond of the characteristic language of this hoax.

I would like to ask the adherents of the V2 sect a few questions:

1.) For the sake of argument let us suppose that the difference between The Only True Doctrine, the Catholic Church Doctrine, and the doctrine of one out of numberless "Christian" denominations is only 1%. Why do you think that this 1% is unimportant?  For example, you can easily find a thousand topics which you agree upon with an atheist. Only one topic-- does God exist or not--you don't agree upon. Will you consider your "brother atheist" as good as any of your "Christian brothers"? Come on, it's only 0.1% difference between you and an atheist.  You cannot reject your "brother" over this insignificant difference. Can you?

2.) Why do you reject Christ's words in Matthew 12:50 :"For whosoever shall do the will of my Father, that is in heaven, he is my brother, and sister, and mother." ?

     Calling a "1% heretic" a brother, or a sister, calling an "0.1 %" atheist a brother, or a sister, etc. and considering yourself a follower of Christ, you are saying that they, who deny God or some of His commands, are doing the will of The Father. 

     How satanic can you get?

3.) At the same time, when you consider a few percent difference in spiritual matters as insignificant, I bet you are extremely careful of such a difference in worldly matters, such as the physical health or business. How about giving you a bottle of the purest natural water with only a tiny drop of a lethal poison in it? Would you consider this far less that 1% difference between healthy and deadly water as insignificant?  How about one bankster offers you a credit with 5% interest rate, and the other bankster offers you the same credit with 5.1% interest rate? Would you consider this… difference in interest rates as insignificant?

How hypocritical can you get?

May our Heavenly Mother and St. Joseph pray for all true Catholics.

Vladimir from Zagreb, Croatia




Subject: 2 Thessalonians 2:10


I have been trying to show a co-worker the truth about what has been going on for the last 53 years with the Church and how the Supreme Punishment was not even recognized, the rising of a false church and an evil nation to punish the world and talking about all the bad fruit of this vatican ll sect and the Apparitions of Our Lady of La Salette and Fatima.  Talking about all the signs and warnings that God is giving to the world thru the shaking of the earth, which to me is like grabbing someone’s shoulders and shaking them back reality.  All the unprecedented calamities in the world but he can't make the connection.  He tells me that "I'm right, it makes sense and its logical but what if I'm wrong, what if I should be going to Church and do the right thing, I will be ok?"    


    You can clearly see how he couldn't recognize the truth but was confounded and confused when he was forced to think about it in a conversation, he even said to me that he had such a headache thinking about it, you can see the same thing in pilate, he knew Jesus was innocent but at the same time he says:

   John 18:38   Pilate saith to him: What is truth? And when he said this, he went out again to the Jews, and saith to them: I find no cause in him.


   I know it’s obvious and elementary but sometimes it should be said because the obvious can be hidden in plain sight, in regard to 2 Thessalonians 2:10,  God sending the operation of error, to believe lying because of sins and consenting to it, that means it’s impossible for people to believe or recognize the Truth, the mystery of iniquity!  


In Mary,



MHFM: That’s an interesting story.  You say that he seems to recognize the truth, but he doesn’t see the necessity to act upon the information.  That’s somewhat common.  We believe it’s a clear case of a lack of interest.  He simply doesn’t care.  Deep down he probably realizes that what you are telling him is true, but he hardly cares.  In most cases, people lack the interest in the faith they need because they are committing mortal sins of the flesh.  Such sins often stifle their interest in spiritual pursuits and God’s requirements.




Subject: WWII Research




I found some interesting things while researching P.O.W. memoirs.


First, from "Ghost of Bataan," quoting 33rd degree freemason Douglas MacArthur:


My men and I sat back from our gruesome job and listened to these words coming over the radio from the lips of General Douglas MacArthur on board the U.S.S. Missouri. "Duty, honor, country---always their blood and sweat and tears as we fought the way, the light, and truth----"


It sounds like an admission of freemasonry's all-out battle against Jesus Christ.


From another book, one Catholic priest anointed a non-Catholic with oil when the man appeared to be ready die at any moment. Another Catholic priest, when approached by potential catechumens on conversion to the Faith, told them and I paraphrase, "You need to worry about food, you don't need to convert to Catholicism."




New Heresies from Benedict XVI


MHFM: We’ve updated our Benedict XVI's Recent Heresies file with some new heresies from Benedict XVI.


Benedict XVI’s Incredible Assault on the Catholic Faith; His Apostasy in Germany and more




Subject: Purgatory


Hello. I have come upon your videos on YouTube and they have inspired me. Until I watched some of the videos I doubted if the Catholic denomination was the true one. Now I believe it to be the true one. I just have one question about purgatory that I have been wondering for years now. Where did the idea of purgatory come from?

Jared M Shenefield


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  It comes from Scripture and the early fathers.  We have a section on it in our book, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church.  We also have an audio dealing with that issue.


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts.




Hello… brothers,

I couldn't help letting you know about this youtube video of a novus ordo worship service in Washington DC. This video proves that the desecration of the catholic church is still going strong. There seems to be no standard, every diocese tries to please people instead of God. 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQKZVTKk9Ro&feature=fvsr or search St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Church, Washington DC (the mispelling of the word church is in the title of the video).

This is so different from the humility of the black saints like St. Martin de Porres or Benedict of San Fratello. It's hard to believe that this is a Catholic church, but they do have an altar which there seems to be a tabernacle… Anyways, another thing I noticed around my town is that priests don't even dress like priests anymore. They dress like ordinary people, they don't wear the black shirt, pants and white collar (sorry, I don't know the correct name of this dress). Is this because they are ashamed to be noticed as priests. Are they ashamed to be associated with Jesus?  I was wondering if you had noticed such thing or had an opinion.

take care,
keep up the great work.


MHFM: If they were Catholic, they should wear a collar; but they are ashamed of Jesus and the priesthood.  They are also not true priests.  The sad reality is that the Vatican II sect has done its best to make the priesthood/religious life appear to be a disgraceful vocation.




Subject: Translation of your material

Hi. My name is Rafael, from Portugal. I was wondering what can i do to help you since you done so much to me. If there is a chance that i'm not damned, it's because of your work. I don't know how to repay that.  I dont have much money. i can barely finance myself. So i thought that i could start translating some of your material to portuguese language. This is something i can do. Think about it: Portuguese is the 6th most used language in the world. The biggest portuguese country in the world is Brazil. I born there and i know, they, in general, can´t understand english. 

Hope you're well, brothers. 

Rafael Rodrigues Centeio




Subject: anti-pope Joseph Ratzinger


Dear MHFM  


Great audio by brother peter about all the fake terror plots. also I read that joseph ratzinger  denies the dogma of the Immaculate conception, he believes that anybody can have the Immaculate heart not just mary. he is a pure modernist, extreme manifest heretic. that is why we dont submit to him, because he is not a pope. also I just saw on the Internet, GADDAFFI is dead , was shot and killed. any way thanks and God bless!     


from mark v




Subject: Vlv's comment


Dear Brothers:


In my naivete (after I had started to look at your website), I thought that if I could just get people to watch your videos, the battle would be won.  And to some extent, I guess I will always feel that way.  Because these videos are like beacons of light and truth that captivate the mind and heart.  How could they fail to miss the mark?


Then I read a comment like vlv's, or see a similar response in someone close to me, and I have to conclude that this hatred of truth is the mystery of iniquity.  How these V2'ers love the satanic lie of peace and brotherhood without God's truth.  Have these people never heard of the Tower of Babel?  And after 50 years of sham peace and brotherhood efforts, don't they ever wonder why there is no peace and brotherhood in the "church" or in the world, and that things keep getting worse all the time?  I guess when a person rejects God's truth, his mind no longer works.


About a hundred years ago Fr. Faber (a convert from Anglicanism) perceptively wrote that, even then, men were already beginning to lose the horror of heresy -- which by now, of course, is completely gone.  So much so, that B16 can deny that there even is such a thing as heresy, and yet men still call him "Pope".  Today, in this time of total apostasy, men imagining themselves to be "Catholic" so love the lie that they (like vlv) not only embrace the lie themselves, but propagate and defend it!!   They are Satan's missionaries. 


I am always amazed… that MHFM can receive these imbecilic emails from supposed Catholics…


Lee Ann




Why do you criticize other faiths? when coming to peace and respecting others is more godly than criticizing others. Fanaticals are the reasons why there is hatered in this world. I mean, I'm sure you know that the bible teaches us to love your bothers and sisters. You on the other hand are not teaching truth but rather hate, seperation, and ignorance. You are blind sir....

Don't forget, that the difference between Catholism and other denomational/non denominational churches is 1 percent, maybe a little more, I don't know. The point is, if you think about it, we all have the same basic ideas. The differences is very little.

I know, non that you speak of involves hateful words, but those videos that you post leads to others ignorance.

Take care and god bless.




MHFM: One must criticize other faiths because there is only one true religion that leads to happiness and Heaven.  It would be uncharitable to not give your fellow man true information and what he needs to know to be saved. 


Pope Pius VIII, Traditi Humilitati # 4, 1829: “Against these experienced sophists the people must be taught that the profession of the Catholic faith is uniquely true, as the apostle proclaims: one Lord, one faith, one baptism.”


Here is what the Bible teaches about those who do not have the true faith.  As we can see, it does not tell us to accept people of any religion.


2 John 10- “If any man come to you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into the house nor say to him, God speed you.”


As Pope Gregory XVI points out, you should consider the testimony of Christ Himself.


Pope Gregory XVI, Mirari Vos (# 13), Aug. 15, 1832:  “With the admonition of the apostle, that ‘there is one God, one faith, one baptism’ (Eph. 4:5), may those fear who contrive the notion that the safe harbor of salvation is open to persons of any religion whatever.  They should consider the testimony of Christ Himself that ‘those who are not with Christ are against Him,’ (Lk. 11:23) and that they disperse unhappily who do not gather with Him.  Therefore, ‘without a doubt, they will perish forever, unless they hold the Catholic faith whole and inviolate (Athanasian Creed).”


It is uncharitable to tolerate lies and falsehoods.  God desires the conversion of all people, but He makes it clear that all non-Christian (and thus non-Catholic) religions are false and of the Devil.  He says that he who believeth not is condemned (Mark 16:16).


The difference between Catholicism and the various denominations is not just one percent.  It involves a host of dogmas which implicate core truths about the Church, the sacraments, what the Lord did while on Earth, justification (i.e., how men are saved), sin, Our Lady, and more.  Protestantism is not Christianity.  You obviously lack the grace of faith; you have fallen into unclean religious indifferentism.  You are currently a heretic and very deceived.  You need to pray for the true faith and convert. 




Brother Dimond:


Thank you for opening my mind and eyes.


I believe that you may have helped save my soul.






Hi, I want to attend to Latin Mass with my family. There is only one church in the city offering Latin Mass and the celebrant is a member of the order FSSP which was founded in 1988 under John Paul II. Is it a valid mass?  Thanks




MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  The FSSP would not be an option.  Their priests are ordained by bishops who are made bishops in Paul VI's dubious new rite of Episcopal Consecration.  The FSSP also accepts Vatican II and false ecumenism, among other heresies.  Their priests are faithless apostates.


One must not attend the New Mass.  It’s invalid, as the section on our website shows.  There are places where one may receive traditional sacraments, but a person must first be in full agreement on the issues.  For example, one must hold Outside the Church There is No Salvation without exception (no “baptism of desire”).  One must also reject NFP, and be committed to not supporting heretical priests.  That’s explained in this file: Where to go to Mass or confession today?  People should also make the traditional profession of faith from the Council of Trent, which can be accessed from the aforementioned file.  Once a person is convinced on all relevant matters, we can help that person with possible locations for receiving sacraments.  We also recommend people to pray the Rosary each day, all 15 decades if possible.




Thank you very much for putting out such interesting and informative videos.  It is a very good thing to be reminded of certain basic facts about our faith and especially about stories such as Abraham and his faith.  (If only Adam had the strong desire to do God's will, the world would be a much different place!)  Your insights are always very interesting and it should give others lots of food for thought regarding the reality of God's existence and His eagerness to bring people to conversion and salvation.  He even shows hell to little children in an effort to get people to convert!  Hardly anyone is listening. 


One major event possibly in the making that should make people aware of how short life really is and the necessity of not postponing one's conversion is the possible volcanic eruption in the Canary Islands, which may result in the landslide of part of the island of LaPalma.  Geologists are very afraid that if this happens, there will be a huge megatsunami that will hit the east coast of North and South America, killing millions.  See Lew Rockwell article from Oct 20.  Everyone on the East Coast should be aware that there have been thousands of earthquakes and a "preeruption" off the coast of one of the smaller islands.  The government of the US is not bothering to inform people of the possible danger.  If this landslide happens, there will only be about 7 hours to evacuate before the first wave hits.  


God bless you and thank you once again for assisting souls in these latter days.


Brenda Roy


The Church


Subject: the Church


I have studied church history rather recently trying to discern truth. I've studied orthodox claims, anabaptist history and now roman catholic. Many claims in the anabaptist study have stated that the church before Constantine was anabaptist in it's practice and that most of the things you say would have always been catholic beliefs  did not come in until after Constantine legalized christianity and church and state were united and the church corrupted. How can I know who's telling the truth? Are there any articles on your site you could recomend that already answer these questions?


Thank you, Diana Tyree


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  The idea that Catholic beliefs did not originate until the time of Constantine is a widespread yet baseless idea.  We have a book called The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church.  It shows how Catholic beliefs are proven by the Bible.  Moreover, this video on St. Justin Martyr discusses how one of the most prominent writers of the primitive Church, who was born about A.D. 100, expressed Catholic beliefs.


Proof for Catholicism in St. Justin Martyr's First Apology (2nd Century) [24 min. video]

See how this ancient Christian writer and martyr, who is acknowledged as an ancient Christian even by those in non-Catholic denominations, taught Catholicism. 


We would also recommend our series of audios on how the ancient Church recognized the primacy of the Bishop of Rome.  These deal with information that is directly relevant to your question: http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/papacy_mainpage.php


Bible translation


Hi Brothers,
I know you guys use the Douay-Rheims Bible, but is there any specific reason? Is the King James Bible okay to use? If not, why? I personally use the same Bible as you because my parents do and I would rather have an answer from you than them.
This is about the end times. I know no one knows the exact hour Jesus will come again, but I wanted to know what you think it might be like?... Thanks if you decide to answer any of my questions.
God bless both of you.




MHFM: The reason is that the Latin Vulgate is the translation preferred by the Catholic Church, and the Douay-Rheims is a translation of the Latin Vulgate.  The King James Bible is a translation done by Protestants.  The Douay-Rheims is a translation done by Catholics.  We are not saying that the King James is all bad, or that it can never be used.  We frequently use it to demonstrate to Protestants, from their own translation, that the Bible proves Catholic teaching.  One can utilize a variety of translations; but, if you are looking for one version of the Bible to obtain and read, the Douay-Rheims is the one we recommend.    


To your second question: we have many DVDs that deal with our views on the end times, and how we believe the prophecies are being fulfilled.  They discuss the issues in much depth.  See our Fatima DVD, Is the World about to End?, John Paul II was the Antichrist, John Paul II’s Amazing Connection to the Upside-Down Cross, and more.








Dear. Brothers,


Beautiful display of God's wonders, of which there beauty cannot be properly described in the tongues of men, in the recent video which you've shown. Just to think winter is just around the corner.  So apparently mexico is back to its bad habits again?... interesting clip about Santa Muerte, obviously devil worship. Then again this is not a surprise! Every single sniff of tradition in Mexico over the last century (60 year approx.) has completely vanished, and as the true faith goes, so does sanity, morals, ethics, common sense. I met a person from mexico a few days ago, supposedly was catholic, Completely immodest, and had a filthy mouth, but most of all, she was part of the Vatican 2 sect. So anyway for over half an hour approx. I tried to convince her of the truth, Decrees of the Council of Trent Errors of Vatican Two, Latin only Masses. I presented her with 202 heresies of the V2 pamphlet, she refused of course. So It's quite obvious that mexico has gone Fall Circle around back to its Hellish mayan/aztec past. WEll as Jacinta said "War is punishment for sin," You can be sure that World war 3 is just around the corner. Italy, on the other hand is indeed in the worst shape out of all of them. 1: Tradition is obviously erradicated there, 2: Like Spain, Probably worse, they are infected by sins of the flesh, which is getting more obvious daily, "Remember when old Benny the 10 horned toad, had those male gymnists touch each other in front of him" WEll that would only be scratching the surface of how degenerate Italy has become.  Well I'm not sure how much it would take for people to wake up and smell the monolithically huge steaming pile of Apostasy. But for the most part few will even consider the thought of it. I Remember not too long ago when I had to rebuke my German professor, for Taking the Lord's name in vain: Any way here’s what I Emailed him.  I Tried to be as discrete AS I Could be.  To My Shock He Actually Took my Advice Thanks to the Intercession of the Most Holy Virgin, The Holy Queen of All Hearts, the Bright Star of Ocean…


Roy James Sandbank




Another great bible commentary, from beginning to end especially the end, the parallels are amazing.  If I may add another prefigurement, the rams head was caught in the thicket, this would be a prefigurement of the third sorrowful mystery, the crowning of thorns of Jesus.  I can truly say there is a big difference when you try to read the bible without saying the Rosary, as opposed to saying the Rosary… and reading the bible.  In order to understand the Word, you have to honor The New Living Ark of the Covenant, this is why Our Lady destroys all heresy!

In Mary,




I need help in finding out what I should be doing. I am 64 years old, raised in the true catholic mass and now see the mass completely changed.  Is the tridentine or latin mass of today what I should be attending or are there no real masses anymore.  I am completely confused.  Thank you


Ed Pascu



MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  One must not attend the New Mass.  It’s invalid, as the section on our website shows.  There are places where one may receive traditional sacraments, but a person must first be in full agreement on the issues.  For example, one must hold Outside the Church There is No Salvation without exception (no “baptism of desire”).  One must also reject NFP, and be committed to not supporting heretical priests.  That’s explained in this file: Where to go to Mass or confession today?  People should also make the traditional profession of faith from the Council of Trent, which can be accessed from the aforementioned file.  Once a person is convinced on all relevant matters, we can help that person with possible locations for receiving sacraments.  We also recommend people to pray the Rosary each day, all 15 decades if possible.




Subject: B-16's latest heresies


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the recent refutation of Antipope Benedict XVI's incredible assault on the Catholic faith. He asks for God in His goodness to "protect the Jewish community”… He praises the "Orthodox" schismatics and says they are "patient and humble," when they are neither. He also says there is a distinction between the "nature and form of the exercise of the [Papal] primacy," as if the Papacy can somehow be divided from a true pope in the execution of its authority. What a schismatic!!! He is implying that the Bishops as a whole can be a "pope" or have the same authority as a true pope, which is not true, for else Christ would have told all the Apostles they are the rock (Matt. 16:18), when He only said Peter is the rock. Benedict XVI tries to steal the dogma of Papal Primacy like a Rat stealing cheese!!! He then says that Jews have "essential traditions" with the Jews when, a) Jews reject the New Law and Catholics accept the New Law of Christ, and b) Jews reject the dogma that Jesus Christ is of the same Divine Essence as God the Father and God the Holy Spirit… He says that Nostra Aetate (V-2) made an "irrevocable commitment" to Jewish-Catholic communion, meaning the "Catholic Church" sold its soul to the devil. What an apostate!!!... He says that to reject the Jewish rejection of Christ is to lose our "common hope" in God and to lose our humanity. He puts man in the place of God, and rejects the New Testament again. Benedict XVI just can't get enough of the Jews!!! He then pushes "peaceful coexistence" and "respect" for Muslims, when Islam teaches it is permissible to kill Catholics and that non-Muslims are second class citizens… He then says it's "understandable" why people would leave the Church if they or someone they know is sexually abused, yet he himself doesn't excommunicate those pedophiles and rapists. Anything can be justified, and nothing is wrong, according to Benedict XVI. What a demon!!! There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. He then says Lutheranism has "great ideas, great truths," proving he cares nothing for truly great ideas and Catholic dogma… Benedict XVI says that Luther's "struggle for oneself" is a struggle for and with God… Antichrist!!! He then says "faith has to be thought out afresh," as if the eternal truths of the Gospel can deteriorate or change… He says that "true greatness" is to pray with the Lutherans in Erfurt. What Protestant!!! He doesn't see that all his efforts are for hell…

God Bless,

Chris White




Hi brothers,


I wrote you many emails, but I forgot to thank you for your extremely important apostolate. You are spreading the Truth all over the world so that people can get the true information about the authentic Catholic Faith that is necessary to be saved.  Your work is of immense value. If I did not come across your website and youtube channel, I would never know the Truth. 


Thank you very much,








Subject: Brother Michael's article


Dear Brothers,

Brother Michael's article, Benedict XVI's Incredible Assault on the Catholic Faith, is a striking expose of just how evil this man is.  It is simply outrageous the things that come out of this anti-Christ's mouth, and to hear him praising such a notorious blasphemer as Martin Luther shows us that his hatred for the Catholic Church could not be more apparent! Benedict XVI is an anti-Christ who shamelessly shows his contempt for our Savior and the holy martyrs who sacrificed their lives rather than deny their Catholic faith.

Also, thank you for posting your recent video, Understanding Christ's Natures. It was very, very interesting. You did an excellent job in explaining your points, exposing the dishonesty of heretics, and once again showing the truth and validity of the Catholic faith. How unfortunate that David L., who became Sedevacantist at one point after coming across your material, rather than persevering in the truth, ultimately rejected God in favor of himself. He is not the first to do so but it is my hope that he will be the last. Most Holy Family Monastery has brought so many to one, true faith. May God continue to bless your efforts.

"May the perfect love of God reign in our hearts."

Sincerely in Christ,





Subject: SSPX-Vatican Preamble Agreement Failed


Hi Brother Michael & Brother Peter


Hope you are well.  Just to inform you both that i was at the St Pius V Chapel in Groombridge East Sussex England last Sunday, and it was announced that the Sspx-Vatican preamble agreement has failed.  The notorious heretic Levada came up with some strange conditions that the Society could not accept.


Also to tell you that i have purchased some books and DVDs… which i look forward to receiving and reading.  Brilliant expose on Benedict XVI in Germany.


I loved your YouTube video on opposition to interracial marriage…


Many thanks Brother Michael & Brother Peter.


In Domine

Gerald Purves




Subject: Animosity




I wanted to comment on the increased animosity mentioned in your recent e-mail exchanges.  From my observation, it seems as though more people are starting to wake up.  If indeed God's grace is beginning to flow in greater measure, as it appears, it makes sense that the devil would increase the animosity in his followers toward those who stand up for the truth, as a counter-weight.  It will be interesting to see where this increased friction leads.  I've been enduring this dry martyrdom for so long, that part of me (a big part) wants it to become bloody…




New Video


MHFM: This is a new video.


More Fake Terror Plots Leading Us into Disaster and War [video]




October 2011


Brothers Peter and Michael Dimond greetings in Christ!


The sole purpose of this little note is this: Thank you.


I just can’t get over how straight-forward, honest and point-blank all your studies/works are!  Because of them I’ve had the great pleasure to have heard eleven truly remarkable “conversion” stories in which your writings and DVD/CDs were the snowball that got the avalanche rolling.


Thank you… May God continue to bless you and the beautiful mission He has seen fit for you to undertake…


Marie Dimmel




Subject: Antipope wheeled up St Peter's instead of walking | Reuters


I guess he is trying to stir up feelings of blind emotional support from the faithless, for himself.




In Mary,



Mortal sin


Subject: Mortal sin


Hi Brother,

I have a friend who is in a state of mortal sin, he now is a believer in Christ, he goes to a church which is not a traditional church, there is none that I can find in my city of Montreal Canada, what should he do to confess his sins? thank you




MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  He would have to be in agreement on all the issues and make a traditional profession of faith. 


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts.


After that, there are some options for confession.  They are explained in this file, Where to go to Mass or confession today?  We can help a person with that when he is fully convinced. 




Dear Brothers,


I would like to ask and clarify something. Would one sin if one does physical exercise during Sundays, ex. jogging/running? Also would one sin if during Fridays, days of abstinence, if one eats seafoods? ex. fish, squid and others…


God speed,


MHFM: It is not a sin to jog or run on Sunday.  However, one should not go to a business to do so.  Eating fish or seafood on Friday is acceptable. 




After watching the recent video at your website about the Lord's natures, I was wondering if it is ok to refer to the crime of "Deicide".  This term is out of favor today, it is called 'antisemitic', of course.  Since the Divinity did not die, can we say that Deicide was committed?  




MHFM: The answer is yes.  It is true to say that God was killed.  Jesus Christ is only one Person.  Even though He could not die in His divine nature, His human body was killed.  And whatever happens to His humanity truly happens to God (even though not in His divine nature) because He is one (and only one) Person. 




Subject: Charity & MHFM


Dear Brothers:


Your quote today reminds me of another area that is so distorted in the false Vatican II "theology":  the matter of charity.  People think charity means philanthropy extended to anyone, anywhere.  This is not charity, and is definitely not a supernatural virtue. Furthermore, philanthropy extended to the wrong people or the wrong causes can actually be sinful.


The concluding prayer to the Litany of the Most Holy Name of Jesus gives a really important reminder of what charity is.  The relevant part of this prayer is as follows: 


O Lord Jesus Christ ...grant us the gift of Thy divine charity, that we may ever love Thee with our whole heart and with all our words and deeds, and may never cease from praising Thee.  Make us, O Lord, to have a perpetual fear and love of Thy holy Name...


Whenever I come to this part, I think of MHFM and the charity it exercises in seeking to reach souls for the love of God.  And to reach them all over the world.


I know that the efforts MHFM must take to reach people -- such as through the maintenance of the website, advertising on Drudge, printing and distributing books and videos, etc. -- all these and more must require huge outlays of cash. 


Every day all of us receive in the mail requests for donations, and we always see around us organizations asking for thousands of dollars.  But I can't help but notice that MHFM does not send out similar requests. Nor do I hear MHFM asking often for donations on their website.  In a way, I wish you would -- for two reasons.  First, since most people do not have internet businesses, many may be unaware of what these projects actually cost, and what kinds of significant donations are needed to make certain they can continue -- at least for as long as time permits  (which may not be too long.)


Second, when people think of a "monastery", they picture a group of men hidden away in an idyllic setting -- in prayer, with few wants, and few needs.  And while MHFM is still a Monastery in the true sense, it also has an extraordinary mission in these last days to try to evangelize the world, and to reach as many people of good will as possible.  And while we are all certainly grateful beneficiaries of that mission, we must also be generous supporters of that work, because projects cannot continue without being underwritten by lay people.


And that's why I believe MHFM would not be remiss in asking people to donate, and to be as generous as they possibly can.  We never know when it will be our last chance.


Almost all of the people who have converted to the true Catholic faith thanks to MHFM have either ceased going to a counterfeit "Catholic" church or to a Protestant church;  presumably, they supported these churches when they were attending there -- both on Sundays and at other times.   Now, hopefully, they are no longer donating to these false churches or any of the heretical programs associated with them. 


So what are they now supporting?  Does one's obligation to support the Catholic Church cease simply because the Church has fled to the wilderness and exists in a Remnant?  It would seem to me that as the true Catholic Church still exists, so does the obligation to support it.


Lee Ann  




Dear Brother Peter Dimond,

I was scanning through the TV channels and I came across Jimmy Swaggart promoting his anti-Catholic book "Catholicism & Christianity".  I was wondering if you could send him your excellent book "The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church".  Also, if you can challenge him to a recorded debate, that would be the debate of the decade.  I know that you would easily defeat him in a debate.

Thank you,




Hi Brothers Dimond
Just like to comment briefly on Andrea's letter ("Apostasy in Italy worse than in the US"). I found the point to be interesting because I have recently figured that the 144,000 Elect of Apocalypse Chapter 7 may well be "signed" in North America:
7:1  After these things, I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that they should not blow upon the earth, nor upon the sea, nor on any tree.
7:2  And I saw another angel ascending from the rising of the sun, having the sign of the living God; and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea,
7:3  Saying: Hurt not the earth, nor the sea, nor the trees, till we sign the servants of our God in their foreheads.
7:4 And I heard the number of them that were signed, an hundred forty-four thousand were signed, *** of every tribe of the children of Israel. ***
What makes up the main part of the populations of the United States and Canada ? European descendants, from every nation of Europe. I think this will happen in 2012, not long after the Sixth Seal (Apoc. 6: 12-17) which will come at any time after what I think is the Fifth Seal (Apoc. 6: 9-11) which is the second "Assisi" Act of Apostasy coming on October 27. Perhaps something will happen there which will cause an 'exodus' of Traditional Catholics from Rome/Babylon (Apoc. 6:11), which is another way of looking at the "revolt" spoken of by St. Paul in 2 Thess. 2: 3-4...




Dear MHFM,


Hi, my name is Glenn from the Philippines, I recently downloaded your file about the "Profession of Catholic Faith". Should I say it in front of a traditional priest or can I recite it myself? thanks for your time.





MHFM: You should say it by yourself, not in front of a heretical priest. 




Subject: Apostasy in Italy worse than in the US


Hi brothers,


I think that the apostasy here in Italy has reached levels that you may do not know in the US. The level of paganism, of idolatry of man and indifferentism are incredible here. When I meet with people (I hate to meet with people, but for work I have to) I have the terrible feeling of desolation and the awful impression that from this country Catholicism has been almost completely eradicated (remember that Italy has been the capital of Catholicism until...60-70 years ago). But if one thinks at Italy as a country one can realize that there is a parallel with Israel in the Old Testament. Italy has been the capital country of Catholicism for 2000 years. Likewise Israel has been the capital of the Old Law in Old Testament times. In both cases a tremendous apostasy happened. In the case of Israel the apostasy grew up with the talmudic and cabalistic "tradition" of the Scribes and Pharisees, and in Italy (and in Catholic Europe) the apostasy grew up with the progressive denial of dogmas, due to freemasonic infiltration of the modern times. But it is very interesting the fact that both infiltrators (of the Old Testament and New Testament) have the same root: talmudic and cabalistic doctrines that in fact are the background of almost all freemasonic sects today. So the enemies of the Mosaic Law in Old Testament (when it was valid) and the enemies of the Catholic Faith are still the same. The talmudic-cabalistic jews in fact have always been behind the western freemasonic lodges. 


There is another relevant fact: among western countries, Italy has had the largest communist party and the most violent communist terrorist groups in the '70 and '80 (the so called "Brigate Rosse"). This is another sign of the attack of the devil against the capital country of Catholicism that apostatized so horribly.  It also makes sense that the apostasy struck more strongly the (former) catholic countries (in particular Italy) than the countries where Catholicism has not been the main religion, like North America. In fact the devil pushed for the creation of the European Union, and not for the destruction of America.  So my strong impression is that in America there are much more true Catholics than here in Europe (and in particular Italy). Here the apostasy is total and complete: islamization, atheism, worship of man, false doctrines like zen buddism, yoga and other evil things.






Hello Brothers,


My name is Mike and I'm new to your site.  I consider myself a Catholic and very interested in everything you have to say.  I just started to pray the Rosary, my question to you is, I want to know if it's ok to wear the Rosary in order to pray during the day?  Is wearing the rosary ok? should i keep it in a pouch or even in my pocket? what do you suggest?  Thank you very much for your input.


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  That’s great to hear.  We think it’s a good idea to wear a rosary and carry one in your pocket at the same time.  However, it’s fine to do one or the other. 




Subject: Thanks for Video


Dear Most Holy Family Monastery,

Thank you for your latest video on the fake terror plots.  From what I have seen, I concur with you that you are the only organization calling itself Catholic that is aware that almost every single "terror plot" is encouraged, allowed, or created by the very government purporting to be the victim.

I have taken 9-11 to be the litmus test for bad will: if one doesn't believe that 9-11 is an inside job, and one has seen the evidence (it is virtually impossible not to), then one has at least some level of bad will.  Just like with so many other worldly things - e.g. that vaccines and fluoride are bad, and that raw milk and saturated fat are good - the
evidence is overwhelming, but most people refuse to correct their false beliefs in light of it.

Sadly, it seems that this willful ignorance about worldly things often translates into spiritual ignorance… I pray that the hearts of men will soften.

In Mary,
Curtis Sharp


New Video


MHFM: For those it might interest, this is a new video.


Autumn at Most Holy Family Monastery [video]




Dear MHFM,


Thank you for taking a clear and decisive stand against the terrorism and fake terror plots carried out by government sanction. Government corruption is a taboo subject to many that are merely just living a conditioned response to their environment. It is just like a whole new galaxy of reality to them. Your stand is courageous and authentic, in that it is truly Catholic. Government sponsored terrorism is truly corruption to manifold levels. The Foreign Relations Committee released the de-classified Vietnam-era transcripts. It is on the record that the staged Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964, in which Lyndon B. Johnson made up the story of a U.S vessel being attacked by 3 Vietnamese torpedo boats twice, was a complete hoax. In response to this hoax, came the Golf of Tonkin Resolution, which gave Lyndon Baines Johnson the authorization to go to war with Vietnam, without a formal declaration of war by Congress. It resulted in the deaths of 60,000 Americans and 2 million Vietnamese. Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson reported about drugs being shipped in to the U.S through the body cavities, of the dead bodies of soldiers, during the Vietnam War. He covered details of government corruption extensively. It's sad he died July 31, 2011 as a heretic. Then there is Operation Gladio, a CIA - sponsored terror operation, in which hundreds of bombings were carried out by Western intelligence agencies and NATO, in Europe, Latin America, Italy and Asia. It's been admitted publicly that Operation Gladio targeted innocent civilians. Many countries have de-classified documents concerning Gladio, it’s on record. This Satanic operation targeted trains, buses, schools and even took special interest at targeting school buses, thirsting for images of dead children, to incite desired public indignation, and make them docile in accepting draconian police-state bent regulations and 'laws".  In 1980 August 2, in Bologna Italy, a Gladio bombing killed 85 people and wounded more than 200. This famous Gladio incident was very gruesome, in that it caused much carnage, and was particularly bloody. Then, no one need mention the shameful vices which pervade Government run facilities such as the CPS, "mental" institutions, Juvenile detention centers, day cares etc. These vices have an industry of their own, in these settings and more. Somehow, it is strange how depraved minds are always able to manage sophisticatedly their shameful industries, through apparently respectable fronts. Of course, the predominant media covers not a whiff of this. For it is ultimately owned by the Illuminati families, Satan's Elite; but managed by in between Luciferian families. It still remains a fact that the Government has declassified its own documents, that reveal it carries out terrorist murders against its own citizens…






Great video, it’s because of the stupidity of the masses of the world {2 Thessalonians 2:10}, these perpetrators believe in themselves to be the elitists of the world… What’s hypocritical about these so called elites because they play a leadership role, they have a feeling of superiority but they won't turn their heads around to see what is behind them also, as pointed out in the video on the brothers website  "Demon appears in photograph", everyone is playing their part in the end time history of mankind, knowingly or unknowingly.

Ephesians 6:12  For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places.

In Mary,




Subject: Video



Excellent YouTube presentation on the fake terror attacks. The question remains when and if the public will wake-up in time and realize that today's world leaders are the terrorists. The only possible solution may be the return of Jesus Christ, that he may wipe the face of this earth clean of all evil-doers and bring Heaven on Earth.

Any future possibility of creating a DVD containing your collection of YouTube video's that are not already on DVD?

God Bless,
Tom Miles




Subject: More Fake terror plots leading us to war and disaster - video


Dear Brothers, 


Another Excellent Video on the fake terror plots!  And the news media is eating this up, wanting us to enter yet more wars!  There apparently are not enough disasters, wars and riots (and flash-mobs on wall street) in the world to satisfy them!  We are heading faster and faster into the endtimes! May Our Lord and Our Lady help us!...






Subject: Fake Terror Plot Video


Dear Brothers,

Great video exposing the Israeli interests behind almost every single act of "terror." The mainstream media would have us all believe that no one in government can lie or deceive another human being, and that everyone is always 100% honest - except for the "terrorists." There have been so many "false flag terrorist" events that it boggles the mind, yet most people don't want to even imagine that their own government could be complicit in such crimes. The Rothschild Illuminati ensured that Australians would be disarmed when they pulled of the Port Arthur massacre, where it is alleged that a mentally retarded invalid shot 17 people in the first 15 seconds of his rampage, killing 12. All while shooting from his hip. However, it seems that nowadays the New World Order uses stupid idiots to do their dirty work - I suppose it's cheaper for them than to use professional assassins! At least the dirt always leaves a trail. Great work MHFM on exposing the Conspiracy while being the only authentic source of Catholic faith and light in these dark times. The Vatican II sect is similar to the false flag terrorism in that they commit atrocious acts of heresy, schism and apostasy while blaming it on the Catholic Church… As Jacinta of Fatima said, "war is punishment for the sins of mankind." The level of deception and ignorance in these times is very saddening…

God Bless,

Chris White




On EWTN a program called "The World Over" had the actor Martin Sheen. The host called him a :Devout Catholic". When I called in to state that Martin Sheen sign a letter to President Obama asking the President to pass a "Gay Marriage Act" and that he promotes and supports a pro abortion pro homosexual President my question was never put on air. I sent proof to EWTN and called many times but, no answer. What can be done?




MHFM: One can recognize that EWTN is not Catholic, but part of the Vatican II Counter Church.  One can reject the New Mass, the entire Vatican II sect, etc.






Hello i'm a catholic that grew up in North Dakota. A friend of mine whom was catholic but turned away and went to some denomination called Four Square is getting married next summer. is it a sin for me to participate in his wedding even though i could give 2 cents less about his church? I still care for him because i have known him since childhood. though as of late we have butted heads on religion… thank you and God Bless.




MHFM: Yes, it would be a sin to participate in his wedding.   You should not attend, participate or send a gift.  Instead, you should charitably explain to him that you cannot be involved with a wedding for people outside the true faith. 




… thank you. I used to be catholic, and left the church many years ago for a protestant… Who I married, then adultery was found in his heart, I renounced His religion, but never god, since then..Ive been a stagnet soul, and relying on my native american tradition, but thank you for your witnessing tools i see clearly now. amen...I m also thinking about learning about saints.




MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  We’re glad to hear about your interest.  We assume you mean that you no longer follow the Native American traditions; for they are not of God but of the deceiving spirit.  It's critical that you embrace the traditional Catholic faith.  The steps for how to convert are on our website.  We would recommend that you pray the Rosary each day.  




Dear Brothers

Again I write, this time full of praise for all the overwhelming information, books, videos, research, quotes, pictures, you have used to backup your position.   They are more than informative, they are life changing.

If a person doesn't take up the sedavacantist position… he or she has a closed mind and heart, and has already made up their mind not to do so.

What you say makes absolute sense, and you back it up with the above information.  Unlike others who present an argument but really don't or can't back it up sufficiently...

Many thanks and God Bless you for all your hard work.



New Video


MHFM: This is a new video.  This video could also be called, Radical Schismatic Teaches Heresy on Christ’s Natures.


Understanding Christ's Natures [video]




Subject: Wow!


Dear Brothers, 


Your Autumn video really captured God's beautiful paint brush at its peak!!  It was so beautiful and relaxing with the music in the background!  I love the Autumn and the only thing I regret is that it is so short!  But if it was longer, we probably would not appreciate it as much as we do!  God knows what he is doing!  The colors up there in NY are a little faster than here in Ohio, although now they are at their peak, and even though I have a lot of trees in my yard and LOTS of leaves to rake and blow,  I LOVE to do it!  I think it is fun!!  Thanks again for a most beautiful video and God bless you and your wonderful work.


PS.  I also think the snow in winter is beautiful and people are always putting that down.  They do not see God's beauty in it!  Maybe when you get a beautiful snowfall in winter, you can make another video, as the grounds there are absolutely gorgeous!


New Mass


Subject: invalid mass


Dear Brother's,


HELP!! I'm in a discussion with a friend in regards to the validity of the mass.  I have argued the "many" versus "all" with her and have given her all your quoes that prove with out a shawdow of a doubt thathe Vatican II/ Novus Ordo mass is false.  She has the nerve to send me the following:  "Many" is a Biblical idiom that often means "all." Daniel 12:2 speaks of the general resurrection and states "And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt." Here, "Many" means "all". On the last day everyone will be ressurected, not just some people.  The catechism of the Catholic Church points out that when Romans 5:12 states that by Adam's disobedience "many" were made sinners, it means that all men were made sinners (CCC402)  Christ did shed his blood for all men in some sense. 1John 2:2 says "Jesus is the expiation for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the sins of the whole world. "It is by the shedding of Christ's blood that the sins of the world could be forgiven. 


I looked up the ccc402 and found that it contains this quote however I have the feeling this was the revised english version that was brought on by John Paul II and Ratzinger, in the New Catechism.  I'm not sure of this and wanted your expertise on the subject if possible.  I feel that things are being spinned in the wrong direction, but I always like to have back up to prove my point.  Can you help?


God Bless,


Roselynn Brown


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  There is a simple answer to her argument.  The fact that “many” can mean “all” in some passages of Scripture is irrelevant.  “Many” doesn’t mean “all” in all passages of Scripture.  Try substituting “all” for “many” in Matthew 7:13, for instance; but most importantly, “many” cannot mean “all” in the consecration formula.  That’s because the Church has infallibly taught that the consecration expresses those for whom Christ’s blood is effective.  That does not include all.  That’s why the Catechism of Trent specifically taught that “all” is unacceptable in the consecration, for it would signify falsely. 


The Catechism of the Council of Trent, On the Form of the Eucharist, p. 227:  "The additional words for you and for many, are taken, some from Matthew, some from Luke, but were joined together by the Catholic Church under the guidance of the Spirit of God.  They serve to declare the fruit and advantage of His Passion.  For if we look to its value, we must confess that the Redeemer shed His Blood for the salvation of all; but if we look to the fruit which mankind has received from it, we shall easily find that it pertains not unto all, but to many of the human race.  When therefore (our Lord) said: For you, He meant either those who were present, or those chosen from among the Jewish people, such as were, with the exception of Judas, the disciples with whom He was speaking.  When He added, And for many, He wished to be understood to mean the remainder of the elect from among the Jews and Gentiles.  WITH REASON, THEREFORE, WERE THE WORDS FOR ALL NOT USED, as in this place the fruits of the Passion are alone spoken of, and to the elect only did His Passion bring the fruit of salvation."


As we can see, according to The Catechism of the Council of Trent, the words “for all” were specifically avoided by Our Lord because they would have given the consecration form a false meaning.  This is covered in our New Mass section.


St. Alphonsus De Liguori, Treatise on the Holy Eucharist:  "The words for you and for many are used to distinguish the virtue of the Blood of Christ from its fruits: for the Blood of Our Savior is of sufficient value to save all men but its fruits are applied only to a certain number and not to all, and this is their own fault...




Subject: new video


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for sharing such beautiful, thought-provoking pictures of autumn with your readers.

In Christ,





Thank you, Brother Peter and Brother Michael,

The pictures are just breath taking. I could almost smell the air, and hear the leaves crackling under foot.  What a most beautiful area to live. Thank you so much for sharing the wonders of God's creation.  Absolutely wonderful!

May God Bless and Our Most Holy Mother Mary protect you always.





Subject: Autumn Video


Dear MHFM,


What an amazing video.  I can't help but pause at the beauty of the colors exploding in the air, and the calm and comfort it brings from the turning of the leaves.  What a perfection of splendor Autumn is. "All the days of the earth, seed time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, night and day, shall not cease".  Genesis  8:22.






… Thank you for the recent video of the amazing countryside at MHFM. The first piece of music I had not heard before - will that be in a new video?? It is a good piece - strong. Some trees turn bright red or yellow in Autumn. Everything in nature should glorify God since He made everything good. Simple yet beautiful. Good point about the passing of time. So many people waste their lives because they don't have the Catholic faith. That's something I've particularly noticed with the "Orthodox" schismatics - they are time-wasters (in general). Maybe it has something to do with their rejection of 1000 years of Catholic teaching. Thank you for the inspirational video.

Romans 1:20 - "For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made. His eternal power also and divinity: so that they are inexcusable."

God Bless,





Subject: Fr. Corapi Exposed


I would like to thank you for exposing Corapi and his dark past and his misconduct. It seems that what they (the masons) do all the time. They take someone with a dark past and promise them protection from exposing it and make a celebrity out of him with the idea of; if they get too powerful or run astray, they can bring that dirt to the surface…






Subject: Iranian plot?


OK guys, what do you think?


1)      A sinister plot by Iranian intelligence agents and special forces to commit an assassination on US soil using a “weapon of mass destruction”  (also known in more traditional circles as a “hand grenade”) was foiled by our highly competent DEA (the very same ones now under investigation for giving guns to Mexican gangsters)  because this highly trained and dangerous Iranian agent was tricked into spilling the plot to an undercover DEA agent whom he thought to be a Mexican gangster whose aide Iran needed (strange that such a dangerous country should need help from Mexican gangs) to carry out their sinister, evil scheme.

2)      The Israelis are getting ready to bomb Iran and this obviously phony story is meant to provide political air cover by reminding people how evil Iran is.


Krauthammer (does he also have an Israeli passport?) said on Fox yesterday that this was really scary because the next time the hand grenade might be an Iranian NUKE!   Be very afraid. 


How dumb do they think we are?...


William T. Mulligan, Jr.


MHFM: Yes, it’s so obviously a hoax that words fail to capture what a heap of nonsense the whole thing is.  They would come up with anything to send us into war against Iran for Israel whose interests dominate our country.  It’s an outrage.  It’s all about Israel.  For years now we’ve been talking about how they were obviously planning something to “justify” military action against Iran.




Subject: Wow!


Dear Bros.,

The information you provide on your website is simply amazing. I only found the Most Holy Family Monastery website a week ago, though it is clear you have been disseminating information for years.

 I found your website while doing a search about John Corapi and looking for more information about his recent problems.

I was doing this research because I had just finished meeting with a friend of mine who at the age of 44 had decided to study for the Priesthood. He is an old classmate of mine from a Jesuit High School we graduated from in the 1980s.

 I had asked to talk with him because I felt it was time to renew my faith and I felt I needed some answers. I am not a lifelong Catholic and converted in 1999. Since then, I had always felt like something was missing with the Church. There are many things that happened to me when I was first converted that pointed me towards traditionalism, but for some reason, I was not comfortable with traditionalist ideas. As you have stated on your videos, we believe in order to understand…


Jason Esposito




Subject: Request



I came across your website and found it to be a blessing.  I am a Protestant that has felt an increasing call to Catholicism, but have been held back by the apostasy that appears to have arisen within the Catholic Church.  I have been seriously considering conversion as I now believe it to be the true church, but worry that the changes in doctrine within the Church post Vatican II will mean that the priest will not be the true teacher of God's will and would lead me astray even if unintentionally. 

Do you have any advice for me?  I was thinking that there may be places where they teach the traditional dogma and say the traditional mass.  Is that true and can you provide any information about them?  Many thanks




MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  This file covers the steps to convert.  Once a person follows them, and is ready to proceed, we can help that individual with where to make a proper confession.


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts.


We would recommend that you begin to pray the Rosary each day.  The file for how to do so is on our website.




Dear Brothers,


That comment from Micheal, from Texas, about an article which will canonize JPII this Christmas is simply mind boggling to think that his beatification was during May. Saints under the true popes waited centuries to be canonize and now JPII waited only 7 months? its outrageous. Let those heretics be they'll deny anything for the sake of convenience (I may not be writing charitably for this reason). if the doctrine is against them they reject it instead of conforming themselves to it all for the sake of convenience.


God speed,





Subject: Reply to Protestant emailer


Dear Brothers:


I would like to make a reply to the protestant e-mailer, Fred.


The Catholic Church was established by Jesus Christ.  It did not become a "state religion", as you put it, until some four centuries later.  And the acknowledgment of the Catholic Church established by Jesus was not just a state religion:  It was Christendom.  The destruction of Christendom (and the beginning of the end of the world) began in the 15th century with the Protestant revolt, and has culminated in our times with the Counterfeit Catholic Church.  The papacy was a great gift of Christ to the world so that the world might know His truth, but God does not force his blessings on a world that doesn't want them.    


Jesus Christ never authorized any other Church but His, and no man-made Church can save you.  Protestants love to hear themselves say:  "Jesus Christ is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords", but they are actually mocking the Kingship of Christ.  Even the devil knows that Christ is the King of kings and the Lord of lords, but the only way Christ's kingship is recognized by any society is through that society's acceptance of the one true Church Jesus Christ founded. 


When you or your anti-Catholic friends complain that the symbols of Christ are no longer allowed in society, just remind yourself that you don't live in Christendom.  It was destroyed by Protestantism.  And as long as you persist in Protestantism, you are not a member of Christ's Church. 


Lee Ann




Dear Brothers:

  I've been reading through the first volume of The Faith of the Early Fathers and I was shocked to come to the writings of "Saint" Hippolytus the third century anti-pope.  It did say something of him dying as a martyr.  So I was wondering was he a heretic who got his act together and died for Christ holding the true faith or was he one of the sham saints who was canonized by the antipopes of the twentieth century?  It just didn't make sense that an anti-pope could be a saint.  Also, I wanted to comment on how much I enjoy the comments from your readers… They keep me humbled and always on my toes to be a better traditional Catholic and keep knowing doctrine.

In Mary's sweet name,
Nathan Barton


MHFM: Hippolytus was an antipope (the first antipope, actually) at one point in his life because he set himself up as the Bishop of Rome in opposition to the pope.  When he was exiled during a persecution, he was reconciled and died as a martyr for the faith. 




Dear Brothers,

In thinking about Dave L and his heresy of Eutyches, I realized that the radical schismatics have no place for God in their lives. If they did, then they would have some fear of God, and would not fall into such blatant inversions of Catholic dogma. It reminds me of the Luciferian initiation that shorts out the brain's wiring… Their pride is demonic…

God Bless,



New Video


MHFM: This is a new video.


Benedict XVI's Lutheran Pilgrimage [video]




Subject: The "canonization" of Nuno Alvares Pereira



First of all, i want to thank you for the information that you gave me about the validity of a confession, if i am not mistaken. 

Perhaps you are aware of the "canonization" of Nuno Álvares Pereira, a 14th century portuguese military. Because he was "canonized" by antipope Benedict XVI, his "canonization" process was not valid, right?  My question is: Even so his "canonization" was not valid, his beatification (correct me if i'm wrong) was performed by the Pope Benedict XV and, by that fact, a valid one. Does the false canonization invalidate the previous beatification?  Can you give some thoughts about that?

Thanks for your time. Nice videos about the Conquistadores, by the way. Very remarkable. One can see that you are from the truth, the only one, and that you embrace it.




MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  No, it would not affect a previous beatification by a valid pope.




Subject: False Christians


Dear Brothers:


Scripture tells us that a prerequisite for membership in the Kingdom of God (which is Christ's true Catholic Church on earth) is the acceptance of God's revelation, which is essentially the definition of religion or faith.  Truth means God's unchangeable truth.  But, as Pope St. Pius X warned at the beginning of the twentieth century, even the meaning of "religion" itself was already being denied in certain influential quarters of the Catholic world.  It is denied today by all modern, apostate men.  Today, almost all men calling themselves "Christian" (whether Protestant or Vatican 2 "Catholics") do not define Religion or Faith as:  that which has been revealed by God and is to be accepted by men.  Instead, the reverse is true.  In their proud manner of thinking, men universally consider that faith means:  that which is imagined or created by men, and must be accepted by God.  


This is a complete and diabolical inversion of the truth, and all false Christians put man in the place of God, which is antichristNot only that, but almost everyone forgets that man's time on earth is a test (just like the angels had to undergo a test before obtaining the beatific vision, and not all of them passed that test).  As MHFM has demonstrated again and again, the eternal outlook for modern man is not good, either.


No wonder that men like St. Louis de Montfort and St. Vincent Ferrer who lived around the 15th century when Protestantism was just beginning, recognized it as the beginning of the end of the world.  These saints might not have known how long the last epoch might be -- whether 100, 500 or 1,000 years, but they were correct in recognizing that the final countdown had definitely begun.  The proliferation of false "Christian" sects that began with Luther spread like cancer, because if one man can make up his own doctrines and his own Church, so can every man.  Or so the Protestant heresy goes.


The world is like one giant, demonic supermarket or warehouse, where people can select any and all heresies to their liking, and can fill their carts with any sort of beliefs or no beliefs at all.  Don't like the papacy founded by Christ?  This way please.....Don't like the Mass Christ instituted?  Check out our alternatives.....God's teaching on marriage or morality a little bit too difficult for you?  No problem, there are ways you can avoid God's law and still feel good about yourselves....Got friends and family who are outside the Catholic Faith but whom you really don't feel like evangelizing?... Not to worry, there are ways you can deny the Catholic faith while still imagining that you hold it....Rather not think about God at all, or prefer a God more to your liking?  Right this way, sir...


And if you try to warn these people who are outside the true faith that they have not chosen to follow God's truth but are following man-made doctrines and religions, they will say:  But how does one know what truth is?  How does one know what God thinks or cares about?  And they put on the airs of one asking a profound, rhetorical question.


As if these liars didn't know that there is more evidence for God and the true Catholic Faith than for anything else on earth.  Biblical evidence.   Historical evidence.   Scientific evidence.   Geological evidence.   Natural evidence.    Miraculous evidence.   And the list goes on and on.


Lee Ann




I would just like to give a small story to the people who doubt brother Michael and Peter Diamond. When I first heard about the position I was spiritually shocked. I was angry, I had never been so challenged, I wanted to disprove them and throw it in their face. But they said say three rosaries a day and you will be convinced, (but no luminous). So I said I'll say double that then I'll beat them in a debate. But that backfired. I became convinced. For all you doubters, do not doubt the rosary, it will convince you, stop saying divine mercy and say all three mysteries a day. I was real bad, I was doing at least 300-400 mortal sins a day, and I was saying the rosary with the intention of disproving brother Michael and Peter and still I converted. Now it’s three years later, I have gotten out of mortal sin and the feeling is deep. I was V2 for 18 year I know the feelings you get, the strange rush John Paul 2 can give you, the feeling of electricity rushing through your body. It is not of God and it does not come close to true spirituality. Truly being out of mortal sin is powerful it is humbling almost to the point of horrifying you, you know your forgiven yet you realize how bad you were and how bad you still are.  






Your description of the way the Bible give power to Priests to forgive sin, is disgraceful.  God/Jesus forgives sins directly.  No priest is needed for that… This unwarranted power has existed since the Roman Catholic church was founded as a state religion. Your claim to holy power is as false as that of the pharisees.


In His Name,

Fred Goepfert


MHFM: Your rejection of the obvious truth is disgraceful and demonic.  The Bible explicitly states that Jesus gave the Apostles the power to forgive sins. 


John 20:21-23- “Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so I send you.  And when he had said this, he breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost: Whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them; and whose sins you shall retain, they are retained.”


Of course, this means that Jesus gave men the power to forgive sins, directly contradicting your statement.  It also means that men were to hear confessions of sins.  That’s how they would determine which sins to forgive and which sins to retain (not forgive).  




Dear Brothers,

Your material never ceases to amaze me over the years.  Every time I revisit the information on your site, I discover something new that I missed the first, second or third time. I came up with an analogy while listening again to the audio "Is The World About to End?". 

I see the ends times as a rodeo; where you have the bull as the beast or the EU; the bull rider (who the beast hates) as the Harlot or Vatican II Church; the audience as the faithless world cheering on the beast to trample the Harlot and the faithless Vatican II Sect members cheering on the Harlot to go the distance; there are the rodeo clowns who represent the heretical VII priests standing around amusing the crowd while trying to protect the Harlot from the Beast's horns or insults; the announcer is the anti-pope sitting safely away from harm, shouting praises for both the Harlot and the Beast as the anti-popes reign is dependent on both the EU monetary support and the Vatican II Church; the gate-keeper that opens the gate to release the Beast and it's Harlot rider is one of the few faithful and is the most excited because he knows once the Beast and Harlot are released, time will run out and both of them are going to meet their demise in one way or another.

God Bless,

Tom Miles




I like the video of the things that are biblical. But the items that are Catholic and what is said about the Catholic faith are nothing but a big bag of baloney. What bible are you reading? Catholic/Catholicism isn't even a word in the bible. One faith, one religion.....believing and following in the foot steps of  Jesus. Nothing more, nothing less. You my friends have been deceived by the devil. Just like the Muslims. My opinion....nothing more, nothing less. Have a great life.




MHFM: No, you are deceived by the Devil and quite dishonest.  The word “Trinity” is not in the Bible.  Since the word “Trinity” is not there, based on what you’ve said, you would have to reject the Trinity.  But that’s one of the central truths of Christianity.  The word “Trinity” is not found in the Bible, but the substance of the doctrine is there.  The same is true with the Catholic Church. 




The Catholic teachings on the Papacy, the Eucharist, Baptism, Confession, etc. are all in the Bible.  The proof that there is a universal Church which adheres to these truths is also found in the Bible, even though the term Catholic Church – which was used as early as A.D. 110 by St. Ignatius of Antioch to identify the one Church of Christ – was not used in the Bible.  The Bible also tells us that it’s not the only rule of faith.  It tells us that we must accept Tradition and the Church (2 Thess. 2:14-15).  You are wrong on every front.  As much as you currently reject the Catholic faith, it’s better to humble yourself, investigate these matters, and convert than it is to die, find out you were wrong and go to Hell forever.




Subject: [LIFE magazine: John Paul II with prologue from Billy Graham]


The subject says it all. 

… I think when they canonize JPII something will happen... I think it will be on a Christmas day...

- Michael in Texas




Subject: New Novus Ordo "bishop" of Bolzano


This is the new Novus Ordo "bishop" of Bolzano:




His facial expression is revealing: this is clearly a demonic expression and indicates a link to dark forces





Subject: Halloween


Dear Brothers,


I made plans to visit my brother, his wife, and children out of state at the end of October and beginning of November.  Halloween has nothing to do with my trip.  I chose those dates because I will be tied up with other things for the rest of the year.  Today my brother texted me and asked what will I be dressing up as to go trick or treating and he will be buying his own costume.  I replied and said that I do not celebrate Halloween because it is the Devil's holiday and Catholics should have nothing to do with it.  He replied and said that is the silliest thing he ever heard.


Now I am thinking of perhaps cancelling my trip because I think I will feel strange being there while they are out celebrating this pagan holiday while I stay in the house and not participate.  Additionally, they go to extremes in decorating their house with pictures of monsters and audios of scary voices.  I think it will be better if I cancel and go some other time.


I recall several years ago on Halloween, some children were trick or treating in my neighborhood.  When they were about to ring my bell, one of them, a girl who appeared to be around 10 years old, stopped and said, "Don't go there.  They are christians.  Christians don't celebrate Halloween".  I was standing at the window in the dark where they could not see me, watching and listening.  The only clue they had that it was a christian house was the statue of Our Lady of Fatima, which is prominently displayed.  I thought this was interesting and worth mentioning.




MHFM: That is interesting.  To your question, yes, we think you should cancel the trip.




Dear Sirs,

I am catholic and I came across your website recently.  I find it impossible to understand your characterization of Pope Benedict XVI as being a heretic.  On what authority do you say that? How can you or anyone  be "more catholic then the Pope"?. Jesus Himself gave the first pope Peter a special charism of infallibility on matters of faith and morals and and sole authority over His church as his vicar on earth.  If you depend on your own reasoning as your ultimate authority and  rule of faith then you are no different than a protestant.

How could Jesus allow the papal See to remain unoccupied for a prolonged period? - This would cause great confusion among the faithful since only by being in obedience to and in communion with the Bishop of Rome can we be sure someone is following the will of our Lord. THAT is how Jesus set up the rule of his church - if you don't like it, then take up your protest with Him, but in the meantime remain faithful and 100% supportive of the pope- that is what obedience to God's will demands of you…


Hugo Cerri


MHFM: The Church teaches that Catholics have not only the authority, but the obligation to reject as heretics those who publicly deny Catholic teaching.  It’s the very same authority by which we reject as heretics pro-abortion public figures who call themselves Catholics.  You don’t believe in or understand Catholic teaching.  The rule of faith that was given to us does not mean that we follow whoever sets himself up in Rome and preaches a new gospel.  It means that we must adhere to what the popes of the past have authoritatively taught.  We follow that rule; you don’t.  You have set yourself up as a Protestant by pitting yourself against defined Catholic dogmas.


You find it impossible to understand how we call Benedict XVI a heretic.  We find it amazing that you could deny so much evidence.  He denies dozens of dogmas.  He teaches that people who reject the very charism of infallibility which you mentioned remain in the Church.  That’s heresy.  In defending it, you also deny papal infallibility.  Wake up and take a look at the evidence.  Learn something about what it means to be a Catholic.  Accepting the Papacy does not mean that one should follow a man who pretends to be the pope and preaches a completely new and anti-Catholic gospel.  Such a man is a heretic and not a true pope.


Benedict XVI (The Heresies of Benedict XVI File) [link to section]


Responses to 19 of the Most Common Objections Against Sedevacantism [PDF file]


The Catholic Teaching that a heretic cannot be a valid pope and loses the papal office automatically [PDF file]


You also say the Chair of Peter cannot be vacant for an extended period of time.  That’s wrong.  It has been vacant for an extended period of time.  These objections are all addressed in the files on our website.  Your final line reveals that you don’t understand the Papacy at all.  You don’t embrace faith in God and the Church He founded, but rather you engage in anti-papolatry.




Dear brothers,


First, I want to say again that I’m totally grateful for what you did to my life and others.


 _ I need to go to confession for mortal sin although I went 4 times by now. (I know I deserve to die and go to Hell)


In France there are some sedevacantists priests but as you mentioned they seem to be all heretical. The 3 times I went for confession in a place was with a priest who I tried to make him understand the true message of the Roman Catholic Church with all your works translated in French…He was brutal in his rebutals and so I did not see him again.

  The fourth time for confession was in another place whom the pre 1968 ordained priest seems also unfortunately heretical. I did not yet told him about your work but I will. I went to him, said everything, and he gave me absolution….


_ Also I was thinking for confession that for the subject of obeying to superiors; I have been tough with mine who is my uncle and to whom I told him about your work. We argued and I kind of refused his orders… Also for temporal reasons ( saying he must change this and this…). And I am also brutal with my family members (saying… insults to them for not understanding like heretics and apostates).  Is it mortal sin ? I feel like it is wrong, but I do not know if there is some orders that we can disobey.


Please help me…


Hoping  that with the help of  Our Lady, our Queen, I will… never commit mortal sin again, being faithful to Our Lord Jésus-Christ like a soldier, in order to continue the Holy Fight in France for my part…


Sincerely in Christ.



MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  When you say that you are brutal with your family, perhaps you mean stern.  It is not a sin to have forceful or stern words for heretics, or even to issue insults if the defense of the faith or the denunciation of heretics requires it.   You do not have to obey a heretical uncle in everything he says, and there is no sin in not doing so. 




Would it be possible for me to join the Catholic faith through the Most Holy Family Monastery?  If so, please send information.


Docc M. Jonsson


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  This is the file you need to see: The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts.




To whom it may concern,


Just want you to know I think you both do some nice work!  I currently have your large book, outside the Catholic Church no salvation, Bible proves the teachings of the Catholic Church, Padre Pio and multiple DVDs. I have a friend I am trying to help convert.  I think the book you carry (The Bible proves the teachings of the Catholic Church) will help him tremendously...






Fantastic, you are advertising on the Drudge website, I hope it bears a lot of fruit!!!  That gave me a proud feeling to see Most Holy Family Monastery on a major news website!

In Mary,




Just saw Drudge, you guys are really going bigtime now !!!!! WELL DONE!!!!






I cannot tell you how excited I was to see two large ads streaming for MHFM on Drudge Report… Thank you so much for your hard work. What you manage to accomplish is stunning, thank you.


Ave Maria!






Dear Brothers,

The pagan world is mourning their Gadget god today after Steve Jobs died last night. As I was watching t.v., the liberal media decided to flash a red "Special News Event" screen on the t.v. before announcing that Steve Jobs died. Once seeing the "Special News" announcement, I thought something big must have happened, only to learn the media considers one of their own patsies of the Devil, going to meet his master, a "Special News Event".  I'm sure the faithless believe he is looking down on them and will continue to inspire the Apple Company from Heaven.

God Bless,

Tom Miles




Subject: Luther


Dear Brothers:


Thank you for posting your radio program on B16's visit to Erfurt, Germany in which the Rat so clearly demonstrates, as usual, his embrace and important role in the revolt against Christ and the Catholic Church which Christ founded.  In a very scary sort of way, it seems historically significant that the False Prophet (and beast out of the earth) should be wrapping up the apostasy with his endorsement of Luther - as if events have come full cycle.  Have to believe the end is very near -- there just don't seem to be that many more ways that the false popes and their followers (regardless of what they call themselves), can continue to mock God.


I can recall reading that Luther's real family name was Luder which, it was said, means "beast".  And I can also remember hearing that the excrement-fixated Luther accused Christ of sins against purity.  These  servants of Satan are, indeed, like a Brotherhood of Beasts.


Nor was it any problem for the Rat to bow to the Protestant altar/table: one abomination of desolation is as good as another.


What's saddest of all, however, is that almost all people imagining themselves to be "Catholic" have no problem being in union with Antichrist and Company.  That almost no one in the world today holds the true Catholic faith as it was delivered by Christ is almost too hard for the mind to grasp, and would be impossible to believe had it not been foretold in Sacred Scripture.


I thank God for the Most Holy Family Monastery which has taught us the true faith.


Lee Ann




Dear MHFM, 


Thanks again MHFM for presenting the stench of Modernism on display to the world for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.  The heretical/secular nature of this filthy event should clearly demonstrate that from Pope Leo X til Vatican II how multiple pontiffs, near forty of them covering over 400 hundred years of Catholic dominance eviscerated through dogmas, decrees, exhortations, and papal infallibility the errors that lead to hell in the guise of protestantism, and the holy war against those who would dare embrace such evil, wicked, heretical religions.  Is the world about to end?  Did Sodom and Gomorrah end in total destruction?  Modernist reconstructionists (satanists, antipopes) would say-Ha!   






Subject: B-16 Lutheran Pilgrimage


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the video on Antipope Benedict XVI's Lutheran Pilgrimage. It's amazing how obvious he makes his heretical acts. It's as if he does it on purpose so that no one who's really paying attention could possibly miss it. He's trying to prove a point, namely, that it doesn't matter what religion a person professes, so long as they follow their conscience. However, the human conscience is not an infallible guide, as is shown at 1 Timothy 4:1,2: "Now the Spirit manifestly saith that in the last times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to spirits of error and doctrines of devils, Speaking lies in hypocrisy and having their conscience seared." According to the Vatican II sect and almost every Protestant, a person can follow their burnt out conscience all the way to heaven and not miss a step. Protestants such as Lutherans imagine that merely reading the Bible can save a person, and that that's all they need to do - "justification by faith alone, except for reading the Bible."… How can anyone say he's a pope? It's ludicrous!! There is absolutely no merit in being in communion with Benedict XVI, and for anyone who is aware of his heresies but still yearns to be in communion with him, there will only be condemnation. It should be a wake up call for the SSPX, since the New "Mass" was essentially taken from the likes of the Lutherans. Benedict XVI also looks very possessed in the photos. He deserves eternal torment and fire in hell for praying with the Lutherans! What a HERETIC!!!

Pope Leo X, Exsurge Domine, CONDEMNING THE ERRORS OF MARTIN LUTHER: "23. Excommunications are only external penalties and they do not deprive man of the common spiritual prayers of the Church." - Condemned

Pope Leo X, Exsurge Domine, CONDEMNING THE ERRORS OF MARTIN LUTHER: "24. Christians must be taught to cherish excommunications rather than to fear them." - Condemned

Pope Leo X, Exsurge Domine, CONDEMNING THE ERRORS OF MARTIN LUTHER: "25. The Roman Pontiff, the successor of Peter, is not the vicar of Christ over all the churches of the entire world, instituted by Christ Himself in blessed Peter." - Condemned

God Bless,

Chris White




Subject: Apostates at work


Hi brothers,


Today I had a discussion about religious issues at work with my tutor of my training in general medicine. All started because he very often says the name of Mary in vain, almost every day. I rebuked him and said to him that if he says "Mary" as an interjection and therefore in vain he commits mortal sin. He responded that he does not agree. Then I asked him if he is Catholic, he responded that he does not believe that Catholicism is the one true religion, and he said also that he believes that all religions have "good elements" (this is the typical heresy of the Vatican II heretics). I said to him that his beliefs are heretical and therefore mortally sinful. I explained to him that if he does not convert to the traditional catholic Faith he cannot be saved. He responded that my position is absurd, and that he supports "religious freedom". He was very obstinate. So I will not engage in religious discussions anymore with him, since he demonstrated bad will. These apostates will discover their wicked errors when it will be too late.






Dear Brothers Michael and Peter


My name is George. I am a subscriber to your youtube channel and I've been following your work for years. I'm very impressed with the way you have and continue to try and bring the world to light with the truth about what's really going on…


I attend mass 4 times a week at 2 different chapels. The one is an independent chapel with an independent priest who doesn't belong to any society. The other is an FSSP chapel. A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with one the priests of the FSSP chapel. I was telling him about how I thought that the novus ordo mass was invalid. I was very surprised with the reaction I got from him as a priest that says only the traditional latin mass (Mass of St. Pius V). He said that the novus ordo mass is indeed valid and that not even Archbishop Lefebre (SSPX) doubted it's validity. He went on to say however that the new teaching that all religions can be saved is a false teaching, but he and the society FSSP believe that Benedict XVI is the true pope. It's clear that he and the the society of FSSP are confused and believe only what they want to believe. Why then did he spend 7 years studying at a Traditional Catholic seminary when he could have become a novus ordo priest in half the time? After all he believes in the new mass. I think that it was so he could wear a cassock, as they don't wear cassocks in the novus ordo church.


… I think that it may be that there are priests out there that know and believe the truth about anti-pope Benedict XVI and his predecessors, but they're just too scared to stand up for the truth with fear of being cast out. What are your views on this?...




MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  Almost all of the FSSP “priests” were ordained by bishops who were themselves made bishops in the new rite of Episcopal Consecration.  Since the new rite of Episcopal Consecration is doubtfully valid, one must not attend the FSSP “masses” or receive sacraments from them. 


The New Rite of Consecration of Bishops [PDF file]

(This article explains the changes that Paul VI made to the rite of consecrating bishops after Vatican II.)


Why the New Rite of Ordination is Invalid [PDF File]

(This article explains why the New Rite of Ordination – which was instituted by Paul VI on June 18, 1968 after Vatican II – is not valid.)


Let’s be clear: the priests to whom you refer do not have the faith.  They lack a real belief in Christ and his dogmas, but we do think that some of them know that Benedict XVI is not a Catholic, even though they publicly act as if he is one.  When we consider the magnitude and frequency of Benedict XVI’s heresies, it’s remarkable that anyone who claims to hold Catholic dogma in any way really believes that he has the Catholic faith.  Some of them know that he’s an unbeliever and a non-Catholic, but they don’t take the position that he’s not the pope for reasons of human respect or out of fear that they will lose their status or position.  In short, they serve Satan and not Christ. 


Others who know that Benedict XVI is actually not a Catholic nevertheless truly believe that he is “pope” because they don’t believe the Church is supernatural or governed by supernatural principles.  Even though they would deny it, they definitely dismiss supernatural principles such as divine anathema or automatic excommunication.  To such heretics, what most “Catholics” think and externals are what determines reality.  They believe in a completely human Church. 


Hence, they hold that even if one doesn’t have the faith at all (e.g., Benedict XVI) – even if one rejects the Gospel and the necessity of Christ, embraces false religions, etc. – as long as he walks around in Rome and dresses up in the papal robes, he’s in possession of what’s most important and in fact determinative: the external component of the office.  Lacking any supernatural faith in God or His dogmas, they conclude that since most identify with the external component, and Benedict XVI possesses it, that’s what truly renders him “holy father” and “the pope.”  In their heretical minds, the views of most people and externals trump what God has said about the reality of the situation.  Provided they don’t convert, they will be quite disappointed when they die, are condemned to Hell, and discover that supernatural principles do determine reality.




Subject: Luther & Lucifer


Dear Brothers,

I liked John's comment about the V-2 sect being summed up by, "Luther was right." I think they would go one step further by saying that "Lucifer was right," since they preach that man is God: Genesis 3:4,5 - "And the serpent said to the woman: No, you shall not die the death. For God doth know that in what day soever you shall eat thereof, your eyes shall be opened: and you shall be as Gods, knowing good and evil." The Vatican II sect worships man, and so teaches what the Devil told Eve - that man can be God - the Antichrist Gospel. It's interesting that the name Luther is somewhat similar to the name Lucifer, and both teach the same thing: "do what thou wilt," and "justification by faith alone." Luther taught that a pope is the Antichrist, and the Devil made the Antichrist look like a pope, i.e. John Paul II (and Benedict XVI). Both Luther and Satan use opposition to all that is good and true to bring about their goal of the ruin of souls - both are/were dedicated to the destruction of the Catholic Church and faith. Both put on the appearance of being good, when they are both evil, and both twist scriptures according to their liking. Both are fathers of the lie - gates of hell - heretics.

2 Thessalonians 2:1-4 - "And we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and of our gathering together unto him: That you be not easily moved from your sense, nor be terrified, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by epistle, as sent from us, as if the day of the Lord were at hand. Let no man deceive you by any means, for unless there come a revolt first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition, Who opposeth, and is lifted up above all that is called God, or that is worshipped, so that he sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself as if he were God."

2 Corinthians 11:13,14 - "For such false apostles are deceitful workmen, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no wonder: for Satan himself transformeth himself into an angel of light."

God Bless,





I watched the abortion and rock music video. I grew up during that era and listened to that music but, never would have listen to it backwards.


MHFM: The point is not that people generally listen to it backwards.  The point is that what comes out when it’s played in reverse demonstrates that the music is inspired by Satan and that he influences people with it.




Subject: Response to Jennifer's e-mail


I, too, cannot tolerate what I see and hear out there. I find that most people I must associate with at work, etc. present an occasion of sin. Many of them use God's name in vain or the subject of their conversations is unacceptable. For example, many of them speak about sex and relationships, etc. I always keep to myself and avoid them when possible. I have very few friends. Whenever I discuss religion with people I always feel like I'm in a world all by myself. Protestants tend to respect each others' beliefs but not Catholic beliefs. There is hardly anyone I meet who comes even close to being a Catholic.  Also, I have a room in my house which I feel very comfortable in to pray in peace and quiet before a crucifix and a statue of Our Lady of Grace. I think all Catholics should devote a room in their home for this purpose.



MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  If someone takes the name of God or Jesus Christ in vain right in front of you, that person should be told that it’s wrong to do so.




Subject: New Animosity


I was not going to email anything about this, "animosity", thing but reading the new E-exchanges is made me change my mind. I talk to a lot of V2 seminarians and recently something has changed. The hatred of me has been increased dramatically. The last one I talked to said how he had a vision of Jesus suffering, and how it was me stabbing Jesus in the vision, I was a little confused and also a little shocked, cause he had just met me 15 minutes ago, and allegedly had the vision years ago. At first he said it was the world hurting Jesus but then he just kept pointing at me and saying you, you, you hurt him. We were talking on a cliff and he had this look in his eye's like he wanted o push me off, so I left. It is strange also because usually I feel a push to go talk to people but recently, like the last few days, it has subsided and I feel pushed to be alone and pray. I am no mystic or anything but I feel like something has spiritually changed.




Short new video


MHFM: This is a very short new video.


Freaking out after watching Fatima film




If any human who believes in Jesus Christ, dies and spends eternity in hell, the devil wins?




MHFM: No, the Devil loses in the end because he will be tortured for all of eternity.  Even when he is able to win individual souls for Hell, it doesn’t bring him happiness.  He is simply driven by hate to make others feel the misery that he experiences.  God gives people free will.  Thus, whether people win in the end depends upon God’s grace and their cooperation with it.




You are right regarding the "popes" of vatican 2 they are not really popes at all, this I agree with you. But from what I believe a sedavacantist doesn't belong to a Church so to speak. Let me explain I go to a Latin Mass with the SSPX and even though they don't believe in what the modern Church teaches or in most cases what the "pope" says they still think he is a pope but a bad pope at that.

This is very confusing for me, I like to go to Mass and the sacraments but I disagree with their stance on the pope, however, after a while it can be almost brainwashing to accept what they believe as true.

I know of no sedavacantist Church to attend esp where I live so I go to the SSPX Church because it's the one Church I know of that still holds to the traditional faith and practises the old Mass and the sacraments.

I like your website, it looks very interesting for now I have bookmarked the page so I can go back to it later on and see what may be of interest to me.

God Bless you



MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  You really should take a look at the file on the positions of the SSPX.  They hold numerous heretical positions and they must not be supported. 




Our “Where to go to Mass” section covers the issue of which priests one may receive sacraments from today.




Your video "Dinesh D'Souza, Evolutionist falsely posing as "believer"" is locked for comments. So I was unable to post the question, "Can't a Believer also recognize evolution as correct?




MHFM: No, belief in evolution is not compatible with a legitimate reading of Scripture or even a belief in God as Creator. 





God Bless you and your brothers.

… I am a Roman Catholic interested in attending a Latin (pre-Vatican II) Roman Catholic church and I live in the Vancouver , British Columbia area of Western Canada. I just wondered if you might be able to direct me to someone who may know where I may find a Latin Roman Catholic church here?

I did find one church here which has strong German ties and was authorized by Pope Benedict XV1 and this is not my Pope and I reject Satan...

Thank you,



MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  You need to continue to look at the material and come to the point where you are committed never to attend the New Mass again, that you believe in Outside the Church There is No Salvation without exception (no “baptism of desire”), that you reject NFP, that you won’t support any heretical priests, etc.  That’s explained in this file: Where to go to Mass or confession today?.  People should also make the traditional profession of faith from the Council of Trent, which can be accessed from the aforementioned file.  Once a person is convinced on all relevant matters, we can help that person with possible locations for receiving sacraments.  We also recommend people to pray the Rosary each day, all 15 decades if possible.




Subject: Love your video blog


… I am a survivor of bacterial meningitis. It prompted me to study religion(s) and my own faith. I've given up God a few times- even after being with God for a brief moment. I am currently writing a book about the Shroud of Turin. Your information is splendid! And I love how analytical you are!






Dear Brothers,  


Today I met a couple of ladies I know and they were telling me , (or should I say COMPLAINING!) about the changes in the 'new' mass!  One lady said her husband has been upset with the NO Church since the communion in the hand bit!  When I asked her about some of the changes she said they changed the words in the Apostles/Nicene Creed.   And when the 'priest?' says  "the Lord be with you"  they have to say  "and with your spirit" instead of  'and with you'.  The other lady was just as upset and said that they have "classes" to teach WHY they are making the changes!   Neither one of them understands why they are doing this, and the one lady said you don't know when to sit, stand etc.  I said that they are going to drive more people away and they agreed.  I told them that I go to the Traditional Latin Mass, then I went out to my car to get some of your flyers which I carry, and gave the one a DVD also, "why the New Mass is invalid'.  I told her that her husband should appreciate that and I explained your website and how much there is on there to learn.  Hopefully, I pray their eyes will be opened.  God bless you and your work!


P.S.  Here is a news clip I saw on rt.com on TV this morning about how the French are changing their History.  Of course, this is happening all over.




With the Elenin date that came and went, I wonder if in fact, this dwarf star that is supposedly still out there, would make its appearance next to the Sun, on the anniversary of the miracle of the Sun Oct. 13, giving renewed proof to the world that GOD exists and that the Fatima miracle did happen.  Just wondering, at any rate I truly wish JESUS would show His Wrath to the world, which in reality is a Great Act of Mercy.  Just as a parent would spank a disobedient child to jolt him into realizing he is on the wrong path, Jesus by His Wrath would hopefully wake the world up.  Jesus did this countless times with the jews in the old testament!  Very few recognized the Supreme Punishment, the eclipse of {Rome} the Bark of Salvation, the Church and Her Sacraments. This is my hope because maybe with God's Wrath, it would make it easier on all those who are trying to save souls by making the people aware of what has been going on for the past 53 years by handing out the brothers material, exposing the vatican ll sect.  


Isaias (Isaiah) 30:26   And the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days: in the day when the Lord shall bind up the wound of his people, and shall heal the stroke of their wound.

Apocalypse (Revelation) 6:10   And they cried with a loud voice, saying: How long, O Lord (holy and true) dost thou not judge and revenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?


(Challoner) commentary  "Revenge our blood"... They ask not this out of hatred to their enemies, but out of zeal for the glory of God, and a desire that the Lord would accelerate the general judgment, and the complete beatitude of all his elect.


{Commentary from the Haydock bible}  These holy souls, who had been slain for the word of God, do not beg the Almighty to revenge their blood, through any hatred to their enemies, but through the great zeal with which they were animated, to see the justice of God manifested: that by this severity they might be moved to fear him, and be converted to him. 


In Mary,





Dear Brothers,

I concur with A who's noticing increasing animosity in people. I noticed this week that many people are wearing things with satanic symbols: t-shirts, jackets, pendants, etc. The other day I was walking down the street and offered a quote card to a man. He refused and kept walking - then I noticed a picture on the back of his jacket - a picture of the devil playing some kind of flute (looked like baphomet) and then the words "Lucifer and Lightening." Then I sat at a table for a coffee and a skateboarder rolled past with the El Diablo hand sign on his t-shirt. Then a couple of minutes later a man walked past with the word "HIM" on his t-shirt, which means the Devil. To top it off, I saw one of my flatmates wearing a t-shirt with upside-down crucifixes all over the back of it. The sad thing is that I had tried to get him to watch the Rock 'n' Roll Sorcerers program you sell, but he kept making excuses to avoid it. Next thing you know, he's a full-blown satanist. There is also a weird static in the air whenever he goes past. Why people get involved in the dark side is simply insane. It all goes back to the Vatican II sect because they're the ones promoting salvation outside the Catholic Church, and when that's done, anything goes. Thankfully the light of Truth keeps shining brightly from MHFM…

1 John 5:19 - "We know that we are of God, and the whole world is seated in wickedness."

Pope Vigilius, Second Council of Constantinople, 553: "If anyone will not confess that the Father, Son and holy Spirit have one nature or substance, that they have one power and authority, that there is a consubstantial Trinity, one Deity to be adored in three subsistences or persons: let him be anathema. There is only one God and Father, from whom all things come, and one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom all things are, and one holy Spirit, in whom all things are."

God Bless,

Chris White


MHFM: Yes, the best explanation for why so many people (including those who are not Satanists) make overt tributes to the Devil is that they are marked by him as a result of their mortal sin.  He can and will sometimes compel them to externally manifest the fact that they belong to him. 




Subject: Response to "A" NOTICING


Dear A,

What you describe in your note is so true. I have been going through the animosities, nasty words etc,etc for 16 years now. I have basically lost all of my "so called" friends. I have been challenged by family members, concerning my belief in the TRUTH. They never want to hear the response to their challenge of course. It has become very difficult for me to even be around people including my siblings. I have a very hard time even leaving my house. I just can't tolerate what my eyes see out there or my ears here.

I have good news for you though. If possible make a place in your home, room, or where ever possible and just sit and pray. The Brothers have a wonderful piece on their you tube site called Solitude: Behold where GOD is found. This is just a wonderful tool and has helped me tremendously. I listen to it almost everyday.

May the good Lord Bless you and keep you,




Subject: Hypocrisy


Dear Brothers:


There is a chilling remark of Our Lord which people calling themselves "Christian" would do well to think about.  While the atheists, Jews, Buddhists, Moslems and all others who deny Jesus Christ outright will, on that day, call on the mountains to fall on them and to hide them from the wrath of Christ, the prospects for false Christians will not be any better. We see in Matthew 7: 21 etc. that on that day many will say to Jesus that they are Christians, but He will tell them that they were workers of iniquity.


Consider one modern manifestation of hypocrisy on the part of false Christians which includes all Protestants as well as today's counterfeit "Catholics" -- that is, all who hold a faith that is not the faith delivered by Jesus Christ. 


All false Christians espouse the belief that "The Church Must be Separated From the State".  This belief has been condemned by the true popes because to entirely separate the true Church from the State is to deny the kingship of Christ. This idea of the separation of the State from the Church was brought about when the Protestant revolt began 500 years ago; it is synonymous with the gradual destruction of Christendom in the world. (As MHFM has pointed out, Vatican II was responsible for the destruction of the last remnants of Christendom in Spain, etc).


In real and practical terms, the State can only be attached to Christ or antichrist.  Christ assured us: we are either with Him or against Him.  If in certain places or at certain times in history, a state seemed "attached" to Protestantism, it was attached to antichrist even though it may have had the external (and false) appearance of Christianity.  These states, like the false religions themselves, may have had aspects of a Christian culture, but not the Christian faith itself -- a phenomenon which seems to be exactly what Jesus is talking about.


Notice how in these (very) last times, so many false Christians profess support for Israel and want America to support Israel financially, militarily -- in fact, any way possible.   Now, by its own definition at least, Israel would claim to be a religious state; it publicly identifies itself as an antichrist religion.  So all false Christians loudly profess that they don't believe a state should be officially attached to Christ, but they have no problem with a state being officially attached to a "religion" whose very reason for being is to deny Jesus Christ.  This is what happens to people who receive not the love of the truth. 


Isn't Satan amazing in what he can get his stooges to do?  When St. Louis de Montfort saw the beginning of the Protestant revolution -- the revolt against God -- he knew it was the beginning of the end of the world, even if he did not know how long that revolt would actually take, or the horror of its culmination including its satanic antipopes.  If the world imagining itself to be "Christian" does not want the true faith, it does not need true popes.


God bless MHFM for teaching us the true Catholic faith and helping us to understand the times we live in.


Lee Ann 


In case you missed it


MHFM: In case you missed it, this article we published a few months ago is an important read for those who carefully follow the refutation of non-sedevacantists.  It constitutes a complete destruction and exposé of the massive errors, false arguments and astounding contradictions exhibited by those who defend Antipope Benedict XVI: John Salza Has No Idea What He's Talking About.  It’s permanently located in this file, in our “Beware” section.  Here are a few highlights:




Salza not only contradicts himself on core issues in his first article (“The Errors of Sedevacantism and Ecclesiastical Law”), but he also contradicts himself on many things in his second article (his response to me).  In fact, as I will now show, he also contradicts what he said in his first article with what he said in his second article.


That means we have three layers of contradictions laid by Salza’s erroneous writing on the sedevacantist issue: 1) contradictions within the first article; 2) contradictions within the second article; and 3) contradictions between what he said in the first article and what he said in the second article.   Let’s consider #3 right now: contradictions between his first article and his second article.






In Salza’s first article, he argued that the key error of the sedevacantists is failing to recognize a distinction.  He distinguished between 1) the fact that a heretic ceases to be a member of the Church and vacates his office without declaration; and 2) the fact that Catholics supposedly cannot know who is a heretic “until the Church tells us.”  The left column reflects his first article, and the right column his second.  Notice (in the left column) that he applied his false argument, that we need the Church’s judgment to consider someone a heretic, to all professing Catholics and to clerics in general, not only to a pope.


Then notice (in the right column) how he changes his position and even lies about having ever taught it.







John Salza, First Article: “Sedevacantists correctly maintain that Divine Law expels a formal heretic from the Church without further declaration… However, the same Code of Canon Law also determines how we know a cleric has publicly defected from the Faith and lost his office as a result of the defection: The Church tells us. Thus, ecclesiastical law follows Our Lord’s directive: “tell it to the church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector” (Mt 18:17). While the person in Matthew 18 was publicly suspected of a transgression, Jesus tells us to treat him as excommunicated only after the Church judges the matter.


“… St. Paul is not giving every Catholic the authority to make a formal and binding determination of another Catholic’s orthodoxy.”











John Salza, Second Article, p. 5: “Ability to Recognize a Formal Heretic: Catholics are able to recognize a formal heretic without a declaration from the Church. See canon 188.4 and Cum Ex Apostolatus. While Dimond and I agree with this statement, Dimond (as you will see) repeatedly claims that I don’t believe Catholics can recognize a formal heretic, and that is simply not true (I have never held such an error). This is a deliberate or negligent mischaracterization of my position.”



In his first article (left column), he clearly teaches that a declaration from the Church is necessary to consider someone a heretic; and he argues that this principle applies to “a cleric” (not just a pope) and even to “another Catholic’s orthodoxy.”  That means that he was applying his false principle to all who professed to be Catholics.  He was arguing that you cannot consider any “Catholic” a heretic until “the Church tells us.”  In my article (John Salza’s Arguments Against Sedevacantism Crushed) I completely refuted his false argument, and that’s why Salza abandoned it in his second.  He now argues (right column) that you can recognize a professing “Catholic” as a heretic without a declaration from the Church, and he even dishonestly says he never taught otherwise.


Anyone can see that Salza’s statement is false and dishonest.  He clearly taught that Catholics cannot recognize another “Catholic” as a heretic “until the Church tells us.”  The fact that Salza is changing his position (again) and lying about it should make it clear to anyone that his position is false and indefensible. 




Salza’s new position is that while Catholics can recognize some people as formal heretics without the Church’s declaration, in the case of a pope a declaration is always required.  This opens up a whole new can of worms for his position because the canons he consistently cites and misuses don’t specify that they apply exclusively to a pope.  Even more importantly, in making his false argument that a claimant to the papal office must be declared a heretic before anyone could consider him one, Salza violates the dogmatic principle that a pope and the First See cannot be judged.  As I will show, there are literally dozens of errors, lies and contradictions in Salza’s second article, but this error might be the most important.




The principle that a pope and the First See cannot be judged is bound up with Catholic teaching on the primacy.  It was articulated from the earliest days of the Church.  Essentially, it means that since the pope is the leader of the Church with universal primacy and jurisdiction, no cleric, bishop or Catholic can depose the pope or SUBJECT THE POPE TO A CANONICAL TRIAL.  While a pope can summon a lower cleric (such as a bishop, cardinal or priest) to a trial for heresy, no one can do the same to a pope; for there is no authority on Earth higher than a reigning pope. 


Pope St. Nicholas, epistle (8), Proposueramus quidem, 865: “… Neither by Augustus, nor by all the clergy, nor by religious, not by the people will the judge be judged… ‘The first seat will not be judged by anyone.’” (Denz. 330)


Pope St. Leo IX, In terra pax hominibus, Sept. 2, 1053, Chap. 11: “By passing judgment on the great See, concerning which it is not permitted any man to pass judgment, you have received anathema from all the Fathers of the venerable Councils…” (Denz. 352)


Pope St. Leo IX, In terra pax hominibus, Sept. 2, 1053, Chap. 32: “… As the hinge while remaining immoveable opens and closes the door, so Peter and his successors have free judgment over all the Church, since no one should remove their status because ‘the highest See is judged by no one.’” (Denz. 353)


Canon 1556, 1917 Code of Canon Law, On trials in general: “The First See is judged by no one.”


Nevertheless, throughout his second article, John Salza argues that the pope not only can be judged to be a heretic by an official declaration, but that such a declaration (and a preceding trial) are necessary for a Catholic to consider the pope a heretic! 


John Salza, Second Article, p. 7: “Second, even if the pope were subject to canon 2200 and thus his formal heresy were presumed (which is not true), the pope would still be entitled to rebut the presumption in a canonical trial…”


John Salza, Second Article, p. 6: “Even if there were evidence of malice or disregarded warnings, the pope would be entitled to rebut such evidence as a matter of due process. That is why Dimond fixates on a Catholic’s ability to recognize heresy without the intervention of the Church (because he wants to personally judge the heresy) and also why he ignores or dismisses the canon law that requires declaratory sentences for heresy (again, because he wants to personally judge the heresy).


He teaches that there must be a process and examination of the pope.  He even says that the pope would be entitled to rebut such evidence in a trial.  All of this reveals his flawed theology, and his heretical understanding of the issue.  The pope cannot be subjected to a trial or examination, nor can he be deposed by a declaration from any cleric, bishop, body of bishops or even a council.  In fact, the notion that a council could judge or depose a pope is the heresy of Conciliarism; yet many non-sedevacantists argue that a council must handle the matter.  (A non-sedevacantist on YouTube, whose user name begins with “September,” made a similar false argument.  Like Salza, he also refused our debate challenge.)  That’s why the loss of papal office, and the ability of Catholics to recognize it, must happen WITHOUT ANY DECLARATION; for no one can judge the pope.  Any Catholic, on the other hand, can recognize that a manifest heretic is not a pope.


Here are some more quotes in which Salza promotes his primary heresy on this matter: that a pope can be judged, subjected to a trial, and deposed.




The sheer number of times that Salza promotes his fundamental heresy is alarming.  His entire argument revolves around this heretical position, which he vomits forth page after page.  When reading his repeated utterances of heresy on this matter, which serve to demonstrate that his position is false and his understanding of canon law fatally flawed, keep the pure Catholic truth on this matter firmly in mind: since no authority on Earth or in the Church could officially judge a reigning pope or subject him to a canonical trial or depose him, a claimant to the Papacy who demonstrates manifest heresy must be considered to have lost the office WITHOUT ANY DECLARATION, JUDGMENT OR TRIAL (BY VIRTUE OF THE DIVINE SENTENCE OF HERESY).  For that reason, one is not judging a pope when one recognizes that Benedict XVI (an obvious heretic) isn’t a Catholic.  Rather, one is simply acknowledging that a manifest heretic, who has publicly defected from the faith, is outside the Church and, as a result, devoid of any Catholic authority.  




John Salza, Second Article, p. 7: “Second, even if the pope were subject to canon 2200 and thus his formal heresy were presumed (which is not true), the pope would still be entitled to rebut the presumption in a canonical trial…”


John Salza, Second Article, p. 10: “… in Peter Dimond’s world, the pope is presumed guilty until proven innocent (actually, Dimond would not even give the pope a chance to prove himself innocent in a canonical trial!


John, that’s because a pope cannot be subjected to a canonical trial.


John Salza, Second Article, p. 10: “Further, the pope, above all men, would have the right to rebut any evidence that he is intentionally departing from the Catholic Faith as a matter of justice and due process. Again, that goes without saying.”


John Salza, Second Article, p. 10: “Even if the popes were not ignorant of Church teaching (a fact that would have to be established in a canonical trial)…”


John Salza, Second Article, p. 15: “The Dimond brothers can compile all the heterodox quotes of the conciliar popes that they wish and “adjudicate” them on their website as if they are the Magisterium… When it is a question of evidence which can deprive one of an ecclesiastical office, an ecclesiastical authority must resolve the question.”


Here Salza clearly articulates the condemned heresy that an “ecclesiastical authority” can deprive (at least de facto) a pope of office. 


John Salza, Second Article, p. 18: “A condemnatory sentence for heresy is declared only after a canonical trial, and canon 2223.4 requires a condemnatory sentence to be declared if it is for the common good of the Church (in the case of a claimant to the papacy whose heresy has not yet been proven to be morally imputable).”


John Salza, Second Article, p. 20: “Hence, the only way Dimond can strip the pope of his office is through the canonical procedures that he, quite wrongly, says do not apply.”


No one can strip the pope of his office.  This is staggeringly false theology.


John Salza, Second Article, p. 6: “Even if there were evidence of malice or disregarded warnings, the pope would be entitled to rebut such evidence as a matter of due process. That is why Dimond fixates on a Catholic’s ability to recognize heresy without the intervention of the Church (because he wants to personally judge the heresy) and also why he ignores or dismisses the canon law that requires declaratory sentences for heresy (again, because he wants to personally judge the heresy).











Pope St. Nicholas, epistle (8), Proposueramus quidem, 865: “… Neither by Augustus, nor by all the clergy, nor by religious, not by the people will the judge be judged… ‘The first seat will not be judged by anyone.’”


Canon 1556, 1917 Code of Canon Law, On trials in general: “The First See is judged by no one.”


Pope St. Leo IX, In terra pax hominibus, Sept. 2, 1053, Chap. 11: “By passing judgment on the great See, concerning which it is not permitted any man to pass judgment, you have received anathema from all the Fathers of the venerable Councils…”


Pope St. Leo IX, In terra pax hominibus, Sept. 2, 1053, Chap. 32: “… As the hinge while remaining immoveable opens and closes the door, so Peter and his successors have free judgment over all the Church, since no one should remove their status because ‘the highest See is judged by no one.’”





Pope St. Nicholas, epistle (8), Proposueramus quidem, 865: “… Neither by Augustus, nor by all the clergy, nor by religious, not by the people will the judge be judged… ‘The first seat will not be judged by anyone.’”


Canon 1556, 1917 Code of Canon Law, On trials in general: “The First See is judged by no one.”


Pope St. Leo IX, In terra pax hominibus, Sept. 2, 1053, Chap. 11: “By passing judgment on the great See, concerning which it is not permitted any man to pass judgment, you have received anathema from all the Fathers of the venerable Councils…”


Pope St. Leo IX, In terra pax hominibus, Sept. 2, 1053, Chap. 32: “… As the hinge while remaining immoveable opens and closes the door, so Peter and his successors have free judgment over all the Church, since no one should remove their status because ‘the highest See is judged by no one.’”








Pope St. Nicholas, epistle (8), Proposueramus quidem, 865: “… Neither by Augustus, nor by all the clergy, nor by religious, not by the people will the judge be judged… ‘The first seat will not be judged by anyone.’”



We’ve uncovered the fatal flaw of Salza’s second article.  His false theology leads him to the dead end that a declaration, preceded by a canonical trial, would have to be rendered against the pope.  He argues that only after such a trial and declaration can Catholics remove their submission to him.




In Salza’s heretical world, we could have the following ridiculous scenario.  Evidence of heresy is produced against a claimant to the papal office in Rome.  The cardinals, some of the bishops or a council call for a trial against the pope.  In response, the pope (to use Salza’s words) tries “to rebut the presumption in a canonical trial.”


John Salza, Second Article, p. 7: “Second, even if the pope were subject to canon 2200 and thus his formal heresy were presumed (which is not true), the pope would still be entitled to rebut the presumption in a canonical trial…”


During the trial, the pope vigorously maintains his innocence, and he even issues a decree on the matter.  Nevertheless, the finding of the trial is that the pope is guilty.  Catholics are therefore forced to remove their obedience from the pope, as a result of this declaration against him.  Hence, the declaration serves as a deposition.  Moreover, they are forced to reject the pope’s own authoritative decree which proclaimed his innocence.  Hence, they pass judgment on the judgment of the Apostolic See!  Of course, all of this is heretical and clearly contradicts Vatican I.


Vatican I, Dogmatic Constitution on the Church of Christ, Sess. 4, Chap. 3: “And since the Roman Pontiff is at the head of the universal Church by the divine right of apostolic primacy, We teach and declare also that he is the supreme judge of the faithful [cf. n.1500 ], and that in all cases pertaining to ecclesiastical examination recourse can be had to his judgment [cf. n. 466 ]; moreover, that the judgment of the Apostolic See, whose authority is not surpassed, is to be disclaimed by no one, nor is anyone permitted to pass judgment on its judgment [cf. n.330 ff.]. Therefore, they stray from the straight path of truth who affirm that it is permitted to appeal from the judgments of the Roman Pontiffs to an ecumenical Council, as to an authority higher than the Roman Pontiff.”


Since he’s a proven liar, Salza will probably either change his position on this matter (now that we’ve refuted it) or flat out deny that he taught the heresy that a pope can be subjected to canonical trial (despite the proof above).  Denying that he taught it won’t get him anywhere, however, for his heretical position (that a pope can and must be judged, subjected to a trial and even de facto deposed by a declaration) is the core of his argument.  It’s mentioned throughout his heretical article, and it demonstrates that he has no idea what he’s talking about.  That having been established, let’s return to the beginning of his article and consider more of his errors, lies, and contradictions.




Hello Peter,


For the past 5 years I have been slowly awakening to the truth. For the past 6 mths or so I have been struggling with admitting to myself that I am sedavacantist. Even if I did have so much proof and truth to look at it was still hard to admit for me. I felt bad, like I was about to do something very bad, I love the Church, am I turning my back to what I love so much I asked. I knew that the vatican ii sect was so false and not the True Church, but it was still so hard to finally break ties all the way. Satan's power is very hard to overcome. SSPX seemed right for a while until I had the feeling again, no this still is not right. I knew I had to step over the line physically to what my heart and mind had done already. I struggled with this so much, until I finally spoke it out loud, "I am a sedavacantist" then I took a very deep breath. Something in me changed, I felt at peace, like a burden had been lifted from me.


Thank you for all of the time and work you have put into teaching the truth. I just found out a few minutes ago that you are a monk. Please pray for me. If I were an old man I would just go on with life feeling so good, being at peace ready for God to call me home. I am only 35 and have a wife and kids, this is going to be tough. A valid priest is hard enough to find these days... There are no Catholic schools anymore that I know of. The one that I attended was liberal in those days, now it is even further out there to the left. They would have to pay me to send my kids there and even then I would make them wear a blind fold and ear plugs.


Thank You,





Subject: Birth Control