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Subject: Interesting video on polls and elections


Thanks for your latest thought-provoking video about polling and election results.  While you note some plausible reasons to be suspicious about the last two major elections, your passing reference to the fact that polling has already started on the 2012 race raises a point that is probably worthy of a video of its own.  I marvel at the fact that, in every election cycle, months before the first presidential primary, the major news media and their favorite pollsters have already decided who are the "serious candidates" for president -- generally no more than three or four from each major party, each with solid Establishment credentials.  (And, of course, almost never do they consider anyone from outside of those two parties.)  Then, in a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy, the voters are subtly conditioned on a daily basis by the mainstream media to believe that voting for anyone but one of those "anointed" by the media and the pollsters would be a "wasted vote", no matter how much they may believe that an announced candidate not on the pre-approved list would be a far better president. 

It's astounding how many voters have been programmed to think of casting their vote as being comparable to a trip to the racetrack or the stock market, where they, in effect, bet on a winner, and cash in only if their chosen candidate wins.  They become fixated on the media's tacit decree that Candidate X "has no chance of winning", so they fail to note that their one vote (even if it is counted honestly) will add only one to any candidate's vote total, whether that candidate is considered a front-runner or not, and, as a single vote, is very unlikely to make the difference in the election, no matter who the oddsmakers' favorite is.  And, as such, like sheep, they let the media and the pollsters herd them into choosing the perceived least objectionable Establishment puppet from a pre-set tiny list of candidates.  That's a profound manipulation of the civics-class concept of a free election even if there isn't subsequent deception in the count on election day, and you make a good case for the latter being a strong possibility as well.

If you look at the media/pollster pre-set list of early 2008 in light of my point here, I think the public's dissatisfaction with Establishment politics was reflected in the voters' choices of Obama and McCain as the major party nominees.  One could argue that neither Obama nor McCain was truly an anti-Establishment "principled man of the people", but, given the short list of media-approved "serious" candidates, those two at least presented the most anti-Establishment image, and, thus, got at least a half-hearted nod from voters who were fed up with Establishment politics in general.  (That's even assuming those primary elections themselves weren't blatantly rigged, which, as your material suggests, they may have been.)  Had the voters not been manipulated from the outset into believing that Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich "couldn't get nominated", who knows how many would have voted for them instead of the perceived least evil person on the unofficial "approved list"?  And, given the fact that there's nothing in the U.S. Constitution about a two-party system, how many people would vote for a third party candidate if they weren't distracted by daily media focus on the polls over and above the candidates' positions on the issues?

Your contention of massive election-rigging would also provide a rational explanation for some otherwise baffling election results at the state and local level.  In my home city of Phoenix, the current and previous mayors have implemented extremely unpopular "public-private partnerships" in which as much as $100 million in tax money has been given to rich developers to build hotels and shopping malls obviously not demanded by the marketplace; the city government then runs a massive deficit, and the citizens are sternly told that they must approve large tax increases or lay off large numbers of police and fire fighters.  Even the pollsters admit that the vast majority of the public is outraged by these shenanigans, yet the offending mayor(s) get "re-elected" by a wide margin every time.  Since, as you have noted, it's outlandishly easy for voting machines to be electronically rigged, when additional evidence exposes anomalies of this nature, this is one possible explanation for them that should be seriously investigated.

Thanks again for being a source of little-known information that deserves our attention.  I'll look forward to your ongoing insights.

                                                                    Lyndon Olson



Subject: Hoax videos


After watching both of these, when they were posted; the one question that still comes to mind is, why didn't (or don't) they wait the proper amount of time (before announcing results) to make the whole "thing" look more realistic? Well, everyone knows patience is a virtue. And what's most apparent here is that we're not dealing with virtuous men. They're busted! 




MHFM: They have a vested interest in announcing the results early.  It helps ratings; it programs the public to believe that the media is essentially all-knowing; and it enables them to wipe away most possible future opposition to their desired results by convincing the people early on that things have been decided and that further work for their desired candidate is therefore futile.  There is also the element of arrogance: they don’t believe people will realize and/or do anything about it.  




Subject: could use some help


Hi brothers michael and peter,
I was wondering if you could help me find a legitimate priest to go to confession to and maybe receive the eucharist if possible. I'll give you some background. I was born and raised in the Novus Ordo sect all my life up until a couple of years ago i was going there. So I've never been to a real mass or a real priest. Thats when i discovered your website, wow the best thing that has ever happened to me. Can’t thank you brothers enough for the work that you are doing. If I remember correctly I think i was on catholic [forum] and someone was arguing in favor of your site saying you brothers hold the true position. I saw that and went over to your site. Have to admit i was pretty blown away by what i saw. I continued to attend the novus ordo church for a while, still looking more and more at your site everyday. Long story short I became convinced of all the things you were saying because it’s backed up by the truth and i finally saw it. On a different topic thought this was pretty telling too, I was trying to tell my mom about the salvation dogma and what it really means and that if the church were a remnant of people it would be the true church, (arguing the sedevacantist position) she kept arguing saying well where's the hierarchy, we have to have a pope, etc. The point I'm getting at is she even went on to say that she would go to a protestant church if she had to, if there were no so called "catholic" ones to go to. It made me sad, this is my mom. On the positive side though I have convinced my brother to check out your material and he seems to be really receptive to it. Hoping and praying to convince my mom and dad though because i have a lot of family members left that are still young like 11 or 12 that look up to them and there not providing any spiritual guidance for them right now. Sorry for the long winded email. If you brothers could help me find a priest I would really appreciate it… Thank you again for all that you do. 
God Bless you


MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  That’s an interesting story.  Your mom is arguing against the truth on the basis of her false understanding about the hierarchy, but she is willing to go to a Protestant church.  That’s quite revealing.  It demonstrates again that for most people who profess to be Catholic today, it’s not about the faith.  Their only concern is about a religious community feeling or following their local leader.  For them, it’s about showing up at a church.  As we’ve said before, as long as a man in Rome dresses up in robes and claims to be pope, they will accept him no matter what he believes. 


With regard to confession, if you contact us here we can help you with that issue.  But it is addressed specifically in this file: Where to go to Mass or confession today?  It discusses how, if there isn’t a better option, one may go to an old Novus Ordo priest for confession, if the priest says the proper words and has been ordained in the traditional rite.  That’s an important option to acknowledge today simply because there are so few priests and essentially all of them are heretics, including the “traditionalists.”




Whoever is against the pope is against the catholic church and is heretic. if you don't want to fallow the pope is as martin luther the heretic. take good look and don't be heretic. have a nice day.




MHFM: You follow an antipope who has praised Luther and agrees with him on Justification.  See our heresies of Benedict XVI section.  Take a good look at what the Church teaches, stop being a liar, and begin to believe in Catholic teaching; for you do not at this time.  If you start to be honest, you will see that Benedict XVI is not a Catholic and therefore not a pope; and that by defending him you reject all the popes and attack the Church. 




Subject: Election night video


Dear Brothers,


Great video on the election night hoax. It's beyond doubt that the major media corporations have secret information that enables them to make such amazingly accurate claims at such impossibly early times in the election. I think it may also be a trick to make people put more trust in those media stations than they deserve, because "if they can predict the elections so early, they're probably right about EVERYTHING!!!"… Thank you for exposing such a horrendous hoax!!!


God Bless,


Chris White




Good evening Brother,


You used to put the calendar at this address :  I have notice that it is still the calendar of October 2010. Could you please tell me if there is a new link so that i could update my bookmark? …






MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  It has been updated at that link.




Subject: Mother, Medjugorje


Dear Brother Michael and Peter,


Hi. I was the person who emailed the other day about my mom who took the trip to Medjugorje last week. Well, I was talking to her last night and I asked if anyone else in her tour group had their rosaries turn to gold. Only one other person out of 60 in her group did it happen to. That tells me that the devil is working very hard to keep her in lockstep with Vatican II. He knows your information is of the truth and that I've been praying hard for her conversion to the true Catholic faith. But I won't give up, just like St. Augustine's mother didn't give up on her son, I won't give up on my mother. She was asking me over and over last night to watch her Medjugorje dvds she brought back from her trip. I tried to strike a deal with her. I said I'd watch her dvds if she would watch your dvds. She didn't agree, but she's strongly considering it. If she does agree to watch your material, then it could be my opening to get her to listen with an open heart about the true faith. Please keep my mother, Carol, in your prayers.


God Bless,





Subject: Weeping Statues


Dear MHFM,


Maybe I am wrong but it seems that statues of the Blessed Virgin began to weep tears and tears of blood since the introduction of the new mass. I don't recall any of this activity prior to 1969. It may also be a sign of the hand of God being ready to be released on this corrupt world in which we live and Mary is saddened by the fact that she can no longer hold back His wrath. But then again it could be another ploy from the devil. Just imagine if one of the statues somehow spoke and told the listeners that the Vatican II church is the true church and must be followed in all of it's teachings. The videos I watched were fascinating, especially the one that showed the Mother's eyes appear to open and close.


What is your take on this activity?


Your ardent supporter,




MHFM: It’s either a false sign and wonder from Satan (2 Thess. 2) to confirm people in the new religion or it represents the Virgin Mary weeping over the apostasy and manifold abominations of the Vatican II sect.


Bad will


Subject: Bad Will


Dear Mhfm,

Don't got alot of time to write this. But was having a quick look at your e-exchange section. Just wanted to say spot on Bill. The novus ordo always use that excuse. Certain "traditionalists" who attend masses they shouldn't attend use it too. So mhfm would love to see you publish something on this issue if you get a chance.

God Bless





Subject: Question regarding the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary


Hello Brother,


Is it true Pope John Paul II added the Luminous Mysteries to the Rosary? Seeing as he was an anti-Pope, should we recite this part of the Rosary? What is the reason he felt it was necessary to add this?


Thank you.




MHFM: No, one should not recite the Luminous Mysteries.  They are not part of the true Rosary.  The reason Antipope John Paul II felt it was necessary to add them is that he was a non-Catholic revolutionary who wanted to change everything.


New Video


MHFM: This is a new video.  It’s a follow-up to our recent video, Our Lady of Guadalupe overcomes the Mexican Serpent.


Cortes' Amazing Conquest of the Aztec Empire [video]


Bad Will


Subject: Bad Will


Dear Brothers: 


Can you publish something about one of the main things I run into with Novus Ordo people and that is various versions of: "It's OK for me to go there because if they are wrong it's not my fault and they may suffer but not me!"





Anglican false converts


Subject: Five Anglican Bishops join Catholic Church


Dear Brothers,


I thought you might be interested in this. Two items are of particular note, one is the statement by the Vatican that ”groups of Anglicans can join Catholicism, but maintain a distinct religious identity”. The other is in the analysis which tells of how the Church of England has had bishops for over 2,000 years.


Best Wishes,



MHFM: Yes, they are false converts.  They are not “converting” because they believe in Catholic teaching, but simply because the Anglican Sect has become too radical for them to maintain a warm community feeling within it.  If the Anglicans weren’t allowing homosexuality, women “priests,” etc. these people would almost certainly remain Anglicans.  To cement their place as false converts within the New Order Counter Church, the Vatican II sect and Antipope Benedict XVI are even allowing them to continue to use their heretical Anglican liturgical books.


Benedict XVI, Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus, #5, III, Nov. 4, 2009: “Without excluding liturgical celebrations according to the Roman Rite, the Ordinariate has the faculty to celebrate the Holy Eucharist and the other Sacraments, the Liturgy of the Hours and other liturgical celebrations according to the liturgical books proper to the Anglican tradition, which have been approved by the Holy See, so as to maintain the liturgical, spiritual and pastoral traditions of the Anglican Communion within the Catholic Church, as a precious gift nourishing the faith of the members of the Ordinariate and as a treasure to be shared.”




Dear Brothers:


The email from Todd got me thinking again about the attitude of the SSPX.  They are very fond of quoting --again and again -- that Lefebvre "passed on what he received."  I think they even put this quote on his tombstone.  And when they say it, they say it in a breathless sort of way - like maybe people are supposed to have a moment of silence to venerate this "profound statement" from a man whose canonization they have taken upon themselves to pronounce.


But no one doubts that Lefebvre passed on what he received - that is the problem in a nutshell.  The question is:  from whom did he receive it?  Passing on what one receives is the way of all flesh;  generations of protestants have been doing it for centuries.


The Dimond Brothers do not pass on what they have received;  they pass on what Holy Mother Church has received.  That and only that is the Deposit of Faith.


The SSPX claims to oppose "false ecumenism" but, like their other claims, this is false - for this "ecumenism" is nothing more than baptism of desire a hundred years later, come to full fruition.  Passed on by Lefebvre and embraced by his followers who are more interested in proving him right than examining the truth.  The SSPX makes absurd claims to oppose the MHFM but will never address the issue at hand, which is the authentic teachings of the Popes…


The very reason the SSPX cannot see that the V-2 gang of thugs are false popes is because they and their followers have obstinately denied the teachings of the true popes. 


If the SSPX  were in good will - and actually believed the truth of their position - it would be a simple matter to say:  "I will read these MHFM materials with red pen in hand and indicate any errors I might find".  And then they would make an important discovery.    But I have never heard of any SSPX priest doing this or expressing a willingness to do this.  And that to me is most telling.  Perhaps they know what they will find.


Lee Ann




I purchased a St. Pius X picture of the net and hung the picture on my wall in a picture frame. My mom, someone who prays the Rosary every night, asks me who that is. I tell her it’s Pope St. Pius X… She replies by saying that John Paul II is the greatest Pope ever. She's someone you just can't get through to. What’s also irritating is the only Saint she knows about is St. Anthony. But I bet she doesn't know a clue about St. Anthony.






Thank you very much for your kind response. Please forgive me if I ask one brief follow-up question: If Vatican II HAD BEEN a legitimate Council (and I, as you, maintain that it was NOT) would it have had the authority to declare that Islam was NOT a pagan religion and that Pope Callixtus' declaration was overturned and that the Muslims' god Allah was the same Deity as our Holy Trinity? Thank you.

Ricardo Parks


MHFM: No, it would not be possible for a true ecumenical council to contradict the declaration that Islam is a diabolical and pagan religion.  That is an unchangeable truth; for it flows from what Christ revealed to the Apostles about the true faith, the true God and how people must consider non-Christian religions that reject the true God.  The very fact that Vatican II did contradict Catholic teaching on this matter proves that it was not a true council of the Catholic Church.


V-2 Seminarian


Subject: V-2 seminarian


My friend a v 2 seminarian has accepted the catholic faith. Though he is still there in 4th year philosophy about to write his final exam. He hopes to infiltrate the place with catholic teachings until he is sent out. Is that a nice option ? What again must i tell him. Thanks for answering some of my questions….My parents are on my neck. Pls remember me in your prayers.




MHFM: No, a Catholic can’t remain at a V-2 seminary.  It’s critical that you inform him that he will not save his soul unless he leaves the seminary and completely rejects the Vatican II sect and the New Mass.  He should also be informed about the website and the information that covers the Vatican II sect.




Dear Mhfm, 


Excellent historical description of the savages and their cultural and demonic practices nowadays endorsed as good by the Vatican II sect led by the head heresiarch Benedict 16.  10,000 to 1 and MHFM defends the faith against such odds.  Ave Maria, gratia plena...






Subject: Rebuked by the SSPX


Hi Brothers,

Well I was finally rebuked by Father Jordan Fahnestock at St. Anthony of Padua SSPX Church in Caldwell, New Jersey.  I arrived 15 mins. before the herd was to be let out and I was able to hand out a few of your books on, "Outside the Catholic Church there is Absolutely no Salvation".  I was pleasantly surprised by one father with little children, he said he was a fan of Brother Michael, I just don't know why he would be going to this church?  After that I went back to my car parked by the walkway so I could be ready to hand out your material, then all of a sudden one of the ushers threw open the door and was high stepping it toward me, he was such a good soldier and I told him just that, he asked me with attitude,  if I was distributing material at the church and I said yes, he told me that Father Fahnestock didn't want me to do that unless he saw the material first, I said ok I'll wait for Father and show him what I am distributing!  As he walked away I said,  such blind faith!  Well,  just before the people were to come out, all three ushers came out and stood right by my car as if to protect the people from me, can you imagine.  While still waiting for Father, an older couple came out, who I had breakfast with the week before, there was a group of them, they asked me to join them while I was trying to hand out material, while at breakfast last week a conversation came up about people who were not catholic who prayed to God and I said that their prayers are not pleasing to God because they don't have the faith, they all gasped at me.  So I sent her an email when I got home from breakfast last week citing Hebrews 11:6.  Getting back to this week, the older couple came out after the ushers and the lady who was at breakfast the week before walks over to me with an attitude and says, "don't email me anymore I don't need you for my spiritual advisor," she was offended because I gave her the proof against her error,  what Pride!   Then Father came out and walked over to me and shook my hand and the first thing he asked me was did I go to Mass this morning and I said no.  I showed him the book and I stated that the book contained dogmas, encyclicals, statements made by true popes and saints regarding the salvation dogma, one baptism, refuting invisible ignorance , etc. He looked at it very quickly and stated, wow, this is heavy stuff and I said it's not heavy at all, its simple stuff! He went on to say that the society is suspicious of the Dimond Brothers and the fact that they are off on they own and not part of the church, basically trying to make the connection, "you don't have jurisdiction for your mission!  He also stated there is an issue with the sedevacantist position that the brothers hold.  He also stated that you are somewhat prideful to say the least because you are off on your own!  Well needless to say,  I'm finished with this church!!!  Here is Father Fahnstock's email… I would love for you to sledgehammer him with the faith!                         




MHFM: Interesting story… It’s so true that so many supporters of those groups don’t think for themselves and they aren’t interested in the truth.  They just follow whatever their priest or local community says, to their own damnation. 




Subject: Islam


Dear Brothers Dimond: Citations on your website indicate clearly a strong condemnation of "the diabolical sect of Mahomet" by popoe Eugene IV and Callixtus III. I maintain that the "god" that they worship, Allah, is in fact, based on extensive historic archaeological research, el-Alilah, who is "the moon god" - in other words, Satan. I submitted this matter as a reader inquiry to "This Rock" Catholic apologetics magazine and my response, in no uncertain terms from Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P., at This Rock was that I am wrong - Islam worships Allah and Allah is the same as our God. I believe that Fr. Serpa is wrong and have told him so, but I seem to be getting nowhere with my argument. Can you please tell me what the official teaching of the Church is and has been since the founding of Islam in the 7th Century, concerning who or what Allah really is? Thank you!

Ricardo L. Parks


MHFM: Certainly it’s not a surprise that you would receive such a response from an antichrist and apostate group that couldn’t care less about traditional Catholic teaching.  The traditional teaching of the popes on Islam is found in this video we did:


The Popes Against Islam

Part 2


It cites numerous popes who, while obviously desiring the conversion of Muslims, describe Islam and Muslims as “diabolical,” “abominable,” “faithless,” “sacrilegious,” and more.  It also covers an extremely important quote from Pope Callixtus III.  He officially classified the Muslims with the “pagans.”  That’s extremely significant and pertains directly the question you ask.  Since the Church officially classifies Muslims with the pagans, that proves that they do not worship the same God as Catholics, contrary to what Vatican II heretically teaches.  It destroys Vatican II’s teaching in that regard, and the many heretics who defend it.  Although, it’s true that papal citations shouldn’t be necessary to demonstrate that Muslims reject the Trinity and therefore don’t worship the same God as Catholics who believe in the Trinity.


Lying Sign


Subject: Medjugorje “Miracle”


Dear MHFM,


Hello, I hope you have been doing well. I want to tell you of my mother's recent trip to Medjugorje. First I will preface that she knows that I hold the sedevacantist position, and despite my numerous attempts over the past 4 years to get her to open her eyes to the imposter church, she remains staunchly Vatican 2. Before she went on the trip I tried expaining how the "Mary" of Medjugorje cannot be the same person as Our Lady because the real Mary woudn't praise other religions. Again, in one ear and out the other. So last week she took her trip to Medjugorje and got back yesterday. She was so excited because the metal crucifix of her rosary turned from silver to gold while she was there. This is so sad, she is so easily deceived all the more now. Yet it is my mother's love of the lies of Vatican 2 that makes her fall for lying signs and wonders of the devil. I can't tell you how sad and depressed and frustrated I get over family members, especially my own mother, who unless by the grace of God to shed light into their souls, will not be saved.





MHFM: Thank you for the e-mail.  It’s a prime example of a lying sign and wonder that St. Paul predicted.  He prophesied that they will come in the final days to deceive those who receive not the love of the truth (i.e., the traditional Catholic faith).  The example you give from Medjugorje, deceiving a person who doesn’t want the truth, is exactly what is foretold.  It shows that we are living in those times.


2 Thessalonians 2:9-12: "Whose coming is according to the working of Satan, in all power, and signs, and lying wonders, And in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish; because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.  Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying.  That all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have consented to iniquity."


False Apparitions (Divine Mercy, Bayside, Medjugorje) [Link to Section]




Dear Brothers,

I just thought this was interesting.  Have you ever looked at the congressional medal of honor?  It is the upside down star.  The pentagram






Subject: Confession


Dear Brothers,
I am a recent "prodigal" catholic, who feels very much in danger of losing his soul… i firstly would like to thank you for your work and your direction, as well as your testament to the true church, and to live without fear, and to demand the changes most desperately needed in our house.  Having said that, my problem enters here. I want to make a good confession, but Novus Ordo is rampant through our area… [and] has become laughably drunk with the "do what you FEEL is right" mentality. Now, i haven’t confessed there for some time….
   Brothers, I want to make the right confession and sin no more… I have re-found my God, my mother, and the rest, and love it, feel it, but cannot partake in communion for my mortal sin.  Knowing i am walking in danger everyday is beyond un-settling. I desperately need to know what to do, Brothers. If you can help me in anyway…
In the Name Of The Father and Of The Son and Of The Holy Ghost
Thank You my friends.
Sincerely Yours…


MHFM: It’s great to hear about your interest.  First, you should pray the Rosary each day.  Second, you need to stop going to the invalid New Mass if you still go there.  Before receiving sacraments, it's necessary for a person to be convinced of all the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church.  That includes a complete rejection of the Vatican II Church.  It also includes holding the correct Catholic positions on the various issues that are relevant today.  Once a person is convinced, he or she needs to make the traditional profession of faith from the Council of Trent.  That’s found in the file below.  At that point, a person can go to confession to a priest ordained before 1968 or in the Eastern Rite.  We can help you with options in that regard.  Confessions made to “priests” ordained in the New Rite of Ordination are not valid. 


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts

Where to go to Mass or confession today?




Subject: Documentary Spain


Dear MHFM, Wow! I just watched this program that showed how Christians of Spain persecuted the Muslim and the Jew. I'm not saying Spain was populated with one saint after another but the program was so pro Muslim and pro Jew it was sickening.  All the "scholars" were from US universities and they were very good at explaining the beauty and tolerance of the Muslim culture. The Jewish scholar was exceptional at explaining how the Europeans were barbarians and not really smart enough to govern themselves thus the need for the Jew.  Surprisingly, the Catholics were never defended for anything (except the broken treaty in Grenada) and Isabelle was a fanatic.  It was a good example for my kids to see the Anti-Christ propaganda machine in action, on prime time America.






Subject: Belgian V-2 Sect




I've read on your website the section concerning mass sexual scandal in the V2 sect, and I think something can be added there.


It is quite illustrative that even at least one "bishop" is directly involved in the scandal.


"Belgian Catholic bishop admits molesting boy


"Belgian Catholic offices raided in sex abuse probe"


Best regards,



Cortes Video


Subject: Cortes Video


What a superb video on Cortes---fascinating----but the part about the faces kind of grossed me out-----keep up the wonderful work for Our Lord and Our Lady!!... also I wanted to say a big THANK YOU  to MHFM for sending me the… audios… I think I know just the person to send them to...a 14 year old who claims he'll read any Catholic books I send him… Please pray for us!...






Subject: Queen of Heaven Parish Buffalo, NY


Bro Michael Dimond

Bro Peter Dimond


I was speaking… about Queen of Heaven Parish in West Seneca, Buffalo NY… I heard about a rock band giving a concert at this Parish gym this Saturday.  I found the website to the church and was not suprised to find that they have had previous carnivals with live rock music, magic acts and beer tents.  I have included the link to their page.  I think you will find this very interesting.


May our Lord Jesus Christ and our Holy Mother Mary protect us and save us in these last days of the world.




MHFM: Wow, that’s really something.  “Magic” Shows, A Beer Tent, A Gambling Tent… it’s surprising even for the Novus Ordo.




MHFM: For those it might interest, we have a new order form: Order Form (PDF).  We also have a new edition of our mp3: MP3 Disc (7th edition).


Ecumenical Council


Dear Brother Dimonds,


I was researching the word "Ecumenical" and came upon this: 


"Ecumenical Councils are those to which the bishops, and others entitled to vote, are convoked from the whole world (oikoumene) under the presidency of the pope or his legates, and the decrees of which, having received papal confirmation, bind all Christians. A council, Ecumenical in its convocation, may fail to secure the approbation of the whole Church or of the pope, and thus not rank in authority with Ecumenical councils. Such was the case with the Robber Synod of 449 (Latrocinium Ephesinum), the Synod of Pisa in 1409, and in part with the Councils of Constance and Basle."


… Could you please explain what the underlined bold statement above means? 




T.N. Le


MHFM: First, you are citing a definition of “ecumenical councils” given in the Catholic Encyclopedia.  It’s basically correct but is not infallibly precise (as a dogmatic definition would be).  The statement means that if a council is convoked in a manner that would be ecumenical, but is not confirmed by the pope after it sets forth its teaching, it does not have the force of a binding ecumenical council.  The confirmation must be given by the pope.  The statement that it needs the approbation of the “whole Church” might be confusing because if a pope confirms an ecumenical council in an authoritative fashion, it becomes the teaching of the Church and is binding on the whole Church.


This fact about ecumenical councils, by the way, shows that the position of those who reject parts of Vatican II, but accept Paul VI, John Paul II, Benedict XVI as valid but bad popes, is ridiculous and completely opposed to traditional Catholic teaching.  Paul VI authoritatively and solemnly confirmed Vatican II.  It was, therefore, in their sect, an “ecumenical council” which must be accepted.  If they can reject it, then one could reject past ecumenical councils. 


Each and every one of the things set forth in this Decree has won the consent of the fathers.  We, too, by the Apostolic Authority conferred on us by Christ, join with the venerable fathers in approving, decreeing, and establishing these things in the Holy Spirit, and we direct that what has thus been enacted in synod [council] be published to God’s glory… I, Paul, Bishop of the Catholic Church.” (Paul VI, solemnly closing every document of Vatican II)


Since Vatican II was clearly heretical and must be rejected, this fact proves the sedevacantist position.




AP have you ever considered the scenario that you are wrong? It's amazing how bad-willed people will cleverly reason around the truth while being unable to be ignorant of the truth. Your only digg your grave deeper as you reject the truth.

Brothers, I've often wondered what happened to the elder family members during the inception of the Great Deception in the early 1960's as they slaved away to have their children attend Catholic Schools.  How they could be so deceived and turn away from the true faith. The conclusion is that they were never real Catholics, just going with the flow every Sunday, while chasing the American modern dream during the week as seen today.

While observing the senseless behaviors of parents this past Halloween, you can see the product of the last couple generations. It will be no-wonder, what this un-Godly generation of kids will be passing on to their children.

God Bless,
Tom Miles




This individual AP love's Mr. Corapi like someone loves a rock star, Mr. Corapi makes AP's life very easy for him.  I think Mr. Corapi is possessed by Aleister Crowley because they both say the same thing; it doesn't matter if you are muslim, protestant, jewish etc. just practice it, live it, do what thou wilt!  I would pay a 1000.00 dollars for a front row seat to see the Dimond Brothers debate "Mr". Corapi, it would be like taking candy away from a baby!!!!!!!!! 




MHFM: It is remarkable how devoted these people are to the heretic Corapi.  They obviously don’t care about the fact that he accepts false religions and renders Christ and the faith meaningless.  He’s a true false shepherd, one of the many leading people astray in this apostasy. 


False Law


Dear Brothers,


How does AP explain the fact that even in most Pagan cultures they know that murder, theft, lying, adultery, etc. is evil.  AP reminds me of the radical schismatics who try to multiply the things that are necessary for salvation, such as by making up their own false laws and dogmas. AP's false law, that one doesn't sin unless they know it is sinful, contradicts both the natural and Divine laws: 


Romans 2:14-16 - "For when the Gentiles, who have not the law, do by nature those things that are of the law; these having not the law are a law to themselves: Who shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience bearing witness to them, and their thoughts between themselves accusing, or also defending one another, In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ, according to my gospel."


Pope St. Pius X, Iucunda Sane - '36. And since, for our moral discipline, the Divine Redeemer proposes as our supreme model of perfection His heavenly Father (Matthew v. 48), that is, the Divine goodness itself, who can fail to see the mighty impulse thence accruing to the ever more perfect observance of the natural law inscribed in our hearts, and consequently to the greater welfare of the individual, the family, and universal society? The ferocity of the barbarians was thus transformed to gentleness, woman was freed from subjection, slavery was repressed, order was restored in the due and reciprocal independence upon one another of the various classes of society, justice was recognized, the true liberty of souls was proclaimed, and social and domestic peace assured."


God Bless,


Chris White




MHFM: We hope to have some new videos posted soon.


Mortal Sin


[Note: this is a response from the person who e-mailed and argued that a mortal sin is not mortal unless a person knows it’s a mortal sin]


You offer a good argument. But here is another. Lets say a mentally retarded person beats to death another mentally retarded person, it has happened before. Would this be a mortal sin against this person?

Of course the average person knows this is a sin. But one of the requirements of a sin being mortal, for us Catholics, is the knowing and willful violation of God's law. It is much like telling a child you may not play in the street. He then has the ability to CHOOSE whether to break this law or not.

If the child was never told, "Don't play in the street", of course he never made the choice against his parent, he simply did not know it would be a grave danger, thus not having a willful violation of his parent.

CHECK OUT THIS LINK: EWTN IS LEGIT. It should clear up this matter…




MHFM: By presenting this argument, you demonstrate that your understanding of this issue is false.  Describing someone as “mentally retarded” is somewhat vague.  Most mentally retarded people can distinguish basic right from wrong, but are simply mentally slow.  In that case, a mentally retarded person who beats to death another person knows the action is wrong and does commit a mortal sin, even if he doesn’t know about the concept of “mortal sin.”  He knows he shouldn’t beat his neighbor to death.  The action is gravely wrong in and of itself.  Thus, it’s another example of how a person can commit a mortal sin if he deliberately commits an action that is gravely wrong in itself, even if he doesn’t care about or understand the concept of “mortal sin.”


If you posit a “mentally retarded” person who doesn’t know right from wrong at all, then you make him equivalent to an infant.  Infants cannot commit actual sins.  Hence, the person you posit (if such a person existed) would not be guilty of mortal sin – not because the commission of an act by a reasoning person without specific knowledge of “mortal sin” renders it non-mortally sinful, as you and Corapi heretically maintain, but rather because infants and those lacking the use of reason cannot commit actual sins.  Therefore, your examples do not in any way contradict the Catholic truth that we expressed.  They serve only to demonstrate the specious and desperate nature of your avoidance of Catholic teaching.  People who deliberately commit acts that are inherently and gravely wrong, such as fornication, murder or contraception, commit mortal sin, even if they don’t know about the concept of “mortal sin.”  They know that what they are doing is gravely opposed to the right use of reason and the natural law and they deliberately decide to do it. 


Your second example also fails miserably.  You give the example of a child who was never told not to play in the street.  The fact that you would bring this up reveals that you completely lack an understanding of the points we’ve made.  Playing in the street is not inherently evil.  So, there would be no sin if the child played in the street.  On the other hand, using contraception – which is really what you are defending as possibly not mortal – is inherently evil.  One who deliberately uses it knows it’s opposed to the natural law and the right use of reason.  Therefore, that person always commits mortal sin when using it, as Pius XI teaches.  As we can see, your false theology, which you’ve adopted from the likes of EWTN and the apostate Corapi, is a house of cards.  EWTN is not Catholic, by the way, but utterly heretical and modernist: EWTN and the Charismatic Movement [link to section]




Subject: The Biblical Flood Explained -


I find it highly immoral when people are spreading lies made up by individuals like the particular video about a global flood. This video does not represent what we know today…

I used to be a Christian but these things make me feel a deep disgust inside… Think about it.




MHFM: The video is true and it’s based in scientific facts.  You are very upset about it because it shakes your worldview.  If the flood occurred, which it did, then you have a major problem.  You have an obligation to God and to accept the true religion; otherwise you go to Hell.  That’s the only reason for your vitriol: deep down you are very scared.  By the way, the man who did the video is an accomplished scientist who has written a large book documenting his points in abundant detail.  As any careful and honest consideration of this issue shows, it is the evolutionists who are spreading lies and have convinced the gullible world of a massive fraud.  You should look more honestly into the presentations against evolution and those for creation science according to the biblical record.  We have a few of those, including the book which further proves the video you disliked so much: In the Beginning - Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood.  But God doesn’t force the hand of those who are liars at heart.




Subject: Kennedy


Thanks for O'Malley and your understanding. I was one of your First subscribers and still look every now and then. You guys seem to be busy and are not wanting to get to involved with me. Understandable. BUT

I was the right hand man of JFK and friend of Bobby. Neither of these men believed as their brother, so WHY would Teddy be so much different???

The men who killed both Jack and Bobby actually got to Teddy through Hypnotism without him Knowing(of course when you are Hypnotised you Never Know).  Its the populace that never found out. I tried to stop this but was unable to. There was NO reason to try and tell anybody about this(FBI;etc) for they would Not believe this. Just like you are having a hard time accepting that a person can be controlled this way.

Teddy NEVER believed this in his earlier career and NEVER came to understand why he believed it later. The AntiChrist that Ruleth the World right Now USED Teddy for ITS purpose and MANY have succomed.

I can Still identify the murderers and give their names UP But NO ONE Listens..


MHFM: That’s not an e-mail you get every day. 




MHFM: Here’s an interesting fact about one of the many miraculous features of the Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.


“The image even rejects insects and dust.  Fr. Mario Rojas has told me that according to LaValle, no matter what the surrounding temperature is, the Image itself remains at an even 36.5 degrees C, or 98.6 degrees F., the normal human body temperature.” (Janet Barber, “The Tilma and Its Miraculous Image,” A Handbook on Guadalupe, The Academy of the Immaculate, 1997, p. 62.)




We were called to patiently persevere through all trials.  That our actions must be based on the fruit of love and not condemnation.  "What you desire is mercy, not sacrifice."  You should remember yourself that Paul changes his stance in view of the times ahead, first calling for patient endurance and then refusing to feed those that did not work.  The keys were given so that we might apply God's infinite mercy accordingly and not stuntingly in opposition to the true message that was to be given.  

   Yes, i know it is written, "All have fallen away, there is no one that does good" "Even our righteous acts are like filthy rags"  

   But there is good to those who can see it.  You are right in many ways and I can't argue with the truth.  But the law doesn't give way either...only mercy does.  I humbly accept your rebuke, but the time of testing will come with or without our help to separate those who are sincere from those who are not.  I'll look into your videos...  I don't have any, but i will leave a psalm.  116.


In faith,



MHFM: We’re glad that you will look into the information.  But your understanding of mercy is not correct.  Strictly adhering to the apostolic faith and denouncing those who deviate from it or corrupt it is not incompatible with the charity or mercy of the Lord.  On the contrary, only those who fall into the category of the former can understand or truly display the latter.  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Psalm 110:10).  The idea that mercy means being open to exceptions to God’s truth, or that there might be salvation or goodness where God has revealed there is none, is a corruption of mercy and a deception. 


In fact, the Scripture you cite – “I will have mercy, and not sacrifice” – comes from Matthew 9:13.  The context is not about considering as good people who are not, or accepting deviation from the faith.  Rather, it’s a rebuke to the Pharisees who criticized Jesus for how He communicated with publicans and sinners.  Jesus was of course trying to convert them to Himself.  He was not, as you imply, teaching that sinners are fine where they are, or that people should consider as saved those who are not converted.  He declares in that very context that those people are “ill,” meaning spiritually dead and in need of salvation.  That’s why He approached them.  Thus, your understanding of that passage is incorrect. 




Dear Sirs,

I found your "Debate on Papacy and the Bible" fascinating, but, being in the Eastern Orthodox church, found the constant divergence onto "reformed issues" (Sola Scriptura, visible church, etc.) somewhat disappointing. I would be very interested in hearing what you all would have to say against an Orthodox position on the Papacy (which would focus more on issues like the Filioque and the exact historical position of the Roman See among the patriarchates). I'm contacting you directly because I have been unable to find much on your sight even mentioning the Orthodox (though your mention of Meyendorff in the above debate greatly piqued my interest!) never mind systematically addressing their views on Catholicism. If you do have such content, please forgive my overlooking it and be so kind as to direct me to it, and if you do not have such content, I would like to urge you to consider making some!

David Dietrich


MHFM: That debate you mention was a debate with a Protestant on the biblical merits of the Papacy; it therefore dealt with that topic and the related topics a Protestant would bring up.  As far as the evidence for the Papacy in the ancient Church goes – and specifically the information that refutes the claims of the Eastern “Orthodox” – that’s covered in a separate section of our website.  You will find numerous audios dealing with that topic in this section: The Bible teaches that Jesus made St. Peter the first pope [link to section].  This section, by the way, is found under our “Refuting Protestantism” section.


New Video Posted


MHFM: This is a new video:


Sean O'Malley, Counter Church "Bishop" [video]




Subject: Comment on Watched


Good Day,


As I've read AP's comment I have concluded that he thought that ignorance can save someone of mortal sin which is basically no. The defense that the brothers gave is very detailed and informative and also I would also like to add that there is a saying in law (which my teacher drilled to our thick skulls) about ignorance I'm sure many of you are familiar with this: "Ignorance of the law excuses no one." Also AP's comment on the Catholic faith looking bad backs up his position of tolerating lies, a saying goes that truth really hurts.






Subject: Heretic


Hello… Brothers:


     Regarding "zema" - just another one who denounces the idea of exposing heretics or calling heretics out, who in the same breathe feels free to call you a heretic! Why do these totally evil fools not see the thorough self contradiction in their crass relativism. It is always the same with them - "nobody can be called evil, because that it against our inclusivism - by the way, you are evil for not being inclusive"! They say there are absolutely no absolutes/ it is morally wrong to say anything is wrong/ they dogmatically state that there are no dogmas/ It is absolutely true for them that there are no truths. It is a circus of mental tomfoolery from start to finish. Thank you again and again brothers for the good work and know that there is much good fruit from MHFM. God bless you all.






Subject: heretic


I've listened to a few of your videos and read a little on your home page.  But, I'm curious in your extreme convictions of heresy.  What would you do with the example of Paul?  If there were no mercy as in your logic, would we have the epistles?  You cry heresy! without any reservation, but you are the hateful heretic.  You are the roaming lion that accuses day and night.  How can you ever sit at peace with the diversity God willfully created?




MHFM: No, you are mistaken.  As the quote of the day said:


Pope Clement V, Council of Vienne, 1311-1312, Decree # 26: “… it is a grave offense not to work for the extermination of heresy when this monstrous infection requires action...”


A true Catholic must denounce heresy and heretics, and there is no shortage of either in our day.  Can you name one person whom we have labeled a heretic who is not?  If you tried to, you would be refuted.  It is charitable, just and necessary to denounce heretics who lead others astray.  It is uncharitable and evil to do nothing to combat such an evil.  You obviously don’t understand the doctrine of St. Paul and the Apostles.  In addition to imploring non-Catholics to enter the Church, they condemned all those who deviated from the true faith.  You heretically believe, and imply in your e-mail, that heresies are to be accepted as part of a “diversity” willed by God.  No, God does not will that people reject His truth and go to Hell.   


St. Paul, Galatians 1:8-9: “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach a gospel to you besides that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema.  As we said before, so now I say again: If any one preach to you a gospel, besides that which you have received, let him be anathema.”


St. Paul, 2 Thessalonians 3:6: “And we charge you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you withdraw yourselves from every brother walking disorderly, and not according to the tradition which they have received of us.”


2 John 1:10: “If any man come to you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into the house nor say to him, God speed you.”




Dear Brother Peter Dimond,


I am not a Catholic even though my heart has always felt that I was. I taught myself to pray the rosary because I understand the importance and feel it is the right thing to do. Is the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother, "insulted" to receive prayers from a non-Catholic? I would never, ever purposefully do or say anything to upset Her. I just love Her so much and want to pray for others…  Thank you for taking the time to listen.


God bless you.



MHFM: The Blessed Virgin is not insulted to receive prayers from a non-Catholic.  If a person is sincere, he or she will be led by such prayers to accept the Catholic faith and to take the steps to join the Catholic Church.  That’s what you need to do: continue to pray the Rosary for the grace of the true faith and to immediately act upon your interest.  The Devil will labor hard to get people to stall, to put off the most important steps of their spiritual conversion.  You must act, and follow the steps to convert to the (traditional) Catholic faith.  It’s not clear what you mean by your statement that you feel you have always been Catholic.  You might mean that you were inclined to Catholicism; for everyone who is honest with himself realizes, deep down, that Jesus Christ is the center of history and that His original Church is the Catholic Church.  But you are not a Catholic until you are baptized, accept the Catholic faith, and take the steps to join the Church.  That’s necessary for salvation.


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts




Hello brothers Peter and Michael. Grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

I watched your video, "Why most pro-lifers are not truly pro-life,”… Contrary to public opinion, the aborted babies are not in a better place… Thanks for your video on this. I can see the connection with the Pelagian heresy more clearly now. I think you could categorize pro-lifers into pro-temporal-life and pro-eternal-life. Those who are pro-eternal-life are able to see that abortion is an even greater sin than the typical murder.





Subject: canonization of Brother Andre


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for the CD and other reading material you have sent me last.  Really Most Holy Family monastery is very generous.  Thank you for helping us (who search) for knowing the truth and how to protect ourselves during these darkest of times.


Just wanted to share with others of the True Catholic Faith, how tired I am of the hypocrisy of the Vatican 2 Church. Other than my children, and in prayer , I have no one else to share this news  with since I have not encountered others of the Faith. It comforts me to share this with you. 


Recently Ben 16 has canonized Brother André a Saint.   I am sure you are aware of it by now.  How blind does Ben 16 think we are.  Brother André during his life on earth, did not share their false doctrines, since he passed away before the Vatican ll council.   Why are they masquarading in making him a Saint.  John Paul ll is more their type.   I can tell you that they are trying to make themselves look like the legitimate all time Catholic Church.  Brother André cured many people of health and faith.


What must Brother André think now.    Anyone can come in now into the Oratory.  Free for all, everyone of every false religion and false Christians are welcomed into his Oratory.  What a disgrace.  I used to go there at least once a year to honor Brother André and St. Joseph and to pray, etc.  I am sure now neither Brother André or St. Joseph , nothing Holy is present.  Brother André… offered sacrifices and hours of praying all that for the sake of saving souls from hell in the name of St. Joseph and Our Lord.  Surely he believed strongly in the dogma outside the church there is no salvation.


Brother André I am sure is already a Saint and weeping tears over the Oratory who worked hard to bring it up which started with a little Chapel.  I believe still stands with a beautiful altar as it was when it was built.  I have not returned since I left the false Vll church.  Your comments are always welcomed.




MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  Of course, Benedict XVI’s “canonizations” have no validity since he is an antipope.


Follow up


Subject: phony terror follow up


Following up on Todd’s point about the ease with which these silly terror plot stories are planted; I find it especially galling when some pundit or government guy talks about how “good” they have to be to keep foiling all of these clever plots.   They’ll say stuff like “the enemy only has to get lucky once, but we have to be perfect all of the time”.   I hear this and think to myself, how hard is it to fed-ex a package?   Or they’ll talk about where someone like the 19 year old so-called “underwear” bomber “trained”.  I’ll think how much training does it take to put on one’s underwear and buy a plane ticket?  And how would anybody detect such bombs if the bombers had any level of sophistication at all?  In other words if these plots were real, they would never be detected.   


Of course there are better, even easier ways to create massive carnage, but it doesn’t happen.  In an open society, it would be impossible to detect such plots if there were a truly determined “plotter”.   But then this is probably the point.  The only real logical reason for these transparent hoaxes is to condition people to accept more war and more draconian “security measures” targeted at themselves.   I think a couple of generations of dumbed down education, a corrupted public morality and a debased culture, all of which really accelerated after Vatican II (which people have to understand effected the world profoundly even beyond the real Church), have come together to make such transparent deceptions possible. 


Bill Mulligan


MHFM: Yes, and each fake scare is calculated to achieve a new end.  The underwear bomber was intended to bring in the most invasive searches possible.  This latest scare, concerning the supposed explosives that were supposedly intended for Chicago’s Jewish centers, involved cargo planes.  As even this Sky News clip mentions, that will lead to more stringent measures for searches of such planes.  Civilians and their baggage were already subject to outrageous security measures.  This hoax will give them greater liberty to go through all the cargo on the cargo planes.  It’s also interesting that in this clip, on a major news network, they mention that this occurred right when people in Europe were talking about getting rid of the burdensome airport security measures.  The newest fake terror alert aims to convince the public that the measures should remain in place and even be strengthened.




Subject: Heretic O’Malley


… the utter evil that envelopes the likes of this pure filth, O'Malley, regurgitating adulation to the likes of further filth, Kennedy, in a false church is clearly beyond any human description.  Bless you Most Holy Family Monastery for the strength of truth which emanates from your persistent wisdom of God's truth in Jesus Christ Our Savior.






Dear Brothers,

The news about "Mohammed" being the number one baby name in Britain is not surprising given that the author of the Anglican schism, King Henry VIII was a polygamist, just like Muslims. Also, he put to death his wives for the "honor" of the kingdom (as if any honor were left after his adulteries) as do Muslims in their so-called "honor-killings." England has been in schismatical "la-la-land" for the last 500 years or so it's a natural progression for it to become "Allah-allah-land." "Islam is here to stay," says the Muslim. What an outrageous disgrace!!!

The video on the computer programmer who used to work for NASA, and how he made a poll fixing program is astounding! To speak so matter of factly about such political crime shows how comfortable and protected the criminals are. Also, for only one person to be able to change the entire course of a nation’s history by a flick of a switch is really bad. What a shocking expose on the true status of American politics!!!

The story on babies being found in dumpsters is really heart-breaking. How can people be so callous and cruel is beyond me. It has to be demonic because everyone has the natural law written on their hearts, such as that killing is wrong. Mothers are abandoning their children in unprecedented numbers, and then they wonder why the Muslims are gaining ground in the west! What a foolish culture the west has created, and all because it has rejected the Catholic Church, and Catholic faith, outside of which there is ABSOLUTELY NO SALVATION!!!

God Bless,

Chris White


Fake terror garbage


Subject: false flag latest terror garbage


It’s getting to the point now that they don't even need to destroy anything or any buildings anymore, the people are so brainless, all the new world order cronies have to do is just announce their false flag in the news and it becomes real to the herd! 




MHFM: That’s right.  We could not agree more.  They don’t even need to pull more fake terror attacks (at least not as frequently), for they can accomplish their goal with fake news about supposed plots.  What a surprise that the supposed explosives were supposedly addressed to Jewish synagogues.  What a load of complete nonsense.  It might also be part of a build up to a fake terror attack for election time.




Subject: From the Jerusalem Post


I just read this article… A couple of excerpts are interesting:

1)  The title of the article is:  "Vatican Synod call for end to Israel's 'occupation'"

“The Holy Scriptures cannot be used to justify the return of Jews to Israel and the displacement of the Palestinians, to justify the occupation by Israel of Palestinian lands,” Monsignor Cyril Salim Bustros, Greek Melkite archbishop of Our Lady of the Annunciation in Boston, Massachusetts, and president of the “Commission for the Message,” said at Saturday’s Vatican press conference.

“We Christians cannot speak of the ‘promised land’ as an exclusive right for a privileged Jewish people. This promise was nullified by Christ. There is no longer a chosen people – all men and women of all countries have become the chosen people.

3)  Mordechay Lewy, Israel’s ambassador to the Holy See, told The Jerusalem Post that Bustros, in saying that Jesus nullified God’s covenant with the Jewish people, was “returning to successionist theology, contradicting Second Vatican Council teaching and Pope Benedict himself – who has welcomed the return of Jews to their ancient homeland.”

I bolded the print for emphasis.






Melkite Archbishop Cyrille Bustros, presumably a validly consecrated bishop, has recently restated authentic Catholic teaching regarding the fact that the Old Covenant was abrogated by Almighty God with the birth, death and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The people of Israel are no longer the so called "chosen people," ergo have no rights related to that. The chosen people of God are now the true followers of Jesus Christ which is the true Catholic Church. Archbishop Bustros is to be supported for his remarks even as Ratzinger and his Vatican II nonchurch rush to distance themselves from him and Catholic teaching.



MHFM: The fact that a bishop under Benedict XVI says something correct on Catholic teaching is not a reason to applaud.  It’s to be expected that one who purports to be Catholic promotes authentic Catholic teaching.  The bishop you mention is still heretical.  He accepts Vatican II and the antipope. 




Hello, I just got a letter from the American Life League urging me to act against Obama's threat to unborn babies.  Obama, as you know, is a hard core baby killer advocate.  From this letter it seems as though this group will really try to do something.  The problem is that the President of this organization, Judie Brown, is a hard core John Paul II advocate also.  I really want to help the unborn with something more than just my prayers.  Do you think God would frown down on donating to this group? 



MHFM: Yes, God would frown on donating to such a heretical group.  The person who runs it is a darkened, wicked, disgusting apostate who is not really against abortion.  She professes communion with those who are pro-abortion, in addition to being a supporter of heinous Vatican II antichrist apostasy.  By professing communion with those who accept abortion, she shows that she’s not really against it.  She is the epitome of false conservatives whom God abominates.  We know first-hand that she’s not at all interested in the truth but loves the lie.




Interesting Video on the mark of the beast… Christ said my kingdom is not of this world… As St John states, "love not the world neither the things that are in the world. If any

man loves the world the love of the Father is not in him." Insightful video you have. Feel free to watch my series when you have the chance. Have a great day.







I have watched many of your videos and have come to a conclusion. With some things you are right, and some things you are wrong. I am a practicing Catholic. I think you really need to talk to your local priests and bishop. It seems you come to your own conclusions based on nothing. The video "exposing" father Corapi is pretty horrible. The devil likes to pit brother against brother. Father Corapi is not a fluke. He simply does things to better get through to people. In that same video you give an example of Corapi stating what is a mortal sin. YES, a mortal sin is a mortal sin ONLY if the person knows it is. If he or she does not KNOW it is a mortal sin, it is not then a mortal sin. Many of your videos make the Catholic faith look bad. If you really are a Catholic, I suggest you removing them. Thanks



MHFM: We have read your e-mail and come to the conclusion that you don’t know what you are talking about and that you are attracted to the lie.  What you say about mortal sin is heretical.  According to you, if a person goes out and commits murder, but knows nothing of “mortal sin,” he doesn’t commit a mortal sin.  Your false position forces you to come to that absurd conclusion.  You might respond, “no, a person who commits murder obviously knows it’s wrong.”  Exactly, that’s the point.  Certain actions constitute grave matter in and of themselves.  Among those actions are murder, fornication, using contraception, etc.  Therefore, a person who willingly commits such an action, even if he or she doesn’t know or believe or care about the concept of mortal sin, commits a mortal sin.  Corapi teaches heresy when he states that contraception is only a mortal sin if you know it’s a mortal sin.  That’s equivalent to saying that murder is only a mortal sin if you know it’s a mortal sin.  It also directly contradicts Pope Pius XI, who teaches that whoever perverts the use of matrimony in the way he describes are, by that very fact, branded with the guilt of a grave sin.


Pope Pius XI, Casti Connubii (#’s 53-56), Dec. 31, 1930: “ “Since, therefore, openly departing from the uninterrupted Christian tradition some recently have judged it possible solemnly to declare another doctrine regarding this question, the Catholic Church, to whom God has entrusted the defense of the integrity and purity of morals, standing erect in the midst of the moral ruin which surrounds her, in order that she may preserve the chastity of the nuptial union from being defiled by this foul stain, raises her voice in token of her divine ambassadorship and through Our mouth proclaims anew: any use whatsoever of matrimony exercised in such a way that the act is deliberately frustrated in its natural power to generate life is an offence against the law of God and of nature, and those who indulge in such are branded with the guilt of a grave sin.”


The Errors of Peter Abelard, Condemned by Innocent II, July 16, 1140, #10: “That they have not sinned who being ignorant have crucified Christ, and that whatever is done through ignorance must not be considered sin.” – Condemned (Denz. 377)


Corapi clearly denies this truth.  He says that people can use matrimony in such a way (e.g., contraception) but not be branded with the guilt of a grave sin, if they “don’t know it’s a mortal sin.”  Since you are attracted to falsehood, we wouldn’t expect you to care about any of these Catholic teachings which refute Corapi.  Corapi is also a false ecumenist.  What part of that don’t you understand?  He believes that souls can be saved in false religions.  He denies Catholic dogma on the necessity of the Church, heresy, Protestants being heretics, etc.  He’s not a Catholic, and neither are you. 




Subject: Wisdom




Interesting video on Sean O'Malley. The picture of O'Malley and all the other non-catholic Government officials sitting up front says quite a bit about the Vatican II Counter-Church.

Their leader, anti-pope Benedict XVI is being somewhat quiet about the upcoming devil night celebration, I'm sure Benedict XVI is busy touching up his costume for his father Satan's feast day...Halloween.

I thank God every day for the mercy he showed when he led me to the wisdom of your site. Knowing that I too was lost in this great dark deception for the same reasons those that remain outside the truth (Church) today.  Due to their prideful account of following this evil world and it's slavery agenda do they remain outside for all eternity.


Wisdom 7:24-30. For wisdom is more active than all active things: and reacheth everywhere by reason of her purity. For she is a vapour of the power of God, and a certain pure emanation of the glory of the almighty God: and therefore no defiled thing cometh into her.


For she is the brightness of eternal light, and the unspotted mirror of God's majesty, and the image of his goodness. And being but one, she can do all things: and remaining in herself the same, she reneweth all things, and through nations conveyeth herself into holy souls, she maketh the friends of God and prophets. For God loveth none but him that dwelleth with wisdom. For she is more beautiful than the sun, and above all the order of the stars: being compared with the light, she is found before it. For after this cometh night, but no evil can overcome wisdom.


God Bless,

Tom Miles




Subject: Snapshot


Dear Brothers:


Thanks for the video on O'Malley.  Not only is it loaded with food for thought, it is a most effective "snapshot" of the fake V2 church. 


I recommended this video to a relative who told me that he had heard that Kennedy "made his peace with God" before he died (along with the usual admonition about not judging).  Another happy, snappy slogan of liberalism like that given by O'Malley who told people "to comfort one another with assurances of faith."  Advice from hell.


When liberals say "don't judge" what they really mean is:  don't judge evil to be evil; judge evil to be good. No wonder most have no problem with Halloween:  it's their high holy day.  Their wearing of costumes is, however, superfluous since these individuals masquerade as Christians all year long.


A wonderful video - thanks for the good work as always.


Lee Ann




Subject: Kennedy








Hello Brothers,


I came across this quote from St. Augustine of Hippo entitled "On the Creed: A Sermon To Catechumens"… You probably have already seen this, but I thought it would be a good one to add to your section called IMPORTANT NEW QUOTES AND POINTS ON THE SALVATION DOGMA AND REFUTING “BAPTISM OF DESIRE”......


"16. In three ways then are sins remitted in the Church; by Baptism, by prayer, by the greater humility of penance; yet God does not remit sins but to the baptized. The very sins which He remits first, He remits not but to the baptized. When? When they are baptized. The sins which are after remitted upon prayer, upon penance, to whom He remits, it is to the baptized that He remits. For how can they say, Our Father, who are not yet born sons? The Catechumens, so long as they be such, have upon them all their sins. If Catechumens, how much more Pagans? How much more heretics? But to heretics we do not change their baptism. Why? Because they have baptism in the same way as a deserter has the soldier's mark: just so these also have Baptism; they have it, but to be condemned thereby, not crowned. And yet if the deserter himself, being amended, begin to do duty as a soldier, does any man dare to change his mark?"


St. Augustine of Hippo states empatically over and over that God will NOT remit sins to those who are not baptized and those who are baptised but are heretics he points out that they are like deserters form the Army who, even though they are baptised, will be condemned.


-Will W.


MHFM: Yes, it’s a good quote.  It’s one that we did cite in our book, Outside the Catholic Church There is Absolutely No Salvation, in the section on St. Augustine.  We cited this portion of it:


St Augustine, 395: “… God does not forgive sins except to the baptized.”


It’s another example of how the universal tradition of the fathers is that no one (including an unbaptized catechumen) can be saved without baptism.  Even though not all of the fathers were always perfectly consistent with their own writings on this or other topics, the universal tradition that no one can be saved without the Sacrament of Baptism is clear.  And most importantly, it’s backed up by the dogmatic teaching of the Church.  




Subject: Chemtrails


Hi Brothers,

They are spraying like crazy in New Jersey, I noticed my first black beam along with the chemtrails that I have been reading about.  They are really implementing their commandments {guidestones}.  It makes me mad to see it right in front of your face! 






Just heard the Guadalupe and new hell videos great job.  For years and years I asked the Holy Ghost to reveal to my mind the meaning of Simeon's words to  Mary (4th Joyful Mystery though I always found it tinged with great sorrow) about the sword of sorrow piercing her own soul so that the thoughts of many would be revealed.  Maybe it refers to those who are privileged to share in the incomparable grace of sharing in Mary's sorrowful immaculate heart…. I do not know, however,  I've been pondering the meaning of Simeon's words a while now,  still wondering.  Another thing I just do not "get" still is how some seem to miss the opportunity to experience the truth even when it put right before their face.  I know it is the mystery if iniquity…






…as for halloween my mom won't listen to me that it is evil and she is going to celebrate it and drag my sister into hell by doing so this is urgent if you said something it would help…




MHFM: It sounds like you’ve already tried to convince her.  If you haven’t, you should tell her that a Catholic may not celebrate a pagan holiday.  That’s especially true with one that has its roots in pagan religions and involves dressing up like ghosts (evil spirits), goblins, etc. in order to scare (or horrify) people.  It should be obvious why a Catholic should have nothing to do with such a pagan celebration; but you can’t force a person to do the right thing.


New Video Posted


MHFM: This is a new video:


Why Hell Must Be Eternal [video]


Novus Ordo Halloween


Subject: How to have a Novus Ordo Halloween


This guy is a convert from Anglicanism to Novus Ordo. He gives hints on how to have a "Catholic" halloween.


Talk about playing with the devil...




Fr. Damien


Subject: Father Damien of Molokai


Dear Brothers,


I just watched a movie about Fr. Damien who volunteered in to set up a mission in a leprosy colony in the late 1800's.   There were a couple of scenes which I wished they hadn't included because of immodest dress even though they were pertinent to the story line,  but other than that the movie seemed very good  from a purity standpoint and excellant as an example of Christian charity and humility. 


The real question that I had though involves about 3 or 4 instances where the Fr. Damien did or said some things that were not in line with Catholic teaching.  For instance, he gave a Catholic burial to a man who died as an avowed Anglican denying the Sacraments right up to his death and later in the movie, Fr. Damien was telling a new Priest who had arrived about the natives who were singing in the distance to their gods and he stated that he felt it gave them (the natives) peace, as though it were OK.   


I was wondering if you knew much about this mission Priest and if these were Hollywood fabrications or not.  I want to make note that had I not read your materials, I would have never caught the modernist ideology of those few moments in the movie.  


Thank you and God Bless

-Will Weigand


MHFM: We are familiar with the priest.  However, we would have to research whether the statements attributed to him in the movie are rooted in fact or whether they are editorial additions on the part of the movie’s creators.  If he did say or do the things you mention, it is problematic.  It would reveal that he didn’t have the true Catholic faith, but held heresies relating to the Church’s necessity.  That was a problem that unfortunately became common near the end of the 19th century, around the time he died.




Subject: Temple/Johnson


Regarding the possible ignorance of the people (or followers) of the Aztec Empire. On finding that Cortes was still on his way to Mexico City, Montezuma was terrified and said starkly: "We will be judged and punished. And however it may be, and whenever it may be, we can do nothing but wait." These people knew exactly who they served and knew one day there would be an accounting and not by the serpent their master. Even the most simple of men as the bible says have no excuse. Infused in our nature is the ability to know God and right and wrong. The concept of evil,  judgement and punishment was not foreign to Montezuma or his followers. I think the concept of evolution has so corrupted peoples mindset they believe humans "way back then" were more like animals in their capacity to think and therefore are less culpable for their crimes (unless they were Christians).






Subject: New Contraceptive


Hello Brothers

Heard about this on the news about a new form of contraceptive today so thought I'd share it with you. What worries me is what evil will they come up with next?
Satan must be laughing hard at how far people have fallen away from God.






Subject: God’s Vindictive Justice


Dear Brothers,
In your video on why hell is forever I enjoyed your point about how God's justice is vindictive towards those who die in mortal or original sin. It's amazing how so many people think, "why is this happening to me?!" when in the throes of some calamity, as though there is no personal Almighty God who governs the universe by His Providence. No doubt such an attitude is a result of the freemasonic push to make eastern religions popular in the west, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Tao, Zen, etc., because in those wicked eastern religions, there is no one true God, but either a myriad of false gods (Hinduism) or simply an impersonal nothingness - "ohm," "self," "nothing," "Nirvana," etc. In reality, that impersonal nothingness is Satan and his malice, pretending to be powerful when he's powerless and chained to hell. There is no middle ground/path, sitting-on-the-fence place that is neutral, because God is personal, and any sin is an offence directly against Him personally. Either one is for Jesus or against Him, like Sr. Lucia said about being either for God or for the Devil, there is no other way - Jesus is Justice! Also, when a person sins, it's not just against one Person, but against all three Divine Persons of the Holy Trinity, though One God. So it is easy to see how malicious sin is, especially in light of all the daily graces and miracles of existence, plus the superabundant provisions He provides in the Catholic Church (only) for salvation..

God Bless,
Chris White 




Dear Brothers,


I found this news item in France:


The article describes the events has follows: A family, originally from Central Africa, held a Voodoo ceremony at 3 AM during the night. A man became possessed by a demon, the man's wife, began calling him the Devil, leading the others to jump from a second story window.  One of the men who jumped, was carrying an 4 month old baby girl, who died from the fall.  The others are all hospitalized!  Investigators have been assigned to determine the exact cause.


Richard Cardet

Bordeaux, France


MHFM: That’s Voodoo, a religion for which John Paul II, Benedict XVI and the Vatican II sect have great admiration.




…I do have one question if could help me understand what was meant in Acts 8:16, it seems just a little confusing and your help would be greatly appreciated. 




MHFM: It refers to how the Holy Ghost would come upon those new converts in Confirmation.  That was a grace they had not received, having only been baptized.  The Holy Ghost is of course received at baptism, but it’s received in a special way in Confirmation.  Each sacrament has its own special grace attached to it.  The context of that passage concerns their reception of the unique strengthening of the Holy Ghost provided by that sacrament. 




Subject: Fatima:


Dear People of God-

Why is it, with the exception of those in North America, that nobody in the Vatican wants to talk about Fatima?  You have a lot on your web site… They want all catholics to forget about it, including anything prior to 1960.  I am so fed up!!!  I pray to the seers, Francisco, Jacinta & (the real) Lucia to intercede for the remnant of catholics who are still holding on to what is right-- the Latin Mass.

Thanks & God Bless,
Jean Szumega


MHFM: Some people discuss Fatima.  However, one of the big problems is that many false Catholics provide incorrect and deceptive conclusions on the topic, especially concerning Sr. Lucia, the Third Secret, etc.  False analysis and wrong information on Fatima issues is a major reason why many are deceived.  That’s why our DVD on Fatima is so important.  It deals with what Catholics need to know about Fatima, in addition to covering the other main aspects of the Vatican II apostasy: The Third Secret of Fatima, the Impostor Sr. Lucia, and The End of the World




Subject: Mexico is not immune to the Great Apostasy, here’s why


Dear MHFM,

That's very interesting about Jeanne's personal visit to the temple where they did their sacrifices.

I wanted to comment briefly why Mexico, once a very Catholic country (compare to USA), has also fallen in this Great Apostasy.

About a few months ago, I emailed a sedevacantist group (which is also in working communion with the CMRI) named "Sociedad Sacerdotal Trento" and I asked one of their priest 3 simple questions: 1) Did they [Sociedad Sacerdotal Trento] believe in "baptism of desire and of blod"; 2) Did they believe in "invincible ignorance"; and 3) What is their position on the dogma: Outside the Catholic Church There Is Absolutely No Salvation.

Here is how the priest, who claims to be "traditionalist" sedevacantist, answered these questions:

"Yes, we believe in the first two questions, based absolutely in the Catholic Church's position and in studied theology way before Vatican II.  We also believe in what's indicated on the third question, [enphasis is mine] BUT it should be noted that it is NOT A DOGMA and that is not believed in the absolute manner; there are exceptions to it somehow."

This is outright heresy!  I couldn't believe my eyes when I read this.  He says that the dogma Outside the Catholic Church There Is No Salvation which has been defined infallibly 7 times by the Catholic Church, IS NOT A DOGMA!!  This is what this priest, named Fr. Jiménez of the "Sociedad Sacerdotal Trento", holds as " the Catholic Church's position and in studied theology way before Vatican II"... No, I'm sorry, that is not the Catholic Church's position. 

But it’s just to show how even in Mexico, these sedevacantist priests (which have many different churches throughout Mexico) hold the same heresy which caused this Great Apostasy, that souls can be saved outside the Church.  If this is what a sedevacantist holds, how much worse will the Novus Ordo Church be in Mexico?

Thanks for your apostolate MHFM and God bless you.





Dear Brothers Dimond:


Thank you for posting the video regarding the times before the Virgen de Guadalupe in Mexico. I grew up in Mexico City and visited the Tenochtitlan temple a few times as a family outing. My dad always bragged about his obsidian knife collection as these are/were found prolifically all along the roads within the temple grounds.


Growing up, the mantra everywhere was that the Aztecs were wrongly accused. And I will say that the alternative history of the Aztec Indians, called "Vision de los Vencidos" or "vision of the beaten", which narrated the conquest from their point of view, is very eye opening as well. I believe that although the Aztec high-priests did commit these atrocious crimes, the population as a whole was victim to these priests, not only literally, as objects of sacrifice, but figuratively and philosophically, by living in that society.


Having said this, however, I will tell you that there is a denial that the Aztec culture was this grotesque, or in fact, grotesque at all. I have visited the Templo Mayor, a temple in the southern part of Mexico City which was discoverd by a construction worker who was drilling through to build an extension of the underground Metro (subway). There are stone skulls everywhere, and you can see the actual masonry with skulls there for all to see.


How can that NOT be evidence of these death ritual sacrifices? We are told growing up that the accusations by Spaniards are not true, that they made up these stories or exaggerated things in order to justify their conquest and avaricious search for gold. But in the end, the Mexicanos cannot prove that they did NOT commit these horrendous acts.


I know that were it not for Franciscan monks at the time of the Conquest, who were brought over to prevent the genocide that the crusades caused on the islands first "discovered", the conquest itself would have been more horrendous than it was. Let's face it, greed runs rampant in every culture and the Spanish men on horseback prove to have been no exception. HOWEVER, the Franciscan monks did a tremendous job in converting the Aztec indians to Christianity and in assuring their survival during this tumultuous time. And for this I am personally grateful as I have seen the most humble and faithful Catholic people in Mexico, more so than in the USA. Perhaps it is because Protestantism did not take a strong foothold in Mexico, that the Catholic faith has been more intact than elsewhere even after V2. The Mexicans are a deeply faithful nation, who eschew attending Church as proof that they are faithful, understanding that faith is internal, real and not dependent on the actual church for its manifestation. I pray for all of us in these dark times.


Thank you for all the work you do and for unveiling the truth.


N. Jeanne Johnson


MHFM: Your personal visit to the temple is another interesting confirmation of what occurred during that period in Mexico.  There is no doubt that the Aztecs engaged in that activity.  It’s a well-documented fact of history.  You mention that you believe the people were victims of the Aztec priests.  We must say that the people cannot be excused, for they were immersed in the diabolical culture and the ritual.  Even if they were influenced by the priests, they were guilty for having condoned it or supported it.  They also fought vigorously to defend the demonic empire and its capital during the final battle.  Defeat in that encounter would have meant the end to the diabolical and bloody cult of their devil gods, but they fought with all their might to maintain it.  Soon we hope to soon discuss more about this very interesting period of history.


With regard to modern Mexico, it can’t be considered faithful.  The Great Apostasy has extended everywhere, leaving only a few true Catholics.  Mexico is not immune to the Vatican II apostasy.




Subject: hell video


Very interesting insight regarding the eternity of Hell.

People want to deny it, but your principle is implicit in many common expressions everywhere, such as "best friends forever", as well as numerous romantic songs and expressions, which is an implicit admission that even present happiness has no meaning unless it will continue forever.

By the same token, even complete pagans will express, for example when reading about some notorious criminal, that "even the death penalty would be too easy for him" because they (incorrectly) view death as an end even to the worst punishment, and any punishment which ends isn't enough for someone, so they admit, even with their heathen mentality.

-- Bruce




Subject: Scary website you have!


Greetings to you Bros Michael and Peter Dimond, I'm Margaret…

I recently came across your website. I have listened to many of your talks and debates regarding Vatican II, the new Mass and Sacraments. It gives voice to many of the changes I have seen in the church in the past 20 years.  I have some questions that I hope you can help with (surprised? LOL)

A brief intro *might* help you understand where I am coming from, but if it doesn't, feel free to bypass it :) I was raised Roman Catholic, moved away from the church to pursue several false religions… After realizing the Catholic church was really the one true church that Jesus Christ founded and ordained, I went back to the Catholic Church. I had more supernatural experiences which led to a fervent love for Jesus Christ that I did not know ever before… I have begun to pursue an annulment so that I can follow up in the idea of a religious vocation.

Two weeks ago, I was at a weekday Mass where the priest stated in his homily that we should emulate the Buddha and seek non attachment -  but never once mentioned Christ. I was horrified, and instantly wanted to flee the church in tears. It was perverse to advocate another religion on Christ's own altar and not mention Jesus! But this was coming from a priest who, although new to the parish, is usually outwardly devout - with the exception of his wearing a coconut bra on the altar at the teen Mass. (yeah, I know)… Many people understood my outrage - especially protestants, but quite a few… saw nothing wrong with it and started telling what the church teaches. I stopped short of calling it what it is - heresy - but it made me sick. It has made me wary of the Catholic Church - but I figured all the more reason to pray fervently to our blessed Lord Jesus for His church.  (I also had inadvertently exorcised my sister during a house blessing - and the monsignor at my parish screamed at me because he did not believe in demons or that Christ heals. Sigh. You guys are right - it is a very sad state in the church!)

Anyway, somehow I came across your website, and I've been listening to many of your talks and debates on Vatican II, the Mass and Sacraments.  I have some questions:

1) … my sins were recently 'forgiven' by the same priest who advocated buddhism rather than Christianity. It happened interestingly enough after I prayed to God that I would never be able to confess all my sins but that I would try anyway, and that I was in His hands. When I got there and started to confess something that happened 20 years ago, the priest told me to stop confessing my old sins, that they were all forgiven - every one of them. At the end he did the standard absolution, but I don't remember his specific words - whether it was 'absolve' or 'forgive' or 'cleanse', but it was done in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Q: Was this priest validly ordained to absolve me of sins even if he did say the proper 'verbiage'? Am I condemned to die in my sins because there are no priests who are validly ordained?  What on earth am I to do? I will surely perish if not absolved and can in no way remember every sin committed in 40 years!

2) My son… He is now going through RCIA because he has never made his first communion or confirmation…
Q: Should I continue to advocate his religious training in the RCC? Is there a better way to make his first communion and confirmation? Is the RCIA program valid in light of what you are saying in your talks?

3) The Mass. If it is true that if we eat the flesh and drink the blood of Christ we will have eternal life, then indeed, the Mass is very important. 
Q: Do all Latin Mass' use the extraordinary or tridentine form?...

4) In general, what do you propose that we do to train our children and participate in worship? Find only a church with EF Mass and pre-Vatican II priests? What if there aren't any in my area?

Thanks for any guidance you can provide…

Best Regards,


MHFM: Margaret, you have many questions and they are answered in the material on our website and in our books and DVDs.  Regarding the priest, it depends upon when he was ordained.  All past mortal sins must be specifically confessed to a priest ordained in the traditional rite of ordination.  His statement that they are all taken care of, even if they have not been specifically confessed, is outrageous and false.  Priests who were ordained before 1968 were certainly ordained in the traditional rite of ordination.  However, there is some doubt about his ordination and what he said in giving absolution.  Thus, the confession of those sins should be made to a different and clearly valid priest.  That’s explained in this file. Where to go to Mass or confession today?  You are required to confess past mortal sins that you recall.  To your concern about having forgotten something, that’s why people should add at the end of their confession: “I also ask forgiveness for any sins I forgot and did not confess.”


Next, it’s critical that you realize the Vatican II Church is not Catholic.  The New Mass is invalid and must not be attended for any reason.  You must be convinced of that before even going to confession.  Obviously your son should not go to RCIA or have anything to do with the Novus Ordo parish.  They are instructing people in the false Vatican II religion, which Catholics must completely reject.  You and your family must be convinced that the Vatican II Church is not Catholic. 


Yes, the true Mass is important, but having the Catholic faith is more important.  One can’t be saved without the true Catholic faith, even if one attends a true Mass; and the New Mass is not a Mass at all.  The parishes to which you refer do not represent the true Catholic faith.  Our material gets into the options for traditional sacraments in this time, but one must first completely reject the Vatican II Church and the New Mass.  One must believe in all Catholic dogmas, including Outside the Church There Is No Salvation.  Your story about the priest who advocated Buddhism is not surprising when we consider the Vatican II Church, but it is nevertheless revealing and interesting.  Please look carefully at the material and we believe the answers to your many questions will become clear.  We should add that no Novus Ordo priest is “outwardly devout.”  They are all modernists and heretics.  Pray the Rosary each day, all 15 decades if possible.




Dear brothers,

I got to know about you through a small catholic group in Nigeria and i also went to your web and have accepted the catholic faith against all odds in the family. i have the following question to ask. Can i continue to pray in the house with my family that are still in v 2?...


MHFM: You shouldn’t pray with them.  You could still pray in the house, but just pray by yourself or somewhere else.




Subject: A link of interest


Dear Brothers:

First, thank you for the video on Our Lady of Guadalupe and what the Spaniards found in Mexico.   Information and history I did not know. It is good to be reminded of Christ's victories.  The story of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Juan Diego are so very interesting and really beautiful.

I wanted to send you this link.  Brother Michael is on a masonic hitlist found here:

This is very serious.  I do not know if you were aware of this.  This is a most evil Website.  I found the link through "The Occult Masonic Temple God ," an eBook which barely makes any sense to me.  It is a study compiled by Christopher Newcomb which I downloaded online.  There were some links in there which I followed.  I think this work is pro masonry, but I cannot tell, it is so badly written and confused…

God bless you always,




Comment on "One thousand in Britain and Ireland are children of priests: Celibacy an issue for pope’s visit"


Dear Brothers Michael and Peter:

I think St Paul said it best in his epistle to the Philippians (chp. 3): "For many walk ... that are the enemies of the cross of Christ; whose end is destruction; whose god is their belly; and whose glory is in their shame."  I think any reasonable individual would agree that celibacy is not the problem.  But so what?  I suppose celibacy has no place in the Vatican 2 church anyway.

This approach to celibacy seems to be the approach to standards in general: "Well, no one can live up to these standards, so it is the standards that must change."

Incidently, that mug shot of Benedict shown in the article...he's frightening.





Subject: New video on Hell


Great video, I was smiling while listening to the clip, how a simple explanation {truth} with common sense blows away the most lofty lectures on some complex subject, it's amazing!!!    






Subject: Outrage - Vatican says Simpsons are Catholic


Dear MHFM,

… "I believe, the Vatican is indeed right, stating, that Simpsons are Catholic, because current "catholics" in current false "Catholic church" can indeed behave and believe these horrible things as Simpsons do, and still be fully "catholic" in "Catholic church"...

Thx for your interest, it does prove beyond any doubt, that Vatican is totally mad even in the eyes of all non-catholics....

God bless you!


Priest, NFP


Dear Brother Dimond,


Permit me to introduce myself to you. My name is Jennifer Barber and I am from Ireland… I am expecting my thirteenth child and I homeschool the children to make sure that they receive a traditional Roman Catholic education.  I was converted from the V2 anti-church in 2006 and went to the SSPX.  At that time I did not understand the sede-vacantist position as I had very little information on that subject (I did not have access to the internet.) but I was acutely aware of papal heresy.  I did not go there for long until I realised that there were major flaws in the SSPX thinking and  their bullying tactics towards  those who questioned the validity of the Novus Ordo sect was alarming. I was fortunate to make the acquaintance of an elderly gentleman who  was very vigilant.  We would regularly discuss the illogical Rosary crusades , the SSPX hostility to those who refused to pray for the modernists and the lifting of the so-called excommunications.


Gradually, I became educated in the sede-vacantist position which initially under the SSPX influence I hesitated but eventually knew that it was the only correct position to hold. I immediately left the society on Easter Sunday 2009 with a friend, Catherine, and we  both stayed at our respective homes without the Holy Sacraments until September 2009. Catherine is also sede-vacantist but cautions my reading of your site as she thinks you are extreme  since you refer to almost everyone as heretics to which I reply that everyone that you mention on your site are heretics.(I mean those whom you expose as heretics.)  So as not to labour you Brother Dimond,I shall jump on to September  2009 when Catherine made contact with the CMRI and two independent traditionalist Roman Catholic Priests in Germany under Bishop Pivarunas.  I agreed to have them come to stay at my home every two months to offer the Holy Sacrifice and provide us with the sacrament of Penance. This continued until a fortnight ago. I noticed that when the superior came that it seemed like he was trying to break down our resistance to certain worldly practices such as the wearing of feminine clothes (namely skirts) mixed summer camps which he would show us videos of on the laptop...


At this point I should not forget to mention that the elderly man whom I talked of earlier in this letter had met the priest in question, Fr Rissling, and decided that he would not be back but opted to stay with Bishop Williamson. He was angry at the bare-faced liberalism of Fr Rissling. There are many things which I can describe to you but it would take too long.  The final straw for me was on the last visit he discussed the use of NFP for no real apparent reason as I did not bring this topic up. As it turned out he was out of his depth, as he had wrongly surmised that I was uneducated in this field. I had studied and was qualified to teach NFP (sponsored by the local anti-bishop years ago when I was prominent in the pro-life movement and still in the anti-church) Thankfully and by the grace of GOD I never practiced nor taught this contraceptive method to anyone. I told him that I thought it was a vile, evil practice and the NFP movement was anti-catholic.  He did not show too much opposition and the visit passed without further episodes. However when I sent Catherine an e-mail to let her know that I was distraught at the recent visit (I didn't give any details on the mail) She lost control of herself and went into a fit of a rage. The reason I contact you is to ask you if you know of a priest of absolutely NO_COMPROMISE who would be willing to come to Ireland. I have children who need the sacrament of Confirmation as well.  Bishop Pivarunas also holds the same heresies as Fr. Rissling. Therefore it would not be an option for him to come to us… I will keep you


Ave Maria, Jennifer Barber.


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  Unfortunately, basically all of the priests are heretics and have problems.  You are not going to find a priest in your area who is 100% Catholic and can be supported.  There are options to receive sacraments, if the priest falls within certain guidelines, but the priest should not be looked to for guidance or support.  That's explained in the file on our site.  The biggest problem with the CMRI, in addition to their support for NFP, is that they believe souls can be saved outside the Church.  They are not Catholic; in fact, they believe the same as the Counter Church on salvation.  One should not have those priests in his or her home.




Hi Brothers,

While writing an e-mail to Michael Roberts, the pilot who refused to enter the body scanner and to be frisked, I was thinking about the simple causes of the present situation of the world just like the past 6000 yr. history of man, how every time man falls under slavery {satan's slavery} just like the jews before the exodus, the cause is man turning his back on God and disobeying HIS commands!  With the norvus ordo mass, man literally turned his back on Jesus in the tabernacle and now is following the command of Aleister Crowley {satan}, do thou what thou wilt, I don't think it can be made any more elementary than that!!!  




MHFM: Yes, it’s true.  Also, perhaps you already did, but please tell him to check out the website. 




… Recently I listened to your clips on interracial marriage, and although I agree with the basic result (that it is not forbidden or a sin as such), I would like to give a short statement on the issue. In these days we see nations being destroyed, wiped out within just a few generations. All European nations loose their identidies. The interesting thing about this is that race mixing plays a huge role in it. Anti-racist-laws put you in prison if you dare to feel like it is a good thing to stay among your own kind, i.e. to marry one of your people rather than an alien. The government makes not only propaganda for the acceptance of sodomy ("homosexuality") but especially for interracial marriage. We are forced to fallow the freemasonic American model that a mere document makes you belong to a people, and not the blood and the history. The One-World-Fanatics want all races to mix up (except for the ones who see themselves as the chosen master race...) and children have to read books that claim that in a globalized world it is the best thing to mix with other races, because that would make us more beautiful and more original to the first human beings. They hate white people (so parts of them hate their own origin), and I think they hate it because of its Christian past that shaped the whole world.  The more racially different a person is, the more problems it causes to marry him or her for the own children, because their identity is damaged "thanks" to the parents. Interracial marriage won't damage a people when it stays an exception (which it would be if there was no propaganda; for it is rather natural to marry one of the own kind.) Today the words of Daniel 2,43 are very fitting, which say that people mix up by marriage, but they won't stick together just as iron and clay won't mix.

All the best


MHFM: It’s not an issue of preserving racial or even national identity.  It’s an issue of the Europeans losing their faith and departing from God into a general apostasy.  Catholics marrying people of a false religion has definitely contributed to the decline you lament.  But marriages between people of different countries or races are not a problem if the faith is left intact. 


New Video Posted


MHFM: This is a new video:


Our Lady of Guadalupe crushes the Mexican Serpent [video]






Is it unacceptable to God to attend a vatican II mass?  If so, what do I do (and my children) for Church?  Isn't it better to go to one of those masses than none at all?

Thank you for your time.




MHFM: No, it’s a grave sin to go to such an invalid and non-Catholic service.  It is better to not go anywhere than to go to one of those invalid “Masses.”  Going there will send a person to Hell.  There are some options for receiving sacraments.  That’s explained in this file: Where to go to Mass or confession today?  However, one must be convinced on all issues of the faith first.   That includes never attending the New Mass again for any reason.





Interesting is the article on how Clinton's aid wanted to let Saddam to shoot down one of U.S. planes to initiate an act of war. As conspiracy theories go, in 1945 the U.S. had the weapon of mass destruction with no one to test it on as the war with Germany was at an end. With advance knowledge, the Japanese were allowed to bomb Pearl Harbor in order to get the American people behind the invasion of Japan that eventually lead to the dropping of the atomic bomb. Now, the Muslim named, so-called christian president wants the recent ban on homosexuals in the military to be dropped again. In some circles, the acronym DADT is being generated to water down the Don't ask, Don't tell program, just like the acronym LGBT was generated. This end time Great Deception has not only infiltrated Rome at the top with its Jewish infiltrators, Muslims have infiltrated one of the greatest so-called christian nations and is injecting its immoral beliefs into the strength that protects this country. All part of God's will for the sins of this world.

God Bless,
Tom Miles




Wow. I'm blown away at the truth i have just heard in your videos. I am interested in learning more about what you talk about.  My parents are from Mexico and I was born in Chicago. I'm a Proud Catholic. But I'm so interested in what you say i like it and believe it.





"O what a disgrace if such a despised and base race, which worships demons, should conquer a people which has the faith of omnipotent God and is made glorious with the name of Christ! With what reproaches will the Lord overwhelm us if you do not aid those who, with us, profess the Christian religion! " - Pope Urban II (On the muslim invasion).




Subject: I enjoyed watching your videos


i have been among (christian) people for a while. when i was a baby i was baptised as catholic and went to a Catholic church. but i dont really remember it. since you say there is no salvation outside the (traditional) Catholic faith, may i ask why? i would love to hear your argument of how it is more true than a fellowship christianity, that is the church i go. i am not acknowledging this for an arguement (fight) so to say, i am genuinely interested. i will check out this website you sent to me, and i hope to hear from you again soon.

thank you for your response.



MHFM: Sarah, there is no salvation outside the Church because there is no salvation outside of Christ and following all of what He commanded.  He instituted Confession, the Eucharist, the Papacy, etc., all of which the non-Catholic denominations reject.  Simply put, one is not a true Christian unless one is a Catholic.  That's what the material and the book we have show.


Vatican II


Subject: Vatican II Exposed


The false council, Vatican II, should be identified for the real travesty that it was and re-named Reformation II. It sought to continue the traditions of destroying the Catholic Faith that were begun during the Protestant Reformation…

Thanks and God Bless.....

Ricardo Parks




My name is Joaquin, at first i feel didn't like you, but as i listened to you i did begin to like what you had say, i still do. Leave Father Corapi alone, why fight were a family. i relate to him. don't divide The Catholic Family with what you are saying please....


MHFM: Joaquin, Corapi is not part of the Catholic family.  He claims to be Catholic, yes, but he’s actually a modernist heretic.  He believes in salvation outside the Church, false ecumenism, and offers the invalid New Mass.  You need to look carefully at the material on our website to find out what the Church really teaches and how the Vatican II Church is not Catholic.


Rosary beads


Subject: Regarding the rosary and the “fake” rosary


Hello brothers, i have a few questions.  First, I would like to thank you for your videos, "Is the world about to End?"… My Question is, what are your thoughts on the explosion of people who wear the rosary, but more importantly, this new thing I am seeing, where obvious non-catholics are wearing something that mimicks the rosary in appearance, but is not. For a time, and even still now, I thought it might be the blessed mother or the holy spirit crying out in these dark days, to make the catholic faith visible, or possibly as a chance for conversion. But now I think that this is just another deception. That satan is attempting to make non-catholics look catholic to convince people that there is no difference as to what church you belong to. I would appreciate your thoughts. Your website has helped me greatly. I spent a good amount of time as a teenager and as a young adult feeling outcast, because I believed in the Catholic Church and faith, but never liked, or agreed with what the church or its popes. Your website has helped me validate a lot of questions in my life and faith. Thank you.
Patrick M

MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  Perhaps you are referring to beads that people wear around their necks that look similar to rosary beads but are not.  We do believe that such items are a deception.  They detract from the true meaning of the Rosary.  Since they look similar, they turn the wearing of actual rosary beads into a fashion statement, and thus detract from the Rosary’s real purpose and spiritual value.  There are also people in popular culture who wear actual rosary beads because they like the way they look, not out of any devotion.  Certain gang members even wear them.  This is part of a diabolical deception to subtly turn the Rosary into an external item that doesn’t require any devotion, belief or change in one’s life.  In short, it renders it meaningless.  It further cements the false religiosity of our day: that God and the elements of His true faith are purely external and devoid of any real power, meaning or impact.  We also agree with your point: that the popular practice of non-Catholics wearing rosaries fosters religious indifferentism and false ecumenism.  It’s excellent, however, for true Catholics to wear rosaries.




Subject: Our Lady of Guadalupe crushes the Vatican II sect


Dear Brothers,
Thank you for the extremely interesting video, Our Lady of Guadalupe crushes the Mexican Serpent. According to the Vatican II sect and its 5 Antipopes, the Aztec human sacrificing "priests," because they were zealous for their religion, could possibly have been erring in good faith, invincibly ignorant, and thus saved, because there is no such thing as demons, the Devil, or hell in the V-2 religion. The sickening thing is that, like in the days of the Roman Coliseum, the common people would likely have become desensitized to the evils that were happening so that constant sacrificial murder to the "Sun god" became commonplace, even expected or enjoyed! Similarly today, the destruction of souls (not bodies - apart from abortion) in sacrifice to Lucifer the Devil, who is now reigning in the Vatican, is more commonplace and widespread than ever before, so much so that almost everyone has been numbed to the eternal consequences of their sins. How grateful that we have such a powerful and caring protectress in the Blessed Virgin Mary who can preserve her children in the state of grace while the Great Apostasy rages everywhere! Just as the conversion of the Mexicans to the Catholic faith was miraculous, so being truly Catholic today requires the constant supernatural help of grace, especially from praying the 15 decade Rosary each day. If Our Lady can preserve the paint on her picture from Guadalupe for centuries, then she can keep faithful Catholics safe from heresy and sin to the end, provided we cooperate with the grace she gives us. Our Lady of Guadalupe crushes the Vatican II sect!!!
God Bless,
Chris White



Subject: Total Outrage: the Vatican says the Simpsons are Catholic

Dear MHFM,

i am sending you link to an artikle about newest statement of Vatican about that most ridiculous cartoons of Simpsons… That is most ridiculous heresy I have ever heard... Let me write down some reactions from mostly non-catholics to this topic:

"Why is the vatican proud the dumbest character (homer) is catholic while the smartest (lisa) is atheist?"

"Lisa's more of a skeptic than a hard line atheist."

"The Simpsons DID make Catholic heaven look a lot more fun that the Protestant one!"

"This is pretty ridiculous, considering that the Simpsons have specifically identified themselves as NOT Catholic.

Bart: "Mom, can we go Catholic? At least they get bread to eat during church."

Marge: "Nobody's going Catholic! Three kids is enough, thank you.""

"Actually, I think The Simpsons skewers Christianity pretty well, making fun of Flanders and his over-the-top Jesus love, and also Flanders' children, who are effeminate, wimpy saps."

"Good grief, the Vatican can't tell fantasy from reality. No wonder people eschew religion."

"Not sure the Catholic church could miss worse on this... It's like a bunch of the church seniors got together and, in trying to make Catholicism seem 'cool for the kids', decided to associate themselves to this show... incorrectly... and several years past the Simpsons prime..."

"Lol - my comment about Homer not being Catholic got deleted because I said he wasn't molesting Bart.
The Pope is on this like a cheap suit."

"Their creative interpretation of the show matches their creative interpretation of the bible."

God bless you!

Josef Svitak




Subject: Freemasonry Property


In response to Richard who asks about Freemasonry buying up property.  I recently went to visit the Pine Barrens in NJ.  They hold 17 trillion gallons of water underneath enough water to cover NJ in a 10 ft. lake.  It turns out a division of the UN has purchased property in the Pine Barrens under the name UNESCO.  Could this be a possible example?  






Subject: Rock and Roll Sorcerers of the New Age Revolution


Hi Brothers, 


I watched the video that you offer on rock and roll sorcerers of the new age revolution, very eye opening as to how many of the music performers or rather the shamans, truly are possessed by the devil.  Even though the man doing the presentation was protestant he brought out a lot of points on the music industry and how they follow Aleister  Crowley, who is a satanist, who wrote the book called The Book of the Law, one of his most famous quotes is "do thou what thou wilt.  In other words be disobedient to Gods laws, if it feels good do it!  God says thou shalt not do it!  My 10 yr. old daughter watched the video with me and she got the passage that the guy was quoting right away about Ephesians 6:12  For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness; against the spirits of wickedness in the high places.  My daughter understood the tremendous advantage that satan would have if he could possess people in high places { people of great influence } like rock stars because they go all over the world on tour playing their satanic music, just like the pied piper!  I strongly recommend parents to buy this video and show it to their children, the only thing is you need to have a VHS tape player to see it, even if you had to spend 50 dollars to get a new player its worth doing it for your children, please!!!  






Brothers in Christ,

When saying the 15 Rosary, is there any specific way to recite them?  Can it be Sorrowful, Glorious, Joyful? Is it any preference?



MHFM: The normal method would be Joyful, then Sorrowful, then Glorious.




Dear Brothers 


Great video about Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Aztecs.  I, too, did not realize how satanic and evil they were!  Looking forward to Part 2 !  With the coming of the month of November and the Holy Souls in Purgatory… I love praying for the Holy Souls, since I was a little girl and we were told to say the 6 Hail Marys, 6 Our Fathers, and 6 Glory Be for them on Nov 2…






Subject: Our Lady of Guadalupe overcomes the Mexican Serpent




The new clip about Our lady of Guadalupe was awesome; I hope it is to be continued.

All the best




Brother Peter Dimond,

I enjoyed your last video on Our Lady of Guadalupe overcomes the Mexican serpent.

I think you chose a great topic and it is most interesting. You did a great job! Please continue with it.





Dear Brother Michael & Brother Peter
Many thanks for your reply. As i have said before, i have read your website with great interest, and your expose on the heretics Pope John Paul II & Benedict XVI as teaching falsehoods and doctrines, was absolutely brilliant. Would like to ask you a few more questions.
1. Am a big supporter of the Sspx,and I attend Sspx traditional latin mass here in London, but you dont support them. Why?
2. Is sedevancantism a sin?
Many thanks Brother Michael & Brother Peter.  If only our church could have more men like you, and restoring all things tradition to God's church and to Our Lord Jesus Christ.
In Domine
Mr Gerald Purves


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  This file explains why the positions of the SSPX are not Catholic and why their group cannot be supported. 


The Society of St. Pius X [Link to Section]


The sedevacantist position is definitely not a sinful one, but rather the only true Catholic position at this time.  That’s because the Vatican II antipopes are/were heretics, and the Church infallibly teaches that heretics are not true popes.  The Chair of Peter is therefore vacant.  To obstinately resist that position, and embrace the one held by the SSPX, is a sin.  All of the documentation for the sedevacantist position is covered on our website.  As covered in the file above, the SSPX also believes that souls can be saved in false religions, which is heretical.



Subject: Comment: Guadalupe crushes Mexican Serpent


Dear Most Holy Family Monastery,

I recently listened to your new video on the demonic Aztec empire.  I am so shocked by the information in this video.  I want to know more of what happened next with Our Lady's appearance to the takeover of the demonic empire, please do continue the series. I can't wait for any following parts.

… I was just so overwhelmed with the new video on Guadalupe that I actually didn't realize that 11 minutes had passed… It’s actually the first time I've ever heard something so detailed of what these evil Aztecs did.  It's very sickening and actually very hard to believe such civilization existed, but it really did.  Also, the reference to the snake connected with these pagan religions form the east, it's also interesting that Chinese cultures and other parts of Asia use that dragon which definitely has the looks of a snake.

Those conquistadores were very brave and those who persevered till the end in the grace of God are now happy that they have received eternal glory for believing in Christ, in His Church, and in practicing the True Catholic Faith.  These conquistadores weren't saying to the Aztecs, "We can't judge if what you're doing is evil" like how many people hold now-a-days with the whole We Can't Judge heresy.

You know, a while back I was talking with this Mexican Novus Ordite and we got talking about the Aztecs, and so he then brought up that the Europeans came and destroy the culture of Mexico.  He was arguing that the atmosphere and environment was cleaner and more peaceful before the Europeans came to the New World.  And then I told him that the Aztecs killed thousands and thousands of people, sacrificing them to demons, and that this was sending thousands of souls to damnation because they had not yet received the Light of Truth, Jesus Christ, and so it was actually profitable that God willed to put an end to this through the Catholic conquistadores.  But no..., this apostate person, who by the way when explained what a dogma is, and when cited and explained Eugene's dogmatic bull "Cantate Domino" and the Scriptural evidence of the necessity to believe in Jesus Christ to be saved, and finally when asked if a Jew who rejects Christ could be saved if he died in rejecting Christ, the man simply stated that he didn't know and would not judge because that's between God and the Christ rejecting Jew, basically throwing out the window all the time spent in trying to explain to him the necessity of the Catholic Faith, well, he argued that the Europeans only brought unrest, war, and sickness.  THIS WAS A PERSON WHO CLAIMED TO BE CATHOLIC!  He later said that pregnancy of Our Lady of Guadalupe represented the new raza [new race].  I have no idea what he meant by that but the impression I got, from what he was basically describing, was John Paul II's antichrist gospel: man as God.  Also, I was told that he liked to read different books of different beliefs (like at the time he was reading some stuff about buddhism) and so I told him that I could give him your material so he can read it and study the Catholic Faith... well you know what he said?  That he didn't have time and needed to spend time to work and support his family.  A true liar to heart, unfortunately.

Our Lady of Guadalupe is one of my most favorite apparitions.  Here you have a whole civilization in darkness, then the devil takes millions of souls with him through Luther and his rebellion.  So what does God do to get those 5 million back?  He sends His mother and converts almost double the amount by crushing the Mexican serpent.  And let's not forget the miraculous tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  To know that San Juan Diego's tilma still remains colorful and beautiful, after more than 450 years have elapsed since the apparition, is in itself miracle!

God bless you MHFM for your dedicated work.





… Always Appreciate your good work and new Aztec gruesome they were.  How Dare Christians come and Stop that (Says our… Dept. of Education.)  Also, just caught a TV documentary thing about some Sculptor in New Mexico/ Arizona (?) who the Indians were ANGRY with for daring to sculpt a beautiful Spanish conquistador statue on a horse.  So now he's going to sculpt a Big Indian statue for Them...  


Carol D.


Sr. Lucia


Dear Brother Michael & Brother Peter

Would like to know why you consider Sister Lucy an imposter and fraud?

In Domine
Mr Gerald Purves


MHFM: Of course, the original Sr. Lucia was not an impostor.  However, at a certain point the enemies of the Church definitely utilized an impostor.  All of that is covered in detail in these videos:


The Impostor Sr. Lucia – 1 of 3 - When and Why


The Impostor Sr. Lucia - 2 of 3 - The Proof and Her Contradictions


The Impostor Sr. Lucia - 3 of 3 - Her Heresies




Subject: Our Lady of Guadalupe Video


Dimond Brothers,


Thank you for the new video. Yes that is a wonderful book. A few hundred brave Catholics overthrew an entire civilization. The battles they won against the most incredible odds were purely supernatural. The Aztecs were horrible satanists and the Europeans were the best thing that ever happened to them. Only a fool or a dishonest person would doubt Mary came to clean house and institute Holy Baptism and the Catholic Faith. When Our Lady first introduced herself to Juan Diego she explained she was "the Serpent Crusher". The magnitude of that statement and all that it means to every living creature in the universe is sadly not understood. Ave Maria!






Subject: Pagans


Dear Mhfm, 


Excluding diseases, famines, the last century has to be the most violent against man-on-man in the history of A.D.  Just placing WWI, and WWII, in perspective, the multi-millions of human beings slaughtered, butchered, mangled, maimed-souls sent to hell-according to Our  Blessed Holy Mother at Fatima, boggles the mind in comparison to the savage world of paganistic death south of the border.  Now, in the early 21st century-Armageddon is at hand!  There is no way out accept the Rosary of the Blessed Mother.  Truck on, Mhfm!  I suppose satan seethes with envy at your task at hand.






Subject: Bernanke says U.S. on brink


In your video about exposing freemasonry, their goal is to replace religion, law,& property with masonic religion, masonic law, & masonic property. Well, the first two are most apparent, for those who have eyes to see; but how do you change property into masonic property?  What these CAFR's show is that "composite government investment funds" through association in reality own virtually everything. The media, for their part, has created a deliberate void in comprehension, to this fact. Remember, G. Edward Griffin's audio tape on the Fed says the first thing they did after starting the Fed was buy up the media. That's why Bernanke can say "whatever", to propagate the whole "budget" lie.






Dear Bros. Michael and Peter Dimond,


The Devil is obviously 'MAD as Hell, and he can't take it anymore', so all he can do is send out his 'dupes', like LF, to try and annoy and wear down the MHFM, with their ravings and ad hominem attacks, rather akin to pesky mosquitoes, who as soon as you brush them off, return with a few more of their fiends, in a vain attempt to undermine the operation of salvation...


God bless,






Dear Brothers,


We've had our comments about some of the British superstars of rock. There is always speculation about selling their souls. I thought this was a little creepy. When doing an interview for his new book: "Well, I'm not putting death on the agenda," he told the Times. "I don't want to see my old friend Lucifer just yet". 


The Beatles (Lennon), Led Zeppelin (purchased Alister Crowley’s castle) and many others had close ties with Darkness.


When Richards says "old friend" I assume he started the relationship a long time ago when these superstars were consorting with prominent satanists.  When he says "I don't want to see" him I assume he understands there is a debt he isn't looking forward to paying. What's sad is, even a man who signs a contract in his blood can have it revoked by our Dear Lady if only he pursued more important secrets.






Subject: Thank you


Brothers Michael and Peter Dimond


About a week or so ago I purchased a few books and DVD’s from you and I can say justly that I have been truly blessed and enlightened by them. For the longest time I sensed such a feeling of despair in our Holy Church and I could not figure it out. To that extent when I saw your website and a few of your videos on YouTube I began to do my own study and it led me into complete despair when I thought of how far astray our church has gone. In upholding Vatican II, the church has sacrificed itself to the secular world and betrayed Christ with its attempt to “fit in” with everyone else. The horrible time of the reformation was to me when the church was the strongest because in the face of heresy and apostasy it remained resolute and strong in the faith of Christ and in His Holy Church. Yet in this modern time, the church bows and recognizes schismatic’s and defilers as holy and followers of the faith.


When Christ ascended into heaven, he charged the apostle Peter with the care and leadership of the church. He was to be the new shepherd who commissioned by Christ would grow and expand the Gospel to all lands. Yet today we see our church in disarray, our traditions considered out of date and our teachings archaic. The role of the pope diminished to a figure of nothing more than a secular preacher, and the Holy Scriptures reduced to nothing more than fables and good stories. To me it was better when the common people were unable to read the scriptures themselves. Now to some this is a very strong statement to make but it is very true, because the Popes and priests all knew that if the common man would have the chance to read them the gospel would be destroyed by conflicting views, schismatic’s and free thought would been allowed to trample the teachings of Christ. There was a time in Holy Mother Church that we were in the ship of St. Peter and yet when the time of trial came many leaped out of the ship because the waves became too high and their testimonies shaken because of fear and polluted ideas. They relied on their own ideas to save them instead of remembering the gospel story of Christ calming the angry sea. In leaping out of the ship of St. Peter, they have allowed themselves to drown in the sea of heresy, thus as a result have torn asunder the seamless coat of Christ. Which stood as a symbol of unity and salvation.


Yet even in this darkness, there is light and it shines brightly from heaven in the figure of the Blessed Virgin. Christ calls to his lost sheep to come home, and yet they are too distracted by the notion of the grass being greener on the other side concept of earthly life and the hereafter.


I thank you both for the great work that you do for Christ and Holy Church, you will be blessed for your labors and your work will speak to many. I ask you to pray for me and for my family, as we will join you in prayer for the lost. We will always remember to say a rosary for you and I hope you will do the same for us. The fight continues and the banner of Christ will one day fly again over the Vatican and a true shepherd will step forward and lead the church back to Christ and salvation.


David Robertson


MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  It’s important for people to recognize that the church which has engaged in all the things you mention is actually not the Catholic Church, but a counterfeit construct.  The true Church still exists, infallible and unblemished, but in a remnant.  The heretics to whom you make reference automatically ceased to be part of the Church and her representatives when they denied the faith.




MHFM: We have a new video that we hope to post very soon.




Subject: The rise of Islam


Hi Brothers,


You posted a news story a week ago about the Muslim praying in the streets of France. I found this really shocking, as I have been seeing a lot of this kind of thing where I live in CA. I was shocked the other day when I saw a man passing out Korans and other Islamic reading material on our college campus.  I have been doing a lot of research on this topic. It's really hard to find information on there faith that isn't twisted in their favor. I was wondering if you could do a video on this topic. It really is unbelievable, they are taking over the world!


This video has a lot of good information, but I want to know more:


God Bless,



Holy Days


Dear Bros. Dimond,

As the Vigil of All Saints Day approaches, I'm once again reminded of the horribly far-reaching grasp Lucifer has on the world.

In his hatred and cunning, Lucifer has successfully replaced all the Holy Days with "holidays". . . He has successfully turned people's attention away from the observation and celebration of God on these Holy Days (days entirely necessary to observe in order to obtain preservation from sin as well as honor the Good Creator) by replacing them with such horrible mockeries as "halloween", "xmas", and "easter" to name the most obvious ones.

How grotesquely displeasing it must be for God to see countless people annually celebrating death and Lucifer on "halloween" by dressing as demons (bearing in mind demons appear not only in their hideous forms (traditionally "scary" costumes) but in disguised forms of beauty too (princess, fairy, etc. costumes)…  Unfortunately, as a child I grew up watching horror movies and I can't think of a single horror movie that didn't blaspheme or mock God.

The Holy Day of Christmas when the Holy Father gave the ultimate gift of His only begotten Son who was born in blessed poverty. . .  has been replaced with not only the grotesque celebration of man (where people's only concerns are giving and receiving base material gifts, and leisurely spending time with "loved ones"), but with the added insult of removing Christ's title from Christmas to "xmas" while deranged people decorate a tree (the very thing on which our Lord Christ Jesus was crucified).

The Holy Day of Resurrection Sunday has been replaced too with the celebration of man. Lucifer has succeeded once again in turning people's attention away from God and their duty of reverent vigilance by eclipsing the celebration of Eternal Life (made possible by and through Jesus' resurrection) with the grotesque mockery of the celebration of temporal life as symbolized by the pagan depiction of the "easter bunny" and "easter eggs" (the celebration and veneration of creatures/reproduction/temporal life as opposed to the celebration and veneration of the Creator/resurrection/eternal life).

My grief and shame is only intensified by the fact that during these days of the great deception- where one does not have the convenience and comfort of going to a legitimate Catholic Church-   I don't even know the True Catholic way of properly observing these Holy Days. . . especially the Vigil of All Saints. So I'm writing to ask you if there is a book that I can read concerning the proper way of observing the Holy Days. . . or if there isn't, would you please instruct me on the matter?

Thanks be to God for blessing us with MHFM. . .  a most ardent preserver and propagator of the One True Holy Catholic Faith without which no one at all is saved.

Please pray for me…





Subject: Regarding: L F

Brothers Peter and Michael,

Well so much for "L F". He is not only spiritually blind, but he must be completely deaf.  I have a number of your DVD's. The good, the bad, the ugly that you discuss in the DVD's always has the name of the Encyclical,letters,news items,magazines, the dates ,who said it when it was said etc..etc..etc.. I know because I have looked up a lot of these articles to prove my point.

Not to mention, if one doesn't suffer from sloth, you can even purchase Encyclicals or use the inter-net to get the information. So, sorry, no excuse, no such thing as" justifiable ignorance." Oh yes, and one more thing: All of your books pertaining to the FALSE popes, FALSE mass, FALSE church-v2, my books have an "appendix" which means I can look up( for myself) the references used.   The references are also given after each chapter in the one book.

Thank you very much for all of your tedious work.  May God Bless you and our Most Holy Mother protect you always.



LF Responds


MHFM: LF wrote a short response to our recent response.  Not surprisingly, he ignored our request to discuss the matters in a recorded conversation. 


Bull.  You are a bunch of nut jobs who feel free to slander the legitimate authority of the Church.  If you don't like the popes, you can be Orthodox, or even Eastern Rite.  Instead, you spread BS all over the you tube.  I usually ignore it, but, b/c I was attracted by your deceptive techniques, I got sucked into your delusions, and I am angry about it.  Better stay behind your fenced in funny farm, there, in Fillmore. 


[From LF]


MHFM: By your first short statement, we suppose you are implying that our assertion that your antipopes praise false religions and heretical sects is nonsense.  No, it’s a fact and well-documented.  You are a liar at heart and a mortal sinner who doesn’t seek after truth, but runs from it when it is presented to you.  That’s why God blinds you and gives you the horrible punishment to believe you are right when you are so wrong.  You don’t like the popes.  You spit on them by defending an antipope who denies what they authoritatively taught. 




Dear Brothers,


LF is clearly tormented by his own mortal sins and heresies, otherwise the truth wouldn't be so painful for him. LF calumniates the popes by saying the 5 Antipopes are Catholics, rather than the heretics, schismatics and apostates that they are. To say that the Antichrist Antipopes are Catholics is to calumniate the Lord Jesus Christ! He accuses you of deception, when the fact is that he himself is deceived - by the V-2 sect! LF wrote: "You repeat inflammatory words, but you give no evidence for it." It appears that LF is actually accusing you of what he himself is guilty of, because like so many bad-willed-lying-heretics today, he cites no authoritative Church teaching to prove his position, because he can't. Instead, like an immature fool, he attacks you personally, rather than debate the position! His own "POV" (point of view) is full of holes because he assumes that just because he witnessed something, that he could not have been deceived by it, and that "it's proof" of Our Lady's intervention, because "Totus Tuus" was formed from the JPII's satanic recovery. That means nothing - one may as well say that Protestantism is thus a legitimate form of Christianity, and not heresy, which it is, because it developed from the Arch-heretic Martin Luther. What pathetic nonsense and modernism! But one need only look at his comment about the salvation of souls to see the fruits of obstinately defending the Vatican II sect. Catholic saints and martyrs endured unimaginable tortures for the salvation of souls. Compare that reality with a "kook, zealot and malcontent" such as LF, and his comment: "It would be comical if the end result wasn't the loss of souls for people…" So, according to LF, the salvation of souls is "comical." That's one of the most evil things I've ever read. LF, in his satanic stupidity, defines his own method: "you pretend to be Catholic, and use many words that resemble it, then lead people subtly away from the heart of the Church and isolate them." And in daring desperation, he thinks he can contradict himself in the same paragraph, and that people will be so frightened of phrases like "Where Peter is, there is the Church.": "We fully expect an apostasy by the leadership of the Church during the reign of the antichrist.  Or, at least a false pope.  These things are speculation, of course, and we may be way off track." So LF fully expects things that are speculative! That really sums up how shakey his ground is - how uncertain his "faith" is. From there, the mental deterioration is evident in every sentence: "John Paul VI was physically unable to sanction contraception against his will.  That, to me, is proof of the Holy Spirit right there." Firstly, there was no "John Paul VI" - I assume he means Paul VI. And someone who is "physically unable to do something against their will," is physically able to do something for their will - the double negatives, "unable" and "against," cancel each other out to make the sentence positive. And if it is proof of the activity of the Holy Spirit that someone can physically do something for their will, then one may as well say that everyone is in the state of grace or that everyone will be saved, i.e. the heresy of Universal Salvation. I suppose LF picked up that heresy from his beloved "John Paul VI"!!! Lf is chasing pots of gold at the end of rainbows and listening to the "elves" he's possessed by. Then, with the "Dutch courage" of a drunken person, he boldly asserts: "Good grief, get some discernment gifts, if you are truly Catholic, as you say you are, which I am beginning to doubt," which contradicts his opening line of the paragraph where he says you're worse than people to lead souls to hell - "In any case, to me, you are worse than those..." The discernment is lacking in LF, not in MHFM. He follows up again by explaining his own method: "You use deception to lure them in, and mesmerizing repetition and half-truths to entice and hold interest, then, wham, you lower the hammer and attmept to smash the faith.  Right out of satan's playbook, I must say." That's what LF is doing: he repeats the methods he's using to criticize MHFM, to "hold interest," and than wham he tries to smash the Catholic faith by attacking MHFM. And again, imagining people will be too scared to see through his tactics, he writes: "It is the techniques, used by cultists the world over, that give you away." So, quoting Catholic dogmas in defense of the Catholic faith and against heresies, schisms and apostasies, even if it means the world will hate them, according to LF, are "techniques, used by cultists used the world over." No, cultists use flamboyant and inaccurate statements designed to incite intense emotion which will override the ordinary person's reasoning ability, so as to leave them a) confused, b) scared of the cult person, and c) desperate for any answer - which the cult member is equally desperate to supply. That's exactly how the Vatican II sect operates, and it works on people who are bad willed, because bad willed people are willing to compromise the "little things," which it is obvious LF is willing to do. And finally, the only one displaying evidence of irrational paranoia is LF, who thinks MHFM is deceptive. MHFM is the most uncompromising defender of the Catholic faith on the planet today - no heresies, no schisms, no apostasies ever from MHFM, and if one needs proof other than their work, just look at the bizarre, insane and deceptive reactions they receive in emails from apostates like LF. Perhaps if LF wasn't so worried about who his father thinks is a "paranoid schizophrenic," then he might be able to think more clearly. Though, even that might be a stretch! What a sad and frustrating road the path to hell must be!


Proverbs 10:14 - "Wise men lay up knowledge: but the mouth of the fool is next to confusion."


Proverbs 12:16 - "A fool immediately sheweth his anger: but he that dissembleth injuries is wise."


Proverbs 28:26 - "He that trusteth in his own heart, is a fool: but he that walketh wisely, he shall be saved."


God Bless,


Chris White




MHFM: This is an interesting quote from the life of Hernán Cortés, the famous explorer and conquistador who overthrew the Aztec Empire.  As his group came upon lands in the New World, they discovered the idols of the natives.


“Assisting their wounded, [and] bleeding, the Spaniards limped uphill to seek refuge in a cluster of low stone buildings that were prayer-houses.  But inside the houses they came upon idols of baked clay – hideous, monster-faced figures, some figures obviously female and some male figures in the act of sodomy.” (Richard Lee Marks, Cortes – The Great Adventurer and the Fate of Aztec Mexico, Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1993, p. 26.)


This is another quote which demonstrates that homosexuality is connected with idolatry.  It is not natural, as many today would have people believe; but rather, as Romans 1 teaches, it is caused by a demonic takeover that results from apostasy and idolatry.  We also discussed this in the section of our book called:  The Idolatry of the Vatican II sect is connected with its rampant homosexuality [PDF File].  The culture which used these idols was thoroughly demonic and engaged in mass human sacrifice.




Subject: Your Book: The Truth about What Really Happened…


Most Holy Family Monastery,

I have just recently read your groundbreaking book, The Truth about What Really Happened to the Catholic Church after Vatican II. The facts you present are absolutely shocking! It's amazing, horrifying and deeply convicting of just how evil the Vatican II sect is. The information you provide is eye-opening and surely compels every true and honest Catholic to recognize this phony, counter-Church for what it is, have nothing whatsoever to do with its abominable apostasy, and flee into the wilderness where the one, true Church of Christ remains. In the final days we are told of the decisive battle between the elect and the reprobates. Your book successfully and abundantly proves how all the rise of the counterfeit church only further shows the authenticity of the true Church.

I would also like to respond to LF, whom you correctly recognized as being "a living example of why Jesus told us not to cast pearls before swine."

LF, you are so fully of bad will; so full of the sinful pride that blinds you from seeing the simple truth. It's in your desperate and futile attempts to undermine MHFM's witness to these truths that you demonstrate your utter contempt for the truth. You reveal yourself to be nothing more than the Devil's slave.

Thank you for your material.




The words of Christ: "Blessed are ye when they revile you, and persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for my sake." Matthew 5:11




Dear MHFM,


Since coming to your website approximately 3 years ago, I have learned what the Catholic Faith really is and that my past, in what I considered to be Catholicism, was simply founded in man-made religion.  I found a Byzantine priest for confession and made an initial general confession as well as others since then.  As I had not confessed for a long time and only sporadically over the timeframe from age 12-40 you can well believe there were a MOUNTAIN of sins that needed confessed.  My question is this:  If one makes a general confession and then is following a regular routine of confession but remembers something that he did not confess from the past (and I am remembering many now), should these then be confessed or would the general confession have remitted them?


The Monastery is truly a light in the darkness of this vile world… Without finding your website (through our Lord and Lady's grace), I would have been allotted to that heap of filth and condemned to Hell for all eternity.  I cannot thank you enough for your help and guidance over the years.  Perhaps one day I can truly thank you for all you have done for this poor soul.


God Bless you for your works......




MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  If one made a general confession, but then recalls a mortal sin that was not confessed, it would be necessary to mention that sin in a new confession when you can go.  However, it would not be necessary to repeat the general confession.




Member of the Most Holy Family Monastery,


     I was most intruigued with the video series you put out entitled, Is the World About to End?.   I was with you, of course, until you began to calumniate the popes.  You accused John Paul II of blasphemy and deception, yet, you began your series with deception.  Leading the viewer in by pretending to be legitimate, calling your self vaticancatholic, and starting with Fatima…


     You repeat inflammatory words, but you give no evidence for it.  For instance, you imply that JPII"s healing was not a miracle brought about by prayers to Our Lady, which it was.  In spite of the obvious signs, and his utter devotion to her, and the development of Totus Tuus, a family apostolate of the highest order, from it, you imply that satan had a hand in it.  Sorry, but I witnessed it.  Your POV is full of holes. 


    You accused the pope of blasphemies, but gave no example.  You gave your opinion of why you think what you think, but, it is too "out there" for any sane person to take seriously.  You realize that, don't you?  You appeal to kooks, zealots, and malcontents.  It would be comical if the end result wasn't the loss of souls for people…


In any case, to me, you are worse than those because you pretend to be Catholic, and use many words that resemble it, then lead people subtly away from the heart of the Church and isolate them.  The Church is not a bunch of Latin sayings.  Where Peter is, there is the Church.  We fully expect an apostasy by the leadership of the Church during the reign of the antichrist.  Or, at least a false pope.  These things are speculation, of course, and we may be way off track.  But, the gentlemen you described are not the culprits.  John Paul VI was physically unable to sanction contraception against his will.  That, to me, is proof of the Holy Spirit right there.  Good grief, get some discernment gifts, if you are truly Catholic, as you say you are, which I am beginning to doubt. 


     You use deception to lure them in, and mesmerizing repetition and half-truths to entice and hold interest, then, wham, you lower the hammer and attmept to smash the faith.  Right out of satan's playbook, I must say.  Had you been straightforward about your views from the get-go and just came out and said why, you may have been more convincing.  It is the techniques, used by cultists the world over, that give you away. 


     My father thinks you are just a colony of paranoid schizophrenics, or some other form of kook, but, this video shows too much cunning for that. I think you are, perhaps, enemies of the Church operating under the guise of well-meaning people.  


    I just wanted you to know that some of us are "on to you". 






MHFM: Allow us to respond to your e-mail.  First, your e-mail is filled with false accusations and it demonstrates your profound bad will.  There is no deception in our video series.  We are Catholic.  That requires us to reject things which are opposed to the Catholic faith.


To be Catholic means to accept all the teachings of the popes throughout history, which you do not.  You accept salvation outside the Church (which is heresy), and that Protestants are in the Church (heresy). You must accept all of that because it’s the official teaching of Vatican II, Benedict XVI and John Paul II; but it contradicts the infallible teaching of the Catholic Church.  You must also accept false ecumenism, prayer with pagans, the idea that Protestants and schismatics don't need conversion, the heresy of religious liberty, the teaching that non-Catholics may receive Communion, etc. – all of which are taught by Benedict XVI, John Paul II and Vatican II.


You say that the video series didn't give any proof of John Paul II's blasphemies and heresies.  It did, but it was not meant to be a comprehensive presentation on his doctrinal heresies.  That video series was about prophecy and how the Vatican II sect, John Paul II, etc. fit into it.  We wouldn’t expect a blind heretic like you to appreciate the points made on that front, for they are for those who possess the basic honesty to recognize the obvious: that the post-Vatican II sect is a departure from Catholic tradition.  For a strict doctrinal expose of his countless heresies, on everything from various pagan religions to all men are saved to Protestants don't need conversion, see the file below.  We would also love to debate you on the issue, and expose you for the fraud you are.  It would demonstrate that you are clueless about the Catholic faith, about John Paul II's actual teaching, and about how a Catholic must consider men who purport to be popes but teach heresy.  We could get into the matters you bring up in your e-mail.  Are you willing to have such a debate?  If not, you prove the falsity of your words.  Did you know that there have been over 40 antipopes in Catholic history?  Did you know that the doctors of the Church teach that a pope who would become a heretic would lose his office and cease to be pope?  Did you know that John Paul II signed joint declarations with the leading members of non-Catholic sects, in which he denounced trying to convert the non-Catholics (which is complete apostasy from the Catholic faith)?


The Heresies of John Paul II - a comprehensive presentation [PDF file]


You say that our material appeals to kooks.  That means nothing coming from someone like you.  Your nonsense only appeals to faithless losers who don't believe one bit in the necessity of Jesus Christ, and are too stupid and bad willed to figure out that Vatican II, John Paul II and Benedict XVI have contradicted what all the popes in history have taught and are, according to any Catholic assessment, not valid popes.  You are without a question a blind dupe of Satan, headed for Hell and the eternal fire you deserve.  You are too dumb to realize that your antipope praises non-Catholic religions every week, and that John Paul II preached a new gospel.  You are a living example of why Jesus told us not to cast pearls before swine, and not to give that which is holy to dogs (Matthew 7:6). 




MHFM: We recently posted some quotes from a book called, Rodrigues the Interpreter – An Early Jesuit in Japan and China.  This book is about a Jesuit interpreter in Japan and China in the 16th and 17th centuries, and his experiences during the missionary work in those two countries.  It was written by a post-Vatican II “Jesuit” named Michael Cooper.  In the following quote, we see another interesting example of how ecumenism, as taught by Vatican II and implemented by Benedict XVI and the New Church, is a complete repudiation of Catholic teaching on heresy.  Keep in mind that the quote comes from a learned post-Vatican II “Jesuit”:


“But the annalist goes on to mention that this Jesuit met in Edo a group of half a dozen Dutch traders and an Englishman (who must have been Will Adams), and did his best to convert them to Catholicism.  The leading member of the party was the Englishman, and to him the Jesuit offered a safe-conduct from Bishop Cerqueira if he wished to travel down to Nagasaki and sail from Japan.  The Englishman, or ‘obstinate heretic’ as Girao unecumenically labels him, politely turned down the offer... both [the] Jesuit and Englishman began to cite Scripture in an effort to convince the other of his error and win him over.  Neither succeeded in this theological tussle.  Adams remained a good Protestant (but with many Catholic friends) to the end of his life, while Rodrigues (if the Jesuit in question was indeed Rodrigues) remained a good papist.” (Michael Cooper, Rodrigues the Interpreter – An Early Jesuit in Japan and China, Weatherhill, 1974, p. 206)


Notice that he says it’s unecumenical for Girao (a Catholic priest at the time) to describe the Protestant Englishman as an “obstinate heretic.”  It’s another example of how Catholic dogma on heresy, and the related Catholic teaching that Protestants are in fact heretics because they obstinately reject Catholic dogma, was indeed repudiated by Vatican II and by the Vatican II antipopes.  It is beyond dispute.  Protestants are now considered Christians and part of the Church, not heretics.  To reinforce his false opinion that the Protestant Englishman was not a heretic, Cooper also describes him as “good.”  Considering that Cooper embraces the teaching of Vatican II and false ecumenism, which renders the Catholic faith meaningless, it’s a mystery why he even wasted his time entering/remaining in religious life, and spending the time to do detailed research on the history of the Jesuits and the mission to Japan and China.




Subject: Videos


Just wanted to say that I found your 11-part series Is the World about to End very interesting. Thanks for sharing! Will be watching more of your videos.





I mentioned the revelation theory to plenty of people and apparently it's getting around. It really opened my eyes to see your video…






Dear Brothers,


Do you know when Encyclicals become infallible? Where could I go to find this answer. 


God bless,


Tien Le


MHFM: One discovers the answer to that question by applying Church teaching on the magisterium and papal infallibility.  The answer is that it depends upon how a pope says something in an encyclical (the language he uses), as well as to whom it is addressed.




Dear Brothers,


You recently commented that the current Catechism is a bad resource to learn about the Catholic Faith. What would you recommend in order to learn what the Catholic Church really believes and teaches? For example, would you recommend the Baltimore Catechism? Thanks.




MHFM: For a basic catechism, we would recommend the Penny Catechism we offer.  To learn more about the Catholic faith and what one needs to know today, we would recommend our other books and materials.




Subject: Confession


I prayed to St Therese today to help me find a validly ordained catholic priest so that I can make a confession. Yes, I did find one… who was ordained before 1968. I confessed all my… sins. We were both in tears when I finished my confession because of the gravity of my sins. Before absolving all my sins he asked me what can I do to do penance. I told him that I pray the 15 decade Rosary everyday. He told me to pray the whole 15 decade Rosary at home (he knew that I was a traditional catholic because I told him before my confession) and he absolved my sins…




Subject: Hello


Now i know that true catholic fallow the pope. if you don't respect the pope  you  don't respect the  catholic church. so please comback home to true faith. catholic church is the true church so i beg you come home a accept the pope. thank you very much for understanding and i know you looking for the truth. your friend richard in christ. love.


MHFM: If you accept a heretic as pope, you disrespect the Catholic Church and follow an antipope.


St. Francis De Sales (17th century), Catholic Doctor of the Church, The Catholic Controversy, pp. 305-306: "Now when he [the Pope] is explicitly a heretic, he falls ipso facto from his dignity and out of the Church..."


Benedict XVI, Milestones, 1998, pages 53-54: “I have ever more come to the realization that Judaismand the Christian faith described in the New Testament are two ways of appropriating Israel’s Scriptures, two ways that, in the end, are both determined by the position one assumes with regard to the figure of Jesus of Nazareth.  The Scripture we today call Old Testament is in itself open to both ways…”




Dear Brothers:


The Evangelicals' opposition to the display of the Crucifix in Italy is yet another revelation of fake Christian religions of which the V2 sect is simply the ultimate.  I believe the fake Christian "church" is the deception of which Our Lord spoke.


Bill's review of the Masonic/communist assault on the world in the 20th century has reminded me of how clever Satan is (the greatest created genius ever).  The evil assaults on the Church and the world has yielded Satan an even greater victory than their direct hit on the Catholic Church.


With the enemies of Christ firmly situated in the Church, Satan's real victory seems to have been this:  that with these unspeakably horrible movements, the Catholics' love affair with Protestantism especially in the 20th century seems to have been bolstered.  While the real enemy of masonry etc. is the Catholic Church, these evil movements seemed to have caused in people's perception a realignment or shifting of sides, and confusion as to who "they" are and who "we" are.  Even when I was still in the NO and knew virtually nothing, it always seemed to me that the real problem was the man who called himself "Christian".  (I never guessed at the time how right I was.)  We see this same perception-shifting phenomenon with the pro-life movement today. The dissolving of the true Faith, the rejection of Truth and the embrace, instead, of a cause which on its surface is a good one.  Always is.


Having rejected the papacy and the true faith, the only principle of unity among fake Christians is their hatred for dogma.  That's why what passes for Christianity in the world today is no threat to Islam, communism, masonry or anything else (Glen Beck not withstanding).  There are some 25,000 (plus One) fake "religions" in the world calling themselves by the deceptive title of "Christian".  But they are not Christian;  they are Legion.  Will the real enemy please stand up?


Thanks for helping us understand all of this.


Lee Ann




You conclude that NFP is as evil as any other form of contraception.  Well, if you are to believe that then you would have to say any Catholic husband ans wife that do not have conjugal sex everyday would also have to be evil and if you take it a step further the married couple should perform the act several times a day or be in a state of mortal sin because marriage is for procreation and if a husband and wife are not trying to procreate daily then that would also be a form of contraception.  I have spent a lot of time reading your articles on your web site and for me they are not very convincing at all…




MHFM: We wouldn’t expect the articles to be convincing for someone like you.  Your argument demonstrates that you fight against the truth and that you cannot, at this time, grasp basic logic.  Saying that NPF is sinful would not require one to hold that husband and wife must engage in marital relations each day.  NFP does not consist of a couple simply refraining from the use of marital rights.  Portraying it in that way shows how dishonest one must be to defend NFP.  Rather, NFP is an organized scheme to refrain on days when it is believed conception will occur but use marriage rights when it is believed conception will not occur.  It is thus a carefully constructed plan to use marriage rights while avoiding the primary purpose of marriage.  That is why it’s sinful.  The sin is in the intention. 




MHFM: The following quote is from Dr. Callahan.  He was a research biophysicist at the University of Florida, as well as a painter, photographer and scientific writer.  Analyzing the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which first appeared in 1531, the following quote briefly explains why the dark turquoise blue color on Our Lady’s mantle is just one of the image’s many miraculous features.


“The mantle is of a dark turquoise blue… This presents an inexplicable phenomenon because all such pigments are known to be subject to considerable fading with time, especially in hot climates.  The Indian Mayan blue wall paintings are already badly faded.  The blue mantle [on the Tilma of Guadalupe], however, is bright enough to have been laid last week.” (Philip S. Callahan, “The Tilma under Infra-Red Radiation,” CARA Studies on Popular Devotion, Volume II: Guadalupan Studies, No. 3, Washington, 1981, pp. 14-15.)




Thank you for your website. I thought my gradual lapse toward my religion was due to growing older and more worldly wise etc. My earliest childhood was spent
during the Pontificate of Pius XII... I felt trust for and strength from my religion every day.

I went to a Papal Audience, the General type, when I was eighteen and was very excited, of course. When Paul VI was carried by he fixed his gaze on me for a
good seven to ten seconds. My reaction was one of instant revulsion and almost horror. I surely didn't expect that. It was one of the creepiest experiences I can call to mind to this day.  

Thank you for waking me up. I didn't even know I was sleeping.

Sincerest thanks and God bless.

Greg Green


New Video


MHFM: This is a new video and article on Benedict XVI’s astounding recent heresies.  It discusses one of the most heretical speeches he has given.


Benedict XVI's most heretical speech? [video]


Benedict XVI's most heretical speech and other recent heresies [article]






What is your view of the current Catechism of the Catholic Church? Thank you for your time.


In Christ,




MHFM: The new catechism of the Vatican II Church teaches all of the primary heresies of Vatican II.  This file covers The Heresies in Vatican II [PDF File].  The catechism repeats and teaches the major Vatican II heresies, including: religious liberty; non-Catholics may receive Communion; Protestants and schismatics are united to the Church; Jews are not rejected by God; salvation outside the Church; the Church has a bond with non-Christian religions; all men are united to Christ; and Muslims worship the one true God, just to name a few.  It’s a large catechism, so it of course contains some Catholic truth.  But it’s the heretical catechism of the New Church.  Moreover, even in certain parts where it doesn’t necessarily teach heresy, you can see a weakness, an anthropocentrism, and a spirit of man that is repulsive.  


It was also solemnly promulgated by Antipope John Paul II.  That means that if he was the pope, the new catechism represents the authoritative and magisterial teaching of the Catholic Church.  That is impossible, and thus it’s another proof that he was an antipope.





I discovered your website and youtube channel this week and have been listening to your videos and studying scripture. I was once a Muslim convert who left Islam due to discovering truths about the Bible, but have been involved with a variety of Evangelical Protestant Churches over the past 6 years. I was hoping you could please help me with further discovering Biblical truth, and truth about the Catholic Church.

I do not believe that the current Catholic Church being lead by the Vatican can be the earthly Church authority of our Lord Jesus Christ. I see that you believe the same thing, yet retain your Catholic identity and allegiance - can you help me to understand this? How can Catholics still participate in the Catholic body of believers (Church) yet the leadership and so many are corrupt; is it still possible to find a Catholic Church that adheres to the traditions and beliefs of the true Church that the Apostles founded?

Your help is GREATLY needed in this time!

Kind Regards,


MHFM: It’s tremendous to hear about your discovery of the website and your interest in the Catholic faith.  We are Catholic.  It’s the one true faith.  It’s necessary to convert to it.  As explained on our website, the post-Vatican II structure, which purports to be Catholic, is not the Catholic Church.  That’s why we are traditional Catholics who reject the post-Vatican II sect.  All the information for how to convert is on our website.  As is explained in our file on where to go to Mass, there are some places to receive sacraments but the priests are heretical and cannot be supported.  The Church still exists in a remnant of traditional Catholics.  We would also recommend our book, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church, for the information on why only Catholicism is authentic Christianity.




I very much liked Joey’s take on the current situation in which there are no violent persecutions of “Catholics” today (that is real Catholics).   Even Communist China sanctions a state controlled version of the Vatican II sect which operates openly.   There is no need for violent suppression, because the Vatican II sect is so compliant; and when obligingly positioning itself against a few moral outrages, (albeit timidly), it undermines that position with its own hypocritical scandals.  To the worldly it is a pathetic joke.  It is a sea of contradiction in both its public prescriptions and its public behavior.  Joey’s  take on world history is true enough.  But the case can be made, that if the United States had been founded for the purpose of destroying the remnants of Christendom (and perhaps it was) it could not have done a better job than it has.   


To reinforce his point, all of the major wars of the US (and this case can even be made about the so-called Civil War, but it is more complicated)  going back to the 19th Century served to undermine Catholic societies.  The US supported the forces that overthrew Maximillian, the last Catholic Monarch to rule Mexico.  However for the time, Mexico remained nominally Catholic. So in the Mexican War, totally contrived, the US stole her territories.   Then in the Spanish American War, also totally contrived, practically fomented by one man (William R. Hurst), the US stole Catholic Spain’s Empire including the Philippines (now largely protestantized, Muslimized, liberalized) and Cuba (now Marxist).   The US then entered WWI in time to save the “Allies” and destroy the last great Catholic Monarchy in Europe, the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  This demilitarized and impoverished the center of Europe and allowed communism to succeed in Russia and for a time Spain, while communist revolutions nearly succeeded in Germany, Poland, Italy, etc.  Counter Revolutionary forces temporarily succeeded in reversing leftist gains in these countries, so a second world war was necessary to finish the job.  At the end of WWII communism claimed the entire center of Europe from the Baltic to the Mediterranean and nearly succeeded in Greece.  With out US military intervention, the Axis powers (which despite contemporary misconceptions were predominately Catholic) would have destroyed soviet communism.  Of course it took Vatican II to finish off the Church in Spain (which Franco, with the assistance of the German Luftwaffe, had restored) because Franco had the wisdom to stay “neutral” in the war (though he sent soldiers to fight with Germany on the Russian Front, the Spanish Blue Brigades). 


And these are just the major wars.  How many people know about the massacre of the Cristeros in Mexico in the 20th century by another US supported Masonic Mexican government?  The facts of history, recent history, are astounding when viewed through a Catholic lens. The apparent rollback of communism in the last couple of decades is illusory, as is the peace, because there is no real “church” anymore.  These nations are just as decadent (as is ours) and the communist ideals still animate them only under different names.


So the job is so thoroughly done now, that the nation’s “enemies” have to be contrived, hence 9/11, while the Vatican II sect just plays along like some kind of circus clown.


I think just as the real Christ, did not come to give the Jews the military leader, the temporal Earthly kingdom they desired, neither is anti-Christ a violent destroyer of bodies.  Rather he is the wolf in sheep’s clothing that destroys souls, what really matters.  The Protestants get this wrong because they see everything carnally.  If you understand that the warfare is spiritual you see that anti-Christ is already here, consolidating his reign. 


Bill Mulligan     




Subject: Creat, Divine Mercy, Justification


Dear Brothers,


Clearly it is "Creat," who wrote in asking whether you have a problem with a voice that has authority, that has a problem with a voice of authority, because not everyone who sounds authoritative, confident or strong truly is. As you mentioned in your video on Fr. Corapi, his whole image is a theatrical act designed to seduce and manipulate unsuspecting minds. If a loud and confident-sounding voice were all that is required to be a Catholic, then Adolf Hitler would be a saint, which is ridiculous! Obviously Fr. Corapi's get-up is designed for one thing: to intimidate a person into fearing man more than God. That's the whole essence of the Vatican II sect's apostasy, i.e. to replace God with man and the Creator with creatures. The "peace" that the world gives is no such thing but rather a paralyzing fear of creatures. Also, Creat says, "the people of the world need a voice of authority." So, the authority of Catholic dogmas evidently doesn't convince Creat. What would he do if he met a beggar who turned out to be St. Francis of Assisi. Or what if Creat met a crying woman who turned out to be the Blessed Virgin Mary. Or what if he met a man who was condemned to be crucified, as was the Creator of the universe, Jesus Christ. Authority consists not in the voice but in the truth and meaning of the words themselves. However, someone who is so pumped up by their own bad will is not going to be enthralled by the Eternal King or His Kingdom of peace, humility and meekness. Those who are in communion with abortionists, homosexuals and heretics, even though they themselves might not say they support those things, are in fact supporters, because of the principle of the Church's unity of faith, which is the Papacy. Those who want an adrenaline rush won't be happy with Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith. Fr. Corapi is an antichrist apostate…


"DivineMercy" who wrote in saying you need God's forgiveness for your "lies and blasphemy against the Church" actually needs God's true mercy and forgiveness! How is it that one comes to the point where they call light, darkness, and good, evil?!! It's by sin, heresy and bad will. There is absolutely no mercy in Sister Faustina's "Divine Mercy" false apparitions because they make a complete mockery of Jesus Christ's Passion and sufferings and the Catholic Church, i.e. Jesus did not suffer and die to justify sin… 


Council of Trent, On Justification - "CANON VIII.-If any one saith, that the fear of hell,-whereby, by grieving for our sins, we flee unto the mercy of God, or refrain from sinning,-is a sin, or makes sinners worse; let him be anathema."


Council of Trent, On Justification - "CANON XII.-If any one saith, that justifying faith is nothing else but confidence in the divine mercy which remits sins for Christ's sake; or, that this confidence alone is that whereby we are justified; let him be anathema."…


God Bless,


Chris White




Subject: Forgiveness


May Our Merciful Lord Jesus grant his Mercy upon you for your lies and blasphemy against the Church. Your channel is nothing more than slander and gossip under a veil of truth.

TRUE believers in Christ will pray for you.




MHFM: No, it’s rooted in facts and irrefutable Catholic truth.  That’s why you can’t point to anything specific, but rather you can only make empty and unsupported accusations.  You don’t care about the truth or the facts.




Subject: Corapi


Dear Brother,

Do you have a problem with a voice that has authority? The people of the world need a voice of authority. Do you think God is going to have a 'flowery' tone in the last days?You haven't seen nothing yet. I believe Father Corapi has been placed in the programming of EWTN to give warning to the masses, especially the Catholics. I would also like to say that there is no "Change" in the doctrine of the faith and never will be. Every single part of Catholicism matters. All that was given 2000 years ago is to stay.

God Bless and may God give you true wisdom.




MHFM: We have a problem with a voice that speaks heresy, denies the Catholic dogma Outside the Church There is No Salvation, accepts Protestantism and false ecumenism, and celebrates the invalid New Mass, as Corapi does.  It’s pretty obvious that the facts presented in that video, concerning what he believes and how it contradicts Catholic truth, simply bounce off most of you as irrelevant. 


False Peace


Subject: False Peace – the Last Scourge of God


Dear MHFM Brothers,


Being updated in your website on a regular basis on matters of faith, morals and current events affecting Faith has sharpened my mind.  I’ve enjoyed very much your input on historical events affecting our Catholic Faith like your video on demonic French Revolution, articles on the Great Western Schism, Fatima Apparition that has something to do with World War I and II and the End Days … People who are correctly familiar with the World and Church History will agree with me that there seems to be an apparent PEACE nowadays reigning over us after the Vatican II Church successfully implemented the heretical ecumenism of all faiths. The entire Catholic world prior to the birth of abominable Vatican II Church has suffered an endless persecution from the start Christ established His Kingdom on Earth (Catholic Church).  We saw the persecution and mass murder of the first Christians and their followers, century after century Catholics who profess union with Christ and the Catholic Church suffer all sorts of persecutions and martyrdom like the murder of all Apostles of Christ and almost all the early Popes, persecution of early Christian during the Roman Empire, the Diocletian Persecution and during the Middle Ages, the rise of thousand heretical ideologies especially Islam and Reformation, the de-Christianization of France during French Revolution, Bolshevik Russian Revolution, Vietnam War, Philippine War, Mexican and Spanish War, the World War I and II that sent million Catholics to the grave, Communist State Empire in China that slaughtered millions of Catholics … almost all of these wars if one is truly aware is the war against God and His Church on earth – The Catholic Church.  No other religion suffers endless persecution except the Catholic Church and now that the Freemasons has penetrated the Vatican and now posing as the “Catholic Church” before the entire world … the most cunning and final deception Satan can employ against Christ’s Church on earth was done through Vatican II Church under the venomous veil of ecumenism – union of all faiths”.   When this evil and heretical ideology of the Whore of Babylon has been announced to the world and accepted by millions of deceived Catholics – the use of force is no longer necessary.  The main objective of the use of violence and death for those following Christ thru His Church, the Roman Catholic Church, is for these Catholics to renounce their Faith and live in peace with the wicked world … this paved the way for continuous wars and revolutions for more than 2000 years.  And now that deceived Catholics unconsciously renounce their Catholic Faith, the use of arms is futile and we now see a very “peaceful world”.  However, this false peace is the greatest deception and last means of Satan in boasting against God that he could crush God’s Church on earth.  I am of the opinion that we won’t be seeing any violent war in the future against the paranoia of nuclear war … and this situation would persist until the Second Coming of Christ.  The Second Coming of Christ is preceded by almost NO faith among inhabitants on planet earth and I don’t think that there would be worse punishment than Vatican Council II Church and abominable New Mass …


Brothers Michael and Peter, I want to know your input on the above ideas of mine.  Now, I wonder not why there are no more true persecutions of the Catholics since most of the Catholics are no longer Catholics as they are ipso separated from the Mystical Body of Christ with their embracing heresy, schism and apostasy.


In Jesus and Mary,

Joey from the Philippines


MHFM: We think you make good points, and we agree with you in general about how we are currently living through a false peace.  That is definitely part of the deception of the Great Apostasy.  What’s most important has been taken away from people.  The world and what people think is the Church are being spiritually transformed while people are oblivious to it.  Events happen and the world takes notice, but only for a short time.  After a bit, they return to their godlessness as if nothing has occurred.  This coincides with the two realities: 1) that signs and events will happen in fulfillment of biblical prophecy; and 2) somehow most of the world will fail to recognize what’s happening.  The true faith and salvation are the only things that really matter in the end.  Hence, everything must be measured by them.  For that reason, what’s occurring in Rome, which has affected the spiritual makeup of the rest of the world, is the biggest indication of where we are.  If Satan removes the true faith from nations and church buildings, and if he organizes the fall of most into moral depravity and mortal sins of the flesh, he has what he desires and physical persecutions become unnecessary. 






… great job on the Heresy of the Week.  I was shocked as well on how heretical this antichrist has lately been speaking.  I thought last week's HOW on praising Jewish feast days was bad enough, but nooo... he had to follow up and mention it on another speech.  WHAT MORE COULD PEOPLE WANT?!?  Is right there in your face!!  Maybe he should
just tell the whole world that he is Jewish since he recognizes and believes it’s okay to celebrate Jewish feast days.

Also that quote on the missionaries to Japan, my comments are: We truly are in need of more laborers, all the time, as Our Lord taught us.  If these holy missionaries who went to Japan to convert the pagan Japan were  in so much need of more laborers to help out with the Evangelization... how much more are we in need today when people have now apostasized from the Faith?  We need Catholics to start spreading the Catholic Faith amongst the modern-day pagans, heretics, and all non-Catholics…

Thank you MHFM for you time.  God bless you and Mary protect you.

Let us Catholics (for those who have the time) pray an extra Rosary for the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary.  Through this powerful weapon we will conquer our enemies and convert non-Catholics.  Let us take advantage of the increased efficacy and graces which God has granted us Catholics for these end of times, so that we may glorify God the more, save our souls and convert non-Catholics so they can also save their souls.  This is it!  We are at war with the Antichrist!  Let's go into battle with our most powerful weapons, the Saving Crucifix on the right hand and the Most Holy Rosary on our left.

Holy Mary, Mother of God and Queen of the Holy Rosary, pray for us.





Dear Brothers,

I recently read a TAN book called "St. Michael and the Angels" and, in it, I found a very interesting quote from St. Charles Borromeo regarding the Catholic Church and salvation. In a prayer entitled "Recommendation to One's Guardian Angel for a Happy Hour of Death," St. Charles says: "...In the full freedom of my will today, I come to charge you to speak for me at that fearful moment. You will say to Him, then, O my good angel: That *I wish to die in the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church in which all the saints since Jesus Christ have died, and out of which there is no salvation*..."" I think it's safe to say that St. Charles Borromeo /did not/ believe in universal salvation. Thank you.

Michael Dougherty


MHFM: He certainly didn’t believe in the heresy of universal salvation.  But he also didn’t believe that souls could be saved in false religions, which is what most “traditionalists,” including those who would claim to reject universal salvation, hold.




MHFM: In Matthew chapter 9, Jesus Christ tells us that the harvest is great but the laborers are few.


Matthew 9:36-37- “Then he saith to his disciples, The harvest indeed is great, but the labourers are few.  Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he send forth labourers into his harvest.”


We find an example of this in the 16th century mission to Japan.  At the time, Japan was a pagan nation and the Jesuit missionaries were having some success making converts in the pagan land.  However, there weren’t enough missionaries to fill the needs.


“There were scarcely enough priests to tend to the needs of the baptized Christians, let alone concentrate on the work of converting non-Christians, and Valignano himself observed: ‘It will never be possible to send as many laborers to Japan as are needed.’  Vice-Provincial Coelho substantiated this statement with concrete figures.  Writing in 1581 he noted that there were some sixty thousand Christians in Omura alone, but only four priests could be spared to work among them, although five times as many men would hardly be sufficient to administer to their needs adequately.  The missionaries were so few that they could not hear the confessions of even one-sixth of the Christian population in the fief every year, and consequently many of the faithful died without the consolation of receiving this sacrament.  The shortage of manpower also meant that the missionaries could not visit the Christian communities regularly, and some of the converts were not so well instructed in their religion as might be desired.” (Michael Cooper, Rodrigues the Interpreter – An Early Jesuit in Japan and China, Weatherhill, 1974, pp. 120-121)




Subject: Benney and his apostates


It's simply incredible how openly the Vatican II sect, through apostate Benney openly declares the morals and dogmas not of the Roman Catholic Church, but the morals and dogmas of masonry.  "...Ever since the Second Vatican Council ..." Benney states.  That clearly means that the previous 20 councils spoke a different language.  Which means sacred tradition is out the window, folks.  It really doesn't take much insight to see what's happening here, does it?  Jesus Christ in present Rome dialoguing with Belial.  Present day Rome is not of Jesus Christ.  All true Roman Catholics have to know is that for 1900+years dialogue meant CONVERSION to the ONE true faith and His Roman Catholic Church.  Period! The language of Benney leads to Armageddon, folks.  Bless you Mhfm for opening our minds to the truth of Jesus Christ and His Church. 






Subject: Obliteration


Thank you for all of your recent video posts and especially the one on that agent of Satan, B16 and his Church of the Obliteration of Jesus Christ.  As you have demonstrated time and time again, the adherents of the V2 sect need not be mental giants or theologians to figure it all out.  Said members of the Church of the Obliteration who recognize these Satanists as "popes" are totally without excuse.


Lee Ann 


What way?


Dear Brothers,


I visit your website everyday since you alerted me to the fact that Vatican 2 is fake of which I am very grateful.  It is not easy to discover that most of your life has been a lie and is also very upsetting.  I think this is why most people resist the truth and no matter how much evidence you present they will still reject what you say. 


I watched your video 'Is this the end of the world' which I enjoyed a lot.  You mentioned the attempted assassination of John Paul 2 and said that the meeting between JP2 and his assassin was part of the deception.  In what way?...


God bless



MHFM: Our video Is the World about to End? explains in detail how the assassination attempt was part of the deception.  The meeting after the fact with Ali Agca, the one who attempted to assassinate John Paul II, was also part of the deception.  That’s because the footage showed an up close, apparently heart to heart meeting between the two.  The story was that John Paul II forgave his attempted killer.  Hence, members of the Vatican II sect became further convinced that John Paul II is a “saint” and is “holy”; for, they said, “look at how he forgave the one who attempted to kill him.”  “Look at how John Paul II persuaded that man to change or reconsider.”  It enhanced the false reputation of the beast, and confirmed (in the minds of the deceived) what the false apparitions were telling them: that is, that John Paul II is “Mary’s pope” – a story which those with the true faith know is a lie beyond comprehension.


New Video


MHFM: This is a new video about the CNN host who was just fired for saying that Jews run CNN and the other news networks:


Analysis of CNN's firing of Rick Sanchez for saying Jews control CNN [video]




Subject: How




How discouraging to read some of the E-Exchanges on your site of those that slander the true word of God. Accusing you of actually going out of your way to make all this up. How very true the fact that these lost souls are merely following a figure-head (anti-pope) of a false religion orchestrated by Freemasons.  How these two-faced anti-popes are ultimately responsible for the condition of the world today as they sit on their hands and do nothing except praise all the other false religions in order to please their father Satan, and then try to act Catholic by some false means. How deceived and brainwashed they all have become in these modern (last) times as they fail to recognize the times we are in. How convenient your material is available in print, audio and video for ease of understanding, though the bad-willed have closed off all means of understanding, due to their pride (sin).

How Noe ever got the ark built at the age of 600, after having to deal with all the daily visits from all the slanderers is a miracle in itself.  A shame that when the rain came it was to late for the non-believers that missed the boat.

God Bless your work,


Tom Miles




Dear Brothers,


Richard who wrote in about the Jews obviously has no idea that it is the Jews who have tricked him into believing that the Jews are still special in God's eyes, i.e. by still having a covenant with God - No, the covenant with the Jews was ended when Jesus Christ - the Messiah, God made flesh - died on the Cross. It's another example of the profound and dark influence the Jews with power control. Of course, a person of bad will will be inclined to believe lies too.


JJG who wrote in needs to listen to Fr. Corapi (Fr. Crappy) and realize that the lies and heresies that he (Fr. Corapi) declares are from Satan. JJG is obviously a member of Fr. Corapi's cult since he resorts to insults and intimidation to "pursuade" people, rather than the facts and truth. Surely MHFM is Catholic, as is easily proven by simply a momentary glance at only their website's Home-page, but followers of Fr. Corapi's crap wouldn't bother using their eyes or brain since they are members of a pedophile's sect (V-2 sect). JJG is truly weak and pathetic. What a shame and embarrassment.


Thank you for posting the videos on how the Jews control the media and on the phony art students who are actually Iraeli spies. It's more proof of Jewish control issues that honest people love to see exposed, but that liars hate and want to hide. It's also shocking to see the burka being enforced in English schools - not surprising when their "Archbishop" Rowan Williams says Shariah (Islamic) law is "unavoidable": (BBC, 2008)


God Bless,






The bullcrap you posted about Father Corapi on you tube sounds like it came from the mouth of satan...........are you people some kind of a cult?  Surely you people are not Catholic, or do not understand what it means to be Catholic.  I think you are actually protestants posing as Catholics on a bogus website.   How pathetic.



MHFM: It’s interesting that you can’t bring up anything specific from our videos on Corapi which you think is false.  That is cowardly and dishonest.  If you tried to bring up something specific, it would be demonstrated that what we said is true and that you are completely wrong.  You are actually a Protestant posing as a Catholic.  You accept Vatican II, Corapi and Antipope Benedict XVI who all profess communion with Protestants.  They all believe that Protestants have salvation (contrary to Catholic teaching) and that Protestants are not in heresy.  If you were not so spiritually blind and of bad will, you would realize that Corapi denies Catholic teaching just like the Protestants do. Speaking about the conflict between Protestants and professing Catholics in Ireland, “Fr.” John Corapi declared: “I don’t care if you’re Baptist or Catholic; you are Christian.  Just practice it.”  That is blatantly heretical. 


You are a complete disgrace and an enemy of God headed right for Hell.  You should carefully consider the facts we bring up, learn Catholic teaching and convert.




Subject: Another response to “Don’t”



If you want your opinion heard then call Most Holy Family Monastery and challenge them to a debate that can be placed on youtube.  I am sure that your challenge, of your opinion versus the truth, will be accepted.  Then thousands of people will be able to hear your opinion, as well as the truth.







I just want to say THANK YOU!!! I just got my package in today and I am just amazed at how much my eyes are open to the TRUE Church now! I went to the Traditional Latin Mass for the first time ever this past Sunday and wow how different the true Mass is... Bella Dodd was absolutely right when she said "you will not recognize the Catholic Church". I use to think my grandfather was so harsh when he use to say "if you aren't Catholic you're going to hell" Well I couldn't agree more now and now I know why because that is what the true church has always taught. Thank you so much, my God bless you in all your research and spread of the TRUTH!!






Subject: Deceptive V-2 “priest” comments on ‘Outside the Church’… dogma




We are truly living in the time of the Great Apostasy.  I recently had a short conversation with a “priest” in the Novus Ordo in which I had pointed out to him the dogma “Outside the Church there is no salvation.” I demonstrated (thanks to your material) how Vatican II flatly rejects this dogma and, therefore, cannot possibly be Catholic. He responded with the following:


“Unfortunately, you have gotten ahold of literature which seeks to cast doubts on the legitimacy of Vatican II, by sowing the seeds of confusion concerning the doctrine of "outside the Church there is no salvation."

The teaching of Florence was addressed to those who obstinately hold fast to error regarding the true nature of Christ and that of the one, true Church. Those who are obstinate and refuse to embrace the truth will not be saved.

However, please remember that most Jews and most Muslims are not obstinately holding fast to error. Rather, their conscience tells them that their doctrines are true, and they sincerely hold fast to the dictate of their conscience.

The Catholic Church preaches the true Faith with the understanding that we must convince people in their conscience they must understand the faith. If you look up all the traditional teachings about conscience, you will read quite clearly that the Catholic Church does not want people to violate their conscience.”

His response is truly evil.


By the way, I have noticed how common it’s become for followers of the Vatican II sect, when presented with Catholic dogma which clearly contradicts the many heresies of Vatican II sect, the antipopes, etc., they excuse these heresies by bringing up so-called “doctrinal development.” They say “our understanding of doctrine develops” and no longer means what it used to mean. How utterly deceptive and diabolical!


Thank you for opening our eyes to the Truth and exposing the phony church for what it is.




MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  What he says about the Church’s teaching and the dogmatic definitions on that issue couldn’t be more untrue.




i don't understand why are you against jew.they are chosen people and god said thourgh jew people everyone  will be blessed . true catholics love jews. have a nice day.




MHFM: First, we don’t hate Jews.  We desire the conversion and eternal happiness of all the Jews.  When we discuss Jews or Muslims or members of any other religion, we deal with facts and reality.  If we discuss the influence of a particular group, it’s because it’s rooted in fact and it should be known. 


Second, you err when you say that Jews are the chosen people and that through them God will bless everyone.  That’s not the case since Christ has come.  Those who don’t accept Christ are no longer the chosen people.  Regarding the “blessing,” you are obviously referring to God’s promise to Abraham.  As Galatians 3 teaches, only those who accept Christ (not Jews) are heirs to the promise. 


Galatians 3:14- "That the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Christ Jesus: that we may receive the promise of the spirit by faith.”


Pope St. Gregory the Great (c. 590): “… if you be Christ’s then you are the seed of Abraham (Gal. 3:29).  If we because of our faith in Christ are deemed children of Abraham, the Jews therefore because of their perfidy have ceased to be His seed.”


Pope St. Leo the Great, Dogmatic Letter to Flavian (449), read at Council of Chalcedon (451): “The promises were spoken to Abraham and his seed.  He does not say “to his seeds” – as if referring to multiplicity – but to a single one, ‘and to thy seed,’ which is Christ (Gal. 3:16).”




I would like to respond to Jose regarding babies who die without baptism, my wife and I also lost a baby due to miscarriage but yes that is the teaching of the church because all things are always before God, past, present and future God knows you before you are born, he knows how you will turn out before you are born.  Obviously God saw that this baby would not be saved anyway if He allowed the baby to be born, he or she would have suffered hell with fire but instead the soul of the baby suffers hell without fire, one can see God’s mercy in that!!!  I understand how you feel Jose but you are looking at it from an emotional level and not the reality of Jesus' teaching on baptism.  If you also look at what Jesus says about how many are saved {few} then you can have a better understanding about how things really are, especially in these endtimes.   Please spend a lot of time studying the Brothers website because there you will find the teachings of the church before the evil vatican ll council.   





Subject: Outside the Church There is No Salvation


Hi, my name is Jose and I'm 29 years old. I attened an SSPX chapel. I have a concern about what I've heard you teach on outside the church there is no salvation. I'm not writting to argue with you for I Agree with you in almost all topics. I still have some concerns obviously. we are living in a time of great confusion. I have always had doubts about the validity of the modernist pope(s). In watching your videos there is no question in my mind that these modern popes are teaching and commiting heresies, thus resulting in the chair of Peter to be vacant. I do not believe and hold as the SSPX that the popes are heretics and still hold the chair. A heretic cannot be pope period. thus comes my next concern, why are we not electing a true pope. couldn't we gather all the traditional bishops of the world that reject Vatican II into a (mini) council and discuss the differences and try to come to some kind of an agreement and then elect a pope who would guide the true Catholic Church?
    Back to my original question.It seems to me that your point of "outside the church there is no salvation" a little bit radical. Don't get me wrong, this is a doctrine that i Firmly believe. I am married to a non-catholic and I tell her that she will not be saved if she is to die outside the church. But in the matter of infants that are not baptized are they condemned? I haven't heard you say directly that they will go to hell. but if you do believe that what about Limbo? I ask because there are always exeptions with what scripture says like for instance, an scripture says all have sinned there is not one just, yet we believe that our Lady was an exeption to this. We had a misscarriage and I wonder about the soul of my unborn child, is it condemed to hell? There was nothing that child could do and the same for me. Even if I wanted to baptize my child it was imposible for me to do that. if the child would have been born it would have baptized. I don't think that if the child would be in danger of damnation God would make it imposible to save him with the waters of baptism and beliebe me this was an imposible situation. So there has to be exeptions on this teaching as well. I don't think they go to the kingdom of heaven but neighther do I think they go to hell. isn't this where Limbo comes in?...


MHFM: First, we are allowed to recognize that there is no pope, but we aren’t able to elect a new pope.  That’s because the pope is the bishop of Rome, and only the college of cardinals or the clergy and people of Rome can elect a true bishop of Rome.  Therefore, the “election” of someone in the U.S. by people in the U.S. would have no validity, even if that person were fully Catholic and a bishop.  Moreover, the independent “traditionalist” bishops you refer to are not fully Catholic.  They believe the same as the Novus Ordo: that souls can be saved in any religion and even while worshipping any false god one can imagine.


You obviously have a problem with faith.  Contrary to what you say, there are no exceptions to dogmatic definitions.  If there were, papal infallibility would be false and God would be a liar (which is a blasphemous assertion).  Scripture tells us that it’s impossible for God to lie (Heb. 6:18).  Your argument that the Bible teaches that all men have sinned misses the mark.  It’s something we’ve addressed before.  In Romans, St. Paul is speaking in the context of all the nations.  Thus, he is not saying that all men without exception have sinned, but rather that all the nations (both Jews and Gentiles) are under sin.  In addition, the analogy fails because dogmatic definitions and magisterial teachings (not Scripture passages) are our proximate rule of faith.  That means that while Scripture and dogmatic definitions are both infallible, dogmatic definitions set forth what we must believe about Scripture in precise and literal formulas of faith.  These admit of no deviation or departure from their declared meaning (Vatican I).


You also reject the notion that unbaptized babies can’t be saved.  You need to read our salvation book.  The idea that they can be saved has been condemned by numerous dogmatic councils (Florence and Trent).  Limbo is a part of Hell where there is no fire.  It’s a blatant heresy to believe what you believe, and you can’t be saved holding it.  At this time, one must say that you really doubt God’s revelation and His protection over the infallible teaching of the Church.  That’s very serious, and going to the Latin Mass will not be of any benefit until you have the faith.




Your video series in "Is the world about to End?" is really well done. It's really amazing that you were able to connect the biblical prophecies with the past and current events. I just want to know your opinion if the recent wildfires that occurred in different places simultaneously such as portugal, and others are mention in the Apocalypse. I watched it all over the news, some of them I already forgot what places did the wildfires and "heat waves" occur.

And in Siberia and known cold region is having a heat waves, and high-temp climates that the ice starts to melt. I think these events is the fulfillment of the prophecy that "the sun will be given power to scorch people with fire" in the book of Apocalypse. They say that these events never happened before. It is amazing that it happened right after or before the gulf of Mexico oil spill.

I am looking forward for your next videos. God Bless.





Subject: Response to “Don’t”  


MHFM youtube videos bring extremely important commentaries out in the open, commentaries which you will find nowhere else in the world. These commentaries are instrumental in leading souls to a knowledge of the one, true faith. They get people interested in what that have to do right now in these times in order to hold the traditional Catholic faith.

   MHFM wants youtube viewers to focus on the videos and not the outside opinions that would otherwise accompany them. MHFM does not want anything to distract people from watching and listening to their videos. It is critical to get as many people as possible to see these videos.

   MHFM is trying to get the word out about what is really going on with the Church today. Since it is such a unique situation certain measures should be taken to ensure that nothing gets in the way. The truth of Jesus Christ and His one, true Church is what matters. Saving one's soul is what matters. Opinions can be set aside for the moment. The traditional Catholic faith is of a higher priority.



New Video


MHFM: This is a new video:


Benedict XVI's Role in the Sex Abuse Crisis [video]





Dear Bros. Michael and Peter Dimond,

It's great to read some of your readers happier experiences, amid the confusion and blindness of the times....people who are not afraid to stand up for what they truly believe in, when everyone else is 'losing their heads'. 

And so, to people like , Christina, thank you for sharing your are an inspiration and an encouragement for other parents out there,  in the raising of their children in the Cathoilc faith at a very early age...

As the Jesuit motto has it, " give me the child before he is seven, and I will show you the man”…

God bless,






You seem to think you know everything that there is to know about the World. But you do not!

You dont let people have an opinion on your Youtube channel means to me you're no better than a Hitler







I want to reply to the reader who posted the account of her daughter singing the words to the Our Father. I offer a similar incident. My son James is 4. Recently we were watching the Third Secret DVD from MHFM and when Brother Michael made the point that anti-pope John Paul II believed that "every man is God," James immediately piped up with a bit of indignation, saying, "Every man is NOT God! There is only ONE God!" It was great. What an apostle!

Take care and God bless you all.

Joseph Ramirez






I was recently discussing EENS with a Novus Ordo "conservative" who believes that at the moment of death, Jesus can give anyone that one last chance to convert.   I pointed out to him that that makes the idea of missionary work meaningless since there would be no reason to go to pagan lands to convert them.   His reply still has my head spinning.


He said, "No authentic missionary thinks about converting a person.  Conversion is the work of the Holy Spirit...."


There was a quote you gave from a Pope around the time that the New World was being settled that expressed the  absolute necessity that missionary work was being done to spread the Gospel in the Americas thereby saving souls.   I can't remember where I saw it in your material so could you possibly send me that quote or post it with this email on your webpage. 


Thank you

-W. J. W.


MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  It’s true that a person could convert just before death, but that would require an actual conversion: a real reception of the faith and baptism, combined with a repudiation of that person’s previous false religion.  What he probably meant is that anyone at the moment of death (even without proof of conversion) might be counted as possibly having been converted; for “we can’t plumb the mysteries of what occurs in the human conscience” or some kind of similar nonsense.  His statement that no missionary thinks about converting a person is astounding and of course quite heretical.  It reveals that once the salvation dogma is denied, it’s over.  Everyone who believes in “baptism of desire” denies that dogma and, in the process, the entire Catholic faith.  Perhaps the quote below is the one you had in mind.  It’s also cited in our book, Outside the Catholic Church There is Absolutely No Salvation.


In his Bull Sublimus Dei, Pope Paul III addresses the question of the Indians in the “recently discovered” New World.  Speaking in the context of those above the age of reason, Pope Paul III declares that they are capable of receiving the Faith, and he reiterates the teaching of tradition that not one of them can be saved without faith in Jesus Christ.


Pope Paul III, Sublimus Dei, May 29, 1537: “The sublime God so loved the human race that He created man in such wise that he might participate, not only in the good that other creatures enjoy, but endowed him with capacity to attain to the inaccessible and invisible Supreme Good and behold it face to face; and since man, according to the testimony of the sacred scriptures, has been created to enjoy eternal life and happiness, which none may obtain save through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, it is necessary that he should possess the nature and faculties enabling him to receive that faith; and that whoever is thus endowed should be capable of receiving that same faith. Nor is it credible that any one should possess so little understanding as to desire the faith and yet be destitute of the most necessary faculty to enable him to receive it. Hence Christ, who is the Truth itself, that has never failed and can never fail, said to the preachers of the faith whom He chose for that office 'Go ye and teach all nations.' He said all, without exception, for all are capable of receiving the doctrines of the faith…By virtue of Our apostolic authority We define and declare by these present letters… that the said Indians and other peoples should be converted to the faith of Jesus Christ by preaching the word of God and by the example of good and holy living.”


These quotes are also relevant.


Pope Leo XIII (1902): “By his (Christopher Columbus’) toil another world emerged from the unsearched bosom of the ocean: hundreds of thousands of mortals have, from a state of blindness been raised to the common level of the human race, reclaimed from savagery to gentleness and humanity; and, greatest of all, by the acquisition of those blessings of which Jesus Christ is the author, they have been recalled from destruction to eternal life.” (Encyclical, Quarto Abrupto)


Pope Gregory XVI, Probe Nostis (#6), Sept. 18, 1840: “We are thankful for the success of apostolic missions in America, the Indies, and other faithless lands…They search out those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death to summon them to the light and life of the Catholic religion… At length they snatch them from the devil’s rule, by the bath of regeneration and promote them to the freedom of God’s adopted sons.”




Subject: Catholic faith versus others


I just watched all 11 parts of Is the world about to end, This was very well done, But I have some questions,I am not trying to put you or anyone elses down just want to know the truth in Christ. Now you say that the Catholic Church is the true Church. And You put down what the Pope has said. Do you not have to follow him? or any other Catholic Church. I just want to understand, I dont go to any Church at this time, But I do belive in Jesus and his word through faith, I just want to get to the church that teaches christ. I just want the true Jesus, The father of Abraham, Issaac,Jacob.The true God, That is the journey that I am on at this time before we see the end. Sorry for a long e-mail just need some answers and for you to pray for me,


Thanks Mike C.


MHFM: Mike, according to the teaching of the Catholic Church, Benedict XVI is proven to be an antipope, not a true pope.  That's why we don't follow him.  Also, it's not enough for salvation to claim to believe in Jesus.  Jesus founded a Church, and taught many things.  Those things are only kept in the traditional Catholic faith.  To be saved it’s necessary to accept that faith and become a Catholic.  We would recommend our book, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church.




Dear Brothers:


Consideration of the Feast of St. Michael should really drive home to Catholics (and others of good will) why there can be no salvation outside of the true Catholic Church, as the true Popes have always assured us.  And as St. John also makes clear, it's simply a question of free will.  In John I, in speaking of the Word of God, he says of Him:  "That was the true light, which enlighteneth every man that cometh into this world".  Notice, he says "every" man.


And who imagines that he is like unto God?  All those men do who, imitating Lucifer, reject God's Revelation to creatures, and make themselves - or other men - the Source of Revelation.  Lucifer was the first Protestant, and the founder of all man-made/creature-made "religions".


That's why the degree of rejection doesn't matter: one obstinate denial of one dogma is enough.  Either you hold that Revelation is from God, or it's not - and, practically speaking, adherence to one heresy always leads to the embrace of others.  Either God reveals or the creature reveals (often by "editing"  or "explaining away" the Revelation of God, as we have seen so many try to do).  And the creature "revealing" could be oneself, Martin Luther, Jacob Amman, or any one of a thousand others.


Even Archbishop Lefebvre.  See how false "traditionalists" keep digging themselves in deeper and deeper - denying more and more of Church teaching - simply because they will not admit that Archbishop Lefebvre was wrong.  Wrong about his holding of the dogma-denying and man-made "doctrine" of BOD, and wrong about his failure to apply authentic Church teaching (as you have) to declare the V2 gang of thieves to be heretics and antipopes.  No doubt, the Lefebvrites will now call upon their people to pray for the "pope" whom (they will say) is being attacked by the media, while Gruner assures people that this B-16 is the "suffering pope" who, along with the abuse of children by "priests", was foretold in the secret of Fatima!  Sickening.


God bless you for teaching us the true Catholic Faith.


Lee Ann




Subject: The liar John Salza


Thank you, Brother Peter, for unmasking the distortions of John Salza, as well as explaining (almost by a reverse engineering method) the way he acts.

Too bad he was careful enough to avoid a confrontation, since it would have been tremendous to see him and his falsehoods falling down in a live talk. 


I don´t think I can say much, aside from what you and your readers have said so far. The only relevant fact that comes to my mind is the realization that the contortionist Salza uses in fact a method similar to the Salvation heretics. The denial of the Salvation dogma is indeed the grand-mother of all modern heresies. Once you can explain "Outside the Church there is NO SALVATION" as meaning that people outside the Church can be saved, there´s salvation for them (emanating from the Church), in essence, that there is in fact Salvation outside the Church (the complete opposite of the misleading title), then you can get away with just about anything. Just like he did, and you exposed.


It´s only because people were able to digest the Salvation Fraud (or at least in large part thanks to it) that John Salza manages to be effective in deceiving people


In one of your old radio shows, Brother Peter explained how the Faithful  (on their own) anathematized the heretical Bishop Nestorious (realizing that he in fact had anathematized himself) after he gave clear and unmistakable signs of deviation from the True Faith.


According to the Catholic authorities, the people at the time acted in legitimate Catholic manner, gave the True Catholic Response to the situation. But for the amazingly dishonest contortionist Salza, the people acted very wrongly. They should have waited, otherwise they would be "lunching the dinner".  Again, according to Salza, even if Nestorious (or Benedict XVI) decided to spit on a picture of Our Lady, or a Crucifix, or the Gospel, of the Eucharist, and after that teared off his clothes and started to run around in circles with fingers pointing up like horns in his head while screaming "I´m the Devil´s Son!!!!!" he would still retain jurisdiction (not to mention his office intact) and people would have to wait for an official declaration regarding his status before jumping to any conclusions. 


Give me a break. What a sick joke...






Dear MHFM,

… Also I used to have a CD of yours with hours of audio including debates and talks on the important topics regarding Catholicism…
Also on this topic I wanted to say that I enjoyed the audio CD greatly and even more than the DVDs. I would listen to that all time and it really helped me memorize the arguments and facts regarding the important issues. I deeply hope that you compile another CD that is very long like the first one- with new material and deep discussions regarding all your issues.
Thanks most sincerely,
Ed O Donnell






     All of the SSPX Chapels this Saturday, October 2nd, are having a Mass (the local chapel here a procession, picnic, etc.) for the intention of the "Consecration of Russia" to Her Immaculate Heart.  In the book "What Happened to the Catholic Church Since Vatican II", the chapter on Fatima is brilliantly explained… how the Consecration already took place on July 7, 1952, by Pope Pius XII.


     When explaining this to a friend, he said, "Oh yes, I remember the nuns of Charity taught us the same thing, that the Consecration was made, by Pope Pius XII".  This man went to grade school in the 1950's.


     Yet, one of the many false slanders against Most Holy Family Monastery is "they're making their own rules up".


     Well it seems as some of these major "traditional" groups, who hurl the same calumny toward them, as the SSPX, are actually the ones making up their own rules, going against what the True Catholic Church teaches, and manifesting this on Saturday.


     May God continue to bless your work at Most Holy Family Monastery.


-  Nancy


Part 5 Posted


MHFM: Part 5 of this discussion has been posted.  There are only a few more parts to go.  Part 5 gets into more of his massive contradictions.


John Salza's Errors on Sedevacantism - Part 5 [video]

John Salza's Errors on Sedevacantism - Part 4 [video]


John Salza's Errors on Sedevacantism - Part 1 [video]

John Salza's Errors on Sedevacantism - Part 2 [video]

John Salza's Errors on Sedevacantism - Part 3 [video]




Subject: Joy


I just wanted to share my joy from two nights ago. I was putting laundry away in my daughters room while she happily played with her toys. I was in the mood to sing some prayers and received a great surprise. After I finished the Our Father, she sang it back at me. So beautiful! She will be 3 this Saturday and I feel very blessed that Our Lord let me find the truth about what happened to the Catholic Church before I had her baptized by a counterfeit priest in the counterfeit church of Satan, and that i will be able to raise my daughter right! Soon I think she will be saying other prayers from memory and am excited to see what will be next. Sadly, of all the people I know directly, I'm the only person teaching their child to pray at a young age. I know many who are choosing to "not push religion on my child". Even more disgusting, many are teaching their children to be flirty and "check out" the opposite sex at this tender age! These kids have no chance! It is horrible and I don't care if they're so called "good people" or family members - I can't expose my daughter to them or their children….


Also, picking up where the letter from "convert" left off, I have to also testify to the power of the Holy Rosary. This prayer can absolutely work miracles... Thank You MHFM, for defending the One True Faith!


Christina Kalix


How far



The YouTube video series on "What the Pope Knew" goes to show how far people without any knowledge of the faith or backbone will go to protect and support these anti-popes. What justice is being provided by the 'Vatican-II Protector of Justice', other than to protect the criminal anti-popes? No concern at all for the victims or the fact the anti-pope has done nothing to correct the problem. Any good-willed person should be hearing bells and whistles going off that something is wrong. The "Sheep's Clothing" (the human skin) that protects these beasts from being recognized for what they really are, will one day disappear when Jesus Christ reveals their wicked souls and sends them back to their Hellish Father Satan.

God Bless,
Tom Miles




MHFM: This is a somewhat interesting story about the 16th century sea voyages from Portugal to Asia.  Missionaries, as well as others looking for prosperity in distant lands, would make the extremely long, difficult and hazardous trip.  The conditions on board these ships were excruciating for a variety of reasons.  This is a somewhat interesting (and humorous) quote about one such voyage:


“It would be a mistake, however, to assume that every voyage to Asia was a nightmare of storms, disease, and starvation, and there are not a few contemporary accounts reporting a fair and prosperous passage to India.  During the voyage of Sebastiao Gonclaves in 1562, only two men died of illness and two others fell overboard and were drowned; apart from the standard overcrowding, plus a storm and a fire on board, the Jesuit had little to complain about what he termed ‘one of the best voyages to India so far.  In fact, some welcome relief to the general tedium on board was afforded by a zealous missionary who threw into the sea a worldly book belonging to one of the passengers; on being attacked by the irate owner, he defended himself by biting the man in the arm, but then happily effected a reconciliation by compensating the passenger with three spiritual books in exchange.” (Michael Cooper, Rodrigues the Interpreter – An Early Jesuit in Japan and China, Weatherhill, 1974, p. 32)




Hail Mary Dimond Brothers

First of all thanks for the very good work of your monastery in spreading the Faith and unmasking these "wolves in sheep´s clothing" so called "traditionalists" like John Salza.

I would like to share with you my own witnessing of the end signals that everyday assault our former Catholic world.

In my country Spain which was in ages past one of the most catholic countries, we witness as the Socialist Government, not content with corrupting the young with a signature which promotes homosexual lifestile, religious indifferentism, etc, is going to slowly demolish the Basilica where the martyrs of the spanish civil war remain buried!!

You can check the images on this site, but it’s in spanish: (scroll down a bit to see the images of Our Lady being prepared to be demolished)

Not only that, but they also pretend to will kick off the (novus ordo of course) 'beneditine monks' of the monastery annexed to the Basilica.  Altough the faith has long departed from these lands (as a result of the V-2 apostasy), nevertheless the symbolism of the tearing down of this gigantic cross-monument and the violation of the dead people who gave their lives in the past to prevent the Christian faith to be erased by marxism is very significative!!

It´s as if it is a clear sign that we are in the end times, and the powers of hell will be set loose upon the face of the earth (permitted by God as a punishment of sin) until the Second Coming of Christ!!

In front of scenarios like these, and the total immorality and indifference of GOd in the lifestyle of the people, it´s no wonder it the Apocalypse it is written that the martyrs "...cried out a loud voice, saying: How long, O lord dos thou not judge and revenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?"  much of people who enjoy the pace times they had thanks to the sacrifice of the Cristians of the past, but instead of being grateful, they swear, get drunk, fornicate, and live a life like nothing matters!!

Blessings brothers, I will keep you in my prayers, which is the most powerful weapon all we catholics have in these times!






According to this AP news story I found on Yahoo, "Forty-five percent of Roman Catholics who participated in the study didn't know that, according to church teaching, the bread and wine used in Holy Communion is not just a symbol, but becomes the body and blood of Christ."


Sadly, in the Novus Ordo Church, it's the other 55% that actually got it wrong.  Of course, either way you look at it, it's a MESS.






Subject: St. Alphonsus, Salza heretic


Dear Brothers,
That's a great new section with quotes from St. Alphonsus Liguori's book, The History of Heresies and their Refutation. Thank you. It shows all those liberal heretcs, schismatics and apostates who believe in the heresies of "baptism of desire/blood" and "invincible ignorance" out there that true Catholics judge and denounce heresies - and St. Alphonsus Liguori did so well before he was made a saint - he wrote books refuting heresies!!! He doesn't pull any punches when it comes to condemning Mohammed and the Muslims, and neither should he. Anyone can see how satanically aggressive Islamists are, as well as their sympathizers. Islam is a carnal and murderous religion which believes that suicide is "noble" when in the cause of Jihad ("holy war"). So Muslims are like Judas, though Muslims have never even believed that Jesus is God. It proves that Antipope John Paul II's act of heresy, kissing the Koran, was the kiss of Judas - and that the Vatican II sect is the religion of Judas, Judaism, which accepts any religion that's not Catholic.
Thank you also for the videos refuting the heretic John Salza. To say that the heresies of the 5 Vatican II Antipopes are not public would probably even offend the Antipopes themselves because they go out of their way to show the world that "the Catholic Church no longer condemns Non-Catholics," and that "Finally! There is salvation outside the Catholic Church!" John Salza’s argumentation is specifically designed to pull the reader into a jungle of Canon laws to trick the average reader into missing the whole point of the Gospel, that God Incarnate (Jesus Christ) died for our sins and that one must be a member of His Church (the Catholic Church) in order to be saved from hell. Also, Salza'a blatant contradictions are so bold that the average reader would not pick them up - but they're there! It's like 9/11 where the evidence that it was a controlled demolition is everywhere, but most people don't care. To say a pope who excommunicates himself still keeps the Papal jurisdiction might intimidate the average person into thinking, "Wow! This guy really understands the finer points of canon law because what appears to be a blatant contradiction is actually a legitimate fact." - WRONG! It's John Salza who's an undeclared contradiction because he prints lies faster than the Devil flies! It appears that John Salza wants glory and fame in this life now, but at the expense of soul. Very sad, Salza.
Matthew 22:11-14 - "And the king went in to see the guests: and he saw there a man who had not on a wedding garment. And he saith to him: Friend, how camest thou in hither not having a wedding garment? But he was silent. Then the king said to the waiters: Bind his hands and feet, and cast him into the exterior darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. For many are called, but few are chosen."
God Bless,
Chris White




Subject: Story about a V2 priest


Hi Brothers,

My friends are getting their baby baptized in the V2 anti-church, and I have explained to them that I will have nothing to do with the event and have declined to be the Godfather.  But that's not the interesting part, so the mother is going to nursing school and she learned there that anyone can validly baptize because the nurses used to do it to
the babies who they thought weren't going to make it.  It turns out that the "priest" who is going to be baptizing their baby argued with the mother about this point - he's fresh out of seminary - and he thought that only priests could baptize.  Furthermore, he then proceeded to argue that Lutherans are in the same church as Catholics.  And then he argued that the only person who was born without original sin was the Virgin Mary, according to this guy   "Christ had to be baptized to get rid of his original sin" - this is what a newly minted v2 "priest" sounds like.   Just thought I'd share.



MHFM: That’s very interesting.  Thanks for the e-mail.





Thank-you for the sending the latest audio edition #7.  I was surprised to see the new audio compact disk contains 343 audio segments along with two versions of the contents list in both word and excel formats.  Great things come in small packages.

I'd also like to comment on the wickedness of this world. Ex-Pres. and NWO Bush once said that, "If you’re not with us you’re against us!" This seems to be the theme of this wicked world as both secular and false religions (including the VII sect) place themselves on the same level playing field.  We are beginning to see more and more groups of people being added to their terrorist lists for ridiculous reasons.  Eventually, (The Faithful Remnant) who stand firm in God's protection and do not give into the ways of the world, will be the few that are once again the so-called terrorists as seen in history. Without the mark of the beast on their heads (the secular wicked way of thinking), they will not, nor want not, to make a living along side these wicked beasts.

John 3:17-21.  "For God sent not his Son into the world, to judge the world, but that the world may be saved by him.  He that believeth in him is not judged. But he that doth not believe, is already judged: because he believeth not in the name of the only begotten Son of God.  And this is the judgment: because the light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than the light: for their works were evil.  For every one that doth evil hateth the light, and cometh not to the light, that his works may not be reproved.  But he that doth truth, cometh to the light, that his works may be made manifest, because they are done in God."

God Bless,
Tom Miles




Subject: “Franciscans”


Dear Most Holy Family Monastery: 


In contemplating the mocking of Christ of the Third Sorrowful Mystery—Jesus is Crowned with Thorns—here is what Fr. von Cochem has to say in his Life of Christ:


“Each insult was received with shouts of laugher.  Every clumsy joke made at His expense and every piece of coarse buffoonery played upon Him excited still more their rude hilarity, and their cruel desire to plague and ridicule Him…HIS EYES WERE FILLED WITH BLOOD, HIS FACE PALE WITH THE INTENSE AGONY OF THE THORNY CROWN, HIS WHOLE BODY SEAMED AND TORN WITH THE THONGS OF THE SCOURGES; yet in spite of this, they ceased not to add to His sufferings and to insult Him with vile words and vulgar jests till they wearied of their sport.”


Now go look at the Franciscans on You Tube.  Go see these modern-day Roman soldiers mocking Christ 2,000 years later.  See it.  See how the soldiers danced.  See them.  Do not mistake it.  This is the dancing that Christ saw done before Him 2,000 years ago.  It is IDENTICAL.  It is the identical movements done in the mocking of Christ. 


And this evil was performed in front of the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri.  That’s right, St. Mary of the Angels and the Martyrs.  Holy Mary, our Blessed Mother, whom, by the way, saw how the soldiers danced in front of her Son.  Our Blessed Mother witnessed it as Ven. Mary of Agreda has written.


These Franciscans have gone off the deep end.  That performance was rehearsed too; it wasn’t spontaneous.  Apparently, they want to spend eternity in the company of Salome.


Brothers, thank you for your continued work in bringing about the reign of Christ the King.  Your analysis of the writings and speeches perpetrated by masons (B16 and Salza)teaches people to think clearly, thereby enabling God the Holy Ghost to work more easily among us.


Ad Jesum per Mariam,

Deidre Howard 




Subject: Hello




My name is Amanda and I have a quick question. I don't know if I am wrong to do this but sometimes I feel compelled to email or blog to Protestant Church Pastors in my area and question their church teachings/beliefs. Am I wrong in doing this? I guess because their "churches" lead so many sheep to damnation I have a right to question it. Please email me back and give me your opinion, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God Bless,




MHFM: It depends on why you are writing to them.  If you are writing to them in order to find out more about their beliefs so that you can refute them, then it could be acceptable.  In a similar way, if you are writing to them with the goal of giving the person who will answer the chance to see the falsity of his or her position, then it could be acceptable.  However, if you are writing to them because you actually entertain some internal doubt about whether their Protestant beliefs are false – and you are therefore curious to see their responses – then it’s not acceptable.  It would reveal a problem with faith.




Subject: Disgusting


Good afternoon brothers!
Not sure if you have seen this article or not. Just reading it gets me so frustrated. These people are just so evil and ridiculous. They aren't even remotely catholic. They don't bother to seek the truth. Always just trying to push there human agenda, whether or not it contradicts Catholic teaching. Anyways here is where i found the article. God Bless and keep up the great work.




What's this I'm hearing that the Council of Basel was not all approved? That only the first 25 sessions are considered ecumenical/approved?




MHFM: That’s correct.  Not all of its sessions were approved.  Therefore, those sessions are/were not binding.  That council occurred during a period in which the heresy of Conciliarism was somewhat widespread.  That heretical idea, which gave rise to schismatic tendencies, held that councils are superior to popes.




Subject: Is the World about to End?



I was re-watching your video series, "Is the World About to End" and thought some more about the mark of the beast.  Could it be that the mark refers to the wafer or blessing given out at V-II masses?  The wafer is distributed in the hand, and I seem to recall that persons who are not receiving can stand in line and receive a blessing - which I have seen being given on their head.  Just thought this was interesting.



MHFM: We believe the evidence is very strong that the mark of the beast is a spiritual mark or character, received in the hand or forehand, which is meant to be the antithesis to the spiritual mark or character given in Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Orders.  There is overwhelming biblical evidence that the mark of the beast is spiritual.  The parallel to the true spiritual mark or character given in those sacraments indicates, in our view, that the beast holds a position in an ecclesiastical structure that apes the true Church and the true sacraments (i.e., the Counter Church).  To your point, we do believe that the abomination of the New Mass and its invalid host would be lumped in with the false ecclesiastical structure to which those verses point.


Mark of the Beast - Spiritual Mark


St. Alphonsus on Mahomet


MHFM: This is an interesting new quote from St. Alphonsus on Mahomet (Muhammad), the founder of the false religion of Islam.  We’ve added this quote to a small section called: Interesting quotes in St. Alphonsus’ book, The History of Heresies




The following quote is particularly interesting because in it St. Alphonsus says that Mahomet is in Hell.


St. Alphonsus, The History of Heresies & Their Refutation, Chap. 7, Article I, On Mahometanism (Islam): “The impious sect of Mahometanism sprung up in this century [the 7th]… Mahomet, the founder of this destroying sect… was born in Arabia, in 586… He [Mahomet] pretended to have long conversations with the Archangel Gabriel, in the cave of Hera… In the year 608, being then forty years of age, he began to give out that he was a Prophet, inspired by God, and he persuaded his relatives and domestics of this first, and then began to publicly preach in Mecca, and attack idolatry.  At first, the people did not very willingly listen to him, and asked him to prove his mission by a miracle; but he told them that God sent him to preach the truth, and not to work miracles.  The impostor, however, boasts of having wrought one, though ridiculous in the extreme: a piece, he says, fell off from the moon into his sleeve, and he fixed it on again; and it is said that this is the reason for the Mahometans adopting the half moon as the device of their Empire…

     “He composed the Koran… It is a collection of precepts, taken from the Mosaic and Christian Law, together with many of his own, and interspersed with fables and ridiculous revelations…. He professes that there is but one God; but in his Alcoran [the Koran] he relates many trivialities unworthy of the Supreme Being, and the whole work is, in fact, filled with contradictions, as I have shown in my book on the ‘Truth of the Faith.’… The Mahometan Paradise, however, is only fit for beasts; for filthy sensual pleasure is all the believer has to expect there… The Mahometans shave the head, and leave only a lock of hair on the crown, by which they hope Mahomet will take them up to Heaven, even out of Hell itself.”


This is another good quote to refute the “you can’t judge” heresy.  According to those who espouse the “you can’t judge” heresy, we cannot say that people who die outside the faith are lost because “we can’t judge.”  The truth is that God has already judged.  God has revealed that those who are saved must fall within a certain category: they must be baptized and have the Catholic faith.  Hence, those who have the faith (i.e., true Catholics) believe and can profess that people who have died outside the Church are lost.  As we see, St. Alphonsus did not subscribe to the “you can’t judge” heresy.  Also notice how vigorously he condemns Islam and the Koran; he speaks of them with no respect whatsoever.  This is a stark contrast to the apostate manner in which Benedict XVI and his sect members speak of Islam, the Koran, etc.


New Video and Heresy on Benedict XVI


MHFM: This new video and short article concern a recent significant heresy from Benedict XVI.


Benedict XVI expresses gratitude for the Synagogue, and uses the Jewish Calendar [video]


Benedict XVI's expresses gratitude for the Synagogue, and uses the Jewish Calendar [Article]




Dear MHFM,

It’s truly amazing, the amount of subterfuge and trickery going on with each passing day.  Thank you for your grinding article which leaves Salza’s supposed refutation of Sedevacantism in a heap on the floor.

Every day the prideful IllumMasonic Counter Church and her heretical, apostate, false popes with her, moves closer to spiritually imploding in the sight of all, and the evil False Traditionalists would defend it with a pickaxe laden with venom, while those who hold the true Faith of Jesus come to the fight with Canons.  Afraid of losing whatever grip they suppose they have, they must fight from a distance hence Salza.  On the one hand they attempt to maintain their catch by lying, hypocrisy, and defense of false doctrines and on the other hand they ensnare the weak and thereby widen their net with their intellectual magic as you call it.  The legs they use to support their argument is rotted and crumbles with each new day that Benedict XVI thumbs his nose at God.  They lack the faith, courage and humility needed to face the unvarnished truth.  They make 2 Timothy 3:5 glaringly obvious. 

True to the pride of their rebellious father, Satan, these heretics defend antipopes who say that man is God and refuse the see or hear the truth.  Since they are true to these “popes,” at the cost of their soul, they don’t realize they have indeed adopted their twisted thinking and have made of themselves gods.  They bend and twist the truth every which way in order to make the wrong pieces fit their puzzle which is still full of holes.  And they are puzzled; their reaction to you, the Sedevacantist position one must hold in these dangerous times in order to save our souls, and the state of the world with its outrageous denial, and/or attack of Jesus Christ on every front shows it.  They imagine they stand secure but have created for themselves a false cocoon in which they mentally and spiritually retreat.

When confronted they switch back and forth between a myriad of predictable processes such as intellectual hocus pocus, hanging up the phone on you, they become irate and try to intimidate, or resort to bribery, emotional blackmail, or run and hide, any and all methods are used, anything but the truth, to get you to come to the same wrong, illogical, deformed conclusion they hold. They say there are enough problems in the Church already why add to it? They don’t want anymore problems; they want it smooth and easy, they want peace.  It seems that they want to be safely nested, with their false idea of truth, peace and security (1 Thes. 5:3).  Like children they close their eyes and put their hands over their ears, when it suits them (Matt. 13:15).  Misguided, they insulate themselves to their own spiritual destruction and become intoxicated. They refuse to do the necessary work of reforming themselves spiritually as Sr. Lucia said we need to do. They forget that Our Lord said that he came not to bring peace but a sword (Matt. 10:34).

It’s sad that they just cannot accept the truth, really, really sad.

Thank you for doing the immense amount of research you have done in defense of the truth which the true Church of Jesus Christ has carefully and lovingly laid out for our salvation. Thank you, for teaching us how to debate and keep them on point.   May you and the entire monastery continue to be richly blessed as only Our Lord and Lady know best how to.




Subject: Salza= Sir Dupe of Vatican II


Dear MHFM, 


What is clear, and so true in this wicked world is that Vatican II is the council of all councils, and the previous dogmatic and magisterial councils preceding Vatican II, 20 of them, spanning 1900+ years were a period of total fruitlessness and are absolutely null and void.  The Modernist machine-false pontiffs, crooked cardinals, and their rag, Observatore Romano, and ancillary rags spread throughout the civilized world has spent billions of Catholic donations to foster this belief relentlessly.  As a logical consequence truth of Vatican II is now before us mortals, and because of this Great council the Christian world is seeing the wonderful, and grand results.  The world is truly at peace in Christ and Mary because of Vatican II.  Great work MHFM. 






Dear Brothers,

What an excellent article against the diabolical errors of one John Salza. Thank you very much… I have always been interested in any information against the SV position and in looking at such information, have only ever been more confirmed in its truth.

God bless.






Dear MHFM:

I am confused. What is the best deal to get the material back in my hands? I loaned the two big books to people and they have never returned them. Also I am very interested in learning about the truth of Padre Pio and UFOs. God bless you. My name and address is as follows:

Scott Metz


MHFM: We have two versions of the special offer package.  For what you have described, we would recommend the larger special package.  You will find the options at our online store.




Do you realize that the Catholic Church is the whore and Beast of Revelation?




MHFM: No, it’s not.  The post-Vatican II Counter Church is the Whore of Babylon.  The Catholic Church is the one true Church.




Subject: Comment on Sedevacantism Debate – Dimond vs. Albrecht


This Albrecht guy is one of the worst debaters I have ever heard. Simply awful.






I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your work. I was at a point in my life not a month ago where I did know what I was going to do. I had fallen into some deeply wrong mortal sins to pile on top of the habitual ones I already committed. About that time I received in the mail free of charge Bro. Peter's book "The Bibles proves the Teachings of the Catholic church." At one time I had been somewhat interested in the catholic church and in your work but I fell away from it.  After going over the book some, especially concerning the Matthew 16 and the Papacy, i began to acknowledge that the Roman Catholic Church was truly the church founded by Jesus Christ himself. After realizing that I went on your website and inquired about baptism and following your instructions I ordered a copy of the penny catechism and began praying the rosary everyday.

After that a miracle happened!  My interest in those mortal sins diminished significantly and I’ve found I’ve cut out a particular sin of the flesh almost completely. I never thought i could do that and i know still that i can't it was not my power…

It was the power of God with the intercession of Mary that caused me to end those vial mortal sins. Upon receiving the penny catechism and studying it reading it through a few times I felt I was ready to be baptized and so finally I have been! After I made the profession of faith and rejected my heretical Mormon background I could and I can rightly call myself a Catholic!... This email is primarily a thank you and I cannot thank you enough. I promise to continue to pray all 15 decades of the Rosary every day and try my best to be as good a catholic as I can!


MHFM: It’s great to hear about your interest.  We must emphasize, however, that to be saved or profit from the sacraments it’s of course necessary to cut out all mortal sins completely.  Once a person does so, we can help him or her with where to receive sacraments.


New Article Posted


MHFM: This is a link to a new article.  We hope that all those who are interested in this matter will print it out and read it.  This new article examines and refutes an attack on the sedevacantist position that recently appeared in a false traditionalist publication.  This attack apparently convinced some people that the sedevacantist position is not the true position.  By carefully examining the arguments, one can see which position is true. 


John Salza's Arguments Against Sedevacantism Crushed [article]


This and our other recent feature articles will be found permanently at the link called “Recent Feature Articles” which is found in our “Traditional Catholic Issues” section.




Subject: No Fixed Morality


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for all your hard work in educating people all over the world on the one true faith. I had always known there was something wrong but couldn't figure out what and it led me for some time along false ........ but having read almost everything you have put on your website my eyes have been opened, so much so at times that it has brought tears to my eyes.


However, one subject I don't think you have written about is the whole nonsensical argument that some propose of there being  "no fixed morality", which in my opinion, in itself proves the necessity of A God, if not even in fact the truth that Jesus Christ is God. I would love to read your considered thoughts/arguments on the matter.


I work at my computer everyday and the first thing I do everyday is to check out your website, to know most of all that there are others who share my beliefs as there are few living or working near me who do.


You are always in my prayers. 


God bless


Niall Walshe





Subject: “New Franciscans”


Dear Brothers,


It looks like the Village People of the 1980's have been replaced by the New Franciscans. They too dress up in "costumes" that have nothing to do with their music. I could not believe my eyes when I saw them prancing around and the crowd loving every minute of it having no clue that it is a total abomination in the eyes of God. Was this Monastery out in California? Most Vatican II Catholics would probably enjoy this and think it is a healthy way of getting people to participate. This video may take the cake for the most outrageous behavior for so called " religious."


Your ardent supporter,






Hello Brothers:

I applaud your trouncing of John Salza's arguments against sedevecantism. He makes me think of all those Protestant heretics who are so obstinate and hard-hearted whenever I have had the good fortune to speak to them on the Catholic faith. Their premise always seems to be, "The Roman Catholic faith is, and must necessarily be, wrong--period." They then go to very, very great lengths to debunk the truth with endless misapplied Scripture quotes, twisted reasoning, and flights from reality. John Salza appears to embrace the same kind of principle: "MHFM is and must necessarily be wrong--period." And then he went to absurd lengths in the Remnant piece to show sedevecatism to be wrong, only to make himself look deplorably foolish in his contradictions and twisted thinking. He does show, however, a certain consistency with his fellow false-traditionalists: when challenged to debate they run, hide, or remain silent. Scared is a very appropriate word.

Thanks for the great work.

Joseph Ramirez


MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  We should probably mention that the article and videos are not dedicated to refuting this individual for the reason that he is overly significant.  Rather, by carefully refuting and exposing his attempted refutation of sedevacantism, it serves to illuminate the truth and refute all of the non-sedevacantists together. 




Subject: Salza buried


Your case against Salza is so complete, so total, you buried him.  Paul IVth could not have been more clear.  I mean there is no other possible meaning, and because it is a teaching of the Chair, no other argument or refutation is necessary.  Nevertheless, because Salza so junked up an issue that should be so straightforward, with almost sophomoric misapplications of principle, you did a great service by patiently unraveling it and refuting it point by point.  The contradiction you caught (within the same article!) is a real stunner. It is also hard to believe that he could not see that the notion that a Catholic might licitly receive sacraments from an excommunicate (because of few alternatives), but not one who had been formally judged (except in danger of death), actually worked against his argument that a formal judgment is required.


Unlike some of the others who actually debated you, this guy pretends to take on the fundamental sedevacantist case head on.  He knows what the case is, and sets out to construct an argument against it.  And this is hard work; I think only a lawyer, and a prideful one, would attempt it.  Because to any honest person, the correctness of the sedevacantist case is obvious. 


I don’t believe that this guy is in good faith at all.  He is lying to himself.  He is too well educated, and too skilled in argument, not to realize that he was defending a false proposition.  He probably enjoys the challenge, without regard for any notion as trite as “truth”.


It is interesting that a fairly major publication would give publicity to the question.  Perhaps it is evidence of your growing influence?  But understand he will never take you on in public (when you are allowed to talk back).  I think his article is about damage control.  They seek to dissuade those who are perhaps beginning to ask questions along the sedevacantist path.  But they will not get into a fight that 1) they know they will lose and 2) would serve to elevate your status.


Bill Mulligan        


MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  It should probably be pointed out that our website is significantly more active than both the publication that carried the article and the individual who wrote it.  According to Alexa, our website is currently ranked more than 550,000 spots higher than the false traditionalist publication, and more than 700,000 spots higher than the author of the article.  According to, our website is ranked 23,396 in the world.  There were 234 million websites in the world as of December 2009:  These facts are worth mentioning because the false traditionalist publication recently referred to us pejoratively as a tiny little group (implying little influence), when the fact is that our website is much more active than theirs. 




Subject: Eusebius


Thank you, Brother Peter, for your article refuting John Salza's "arguments" against sedevacantism. Your article is a gem, not only because it refutes the content of the claims used by Salza, but it also exposes the stratagem which you have very aptly described as black magic.  It's the same diabolical sleight of hand used by the various false traditional groups to first seem to be admitting - and then end up denying - an important truth.  Yes, Pius XII consecrated Russia; but no, Pius XII did not consecrate Russia.  No, there's no salvation outside of the Church, but yes, there is salvation outside of the Church.  And so on.


This is the same technique used by the Scribes and Pharisees to deny Our Lord Jesus Christ.  And we know what Our Lord had to say about them.


In Volume 4 of the Liturgical Year, page 379 we read the following:


"It was then that Satan produced Nestorious, crowned with a fictitious halo of sanctity and knowledge". 


On Christmas Day 428, Nestorious preached that "Mary did not bring forth God; her Son was only a man, the instrument of the Divinity.  The multitude shuddered with horror.  Eusebius, a simple layman, rose to give expression to the general indignation and protested against this impiety.  Soon a more explicit protest was drawn up and disseminated in the name of the members of this grief-stricken Church, launching an anathema against anyone who should dare to say: "The Only-begotten Son of the Father and the Son of Mary are different persons.'  This generous attitude was the safeguard of Byzantium and won the praise of Popes and Councils.  When the shepherd become a wolf, the first duty of the flock is to defend itself.  It is usual and regular, no doubt, for doctrine to descend from the bishops to the faithful and those who are subject to the faith are not to judge their superiors.   But in the treasure of revelation there are essential doctrines which all Christians, by the very fact of their title as such, are bound to know and defend.  The principle is the same whether it be a question of belief, or conduct, dogma or morals.  Treachery like that of Nestorious is rare in the Church, but it may happen that some pastors keep silence for one reason or another in circumstances when religion itself is at stake.  The true children of Holy Church at such times are those who walk by the light of their baptism, not the cowardly soul who, under the specious pretext of submission to the powers that be, delay their opposition to the enemy in the hope of receiving instructions which are neither necessary nor desirable."


Today, treachery is the norm and the true Children of Holy Church are rare.  And they won't be found amongst the false traditionalists like Salza who, had they lived in the time of Nestorious, would undoubtedly have attacked Eusebius!


Thanks for all you do.


Lee Ann




Subject: Salza Arguments


This was by far, better than watching a boxing match or watching the yankees win the world series, John Salza got put through a paper shredder and then set on fire.  I absolutely had fun reading the entire article, I can see John cringing and squirming in his seat as he reads Brother Peter’s response to his arguments, talk about being stripped naked, wow!   For me the fight was over in the first paragraph, "tell it to the church"!   






Dear Brothers,


Your refutation of Salza's attack is very thorough, complete and effective!  His silence, would indicate that he accepts your arguments!...


Thank you once again for defending the one, true faith!  In these trying times, your work is greatly appreciated!


Richard Cardet

Bordeaux, France




Subject: Critique


So, if a building(s) (i.e. NO "church") is engulfed in flames (from Hell) the people should wait for the "alarm" (from the heretics who started the fire) to sound before exiting? John Salza probably wouldn't debate you because his advice is so ludicrous, he knew he couldn't control himself from laughing. He has, in effect, tried to twist this tragedy (The Great Apostasy) into a comedy.






Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the great article against the modernist heretic and false traditionalist, John Salza. It really is a crushing defeat to the entire anti-sedevacantist movement because Satan clearly enrolled one of his highest devotees in choosing John Salza to attack us, and he has some legal credentials. However, the humble simplicity of the Truth of the Catholic faith always shines through in the end, regardless of how much time such heretics waste. His key magic trick, as Bro. Peter explained, was to set up an apparent contradiction in Canon Law (where there is none), in that #1: He stated that heretics lose their office without a declaration, and #2: That Catholics can recognize such heretics as excommunicated, even when no declaration has been made, but only when the Church declares such to be heretics! He tried to, by use of his freemasonic magic, make it seem as though the words, “without a declaration,” mean “with a declaration,” in that Catholics can only recognize an undeclared heretic once a declaration has been made by the Church. An “undeclared declaration” - it’s outrageously absurd, but the lying heretics love it! John Salza needs to stop declaring heresies. It’s memory-replacement-mind-control whereby what you have seen and heard from the Church, apparently becomes something that it is not: an illusion. For the modernist heretic, John Salza, it’s all just a big long process of figuring it all out, rather than a simple belief in what Christ revealed. He probably thinks that the collective whole of humanity, if they magnified their concentration intensely enough, could remove Original Sin simply by desiring it – like a massive “baptism of desire.” That’s what Antipope John Paul II’s Antichrist heresies of Universal salvation and “Universal Incarnation” erroneously declare, and that’s the (diabolical) essence of concelebration, i.e. that the faithful confect the Eucharist along with the Priest, and not the Priest only. Heresy is merely controversy for Mr. Salza! His article is in reality, “The Errors of John Salza.” Speaking of illusions, Mr. Salza tries to trick us from the very start: “The Errors of...Ecclesiastical Law.” There are no errors in Ecclesiatical Law. His goal, like Antipope Benedict XVI, is to make a mockery of the Catholic Church by attacking its foundations, but he’s only securing his own eternal destruction!


His second key error was that: a heretic who is apparently “elected” pope (apparently but not really) loses his office (the Papacy) but does not lose jurisdiction… It boils down to the infallible authority that Jesus Christ instituted in the Office of the Papacy – once a man walks out of that Office, whether by death or heresy, then he loses the authority to govern – he loses jurisdiction. It’s as though John thinks the Papacy is a sacrament, not like Holy Orders that is conferred once, but like confession or communion that a Catholic keeps receiving, because he seems to think that a heretic can exercise the function of a Pope (like receiving a sacrament repeatedly) but without holding the office, i.e. without having the authority of the Papacy (or the authority to administer the “papal sacrament”). The authority of the Papacy stems directly from Jesus Christ Himself, not any man, which is why no matter how hard V-2 “Catholics” may try to “mind-meld” or imagine a heretic to be a pope (as Mr. Salza seems to think he and others are capable of doing), the truth doesn’t change, and a heretic cannot be a pope, ever!... The Vatican II sect is like a cheaply made toy – good for nothing, has no true value, and is made with toxic chemicals (heresies) – and thus leads souls to hell - a Protestant can see it, a child can tell you it, but the obstinate defenders of the Vatican II sect will write books to prevent you from acknowledging it. The Vatican II sect and its 5 Antipopes main heresies revolve around the clear and manifest rejection, by word and deed, of Jesus Christ and the Trinity. Antipope Benedict XVI is a warlock and a heresiarch!!! John Salza dances around the Catholic dogmas like a voodoo witchdoctor, but continuously trips over his own feet… John Salza is a schismatical modernist, a Pharisee, and an Antichrist apostate!!!..


Pascendi, On the Doctrine of Modernists, Pope St. Pius X – “They are ready to admit, nay, to proclaim that Christ Himself manifestly erred in determining the time when the coming of the Kingdom of God was to take place; and they tell us that we must not be surprised at this since even He Himself was subject to the laws of life! After this what is to become of the dogmas of the Church? The dogmas bristle with flagrant contradictions, but what does it matter since, apart from the fact that vital logic accepts them, they are not repugnant to symbolical truth.”

Matthew 5:13 – “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt lose its savour, wherewith shall it be salted? It is good for nothing any more but to be cast out, and to be trodden on by men.”

God Bless,


Chris White




While driving on a rural end of the roadway on Thursday morning, I saw an infant carseat on the side of the road with a blanket draped over it. For whatever reason, I did not stop, even though I had all kinds of thoughts running through my head. But when I got to my destination, I called the PD and they were going to check it out. But, this is what the Police advised even before they went out there to check....

 "There are several things to be aware of ... gangs and thieves are now plotting different ways to get people (mostly women) to stop their vehicle and get out of the car.

"There is a gang initiation reported by the local Police Department where gangs are placing a carseat by the road...with a fake baby in it...waiting for a woman, of course, to stop and check on the abandoned baby.  "Note that the location of this carseat is usually beside a wooded or grassy area and the person --woman-- will be dragged into the woods, beaten and raped, and usually left for dead. If it's a man, they're usually beaten and robbed and maybe left for dead, too.




Altar girl


MHFM: During Benedict XVI’s “Mass” for the “Beatification” of John Henry Newman, there was at least one altar girl.


Pope Benedict XIV, Allatae Sunt, July 26, 1755: “Pope Gelasius in his ninth letter to the bishops of Lucania condemned the evil practice which had been introduced of women serving the priest at the celebration of Mass.  Since this abuse had spread to the Greeks, Innocent IV strictly forbade it in his letter to the bishop of Tusculum: ‘Women should not dare to serve at the altar; they should be altogether refused this ministry.’  We too have forbidden this practice in the same words in Our oft-repeated constitution...”




… all the crazy books that those two wrote, Catholicism for Dummies, Catholicism Answer book, (which has NO answers!) how can they get away with such garbage?  And YOU had a problem with You-Tube when a lot of the stuff on You-tube is horrible!  (I got an email from a Traditional Family Values list I am on and they are always fighting for morality, and one of the things they wanted was to email You-Tube to take off the desecration of host-and it looked like it was a black mass)   And again, You tube had a problem with YOU???


Re:  Muslim article


U.S. kids bow to "Allah" on Mosque school field trip


They want everyone to be a Muslim! How can they indoctrinate our children with such garbage?  What will they be like when they are adults with absolutely NO values whatsoever?  I feel that we are going to die defending our true Catholic Faith. And that man being arrested for burning the koran!  How many people got arrested for burning our Bible!?


RE: Benedict’s trip to England:  On the Today show this morning, Benedict celebrated "mass" in the Anglican Cathedral and the journalist did mention that England killed countless Catholics, but acted like it was no big deal!


I cannot understand all this acceptance for the gays!  Why didn't they just stay in the closet???  Why are WE wrong when we say it is a sin?  What part of Sodom and Gomorrah don't they understand?  If everyone accepts this immorality, aren't we in worse shape than Sodom and Gomorrah?


God bless you for all of your good work!




New Video & Article, You Tube


Latest Update: You Tube removed our first version of the video, that had many more views.  Now it only allows the second version.


MHFM: These are links to a new video and a new article.  Note: our new You Tube video (which is below) on The Catholicism Answer Book was being deliberately delayed by You Tube.  For that reason, we had to re-upload the video and we decided to slightly modify the title.  That didn’t work.  You Tube is still deliberately messing with our video, so we are just linking to the original.  If you fight through the first five or so stalls in the first thirty seconds, it seems to play smoothly.  It seems that You Tube will allow people to listen to our video from that point on.   


The Catholicism Answer Book Exposed [video]


Article: The Catholicism Answer Book Exposed [article]




Not only should the Koran be burned, but so should the Talmud and all Protestant versions of the Bible, for the translators are putting lies in the mouth of God, which is Blasphemy.  Speaking of this topic reminded me of something my son told me not long ago.  This event happened while we were living in California.  He rode his bicycle near a V2 church that was next to our house and he saw something that drew his attention.  It was a bonfire.  My son went over out of curiosity and asked one person what was going on.  Apparently, the church was holding a burning to "get rid of the old to make room for the new".  He saw people throw Bibles, missals, rosaries etc into this fire.  


The truth becomes more obvious with every horrifying tale that emerges.  Keep up the great work!


Brenda Roy




Subject: Novus Mess priest blesses Koran


I may not always agree with the stances of the mhfm but as you can see in the article things are getting out of control and something must be done.  The state of affairs in the church make me want vomit.

Peace Brother.




MHFM: Perhaps that should tell you that we are correct.




MHFM: Note: There’s a chance that an important new article will be posted today.


JP2 Musical


Subject: JP2 the Musical


A bit of funny/weird news:

The rock-star "pope" lives on... On the reign of the Antichrist, his reign. 


As one could expect, it features a lot of rock music. I don´t know about the presentation, but at least during the rehearsals it´s possible to see a man with his chest naked, and women with revealing clothes. It´s appropriate when one considers the subject matter, the AntiMoral AntiChrist AntiPope Wojtyla.


Now that´s what I call a truly tragic symphony...




Subject: Shocking


This past week has been pretty shocking regarding the garbage being said in the media and by the apostate Mccarrick and the Rat, I have such a hatred for benedict arnold XVl.  How is it the more blatant the lies, the more blind the people get, I truly don't have any words to describe what is going on it’s pure lunacy .       




MHFM: Yes, his current trip to England is a veritable course on how to mock the English martyrs and deny the necessity of the papal office.



I just read this entire article and was so upset, I called my mother.  I related to her what the article was about. I had remembered something from the mid-sixties that was told to my father by a priest who was a very good friend of our family. I did not know at that time the substance of the information related by the priest to my father.  When I read this to my mom, today, there was a dead silence on the phone. She then said to me, "Jennifer, don't you remember what Father S....... told your dad about this supposed
fishing trip that he went on up in Michigan. The things he told your dad were horrible.  Father....S   said he was so shocked, he'd never go anywhere with those people ever again."

I remember something being very wrong,BUT, I never knew what it was.  What I did know was, this was a fishing trip with fellow priest and a few laymen. I was 12 or 13 at the time. I'm now 59. That article struck a nerve with my mom. She said and I quote.." That's exactly what Father S.... told to your dad."

"The smoke of satan"

Please keep this between us. The Priest is now deceased and so is my father.

This just re-confirms to me the truth and goodness of Most Holy Family Monastery.

May God Bless and Keep you safe. We need you two more than ever.





Subject: Koran blessed at Cathedral 


Dear Bros. Apostasy! The V2 church lifts up man and the human condition "of can't we all just get along". Catholics in this false church refuse to read about the lives of the saints who dealt with the pagans. They refuse Christ’s own call to Baptize and Preach the gospel of Christ to these pagans!  Bro's what do you see coming for Catholics in this country concerning these Muslims that are living here and building mosque's. Do you foresee a holy war coming one day? May God embolden us all with the Holy Spirit to preach the gospel everywhere!  Holy Mary Pray for us! 


Debra Ames




Subject: E-Exchanges on Burning the Quran


Dear Dimond Brothers,


About four days ago I sent out an e-mail to all my contacts concerning the Florida "pastor's" intention on burning the Quran.  I got one reply back from someone who demonstrates such an astounding level of bad will that I thought it worthy to send to you.  I don't know if you will consider it good enough to post in your e-exchanges, but just in case here it is.  I copied and pasted it in my e-mail to you in chronological order to make it easier to follow because had I just forwarded it the last reply would appear at the top and the original at the bottom.






As most of us know, Benedict XVI and the Vatican II sect have condemned a Florida pastor's intention on burning Qurans to mark the ninth anniversary of the September 11th attacks.  On Wednesday, September 8th, the Vatican issued a statement denouncing the Florida pastor's plan as "outrageous and a grave gesture".


Well here's something to ponder.  The following represents the Church's true position on book burning.  It was issued from a true pope long before the Vatican II apostasy :


Pope Pius VII, Diu Satis (# 15), May 15, 1800:  “Books which openly oppose the teaching of Christ are to be burned.  Even more importantly, the eyes and minds of all must be kept from books, which do so more steathily and deceitfully… So the sheep of Christ should consider safe and eat cheerfully the food to which Peter’s voice and authority directs them; but despite any beauty and charm, they should shun as harmful and plague-ridden, what this voice forbids them.  Those who do not comply are certainly not to be counted among the sheep of Christ.”




… Wow, I respect you for voicing your beliefs, but couldn't possibly agree with you less. I will always side with any man who seeks God in his own way without regard to the "rites" or "icons". The average truly devout Muslim is no more a servant of the devil than the average truly devout Jew or Christian. As with so many who seek to be the "better" example, you quote from selections that are contrary to the whole body of scripture. Just as radical Muslims can find a phrase or two in their Holy Book to justify horrific actions, so can radical Christians. God makes the same demand on all of us. We either serve him or we will be cast away from him. That is all I need to know. He will deal with us justly and we have no right to pass judgement on His behalf.

May you find peace in your search for the truth,



It's obvious that you know hardly anything about God.  It's ridiculous and defies common sense that God could approve of just any religion, all of which profess different beliefs.  Most christians believe that Christ IS God.  If you truly loved God then you would reject those religions which deny Christ. 
Protestantism rejects Christ also because although they claim to believe in Him, they only accept His teachings which are likable to them and reject all others.  This is an abomination before God and they will all have to answer to it on Judgment Day.  You are so blinded by the Devil that the truth is right in front of you so plainly and you cannot see it.  You are one of countless souls that God allows to remain in the dark because of your pride and bad will.  Unless you wake up and become a TRUE Catholic you will find yourself being cast into the everlasting fiery pits of Hell when you stand before the Judgment seat.


HIS LAST RESPONSE (Which I don't find necessary to reply to):


I will stand beside you on Judgement Day and God will tell us who was wrong. I respect that you believe in your way and am saddened that you don't have that same respect for me. Time and God will tell. Until then, please refrain from personal attacks or write me off for a loss.





Subject: Vatican II ratbags


Dear Bros. Michael and Peter Dimond,

All I can say in regards to your recent videos, "Catholicism of Dummies" and "The Catholicism Answer Book" - you are doing a Trojan job in exposing these Vatican II Ratbags!

God bless,





Subject: Catholicism Answer Book Revealed


Dear Brothers,

Great work exposing the "Catholicism Answer Book." The book is full of heresies! The sufferings of Jesus Christ are treated as completely valueless by such apostates. It is a total rejection of the necessity of the Catholic faith for salvation, and an embracing of every false religion that ever existed. To say that Jews and Muslims who have died during war or for their false "faith" are martyrs is outrageous to the extreme! Martyrs are Catholics only, who have died for the faith because they are witnesses to the Truth: to Jesus Christ. To say that a person who continually commits mortal sin is not in state of mortal sin and that people rarely become possessed because of their own actions is ridiculous and atrocious. To say that there are graces in Non-Catholic religions is outrageous too. The book is one huge summary of Vatican II apostasy. I thought it was interesting that they call Fr. Feeney's "excommunication" famous, when almost no one knows about it, let alone what the real facts are. Also, why would they cite such an "excommunication," but not cite truly famous excommunications such as of the Protestant heretics, Martin Luther and King Henry VIII?! They were pivotal excommunications because of the immense destruction that such heretics were causing!... Thank you again for showing so clearly what an evil and outrageous book it is.

God Bless,

Chris White




Subject: listend [sic] most of one of your youtube videos


Peter Diamond.


And I have easily come to the conclusion that you are in a state of ignorant grandeur when it comes to Father Corapi.


…You are not doing the Lords work under the seemingling holy named website.. Seems more like satan in sheeps clothing.


Remember whose toes you tred on....  and that the gates of hell will not prevail against the church the Lord built. You church and teaching will fail, but sadly you will take many with you.  You are a brother to know one.




MHFM: We are certainly not ignorant of what “Fr.” Corapi believes.  On the contrary, you are the one who is blind to the truth and wilfully ignorant of what he stands for.  We even played his words and quoted him in the video you saw.  The problem is that you don’t care about the facts.  It doesn’t bother you that he accepts false ecumenism and salvation outside the Church.  His denial of Catholic dogma is not a concern to you because unfortunately you are not a Catholic.  Below is a quote from “Fr.” Corapi which should dispel your ignorance on the matter of what he really believes.  Unfortunately, it probably won’t because you are not inclined to hear the truth. 


Speaking about the conflict between Protestants and professing Catholics in Ireland, “Fr.” John Corapi declared: “I don’t care if you’re Baptist or Catholic; you are Christian.  Just practice it.”  That is blatantly heretical.  It’s just a small example of why he is not a Catholic, but rather a modernist phony who deceives people who don’t care about the Catholic faith.  If you were of good will, you would figure out that you and he hold the Catholic faith to be meaningless. 




Subject: You Tube video Shriner worships Lucifer   Also, I wanted to add a related comment.  Please pray that I convert my wife to the true Catholic faith.  Except for me, she is completely surrounded and influenced by the "we all worship the same god", "we have the right to think what we want" , "we can't judge" nonsense.  This type of thinking is exactly what the Masons-Shriners promote.  If we take that nonsense to the extreme, we have to support whatever anyone thinks and then does.  e.g.  If you believe in the "official" 9-11 story and take the indifferent thoughts to its conclusion, you have to support 19 Muslims killing 3000-12000 people and be happy about it.  If you believe in the conspiracy theory of 9-11, you have to support a government killing its citizens.  Something is right or wrong; it is not both at the same time.  Christ laid out clearly right and wrong; it is simple to follow His rules.  God bless you and thank you.  Also, please have another radio program if you can make the time. 


Comment on a Sedevacantism Debate


Subject: Comment on Sedevacantism Debate


Well the Bro Dimond guy clearly won. There was a lot more substance to his side of the debate, and it was disappointing that gnrhead didn't seem at all concerned by the things Bro Dimond brought up, but instead suffered from the most severe case of tunnel-vision sola scriptura I think I've ever witnessed. He also wasted time arguing over greek grammar, which I always find to be a manipulative tactic in debates.  This would've been better had both sides kept the personal attacks to a minimum.






Hi Brothers,


I am deeply concerned about my father because he has been swallowed up by Luisa Picaretti and her supposed revelations of Jesus explaining Divine Will.  Could you please explain why she is a false seer or heretic because someone recently wrote that her writings were put on the Forbidden Books list in 1938.  


John T.




In regard to all this talk out there about God esteeming everyone as on the same level, and the Lord hates the sin but loves the sinner, well those people thinking that need to consider these verses…


(Psalm 5:6) "the Lord hates the bloody and deceitful man."


(Proverbs 6 : 16 & 19) "The Lord hates... a false witness..."


(Wisdom 14:9) “But to God the wicked and his wickedness are hateful alike.”


(Proverbs 1: 26)  I also will laugh at your disaster. I will mock when calamity overtakes you.






Subject: Koran burner Derek Fenton booted from his job at NJ transit


Can you imagine being detained by the police for burning the koran and also being fired from job, but the jews in Israel can burn bibles, outrageous!  






Subject: Latest Video


How on earth do these people who write such books even sleep at night???  What a load of rubbish!  Thank you Brother Dimond for being an island of sanity in an ocean filled with evil and corruption unimaginable outside of hell.  


One of the "suggested" videos listed beside yours on YouTube was someone named "Marywasnotavirgin" and the title of her video was "Catholicism is the same religion as Islam". I sometimes wonder if you wouldn't be better producing your videos privately, putting them on your website rather than YouTube so that weak and curious souls won't be exposed to someone else's antiCatholic ravings. 


Great job, as usual.  God bless you always,

Brenda Roy


MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail, but it is definitely better to have them in such a forum because the goal is to make the truth available to those searching in those areas.  The people who already have access to the truth should be mature and strong enough to not delve into, or be swayed by, heretical sources and productions. 




Latest Update: You Tube removed our first version of the video, The Catholicism Answer Book Exposed, that had many more views.  Now it only allows the second version (link is below).


Beyond Insane


Subject: Beyond Insane


The Catholicism Answer Book, Page 383: “… the Catholic Church does not mean that Catholics are somehow better than anyone else, since they’re not.  All men and women are equal in terms of their human dignity, worth, and value in the eyes of God and the Church.”


Great, so, if I'm standing on top of a Aztec pyramid with some guy’s heart in my hand, I have, in God's eyes, the same value as St. Teresa of Avila or St. Benedict.


Thanks for your work MHFM,




MHFM: Yes, the article also covers the quote in which they state that those who are faithful to their religion (whatever it may be), according to their held beliefs, can be saved.  So, if they are dedicated to their practice of ripping hearts out, and follow it meticulously according to the rites of their religion, they will be dear to God and will get to Heaven.  These are the “priests” and individuals who are featured on EWTN and fully approved by what most people (wrongly) think is the Catholic Church.


Answer Book


Subject: Answer Book



Thank you for taking the time to read, review and expose the heretical, "The Catholic Answer Book."  All part of the great deception, by means of packaging and labeling their lies with the false pretense of having answers and also being Catholic. I suppose that at the end of the wide road that the multitude follow, the sign at the Gates of Hell will also have some mention of their heretical false beliefs.

1 Machabees 7:42, "Even so destroy this army in our sight today, and let the rest know that he hath spoken ill against thy sanctuary: and judge thou him according to his wickedness."

God Bless,
Tom Miles




I paused the video, waited until it fully loaded and then it played all the way through with no problem.




Catholic Answers


Subject: Catholic Answers


Dear MHFM, 


St. Pius X said it best.  "Modernism is the synthesis of all heresies..."  This cancer of modernism has enveloped the world, for sure.  The operation of error permitted by Our Lord clearly points to end times.  Your monastery elicits sacred historical  and present day truths toward that finality.  The stench of modernism has to end much like Sidon, Sodom, etc., etc.  Thanks!  Holy Mother of God, pray for us.




Subject: Utopia


Dear Brothers:


The number of bizarre actions and speeches by V2 "Bishops" is big enough to choke a dinosaur.  Someone gave us a gift subscription to [a newspaper] and in their latest issue, they talk about a "bishop" who is praising the effort/desire to build houses in space!!  It all boils down to this: does one place one's hopes in a utopia here on earth (space!!) and ignore the fact that we are destined to leave this earth eventually or do we place our hopes on heaven with God.  Too many people are placing their hopes on a utopia on earth; the repugnance of suffering and doing penance for one's sins are proof of this.  This may be the reason there is so much bad will among people, even traditional Catholics.  Nicholas Gruner would have his readers believe in a "paradise" of sorts after the "consecration", but it is evident that he is just another utopian.  


Brenda Roy




MHFM: This is a new video:


The Vatican II Sect encourages Muslims to Celebrate Ramadan [Video]


Recent Significant Vatican II Counter Church Heresy [Short Article]




Dear Brothers,


That's a great new section of your website: The Most Recent Significant Vatican II Counter Church Heresy. Thank you for the short video too. The heretic and apostate, "Cardinal" Jean-Louis Tauran appears to be a seasoned Freemason given that he is espousing Freemasonry's highest "ideals": fraternity, equality, reconciliation, etc. Apart from the heresies you outlined, one line I thought was particularly sickening was this: "There are important recommendations also given in the above mentioned text: to open our hearts to mutual forgiveness and reconciliation." In other words, he calls on Catholics to "forgive" the Koran for its blasphemies against the Holy Trinity and the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, and to reconcile Christ with Mohammed. What an outrage! Another abomination is this: "Teaching by religious leaders, as well as school books which present religions in an objective way, have, along with teaching in general, a decisive impact on the education and formation of younger generations." So he thinks that the rejection of God Incarnate is "objective." To say that one should have no bias based on religious affiliation is Antichrist and satanic. "Cardinal" Jean-Louis Tauran is a demon in human form!!!


God Bless,


Chris White





In your youtube video "Chosen People, Mary and updates" you brought up the quote from Daniel 9:26. In the video it is written "And after sixty two weeks Christ shall be slain: and the people that shall deny him shall not be his." I looked up the passage in different versions of the Bible and I could not find this part "(...) and the people that shall deny him shall not be his."

Can you please write a fast reply and say from what version of the Bible the quote from your video is?

Thank you very much. God bless




MHFM: It’s found in the Catholic Bible, the Douay-Rheims and the Vulgate.  You won’t find it in Protestant versions.




Subject: Connecting the dots


From your video Abortion, Rock Music, & Freemasonry Exposed: During the initiation ceremonies of The Shriners (the 'cream of the crop' from both the Scottish & York Rites) they, "seal their solemn oath in the name of Allah, the god of our fathers." A little later on in the ritual they acknowledge, "Islam as the one true faith."






Subject: “Fundamental Christians”


Hey Brother Peter,


I recently got into a debate with one of these people that refers to them self as a fundamental Christian. This person went on to tell me that Catholicism is heresy, claiming that we pray to false gods (saints), and that we do not follow the true teachings of Jesus Christ.  Was wondering if you could shed some light on this.  Who are these people, and how could they possibly think praying to saints is an occult practice? We've been doing it for almost 2000 years!


God Bless

Hillary Waddell


MHFM: There are countless Protestants out there who hold similar false views.  Misunderstanding and perverting the Scriptures, they believe that praying to saints is idolatrous.  We recommend our section called “The Bible on Praying to and Venerating Saints” in our book The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church.


Not a place


Dear Bro. Michael and Peter Dimond,

Sorry if I ask many questions from you, I am a bit worried because I can't find any traditional mass celebrated by a priest ordained in the Old Rite, I want to confess, and I can't find a valid priest that can hear my confessions, what should I do? I am maintaining devotions to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Rosary.

I quit attending the new mass a few months ago, because I finally realize their heresies, I didn't even hear priest saying sermons about hell, I do hear one but he says that hell is not actual place! it is when you are in a state of loneliness, sadness and poverty that is hell he says, I was shock to hear this. Your website is full of information that's really worth reading, and I am sharing your information to my friends.

I am a Catholic from the Philippines, thank you for your time, God Bless.



MHFM: That’s very interesting that the “priest” repeated the heresy that Hell is not a place.  It’s an example of how the false teaching of the antipopes filters down to their subjects.  There should be a priest ordained before 1968 somewhere in your area to whom you could go to confession.  Even if it requires driving some distance once in a while, it’s important to get to confession.  If someone is in mortal sin (which hopefully is not the case), then obviously it’s even more necessary to get to confession; but if there is definitely no option, then a person must focus on prayers and having contrition for his or her sins.  Perfect contrition and the desire to confess the sin can restore a person to justification before the Sacrament of Penance is received.  Our guidelines on Where to Go to Mass contain some principles that concern those who are leaving the Novus Ordo. 




Subject: “Cardinal” McCarrick


The apostate "Cardinal" McCarrick (who refuses to criticize the Koran) can´t even claim the he accepted the Gospel. Someone should remind this heretical coward that Saint Paul, under the Direction of the Holy Ghost, wrote in Ephesians 5. 11: "And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them."


This is true even for the lowest layman. How can a man be considered Catholic, hold a title of "Cardinal" or even "Pope" and yet call evil good, have fellowship with false religions created by the devil and say it´s not up to him to criticize and condemn Islam?


They clearly teach those heretics worship God in a pleasing manner, when the Church has already defined that It´s impossible to worship God except INSIDE Her, that Islam ins an abominable infidel and faithless pagan sect, that all of it´s members are lost in their current state (as well as any member of a false religion or anyone who´s not Catholic) and that those who reject the Son also end up rejecting the Father.


That book Brother Michael reviewed and utterly destroyed, "Catholicism for Dummies" is simply shocking in it´s declaration that Synagogues, Protestant and Orthodox "Churches" and even Mosques are (true, one can presume by the reading) Houses of Worship. 


These fools even help to gather funds for the building of more mosques. More places in which souls are lost, God is denied, Christ is rejected and people are taught to hate Christians and rejoice in killing them. 


Frankly, to defend this thing, this Apostate Vatican II sect after witnessing all this garbage, and to voluntarily sell one´s own soul to the Devil are essentially the same thing. There can´t be much difference. 


Thank you, for teaching me so much. 


Please, keep up the fine work. 


1 John 5


MHFM: This is an important verse that was incorporated into our recent video, Do You Believe ?  It’s especially important in this age of apostasy.  That’s because no adherent of Vatican II and the theology of the Counter Church could really say that he (or she) believes this verse.  With their “respect” for various false religions – and their position that one can’t “judge” all the members of such religions to be excluded from salvation – 1 John 5:19 is foreign to their belief system.  Nor could those who believe in the “invincible ignorance” heresy honestly say they believe and internally understand the verse; for they hold that many people outside of Christ can be justified (if they are innocent “through no fault of their own”) and therefore are not necessarily in wickedness (or darkness).


1 John 5:19- “We know that we are of God, and the whole world is seated in wickedness.”






What do you think of Atila Sinke Guimaraes and his book “In the Murky Waters of Vatican II”?... I’d like to know what are your thoughts on his position and also what you think of this book. 


Thanks so much for your work.  GREAT JOB on the conversation with that annoying chatter box from Wales.  I couldn’t believe this guy’s mouth how it just would close!  I honestly didn’t hear half of what he was saying, and when he did speak only LIES blurted out.  He sounds so much worse than the “apologist” from Chicago whom you talked with a few years ago.  May God bless your braveness to defend His Church.





MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail.  With reference to the book you mention, we think it’s a massive waste of time.  He examines theologians who promote the “new theology,” yet he believes the representatives of this new heretical theology are Catholic (e.g., Benedict XVI and his “bishops”).  It’s actually the epitome of stupidity.  It’s also not to the point because the horror of the Counter Church is most effectively exposed by analyzing its leaders and their writings (Benedict XVI, JP2, etc.), rather than the wacko theologians who are far less significant.  In short, the individual you mention is a seared heretic who unfortunately and amazingly still regards the Counter Church (with all of its filthy apostasy) to be the Catholic Church.




Dear Brothers,


I totally understand you and your positions.  How exhausting to go as long as you did with Robert from Wales.  You did a great job defending the true Faith.  Can you help me I am looking for any background on the author Fr. Pierre Loret a one time author of the book "The Story of the Mass"  All I know is that he died in 1983 and was a French Redemptorist.  I can not find one thing on who he actually was.

I am trying to refute this book.  






Subject: Reference “The Conversation”

You are a wonderful example of "PATIENCE"........ I just listened to the "conversation" between you and Robert from Wales… By the end of the first part I was ready to pull my hair out.

May God Bless you and keep you safe…





Subject: anti-Cardinal Tauran


Dear MHFM, 


You must be kidding?  What a masonic infiltrator to think this trash is actually believed by Roman Catholics who are wedded to sacred tradition. The sainted popes in Heaven have to be puking their guts out if they do so there.  This is simply outrageous!  The end of the world has to be around the corner, as they say.  God Bless MHFM for that miniscule island of truth left in this twisted, and sick world.




Counter Church


Hi Brothers,


I didn't know if you saw this yet or not.  More Horror regarding the "Counterfeit Church of Conciliarism" -


If you haven't seen it yet - go to - looks like the false seer of "Divine Will" is up for Beatification.  Her books were put on on the Forbidden Books list in 1938. 



Kathy Carson




Reverend Brothers:

The article about McCarrick the heretical "cardinal archbishop emiritus" of Washington was disgusting. This man must be filled with hate for he promotes the acceptability of people accepting the Koran, ergo condemning themselves to hell for eternity.

EJP, M.D., D.D.


MHFM: It’s another good example of how the Vatican II sect and its hierarchy are a sick joke, and the same is true of those who obstinately defend such ridiculous apostates.  Come on, the guy claims to be a Catholic bishop while saying that he can’t say “Don’t embrace the Koran” – and all those who accept Benedict XVI must accept this guy as a Catholic!




Subject: Ramadan




While attempting to find a suitable show to watch on television, I no sooner started watching the Thursday night football game, when the announcers started boasting of one of the Minnesota Viking players religious beliefs.  It seemed almost planned ahead of time and the announcers were waiting for the player to make some sort of great play in the game. The player has evidently changed his name to reflect his new belief in the false Islamic faith. The announcers couldn't praise the player enough for having fasted through Ramadan during the pre-season training, while going without food and water. Remarking how strong he was both as an athlete and in his Islamic beliefs. The whole scenario stunk of the Jewish liberal media thinking to use their "trusted" personalities for appeasing the muslims over the FL Quran burning and NY Islamic Mosque incidents. This whole Muslim situation reminds me of the motto, "If you don't stand for something (truth), you'll fall for anything."

God Bless,
Tom Miles




Dear Brothers:


When I began to learn the truth about Fatima, I thought that Gruner was simply a useful idiot.  But you were right; the man is an out-and-out deceiver whose mission is to keep people locked in the false V2 sect while swearing allegiance to its antipopes.


In the autumn issue of his "Crusader" magazine, the first article is his and is entitled "Is the Antichrist Coming Next?"  In this article Gruner states:  "So, in this time of the worst apostasy the Church has ever seen, which is just apparently before the coming of the Antichrist, when even the elect would be deceived if that were possible, Our Lord says we must inform ourselves." - something Gruner is doing everything in his power to prevent.


Gruner is well aware that the Scriptural prophesy runs thus:  The Great Apostasy opens the door to the Man of Perdition, and this is what precedes the Second Coming of Christ.  There are no predictions of the conversion of Russia or any other nations to the Catholic Faith during the Apostasy - despite the insistence of John Salza and the other stars of Gruner Propaganda, Inc.


And just in case any of his donors are alert to this fact (of no conversions), Gruner adds what seems to be a somewhat useful and new twist.  As a result of this yet to be made Consecration of Russia, Gruner says: "It would not be paradise on earth such as Adam and Eve had before they sinned, but if would be hundreds, if not thousands, of times better than what this world is groaning under today.  The Message of Fatima also says:  If you don't obey, if My requests are NOT granted, then the whole world - every country in the world, with no exception - would be enslaved; not in a benign slavery, but under the rule of the Antichrist."


Now where did that come from?  Sounds like another way of saying "send cash fast" - and of getting people to start wondering which political leader might be Antichrist.


Another thing that annoys me is their use of Our Lady of Guadalupe to try to prove that the conversion of Russia must happen.  No doubt, Our Lady assists and answers prayers but, recall, the Spanish missionaries had been in Mexico for some years trying to do what Our Lord commanded the Church to do: teach all nations. There is virtually no effort of (or desire for) Catholic evangelization in Russia or anywhere else in the world; in fact, Catholic evangelization is outlawed by the V2 sect.  Furthermore, the Catholic world in the 1600's was not in Apostasy.  Many heretics did leave the Church via Protestanism, but the true popes made it clear that Protestantism was a revolt against God and that the heretics were out, not in. There are big differences between the situation that existed at the start of the Revolt, and now at its culmination. 


Funny how, according to Gruner, a "certain period of peace" has now become not quite paradise - but almost.


Lee Ann


1.    MHFM: Yes, it’s also interesting to note that Gruner, Vennari, Ferrara and Salza recently fielded questions about the meaning of the “conversion” of Russia.  It might have been in response to the information we’ve circulated on the true meaning of “conversion” in the precise context of Our Lady’s July 13 message at Fatima.  They gave their response to why it must, according to them, refer to the conversion of the entire nation of Russia to the Catholic faith.  Needless to say, they had no evidence to prove their position.  Rather, their argument essentially boils down to this: it must mean conversion to the Catholic faith because, well, it must.  On the contrary, all of the evidence from the context of Our Lady’s words on July 13, as well as Sr. Lucia’s statements concerning the matter (not to mention how Scripture uses the word “convert” in a similar way), supports our position on the issue.  That evidence is covered in this article: The Whole Truth about the Consecration and Conversion of Russia.  By the way, we also have an article coming that crushes John Salza’s recent attack on Sedevacantism.   


“Invincible Ignorance,” Exorcism


Dear MHFM,

I gladly study your material as often as I can.

Recently I came to the topic "baptism of desire". I'd like to shortly mention a story/saga of an unwilling Frisian who lived around 700 anno domini, i.e. when Bishop Willibrord and soon later St. Boniface missionized his land. He was about to receive baptism when he asked what happened to his pagan ancestors. The missionaries' answer was: All heathen souls went to hell. So obviously it was no subject of discussion whether those pagans lived a life as honest and good as they could; as nonchristians they just cannot come to God. This may be an indicator against the theory of baptism of desire, at least the version that says people can desire baptism even "unconsciously".

I'm writing this letter because of another topic: exorcism, or rather: the origin of the fruits of any work. When Christ freed demonically possessed people, the scribes claimed He did it with the help of Beelzebub and the highest demon. Christ, however, responded: "How can Satan cast out Satan?" and "If Satan rise up against himself, and be divided, he cannot stand, but hath an end."

Now, these statements seem to tell that good deeds always come from a good source. They surely do if considered merely abstract, but factually the source can be diverse, for instance if heretics do the exorcisms (I have no doubt that there are competent and "eastern orthodox" exorcists. Yet sometimes American sectarians show in their strange modern "religious service shows", in which there are allegedly blind, crippled, possessed etc. people who get healed by the "priest" during the show; but to me this always looks like fake) - can one really say the source was good, even if these exorcists error in relevant matters of faith? Also there are pagan "exorcists", even though their "exorcisms" work in a different way (satisfy "Gods"/ghosts/demons to receive help, otherwise being additionally cursed by them). The last mentioned issue is what makes me the biggest problem regarding the aforementioned words of Christ. Can't a stronger demon "cast out" a weaker one? I always thought yes, he can, and in my understanding this is why occult practice may "help" people, for example in African voodoo garbage which is becoming more and more popular in my country. This is also what a former astrologer and esoteric said who converted to catholicism. But when reading e.g. Mark 3,23 it really sounds like if everything that "helps" is good. Which would mean that the satanic voodoo man gets his power from a good source when he "helps" a person to become free from a demon. And those who are into esoteric "medicine" would be right saying "He who heals is right!", to which I used to reply: "So he who casts out a demon with Satan is right?".  Maybe you could tell your opinion on this, I would appreciate it very much.

Thanks for your time and attention.

All the best


MHFM: Thank you for the e-mail.  The story you bring up is another example that “invincible ignorance” (i.e., the idea that souls can be saved without the essential mysteries of Catholic faith) is an untraditional, anti-Christian heresy. 


With regard to exorcism, your question is discussed in our two-part discussion of The True Story Behind the Exorcism of Anneliese Michel.  You will find that on Our You Tube Channel.  In it, we discuss how there’s an interesting two-fold dynamic in exorcism.  In one way, exorcism is effective by the power of the priesthood or by the power of the name of Christ.  In other words, it’s independent of the faith or the merit of the minister.  We learn that in Matthew 7:22 ff., where it is made clear that people can cast out devils even though Christ never knew them.  This is also demonstrated by the many heretics who are able to cast out certain demons by the power of the priesthood or by the name of Christ.  In this way, exorcism can be (but not always is) similar to the principle at work in the sacraments, ex opere operato (by the work that has been worked) – in the sense that it can be effective independently of the merit of the minister. 


On the other hand, we also learn from Scripture that with some demons, the merit and faith of the exorcist are required for exorcism to be successful.  We see that in Matthew 17:18, where Jesus rebukes the Apostles for failing to cast out demons as a result of their unbelief.  In Matthew 17:20 & Mark 9:28, we also see that the dedication and faith of the exorcist play a role in whether an exorcism is successful. 


Hence, it is clear that there is a two-fold dynamic at work in exorcisms: some of them can be successful simply by virtue of the invocation of the name of Christ or by the power of the priesthood (probably exorcisms of weaker demons); but others require faith, good will and devotion on the part of the exorcist to be successful.


You also say that you thought a stronger demon could cast out a weaker one.  That’s a false idea directly contradicted by Our Lord (Matthew 12:26).  He condemns the idea that Satan could cast out Satan.  It’s an idea one must reject.  You also mention the man who practices Voodoo and tries to cast out demons in that way.  Since he does not utilize the name of Christ or the valid priesthood, but rather the practices of a non-Christian demonic religion, such an individual could not truly cast out a demon.  If a wicked heretic using the name of Christ or the priesthood does apparently cast out a demon, it is not by virtue of his merit, but rather by the name of Christ and/or the power of the priesthood.


San Francisco


“This world is reaching a new low, and San Francisco has to be one of the most evil places on Earth:"

Dear MHFM,

   This commentary is SO appropriately placed, SO correct, and so necessary for everyone to see. When people start to think about how laws are changing in ways which reflect increasing immorality, how brazen thefts go unpunished, and how accommodations are being made for people with sinful intentions, a general idea of the end times described by St. Paul can be more easily formed:

   "Know also this, that in the last days shall come dangerous times. Men shall be lovers of themselves, covetous, ... , ungrateful, wicked, without affection, without peace, ... , incontinent, unmerciful, without kindness, stubborn, puffed up, and lovers of pleasures more than of God: ... these ... resist the truth, men corrupted in mind, reprobate concerning the faith. ... evil men and seducers shall grow worse and worse: erring, and driving into error." (2 Timothy 3:1-13)

   San Francisco used to be known as a Catholic city.

   How sad it is to know that today San Francisco has to be labeled as "one of the most evil places on Earth." How sad for people who live in San Francisco to realize this about their city and its leadership. How sad I feel, having grown up in the San Francisco area, and yet how relieved I am to have my worst suspicions confirmed by a true Catholic source.

   God bless the work of Most Holy Family Monastery.





I am concerned about the salvation of my family and friends who profess faith in the Post Vatican II church.  They believe  that the Vatican II church is the same Church that they were born into through Baptism and the sacraments;especially the Eucharist.  My question is If they are sincere in their belief that Vatican II church  is guided by the Holy Spirit; and that they firmly profess the Triune Godhead in the working out of mankind's salvation can they realize this salvation through the Great Mercy of God  Whether they are deceived or merely obstinate in their blind faith that Vatican II is still the true Church; they point to the establishment of the Church in scripture  They point out to scripture these arguments:: I know that the scriptures state that God can neither deceive or be deceived   Jesus told Peter that he who hears you hears Me and He who rejects you rejects me and Him Who sent Me Thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.  I realize that they are shallow in their understanding of scripture This is their fault. They need to study their Faith as taught through the CATHOLIC CHURCH MAGESTERIUM AND TRADITION  of the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC APOSTOLIC CHURCH ON EARTH Then can we judge that they condemn themselves because of their obtuse spirit to seek the truth in sincerity and truth PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS CONCERN  I know what mhfm monastery teaches but how do I help them SEE THE TRUTH.




MHFM: It’s not clear what your concern is.  From what you have said, it seems that they obstinately reject the information which demonstrates that Vatican II was not Catholic, and that the sect which emanated from it is not the Catholic Church.  By rejecting that information, they demonstrate bad will and place themselves on the path to damnation.  A Catholic cannot consider them to have the faith or to be true Catholics.  You can present the truth to them, and encourage them to pray the Rosary for the grace to see the truth, but many people are simply of bad will.  There’s nothing that will convince them.  That’s why St. Paul tells us to avoid the heretic after the second rebuke. 


Vatican II


Subject: Summary of Vatican II


Dear Bros. Michael and Peter Dimond,

I think your comment to Rachel, is an excellent summary in the attempt to explain the confusion that resulted in the wake of Vatican II, to people who have not woken up at this late stage of the Great Apostasy

It would not do any harm to copy it out, carry with you, as a ready reference, hand it out, when the opportunity presents itself for people to do further research, adding the MHFM link , of course.

God bless,



Don’t Understand


My name is Rachel am catholic but i dont understand you dont believe in the 2nd vatican .. whats going on .. s